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The Reverend E. V. Cardinal, president of the College announced last Thursday that a physical education department would be created with the opening of the fall term. The addition of this department is the first of a series of expansions that is planned. Charles Andrews, wrestling cocaptain at the University of illinois, was named by the College Council to head the newly created department of physical education. Andrews "ill come to St. Viator after his

have its work cut out in the semiwindup. St. John's team will be no "set-up" for it boasts of having fcur members of the last year's National Catholic High School champions upon its first string team. "Baldy'' Carroll, .who has brought three national basketball titles to

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Flame 0' Gael Library Echoes


Pulollabed bi-weekly throughout the year by the Students of St. Viator College.

By )iary P. Cruise, '35

By Bro. L. Nolan. C.

The vision of the Lord came to


In Retrospect

IPatrick as

Amedee T. Betourne P harmacy CUT RATE DRUGS 119 C<>u.rt t ., Ka.nkak~ . .lU.

. Y.


he wM tending the flocks No department of SL Viator Col- 1 night lege has endured more changes of Editor Edward Buttgen, ' 37 on the bills of Slemisb. For six fortune than the College Library. Mary Cruise, '35 D. J . O ' LOUGHLJN, A1l8oct ate Edl tor , lcng years he had dwelt in slavery To students and faculty-members fo r Ath letics Editor M . D. William Schumacher, 37 to his I rish master, since pirates had Margue rite Senesac, '3_, carried him off from his home in whom the present well-stocked and Sor ority Editor EYE, EAR. NO ' E & TBRO.\ T BUS INESS DEJ>AltTMENT Scotland. But his days lil tb• admirably available shelves are a 602 c~ ~~¥:~. ~ Bldg. Martin McLaughlin, '38 misty valley of the Braid and his commonplace of everyday academic Buainess Manager Stephen Gould, '36 nights under the st&.rs had drawn life, it is perhaps difficult to r ealize ABslatant Business Manager Bernard Benoit, '37 hlm close to God, and now the that the Hbrary of today rose PhoeCirculation Manager Patrick Hayes, '38 wo rds of the Lord enkindled in him nix-like from lhe grea t fire of 1906, Asslatant Ci r culation Manager COLUM I STS a loving zeal for the souls of his J th~t .fire which destroyed the m~n Lester Soucie, '36 captors who were given over to the bUl ldJn gs on the campus and w1th Day Hopping H ardware Harold Sellers, '36 ancient superstition of tlle Druids. them, the Library. A few meagre [nle rcoll eg!atc H ard w are portin g Ooods 129 E. Court S t. - Phone 930 FEATURE WRITERS So it was t hat when he finally vo lumes were salvaged. Practiced Li mited to Doyle, Richa rd '35 made hi s escape to France, his o nly Ma ry Anthony, '38 With this sadly depleted collecJoseph Prokopp, '38 thought was to come back as soon tion the Library staff undauntedly Ralph Celetto, '38 S J>ORTS REPORTERS a.CJ he had equ ipped himse lf for his began the work of re plenis hing th e Ha.rry H odgins, '38 great task. Abc, '38 For t we nty years he shelves. The few books. mostly was associated with the sai ntly Ger- fictio n, which had been saved were Subscription Rate $2.00 per annum. main at Auxerre, and all the time moved to a s mall room on tlle third Young l\'l en's Cloth es Addre.ea aJl correspondence r eferrtng either to adve rtising o r su bscri ption to th e Is le of the West was before his floor of Mars ile H a ll m what is now .Furn1shtngs ru1d S h oes Tb e Viatorlan,, I llinois eyes. H e saw th e soft-bosomed a part of the Ph ysic Laboratory. At £ntered u second class matter at the Post Office of Bour bonnais, Illinois, hills of Ireland , and her s himmering this tim e th e Library kep t ope n but under the Ac t of March 3rd , 1879. lakes. H e dreamed of conve rting one hour a week, from 11 to 12 on th e oak of th e Druids into a shelter Sunday mornings. .A.CME PRINTING CO. 121 SOUTH WASHINGTON AVE. for Him who died upon a Tree, and In th e year that followed th e Li- - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -- - if'. his imaginatio n he su bstituted for brary numbered on its staff, among t he monoliths of the Druids the many o th ers, Father Chris topher a lta r-stone of the One True God. Marzano, during whose r egi me the I KANKAKEE ' S It was his specia l g ift that he saw Library was mo ved from th e thi rd BEST KNOWN in everything, eve n the usages of to the first floor and install ed in RESTAURANT paganism, and the humb les t pe bbl es the ,present co-ed' s parlor. H e was and tinies t plants of Ireland , vebic- succeeded by Father Plante who inSchuyler Ave. - North of Court les throug h which he could convey s ta lled the Dewey Decimal Sys tem his m essage. of Classifica ti on whi ch is s ti ll in us e At long last ne r eturned to th e The Library was a lso moved to the land of his capti vity, resolved to second floo r where is occ upi ed onese l it af la m e with his own loving half of its present quarter s. When faith. The work was slow, for the Father Edwar d Cardinal becam e LiSidney Herbs t, Manager. laborer s we r e few u..nd th e opposi- brarian in 1918 th e Library was alion of the pagan priests was in- gain moved to the co-ed's parlor and DININO ROOM W e wis h to pay t ribut e t o t he St. Vincent d e Pau l soei c t y of' tense, but at las t the victory was a portion of t he hall w as recquisi~lAONIFICANT BALL ROOM his , and in a manner symbolic of his tion ed fo r s tac k room and many new St. Benedict's co lleg e fo r th e great mi ssionary wo rk th ey hav e been own a rdent s pirit. On Easter Sun- vo lumes were added. Once again A hearty welcome awalt.. the doin g fo r t h e p ast t h r ee year s a m ong the Neg ro p eo