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January 2022




In this issue: Latest Lodge Updates 2022 Denmark Trip Butikken...and more!

President’s Corner


Danish Sisterhood


Volume 75, Number 1

Honorary Member Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

Published by the Supreme Lodge of the Danish Sisterhood of America, (Dansk Søster Samfund) as its Official Publication.

Christina Sallee, National President

The anticipation is over and 2022 is finally here. While we though that the pandemic would be over by now that does not seem to be the case. We are better prepared this year as we do have vaccines, pills, and better knowledge of the Corona Virus. The past year has not been easy for our organization as we are a very social club and have relied on in-person gatherings for our Lodges and Districts for years. It has been a challenge, but many of you have found alternatives to in-person meetings and our Tivoli Lodge has certainly blossomed. As we go into another year with difficulties being able to meet in-person, please review your local health guidelines and keep informed, so if it is permissible to meet with certain size groups, indoors or outdoors, please see if this would work for your lodge. My hope is that 2022 will be much better. We have set our sights on participating in District Conventions both in the spring and Fall, and really hope we will be able to go through with them. We also have our upcoming trip to Denmark in August which is fully booked. We are contemplating adding another tour in September, so do continue to let Connie know if you are interested. 2022 is also the 75th anniversary of our Newsletter, so we have some special interviews, pictures and features throughout the year to show our appreciation to all of our editions and you for keeping the Newsletter going. Thank you for your continued devotion to the Danish Sisterhood. Glædelig Jul, Christina Sallee, DSS National President

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Danish Sisterhood News, January 2022



Lauren C. Nielsen, Editor

In this Issue President’s Corner.........................................................p 2 Editor’s Welcome...........................................................p 3 Officer Corner..................................................................p 4 Lodge Updates..............................................p 5, 6, 8, 14 2022 Denmark Trip.............................................p 11-14 Butikken.....................................................................p 9-10

Dear Sisters, 2022 is a year to celebrate! First, we are celebrate Volume 75 of the Danish Sisterhood News. That means the DSN has been in existence for 75 years, since 1947. What a milestone! We are excited to celebrate this milestone throughout this year with photos, historical tidbits, interviews, and more! Keep your eyes on your mailboxes for each issue this year so you don't miss out on any of the special celebrations. As part of the celebration, please be sure to submit lodge updates, member stories, photos and more. I too am celebrating in 2022, with my 10 year Danish Sisterhood membership anniversary coming up in July (sending a little shoutout to my dad for inspiring me to join and my dear friend, Kirsten McVey who sponsored my membership). I joined Kenosha Lodge #20 and continue to be a member of that lodge to this day, even though I live in Minnesota now! I'm proud to be a member of the Sisterhood and continue to love every minute of it. January always also marks the anniversary of when I took over the Danish Sisterhood News as your editor...6 years and counting! I'm excited for what a new year will bring for us as an organization and for the Danish Sisterhood News as we continue through this 75th year. I hope each of you had a lovely holiday season and wishing you a happy and healthy year ahead. Until next time, Lauren C. Nielsen, Editor editor@danishsisterhood.com

Youth Birthdays Happy January Birthday to:

Names Layla Fritz Ada Henderson-Lehto Cecelia Smith Charlotte Montee

Lodge 81 1 185 165

Age 11 15 8 15

On the Cover Title: 75 Years of the DSN Our Danish Sisterhood News is celebrating 75 years! Keep an eye out for future issues with more fun for everyone to celebrate.

