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MONDAY, APRIL 15, 1985

McNamara Named ~F=oo=tb=al==l'C:::::::o:::::::ac:::::::h iF ather Higgins T 0 Football ·coach By Conduct Annual Student Retreat College. Council =----'1

Warm Reception of Seneca Priest Last Year Recommends His Return on April 17.

Appointment Made on Basis of Young Coa<;h's Past Record; Outstanding Coaches Considered. ~·-------------------------------

Appointment of J ohn McNamara, head basketball coach during the past season and assistant football coach under Ray Murphy las t year, t0 the position of head football coach was announced April 4: by the Very

Rev. E. v. Cardinal, Ph. D., president of the college. Coach MeN amara's selection was unanimous. The newly · appointed mentor is a Little 19 conference man, having George Fleming Announces graduated from Northern illinois of Arrangements.

linois, las t year's r etreat master, will again direct this important Student Retreat. Father Higgins, who -. - - - . . distinguished himself as an army Plans Ar e Lard at Frr s t M e etr ng chaplain, is a speaker of wide r eof Sociology Club . pute.


State Teachers college where he obtalned a bachelor of education degree, and where he was captain of the football team in his senior year. Was Grid Star. During his collegiate years, Coach McNamara was given a place on sev-

George Fleming, '35, announced today that the Chicago Club will hold an elaborate Easter party in Chicago during the spring holidays. The exact date will be determined at a meeting of the students so metime next week.

eral all-star Little 19 elevens. During 1931-32 he attended the University of Iowa where h e earned a Master of Arts degree. McNamara's experience as a coach is considerable although thls is his first year coaching a collegiate team. Last season he was St. Viator's line coach in football and turned out one of the most formidable lines in .the conference. Before coming to St. Viator, Coach McNamara was athletic direc tor and head football, basketball and track• coach at St. Alban's in Sycamore, illinois. H e won the majority of his football games while coaching there. This is McNamara's first year at St. Viator, and his efficien cy, executive and coaching abilities recomm ended themselves to t he college authorities. "Round John," the new mentor, is a lso a member of the college faculty and is very popular with th e stud ents. He gained the appoint~ent over such outstanding men as Melinkovich and Carideo, forme r Notre Dame stars, who had applied for the vacancy left by Ray Murphy, last season's colorful coach.

Holiday parties have been s teadily growing m popularity during the past t wo yeyars, and the gala affrur of last Chnstmas was uns urpassed in brilliance and gayiety. The following bright spots in Chicage's night life are being considered as scenes for the party: Walnut Room in the Bismark Hotel, Boulevard Room of the Stevens Hotel ; Blackhaw k Restaurant, College Inn, Chez Paree.

DebaterS Reach H.I gh Marl:"'- ·In I SeaSOn'S WinS

Dooling Creates Interest; Science II




. 1


Conference. ~ebat~rs Appear Twrce In Chrcago, The Bergin Debating Society will close its 1933-1934 forensic season Tuesday night when the two Conference t eams debate before the Hol y Name Society of St. Catherine 6f Genoa Church in Chicago. From the stnnd,point of victories, this year has been one of the most successful Viator debaters have enjoyed for many years, with .717 p·e rcent of all intercollegiate debates to their credit. Edward O'Brien, '37, and Edward Buttgen, '37, defeated William Crannell, '37, and Stephen Gould, '36, by an overwhelming audience decision in an exhibition debate befo re the St. Robert Bellarmine Holy Name Society in Chicago last week. The decision ,while unimportant in itself, was claimed by th e victors to be a fair es timate of the relative merits of the two collective-bargaining cases. This conclusion, however, bas been hotly cont es t ed by Crannell and Gould. Seaso.l Summary.

The first meeting of the newly founded Sociology Club was held last Friday night. April 5 . The organization is made up of students intereqted in social questions and its d: ' t 11, h 0 'h t~sc:t~:~~.s are open a w WlS



The first meeting waS condu ct ed by the Rev. Bernard Mulvaney, c. s. v., who talk ed on th e sociological in-· t erests a modern Catholic should have. H e chose Frederic Ozona.m as h io modeL In the future the dicusssion will center around the s ocial lea dership of such modern Catholics as Menni!lend, Van Ketteler, Ryan, Hass and Maguire. The interest shown in the fi rst meeting gives promise that the Sociology Club will becom e a popular and profitable discussion group.


Corcoran To Preside; I CPA Kenneth Corcoran,· ' 35, Editor of the VIATORIAN, has been asked by the Illinois College Press Association to serve as presiding' offiCer at it!"l annual convention, held this year on May 3 and 4 in Carbondale. Miss Frances Noel, President of the I . C. P. A., has bestowed this honor upon Corcoran because of his four years of superior work on the V1ATORIAN, which has been praised

Buttgen Addresses Bonfield Debaters he:~o!;s:: p~~:~s ~~~~~f,;,e:~. h~ le;~~~orde~:~s p~ ~e:: ~~~~co~: ~a::e E d B 'd t 37 P th d;ar gin u~g~nt~ ' S r~~nt en ~f e er b d ~ ~ g ocle ~· B dressed t e e a ng class o onfield High School last week. He spoke at the r equest of the Bonfield debat e coach , who is introducing forensic activities in the school and who wanted help in their organization. Buttgen outlined at length the formalities and tactics of debating and helped the class to organize a negative case on the advisability of the federal government's granting aid to education. Sweden's citizens still maintain the custom of addressing eve ryone by the ti tl e that designates his business or profession. For example, they say, "Will Mr. The Lawyer Smith come to dinner ?" As a parting shot, I'll say, "Mr. the Prom Chairman Swallow is to be commended for managing an excellent dance Friday evening.

The annual S tudent Retreat this yf:ar will commence on Wednesday ..:::vening, April 17, and will close on Saturday morning April 20. It has been announced that the Rev. Claren ce H iggins of Seneca, n-

Sociologists Hear Father il!f!Ju Ivan ey J. r.J

Chicago Club To Hold First Easter Dance

a novel idea that is creating a great h deal of inte~e:t d abou~ t e ~ar~t~s. He bas ins ale a arge u e m Board on the third floor of Marsile Hall that is dally filled with interesting and valuable Information. Problems dealing with mathematics and physics are posted in an endeavor to stimulate interest in these courses. The solvers of these problems are made members of the First Solvers' Club formed jus t for this purpose. The club .boasts of three members at the present time; these men, Milo Shosser, John Bimmerle e nd Brother B. Russel, have each solved one of th e three problems presented. The various instruments used in the physics classes are pictured and explained so that non-physists may receive an idea of the work being don e in the classes. Another interesting item is the explanation of different instruments that are not in the laboratory but are being used by physists to conduct experiments.

the largest schedule in the history of thE school. These debates r esulted in 33 victories for Viator, 13 losses, and one tie decision. For four of tht: meets, no decision was r endered. Collective bargaining was the topic (Continued on Page 6

College Officials Jn Chicago The North Central Association held a meeting in Chicago last Friday nnd Saturday at the stevens Hotel. The Very Reverend E. V. Cardinal, Ph. D. , president, th e Reverend Richard French, vice-president and the R everend L . T. Phillips, d ean of s tudies, represented St. Viator college. A new accrediting system and various education projects were brought before the m eeting for discussion by the committees .

members of the Association

This is the first time for several years t he VJ A TORIAN b as been represented at the convention, and the first time an editor has presided.


Last year Father Higgins wag enthusiastically received by the col'I lege students. His wade range of e~~eri.ence and inherent sympathy a1a h1m greatly in conducting sueceqsful re treats His interesting and i~piring lectur~s made a lasting impression upon all of his listeners. The r etreat will open with a conferen ce and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament Wednesday evening. The hours of meeting fo r convocations and other services will appear On the Bulletin Board shortly.

Noted Dramatist Visits on Campus The Rev. Dawson Byrnes, a student at the college in 1913-17, · was a recent visitor to the campus. Father Byrne's friends of that period will remember him for his splendid interpretations of Dicken's characters. Always interested in drama, Father Byrnes gave very convincing character interpretationS of David Copperfield, Oliver Twist and other famous Dicken's characters. Fr~ Byrnes spent a few days a t the college renewing his acquaintance with members of the Viator faculty .

Father Cardinal On Springfield Board The Very R ev.




President of St. Viator College, has been appointed by the President of the Federation of illinois Colleges as a m ember of a board to appear in

art(lNCloet. e: Corcoran did not write thi3 Springfield concerning th e Baker Thank you.) Bills 85 and 86 which deal with education. Presidents of other institutions, namely those of Chicago and Northwes t ern Univer sities, will act with Father Cardinal on this Bro. Dumas McCleary, Dick Doyle board. These bills which will be and W eeger Krauser were busy last voted upon by the Legislature soon week filming moving pictures of the may exert a great influence upon college campus. The pictures are education ,policies in Dlinois. being shown to the graduating classes in nearby high schools. It is the hope of the students here that the shots wi ll be shown in th e College Cllub room soon. I n review of the last iss ue of the VIATORIAN, the editors and s taff The Western Courier puzzled the ex tend their congratulations to Jo e ''Macomb teachers" with the follow- Prokopp and the member s of the ing sentence which, incidentally, is class who aided him in editing the perfectly correct when punctuated Freshman Number of th e paper. It correc tly :Smith where J ones had was well written and was received had had had had had bad had had With much favorable comment on th e Campus. the approval of the auditors.

