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I Qr:bt' Niaforian I






Sf\'ITHO AY , MARC H 3 1, 1931



Annual Ret:reat: Concluded -------------- -------------------------------------------~


DEBATERS DEFEAT U. OF DAYTON; lOSE TO EUREKA AND lAKE FOREST Ber gin Debating Society With 2 Wins, 2 Losses, Has Percentage of .500 in Conference


It i s s e ldom t hat the indi vidua l ! s tudtAnt is t he oi.Jjcct o r a ll e dito ria l b ut we he li e n .• th at i n thi s in ~ta n ee a s in g le m ember o f th e st ud e nt bo dy is d e!,e n· in ~; of tha t m er it, i f

Mass and Apostolic Blessin g- Mark Close of Event; Students Leave For Vacations --


SUNKEN GARDENS FACULTY HAVE ~~e;~x i~eb::~~~ ~vothoef ~i:t~:ci~::~ TO REPlACE Oln ~:~~~et,o tl~:t '~,~:::::g u~~~,~ ~~oE~~~~ PING-PONG AND ~1~:~n:ct:i~~ c:~ee t~el:brc~~i~en th~~ !J ~aternity GYMNASIUM BASE CARD TOURNEYS "?

The Bergin Debating Society ha s continued its checkered c areer du r-


ma y be ca ll e d suc h . T is !SOntcthin g- about .• ~e nu 11.1 wh o, stout o l h eart tUld \nlllng o f hand , sets

ing th e past two weeks \Vith a series

Amidst all the pomp and solem· n',ty of Church rituals and ce re-







t hree decisions we r e against them,

up a nd c heer.

and one debate was a non -decision disc u ssion. On ~1arcb 14, the affirmative tean1, composed of 1vlessrs. Edward Buttgen and H es t e r Dail y, m et t he F.ureka College Nega ti ve in the second Confer en ce de bate of the season. The decision of the judge was in favor of th e Negative t eam and marked Viator's first Confer ence defeat, the s am e Affirmative team havi n g for m erly gai n ed a victory from Brad ley College of P eo ria. The n ega t ive wranglers fu r ther darkened the pros pects of a Co nf~rence champions hip the fo llowing eve ning wh en th ey failed to suffi ciently t ear down th e co ns tru ctiv e argu ment of th e Lake Forest College Aff irmative. This Viator team was composed of Messrs. No rbe r t Ellis and Robe rt No lan, who have two more co n fe r ence debates this season, one being against DeKalb Normal and the other at Bloomington w he re they will m ee t Illinois Wesleyan College. The Affirmative t eam closed its Confer ence season on March 17 when they met the debaters of Augu s tana College before an assembly of th e high -school s tude nts of Chebanse. The discussion proved to be one betwee n t wo very c losely matched t ea ms and h eld inte r est of th e aud ien ce a t high pitch. The decis ion of the c riti cs judge, M r. A. D. H ouston, of Illi noi s University, however, was in favor of the Viator m en. As a result of the ir debate the Viato r ~tandin g in the Little Nineteen Con fere nc e is at .500, two victories and two defea t es . In the aft ernoo n of March 20, the Affirmati ve debaters m et the Negalive deba ters of North Centra l College in Naperville in a pr atice discussion, and in the evening the Viator Negatives was defeated by th e Affi rm ative of th e Naperville sc hool in a critic-j udge's decisio n . Th is latter debate was held in the a uditorium of the A urora City Library befo re a large audience of th e membe r ts of "The Toastmaste r's Club'' and their friends, and was highly appreciated by them. Mr. Nolan (so W(.• hear from Aurora) surpassed himself in a brilliant com bination of . fl ashmg ora tory, sound logical reasoni ng and con cise a rguentation. His coleague, Mr. Ellis, likewise waxed eloquen t ly and masterf ull y, and presented his case with such complet e understanding of the subject that th e gen tle men of the Affirmative tn'ilot no little trouble in upholdIn g th ei r proposition. The se ond debate of the week \• as h eld the following evening in the n ewly deco rated auditorium of the Notr e Dame Convent, and the

o l " he ro-wo rsh ip'", but beca use tha i ChUI·ch. The Conferences this year im U,·idua l possesses th e spi ri t of de. were under the able direction of t e rmjn atio n and the w ill t o \\·in: Father Clarence Higgins of Seneca, IJ eca use in spit e of a ll h an di caps, Ilhnois, who proved to be a most he hn.s co n\'erte d t he >ttte mpt into Brothers Win From F athers In irteresting and inspiring Retreat a n acco mplis h me n t. S u ch m e n a re P ing-Pong And Bridge Master. rur e in t,h e wor ld tod ay; s uc h spirit Contests Began \\'ed nesd a.y is nut r on th e c am pus of S t . YiaTl R t t d 'th tor. It required a quick eye to "folthea \\"hen sc hoo l s pirit in a lmost all lc·w the bouncing ball" during the ed Sacrament last Wedn esday evenac ti\·lti es ha s lli t a ne w I0\\' 1 it is recent Ping-Pong tournam en t stag- ing at eight o'clock. The followe nco ura g ing t o know th a t th e re is ed by the resident clerics of Roy ing morning, the Lenten services for among us one w ho possesses t hat Hall in their recreation rooms. Holy Thursday were held with Faths pirit t o a hi g h deg ree. \\"e sp eak Brother Ewa~d Des Laurier~, long on er J . w. R. Maguire. C. S. V., as of Ches t e r N e wbe rg wh o journ eyed a r ms and qmck at the wnsts walk- celebrant of the Mass. Before and to N orth Ce ntr a l Co Ueg e las t week- ed off with the mythical Clerical I after th e Iviass there was procession e nd to s h a tter th e Co nfer ence s hot cha mpionship. Competition in the of the Blessed Sacr ament led by put r eco ,·d in t he Li t tl e Nin e teen first rou nd saw Father Cardinal the Senior Class in cap and gown. tracl.: m ee t. The fact th at ou r whip Father Hutto~. while Br~ther Following breakfast, the remainder College ha d no represe ntath·e team McCleary proved htmself as mmble of the morning was taken up with t o se nd t o the me et, did not in th e with the paddle as with the figures confe ren ces. In the early afterleast atrec t ll1 e amb it ion of thi s on the presently big, bad ledger by noon, the students assembled in the youth t o enter the co mp e tition , an d she llacking Brother F rancis "Tacky" Chapel for the \Vay of the Cross, (·m e rge d ctori ous. H is , -icto r y in DesL au r iers. In the lower bracket, I followed sho rtly after by several this en:nt, th e onl y one in which first round play brought together more conferences. Beads and spirithe part icipa ted, e na ble d ltim t o chalk B~·o th€T Shipmann and. Brother_ L yons ual readings preceded supper. The up lh ·e poin ts for St. \' r whi ch wi_th th e do~ghty h tt ~ e Inshm~n eve ning closed with a conference at wa~ e noug h t o ti e t hr ee of th e Inshman commg off Wlth the \'IC- I eight o'clock, folowed by Benedic~choo b e nte r ed and t o fini sh a head lory. I n the last game of the tion of th e Blessed Sacrament. or t h ree others. T he fa c t t hut he first round Brother Edward Des- ] On Good Friday the Mass of the too l.: it upon h imself lo work ou t Lauriers easily took Brother Sulli - Presanctified was said with Father dail y fo r this s in g le c \·e nt, mali.e-3 van into camp. And thus to the i\Iaguire again the celebrant. Tb~ hj s acco mplishm e nt th e m ore prajse- sf'mi -final round in which Brother altars \verc cleared and left bare, worth y. McCiea:y pro\'ed _to ~ather c.ardinal and the tabernacle door stood open. H is L"' t.he s p iri t " ·hi c h was once that Pmg-Pong ts s lightl y different The program for the rem ai nder of so p re nli e nt among \'lilt or st ud e n t s. than tennis by winning the right I the day was the same as on th e Let us join in a n attempt to re vi\' C t~ meet Brother DesL aut·iers in the 1 !Jrevious day. il o nce m ore 1 ~~ nd !{ee p i t fo r eyer flnal after Brother Lyons had sueThis morning, Holy Saturday, the ali,·e, not. me r e ly in things at hl e ti c, I cum bed to the lanky Kankakeean's students attended Mass at 1-.Iaternity but in a ll coHegiate a c ti vities. Co - onslaught of lightning drives, tanta - Church, to observe again the truly o pera ti on a nd de t ermiJHt.ti on, which lizing lobs and unerring p lacement beautiful rites of th e CaU10lic h ave bee n so lacki ng he re, maJ{ e for shots. That last set for the title, Church,- the l<indling of the "new s uccess in a ll und e r ta ldngs. A lone. I so they say, was a "humdinger"' un- fire"' the lighting of the Paschal st uden t has tal<e n th e fo rward step: til with games at one-ali, and a candle, the unveiling of the statuary, h as set th e exa mple. \\'e appro ,·e fUld score of about seventeen apiece, Bro- and th e rhythmic and solemn chanta pphl-ud hi s work u.n a nimouS l,\·; ther e ther DesLauriers cracked 1-.~cCieary's ing of "Alleluias". Following the 1 fore le t. us u ni te aJHI d o lil<ewi se. defense and copped the senes 21 - 18 · .!\lass, Father Higgins bestowed th e Nor is that all the tour-nament Apostolic Blessing on those comp letHOllOr nC\\'S from the clerical ft·ont, Bro- ing the Retreat. ther Lyons and his partner, Brother Immediatt:iy after Mass, the stu:. \JcCleary celebrated St. Pattick's dents left for home for the Easter Day by inaugurating their victorious Holidays. This year the vacation The many friends of B rother E . drive for the Bridge Championship wi ll last eight days, and the stuM. Walsh, C. S. V., will be happy of the lower regions of Roy Hall dents will not return until Sunday tn learn that he has been awarded (we don't think they'd get far on e,·ening, April 8. Classes will be the Master of Arts degree from the second or third floors)· These resumed on Monday morning, April Catholk University, at \Vashington, happy sons of Erin, Pohn and Dum- 9, at eight o'clock. with the honor of getting the sec- as, by virtue of their high-powered 1 __ ond highest mark ever given in the bidding and a shamrock tucl{ecl in Eng li sh D~partment of the Graduate I an inside pocket. swept all opposi-


