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World Prepares for War Elected Richard Powers Is Choral Club Presents Its Holy Name · Declares I.R. C. Lecturer Society President Initial Musical Harvest Rev. J. W. R. Maguire's Suggestion That Club Mooeratorca:1.:~": ~=.::ber8 Join C. A. I. P. Is Adopted By Members


The St. Viaoor Branch of the Archdiocesan Union of the Ho ly Name Society met on Thursday, November 12, and elected officers for the c urrent scholastic year und er the g uidance a nd direction of the Rev. Paul Hutton, C. S. V. , moderator. The m em ber s of the or ganization were adminis . . er ed t he Holy :t.ame pledge in the College Chapel on November the si.xth. The officer s who were chosen to guide the destinies of the socie t y for this year wer e: President, Rich· ard Powe rs of Chicago; vlce-presl-~ dent P a trick Bimmerle of Chicago; secr~tary, Alphones Monahan of Chatsworth; and treasur er , John Heery of Chicago. 1\loderat:or S p eaks While the ballot was being coWlted, Father Hutton explained the purpose of the H oly Name Society and impressed upon the members the importance of having a form idable body of active Catholic men during these turbulent times, when fundamental valu es based upon our Christian morality are being challenged on every side. ''The attacks of our enemies can be repulsed s u ecessfull y only . throu gh force of number s a nd effe~tive Catholic ac-

H a milton, '3 7 E Ie c ted Leader • Group 0 £sCience I

"Peace" was the subject of an address by Miss Betty Proctor, of the Emergency Peace Campaign, at the opening of tbe International R elations Club on November 16. Many members of the local community joined the s tudent body in the south library to bear the g uest speaker. "One of the principal r easons fo r our entrance into the World War, we were led to believe, was to make the world safe for dem ocracy," Miss Proctor inslsted. "Did the war accomplish that purpose? A survey of the nations today would hardly show that it did. Ther e a re 350,000,000. people living under a dietatorship, 3.p.d only 25 per cent of the world's Population is under a ny form of democr acy. To make the s itua tion even: worse, those types of democracy, nOw existing are not strong. Even here in the United States, it is limping badly . " Again, we were told that tbe war was fo ught to end war fo r ever. Men wer e sen t to fight for what they thought to be a noble end. But how mistaken they were, and how low has that 'purpose of war'' sunk. For a second time, look at the world of today. Can anyone say


--Samuel Ham~lton, '37, a chemis try major from Chicago, was elected the first president of the Science Club at the regular monthly business m~eting on November 16 · . Other officers who were elect ed are. Cha rles ? ilbert, ' 39 • a s tudent in th e phy~lCS depa rtm ent, to ~e v!ceprestdency; and James Hamilton, 39 • a biology major ~d brother of the newly elect ed prestdent, as secr etarytreasurer . The bus iness meeting was followed by two interesting demonstrations which were presented by the m embe r s of the )Jiology department and the physics department. Brotber Robt. J. Schoffman, C. S. V., assistant to Dr Wm. C. Va n Deventer in the Biology Department, performed an experi ment illustrating the nervous system of a dog. Brother Sch offman used a live dog as the subject of .his illustration, having previously" to the operatlon that there is one countr y in the chlorophormed the "v ictim" of sciworld that is not in some way preparing for or thinking about war? ence. The nervous system and reJapan and China are at sv,;ord's actions of the dog were demonstratpoint. Russia has the largest army ed along with the forma;ion of the various visceral organs. in the world, and proud of it. Germany has made large appropriatio ns Following th is interesting experifor war. In Italy one out of every ment by the biology department, six persons is prepared to fight. Dr. G. Kinzer of the Physics DeEngland is building up and strength- partment explained the use of the strong navy. Strobascope and minutely described enin g her already France has recently appropriated its intricate mechanism. The Stro-


l Continueu on Pa{:e Stx)

1933, 75 per cen\ of every tax

lusory phenomena and to t hose who peered through the Strobascope it appeared that the mobile object was actually stationary. Another de-

A delegation of St. Viator students, a ll members of the International Relations Clu b, the local Peace Organization on the campus, attended the Mid-West Peace Con-


I Maguire,

Ro~:: ~~~~eg~


to ac tually see an invisible lig ht address of the that was projected upon a mo bil e Maguire's topic objec t. olic Principles In closing the meeting Samuel This meeting

