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Come, Creator Spirit ...

Viatorian Presence at. ..

Viatorians Celebrate Ordinations

Catholic Theological Union

wonderful brass and organ music, with Mrs. Mary Ellen Matheson as Music Director and Organist. Cantors Brian Lepacek and Laura Wakeland led all present in song as prayer.

Bishop Gorman ordains Bob Bolser

Ona joyful Saturday, May 13th, many members of the Chicago Province, family and friends turned out to participate in the celebration of the Rite of Ordination at St. Viator Parish in Chicago. Brother Robert Bolser, C.S.V. was ordained to the Priesthood in the parish church where he served as Deacon, and Brother Gregory Jones, C.S.V. faculty member at St. Viator High School, was ordained to the Deaconate. The Most Reverend John R. Gorman served

as Presiding Bishop for the impressive ceremonies, and Concelebrants were Fr. Robert M. Egan, C.S.V., Provincial; Fr. William Haesaert, C.S.V., pastor of St. Viator Parish, and Fr. Charles Bolser, C.S.V., brother of Bob Bolser, C.S.V., and President of St. Viator High School. The large congregation in attendance included many from the parish community of St. Viator Church. The robust singing of the congregation was undoubtedly encouraged by the

Immediately after the Gospel, the Candidates were formally presented by Fr. Egan, C.S.V. as Provincial, attesting to their preparation and readiness for ordination. After the anointing of hands, Bishop Gorman exhorted Bob and Greg to "believe what you read- teach what you believe - and practice what you teach!" After prostrating themselves during the chanting of the Litany of the Saints, and the Laying on of Hands by the Bishop, the ordination concluded with the vesting of the candidates. In closing comments, Fr. Haesaert congratulated the newly-ordained, but also noted the distinct Continued on page 2

... "The Viatorians were good teachers. They respected learning, and they respected their students ... the Viatorians made me feel good about who I was ... always challenging me to become all that I could be." Meet Fr. Jack Linnan, C.S.V., reflecting on his call to the priesthood and the Viatorians.

Viatorians were good teachers." Gifted with a respect for learning and a keen intellect, it can be no surprise that Fr. Linnan has achieved considerable prominence in his Continued on page 4


From The Provincial's Perspective

Viatorians Celebrate Ordinations (Continued)

Dear Friends: Welcome to the third issue of VIATOR, the Viatorian Quarterly Newsletter. I would like to extend a special welcome to all of our new readers. Your continued association with the Viatorians is a grace for our community. This edition celebrates the ordination of two members of our Province and highlights the story of a Teacher of Faith, Father Jack Linnan, C.S.V. I hope that you enjoy this issue, as we share the continuing Viatorian story with you, our partners in faith. I'm also pleased to introduce our newly designed look, based on your comments. I believe that the lighter colored paper and sharper print style will make for easier reading. We're always happy to hear your comments and suggestions, so feel free to write or call us at 708/398-1354. Once again I want to thank you for your support of the Viatorians. We appreciate your loyalty and assure you of our continued prayers.


Robert M. Egan, C.S.V. Provincial

Left to right: Brother Jones, Bishop Gorman, Father Bolser and Father Egan

honor for the Parish to host such an important ceremony, infrequently conducted in a parish setting. He thanked the St. Viator parish community for their enthusiastic participation as Deacon, Acolytes, Eucharistic Ministers and the Hospitality Committee, which hosted an abundant reception following Mass. Father Robert Bolser,


Originally from Rantoul, IL. Bob has been involved in Viatorian ministry as a missionary, a high school teacher and in parish work He was an instructor at Colegio San Viator in Bogota, Colombia for four years, where he became fluent in Spanish. Teaching assignments at Alleman High School, Rock Island and St. Viator High School, Arlington Heights were followed by an assignment as Pastoral Associate in Hispanic Ministry at St. Bartholomew Parish, Waukegan. Bob

earned his BA in Theology from Loyola University; his MA in Religious Studies from Mundelein College, and his M.Div. from Catholic Theological Union, all in Chicago. His first priestly assignment will be at St. Viator Parish in Chicago's Northwest side. Brother Greg Jones, C.S.V. Greg was born in Michigan, but has lived in a number of states prior to joining the Viatorian Community in 1988. He took his temporary vows in 1990, and professed his final vows last year, while serving as an instructor in Theology at St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights. Greg earned his M.Div. from Chicago's Catholic Theological Union as well. He will serve his Diaconate at St. Viator Parish in Chicago. The entire Viatorian family extends best wishes to our new Priest Fr. Bolser and our new Deacon Br. Jones! •


Keeping in touch Celebrating 115 years .. .

Father Wayne Dupuis came to the Viatorians after graduating from St. Patrick's High School in Kankakee, Illinois. Father Dupuis has had a long career in Catholic Secondary Education, beginning at Spalding Institute in Peoria, Illinois Cathedral High School in Springfield, Illinois (later Griffin High School), Alleman High School in Rock Island, Illinois, and St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Wayne has been teacher, counselor and administrator. Currently Wayne is enjoying a new ministry as an Associate Pastor of St. Viator Parish in Las Vegas, Nevada. He can be reached at 2461 East Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121. Father Bob Erickson assumed the responsibilities of