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Work Begins On Proj ect To Rid Campus Of Hideous Relic Of The P ast The as pirin g Freshman who burs t fo r th with a . since r e ed itorial in the Freshmen Ed ition of the VIAT OR I AN concernin g "the hideous f<~ undation of a buil di ng long since ccnsum ed by f ire" is about t o receive an answer to his que r y mucl1 soo n er, perhaps. then he h ad expeeled. For plans are compl eted and work is a lready undenv ay t o con ve r t the ruin ed foundation of t h e old Viator gymnasium into a most a ttractiv e s unk en Ro ck Gard en, ancl possibly will inc lude an outdoor au di t o rium . Th e fact that these "hidious" ruins marred the be3.u t y of the campus s ince th e building was destroyed b:-.· fire some e ig ht year s ago/ do es by no means infe r that th e ad mi nistralion has set a id ly by. Rather plans wer e drawn up and considered, but it was just recently that the plan of the sunken Rock Garden was acce pted and wo r k began on the project. The orignal plans wer..:! dra wn up by Mr . William Clancy, with the a id of Professo r H. Dooling. Of course, th ese plans have been scmewh a t modified, and it is possible that oth e r changes will be made befo re the wo r k is completed. T he Ga rd e n A ll of the outer walls will be torn down, while th e lower inn er wa lls will be cove r ed with vines, and hidden from view by man y bushes. In th e northeast co rn er of the fou nda tion there wil l be a fish pond. lt i~ a lso possible that there may be a g rotto eonstruf'ten in this co rner of the fo un dat ion . A plan is a lso being considered whereby a stage one or two feet above the general leve l of th e gard en wo uld be bui lt up of rock, and soil , and covered over with grass, to form an outdoor audito rium . Shrubbery and bushes will be planted outside of the walls. The founda ti on proper w il l be covered h h f ove r wit res , rich soil, and grass wi ll be planted. F lowe r beds and variou s kinds of bushes w ill be a rt·anged within the s tru cture , and tile -stone walks or paths will be weaved throughout the gard en.,. Of co urse variety wi ll g reatly e nh ance the beauty of lhe gardens, but to g<.· into detail he r e as to the many kinds of flow~rs that will bloom shortly wi thin those walls woul d be u~eless, !or to say that there will be Aquil egia-Columblne, campanula (Co ntinued on P age Six )

Not from


se nse





fcre~~e a~dre;ene~~~on :~



Viatorian Takes At Catho}I'C Uni'ver·si'ty




School. Brother Walsh, a membe r of the Ordanandi Class of thi s year, att ended both St. Viator Academy and College. Upon his graduation, he taught in t he English Department of the Academy. For several years he also served as Faculty Advisor to the "VIA TORIAN". It is probab le that afte r his Ordination, which wi ll take place some time in th e ea r ly summer, Brother Walsh will assum e a teaching position at the'e.

E D er ' aster ance

I tion

aside to be crowned the champs of the art of ··ctouble'n redouble" Their first round victims were Fathcrs Lowney and French who could not seem to cope with the gaelic pair at the same time that they were beating off the eflects of vici ous kibitzing on the part of various J a nd su n dry non -combatants f rom the clf:rical ci rcle . In th e next game, Father Ri ce and Brother :Mear a triumphed over

The Kappa Lambda Phi, popular Kankak ee Fraternity, will sponso r· a dance to be held in the Gold Room of the Kankakee Hotel on Saturday night, April 5th. Bids may be sec ured from Mr. Baron or Mr. Lang. Apportionment will be one dollar ($1.00).


I ·

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IcagoStudents at the University of Chirev ealed by a vote that Lhey 1



prefer marks of passed and failed to the present A. B. C. D sys t e m .

r' A() t_.

THE \ "HTORL-\;\



THE VIA TORIAN Published bi-weekly throughout the year by the students of St. Viato r College. ST.\ FV


Robert L_ Spr eitzer Ke nneth Corcoran :No r bert E llis David Ric hwin e

£dlt.or-l n-Chlef A HSOCiate Edito r

Dualn e.qs Manager A.dverti ::Jing Manager

J ohn

Edlt.oM aiH Sorori ty Sports Ed! tor Sport-Shorts VI atoM ana Campus Bri ers Da.y Hopping

~Iargar e t

.!1 .\ Tl"RD .\Y.

r f'd

H ea rt






T omorrow we celebrate w h at is probably the most joyous fe ast in the calen dar of our Holy Mother t h e Church. Today we cast aside our p enitent ial garb, and don raiments more g·ay, more symbolic of joy, for we are a bout to rejoice with the Church in observing t h e feast of E aster. It is a time for all gloom to be cast aside ; it is a time for new hope and new courage. J esus Christ, the Son of God is r isen from the dead . And jus tly so, do we rejoice, because over two t 110usand years ago our Divine Saviour rose glorious and triumph ant from the darkness of the tomb to v indicate His teachings, an d H is life. H is R essurection was another prophecy fulfilled which defeated and confounded those who had sp oken against H im. We rejoice for Him as He once morg shines brillia n tly triumphant over all H is adversaries. The sp irit of Easter is also one of newborn confidence and faith. We see in the R essurection renewed promise that we too sh all one day r ise to claim our eternal reward. A n d with this thought in mi nd we cast as ide a.ll earthly worries, and cares, and f ear s and take up the banners of new hope, new courag·e, new confidence, and, following· in the example of J esus Christ, move forward toward our final end when we too hope to r ise triumphant over all adver saries. - R . I;.:-;_ 1

THE FRES HMEN EDITIO N l t i' a traclitio11 li<·rc• that IIi<' t"n·,hlll<'ll ed ition o[ t l11• YL\'J'()l{ ] .\ :\ is l\ SUHI\y l)llt' 01" th t• 0\llsta n ding' i sSlli'S 0!' tJ H• :-;roflo ]a ~tic -'"""'"· a11d tl11• ".\la<Th t,)tli i"uv .,r t!J :l-t JWOI"<'d 11 0 <'Xccptiun. L·udl•t· l liP suJwn·lsion ill' .\I r . \\'illi mn ~ (· hunHl<'iwr. a YPl'Y dcpenllable u s a lllO">t

\\'p. who are prone to lool.;: down

upon tiH• l', I'O~h as <: l'l't' ll. en\·~·

\\'(:'l'l'. 0\l l'st•lY<.,S. \\'O il t to tur n g-rf'(l Jl with iu Yit)wing tiH• !'inP <l.!TOmplisl nlH)nh of th at g r oup i n th e

1:1<1 c•cl ition.

'l, IH•irs. as all ll1ht•r "F'n'shnwn JHtmhcrs o[ the past, "·ill go to form a n•nlh- important li nk in til<lt ··lwin of \'1.\TORT.\N:-i. 11·hich \\"H:-\ lw~un mot·r thnn fift~- yr>;\rs ng-o H111..l \\'hi r h C'O nstitutes t h e histt..H·y or onr Colleg('. 1\\• doff onr hats to the Fn"h . •·Yours is a 11·orth~· rdition' ·.

'l'h P Pl' es hnulu ha\·l' S<.'Or(>d again.

- R. h 8. Til l' lll'-lH wh o lin~ nothing to boast of ln.1L hi s a nc ('sto rs is li\; r a potat o-ill(• onl)· good f>elo u ging to him has rotted underground. "\Y ~ll's dou 't pay-neither Jo the uatious who wage them . '!'h t• thn•atPHill .~ ~·lotu,l~ Of inflati () Jl h<t\'1' <1 fl'l3 t' sil\"t'l' lining-.


