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Qrb~ ltiafnriatt APPOINT FOOT BALL COACH Prepare For

A ttend The S pring Frolic




MONDA Y, APRll. SO, 1934

N. 14

SPRING FROLIC COMMITTEE ON ATHLETICSAPPOINT THOMAS KEllY ElECTED ClUB WILL BE HELD PRESIDENT IN ClOSE CONTEST FRIDAY, MAY 18 RAYMOND MURPHY FOOTBAll COACH Defeats George Fleming By Two Votes; Mary Cruise Reelected Secretary By Three Votes; Doyle and Quinn .,.Win Other Offices In one of the most closely co n tes ted elections in the history of t he St. Viator College Club, Mr . Thomas Kell y, '35, was victor oven Geo rge Fleming, _also of t he Class of '35, by the very sHm margin of two votes. As we had predict ed in t he las t issu e of the VIATORIAN, these t wo men named in the n ominations which we r e held on Monday eveni n g, May 7 · Tbe elections were held on the following Wednesday, and a lt hough the vote cast was la r ge it did not come u p to the number d b ffl · I h ad h which the clu o Cia s ope fo r . The number of vot es tabulated wer e "85". Doyle Is Trea.s Ui er K ell y, polli ng 43 votes to F leming's 41, becomes the Club President for the scholastic year, 1934-35.

Sophomor e-Freshman D a nce T o Be H eld At College Gym

W illiam J. Schumacher and H erman Snow gener a l ch airm en in ch a r ge of th e plans f or t he a nnual Spring Frolic h ave announced that

College Council, and Mr. Francis Krauklis was named Al ternat~ to the President. At present these o!Iices are merely hono r ary. But tt is the hop of th e club that eventunlly its rep rese ntatives shall be admltted to the Counci L For this reason, candidates are named to these offices each year. All of tbe students named hav e bf'en ve ry active in alJ College affairs for th e past few years. With this fine group of officers to asslst him, " Tom" Kelly will have little dltrlculty ln making next year a banner year !or the College Club. He Is already laying plans for Homecomlng next year, which he hopes to make the greatest celebration of Its kind in lbe history ot Sl. Viator College. Tbrougb the VIA TORIAN, the enUre s t udent body ex tends Its cong-ratula.Uons to the newly-elected o!Ctcers of the College Club.



the long awaited event will take place Friday night, May 18, at the St. Viato r Gymnasiu m. Afte r careful

Registrar Announces Session Will Open On June 15 ; New Instructors And Courses Added To P rogram





Me lody Make r s are well known in t h is vicini t y and h ave a large following among the local dance goer s. Entertainment be tween dances will also be f urnish ed by the orch es tra who boas t of several clever singers and ent er tain er s . The bids wi ll be one doll a r ($ l.OO) per cou p le. It is s incere ly hoped that a ll w ill cooperate in m a king t his dance a success, both fin anciall y and socia ll y. T h is is one of the m a in socia l events of t he y ear and committeem en assure us that they will e ndeavor t o present you with an even ing of r eal en J·oyment. As is the usual custom,

Fath er William J . Cr ackne ll, C. S. V., R egis trar of t he College, has announ ced th a t th e S u m m e r Session for 1934 wi ll open with Regis tra tion on June 15-16th. The Summer Sess ian was inaugurated here last year, Mr. Richard Doyle, '35, polled the and although the enr ollment at t h at la rgest vote of all the candidates lime was no t very larocre th e College the Freshmen an d Sophomores will contesting for the major offices. He coopera t e in the sponsorship of th is authori ties hope for a large increase affai r . Chairman Schumacher h as won very easily over Clark Dilger, this year. app oin t ed :Morri s Lang as chairman 1 59 23 37 , r' thbye aT r e as- u re rc'osunotff 1·in ce. UHee rwa~l~ In its first year the sch ool offered of t he tic k e t committee and it is f0 succeed Mr. James Dugan who grad- only seve r al cou rses of instr uc ti on, reported that t he sale of tickets uates in June. Mr. William Flem- but this year many additional cou rs - has been brisk leading us to again ing was also a candidate for this es wi ll appear on t he schedule wi t h predict that all studen ts, boa rder s office, but withdrew shortly before a like number of new t eache r s, wh o and day students a1ike will turn ou t tbe elections. will arrive h er e from Washingt on fo r this socia l f u nct ion. The gentleman who wi ll assume l he Vice-President's chair n ext year is 1o1r" J ohn P. Quinn, '35, who won over James Crowley by a very slim majority. The final tabu lations gave Quinn 46, and Crowley 39. Sooretary Very Close The co ntes t for the office of Secretary of th e College Club was nearly as close as was t hat for the Presidency. Miss Mary Cruise, '35, who ho lds th a t same office in th e Club this year, was reelec ted by jus t three votes. She was opposed by Mr. Kenne th Corcoran, also of th e Class of '35. For the remaining offices on th t! ballot there were no contests. As a result, Mr. William Schumacher, Pres ident of th e Freshmen Class, becomes the De legate-at-Large to lhe College Council; Mr. William Sweeney was opposed for Alternate to th e Delegate-At-Large to the

Spring Practice Begun Under Former F ordh am Star; All-American Guard To Assist New Coach During Spring Session

earl y in J une. The tuiti on wi ll be f ive do lla r s p e r . semest e r hour and the r egis t ra t wn fee is t hree dollars. An addi tion al fee: of ten do llars is charged for the Chemistr y L aboratory course. The unit of c redjt will be the se mes t e r hour which represents one class period pe r week th rough one :::r~st~~ o:ra~~~~ periods in laborThe excep ti onall y able men comin g here f rom Catholic U. t o t each, in addition to the p r esent s t aff of College instructors, enables S t . Viat or to offer a summe r session well worth th e attention and patronage of all who migh t be in t erested. t he Following is a schedule of courses of ins truction to offe r ed t his summer : {Continued on Page Six)

T he officer s of the F r eshmen and Sophomo re c lasses me t se veral day s ago a n d named t he fo llowi ng committees fo r t he F rolic: Gene r al Chairmen-- W illiam Schumac h er and H e r man Snow. Ticket Commit tee _ M. Lang, J. Arring t on and H. Wulffe. Publici t y Committee _ L . Soucie, Mary An thony, and A . A lessand ri. Recep tion Commi t tee _ N. E llis, Janet Obe rlin and Regi na Rielly. Orchestra Co mmit tee-David Rich\Vine and R. K endrigan. Decoration Committee-G. Roge r s, J. Morris and Marie Reynolds. Tickets and Cloakroom-S. Gou ld, M . S hosse r and R Schn e ider. I nvitations for chaperons h a v~ been sent to Mr . and M r s. H. H . C r awfo rd and Mr . and M r s. E. Arri ngton.

Seven Clerics oC St. Viator To B 'J'


organization of the coaching stafi.