ple o[ Atc hiso n , day, 433, S t . P a tri ck kind led the th e Librar y was moved. This time atudents and friends of St. paschal fire upon th e hill of Slane, (i n 1920 ) is was installed in its presViator College. K ansas. It is in t er es t in " to note that t hi s s oc ie ty today spon so r s in defian ce of th e or de rs of Leo- ent quarters. New equipm ent was S unday services for t hirty.e i ght c ol ored co n ve rt s, and holds cat e- g h aire, Su preme Monarch of Ire- ins tal led at this time and th e Librar y · · · · 1 · d C I land. At th e urgi ng of t he Druids on ce more became a source of pride c l11 s m m s tru ct iOn for a p p r oxnnate y seven ty m te r este n o n - at 1- . the king co mmanded his se r vants to to a ll con ce rn ed. Anything in Glass and Paint oli os. l'teccnt ly the o t·ga ni za ti on purch ased two l 50·p OwlCl h ogs ex tinguish the fire , but th ei r atIn. 1 92 1 Father Cardinal left th e J'rom Atc his on fa rm e r s, but.c h e 1·ed t h e m and d istri buted t h e m to t empt was unsucc essful. Druidis m Library to continue his s tudi es, and KANKAKEE GLASS & PAINT COMPANY h . k l . I 1 d l . I dr . I . was doomed. Miss E. M. Roy s ucceeded him. Miss t e Sl C an c poor of t Je co or e popu at wn. u a c Jtton to t u s Many a pagan fire has been kind- Roy was succeeded by Miss Lucille wor t h y work, missionary wo rk carri ed on by t h e m e m b e rs of t h e led in Ireland s ince, and the wi nds Putz who had been her assistant soci e ty is b eginning to s how r es ults [ t is g r atify ing to lea rn that have long ago scattered its ashes, Miss Putz r emains as assistant under 24 H our Service Tel .984 but th e little flame of Patrick th e Rev. Francis E. Munsch, who D-X DINER t h ese Cath o li c s tud en ts are willing to sacrifi ce t h eir tim e a nd e n ergy whose purpose was not to destroy w as a ppointed Librarian during th e 145 W . River S treet but to wann and enliven has never past year. in coo p e r at in g i n t hi s tr ul y g r eat C hrist ian work. Route 49 Kankakee, ill. M. J . Quig ley & Sons gone out. The associates of PatThe Library is now entering upon Curb Service G ":\ I rick and those who came after t hem a new era. It is marking time 'l'he stud ent 's demonstration a w ee k ago at uada lajara, • e x. nourished th e fire during all the with the College in the advan ce to i co , wh i c h r esu lted iu t hr ee p er so u s be ing k illed a nd seven seri o u s- d a rk years w hen the Barbarians hig her honors in the educationa I ly wound ed , fo ll owed cl ose u p on a Ca tholi c de m onstration in t.h e f rom the North poured over Europe fi eld. Meet The Boys At I and stabled thei r horses in th e Ad di tions sa m e city w hi c h was d is p er sed by like v i o le n ce, but luc kil y no OU<! churches of Ro me. When th e fo r ce The fo llowing books have been add was killed. 1\ noth e r ins tance is r ecord ed o f t h e attitud e of the of the invasion was past, the so ns ed to the Lib rary shelves: Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobacco William Jviex ican gove rnm ent toward t h e Catholic r e li g ion inasmuch as of S t . Patrick carri ed their g lowing Russ ia's Iron Abe by Newspapers and Magazines wo rds of hope and r ebirth to th e H enry Chamberlain. Problems of th e New Cuba by t h ey c ompc ll th e tea c h er s i n the fe d eral sch ools to s i gn t h e fo llow. deso lated co untri es that had sent iug p l edg e: " I h er e by cl erlare myself au irreconcil a ble en emy of th e them Patrick, and the Faith that Foreign Policy Association. TAYLOR TRANSFER co., Inc. Cath o lic re lirr.i on and clis[)Osed to co mbat t h e c le re:y whe r eve r it proAdlul cethdath itm s ·mortal of The British · Way to R ecove ry by Insured Freight Forwarder s .... .... . St. Patrick H erber t Heaton. H auling Between l also d eclar e myself disposed t o take p art was mingled centuries ago w;th The P ermanent court of I nternat s h a ll be n ecessa r y . KANKAKEE CHICAGO io the cn mpaigu against ismn . 'rh.e t e a ch e r s m u st also th e soil of his own beloved Ireland. iona.l Jus ti ce by Manley 0. H udson And All Inte rmediate Polnts But the flame that he lig hted in the American Cons ulation In World Kankak ee, Chicago, JoUet promise to end a ll r e li g ions practices in th e ir hom es. 'l'he ad· souls of the I rish burns there to this Affairs by Russell Cooper. ministration pro hibi ts a ll r eligious f or the t each ers. I t is odd day with a pure, still intensity, softArms and Munitions by Baccus ening Celtic fierceness and illumin- and Nichols. H. E. Coyer E. A. Clason t h at " ·e, su pposed to be a highly c i vili zed p eopl e, can watc h calm. ating Celtic me lancho ly. Neithe r The Saar Struggle by Michael T TELEPHONE MAIN 202 ly a nation , ove r \\-hi c h wre h ave, by our Thf onroe Doctrine, a primacy svvo rd nor pen nor the specture of Florins ky., P r ess in g & Repalrlng of w atc h fulnes , outr age the most f undam ental principles of c ivi- want or the hope of affluence have Acknow ledgemen ts Work Called For and Delivered be.en able to withstand t he light of The Librarian wishes to acknow li zat ion under our ve r y eyes. 167 N. Schu y ler, Kankakee, llt. Patrick's fire, by which they a r e ledge the r eceipt of books f rom the but shadows th a t will pass, as the following: 'l'h e Ch icago Chapter of t h e Knights of Co lumbus has en dors ed dark faith of th e Druids passed that Rev. Stephen Moore, Bloomington the mobli zation for Catholic act ion campaign. This is a nation- Eas ter Sunday on the hill of Slane. Ill. F or B etter B utter A sk For wide affair . and progress is being m a d e in the ri ght dir ection. Rev. James Lowney, C. S. V. Kenneth Cor coran, ' 35 of

