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Hornecoming October 19

Alumni R eturn/








ST. VIATOR COLLEGE~ 0; SOUTHERN IlliNOIS STATE TEACHERS', 14 Three Quarters Played In Rain ; Gibbons Injured In First Play; Viator Line Stars ~ -------------------------------

St. Viator s u stained a 14-0 defeat F riday night at the hands of Illi-

nois State Teachers' College at Carbondale.

Facing a squad of hried

veterans, the inexperienced !rich backfield fai led to click. Gibbons, a veteran , injured in the firs t play,

was a severe loss to tbe team. Numerous and severe penaliti es likewise caused the Iris h to lose g round , in both their defense and offen sive a t -

tacks. Although


T eachers'


rusplayed great finesse and polish, they made f ew and only short gains through th e V iator line, which dis played a spirit and strength seldom seen in Little Nineteen football. Repeat edl y the Carbondal e t eam att cmpted to break through the Irish s tone-wall defense, but fai led in every instance to make and app r eciable gains. It was during the ti me the ball was in the air that the T eachers made their advances t owards victory, and it was during the sam e plays that the Green Wave disp lay ed its weakness. Four Viator passe::: were inter cepted and the rest we re knocked down, with disastrous results. The game opened on a damp field, with clouds threatenin~ overhead. Viator received the kickoff and Gib bone, the only 1933 man in the backfield, carried the ball for a pproximately twenty-five yards, when he was downed and s uffered a sprained ankle, which n ecessita t ed his removal from th e gam e. He was replaced by Rohinsky, who, after three


Hundred Tak e P art Proficiency E xams.

An innovation was made Englis h departme nt this year by th e introduction of proficiency exa minalions in Rhetoric. These exa min a tions are g radually being introd u ced into th e leading co lleges and univ e rsities for th e purpose of giving s tud e nts an opportunity of self- advanceme nt. The more important ph ases of Rhetori c are cover ed in thE- examinatio n, and those stud en ts who succeed in gettin g an ave r age of C., i. e., 77 % or above , a re pe rmitted to drop Rhetoric I and are given three hours of credit. Of the one hundred freshm en who tooK the examination four s u cceeded in making th e grade. Since the examination was a long and hard one , th e VIA TORIAN takes pleasure in pub lis hing the n a m es of th e winne r :;. Robert Me rcer, registered ·f rom St. I gnatius High School, Chicago, ranked firs t; Dolph Guy, r egistered from Cathed ral Hi gh School, Sp rin gfie ld, rank ed second; Joseph Prokop p , al so rtgis t e red from Cathedral Hi gh School, and htf...2 rs hall Lamore of

downs, punted the b~:te~nt~ f~: Bradley Hi gh School tied for t hird Teachers' t erritory . place. minutes of see-saw playing to th e advantage of the so uth e rn team, Carbondale p assed to an end who carried the pi gskin over th e go al. The place ki ck was good.

Two Pouplar Coeds Absent From Campus

Later in t ne same qu a rter, this aerial play was again put to good effect, and th e score stood 14-0 in the T eachers' favor. Th eir third a ttempt t o use this devi ce fa iled to in crease their margin. Late in the second quarter Betourne replaced Maste rso n, and s hortly the reaf t e r V iator began its on ly serious t hreat of sco rin g , th e line meanwhi le, holding th eir positions lik e iron m e n. With the opening of the third quarter Betourne plunged through center fo r a 22-yard gain, only to have the ball recalled and Viato r penalized for holding. After a few minutes of steady pounding th e Irish reached th eir opponents' fiftee nyard l ~ne, but soon los t th ei r advanta ke, and the game proceeded wi a constant ex change of th e ball -::u downs and the r efusal of both lines to allow their opponents to

The Senior Class was deprived of o ue of its mos t prominent m em bers when ill ness made it impossible for Miss Margare t Clancy to co ntinue her s l udies a l S L. Vialor thi s year. Miss Clancy, who was elec t ed Pres ident of th e Social Sorority last year in convi ncin g testimo ny o f h e r popu larity among he r immed iate associ ates, has a lways been a ..tal ented and industrious s tude nt. By c lose ap plica tion s h e s u cceeded in co mpl e tin g a se m es t e r 's wo rk los t throu gh illness in he r sophomo r e year, and would have been g raduated in June, 1935. Th e bes t w ishes of P eg's classmat es a re cordial ly extended to her, a nd it is their since r e hope that it w ill not be lon g until her h ealth permits h e r to resume her s tudie s at St. Viator.

Anothe r m ember of the So rori t y. Miss Mary Anthony, of the Freshsco re. man class of last year, has been preAlthough the Carbondale team be- vented from registe ring on account (Continu ed on Page Five)

of illness.



President W elcomes Students At College Club Thomas K elly Assumes Official Duties ------------------------~----- Q



St. Viator College opened its door s on September 17 to the largest Freshman Class to enro JJ in the 67 years of th e sc hool's hi sto r y as an institution of higher teari ng. On the following morning, th e office of th e R egistrat" was forced to secu r e addit ional help from the student body. in o rd e r th a t the registration of the upper cla..<:>Sme n might be comple t ed in one day; an d at the tim e of thi s Arbitrates Twenty Strikes In writing, new s tudents s till continue Three Months to a rri ve. The e nrollment shows a 25 per cent in cr ease o ve r that of D uri ng th e pas t s umm e r th e Rev. last year, and there is every reason J . W . R . Maguire , C . S. V., former to believe th at the second se mes ter Pres id ent of St. Viator College and wi ll show an inc rease o ve r the first. H ead of th e Depar tment of Soci On W ed n esday, September 19, at ology, h as bee n in c reasin g ly active in la bor disputes as a m e mbe r of 8 o'clock, a Solemn High Mass of the H o ly Gh os t was celebrated i.n Ve ry Rev . E . V. Cardinal. C. S . V. th e C hicago R egional Labor Board. th e Coll ege Chapel by th e Very Rev. In the course of little more than E . V. Cardinal, the R ev. A. J. Land > My Dear Students: three months, Father Mag'clire has roc he ass isting as deacon, and BroIt g ives m e g r e at pleasu re indeed se tt led over twen t y s trik es. H e bas th e r Eugene H offman as s ub-deaco n. trJ w e lcome to St. Viator Coll ege the bee n sent as far wes t as Montana It has long been the custom of the larges t group of college students. to investigat e conditi ons in the cops tuden ts of St. Viator to ask at that s he has eve r r; nroJled. per strike in that s t ate, but has th e beginning of each scholastic year You will f ind at St. Vi a tor Col- spent mos t of his time in Il linois th e blessing of God upon the ir work lege men who have s uccessfu ll y in- and W isco nsin. and in a special way to in vok e the s tru c t ed T!lany s uch as you rselves in Father Maguire has brought to a aid of the H oly Gbost, th e Spirit of th e a rt of li ving. They have fa ith - successful conclusion s uch important Light, in the search for Know ledge fu ll y protec ted th e traditions of six- s trikes as those involving the Mil- and Truth. ty-seven years of co llegiate experi- waukee Bridge Com pany, Corn ProImmediatel y after Mass, a student ence. You wi ll a lso find ne w mem - dutcs R efining Com pan y of Pekin, meeting was held in the College Cl ub bers on th e fa c ulty. All of them Dlino is, the Caterpillar Company of roo m. Thom as K e lly, President of have equipp ed th emselves academi- P eo ria, the M enasha Woodenware th o College Club, call ed the meeting call y for th e important wo rk of Company. The Mi lwaukee Stree t Car t0 o rd e r, and s poke briefly to the s timulati ng you to educational ac- Company, The Northern R ef ri g erator asse mbly. H e pledged th e s upport complishmen ts. You have a righ t Company, and the Luick Milk and of the student body to th e Admin to expect that when coming to St. I ce C ream Company o f MUwauk ee. istr ation and asked every man and Viator vou will find a library well Now that Father Maguire is no woman of t he College to back him stocked. with carefu ll y selec t ed H aving received assurance books; Laboratories equopped to en - lon ger burdened with the d uti es oi in thi s. ab le you to work a t th e experiments th e President's office, he will be f r ee that his policy met with the apin th e various f ields of science; a t o take an eve n more impo rtant proval of th e meeting, Mr. Kelly incam pus r edolent with g reat tradi- part in fi nding answe r s to the num- troduced the Ve r y Rev. Preside nt. Father Cardinal began his r emarks tions and buildings which a r e ade- e ro us questions that are bound to by wel coming th e s tud en ts to St. quately e quipped. But these a r e no t arise during th e coming year. Viato r . H e did not, as has been th e most va lu abl~ assets of an eduthe cus to m heretofore, set forth the ca tional ins titution. A group of men, disciplinary rul es for the year, but learned and enthu s iastic, fri endly and explained that the Dean of :M en. congenial can do more fo r yo ur Father Ryan , wo uld do so at a latmental enrichment than a ll these peripheri es of education. Ea rl y in S ep t em be r the Rev. E. V. t e r da t e. Yo u have come to a s mall co ll ege. Card inal , C. S. V., made an urgent The remainder of the t a lk was de ~ Because it is small, we shall be- appeal to friends of St. Viator in voted to the enumerating of the adcome acquainted. We s hall have not behalf of th e co llege library and vantages of a College education. m e r e ly an official r ecord of your la boratories. By m e ans of a le t- Father Cardinal ve ry rnasterful\y exi ste nce he r e but a know ledge of t er, the pres ident explained to the contrasted th e educated and un ed u~ your ;q,bilities a n d limitat ions, a ~=tln mni that his firs t task as pr es i.~ ca t ed man o f the world, that he sympath e ti c unders tan ding of your dent was to o bta in for St. Viator m ight instill in his hearers a g reat d iff iculties and a joyou s smile for Coll ege higher recognition by the er, keene r desire fo r learning. At your accomplishment s. W e shall Acc red iting agenc ies. To effec t the conclusion of th ese remarks. be with you in the class- roo m, on this, Father Cardinal w ent on to the meeting adjou rned. th e campu s and in the ~ h ape l. It exp lain that n ew books had to be Thus has St. Viator entered a new will be possibl e for you to become purchased, a number of p e riodicals er a,- an e ra of larger en rollments, acquainted with yo ur fellow -st udents . bound and add itional labo ratory greate r prosperity and m ore inte ns~ From your contacts with th e m you equipment inst a ll ed. activi t y in al l co ll egi ate endeavor~ . M eets Gen erous Respo ne (Continu ed On Page Two) Many of th e al umni and friends of th e College responded promptly • and gene rously to the president's ! appeal, and to date almost one thousand doll ars have come in acSaturday noon, after tbe greater The Freshman Class called t o companied by wo rds of congratula- part of the VIATORIAN had alme e ting by Thomas K elly, Pres ident tion and en cou r agemen t. In behalf r edy go ne to press, the St. J ohn Berof the College Club, h e ld their Class of the faculty and the stude n ts, cbman Society held a meeting in e lec ti on last Mon day afternoon, with Farther Cardinal wishes, th erefore, Marsi le H al l. The fo llowing officers th e following r es ul ts: to thank these benefactors who by wer e e lected t o o r ganize the socie ty President- Basil Nicholson. their kind coope ra tion are aidin g in for the year: Vice-President- A! Thra ll. a ve ry d efini t e way the expans ion S t ephen Gould, Presid ent. Secretary--A! Palladino. end betterment of St. Vi ato r ColJ ohn Bi nnm erle, Vice-P resident_ Treasurer- Frank Shea. lege. Ri chard Doyle, Sec'y.-Treasu re r.



