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Monogram Day

THURSDAY, NOVEllffiER 1, 1934

CELEBRATE MONOGRAM DAY NOV. 10 --------------~-----------------------------------------------~



Professo r


Dooling ~ Of T our

Condu cto r

Many dignitaries of Church and State participated in the Inaugural cer emonies 01 th e Very R ever end E. Miss Anthony Defeats Political V. Cardinal, C. S. V.. Ph. D., on Co-Eds Abandon Elaborate P lans Machine October 19, and m en high in the For Party field of education we r e presen t to The powerful Ellis-Roche political pay their respects t o the new PresiThe studen'- we re to have celema.cbine was able to elect its cand.i~ date fo r the presidency of the In- de~e o~o:~~~a::nryco~:~er, Gov- br ated Hallowe'en las t Wednesday tematlonal Relations Club at that organization's first meeting on Octo- e rnor of illinois , r eceived the degre e night in the College Refectory as of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, guests of the Sorority, but in re24 ber • but was unab le to secure and delivered th e principal address spec t for the illness of the Right both of the va~ent offices, contrary of the occasion. Superintendent of Rever end G. M. Legris plans for to campus p r e Ic tlons. Public Instruction of Dlinois FranThe successful machine candidat e cis G. Blair marc hed in the aca- the affai r were abandoned late Tueswas Stephen Gould, a Juni or, of de m.ic procession. day. Bloomington, Illinois. H e is also Pres ident of the St. J ohn B er chThe Most R eve r end Bernard J. From The Past man's Society, and a strong bidder S h eil, D. D., Senior Aux.ilJiary Bishop The calm and unimpressed manfor a position on this year's debating of Chicago, gave th e benediction. n er in which our St. Viator s tudents squad. G<l uld came to St. Viator The Reverend John A . O'Brien, Ph. passed Hallowe'en night is a far

Professor H enri Dooling and t en repr esen tatives of the Physi cs and Shemistry classes wen t to Chicago last Friday to study the uniqu e ex· Organization Plans For Allnual Dance hibits in the Hall of Science at th e Century of Progl-ess Exposition. The College Monogram Club was The s tud ents returned, enthusiasre-orgBJlized Tuesday evening, and ~icl otverthth:ir ~b~;tio~, S.:d grate- the new administration immediately 5 5 many u 0 etr c or or interesting comments. Of special began to formu late plans fo r th e attraction to the Chemistry clas~ celeb r ation of a Monogram Day on was the heavy hydrog en-water ex- Novembe r 10. hibit, exp laining, as it did, the recent The celebrati on will be held m discove r y of hydrogen atoms of dif- connection with the Viator-Kalamafere nt weights. The instruments zoo foot ba ll game on the afternoon used in the celebrate Professo r Pi- of the t enth, which promises to b~ card's stratosphere asce nsion and a the most cont es t ed fray on th is cosmic-ray dectector were thorough- sea son's sch edule. In the evening, the Clu b is spo nly disc us sed. In the Phys ics Department of t he so ring the annuru }.~Iono g ram Dance th e College Gymnaisum . It w aa in las t year as a Sophomore from St. ~~·ti~ir:~to~eofU~~er~etwmyo~DF i mounoi!?- cry from the campus peo,p led with Hall, special a ttention was given to announced that th e Leo R e millard Bede's College, Peru, DUnois. pronounced the invocation. Both shee t ed ''ghosts", armed w ith rat- light sound and vacuum tubes. H er e, Miss Mary Anthony, a So phomo re, the c lass was forced to drag Pro- t en-piece orchestra of Kankak ee th e nomin ee of an independent fac- men are alumni of St. Viator Col- tH ng chains. and the village swarm- fessor Dooling from th e m a themati c would probably be sec ured. Uon, eeked out a victory fo r t he lege. ing with human d es troye rs whic h counter where he persis t ed in playClu b E lections secretaryship over Ri char d Doyle, Th e Honorable Arthur Cutts Wil- could ha ve been seen a de cade ago. ing with the slide rules. I n the abs ence of John M eany, th e Ellis-Roche candidat e . Miss lard, Ph. D ., Presiden t of the UniFo r it is indeed tru e that th e The final portion of the tour was Preside nt of last year's Monogram Anthony, who is Treas urer of th e versity of Dlinois, b eaded a dele- s tu dents h e re once took great de- ~pent in th e electricity building Club, the meeting was called t o Sorortty Is from Beaverville, Illi- galion of the instruc tors in the where the class did eve r ything f rom order by Thomas K ell y, Pres ident 1 nols. history department of his school lig ht in indulging in all the c usto- taking e xrays of each other to light- of the Coll ege Club. The fo llowing Three Persldentlal Candidates The H onorabl e Go rden Keith Chalm- mar y pranks of lifting gat es, tap- ing a bulb by touching it. officers were elec t ed: lawn President- Clarence Noonan. '35. The meeting was opened by Nor- e r s, President of Ro ckfo r d College, ping windows, over-turning be rt Ellis, the re tiring Presiden t ol and the youngest college president in swings, etc. Time was wh en Roy Vice-Pres ident- Ray Roche. "36. the I . R. C. Nominations were at lhe United States, wa.s p r esent, as Hall was a bedlam of noise and Secre tary- .{"{enneth Corcoran, '35. once in order, and three names fo r we re the Vice-President of Notre confu sion on All Saints' Eve. Man y Treasure r, Emme r so n Dex t e r , '35. th e p residency we r e accepted by the Dame, the Reve r end J . Leonard Car- a s tuden t entered his room to find Fr. Harbauor s )C.~ 1 chai r. those of S t ephe n Gou ld, Wil- ri ce, C. S. C . Ph. D ., and th e his bed missing, his furniture in a The Department of Speech of St The Reve rend F. J. harba ucr, Fac, liam Schumache r . and William Gran · Vice-President of De P a ul Univer; s tack in th e middle of the floor, or Viator has r eceived an invita tJ on ulty Advisor of A th le ti cs, addr essed nell . si ty, th e M . J. O'Conne ll, C. M ., his clothing serving the purpose of from the University of Illlnois to the me e ting and s tressed th e l iD The Freshmen were prepared to A. M., S. T. D. rugs. en ter two students in an Af t er-Din- portance of the Monogram Clu b in r ailroad a candJdate from t heir c lass n er Speaking contest in Urbana on its re lation to th e s chool. H e asked MSGR. LEGRIS I S ILL Into office. but EIIls , seeing the danNovembe r 23. Each s peake r w ill that the entire s t udent body codisc uss the subject, ''The D epression ope rate in making Monogram Day n The Right Rev. G. M. Leg ri s has (Conllnu ed on Page Three) and Youth'", and wi ll be allow ed from s uccess, and assured the men pres en t been co nfined to his bed for th e four to s ix minutes. past week with p n eumonia. Monthat he had al r eady received Lh c The Sisters in charge of the R eThis co ntest is being held in signor attended a church dedJcation promise of th e alumni m e mbe rs .:>f In Aberdeen . South Dakota Ia. t fec tory wish to publicly thank the co- w1 atte mpt to experim e~t . de mon - th e c lub that th ey would g ive the ir week, and wh en he r eturned to eds who helped in the serving of th e s trate and imp rove Afte r -Dinner utmos t support. An Inte res ting s ur vey was co nd uct- Bourbonnais on October 26 he had Inaugural Banquet. The kindness and Speaking by contrasting th e many Co nun.i ttces Named contrac t ed a severe cold. H e was efficiency of the girls we r e more differen t methods used by successful cd by th e stal! of the De Paulla than welcome to the Sisters. Following Father Harb auc r' :-~ la.9 t month ln which an att empt given medical ald at once. teachers of speech. s peec h, K enneth Co r coran announ ced was made to ascertain what pa r - ~--------------~-------------------~----~-------the appointmenl of th e fo llowi nglions of lhe pape r w ere m os t wideco mmittees: ly read. Publi city- G. Fleming, Chairman; T h e results . whlle no t unJversall y J . Quin, A. Roh in s ky. G. Rogers. '!". lndica.U ve ln thems elves, are no Gus h . doubt falrly r epresentative of t he Dcco ratlon- J . O'Leary. Chainnan; attitude or all s tud ents towar<hl J . Madigan. R. Radous . T . Fuhy. th ct r college publllcatlon s. F Shea, R. Wa ldron. The s tatis ti cs showed that 64 per The International Relations Club's alone can not be considered th r belng th e Mother of all o ur educaChaperons -John H aq;rove, Chaircent of th e men and 76 per cent fourth year of activity was mos t Ln- se tting of American civilization and tiona! lnstitutions,- Harvard, found- man; Byron Burke. o! the coeds always read the trent teres tlng ly opened on Oc tober 24 culture. It .. s one of twenty-on e page s tories. while 26 and 18 per ed in 1636. Tha t was the be!ctnOrchestra- woma.. Ke ll y. Chairwith a lec ture by the R ev. J . V . r epublics, just one. cent gene rally only looked them ing o! North American culture. But man ; J oseph Marik. Jacobsen, S. J ., Ph. D., of Loyola 1 "What has prevented a proper unover. Untverstty. Since Father Jacobsen derstandlng of these countries by the th er e were at least tw enty colleges The edi torial page clalmed onty 27 per cen t of the males and 22 per pursued his studies for hls Ph. D., United states has been the "Iejenda in Mexico alone be!ore that date, c~nt o! lhe females a.s consistent under Professor Bolton of the Un1- negra' or 'black legend' Which has and there was likeWlSe a sys t('m ot Latin· grammer school education and som• readers. but the "sometimes" cla.s- versi ty of Southern Call!ornta. who I c louded o ur r elations with This Is what "'" Announcement WaJ! made Monday strlcaUon jumped to 38 per cent and is the outate.ndlng authority in the America- the idea that Spain settled high schools. world today on Spanish~Amerlcan the New Wo rld only as a co nqu eror, mean by Spanish culture. It was here of the appointment of th e Ve,-,.1 {5 fl\' r et>nl re-~pectlv("ly the long befor e the English came and il Rev. E. v . cardina l to th e Gorn lli:-ma.n in . ports seemed history. tt ts no t surprtsing that and the r efusal to recognize to bo¢ the t"\"ason for 7-t per cent or Father Jacobsen treated his sub- !act that she was also--and indeed atl'ected a !ar great er numbe r ot mltte on Organization of the NF~jcct. "Our RelatloWJ wi t h Mex1co and preeminently a colonize r , who people." tional Catholic Educallono..J Assoel· t he mon reading the •port page a1 In brought civilization and religion to Father J acobsen conclud ed hie alton. The committee will rnefJt 32 p.: r ent o! the Y..omen the Latin-American Republics", ouch an interesting and enUghtenlng t.he pagan barbarism of the South lecture with an account o! th e poU- at the Hotel Roosevelt in New York a~·n1;·rally, 1 t t:Lnl1 19 per cent American natives. Although she tical and economic habits ot our City on Novembe r 1. u "'! Iht m tter deallng "~t.h : : ma.nner. Uc -•u nty. F ther Ja.cobsen opened hts lee- did exploit them to a certaln ex- Latin neighbors in a manner whi ch The purpose o! the commi t te<> " '' t- ture with the statemen t "The ques- tent .at the same time she civilized brought out their easentlaily lovable stated by the College Dcpartrn<·nt Tb~ ctunpus go. p columns t ract~ 10 ~r c nt o! lhe men &nd Uon o! international relations in- them. character and showed us that a!- o! th e N. C. E. A. ia "tD •tudy tho '"Another part c ~ the 'black le- though In many instances the1r out~ qU~Atlon 8.15 to wh~thf'r r,r not lh t• ~~ ~r nt ! lh~ c-Of"ds to rea.J. •-olves us very intimately with om the-ir cbok'l?' rno~l.: t ...illrt•• Th . slsteT ,.,pubUcs !lOUth o! the Rio gend" '-' the Idea that the Span1•h look on life seems In incornprf'-hP.nsi- College Df'-partm,.nt M now o rganJ7,a ed, hi fn a positJt.m to I.V!htevf~ llh tt "'~ <>t!'m to ho at \\om o. " Grande. M exico, Central America. thO? American naUons a re ignorant and ble to u•. It ts rounded upon. cun t) ~ the men's by latand republics o.nd all those in uncultured. Nothing could be more philosophy Which in the wt analyeh purpos~. anrJ If nt.Jt, to IJIJhmlt ltJ1 m<'~ ~ ~r ·~nt So th Amerlc&. The United States ! W Q talk about Harvard a. I.! much eoULl.der t:ha..n our own. pJa.n o r reorga.nlza.tlt.Jn.''