'fh • f S • · Irty- OUr elliOr S I Apply F 0 r D e g r e e s Hamilton A pro-Seminar class for the 34 seniors who have made applications for degr ees was started just r ecently under th e direction of Professo r Michael Moloney, head of the English Department. Seniors expecting to graduate a re compelled to att end thi s class which m eets once a week and w ill con tinue for approximately eight weeks. Failure to attend one or . more of the classes entails th e loss of an equa l amount of ti me in the major subject of the offender. The Rev. Leo Phi11ips, C. S. V., Ph. D., dean of studies, announces that the number of applications made for degrees fa r exceeds those filed in p revious years. According to Father Phillips, th e Class of '37 will be the largest eve r to graduate in the nistory of th e College, even though a few of the applicants will have to wait until after th e summer session of school to receive th eir degrees.

announced that the n ext meeting of the Science Cl ub would be held on Friday, December 11. The Rev. Eugene Hoffman, C. S. V., comoderator of th e Science Club, w il1 be the lec turer on that evening Father Hoffman's topi c will be " Re cent Discoveries In the Field of Chemistry."

Kankakee Study Club New Ciscan Project The S t. Viator Ciscans held the ir first Spiritual meetin g of the year on November 14 when th e members of the local unit met in the College Chapel to recite t h e Little Office of the Immaculate Concep tion. Miss Mary An thony, presi· dent of the organization her e, led t he prayers. Spiritual meetings of a similar nature a r e planned for the first Wednesday of eac h succeeding month.


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I I:l an attempt to vary the selecmen from Purdue immediately tions and to offer a pleasing prothe Thanksgiving recess, and gram, the director has drawn from debate Northwestern Univeraffirmative team on December classtic, seTmhi-cldassicb andd t populatr mas ers. e i ea ehm he par y 11. Mr. Buttgen, for three years is the offering of ''the bountiful bara confe rence debater, is the only vest of music" to the public. experienced man in the group and The program to be ,presented folwill be debating a negative proposi- lows: tion for the first time in his career. ( Prelude in C Minor-Rach11 The early winter proposition, as maninoff. adopted by tile Mid-West Debate Romance- Sibelius.

with after will sity's

No~~ ;1~ n:~~:~~~~l ':~~i~;e~·~~~~l1 ~e~~ ~'~~= -~~~n~Ii~~~~Y b£:a:.a:es R::::~:vin

C. S. V., head of th e de- ed and operated.'' Glow Worm-Lincke. partment of sociology and econThe same question wi ll be used - Girls Ghorus. omics, was in ch arge of the deleSoprano: Mary Anthony, gation com posed of Misses Claire Con tinu ed from Page Two) Barnett, Marion Hanson,

dol-~ ~t~~:~s:~;: ;:r~~~teJo;he;s st:~e~~: ~~~~· ~dui:~soLe:~~~er:~d t:eat;:~~~

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The six men who will represent St. Viato. r on the forensic platform In a ll tne early winter debates wer e named by the Rev. J. W. R. Magulre, C. i:s. V., debate coach, late last week. Appointment of Bro M. Robinson, '40; H a rold Bunte, '39; and Bro. ¥· McLaughlin, '39, to uphold th e affinnative of t he government ownership of electric utilities will se nd two experienced men against Purdue University. at Lafayette today. Bro. McLaughlin est ablished himself as a debater here two years ago, and Harold Bunte began a promising career last year. Bro. Robinson is new to the Viator rostrum. The same men are scheduled to meet a Northwestern negative team on December 7 at Evanston. Negath'e Team A negative team composed of William Mayo, '40; Daniel Ward, '40;

The curtain will go up tonig ht on on e of the most appealing and entertaining Musical Harvest partie• ever staged on th e local campus. Under the direction of the Rev. M. P . Loughran, C. S. V., the Choral Club will present an informal_ and varied program of vocal and mstrumental solos a nd group singing. The featuring of a girls' chorus, composed of 12 members of Sigma Ups11on Sigma, marks a distinct d eparture f rom former Viator musi· cales. Custom has placed coeds 1n th e background of previous programs, but the director insists that he has this year a g r oup of girls with s uperior vocal talents, and h e intends to give th em every opportunity for displaying their abilities. Mr. Lambert Paulissen, of Rankakee, who sang wi th Viator charaliats three years ago, will return to the campus tonight to offer several selections. He is knoW? in this vicinity for fine solo work. The male Cilor al Club which normally would have opened the winter music season is now focusing its a t tention on a Christmas appearance. Father Loughran has been directing 30 men through. rigorous practice for several weeks. '

and Edward Buttgen, '37, will clasl-t

Slttdents Attend Peace c0 ll V ent·on I

m0ofne~i~~r :;~~esp;~~. is~~r~~: ~:;co:b;e:ts th;~i:o~~~~~c:~ a..;' ;~: ~%~~~e

is a hot and dangerous spot. America P repares "But even in our own country, war prepar a t ions are going on. In