Father Cardinal Inaug urates Drive


St. John B erchman Off • Soctely Elects tcers


F.:dltor f-j(JJtor Assoc:ia.le


It is Q."itb deep regrets that \ 'tato rian chronicles the death

STAFF - Kenneth Corcoran

Edward Buttgen Many Mary Cruise I

f!:A'JJ tor Man age r

~ ATI:RD .·\ Y .


ll1atorian Published bi-weekly throughout the year by the Students of St. Viator College. VIATORlA:O.


N ew Courses Are I n Curriculum





the sain tly Mrs. Louis Drolet, m othG iven e r of the Rev. R . C. Drolet. C. S. V .. now s tationed m ~an cbukuo. Chm a. and mothe r of Brother J ose ph

"STAFF'" William Sch umach er flpo r ts &Jitor Ed ward O' Bnen flport• S horts Joe Dokes Cam puH Briefs Ri cha rd K endrigc::.n F'ca ture Wrltcr Ri cbard Doyle lf~eat ur e Write r Jose ph Prokopp VeaturP Write r John Stockbar F'cature Write r J''eature Wrlter James Madigan Ci rc ul atio n Man age r Bernard Benoit _ _ _ _ _ _ _...:__ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ __

St. V1ator College opened Its s1xty- , Drolet. C. S V, of Ccthedral High sev enth yea r v.,th an en lc.rged cur- School. Spnngfteld. nt. Mrs. Oro-


nculum and a host of new educa t-

l et dJed on Thursday mornmg, Sept-

o r s. The class schedul e offers nume rous new and d ive rsified s ubj ects, and the professors come with repuj te. t ions of abili t y. The cu rri culum hail s the corning of a practical cou r se in Journalism. whi ch offers unlimited opportunities for th e student inte r es t ed in rocking

e mber 20. and was buried from i)..Iate~lly chu rch at 9 o'cloc k the fol~ lowmg Saturday. At the Solemn R equiem M ass the R ev. W . J . Surprenant. C. S . V ., was celebrant. th e Rev. L. Lambe rt





O H eld


D -X

M N-t The Bo)

After lhe final Issue of the VIA- yet held any m ee tin gs, it is exTORIAN went to press las t s pring, peeled that the initial one will be one of St. Via tor's mos t e minent ca lled i.n the nea r future. The R ev. W. J . C r ackn e ll , C. S. a lumni was honored by hi s e leva- V., who fu lf ills the capacity of li o n Lo l h e Bis hopric of th e diocese R eg is trar, w ill ac t as Mod e rator. of Dcs M.olnes, I o wa. S t. Mary's Fathe r Craclm e ll has he ld this posiCa th edral, Peo r ia, I ll., was th e sce ne li o n before , and is well acq uainted of th e so lemn and Impressive ce re- with th e duties it entail s. Th e Society is co mposed of the mony o n Jun e 1 3. whe n the Bishop- s tud ents of the Co ll ege who d esire e lec t, Ber gen receiv ed hi s E pisco pal t o assis t as acoly t es at Mass in consec raU o n a t th e hands of His the mo rnings. It gives opportuni ty E minen ce Geo r ge Cardi na l Mundel- t o s tud en ts w ho are unfamiliar with th e Ritual to learn som e thing of e ln, Archbis hop of Chicago and Me- th e Sacred Ce re m o ni es. Informal ~ropoli tan of th e Province of Dli- c lasses will be held for n ew m e mno is. Ass is tin g Cardin a l Mundel- bers by an ex,peri e nced aco lyte. Rein a.s co-consec ra t o rs were th e Wh e n th e organization has been Mos t Rev. J . H . Sch la r man, D . D ., effected, a week ly sch ed u le of t he Bishop o f Peoria and the Most Rev. nam es of those se rving Mass will H e nry P. Ro l1lma.n, Bishop of Daven- be pub lis h ed a n d posted on th e port. bull e tin board. In thi s way, every Bi s hops and pri es t s from al l parts m e mbe r w ill h a ve the oppo r t uni ty of th e U nited States were in at- of assisting at U1e Ho ly Sacri fice. t endance to pay their respects to the Bishop-elec t, and o join in the r itual of hi s consecration. St. Viator College was fittingly r e presented A fe w years ago, any bu rl esque in the pe r sons of the Very Rev. J. editorial vo ice which co mmented on P . O'Mahoney, th e Ve r y R ev. E . V. co llege life was saluted by a mi sCa rdinal , th e R ev. J . W . R . M agu ire , info rm ed public as a legi timate mi rand the Re v. C. A. Marzano. or of s tud e nt activity. P eople f~ l~ At the ins tallation of lhe new ed to ask wh e th e r or no t these vo1c B is ho p in Des.Moines. on June 21. es were qualifi ed to reflect s tudent th e Rev . w . J . Cracknell r eprese nt- thoug ht and a c tion. ed the Clerics of S t. Viato r. Strangely, co llege m en and women failed to protes t agains t being deB is hop Be r ge n g rad u ated from St. pi c ted as r accoon -coa ted "rah-r ahs"; Viator wiUl th e Class of 1912. Dur- w eird c reature s whose i. q. was lng his year s of s tud y h e r e, he dis- leagues und e r th e sea and w hose tlnguished sel( in a ll forms of scholasti c end eavors and will be r e- ico nco las ti c philosophy, seekin g t h e m embered for his brillant per fo r man - sensational and th e new , never s u r ces on th e basketball cou rt. Th e mounted th e infanti le gestures of "hail f ellow well met.'' College is mo r e than proud to add Th e press and c in ema, authors the n ame of B ishop Bergen to its and playwrights combin ed to create a lready long lis t of outs t andin g sons. a phantasmagoria of und e r g raduate life. From th eir many-tongued SUOCESS voice emerged a myth- The Collegian. The public, victimized by H e has achieved success who has pro paganda and the antics of a lived we ll, lau ghed often, and loved childish few undergraduates, soon mu ch! wh o has gained tile respect considered co llege li fe a ni g htmar e of Intelligent men, and the love of of drinking bouts, cut-down fli ve rs, little children; who has filled hi s eccentri c professors a.nd happy-goniche and acomp lished his task: who lu ck students who lived contr ary has left lhe world bette r then he to all r ules of nature and man. found it, whether by an improved Fo rtunately this er a is hlstory. poppy, a perfect poem, or a r ec- The shock ot the depression and ued soul: who has n ever lacked app- the adven t of the New Deal h a ve reciation of earth's beauty, or failed se r ved to matu r e co llege men and to express it : who bas ahvays looked \-v omen unW now we have a much for the best in others and given the more intelligent group. Their new best he has ; whose life was an in- philosophy is liberalism. progresspiration ; whose memory a bene- siveness and fine Ih;ng. dictlon. thi£. as we do. the VIA-