Treasurer of the Viatorians in August of 1994. Before coming to this position, Bob served two years as a chaplain at the University of Illinois at Champaign. Like so many Viatorians, Bob has had a long career in Catholic Secondary Education, first at St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights, Illinois as a math and religion instructor, next as assistant principal at MeN amara High School in Kankakee, Illinois and as principal at Griffin High School in Springfield, Illinois. Father Erickson can be reached at 1212 East Euclid Street, Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004. After many years in the US Army and working for Hilton Corporation, Dan Hall left the Hilton Hotel in Hawaii to join the Viatorians in Chicago -in January! Father Hall's ministry has included coaching, counseling and teaching at St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights, Illinois and Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dan also served as Associate Pastor in Maternity B.V.M. Parish in Bourbonnais, Illinois. A few years ago Dan returned to the military, this time as a chaplain and this time in the US Navy. As chaplain, Dan

has spent time with the Marine Corps at Camp Pendelton in California where he was involved in Desert Storm and with the Navy at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. He is currently back with the Marines at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Since Dan is overseas with his battalion, he can be reached in care of the Province Center, 1212 East Euclid Street, Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004. Father Michael Joseph O'Brien came to the Viatorians from Dunlap, Iowa. Father's ministry has included parish work, Catholic Secondary Education and many years as Rector of the . Viatorian Seminary. Joe IS probably best known from his long tenure at Loyola University in Chicago where he was professor of psychology. After Loyola, Father O'Brien served as a chaplain at St. Joseph's Home for the Elderly in Palatine, Illinois and later as chaplain of Our Lady of Victory Nursing Home in Bourbonnais, Illinois. Father O'Brien retired this year and can be reached at the Province Center, 1212 East Euclid Street, Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004. •

St. Anne

Novena Continues The 115th annual novena in honor of St. Anne will be held at the historic original shrine of St. Anne in the United States July 18 26. Begun in 1880 and under Viatorian direction since the 1940's, the shrine is located at St. Anne Catholic Church in St. Anne, IL. on Highway #1, about 12 miles Southeast of Kankakee.

Over the years, the observance evolved and the celebration on the actual Feast Day of July 26th includes several masses offered for the hundreds of faithful who arrive from throughout metropolitan Chicago and surrounding states. Confessions are heard, and a communal anointing of the sick is also conducted, the relic of St. Anne is publicly venerated, and the day concludes with a public procession through the town. The full novena, beginning July 18, will be preached by Fr. Thomas McCarthy, C.S.V. For more information, call 815/427-8265.


Viatorian Presence at C.T.U.

"... the Viatorians have given me the means, the opportunities and the encouragement . ... '' t o con t tnue


ministry at the Catholic Theological Union (CTU) a Graduate School of Ministry in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood. One of only five Presidents in the CTU' s 28 years of service, he is currently Associate Professor of Doctrinal Theology there. CTU is the largest Roman Catholic School of Theology in the United States, serving 33 provinces and abbeys of religious men as an official theologate. It also serves other students, lay and religious, in the preparation for ministry. One out of every eight religious priesthood candidates in the United States is educated at Catholic Theological Union. CTU is unique among schools of theology and seminaries. It is not a coalition of independent schools. Rather, the participating orders closed their theologates and merged their resources into one school with one administration and faculty. Viatorians have shared their resources of faculty, students and finances at CTU since 1972. ... Jack prepared for his Viatorian service with an in-depth education. Undergraduate work at

Loyola and Georgetown earned a degree in philosophy and the classics. Next, graduate studies in English at Northwestern University led to theological studies, first at the Viatorian Seminary, then at the University of Louvain in Belgium, where he earned his M.A., S.T.L. and S.T.D.

Father Jack Linnan

... Fr. Linnan has used his education in a variety of ministries: to teach English in high school, Greek in summer college programs, and theology in colleges and seminaries. His pastoral experience includes giving retreats and presenting workshops; service as a pastor, campus minister and substitute hospital chaplain. Within the Viatorian Community

he has been a delegate to general chapters; director of formation programs, assistant to the Provincial, member of the Provincial Council, and chair of an international Viatorian study commission. ... "I have lived and worked in North America and Europe, and traveled widely. In all these ways, and in numerous others, the Viatorians have given me the means, the opportunities and the encouragement to continue that voyage of discovery that I began in the novitiate ... they have said to me, not in words, but in the ideals and opportunities they have given me, that it is important that I find God and that I find myself, not just for my own sake, but for the sake of all those to whom God, through the agency of the Viatorians, sends me." •


Activities in Colombia Prosper Viatorian efforts in pastoral and vocation ministry extend beyond the United States. The Viatorian foundation in Colombia, South America depends on the Chicago Province, which first began these efforts in 1961. There, our men are hard at work promoting vocations to Viatorian religious life as well. Brother Luis Eduardo Lopez is directing vocation efforts in Colombia. He serves on the Vocation/Formation Team with Brother Carlos Luis Claro, Father Pedro Herrera (our first native Colombian vocation), and Father John Pisors.

Chicago Province Viatorians have Active Ministries in 9 states: Arizona • California • Illinois • Kansas •

They have pooled their talents and efforts in a discernment program for interested young men in Bogota, Colombia. During four weekends spread over several months, they explore important areas for discernment such as: the theology of vocations, prayer, spiritual direction, and distinct characteristics of the Viatorian formation program.

Mississippi • Nevada • New Hampshire • North Carolina • Virginia and two other countries - Colombia an d Taiwan

Our Ministries Include: 4


Two of the young men currently in this process are graduates of our school, Colegio San Viator, in



Bogota. Others have met us at the universities


high schools


social agencies


international apostolates


colleges & universities


military chaplains

where our brothers are studying, or in parishes where we assist on weekends. In April of this year, Fr. Richard Rinn, C.S.V., Assistant Provincial, and Fr. Chris Glancy, C.S.V., Vocation Director, visited the Colombian foundation. This opportunity allowed them to listen to the hopes and dreams of the Viatorians who work and study in Colombia. They are encouraged to see the Colombian Viatorians take more responsibility for the ministry and formation of the foundation in Bogota. The Chicago Province leadership assured our Colombian brothers of continued support from the Viatorians and our benefactors in the United States.

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Viator Newsletter - 1995 Summer  

Viator Newsletter - 1995 Summer