D eh aters to Meet I uDIV . • 0 f Purdue I ,.roday In In d"Iana




Coed Chorus and Lambert Palllissen to Feature Tonight's Program Says Choral Director


co nference. Father was entitled: ''Cathin World Problems." was the initial step

J. B. Cahill, '39, Heads

N E • • Cl b e\V llgilleering U

in th e- organization of the Catholic . At a recent meeting of the Enstudents of the middle west in th e gineeri ng Club of t he College, J ohn cause of international peace and Cahill of Chicago, was unanimously was conducted under the auspices elected president. J ack Burns of of the Catholic Association for In- P el<in was named to t he vice-presiternational Peace. This middle dency, whi le Brother W illiam Quirk, western section of t he C. A. I. P ., c. s. v., a nd Brother Cy ril Pecl<includes the States of Kentucky, ham, c. s. v., both of Bourbonnais, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Mich- were elected to the secretarysh ip igan, Minnesota, Misso u ri, and Wis- a nd treasurer ship, respectively. A lconsin. Other sections are located bert Magdecl<i of Chicago, was in New E n g land with headquarters appointed sargeant-at-arms and Dr. at Holy Cross College, Midd le At- G. Kinzer, head of the Physics Delantic, w1th headqua rte rs at St. partment, was named moder ator of E li zabeth's College, Con vent Station, th e club. New J er sey. Other s tu dent sec tions According to the members of th e which hav e ye t to be organized are n ew organization it will a ttempt to th e Wes tern, P acific and Southern. promote interest in E ngi neering a1\-lrs. Roosevelt Attends mong those connected in that field The club will be reMrs. E leano r Roosevelt, wife of of st udy. th e President of the United States, stricted in membership to students attended this, the initial meeting of who are enrolled in the engin eering the middle west section of th e C. A. courses. Dr. G. Kinzer, moderator of the I. P . Mrs. R oosevelt s poke briefly of th e work which could be done organization, announced a t the first m eeting that short talks on various by the new section and congratulated the Catholic s tudents upon the topi cs conn ected directly with engineerin g problems will be regular (Continued on Page Slx) features at the month ly meetings.

H artman,



Doiis Lucille Caroline

Voight. A ltos: Evelyn Doran, Claire Legris, Louise Legris, Patricia Me(Continued on Page Two )

Sorority Social On December Fourteenth Sigma Upsilon Sigma Sorority, ac· cording to an announcement made by Miss Claire Legris, '37, p r esident, w ill entertain the s tudent body on December 16 in th e Common s Building with another social. As yet, committees in charge of the arrangements fo r the affair have not been named but th e social has been n amed, a s a Christmas Party. The Misses r,ucille Putz, '37, and Agnes Stelter, '34, acted as cohostess of the Sorority on November 17 at the home of Miss Putz. The so rority president, Miss Claire Legris, was empowered by the members of the sorority to secure bids for a sorority pin. Refreshments were served after th e regular busin ess meeting. Plans for another business meeting to be held in the Coed Room on December 16 are now under the con sideration of the Sororit y officers.




Anthony Talks Viator Provides Lively TMiss o Kankakee Group Briefs From Our Viator Radio Discussion Hour Club Chapters In the abse nce of t he Reverend W. J. Cr acknell, C. S. v., Miss Mary A n thony, '38, presiden t of the local Cisca u ni t, con d ucted t he Kankakee H igh School Cath olic S tudy Club, last week. Miss Anthony Jed a dis -. cu ssion of the cur ren t civil strife in Spain. The s tudy club is a part of the catechetical wo rk bei ng sponsored b ~ Cisca in Northern Illinois. T he local project was initiated 'in Kankakee last year and was marked by exceptional success.

P hilosopher Economist and Business Leader Debate The Pr oper Relations Between Government and Industry