" W e Have W hat You Need"








Th e





Attended Academy A nd College: a classmate of the deceased. Athletic M gr. F or Several Years


1 ~ ros!J

193 .1

buricl took place at Riverside cem eta ry The funeral was attended by Father T. Sullivan. c. s. , ... who w as

\Vednesday, March 14, marked th e death of one of th e most pop\Villiam Schumachc: Chari":'S Byron ula r men eve r to altend t. Viator . Jam es Dugan Coll ege. Mr. R6ymond 1Vl arvel ot Les ter Soucie Clinton, Indiana, who was a s tu dent h e r e f rom 1918 to 1925, passed away Robert No lan F'eatu rc W Mt er Mary CruiRe after a lingering illness of severa Feature Writ er VVilliam Clancy years. H e will long be r emcmberel FeatUJ·c Writer Jam es O'Mara a~ one of the most efficient and F eature Write r Richard Doyle lik eable stud ents eve r to atte nd th e Feature Writer John Burn~ Feature Write r co llege. Enzcl \Vren H e was bo rn Augu st 1, 189 7. a t Ci rculation Manage r S t ep hen Gou!d As!iistant Manage r Clinton , I nd ia na, wh ere he atte nd ed the parochial g rade schools and also S ubsc ription Rate $2 .00 pe r annum . s pent one yea r at one of th e Indiana Address a ll co r renpon d ence referring e ither to advertising or s ubsc ription to 1 1 _ ·~ Hi gh Sc hoo ls. H e ca m e to S t. Viator The Viatorian, Bourbonaais . illinois. J ust a g roup ot Freshmen put I iT' 1918 a nd e nt er ed the o ld Ac Entered as seco nd class matter at the Post Office of Bourbonnai s. Illinois out the la~t issue. Boy, but \Vha t'n I :::.damy ~s a Sopho m ore. After r e unde r the Act of March 3rd, 1879. issue! They s ure can sweep up the ceiving hi s Hi gh School Diploma, he ACME PRINTING CO. d ir t. 1 ,·emained he re to continue his s tudi es in th e College. It \'vas during hi s 1 '.:\ l t•t·ti nw r ' Baron ha-; I ~E"c n '' ldtiJ.!" l last few yea rs in College that h e i hi g·h" th e past month \\'l th a ee r - became one of the most popular and 1 tai n coc ci. well-lik ed figures on the camp us It might a lso be noted t hat during It is s:::.icl th at a ce rtain ''Two- h is co llegiate c aree r h e was an Tim er' ' trumped Don LaRocq u e's 1honor s tu de nt here. 1 I nee. Call for a cut Noony. During hi s year s h e re, Ray was studen t manager of Ath le ti cs. and They say that th ere is a man hb friends wi ll probab ly best r e for eve1·y woman. There 's a shortage membe r him for th e g r eat things he accompli s hed while acting in thi s Ior men. A sk Wulffe. capaci t y. Whil e he was manager Th e D-X Diner joins in with Coaches Thomas Finnegan and Crow ley in repoicin g upon th e re - Howa r d Bus he ll were giving St EASTE R turn of Short y. Viator s ome of the fin es t teams in

memlwr ol' the rc·gular stnlf. tilt' illtt·t·Pst in g aud (l(•lightl'ul prqwr.

H S t.

yt>ar at Terre Haute. In diana. nnd then spent four years in );ew )Je.xlco for his health. He returned to Clinton whe r e he remainded until his death on ~Jarch 14 . :\lr. :\Iarvel \vas buried from Sac-


C r onin

Joseph Degnan


this section of the country.



Hotel K ankakee S idney H erbs t, Manager



D i\' y

w ill soon bt' t ip-t oei ng· h is Ray' s duty to select and obtain T u tt lcs tulip bed . H e .s:am~s with, fo r midab,le opponen t s ~ fu u nd it in a ll thf' s n o" · o n St. And he did just that. But let u~ Pat•·icl<', night. "Y. t ,. quo t e here f rom th e ta orne o ( 1922 , which says: "R"Y Marvel ha' Amos is still th e des tinati on fo r managed many team s in the las t weekly ep is tle s o ri g inating in the few years' athle tic endeavor of th e twin cities. Th'I ore powe r to you 1 th 11 A \\'ay

hearty welco m e awaits the s tu de n ts and frie nds of St. Viator Co ll ege.

t hrou g h

I school,

Gorma n.


and managec em we · full measure of thanks is clu e for hi s Richwine made ··Ha_,. \\"hile th e efforts in behalf of athleti cs at St Vtator. Th e s tudent body come to Snow Fl"il' up in th e north ern pa rt admire him for h is genial good hum th e 'tate recent ly. or, his s t c rtling clev e rn ess and en



Whol esale -

J{rul lw lcee 1 Ill.

Hou t e No. 11 -

t husiasm in stud ent act ivity. More i s Th e way Viator ha s been w in~ clue him for his ea rn est labo r in th P ning debates leads one to think that ;uccess of the team s, fo r his con there's a lot of powder in Daily's t inual f ight fo r mor e I'epresentative compact. [ sc h edules, and for his reco rd as man

R etail

-1 Liberty La undry

--ager of four championship team s' EUGEI\."E L. BENOIT Rip s ure can take il- H e bent n. Tv this fin e tribute co min g from hi s gas pipe by walldng into it with -college we co ul d add little or nothing hi s head rece1ving th e jolt. Rip got It bespeaks him as a gentleman and Tel. Main247 73 l\Iai n St. up at the co unt of fou rt ee n. a scholar. Bo urbon na is, I lli noi s F u ne ra l in C)jnto n ... Hol~c lw r hns bee n c alkd d ow n tu Ray lef t h ere in 1925, worl<ed o ne th e L ib ra t·y seve ra l tim es th is \\ 'L'f'k \ Vhozz it , J e rr y? :--------------------------------;









formed a Married Men's Club. Tiddly Wink s is th eir pastime. Crowley intends joining to mak e three-handed bridge poss ible.


DID \'O li KKO \\. THAT.-\ '' t wo-t ime'' love r mi g h t los e• his ga l Ryan is \'e r.r good in a.ddi ti o n . Clar k is a hout to mal< c a chan gt-, (just lii{ C a new m odel automo bile) La ng ru1d .-\lessandr i a re H y d roge n S ulphid e fans \ V h:l.t p er fum e . \ Vu llfe was o neor t he 7.500 a t th e OI>e nin g o f t he State Tourn ey Schmidt ca n' t locate his los t wal t ze t· . :M a c kin has t he fam ous s<:hool-girl co mp lexion J ohnson g uessed th e board~ ers needed porl<-c hops Go ld be rg is p ulling for J o hn I\-lars ha ll to ca pture th e Stato C r ow n · · H err c hn ee aJld Ri c hw in e a re th e Stud y H a ll Ch efs Th e res t of th e bo ys ha. \" C be n be ha \·in g th e m.seh ·es. so we'll le t goo d e noue-h a lone . 1



Insurance of A ll Kinds 107




Phone 1933


12 1 So uth East .A \' Cnue

Ka nk akee, UJin ois

!-.----- -------------------------

SA'IT ROAY . M AB( ' H 5 1, 1934



Viator in the Orien t' Poet's Corner



EARTE lt (Various items f r o m r ecent l et - lions of til e hou!'leho lcl gods. On Th e Lhreo.tenln g dnrk n css of Jow ert ers of Fath er Roger Drolet and t hi s day, sugar i s placed on t h eir ing c loud s, Brother J oh n Ryan, our missionar- lips n nd Lh e god s a r e burnt so th ey The rumble of c ras hing wa ll , i es in Ssupinl<ai, 1ofan choukai, Asia). may ris e to h · ave n and bring good P r o c la im t o the wor ld the dea th of


Our conf re r es ln Chin a are w e ll I re po rts


th e

fam ll y,

a nd

br in g It~ Christ,

and sp ending as much time as pas- blessings for th e co ming yea r . In Th e ni g ht of J eru sa lem' s fal l , ::;ible studyin g th e l angu age. After the marlHill plac es t h er e a r e many some months of daily app lication, incense burn.e rs. s ma ll li ghts . e t c., The Ea r th r e ma ined not dark and

the con g lamoration of weird sou nd s and jing les is taking on shape as a. language. A lthough U1e work is hs rd, it is a t times very inte r esting. This is tru e from U1 e fa c t that it is th e principa l instrum ent of the principal aim of this l abor~ ious venture on the othe r side of the wor ld, th e spi ritu a l welfare or our antipodes. Ou r s r eport th ey have a good t eacher who is r egu lar as a c lock and very systemati c. The language drill s bring up mem~ ories of th e g ramm e r sc hool methods. Art e r all, they are children in th e Chinese medium of exchange in ideas. One must be carefu l of the tones and inflec tion s, v. g., in r h . asking f or a h ammer a s 1g t vana-

in honor of the gods. F'oods a re purc hased to be offe red lo th e socall ed de ities and the Chin ese themse lv es indul ge in an orgy of ea ti ng and drinking. Many beco m e sick, but s till be li eve th at th ey have had a s uccessful Ney Year day. So m e cal led at th e Catholic Mission and wished ours "Kuo ni en hao", i ,e .. ''Happy New Yea r" .

I ~ X t· h ~lll~(' ('qlJitll/1

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l lfll

app t•(JI' t· d


<tJt )' o r lh f•

iSS \1 ('!;,

- Ti l(· l·:d ito r .

al In s plendour The sun rose dawn, l l is n1o :-; t <1Jip1'opri:rtt· lh ~1t \\' c· ofl'I'J' f•o ~t g ra l ula t i o tJ S Proclaiming th e victo r y of Chri s t Our Lord J•' r e'l'"""' "1"11' nl' Till·; '1' .\'I' LI·:H , ( 'oll e g e ol' :-.;,.". Ho<· h<· ll r That g lorious Ea s te r morn . 1\o(' llt ·llt-', :\t ·w Yor k .. I'm· tltt ·ir f•.\t· t·llt ·Jtl l ·: a t-: t,~ r Edi t ion in -"~::choes from th e Pines" a11d wltitt •. 1-:s pc ·t ·ia// y did \\'r ,. ,,j oy II H· l . it (·rrlflll' t• p ag t·,


ii () W-

(J r


\\' t· llit\'c· n ·t· t·i ,- ,, ,J J'f •ad thorou g hl y 1nof.O I t il t· t· Xf· h a n gf·S, a nd 11 0 \\' \\' t ' fitJrt// y find 1111' (} ppor l l!nit _v IO p ass ju d g trJt •JJt , if' WI: llllt_Y . 011 so1nc · of II H· tn . \ ' 1'1'(' 1


t he·

at :\r \\' purpl r· a nd it'-1

EASTE lt SONG heart, thou has t awakened now:

