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DEBATERS MEET DEKALB SATURDAY Nolan and Daily Represent Viator In Third Radio Debate Of Season W ith exami nati ons s u ccessfull y com.pleted, the Viator de bati ng teams h ave begu n a prog r am of intensive

Rev. Anthony Mainville Dies At Ohio, lllinois At Age of 87 After 70 Years As a R eligious

work i n preparation for t he h ardest

p art of t h eir sch edul e. Before facin g th eir first Confe r ence opponent on Mar s t 1 st, t h e de b a ting t eam s w ill

have h ad the exp e ri en ce of thirteen platform debates to aid th e m in their atternpt to capture f irs t place in the Confe ren ce debating race. Beginning with a dual deb a t e against Rosary College on th e 20th of F ebruary, then a trip to th e 1-.1id-W es t debate tour-

nament at Manch es t er , Indiana, on February 23-24, w h er e they will en-

'l'h e above pi ct ur ~ was snapped at th e Birt hday Ball a ntll3anq u(·t spon sored by th e Frankli n D. H.oosevelt club of \Yill County, at t he J•; ll< s ball room in .Joliet , Illinois sen•ral wr>e ks ago. F ather J . IV. R. ;\Iaguir e, C. S. V., Pres iden t of St. Viato r College was one of t he principal speaker s at th e anni ver say gathering wh ie h " ·as attended by mor e th an 600 peop lr. Th e celebra ti on was part of a n ation-wid e projec t in honor in g the P reside nt of t he L: nit ecl States on hi s fifty-seco nd bir thday, and th e proceeds we nt t oward th e fu nd for t he inva lid children th roughout Amer ica. Pi ctur ed obo ve with Fath er Magu ir e a rc, f r om left to r ight , ,\ ttorn cy Francis .J. T-'ou ghran , iVI r·s. J . V. i\fcVarthy, found er of t he Will Cou nty cl ub, Atto nll'.Y C:co r·gc N. B latt, a nd R ev. ·w alt er H. Macpherson, all of J oli cl.

gage in t en d eba t es within two days. and travelling back to Chicago to mee t the s trong DePaul University forensic t eam, the Viator disputants should have g ain ed enoug h knowledge of the debate ques tion to refute successfully any arg ument raised by their Conference opponents. Radio D e bating On Saturday, February 3rd. a team composed of Mr. Ellis and Mr. Daily met a team from Augustana College over Radio s tation WCFL. The question debated was, R esolved: "That the NRA b e continu ed as a p ermanent policy" .

ceived on th ese two radio engagements, it is impossible for the VIATORIAN to publis h the decisions. The third R a dio d ebate of t he month will invo lve debating teams t eams f rom D eK alb N ormal College and St. Viato r . The ques tion t o be deb a t ed is, R esolved: "Th a t Cong ress should en ac t legislation providing for the central ized control of indus try' '. Viator will be r epresen ted in this deb a t e b y Mr. Daily and Mr. Robe rt Nolan. Fololwing is th e De bate schedule for th e r e m aind e r of th e 1933-34 season: Feb. l?- DeK a lb Normal (radio) -