Submit A Cover Photo Do you have a photo that you’d like to see on the cover of the Danish Sisterhood News? Send in your submissions and yours could be featured next! Photographs must be high resolution and should be accompanied by a short description of the photo’s content. Photos from Danish events, Sisterhood meetings, travels around Denmark, Danish culture and more are all great topics. Send photos to: editor@danishsisterhood.com 3

Danish Sisterhood News, January 2022

Officer's Corner: Nealna Gylling, National Trustee, Scholarship It is the beginning of a brand new year and this is always exciting. As the National Trustee in charge of Scholarships, this is especially exciting because it is once again time for Scholarship applications. The National Danish Sisterhood of America (that is YOU) awards up to six Betty Hansen Scholarships of $2,500 each to students in four-year colleges or post graduate studies, two $1,000 Scholarships (Olga Christensen and Mildred Sorensen) to students in 2 year or vocational schools and one $750 scholarship (Elizabeth Garde) to a student pursuing a medical career. Wow – that is a lot of scholarships. I have had the pleasure of notifying the recipients of these scholarships for two years – and let me say, those kids are GRATEFUL!!! You/we are doing important work in helping these young people achieve their goals. Thank you all!! So if you or your child is in college or going to be in 2022-2023, look at the requirements for the scholarship. The information

can be found on the website www.danishsisterhood.org under the pull down menu “What we do” or contact Nealna Gylling at trustee2@ danishsisterhood.com or 612-390-1374. Applications must be postmarked by March 1, 2021, so get yours in soon. Nealna Gylling, National Trustee, Scholarship P.S. A little bit about me. I live in central Minnesota where we will be driving on the lakes and ice fishing and snowmobiling when you get this newsletter. I know it sounds cold, but we dress warm and looking out across the lake is beautiful and pristine. I belong to a small lodge ( just 20 members) but we try to stay active with community events and programs. We are a new lodge ( just 16 years old) and the only lodge in Minnesota. I love being a national officer and I am sure my officer position is the best one – I get to give out the money!!!

Membership Expansion Welcome New Members!

LODGE 177 300 300 300

NEW MEMBER Karen Haugse Laura Ann Abbene Rosalie Bradanese Karin Roberts

SPONSOR Marie Jaeger Linda Brooks Linda Brooks Kelsey Roberts

In Memoriam NAME

Cert #

Marlene J. Colbert Rene Lastreto Esther Buus Annamae McKane Carole Hodges

24622 8009 890 21798 23838

Lodge # Location 3 149 165 16 22

Danish Sisterhood News, January 2022

Birth Date Birth Place

Davenport, IA 6.1.32 New Liberty, IA Fresno, CA 11.20.23 San Francisco, CA Santa Barbara, CA 9.29.18 Bridgeport, CT 10.23.35 Bridgeport, CT Muskegon, MI 6.7.38 Ludington, MI





2.8.90 1.17.12 12.5.73 4.11.61 11.11.80

11.9.21 1000. 11.19.21 0 11.11.21 0 11.21.21 250. 10.10.21 125.

Updates from Amber Lodge, #186, Brainerd, MN


Above: Margaret Hill, Judith Andersen, Dottie Bisted, Barb Wenschlag, Nealna Gylling, Mandi Bisted, Jane Matthies-Holtan, LeAnn Plinske, Sandra Solom, Linda Buck Above: Mandi Bisted, Lenne Holland, LeAnn Plinski, Nealna Gylling, Judith Andersen, Jane Matthies-Holtan, Soren Thusholt, Amber Thusholt, Bard Wenschlag, Emma Thusholt, Dottie Bisted. Not pictured: Josiah Thusholt.

NOVEMBER MEETING: The Amber Lodge's November meeting was held at Trinity Lutheran Church in Brainerd. We kicked off our Christmas season early, baking cookies. This has become an annual event for our chapter with a brief interruption last fall. Once again, Nealna Gylling, organized this day and we are all thankful for the shared fun and knowledge. We were joined by guests, Lenne Holland (Nealna’s sister) and Josiah, Soren and Emma Thusholt (Amber’s children). Spritz, Swedish Chocolate Balls, and Molasses Crinkles rounded out the day’s assortment of cookies. We concluded the morning with a shared potluck lunch and a brief business meeting. Our next gathering will be the December Christmas party hosted by Barb Wenschlag at her home.