To The Co-Eds


International Relations Club Hears Lecture on Old Mexico I




THURSDAY, :-.'0\"DIBER 1, lss.&

Inaugural Address

<irq.e Niatorian Pub!iahed bi-week ly throughout the year by the Students of St. VIator College.

Th e


Buainesa M.a.nager

"STAFF" Sports Editor Sports Shorts Campus 8rtef• Day Hopping Feature Faature Feature Feature 'F'cature Write r Write r Write r Write r

- Kenneth Corcoran

we?" Most people bearalded the ad-

Edward Buttgen

I hope that you wW bear with me whilst I am making my proMary Cruise fes.sion of faith ln higher education Stephen Gould especially highe r education of the Martin McLaughlin type which is given at a small col lege and more particularly a small

vent of Democratic lnstitutlons, toe ballot, written consti tutions, and woman suffrage as panaceas fo r all evil. social, economic, and poli tical. We ridiculed monarchies as being



Cathollc College.


Profession unfair, unjust, and antiquated. Die-

Edward O' Brien of faith in this kind of institution tatorships were cartooned and lamLorenz Dugine r does no t mean that I regard th e pooned as the incarnation of th e But to da.y we bear inJoh n A r rington brand of education given in larger evil spirit. Richard Kendrigan institutions, either public or private

They Richard Doyle as being inferio r or futile. Joseph Prokopp may be and are in some r es pec ts But I tak e it as som e J ohn Stockbar sup erio r . P atrick H ayes thing almos t axiomatic that the na

John Morris lion is better r eward ed by having Be rnard B eniot a variety of institutions than by having ins titutions a.ll of th e same Subscription Rate $2.00 p e r annum. kind. It is our one hope and anti Address all co rrespondence r eferring ei t her to ad ver tising or s ubsc ripti on to di te against over-standardization and The Vlatorian, Bour bonneJs, Illinois monotono us sameness. Even natur e r evels in variety. One writer has E nter ed as s econd class matter at the Po3t Office of Bourbonnais, Illinois, expresed it face tiously by saying under the Act of March 3rd, 1879 · "Thank God we do not all look

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VIATORIA.'f STAFF Editor EdJtor Altsoclate Editor AJt31stan t Manager

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E. Y. Cardio.a.J. C. "". Y ., Ph. D .


