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Club Elections Next Week v OL.



I-M Track Meet May 15th NO. 13.

R eceives Appointment From Washington ; To Assume Duties On Regional Boar d At Chicago Just two weeks ago we were p roud to announce that the Very Reverend J. W. R. Maguire, C. S. V., President of the College, was successful in securing a settlement between the Kroehler Manufacturing Company of Bradley and its employes who had been on strike for

Honorary degrees of Doctor of L aws will be conferred upon two Bisho,ps and a distinguished priest and teach er at the Commencement Exercises to be he ld at St. Viator College on June 5, it was recently announced by the Very Reve r end J. w . R. Maguire, c. s. v ., Presi dent. The Most Reverend William D. O'Brien, D . D ., Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago, consecrated on April 25 of this year, and the Most Reverend

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R e v. Father J. B. Mecikowski, Active Labor Leade r chaplain at St. Mary's Hosp ita l in Fathe r M a g uire will be the official Kankake e , was the speaker of the representative of labor on th e region- evening at th e Inte rnational Rela al board which has th e task of tions Club m ee ting h e ld Wednesday s ettling s trikes and other difficulties evening, April 18. Rev. Mecikowarising between e mploye rs and their ski, a native Pole was extremely workers. The problems whi ch he capable in his handling of the subwill m ee t whil e acting in this capac- ject for the e vening, which was ity will be nothing new for him, fo r "Th e Polis h Co rridor". Admitting he has been active in work of this his intense Polish nationalism, he kind fo r many y ears. On numerous gave a fiery anJ illuminating reoccasions he has bee n called upon futation of Germany' s claims to t he by s t a t e authorities and officials to Polish C. orridor, explaining that Geract as arbitrator in various labo r many had coined t he wo r d "Cordi sputes which occu red throughout rider" in order to give the impr esthe State, and in most ins tances h e sion that possession, on he r p art, has su o:ceeded in bringing the op- of that s trip of territory which inposing factions to t erms of agree- eludes the Free City of!g, is ment in a very short p e riod of time. impe rative to he r national well-beJus t a few weeks ago he appeared ing. Accor ding to Rev. Mecikowbefore th e Chica go board and also ski, such is not the case, since before th e national labor board at Ge nnany can we ll exist with such Washington to secure a settlement possession, and since Poland, if d eot a local strike. After appearing prived of the t e rritory , wo uld lose in several confe re nces before the na- he r integrity as a national state. tiona l board, h e returned here with " Germany", he said, "has no claim, a compromise se ttl e ment of t he eit her of convenience, of economic Kroehler s trik e, and vi c tory fo r the necess ity, of state necessity nor of Kr oehler Company workers, whom h e a linguis ti c charac ter". · w as h 'rng t on. Th'IS t·s rep re s e n t ed tn The lecture was well received by but one of th e many instances in a larg e crowd in attendance who whl ch Father Maguire has figured ! vigorously applauded the effort of as a capable arbitrator of la bor dis- Father Meci.kows kl. Dr. E . v. Carpules. dina!, C. S. V., Modera tor of the Ciuh introrlu ced R ev. Father J . P. Radio Speaker Father O'Mahon ey , C. S . v ., Pro vincial of For th e past four years th e Vi a t orian Orde r , who spoke in Maguire h as been h eard in weekly we lcome t o F a th e r ~Iecik owski and radio a ddresses, o n la bor problems, over r a di o s t a tion w . c. F . L. in ln his tum, introd uced hi m to th~ Chicago. A s a res ult of this, he mee ting. h as become known thro ug hout th e Father J . W . R. Magu ire , Presico untry as a sincer e spokes man and de nt, was a lso i n a tten dance at th e a ble wo rl<c r In be half of labo r. His meeti ng, and took a very ac tive part s peech es on th e vari ous p roblem s of in the open forum w hi ch fo llowed this s u bj ec t h ave taken h im into the lecture, a ll of which added t o th e e ve ry s t a te, and. in additio n , he h as inte r est of the mee ting. appear ed befo re many s t a t e legisIt has been announced tha t th e lat ures in behalf or tabo r legisla tion. final meeting ot the year of th e Father Magui re's appoin t ment to Inte rnational Relations Club will be membership on the regional labor held on or about May 15. The board tends t o show that his efforts speaker has not as yet been chosen, in behal! of labo r du ring the pMt but Father Cardinal promises anyears have no t passed unnoticed by other interesting evening fo r those s tate and national authorities on w ho choose to attend. th e matter. l n hls new capacity, h e \\i ll continue his effo rts to es- 1 t abllsh and maintain cooperation and I In a recent word test, business f airness_ be t wee n employer and executives ra ted highe r than did a ployes. gro up of college professors.




known to the American Catholic world as the President of t he Catholic Church Extens ion Society and editor of the magazine published by that socie ty. As Auxiliary Bishop, he will share with the Most Reverend Bernard J . Sheil , who was graduated from the College with th e Class of '06, the task of assisting Cardinal ·lviundelein in administrating the affairs of the Chicago diocese. The Blshop- E ioot The Most Reverend G. T. Ber gan ~ was graduated from S t. Viator College with th e Class of ' 1 2. During h is fou r years in a t tendance h ere, his abilities for leadership wer e recognized by all with whom he came into contact. He was a memher of numerous Varsity athlet ic t eams, and in his last yea r he served as Editor-in-chief on the VIATORIAN. He was graduated with honors in 1912. H e was ordained to the priesthood at Rome on Octohe r 28, 1915. Since his re t urn In 19 16 he has been s tationed in the Peo ria dioces e. While there, he bas held many church offices, i neluding- Chancellor of th e diocese r ector of St. Mary's Cathedral, vicar' general of the dloces e and administrator of th e diocese. He was named a Domes ti c Prelate w ith the titl e of MPnsignor by the Holy Fathe r in 193 1. His consecration to the Bis hopric will take place in Peoria, with Cardinal Mund e lein officiating,

Kelly and F leming A lthough it is quite early to mak e any prediction, it appears that Mr. ThomM Kelly, '35, and Mr. George Fleming, '35, will like ly recei ve nominations for th e Presiden cy of th e Club. ·'Tom", who declined th e nomination for that s ame office last year, has an inc r eased number of s uppo rters this y ear. Mr. Fleming, who is President of the Junior Class this year, also has cons iderable support for nomination and e lection to one of the high est s tudent offices on the campus. I n the past few ye a rs both men have been ve ry a c tiv e i n campus activities. Both we r e m e mbe r s of th e Dramatics and Gl ee Clubs , and also th e Inte rnational Re lations Club during the pas t U1ree year s. Mr. K elly, who h as played on Vars ity

(Co ntinu ed on P age Six )

(Con tinu ed on P age Six)

R{)bert No lan, President of Club, Names ii'Iay 7 As Date Of Nominations; E lections !\'Jay 10 Mr. R obert A . N olan, Pres ident of the College Clu'O, recently announced that the nominations of c andidat ~s fo1· Club offices for 1934-35 will be held in the College Club Rooms on Monday e vening, May 7, at eight o'clock. Th e men named for the respective offices on that date will t hen be p laced on the official ballots, and the e lections will be held on the following Thursday or Friday.

