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Quarterly Newsletter of the Clerics of St. Viator Volume 7 Number 2

Fall 2002

Army) 4,000 armed olidarity involves men, developed at the walking with one's neighbor. same time as FARC. These men are highly Colombia is our neighbor educated. Yet, they and her people have are also forcing people experienced 20 years of off their land. They civil war. They need friends to walk with are taxing buildings them as they continue to and companies and resorting to pray for peace and work for stability. kidnapping of police Colombia has a in small towns to Libano, Colombia: These are the makeshift homes of the displaced. finance their war. population of 42 million. 3. AUC: (United Auto 2.4 million have been displaced from their homes since 1985, Defense of Colombia) a most of them from small paramilitary group which began in the 1980's. They have pueblos. These small rural areas are manned by 5-6 8,000 soldiers and are the archpolicemen. The warring enemy of the other two factions come into these little groups. Their vigilantism has areas, kill the police and burn also forced people from their down the homes, forcing the homes. 4. AFC: (Armed Forces of people to flee for their lives. These are the displaced Colombia.) 140,000 soldiers. refugees who move to cities and They are responsible for the Children at school enjoying daily hot lunch set up shacks on the sides of the protection of the citizens of Colombia. hills using any material they can However, because of all find. By the end of 2000, 342,000 four of these groups, Colombia more were displaced, and by the end of 2002 there will be another has been cited as having the worst 50% increase. human rights violations in this There are 4 significant hemisphere. warring groups active in The Colombian Bishops Conference has called for Colombia today. 1. FARC: (Armed Revolutionary international support in its Forces of Colombia) 18,000 men demand for a balance in funding Inside the home of a displaced famil y from peasant roots. They are of military and socio-economic fighting against state inequalities aid. their campaign against the The 2002 Viatorian as revolutionaries. They are government. They practice forced responsible for human rights Assembly held on July 8-9, 2002, recruitment of children. violations and are using the drug hosted Mr. Carlos Sanchez, from 2. ELN: (National Liberation trade and kidnapping to finance the Catholic Relief Services,


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Provincial's Perspective Viator Rev. Charles G. Bolser, CSV Provincial Brother Leo V. Ryan , CSV Director of Communications

As a non profit and tax exempt ministry, the Viatorians are very grateful for you r prayers and financial support in "educating fo r the future".

Join N azaret h Prayer League. To order Prayer Cards Mass Cards Perpetual Certificates See ad on page 3. An envelope is provided. 84 7-398-6805

Build a Chapel. Build a Community. Belize is in urgent need of chapels for overcrowded communities now celebrating Eucharist in classrooms. For more information see the enclosed envelope in the center pages.

On the Occasion of September 11, 2002 "Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee" These words from the poet John Donne speak to us always as we wend our way through life's tribulations and trials. Mourning is often meant as much for us as it is for the loss of others. When we come together to mourn, we recognize in the depths of our being, our own frailty and weakness. We know in our hearts that we are all on the road from birth to death- we simply don't know whether our road is a long one or a short one. We tremble in our hearts and souls with the fear of not being in control of our own destiny. So we attempt to live with the illusion that we can control our own路 destiny. Today, we are living in a world of fear. We are shocked when our false securities are threatened. We assume that we are immune from the evils that touch the rest of the world. Somehow we believe that we are God's chosen people and are therefore immune from injustice and violence. Our very foundations that we have so carefully constructed are shaken. Historically, leaders in all times and places have recognized the surest way to solidify their hold on power would be to exacerbate the fears of others who are different in appearance, belief or culture. In our humanity we find it very easy to blame others for the evil in the world and the problems that we experience. It is most difficult to accept responsibility for our own lives without somehow blaming our parents, our teachers, or the amorphous other for everything that goes wrong in our lives. We tend to forget that doing the wrong thing is often failing to have the courage to do the right thing. How often when we hear racist or sexist jokes do we simply either laugh or move on without saying anything because we are afraid of offending the person telling the joke? Jesus taught us not to be afraid of doing the right thing, even if it meant giving up your life. God calls us to holiness. It is in responding to this call, even when afraid, that we act with faith. To act in faith is to recognize that all of creation is holy and sacred and that we are called to participate in God's ongoing creation. We are connected by the spirit of a loving God that holds us all in His hand. The basis of our faith is our conviction of the reality of the Incarnation of God in the world and in human flesh. This participation calls us to act with courage, knowing that God is with us throughout all of the pain and turmoi I of life. God is with us in what seems to us to be chaos and turmoil. The message of Jesus is that in order to enter into the fullness of life, we are called to enter first of all into the tension of life; not to run and hide. That tension is necessary for the creation of all that is, including human life. Jesus teaches us that we are all active participants in that ongoing creation and to be at peace with the reality that in all things, God is present. At the same time, Jesus calls us to enter fu lly into our I ife. If we are afraid to die, then we are also afraid to I ive. The ongoing creation of God, in all of its diversity and grandeur, connects in the person of Jesus Christ - God and flesh made one, uniting all that is. "any man's death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee." Wishing you a great year, In St. Viator