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The bazaar began on Saturday a f ternoon a t t hree o'clock and ran thro ugh to Mond ay e venin g a t midn i g ht. On Saturd ay ni g ht th e teature a ttrac tion was t he d an ce. The music, selec t ed by a comm ittee h eaded b y Miss Mar gar et Granger , w a s f urni s hed b y Cy Seibert. T he cr owd on this evening was by far the mos t sizable, being chiefl y composed of th~ younge r set in Kank ak ee attracted by the prosp ec t of dancing with the added g lamor of the carnival air, given th e hall by the booths and decorChicago. ations. Of th e booths, the R umFeb. 20- Ros ary College (dual de - mage counter seem ed to attract more bate)-Riv er F or est. attention than any of the others, alFe b. 23-24--Mi d -Wes t Tournamen t th~ugh the ever popula r Bing o booth Manch es t e r , Ind. and the no velty fishing pond also Chi- drew a g ood d eal of att e ntion. F e b. 27- De P aul U nive rs ity Gago. On Sun day and Monday eve nings 11ar .l - B r adley T ech- Peoria. t he cou,ples who craved d ancing we r~ :Mar. 3 Illi nois College (r a dio )- Bou r- £:.cco m odated with m us ic f r om a ra dio ioaned tile Bazaar t h ro ug h t h e cou rbonnais. The Mar . 7- Augustana Co llege (tenta- te:sy of t h e I. C. P har macy. Stmday cr owds were characterized by ti ve) - Bourbonnais. the older set having t he ir "fling" in 1-.1ar . 12- L ake Forest College- L ake the aft ernoon and evening, while MonForest. day proved generall y dis a ppoin ting as Mar. 15- Eureka Coll ege ( t en t a ti ve) to a t tendance. - Bourbonnais. Mar . 19- DeKal.b Normal- DeK alb. The booths were tended by memMar. 21- Dayton University- Bou r- bers of the student body direc t ly as bonnais. sociated with t he groups cooperating Mar. 27-Illinois Wesleyan- Bloom- in sponsorship of the affair. Debater s ington. wa."Xed enthusiastic, u sing all their subtle platfo rm technique to entice Harry Rutecki and James Hunt, pa trons to try their skill at the sevformer s tude nts were visitors at the t:r a l games or to buy some books and odd and ends on sale at the rummage Sorotity Bazaar las t Sunday !light. co unte r , wb tle members of the !':;orArthur Ambruster, former s tud en t onty catered to customers m the reThe members of is a candida t e for Police Magistr~te freshm ent room on the Democratic Ticke t at Blooming ton. Good luck, Art. (Contmued on Page S1x)


Saturday, February 3, marked the d ea th o! a loyal and d evou t son of St. Viator College, Father Anthony Mainvllle. It mi g ht eve n be sai d that this aged and sain tly pri es t was one of the joint founders of St. Viat or College, for in hi s earl y life he de vo ted m uch energy and time t o the fo rmati on of this institution along wi t h t he late Father M. J . Mar sile. His d ea t h, at Mercy Home in Ohio, Illi no is , marked the close of a very a c ti ve and ho ly life. Eighty-seven years of age, Father Mainville h ad sp ent seven t y years as a r eligio us, and fif t y · nine years of that number as a p ri est. H e was born in St. C let, Canada, October 18, 1850. In Jul y of th e year 1864 he enter ed the Viatorian Novi t iate, and he mad e his He fi r s t vows on A ugus t 1, 1866. w as orda ined a long with Fat her M arsile, C. S. V. , in t he Maternity Chur ch, Bour bonnais, Illino is , in Oct o ber of 1875 . B eloved Teach e r


Th e body, which lay in state in th e College chapel :M onday evening, was removed to Ma t erni t y Church Tues-

ot hers which we r e more of t he sem iclass ical type. Du ring the cou rse of the evening, Fa t her 'M agu ire addressed the gathering and spoke of the ext r eme in t er es t wihch he h ad in both g r ou ps, an d thanked them for th e sac ri fices t hey h ad made during the year in a t tain ing th e goa ls of the ir respective org anization. H e also outli ned p lans for the second semester, and asked the coope ration of all concerned i.n m ak ing the Debate season a successful one and til e nex t dramatic prod uction a real ''hit" . F ollowing Fath er Maguire's brief aadress, there were several externpo raneous speeches (very much so) by ~fr Robert Nolan, manager of the D ebattng Society, and Mr John (Continued on Page S1x) 1


Chester Newburg, Rockford, Ill. Howard Harding, Peoria, ill. THE HONOR ROLL Due to th e fact t hat a ll of the semester g rad es have not yet reach ed the hand es of th e Registrar, Fath er Crackne ll, w e wish to announce at this time that th e Honor Roll for the Semes t er endin g January, 1934 will appear in th e February 28th issue of the VIA T ORIA N.