Merry Christmas! The Amber Lodge celebrated the holidays and Christmas together at the home of Barb Wenschlag in early December. It was a fun to share Christmas memories and traditions, along with a gift exchange, silent auction of various items and a wonderful lunch. Happy New Year! Jane Matthies-Holtan, Correspondant


Danish Sisterhood News, January 2022

Update from Northstar Lodge #100 Northstar Lodge #100 met at Hope Lutheran Church on Dec. 15th, 2021, for our annual Christmas dinner. Only six members and 2 husbands were present, because of illnesses. We purchased our main dinner items from a caterer and other items were brought by members. Following the dinner, we had a short business meeting, to decide when we would have our first meeting in 2022. We decided on May 18th, at Kelly Joy's Restaurant in Fort Gratiot, at 11:30am. Treasurer's report showed that some have

paid their dues to the lodge and she has paid all the dues, etc. to National. The little Heart Calendars were passed out to those in attendance. The hats and mittens we brought will be divided between Eve's Place and the Dept. of Human Services. We also decided to donate $50 worth of pillows to Eve's Place, because when people leave there, they are given their pillows to take with them. This is a Woman's Shelter in Sanilac County.

Update from Lodge #102 Our gatherings have been well attended and we have been busy making plans for the future. After our business meeting in November we made Danish Christmas tree decorations for a tree that was sold at the Christkindle Market in DesMoines. Some of us also volunteered to work at this festive event. We also enjoyed going to the Brotherhood ableskiver brunch and their Danske Kolde Bord in November. Many of our sisters also belong to the BH, so are involved in helping with these activities. We plan to have our Sisterhood May Brunch in May and our meeting in January during the daytime so more of our out of town people can attend during this winter month. Carol Rudisill has developed a website for our Lodge #102. The Sisterhood Heartland District Board have been making plans for the district convention to be held April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Carol Rudisill,

Rudy Rudisill, Carol Christiansen, Janelle Willis, and Sara Bengston from the Davenport Lodge are on this board. They have been meeting in Iowa City and via zoom to plan for this event. We hope everyone will put this on their calendar. In December, we held our Julefrokost(Christmas luncheon). This was held in Luther Memorial’s beautiful community room. Many delicious courses were consumed along with singing, and raising our glasses with a Skol! This was not held last year so it was a very special occasion. We also celebrated Julefest with our families. This happy time included storytelling, dancing around the tree, Santa Claus, and treats. What a wonderful season to be together! Carol Christiansen

Updates from Haabets Fremtid Lodge #78, Troy, NY Our Lodge gathered together for a luncheon to celebrate the Christmas Season. There were eight of us plus one from the Schenectady Lodge. It was a lovely day and it was wonderful to meet with each other after a couple of months. We are so few local people to meet, so we are aiming for a meeting every other month, or until we get past COVID. We were at MAX 410 in Cohoes. They allow us to being in our own rice pudding and desserts. So after enjoying our sandwiches, we enjoyed Danish Rice Pudding with cherry sauce. The almond was found by Art Hansen. Several ladies brought homemade cookies to enjoy as well. In September the officers met for lunch. There were a few people who were not able to come due to ill health. We wish to continue meeting as much as possible even if we are few in number. It is wonderful to meet with each other for fellowship as much as possible COVID is still a little scary in our area of the country so we hope everyone stays well and are able to enjoy time with their families during this holiday season. The Sisters of Lodge 78 wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Marjorie Wheeler, Treasurer and Correspondent Danish Sisterhood News, January 2022