Campus Filmed

The Frosh Edition

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A.MI!IJt.a.nt Bu• in,.. Manager Cl r cula.llon Manager Aulatanl Circulation MllllAgCr

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The suppo rt oC Joh.n...<:()n 1.5 llkt \\~" unkno""'"ll to the pubhc_ but 1 • Y. btspered tn ht~her c1.n:Ie-~ that ht! Is as50Ciated with Baruch and other; Ether waves crackle vdth healM ,f \Yall treet repute It is a.loo '36 argument. Polltlcally Important tele- n1mored that J ohn_qoo cto..::s not ad

:l.Iary Cruise. '3S WUiiam Schuma.cbe r , '37 l-farguertte Senesac. '3-3 DEPARTM£S 'I Martin :McLaughlin. '38

Stephen Gould. Bernard



grams flash across the nation. Am-

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Patrick Hayes. '3-3 bttious men :::.dd r ess huge throngs of

Father Coughlin s.nd Lon but rath~ l t"t;"t Tbt' lJ.Q) ._ ,\t people. Newspapers dedicate many er at the tnstigat10n of those mon (A) I,CM N IS'fS L.ester Soucie, '36 columru~ to America's most talked eyed interests who fear the grov..i.n~ a ~ e.Y ' Day Hopping Haro ld Selle r s, '36 about men. Yes, it would seem that power oi these leaders rn te rco ll cglnlc Clg rs. Cigarettes and To~\l'I.: O our fiery advocates of economic jusThe whole is a taog-lt.*d web .. and }..fari.!"a.zlnes Richard Doyle. '35 Uce, Father Coughlin, Huey Long,, of complications, and tt would be Mory Anthony, '37 Joseph Prokopp, ' 38 and Gen. Hugh Johnson, have engag ~ df' ngerous to say what the resul l!:l of Ralph Cel lto, cd themselves in a btt of old !ash~ it will be. However, it ts safe to S PORTS R~PORTERS 10 ned mud-slrngtog A 00 RohiMky, •as Harry Hodgins, ;ay that ther Is dynamite in the T c\ \'LOH TR. \ N S FJI;H co .. Jnc. -~---~------------------------For the pnst few months. several Situation. and no malter what the l nsun xl l"l'elg ht FO r\\ 1.\.fdN·~ forces have ananged themselves lD res ults may be, they will be of treHauling Betwe~n Subscrl pUoo Rate $2.00 per annum. st•pport of or m opposttion to out mendous inter es t and Importance to KANKAKEE CHICAG A "" dreaa a ll correspondence r eferring either to advertising or .subscnptlon to Tb h And .\II l nt e rrnNJ.l l\ t O P o tnlt' u present government mgs ave s the nation . I Th e Viato ri an, Bourbonnais, I llinois Gcveloped that, at the present day, K.a.nk n.k c~. Chlcugo. JoU c t Dolph Guy. '38. En l&r~d u :~econd elMS matte r a.t the Post Office of Bourbonnais, I llinois, we find our ev-N.R.A . chief, General un der the Ac t of March 3rd, 1879. Johnson, in raclical clisagreemen~ E. A . Clason H . E. Coyer with Father Coughlin and Huey TELEPHONE MAIN 202 _:_: A:.:C:.:M :::_:::E__P_R_IN_TI_N _ G_c_o_._ ______l_2_l_ S_o_U_T _H __w_ A_S_HI _ N _G_T_O_N __A_VE _ . Long. At le._,t, that Js wha t Johnsou says. Acco rding to Gene r al I C le anin g, PrCoSSing & H.ep n.l r l n g J ohnson, " Fathe r Coughli n is an imB y Bro. Leo Nolan, 0. S. V. Work Cal led Fo r and Delivered po~sible fanatic who pr eaches hai r· " ~eglectos vidi libros multos Knnknkec. Ill. 161 N . chuy ler, . br ained economic theo r ies under the Qued mi nim e mirandum, protection of the cross," while Hu ey Nam inter bardos Tot et s tu ltos Long is "just a plain foo l who readTher e's few could understand 'em.' ily admits his own asininity." This F or B et ter B utter A s k F o r The 1i brarian expresses the hope is strong language, but General that th is bit of macaro nic verse by H ugh, not in the least a ~ ashed, con- a Royalist poet may neve r be trul_v tinues with, "Coughlin and Lo ng have said of the College Library as it w~ KANH.AKEE B UTTER 0 0 . P hon e 4 10 aligned themselves in a comm unis tic once said of t he famo us Bodleian Li at tem,pt to ru le our country." bra r y. A t this point, per haps it would N e w Bool<s. bl· best to investigate the CoughlinDay by day, th rough the medium Long "communis tic" views. cf the new exhibition case, s tuUe nt s Coughlin ho lds tha t this country a r e becoming acquainted Wi th th e In un ndd r'l'SH lwl\) rT a lnn(l' g-;:ll h{·r·i n g- in \\'a s hiug-ton last 172 E . Cou rt S troo t is still being controlled by a moneyt reasures of r are books, Autog r a pIt wrl'i<, 'J'I11• ~ l os! H1'l'. ~ l i " l mt• l .J. ( ' ~t r ley, .\r('iJhisliop of !Saltimorr B u y S ch ool P ens N ow cd few, and tha t there s hould be a lett ers and MMS which the Li br a r y Nnm e P u t on Free! assui l<>d l li !' Jl t' I'See u l io n o f ll 1<· Cat li o li r (' hu l'<·h in :\ l rx i1·0. l it• pt·u- redistri bu tion of wea lth. Long con· Amongs t those on exhi /H>R<'d l hat ~0 111 <'l hin g be d otH' to ltr·,•ak ll'hat h e !'H llPd tlir ·' ignoble• tends tha t no man shoul d be al - possesses. e h ~ bilion a t presen t a r e some th a t hav Hi i,· IH·<• " of t h P l ' nit{:d ~l..a i <'S in ord er that a move lll ight b e madt~ lowed to accum ulate mor e t an 'f 5 ,- in ter esting backgr ounds. 000 000 while ever y ma n shou ld ha ve . . t o JH'I' tll it Ull i ii VL'St igati OJI 0 11 t h e pa r l of t hi s gon' l'll ll l('lll to h(' P erhaps the mos t mte restmg of a !I ' ' . . d h. P h armacy I S is a volu me of Homer's Odyssey i 11 t ake n . . . . l"u ll ow in g t h e ad d n·ss of t lH· .\re hhishop . 7000 lll<">ll- enough to provide ht mself an CUT RA T E D R UGS family with a dece n t li ving, good Greek pu blis hed by Froben in 155 ~ lt e rs o f vari o u s Ca t h ol ic: o r ganiza t io ns volell o n a reso lu tion p r otest . 119 Cour t t., K a n l<al{ee , lll. clothes a nd a home. Compare at sa:sel Switzerl and, 109 yea rs af in g agai nsl ''the in h uma n t 1·cat mcu/ aee·ordPd to the• p l' ople of .\ I ex- "Red" views with Johns~n 's N. . A., tcr the 'inven tion of printing wit h il.'o ~l ' l u· g-ovl· t·nt n r n t tn us t J o sOIIll'th in g soon for· mi l lio nH H. I' L' wher ein wo rk e: s :eceive $1 2 a nd movable type. Its an tiquity is r e U~ l< in ~ H i t l' Xp lnna t iO II o f t h e <'OUdlld of { h (' ~\ft•Xicau g-O\"C 1' 111lWI1t. Sl::S a week, whtch ~~ su pposedly suf - membe r ed more impressive when it D . J . O ' L OU OHLIN · tn i ll ions or I I H'Sl~ l'l'SO l ut io us II H\' 1' 1-!UlH.' d in·d to Pri.'sidcnt HoosP- ficient for any fami ly. The conclu- is remem ber ed t ha t the study of M. D . is obvious! Gr eek on a scientific basis was no sian t I't' ll a n d ot h t• rs / o Se·e· rdary ol' Stal v l 'onlt-11 ll ull. C'an the,1· i){ n or,• --The forces at gri p a r e exceedingly illtrodu ced into Oxford unti l the be- E YE , EAR . NOSE & THROAT th is pl ea of 111 illi o nsY powerful ones, and every san e per 602 City N a t iona l B a nk B ldg . ginning of the sixteen th century KANKAKEE, ILL. \\' ,· al l admire courage and the• spirit o/' adl't'ntur1• that mHk es son in the count ry should be vi t all y Basel was one of th e earliest prin t lll l' Jl d o Lli l· unt l su a l. .1\ p enw n t o h ..· so adtn i r e<.l · is F'ather H c- rn anl in ter ested in th e outcome of the mg and publishing centers in E u H . l l u b b>tl'd, oue• of t h e wo rltl ·s g l·catcst e xplol'l'rs. !l is l ife n•arls s tru ggle. rope and Froben one of its most fa F a ther Coughlin's s trength is not lik(' u n aLh' L'niur e of a pio n eer , t. h is da r i ng ma n has uu eo,·e r cU morr easily estimated, bu t it is well k nown mous pu blishers. H e is said to hav H a rdw are v ir g iu lt• r ri to r y t lwn a ny ot h e r t•x pl on·•· living. H e ll'as t he first that he controls the opinio ns of a do ne m ore than any other pu blishe r to further the develop me nt of Scho 1Ha r dwar e - S po rt ing Oooda nltlU lo t >~d dl l' a ca n oe in 11 lakt• in t h,· tiel')' pit of ~ I t. Katmai in ve r y s trong g roup. F or example, a rshi p an d Lite rature. It is interes t129 E . Co urt S t. - P hono 930 . \ las lm . I k took t h t' fi rs t pit· tu rr insid e tht• 1·olcauo . I n the wi n ter the r ecent defeat of the U nited ing to not e th a t Eras m us, who wa s P racticed Li mited to h is li l'l' is r a th t• r sedH t l' fo r he t ~athes geo logy at the• L'ni1·ersity of States' entra nce into the Wor ld Cour t one of the most noted of the Re Dwas charged to Father Coughlin. Im Snn ta C la r a , Ca li fo rni a. ll ~ h as made six exped it io u s into ~\ Iaska, mediat ely af t er the De troi t priest's aissance Scholars, and who wa.s inL' r ossi n g grl'Ht ut ou n tai n ra n ges ne,·e r heCon~ seen by white men. s peech agains t the W€)rld Court, sen- stru menta l in introd ucin g the s tud y of Gr eek into England, was a mem Coll ecte d im p ort a u l d ata, •·ar e minerals, rarer fish and had a great a tors and repr esen ta ti ves a t Wash bcr of F roben's household. It is Youn g !\ol en's Cloth ... t ime w hile doing it. Need less to say. h e likes lh<• ad,·cuture of this ington r eceived over 40,000 tele- said tha t E r asmus often gave Frograms conseling agai ns t World Cour t Furnishings an d S hoes lil\' n nd ha t es lhL' Jh' UC(' a n d q uiL'I of the t:ities. To you, Fat her. ben assis tance in su.pervising tex ts entrance. F orty-efght hours befo r ~ and in corr ecting proof. al ll'ays 11 hnpp'' laudin"'. the vo tes wer e cast , no one, not even Samuel Jo hnson 's P r eface to h is 1 1~u rope is pt't.'Sl' tdiug a p r obkm as. sht.> ,.e ,·olves through a series the opponents of the World Court, edi tion of Shakespear e is anothe r f acri li l'ni situatio n s l hnt leal'e us p e rpl exed and bcll'ilLh'rcd as to dr eamed that the bill would be demcus wo r k on exhibi tion. Publish ed ll'httt is n•ally happe•ni n g a nd ll'iutt "·ill h ap p en in the futur e . . . fea ted, but Father Coughlin's s peech 1 765 , it was vi rulently attacked b y rl'lw mi nds nnd L~fforts o[ t.hc gn'\at diplomats are searching f ranti ~ tu rned the tide. Yes, Father Coughlin has a powerful weapon in hls (Continued on P age 5) e•n ll,· J'or au ;liiSII"<'r to this pe n oramit· display pt·odn ced h>• the naK AN KAKEE ' S tious l)f Euro~w. no~·'{ it llll"'an war " Th ..• logil'al HllS 'W ('l' at this time of Catholic : \ctiYi ty and Catholic :\ clion . ·' Catholi" . \ et i ,·i t y lS B ES T KN OWN is. no. G e rman)~ is uot foo l i~h enoug-h to Yenture in to a war. e,·en as old as the Catholic Church. Catholic _\ ction is a newer thin R E STAURAN T " if he•r ekmaud of 500,0()(1 me•n were n••·tain. she cou ld not. "·ith t l11• Catholic _\ ct ion is the part tlw o n;anizet l layman perform for· th e Schuyler Ave. - North of Cour t slightl'St hop ..• 1) f Sl1l'l'C'S4. wagl' a~g-resSi\·l' warfare against any of church under the diret·tiou of the hierarchy .. , .\nd this inter~>stin g