Editorial Comments W e take this opportunity to express our appreciation on beha l[ of the s tuclcut body , to those who labored to mak e Hom ecoming lhe S II (TI'SS that it was. Vis it ors we n · \'l'l'Y favorably impressed with th e beautiful ly d eco rated gy mnas ium. Thi s w ork in vo l ved th e uusc lfis il cxp encl i tU J'C of va luable t im e aucl e ffort, a nd we r eg r et t hat our t hanks must tal< c th e s hape of a mer e acknowledgment in th e edito ri a l colu mn s of this pap er. It is g ratifying to r efl ec t that th er e are students who stand r eady to mak e va luabl e sacrifices w ord er to mal< e our co llege affa irs su ccessfu L

telligent men talking and writing and questioning the validities of all these forms of government. Th e so ber man looks through the pages

of his tory and after diagnosing th e various political sys tems in vogu e since the Nile River Epoch, comes to the same concl usion that no political sys tem is a g uarantee agains t th e e vils which s urround us. Is a de m ocracy su penor to mon arc hy or is dictatorship superior to democracy or monarchy supe rior to either or

both? There would be no answer which would be satisfactory to all

Much that ts bootless, fruitless and useless is written on the advan tages of a particular kind of ins titution ove r those of another. An interes ted parent who is looking for light on the important question of "Where shall I send my son to school" , wi ll r ead an article on th e advantages of a large unive r sity and Will probably come to t he conclusion that ''this is the place for my son" A few days late r h e may c han ce u.po n an a rti cle wri tte n on the ad vantages of a small college. Poss i

- the r e could be no answe r which wou ld win universal appropation. Some wou ld advocate and are ad voeating a r e turn to the old order ; others would, and a r e sponsorin g a political system which would have scme of th e old ingredients with a w hol esome infiltration of n ew ideas: others again would and are ru s hing h eadlong into an entire ly new order of governmen t . Whi ch on e of th ese three g roup s is traveling along the s traigh t a nd narrow path ? Only the rash would ven ture bly it has bad the effect of dyna to speak any degree of assurance on miting his forme r convictions . Th is s uch an elus ive s ubjec t. s tate of menta l confusion s hould And so it is in ed ucation. Every-

The highest award for public service in th e med ical profession not be a matter of surprise. It is - th e Nob le p ri ze, will be shared by three Ameri can m edi cal pro- most natural and logical. fessors . A s um of $41,806 has been set asid e for th eir develo pWho is there who is able with m ent of a trea tm ent fo r p ern icious anemia. Th e th r ee honored finality to measure the relative merits of diffe r ent educational sys

where there is vigorous discontent with our modern educational set-up. fortuna tely or unfortunately, educa tion, unlike religion, has not its in· d B"bl H pp'1L o unhappil 1 sp~re e. a Y r Y there is no Infallible pope to guide our footste,ps. We have to r ely upon our own r esuorces. Is it any wonder that we become confused and we are cons tantly changing and fordi t ' f' d? ever ssa ts te · What is t he solution? A . few

professo r s, Dr. Geo rge Minot and Dr. W ill iam Murphy of H a r vard, and Dr. George R. \Vhipple of the Un i ver sity of Roch ester , proba bl y are n ot l<uow n outside th e medical profession and the publicity abo ut th em has b een largely in m ed ical journals. 'l'o millions of p eople their nam es were first r ead in con n ec tion with the an, noun ccm cnt of th e Nobl e prize. This hono r fo r publi c service JS the ma rl< of a progressi ve nation.

terns?. What yard-stick would he used and who bas the yard-stick ? Education just happens to be one of those things which is unmeasur able. For centuries educators have been a ttempting to weigh the pros and cons of this and that in edu-

No matter h ow you consid er or analyze it, grass i• a wonde>ful thing. Much time was spent duri ng the s ummer months to b eautify t he campu s by plantin g grass; th e oth e 1· t hree seasons of th e year we stud ents spend cutting pa ths across it. After a ll, th ou g h, it is ni ce to walk on cool. soft grass and not wear out th e sidewalks-th at's a concrete fact you 'II grant. Th er e a r e plans afoot to pave the whole campus except strips of grass which will be saved fo r us to walk on. What satisfacti on that will give

In last July·s Forum (1934) there ed Socr ates, Plato, Aristotle, Sopbup peared an article enti tled, "Should ocles, Euripides and Aeschylus . Time

us ''s hortcutters''.

a College have a Purpose?" Most people would answer , "Yes, of Couse" . But what is the purpose? It is diffic ult t o say. Even educators are not agreed. Last summer a t the N. C. Ed. Ass'n. Convention .one hundred college president s and deans endeavored to fo rmulate a statement which would adequately describe the purpose of Catholi c Higher Education. The a ttempt was unsuccessful. Another d ay was spent in discussing the .p roblem of what requirements ought t o be set up for an A. B. degree. No. ag reement was r eached. · The question was solved in the c us tomary abortive f ashion o- appointing a com -

bas left its imprimatur on t heir immortal accomplishments. But were these men a produc t of a syst em or an atmosphere or were th ey geniuses w hi ch somehow or other appear in certain p eriods in history and defy explanations? . Others again would have us become m edi evalis ts. Prof. Haskins


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of Harvard University says that the

twelfth was the greatest of centuries. Dr. Walsh says that it was th e thirtee nth. We can conclude that both of th ese centuries were in some sense outstanding. The cultural contributions of this epoch are so potent that th ey are chast ening to a twentie th century scholar. Because of this cultural wealth some become so enamoured of it that ap t to receive from this lack of they advocate a complete turn-aboutagreement on such important and face to the educational syst e m of basic question is quite unfavorabl e that period. But was it an educa-


nos ing the situation one is not sur- tiona! system which produced Bonprised, and why? a ventu r e, B acon, Bernard and Thomas · Aquinas? Or was it an educaEducation is not an exact science tional atmosphere in which they and why therefor e should all peo- lived ? Or again, was it genius again ple have the same answer to th e defying everything and everybody? problem ? It is not like a proposition in mathematics. It is more The history of education leaves akin to most of our p roblems in one in utte r bewilderment when one is seeking an answer to the question, life, the answer is mor e or less "Which kind of educational system nebUlous. It is more specifically Those who lean toWe overheard a r emark a fter th e Millikin game that bear s like that other very important pro- is th e best? · ward St. Augustine and advocate a t•epl'ti!ion . . \n dderl~, :l[illikiu fan. his fa ce r edden ed from tbe blem, "Which Is the best form of return t o him ought not to forget We were quite con\vind and cont inu a l shouting said, " Those Viator men are not only government ?"

that although he incorporated much of Plato he dared to go beyond good football players but they lose lik e gentlemen". Think those only kind of government which could He adopted him and adaptwords over a nd a cert a in amount of satisfaction should b e yours suit the people best. 8ut now we Plato. to comp ensat e for th e loss of the game. ask ourselves the ques tion, "H ave (Continued on Page Four)

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8ut on second thought, after diag-

fiden t before 1929 that we had the


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cation and ror centuries they hav e suggest that we ought to re turn t o me t w ith the same fu til e r esults. the educational sys t em which produc-

The recent election of the offi cers of th e Internationa l R ela tions Club certainl y was not condu cted under th e parli.m entary roles that usually govern such occasions. Instead of voting for th e nominated candi dates, ba llots w er e scored for va rious members of the W e also found sever al ballots w ritt en in childish scrip! fa culty . d es ignating ~Iickey ~louse as their candidate. \ Ve strongly susp ect th a i our dea r littl e Freshm en have been " playing " a gain. ' Vithout a doubt it is time to call anoth er "board" m eeting under mittee to study the question. The firs t impression which a layman is th e a u spices of t he powerful and feared "Gangaroo Court". Now to command a few of the F rosh - Hect>ntlv ou the b u ~ a s an eld erly lady ente r ed, f i,·e Frosh rose and poli te!; offered thei; s eat s. Not that this is unusua l for Viator students, but it shows that the Frosh are profiting by the exampl e of the upperclassm en. It a lso proves that we hav e something to work on in our unceasin g end eavor t o make th e y ea rlings r eal coll ege stud ents and gentlem en. Oh, th ey do many things insulting to the dignity of the upp er classmen but whats the differ enc e . . as long as th ey are healthy and happy.