Historian’s Corner

I Didn't See that Coming!: What's in a name? by Donna Christensen Thomas, National DSS Historian A few weeks ago, as my husband and I were watching the evening national news, the story was about the manned space launches that have been accomplished this fall. I asked my husband, “What ethnic background do suppose BEZOS comes from?” He looked at me rather incredulously (not the first time) and replied, “I have no idea.” Thanks to Wikipedia, I found out. In fact, I was very surprised at what I found, much more than I anticipated. Of course, I had to dig a little further to boot! I found that Mr. Bezos was actually named Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen at birth! As I researched the family, I found commonalities Jeff shares with several of his paternal ancestors. Jeff’s parents, Theodore John Jorgensen and Jacklyn Gise, married, but divorced after a brief marriage. His mother remarried Miguel Bezos and Jeff was adopted along with a name change. (Bezos has Cuban origins). Theodore was the owner of a bicycle shop in Glendale, Arizona for 35 years. He died there in 2015 at the age of 70. Jeff’s grandfather, Theodore “Ted” John Jorgensen (1917-1996) was born in Chicago, but relocated to the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. He worked 35 years in the Operations Of Sandia National Laboratories After Which He Spent Five Years As The Senior Purchasing Director For Various Projects For National Radio Astronomy Observatory. So the recent success with space launches has roots with his grandfather. Ted’s parents, Johannes “John” Jorgensen (1872-1965) was born at Tranebjerg, Holbæk county, Denmark and married Ida Vilhelmine Petrine Kristine Birn,

also a Danish immigrant. She was born at Viborg, Viborg county, Ted had an older brother Morton, who died at age 22, in Chicago in 1933. Johannes (aka John) had immigrated about 1892, the only one of his family to emigrate. His parents were Jørgen Søren Mortensen (18331926) and Mette Marie Pedersen (1835-1924). John worked for the post office and became supervisor over the postal clerks. He also served in the Spanish -American War for just under a year in 1898-1899. John and Minnie both died in Albuquerque. So Jeff Bezos also has familial background in mail and packages thourgh his great grandfather.. John’s wife “Minnie” Birn’s parents were also immigrants. Her father Frederik Theodor August BIRN (1859-1937) immigrated to Chicago in 1887 with four children and had at least six more in Chicago. They were married in 1881 in Viborg, Viborg county, Denmark. Minnie’s mother, Ida Christine Anderson (1860-1913) was Swedish. Theodore was a moulder is a skilled tradesperson who fabricates moulds for use in casting metal products. Mold makers are generally employed in foundries, where molds are used to cast products from metals such as aluminum and cast iron. In 1900, The engineering required to complete the space shuttle could also be connected to his great great grandfather. Jeff and his biological father separated when Jeff was a baby. Theodore remarried and was stepfather to four boys. Initially, when approached by the press for a story Theodore was not aware of who Jeff had become. Although some effort was made to do so by both parties, he died without them reuniting as his only biological child.

Assessment Notice Members: Assessment #1394 for the month of January is due and payable to your local Treasurers before January 31, 2022. Lodge Treasurers: Assessment #1394 for the month of January 2022, is due and payable to the Supreme Lodge of the Danish Sisterhood immediately following your January meeting. Assessments for the year 2022 will follow in order with December 2022 assessment # being #1405. 7

Danish Sisterhood News, January 2022

News from Flora Danica Lodge #177, Solvang, California Flora Danica Lodge #177 in Solvang continues to grow, initiating another new member at our November meeting.

While we did not have an official Danish Days in Solvang in 2021, our local lumber yard (Nielsen Building Materials, Inc. “NBM”), set up a “mini” Danish Days in its yard during their annual Makita Tool Sale event. The Sisterhood volunteered to bake æbleskiver and the Brotherhood set up and served their Viking Burgers. Music was provided by The Village Band (sitting next to the Carlsberg Beer Wagon rather than on

top of it), and the Solvang Dancers entertained the crowd with their folk dancing. NBM and the Andersen family put together a great day and everyone had a wonderful time. NBM contributed the proceeds of the food booths to scholarship funds of both the Sisterhood and Brotherhood. Thank you to the Andersen family and NBM! Member Kate Nielsen received her 70Danish Sisterhood News, January 2022