Father Maguire Lectures On New Deal At New Rochelle College, N. y • On Ap ril 12, Father J . W . R. Magui r e appear ed befo re t he Eco nom· ics s tuden ts of the Coll ege of N ew Rochelle at New Roche lle, N. Y., In a lectu r e on the New Deal. W eico,med by u. lar ge audience in t he Science building on the College campus, he pruceeded with a very interesting talk on the New Deal and especially the various phases of the N. R. A., with which he is very well acquaint ed. I n speaking of the admlnJstration in W ashington, Father Magui r e said: "The New Deal is designed to pu t


The Committee on Athletics of St. Viator College, on Thursday, April 19, announced the appointment of a nE::w coach. The man who will ass u me the coaching duties next Seytember is John McNamara of DeKalb, TIJinois. His appointment to this position marks th e first instance where a man who s tarred on Little Nineteen Confe rence t eams a ssumes th e duties of coach at one of the m ember-schools of the Conference. The Committee consider ed more than on e hundred a pplica tioM for th e position, and h e ld intervi ews with many of the a pplicao ts. Mr. :McNamara was chosen only after very consider a t e de liberation on the part of that body, aod therefore there can be little doubt as to his qualifications for the position.


pride, it is our pri vilege to announce Elect of DesMoines, will be enrolled that Father Maguire has been ap- FATHER WM. J. BERGI N , C. S. V. in the distinguis hed compaoy of thos e pointed a m e mbe r of th e regional who have r eceived honorary degrees labor board a t Chicago by President from St. Viator College. The RevF. D. Roosevelt. N otification of erend William J . Bergin, c. s. v ., th e appointm ent came from Senator of the Newman Foundation at the Robert F . W agn e r of New York on University of Illinois , aod forme r ly Thurs day, April 19, who informed instructor at St. Viator College, will Father M agu ire that it was Ws be similarly honored and will delive r patriotic duty to accept the appoint- ~· Fath er J. B. l\leciliOwski Defends , t he Commencement Da.y Add r ess. ment an? urg~d that be do _so. T~e Polan d At I. R. C. Meeting 1 Bishop O'Brien, who is a ver y latter WJred his acce ptan ce 1mmed1___ close friend of St. Viator College, is ate ly .

F ormer DeKalb Athlete Has F ine Record At Sycamore School ; W ill Assume Duties Here I n September

th e s treng th of govern men t on th e side of labor, so that the em ploy es may have the mea..ns to attain a li ving, wh ich ls t heir fnndamental righ t" . Father Magui r e's add ress was wellreceived, and a recent edition of th e Rochelle school paper speaks very highly of him as an authority on Labor Problems and Economics. Father l'l!aguire's lecture was made possible as h e was enroute from Washington, where be had appeared befo r e the N a tiona! Labor Board c = cern!ng the Kroehle r strike.


Attended DeKa!b Mr. McNamara was Coach at St. Alban's Academy in Sycamore, Dl, until his appointment cam e from the College two week s a go. H e had bee n m entor in a thl e tics there since the fall of 1932. H e is, himself, a graduate of th e DeKalb Township High S chool whi ch he a ttended during the y ears 1923-27 .. While there, he participated in track activities and played three y ears on the football team at guard position. After leaving the high school in 1927, he enrolled at the Teachers Co llege in DeKalb. For four succes~ sive years he was outstanding on the college football teams, and in his final y ear at the institution he was named ca,ptaln of the eleven. H e also played an infield position on th e base ball t eam for fou r years. Coaches St. Alban's Afte r g raduating from the Teache rs Colleg e at De Kalb, h e went to th e Uni ve r sity of Iowa during the years 1931-3 2. While th e re, h e majored in educa tion and minored in. mathem a ti cs, and s ucceeded in obtaining his Ma.ster's degree. In the fall of 1932 he became coach a t St. Alban' s Academy in Sycamore. Duling hl s two years there his footba ll t eams have sueceeded in winning about half of the numbe r of g am es p layed, d espite a definite lac k of mate rial and othe r handi cap::~. D uring his first y ear th e r e, his bask e tba ll t eam won th e confe rence ch a mpionship, winning fi f t een of the se venteen g ames on th e sch ed ule. Las t season his baske tba ll five los t onl y two conference games and los t its ch ance of winnl ng th e confer ence c ham pionship for t he second consecu tive year by only a few poin ts. Mr . McNamar a w ll! come to S t. VIato r next September with a fine reputation as a gen tl eman and coach of rare a bill ties. The r ecordH of his teruns at St. Alban's are very impressive. His popularity In t he vicinity of DcKalb and Sycamore {g ve ry great, and bfg appoi ntment here was somewhat of a Burprise to hi!'~ many fncnds lo that locali ty who have nothing but the highest of praise fo r him as a friend and as a coach. St. Viator look!'! to next yea r aa (Continued on Page Six)




o call him t~ boast a do s• • f rl HlliS h ip \\lth hnn. aJ.u.l \\ P Htl t- hi' I I · cou linu ' to ring pa ern a I r e gar d to r a II o us. . ay " ' \"Oicu Pu t h h<,d bi-week ly throughout th e year by the students oC SL th r ou g h t he Hall of Justice . a nd may t he powe o( a,·arice and VIato r College. iniqult y qu a k e a nd tn~mh l t." to lwa r It. Lt> t u bt:> p Hrlll kt.: n; o f hi s no},Je pi r it. ant.l lt·t u ~ acL"Ppt h ron-t• ly t h~ t nr~: h till o \\ o t o u ... TAFF \I \TORI>\~ R<>bert L. Spreitzer •Y t h i t ruly grea t C he\ a!i .. r of tlw H1!? h . \d w nt u r ~ .I I · ( · £d ltor-ln -' .lei We. he on. or Y1ator, ar.• proud

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n~ton 15 lhe tt:"'·~ th study h 11 · Johru 0 h"" S>ld hi las t pig to the s ·b I foe thi.s y"ar . . mlth i.s sLLU lu._'<h•Jll:" from last year . . . chos.ser is hke Spring in all its g l ry



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Edltor1al• Soror1 ty Sport.> 1'/Jitor Sport-Shorts V 1 ~1nr1


A famous college prof~sso r has said . " U college s t udents r,_- the c ream of the wo rld. COO pity the

Th e first )J ouda y in )l a y b ri n g· t o th e JO Pmh c rs of th e stu- skim milk .. . J ohn C roni n_ j d 1·u t hod y Oll i' of t h t• 1 nn ~t impo rtant fun t· ti~n:s l1f th t• S l.! hol a sti ~.: Margaret Clancv _n ar. nanw ly. tlw C'n llt'g<' t'luh elec ti o ns. Th1 , y e ar pt•rhaps more Joseph Degnan th a n P\·P r 1H"fon:: a wo rd o f ~.:o m meut b Ut't.'d f'd t' OLH't• rning thi::; Jam es Dugan

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h 1~hl y Impo rtant duty .