Father Marzano Is Guest Of J ohn McNamara, who was named Honor At Annual Dinner head basketball coach a short time F or " Scribes " ago, will assist Murphy with his football duties. F ordham S tar Mr. Murphy began his football T h e an n ual ban que t for the mem- career at East H ampton H igh in he rs of th e VI AT ORIAN staff was Massachussetts, later t ransferring to he ld in the College Refecto r y last Wedn esday eve ning, May 9. Massee Prep School in Connecticut. After a delicious meal, ?vir. Robert Upon graduating from high school, Spreitzer , who acted as toas tmaste r , hf' en tered Fordham U. in New ca lled on various members of the York where he played half-back on M the football teams there und e r a staff for 3a5 fewh wo;.ds~ ~~s ary nationally renowned coach, Major Cruise, ' , t e 1rs v1c m, exIn 1928 he transferred p r essed he r appreciation of Mr. Cavanaugh. Spr eitzer's effo r ts w ith comme nt up- to St. Louis University where he on t h e oppor t unity for journalistic performed for "Hunk" Anderson, when the latter coached at that expe ri ence by service on the Staff institution. of the VIATORIAN. 1\ICr. JameH Upon completion of two years of D ugan, one of the most dignifi ed work at St. Louis, he went to Duke members of this year's graduating C class offered his advice to the Staff University at Durham, N_orth arfor ~e comin ear in the t e rse but ol ina, but because of a ruhng on the g Y ,K trans fer of students he was dcclarexpressive sen t ence, · cep your eel ine li gible and was unabl~ to shoes on" · com pete on Varsity teams at thaL Rev. Father Christopher Marzano, institution. However, the author1 C. S. V., Treasurer of th e College, ities th ere immediately recognized who sponsors the annual dinner for his abilities, and as a result he was the Staff, spoke of the important named as an assistant coach at the role played by the VIATORIAN in university. linking th e schoo l and its Alumni, In th e summe r of 1931, he reand in advertisi ng St. Viator Col- ccived th e Degree of Physical Eclulege. H e thanked Mr. Spreitze r for cation at Duke U. his untiring efforts in behalf of th e Coach ing Experience paper, and exp ressed his deep inIn the fall of 1931, Mr. Murphy te:rest in the s tud ent publication and played for th e New Haven Pro's, his willingness to help the Staff by a professional team in Connecticut. every m eans at his command. The following year he accepted th e In conclusion, Mr. Spreitzer thank- position of head coach at Samuel ed Father Marzano and the mem - Johnson's Academy at Stratford, be rs of t h e Staff for their help dur - Conn., and a lthough he was there ing the year and tendered h is best for only one season, his teams made wis hes to the next Editor and his a very impressive showi ng, winning assistants. th e New England Prep School Conference title in 1932. The most significant note about that Academy

Ordained On May 26th,·

Fathers Walsh, Stafford, Mul'l)aney and Ryan To Teach Here On May 26, seven Viato ri ans wi ll be r aised to the priesthood, and they wi ll celebrate their first H oly Masses on the following day. Six of the candidates, Brothers James Meara, Emmett M. Walsh, J ohn Stafford, William H arris, Francis Corcoran and Joseph Ryan , will be ordained by H is Excellen cy the Most Reve r end Bishop James A. Griffin, D. D. , in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Springfield, Dlinois. Brother Bernard G. Mulvaney will be ordained by His Excellency the Most Reverend Bishop Paul Rhode, D. D., In Green Bay Wisconsin. On Trini t y Sunday, Brother Meara will celebrate his first Solemn Mass in Sl. Thomas Church, Decatur, Dll-

nois, and Fathe r Daniel A. O'Connor, C. S. V. will delive r the sermon. Brother Walsh will celebrate Mass in the Church of the Immaculate Co n ception, Streator, lllinois; Father John P. O'Mahoney, C. S. V., will p reach the sermon. Broth e r Statrord will officiate In Dalton City, Dlinois, and Father John Maguire, C. S. V ., will preach. Brother Harris will say his Mass In St. Rita Chu rch, Chicago; Father Munsch, C. S. V ., will preach. Brother Corcoran's first Mass is to be in Earlville, Dlinols, and Father Gr egory Galvin, C. S. V., will p reach. Brother Joseph Ryan will celebrate his Mass in Coal City, llllnols; Father John Bradac, c. s. v., will deliver the sermon. Brother Mul-

On Saturday, May 5, the Committee on Athletics of St. Viator College announced the appointment of Raymond M. Murphy, who s tarred on football teams at Fordham and Louis Universities, as head football coach here. His is the second appointment in the past few weeks, which is a part of the re-

vaney will offer the Holy Sacrifice in his home town, Marion, Wisco n sin; Father James Lowney, c. S. v., will preach . Four of the brothers, Brothers Bernard Mulvaney, Jose ph Ryan, John Stafford and Emmett Walsh, will begin the ir priestly duti es this summer as instructors in St. Viator summer school. Many of the students are glad to welcome the return of these popular priests to th e Viatortan classrooms. Brother Edward O'Niel, likewise well known by the Alumni and students o! St. VIator, wDJ be elevated

episode, was the fact that Murphy's footba ll team was able to defeat Stamford High School, H-0, and this was th e first game which that s trong aggregation had lost in eighl consec utive years. Mr. Murphy's next coaching a,signment in 1933, was with th e " Humph ryes", a semi-professional t tam of Connecticut, who succeeded in winning eight games while losi ng none, and were event ually named State Champions. This comp le tes his coaching ::ngnments, which included high school, university and professional teams. His experience with each of these groups will aid him eonsiderably here. Sprlng Tra.lnlng Tbe new coach took up his new duties Immediately after hla ap-


to the priesthood early In the fall, polntment became kn~w_n_._an _ d_ •tartprobably in September. (Centlnued on Page Six)





PubllBhed bi-weekly lhroug'bout the y eu by the studen ts ot SL

Viator CoUege. VIATORJ.A.N

D ll81nl!.88 ManageT





J ohn Cronin

Edlt.onaa Boror1ty BportA Ed.! t.or Sport-Short. VI o.U>r1 ana. Ca.mpLUt Br1 cta Day H opping If'' eaturc Writer Feo.tu r o Writer Foa.ture Wr1ter Fcu.ture Wrlter




Drolot on h .. way home t rumtn3h' <'ve r more li cui:!U...: diffh.· ultit:'...,_ from Father d eO his l~tt~r '"ilh all

Brother Ryan good ";she:; to h!s fnends tn lhe L'ruteJ tales and an e rnest n.~ that they are weU and happy in lh+" que~t fo r pra,ye:rs for the !IU<:CC$.$ of dance on the social calendar of this VIA TORIA;o..; ~ns 10~ at ·upmg- our missions . year With beautiful weather as kai. .M anchoukuo. The Chinese a!l inspiration, everyone should have language is beginning to t ake on the dest re to b nng his .. one and only' ' to the last class dance of definite form to ob,·iate many embarra.ssments and to furnish th~ scholastic year. Just a word to the mo re timid mec.ns of bringing the doctrine of " W e Have What You Need ' ' sort of fellows---if your spirit is Christ to ou r antlpodes. Most of willing but your nerve breaks down. the time is spent in studying the ask for help; those who prefer vt'ry difficul t language. Father OMblondes consult Ticulka. and those let Is helping at the Cath edral: who pr fe r brunettes see Wulff e. H oly Mass. Benediction of the Bles The Sophomor e and F r eshman ed Sacramen t , and bringing H oly Classes a re expecting a hundred per Communion t o tlle sick, e t c. cen t r esponse from the students. Father Drolet gave an interesting The Sopbomcre-Freshrnan < I-TOffi.lses to be the most successful

Robert L Spreitzer Kenn eth Corcoran Norbert Ellis Oavld Ricbwlne

M vert.Jlllng Manager


~rolic Fr.the r


Edltor-ln-ch le1 A.Jw'JClat.e EdJ t.o r


liiator in th e Orient

I Day-Hopping I


Margare t Clanc.v Joseph Degnan Wtlllam Schumacher Cbari~s Byr on


Jam es Dugan

Lester Soucie Robert Nolan Mary Cruise WilHam Clancy James O'Mara


Let's al l be on deck fo r an enjoy- accou nt of a

recen t trip to a mission abou t fifty miles f rom Ssuping--ka i to r eplace another missionary. 209 Eas t Co urt t . Fortunate ly th e town was on th e PHONE 30 ra ilroad a nd eve n the third c lass accommoda ti ons were prefe rable t o Subscr1ptlon Rat.~ ; 2.00 pe r annum. Firs t il was Go r man who decided the a rduous journey inland through Ad dreas all correnpondeo.ce ref erring e ithe r to rtis ing o r subscripUon to in fa vo r of th e und e rtaking pro- the co ld winte r snow. On a rriving The Vlator1an, Bourbonaals, llllnot... fession. Now it's LaRocque. That at the s t a tio n th ey stepped into 1. Ente red aa second c lsss mo.tter at tbe Post Orftce of Bou r bo nneJs, Illino is undertaker must have so m e thing ta xi-cab. Caddilac? o. Ford? No und er the A c t of March 3rd, 1879. that th ese boys want. A two pe rso n (ala sardina) carri age _ A _ C_M_E _ P _ R-IN - TIN - -G - C - -0 . _ _ _ _ _ _1_2_1_ S_O_U_TH _ _W_A_S_H_IN_G_T_O_N_A_VE _._ - -drawn by two small horses. Up and KANKAKEE 'S • Devi n e has bee n pre tty qui e t a-.1 down thro ugh th e narrow s treets bout hi s dale fo r th e 18th. Just ! th ey we nt : th e pedes trian s flatt e nBEST KNOWN the same h e's mighty happy. \Vail ing themselves against th e walls, 0r RESTAURANT walking in si ngl e fi le, in o rd er to 'n ' see. le t th em pass. Th e missio n be in g It's funny but \Vulffe is in for rea ched. th e Brothe rs were found a W e hling one ni g hl and th e next making th e ir vis it to the Blessed ! Sac rament. Th e c hurch was ce r- : - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , night he's next to P a rad ise. tainly a nov e lt y . A dar k Ch inese

..ealure Wrtte:r

Richard John Enzel Stephen


Feature Wr1te r Circulation Manage r A.o sls t.ant Mo.nager

Doyle Burns Wren Gould

able eve ning of dancing a t the Spring Frolic to be held at the College Gym o n the evening of May the 18th.