.\t tlti s till!t· \\' 1• \\' is l1 to ;.u· l\ n ow l~ · dg C' :-;o in t· of th t· l.l ig h S1· hoo l l<'rom th e a bo ve acount w e m ay To sleep in Lean:i a nd dream s of pri JWI ·:-; rt 'l·t·tff ly ad, tt· d I u our l·:x(·I JHng t• li sts. \r t· \\'(· /ot·mr t h ,· judge the need of missionary worl( pain and a lso pf prayers to bring about 0 heart, thou hast forgo tten how! lJ ,\1010 1:"\ I'EJ' , .\ l annion l lig l1 ol' .\u,·or" , Ill ., T il E 1\' I('J\, Fr(·n th e success of ours in th e Orie n t. Sweet joys alone in Thee remain. ll'i ck J l igil ul' Oak l'ark , IlL , Tlll,; ~ 1 .\ I{ I A:\. :'lit. St. .\l a ry Oll The· Pre para tions are under way fo r the tra ning of a native cle r gy in th e vica riate of Ssu-~ing~k~- The littl e semi na ry is to e Ul t near our Catholic :Mission. Worl{ is to beg in as soo n as the weather perm.its. Th e re are about twenty-five boys iu an institution thirty miles away who are ready to study Latin and Fre n ch. - - course the ed u ca tio n

tion w ill be a requ es t for a mo r t al sin. One of th e Fathers recently wishing to say, ''God bless you"· !:.aid "God ti mes you"· February 14 t h is th e Chinese New Years for the Manchus sti ll fo llow the Lunar calendar. Brothe r Ryan's and ,perseverance of a nati ve c lergy i..:; a mighty difficu lt task for th e acco unt of th e celebration is quite pagan tend en cies are deep ly imbedinteres tin g. Of course f irewo rk s , ed in the minds a nd h ear t s of th ese are much in ev id e nce as is us ual o n I people. An add itiona l reason for all such occasio ns. Th e noise be~ 1 u s to h elp wor k by fervent and gi ns at noo n o n the day befo re and 1 • G Wh cor.tmual prayers to ou to om ends at noon Of the da Of Cele Y a lone it be longs to change th e hearts brat ion. The streets are decorated 0 ~ His c hild re n . If two out of th e

~~:rsmoa;~edde!~go:.d s~oe~S::i~;


I> JH • lo th e l'tH· l no i~ttfi ,· idllal w a ~ :1p poinl c·d ''' t iJ (· pos ition o f l•:x.~·il:~ngt • J·:ditor thi l-i y t·a r , il (' t' OIJJd H fo r II H· r~t l't th at f ll ,.

above m e ntion ed

So s in g Thy so ng that ne' e r g rows i•' ox , of' S t . ('harks. Ill .. ;;nd '1' 111·: 111.00"1 :\(:TO .\ ·lll f: ll publi . dim. cation. of' 131oom inglon , Ill. And blesesd shalt Thou be, tl,at· \vakencd For heaven's breath ~JJ I ' ;J killg- of I I i ~ IJ S\'hool pulJiil'i-ll io o. \\'( ' llli~ht SR:_\' t hat 'r TIE Him ( '.\ .\ I J' I0:\ 1·:'1''1' 1·:. ( '""'pi o n Prep:li'RIOI '~' Schoo l i'I'Riri•·s dn C hi en , H (' ge ntl y breat hed on th ee. \\'is .. i:-; Oll t' of thP l'i tw s t rap i' I'S on 0111' (' X(' hflJl g'(' li st . F or g ener al IIHII•~· - up. t'llt:o;, fc·:tlurt· s . Hltd ll f' \\' 1-i . i l is 1111 Stlrpasl'!('fl. Easter dawns w ith April ~p l endo r


In our heart Spri ng blooms again . Bells proclaiming J esus' t ender Ressurection af t er pain. - The ''Ta lle r"

.In orc hid 01· t11·o to t h e De l'a ul l:' rosil of' 1),. l'aul r·. of' C'hi,·ago. l'o r th e ir •·diti o n. appr o pri a t e ly printv<l <:rc•·u on \\'hit,.. On e o l' tl11• .. ne \\' siest . , o f ll' l'll -halan ccd issut~s t>f lilt· DE PAl'L I.\ t o (·O m(' ou t· way thi s y c·ar.

STREET Bi\LLi\D E \V'e 've tried three hundred years or more ; k h . d And 100 - a t w at a mess we verna t: ol' :--;a11 1\ntonio. 'r(' x a ~, nHTi e~ a w eJI.writt en t·rlit orial on ' ''l'h P Since fi rst we set tl ed on thi s shore. \\' odd ('oul't' ' . \\· 1 , quo!(· !'rom tilt • pi c('c : ' 'Bt•\\'arc of [ore ig n Pn -

twenty-five perse- Few people work - with fewer paid. 1aoglt•JJlt ·n1s. a n

the sign of j oy and gold of riches. vc re, the missionaries wiJJ fee l repaid Those who desi re a visit of the spirit for their efforts. of ri ches have a bright ligh t before Th e winter a t Ssu-ping~kai has the hou se on New Years day, for bee n cold and dry. The temperature they beli eve this spirit is f a~ was about zero a ll during January. bout in the dark and seeing th e On December 27th, there was six light will fl y in that hou se t o re- inches of snow that remained all main for th e new year. A part du rin g th e month. The sun very of the ceremony is not to swee p_ seldom fails to shine during the day the house for a few days after, l19St and this brings up t h e tempera tur e. the s pirit be swe pt away. Eac h I This brings some relief during th e fami ly has also p ape r r e pr esenta- lo ng Man c hurian w inter.

so le t's give back th e continent And all go home to Europe.

.\tili 'l'i c·;.-111 antiqut •. h a.":i hl.' t' l1

llli s int e rp r et ed fl!H.l

fal se ly ww d h_,. s hr P\\-d pl'o p a g a n d is t s t o p r C'n: n t r atifitat io n. In n·ality thi s slogan ha s r·o mc to bt• the· trad e mark of na ti onal PC O n omi t . c tiltur:-tl , and politi c RI s u il' id.r·. \\.ith int c J·d f' penden C' c n fa('L th e l ' nitt·d. :--ifatt 'S t·:l nn ot play tht• par t ot a h t·rmit'

W e' ll shoo t th e agile Alpine goa t, ~'e' ll c lear the g loomy Ge rm a n P!'Q\'(' II woods; .\II o t: whic ·lt sc~P m ~ to h1) ti H~ g L· n e nll opinion of C'O ii e ~:da tc g l'o up s Around our cabins we' ll dig moat~ . t oday. We'll do a trade in ba rtered goods. And we'll be pioneers again When we get home to Europe .

In our humbJ,. vsti111ati o u. t h•· 'l'f•:. ICHEJ"\::; ('O J,LEUI·: '11:~1\·s. o f ( 'har lt•stOn 1 Jll., ntnk s f irst a n1 0 ng o ur many Coill'~iat e t•xt·ha.n~l"'~.

can have thi s Indian tribes back h c• rt C o llt ·g t·. of \\·~~~t d e 1\· r t>, \\' is .. (· arritd a \"l' l'_,- ~·lt · q· rl~- writAnd get depressions in their hair; trn art· i~·lt• o n th e ·· p o litinl l aspir a tion s · of a l't rtain numbe r o i' it s In Eu rope , ia an axe -he\Vn shack, stuch·nts. The; idea or sdting up n ('olle g t• Ti e k d in tlt e l'lt_v W e 'll eat our fills of backwoods t · l~_•l' tion as r1 jok (' . a ln1 o s t tut'II n l out t o h\· th e r NII thing, " ·hrn it fa r e. com pose rs in order nam ed \vereappean·d l ha t t ilt' ti t"k t•t \\'OIIId t..•t)r t i-linJ_,- l'l't:e i \' t' ndm irahl e s upp ort \\/agner, Irving Berlin, George Ger - Let's let the savage handle this. o:t l th e poll s. IIO\\'t'\' t'l'. ( 'olkg e a uthoriti es in Oll P HH"ift s tr o k e \\'ip slnvin, Tschaikowski, J . S. Brahms, A nd a ll go home to Europe . cd (·kt-~n tht· " ( 'olll-g-iat, · slHte· Cho pin, Schubert and .Jerome Kern. was a most inter esting stor:·. - th e ''Falcon" The cost of one unex cu se d absence ( 'ark <· Co ll ege o f Dubuqu e. lo ,ra. t·ccentJ,,· h"d t l"· pri,·il rt: <' of' POEM at t he Unive rsity of :Maryland is h e t:n·ing F' ath t" r lluhhanl. :--: . .J.. 'Th e (;];:~ e i e r Pri est · in a most ( \Vritten during a lec ture) three dollars More fines A fine of six ce nts is imposed upon Oh tell me why, dear fa ther Time, inten~ sti n g lvvlul.'t.'. .\ short tillll' ago. e1 tra,·e logth' t.: Onl' e rniug- hi :-; Vnion College s tud ents c au gh t wear- (I .put thi s question down in rime) cxplonnion of Yarious c·1·at e rs wn s s how n a t the PHJ·nmount thrat 1'('. That while w e sit he re half asleep, ing h ats within the school walls The

Intercollegiate Stude nts in the E ngli sh calsses at Oklahoma A. & M. College an fmed one cent ever y tim e thew mi s ~ spell a word. The r evenue derived f rom th is sou r ce is used to pay for the ~nual banquet of th e· c lass.