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Hotel Kankakee Sidney Herbst, Manager. DINING lWOM MAGNIFICANT BALL ROOM A

hearty welcome

await, the

students and friends of St. VIator College.

THUBSDAY, 1-. 0 VEffffiER 1, 1931



DEATH TAKES !\ STEPHEN GOULDA_ __HOLIDAY -(Continued from Page One)


And con-ed.

His memorial ser-

'i':ru:Uth:~e~a~r's Annual a t noo;: on Wednesday

La:st week the member s of the ger to his own or-ganizaUon, and Dean Defends Us In the lecture room wner e lunchSophomore were confronted at knowing the rashness of placing a D C S 1 k of Dart- less he s tudi ed politics every turn with blood-stained note~ F reshman in so responsible a posi- mouethanstatraedvenin aaryeoccent talk that And where his spirit still roams at warning signed (and this is al- atition ~ "r.efused to accept their nomin- college stud"!'-ts of the present gen- moaning a last rebuttal". most inconceivable) by the Frosh. ......_., eration are better than their fath Letters of horror were slipped into The names of Schumacher and ers. He said: ' 'I taught the fath - Presi.stence of. Color rooms and notices of impending Crannell we re both ,put forward by ers; now I am teaching the sons. It appears that the Freshmen doom were tacked on doors . The independent factions , although it Are the kids any worse than they haven't quite lost thei r greenness. Freshmen were in open r ebellion, was noticed that the Day Students used to be? No, they' r e better; I On one of th e objective t ests of and. (in their cbilclisb way) were were enthusiastically in fa vor of had more trouble with 500 in the 'W"beaton College one girl saw two demanding equal r ecognition by the Schumacher, the president of last old days than 2. 300 today". blank spaces. So she filled in the Upperclassmen. year's F r eshman Class. test thusly: "Date-Yes. Name- Doc The Sophomores are to be com:&lacb..ine U pset Practical Course Fro hock". m ended for the masterful manner The race for the Secretaryship 1n which they subdued the antics suffer ed a· strange turn after the "Artistic Loafing" is the title of a Ambulance N b of the newcomer s. Not once did ballots were cast. Brother Clarence new course being offered at Stephear Y Cain was e lected by a large margin, en College, Missouri. There is no Outside the door or the dean's the Class of '37 deign to r ecognize but declined the position after his home-work. office Rt Cr eighton university is the notes, and so complet e was their s uccess had been announced. Miss a sign reading : " Get your grades a.bhorence of such juvenile acts per- Anthony was then declared Secre- Resolved That: and pass out quietly". formed by p eople claiming to be col "Here lies a defeated Debater lege men, that th e Freshmen soon tary, having a slight majority over Who died as a result of a. fracture He'sLearnlng recognized their mistake and called he r closest opponent, Richard Doyle. In his depl e ted statistics, Add this to your lis t of definiThe meeting was somewhat india halt on the "lette r writing". gnant when it was rumored that Suffered whe n he came in contact lions: A skelton, says a medical stuThe College owes the Sophomore there were more ballots cast than With the horn of a clllemna in a dent at the University of Missouri, is a st ack of bones with all th e Class a vote of thank• for their th ere were persons voting. This rash rebuttal. handling o! the matte r, and It is was soon s uppressed, howeve r , by the He is survived by the bereaved people sc raped off. to be hoped that the Frosh will not Ellis-Roche machine, which was sat- Affirmative agaln resort to carrying on so child- isfied with its success in the elecAnd Negative which he long and ish o. campaign. tion of Gould, falthfully pro-ed.



VIATORIAN HOME HAS B~E MOVED The offices of the VIA TORIA1 were moved last week from the first floor of Marsile Hall to R oom No. 114 in Roy Hall. The original headquarters of this years' staff shall be used as the office of the D ean of Studies. Plans are being formed to make the paper's new borne convenient, modern and com modious. D esks have been installed. the files are being put in to or der. and new lighting facilities are to be arranged. A stamping machine bas been secured for addressing the papers of the ofi-cruupus subscriptions. which will add much to the efficiency and systematic organization of the circ ulation department.

In Chicago Numerous calls and inquiries have been made this fall as to the whereabouts of three of the brothers who attended college last year. Brother3 Domonic Bay and Edward Des Laurier s are stationed a t the C. Y. 0. H otel. 28th and Mi chigan. Brother J ohn Ferris is at the Working Boy's H ome. 1140 West J ackson Blvd.

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the cigarette that's MILDER the cigarette that TASTES BETTER