Father J. J. Ryan, C. S. V., M. A ., hold s t_h e position of Dean of Me n , and 15 very capable of fu lf illi ng t he duties entail ed, havin g had pr evious ex pe ri ence in t his capac ity. CAND Y S BOPPE

H . E. Coye r E . A. -~Jason TELEPHONE MAlN 202

Emmerson Dex t e r uf Champaign has tak e n charge of the CoUege Candy Shoppe again this year, and has added numerous impro ve ments and con ve nien ces in th e way of ente r taining features, a more diversified s upply of stock and longer service hours. TORIAN shall adopt an editorial policy thi s year i.n confo r mity with the trend of th e tim es. Make us e of th e paper' s columns, as two stuents have already done. It is you r paper. If you have something to say, offer no e.xcuses, regardless of whether o r no t you r idea or thought bas a pr ecede nt in VIA TORIAN his t o r y. The world ha.s begun to recognize that college men and women are no t "dupes," but thinkers. Today we have a r epu tation to maintain.

De L uxe Cleaner s


~~r~f fe~~~:~;~alw~~:~e.willy~~

your most precious h e ritage. They wi ll las t as long as life lasts. Whil e you are under our guidance, we s h al l consider ourselves well paid for our work if we succeecI in arousi ng in you th e c riti cal fac u lty. To arouse in th e s tud ent ~.h e des ire to analyse, to cliagnose, to doubt hon es tly, t o question, is the ea r -mark of a s u ccessf ul educationa 1 system. To have others think for you, to acce pt eve r y proposition s ubmitted to you r sc rutiny, to believe ever y thing which is to be fo und w ithin the cover of a book, is to hav e mi ssed the great purpose of edu cation . Th e world may be s urfc ited with co ll ege g raduates but th e world will n ever be s urfeited with co llege g raduat es who are think e rs. W e s hall be very happy, if after years of intimate relatio ns with th ~ facutly, we s hal l h ear that you have acqui red th e proper sen se of th ~ value of thin gs. We do not want to h ear late r on th a t you visited Rome and asked how much it cos t to build St. P e t er's instead of com menting on the beauties contained therein ; o r th a t you visited th e un impressive looking Church of St Pete r in chain s and failed to see the magnifi ce nt s tate of Mosse.'S in the Church. W e want your eye to be so well focussed that it can distinguish bet ween th e so rdid and beautiful, between what is end u ring and what is mere ly ephemeral. W e shall be happy to a c know ledge you as a prod u c t of o u r ed u cational sys t e m if you are kind , polite, con ge nial , studiou s, well-mannered and s in cere. We s hall number you as o n e signed with the seal of Viator if you are loyal to your r eligious convictions. I si ncer e ly hope that you will number these days at St. Viator College as the happiest of your life May God bless you, you r parents and g uardians. Show th em that you apprec iate th e sacrifices which they have made for you by your unswe rving fidelity to your work . With every best wish for a s u ecessful yea r, I beg t o r emain, Sincerely in St. Viator Very Reverend Edawrd v. Card.inal, c. s. v., P h. D., President

Cigars. Cigar ttes and Tobncco 1 ewspcpcrs and Magazines

TAYLOH TR t\ N FER C'O .. ln t·. I ns u rt.•U Fre ig ht For-wttrders HauHng Between KANKAKEE CHlCAGO An d AU ln t.c rrnedhLtc- P oi n ts J(an kak e(', Chi cago, ti Oiicl"


course is a lso a ve r y practic al one, a~ it ofie rs p ractice fo r <:!.ll walk s of bus iness li fe. Add ed to th ese are the r egular departments of Libe ral Arts, Science, Pre-Den tal , an d Pre- L egal. The R ev. L . T. Philli ps , c. S. v ., has r et urn ed t o th e College in th e capaci t y of Dean of Studies. Mr. Ncrbert Bausch, A. M ., a graduate of th e Univers it y of Illino is, is in charge of th e Com m er cial Sciences. Father J. J . Ryan, c. s. v., A. M., and Father E. M . Wals h , c. s, v., A M e addTons to th e d e part m~n t ·ot~nglis~ ~guage and Liter~ c. ture. Both of th ese ed u cato rs receiv ed their degrees at th e Catholic Univ er s ity of Am e ri ca. Fathe r B. G. Mulvaney, c. s. v., A . M., a lso f rom t he Catholic Unjversity, conducts c lasses in Sociology. Fathe r J. w. S t afford, c. s. v., A. M ., ho lds c lasses in P sycholog y and P u bli e S peaking. Fath e r Staffor d likewise r eceived hi s d eg r t:e from th e Catholic Unive r s ity of Am eric a. Mr. Ray Murphy is h ead coach of Foo t ball , and Mr. John M cNamara will a c t as assistant F oo tball coa ch a nd coach of the Baske t ball t eam. Mr. McNamar a ho lds a Masters Deg r ee from th e Univer s ity of I owa, and conducts c lasses in Mathematics.


C leaning, P ressi ng & &pairi ng Work Called For and Delivered K.nn_kal< ee, lll. 167 N. Schu y le r,

F or B etter Butter A sk For

Delicio us Br a nd KANKAKEE BUTTEJ~ P hone 4 l 0


H uff & Wolf J ewelry Co. 172 E . Co ur t Street B uy S chool P ens N ow Name Put o n F reel

Amedee T. Betourne Pharmacy CUT RATE DRUGS 119 Co ur t St., Kan l<ak ee, IU.


D. J .

0 'L O U GHLIN . M. D .


EYE, EAR, NOSE & T H ROAT 602 City Natio na l Bank B ldg. KANKAKEE, ILL.

P hilip T. La mbert H a r dware Hard·w S.r e Spo r tin g Goods 129 E. Co urt St. - Pho ne 930 Practiced Limited to


1\'I e n' s

Clo thes

Furnl.• hlngs an d S hoes

Me BROOMS KANKAKEE ' S B E S T KNOWN R E S T AURAN T Schuyler Ave. - No rth of Court

Hotel Kankakee Sidney Herbst,

To become successful and make ycu r life wo rth while, it is not neeessary to have extraordinary ability t o begin with. It is only neeessa.ry to develop full, positively and constructively what ability you alrady possess.


·Morell a & Ca ey

was deacon. the Rev. F. E. Munsch. C. S . V., was sub-deacon and Brother


Tel 49;<1


M . J . Quig ley & Sons Curb Scnice

j ccts have bee n introduced, some of w hi ch are Modern Social Problems, May her sweet soul rest in pease. Anthropo logy, History of Art, Corpo r ation Finance, Experimental The St. John Berc hman's Society, Phychology and Statistics. one of the active and worthy orThe largest e nrollment is found (Continued From Page One) ganizalions a t th e Coll ege, looks in the co mmercial c lasses. the purforward to see th e co mjng year with s u ance of which eventual ly leads will undoubted ly de ri ve mu ch which

:l:~:~;ban!:u~~~~:~~l ;::m~";tj:,; ~o~!eer;;:1ei~~i!n~: ~eg~:~belo'n~!

Hour Senice

HO n ·. Hln•r Strt'('l Route 49 Kankakee, nt

S ubscription Rate $2.00 per annum. writing his life profession. It is Rupe rt, C. S. C., was Mast e r of Address all co rres pondence re fe rring either to advertising o r subsc ription t o ap plicable in almost every field of ce r emonies. FR.thers Hutton and The Viatorian , Bourbonnais, Illinois the "Arts o f th e P en", in c luding Cracknell offe red ~lass a t the side alta rs. Many me mbers of th e faculty

Ber ch m a n's Societ y To Organi ze Again


Anything in G lass and

Martin McLaughlin

Bu.s in ~sa




DINING ROOM MAGNlFIGANT BALL ROOM A hearty welcome awaits the students and friends of St. Viator College .