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her tH.~ighbor$ . l.-1-atll..' e is pluyiug a cagy game. l'xaggerating article goe-s on to say: " This mobilization <·ampaign is hut th~ fir st lil•rnwu pr e p::tr ~..'duess anrl roueealiug her own military strength un- phas~..• of their work. )fen mobilize to gain strPngth and unity to tl<'l' !l pka of ll't•aku~S$. She e•o uld place nenrl>· fo ur milliou trained m ~u on tht• tid,l and her art ill er~- is tbe most poll'erful iu the \1-orlcl whil,• iu tanks aud machin~ f:Uns she has no rind. ITer air fo r ce has tl<l sup<•riut'---<.'X~ept perhaps Russia. France. in the opinion of <'XPt'r!s is immuue from G~rtu an attack. It a! , · is much stronger than wh en sht' h<•:tt ~\ nstri a in 1818. Herr Hitler is not going to put hi$ h,•ad into a noose from whil'l1 there is uo escape but disaster. l u the Columbian. the Knigh ts of Colmnbu Chi~ago ~\rea offie i:ll publication. w e find an inter esti ng explanatio n of the meaning

accomp lish something. The purpos~ of the mobilization is ac·tio IJ. In this .;ase the Knights of Colurnbu are mobilizing their gr~ate .t man power in support of and defense of the ideals of H oly _\foth f·r Chu r ch. the nation and the home. HaYing mobilized they are in a position to carry on in such lines of Catholic _\ction a are de lega ted to them by the hierarchy... This is an important step in the o rganization of Ca tholi c manhood and should recei1·e the support an rl coop eration of e,·ery Catholic &hool and organization in he c ountry.

Hotel Kankakee Sidney He r bst, Manager. DINING ROOM l1AGNIFICJU."r BALL ROOM


A hearty welcome await_., the stud ents and tnends ot St. VIator Colleg e.

Campus Comment Af ter wading through the debris scattered abou t by the Freshmen during their hercu lean efforts to produce th e last issue of the Viatorian, I finally arrived at my desk. What a. m ess these Freshmen leftdolls, monkeys-on-strings, rubber balls, crossword puzzles halfworked,




Spring Raises C. /. Kennedy l j Critique Leaves Viator -~-E-dl-to_r_N-ot_e_: Barrier To Thesis ·worker .c'DOr .17\f TeW £DOS{




The song of th e lark, th e f r agranee of the bud, burst into bloom and once more tha t d r owsy, carefree spirit, King Spring Fever, r eig ns sup reme on the campus . There's romance in th e a ir. But not for some twenty-two dignified Seniors, for with just seven more weeks befor e that Day of Days, th ey find themselves in a position w her e they can no

::~e ~~e ~~~=: r~:e!~e ~~~:~ :.~iscs~ *~ge~i





th e Viatorian In answ er

to th e article written by J. c. c . entitled "Areopagus Bourbonnensis", w hich was given so much attention

College Men Criticized By N. Y. ·writer

Has Been Affiliated With College by the read ers of th e Viatcrian. W " College m en are matrimonial push' For 21 Years. venture no opinions on th e subject. overs ,according to Inez R.obb, promIt is your paper , stud ents and a1um-

Clarence J. Kennedy, who w ill take O\"er the position of county surerintenden t of public schools at the beginning of the fall t er m, has k'een a member of the faculty of the coll iege s ince 1914 . With the exception of the year 1918-1919, Mr. Ken-

' 'thin~· abohu~ t:.;ri~~sis~~

inent N ew York society w riter . " One way or another, college m en are s etups for roman ce," she says.