It's th e ru mo r tha t Schosse r w i;l not be o ne of th e ch eck-room twin s at th e big dan ce, but will s pe nd th e ev en ing o th e r wise. Poor Ri char d will be lef t among t he hats- a le nt•. No disg race, Schn eide r , ;,They al~o se rv e w ho s t and and wait".


brin gs w ith it ODL' Of th .: lll OSt fitti 11g or OUI' national Too bad th e way L a ng le t s things On t h a t da y tilt· wholt· eou n tr~' pau ses go- -e ve n to his he ad . in grutt·l'ul rcv ~.~ r P I H.'t' to tiH)SC h cnws who 1n a d {~ tilP s upr ·Nnr SH<' ri Joe Sc hmidt is th e ne w self-made t'i('P lo purchase n nd l' llfHII'C' our nat i011 <-d S('l' Urit y. 1\ J ny

holid ays- ~ l vn>o ri H I D 11y.

'l' h ctt' is H ce l'ta in hea uliful qui~ ·t ud t · 1 a t.:l' rlnin se re ni ty, that di s t in g- ui s la•s thut da y. J;,o r on e whole J'('IIJ' we vo n cp rn onrse h·es wit l1 th C' pr esent ; we n re en g a ge d in th e ru sh a nd frYe r o f' rve r y d ny li fe; W(' st ri vt• art ~.~ r hap pin ess, o r ind e p t:·LH.i e ncC' , or goods. l•'o r OIH' whol(' yC'ar ou r min d s po nd{' r o ur man.v co mpl ex proh lt•nt.s ; hut th c r f' is no r est; th r r t• is a l wa ~rs tlt c· st ri f\·. 'rh e n s u tld c• nl y . towa rd l ~~ ~ e nd of ~ l ay, th,• ,·e sl'ltles o,·c r a bu sy nat ion a mi ght y hu s ll - - Arnt• ri t· rt is p r a:yi n g. S o will it h e uc·xt M c morinl Dny and thP n e xt. and L h ~~ on<' l'o ll owillg- l'o r .\ m c ri r·a ue ve r fo,· g l't s.

Prefe c t o f t h e S tu dy hall.

In lh e

morn ing he calls roll- from then o n It is J oe' :> he ho lds open hou se. hop e to beco m e th e lead in g politi cian o f the W es t Side in h is pos t g raduate yea r s. W e' r e g lad to hear that H o lscher wi ll be amo ng tho se pr ese nt at th e big affair.


Hut , while we d o hon o 1· to o ur so ldi e rs dead , lel u s n ot Co r gt"t t hat for whieh th ey died. ! Jet u::; not fo r g c t whi le w e d cco rfltp th ,•i r gn" ·cs, that t hey fo u~ht a nd fe ll that th e r\nge l of P ~.!Het' m ight d esce nd a nd unite tneu ·s h l'a rts in a n e,·e r last in g / ,ct us on that da.v put as ide s pir il of Jon au d bro th ,, rh oo d. ·1t wa s fo r C'\'I.! r ou r hat r e d~. 0 \11' pr...•j udi l'L'S, a nd ou r r a n <.:O I'S. fo r this ideal th at IIH' .Y ga'' t\ tlH•ir all. It is lo r u ~ to (' I! Pris h tlli s id ea l. 1

- J. C. C. LEST WE F ORGET 0 )[oth,• r/a nd , IJ<' nu l co ntc ut rro rea r R mnrbJe lllOilUill (' n f, Or soul less t e mpl t' be upraised 'J.'~ h nt 'F 'rcedom ·s ehampio ns h e prais ~ d ; L est eru el l ngratitude 's hase tongue LNl ,.l, thL•i r ,·a lorou s Llf'l'tls uns nng And IL'St t ht• skeptic's arrogance Cast tht'l't~ou a quC'stioning glance.

Too much c redit canno t be given for h is pitc hing in th e Intra -Mura l League. Vi r g has bee n turning in some we ll pitc hed ga m es fo r hi s team, which s hould e nd th e sea son amo ng the leaders. In a r ece nt game he r e tired 15 of th e 21 m en who f aced him.

hous e 40' by 15' with sea t s arranged in s tri ct or ie n tal fashion: tb t! m e n and women on opposite s ides of the room facing forward. Th e a ltar o n one sid e a nd th e vestme nt case o n the o th e r . And th e co nfess io na ls we r e n ice littl e c up boards with roo m fo r your fee t o uts id e. H aving f inis hed hea rin g th e co n fes sions. Father w e nt t o the r es idence and discussed m ission problem s wit h the Brother s . At six a ve r y unkempt Chi n ese cook se rved the s upp e r. pig and mo re pig with o nio ns on top! A c lothes pin would be h a n dy for one's nose a t time s but th e motto of th e miss iona r y is " If its coo k ed, its c lean ". Afte r supper th e re were more inte resti ng mi ssio n expe ri en ces re lated; then th e eve nin g devotions a nd bedtime. At Fathe r's bedside w as an a utomatic and anoth e r gun in readiness fo r bandit intrude rs .

Hotel Kankakee S idney H e rbs t , Manage r

DINI NO ROOM MAGNI FICENT BALL HOOM A hearty we lcome awaits the s tuden t s and !rl ends or S t. Viator Co ll eg e.



Sunday m ornin g Fath e r Drole t gave Holy Co mmunion at 6 :30: s ang a H ig h Mass a t 8:30 a nd gave Be ne di ction of th e Blessed Sac ram en t at Th h . d f 11 :ZO. e c Olr was compose 0 three B ro th e rs and three Sisters who a lte rna ted th e c hant on opposite sides of th e c hurch. Th e sin g in g \vas e xce ptionall y good fo r a mi s -

R e tail Kan l< uJu~e,

I ll.

Liber.t y La undry EUGENE L. BENOIT

Tel. Maln247

73 Main St.

Bo ur bo n nais, lU inol.,.

Con g ra tu lati o ns to Crowley. Jim _si~o~n~o~u~t:po·-----------===============:; defea t ed Bro. Bay for the T enni s ';' Championship. A t no time du rin g their match did one or th e other ho ld a decided advantage over th ~ o th e r .

DID YOU K.c">'OW THATDevtne is a chisele r Ri chwine is a modern Z Z Z poet he.'s poet laurea te of the study hall Tic ulk a is a seco nd P ete Laffey Baron is back on the o ld homestead H all has a brune tte o n the s trin g Lang and O'Con no r are c racking th e same nut But let th e rostn>m ·s stai,I repute Ryan is still batting pretty good \'vith the White Owl Company B~ heard in cadence of th ,• lut e. Wulffe bas a m onopoly on Cigar Let loud the banl·s undying song Store Certificates . . H e bas enough Echo th r ough the ages long. to take over the fount ain _\ nd let the of use 's woud•·ons spell Schosse r is a four- ball juggle r- Thrill the places wh ere they fe ll co me up and see him do it Go ldbe rg has n ew styles just in A nd may Columhin t\\'t~,. sing from Paris The Day Students The glory of her 1·a.nsomiug. will s upport the Frolic 100 per cent --J. _\. w. Clar k is looking fo r a dog (Taken fro m the \Yiuter ~u mber of the · · Yiatoriau " for 1920. Why are Mackin's sandwiches so ompo ed by R e,· . Fath e r J. _-\. Williams ) . popular with Soucie ?