Council The Vf;ry H.f•Vf•r(:nrJ f~Jward V. c~.trdi n a l , C . S. V ., Ph . D., Pre~iden~ of St. Viator CollPgc, has (·hosen a~ Vir:e-PreMidcnt lh ~> R,.verend Richard J. fi' r e n ch, C. S. V., Ph. D., who h aH br~en promoted from the office or DNtn, an o ffi ce he ha.~ h e ld for lh(· lu.a t two year~. Dr. French, who made hi s H ludlr~ s at the UniverHlty of Chicago, at th e Catholic Un iverHity of Ameri ca in W ashin g ton , and a t Loyola University in Ch icago, w ill ~o nllnu c to head th e Departm e nl of F...ducation . Th ~ R e verend Leo T . Phillips, c.; S. V., ha.~ been appointed D ean of Studt s Lo s u c·ceed Dr. French. Dr. Phillips , who for th e pas t thret:! years ha.<J bee n head of the Viatorlan Seminary in Washington , D. C., is w(• ll known b c au se of hi s year s of t eac h ing at St. Viators, and becau se o f hi s pos ition as head of the Hi gh Sc hoo l Oepa. rlm ent for seve r a l years prior to its disconti n uan ce. Succeed in g th e Reverend E. M. Ke ll y, c. S. V ., who r esig n ed as Dire c tor of AU1 letics, wil l be th e R ev. F' ran c ls J . Harbau e r, C. S. V. Fathe r l-l u. rb u uer is not new to th e coll ege u.dminislralion, ha ving s erved for th e past two yea r s as Dean of Men. F' a lh e r Ha rbaue r, who s tudied at Lhe U n ive r s it y of Illinois , and at Ule Catholi c Un ive r s ity, and who ho lds t h e degree of Mas ter of Arts, w ill co ntinu e to t each German. S u cceeding Fa th er H arbauc r a::; Dean of Men w ill be th e Reverend J osc pJ1 J . Ryan, C. S. V. A lthough Fa th e r Ryan has bee n away f rom t he co ll ege fo r seve ral years, fininshin g hi s s tudi es fo r th e priesthood. and ear nin g h is Maste r 's d eg r ee al the Univers ity of Illinoi!'5 and Lh e a U1olic Unive r s ity of Ame 1·ica, he i s lolown to many r esidents of Kanltaltee and to many stud e nts of r ecen t year s . Th e above men, toge th eh with th ~ R e verend Ch1·istopher Ma t·zano. C. S. V., Ph. D., who h as been appointed

to r e main as Treasure r of the Co llege, a posi tion h e has h e ld for severa1 years, w ill co mpri se the College counc il of Admin is tr ati on. This Coun c il will assist th e Preside n t, Dr. ard in a l, in di r ec ting al l acUviti cs a t the Co ll ege du ring th e co min g yea r, a year that pro mi ses to be noteworU1y because of an elaborate prog ran1 of improvem e nt and ex pa n s ion that is now being laun ched .


n A T ORL-\::-.-

Plan For Debating Society Are Form ed

Campu s Briefs-

INane me ' ' . . \Ye take nothing upon ourselves. but merely n?'port that a little bird told ug Lhat St~ve Gould bloomed out in Bloomington last summe r Report. rumor, we admi t iL but it seems that lh ~ Moong low on a not far distant midsumme r oight caused a poplar, bespec ticl ed Sophomore to ask The Ques tion, nnd \Ve wonder If it wns the tar-Dus t that ca used the young lady to tiDSWt!;r yes. May we ~ the first to offe r our congrnls Att en tion. ye of Kankakee. But Phalen has r eturn ed to the fold. and teruncd up with Geo rge Fleming -a dnnge rous combmation It must have: been a rare treat to a.ny one who was privileged to gaze upon Ute count en ce of Joe Barza.ntry this 3Urnmer· H is chin was the proud posI sesse r of a van-dyke. yellow and faint. we admit, but nevertheless. it 1 VI AS ~ van-dyke . . . Then too. th e re IS th e popuJar young ro-cd ! who w as late ly informed by paterna l authority that there are to be no nights-out during c lass d ays. Tough, both for her and ce rtain gen Ue rnen of distinc tion Among lhings to be thankful for, list the fart th at. while God may g ive us our r·elalives, H e leaves us free to cbomJe ou r own frie nd s So lon g!

Tile opening of the cu rrent in terI wonder what"s become of alby. collegiate debate season v.;ll find the Technocracy, '"They Cut Down the Every ~tudent v.ho attended the r znks of the Bergin Debating Soc- 01<.1 Pme Tree··. last year·s s tra\v::;:. meeting of the College Club on the i<ty seriously depleted through the and the guy that said you couJd 22nd must h~ve derived a certain graduation and transfer of sever al ne\·e r cl~ up smu tty movies. How amount of !=!alisfac tion from the at- veter&ns. The present enrollm en:. things do change K e n \Yl se r titude adopted by ~.[r. Kelly in hi :> indicates that of last year's fine mus t be thinking of the old Fronti er role of President. and, for that m at- squad there are only four member3 days, h(!"s doing cons id e rabl e pionter, by the Club members as a whole . r e turn ing to St. Viator this fall. ce.nng on Prairi e avenue 10 the we arl"' told that at ~n e tim e. Despite this fact, the R eve r end J o hn Bradley "'ilds . . Perhaps th e r e is though we m us t admit that period \V. Stafford, who s ucceed3 the Re\·. one of our g r ea t host of r eade r s transcends ou r memory. the Colleg •"' J \V. R. Maguire as deba t e coach, who has not heard this one. That Club w~;i the most powerful o rgan- has hi g h hopes that he c&n find alooe would be sufficient jus tifica tion ization on the campu s, ironing out enough good material in th e Fresh- for its being printed. It seems r; 1any s tud ent diffl culli es and tak- 1 man c lass to form a strong a ppregathat a certt:.m budding freshman in g a positive s t an d on all co1- tion. Father Stafford is regarded was filling ou t his r egis tration ca rd. lcgiate questions. At th e sam :'" a!::· the fin es t debater ever to have H e was making great progress until time, It foste red a better s tudent been en rolled at St. Viator College, h£; cam e to the s pace marked "Plac..,. .cuci al life and sponsored num e r (..US an institution which has always of Birth. f Pos t Office)". After a co ll eg iate activities throu g hout th e been r egard ed in collegiate c ircles as s li g ht pause for delibe ration. th e Reaso n. one of the strongest in thi s field. yo ung man grasped hi s pen anct A few ye.::. r s ago, however, th e Of the r etu rning m embers of last w r ote, "No. St. Anne's H ospital". cl ub again began to decay, until season's t ea ms, Mr. Norbert Ellis is Th e Frosh have a th eme song las t year it had almo s t pass ed out th e oldest and mos t ex p e ri enced. which they s ing to some of th e of existance. It was merely at; With two full years of intercolleg- more po pula r upper-c lass m e n. It i:O> o r ganization. ho lding j ealously to its iale co ntes ts to hi s credit he has entitl ed "Brother, Can You Spare o ld r es pec tability, a nd ye t , unwill- been appointed to th e pos ition of a Dame?" Professor, after bein g to Lake any p ropo rti onate a c - st ud ent manager of th e Be r g in Soc- ing int e rrupted by Madigan. "Sir, tion in the Co llege life. iety. Th e other students who r e - d o you not know that the o nl y o n e Do you wo nd e r th en, that w e ported thi s year a r e Miss Mary who lik es to be interrupted in th e were both surp ri sed a nd s in ce rely Cruise, Mr. Edward Buttgen, and Mr. middle of a senten ce is a co n v ic t ?" enthusiastic ove r the s pirit of r e - William Schumache r. No doubt the The us ual place on the fourth H ave your C lothes Made-to-O r der so lution man ifested at the Club' !j large fre s hman class wi ll furnish corrido r has been often dis turbed by firs t m ee ting ? Mr. Kel ly c lea rl y man y rec ruits, although as yet no late ly by the shouts of two prominM. BORN & COMPANY s taled hi s objectives fo r the year tryouts have taken p lace. ent young Frosh. Th e cause, beChicago's G r eat Merchant Tai lo r and 1 ad eve r y s tud ent to be li eve: On Friday ni ght, September 29, li eve it or not, is the hab it one genFit and Satisfaction Gua r a nt eed that h e int en d ed t o C<:J.rry o u t thos·' Fathe r Stafford a ttended th e m eeting tl e man has of pl ucking hi s eye brows. o bj ecU ves. H e le t it be l<nown of the debate coaches of th e L ittle that th e c lu b existed fo r the good N in e t een . Conferen ce, he ld in C hi H er e h e r ep r ese nted Viator 0 ~ t h e sc hoo l a n d that h e intended cago. to execute hi s work in a concise, in schedu ling the debates fo r th e manner ly o rd e r. com ing season. This schedu le w ill A nd not a lon e in Mr. l{e lly did we be augm ented, of cou r se, by o th e r INSURANCE AGENCY observe the \{eynote of th e school' ~ co ntes t s with t eams outsi d e t h e Lits piri t of co-operation and purpose, ti e Ni n e t een. but f t·om those who h ad bus in ess Th e wa llowing is a tentative to pl ace before th e m eetin g as well. sc h edul e of d e bates : In s h ort, it appears that th e ColAff. - D e Paul, away. 107 EAST COURT S TREET lege C lub is once again t o take it ~ Neg.- Bradley, away. KANKAKEE ILLINOIS r ightful p lace in c ampus affairs. It Neg.- !11. S t a te Norma l, here. Phon e 1933 is our s in cere hope that we will Neg.- Shurtleff, h e r e. not be d is illus ioned, that M r. Kelly Aff.- De Kalb, here. wi ll co ntinue through o ut hi s adAff.- O li ve tt , away. mi ni st r atio n to lead t h e s t udents Station WCFL has ex tend ed an t o a \{eener schoo l sp irit , a more invitation to t he L eague fo r a se ri es unifi ed soc ial life and a bette r un- of r ad io debates. E le ven of these dersta n ding of campus proble ms. are indi ca ted. - A Sophomo r e. Viator's fi r s t Jebar:e w ill take place so m e t im e in Oc tober . TO T H E ED ITOR TO THr; J-;DITOR-