A stud ent at the Boston Univer· sity fell as leep behind one of th e f il es in th e library, and was locked in for th e nj g ht. It was the p r ice he paid for vent urin g into such A man \vho has gone to college s The hou r s fairly seem to c r eep? s tran ge places. readi ly distinguished from th e Jess fortunate of his brethern He It seems the prof's tongt\e ne ve r T\venty-five cars owned by Lehigh a lways arises an d s tart s to leave tiresUniversity students \vere confiscated when a bell rings _ Th e professor (Come on there. say, stay open by the s tate hi g hway pa trol as who gives an exam the firs t week of eyes~} "relics unfit to operate on t he schoo l is like th e chap who requests T hey say he thinks his subject' s street"· j hi ~ bride to darn his sock s on th eir sw ell honeymoon. Yeah, I think it's grea t - like h ell. Here's one fo r th e lav..• students ' - th e "Rattler'' to brew over in their legal crani um .;;. A professor in the coll ege educa· Acco rding to th e Minnesota Dail y, t ion a t Creighton U ni versity gave PRIVATE STOCK its th e "A" s tud ents that make w e hi s c lass a few hin t s on how to teachers, th e "B" s tudents make th e crib. He said that by far the mos t Said the warden to th e prisoners, judges, but th e ''C" men make th~ in g enious method he e ver s aw was "I've bee n here just t en years. money. What do t he ''D" m e n mak e? th e Harvard Roll. The Crib not es It's my annivers'ry fe llows, Exactly 150 s tudent s and three 2re t yped on a roll and enclosed in Sc lets ki ll the fatt ed steers. professo r s at A rkon Unive rsity sign- a wa t ch case ~o th at the stem will What kind of party shall it be?" ed a petition in whi ch they agreed wind the roll. Th e profes-sor noticed All was quiet as a mouse to commit mass sui cide by decapi- one time that a s t udent was looking Then out spoke one bold prison e r. tation, February 27. The college at hi s watch rather frequ entl y and "Let's make it open hous e". edi t or s pulled the stunt to s ee how winding it oftner lhan seemed ne e ~ - th e "Ambrosian N ews'' many wou ld s ign a doc um ent before essary, and at la s t one of the professors asked to look at the wat ch. Loy Vaughn a t Birmingham-Southreading lt The watch was harml ess, but late r ern college cleans streets in order - De Paulia. th l profs learned th e c leve r stu- to att end coll eg e. That's alri g htI n a study of the musi cal prefe r- d ent was clever enough to come pre- you've got it ove r on mos t of us ences of 7,817 students at Cornell pa r ed for jus t su ch an em e rgen cy ~- we'll probably be fighting· ove r tT niversi ty , the e leven mos t popular with two watches. your job after ·we f"E:t out.


\rUrd of prai s t· is du e '1' 111·~

/<"1.\Ll'OX . \~uin l' :· l'Oil l'g t• o l

(~uin e ,v. Il l.. fo r th e H IHtHint of s pac·t • de\·ot e d to th e .Alumni . Th r .\hnnnl ot' :-1n_v sc h oo l ar e impor1a11 t [a ct ol'S in t!J (• f in;.1H t: illg o[ s.c· ho ol bliva tion s . ;.1 ttd t hls pap c 1· J'i nd s lt po :s~ i hi e to d l~ ,·o t (' I llret· or mo 1~c cOIUlnn s e a c h i ss u~· t o th e "(:ra<ls· t~uin t' y ( 'o ll rg <: r r nll _v k r•e p s in t Ot H·h with it s .\Jumni.


.lnrl f ront far o ff l'ilatilam. 0uiario. com ,., IX'li ()J.;" 1~ 1 {() " 'J' l!E J' I:\ES, pul, lis hed l>y th e s tudent s o f l'1·sulin c• <'oll eg-P. 'l'h c· las t r et·ei\' (•d

\\':1 S a unitplt' i s ~U (' tit le d th P .J uni o r Ed it ion . 'l'l tt· its 1-: nst(•r eo ,·e r mad r it a ,-(·r.'· pl~· a s­ \\. P fo und · · T h rH \\' i zar d Hnd io · · a 1n ost t·,,- a hi <'

t · o n t r ;.'lst in~ t,,· p p f ul' lllS a u<l

ing pap r r. and n ·adahl l' pie ce . In



g ame of las t sea son, th e \Vil dc at s made thirtee n fumbles. During a s hort tim e -out, H anJey had a s ubs titute warm up by running alon g the s idelin es carrying a ball. For so me reason h e becam e th e ce nte r of atte ntion, so imag ine hi s cons t e rnation wh en th e pi gskin s lipped fr om his hand s. Cam e a disgus t ed voi ce from th e s tands : "Send him in, he's ready".

A f r es h ma n at Columbia was g ua r a nteed a grad e of " A" in m a th e m a t ics durin g hi s firs t q ua rter w he n he solved jus t one geome try pro ble m . Th e professor had bee n offerin g thi s nea rl y un solved pro ble m fo r yea r~ . a nd promi sed a g rade of " A" to an yon P who co ul d 'vork it. No one had bee n a bl e to fi gu re it o ut until thi s fros h. in hi s firs t quarte r solved th e diffi cult proble m .


:S .\ Tl RO .\Y . )l.\R C' H

logy. a!te r ye~ tn p So u th A me ri ca a a d C ana da.

"From the Past'~

through and e~peciatly s lre&:sed the need of o r ganiza t io n. ju ~t as he is dom g to·


H e r e's one

fo r

F e Oruary. 19 1 1. Th e Saml \"ia ~ \V in c h e ll. I n a co! u m n co ntaming to r bask et ball f i ve swam ped a team Al u mni OC\V S was 8 par agr aph head from Grand Prr..i ri e Seminal")· of ed •·s t o r k S ta tis ti cs··. .::.nnouncing


b ya sco r e of 91 -11. F itz- n e w p r ou d pa pa 's amo n g the Alum n i

gerald who captained the IM"h at fold. that tim e , flipp ed in 27 bask e ts du r-

1\ l arc h



R in g th e fray f or a t o t a l of 54 po m ts. That s am e sea so n. th e ts \Ve re :Magu ire, C. S. V .. t he n Vi ce-Presi c r o wn ed State Champio ns. d t:n l of t he Co llege. s pok e befo r e the F a rm e r 's National Uni o n Con1

192 1

Fathe r


F or Better B utter Ask For

Delicious Brand

Th e St. Viate ur' s I f e r e n ce at Kan k ak ee. At thi s tim e,

Ot•ce mber , !88 ?.


W ell, the other day i wuz cuming rlown the ~ teps in roy hall College Journal now the VIATOR· Father Magui re was already warnsimilar to th e Campus Briefs col· umn of today. only it was m ee kly

titl ed, "LOCALS". Oc to OO r , I ~H7. H.t. Rev. Ms g r . Legri s r e turn ed to the Colleg e to r e~ume hi s teaching duties in Theo-



H. E. Coyer E. A. Clason TELEPHONE MAIN 202

The Bee r o f Qualit y

C leaning, Press in g & R e p airi ng


\Ves t Ave. -

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IAN carried a goss ip co lumn ve r y in g th e fa r m e r of compe titiv e wa s te.

like ya do and i sees jo tryi ng to •lide down the banni; ter. and sure enuf just as i got to hem he fawls do wn to the floar belo well i picks him up and sez " did the fawl bert yew jo? ". but jo sez '· no you dummy, the fawl wuz fine. it wuz the stop that did the damidge ". it seem s like that guy nevir will talk sents. and aftu.r i picks him up i sees a five dollur bill lying on the floor, so and jo sez i gives t hack to jo and a'ks him where he got it. he got it frum hiz rume mait. " but jo " i sez, " i t hought he wuz pretty tight" . " Yeah ", s&ys jo, " be wuz " . you gotta hand it to jo, he sure is subtle. anyway we started to walk ovir to klass and just to make co nversashun i sez " i see thair fixin up the pool, jo. are you . going out fur the swimming teem". But jo wuz in wun uv hiz moods and woodnt answir. so i tries agin and asks him if he cud swim , and he sez " onli at times ". well, that sounded funny to me so i asks him wh ut he meant. " wbut times can you swim, jo? ", i asks . and he sez, " only when i'm in the watir " well if you think stu ff like that don't bern you up, you shud ta 1k to jo sometime. he sure is sarcastic. wh y wun day when he an i were fi shing a nosy old lady walks over an d sez t o jo " a big fellow like yew shud spend yure time bettir then cruelly katching li ttle fish. " jo dont evin look at hur but he sez " mebbe y ure right but if this fish had kept hiz mouth shut, he woodnt be here". well yew can imagun tha t ladys dism ay. but jo is awful thick at times too . wun day i finds him standing in frunt of a bi)l.board, jumping up and down and ye llin " it cant be done! ' ·. " it cant be done" well t hat puzzled me so i sez " whuts t he mattir, jo. whHt can t be done?' well jo jest looks at me and points to he bilJ.hoard. " !rant you see whut it sez you simpleton- ' drink Canaday dry".

1 9S~

day. \·ember.