&It tor

the chieftain Milcbu one




Philip T. Lambert





Hotel Kankakee


Morella & Caseys

De Luxe Cleaner s

P ope Pius


Delicious Brand

in an add r ess before the seminarians of twenty. two

fo1·eign co lleges in R ome, teachers a nd r e pr esentati ves of Catholic Action. said: "Cath ol ic Action must be k ept sever ely apart from parties and politics . If, however, politics must b e understood iu its classica l s igni f i cance of that which relates to the common good of society. then members of Catholic Action ca unot r emain


Accor ding to Professor Harold F. Bender, bead of th e department of ori ental languages at Piince ton, the origin of the word " jazz", which befor e bad something of an unknown histo r y, has been trac ed to the slavidle . bu t m u st p r ocure it in every way". Every Catholic, w h eth er es of the west coast of Africa · who or not a memb er of a specif i c Catholic organization, should join fi r s t used the wo rd in the meaning i • this gr eat drive. of "burry up" .

OB WHERE! OH WHERE ! Three seniors a t P ennsylvania, members of Beta Gamma Sigma, hono rary scholastic fraternity, could not answer the qu estion, "Who is Vice Presiden t ?" One of them mum bled a few words, and one of them said that ~ t isn' t Roosevelt". The thi rd one left the question out.



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My eyes then saw and my ears then heard Mr. Gaisor memorizing love-lgrica with an intension .o f quotAs I gaze through the library win- ing th em to Miss Mitchell. What will But all is fair in dow, Spring and nature beckon m e Hebert think ? You k:now, maybe to partake of their wonders. Ah! love and war. Sunday aiternoon; warm sunshine, he should have been singing "Louise" music, song and the campus. Day- It was at this point that I encountdreaming reminds me of a certain erect Ken Corcoran telling his woes He didn't have village student who spends his even- to a little robin. Ings s pying through the windows any roller-skates so he couldn't join and watching lovers promenade along Connie · . Visited the gym and PingCollege Avenue. Pong Tournament next. Alex KralikGetting back to roy strollthe lis was there humming to three first individual whom I met is an young ladies/ "I'm Just A Gigolo", A walk is never complete about Interesting chap, nicknamed "Lord Byron". (What characters we do the campus without being- interviewA have!). I marvel at his achieve- ed by our publlcity manager. ments Debater extraordinary, a prominent member of the faculty singer ( ? ). and also an aspiring tap- describes Bill in these few words: dancer. It is rumored that next 'Hears all, sees all, knows all and Aloysius' new theme year he plans upon taking this tells all.' course in tap-dancing under the new song is "Gather Lip Rough While physical educational director. Won't You May'' . ' In fact, someone said Hazel and he make a cunning pair? he could flag a train with his hand"Lord Byron" is always in demand. ies. Seeing a Connecticut Freshman Last Sunday he acted as a debate tutor in the absence of the coach. strolling about reminds me of Mary She likes them, you know He ka.s on his way to Marge's and Cruise. As I pass the campus mailbox, was whistling, "I'm Always Thinking Of You, Margie", when I met there stand.s Marty, mailing a letter for John Hilker, he'd only been him.

Sunday Snooper

carrying it around for a month. )No wonde r


didn't ge t


spring-bug s eems to have bitten mos t of our he-men, at least so Father O'Malloney remarked to Claire, Hazel and Evelyn as he discovered the m still in the lObby conversing with

s everal of

the Roy Hall


"Ollie" Lux is now selling s un-

daes .

Could it be that the spring

atmosphere des troys his liking for what comes in s tiens? Phelan enjoyed a Sunday dinner at "The Green Hut" which reminds m e, its lunch time and dinner waits for

neither time nor tide at Be seeing you.



Th e


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NORTH CENTRAL North Central College of Naperville captured the lion's share of athletics duiing the year 1934 in the Little 19 conference. Besides winning the indoor, outdoor track crowns and the baseball title, North Central teams were second in basketball, tied for eighth in football and wer e sixth in swimming. North Central won the indoor track championship with a total of

ln accor4unce w ith

a. long

tra illtion, the n ext

Lssue of the VIATORIAN will be edited by the mmnbers o f the Freshma n Olass.