ANDRE-WS Insurance of All Kinds


Sisters Improve Service of Infirmary, Cuisine

T h e re is u.sua1 ly some co lumn in eve ry pape r w hi ch be lon gs in the \'\ aste paper basl{et. Th e cam pus briefs belongs in th is catago ry. It Wh en the students a rri ved on th e ha s no purpose except th at of ca us ing t r ou ble a n d making pe r son a l af- campus this year, they wer e p leasant ly s urprised to learn that sisters fa irs public. had already t aken charge of th e It s hould likewise be r emembered cu isine and infirmary. Th e nine by the write r s and editors that ers is t e r s of Notre Dam e of Covin g ton. roneou s co nce ptions of co ll ege lif e Kentu cky, came to the Co ll ege in at St. Viato r will be fo rm ed by July and s ince th a t time they have th e many r eade rs who are unfamil been busy getting eve r ything in iar witl1 t h e tru e fac t s. Perhaps if good order for the opening of sc hool. the writer would co nfine himself to Everything in and aboui. the regene raliti es, it \"\'Ould be more to The problem of morality in a thP nrhi e vement of a co mmon en- fectory has an air of c lean liness and etiiciency. The meal s h ave a film is exac tly th e s ame prob lem joymen t and good. I good, old-fashioned, K entucl{y flavor that one finds in literature or on - John Stockbar. about them that is hard to beat, U1e stage. Th e one added e leand th e pancakes are be tte r than m e nt in the film is that the preso r c rim e in such a fashio n as to t he ones mother has fo r gotten how entation is vivified by a ctual enactstimulate th e passions, or teach bow t o bake. The siste r s, busy and ment a nd a presentation which lS to commit similar crimes. smHing, who see to it that eve r y see n by audiences hypotized through Even if in t he end th e immoral strap speck of dlrt that gets into the darkness of a theatre and the s li ghlly numbing effect of intense person is punished and the gangster Roy Hall is promptly e jected, have goes to his doom, th e picture (as added a note of cheerfulness that li g-ht on the screen. But fundamental ly U1e rules are well as the novel o r play ) may still makes the housing building mo r e be evil. Fo r when the VICe is like a home. Bottles of evil -last U1e same: 1. One must not co nfuse Utrough presented in a stimulating and at- ing medicines, th e rmom ete rs , banda no,·el, a play. or a film, the ques - tractive fashion, o r the gangs t er L:; ages and aclliesive tape have lost lion of \vhat is right and what is s hown as a hero (unselfish, charm- much of their disagreeab leness be\·Vhen immorality is pre- ing, generous), the climax or pun- cause of the gentleness and care :::t~~- as a justified course of con- ishment will not be sufficient to one receives in the infirmary. duct, when virtue is presented as eradicate the stimulation and the All in all. things have improved ridiculous. when crime is approved appeal of the early sections. 100 per ce nt since the siste r s have (\Yhethcr that be murder. burglary. H en ce, scenes that stimulate pas- been put in charge ; and the stu r r.c kt::tee ring. or suicide), or when s ion, arouse evil thoughts, or teach dents , throu gh the co lumns of the u1 e just law is attacked and m ad~ c rim e, \\ill vitiate and make im- school paper, \vish to let the sistero:; absurd. tile presentations are im- moral an othen\ise satisfacto ry know that they are mighty welcome and that they are for t hem 100 per· picture. moral and wrong. - l The Southern Messenge r ) . cent. 2. One must not present vice

How to Judge Morality Of The Motion Pictures


E mul sified

P e rfec t Preservation Pro tec t ion

A s ph a lt Li (juid

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THE YIA T O RL-\::-.-


TO THI-; f<;DI TOREvc-ry ~tudent v. ho attended the mP-cting of the College Club on the New Members Are Added To 22nd must derived a certain Council amount of !=latisfaction from the at· titude adopted by ~.[r. Kelly in hi.,; The Vf;ry f{.f'v er f:n rJ f~Jward V. role of Presi dent. and. for t hat matC~.t rdln a. l , G. S. V., Ph. D., Pre~iden~ ter, by the Club members as a whole . of St. Viator CoiU·gc, ha.~ r·ho~en a."! Vir:e-Prcsddcnt thf• Rr!vcrcnd Rich-

' ..\Tl"RO.\Y , Sl:PTlS.\ lBE R

P lan For Debating Society Ar e F orm ed

Campus Briefs-

Tile op..;ning of the current intercollegiate debate season will find the rznks of the Bergin Debating Socidy seriously depleted through the graduation and transfer of seve ral vete r ~s. The present enrollmen~ indicates that of las t year's fine squad there are only four member.3 returning to St. Viator this fall. D espite this fact, th e Reverend John \V. Stafford, who succeed ~ the Re\·. J \V. R. Magui re as debate coach, has h1gh hopes that he cr.:. n find enough good material in the Freshman class to form a strong a ppregation. Father Stafford is r ega rded a~ the finest debater eve r to have been enrolled at St. Viator Coll ege, an institution which has always bee n rega rd ed in collegi_ate c~ r cl e~ as o n e of the s tronges t 10 th1 s fteld. Of th e re turning members of last seaso n 's t eams, Mr. Norbert Ellis is t he oldest and most expe rienced. With two full years of intercollegiate co ntes t s to his credit he has been appointed to th e posi tion of student manag e r of th e Bergin Socie ly. The othe r students who re ported th is y ea r are Miss Mar y C r uise, M r. Edward Buttgen, and ~Ir.

I wonder what's become of alby. Technocracy. ''They Cut Down the ('Id Pme Tree". last year's s tra\VS. and the guy that said you could neve r cle~ up smutty mo\-ies. How things do change K en \Yi se r must be thinking of th e old Frontier days, ht:!'s doing co nsid e rabl e pio nce. nng on Prai ri e avenue m th e Bradley wi lds . . Perhaps there is one of our great host of reade rs \Yho has not heard this one. That alone would be s uffi cient ju s tification for its being printed. It seems that a certt:.m budding freshman was filling out his regis tration ca rd . H £ was making great progr ess until h£: came to the s pace marked "Piac .... J of Birth, {Pos t Office)". After a s li g ht pause for de libe rati on, th e youn g man grcsped his pen anct w rote, "No. st. Ann e's Hos pital". The Frosh have a th e m e song which they sing to some or the more popular upper-c lass m en. It is entitled "Brother, Can You Spare a Dame?" Professo r, after bein g interrupted by Madigan , "Sir, do you not know that t he on ly o ne who likes lo be interr upted in the midd le o f a sente n ce is a co nvict?"



Deane me ' ' . . \Ye t e nothing upon ourselv~s. but mt?rely re-port that a htUe bird told ~ lh t Skve Gould bloomed out to Bloomington last summe r • Report. rumor, "-e admit it, but it seems that lh~ Moonglo". on a not far distant mid~ summe r night caused a poplo.r, ~ specticled Sophomore to The Quesuon. and \ve wonder if it was the Star-Dust that ca used tht:' young lady to u.nswcr yes. .i..\Iay W(' ~ Ul~ first to offe r our congrnts . . Att cnti o n. ye o f Kankakee. BiJI Phalen has ret urn ed to the fold. and teruned up with George Fleming- -a tlnngerous com bination . It must have been a rare treat to any one who was privileged to gaze upon the count ence of Joe Barza.ntry this sum~ mer. H is chin was the proud passe~so r of a ~ an-dyke, yellow an.d 1 famt. we admit, but nevertheless, 1t I VI AS ~ van-dyke . . . The.n. too. th e re tS th e popular young ro-ed who w as lately informed by paterna l authority that th e re arc to be no nights-out during c lass d a ys. Tough, both for her and certain gentlemen or distinc tion Among lhings to be thankful for, list the fact that, while God may give us our re latives, H e leaves us free to c hoo»e ou r own friends So long!