I t IS n ee~ ssary hec ausc· ol th e appar ~ nt r ut int o w hi c h th b atropin e orga ni zation has sunk . Thr r easons for it ~ d ~tlin e in promin en ce are ma ny and ,·ariNI. hut it is not with th e m that WP ar•' p r est• ntly cone e rnt• <l. Th e urge nt q u e"tion w 1th whi <' h w e, as m e mb e rs. must e ogage ou rsehi•s is th e tom in g

Lester Souc ie R<>be r t Nolan f•'ca.tu re W rlle r Ma r y Crui ~e William Clancy F r·atu rc Wrlter James O'Ma ra ,. ),· ttions. F eature W r1 ter Ri chard Doyle Dnring th is s hort period w e must di sp e l from our m in ds th e Vf'ut ure Write r J oh n Bu m s g:l oomy attitud e inl:,tii iPd iu us by a decl in ing organ ization: w e must Vra t u r c Write r Cl rrulall on Ma.nag(' r Enzel Wren raise ou r ey es to t hr fut u r c and cast u pon t hat p e ri od a shad ow ARHIHtMl Manage r -----~~---=~~-=S=t_e_ p h en Gou!d of h o p e f ul r eani mat ion a u d wo gres.~. Nex t yea r is t o be Vi ato r ·s ha n 1wr :· par, and wp cannot a fford t o have th e off ices of th e Co lSub•cri ptlon Rate ~ 2 . 0 0 pe r ann um . A ddress all co r rc n pondc nce referrin g eit he r t o a dver ti sing o r subsc ripti on lo IPg<· (' )uh O<·t up ied hy stud e nts who wi ll !"a r ry w ith thrm the d isThe Vla lorian, Bou r bo nA ai s. i llinois. ma l Sfl <' ll of t he past two yea rs. \l" c m u s t pu t into off i<·r s t u dt• n t; En t e r ed ll.5 Re<:ond class ma tte r a t th e P ost Office of Bourbonnais. Illinois under the Ac t of March 3 rd, 1879 _ who ha,·e fait h in t h e r cv i,· i fica ti on of V iato r : st u de n ts w hose ho p e a nd tru s t in Vi ator is eq u a led onl y by th<• ir v is io n. t h e ir a bility, ACME PRINTING CO. 1 21 SOUTH WASHINGTO N AVE . _ f a nd th e ir a mbition to sec St. Vi a to1· ('o ll cgc and th e St. Viator · ( 'o l lt • g-~> {'l uh o n t·t• rn o rt· rrst·(· nd t ht• la dd t· r of int l' JTo ll t•g ia t t· prom - 1 irw ll t'~" <111d r·t •g ain t il Pil' pl at·e in t !t a t di s! in g ul s h('d <·i l't.: le. On th e clay of e lt·di o n h e n o t swa_v('d hy pet t .v prej udi ces. h ut ,·ot c fo r th ose s tu d~ n ts wh o lu n ·e t h (' int e r est of th e sc h oo l at h ear t. Th e Co ll ege Club is .vour o r ga ni za ti on : g i n' yo urs e l f r eason f o r boasting o f your m em b e rs hip ; and ca rry n ot int o it s mids t a s pirit damp e n e d h.v the ras t , hut rath e1· a Rpirit h1·ighte ned hy th e h op e o r th e f nlure. Hoht•rt ,\ . :-lolan . l'r Ps i<l<-nt of till' ('o llt•f! P C'luh . F'c nlu r c Wr1 ler



" W e H ave What You N eed"

Sl\llTH-AL OP KAN KAK EE P AI NT STOR E 209 Eust Court Sl. PHON E 30


Hotel Kankakee Sidney H erbs t , Manage r

A MAN WHO DARES It i-; \\'i th s ha1n r an d appr <•h t·n s ion that men sOttlt•tim cs g iv P prni sr. \\' IH·n Jllt •n do ~ re at drt·d s, th t·.v HJ' C s howe red \\'ith spool : tllt ' OJi s Hppl<-1\l st· J,_,, t lJt•ir f t·llo w- Jilt' tl. Hut wht•n a J !l ~tn 1s rl(' tuat NI hy g r en t prin e ipl es of um·w lfi&IJ nPsS a nd Hltnu stn , we n ·a li zt· thnl IH• mu s t long h ~l\' (' he eo so irniJu r d a nd :-:; o in spired . \Yt• hlu ~ h , th en, thnt our praise is so Ut r d y , and at tir e sam u tinw w e wn ud t•r wh (~ tll t• r it i ~ n ju !-l t r e<.: Olnp en st' fo r st a.: h nohilit y.



e mphas is s eem ed to be on that. form e r word on the night of the Prom.

The T enn is Tournam e nt under th e supe rvi sion of Father Cardinal i E now th e ce nt er attrac tion of sports ac tiviti es . Much is expec ted of Ryan . Crowley and Sc hmidt a s these. boys really kno\v what th e game is

Noonay, Noonay has announced hi s chall e nge to p lay th e winner of the Co-eds Tennis Tournament.

all about. Truly g1·ent d eed s at·e but th e w o rkin gs of a tnlly g1·cat h!'an. Lt •l 11 ~. thl'rrfor r , prai se t he mHn r a thPI' than hi s d eeds. Ge t yourse lf a dat e for the So phoJane t t ri ed to mak e Devi n e th e \\" e hnn· in our m ids t a nutn w ho is d rdit a tcd to th e et e rnal more-Freshman Froli c whi ch will be vi c tim of Hush Money. What did

· · 1 · · · f 11 · he ld on May 18. The Spring F rolic you want to H ush, Fair Co-ed? prl! H' IP r o l .JU S t h ' t' o r a m en . .\nU Ju s ti er l1 C' \' l' l' ha d a w o rthi e r thi s y ear promises t o be lhe best l''\ jtOnt·nt . End owed hy natur e with a puw erflll and p(' n e tratin g e ver. DID Y O U !{ N OW THAT : intt•ll t' ('t. he ha s. in hHPP.'' t omhiuati o n th r r r with. a h r art imhurd Max has a governor on his ChrysDe ar Dope Chief: with lofty senfillJ('Il1 s of kindness, s,vrnpatlty a ucl ~r lf- s::lt·ri f i ct~ . ler Bill O'Conno r is professor Armed with tht'Sl' tw o lllighty w eapons. he set out lo ng ago to fl ]itt] (' t'<1S if· r , a littl ~ lli OI'<' Ji,·en b le. l ' pou two stron g s h ould e rs h r t oo k th r hurrl t• JJ s of th e o ppr esse d , with two strong limbs he eani ed th e m t o t iH· t ribunal s of hum a ni ty . a nd with O IH"' s t ro ng mind a ud on .: stt o n g ht•Hrt h e d r ntdnd Pd that .JU SII <·•' he d on e T o what no b ler ! lo w bl'ltrt could h i' htn e td t·a l vould he' hHI<' d e' \O trd In s ll f<•' (" Sl' l' i..' d •Od Hll d lllc!Dh: tnd ? l k Is prou d t o <·a ll hnnse lf an 1d r alt• t H e I CIOg nJ ze·' that id t•Hls nn • th e f.! Jt•a t rst t {•a litJ e ~ Th r per spt ctnt v of In s m tt~ ll ec t p Otl ll' out to ht1n the' d ef1C1en <·1 cs of soe ml ju st1 ce . a n d tlw fo r e•· of hi s pers ua s ion impe ls men t o th e ntt a inm ent of thi s 1 his g r ea t id t•a l. Fn)m t h(' pulpit. in th e e l ass r oo m ~ to a n1S t au d ienc·e of umwc u l is t e u t~ r s . b efore t hr m r o wh o impose our la ws. hi s tla rion n 'THkr IIH~ Ji,·t1 S of hi s hr r thr e n a littl e ha ppi er .