The editor and aa:soc-iate ecfitors will be selooted this w ook by the editors of th e VIATORIAN, and the three F reshme n appointed will ch oose their

A ch emls t ( a ll¥U') h as at las t been a ble to analyze women, and here it ts : Symbol : W O. A h uman f amlly .

m em be r


Occurrenc e: Can be found wh ere.ever man exists. P hys ical properties: All colol'3 and sizes. Alw ays a ppears In disguised

condi tiorl&--surface of f ac-e se-ldom unpro t ect ed by co a ting of paint or film of powder . Boils at no thing The Frosh edi tion of the paper has ahvays aroused the inan d may fr eeze a t any momenL te r oo t of the student body, and M el ts w h en prope rly treated. Very bas W5ualiy revealed s e veral bitter if not u sed correctly. budding j oUTnalist.s. There is Chemical properties : E x tremely ace very reason to believe tha.t tive. Possess great afflnlty for gold, this year will be no exce ption. silver, platinum, and precious ston~ 48-1-3 points . Tbe baseball titl e es of all kinds. Violent reactions was captured with six consecutivE- when left alone b y man.. Ability to victories. The outdoor track crown was won with 38 5-6 points. North absorb all sorts of expensive foods. Central' s s econd place in th e bas- Turns green when placed nex t to a ketball race was achieved with seven b€'tter a,ppearing specimen. Ages victories and two defeats. very rapidly. Fresh variety has / great magnetic attraction. Highly Live to leave Mmetbing behind ; explosive and likely to be dangerous you other than an empty chair. I in inexperienced hands. ovvn


. ... remember how I brought you two together

~~F~ .9am~ Swh.e I give you the mildest, best-tasting smoke-because I am made of center leaves ·only. The top leaves are unripe, bitter, biting. The bottom leaves are coarse, sandy, harsh. The center leaves are the choice leaves. They are mildest, mellowest, yet richest in fine tobacco flavor. And I offer you the fragrant, expensive center leaves exclusively. I do not irritate your throat. That's why I dare to say, "I'm your best friend."





Gr en B at

1.1.1\. cord rna h d In Eighth nnual i.a tor Tankmen (.JTi~




T r IJfri


HllnlJI ~t

I .I)Jl..- flP


.ltV k~nvtll~>


VJO.ti.Jr'lll n,.wly

36 20 1.? polnh 10 point.. ',fr,nmouth Coll,.ge 9 ' 'l poln~ Til · We s t Tniver 1ly ~ points 31"2 p01nU Allg'USUma Colh•ge Mlll1k1n Vniver:iily 3 ;>otOL'i DeKaJb t ·niversity, North Coil• 1<'

l'oly T•rh



'dll.Tk honv"' "' th,. m, f't , 1n a Ape <.-

t.ocuhv mMn~'r C1iJ)tiJr~Y1 lhlrrJ"!. }1;x(·rpUonJ\._IIy rut Llmf! In Lh,. pre· J1mlnru1M AI f'()Unt.N) !or lhr"'f'C llf'W ~'Oofrr,.nf"l"' rf'r<Jrd3, whtJr: lhc Olh"'r

,.l In Uti!

rN"-OrllJt wrn· yard fnf'

I 00




onJy f·ornJ)('tlllrm which ,. OIU! Io.ught.


The the



th ,


Chapl ne, the youthful c.hampton had bttle trouble ln rea h· mE: tbe Cm H efe~t~ ouch ~~ as Le1berman of tht!' Ste' n,._.., en to th Cl b o! Johet a.nd ="' Corm r Re , • wht.l tuto lri•b 0\o !><'• b ct.amp1 n or \VUI County bo~ 3 ta.<:<~ a.:<ln E:'lthlb1Ung a well rounded \Vm. \Vagner ot Joliet, ~ ho h \I the arnm~~nwnt.~ ~nd a cl,.ely knitle<l defense the defe ted BerwU... Kankakee •tar anJ Grren Wave of Viator were able to Jcnes of Bloorrungton on hts way IH~ \OU-: "\ tv

tbe yuuth in a Roy Gumrut·~n. ~tar Ur.\Jif•y \1\:-.; three out of f1ve tan-.:e rtmn r from ~ v "'r)"'ille. uu .. ~arne ~enes. won th(' not~ tx:-g'lr.~ nulk d hvt!'ti"' l J ·\ tournament cha.mpionshJp 21·ll, ~1 m and work~ until j 3 . a 11; 20-21, 21-1 buss ln Av"r-y\illt.• and m \ke~ tU\ s. The great success of the tourna· o'clock cl ~q m Pt~r\a. No. ht• tloc l ment is due largely to the ctforL~ not cat breakfast of Emerson Dexter and Wm. Phelan. president and vice-president of the Harvard Univt'~ity llbn\,ry Viator Ping Pong Club. 3.602,0-10 book' 1a pnmdlsc




f:ntcrlng but "''Yen men In the J,;lghth AJUlUill J. 1 A C. RWimmlng


. 26.2 ,


tvurnament. EL.'lHlJ HST

r<~n· nce rt '<."o rd 'i<'t lu pn·Umlnurle" Nh' h o l ~on: limf'-- l : l l ; old rcco rd held by 1\[arshall, IJI.-Wes., at


1:15.2). 100 YAH.D S\VlM- VVon by F reeman. Ill. College; Beardsley, Knox College, second; CS..''tey, Bradley Poly Tech, third; Anderson, Augustana j College, fourth. Ttme- 1:02.7. 150 yARD MEDLEY RELAY\\'o n hy ~t. Vlato r (N ic ho lown, \Ven t h (• , Bctourue); Illinois College, sec·


the I rish scorers. the honor of leading the squad into action and to a well earned victory that eve ning as hono rary captain. "Streaky" will be the only letterman lost to the squad by graduation this yea r. .:t ummar y St. Viator (S O) FG FT PF Straub, f. 2 3 0 B. Burke, f. 2 4 1 Gibbons, f. 1 0 0 Betourne, c. 3 1 3

plucc lo Viator In u. ~peclo..t.u la.r race. ond, Bradley Poly Tech, Lhird; Knox Damle r , c. AJ.. LUl('hOr rnlUl on lbc relay team, / College, fourt.n. Time- 1 :36.1. (New Krauklis, g.