We are told th at at ~ne tim e, thouvh we must admit th at period a rd J. ~· r ench, C . S. V., Ph. D., who tran;cends our m t::: mory. t he Colleg•• h::t.R br~en promolr!d from the office Club w~:i the most powerful o rgan· ot Dta.n, a n office he ha.<J held for ization on the campu s, ironing out Dr. French, ma ny s tudent difficulties and takthf~ l a.s t two years. who made hi s Hlud l cs a t the Univer- ing a positive stand on all colHily of C hi cago, al lh c Calholi c Uni - legiate ques tions. At the sam:" vcn~lty of America in W ashi ng ton , time, it fostered a better s tud ent and a t L.oyola University in Chicago, .social life and spo nso red numervus will ro nllnu c to head the Depart - co ll egiat e act ivities thro ug hout th e menL of Etlu ca.lion . Reaso n. Th e R everend Leo T. Phillips, C A few ye< ago, however, th l! s. V., h as been appointed Dean of club again began to decay, until Stud! H to s ucceed Dr. F r nc h. Dr. las t year it had almo s t passed out Phillips, who for the p aH t thrct! of ex is tan ce. It was m e rely ar; years ha.<J bee n h ead of th e Viato r lan o rga niza tion. holding j ealously to its Se minary in W ashing ton , D. C .. is o ld res pec t abi lity, a nd yet. unwillwrll Known bec au se of hi s years of in g to t ake any p roporti onate acLea chin g at St. Viators, and because tion in th e College li fe. of hi s pos ition as head of lh e H igh Do you wonder then, that we Schoo l Depar t ment for se veral years were bo t h su r pri sed a nd since r e ly pr io r to its disco nti nu ance. e n thusias ti c ove r the s p irit of r e- W illi am Schumache r. No dou b t t he T he usua l place on the fou rth H ave you r C lothes Made- to-O rde r Succcedl ng the R evere nd E. M. so lution man ifested at the C lub' s la r ge fres hman c lass w ill f urni s h cor r ido r h as been ofte n dis tur bed by l< e ll y, C. S. V., who resig ned as Di- firs t m ee ting? M r. K elly c learly many rec r uits, although as yet no lale ly by t he shouts of two prom inM. BORN & COMPANY re c to r· of AU1 le tics, wi ll be t he R ev. s tated hi s objectives fo r th e year tryou t s have tak en place. ent yo ung Frosh . T he cause, beChicago's G reat Me rc hant Tai lor l:<' ran c ls J . Harbaue r, C. S. V. Fathe r and lead eve r y s t uden t to be liev.:! On Friday night, September 29, li eve it o r no t , is t h e habi t o ne gen F it an d Sati sfaction Gua ranteed Hu.rbu ue r is not new to th e co llege that h e int e nded to ca r r y o u t th os·· Fathe r S t affo r d a t tended the meeting tleman has of p luck ing h is eyebrows. ad m ini s tration, hav in g se rv ed Cor t he o bjec ti ves. H e le t it be kn own of t h e de bate coa ches of t he Little past two yea rs as Dean of Men. that the clu b t ed for the good Nine t een . Co n fere n ce, he ld in C hiJi"a th e r H a rba uer , who stud ied a t 0 ~ th e sc hoo l a nd that he inte nd ed ca go. H e re he re prese nted Vi a tor th e U nive rs it y of IIHn ois, and a t Lh e to execu t e h is wo r k in a co ncise, in scheduling th e debates fo r th e a lh o lic U ni ve rs ity, an d w ho hol ds manner ly ord e r . co ming season. This schedul e w ill t he d eg ree of Mas te r of Arts . wi ll A nd not a lone in :M r . Kel ly d id we be augme nted, of cou rse, by ot he r co n ti nu e to leach Ge r man. INSURANCE AGENC Y co ntes t s w it h tea m s outside th e Li t obse r ve th e l<eynote of th e sc h ool' ~ S ucceed in g Fa th er Harbaue r a:> s pi ri t of co-oper a tion a n d purpose, t le N inetee n . Dean of Men w ill be the R ever e nd bu t fm m t hose w ho had busi n ess Th e wa ll ow ing ls a te ntative J osep h J . Ryan , C. S. V. A lt hou gh t v pl ace befor e th e m ee t in g as we ll. sc hed ul e of d e bates : Fa th e r Ryan ha s bee n away fro m In s ho r t, it a ppears th a t th e ColAff.- D e Paul , a way . 107 EAST COU RT STR EET th e co ll ege fo r several years, fin - lege Clu b is once aga in t o tak e its N eg.- B r a d ley, away. KAN K A KE E I LLINOIS ins hi ng hi s s tudi es fo r th e pri est- r ightfu l place in c ampu s affa irs. It Neg.- III. S t a t e N orma l, he r e. Pho ne 1933 hood . and earning h is Maste r 's d e~ is o ur s in cere hope t ha t we will Neg. - Shu rtl e ff , h er e. g rec a t Lh c Unive rs ity of I lli noi!'> not be d isillus io ned, that M r . I< ell y Aff.- De K a lb, he r e. and U1 e aU1o li c Un ive rsity of A m- wi ll co n t inue th ro ugho ut his ad Aff.- O ii ve tt , a way. c ,·ica, h e is lo 1ow n t o many res iden t s mi ni st r a ti o n t o lead t h e s t udents S t a tion WCFL has ex t end ed an o f Ka.nltal<ee an d to m any s tud ents to a keene r schoo l s piri t , a mo r e in vi t at ion t o th e L eag ue fo r a se ri es o f recen t yea r s . uni fied socia l li fe an d a bette r un · of r a di o de ba t es. E leven of thesPT he a bove men, t oge l heh with t h-= dc rsta ndin g o f cam pus p ro blems. a r e in d ica t ed. Re ve re nd Ch tisto ph er M a r zano. C. S. - A Sophomore. Via t o r 's f irs t J e bar:e w ill take V., P h . D., who has been appoi n ted pl ace so m e t im e in Oc tobe r . to r emain as Treasurer of the Col- TO T H E EDI TOR lege, a posi Uon he h as held for sevT h ere is usual ly some co lu mn in e ral years, wi ll comprise the College co un ci l of Adm ini s tr atio n . Thi s eve r y pape r w hic h be longs in the \Yas t e paper bask e t . Th e can1 pu s Cou nc il wi ll assist lhe P r esiden t, E mul s if ie d P e rfec t Dr. arcl in a l, in directing a ll ac- brief s be longs in t hi s catago r y. It A s ph a lt Wh en t he s tudents arri ved on th e P rese r vatio n tiviti es at th e College du ring t he has no purpose except th at of ca us Li q uj d P rot ec ti o n campus this year, th ey wer e pleasco ming year. a year tha t promises ing trou ble a n d mak in g p e rso n a l afant ly s u r prised to learn that siste rs to be notewo r U1y because of an fairs public. h ad already t a k e n charge of the It should likew ise be r emembered elaborate p rogram of imp rovement cu isine and infi r mar y. The n ine and e xpans ion that is now be ing by th e wr ite r s and edi t ors that e rsiste rs of Notr e Dame of Co vin g ton. t·oneous conceptions of co llege life laun ched. Ke ntucky, came t o th e College in a t St. Via to r will be fo r med by Jul y a nd s in ce t hat time th ey hav e A pe rfec t protective coa ti ng fo r brus hi ng , sp raying o r t rowell the rnany reade rs who are unfam ilbeen busy ge tti ng eve r y t hing in ing , being a hi g h grad e Mexican asphalt dispe rsed as min u te partiiar v.ri tl1 the tru e fac t s . Pe rh a ps if good o rde r fo r t he opening of school. cles in wate r for conve nien t handling. It is applied co ld. A s th e th e writer would confine himself to Everything in and abou i. t he re moisture evapo r ates, a black, flex ib le ru bberlike fi lm r emains which ge neralities, it wo uld be m ore t o fectory has an ai r of c leanli ness is water-proof, acid, alkaline and fire r esis tant, and s huts out inTh e problem of morality in a the achievement of a common enand efficiency. The meals h ave a film is e xac tly the same problem joy m c nt and good. fi lrat ions of air. I good, o ld -fashio n ed, K entucky flavor that one finds in lite ratu r e or on - J olm Stock ba r . a bo ut t h em that is h a r d to bea t , Mo rtex 5 does not cr ack or p eel in co ldes t weath er, no r blis t er, Ute s tage. The one added e leand t he pancakes are bette r t h an sag nor run on hottes t days and a lways remains e las ti c. It is odorment in Lh e fi lm is that U1e presor c ri me in suc h a fas hion a s t o t he ones m o t h er h as fo rgot te n h ow less tas t eless and noninflammable and can be safel y used in conentation is vivified by actual enacts timulate the passions, o r teach bow to bake. The sisters, busy and fined. places. It readily bonds to all clean s urfaces, and also to damp m e nt BJld a presentation \Vh ich I S to commit similar crimes. smiling, who see t o it tha t eve r y surfaces, but should never be a pplied ove r rusty, dirty, greasy or see n by audiences hypoti zed th rough Even if in the end the immoral strap speck of di r t t hat gets into oily surfaces or an im perfect bond will result. Use only on clean the dark ness of a th e atre and the s li gh tly numbin g effec t of intense pe rson is punished and the gangs t er Roy H a ll is promp tly ej ec t ed, have surfaces to obt ain pe rfect satisfaction. lig-hl on the screen. goes to his doom, the pictu re (as added a note of cheerf ul ness t hat Used fo r D A MPP ROOFI N G WALLS and F L OOR S, PAINTING But fundamentally Ut e rules a re well as the nove l o r play) may still makes the housing buil ding m or e GA L VANI ZED I RON, P ROT ECTING CL EAN I RON AND STEEL , be evi l. Fo r w h en th e v1ce is like a h ome . Bottles o f ev il-lastU1e same: ROOF RE P AIRING and as an ADH ESI VE. It can be mixed wilh 1 . One must not co nfu se Utrough presented in a stimulating and at- ing medi cines, the r mometers, bandP ortland Cement and dries ou t a sof t gray colo r fo r patching dea no,·el, a play. o r a film, the ques - t ractive fashion, o r the gangs t er L~ ages a nd adhesive tape have lost te r iorating conc r ete. tion of what is ri g ht and what is s hown as a he ro (unselfi s h, c har m - much of their disagr eeableness be - ~ wrong. W"hen immorality is pre- ing, generous), the climax or pun- cause of the gentleness and care F o r Sale at LocaJ Dealer s sc-nted as 8 justified course of con- is hm ent will not be sufficient to one receives in the infi r mary. duct. when virtue is presented as e radi cate the stimulation and the A11 in all. things have improved ridiculous. when crime is app roved appeal of the early sections. 100 pe r cent si nce the s iste rs have {\-vhethc r that be murder. burgla r y, H ence. scenes that stimulate pas- been put in charge; and the stu re.ckl!teering, or suicide), or when sion, arouse evil thoughts, or t each dents, through the co lumns of the u1 e just Jaw is attacked and mad~ c rim e. \\ill vitiate and make im- school paper, \vish to let the sis ter'5 absurd. tile presentations are irn- moral an othenvise satisfactory know that they are mighty welcome moral and wrong. pictu re. and that they are for them 100 per2. One must not presen t vice - l The Southern M essenge r ). 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ANDRE-WS Insurance of All Kinds