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quate to take his y. He did not l:lesllo.t• to ""-'V...._u..u. from Page Two} ness. To condemn a new plan. a ha•·e the Artlcl.,. of eonr. crati "' new Idea, befo re it is anal)'"Se\1.. stud- shelved and ne''' CoruUtuti n ~Tit­ I t en. A coUebC mll..'!l likewise klok llalu ta.tlon' BJJ<l Fellclt:>tlOM! 'Patsy" . . P.ocbe an d Clai r e dane - ed him. The admirers of Thomas •ed and lested. is to have a clo.."<!d back and look ahead. 1 "'1'18 1 ..• . . . . wb() ba& re- ed togethe r al l evening . . Claire's Aqui.nas who are in !a"""or of re:d A college mus t P"'P Its stu. tu~ HO<IfltJT tba.n I expected last pl~y or the evening w tU n.ever turning to his century k now o r ought these instituuons have been dents to wrestle with modern prof:k:w>(lal 18 lnoooo ple oUtul . . be f orgotten . . .JoUy '"Doc'' ;)l eany Let it not 00 said o! us howev~-r . . . I :rnu§t r etra.ln from drank nothing but Coco-cola n:J to know that he was inspired by quately stud1ed is to be recreant to ble m, dams said ot the tclllng It a.J.1 •• , not ~>e<:a..- 1 lear n.: gbt and '"Po ll" !1.orn=y sure be- Aristotle and that he went beyond the high purpose of a coUeg>-te In- what Heny 1 eighthe /Te8broen who.. have~. ta.c.ked moaned lbe fact that he didn't have him. H e adopted him and adapted s titution. am not asking that th.:: German schools. "Til t an League ot _-lations or the \Vorld teenth century G rmo.n school wn.s tb:reat.8 upon my door (ever since a camera to take a pi c tu r e of tbe him. Just as Augustine a.nd Thom- Court be accepted but that before a peculiar place fo r a nint!leenth J oo otn y rf'Vht.ll' d m y ickmt- ·miracle' . • TonY's production as adopted and a.da.pted so we must they are approved o r con demned they century boy to handle lWWlUeth cenlty) . . . but . . . r a the r f)eCS.(IS.6 tt1e '"Thb f'oWltaln o f Youtbn be studied. A college must guard tury problems". It is a good thing e< and tb e reverend moderator wbJ ie we didn't witness It, .eeeros to do likewise. Catapulting ourselves its constituents f rom making prinlo- for an cducattorial institution t o ha\<>C ,..a.y t.hat th e V1AT0Rl AN, o! au have been a bowling success back to the Middle Ages is not what priml conclusions. a Museum of Antiquities ; but It pubUca.tJoTu., must stay oft t h ~ ln- Incldc nta JJy, will the f ellows who any of these men would have done . A coUege should not be afraid to ought likewise to have a .t...abora.· dex . . . 80 t1b.o.t.'11 Utat. . . . It you cam e in on tmi e please put th eir We must no t fo r get the past, we It ought travel ln new directions or to lead tory of Social Sciences. d<robt t'hat. 1 know your prlvat.e names on the bull etin board must uve ln the present and prepare its s tudents to travel in new di- to be both a sto re-house of past Ideas &ea...ndaJ, oome a round somctlmc a.nd m edals a re to be c.warded to th ese for the future. rections. A college must adopt and a labo ratory of clll"rellt thought ru teU you about lt. nob le mec... Since education is such a complex It mus t have a and adapL Because a sys t em has and problems. Aa I all h e re typin g, I k no w no t Milo Ss bosser finally attended a thing, what can an institution prom- been good in the past is no r eason curator fo r i ts Museum, and also a Cert..ainly where:. to begln . th e past two dance the p e ti t e Marte Dro let ise to its cons tl tuents? why It ough t to be good today. "Brain Trust to cope w:ith Imporw ee ks have furnis hed more than their was his date don' t let it be it can not guara.ntee that because Those who are in favo r of trav eJJinc- tant mode rn problems. It ough t of its ,peculiar sys t em thos e coming s hare ot gossip th at ls worthy of ou r you r las t , Mllo . r emember in o ld direc tions lik e t o use Georg~ to have inc unabula but l t ough t a lso attention . . . and ye t . because 'faint heart never won fair lady' unde r its influence will lead the pro- W nshtngton as a model of everythtng to have lhe mos t worth while of the A doctor of I am Umlled to t wo columns I must The next of the bachelors to cession of stalwa.rts. A co ll ege shou ld look out that is good and co nservative. And new. leave many juicy mo rs els to you r fall wlll be S t eve Gould . . Only Education c a.n not guarantee mor e yet when our first P r esident was not only for lost cities Ul<e Troy and th an a Docotr of Med1cine. He can own snooping . . Buttgen informed the other day be agr eed t o take a elected Chainnan of the Consti t ution- dead rul e rs like King Tut but also m e that b e wou ld be the censor date if Doc Ellis \\'OUld bring hime only try and hope, and only hope. al Convention he dared to say these formulate plans for Utopias. We thi s Ume and so you s hall find ve r y o ne from Sen eca This freshman Hope that because of Its syst em a words: "This convention should UlU e about him in these Jin es. Kohl holds some klnd of a r eco rd s tudent will ln some meas ure attain ado pt no t empotiztng expedients but (Continu ed on Page Six) las t Friday th ere were exactly the ideals embodi ed in th e requireMany a p e r so n r aised a h o rrified prove the def ec ts of the con.stitution and scandalised eye-brow wh en tlley tn enty-one phone calls for him . . ments se t down to obtain a Rhodes to the bottom and provlde a radical observed th e gay Don Juan of Le - an d he wasn' t there to ans wer any Scholarship; namely, literary and Have yow: Clo t hes Mad<>-to-Order cure". George Washington trave led by Eddie O'Btien's date scholastic ability; qualities of manland attending the Hom ecomtng of them in a new direction on this occasion game with a new gi rl frten d . . Call ed to arrive perhaps it was hood, truth, co urage, devotion to M. BORN & COMPANY and he did on the other occasio~ H e r nam e is Peggy, al so Then jus t as well s ln ce s h e wou ld have du t y, sympathy, kindliness, unse1fChicago's Great Me r chant Tailor when we broke w:i th England. The Fit and Satisfac tion Guaran t eed ~ e re wa.a lhe Sophomo r e w ho ap- been bored to death lis t ening to hi s is hness, and fellowship; exhibition of Arti c les of Confederation were inadepciU"ed tn his o ld rol e of Lotho.tio chat t e r of t he Rockfo rd game. mor al force of character and of inll.Ild brought th r ee chiU"ming ladles tin ts t lead d t ak tnt t o the game . . w h en iast seen Debating has become very pop· s c o an e an erest ular of l&.te . Can it be because in hi s schoolma t es; ph ysical vigor as lbal evening h e was esco rting no t 50 many co-eds are m embers of th e shown by interest in ou tdoo r s ports Uuee, but five . . and he didn't Bergin Societ y? . . The affirma- or in other ways. Participation and re turn t o til e H all Immedi a t ely. live team meet s ni g htly in the co-ed inter es t in open-air and a thl e bc pu rThe Homeco min g go.m e wa.s cer- room Wonde r why all the de- s uits form an essential qualification tn.inly a s uccerse .. . wJlat with a. 21 balers wan t to make th e D ePaul !or a Rhodes Scholar but exce ptional INSURANCE AGENCY to 0 vlctory over the Invading Uh- trip? Can it be that Rosary athletic distinctio n is n o t to be l!UUI, tho '""!dents of fu>y H&l.l didn't Coll ege is loostng its appeal . treat ed as o f equal Importance w:ith deserve 80 D'lAil.Y deme rits for oele · The Hrst practice debate between other requirements. b.rn.tlll,g and fnJllng to return to thelr U1e affirmative and negative squads This College and other sis t er ins ticell8 by ele ve n thlr ty . . Yeah! I was a huge s uceess . . 'Tis rum107 EAST COURT STREET KANKAKEE ILLINOI S got mlno • · but. lt was w orth it o rcd that th e audience decision went of two e venings w hen they had to Phone 1933 . . . S low t ri e d to avo id h~ by to the nevative team f or two very 1H1oaldng UJ' to Harg-ro ve's room o s tudy for a quiz . . My idea of no. . . All ln vain, th o', iiS he was gOQd r easons . . . first, McGreevy thing to tlo . imagine two husky ~n by Ule pr-ef ec t. is a freshman and second, the firs t be-men leaving these hallowed walls Talktng about th e ladies ( ! speaker was a Brother . . . we must jus t to go to Kankake e and sit upon 0 fu>y Ha.l.l !U"e good o.t that) we I no- s tick ·with our pals. the Iron railing a t the corne r of Uce tll at at leas l one freshman The footbal l t eam left for De- Court and Schuyler They're in co-ed read th e Bri efs las t iss ue catur Friday . Kruaklis took a- th e wrong ins titution . they betJh c not only pald heed to the warn- lo ng a very s mall handbag h e long in the one located south of 1ng given th e fros h and bought must have reformed Not so Kankakee . . Oh, well, you won't 8 c hanning green chapeau but s h e In the case of Newburg he see them u,p town this week as one al so l anthomed m y lnd e tity took his small t runk w:ith him . is in the infirmary and the other thanks !or k eeping lt a secre t , Mar- Remember the r esults of last years is campused. gie . in re turn I s h all squ as h a ll trip? . The boys always had plenW e U, my children . another scandal you ha ve been invo lved in t y of kni ck-knacks as souvenirs when Briefs i& written . . . I hope you Perfect Emu.lslfled during U1e past two w eeks th ey r eturned. like them . . also that I haven't Preservation Asphalt Liquid Protection not even a word abou t th e eveni ng Wednesday night shall be a glor· burt anyone's feelings: . . . Be M ·sesstons in lb e library wi ll be print- ious evening the co-eds are go- sured that s uch is not my intention ed . . By the way, jus t who w as ing to hold another social Two . . . Just good, clean fun for all the young lady who insis t ed upon to one odds that I can te ll whom . . . may you all enjoy It , , . I asking everyone she met after th e Abe Rohlnsky w:ill take to th e so- say naughty things, too ._ , . and If Homecoming game it th ey did not cial even money he takes her my copy isn't ln the wastebasket love Tony as much as she did ? to the Monogram Dance as well . . next time, I' ll be back with the best A perfect pro tec tive coating tor brushing, s praying or trowellMinnie, won't ).ro u p leMe a ttend more That i s providing th e jolly Doc tor of the worst . . . To you who were tng, betng a high grade Mexican a-sphalt di s p e r sed as minute partiof o ur games? Cheste r plays a hasn' t already dat ed her fo r that so good as to signify a desire for cles ln water for convenient handling. It is applied cold. As th e much better gan1e wh en you are in affai r Barrett wants to bring my r eturn, I extend my thanks . . . moisture evaporates, a black , fl exi ble rubbe rlik e film r emains which the stands watching him . Miss Yates but I doubt whether or may I n ever have the 'duty' to menis water-proof, a.cid, alkaline and fire r esis tant and shuts ou t LnTa the dance we \\~nt n.nd lllAlly not she w ill come with him as h e tlon your •golng-Qns• ln this column !llraUon.a of air. ' tidbits of gossi p w er e g leaned . r efuses to trad e dances Be Ln such a way M to make you wish T n ko heed and n e Ye r attend a dance nice Danny and give u s all a. chance that you had agreed with Stockbar. Mortex 0 does not crack or peel in coldest weather, nor blister, as a stag . . , else yo u may r ooe.ive Will Roche bring HER to the - Lorenz. sag nor run on h ottest days and always r emains elastic. It is odorth e samo ~we.r that a stag did Monogram Dance after the 'las t less, ta.steleS3 and noninflammable and can be safely used in conwho triod to c ut ln on a certain play'? . Aiello is already dated ftned, p laces. It"readily bonds to ali clean surfaces, and also to damp Sophomore ooupl e that were deeply and so are Nicholson, McGreevy, surfaces, but should never be applied over rusty, dirty, greasy or 1\bsorbed in one anoth e r . . . ;'Scram Madigan and Buttgen. oily surta.ces or an imperfec t bond will resulL Use only on clean Tom Gannon just couldn't wal t mu g, you1 re no bette r thn.n a !rcshs urfaces to obtain perfect sati sfacti on. mon wben you" , . . W e need ! or this weekend t() arrive . . . H e Used lor DAMPPROOFING WALLS and FLOORS, PAINTING more splrlt Llke t h.i.s . . . Pm ln f avor comes from Valparalso1 you know GALVANIZED ffiON, PROTECTING CLEAN IRON AND STEEL .. ru bet the f olks back home are o l boycotting all stag's . , • Bting ROOF REPAIRING and as an A DHESIVE. It can be lll.ixed w:ith still hearing about the game from a co-ed! P ortland Cement and dties ou t a soft gray color for patchtng deThe versatile Dan Barrett Is still him . . . You reJI them Tommy . . teriorating conc r ete. do n 1 t be too harsh tho' . . . Roche gotng s trong tn local circles . .