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l•i lli s: •• J'd lik e to "''' 'OIIll'tli iu g l'li Pap iu 11 l l' ll hat" ~ a lestn<ln : · ' ( 't•rl;-1 inl y. s1r. T ry this o n(· o u ;"'J nd ! Itt:' mil'l'OI' is :_____________________________; 1111

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Twu fanu ..•rs wd on tht· road n nll pnlle d up: ·· ;-.;i, J 'n) ~ot a 11\lill' witlt ll i ~ tf·mJWr . \\'hat \ 1 ." t' gin· tiiHt ont• of yours when h e had it~· "T ur peuti 1w . UiddHp · ~ ' \\'t.)ek lnh•r I hey llh ' t agai n : "~ay Si. I ~H\' l' IU)' mnle t u r pvnti1w aiHl it kill ed him" .

D. J. O'Loughlin , M.D. Practiced Limited to




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Uquld E mulsllle d

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SONNET ON BEHINDNESS \\' flt•JJ I hi-l\' t• 1\· ars tlt :t t I 1na y g't·l :-1 '· [) '' l ban is h th (•n t H\\'ay with a quaint. For although in that su hj e<:t I ll h· d · (' · · ' I )· douhtt'ulnl'SS I hid,• " ·ith outwa l'd ca l m. .\n d il' lh t• I'I'Oi' 'ho uld lhl'(·ntt·n tnt· wit h · ' ~' Junk I 'IJ s lli t.·ker. ·l·ausl' il 's jus\ a lol of hunk. And thns I' ll stroll ""'"." ll'itll (·a im d~meauo1· 'Caust· I \ ·,. ht•t' ll told thnt. '·T IH·y c·a n 't flunli: ::t


A perfec t pr·otective coating for brushing, sp rayin g or trowelling, bei n g a high grade Mexican asphalt dispersed as m inute pa r ticles ln wate r for convenient handJiog. It is applied cold. A s the moi s ture evapo rates, a black, flexible rubbe r lik e film r emains whi c h is wa terproof, acid, alkalin e and fire r esis tant, and shuts out infilratlons of air.

Mo r t ex 5 does not c ra ck o r pee l in coldest weather, nor bUste r , sag nor run on hottes t days and always r ema ins elastic. . It is odorless, tasteless and noninflammable and can be s afely used in confined, places. It readily bonds to all clean su rfaces, and also to damp s urfaces, but should ne ve r be applied ove r dus ty, dirty greasy or oily s urfaces or an impe rfe c t bond will r esult. Use only o n c lean surfaces to obtain perfect s atisfac tion .

Used for DAMPPROOFING WALLS and FLOORS, PAINTING GALVANIZED IRON , PROTECTING CLEAN IRON AND STEEL. ROOF REPAIRING and as an ADHESIVE. It can be mixed with Portland Cement an d dries out a soft g ray co lor fo r patc hing de-

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teriorating concre te. l 'olJ q ct.· st ud t.•s Hl'l' look in ~ fo rwa rd to a n ew llt·a l in hit <: h-hiking . l t 's f!t)tt ing so to u~h n o waday ::- . t hnt th P tlnunh ~_• rs a,. ,, ofl't•J·ing 10 g' t) t•it-ht'r \\'Hy . 1·\w n•t·il'i l' ution , sc•p .. Rip' ' \\'p \sh .

Dl• gnan : · 1 h l';ll' tht ' ) ' found foo t long .. . :--;pl' t'itzt•r : ·· ~ o I hat 's w hl'l't.'

Amedee T. Betourne

For Sale at Lo c al Deale rs


J. W. Mori:ell Co.


:1 l'l' Ollt'


Court St., Kankakee,


Kankakee, Ill.



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With the CAMPUS-BRIEFS Alztmni "See no evil,