Si sters Improve Service of Infirmary, Cuisine

H ow t o Jud ge Morality Of Th e Motion P ictures

J. W. Mortell Co. Kankakee, Ill.

SATURDAY, S EPTEl\'ffiER 29, 19%4




FATHER KELLY RESIGNS POST This summer the Rev. E. M. K e lly, C. S . V .. was co mpelled by ill- health


to r esign his posi tion as Director of

John Hargrove Appointed Student Manager ; New P oint System Athletics at St. Viator , to the s in- Twelve Lettermen Re turn To Gridiron; Is Adopted ~ t St. Viator ce r e regre t of all who knew him. _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ R_e_c_r_u_i_ts_ .;romising With the r enewal of the scholastic year the attention of th e student:::5 turn.s n a turally to spo r ts. Therefore , tc provide a m ea.ns for all to parti cipate , a system of Intra-mural ac tivities is being inaugurated by the Rev. F. J. Harbauer, C . S. V., Directo r of Athletics. J oh n Hargrove bas been appointed Student Manager, and w ill handle as hi s fi rs t activity a Bowling Tournament whi ch wi ll be followed in turn by a Pool Tournament and a Ping-Pong Tournament. In yea rs gone by, Fathe r Thomas Hariss, a devoted alumnus of the College, was a pioneer in th e deve loping of Intra-mural a ctivities. Howeve r, with the abandonment of th e Hi gh School d epartment and the consequ en t drop in boarding students, th e Int ra -mura l program was allowed to laps e, while more emphasis was placed upon varsity co mpetiton. Last year saw a r evival, and with the new r eco r d enrollment of this year, Intra-mural activities bid well to encou rage even more the high s pirit that, in previous ye ars, was so pre valent on th e Viator campu s.


sport Short s--

Plans were begun Saturday night Kenn e th Wiser. Byron Burke and G eorge M cWeen ey fo r the fo r mation of a College Dance Orchestra. These four men, who hope to surround themselves with app roximately eight other players, b · express as t e tr purpose, the d esire to s timulate their interest in popuJar music and to put to practical use their knowledge of instr umental entertainment. The orches tra is to known as "The Viatorians", and, after secu rin g the c urre nt orchestrations. shall be ope n for engagements both on and off of the campus. All four of th e originators of the o rgan izati on have bad previo us experience in dance band playing, and a r e, th erefo re, we ll qualified fo r the undertaking. Mr. McWeeney is a musi ca l compose r of some note. The College w ill certainly \Velcome the enterprise, as th e · Jack of a sc hoo l or ches tra has been severely

Th e first I-M. undertaking at SL Viator promises to be an ove rwh e lming s uccess if we can judge from lh e heavy vote cas t in the election of bowling c~ptai ns. A gain ''Flip" Fleming's ability as a bowle r has placed him at the he lm of a t ean1.

by John Har g rove,

Th e UnJversi ty of Illinois has de- fe lt in the past. Many coll eges a lready have similar o r ganization, fi ned the program of Intra-mural athl etics as a modified syste m of and have found the arrangement very Phys ical Edu cati on, and if p lans convenient and sa tisfac tory. "The mate ralize, it will not be long before Vi ato rians" will deserve a ll of th e th e College authorities shal l inaug - co-ope ration th e c lasses and c lubs of th e campus can give th e m. urate a course in Physical Educalio n . The Intra -mural activi ti es a re a mean s towards an e nd. They 1 tend towards, not o nly th e develop-ment of the mind and body, but also towa rds fos t e ring a s pirit of fe l(Continued From Page One)


lowship among the s tude nt body. Only a few c hanges wi ll be made in the point sys t em that governs th e awa rding of the Intra-mur&.l C h a mpions hip Trophy. The s tudent who receives th e highes t number of points during the schol astic year,

F th

K h ld b ' t · a er elly has e ts pos tn the fie ld of spor t s so long and so effec tive ly th at hi s leaving must be fe lt m os t ke enl y by the stude nts. H e is loved and r es pec t ed by all who hav e se rved under him, and it has become prove rbial that when the odds seem against th e Green Wave, Father K ell y never loses faith in h is boys. While there is no doubt that th e Rev. F. J. H arbauer will f ill th e position capably, yet Fathe r K e lly will certainly be missed, and it is to be hoped th a t he will not give ur:- his interest in and s upport of Viator ath letics.

George Fl effilllg . T0 Manage Athletics


Basil Nicho lso n, a n ative of Eng land. whil e attendin g sc hoo l at Hopkins A cad emy (a :Yale Prep ) in Conn., was Intra- mura l scholastic 100 ya r d backstroke c hampion. It lool<s as th ou gh the aqu atic material will be


1Yior e swim ming news _ The s tuts . be 1 d en Wlll g a to know that t he poo l wi ll be opened shortl y and will remain in use throughout th e winter. Th e heating plant has been repaired, so co mfortable s wimming i:J assured .


be in

a ttendan ce at

th e


College. During his academy days, "Gawg" was a member of the footba ll and basketbal l squads. Since attending the co ll ege h e has been a c tiv e in all ca mpus affairs. H e was Preside nt ea rly in the second of his class las t year and a candi-

Irish Schedule-Eight Games Viato r

afo re-m e n- Sept. 28

Southern Illinois State Teachers College, at Ca r bondale. Ill.

7 . Q, ng to the fast that ""In- Oc t. 19 Valparaiso Unlve rsity (H omec omlng). tra -mural me ans ' "Within th e walls" , at Kankak ee. Ill. th e co mmittee ha.s decided that m e mbers o r varsity teams. sin ce th e y Oc t. 27 Millikin University, at Decatu r . Ill.

N o v. 3

Michig an State Normal. at Yps ilanti. Mich.

Nov. 10

West ern State T ea c he rs Coll ege. ( Mlc b.) at Kankak ee. Ill.

N o v.


No v N ov 25

Elmhurst College. at Elmh u rst. Ill. J o hn Carro ll Univ e rsity. at Cle veland, Oh io S t. Mary's College at Chica go. Ill.



Ray "F'ido" Murphy. a well known Ea3t ern football mentor h~ charge of the "F'ighting Irish"" this year. D ~ spite the fa c t that Viato r lost many excellent players such as K en W estray and R ed H arding, the s upply of fresh material has led Coach 1\1urphy to forecas t a brilliant and successful season. Twelve le tte rm en from las t season are< for actio n . Emme rson D ex t er, who has distinguished himself and his schoo l hy sec uring th e be rth of center on the All-Conference Team, wi ll lead th e ''Gree n Wave" this year. The o th er ve t e r an s who have re turn ed are: Corcoran, Roche, Saia, Marik, K e lly. Noonan, Newberg, Kraukli s, \oVi se r , B e tourne and O'Leary. Com pe tition for positions has been very k ee n. Robe rt Schumac her of Urbana has already won for himself a g uards position. Roche and :M a rik a re now ba ttling fo r th e othe r g uard position. At ends this y ear Coach Murph y will have a pair of new men whom

th e best. Dolph Guy from Calhed r al Hi g h Schoo l, Springf ie ld, has sec ured the othe r end position. K e n Co r co ran, c hose n by many expe rts for All-Confer ence honors as a

quaterback las t y ear, has been conver t ed in to an e nd by Conch Murphy, and is corn ing along in " le aps le ti cs. Fleming, a senlo r, hails sufficie ntly strong this year to war- E! nd bo unds " , according t o the new from Chicago, Ill., and is th e las t of rant sending a t eam to th e Littl e coach. th e o ld St. Viator Acadm ey g rad- Nineteen mee t. Tackle positions are ve ry d u bious .