Aren't Th eses a lo t of ball y hoo ? of A r it hme t ic at Bou r bonnais T ech Wond e r Why? Tom Gorman is planning to Dear Wonc et:ng Why: tak e up the Undertaker's profession Due to ce r tain indication s , some Divin e is the proud owner of a will p robably appear in Bally hoo. t each e r' s contrac t for '34-'35 Th e Chief. R yan wasn't with Crowley and Wulffe a t the Prom wonder Johnson is the Mackm must have been hung ry where he was? Sunday mght He patd $1 20 fo" s peed de mon Lang has a "milbread and butter at th e College Inn lion doll a r" wardrobe Clark has (That mu st have covered you too, a weakness for widows SchneiBob )


Di vy was continually looking in of a door at the Junior-Sen ior Prom. Vlhat'd you see, Div? t ba c k

t l'i l.'S out fo r j u st i t~ . fo r t· ha rit y . fo r ri g ht eou s ness. Richwine still is Champ over all I I(> h:-ts w aged m n ny ba ttl es. H e ha s su s tain ed ma n,, w ounds. For Dee m e mber s . He went throu gh But t.' \' t•r h efon~ his l'y cs. en:-r in hi s d r eams. en: r i n h is . h r a rt a r e thE= Prom in grand s tyle. his t. f t.' rn a l a nd t·h a ogC'leRs idea ls. (' lea r a nd unt a rni shed. L o n~

hearty we lcome awaits the

students and fri ends of St. VIator College.


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Insurance of All Kinds


107 EA ST C O U RT 8T.

ILLINOIS Phone 1933 T-fi s s u e~.:ess is t h l.· sH tisfne t io n th ai h e w ill d t' r ire f rom th e r e fl ec ti on t h at h e ha s fo ugh t Ch a rle y Byron must have forgot- 1, . . . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . . . . , g-nlhn ttly a n d w l~ ll. ll is Sllt.'t €" SS proceeds from t h . .. fad th at he lEn that he needs a th esis for a tu:s pt'O t.· un•d SOill t' of rtonomi t. • just it e fo r h is ft" llow-man. l pass po rt. Hr s Sth' l.'t.' t'S t.·Om t' s [rom th P k n owkdgl' that he h Rs imbued wit h BROS. Inc. 1· · l · ll · · Too bad that Granger Is concernliS II H <.1 a 1 t.' sp t r~t thos: who han} felt his in flue-D C'C' . Jiis I cd so mu ch with things o ther than SUI.'t rss wrll hloom trom hts faithful se n -it c t o Gol1 a nd t o hi s \ h is school work. llt.' i1:!h b or . l t is w ith this fre hhl trib u t e t ha t ,,·e. h is students . sa lute T icu lka and S chm idt were in th ~ QU ALITY MEATS AT LOWER PRICES F nthe r )! agu in'. 11 is wit h a feeling o f inacl equa c:· t hat w e S\\"e ll li_me-light wi th S and S at the ptom. tht• nott' of prnise. fo r likt:' all gr t-at m e n h e n e ith er see ks no r :\ tee gom g, boys .

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on th e '36 P r esident 's foot.




d t•sin's it. .F or a gr l~at spiri t t hat will h ·e on wh ~ n its mortal Tom Gor m an is th e man fram e is gou t-. l) rais t\ is but a pR r tia l and e ph em e ral t· ec ompe ns t~ . f w words-Now o r n eve r .

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The clean Center Leaves are the mildest leaves

Luckies are all-ways kind to your throat HEREVER the finest tobaccos grow -in our own Southland, in Turkey, in Greece-all over the world, we gather the very Cream of the tobacco Crops for Lucky Strike. And that means only the clean center leaves. The center lea,路es are the mildest leaves- they taste better and farmers are paid higher prices for them. These clean center leaves are the only ones used


" It's toasted "

VLuckies are all-ways kind to your throat Only the Center Leaves- these are the Mildest Leaves

in making Luckies. Then "It's toasted"for throat protection. And every Lucky is fully packed with these choice tobaccosmade round and firm, free from l oose ends- that' s why Luckies "keep in condition" - why you'll find that Luckies do not dry o ut- art importa/1 t poi111 to every smoler . Naturally, Luckies are always in all-ways kind to your throat.

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"From the Past''



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'Some Theones ... written by J~- B \\ o rld at present Lcv.-ney. A. B .. '11. appeared m the VIATOIUA..'I. And. as yuu mlf"bl .r\pril 188f-Odd as it may seem. guess. it involved tb e questJon.s of a baseball nine composed of Pro- eUlit&lianism. Hedoni m. Altnusm lessors trounced a picked s tud ent etc. team in two successive games. the sco r es being 24-15 and 12-3. ~·e'd 1 911-l~Tb e duties of Ed.Jlor-mlike to see the Pros in an attempt Chief o n th e VIATORIAN were bemg to duplicate that feat today. most cap ably handled by Gerald Ber-

I've been told long ago--there are only Nine Muses. And of course, we all know, they have various uses. But where is the Muse for such efforts as Viatoriana? P ossibly lon g dead because of abuse or maybe of a broken heart, nevertheless sh e is not in evid ence. And if there be any among you who think that Viatoriana requires not a Muse--C 'roup an write it a'mtime. W e wouldn't min d a good laugh ourselves. However, we who are ever ready to litten to the good word, may take tlth opportunity to sprea d it.-so take h ee d, fool s, from one of \he Romanticist s. The tim e I ' ve spent in wooing In chasing and pursuing Th e li~rht that lies In woman 's eyes H as been my mind' s undoing .

April 1903--Rev. Father J. M. Marsile, c. s. v., President of St. 1Viateurs College wrote an histori cal rrench drama in ve r se .titled "Levis". The play, written in five acts, dealt wi lh t h e cessiOn o f C ana d a to E land after the s truggles of Wolf Montcalm, and received high praise

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from numerous c ritics of that time. !