Insurance of A ll K inds 101 l!:AST COURT ST. KANKAKEE

ILLINOIS Phone 1933


121 Sou t.b. East A Te.cue

Kankakee , llllnola








As we approach the en d of an Eugene "Red" L e in en, who w as l C' a {<:L l' Ill ni d 1' 1 l, (l!i r·ge itt~~rU t l C d tiJ e Students tO " paSS a ll here from 1909-1913 , dropped in for othe r s c holas ti c year and th e r e r epap ers to th e Ch' l nf th e 1o w , a nd ha ve ca rbon sheet s under a few hours r ece ntly. "Red" is fam- main but two i ssues of the V I ATOR ea ch p ag e, so that I (:f1 JJ UJ l'l'•:c ! all 1h e mist a kes a t th e sam e tim e ··. ous in Coll ege Hi s tory for his a bil- IAN, the "Prince of Puns" (J. C.


~ our

Eight of ten male movie st ~,r s are college students, w hile only one out of every ten fem inin~ stars has a degree.- Maroon. It may com fort some vf ns to k now that wh en th e i\Li chigan Daily listed 12 of the uni,·e rsi ~y 's most pr om inent a lumn i, th r ee of t he perso ns on th e list had hi J,"I to complete t hei r co urses o[ study because of sc holasti c raukin J5 . lt is al so a con so lation to kn ow that Lindb ergh flunk ed out of the Cnivers ity of \\.iu consin ; Dr. \\' . .] . l\Iayo, o f th e f amou s d iu it: fail ed at i\Ii c hi gan·s medica l sc hool ; and that Ste wart Edward W hit e a nd Frankl in P. 1\clam s were dr·opp cd from c oll e g e .-C o Jl <:l ~ i a n . The Camp us, student newspaper at the College of the City of New York, is ma king arrangemen t < with a fish dealer t o sell back issues of its pap er to t he merchant for wrappers for herrings. A colu mnist on th e " Grey h ounrl " t hink s that the quarterl y exams arc products of th e comb in ed effo r ts of th e d ean and th e d e vil. and on ly th e clean can tell wl1at the d e vi l we have to t ake t h em f or. An instructor of Biology at LaSalle College demonstrated one of his lectures by exhibiting the skull of one of our early ancestors, at the same time impressing the students by. stating that it wa.s the skull of a chimpanzee, and a very rare sepcimen. '' There are only two in the country possessing these peculiar characteristics ", he explained, "one is in the National Museum and I have the other " . - DePaulia. Catho li c students of Co llege Newman Clubs f ro m I ndian a, Oh io, K entucky, and Michi gan met r ecent ly at Purdu e Uni versity fo r a three-clay co nfere n ce. When the school doctor at Carnegie was giving a physical examination to a group of candidates for the swinning team, he included an eye test. "Now just read the top line of that chart on the wall " , he said. " What chart? " answered three of the athletes. On e of the questions io a history midterm at th e Univer sity of California was t o state as briefly as possib le the Monro e D octrin e. Th e bri ef est of the answers came f rom a you t h w ho answ ered the qu estion w ith 'cram, Foreign ers !" -Coll egian. ( I

After marks were recorded in the office, the Dea n of Creighton U . placed a sign on the office door which read , " Get your grades and pass out quietly". A pun ct uality :\ la <·hine that flash es a c h ee r.~· ' ·w elcom e · to prompt stnd cots and a sarcasti c '' late agai n '' to th e tard y has been in vent ed by a prof . at t he Univ ersity of B ri t is h Columbia.

_ __


coffee for th e Sen io r F o rmal to be

held the end of this month



a Ia Sally Rand. Ray wenthe, ' 33, has taken over

lege in cluded go ldfish cul ture , canar y breed ing , and a s tudy of th e wil d

As a resu lt of a surv ey at the Ul) i\' crsity of \Visconsin, it has life of the countr y,- as exemplified bee n found that stud ents in modern coll eg es ar e not mem bcrs of by crows and r abbits. th e i d l ~ ri ch, and that th e parents of th e students for th e most part ha\' c n ot had a coll eg e edu cation. S t e wart Bake r , a form e r s t ud e nt,


. C harli e Byron de-

manded Chase and San born's da ted


th e management of a large chicken-

Th e Univ ersity of 1\Ii nn esota has been presented with th e Fidac award , an inte rnational award give n coll eges and uni versiti es for p1·om otin g a nd canyin g on a cam paig n of int ei'Oational und erstanding a nd goodwill.