"A to talitarian state cannot create anything in t he end -except a n a tion RADIO LEADER of slaves," declared the Rev. Dr . William J. B ergin, C. S. V., head of the Department of Philosophy, while discussing the question, "Proper Relations Between _ Gove rnment and Industry>• w ith Mr. Victor Olander, Secretary-Treasurer of the I llinois State Federation of Labor and the Rev. J. W. R. Maguire, C. S. V., head of tbe department of Sociolqgy and Economics, in t h e Viat~ r (Continued from Page One) Round Table discussion over r adio 1 , - - - - - - , - -----:-:: -- - - - · s tation WCFL on Sunday, Novem ber iar was spent for m ilitary p ur poses. 15. The d isc ussion ,' the f irst of a In other words, 75 p er cent wen t series, was directed by Father Mafor destructive purposes, while only a uir e who is a national authority 25 per cent wen t for constructive ~n l~bor problems. ones. Since 1933 g reat appropria Father Bergiri' stated that political tions have been made, unti l today parties have li ttle significance or the government is spending $3,000,worth other than functiomng as 000 a day for th e maintenance and public agentS of public welfare. He increase of army and navy. Arsenlau ded "life, liberty and the pura ls are being built ~..hroughout the suit of happiness" as the correct Rev. J. W. R. Maguire, C. S. V. country. Military training in schools foundation for the State and conis being fostered. War is begindemned the totalitarian state of ning to grip the minds of small acism and communism. childr en . We see war psychology on "Man has certain r ights', eve ry s ide of us. , . coninued Father Bergin, "which he 0 "But the Emergency Peace Camdoes not derive f r om c ivil sources ,I paign's p rogram is g rowing fast . ~i lli am .J . Schumacher, '37. of~~ Today it is t be largest pea~e movebut which are God-given or nat ural rights. Since the State does not Chicago, edttor of the VIATORIAN, m ent ever launch ed in thts counconfer these rights they cannot be i was unanimously acclaimed president t r y. Men are founding peace s tudy taken away by tbe state unless the I of tb e Interna tional Relations Club g roups. Some 235 college students individual fo rfeits th em," he as- ! at the first business meeting of the are reaching rura l communities and serted. 1 organiza tion. Mi~s Mary ~nt~ony, colleges, forming s imilar organizaIt is hoped that there can Mr. Orlande r discussed the f unda- '38, of Be:a vervtlle. was st mtlarly tions . mentals of the government of the named the club's sec retary. be aroused enough interest and acUni ted States as laid down in the The students met to e lect the ir I! tivity thr oughout th e country to Declaration of I ndependence. He officer s apparently with no precon- keep us out of wa17. This can be emphasized particularly the I?ec- ceived "preferen ces. Suggestions lag- accomplished only through study ot essit y t.nat each citizen live up to ged as no.mlnations w~re. opened, but j peace policies". the spirit of government contained the mee tmg was sattsf1ed as soon In the open forum which fo llowtherein. as the name of Mr . Schumach er ed Miss Proc tor's address, the Rev. Father Maguire introduced the was put forwa rd. H e was e lec ted J. w . R . Mag uire, c. s. v ., suggestspeake rs and submitted an occasional by acclamation. Miss Anthony, who ed that the I . R. c. appoint delequestion . At the conclus ion of the served as secr e t a ry last yea\-, was gates to attend the co nvention of discussion Father Maguire requested Jikewise unopposed to s ucceed her- the Catholic Association fo r Interthe radio audience to send in their self. nationa l Peace at Rosary College comments and criticisms directly to Mr. Sc humach e r s ucceeds Shirley on November 20, and that the club him. Lane, '36, of Kankak ee. jotn the s tudent federation of that 1 Tbe same speake rs will continue association. The s ugges tion was put their timely discussion next Sunday 1 in the form of a resolution and over station WCFL between tbc ~ l S adop t ed.

K anl{akee, IU.- Frien ds of Cla ren ce J. Kennedy, form er head of th e departmen t of biology a nd now coun ty s uperintendent of schools, will be g lad t o k now t ha t b e is on ce again back a t h is desk and doing big thi ngs i n education, having comp letely recover ed from his recent ope ration.

World Prepares For · w-ar Declares Lecturer


New Officer s Selected

T L d 1 R C Club ea


• • ---


D h . To Meet e .at e hours of four o'clock and four-thirty · p d W 1 ::=:=:=:=:=;::=:=:=:=:=:=:==ii o'clock central standard time. II ur ue __r ang e r s j; JOURDAN PACKING CO.

Sen ior F all Fr oli c D eclared Success f u I --The s uccess of the Fall Frolic held in the college field house on November 14, accordtng to J"dward But· tgen, senior class president, comple tely surpassed all expectations. The music, which ngured greatly in the success of the dance, was furnished by a local orchestr a-Earl Betourne's ''Earls of Sweet Swing''. The profits of the affair are to be u sed to promote the traditional senior dinner dance, which will be held on June 5, the eve of g raduatlon.

Alex Panozzo Produce Dealer and Florll!t Wholesale and Retail Phone 661.0 - Wet~t Station St.