Chicago, Illinois . "That's the reason why society Apri l 15, 1935. J pages in metropolitan dailies during Viatorian Edito r , th e gladsome Easter tide are filled S l. Viator College, with announ ce ments of engagements,

nedy has continued uninterruptly at Bou rbonnais ,Illinois.

a ll of whlch end witn the statement

mo nths o~er- hi~~~st ~:n~~~~gic~lr~~e~~~ tea~~oe: Dear Editor; that 'The Wedding will take place due. And so the Seniors are hard Notre Dame University, South Bend. It was with much interest that J on June 25, two days after the a t wo rk on the ma.s ter-pieces-fi- Indiana, with a Bathelor of Science I r ead the a rti cle in your March future bridegroom is gradua ted from nally. in Biology in 1905 . H e r eturn ed to 28th issue of th e Viatorian written Princeton (for Princeton su bstitute f th di Notre Daine to obtain his Master's by J. C. C., entitled "Ar epagu s. a ny of the institutions of higher Following is a 11st o e can B b . " I t th t 1 learning )'." ' dates fo r degrees to be received in D egr ee in 1907. After receiving his our onnensts · mus say a June, and th e titles of their r espec- :h!Iaster's Degree he spent two years heartily disapprove of this young Mrs. Robb writes of the "E. B." tiv e Theses: at Northwestern Medical College con- I student's attitude <lispite the fact (E ligible Bachelor) in th e April 18Or vi lle P. Bern s- "A Comparison tinuing his varied s tudies. that he has 15-16 of his college suE' of a magazine fo r young weof the Sensivity of Two Qualitative T h' E . cou r se completed. I am not a rna- men : "Eligible bachelors are a Uto. , eac · mg x p ert e~ce jor in Education no r do I aspire to matically divided into t wo age Det ermmat10ns fo r ChromiUm ' Before co mi ng to St. Vtators, Pro- 1 th e t eac h mg ' . h owever, I groups. It's imperative to cat ch one pr o f ess10n, Byron K Burke- "The Cath olic fesso r Kennedy spent t wo years as do thmk that said student sh oul d off guard before he's thirty. After View on Sterlllzati~n." a member of t he faculty of th~ bE' frur to the work the Infant he's passed that fateful mtlestone, tt , 1 1 John F Btmmerlle Improved Umverstty of Notr e Dame. While Sctence of Education is undertakin g i:~ a bitter, bitter struggle to make Well, Well spring is in the air Method fo r Determ1mn g Iron a nd there he m s tru cted the Analytic r h and the boys are p-ettin g out their Sulph ate I ron " Phys iogra phy, Botany, Zoology, Bac- to accomp I S . him give up his life of pampered skipping ropes and jack s and it look s K enneth w Corcoran- "A Con- tenology Intelligent t ests are not made for ease and freedo m , and by the time like a busy tim e fo r all con cerned. of English Rural Life as Deteaching ca- the measurement of man's soul a s he's t hi rty-five nothing sho rt of a It ought t o be easy to write picted in the Works of Shelia Kay re:rro~e::o~nc~e:e~ed;:~ year s at St. J . C. C. indicates but merely a s sho t gun is a pt to introduce matridi rt in this room. . Someone said Smith and Thomas H ardy." Ca th erine College, S t. Paul , · Minne- <.:. measurement of the use man mony into his way of life." lbat Gould was so ba:5hful about the J ohn P . Cronin- "The Life and sota, and he serv ed as principal of makes of his intellectual faculties or fair sex that his voice blushes when Works of Louis Venillot." St. John's Township H igh School what Spearman calls "General Dis h (. uses i t , th ey jus t doD.•t know B crimination and Gener al I ntelli·e or haven' t seen him when h. e J ame,s J. Crowley- "Collec tive ar- for two years. gence." steVI gaining Under the N. R. A." 1 d · ' has his vo ice oiled a little Mary P . Cruise- "Browning: Apol In the field 0 ~ educationa a mmI sugges t also that J C C fa Rev. Patrick Creel, a graduate of Krauklis is Gerling around qui te a agist for the Despicable." is tration , the Vtato r professor filled miliarize himself as to .the. co~rec~ bit lately. . . . . I guess this will Maurice A. Daile y- "Role of Art the position of Director in the Teach- m eaning of Divine Right of Presi- St. Viator Colleg e in 1923, died at hold you fellows that say a College in Education ." er's. Association in Northern Indiana d ents . The powe r or authority which White Lake, South Dakota, April educatior. isn' t worth anything; WarRichard H. Doyle-"Accounting fo r with great efficien cy for one year. the President possesses is truly of 13. Father C r eel s t udied theology d eu Lawes, of Sing Sing Prison, says Depreciation and Obsolescence unde r H e was Registrar of St. Viat or Col- Di vine Ori gin, proceeding, as J. C. C. here for several years under Viathat college men make the best pris- th e 1934 Income Tax Law." lege in 1920- 21 • in fact, Prefesso r should know, from God and inves t ed "torian teacher s. From here he wen t oners, maybe it's because they're use Louis Drassler- "Old Age Pensions. Kennedy was the first Registrar -of in the President by the State and to St. P au l Seminary and finishing

ing th e ice, leaping from crag to crag of rejected manuscript. By the way Frosh, your t oys will be r et u rned if yo u just stop in th e office. . . Now that th e three co rnered air battle featuring Father Coughlin, Lcng and J ohnson has been t emperr.rily discontinued, <fur poor s tudents are forced to listen to Wayne Kin g, F r ed Allen and Walter O'Keefe. Such is life, one cruel blow af ter another. . can you blame the Freshmen for adopting "On The Good Ship Lolly Pop" as the 1r th eme song?

fac~, . ~: ~~o~~ I~7x

ni, and w e w~::::u:~'i)s letter from "J.D. F., an



Alumnus Dies

t o the fou r wall enclosures. Its open season tor Cupid and his little darts but mos t of the boys are s till convalescing from his las t year's shot s. A s tooge t ells us that Ray Roche will need a few mm·e darts of Cupid's arrows to carry on his village work' 'Ray Cavanagh ~pends mu ch time in du s ting off her p1cture every day and writes letters ~aV:tw;~~es~~yst~;~its that h~oni~ the original Woman H a ter but that they jus t won' t leave him a lone, ha ha. . . ,. . Normil e, who sings in a Cab Callawayish manner, can really make a Jot of noise a nd is very entertaining to Normile. . George Fleming is "Chicago-bound," don 't take us wrong, we m ean that his

William J . Gibbons- ''Literary Sur - the College. vival of Cicero." As Professor Kennedy leaves St. Eugene ~earn ey-"A Criti cism of Viator, the good wishes of th e stuWilliam Butler Yeats of Iris h Peas- dent body ,faculty and a lumni go ant Life." with h im . Thomas Kelly- "A Critique of the Methods Used to Avert Cyclical E mployment." Michael Malone "Iniluea.ces of Lily on the works of Shakes pear e.'' Dumas L. McCleary-"Sys t em s of I A cco ~.nting fo r Collegiate In stitu - ~ ___ tions. Charl es Clifford, a gradu a te of th e Leo~ard McManamon - "Pers.~cu - Class of 1931 , will read his first tion of the J ews from 1910-1934. Hoi Mass on May 19 in Farmer John RipstrBr-"Action of Some Cit:. Illinois, his home parish. Catiplis ts on I so-amyl H a lides." The Ve ry Rev. E. V. Cardinal, C. Bernard M. Russell- "His tory of I S v. has received word that this t he Development of the Imagi nary · · . . . . Into t he Field of R eality.'' former s tud ent Wtll a rn ve m New

that mood about the coed . . J ohnny Mo rri s is trying to tell us that the Dl inois coeds are better looking on U1e average' than our coeds, oh Johnny h ow ca.n you be so fickle. . Corcoran and Roch e hnve app lied logic to expl ain their la te appearance in Origin of Man ; It goes t his way: Life begins at 8:40. Thi~ class is my life. Ther efore t his class begins a t 8:40 (If you could only con vince th e teacher that th e class doesn't start at 8:00) Barzantny explains his close-cropped haircut: "I don't want hair in my eyes \Vhen I'm looking around." If yo u find S teve Gould's name in this column, don't read about it for w e promised not to use his name; it ~1 on't do you any good to beg us for w e won't t ell yo u that his roomIe, Bill Fleming, stu1fs cottcn in his ears so that he can go to sleep at night without the echo of Gould' s And ancrooning in his ears. . . other thing, for a change I don't think WE"'ll associate Ken Wise r ·~ name with Miss Lock e, fo r It hasn't m1ssed an issue yet, just as Ken hasn't missed a date yet. . AI