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Colombia Campaign 2002. He cited statistics from their studies of Colombia. We also heard from a panel of four Colombian Viatorians: Frs. Pedro Herrera, Luis Eduardo Lopez, Brian Cooper, and Albeyro Vanegas. Each described his ministry and the needs of his consituency: Fr. Brian Cooper lives and works in Libano. He works with displaced squatters in the "invasion barrios". Homes have tin roofs, and a hole in the ground for a toilet. Children have many medical problems. They have begun a program where children who are registered for school get health check ups, supplies and food packages every month. 75 families get powdered milk for babies. There is already an improvement seen among the youngest children as a result of increased milk in their diet. They also started a lunch program at school. Presently the lunch program feeds 150 children, Monday through Friday. Fr. Pedro Herrera is President of Coh~gio Antonio Maria Claret, a Libano primary and secondary school. The education provided is very high quality. However, in addition to the violence and poverty in the area, he says that catechism for children is lacking. Very few young people are getting married.

Panel from left: Frs. Luis Eduardo L6pez, Albeyro Vanegas, Brian Cooper, Pedro Herrera

Instead, they live together, have their babies baptised, and perhaps " later encourage their children to make their First Communion. In many cases, the children do not come to church because the parents are not participating in the sacraments. Fr. Albeyro Vanegas is President of Coh~gio San Viator in Bogota. The Coh~gio population is around 1,200 for K-12. The



directly affects the daily lives of ordinary people in Colombia.

Colegio saw a need for a preschool and started Coh~gio Louis Querbes. This school serves children 3 and under who live in a nearby poor neighborhood. Coh~gio San Viator sends teachers and students as volunteers to help with the children. Everyday the children receive a hot meal. Finally, Fr. Luis Eduardo Lopez is the Pastor of San Basilio Magno Parish in Bogota. This parish of 12,000 families is also 12 Colombian Viatorians join the Founding Father 路 路 hb h 00 d James Crilly, CSV, the Provincial, and Assistant ' m a poo~ ne~g or . 路 Provincial following the Assembly Liturgy, July 9, 2002. The pansh IS very active

and sponsors many programs for the parishioners. Fr. Lopez needs to build a new church. The present church was built on land not owned by the diocese and the owners have demanded the return of their land. Despite the crisis, each of these Viatorians indicated that the Colombians they minister to are peaceful and joyful people. They help one another. They have many needs but are so thankful for their meager blessings. At the end of Assembly, we agreed that there is a need to change the American view of Colombia. Drug usage in the U.S. directly affects the daily lives of ordinary people in Colombia. This truth needs to be disseminated in the U.S. The people of Colombia want peace and security for themselves and their children. It will take many years. FARC, ELN, AUC, and AFC, continue fighting for control of Colombia and her people. Together, U.S. and Colombian Viatorians are resolved to continue to build up these communities of faith through education which promotes peace and justice.



What is the Nazareth Prayer League?


Birlhday Card The Nazareth Prayer League is established by the Clerics of St. Viator to give our friends the opportunity to share in the prayers of the Viatorian Community. Our Prayer Cards include:

Belize: Bishop Osmo'hd Peter Martin of Belize consecrated two new chapels in the Corozal Catholic Mission during the first week of July. The Catholic Community of Buena Vista dedicated its chapel to the Holy Cross on July 3, 2002 at 5:30pm with over 300 people present. All were treated to tamales after the Mass. The San Narciso Catholic Community gathered over 500 people for the dedication Mass at 1O:OOam on July 5, 2002. Father Daniel Hall, CSV, retiring pastor, and Father Christopher Glancy, CSV, the new pastor in Corozal, concelebrated at both Masses.

cards cards cards cards cards

A Prayer For You Speedy Recovery Special Occasion Sympathy Birthday Card

A $5.00 donation is requested for each enrollment card used.