5. H igh po int man in the sw imming or tra c k mcets- 10 points.

engage In Inte r-collegiate co mpe titio n and aJso since th ey recel ve mo nogrtulls, s hall not he awarded points In the lnt.rn- mural contes ts. It has al so heen ded ded that captalns of Intra-mural t ea.m..s s.halt rece ive no t" xtr points. s in ce th e capta1nc y in I L~t., l ! Is ho no rary anll Uoes no t n ~Ct"s.sarily indic te out.s tandlng a thlt:> t c bt hly

News from the swi mming front-

George Fleming , one of St. V iato r's outstanding campu s lead ers has b . t d St d t '"' age of een appom e u en man r Athletics by th e Rev. Father Harbauer, C. S. V. , Direc t o r of Ath-

pro wess the titl e of "Champion of Jo e Saia, who display ed such date for College club Pres id ent, losIntra- mural Sports". Don Betourne pro mi se last year and who has been ing by a slight margin o f three votes For the pas t three years, of Kankak ee, Til. , Is las t year' s title in th e co llege infirmary for the last r."lemt:ng has heen Bowlt"n g S "t ngles ho ld e r . week, saw abou t thirty minutes of [' . . C h a mpion, and las t year h e was sys t e m action. 'Following is th e point of the winning Bowling T ou rThe s tarting line up was: wh ich h as bee n a rranged by Thomas nament team. H e bas, lik ewise, Ke ll y, President of the College Club, L . E. Guy I had many major part s in the DraJ ohn Bl mmcrl e, Pres id ent of the L. T . L ux malic and Glee Club performances. Senior Class: J o hn Hargrove, S tuRoche L. G. dent Manager of Intra-mural Sports; Dexter This is th e fifty-seco nd anniv erGeorge Fle min g, Student Manager ot' c. Schumach er sary of the VIATORI AN. It was Athl e ti cs; and William Schumacher , R. G . firs t printed in the form of a Spo r ts E:dltor of the VIA TORIAN.: R. T. Kra uklis manual , and it was not until abo ut 1. Winners of the bowling, hand - R. E. Tures fifteen ye ars ago that th e prese nt Palladino ne w s pape r style was adopted. The ball, pool. ping-po ng and t ennis Q . B. tournament 10 points. Gibbons VIATORIAN is th e oldest Catholic L . H. Shea co llege pape r in the middl e west, and 2. Runner -up of th e afo re-men- R . H . on e of the oldes t co llege paper s of tton ed t.ournaments-5 po ints. F. B. ····- ·-···· Masterson Hny Llt:!nomlnation in thi s vi c iniey. 3 . Members ot winning lntra-mura.l league teams ·10 points.

6. Runne r- up ln the tlon ed m eets 5 polnts.


John Hargrove wishes to an nounc:.:: that facilities for handball &re availabl e, and anyone who wishes to pla y he has co nve rted from tackles. Ray Tures, captain of the Champio n A cacan sec ure equipm en t by seeing him. d e my e leven last year, is considered

gan with such crowning success. and twi ce carri ed the pigskin ove r th e Viator goal lin e, most of the playing was. done between the T eache r s' thirty and forty-ya rd lines. Both tc u chdowns were made befor e rain

:~~e b:a~::n t~ro~r;~hyhisan~th~:~~ :~!~e

4. M embers of runne r-up t eams:; po in ts.

George has bee n s ingle's champ at the College for the past three years. The men se lected fo r the cap t ai ncies ar e: K en Corcoran, E. D ex t e r . G. Fle ming, J. :M arik, J. Quinn, Tom Kelly, Ken Wise r , Tom Gibbons , Joe Saia, Ed O'Brien , J . Bimmerle , G eo r ge Roge r s . Ray Roche, C l arenc ~ Noonan, F. Shea, Jim O'Mera, "Slew'' Stockbar, Francis Krauklis. In case additional m en s ign up and teams ar~ added to the league, the captains will be selected f r om these men, J . . Harg rove, R. S chumac her and C.:. Newberg.

W ith

Wio na, .Minn.)


Kra uk lis and Ke ll y, veterans of last year are possibly the onl y ones that Coach · Murph y can de pend upon . The ce nter of th e line Will be hand led by Captain D e xte r, who Is hi g hly rated, not only by Coac h M urphy, but al so by all th e coaches of the Little N ine t ee n Confe r en ce. Dexte r

With the e nrollment of anoth e r C. has that temperme nt and s pi r it Y. 0. boxmg produc t, inter es t has whi ch all real foot ball men possess. once more bee n ins ti ll ed in th e pugil- Und e r hi s c apabl e le aders h ip th e re is no doubt but that th e "Gree n istic fans at St. Viator. J oe Sprafka, a we lterweigh t who starr ed at Carl Wav e " wi ll enjoy a s u ccessful scaSc hurz H igh in Chicago and who so n. r eac hed th e se mi -fina ls in the C. Y. Und er s tudy fo r Ca ptain Dexte r is 0. Tournament, is on e of th e mos t Basil Nic ho lso n, w ho hail s f rom promis ing c andidates on th e s quad. M e rry Eng land- London to be s peciH e and Jo e Kalko w s ki, al so of C. fi e. H e is c lose ly follow ed by J ohn Y. 0 . fame, wi ll form th e nu c leo us H a r g rove, a na ti ve so n from Le of th e t eam. Of th e s tud ents whc land, Mississippi. h ave s ignified thei r inte ntion o f inWith an o u tstand in g, we ig hty lin e dul gi ng in th e "sport of the g loves'' in fro nt of the m, the "G ree n Wave" ar John Stevens, 185 pounds, Clarbac kfi e ld wi ll hav e plenty or oppo rence Noorton , 150, Dolph, 190 ; Jo e tunity t o s wamp its oppo ne nts. This Stanford, 14 5; Thomas K erns, 245. y ea r' s edi ti o n will contain o nJy o ne a nd Ted Cush, 195. ve t e ran among th e s tartin g bac ks. Stuart Bake r , former All-Conferen ce end and sta r center on th • baske tball team fo r a number of yea r s, dropped in for a visit a few days ago K en W es tray, one of th e greatest of all VIato r ath letes, has s igned h is 1934 co ntr acl with th e Chi cago Bears , champion of t h e National Professional Football circuit Bi ll Gibbo ns, ev-V Ialor grid s ta r , has sign ed with the Central Illinois All-Stars It has a lso been repo rted that th e r easo n John Chinn. promis ing half- bac k. fa iled to return to schoo l was lhat he ha2 s igned to play pro-foo tball with th e Ce ntral llllnoi.s All- S tars. Call upon a business man in business ho urs. S tate yo ur bus in ess In business way ; wh e n done w ith bus In C-'S matters , go a bo ut yo ur bus iness and leave t h e busi ness man to a ttend to his business.


J oe Saia. ano th e r M l ~~ i ~~ lppl "·Mu d cap, who was regul ar f ullback, h as been conve rted Into a ha lfback by Coac h Murphy and wl ll a ttemp t to f ill Ken Wes tray's c lea ts . J a m es M aste rson, a hard plu nge r n.nd good bloc ker, hailing from Champion Academ . will re pl a ce Saia at fu llback . Left halfbac k pos ition wi ll be occ upi ed by Ahi e Hohins l<y, a fin e broke n-fi eld runn e r and a ccu rate PMse r from WeMt. H aven, Con n., AJ P a ll a dino of New H ave n, Co nn., will call th e s ignals from quarte rbac k, an d Is r a ted (by Murphy) to be At ble Boo th 's s uccesso r . And so, to comple t e thi s s urvey of th e 1934 ed itio n o f th e " Gree n Wa ve' '. Co ac h Murphy a.'ise rL<J that hi s res erv e!-:! a re nea rly as eq u a l In a bility as th ~ pro bable vars ity, pa rti c ul a rl y his bac k fie ld m a t e ri a l. Murphy pro· c laims th a t none or hi s m en are ce r tai n of lhei r posiUons, to r all aro being pushed ha rd by the r ese rvt:3.


We begin with the right kinds of mild ripe Domestic tobaccos. Then we age and mellow them like rare wines

Next we add just the right kinds and the right amounts of Turkish tobaccos to give Chesterfield the "seasonit1g" that helps to make them taste

1 ;li~il ~ ~'11111:1 ~i~ r~, 1: l~b;e:t~t~er~·,i ••

Finally we "weld" these tobaccos together the Chesterfield way- different from any other-to make Chesterfield a milder better-tasting

St. Viator College Newspaper, 1934-09-29  

The Viatorian - Vol. LIL, No. 1

St. Viator College Newspaper, 1934-09-29  

The Viatorian - Vol. LIL, No. 1