Francis W. S mith- "State LeP"is- th e American College in Rom e. ''t he Areopagite of Areopagus Bour- eral unsuccessfUl a ttemp ts he reached o · Father Car dinal wi ll head a delela t ures Regu lation of Unemp loyment gation of Viato r ians who will a t- bonnensis.'' t he door and, bestowing a woozy Insurance." t end the first Mass. Thanking you dear Editor I r e- grin of triumph on his f riends beL eo M. Weiland- "The Correlation main yours for a better Via tor and low, pushed th e bell-button half way through the wall. Immedia tely ~ Between High School Religion Mark s a greater Viato ri an, I'd lik e to be a college boy, window wa.s opened and a feminine and Character .'' Sincerely yours, H e lives a life of ease; vo ice yelled: For when he g r adua tes, , J . D . F ., an Alumnus. Welsh is an expert at interior decor H e does it by degr ees. "What in h- do yo u want?" atiilg, he decorates a certain parlor The bleary one n eiow answered about three n.igbts a week. Straub The few miles , s eem like thou sand g Not long ago, th e girls of th e ge t s the sweetest letters from that to me dc.rmitary at Sioux FaJl s, S. D., with angelic sweetn ess: "Ish thish Misslsh- hlc- Shml th ?" Springfield girl-fri end. Jim Away from the girl I long to see. were surprised by a visi t from a Spri ng is g r and. Love is g rand. brighteyed, curly headed little young()"Mara influenced by a few balmy "Yes!! What do you want?" days dashed off this beautif ul little Bu t what wo r d can be uSed to ex- s t er who said she was lost. No one ''Will you pl eesh come down andcomposition: plain the combination of Sp~g and could identify her and her assertion hie- pick out your hushband . The 0 Dorothy Love ? The best answer to this qu es- 1 th a t "Mamma' s name is Mamma and r est of ush want to go home.'' 0 Dorothy, 0 Dorothy, sprin g .is t io n wi ll receive a fre e pass to th e Daddy' s name is Daddy'' wasn't coming soon, next Dexter pool tournament. much help. She was very happy When both James and Frank lin And with it brings a sweet fu ll Unlike the bears who hibernate· in with her adopted mammas and Roosevelt, Jr., fi lled in ma tri cul a ti on moon. the winter some of our boys jus t lisped , "Me likes it her e.' ' The child's r ecords a t Harvard last y ear, they With the Easter vacation c=ing seem to fold up ana go in to a semi- mother soon learned of her whe r egave as their "perman ent addr es s,· ~ nigh, coma as warm breezes make th eir abouts and whisked her home. "The White H ouse, W ashin g ton .' ' I'il be With you soon, don' t you sigh. debuts. Coach McNamara w as Optimis ti c ?--or propheti c? And his roommate No r b ElHs fell in the latest movie taken on th e Unannoun ced he r ea ched her side. I --in with Jim' s mood long enough to colleg e campus-someo ne said that But his soothing tou ch provoked her The Uni ve r sity of Mani toba quesit w as certainly a 'Big Shot' . . . produce this s tirring ver se : And she k ic ked and raised a fu ss . tioned their s tud ents abo ut wh e ther Ray Roche when interviewed abou t 0 Seneca! o Seneca! 0 Seneca! City of my spring football had this to say aoout So he smiled and gently choked her a wh eel-barrow or an old maid was - Sh e was jus t his motor bus. more useful on a farm. The old Its merits:. childhood, - Auburn. maid lost by three votes. If I could be there I would. ''Thank you very much Ray. 11