Th ough wisdom 's often sought me I 've sp urned the lore it 's brought me My only books Were woman's looks And folly' s a ll they've taught me! !<' la s h !~

D ircr·Lor of Pu blicity, J oe Drg oao , finding himsrH u po n th e Hl r·<·rts of l(ani<akce lat e on e eve nin g minu s c iga r ettes, enter ed 0/11 ' of' thP lo <'al ta\' (•r n s fo 1· a ~tr in ot'- - , a pa c:k ot' smo i-:(•s. :\Iu c h to hi s s uqwis!', l ~t• saw sitt in g a t ouc of the tab les for ladi es, on<, of our mos t prominrnt c inenu1 s tars. nod in c id ent a ll y, well in h e r

ru ps. Out en rn c Deg nan ·s pap e r a nd p encil , and huni ecl over to H e fo und that Qu een Cbri s get a s tory for the ca mpu s <:!a ri on. tiu a was stoppin g a t the Kr.v City on he r way ba ck t o H oll ywood But that 's a ll he d id fi nd out. Th e only a nswe r he could get to his se,·c rHI qurslions was ''Ay tunk cd, J\ y go hom e now··


1906-07-Thts year for th e ftrst time the titl e "Editor-In-Chief" was used in lbe VIATORIAN.

Juni o r ~::)e ni o r


ORANGE- CRUSH BOTTLING CO . Pabst Blue Ribbon The Beer of Quality 291 S . West Ave. -

So me Freshman we nt to th e li bra ry th e other day and demand etl th (' lifr of Caesar . bu t Luey o nJ_,. says. ··sorr!·· so nny ~ B rutu s \VRs ahead of you ' '.

' ' Yessah , Ah 's a g r eat singah ". " \Yh eah did yo u-all learn to sing?'' "Ah gr aduated from a oorrespon d e nce school " . "Boy, you sho' lost lots of yo ' mail " . New Stud e: " I took th in gs pretty easy iu the last school I went to' '. Old S t e" ·ed: " It 's differ ent here---they k eep things lo cked up. ,

~I o st men ar e in one kind of a hol e or another. Preach a s )' On will , they cann ot adYanee hori zontally until they escape v erti eally .

I' ice-President Garner deserns a lot of credit as a man who knows bow to k eep his mouth shut when be ha sn 't anything to say

The depr ession will r eally be OYer when suckers begin to :oath er again at the intersection of ·w all st r eet and E asy street.

J;._t' ~~~n

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602 Ci ty National Bank Bid&"· Two little coons on a bridge wer e sittin ' Two li tt le dice ba ck and f orth were flittin ' H ole in the bridge wh er e a knot wa s missin' Paradis e Lost !



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plump ".

AND EVEN THEN Behind him lay the gray Azores Before him only shoreless seas Of co urse a sea must h ave some shores Where would the darn thing start to freeze? The mate came in. " Wha t shall we do ?" He said. " Think ! Admiral, think! " " I can' t " , said Chris, " How a bout you?" " Are we too close to take a drink ".


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D a nce was pronounced a sutcess: Bimmerle

was Lh crc . But w he r e was his pal of the coed s? An d No lan's g irl invited him to he r· d a nce. Bob says " Th anl<s. l s it formal or And of course, when Ellis "sk ed slrHII J Wl'ar my o wn cloth es? ' ' that g irl for th e n ext d an ce, and s he r epli ed that she was too Una ('ed ont : Doe sa ys. " '\' hy no yo ur ool : yo u 're j u st pl ea s in g ly

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F or Better B utter Ask For

gan. ' 12, who was recenUy consec r ated Bishop of the Des Moines Diocese. The following year. the Editor's duties were taken ove r by Timothy J. Rowan, now Father Row-

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5 A perfect protec tive coat ing for brushing, sp r aying or trowelJing, being a high g rad e Mexi can asphalt dispe r sed as minute particles lo As the moisture water for convenien t handling. It is applied cold. evapo rates, a black , flexible rubberlike film r emains which is wa t erproof, acid, alkaline and fire r esis tant, and shuts out infilrati ons of air.

Mortex 5 does not crack or pee l in coldest weather, nor blis ter, It is odorsag nor run on hottes t days and al ways remains elastic. less, tasteless and noninflammable and can be safely used in Confined, places. It readily bonds to all clean surfac es, and also to damp su rfa ces, but should neve r be applied over dusty, dirty greasy or oily surfaces or an imperfect bond will result. Use only on clean su rfaces to obtain perfec t s atisfaction.

Used for DAMPPROOFING WALLS and FLOORS, PAINTING GALVANIZED ffiON, PROTECTING CLEAN ffiO N AND STEEL, ROOF REPAlRING and as an ADHESIVE. It can be mixed with P ortland Cement and dries out a soft gray color for patchi ng deteriorating concrete.

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" lt wcr o IH.1 H er t h at a.. ~to m >-'' H.oc b c h W:J ft n a ll y d cclalrt:!d No <J ouhl , goo d r c.nA.I(-,r , y u11 wou - 1 Quinn and Cecilia are unsteady tkr how tll o forcgolu g !JUnto.: ion J ro m G eorg ie lH t a k /IJg no cha ncea on t hat Hol y Writ ti h o uJd bv e u., pre- S n lor Da n ce . . hi s duU: is aeaJerJ c ·do thi t~ puH J..rOnt oll lu vium nf chil- l a lready .. G eo rg ie was a.l th o H o t el c h n.t. Let us ox pl a\ n th at wit h th hJ d an ce f i ve times • . . it t1ee rn s t ha t