D. J. O'LOUGHLIN, M. D. EYE, EAR, NOSE & THROAT Kankakee, m .

~ntin~e~ from Page One) when two St. Viator wranglers, Benjamin As hne r, '40, a nd Edward Buttgen, '37, open th e week ly ra dio debates on Dece mbe r 5. The opening debate ove r radio s.tat ion WCFL will see th e Bergin Debat ing Society merribe rs pitted on the neg ative side against . he Northe rn Illinois S tate Teacher's College: of De Kalb. U niversity of Illinois will se nd four men to Bourbonn a is on December 15 to qebate two local teams on th e ex t en sion of con sum e r cooperatives. A ug us t Black, wel lknown here, is expected to be one of the Illini re prese ntati ves.




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'A hearty


awaits the · s tud ents and friends of St.

~ ~~~~~V~ia~t~o~r~C;o;l~eg~e~·~~~~~


Star Cleaners

P hotographer

Choral Club Presents Initial Musical Harvest

"Pet e" L affey, formerly a court (Continued !rom P age One) star of great brillance, is a lso up and a r ound attendin g to h is teaching and f La~gh lin , Audrey Nourie, Patricia coaching duties at the Bonfield H igh S m1th . School, having weather ed a n oper~ (3) Prize Son g from "Die Meisa tion for append ici t is not so long ter sin ger-W agner. ago. Besides coachi ng and teach- E s trellita-P on ce. ing "Pete" has been busy building Ser ena de- Sch uber t. himself a r eputation in t hese p a r ts -Violtn Solo· by Charles Gilbert, as an official. accompanied by Richard Powe rs. ( 4) Flow Gently Sweet Afton Joliet, IJJ.--Clarenc e Larkin, '30, ~pilman. acco rding to Rober t Spr ei t zer, . 34 , The Bull Dog--College Song. is doing extremely well as a dentist. The Quilting Party- College Song. Spreitzer, formerly editor-in-chief of Annie Laurie- Scott. the VIATORIAN, by t he way, has Ma le Quartet: Walter Adair, Jamjust come out of r e tirement. You es Brodie, Francis Hohenadel, Robsee he wore a "Sun flower" emblem ert Baechle. during the recent campaign and (5) Valse Triste- Sibelius. didn't exactly like to meet his paJ The Carnival-Schumann. Joe Degnan, ,34 , after the "frost". - Piano Solo by Caroline Voigt. -(6) Vocal Selections - Lambert Paulissen, guest a rtist. Rockford, lli.-Edward McCarthy, ( 7 ) Smi'lin' Thro ug h- P enn. ' 26 • is still connec ted with t he In- Waltz of the F lowers-Tsch aikowsurance business. Ed is at present sk i. an indepen dent ~nsurance adj uster - Girls' Chorus . and resides at 312 John Street. Pontiac, Dl. - -- -T- h e Rev. Patrick CHAS. WERTZ CO . Farrell, chaplain at the State Re Lumber and Coal formatory, sends word that after seeing tile Viator eleven down DeHardware, P laster , Cem en t Kalb on November 14 at Kankakee Main 150 Bradley, IU.


h e is cer tatn w e will share tbe Little 19 ch a mpion sh ip in football and will without a doubt be baske~ball ch amps.


CONRAD'S FINE BREAD Used E xclusively At

St. Viator College Baked By THE H. W. CONRAD BAKERY Phone Momence 173 Mom ence, illinois







VIAT.Q R CAPTURES CROWN Sideline Slants Wi til the close ' of the In tram ural Touchfootball League we present the AU-Star team as chosen by the seven team captains and one member of the spor ts staff. Mitzies le Dilger Steamrollers It Bower Steamrollers lg Sandquist Panthers c. Mellonig cg. Steamrollers Brady Mitizes rt Minnihan Steamrollers re v . Murphy Steamrollers lh McElligot Steamrollers qb Hart (C) Mitzies rh Willis Wolves D. Murphy fb

[rish Whip Profs Remain On Top Little ~ 9 Heap


St. Viator retained its' top position in the Little 19 conference by walloping the DeKa!b Profs by a score of 13-0 before a crowd of more than a thousand wildly cheering Irish fans . .Although the Green Wave aerial attack was effectively s topped, the Irish pony backs skirted the DeKaib ends and tackles and drove t.h rough I

Vince Murphy, Steamro~er Ace, accounted for three-fourths of his team's points and led the entire league in total points scored. Much credit for the success of the Intra-mu ral tourney goes to Brother George Nelson, C. S. V., formerly a star athlete at Trinity High School in Bloomington, for his efficiency in the handling of details and for his fine officiating in which he was aided by Dan Murphy.

Ray Bower finished seco nd in the high hurdles in the Indiana State High School meet in 1934 as a memher of the brook High School team. Last year he was named freshman Physical Education Champion for his great running in t he hurdles and dash events.