Graduate 0 R dF• M ea ffS t ass



~~c~:;s 1 ~n s~~:c~~~t oft~~Bi~~~~~h~ Bi;~:nc:~t~~-"Cathollc

View on

his Superior s. Thus all subjects are his studies there he spent several obliged to obey all commands that years at the Ameri can College a t fall within his jurisdiction. I do not Rome. "While a college s tuden t h ere think tha t J. c. C.'s objections are Father Creel taught several s ubbasis for his contentio us atti tude, j ec ts to th e academy students. Fatbbut rather that he fea rs the r esul t er Creel was pastor at White Lake, of the t es t ; in other wo rds his •·Pride" South D ako ta, at the time of his prompts his obj ections. death. As fo r his s tatement that intelliOne of the best s tori es of the gence tests do not serve as a basis for advice to stud ents. might I s ug - year comes from Armour Tech. I t get that had J . C. C. taken a test concerns a group of pickled politiupon enteri ng his coll ege career he cians who lurched out of a night migh t have seventeen- eig hteenths of clu~ and se_t out_ arm in arm, on hi~ education successfully completed their precanous JOurney homeward. instead of fif t een-sixteenths . After traversing several blocks they . . . . . ... 1 stopped before a large mansion and I This VICious tira~ e of J. C. c . held a heated and hiccuppy co nferwould lead one to thml< that J . C. C. ence. Finally one of th e heavil y is aspiring to become "the" Huey burdened broke away from the group

~~~~h fr";. hR~m~ee~o:e~::~en~e7~ ~~~=geinca~;u~il:~te~e ci;: ~!co~: :!s~~:~;e~e:~ j:t~~: cl~~~~g s~~




Day Hopping 'C'banka to the f'reshman



Alumni And -f. t ene, ac ors B I


)1 0 1\1>.\ Y. APRIL 1-

Inter~collemate t:"J......



throat". ''flat tire··. r..nd .. you don't











a re bridge. Damle r has b ee n




a ttended the funera l of Fr. CavaHanover, N. H., th e hom e of Dartna ugh, th e beloved pri est of Notre mouth college, is th e s ki capital of

Co ng ra tul ation s Stub, and m any mor<.:! Dame Univer s ity. Father Cava- ~~:~s ~~r~~-e ~~~~ are 1,700 pairs of of th em. nu ugh was a g r eat friend 't>f St. It s ure looks a s tr Be rn s will fol- Via tor· a ncl on several occas ions \ It is estimated that more than spoke at co llege cere moni es her e. 1 .$1~0,000,000 ~hang.e~ hand s in the low c lose ly th e foo t s t eps of t er Viator ian Activities. Umted States rn gnd1ron bettin g durJim. Nulr s afd. The Rev. J . P. O'Mahoney, c. s. mg th e nine weeks of th e last footBade h as been s uffe ring from a v .. preach ed a months-mind Mass at ball season. so re thro at. H e has been advised t o Rantou l, March 28, for th e Rev. MeIt is a well-known t'act that a ma:1 c ut down on hi s m eals in o rde r th at Mu llin w ho w as a stude n t here in with a college aiplom a and a ni ck e l his throa t n1a0' get a res t. N eed w e 1903. can ge t a cup of coffee anywhere. say that he Wi ll prob5.bly n eve r lose The Rev. J ohn Staffo r d, C. S:-- V., is G o rdon Harman, University of Lhis sore throat. preach in g a L e nt en series a t St. Wisconsin 155 pound boxer, has lost When s t a rs feU on Alabam a - Bere - Rita' s C hurch, Chi cago, on Wedn es- only one fi g ht in his car ee r. H e's o los was there and IL w as hi s luck days, and the R e v. J. W. R. Mag uire fought in mor e than 65 bouts. to be sitting under a tree working preaches on Sundays a t the sarn.z University of K entu cky chee r leadTrigonometry in th e moonlig ht wh en Church. e rs have to take ~ s ix week s co urse the t er rib le catras trophe took place. The R ev. J. E. Su rprena nt, C. S. in trainin g before being allowed to Some g r eat learn ed m en hav en't V., r ece ntly preached a fo rty-hour try out for the jobs. (Perhaps our any thing on Ti culk a - h e h as studied devotion at Decatu r, Illinois. n ew physical ed. de pt. wi ll help us ubroad too- instead of being punis hThe Rev . J. B. Bradac, C. S . V., lr a in ours in like manner. ) co nclud ed forty-hou rs devotion a t ed by th e writin g of disse rtationshi s class was punished by kn eeling the Sacred H eart Church, Rock I s\-Vo r ds From T h e W ise on dry peas. Frank attended ele- l ~cmd, Illinois. bachelo r is a man who doesn't m entary school fo r one yea r , near The R ev. F. A. Rin ella, C. S. V., make the same mi s take twice. K avos, Lithuania, when h e was about co ndu c ted forty -hours de votion serA woman writer advises women eight years o ld. vices at Piper City, Illinois several not to marry conceited men. Some Damler stat es that h e doe s n't build weeks ago ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~;. up hi s man ly figure with Wheaties The Rev. J. P. O'Mahoney, C. S.[ l but he does ad mit that Bade's sandspent seve ral days at Taylorville wiches and dessert help a lot. where he conduc t ed forty -hours d eBRAND vo tion cer emonies. H err H erman S chnee has been rest rainin g himself- but h e did give Einstein woulO have education "A HIGHEST QUALITY in and I sti ll don't see why h e s hould free and living process, witll no Leav-itt alone. We carry complete line for drilling of the memory, and no exThe Institution I magine Gerritys embarrassm ent aminations, mainly a process of apYour Grocer can sup,ply You wb en h e goes o ut calling and finds peal to the senses in orde r to draw DURAND, McNEIL . that Lan g ilas called first. Ed will out de licate reactions". HORNER COMPANY h ave to call lou d and long to beat 251 E. Grand Ave. - Chicago Mr. Lang's boy. The names. addresses and teleDid you l{_now that: MarcOtt' s phone numbers of all the fresh wo - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ tires wi ll hold up on only one condi- men at Pitt can be bought for 10c- - : t ion- hot air seems to r e-seal the A m ~ ri can Campus. patches. Poor Marty MeLa ug hlin, our little Ger man, will Th e Lafaye tte College fac ult y has soon have no fie lds to conquer- a decided that th e g raduate of a small natural Alexand e r Johnson is college has a be tte r chance of mak a real Caesar---always doing four ing "\-Vho's w ho". things at once. Dra.ssle r is ho und up in thought to th e extent Since 1929 N. Y. U. graduates that he is unable to croon but still have held street auctions at which whistles to the tune of the very they sell their textbooks , athl etic tho ught of you Hebe rt is on passes and laboratory material. a strict diet-he has gained· fifteen A fraternity man at H anover pounds already . . . It's hard to get College foolishly allowed his girl scandal, but \\·~en you do, you get 1t friend t o give him a manicur e. In right. the process she thoughtlessly paintAll fellows who wou ld Like to par- ed his nails a vivid and permanent tlcipate in a "fish story'' contest car mine. When he appeared at the please ,place your entry \ rue be- frate rnity ho use for dinner, all eatfore the publishing of the ne..xt issue. ing was suspended while the brothers Let's see who can tell the biggest esco r ted him to the showers fo r an one! impromptu bath. 1



much of the ent day slang ~e.<:~ such as. ··.-ut-

Someone has discovered that the don't. They stay single. "01Ul :Milto the Hon . •Martin Me' 'A" students make lhe teachers, th~ ler'·. LaughUn for the much welcomed P....ev. J. T. Mulgrew, life-long " B" men make the judges, and the It is better to remain silent and breathing spe:ll. It also gave an- f nend and benefactor of the Viator- 'C" men mcl<e the m~~e.~·· To which keep the professors in doubt than other person a res May I add th.i3, w.ns, died recently at Lincoln, llli- they shyly add, tbe D men make to say something and let them be Andy told me that Mousey hke3 no is. Father O'~lahoney, C. S. V .. the congressmen. but the simple "F'' sure. (.."hf.:cse. Father .Moisant C. S. V. and Father just make the students and the pary ad . ts d ou can re a pony m class It In lhe sack as far as J o Tobin, C. S. V., attended the funeral. en ma . but you can't make it think. (Tech18 Schmidt concerned But ask Rev. John A. Kelly, who studied So ""'bat? nique. AUanta. Georgia). 18 MouHcy why he has been enthralled at St. Viator in the late '90S's, died at ~!iss Ellen Fitz Pendleton, presiMichigan State College ( Lansingl by the trickling straJ ns of "Rain." j St. Mary's Hospital, La alle, 1lli- d£-nt of Wellesley college, r ecently It won't be lon g before Poor Jim oois, April 5, and was buried at U.- 1 d:clared that the average college girl ~~eth: °: ~~st~~~~:~tu~~v~~~~~~e ~~ will be stru., lin Into the futur e Sull e several d~ys later. Father 01: today is more frank, more ap- ~laryland the second oldesL AIwith a hurd:~ a lifetime- and Kelly was a !ruthful <..:.nd .g~nerou s pr~ach~ble and less willing to acce~t though Michigan State was not b alumnus and a cons tant VlSttor on cpmions banded out to her than her I'm te llin g you that it wid not c lhf' college campus. He was always predecessors, which is a good thing. opened untiJ 1857, it was created by hl a B C S an act of Jeo-islature passed in 1855. · · · 1ntcrested in the college activitie 3 Also the modern college o· P"irl is - (A ugustana c· Observer). Norman '"PhomaH Ripstra bas b€en and the varying fortunes of the Via· mo r e serious minded than 25 yea rs advised to res trict his diet to mJ\l< to.:· t:.thletic t eams. H e was serving ego. According to figu r es complied a nd c rackers- Our pet prob lem has a;; C h aplain at St. Mary's hospital a~ Enrollment Falls. from the r egistration cards, approx.inot been fee ling so we ll lately. the tim e of his death. For many Total en rollment in 569 college3 mately 45 pe r cent of the freshmen It Js rumored t11at Lh e leadin g ye.ars he was pastor of the Immacu- and universities holding member- at Washington University (St. Louis ) ro le played by Alessanctri w ill soon late Co ncep tion Church a t Gilman, Bh ip in the Ame ri can Association of ~~~t ~:~~~tio~.~::g:st~~d~::er~~ be taken over by a chemist. The Illinois. Father E. M . Ke ll y, C. ;3. Collegiate Registrars was 1,165,831 newcomer is ver y mu cb acquain t ed V. attended th e funeral. ih 1932-4 4. In 1933-34 it w;..:._, 1 _ e r ). 39 with his r ole as be h as had previous The prayers of th e Communi t y 085,448, which is a d ec rease of 6.8'9 Professo r Klaus Hansen, -yearexporience. were requested fo r the d eparted souls per cen t. old O sl~ Unive~ity (Norway) ~roof th e fo llo w in g: Mr. Frank RebeClose To Home. fessor, l S the ftrst human to dnnk Egyp t can have her Cleopa tradea u, fa th er of Rev. J . Rebedeau, a I ten grams of heavy water . v· A travel e r out from Kansas way . F r ance h. er J oan o f A rc b u t S t · la- former s tudent and ~Irs. Marie Arlee . The ave r age student s leeps twtce to r will keep its- er - Libra ry. Mayr und g r a n dmothe r of Brothe r s :eports a c hurch 5 1gn board bear- [ as much as he studies. Take n otice, .F ranci s 'and Edward Des Laurier-3, mg the se rmon annou~cement: " Do Waldron. (Technique, Atlanta, GeorlDil M Jrovitz and Slmm y Bercolo:3 you l<now what H e ll 1s ?" followed . are nat u ra l oppo nents -They use en- who died rcce ntty in K~nk akee. with the in vitation a t the bottom of g-ta.) llrc ly diffe rent methods and a lways The R ev . E. V. Cardmal, C . S. V., th e s ign : "Come and hear our orThere is a Smith born e very elevt a l<e to U1 e 6pposi t e side of eve r y- t he Rev. J . P. O'Mahoney, C. S. V., g~nist."-Marqu e tte Tribune. en minutes. - ( T echnique , Atlanta, thin g exce,pt th e tab le at which th ey and th e Rev. W. J. Be r gin, C. S. V., Georgia). and