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Francis "Coot" Lc.1.rkm, '31, is bus .v e n g ulf m e kn o w not th e d ay il y c ird e, as he wa~ h:L.~t sN·n LJrythcse dnys in B loom in g t on , cam· r~or lhe hour Tho ve ry h airs i11~ lh e d i81Ws in lh c ~n l ir ki('l)t ... n ,rJC l( St. Viator's has a one man lrack Byr on Burke, star forward fo r paigning for his bro t her who i s rt o n m y h ead are numbe r ed rw hi ch you ('\'Cr sa.w . team thi s year. Y eah! It's that thi s year' s Green and White Bas - ca ndidate for State Represe nta tive. i ~ . a fter· all. s ignificant ) A n·J 'musclebound' fellow, Newb e r g who k e tball edition. was the only Iris h w h y a ll thi s ? A t e rribl e c ur:;e ll mi g ht be we ll , Paul, t o guard we have noticed practicing the dis- basketeer to rate honorab le mention Gordo n JVJcNau gh ton , who allcnd-· han gs over my h e ad lik e th e s wo rd ag ain s t a ny c h a n ce passe rby in your cu:s and shot- put the las t few day::;. on the All-Co n ference Tean'l f or ed St. Viator several years ago, is oJ Oa m o c les, and I am d oomed to m om ents of t end er ness . . . A n d 1snr saM aq lB4l ltt..l3notn sn JO rrv 1933-34, selected by th e Co n fe r e nce n o w on lh e pitching s taff of o ne of roam about th e world wilh lh e m a rk Noon a n , Dil ge r a nd O'Lea r y w ill g e tting r eady for th e I , filL track Coaches for the Ass ociated Press. th e Minor Lea gu e nin es in Al a bama. of Cain impressed upo n my bro w! p lease r em e mb er t ha t we h ave s t oogmeet and here the young· man we nt The first team is composed 0 f During hi s brief e nro ll ment here . Nev e r more will I neg lec t m y e-> in Chi ca g o , t oo , espec ia ll y at off today and entered in the Naper- Blazine of W es leyan and Hol de r 01 Gordon pi'Oved ve r y effectiv e o n th e l•~ r en c h gramm a r. fl( ·ig hborh ood d a n ces Ch inn v ill e meet. Newberg not o nl y won Carbondale at forwards, Ozburn of mound for the li'is h nine. ;'Jimm y " a n d W es tray wi ll k in d ly co n fi n e th eir but he set a new r ecord in th e shot 1vionmouth at C ente r, and Winn of Dalrymple, of t h e c lass of ' 27, is T he on ly JHOt ectio n o n e h aM from a r gu m en ta ti ve n a tures to t he day J:Ut. R ead about it elsewhere . Illinois College and Skog lu nd of D e- al s o playing ball in th e minor lea- th e Ca mp us Briefs b lhat h e w rit 1· time T hey defeated t he N. R . Kalb at gua r ds. B lazine and Sko - g u e as it ''Dizz" Clancy, on e of ttw C'olu m n hims e lf, so h e r e I an • A. las t ni g ht a t 2 a. m . outside our The Handball Tournament got orY glund showed their wa r es on the th e ' fines t playe r s e ver produced again . The F r e.s hm e n issu e was door for t he benefit of th e vi ll ager s. to a fin e s tart but we are still Irish co urt during the past s eason, here. "Jimrny" w as up with th e rea ll y a mi lesto ne in th e hi s t o r y of 1 waiting for it to fini s h. It s t arted and those who witnessed their gam es Cubs for a tune several seas ons ago, Viato r jo lll·n a li"im , Bi ll , and yo u a nd with sixteen entrants and at this c a n easily account for the ir be ing A l t'W of th e boys hasti ly d e barked placed on th e first team. The Sai n t s but n e ve r s aw a c ti on. .H oweve r. h e yo ur s tall d ese n e congratul atton s t ro m " c a b a le \\ ntghts ago and time is in the final rounds w ith also saw plenty of a ction on th e h us s hown conslderable_un_pro ve m ent I nc id e n ta ll y, l\lr Sp re 1tz.e r, \\ h y , Jan he lter-sl{elter up a nd dow n th e Roche in th e final s and Mari ck and part of Holder, when th ey m e t th e ye ar afte r year, and 1s. Jus t ~~~ut d idn't t h e J\'l arc h 15 is s ut• of t iF· cor ri <l ors of this aquariurn , much Turner still to play their semi-final strong Carbondale fiv e th e r e, and c!. u e for anothe r try-out m th e b~g- \'!A TOR I AN com e ou t ·? to th e dbtr ess of th e drh·er, w hose Th e winne r of th eir bout w ent down in d efeat. tim e" . Man y wi~l als o remembe r lum ___ palm remained un c ros~ed . . _ W esm <.; tch. will m ee t Roche for the Co ll ege a s k e tba ll s t a r s I A .2"reat d eal of bee r has passecl l t ray ,· n s pi· r es ,. . DI·onn e to ve rse h. Goff, who .practically whipped the a s one of lhe fmes l b_ .. 1 1 v11 . 55 Ch ampion s hip. Looks lik e t IS Iri s h single handed when Normal e ve r to tramp th e Vtator hardoow . thro ugh th e fau ce t s s in ce w e sa w y o u .. . ::Niiss A nthon y is a b u ddi n g p lay wri t er might at las t pick a winner. pl a y e d h e r e rec ently, w as g ive n a - -las l . . . Dugan is still pu n -n ishing wright . . . I nciden t ally, :Mary, how If you will look o ve r your March forw a rd be rth on th e seco n d t eam. A w eek a go las t S und ay, " Jt m" w· Wtll he eve r q ui p? about that cake? . . T om K ell y e F le m in2'" shOLtl d ha ve a 1·3 s t•"ll n on- eo•nm 1·tt a l on a ll s ub1s t issue y ou w ill see wh e r e we l And Cox, lanky ce nte r for th e Blue J\1 c Nall y and ,;Chuc k' ' Shuk es paid GeorP'i o...... picked Roche and Turner to batt e of -Mi llikin, who amass ed a total of us a vi s it. McNally ts g o in g to brig ht futur e in radio and pi c tures I j ec t s . . . h e n eve r s a ys any thing it out for the Cham,pionship. Migh t sc hool in C hi cago. Sh ukes is a s tu- I . . They ce rtai nl y depend large lv a n ymo r e . . . we ll . t h a t 's why we remind yo u that we also pi cked tw e nty -on e points agains t Vi a tor in dent at A n nou r T ec h . Co me again , upon hi m fo r t he ir p r esen t ,ke )'OU. Tom Th e boys a r e M a rick as th e probabl e ,;dark horse ' '. tl1 e ir tu ss le a t D ecatur. w a s plac ed b b k. h" d t" 1 I" Turner should win, our percentage on the third t e am. . oys. H ow a out rna ·m g tm r ama I C still co ns ultin g Dugan about da tes t d mg criti c , Bob ? .. . Both s urpri sed a nd of a lt people ·M arik a nt.! B ur{e, 1 w ill be lOO per cent. w h o _P 1aye d . ou t san (P.S.- Turner won and Roch e placed. I ball for th e I nsh dunng the pas t Charles Anderhub, ' 28, of Lh e o lJ vexed that yo ur n ame w a s abse n t h i5 pa ls may be see n a lm os t n ig htl y · 1 Acad e m y , was a lso a vis itor here' f r om the H ono r R oll , Georgie. f li ttin2" abou t t he ha r dwood atop l 1 stcond.lOO pe rcent for ecast, a t las t! } season , was a Iso amo n g t 'l e 11 g 1 .... score r s of th e confe r e n ce. With l ha t sa m e Sunday. roll e r ska tes at th at Sc hu y ler ave n ue thi r ty-five bas kets and thriteen free Th e boys a r e doin g a lot of s tudy- I bright s po t Bill F leming, th e The facutly have g one into spo rt s throws, for a total of ei g hty-three In about eightee n or nin e t een in g n o w. s ince \-Ve all s t opp ed d rin k - wa nd e ring mins tre l. is espec ially with vim a nd vigor (we mi g ht s a y points, h e r a nked ve r y hi g h a m o n g years, w e sho uld be h onored wi th ing bee r abou t s ix weeks ago tuneful in the wee hou r s \\'ell , vi tality, al s o ) since the fir s t s ig ns th e scoring threa t s of th e confe r- a n o th er Salg o n t he Campus. for VVe could t e ll so m e in te r esti n g sta r- Doc 1\l ea n y'~ co ll eg (• days ar e o\·er of sp ri n g have appeared. Their e n ce . This being hi s firs t y ear on Mr. and Mrs . Werne r Salg of Chi - ies a bout th e St. aPt' s dan ce, bu t fin a ll y hon· Fortunate for s portin g events to -date ? Well. th e Varis t y squad, it appears that cago hav e announ ced the birth of a ou r good f ri e nd Newm a n warn s us Doc ho w s t-ill fort un ate for St. they are a bit soft be ing only Ping Burl{e did ve ry w e ll by him se lf and so n. W ern e r wa s a g radu a t e wi th aga ins t '·unseasonab le a llusions'' Yi at o r Say Bill, stop kidding the P ong and Bow lin g T ourname nt s . Oh, th e team. The fac t th a t h e r e- th e C lass of ' 32. l\ ... r s. S a lg was Besides we li ke t o see "youn g gen - band lead e rs in Chicago yes they a ls o hav e a Bridge T ourna- ce iv ed honorable mention thi s y e ar . f o r m erly i\-Iis s Gre t a Cardos i, and tl e m en d o a li ttl e se rio u s thinl<i n gment. Wond e r how long it wi ll b2 mak es it ve ry possible that h e will for sc v e r a t years wa s an activ ~ for them se lves". C het Newbe r g is t h e n ew h it of before w e see Father Cardinal and earn a berth o n th e Confe r e n ce t e am mem be r of th e St. Vi a tor Gl ee a nd the week he r eceived a noisy som e of the other s pl a ying t enni s? n ex t sea s on. J D r a mati c c lu bs and of t he S t. Viator La~t c lasb we w e r e di sc uss ing the ovation upon r etu r ing f r om the s ~ c ial So r o r it y . Th e VIA TORI AN exP e rhaps th a t is th e rea s on they tri als a_nd triumphs of .James Daniel j~sts, where he gave the boys a les have gon e in fo r Ping Pon g . T•·ying AL L-CONFERENCE te nd s its co ngratul at ions . ' 'l c habod'' Dugan; today we p ass on son in the sc ience of t h r ow ing t he t o get in s hap e fo r th e o"tdoor SE LECTIONS N orbe r t R asc her, Ac a demy ' Z ~J , to the very importa nt subject of iittle iron g lobe about t h e greens season. F i r s t Team paid th e Co ll eg e a vi s it rece ntl y to J o hn L. "Atla ...-4'. Bimme rl e . It st•e rn~ v.rard When the fea t is men t ion F. Bla zin e , Wes leyan r en ew ac qu a intances with stude n t- tha t thi s yo un g- lm avc was bless e d ed, h e simply b lushes P e r sonThe boys had be tte r look to th eir F. Holder, C a rbond a le fr ie nd s a n d severa l m e mbers o f the at hirth w ith t wo s turd y lim bs whi ch a ll y, we think i t was the nu tri tiou~ lau r e ls a s I und er s t a nd that a cerOz bu r n , Monmouth c. fac ulty. A1.. present h e is e nro ll ed having ripC' nl'd into maturity. now and appetiz in g food se r ved in our t a in fr es hma n co-ed has bee n inG. Winn, Ill. Coll ege re.-,emble twin tomaJwwl~">. or ht~ tt e r ow n sanitary r efecto r y. al Notre D am e Uni ve rsity, w h e n• qu iring as t o wh e th e r or n ot s h e G. Sl{oglund, Dekalb he h as been a m em be r of the foo t- s till, tH"o J.;'~Hll'l e d anti hoary oah:s ; will be e li g ibl e f or the I. M . T enSeco nd T e a m ba ll t ea m fo r three yea r s. a ncl a l- in any e\'ent, C lan cy Ollr c-nt e rp rb · A fev.; of the fe ll ows went ove r ni s Tourn a m ent. A s far a s I can F. W ege r , W es leyan so s tarred on the N . D. nine fo r th e in g- p rexy. be th o u g ht him s e lf t o to see a lith e an d lisso m lass in the d:scover th e young lady may ente r F. Goff , I. S. N. U. s am e number of seas on s . pe rpetuate th ese po·ou.s props i•r v illage a fe w ni g h ts pas t, an d fo und it s he s o d es ires. How e ver. s he had c. Las ite r, Ill. Co ll ege d eat h less ca nv a.s. Am.1d much pomp l!e r all Snowed in . . . Sp l'i n~ is better see th e o ff icia ls a nd ge l th eir G. L ew is, Kno x '' R ed" H ayes, who s t a rred on (h e and ce rem o ny, in th e pr C"s e nce of a ll her€' . and we' n • all w rt.itin g for· th r>G. K. G. S h o rt . Maco m b Iris h bas l{et ball te a m s here two and th (:-. n otables o f th e S('Cond f'Orrid.or , I d a nd C' Ii o ns to ap p l·ar o n Gl' ndr o n's Third T('am on e -half y ears ago, had a ve r y busy Tom K e ll y pull ed the co rd wh•ch brush . . . A hands o me r ew a r d will F. Bric ker, Carbondal e Good n e w s gan g ! The "CWA" ' sea so n t hi s year p la ying fo nva r d un ve ile d t-he pa int in g·, w hil e \Vi ser be paid by t hi s office fo r a n y inferF. W es tl a k e, De Ka lb c r ew of th e co llege h ave informed It was p la n- mation concering Degnan's diamond fo r th e "A n dy Fra in's U she r s" o ut- pl ayed a buJ,.:·Je so lo. c. Cox, Millikin m e that the swimming -poo l w ill so on f it in Chicago. ''Red" al so di s - II C'd to han.· a speech from A tl a~. D id yo u ever hea r t he Dean G. Handl ey, Bradley he ready for u se. At las t the tin g uished h imself la'3 l s umrn e r when hut. s trict c e nsors ttip ro rbid:s our t a lldn g? .. , W e ll I did. G . L eading, 11acomb boys planning to b e li fe -guards this h e pitch ed a nd hit hi s team t o th e publish ing hi s •·emad.:s 11 p o n th at ocIf th e r e a r e any r ec ri mina t io ns







s ummer will hav e an opportunity t o prac ti ce t heir ca rri es, etc. Th e Lord h e lp th e poo r innocent fe llo w who volunteers to act a s the pa tient. Ju s t a noth e r s por t has bee n in- ~ r.ovated among t h e Boarde rs. The following have tak e n t o the won de r! ul ex e r cise of ' 'ro ll e r- s k a t ing": Hargrov e, Nia rik , Dex t e r, Wi se r , Gibbons, K endregan, and J. O' Bri en. Wonder if the footb a ll men a r e d o in g it for the ir s pring foo tba ll tra ini ng o r i! it is a new way o f g e tti ng acquainted with th e 'be lles' of Kan kal{ee?



F ORW ARDS: M a rk e l, Ca r thage ; Burke . St. Viator; Me an s , M acomb: Ba llard, Cha rles to n ; Sc hro ede r, Morri so n. Ca rth age; Y uki ns, No rth Cen tra l; Wil so n , M cK e ndree ; a nd Glynn, fi!Iillikin. CEN T E RS : J o hn so n, DeK a lb; Fitzge ral d, I. S. N . U.; a n d Corbin, Bradley. GUARDS: Adam s , I. S. N. U.; Benson, W es leyan: Yo ung , No rth Ce n t r a l ; Mill e r, E ureka ; Ro linitis, 1-Iillikin ; an d Onge rsk i, Eureka.