"We s houla have a fairly respectA 91 yar d run by Bob Lenahan in able season in basketball", declared Coach John McNamara, in discuss- the second quarter provided St. Viar ing prospects for the coming cage tor a 7 to 2 victory over Southern season. "All of our vetera9 have T eachers here Saturday afternoon returned and we have a few fresh;<nd thereby cinched the Illinois Inmen who look as If then can play conferen ce football college ball. If we have a good team, tercollegiate so will the other conference schools championship for Coach .J obn Mc- Normal lost only one veteran, Cap- Namara's eleven. tain Barton, D eKalb and Carbondale It was the first confe r ence flag have practically the same outfits to wave from the Viator staff in which represented them l ast year." more than two decades. Southern While "Mac" was moaning about counted its two points on safety the decisive defeat Carbondale hung early in the first frame when Orbe on the Irish last year, your report· Quarles, Maroon end, blocked a punt er glanced at the prententious scheof Dan Blazevich which rolled into dule the rotund mentor has drawn up, St. Louis University, which will the end zone. be played in Chicago, is probably Displaying spectacular . offensive the toughest foe the Irish will en- gestures, the Green Wave's backfield counter. St. Louis, coached by Mik e led by -.:aptain Gibbons, Bill Walsh Nyikos, annually turns out one of and Lenahan netted 288 yards from the finest cage squads in the middle scrimmage compared to Southern's west. If the Green Wave can ac· 66. compllsh an upset and defeat the McAndrew's eleven Was bound for· "Billikens", it will greatly enhance a touchdown during the second quarViator's athletic position. ter, but the alert Gibbons interceptTitle Cont<>nder? ed a pass thrown by Captain Hill Twelve conference games have al- on the Southern's nine, and ·on the ready been carded, and the schedule next play Lenahan slipped through probably will be completed with the his own right guard and then readdition of six or eight non-confer- versed his field outrunning the ence foes. Ot.her new faces on the Southern secondary. Hill made a desIrish schedure are Oshkosh Teacher's perate dive for Lenahan's fleet legs \ of Oshkosk, Wisconsin; Wilson Jun- on the five-yard line but his arms ior College of Chicago, and McKen- slipped away and Lenahan was over dree, who has not played St. Via- the goal. Joe Saia cOnVerted the tor on the h ardwood in several extra point from placement. years. The Wave opens the season Viator completely outplayed the at Joliet, playing Joliet Junior Col- Maroons in the last three periods lege The Joliet · team has always but Southern held the edge in the proved a tartar for us and this first quarter. Excellent punting by year's ball club wiU be no exception. Nerone put the Green Wave on its Valparaiso University and Northern ' one-yard line, the point where SouthIllinois ~.;ollege of Optometry are two ern blocked the punt, and again back other non-conference teams with to the three-yard marker, however, whom the Irish have long standing Blazevich was able to boot the ball rivalries. back to the center of the field. "While the newspapers may play Rough and tough tumble play our t eam up as a title contender, characterized both squads playing. it must not be forgotten that in G. Deason, E. Smith, Cade and Hill twe lve games we must fight not were the Teachers who suffer ed inonly the oth er team, but also over- juries, and Captain Gibbons, Saia confidence and underestimation of and Betourne were the Viator men our opponents," said the Irish coach. receiving afflictions . Fred Young, one of the best re ferees in the business and a ·man who knows basketball inside olt, has basketball." s tated that the game as played in The men returning from last th e Little 19 compares favorably year's squ ad are Don Betourne, a with that displayed by some of th e member a> the leag ue all-star team larger schools. in the country," con- last winter; George Rogers, and tinued Mc1'1/'amara, 11 and that means Tom Gibbons, all seniors; Frank that we'll have a tough fight to go Straub, Danny Blazevich, Bill Walsh, to the top of the heap in conference and Johnny Burke, juniors; "Red" McEl!igot, AI Monahan, Boll Lenahan, Day-Dogs to tie up a pair of nice and ··Babe" Claeys, sophomores. ball handlers, Johnnie 1 Foxen and ''Red" Hart, a member of last year's Eddie Dilger. This pair dumped in reserve outfit and ' a real comer, is over thirty points between them and certain to see plenty of action with Hart consequently should be marked men the vars ity team this year. in future games. He:r;b Fields and is also a sophomore. ·valentine burned up the floor with Practice sessions are being held their speed but just couldn't equal nightly .u the gym for those of the the scoring of Dilger and Foxen. above group who are not members of The final game of the first round the football team. The group will will bring Sam Hamilton's Indians undoubtedly have to shoulder the and Maloney's Windy City Gang- major burden in the initial consters together. From all Indications tests on the Irish chart, and wl!l this will be another scoring spree have only about three weeks practice with the Windy City boys on the before tne opener on December 8 long end. against Joliet.