The twenty four columns which support the nave of anta Bablna church in Rome, Italy, we_re from the ruins of the pagn..n temple of Juno Regina which stood near the pot . St p ul " ' 1A s . - qwn. . a . 1-..unnesotu L A fraternity at .Mtcnign.n recen tly sen t its curt.a.ins to the cleaners and the house remained unveiled for two days. On the second day the sorority across the street sent over this notice: Dear Sirs: M t th t ay. we sugges . a you procure " cu r t SJns f or you r WlD d ows? Vve do not care for a course in anatomy One of the brother s w ho h ad lef ~ his shaving to read the note, answe red : Dear Girls: Th e course is optional.


- (Technique). An e igh t-l egged . three-eared, two tailed, s ingle-headed sheep was recently g iv en to the biology departm ent of W ash ing ton and Lee. (Technique).

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A perfect protective coating for brushing, sp rayin g or tro we lling, being a high grade :Mexican asphalt dispersed as minute particles in water for convenient handling. It is applied co ld. As th e moisture evaporates. a black, flexible rubberl ike film r emains wh ich i3 water-proof, acid, alkaline a nd fire resistant , and s huts out Jnfilrations of air.

Mortex 5 does not crack or peel in coldes t weather, n or blis ter, sag nor run on hottest days and always remains elastic. It is odorless, tasteless and noninflammable and can be safely used in confined. places. It readil y bonds to all clean surfaces, and also to damp surfaces, but should never be applied over rusty, dirty, greasy or oily surfa ces or an imperfect bond will result. Use only on clean surfaces t o ob tain perfect satisfa ction. Used for DAMPPROOFING WALLS and FLOORS, PAINTING GALVANIZED IRON, PROTECTING CLEAN IRON AND STEEL, ROO F REPAIRING and as an ADHESIVE. It can be mixed wi t h Portland Cement and dries out a soft gray colo r for patchin g deteriorating concrete. For Sale at. Local Dealers

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MONDAY, i\ PRIL 15, 1935


Bloomington 'Y" Boxers Invade St. Viator Gym Joe Kalkowski Leads Combined Vickery A. C. and Green Wave Squad Into Battle. .,. ______________ _ ' t bo b. d St. Viator vars l y xers co m m e with a few local punchers of the

Vicker A. C . wi ll meet a Y. M. C.

A. squad of Bloomington in the St. Viator gymnasium on th e evenin&" of April 16.

Brother DesLau ri ers, coac h

Bro. Deslaurl"ers D eserves cre dit

of the Irish, and Bi ll Schumacher, manager, announce that the card Students B e nefit Throug h His A cwill contain many of the state's outtlVlty. standing amateurs. Twelve bouts The I ntra-mural sports program have been arranged, two of which program according to schedu le will 05

:::s:~il~~ e:i~~~e be:~ ~hde;


Bloomington Squad Strong. The BloomingtGn squad, which is the first to replace the Viator Gym nasium in many years, contains many of the Pantagraph's Golden Glove champions. Notable among these are: Ray Wheat, featherweight cham.pion this year and for three years the Illinois State Y. M. C. A. champion; Burt Yount, welterweight champion ; Russ Whittinghill, featherweight champion in th e Novice tcumament ; and Frank Williams, 118 pound Golden Glove champion. To oppose these men, St. Viator and the Vickery Athletic Club are putting such s tars as: Joe Kalkowsk i, Tom Gibbons, Bill Churchill, and Jimmie Masterson, of the Viato r varsity; and George Dion, Vearl Davis, Benny Vickery, H endricks and DeMa r a, of the Vickery A. C. Officials. Judger for the boutts will be Packey McFarland, State boxing commlssioner, and two of the local men from Kankakee, Jimmy Lamb and Fritz Trudeau. Bill Gibbons and Clare Noonan, two of Viator's outstanding ath letes wi ll act as an nouncers. The referee for the bouts has not been secured as yet but Brother DesLauriers has exprssed a hope that his negotiations for Barney Ross , jupjor welterweight champion, v.ill be successful. If Ross can not be oiJtained, some other prominent man

~:gi:~!:~~dth~e~:ft ~e:l~ le:~~e ::~


Saint Viator Tankmen Cancel Swimming Meet Swimming

sch eduled










a nd May have been cance led , it was anno unced today by Broth er Edward DesLauriers, coach, and Harold Sel-

St. Viator Gridders Hold Late Spring Practice New Mentor Takes Hold of Veteran Material; Co-Captains Roche and ________________ .,. Krauklis Ai d Coach.

lMonograms To

practice. The first day was given to equipping the thirty-flee candidat es

control that ther e would be spri ng football. " S treaky" B urke Only LetterB rother DesLauriers and Harold man to be L ost. Sellers, both pointed out, that th e call for a ll football men to report The boa rd of a thletic control has

Coach McNamara began active re id practice with his large squad on Ap ril 4th when he gave them an hour and a half of setting up exercises and other fundamentals. Each

ken as the r esult of th e announcement made by th e board of athletic

C. Payne (Y). 160 Mas t erson (S t . V.) vs. 172 L. Hendryz (Y ). 135 Ike Klemits (Kankakee ) vs.


Hens ley (Y). 147 G. Dion (Kankakee) vs. 147 B. Foli (Y). 160 T . Gibbons (S t. V.) vs. 160 S. Stanich (Y). 118 v. Davis ( Kankak ee) vs. 118 F w·lr (Y) . 1 lams . (Exh) 170 R. Vickery (i nstructor) vs. Monk Meyers (Y instructor). ... (S t . V.) St. Viator. (KKK) Vickery A. C. of Kankakee. (Y) Bloomington Y. M. C. A.


The Associated Collegiate Press carries a s tory abou t a young man at the Univers.ity of Texas who got nn "A" for the first time in his school career. He wired home to tell his parents of his triumph and added humorously that he had suffered a nervous breakdown as a result. Four hours late r the frantic parents appeared at the fraternity house. Their son's telegram read, "Offspring Gets a Nervous Breakdown; Ma:t Recover.''






sp ring

who responded.


fol' spring practice had virtua ll y destroyed the swimming team since such stars as Don Betou rn e, Dolph Guy, Basil Nicholson, Ralph Celotto, J erry O'Lear y and George Rogers the were thus tak en away from sv.irnming squad. The St. Viator pool will be open afternoons now for th e use of th e students as there WJ. Jl be team prac-

~:~~r~~:Y:~n~~a~:oto m:ag:::~e~~ ~::gu; :fchth:r~~ac~:e ~C:s~::d u~i~


F at h er L. owney N G ]f coach I ew 0


Netmen Faces Busy seaSOll


di t aft mme a e 1y er his appoin tmen t head football coach, John Mc-

v·1at or cagemen

lers, manager. This action was t a-

the runnin g off of the Billiard tourwas announced by th e Rev. F. J. nament. At present Brother Des Harbau er, C. S. V., director of athL auriers is busy forming th e soft-~ letics. ball teams and Emerson Dexter, proOf the ten letter s awarded to playrooter par excellent, is fini shing are rs, five were arned by f r eshmen. rangements for the Billiards TourByron Burke, diminutive forward, nament. was th e only se nior to be given a Coming Even ts. monogram, . while Frankie Krauklis Besides the two events nameU was the only junior. The remaining above the Intra-mural schedule calls monograms ea rn ed went to sophofor a Track and Field Meet between I meres the classes, a sw1mmmg meet , tennis lice Brother D esLa un ers requests and golf tournaments as well as an - that stud en ts usmg the pool be s ure Evenl y Davided. other pool tournament Brother to read the rules and r egulations Coach McNamara and the athletlC DesLauner s plans upon holdmg a ll of that are posted 10 the locker rooms board divld ed the letters evenly, these Intra-mural activi ti es al t er the After April 16 there wi ll be regu lar giving two to centers, Don Betourne Easter vacation. swimming classes for those that are and Wee Willie Damler; four to forSplendid Reco rd. not students of the college. wards, Byron Burke, John Burke, During the past school year, B rothFrank Straub, and Tom Gibbons; cr Eddie has held up the tradition four to guards, Frank Krauklis, 1 of well orga.iuzed and ably p romoted George Rogers (honorary captain), [ Intra-mural activities. Appointed to William Knox , and Danny Blazen, succeed Father Harbauer who bad vich. been promoted to the ,position of The remaining monograms were Athletic Director, Brother DesLauearned by Joseph Kalkowski , equipriers with tireless energy has added ment manage r , and William Schumany features to the Intra -mural Geo. Fleming Named Captain. macher, business manager. Both of sports. To date he has su ccessfully I . M . Meet Ne xt. these s tud ents have been active as pro_moted a bowling touz:n.ament ir. St. Viator golf team, captained by managers for all sports this year and v.:Juch 200 stud ents partiCipated; a Geor ge Fleming, is rapidly rounding so their monograms r eally are in pmg. pong tournament that had 174 into shape under the d irection of th e recognition of thhii and not just for entn es; a basketball league compos- n eWly appoin ted facu lty moderator their services during the basketball ed of 20 teams of 10 players each; and coach, the Rev. J . A. Lowney, season. a pool tournam ent in which 100 con- dean of the philosophy department. testants vied for the cham pionship; Candidates for tb e team include and a boxing meet that de'lreloped such stars as Eddie O'Brien, twice an other maj or sport at St. Viator. holder of the Rockford co unty club To Brother DesLauriers a lso goes the cr edit of reorganizing track, ten- caddy championship ; Bill C rannell , a wi ll be sec ured in time. . fin a I'I S t 1. n th e M'd 1 \\<·es t ern J urJs, boxing and golf sports amo ng sennBouts Scheduled To Da te. t~te students. The inter es t that bas nion open tournament last year; Jim ( Exh) 147 Neudecker (St. V. ) vs. boen disp layed by th e student body Crowley, noted Kankak ee g olfer; 147 Sprafka (S t. V.) leaves little doubt if any that thes e George Fleming, one of the outstandSt. Viato r tennis varsity wilt jour126 Churchill (St. V.) vs. 126 Whit--~ will soon be reco~zed b~ the board iug younger 'pill-pushers' of the Chi- ney to Naperville on April 16 to . h'll (Y) l d d th hi h meet mem bers of North Central col 1 t 0 · of athletic contro l as major sports cago an a r ea; an many er g , mg 135 J?eMara (Kankak ee) vs. 134 and that monograms will be awar d- school stars of last year. lege in the Irish's first match of th e Joe Dennis (Y) . h 1 1 .. ed, if not thi s year, in the near fu Fleming, w o a so acts as manager .season. As we go to press the R ev . 126 H endricks (Kankakee) vs. 12o ture. j of the team, announces that he is E. V. Cardinal, coach and president Ray Wheat (Y). . s lowly but surely filling the sched ule. cf th e college, has not decided who 157 B. Vickery (Kankakee) vs. 155 Such outst anding colleges as Normal, shall make the trip.