Soft ba ll Cham p ionship of C h icago. H e co nnec t ed fo r a ho m e -run in the ninth innin g , whi c h was th e only 5coz·e of th e g ame . '"' e look fo rward t o a v is it from " R ed" in t h e near futu r e. W e app ea l on ce more lo the A lumm Please se n d 10 a ny news you be li eve app r o pria t e fo r thi s co lu mn. I n that w ay alon e can w e k eep y ou inform ed as to t he where abouts a nd d o ings of your c lass m a t es and s tud ent-fri cnds of t he pas t. Please a ddress all communica tion s to the Alumni Editor , care of th e VIATORIAJ."'\1 .

cm;io n . Sufrice i t to say that lw or fu lminations against th is coulmn, scHn e w hat clisappro \·ed of t h r- pr o- .i\1 r Sp r e1tze r wi ll be p leased to h ear c· eeclings. t h e m a ll a s h e has a v e r y t ac t[ul and wwm n g w ay w1th people Dugan had a girl named Rut h , The wn t er 1s gomg on an exte nded she gave h tm the ozone, and now he's tour among the n atives of Patagonr uth -l ess Th e u b tqutt o us M1 w hose me lhods of prop agating K endtegan l S s ttll k ec pmg th e m up sca nd a l a re sa id t o be f a r s up e ri o r late m K anl{akee T e ll m e, D tck, to o urs I just know my many how c an you go o ut without having fr iends w ill wish me bon voyage. co m e in th e ni g ht befo r e? b u t n eve r fear, I s h a ll r e turn soo n, T h a t 's the w a y it goes, th e r e t oday , and joyf ull y w ill T su bm it a r epo rt and gon e t o m o rrow :Y!a.x Gold· of my find ing to good Fat h e r M a g uire, w ho has a particu la r· inte r est be r g s uffe rs fr om insom ni a in soc io logica l ques t ions past, presH e r e 's lhe p1·esc ription , ~I a.x 1 c n t a nd future. Chee z·io! - J . c. c . o n e hour of ? ? ? ? ? ? ?, t hree tim es '1.





\ 'L~TO RL~:S

SATl"ROAY. )L~RC'H 3 1.


Garden To Replace PO 1 SELLE, MARTINI A TD STUECKGOLD TO SING POPULAR !Faculty Have PingAMERI CAN SONGS IN NEW SERIES Old Gymnasium Base Pon 0', Card Tourney fContlnued from P~e One)




Rosa Pon:ielle, world-famous sopra- of tone. position in each prog-ram v.;th . a Continued [rom Page ) 1 0 no. Nino 'Yiartini, noted radJo tenor: The three great singe rs will bring special wallz melody included 1n ne Juniper and Grete Stueckgold, popular con- their unusual \'OCal talents to the every broadcast. 1 Falher Hutton and Father H arbauer.

would probably mean nothing at all cert singer, will sing the best-loved

to most of us. To appreciate the beauty of these and many others, Wf:. can only wait and see for oursc lvr_;.f:l, T wo .3-l onlh~ ~-eedr d Brother McCleary and Brother Meara who are supervising the work, have stated that at least two months time wiJJ be needed before th e project rea.che~ completion. Several of the Brothers have been hard at wo rk for several days already, and It is hoped that some of the Hludcnts who really take an interest in the appearance of their campus, w ill co m e out and do thc1r bit, in the near future . Being a private l ~o::utulion, St. VIator was not so lvJ tunate in enlisting the al d o~ th e C . W. A. in repairin g and remodeling vario us camp us sites, th e refore, a ny aid from the student body, which is justly due th em in thi s work, will be gl'ca tl y a.p preci at~ ed by tho se who have undertal<en to tran sform a "hid eous and gapping foundaUon of a bui lding long since cons umed by fire" into a t hing of beauty.

presentation of many familiar


American songs of yesterday and to- l well-loved American songs, such as day in a new series of broadcasts to "Kiss Me Again", ''Just A Song At be heard three times weekly over Twilight", and "At The Bend of the I the Columbia network, beginning River"_ Songs of more recent com, Monday, April 2. A forty-peice or- position will also be included in the chestra and a cho ru s of 16 voices, vocal prog ram s. dir cted by the nationally-known Familiar arias from the most: CBS conductor, Andre Kostelanetz, 1 famous of operatic productions will will accompany the vocalists and form another portion of the vocal present unusual arrangements of presentations wi t h a s pecial selection modern dance tunes and ballads. featured on each of the progr ams. Presented under the auspices of Miss Ponselle, :Yiartini, and Gret.~ Liggett and Myers Tobacco Co., in Stueckgo ld w ill sing numbe rs which be half of Cheste r fie ld Ciga r ettes, the have been associat ed with the ir namprograms w ill be broadcast from es throughout their public careers. 9:00 to 9:30 p. m., EST, every The orc h estr a a nd choral interludMonday, Wednesday and Saturday. e.=: w ill be unique as performances -M iss Ponselle will hold the s po t- of prese nt-day popular mus ic. K osli gh t on Mondays; Martini wi ll be te lanctz, whose scinti ll ating arrange ~ presented in the Wednesday night men ts of c urre nt tunes rank hi gh period; ~nd Grete S tu eckgold will in the favor of radio listeners bt· lhe Satu rday eveni ng star. For thro ug hout the count r y, has prethe first week on ly, Gre t e Stueck· pared special ve rsions of many go ld will be h eard on Wednesday, danceab le melodies to be played in with 'M artini taking the Saturday s mooth, ryth mic s t y le. An e xtr aorposition. dinary feature of hi s orches tra wil l Every program will be broadcast be the use o f twe nt y- three strin g from th e Columbia Radio Pl ayhous e instruments out of th e tot al of 40. in New York, whe r e th e most mod- This unusua l set-up wi ll provide K os· ern tech int.:..l equ~pment, including telan e tz with t h e opportunity of obWu lffe' s new theme son g 1s : wide-range, hi g h-fidelity mi crophon· taining f r eshn ess a nd vari a tion in " Li fe Can't Go ON Without Thut es, wi ll trans mi t the voices and th e ever y numbe r. The gentle rythms of Certain Thing" . music with an unpara lled ri chnes s ) the waltz will be give n a premi er



programs have

been design- to

ed to flow calmly from opening to closing in the manner Kostelanetz made popular, when he first pres. ented a complete program without the usual announcement of numbers mterrupting the musical continuit y. In the forthcoming se ries , both Miss Ponselle and Grete Stueckgold are taking part in a regular radi.u series for the fi rst tim e. H ave you noticed the new crew of th e co llege "CWA" at wo rk upon th e ruins of the o ld "gym''? They tell me that when the work is fin i~hed there w ill be a sunken garden The public speaking professor flunks his s tudents with the quip: "So you won ' t talk, eh ? " in place of the o ld eye-sore that gree ted us when we first saw the VI ATOR CAMPUS - Grea t work ,

Debaters Defeat U. Of



(Continu ed from P age On e) D ebating Society again presented 1fr. No lan and M r. E llis . This time, howeve r, they gai ned their points against th e team f r om Dayt on Nniversity of Dayton, Ohio. a nd were a warded the deci sion.





where he math matical genius of "Potash'' &\'al led the palr nought o.\gainst Brothers McCleary and Lyon.:;, In th e lower bracket, Brother Fran; cis DesLauriers, with Brother Ru s_ . se ll VlCtlmized his bro ther EdWfU"d and Brother Bay, to meet Father 1 Suprenant. pastor of Maternity Church in the village and and Fatber Cardinal, \Vho had vanquished Father C racknell and the pride of Cl·.icago's W es t Cide, B roth er Fer· ris. Fathers Cardinal and Supr~· r. ant then de!eated Brothers Russell and Franci s D esLauriers only tc have Brothers L yons and i\'IcC leary set th em down rather severely for th e championship. I n looking about for mo r e wo rlds t:; co nqu e r, Brother L yons and Brother McCleary a r e eyeing anoth er c&rd f es tival in the future, this time in pinnochle, which, B ro t her L yons avers, they shall win just as easily, that is, he says juclicio us ly, "if Dumas can s t a nd th e strain of tcurnam ent play a little lon ger "\>V eil, w e shall see. In the meantime, cong ratul a tion s to t he n ew champs and good- lu ck in their n ew venture!


-what lt means

-to keep on hand 350,000 bales of

Turkish tobacco to add something to the taste So importa12t is Turkish tobacco in the Chesterfield blend that we maintain a modern up -to-date tobacco factory in the far -off city o f Smyrna.

-de c(jaret!e that's MILDER -de ~aret!e that TASTES BETTER

Turkish tobacco adds something to the taste and aroma qf a cigarette that no other tobacco can give. It meam something that

© 1934, LIGGETT

& MnJ<s ToBAcco Co.

Ches terfield always has in sto rage upwards of 350,000


bales of this aromatic Turkish leaf.

This Turkish tobacco is blended and cross- blended with ripe mild home· grown tobaccos to give Chesterfields a taste and aroma that is not like other cigarettes. Everything that money can buy is u.Sed to make Chesterfield the cigarette that's milder, the cigarette that tastes better.

St. Viator College Newspaper, 1934-03-31  

The Viatorian - Vol. LL, No. 11