year membership certificate in 2021. A special kringle was prepared by Olsen’s Bakery and presented to Kate along with her Certificate. Kate has been a resident at Atterdag Village of Solvang for many years and has a lot of friends there, both residents and staff, who were delighted to share her special kringle and applaud her years of membership. Member Lucille Wulff celebrated her 100th birthday in December. Olsen’s Bakery provided another special kringle for this momentous occasion for a wonderful lady and member of the Solvang Community. The City of Solvang is holding its Julefest for the entire month of December. The town looks even more stunning that usual with all the extra lights and Christmas decorations. Julefest kicked off with a tree lighting ceremony in Solvang Park on December 3rd. There is also a Nisse Adventure activity all month long which involves finding hidden Nisse in various locations throughout town. Some of our Sisterhood members gathered together to stroll through town one evening in search of as many Nisse as we could find. Clues are provided at stop to help you find the next one. While we only found six or seven of them, we enjoyed the challenge and the comradery. We wish all of our fellow Sisterhood Lodges all the best in 2022. Lisa Larsen Pedersen, Secretary 8

Danish Sisterhood Butikken DanishSisterhood.com








7. 9.

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Danish Sisterhood News, January 2022

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Danish Sisterhood News, January 2022


Danish Sisterhood of America’s 2022 Tour of Denmark and the German Border Land History: During 2020, the centennial of the reunification of Southern Jutland with the rest of Denmark was celebrated by Danes throughout the area. Part of this area was lost to Germany in 1864 during the 2nd Prussian War and part of this loss was regained by a referendum in 1920. Itinerary for the 12-day Tour

August 11-22, 2022 Copenhagen 3 nights, Friedrichstadt (Germany – formerly Denmark) 2 nights, Glücksburg (Germany) 2 nights, Sønderborg (DK) 2 nights, Hvedholm Castle (DK) 2 nights Day 1 – August 11, 2022 3:00pm – Check into Hotel Imperial, Vester Farimagsgade 9, 1606 Copenhagen – tel: 45 33 12 80 00 6:00pm – Welcome reception and informational meeting with Benedikte Ehlers 7:30pm – Dinner in Copenhagen Day 2 – August 12, 2022 7:00 – 8:30am – Breakfast - Imperial Hotel 9:00am - All day in Copenhagen, visiting Town Hall, Cathedral, Grundtvig’s Church, Glyptoteket, bus tour to see the new , modern buildings and more. 7:00pm – Dinner in Copenhagen Day 3 – August 13, 2022 7:00 – 8:30am – Breakfast – Imperial Hotel 9:00am – Copenhagen and surrounding area: Kastellet, new harbor, Frederiksborg Castle and Hillerød 7:00pm - Dinner in Copenhagen 11