I ns


Takes VI"ator

now the squad is spending th e regula-r two and a half to three hours on th e field every afternoon. Veter an Material. Only five of last years lettermen have been lost to the squad · and there are twenty-one monogram men who w ill be available for next season. Coach McNamara is going to h~ve a hard time filling the plaoes or Emerson D ex t er , last year's captain and center, Tom Kelly and Chet Newburg. tackles and Ficus Quinn and Ken Corcoran, guard and end cr::~pectively. At center it has been noticed in the practice sessions that Bob Schumacher, a guard last year, and Basil Nicholson, s ubstitute center have been re ceiving the call. Marik and Roche seem to be the logical choice to fi ll the guard positions ; the tackle br:: rth s will be the big problem as Krauklis is the only experienced one to repo rt. It is probable that an end or two may be co nverted into tack les. O'Leary and Tu.res, along with Dolph Guy, Fahey, and Danny Blazevich are th e cream of tbe ends. The backfield material is plentiful witb s uch stars as AI Paladino, Clare Noonan, Bill Walsh, Aeillo and MeGrath vieing for the quarterback position; J oe Saia, Abe Rohinski, Tom Gibbons, Frank Straub, Don Betourne and many other s are battling for the half back berths, while Jimmie Masterson is the only experienced fullback left on th e squad. Ken Wiser, letterman in '33, has also reported and may be convert ed into a fu llback.



During the past season the freshmen of the college supplied the power to the Green Wave. Of the fifty candidates on the squad thirty-eight of them were frosh and when letters were award ed 13 of the 26 went to the same class. Coach McNamara as a result is looking forward to

Notre Dame and Valparaiso are alCaptain Jimmie Crowley is th e ready on this years bookings. only one who seems any way cert ain next years class with g r eat ho,pes U1at it also will supply him with of being selec ted. Others of the some good material just as it did for squad who may go are Harold Sel- R M h I · h t 1 t --urp y, TIS men or as sean. lers, Ray Cavanaugh and perha,ps soay Louie Wuchner. The rest of the candidates need much more practice ~hooting with ;arvSelous . pre~isio~ No douUt due to inexperience the before Lhey can ever hope to co rnaccuracy, · u~prenan o. freshmen editing staff failed to print pete in collegiate cir cles. Kankakee, overcame a 7 to 4 lead to beat Frechette, a lso of Kanka- an important news item. (We give Matches that have been definitely kee, in the first annual open billi- them the benefit of the doubt you arranged are: Valparaiso University a rd tournament condu cted by the St. will noti ce and don't claim that they at Bourbonnais on May 4 and ValpaAt a meeting last week, the St. Viator Billiard Club las t Sunday a£- .purposely left th e news out because paiso at Valparaiso on May 22. The \"iator Drama Club selected casts for ternoon, March the 7th. Fifty-five it envolved t wo of their traditional team also plans upon entering the two one-act plays and a minstrel to billiard aces competed and over 100 enemies from the sophomo re class.) Little 19 tournament in May. be presented during th e first week spectators witnessed the matches. On March 28, Joe Kalkowski and of May. In the finals , Surprenant beat Tom Gibbons, varsity boxers, fightThe law s tu dents of the Universi ty Miss Mar y Crui se, Jack Cronin, Frechette, 100 to 97. Surprenant led ing a t the local Knights of Columbus of Texas do not wear the us ual and Edwa rd s Bu ttgen ac t in a sl< it F r echette by 23 in the first 50 Hall won thetr bouts. Kalkowskt d e- cap and gown at graduation. They portraying th e inconsistencies in the points. In th e second 50, Frechette cisioned Virgil Prai rie of Momence wear linen suit;s with sun flowers in character of Woman. managed to Ue the score with some while Tom Gibbons K. O.ed Demlar the lapels because the tradition be~ "The Confess ional" will be dramafancy shoo ting. With the score 97- Prairie in the second round. gun in the '90's by the professor tized by: Martin McLaugh li n, Miss all, Frechette missed an easy sho t of law. He suggested- "Just as the Claire Legris , Weeger Krauser, Miss and Surprenant ran out on him. Among a group of th e University sunflower takes in im,purities and Mary Anthony, Harold Seller s and The tournament was under the of P enn. students, who were asked, itves off purity, as it its Miss Evelyn Lanoue. supervision of Emerson Dexter, r e- "Who is the vice-president of the head toward the sun, so we want Seven men have been selec ted to nowned Irish athlete and last sea~ U. S. A." were three seniors, who our lawyer s to be the sim, so we entertain in a clever, joks-filled minson's captain of the footb8.ll team. had not the slighest idea. One said want our lawyers to be fair and strel : John Madig an, John Normile, Dex announced after the meet that he knew it wasn't Roosevelt, an- square, to turn to the light and Ralph Celetto, Ray Cavanaugh, Tom in the near future he will hold an other thought it might be a guy bring justice to all people every- Fahey, William Fleming, and George Intra-mural billiards tournament. J named Robinson". where". Fleming.

c u e c r 0 Wn Excuse,


Drama Club Selects Casts For Plays




r.a Wllh a.n Angel." a book o•

Library E choes


by &Uoc..


The 6nt Easay n

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bon wtlh an Angel on Cb.aractrea flDding the book cataMr.

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k;gued ln rather & range company cziUc o1 tbe day. John.oon was lnFather M Ull.IC.b wrote and recel ved llignant a the lnj1Htice oJ Kenrlck's lbls aeml-bu:morom letter lD reply. r ntfd•m anr.l became blghly lncenaed Even 0. K bas to correct bi.s wb n a. young aturJ~>nt at OxlorrJ 11too~d to nt.JUcr th'! en ttcbm )D th.etnes as tbc ozigtnal manuscript writing a reply V> K•nr1ck's crlti- of one ot hl.o .,.ays for 0. K's tl•rn. Voltaire s.Joo<e<l this Weekly shows. Il Is lD tbe exh!farn<.>Ull " Prt::fa.ce'' beUJ.use of cert.a.l:n bitlon case and lhougb mooly typed uocompUmr-ntary QJJusiona r:ontaJned ha..."::l many corrections l.o G. K.'s magth••reln. nl:icent and artlBtlc band writing A lelt•r of the Irll!h poet and cs~>ayl•l. Aubrey De Verc, may aJso bQ .lf"·en t. lhP exhlbfUon case. De Vr rr·





Wo rdRWorth, TennyROn, CardinaJ Newman and Cardinal Manning. He was r ccf'"lved Into tho church 1n the rompa.ny of 'ardJnal MMning. For ycanJ he was a. professor in the Catholic University of Dublin un<ler Cardlnal Newman. A rlhur Chrlslophcr Benson's lelLf'r Ia very 1ntc rcallng. H e wa.a

l"'&.l:Cent.. and R~!qleet Car \'"o


e. That e,·ery"One be;nn ~'1lb himself. striving to culU,·at" e devotion to the Blessed acrament by prayer, Holy and frequent Communion "'"" lhe tone at lhe clooi.n.g remarks of tbe moderator



but searocst group

students a


bow to Clsna on


April 11, lD the CQUege Club room. ! Stephent Gould, president of lhe S<>clety, lead the opeolog prayer and (Continued from Page 11 announced the topic tor discussion· "What can we do to promote de,·o-1 discussed In 34 of the platform deamounting to some very fine prlnt- lion to lhe Holy Eucharist? Wher~ bates, lhe tv.-o exceptions being lhe l ing at tim~. No "walking sticks shall be begin?" debates "~lh Mundelein CoUege and gone mad" here as William Ward Father Cracknell, the moderator, 1 llilDols Wesleyan University. From said of Tennyson's writing. informed the society that it is to do lhe forensic plalform, Viator suethe work of a Eucllarlslic-Our Lady cessfully upheld lheir stand lD ~0 ACKNOWLJl:D<l~fE'I'l'S commi ttee ; that this has the ap- of the 32 decision debates, lost lo







hi• appreciation lo the Rev. WaJte r 8urpr na.nt. c. S. V., for two very c.. ld books ''The EngUsb Learner by Thoma.s Ewing and a religious book. Also the r eception of volumes promised by the Rev. Stephen Moore prcHl dC'nt, Jcclurer and !ciJow of Mag- of Bloomiogton-"Tbe Post Nicene <lo.lrnc College, Cambridge. As s Fathers" and a set of St. 'I'homas novcllal, poet s.nd biographer t.e Aquinas' "Summa Theologian." o.chlovcd a mca...qure of fam e but It IH IU! an caaaylsl that he ls best re-

B erchman ' O Cl ty Hold Ci ca ~Ieeting

R e porters of Columbia University membered . He was an older brother we re assigned to question those of Monsignor flobc r t Hugh Benson whom they met about their opirtion o.nd son of the Arch~op of Can t er - of college students. Five out of six bury. p(>rsons think college students a re Ther e Ia an a u tograph letter from loafer s. The sixth person questioned H UoJre Bclloc conceming "Converea- spoke Chloese.





the 11 teams





moderator of Cisna. St. John Berch- ! achleviog a .645 percentage lD platman's Society is to continue as an fonn appeara.nces. The Affirmative organization of those who will serve teams won .667 percent of their deLbt priest at Holy Mass. bates, and the Negative won .621 The following proJects we re dis- , percent.. cu..ed by the members In an lDIn til e 15 debates over Rad.lo staformal manner: The Roman Missal, tlon W CFL, Viator was the victor Knights and Haodms.Jds of the lD 13, or ln .876 percent. A differBlessed Sacrament, The Calvary ent proposition was discussed in Guild, eDvoUon to our Lady, and each debate. Respect for Women Crusade. W eeegThe BerglD Debatlog Society rep· er Krauser. Raymond Cavc..naugh and resentatives defeated the following M iss Mary Anthony gave their im- school s in p latfo rm discussions: Olipressions of Ciscora meetings they vet College (three times); Wheaton had attended. Coll ege; Illinois S tate Normal U D.iA Poster Committee is to be ap- versity (three tim es); Charleston pointed and the followlog subjects 1 Teachers' College; Ill!nols W esleyan



versity; Hanov"r Colle~: Nortbw~t~ ern lllvernly, W ba..'<b CoU ; ou,·et Colle~re: DePaul nh'lml!ly The lone tie wa.s ~ith llli.noU. \V t~· Iegan UD.iversity.

Over lhe radio. VIator dcleste<l. L>eKaJb Teacbe~· College (tWic ) : Olivet College; Loyola lllv<:rs!ty: Wheaton Colle~re (thrte times): MundeleiD College ( twice); UD.iversJty of Dlinols; Shurtlel'l' College; Elmhurt~t College; llilnols College. VIator was defeated by DePaul and L.oyola UnlversJUes. The oon-decisloo plallorm dcbatt·s were with Loyola. University; .M un· deleln College; and two debates wltb the- University of llllnois. All students \vho milke straJgh "A's" at the University of CaJlfornia given a refund ot $5 on their tuition fee. Wesleyan students 1\l'e managing chapel programs fo r a. mon th. A Tech follower suggests cocktaJle at ten to replace chapels.

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@ 193) , LlGG£TT t< MYD.S Taucco Co.

St. Viator College Newspaper, 1935-04-15  

The Viatorian - Vol. LII, No. 12