l!o;(.-. u wo lntro lluc·f• a new p oljcy. eve ryw he re we went ,we ran into ContJH' I ~ In E llm_ltut.Uo n lu ord HJ" th at th e wle l< e j n ·s JHJII <;i - on e of hi s s uila . . . on oo m oon c Ph\y; E i g ht Sign U p Fo r Co- t· ~' noon with Lh e exc eptio n of Su ndn .v IJIIi ty for th iH fl ow of "Ca 1uJ:JI mi gh e!ae'a legs . . . u pon qu e~:~ ti onln g th e ttom tw o ' til five. Ju s t a sug ·estion l.x· over prt..-H c u t. to my mind, th a t we are rs , w e f o und th a t th ey fi ll ed to U10se pi£Ullling upon using the Und e r th e capaiJ I d irec tion of I mi g h t. du adequate pc nRn (;.{: for il, th e s hould e r s we ll , bu t th e tro use r g pool: Bring you r ow n heAtin g p lant Re v. Fr. E. v. Cardinal, c. s. v .. Saia Leads Irish Attack With th e e ditor In hi s in l'i nlt(· w is d om h a.,: i w e re so m ewh a t bi g at th e wai st. un less you w ish to f reeze. the first T enn is t ou rn ament o f the Two Homeruns rcco mrn c ndt·tl th a.t an up prnp· <' X · .Ju s t. ra11 ::te ross Dugan '!'t h !gh 1 1 The Intra · mural Tracl{ and Field Pl ay in g lhciJ· firs t game of the r:;•t. m eet wi ll be held on .M ay 15 at Ber· wiUl Fr. a rdin al a nd he a cce pted sea son o n a typi cal baseball day, tlu~o lin es. Jt. :o~ lso ,.;orvcs t.o n;- ~ hirn th at. ltis f ina.J a ppeaJ f o r cJcmgin A Ull e ti c Field. A ll who wi :;;l~ s ixteen of th e m fur t!1c tou r nament S t. Via t or's "lnd e pc n clcnts " defeated rn lntl th e r(' a.~l (.lr of lhc grca.t pri CA. en cy hatl Jail ed . . . H e too k t h e t c.: take part are requested t o place co rnpetition . Th ese s ix t ee n piny- a s t ron g l earn fr·om S l. Georg e. Ill. :LI w hi c h hi ~o~ di ve rs io n i s p ur<:IHt.,..(·:J. <;nll cc llou in his churc h a co upl e of U1ei r entri es with Professo r Ma loney. c rs a ll h a ve had some e xperi e nce Th e gam e w as featu .·c..: by two lo ng T hi s week's {(·xt w:.13 sugges ted bJ :S unJa.ys ago . . . th ey' JI ne ver ge t and give promise o r s howin g th e ho m e- run s a nd a lon g tripl e . T il (. th e J<.cv ..Jam es D. Dugan , p ~!.~o:; to r (. 1 hat JIC : / churc h hu ilt that way Tennis fans are going t o sec n s pectators a. lot of a c ti on. ho m e- r un s were h it by " J oe" s ai a, t h u c hur ch t•r th e !to llin g .Jordan , ,, JH, ~o~hou l d hf· S(:C n quaffing th e fesn Fres hm an o f U1c Coll ege, w ho anti \VO arc llul y g r fu l t.o him f v r l i\'(' brew hu t D ugi e and his ConJo t of ac ti o n during th e coining few Th e winn e r of the tournament s hall I w a s play ing in hi s firs t co ll egiate it. g r ossman ! . . . The Prince a nd his weel.:. s. The first tournament to be S aia hit th e second ball co n!-t<J rt we re see n at t he dance smi l held is U1e one that is being spot:!- he award ed a n ew t e nni s racqu e t and ga m e. lhe ruiUl e r-up will r eceiv e a tin pitched t o him in th e firs t inning . O.n e of t he m o~ t m iserabl e of .life': in g swee tly at each ot he r . . , can >Ored by Father Cardinal. Of the of n ew tennis ball s. T h e p ri z~s for hi s f' st hom •r of t he s eason I cal lmgs, I wo t, l S that o f a bn efer. . , s ixteen entri es, w e believe that th:! d t d b F' C Jr c · -.. . d 5 h h T nt 5 MJm l tx· !:W !;,()O n ro rgotte n ? . . \.Yell e a s non e. winner will be o n e of the fo llowing: were ona e y • r. ard in a l, who ln th e seve nth inning wi t h one out F n e n au an d th ~ t 5h f( has g r eat hopes that this tourney , . . 1g ibes he bea rs with a p atlenl s hru g n ow a es 0 to t h e coas t , the ''Bill" Clancy, Bro. DesLauriers, ur may arou se the s tud e nts to take a a nd bases loaded Saia. a gru n ap - I The socie t y of m en w ill have non e. Prin ce has no cars to wash . Bro. Bay. Th e other entri es see m g r ea t e r inte res t in the s port. H e proac ~ed the pla.te ~n d hJt th e fourth f o f him H e soon finds him self \Vc ce rta m. y thmk Clatre has a ball pitched to hnn for anoth e r home-· wmnlng personality and w e k t o be a bi t out of their class, however , th ese ma y su rpri se u s and win; a lso hopes t o form a t enni s t eam run a de r el1c t upon life's highways , de· • now from th e players showi ng the grea t er · s pised, for lorn, alon e . C hildr en th a t Roche will Legns Wltb us Ct.inn , Stock bar, or Crowley. tal e nt at the gam e. If s u c h a The game s tarted at 2 :00 p . m ., c lutch at th e ir m o th e rs' ski rts a t I Se mo r pic tures, Degnan, and th ey t eam is fo rm ed there awaits th e m and g av e ,pro mi se of being a c los el y I1 . 5 b E e n the beas ts 0 f (: r e t erribl e . . M cBroom 's door will St. V ia t or's I nd ependents s t arte d th t ·t f . fo ught contest. Each pitcher wo r k- l ~ :.p;~oac { t ~ b h' h open more easily if you use your t heir base ba ll season off well when e o ppor um y o a ccept m g a chal· cd we ll un ti l th e fifth . At thi s hce Isle obl ~ged nt: fl~re ot~ .~:~ew uen~ hand, Dilge r, not you r schnozzle . lenge th a t h as been sen t lh e Col- point of th e g am e W eslray re li eved they be~t a team fro~~ ~l. Ge~~gc, I lege by th e T ermis Club of Val par· Sullivan for ~ue " Independe nts " an d known place, and he must s ubsist "Dan ce was p re tty s hort, eh, boys?" Ill. Sa ta proved the Big Gun of aiso University at In diana I. . . o n he rbs and be rries. I s the r e no I say s Noonan What you saw of the " I ndees" attack. H e ba tted .750 ' · G. Leclaire we nt 10 to pttch fo r St. : it, Moe , yes . . . getting t wo homeruns, a single and Co-eds To urn ament Geo r g e. Both new pitche rs immedi- res pite. I A bouquet of he r favorite f1ower3 The co-eds a r e aJso m aking ar- n te ly got into troubie . ~.-..