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ANDREWS Insurance of All Kinds


"'Puggie" Y a t es 15 his lat es t conques t . .. all credit belongs to K endr\gan as he arranged the date , Too bad- Dick and Viv ( it is r umored) ha"-e at last s eparat ed rm sorry i! the Briefs are th e cause th at she no longe r calls you her ''ttty bi tty mousey \YUUSey" . Merry Old England's native son was at the dance with the charming

will be afraid to go home since llllliktn beat us , . sure is tough \Yhen the captain of your victors li ves next door to you back in the home town.. Did you know that two ·upperclassmen of Roy H all were trying to see who could set the r ecord of mos t nlghts out? has been out every nigh t with the exception

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J. W. Mortell Co. Kankakee, Ill.



Green Wave SuhiDerges Invading Uhlans VALPARAISO Millikin Downs Irish, 6 to 0 IS UPSET, 21-0 In Little 19 Camps

Rohinsky Counts Twice; Dexter' a Play Outstanding Vaiparaiso




thiS season and rarely whipped in

Bradley's Homecoming festivities of October 20th were successf ul as the Bradley team nosed out the strong Mommouth eleven, 6 to 0---It was the first ti me that Bradley has won a Homecoming game sinc e 1931.

the past thr ee, felt the full wrath of the Fighting Irish October 19th, when Coach Murphy's Green Wave helped to make the H omecoming celebration a success by swamping the Invading Uhlans, 21 toO. Linemen Responsible The credit for the victory belongs to these usually unsung heros of football-the linemen. In the first quarter lead by Captain Dexter the S t. Viator line swarmed all over the Uhlans and broke their spirit. Time after time it was the wonderf ul blocking of Dexter, Schumacher, Roche, O'Leary and the other linemen that permitted Rohinsky and the other backs to get away for l ong gairul. Not satisfied with p laying a good linemen's game, Captain Dexter int ercep t ed a Valpo pass and returped Jt 55 yards being brought down from th e rear by a fl eet Ublan warrior. Rohinsky Scores T\vice Abe Rohinsky, a midget halfback from West Haven, Conn., proved to be the "big gun" of the Viator attack, scoring two touchdowns , one after a 45 yard run in the last qu arter. Rohinsky's other t ouchdown was scor ed in the opening minutes of the second quarte:- after Joe Saia had raced from his own 35 yard line to Valpo's 20. In two plays Rohinsky took the ball over. The other Viator score was made by Mas terson who co-operated with Joe Saia to take the ball over afte r Captain Dexter had made his s tartling run ln the third quarter. Still Another Star There was another t o whom Viat orians are paying tribute these days a.nd that lad is Tony Marik, the injured lineman wh o possesses a re gular Mande rs to e. Everytime a Vi a torian score d a touchdown Coac h Murphy wo uld sen d Marik in t o kick th e extra point, Not once did he miss, and afte r ea ch attem pt Mn~hy would r emove Marik until -r

anothe r t o u chdown had been s cor ed. Injured Danny Blazevitch, the newes t star of the G r een W a ve) w as r em o ved from th e game in th e f irs t qu a rter after h aving been hurt in. a vicious t ac kl e. Danny, it was learned, h ad s u ffered a broken han d and will be los t to the Green Wav e for a t leas t two w eek s , S ummary St. Vl ator- 21 Valpo-O Guy L B: S chmidke Lux Lr Bounaro Roch e CLG Kramp len De.x t e r Brelauskas Schumacher R:J G r emel Krauklis Rr Chru r ustowski RE Die rker Corcor an Pall adino QB Anbold Blazevltch LH K arr Bflia RH Drzcwicki Mn t erson FB Baron TouchdO M lS: Rohlnsky ( 2), Mast or son ( 1). Poln ta after to uchdowns: Marik ( 3) placements. O!flcia.Ia: Fred Young. llllnot.. W esleyan.. ref eree; G . A . Br O\VD, K ankakee umpire; E. J acquin, MJsoourl , field judge; E. Garve y, Chlcago, b &ad linesman.