Hart'S Steamrollers were easily the class of the league, winning every game and placing six men on the AU-Star team.

Throughout his prep career at St. Ignatius, Tony Sacco held the 'Indian sign over St. Phillip's teams. In his senior year he intercepted a St. Phillip lateral and dashed ninety nine yards for a touchdown. In basketball in the same yea r, Tony seized a free ball with St. Phii!Jps 1eading by one point and, while lying prone on the floor, tossed the ball through the hoop just as the final gun sounded.

Viator Quintet LenahanRaces Have Plenty Of 91 Yards; Irish Opposition,'W oe Down Profs 7-2

BOB LENAHAN Bob Lenahan depicted above, is one of the shining stars of this

year's varsity. Playing his first season of football, Bob has won a regular berth at fullback and has proved invaluable on offense and defense. His marvelous blocking in the DeKalb game twice saved Green Wave warriors, once preventing DavBILL W ALSO is from scoring against the Irish and the other time clearing the way the opposition line seemingly at will. to the goal line for Walsh's sensaThey we re ably assisted by the fine tional 20 yard touchdown sprint. blocking of "Buck" Weaver, new =======-= -~========== varsity quarterback. The gam~ was ! not as close as the score md1cates

Iby for the Irish lost three touchdowns fumblmg at cnhcal moments. !

Viator's defensive play was ' exceptionally well executed. Chester Davis, the Northerner's ace, was bottled up throughout the contest. The Viator tacklers seemed to have more trouble stopping Rezek than they did in hauling down the v.ride~ Frank Quinn, freshman tank star ly heralded Davis. from Fenwich High School, Chicago, The first ' score came after Capholds the Chicago Catholic High tain Tom Gibbons caught a DeKalb School league record for the 50 yard fwnble in mid-air on the opponbackstroke. The first time he swam J ents' 25 yard line and carried it to in the St. Viator pool he shattered the 18 . Walsh picked up eight yards the Little Nineteen Conference re- around end after two passes had cord for the one hundred yard back~ failed. Then Bob Lenahan took ·the stroke event by three seconds. ball to the 1 yard s tripe and on the next play rammed through the Credit should certainl y be given center of the line for a touchdown. to the m a n agers who are on duty in Joe Saia's try for extra point was t he gymnasium to issu e equipment wide. The only DeKalb threat was the every day at all hours. These men: LeRoy Lee, senio r equipment man- result of a penalty inflicted on the ager , and his assistants : Debs Ben- Irish for unnecessary roughness drick , B ud Monahan. Mike Sarich, which took the pigskin to the Green Herb Fields, and Don Dionne should Wave 1 yard s tripe. Four times the be given a t least a minor letter by invaders cracked a stubborn Viator the a thletic assoc iation when it line a nd at the end of four ata wards the monogr ams t o t he foot - tempts had a n et loss of one yard. ball men. If the athletic board doubts On the third down Davis swept athe adVisabilit y of gi ving managerial round end, and seemed ready to monogram to these m en we would s ugges t t hat nu me rals be awarded. J Continued on Page Six)

I- M B ask e t h a II Is Off To A Good Start The Intra-mural basketball seaso n was inaugurated on Monday night, November 16, when Hickey's Bears defeated the Baron's of Magdecki by an ovenvhelming scor e of 45 to 19. Bill Watson a nd Joe Jenesky, giant fox:wards of the Bears were hitting the hoop at will as the score indicates. Magee and Gascior, diminutive hot-shots of the Barons, starred for t he losers. The second game of th e current tournament pitted Murphy's Hungry Five against O'Connell's Nomads. The Hungry Five satisfied their appetite for points to the - tun e of 52 to 19. Murphy's crew showed the benefit of having played together last season and the outstanding men of the team were Vince Murphy and Red Hart. Joe Malloy of the Nomads played a great defensive game and Hoch was a cons tant scoring threat for the Frosh from the upper deck. Wednesday night broug ht the third consecutive one-sided battle. This time Jimmy Wills let his Ramblers really rambJe, while Herb Fields could not find enough talent or scoring heig ht in the ranks of th e