-es tra y wa::; But t h e 1,howdo\n1 ,:",.ss usp·tr g ro roo1r1 to 1-iary Cruise for a fine essay in 8 walk ·whil e flying o ut to d eep 00 cente rfi eld the other time at bat. rangemen ts fo r a t ourna m ent, whi c h g reet ed wtth a sing le and a doubl e. . . . \ Ve reco m_m end " th e las t issue . W e hear that thi s wi ll be confi ned t o Sorority mem- 10 1 one earned, before h e manag- yo ur f,.rir l D ic k, o r mo r e vigo ro us a p · co lumn has been recommended to The ''Indees" will play every Sun- bers. To date, Miss A nthony who ed to get two of the batte rs out. plic ations of th e h and.l~e rc ltie f fo r th e Freshm en . Maybe so, but yo u Thei r tentativ e schedule a s has c harge of th e ac ti vity, reports On the next pl ay Burke fumb led yo u . . The Se•tio r p :ctur es wiU had be tter s upplement your reading day. announced by Captai n Emme r son th a t s he has eight of the co-ed s and the r unne r was safe. Th e next ~oo n a ppea r in the VIATORIA N v:ith a little Shake~eare . Butt· D exter is: sign ed up and expec t s t o en r o ll at batter \Vas s afe on a fie lde r s choic e M eany's wi ll be found o n page thre e g en 's romance is broken Oh leas t fo ur more before t he tourna· whil e the runnc1 ao so was called . the o th e rs wi ll occupy page fo u r w ell, life is not all locusts and wil~ 22 April - Ca•dos i Oile r s of Kan- ment begin s. No defin ite date has safe at second. G e mbala then threw . . If yo u ha ,·en' t seen that smi l· hon ey kak ee a t Bergin Athletic Field. been se t for the play-offs as yet. the ball away when he tri ed to get ing por tra it of Doc's gazing out up - and beans · Sometimes it's spinach May 6--St. Rose of Kank akee at Fr. H arbauer wished t o h ave it the man out goi ng home. Before o n Schu y le r Ave nu e, yo u' d be tte r · if you don ' t believe Kankakee. it, come up and se e me sometime. May - St. Rose of Kank akee a.t understood that n e ither of these th e fa t eful inning was ove r th e br·ea k thro ug h the la ug ttiJlg c r owds The m ammo th p roductio n o f ''Ro b'n 13 Bergin Athletic Field. tournam ents will count towards the "Dragons" had s co red fou r runs, for a g limpse of it . . . D oc win H ide " by th e S t. Via tor Light Opera May - State H os pital at Bergin Intra-Mural Champions hip r ace fo r three of which w er e un earn ed. see Lombardo ope n at th e D e lls in Co mp a n y, augmented by a few self19 Athletic Field. the I · M Tro,phy. H e announ ced The '· I ndees" in their half of the i\1ay . . . His date is a sec r e t and sa.criJicing Kankakeeans, with little May 0-Manteno at B er g in Field. r ecen tly th at th e Intra-Mu r a l Cham- sixth also did some " r un gath e ring" . a bi g surprise . . . John Hugh w as e lse to do, w ill be presen ted before 2 May -S t a te H ospital at th e S tate pionship Tou r nament will be h eld a The new "Dragon" pitcher only fac- conspicuousl y t:.bsent from the ho tel a waiting public some time in May 26 'tal wee k or two a fter th e tournam ents ed five m e n a nd th e n th e manager dance \:Vord h as il t hat he was . . . EJfort.s to engage Lily Pons and H 05 P 1 · · · decided that h e had be tte r send hi s trumping Gene's aces at th e abode May 27- Joliet at Be rgin Athletic no~ me sesswn have been comple t ed. 1 b k . t lh bo Ruel of the latte r H er cooking must D enni s King h ave been futile . . . Field. . ardinal , several of the Bro- r egu ar ac m o e x. \ Veil, we' r e just a green team , but th ers and some of th e s t uden t s hav e was therefore recalled f rom c enter· s till be better than our chef's. judg- we' ll be in the r e fighting. spent considerable tim e and effo r t f ield and being cold by this time ing from the empty sea t in the And so ends the briefs . We Our "wandering boys", N ewberg, ir1 rolling the courts and preparing he had difficulty in r e tirin g the ref ec tory . . . Newburg and D egnan "hope that you young gentlemen Kraukli s, and Turner have r e turned them for play. It now remains for side. At the e nd of th e six th the a re off to inspec t th e Iowa corn are doing some tttinking on these fro m th eir Easter vacations at last. th ose s t udents who are interested " I ndees". who had gone into the Degnan will lecture as he goes, and we hope yo u aren't and subjects" Newberg was the only o ne that had ill the game, t o keep them in good innin g trailing by a 6 to 1 count , Newbie wi ll put the shot mad, and we hope also that if you a good excu se. It seem s that he condition. were leading 9 to6. The "lndep end- when Newbie puts, it s tays put are out on th e baJl f ield some Sunwas working for th e local "s heet" en t s " added four more runs in th e W atch th e expense M:coun t, boys. and co uldn ' t g et back on tim~ . s eventh when Saia hit his second day afternoo n you won't threaten Kraukli s was celeb r a ting with "Doc" Th e "Panolians" a r e the on ly homerun with the bases loaded. The Sh~r::;:, ~:m\\T~::,,c~.::·~b:e:~ run away f rom if we should Meany. You'll have to ask Turn- t eam in th e league that h as fai led "Drago ns" added two r uns in each o nd bes t date for th o dance . . come nea r Chee rio! e r for his reason. t o score at leas t one run. Crowley' s of th e las t two "frames". an d , b 1" l he dru d e vil e - J . C. C. "Day-Dogs" a nd H a ll's "Day-Hops'' S trange as it may seem t he los- ly . s e co n H es, l ce6 R t ·(No ti ce to the editor Kindly I' ve seen t he Softball t ea m s in ! 2. re also weak in th a t most impo r- 1ing pitcher was not Rue l who start· Rocldord will greet obert • r espec t my editorial immunity). . . tant point of th e game. The "Mud"hen he s t ep s off th e train fo r he r (N. B . . . . : 1\lr. C ro nin e vide ntl y act10n and you can Jus t be t that I ed t.B e game for the "Dragons" but birthday p Rr ty . . . "Kerne l" E llis. had a suspicion th at I mi g h t take ha t e to take a chance saying who ca.p s" on th e other hand bid fair t he r e lief man. W es tray was the caiJ d bee I his will cop the "pennant" t his season t o take th e c rown that was held winnin g p itche r. s~· u . e . I a use ~ k ~~;-.· it upo n m yseil to m enti o n the fact but here goes: Dex t e r's "Champs" las t season by T om K e ll y's t eam . St. y,·ator ( Ind ependents a I t y t o s trl .:c at t l C e rn e o lC th at his seil-sacrifi c in g e ffo rts at To d t th S . ' " M d " h R H E (• pposi ti on's a r g ume nt, ,!, ho uld l hl· IJa to u-wa ving, etc., a t the hotel to r ep eat; Saia's "Mississippi Mud a e e alas u caps . ave Burke, 2B. 1 1 prove hi s technique . . . His pa rt - dan ce, wer e nothing short o f being caps" second and Spreitzer's sco red fift een runs in two games. Saia, CF 3 0 ing gesture of aJToc tion afte r t-h e ·s tu pendous , gigan t,· c, an d co lossal'. "Scribes" t o take third. Now watch The fact that they beat th e " Scrib· . 1 eu1 . tJ the old "do pes ter'' take it on the es" is why they are rated to finish D exter, RF 0 cla nce m e t w .t l r oppoSl on . H owe ve r, J. C. C. and myself h av· las t r eady fo r