forced to overcome a two confe rence record: old record by IlL· ! Blazevich, g. yn.rd kRd and to beat Lhc man who Wcs., at 1 :37 .3.) Rogers, g. hnd St..'t n. lll"W r~cord in the 50 FANCY DIVING--Won b Mor· Walsh, g. ya.rd ttw1m. SpC'rlators report that _ Y .. Be loumc, tr limed just for bls share berg, Ill. ollege; Hallihan, Millikin Totals Unl., second· tsunch, Ul. College, of Ute rday would have undoubted~ ' ly brolten ·l;lc n~w record sin ce he third; Dunbar, Knox College, fourth. Valpo Uni. (14)

0 0

l)()n W l'-8





flni8-bcd two yards In front of Grier, th · new a.nd n.nchor man of MonmouU1 rclny learn. VJl\lOr n•lnv team wa.< presented ~... wiUl u tx.~autiful trophy for v.inn1ng th~ retny. Indlvldunl awards w~rc ~ u l$0 n1a.dt.~ to Betourne. Wcnlhe. anJ Nlcbolsoo.

DE PLUi\lliS Millikin- Big Blue. Charleston- Panthers. NOM



i\ U'(_• tf4

Cn rded ''XiWl\rd nC's.Lauriers. t: n.nd Un.rold lA'e Se11l'rs, man-


ager, lt.l<>k RLIV:1Ilt~l.! of th~ opportunity prcsent~ to them while- at

tcnta- ,

MonmouU1 tmd have a.rranged Uvt:' swtmm.tns· n"'e<'ls wiU1 Dltnois \V c.:-sl('ylUl. Bn\U.l('y, Norrnu...l and other ptlrUclptu"'~ m thc I I. . C. S\\imlnil.l.g lllL"CL Ddi.nite dates arc to

Shurtleff Pioneers. State Normal Redbirds. Ill. Wesleyan- Titans. Eureka Red Devils. Bradley Indians. Illmois College- Blueboys. Cnrthage- Redmen or Lutherans. Mac mb Teachers - Leathernecks. DeKalb-Profs. Knox Siwash. ~lon_moulh-Scots.


Karr, f. Baran,f. Sievers, f. Roddel, f. Giessing, c. Helwig. c. Rathburn, g. Larkins, g.

Koss, g.

Krause, g. Totals Referee--Helvey.


0 3 0 0 0



PF 3 0 0 0 3 0



0 0



0 1



0 3

0 3 0 0 8






Sunuuar) ~t)() YARD RELAY \\'on by llli· twis Colle~(' ; ,_radh_ ' y Poly T~h. St."<'-


t\Ud: Knoxt'l.'lttrth. Time-thiN ; Dlinois \\.t'Alt·y~ut. 1 :-u>.:::: { N~w '-'.U\fl·~nc(' l'\."<._''tJl'\1 ; olJ. n"("'n1 by Ill \\~c-s.



L"\.Ulft:'~Ul.'(" K~lkr

M. BORN & COMPANY Chicago's Great Merchant Tailor Fit and Satisfaction Guaranteed


1 : 49 .6.

Kdlcr. lll.·"~('S .. first : Skr~rt. Brad· l('y Poly 'l'l'\'h, St: ~nct : \\'t•n tb t.'. ... t. \ ' th lr\1. T'un..._'- 1 :1£'.$, t Nt.~'-'-' ln





ld n:


1 .1$ :3


s.t 1:~.. 1). 50 -ARD S\"\'1~ ~·on by Grier. ~ onmvuth: .di" .:: A\l.e~StRD.s. and _ · onru~),ltth tiN for 3e\."''nd: &.·S-Ns~- . Kn(\.._X . third_ Time-- ::"!t>..b l)'\ ~ w n_,x:ord. ~t in prelin.unari~ by


So me Sorority Houses at the Uni· fines its members

,· ~rslty o f illinois



In urance of All Kinds 101 E..l.ST COLRT

Phone 191!



P ed ect Preser va ti on Protection

Aspha l t UCjUid




h." rs



Niagara University, P. 0., New York, on February 13, won its thirty~seventh consecutive home basket~

North Central Carclinals. Elmhurst Pirates.




1 0

The date o( the tblrd annual Elmhurst IntercoUegiate InvitaUonal track and field meet has been set for Saturday, May 18. This meet will be staged on a four lap track with an eight lane 220 yard straight· away which provides the compeUt· on~ every opportunity for fast time Team trophies will ~ awarded to the three best teams in the meet and the first place winner in tbP relay. Medals for first, scond blld third ,place winners in the fourteen individual events and all men running on the first three re lay team~ will be awarded.