Danish Sisterhood News, January 2022

Day 4 – August 14, 2022 7:00 – 8:30am – Breakfast – Imperial Hotel 9:00am – Travel to Friedrichstadt, Germany (formerly part of Denmark). On the way we will see Kongeåen, the river which formed the Danish-German border from 1864 to 1920, and make stops in the small towns of Højer and Rudbøl, both located in the low-lying area of western South Jutland. An old dike built in 1556 to protect the towns can still be seen. Rudbøl is now a border town, where you can stand with one foot in Denmark and the other in Germany. After crossing the border, entering the part of Germany that up until the war of 1864 was Danish, we will continue to the pretty little town of Friedrichstadt, where we will spend two nights at Hotel Aquarium. 7:30pm – Dinner at the hotel - 3-course menu Day 5 – August 15, 2022 7:00 – 8:30am – Breakfast at Hotel Aquarium 9:00am – Travel to Eiderstadt, Nordstrand, Husum, Tønning, and back to Friedrichstadt to see the old Danish buildings. 7:30pm – Dinner at the hotel – 3-course menu Day 6 – August 16, 2022 7:00am – Breakfast at Hotel Aquarium 9:00am – Travel to the city of Schleswig, where we among other things will visit the Cathedral and see the beautiful altar piece created by Hans Brüggermann (1514-1521) as well as the grave of King Frederik 1. of Denmark. Then on to the ancient Danish fortification of Dannevirke, started before 500AD and later expanded by Harald Bluetooth and several other historical figures, and finally visiting Gottorp Castle, which at one time was the residence of King Frederik 1. We then head north to the Baltic Sea, where we will spend two nights at Strandhotel Glücksburg - a beautiful beach hotel with an opportunity to go swimming in Flensburg Fjord – an inlet of the Baltic. 8:00pm – Dinner at Strandhotel Glücksburg – 3-course surprise menu Day 7 – August 17, 2022 7:00 8:30am - Breakfast at the hotel 9:00am – Travel to Glücksburg to see the beautiful castle built 1582-87, and used as a summer residence for the Danish Royal family. We’ll then continue to the border town of Flensburg where we’ll observe the many reminders of the city’s many Danish ties, such as Norder Tor (Nørreport) built by Christian 4., the Danish school (Duborgskolen), Danish library, Maria Church from 1284, and more. 4:00pm – We head back to Strandhotel Glücksburg where we can relax before dinner – and maybe go for a swim – or a spa treatment ( just make sure you make an appointment early!) 8:00pm – Dinner at the hotel – 3-course surprise menu Day 8 – August 18, 2022 7:00-8:00am – Breakfast at the hotel 9:30am – Depart for Sønderborg- north of the border. On the way there we’ll visit Dybbøl Mølle – an old mill which has become a memorial to the struggles Southern Jutland has endured, then on to Gråsten Castle – a favorite summer residence of Queen Margrethe 2. and her sisters, just as it was a favorite of their mother Queen Ingrid’s. We will then cross to the island of Als and tour the Sønderborg area before checking in to our hotel. 4:00pm - Hotel Sønderborg Strand – check-in 7:00pm – Dinner at the hotel – 2-course menu Danish Sisterhood News, January 2022


Day 9 – August 19, 2022 7:00-8:30am – Breakfast at the hotel 9:30am – Travel to Tønder and Møgeltønder for sight-seeing in these charming towns in the very southernmost part of Denmark 4:00pm – Return to Sønderborg – with time for the beach, shops, and cafés 7:00pm – Dinner at Hotel Sønderborg Strand – 2-course dinner Day 10 – August 20, 2022 7:00-8:30am – Breakfast at the hotel 9:30am – We travel north on the island of Als to visit the towns of Augustenborg and Nordborg before heading to Fynshav. 3:00pm – Ferry from Fynshav to Bøjden on the island of Fyn 4:30pm – Check-in at Hvedholm Castle - the beautiful castle where we stayed on the 2016 tour 7:00pm – Dinner at the castle – 3-course menu – plus coffee and sweets (the Danish way to end a fine dinner!) Day 11 – August 21, 2022 7:00-8:30am – Breakfast at the castle 9:30 – Explore the area of southern Fyn (Funen) with a visit to Horne Church – one of the few “round churches” outside Bornholm, and Holstein Hus Park. Then we’ll venture to the tiny island of Bjørnø – definitely not one of the most “touristy” islands in Denmark. 6:00pm – Dinner at Hvedholm Castle Day 12 – August 22, 2022 7:00 – 8:30 – Breakfast 9:30 –T ravel to Copenhagen where the bus will leave us at the Imperial Hotel – and the tour has come to its end. Tour Details: • The price includes transportation in a 4 star Bus, serving Coffee, Tea and Cold drinks. • 11 Night’s in 3 and 4 star hotels, and Castle. • 11 Breakfast and 11 dinners. • All Entry fees at Museum’s Castles etc. • Lunches will be on your own. • Drinks and wine at dinner’s is on your own. Pricing and Refund Policy: Price for 12 day guided tour in Denmark and Germany With minimum of 40 participants $2,975.00 (Per Person – Member Price) Maximum of 50 participants Price are based on double occupancy. There will be an additional charge of $250 for non-members and an additional charge for a single room $850.00. Please note: price does not include airfare portion of the trip. Deposit of $1000.00 per person is due at the time of booking.