Following a policy which Coach Evans inaugurated at DeKaib Teachers College several years ago, passes are i~sued to the parents of all the football players . Elzie Cooper, DeKalb halfback, carried the ball three successive times against Wheaton, and on each play the t ackler was knocked out.



Conference Standings as press: W L Carbondale 8 0 Elmhurst 1 0 Bradley 2 0 l\1lllikin 3 0 !\'Iacomb Teachers DeKalb Teachers 2 1 Carthage 1 1 North Central 2 2 McKendree 1 Ill. State Normal 1 2 lll. Wesleyan 0 0 Mommouth 0 Lake Forest 0 C harleaton Teachers 0 1 0 2 St. Viator 0 2 Eureka Knox 0 3 4 Wheaton


I. M. PIN NEWS John .Hargrove informs us that the Intra-mural bowling league is going along in great style with the enlarged enrollment of boarders adding to the interes t and skill of the sport. N ever since the alley s wer e built have there been so many games rolled. The old dopster lookB over the field and sees but two outstanding t eams, George F1eming's defenders and "Buck" Roger's challengers . The championship lies u n doubtedly between these t wo outfits. As we go to press these are the leading scorer s in the league and their averages: W ucbner, 205; Ed O'Brien and George Fleming, 174 ; Joe Barzantny and Dexter. 162. Coach "Fido" Murphy would probably put an end to the I-M league i£ he only knew why Abie Rohinsky' s pass ing bas fal len off. When Abie threw a ball down the alley for the first time it looked like he threw himself down with it. Any how, that's one way t o keep the lanes c le an, ~ette~luck :e~t time ~~~ Captru:s the n_o h~e. t He Gibbon s as e ng sys em. do esn't bowl himself, but gets subs titutes to fill h is place and if th e su b sh oo t s 165 Gib. p a y s for his bowling. What are you g oing to do wi th a guy like that? The follo \' men h a d 16 vo t es each f or captain.s. As ther e w er e not enou gh wh o de sired to bowl thes e men united and f ormed the 19th team in the league: J. Omera, J . O'Leary, J. Hargrove, R . Scb umac h er, c. Newburg. (Incidentally, thi s is the larges t leagu e in the his tory of th e s chool. The two leading teams as to aver age per g ame t o date are: George Rogers-753. George F lemin g-746. It was on thl s that we based ou r predktion as to who will be the n ew champs. Additionai bowling news: Gorge Fleming , d efen ding singles champ, was w aylaid by t wo t errib le Hoosiers by the names of G annon and Wuchn e r in a "loser p a ys". Wben the b.etic afternoon w as over i t w as George who payed and payed! Danny Blazevich, newest star back, suffer ed a broken hand in the fl.rst quart er o! the Valpo game and wUl be ou t un til th e game with John Carroll Uni versi t y of Cleveland, Ohio.



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In their Homecoming game, State N ormal knock ed Macomb Teachers from first place in the Conference race with an 8 to 6 victory Elmhurst, ·in their first Conference g ame of the season spoiled Wheaton' s Homecoming celebrati on by winning 6 to 0 Bradley al so h e lped to spoil a Homecoming day f or Carthage when they swamped the Lutheran team, 20 to 7 Carbondale unde feated in league oom[ petition banded the Northern Teache rs of DeK a lb a 6 to 0 defeat. It I w as DeK.alb''s first loss of the cutr ent season . . . Knox College los t its twenty-thlrd consecutive foo tJb a lJ i ame when B eloit won their homecoming contest, 13 to 0 . . Aug u stana continued its march toward a Confe r enc e Iitle by downing N or th Central, 1 4 t o 13 Momm ou th d efeated Cornell, 7 t oO, in a n on confer ence tilt and thus added t o their hom ecoming f es ti vi t ies Other non-coru er ence tilts saw Lak e Forest and Carroll ti e at 6 a ll East ern Illinois Normal swam ped I n di ana State Nor m al 19 t oO. In Nor!, cr ack halfback , DeK alb has one of th e bes t b ac k s in the conferen ce. No ri can pass, k ick, and run w e ll. Many a r e saying t hat he will g ain All- Confe ren ce honors !'galn thi s season . Reino Norl, DeKalk star, aJtho ugh he bas benn playb>g football fi ve years~ clalms that his paren ts ha,·e onl y w itnessed two grunes that he played . . futrl H eln, a team mat<> of bls, claims that bls paren ts ha,·e never soon blm play Berry , B radley star back, b.a!l a veraged 45 y ards per kicl< this oeason.


sport- Short S

Many and various have been the comments upon the Vtator team th1s year. K.nowm g that our readers would hke to r ead them we have I picked a couple of the bes t H e r e they a r e Howard Millard, sports editor of the Decatur Herald-RevH~w and a B ig 10 Conference official, rat"" St. Viator a far strngcr team than the I llinois Wesleyan, champions of the Little N ineteen. Be writes: "Mlllikin will find St. Viator a m u ch harder nut to crack tha.n \-Vesle yan. T h e Burbonnais boys h ave a much better backfield than Elllott and their line was plenty good enough to stop a powerful Valparaiso ele ven that ha.d boon beaten twice ID three seasons." Fred H. Young, anotlv~r B ig 10 official, writing in the B loomington Panatagraph, has th e following to say concernin g this years' Green Wave : "The Fi ghting Irish bloeking and tackling could not have boon improved upon. Those tooth-jarring t a ckles of Ray 1\-lurphy \s clan slmply k:noeked the life out of a strong Va lpo team. <~Murphy has a n.U:'ty nmning back in Rohlns ky, a He bre-w from Conn e cticut, and S aia, from l\'fissi66ippi is an othe r athlete who c ould play on anybody's football te am . Captain Dexter played th e greatest g ame of hls c aroor agaln.~t Valpo''.

A glance at the s t a t is ti cs complied after th e Homecoming g ame will explain jus t why s uch praise is dese rved . Statistics Via tor Valp o Yards f rom sc rim m age 275 160 Yds. los t from sc ri mmage 4 20 Pun t s 8 5 A vg. yards on p unts 29 34 Punts blocked 1 0 Attempted passes 3 20 Completed passes 0 3 Yardage on passes 0 23 Yards penalized 35 10 Fi r s t downs 14 Touchdowns 3 0 Points after touchdowns 3 0 Abe Rohinsky, elusive halfback, not only scored t wo or the G r een wa ve's touchdo1NDS but performed the prodlglous fea t of advancing 159 yar ds with the ball ln the course of the Homecoming game.