lege Council

ity to entertam and particularly for Cr onin to you) fi nds the Briefs chair also s ugges ted " Balloo ns" again, but the stunts that he and P. V, Water- a lit tl e t o war m, and on ce more is th e class havin g r ecaJi ed th e sad es invented for the amusement of on an extend ed tour, this tim e fa t e o f th e sa m e at th e Junior Prom the boys of his day. Engaged in through the rough and rugged land las t y ear, turn ed thumbs down on Oh we ll , yo u in Amusement Enterprises, he is of 'fhes is-onia. Mr. J. D . Dugan, th e s ugges tion U n less now puttin g on shows of his own another campus clather columni st i s can ' t p lease e ve r ybody throughou t the United States and prepari ng fo r that day of days, when Ag ne s Ste lte r c uts down cons id erCanada, w ith offi ces in Ch i cago. he wi ll r ise upon the rostum and ab ly on her Thes is , she 'll have to hi s voice (since he h as been in mortg a ge th e ho m e to ge t enou g h Don Anderson, '32, who was as- stri c t trai ning under th e tut elage of Thesis pape r for said disse rta ti on . H.e ndr ega n fe ll as leep at " he r sistant coach here last year, was a the Congressman) shall ring for th e visitor on the campus recently. At last tim e , perhaps (unless he s hows ho use" th e ot he-r cverung . . . \ VeU, presen t il e is engaged as a C. W. up for H om eco min g in '35), on th e h e h as to s leep some tim e . . . T o n y ca mF>US. But th e Briefs mus t be i\1aril< and J oe Barzan tn y wi U tak e A. ins tru ctor at Be rwyn, Illi nois . written, and although we may n ot th e bu s next tim e af te r pus h in g Marti n Toohill, •3 2, and H a l Ros- come up to the high (or s hould w e th e car so m e th irtee n blocks, Dua ny crisis , en steel, a former stud ent, are using say low) s tandard s of the afo rem en- ga n, a n a u thority in hi gh pressure salesman ship in vend- tioned gentleme n , we shall try our su mmed up th e situa ti o n w ith, ''I Degnan ing Insurance po li ci es in the vic ini ty bes t to emu late them withou t havin g th in!< it's o ut o f gas" th e Dra l<e Re l ays of Bloomngton, Ill. Both report heaped upon us the caus t jcal r e- ret urn e d from m inus C he t Newburg, but w ith ple ll t hat busness " is no t so bad". m arks and "stuff" wh ich is theirs afte r each issu e r eaches th e hand s ty o f ' Ves t e rn tales . . Joe is now of o ur readers. a de vout reade r o f N ick Car t e r sto r John Kells, who attended the old ies . . J oe picJ<ed up so m e val uab le Viator A c ad emy, attended th e I nAfte r . r th a.t p oe m w ritte n ex pe ri e nce at th e I owa m ee t, a nd he d epend ent-St. Rose ga m e last Sun- b): Man e Reynolds Jas_t . '~eek , we promises to bette r l\fetcaile's Um e day. L ad is lau Bomba, who was a iru g ht advocate a co robmat10n of he r in t h e 100 yard das h at th e I ntr a student her e las t yea r , was also a work with "th.a t s tuff" yo u r ead in ~ lur a l 1\ieet. visito r las t Sunday. th f" " Viato ri a n a." . . . in t h a t case we wouldn't know just who th e Or een Allain, spor t s scribe on the a u t hor o f th e worl\ might be . . . lo cal Gazette, has stopp ed his week Mr. Raymond Sprague, a m e mber bu t , undou btedly, w e s ho uld g h e B y- ly vis its S in ce his body-guar d, of the clis tiigu ished class of 1930, ron the bene fit of th e doubt . . R . H., re turn ed to Indiana, he no will be o rdain ed to th e pries thood Some d ay "College Humor" is going longe r f eels secure in entering th e by th e Most Rev. J . L. Sch la rm an, to catch up with you , C h ar li e . . . campu s, and far less secu r e in enD. D., Bishop of P eo ria , at St. Oh, we ll, that's our bus iness . . . t e ring room 228 Well, he'll M ary's Cath ed ral in Peoria on Sun- John "Atlas" Bimme rle is s ho uting probably blow o ut he re some windy day morning, Jun e 3rd. M r. Sprague ''B loo min gton" from the hous etop s afte rnoon th at is, if the w ind will be one of th e four Ce ntr o.! these d ays . . . Just one w eek-en d i <:~ blowing in the ri ght direc ti on Illi nois men finishin g at th e Semin- visit th e re as a g ues t o f Jim Duwqo said O'Leary had big feet ? ary of St. P a ul, Minn ., in the latter ga n was e nou g h to con vin ce hlm that H e missed that bag by f ive part of this month. While a s tu - he's been w astin g hi s time in Kan - fe e t in the St. Ros e game a short dent h e re at t he Coll ege, h e was ka k ee and vic inity . . . Biro's about tim e ago But it was a " peach y' ' ve ry a c tive in H o ly Name and De- th e first o ne w e've m e t w ho vo uch es hit , "Dogs" Krauklis wore ou t bating Society work. As a r e prc- fo r t h e fact that he came o ut of a pai r of shoes a t th at H ospital sentative of the College , he was of- th e offi ce o f a "I>a.inless D e ntist" , Dance. t en in attendance at the Ciscora O!' s miling . . . Oh well, SQ me thing can T h e prize "cr a cli:" of th e w eek ocStudent Sodality confe r en ces in Chi- a lwa.ys h a ppe n in Bloo min gto n, and c urre d in th e E xtr a-C urri cu la r c lass cago. I n F ebruary 1929 he de li ve r- us uall y does. wh e n Father Fre nc h inquired if th e ed o ne of the principal addresses at Now that Bill Schumacher and VIATORIAN car ri ed a humor co l th e annual meeting the re. Mr. th e Fresh have definite ly decided wnn . . \ Vas Byron's f ace reel ? .. Sprague is a nativ e of Clinton, Til., that W ayne King and J an Garber T ho " nas ty man" of th e c ampus i s a nd a g raduate of S t. John' s Grade will NOT play at th e So ph-Frosh th e "gu y' ' w ho appointed hllllSc il a Sc:hool and Clinton Hi gh School. Hi ~ D ance, plans can be laid fo r the af- c haperon wh e n Bill Sweeney was many frie nds and f orm e r classmates fair whic h will t ake place Friday seeing ~Uss Antho ny home a fte r t h e j oin in wishing him the s uccessfu l ni gh t W e ll, it was a good idea, last Card Party . . H arg ro ve S{>en t ministry wih ch hi s r eco rd and pe r - anyway, Bi ll Besides we could- a double- pe riod iJl t h e coed.:; room sonality warrant. Father Sprague not app re ciate such musi c at a V ia- th e day that Peg ' Vatson r e tur ned wi ll say his fi rst Solemn Mass at to r dance . Geor gie Fle ming bet- for a v isi t . . . It w ill be a rea l St. Joh n 's Ch urch in Clinton on t e r put away on e of h is s uits o r s h ocl< t o the P rin ce, i1 th e Dram a.Sunday, June lOth. he'll be going t o t h a t Spring affai r ti cs Club does not p u t o n ano th e r

Princeton Universit y males, in a recent poll on what living raising fa rm, north of Chicago. It ma n they would like to be if they had a choice, chose P resident will be remembered that the redRoosevelt, Mussoliui, and Hitler. Wha t! No Clark Ga ble? head's enterprises here at the Col-

The present college girl is a well-balanced picture of courtesy, enthusiasm, cheerfulness and courage, according to D ean V . G. Gilder sleeve, of B ernard College .

TJl ltEE

E dna F innegan , w no le ft us at the semester , h as aske d us not to m en tion that s he is one of t h e Co-cdo at t he B. B . in th e s ubur bs of Bo ur bonnais . . . T ills is so subtle, w e a re sure no o ne \vill catch it, Edna , Rece ntl y Bob Nolan s h owe d Bob D e lan ey th e town, at least, w h at the r e was to see o f it . Steve Go uld's weakn ess is . a Co-ed . . ' Tis rumor ed h e wo U soo n burs t forth a t one o f th e da nces with her . . . Just k eep o n "tTu cking", S t.eve . . . K.alko wski can s ur e

is employed as a p layground direc t o r in St. P a ul, Minn. Word has been r eceived that the boys in th e n eig hborhood claim that " Ste w " is j us t a bout 'king' in that vi cinity. "tal<e it", and we do n't m ean that fi g h t t he othe r ni g ht . . . but th e last Card Par ty Dance, at wltich 01 Word has been received from Al J oe got Stuc l<" an J did a tango for Nolan at Washington, D. C., com- a bo ut forty- fiv e minutes, eve n thou g h m enting on the story which was r e - he was o u twe ig hed by so me 100 lbs. leased r ecen tl y concerning th e Co l. And LaRocq ue would c u t ln o n lege's a cceptance o f f arm produ c t s us . . . ' Ve il, h e lea rn ed his lesson as tuition. AI se nt a copy of a . And how! London, England, pape r which carWe learn that Bi ll Sc humach e r ried th e s to r y. It appears that "the s till ''talks abo ut the w eather", and trail er of pigs" s to r y has jus t abo ut ask s " T e ll me something abo u t circ led th e g lo be. yo urs elf" Are w e ri g ht , Eve lyn ? Can you s till tak e it. " Baldy ?'' For the greater pa rt of th e a lumni W e hear that your n ew them e articl es appearing in thi s issu e w e so ng is " Hair Ge ts In My E yes " are ind ebted to one of the m embe rs At leas t that seem s to be th e of the class of ' 33, who do es n o t trouble wh en yo u ch ase those fl y desire to have his n ame m ade balls in right fi eld.

of Current En g lis h, Fowle r. 4. Broul, -A N ew G erman and Miss Lu c ille Putz. Librarian, mak- E ng lis h Dic tio nary. es an a ppeal to lhose stu de n ts wh o 5 · Le wis, C. T .,- A Latin D ic ti o nhave lh e fo llowin g R efe re nce boo k s U1at are mi ssin g f rom th e Libra ry. a r y fo r Schools . to pleas e return th em at on ce: 6. White, J . T ..- A Latin-Eng lis h 1. The Chic ago Daily N ew s Alma- D ic tionary for th e use of Junio r nac and Y ea r Book , 1931. Stud en ts. 2. SlaUsUcal Abstrac t, 1931. 7. Groves, J .-A Greek and Eng- known. We thank him kindly for his On his hecord, John Blmmerle was 3. Th e Concise Oxfo rd Dic tio nary lis h Dic tionary. inte res t in this matter. re -no minated as Delegate t o the Co l-

play before

th e

end of the yea.r.