0 0

Augustana- Vikings and Norse ball game. Inter. Brother DesL...'\urthe stud~t body that arbondale-----Southerners. nt h."'~~t two or mort' Uua.l meets will SL Yiator. Green \-Yave, Figbtin' Have your Clothes Made-ID-Order lX' hcld nt homr Irtsh. and hamrocks. by



Mal noyl.


fJrsl. preliminary Be· lnurnc, Stovr Wenlhc and Basil Nl('bo loo n cornblned In lhc 150 yard med ley relay race to set Molh r new confcrenrc record. l.J.n to urut' H tn.r~ H nvtng fnJ icd to qualify In the 50 ytlrd fr ee slyk although he had succccdOO in b('lng- one or Lhc slx men lo low er Yl'O.r'R record, Don Hctourno rf'lurncd ln lhc 150 yard medl ey n.~Jny lo bring- tUlolhcr rirsl


Won by Juel.

tnffl, Sl. Vln.t..or Co ll ego wasn't ex· pC<"lcd to bf> v('ry much of a threat tt) Uw letu.lf-rs Bdorc the even· In~ WM over. The Orren Wave t.ankmN'l. hnd captured two flrsts and u 1hlr(l for fl ~-:rn.nd total of 15 polnL" n..nd



record of · 21.2 held by Well•. 1 Wes.t

Vlai.Qr ~ •trprlhOI'

P na T

y ~,. on Ia.r h .)th & enr.~ a crw E.' 30 to H efeat to th Uhlana. 1 tht.Q' !'ea,..IIIOn that the Irtsh ba.d met an<! Mfeale<l the Valpo Quiot.e The ore at the hal! ra· ored th \."la·


but yt.Br• wtmml nS( c ha.mpt...,n "IJUI~ H' • s~..v1mrdn~ m J!e t A won 8tJ.turdtly nl~ht, Ma.rr h. IIJth, t> y

I. Loui' fa I '}Jringjield

3 rtent

ake T hird Plac


La l l -i ator To Play

Kankak aptur

on Closed W I:.h 36-14 Vtaory Over AnCJen Foe




A perfect protective coating for brushing, spraying or trowelling, being a high grade Mexican asphalt dlspersed as mlnule particles in water (or convenient handling. It Is applied cold. As the moisture evaporates, a bla,ck, flexible rubberlike !lim remains which Is water-proof, acid, alkaline and fire resistant, and shul8 out In· filrations o! air. Mortex 5 does not crack or peel in coldest weather, nor blister, sag no r run on hottest days and always remalns elastic. It is odorless, la.9teless and noninflammable and can be safely used In coofined, places. It readily bonds to all clean surfaces, and also to danlp surfaces, but should never be applied over rusty, dirty, grea!!y or oily surfaces or an imperfect bond will result. Use only on clean surfaces to obtain perfect satisfaction. Used for DAMPPROOFDIG WALLS and FLOORS, PAINTING GALVANIZED IRQ:'<', PROTECTING CLEA..."i IRON AND STEEL, ROOF REPAIRING and as an ADHESIVE. It can be mixed with Portland Cement and dries out ,_ soft gray coiDr for patching deteriorating concrete. For Sale at LoeaJ Dealer-s

J. W. Mortell Co. Kankakee, IlL





"A" Section of Largest Squad In Viator History


Starting the season with 60 candidates for the basketball team, CoMb McNamara divided his candidates into three sections. The above pietur e shows what uMac~ ' called his 'first string' squad. Bottom R<>w (reading left to right): Coach "Johnny McNamara, McGrath, Straub, B lazevich, Marik* Gibbons, Rogers. Sooond Row : Kalkowski , equipment mgr., McClellan* , B. Burke,Foxen*, Ticulka*, Aiello, Hodgens, trainer. Third Row: Fahey*, Bade, Kelly*, Chartier*, Damler, Krauklls, Wuchner. Top Row: Shea:*, Knox, Larson*, Guy* 1 Dexter*, Betourne, Chlcatelli. * Indicates that these players either dropped out of college or were placed on the reserve squad when the "A" squad was cut.

Irish Pugs Meet Rumor True; Blo~m. YMCA Hope High St. Viator varsity boxers will journey to Bloomington on March 20th to engage in a boxing show with the Bloomington Y. M. C. A. This will be Viator's first fistic encounters since the squad corn.peted in the Pantagraph's Golde n Glove Tournafnent. Due to th e fact that some of th e Viator maulers are still recuperating from injuries , Brother DesLauriers has made arrangements to have three of Kankakee's bes t fighter s fiD out the card. Card Announced Art Sheldon, chairman of the y , M . C. A , boxi ng committee, and Broth er DesLaurie r s , Via tO r boxing coach , announced that sev en bouts have been sc hedul ed. The card is : Vearl D avis , Kank akee ( 118) Ray Wh eat , B loo m. (123) .


The appointment of "Chuck'' Andrews as head of the newly created department of physical education has proved one rumor that appeared in many of the state newspapers to be correct. Students, alumni and friends of St. Viator College, as a result, are in h igh hopes that the rumors appearing in newspapers concerning the possibility of a 'big-time' football coach being appointed may materialize. According to 'news paper talk' George Melinkovich has the ins ide track with Frank Carideo a close second. North Central illinois pape rs ap,pear t o be backing " Johnni e" McNamara, present . a ssistant football coach a n d varsity bask e tball coach, as th e log ical man to fill the vacancy.

The College a uthoriti es r efu s e t o divul ge w ho m th e y ar e cons idering . Paddy M ullo n, K ankak ee (126) vs . It is ·a well-known fact tho ugh that Clete Hensley, B loom. (126). ove r three hundred a pplic atio ns h ave W. Neudecke r, Viato r (135) vs. been f iled . Roy J ensen, Bloom. (131 ) .

J. Ka!k owski, Viator (147) Dale Huber. B loom. (143) .

VS .

Geo. D ion, Kankakee B ill Foli, B loom. (147).



J. Masterson, Viator Payne, B loom (155) .




Be:~~t,M:O:m~ iator (175) vs. Joe (175) .

The best bout of the evening promises to be one in which J oe K alkow ski ge-ts a chance to prove t ho.t Dal e Huber should neve r ha\'e had the Bloomington Golden Glove Championship.