Before a Homecoming c~wd, estimated a t 2500, James Millikin Uni versity defeated St. Via tor, 6-0, at Millikin field, Decatur, Dl. The winning touchdown was scored in the first quarter on a pass J)lay. Weise threw a 18 y ard ,pass to Burgener, left halfback, who ran 10 yards to score. Although cover ed by two Viato r men Burgener le aped high in the air and caug ht the pass which m eant victory to his team. The try for the point after the touchdown was blocked. Battle of Linem-en It was a batue of two grea t lines. Each t eam m ade three f irs t downs . M illikin did not gain a first down through the line but made h er firs t downs by two passes and a penalty. In the three games prece eding the Viator contest, opponents of Milllkin were able only to gather five first downs. The last wree quarters of th e game were bitterly fought with neJ.tber team haVIng the advantage Play centered mostly In nudfield and th e ball changed bands cons tantly I Palladmo, punting for Via to r, did a very ruce j ob agamst t he wwd, placmg his k icks carefully out of the s afe ty man's r each. Running Attack Stoppod Coach Leo Johnson, "Little Napol eon ", saw Viator trample over the Va\paraiso s quad and thus was able to de vise a uef ense which s top p ed the powerful running attack led by Rohinsky, Saia and Noonan. Masterson, Viato r fullback, played a ni ce g ame. H e is a powerful line plunger and accounted for most of th e yardage gained through the line. B e tourne, wbo replac ed Masterson, with about two minutes to g o, made th e lon ges t g a in of the afternoon, a twelve yard plunge throu g h t ackl e. Few Vlator Subs Used Coach Leo Pohnson s ubs tituted f reely and wisely k eeping his attac k s trong a t all ti mes. The s tarting Viator line up , on th e oth er hand, with th e exception of L U.'X and Rob ins k y played all but a few minutes of the g ame. Marik, w ho was in jured in th e Carbo nd ale g am e , played a g r ea t gnm e a t g uar d. R och e, co ns ider ed by m any spor t writer s as on e of th e bes t guar ds in the Confer ence , s ubs ti t uted fo r Mari k in th e closing m~ments o f th e g ame, lived up l.O h is r eputation and p layed impr essive ball in th e f ew mom ents h e was in t he lineup. B ill G a r a itiB and Loyle Davis , Mlllik in en ds )we r e m ainly responsible fo r the Viator downiall, as they rcpeatedly broke up the Green W ave's r unning attack. W ilbe r Gilber, o. 200 pound on e-arm t ack le, was another o u t.'3tanding Millikin s t a r. Thls week the Viato r t eam t:oes to Y p silanti , .Alcblgan , whe re the y will meet the powerful Normal team. YpsilantJ defeated Viator in a ho tl y contested game la•t y ear.

The t r ac k squad ls to be see n every afternoon work1ng ou t on the "cinder path" near the College gym. Coach Maloney was all smllc,a th~ other day as he was clocking Home r Johnson in a practice mile an<.! Dick Kendregan 1n a quarter .

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Inaugural Addres fConti.Dued from Page Four )






but the aUII worth -while Appian way well 8.8 the newer method of traveiJng by al r . A college abould seek th e truth lllld cherlah 1 t.. In thia we can well be Inspired by the Immortal VJO Xlll. On a ce rWn occasion a young layman who went by the name or Ludwtg Von called upon b.le Holiness tor permission to uae the Secret Arcblvea o! th e Va.lican. ThJs prtviJ cge had been given only to Churchmen and only to a rew Churchmen. Much to th e au rprlse or a.ll, th e Venerabl e Ponurr accor ded him the permi8Sion. H e wo.a fr ee to use all the mos t secr et and Important le tte r• which had been burled In th e archive• for centuri eg. The young man proceeded to th e librnry to find his pathway bloc k ed by t he Cua todlan 01 the Archives who co u ld not believe that be had M




per- ,commeodln&"

obtalned aucll a.n extraordinary m.i.uion.. A second llme. he Leo lor the permission a.nd a second Ume he granted and a second Ume the Custodian refused him to the storehouse of anUqulty. A third time be went to the Pope and thls Ume the Pope hlmseU arm In arm with the young layman came down to the arch! ves and pronounced this memorable phrase to the custodian, ··open up the truth, let It be publl3hed to the whole world . we are not afrald". The r esul t of tWs permiss ion has been the magnifice otly written History of the Popes which has done us no harm bu t much gooo. Today scholars from all ove r the world can be found ln th ese archives, even young co-ed.3 f rom the UniveTl!ity of California. The spirit of Leo XIll is found e mboclied In the gloriously r eignin g Pontiff, P ope Plus XI. U you were to visi t the Vatican today you would find a bust of Ludwig Von Pastor in a place of honor, ,p laced there by t he Pope and th er eby approving and

that which hill creaL CTeation. they baYe bee.n to L! \'!&tor College know their •tudent.s. predecessor b.&d done. A coU e Polen M.thout the Piela or \Ye are at the dulpo&al 01 our CODought to be the home of relenUess they bave bee.n to Parts ,.~thout tituent.s lor moral. physical and ln-

questioning and It ought to teach Its Q estlo.n eve..o basic a&sumption.s. A college shoUld prepare. U.s students for the Art of Leisure or as Professor OveTl!treet calls lt.. "Tbe Art of Loafing". Leisure has become an integral part of our civUization. Our ancestors worked long boUTl! and worked hard. They had little if any leisure. U nfortunatel y leisure time was looked upon by most Am.e ricans as wasted time. Today leisure is part of our economy. Since it is with us we must train our s tudents to it inteUlgently. We can instil ln them the Jove of the fine arts, a pleasant familiarity with books and libraries, conversation.s with the learned and appr ecialion f or the tru e and the beautiful. W e have been so lacking in this that Americans have actually visited t he Sistine Chapel without seeing the Las t Judgme n t and the s tudents to

visiting the Louvn. wanting In the

We have """n tellectual guidance.

Chartres, lguona.g completely lts gorgeous ~dows. The college should be the home o! the spirit o! lnternaUonaltsm. An educated man should look upon every century of every nation as his Inh e ritance. We belong first to humanity, then to a ps.rUcular counlry. To look upon war as th e worst solution of difficuJUes and th e promotion of intem&tiona.l peace and understanding as a much saner procedure is Ln a very definite sense the obligation of every ln.sUtution of higher learning, especially a Catholic institution which by its ve ry religious nat ur e ls Inte rnational. This college is a small college. The adminis t ration and faculty of St.

for preciscly this rea.son that we exlsL It ls our disllngulshlng Cea ture, our "raison d'etre'. The cbapel ls an integral part of the lnaUtution. It is not an extra-curri.cuJs.r activity . The college holds up for admiration and imitation such an out.sta.ndin.g genius as Thomas Aquinas, "who '\\.'13.8 th e mos t scholarly of the sain~ and the most salnUy of the scholars". ln the college chapel the students learn to love God and neighbor : It Is a secluded spot free from pre judice and superstition: filled wi th a spirit or peace which surpasse th all underto.klng. Ou r work , in the words or Ruskin, is "To lead souls to w ha t Is best and making what ls best out of them".

Good Taste/

The world's finest tobaccos are used in Luckies-the "Cream of the Crop"only the clean center leaves - for the clean center leaves are the mildest leaves -they cost more- they taste better.

lt l3 our con-

appreciation of \-'ic t.lon that thl.s raculty-student ~ the beautiful that some of our tel- laUon.shlp wUI be stimul Ung a.nd low-cit.Uens have been seen looking mutua.lly benef1cia.l. \Ye are \ for Initials of their friends which the students on the campus. 1n the have been carved In the walls at chapel and In the cl~~.SS·room. I t l3


"It's toasted"

o/ Your throat Protection- aga ins t irritation-against cou~h

St. Viator College Newspaper, 1934-11-01  

The Viatorian - Vol. LIL, No. 3

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