The coeds w e r e well re presen t ed at the boxing s how, in wh ich some of our boys app eared, about a w eek ago M a ry Anthony is s till challenging anybody and e ve rybody t o a match on th e t ennis courts It see m s Schumacher w as s igned up for a se t, but s uddenly contrac t ed "cold f e et" and backed out John M eany' s last vi s it to the campus was a very brief one It see ms that the boys "got him down", no more than t e n minutes afte r he had set foot on th e campus \\' e ll, D oc, you ' ll have to face lh e mu s ic on June 5, for yo ur p r esence on that day will be r equired all day . "Junior" Turne r s hares hi s dates with hi s roomie, Don B e tou r n c , quite fr equ ently. T h o s p ar klin g al e s ha U no more fl ow fr eely from th e Ja ucet.s on S undays in Kan.ka.l<oo, as a res ult of a new city r ulin g . . l-'e rha ps lb a t a.cco un ts f or Duga n's leavi ng u.a so fr eq ue ntl y tlJ e p a.'it few \V OOI<-end ~ . . Don . l:f.Cto ur nc hopes to m oc t u p w ith many ccJc britles when hf) acce p l'i a posillo n at t he Wo rJd '~ Falr in Chi cago th is s um-m er . . . H e n Co rcoran has t urn OO o ut t.o bf· the o ffl claJ g-ree ter and " mJxe·r " at the Coll eg e drul ce6 . . . Seve ra l o r lh e boys ln Roy Hall are out to beat (Co ntinu ed on P age S ix )

··F rom lh \.priJ

.., • tt 1!- TbP St ·or Wh1pped OeP I wr.J· by a score of 1~ o ~ Red

a..e'afl " v



Lein. ~·bo wa..~ a vL t· r on the campu.." a few tel<s a1ro. pitched tot the ' nr...~ and held the 81£' Blue o j ·.st fl.) r h U in mr.e full of play.




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the summer months touring th e old to rtuything, countries.

FEEBLE FOR CRITICS " Und er The Spreading Chestnut Tree" As poetry, seems just fair to me And certamly Longfellow 's " Psalm of Life " Could have caused bim but little of work and strife. ' Cause sometimes in my class I ponder, As we review fr om here and yonder, That " Lives of great men don 't remind us we can make our lives sublime " Henry didn 't seem to know that Omar, famous for the Rubaiyat, Al ong with others, was not prone to act discreetly all the time . Keats was so mething of a devi l ! Whitm an 's moral s wer e dishevelled Sh ell ey made himse lf notorious with the fair sex by his line And if you want a moral to this tal e of sad wayfaring " W ell, P eople in glass houses should never pick a herring" You think thai '" c· rll i.Y' .\ sk .\ lpsdanl!•s c·o-c•ds HPy nol<ls and I >Jnltllt' to n·nd for you somp of thP PoPtry t ht•_,·'n· proud of. ~ \ncl whih· \\' 1',1'1' on thP suhjN·t, why is it that a I'O·Pd is :-~ lw':lys hap. pit ·HI hc •fcm· a f.( ln ss. nnd 11 f,•!low aft!'l' 0 !1 <'' Or t wo. Or thret' You 'n· hncl

19'!3-- A t. the a.nnu 1 ·nil! o! the A. auon of .\. mer-

Ja.nuar~-. m~

\,.rl Wtlil 1111'1 hJt or •. ,,p11·d rtH·I•HI .v nii!!Jfll! In your rar~. tr~ D. D., Professor of :Moral Theology. 27 •·tll•·r 111 ' ' ll11• JllrJI r,f VJnton;liJH It tiiH.\" lw hard at flr:->1. left May th for Europe, to ~pend

l11tl fHII!lf' \\ i!it' JIIUJI h:s-:; ~1-ud that uwl J.!Witj''i r•·JIIt'lrdwr, fJI'(Jjd•·. fhHI


ican Collezes. held tn Chu:&A:o, t Jul.) , 1912- Honorable Aram L. \.ii\tor Colleee was dmttted to the Pc.thier. the Catbohc Governor of tatton. Thi.s marked Another Rhode Island, who wa.."J ouring the fona,ra.n:J ~tep for L Viator Col1€'ge West and }liddl("·\VP~ . was a \'lSI- in the educational world tor at the CoiJege for ~everal hours while pa..q~ing- through thi.!l vicinity

,.,., rn] r hildr• 11. aud }"II :-ihHII !war 1 fp• rnulnJStht raid 'HJ f •raudpa -.; h ·Pr \\ rt lmrJI'd In lld5t tJ!J f1111r ''r fnrc




nw, Indy. \\~t·on~ nmnh(·,·" .

ON GOING ON A J OURNE Y To think of a summer with nothing in sight Is a thought that 's unpleasant-so that 's wby I write; 0 pack me a grip for a trip on a ship W here the scene, at least, is variable For Eas t is East and West is W est But the Middle W est is terriabl e.


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thnt nntnn' gavt.' mt'''.

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·· May I have your daughter for my wife ?" " Bring your wile around and we 'll see". " But sir, it' s your daughter that I want to marry ". '· Oh, so you want to become my son-in-law ?" ·' W ell, no sir, but if I marry your daughter, I don 't see bow cau get out of it ".

Mortex 5 does not crack or peel in coldest weather, n o r bLis t er.

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Put ht•r in a pumpkin sht'!l \\'h ich is t•heaper than hiring a gigolo. Th e boy stood upon the burning deck Besides his sister Mollie I t was not only hot to him But also hot Ta.male.

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sag nor run on h o ttest d ays and always r emains elasUc.


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Middl eton, '33, sends word that Australian furriers are now crossing kangaroos and racoons to produce fur coats with pock ets al . , ready built in.

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less, tastel ess and noninflammable and can be safely used in conl1ned, places. It readily bonds to all clean surfaces. and a.l30 to damp surfaces. but should never be applied ove r dus ty, dJrty greasy or oily surfaces o r an imperfect bond will result. Use only on clean sur· !aces to obtain perfect s atisfaction .

P harmacy



Court St.., Kankak..,,

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TUES DAY, MAY 15, 19 H



Whip Semi - Pro Team, 7 - 6




Gemba la And Ticulka L ea d Iris h Attack With 3 Hits Apiece


We ll th e Softball l£ag ue games are progr essing and muCh t o m y


In a thrilling, bard fought final match of the firs t Tennis Tournament of the season Jim Crowley d efeated Bro. Bay. Tbis match was S a ints sensa tional, each figbting hard for

Lose 11-1 0 I n Sta r t Of Y ear

th ey're going to cause pl ent y of hea t aches among th e other t eams S e cond ~s ~ell. First of all th ey a dmin- I rish istered another sboutout to tb e "Pan-

their pOints and tennis honors. Both

P layi ng thei r second overtime game within the week, the "Indees" cracked under the press u r e that was exer t ed upon tbem today, May 6th, and los t a heartbreaking ten inning battle to SI. Rose of Kankakee C. Y. O. team.

Bro. Bay and Crowley bad t rou ble in winning in their respec tiv e brackets and the fina l match drew a large c rowd of spectators. Evenly matched, the two opponents played seve nty-fiv e games to dec ide the winner, three sets out of five. The


Sunday, Ap r il 29th, t he "Indees" played and were defeated by the Cardosi Oilers of Kankak ee by an 1] to 10 score. The laci< of practice was possibly th e cause ford the loss of the game. The " In ees" being guilty of committing exac tl y nine e rrors wh ich lead to se ven un earned ru ns for t h e "Oilers". The only rede eming thing about the game was the wonderful hittin g displayed by our boys, who collected a total of thirteen hits off of the opposing pitc her. Wes tray, Gembala and Noonan lead the hitting of th e Independent~. Each secured two singles and a dou ble in four trips to th e p late. Westray a lso continued to add to his t otal of s t olen bases and managed game, ~a:i~;l h~;~ot:lor:O~n ei~~~ fo r two games. Noonan, s tarting pitcher for the " I ndees", was re lieved by Wes tr ay in the e ig hth innin g on account of a sore arm. While in the box Noonan s truc k out e leven men and allowed only seven hits. Poor support from the re st of the t eam however gave the Oile rs e leven runs in those innings. 'Vestray the re lief pitcher managed t o retire the n ext s ix batters in order, a llowing no hits. Up to the seventh inning it looked as if th e "Indees" were about to win their seco nd s t art of t he season but in that fatal inning the Oilers, who were trailing by a score of 8 to 5, put on a ral ly which finall y res u lted in six ru n s. All scored on two hits, and seven errors. Noonan at las t managed to retire the side by s t riki ng out thr ee m en but in dOing so he inj u red his arm and had to be r emoved. In the remaining t wo innings t he "Indees" were able to regain onl y two of those runs and as a r esul t of poor fie lding they lost their secand s tart of th e season.