We also have Nazareth League Perpetual Prayer Enrollment Certificates that are beautifully presented in a gold embossed folder. Call us at our Development Office and we will send an enrollment to the family you request in the name of the living or deceased. A $30.00 donation is suggested for each Perpetual Enrollment. To order some cards to have on hand, clip this slip and send it with the envelope enclosed at the center of the newsletter or call Kay at 847-398-6805 for more information. 0

Buena Vista Chapel consecrated by Bishop Martin on July 3rd.

Bogota: In January, Br. Carlos Ernesto Florez, CSV began his assignment in Bogota as Director of Vocations. He has experienced an increasing number of young men seeking information about religious life. Carlos reports that "at first I was intimidated by their probing questions about religious life and the problems experienced by young people in Colombia." He found that he must walk with these young men as a friend, together seeking answers to their questions. Br. Carlos Ernesto finds being Vocation Director in Colombia "very challenging" but "with prayer and trust in God" he will "open his heart and mind to young men searching for their vocation in life." Frank H. Enciso and Antonio Mufioz were received as pre-novices by Br. Edgar Suarez, CSV, Director of Affiliates, m a ceremony in Bogota on September 1, 2002. Gustavo Lopez was admitted to the Novitiate by Fr. Pedro Herrera, CSV, Director ofNovices, in a ceremony in Libano also on September 1, 2002, the 143rd anniversary of the death of our founder, Fr. Louis Marie Querbes.

A Bright Future for Viatorian Growth orty Viatorians - professed, ordained, lay women and men associates - gathered at Maternity BVM Parish, Bourbonnais, Illinois, Saturday, July 13, 2002 to witness the Solemn Profession of Final Vows by Brother Daniel Belanger, CSV. Maternity BVM is the Mother Church of the Viatorians in the United States and on September 6, 2002 the Parish Community celebrated the 127th Anniversary of the first permanent establishment of the Clerics of St. Viator in the United States. Brother Belanger has been youth minister there since Fall 2000. His Perpetual Vows were received by Provincial, Fr. Charles Bolser, CSV acting as delegate of the Superior General, assisted by Father Thomas von Behren, CSV, Assistant Provincial, Fr. Jotr Linnan, C ~ v, Pastor and Fr. John Norbert Peeters, CSV, Parochial Associate, as Master of Ceremonies. Brother Belanger pronounced his vows in the presence of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Goforth, Henderson, Nevada and his family and numerous friends and parishioners. The international character of the Community was evident in the presence of Fr. Alejandro Adame, CSV and Fr. Luis Eduardo Lopez,


CSV from Colombia. Brother Koldo Rodriguez, CSV, Province of Spain and Sr. Carmen, Sr. Elda and Sr. Magdalena of the Congregation Sisters of the Sacred Heart and Our Lady of Guadalupe of Mexico. Brother Belanger entered the Clerics of St. Viator from Las Vegas, Nevada. He served in the Air Force for nine years in Germany and Korea. He completed his novitiate in Mt. Prospect, IL and pronounced his first vows August 5, 1996. His assignments have included Religion Teacher at St. Viator Grade School, (Chicago) and youth minister in Bourbonnais, IL. Brother Dan, as he is known, holds an M.R.E. in Religious Education from Institute of Pastoral Studies at Loyola University (Chicago) and an M.A.T. in Teaching from Dominican University. Members of his Maternity BVM youth groups provided music for the Mass. Family, friends and Viatorians gathered after the 4:30pm Mass for dinner in his honor.


What is Vocation Ministry? by Fr. Dan Nolan, CSV Vocation Director

ocation Ministry is one way that God is working in our Church to continue to call Christian people to live their baptismal commitment by following the way of Jesus. God calls us to use the gifts we have received for the good ofGod's people. This m1mstry encourages a process of discernment on how it is that God calls us to live and to serve using these gifts. This vital ministry is one way that we continue the mission of Jesus to proclaim the Good News, and invite others to join us in a life of service to God. Each Viatorian is called to participate in vocation ministry. "By the way we live the Gospel and carry out our mission, each of us and each local community should be a sign and example, inviting others to follow Christ in religious life (CSV Constitution #26)." Vocation ministry is a collaborative effort of all Viatorians. We also invite all with whom we minister and serve to join us in this important ministry. As Vocation Director, I hope to lead the effort to invite men to join the Clerics of St. Viator. Along with working with individuals interested in a deeper discernment of their call, I will also be involved in our parishes and schools promoting vocation awareness.