Deadline for booking is March 1. 2022 13

Danish Sisterhood News, January 2022

All final payments and additional fees (non-members and single room) are due by May 1, 2022 Refund policy: Refund Cancelling prior to March 1, 2022: $750.00 Between March 1 and April 30, 2022: $500.00 After May 1, 2022: NO refund *If your place can be filled from the waiting list $500.00 Price is subject to change at the time of final payment date. The Denmark Tour price is based on the exchange rate of 6.6 Dkk

News from Sunshine Lodge #181 Sisters of Sunshine Lodge #181, together with friends and family, gathered for a Christmas luncheon at a local Carabbas restaurant on December 11th. We had a wonderful time. Janet Proper brought her much desired kransekage cookies and surprise gifts of tiny scented anti-bacterial hand gel. Tim Proper and sister husband Dan Callaghan along with everyone enjoyed the feeling of Danish hygge. Past President Dianna Kennedy presented sisters Doris Burk (her mother) and Janet Proper (her Aunt) with their 50 year pins. Such a proud and meaningful occasion! We all enjoyed getting to know Lucie Winchell and her granddaughter Jade`. We hope to perform their initiation ceremony in January. It

was fun to again hear Danish spoken by a person born in Denmark. Doris Burk, Deanna Carlton with her 6yr. old son and Dianna Kennedy, all traveled far to attend. Millie Anderson brought her granddaughter Tawny and her friend Seth! We enjoyed the food, stories told and questions answered. The feeling of Danish hygge was fantastic. We look forward to getting together in the New Year.

Danish Sisterhood News, January 2022


Respectfully submitted, Anni Callaghan, President Sunshine Lodge 181

DSS Angel Member Status

Address Changes If you have moved please use this form to notify the Danish Sisterhood of America.

The Danish Sisterhood has a new and very special member status, the DSS Angels. This status belongs to those members that wish to gift their funeral benefit back to the Sisterhood. We have had some members in the past make the Sisterhood their beneficiary. We believe this is a generous and significant gift, and wish to honor them while we can, keeping a list of our current “Angels” posted. A couple of options are available:

Clip and mail to: Danish Sisterhood News National Secretary: Glenda Madrid 1557 Oak St. Solvang, CA 93463

• A change of beneficiary to: Danish Sisterhood of America or, • A change of beneficiary to one of the national scholarship funds. Be specific, ie: Betty Hansen Scholarship, Past National Officers, Camp Grant, etc.

I belong to Lodge #: Name: New Address:

If you wish to change your status, please contact your lodge or the National Secretary for a Beneficiary Change Form. Your benefit does not need to be fully paid yet, and you'd be expected to maintain your payments, as the Sisterhood will not receive the benefit until your passing. Those that do not have a funeral benefit as part of your membership category can participate by donating $1,000 to the Danish Sisterhood of America. On behalf of our entire membership, we wish to thank and honor as our first Angels:

Lodge # Name

Lodge # Name

166 168 126 188 75 22 15

102 15 125 177 15 166 126 15 142 165 177 86 15

12 177 125 171 102 149 187 177 81 81 165 90

Viola Wilson Joann Scott Dorothy Petersen Karin Plagens Sandra Nelson Carole Hodges Andrea Sue Welling Leih Elizabeth Haar Glenda Madrid Nancy J. Mayland Johanne Gade Diann Weinman Carol Smith Meredith Sorensen Marie Jaeger Christina Sallee Melissa Sallee Marie Fairbanks Constance Schneider

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Danish Sisterhood News, January 2022



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Published by the Supreme Lodge of the Danish Sisterhood of America National Secretary: Glenda Madrid 1557 Oak St. Solvang, CA 93463


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Supreme Lodge of the Danish Sisterhood of America National Secretary: Glenda Madrid 1557 Oak St Solvang, CA 93463

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