From the beginning, the game gave high point of the game was in every evidence of being a pitchers the first set wh en Bro. Bay t r ai li ng battle. In the first inning the C. 5-1 made a brilliant comeback to Y . O. team were presented with win the se t 12-10. Crowley won the two nms by B etourne's wildness. next two se ts and Bro. Bay came Don walked exactly three men after again from behind to win and ti e two were out and then two of these th e se ts at 2 al l. The last game men sco r ed upon wild pitches. Don which made tennis history h ere was then settled down under the capable close all the way through and Cr owhandli ng of Dexter, vete ran catcher , ley rallied to win t he se t and t our nwho relieved Marik at this phase of ament 6-3. Crowley, as first p la ce the game. Betourne pitched until winne r . was pr esented with a tenthe fifth and then Westray took up nis racke t by R ev. Father Cardinal, the burde n, with the score seven sponso r of the tournam ent. Bro. to two in favor of Kankakee. Bay won a tin of te n nis balls for T he Bi g Fifth his clever playing to achieve a secIn their half of th e fifth t he and place. Ill t r a mu ral Te nnis To ur n a me n t "Indees" m a naged to sco re s ix run s I, on seven hits. The score remai ned Owing to the en ormous number 8 to 7 up to the last inning and of en tries for th e I ntra-mural Tenthen with two out th e first base- nis Tournament, the r e beIng fifty man, Supper aunt, for St. Rose sing- in all, the director of I nt r a-mu r a l led and immediately s tol e second spo rts decided that all first round and third without any play being matches must be played by Sunday mad e upon him. Then he scored night , May 13, and that all matcha mom ent later on a passed ba ll es in t he firs t round would be deThe "Indees" were unab le to do any- dded after one set. Beginning with thing in their half of the ninth and the fourth round or quarter fina ls ~o th e game went Lnto extra innings th e winner would be decided by winFatal Ten th ning two out of three sets. The first man for St. Rose wa ~ Co-oo To urn ament s afe on an error; next one struck Mlss Mary An t hony announces oul; and the next man was safe that now that the Cardinal T ennis on a fielde rs choice wh ile th e r un- Tournament is finished the Co-ed ner was also safe on another er ror, Tournament will start this week and next man s ingled driving in two run s be finished before long. The student and t h en befo re the inning was over interes t is running very high as it th r ee more runs had been sco red. is und e rstood that th e winner of th e In their half of th e t enth th ~ Co-ed Tournament plans upon chall "Indees" only manged to sco re one enging the winne r of th e Intra-murrun. They had bases loaded with al Tournam ent. two out but Joe Saia, un li ke t h e s to rybook he ros of th e Frank MerDid you know that : "Every time riwell type, did not hit a homerun a Co lga t e University playe r blocJ{s but s t r uck out. a ki c k or makes a tou c hdown in a major game Coach Andy K e rr "Ou r expe ri e nce of th e last six T ic ulka a nd B ur k e Both th e fielding honors and criti- prese nts him with a new hat'·.months is that the availabi li ty and cisms belong to Frank Ticull<a who Th e Cr eightonian. co nsu mption of beer in th e unive r turned in so m e of the classies t plays sity dining halls has had no undewe hav e eve r witnessed. Ticu lka sirable effec ts · on th e habits of aUf also mad e four erro rs but they we r e Corcoran, 3E, 0 stud e nts , nor has it, in so far as really th e results of his earge rnes9 Saia, RF, 1 0 0 w e can dete rmine, res ulted in an and not poor playing. Ticulk a Betourne, P, 0 0 0 inc reas e in our disciplinary procovers more ground than he has t o blems" .- N. M. McKnight. associate and as a re sult h e gets his hands Totals 14 9 5 dean, Columbia Un iversity. on balls that another man wouldn't have even got near. He is s u rely a grea t little shortstop and with Burke at second Lhe "Indees" have a sweet double-play combination. W ednesd ay, M ay 15th Box Score W inner: E vents: T ime and Results H R E St. Rose. N Martell , 2B 2 H alf-mile ).{oissan t. RE<'. o 220 'yd. Loll' I1 lll'll~ls o Pombe rt, L P', 1 Borgailli, CP', 3 100 yd. Dash o Supperaunt, IB , 3 Dist ilS Thl'ow Brnst, 2B, o o 4 Beland. SS, Exhibitiou Shot-put by Chester :\c\\'lJl' r g, Little ?\ineteen o Laboun, 1B, 1 1 Champion. C. Martell, P, o o o



Totals Indees. CembaIa, CP', O·LNUY. 1B, Ticulka, SS, W es tray. LF, Dexter, C, Burke, 28

10 H

3 1 3


12 R

6 E

2 1





o o o

220 yd. Dash HO yd. Dash HUl1l1ing Broad-jump

lI igh-julllp

........ .

.J udges : 1{P\'


Ht;>\·. ('Hl'tiinal.

';ta,·ter: Re'·. F,-. IIar hauer.


/) 001 ilo4!.t.





two s hutouts. Then the "Day Hops" beat th e "Queen ies" by a 25 to 10 sco r e in five innings. The " Queenies" decided that th ey had had enough in the fifth inning and conced ed the game.

P itch e r s H~~IOW

Playing an


On ly fine

S ix brand

of baseball the St. Viator Ind ependents defeated one of the best semi-pro basebal l te ams of Southern Illinois at Bergin Athletic field last Thursday, May 3rd. The Lorch