Together, let us continue to pray for vocations, and equally important, let us continue to encourage and invite young men to serve God and the Church as Viatorian brothers or priests. Anyone interested in information about becoming a Viatorian can reach me in the Vocation office, 1212 E. Euclid St. , Arlington Heights, IL 60004, by phone 847-398-0685 , or by email

5 On July 8, the 2002 Jubilarian celebration took place at the Sheraton Arlington Heights, IL. Eleven concelebrated with Senior Jubilarian, Fr. Francis White, CSV at the Eucharistic celebration. Present were Fr. Michael O'Brien, Fr. Daniel Mirabelli, Fr. Robert Foster, Fr. John Linnan, Fr. James Michaletz, Fr. John Milton, Fr. Patrick Durkin, Fr. Hugh Robbins, Fr. Thomas McCarthy, Fr. Thomas Kass and Fr. William Carpenter.

Your donor gifts to the Jubilarians were shared with the missions of Belize and Colombia.

Fr. Francis White, C.S.V. presided at the concelebrated Jubilarian Mass July 8, 2002. Fr. C. Bolser and Senior Jubilarian, Fr. F.P. White, presented the Jubilee Gifts to Fr. Chris Glancy, CSV (left) from Belize and Fr. Pedro Herrera, CSV from Colombia. (Right)

VIATORIANS GIVE THANKS TO GOD AND TO THOSE WHO SUPPORT US! road each weekend from June Direct Mission Appeals through August preaching the In Fr. Dan Nolan's first appeals, has been assisted by summer coordinating Viatorian other Viatorians. These include: participation in the Diocesan Fathers Charles Bolser, Mick Mission Co-op Program, the Egan, Arnie Perham, Brian Cooper Viatorian ministry and mission message has been carried to fifteen (who is presently serving in Libano, Colombia), Luis Eduardo parishes in the Archdioceses of Lopez (a native of Colombia), and Chicago, IL, Kansas City (KS), Former President, Jimmy Carter Brothers Corey Brost and Jim and Milwaukee, WI and to eleven congratulates Dr. Richard Frieder, Coto de Caza, CA, upon receiving Lewnard, who is also a permanent parishes in the Dioceses of Joliet the "People First" Award of the deacon. and Springfield, IL, Manchester, National Vision Service Plan for his Viatorian missionary NH and Monterey, CA. Rotarian Leadership in community efforts would not be possible Each year the Viatorians and international service, including without the support of so many are given the opportunity by 路 his support of projects of Fr. Brian Catholics in the U.S. The priests Cooper, CSV in Libano, Colombia. various (arch)dioceses to make He shared $1,250 of his award with and brothers in Belize and mission appeals in specific Fr. Cooper to fund his Rotary Colombia especially appreciate the parishes seeking prayers and Mission Yiejo-Libano housing generosity of everyone in the 26 financial support for missionary project. efforts in Belize (Central America) parishes who supported this We thank Dr. Frieder, for his important work of the Church. solidarity with Viatorian and Colombia (South America). May the Lord bless them always humanitarian efforts in Colombia. Father Nolan, who was on the for their kindness.

6 By Associate Mari lyn Mulchahy

During the Provincial Assembly in July, we witnessed and celebrated the Commitment of six new Associate members of the Clerics of St. Viator: Cathy Abrahamian, Randy Baker, Henrietta Chamness, Lynda Connor, and Patty and Kevin Wischnowski. Recommitting for another two years were Associates Kay Dowling and Donna and Tim Schwarz. Welcome and God's blessings to them as we journey together, seeking to live out the charism and mission of Fr. Querbes in our daily lives! As Viatorian Associates, we have the opportunity


to belong to a group of people who share the same spirit, mission and vision. Empowered with the Viatorian charism, we take up values and goals of the community. We are committed to the charism and mission, bonded through mutual support and prayer, and active in the pursuit of spiritual growth and service. As Viatorian Religious and Associates, we celebrate God's presence in life, affirm one another's gifts, and challenge one another to respond more deeply to God's will in our lives, as we share our unique vocations and common mission with those whose lives we touch. Are you interested in finding out more about becoming an Associate? Contact the Commission on Association, 1212 East Euclid, Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Br. Douglas R. Hudson, CSV, a teacher at St. Viator High School renewed his vows for 3 years at the July 9, 2002 Assembly Mass.