Trainer Reginer Merits Thanks --"Zev" Regnie r, a r esident of Bourbonnais and a one -ti me 'big league' train er, has been dona ting his services as a t raine r t o the various Viator teams t his season. " Zev" has also taken it upon himself t o teach his 'art' to a num ber of the college men that h ave been ac ting as man agers.

Little 19 Teams Are Selected For A.P. By Memtors The "little 19" All Star basketball teams for 1935 as chosen for the Associated Press by conference coaches: Position First :ream Forward Westlake, DeKalb Forward Cox, Millikin, Center Lass iter, Ill. Col. Guard Winn, Ill. College Guard Laeding , Macomb Second Team Markel, Carthage Holder, Carbondale Day, Macomb Lewis, Knoz

Position Fornrard Fornrard Center Guard

H . Adams, Norm al


F ollowing players re ceived on e or more coaches ' votes f or th e :u r s t t eam: Blazine, Dlinois W esleyan ; W elborn, M cKe nd r ee; B a rton , Norrnal; Swanson, A ug u s tan a; Woods, Ma comb; S ko g lund, D eK a lb ; Gr a y , South er n; R eynolds, Macom b ; Mi lle r , A ugustana ; Emer y, Carbondale; Yo ung Nor th Cen tra l; H orn berger, I llinois Wes leyan.

WHOSE A SUCKER Gambling in the univer sity di strict cf Seattle is s ai d t o cost s t udents and "o th er sucke r s' nearly $ 3 each week. The Viat or varsity men wish to take this opportunity to thank " ZeV" for h is wo r k , and fo r the sacrifices he h as made in order to keep them in sha pe.

Gym Classes for NewbergtoPitc:b Village Lads Shot-PutlnMeet St. Viator gymnasium will be at the disposal of the village children on Saturday mornings from 10:30 o'clock until noon. It is the plan of Brother DesLauriers to supply a recreation program for the youngs ters who live in Bourbonnais. In an effort to keep the boys of grammar school and high s chool age from hanging around the gymnasium during th e week days, DesLauriers has secured permission to org anize these lads in to a club. He will, wi t h the aid of some of the college _men, t each the boys swimming, ping pong, baseball, etc. College m en inter ested in aiding Brother DesLaurier s are reques t ed to report t o him thi s week.

1(. C. Features Viator Fighters On M a rch 28 th t wo of St. Via t or's outstanding pugilists wi ll see action at the Kankakee Knights of Colu m bus boxing show. Joe K alkowski, wel t erweight champion of the College, and H arry Hodgens, lightweigh t chatllJlion of St. Viato r, have bo t h been scheduled for th r ee round bouts . Brother DesLaurie rs , boxing coach, st a t ed that permission had been given to the two fighters to appear on the outside card as a special favor to the K. C.'s. Brother DesLauriers further stat ed that in the fu t ur e Via t or varsi t y boxers would not be given such permission.

St. Viator College track canditates met last w eek and were addressed by Professor Michael Maloney, co-coach, who announced practice_ will begin in earnest as soon as the weather permits . Approximately 50 candidates attended the meeting.

The mate rial Professor Malo ney and Bro. DesLauriers will have is mostly green. Chester N ew berg. Littl e 19 shot-put record holder, is the only v ete ran t o r eport. Newberg has to date compe t ed in both the Centra l Athletic A ssociati on m eet held a t Notre Dame and tb e A rmo ur T ech m ee t held in Ch icago. Manager Marty McLa u ghlin announced ' that N ew be rg would be the onl·_y Viator man to corri pe t e in th e Little 19 indoo r meet Saturday, M a r ch 23 at Nape r vi lle. T he rest of the s quad is being groo m ed f or th e coming outdoor season .

Golf and T ennis Harold Lee Sellers, manager of the swimming team, has been a p point ed manager of the tenni s and golf t eams by Rev, E. V. Cardinal, it was announced yesterday. The tennis team has several pro:wective matches in view, among them being meetings with Valparaiso, Normal, Illinois Wesleyan, and several Chica.go colleges. Tennis is a minor sport but if the present plans go through it may be made a maj or sport. The team of last y~ar enjoyed a fair season and it is expected that this year will be a banner year for the racketeers.



Day Hopping

L---------------' S prlng an d sprln g fever, tbe one

'Wel comed t ever , go band in hand-80 doeo Tlculka and a myste ri ous blowJe. W e'r e all worulerlng what v;lll happen. In fac t we are 80 Inter ested that we are offering a prize of one allgh tl y bent pretzel to tbc one who can give UB the name of In fact, tbe name of t hat blond any blon de. Righ t n ow tbey are al l ta.lking abou t the F1ylng Clouds f rom Thornton Hi gh School but tbelr fame wi ll Ol e while that of ''H urricane" Mi rovcrtz will go on ind efinetl y. The H ono r able M r . Vern on Bade, kin g of Swat and of tb e dl nin g h all , has been swamped with fan m al l. D ue to tb e Inter es t In tbi s boy, it Is exp ected an y time tb a t h e w ill