Wreckers traveled all th e way from Cham paign to drop th eir first game Saia's ''Mudcaps'' are t h e o nl y of the season to th e "Indees" by a team th at is s ti ll und efeated h a vin g seve n to six co unt. The game was met a nd de fea t ed a ll op pon ents up a closely fought battle and had t o t o date. In their last game they be decided in an ex tra inning. li c k ed Dex t e r's "Champs" by a co u nt New Line-Up 01' 5 to 3. \ Vat ch th e "l'tl u dcaps"! The " Indees" went into the game \'Ve p icl<ed t he m t o finjsh seco nd with practically a n ew line.!up. Fathbu t now we wo uldn ' t be s urprised er Harbauer, coach. benched two of to see t he m wi n t h e " pClUl a n t". the regulars in order that the d efensive play of th e " Indees" might Recent games and the resu lts are ' be strengthened and also made quite "Day Hops" 1; "Panolians" O. a few changes in th e positIons of "Champs" 13; "Scribes" 6. the various players. otable among " Quee nies" 10; " Day Hops" 25. these changes was the switching of "Mudcaps" 7; "Panolians" 6. "Tony" Marik from behind th e plate "Scr ibes" 11, " Queenies" 4. to first base and the try-out of "Mudcaps" 5; "Champs" 3. Don Betourne as a pitcher. Fr. "Scribes" 7', "D ay Dogs" 4. H ar baue r' s con f id ence III . t h ese c h ange~ was justified by the fine perThe managers of th e two day- fOfmance of the players. Betourne s tudent teams have been doing a pitched five full innings and then bit of trading of late and as a re- was forced to leave th e game on acsu it it wou lu seem that the " Day co unt of a so re arm. WhUe in the Hops" are going t o be a hard team box "Don" a llowed two hits. Noonto beat. Capt. H a ll is w ithout :3 all who re li eved him only lasted for doubt the bes t pitcher in the leagu e two innings and then Westray was and now that he has gai ned some called upon to take up the bu r den good players we expec t to see his of pitc hing. R och e Stars team upset the old Dope bucket p:enty. Going into the nintH inning "Wes" had a 6 to 5 lead but the "Wreckers" Tho " l't{udcaps" w e re t h e firs t to managed to tie things up on an beat t he "Ch a mps" bu t now th a t it e rror, two passes and a fly to deep has been done once the re i s no t e U- cen t e rfie ld. The " I nd ees" we r e not in g just how ITUlll y of th e other a ble to do anything until their half tea ms will tal{e t he notion to do of th e t e nth. Westray s t a rted the liJ(ewise. \ Ve pic k th e "Scri bes" inning with a si ngle but was out as being th e next on es t o do it. wh en he tri ed to sco re on Dexter's s ingl e. Drassler sacrificed to adI n th e Tennis Tournament Stock- vanc e th e runner; next man wa lked; bar defeated one of the favor ites, n ext safe on a fielder's choic e that "Bill" Clancy in t he first round of left th e bases full. Roche then play. Bro. Bay eli minated "Stock" s ingled s harp ly to ri g ht field and in th e next round. the game was over. Box :Scor e T he Co-cd Tou r namen t h asn' t SL Viator. R H E star te d IlS ye t becaLL';;c t h e g irls h ave Smith, 38, 0 o been wl able to get th e use of th e Saia, LF, 1 co urts. We ha ve heard a rumor a.t Ticulka. SS, o leas t tw o of t h e "Falr on es " beUe v c \-\"estray, C F, tha t t hey can beat none othe r tha n I Dex t e r , RF', Fath e r Ca rdinal. Drasle r, C. 1 Marik. 1B, 1 o "Jim" Crowley and "Tom" Ryan Burke, 2B, o o 1 journeyed to Naperville las t week Betourne, P, 1 o o and r epresented th e College in the Ge mbala, LF, o o Little Nineteen Tennis Tournam ent. O'Leary, PH, o o The boys reac hed th e seco nd round Noonan, P, o o of play before being elimina t ed. Nice Roche, LF, o work. Better luck nex t tim e. Totals 4 11 Spr ing footbal l pra.ctlcc has begun Lorch Wreckers. R H E und er t h e capable dJ rectJofl of t h e Vriner, RF, o o new coach. A S<luad of approximately Grolla, 38, o fo ur ty p layers have a lrea.dy r eported Langhoff, P, 1 o LLnd t h o coach has boo n giving the m Thom as, 2B, o o o some real work. Naughtio, SS, o Pfeffer, 1B, 1 2 1 On accoun t of g r ad u ation the St. Melby, LF, o o Viato r football team shall loose on ly Carson, CP', o two men- Capt. Westray, s tar half- Hays, C, o back and Enzel Wren s tar linesman. " Red" H a rdin g , also a star back 0f Totals last year has been los t s ince he has quit school. Howeve r with the r eSeveral co lleges in th e United turning of most of las t year's regul- States are olde r than th e Un ited ars and no doubt the gaining of States, to wit; Harvard , WIlliam and some prep stars the "Fighting Irish" Mary, YaJe, Princeton, Washington should be able t o put a good team and Lee, Columbia, Rutge rs, Sal em upon the gridiron. and Translvania.



Campus Briefs(Continued from Three) Tom H. yan'~ time with one. of our Cl.Jm'i, an d th f;.y h ave m et w ith no U ttl.e HUCC€::88 ln the pa.tJt feo,.\ weeks .• . 'Tis known that no los"!

th a n

three ap pli Pd for an a ppoint-

m r·nt on tb e Hamf' eveni ng, a Bh od

lime ago · · · Well, at l ea~t some~onr~ iH ctJnvinood that th e New Deal l.s dollnlteJy establis hed he re J oo Degnan, howt"ver, I~ still on Uw "gtump" fo r th(' New D eal, w}tich h e IJQU c-ves has not ye t ar rl ve<.l for our VI ato r h e- m e n. And now we have come to th e end of another Briefs . . . There remains but one more writing of tbls column and we hope that we have not ov~rlooked anyone during th e past If we have, we s hould app r eclatc lt if you would cal l OU!" attentJon t o th e matter, and we shou ld mak e it our business to see tb at none go through the year un heralded ln thi s co lumn. Already, we have received applications from s ix gen tl emen and one coed who desl re to write the B ri efs in th e final Issue . - I t would appear that someon e is tryin g to turn the t ab les

on someone, or "somethin" . However, we might definitely ~y that Steve Gould or Mary Anthony WILL NOT write the column . Perchance, John C. Cronin. whose


N ew


courses- - coach - 1



ed from rome 100 applicants (or the


He comes here as of

the b.>st known football men to hnv• graced the gridiron in the past ton 1Continued from Page One) (Continued from Page One) years. He posse ~es a vivid and latest alias is "Cannonball", Will have glo\qng personality and through this ed the football candidates for next 8:000 A. ~1. returned from his weary expedition medium he should b.> able 1.0 conChemistry, Inorganic, Br. Hoff- year·s team on a Spring grind last tact St. Viator \\itb some of the. through Tbesis-onia, which in itseU I n...tonday. These Spring workouts man, 4 hours. should provide hlm with an abunIeadmg ele\·ens oi the country. Chemistry, Organic, Dr. Marzano. will continue for a few weeks, and dance of "Cracks" for this column . In that event, the Prince of 4 hours. during that time. Coach Murphy .will p te f b th Fr Hut- I be a.sststed by a profess10nal fnend uns rs, .o w om ere a re none ' Economics, Principles of, . of his, Jules Cnrtwn, former Allmore Pun.nler, shaH deliberate pro- ~ ton, 3 hours. fusely on his bosom-buddies, and Education, Philosophy American football star at Oregon On Monday, May 14, Mr. \VU~ · of. Dr. State. The latter was a member liam Schumaeher, President of the perc h ance some o f th e "ga1s " , m t h'!S French, 3 hours. 1 column which is 90 near and dear 1 of the Chicago Bears Professional Freshmen Class, called a meeting for to hls heart. So, until the last History, Renaiss3.Dce and tile Re- team for five years, and he should the purpose of electing officers for roundup (examinations to you, mug), 1 formation, Dr. Cardinal, 3 hours. be able to impart some valuable the Sophomore Class of 1934-35. As we'IJ be seein' you. Mathematics, Trigonometry, Fr. hints and advice to the Iri sh g rid- a result, Mr. James Ryan was nam. Ryan, 3 hours. de rs, as a r esult of his experiences eO to Presidency of that c lass, de. 1 Public Speaking, Fr. Stafford, 1 at Oregon and with the famous Chi - feating three othe r opponents for From the P olytechnic Reporter t th ~· R K d comes the news that a University hour. cago pro earn. e outce, . en regan, F. Ticulka. lO:OO A . M. At present Coach ·M urphy is em- and E. O'Brien. 01 b . C:laoyrndthorosutugdhencto, llteryJge·n, gwastohwedorka Fr. played by a large printing firm in MA:. Edward O'Brien was an easy 15 Economlcs, Labor Problems, Chlcago, and commutes daily to as- victor over J . A rrington for the hundred and fifty thous and windows Maguire, 3 hours. sume his coaching r espons ibiliti es. Vice-President's chai r, whlle R ichard in four years. :.~epwh~ k~~~s g~~~ English, Rhetoric and Camp., Fr. It is very likely that he will as- Kendregan was named Secretary bv 3 work Hargrove Ryan, hours. sist Coach McNamara with the bas- one vote over M iss Evelyn Lanoue.' what you may some day beat this English, American Literatu re, Fr. etball squad next se.::.;:,on, as he alIn another c lose co ntest, Kenneth record. Walsh, 3 hours. sc has cons iderab le exp erie n ce in Wiser d efeated Miss Lanoue fo r the Latin, Cicero, Fr. Munsch, 3 hours. thi s sport, while the la tter will un- Treas ure r's office by a single vote. Th e announcer, when called upon P sychology, Fr. Stafford, 3 hours. doubtedly ass is t Coach Murphy with Mr. George Rogers was unopposed to introd uce a lightweight boxer in Sociology, Principles of, Fr. Mul- the football t eam when schoo l r e- and therefore was th e unanhnous an intercolleg iate m ee t , r e marked: vaney, 3 hours. opens next September. choice of the Class for Class Repre" Thi s little pug goes to Marque tte" . Epistemology, Fr. Lowney, 3 hours. Mr. Raymond Murphy was select- sentative to the College Club.

IRyan P r esiden t-E l.ect

Of Sophomor es 193A '* -35









St. Viator College Newspaper, 1934-05-15  

The Viatorian, Vol. LI, No. 14

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