Jason Nesbit, Granite City, IL and Daniel Tripamer, Las Vegas, NV were admitted to the Chicago Province Novitiate by the Provincial, Fr. Charles G. Bolser, CSV at a special liturgy, Sunday, July 7, 2002. Br. Herney Hoyos, CSV, teacher at Colegio San Viator, Colombia, pronounced first vows during the July 9, 2002 Assembly Mass.


Viatorians in the News Kankakee, IL: Happy Birthday to Fr. Joseph B. Tremonti, CSV, the second senior U.S. Viatorian, who celebrated his 90th birthday on June 25th. A resident at St. Patrick's Parish , he assists at St. Rose, Kankakee and ministers at Our Lady of Victory Nursing Home, Bourbonnais and the Merkle-Kipprath Home, Clifton, IL. Arlington Heights, IL: St. Viator High School announced one of the largest incoming Freshman classes in their 40-year history. 290 of the 1,013 students enrolled for the 2002-2003 school year are Freshman. The Lilly Foundation awarded the Catholic Theological Union a $2 m illion grant for a Peacebuilder Initiative, a program designed to attract young people to a life of ministry. St. Viator High School will participate in a pilot program . Br. Corey Brost, CSV served as project consultant to the grant. Fr. Daniel Nolan, CSV arrived July 1, 2002 to begin his assignment as Vocation Director and Diocesan Mission Co-op Director. He comes to us from St. Joseph Parish in Springfield , IL. St. Anne, IL: About 1,200 persons participated in the 122nd Consecutive Novena and Mass honoring St. Anne , August 18-26 at the Original Shrine of St. Anne entrusted to the Viatorians in 1942. Fr. George Auger, CSV Province Novice Master, preached the Novena. Fr. James Fanale, CSV is Pastor. Springfield, IL: On Sunday afternoon , June 23 , 2002 , over four hundred present and former parishioners of St. Joseph Parish in Springfield, IL joined Bishop George Lucas, Provincial Fr. Charles Bolser, former pastors (Frs. John Corred ato, Ken Yarn o, Patrick Render and Dan Nolan), and associate pastors for a Eucharistic celebration of Thanksgiving as well as a farewell reception for the Viatorians after 73 years of service to the parish . Las Vegas, NV: Guardian Angel Shrine , founded by the Clerics of St. Viator, celebrated 25 years as a Cathedral , on the Feast of the Guardian Angel , October 2, 2002 . Tucson, AZ: Four paintings by Fr. Donald Huntimer, CSV have been selected for a six month YMCA Arizona Artists Exhibit including his 'Crab Nebula' chosen as the Exhibit centerpiece.

Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Ordination San Diego: Fr. Patrick Durkin , CSV celebrated his Golden Jubilee Mass, May 18, 2002, the actual 50th anniversary date with the parishioners of St. Catherine Laboure, his current parish. Twelve area priests concelebrated with Fr. Pat and Fr. Charles G. Bolser, CSV preached . The parish hosted the Jubilee reception . Aurora, IL: Fr. Hugh Robbins , CSV celebrated his 50th anniversay of ordination privately on May 18th as he celebrated his Jubilee Mass at his sister's home with his family in Aurora, IL. Boston, MA: Fr. Thomas McCarthy, CSV returned to his home parish to celebrate his Golden Jubilee Mass at St. Vincent de Paul, August 25, 2002. Fr. Bolser preached. Fr. Tom served as Parochial Vicar, Immaculate Conception , Marlborough and Saints Peter and Paul, South Boston . A second Jubilee Mass was offered September 15, 2002 at St. James, Arlington Heights, with a reception sponsored by the Holy Rosary Council 4483. Bishop Jerome Listecki presided . Fr. Tom is Chaplain, 3rd Degree , and Faithful Friar, 4th Degree, of the local Knights of Columbus.

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F o Y ev e Y 'R eWl e~be r-e ~

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