Students Attend Peace Convention (Con t inued from Page One) marvelous number that bad r esponded to the first call. During the first session which began at 9:30 A. M., student speakers addressed the assemblage. Those who spoke and their topics of discussion were: Richard H . Meier of the University of Notre Dame, The College Student Looks at Peace; Miss Jane Durkin of &>sary College, Eoonornlc Barriers to \Vorld Poore; Edward Annis of Marquette, Propaganda and \Var ; ~"i~s Florence O'Callaban of Mundelein College, Youth and \Votld Questions; Miss K athryn Gibbons of St. Xavier College, War-Its Causes and Cure; Bert McQuillen of Columbia College, Dubuque, Education and Action Aplru!t War; and Miss Allll Me Dowell of St. Mary's College, Attitude of the Church on Peace. Mrs. Roosevelt closed the morning session with her short address of congratulations. Prominent .Speakers All delegates were the guests of the &>sary College for luncheon. Edward A. Fitzgerald, Ph. D., dean of the graduate school of Marquette University and President of St. Mary College, Milwaukee, presided at the luncheon. Dr. Miles Dunnington, professor

of PoUtical Science at DePaul University and the Rev. Samuel Knox Wl.lson, s. J., president of Loyola University of Chicago, were the main speaker s at the luncheon. · Dr. Dunnington spoke on th e topic, Arnertcan Foreign Polley, w hile Father S. Wilson discussed Natio nalism ve rSUS lnterna.tionallsm. Mrs. Geo. E . Brennan, vice-presi - , dent of the C. A. I. P. presided over the afternoon session. The session included speeches on The Catholic Phllosopby of Peace by Dr. Francis McMahon, head of the Notre Dame Philosophy Department; and an address by the Rev. J. W. R. Maguire, C. S. V., head of the Sociology and Economic Departments of St. Viator College, on Catholic Principles ln WorJd Problems. The meeting was concluded with a brief business meeting at which Sister Thomas Aquinas, president of Rosary College and president of the mid-west section of the C. A. I . P. presided.

Ir.·sh Wh.·p Profs R·chard p owers I s InO u z·d Gran t e d I l ay To Remain On Top Elected . President to Student Body 1


- --

St. Viator's returning chnmplons were met and escort ed from the railroad station Sunday morning at 5:40 a. m. by the en tire r esident student body through the s treets of Kankak ee and Bourbonnais ,Jn a voctory parade. The climax of the victory celebration arrived when the Very Rev. E. V. Cardinal, C. S. V., Ph. D., president of the College, announced that Monday next would be a holiday in honor of the football squ ad. - - - - - - - - ; - - --- - - - -





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step over the goal when Lenahan tion," declared Father Hutton, "and knocked him out of bounds on the it is this - vital role th a t every a dult 1-2 yard line. On his final try, Davis Catholic man is being called upon was smeared by the entire left side to play by Holy Mother Church us of the Green Wave forward wall. an active member of the Holy In the final quarter, after Paul Name Society." Crashman had snagged a Prof laterIn concluding his r emarks Father a! on the DeKalb 27, the Irish Hutton urged all the memb~s to worked tbe ball up to the 19 yard become daily communicants and to line and Bill Walsh Jugged the leath- make their Branch of the Holy er over a r everse play. I Name Society one of the outstandThe entire Viator team played ing organizations upon the campus. hard, intelligent football, and to Richard Powers, newly elect ed presipick an outstanding player would r dent, then answered the request of be a task worthy of a Grantland the assembled members and spoke Rice. The Irish backfield worked a few words to express his gratilike a well-oiled machine, and of the tud~ for thP. hnnor which they had "Mules", Morenc, Leeson, Saia, Stev- j paid him. 1 ens, O'Connor, Bates, Blazevich, JenThe St. Viator Branch of the 1 esky, Claeys, Betourne, and Cash- Archdiocesan Union of the Holy 1 man, each turned in a performancP Name Society now has a memberworthy of mention. ship of 160 men, the largest in the Attend C. P. Meeting Summary recent years of the College . . St. Viator (13) DeKalb (0) Plans for a few social activities Rev. E. J. Surprenant~ C. S. V., Blazevich . le Larson such as Saturday Night smokers, head of the Department of Religion, Stevens It Hein and possibly a dance of major propand Brother Patrick Toomey, C. S. Leeson lg Rockenbach ortions, are under the consideration c. V., r ecently attended the Catholic Morenc Blasch of the Holy , Name Society moderator, rg Philosophers annual meeting in Chi- Seta Derango Father Paul Hutton, a nd the officers rt cago. Over one hundred Catholic O'Connor Templin of the organization. Walters re priests and laymen were in attend- Bates Lundeen rh Davis Gibbons qb ance at this, the second meeting of Weaver Barber fb Lentz Lenahan Walsh lh the organization.

AmenCaS A/1-StarEiev~n


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St. Viator College Newspaper, 1936-11-24  
St. Viator College Newspaper, 1936-11-24  

Th Viatorian - Vol. LIV, No. 4