U1C usc of th e s t u- Six: te..•n

tkn ts and wi II be open eve r y u.fter·


~~~:~~~,-~~~~ ~ 1~ t~·~ ~~~~~:~~~~~:·~~~cd~

~~~:~l~~~/::~r~~c~i:~~;(~ 1~,: ~;;::;~h~~~ ~h~~k~~:~ri~ ~~·oo:';~~








in second place.

' :::it;:~·C S S.


l Gembala,

pl:;~at;h~;reh~~:e ::~:d si~n g=~~ outs. Gibbon's "Panolians'' be in g the vi ctims of two of these. Th e games and r esul ts: Gibbon's "Panolians" O; Dexter' s " Champs " B. Saia's "Mud caps " 4; Spreitzer' s "Scribes" 2. C rowl ey's " Day-Dogs" l; Quinn's "Queenies" 4. Dexter's "Champs " 6; H all' s " .E>ayH ops" 5. Gibbon 's " Panolians " 0; Sprei tze r ' .., ''Scribes" 4 . Saia' s "Mudca,ps" 11 ; Crow:ey's "Day-Dogs" 0.

LF By th e way, the nam es . that I Gi bbons , 3B h ave tacked upon each t eam are go - Betourn e , 1B in g to stick as far as thi s column- Su llivan, p is t is concerned . I asked for your names and ge tting no r espo nse I've tak en it upon rilyself to give your St. George ( Dragons) t ea m a ni cknam e. L ik e i t or e lse ! Granger , SS. G. Lec lai r e , CF "Old !1an" T erry i • s ure right a- M. Leclaire, 1B bout doping t e ams out on paper. H . Rue! , 3B Las t issu e, you r em ember w e said P . R ue l, p C rowley h ad a better team than HalL Lareau, 2B W e ll , look at the scor es. A . Le c la ire, C Marque , RF CCC wo r kers are constructing a Gumond, LF lake on th e I owa Stat e Co ll ege Cam pus.


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~:.~e:ie:f ~~~~~ ~~~:· t;!~ :~ ii~'i~~:~; ing ag r eOO on " no foo t·not es" foieyes . . Two dinn e r d a h.~ o n co n- lowing the bri efs , it is best that 1 sec uti ve Su.nd a ys . . A r e th er e no a dh e re to that gentl eman 's agreeIH'-me n in Roy Hall ? rnent a nd not me ntion the fac ts (s) ) . The E di tor. Summary H ome·runs: Saia, 2; Triple: W estray: Doubl e: Lareau ; Strike-ou ts. by Sullivan. 4 ; by W estr ay, 3 ; by P. Ruel, 11; Base on balls: by Sullivan, 3; W es tray, 3; P. Ruel, 5; Leclai r e, 2 ; Wild pitc h: W es tray 3. Stolen bases: W estray 2. Burke switched to sho rtstop in the six th and Su lli van to secon d base w hen Westray went in to pitch. P . Ruel sv:itched to centerfie ld when G. Leclaire pitched.

Studen ts at th e Unive rs ity of TIIi· nois are advoca tin g the abol is hment of co mpul so r y military drill and a subs ti tu tion of one o r more co urse:; in the cause s. e ffec t s . and economics of war. Pledging th e mse l\'es to g o to jail rather than fi g ht in the e vent of wa r , two hundred Columbia University s tud ents in add iti on to a sco r e of fa culty members , w ent o n r eco rd for pacifism .

' ! n t> \ \


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nd .i-Jonog r am 'pon- or Party



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PV"r• ~~~ ha,_ ' '" frl",tb~t.IJ !" h~dr;Jt tf; cont n J .,.,,lth, whir h 1nr Jml1 All Jrl h npr•.,n· ,.ni..A &1Jr h '''J l.RJ1dlng teftm" B-'1 Br·ldlr·y, 'nhu r ity of ;.Jr,rth f) ots. KJt.IA.mA7f.of) and Yp 1fantl Tca(h 1·rJ11 G(JIII·q£111 rd Ml,..hlg·w. A.nd n lE·n ..,. rJA.IP. With rarrf'wtle hlrr.ady FtiKn"'rJ ThJ~ dr,r•:r;~ nrJt rQmprlse thr.o ( r)rnpl~"'l~' <u h,.dul,. It i only puthlly rompl,·tr..-} \\<10 \ l"'o 'TI•;wh

Ruth Arnngton. Chau-

r, Emmer;10n De~,m m r;f money n"e<J,.....t. Howeve ... vr Decon.u ru A~es Stell('r. Chairpror.eed.• or th• F ""'h-&•phor Orr! Dance. whi h will ~ hei(l '" lady [{e:nnc-th Corcora.n. Oa\id Rith-

...111 liktly >;\1n,. Publicity Charles Byron. ChairThP cv,.nln,::;'s fest1vi ie~ op nec:t man Goorge Hogen. Evelyn Lanoue The Sociru Soronty and the Mono·J:1th BMI'jg~ an 1 Five Hundr1 d Fotlr,wing thi:' r;,lrd gamf'"\, refre.~hm<'nL., gram Club '"-;Sh to take this opporwere ,..rvc•J by the !YJrority. Dane· tun1ty to o..xpress t.hf'ir thank~ to lng followed, to thP ra.r.ho programs any a.nd aU who in any way conof WaynP Kmg, Jan GarbPr. and lributP-CJ to the 51UCces..q of the social twr . flnd lrt t ... r:t until twcJ\:p o'clock or~·cnng last Saturday evening. th


~~y ,

A call to the nations' students to

ccremonl '~ dent He wa..q, ru~ a member of the ln..~t cl to be g'rad.uated from SL Viator Academy In 1931

8 "''1\ El'"" \ TRY

The Day Students who nomlna.tM ar.. entire ~late from thei r ra.nk~ last year. wiU unrloubtcdly name scv-1 cral



Day Hop


lhnt hl' will introducf' a join 1n unified action to for<'e the ranks on ~[onday, .May '; As we ln llrldJill)n to rrmt_hm~ MrNnrnar:"t. nt w course ll) the coJif'gc curriculum ouster of Hury p Long- from the U. go to pres~. we art! unable to de-~ will ltiW1 t1 fv·h •u vr·rrJ r·lfl.l I' H• s i:1 gtaUstlc~~J, a subject which be r ln. Ftroom dulll' will })(: In thf• -tp~'cln..liZf'd in whiiP at the l'nivPr~ity S senate has been sounded by the tcrmine just who those candidates m1ght be. rntt.lh(·mnlif'H dqHirtm,·nl n..nd ll iq of Iown.. H arvard University Liberal Club. I probable

The Coll<ge e:<tends lt.. ')'11\ pa.thy to the re lative!\ tUlU frit"nUs of .\tr Dou£"lf\~ "v 'r"" who dk'<l prll 1~ . ~·ort \Vorth, Te. ns. Mr BoweM tt cnded St Viator rrom tOtO to 1917. Our

~ympa.thy nl~o

to Brolht'-t

Francis \Villtarn~. who~c t lhcr died a sho rt Umc ngo.

:Nlonday WednesdCo/ Saturday 7 o'clock in the evening Columbia Stations Coast to Coast

_we hc:te youil e'!JO.J d W e always try to make Chesterfields as good a cigarette as Science and money can m ake them- in the hope that people will enjoy smoking them.

_may we ash you to _

try Clzeste:field

St. Viator College Newspaper, 1934-04-30  
St. Viator College Newspaper, 1934-04-30  

The Viatorian - Vol. LL, No. 13