m eeting

c amera



t en -course m e a l event with no tabl e manner s barred. Do we need to add that a ll of our money, seven~ teen cents, w lll g o on Bade. a Tbe Schmidt ll ght bUI took bound upward the other evening for tbat day "Little Joe" forgot to brlng hls portabl e to school witb blm and b ad to sit up most of th e night cat cblng up on his de layed corr espondence. Uncle Sam woul d have to close down his post office s ys tem lf Lhe S chmidt letters ever stopped. A rumor has reached this office tbat Ge rrity eliminated Lang in tbelr sen s atio nal s tru ggle t o be king of North Hobbie Avenue. I s this tru e, King Eddle, or are tbe boys only k idding again? "Dynaml t e" Damler, o ur up an d coming yo un g B radleyi t e, h as s igned t o play f irs t base fo r the Democrats this year. Due t o Bade's r elease from th e tea m it was made ,possible to ge t someone who was r eal ly a ball-bawk . And besides, Bade us ed to carry a sandwich in hi s g love and was al raid he'd damage said loaf. Crooning Louie, that d emon among the fai r sex, s licks up his hair every nig ht before h e goes t o bed in case h e mee t s H e r in hi s dreams . . . Those three littl e words um-um~um. We're only kidding , Louie, you ' re not a croone r . Latest s tock r eport . . It is rumored tb a t Rlpstra is about to tak e a mort gage on the Public Service Company. Jim doesn't see m t o obj ec t, on the othe r hand though, nothing bothers hi s daily routine , H e:c and ther e. There h asn't been m u ch s moking going on around here lately. Do you r eally want to know why ? Well, i t' s because Arrington has given up th e fags for Lent. Marcotte is tblnklng of buying some new tires--or should be--for h e and Marty, OUH Marty, bad tbe pleasure of operating on three cases of deflated tires tbe nigh t of the Prom. It's said tbat tb ey didn't have a pump and was Marcotte smart . He held the tire up and Marty started one of his debate speeches- Presto the tire was full ol' hot air and tile latest reports from tbe Ford say tbat it Is still boldlng up. W e h adn't noti ced it, but so meone said that J ohnson r esem bles Col. Charles Lindberg. Could it have been one of th e coeds ? Quite a few of us saw "Dinner at 8" wben it was at the Paramount hut have you noticed the Viator version of the play ? It called "Dinner at 12" and the leads are played by Alex and- ( no prize for the answer) And th e best part of it is that there is a daily ,performance. It's e but- Milo f ell on tbe nig ht of March 2, m ark tbe calendar a.nd w e' ll s ee how long this one lasts . . The razor blade dealers will be glad to know tbat Bud Mackin is sha\rjng every day, gee, is

j sbe


particular ? . . Sports note : A..n- bas tbe upper band on all klngs . The day is done and so are we and so ts this co l~ and so are you.

derson saJd tbat He mi.llard.s would trade Bade f.JJ r two broken bats and an old mllk boUle if tbe new owner promises that be will never be re turned . . F oruer doesn' t show up In tbe study ball. Why, . . B erns haB been sooo tir ed Hu bert w ill no t go out f or the sho t-put "Steamboat Geor ge" is one of t be B ri dge Sharks, w hat wi ll we dn If he does ever leave school ? . . . Smi tty tblnks a lot of a certaln Miss f or Its a long way f rom Manteno to Urbana even if love has wings . Love m a k es tb e wo rld go r ound, and th e r esuJ t is usuall y round aft e r r ound a cco rding to our expert " Teeny" DamJe r . . P oor Marty and hls chemis try manuel th ey say h e s lee ps with it und er h is plllow · . Bob Mackin is tb e Supt. over a group of th e f airer sex at hi s Dad's Shade fac tory, kind of a shady work , isn ' t it? . Snow knows t hat the maid's friend carries a gun. Ah Herman! · Doc Lane

vIa • t 0 r--

I Each ~d

(Continued from Page One )

Dramatic(Continued from Page One )


tbe las t p arty w UJ also be able to a,ppear on th e program, but at this writing Miss Colette b as n ot given her final consen t . Don ' t f or ge t tbe dal e, Saturday, Ma r ch 23, tb e time and tb e placeth e r ef ec t ory, a t 8 o'clock , and above all , don' t forge t th e quarter. WHAT A SCHOOL Ther e is real s tudent power at th e Uni ve r sity of Washing ton. Tbe s tud ent organization there not only hires, fires. and dete rmines tile pay of the coaches, but runs all student a ctivities , including a mammouth coope rative book stor e.



Ii.s discussed. support Iw,r;.

Edwerd O'Brien. '37, and Edward Butt g en, ' 37, tbe A.fiirma tive team. defeat ed DeKalb T eachers' Unl versity on March 7, and los t to Olivet College on March 1 2. Tbe deba t ers h ave advocated all season the abol~ ishion of all company unions, anr:l th e ado ption of a sys t e m of f eder a t ed non -company unions. The deba te wi tb D eKalb was bard-fou gh t. and botb men exhibited k een unders tanding of tbe proposi Uon and dynami c s pe aking prowess. The Olivet defeat was in th e nature of an upse t t o Viator ho pes, but does no t take Viator o ut of th e race for Conf e rence honors . Radio Victor!"" Viato r continues to be victorious in the Saturday afte rnoon radio debates. To date, the debaters have been defeated by only two schools.


di!rerent proposition

and audience lnt""'-"t has been steadily grow-

More tban one-tbl.rd of all tbe students at Te:.:as Tech are bearing part or all of tbelr colleg-e e.'<penses. 687 men and 242 wome.n are regularly e mployed. and of tbese. FERA bas provi d ed jobs f o r only &bout 200.


Food Products HIGHEST QUALITY W e carry complete line lor The Institution Yotrr Groce r can sup.ply You



Do you want to know why folks like 'em You don't have to climb a flagpole as high as Jack's beanstalk to find out . Just walk into any one ,of the 769,340 places in this country where cigarettes are sold and say-



St. Viator College Newspaper, 1935-03-16  

The Viatorian - Vol. LII, No. 10

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