Miss lone Anderson, outstanding soloist in the St. Viator Choral Society the past semester, left last Wednesday w ith her mother, lVIr s. A. E. Anderson for t he West Coast, where they will spend the rest of the win t er.

con, and Rev: L. Landere th of Chebanse, Illinois was sub-Deacon. Father W, J. Cracknell, C. S. V., was Master of Ceremonies. The acolytes at the Mass we re R e v. T. C. Barrison of Brimfi e ld, Illinois , and Rev. H . Savary of Manteno, Illinois. The thuri fers w e r e Rev. E. Sweeney, of Clifton, Illinoi s, and Rev. T. Demerais, of Momence, Illinois .. The Reverend Patrick C. Conway, pastor of Nativity Ch urch in Chi cugo, preached the funeral sermon in which he commended the deceased on a life of sacrifice and many accomplishments, both in the field of education and religion. His entire life might be swnmed up in a few short ( Coul.lnued on P a c-e S ix )


t.. 1t still pl!ll c. Hu h Slald t<pb<n" Gould ulted D\J.l:'M bou t dak

J• _ y- \'ill&l.o.g

THE PubUJilled


bi-weekly throughout the year Vla.tor CoUege.



the students, ot SL

• B1mmcrle 1"'\' ~"~~ fragrant COTT't"spondence from St u.;o

the other ni ht

City • • • \"ery little infonnati n on "'" \Yestray &nd ''UtU~ Iron Man'" Dil er . N l&n \\ ~ (Cenng ~-1 odds that h " uld !><> chosen to vend ~culatlons ln the ru--







Kenneth Corcoran

Aaaoct8.t& Edl tor B u.olnell& .A.dvertl.lllng

Norbert Elfu Da.vld Richwine

1 onUnued on


P~e SL~l

J ohn Cronin




" We Have What You Need "


-J. C. C.

Add.roas al l corrc n pondencc referring eithe r to advertising o r subscription t o

The Viatorian, BourboDJLais, Illinois.

209 East

The IUe of a briefe r is indeed r.. c lassmen of his schoo l , as examples weary one . eve ry two weeks be of how poetry should not be written. must lead forth the nasty and scur-




A ce rtain young F r eshman in Roy

Entered as second class matter at t he Pos t Office of Bourbonnais, Illinois rilous specter of Scandal fo r the de- H all went to a card party at the conunde r the Act of March 3rd, 1879. light of g r eedy hordes of readers . vent not long ago and was Evangel-



what a contempllble cad is he who ized . .. A certain Bespectacled and r evi l es hi s neighbor!

What an

scho la rl y Freshman is al m ost


co m -

ignoble tas k, to heap calumny and pletely Clarified ... Ryan of 302 still

I Jim . . . . Tom Kelly chatting gaHy I with Miss Gray at th e Glee Club

slander upon the s talwa rt sons of Via- r efused. to ans~er that ardent letter t o r! from h1s adm tre r . . . Answer it, But the thought of th e happin ess it

" J INGOISM " 'Jlh c r·c is a C'O n s tantl y in <' r cnsin g te ndency a m ong n e wspa per s to in cite th e Am er cia n p eopl e to n d eep and deathl ess f ea r of, a nd hat r·cd fo r , Japan a nd th 0 J a pan ese. 'J'his poison ous prop oga n d a is c hi efly th e work of th at publi c-s pirited c iti zen wh o a d vertises him " •If us \Villi!lm Rnndolph lJea r·st , w hose vast p ow er in t he co ntr·ol of lw tJty-e ig h t n ewspa per s has lotJg bee n t oo mu c h for hi s type of abi lity to adm ini strate properly . S to ri es app ear alm ost dn il_y on fronl pages waming u s t hat a Japan , w e are told , is pr ed eath s tru ggle with Japan is in ev ita bl e. parin g to seize our Pa c ifi c possess ion s nnd p opul a t e th em as au outlet for her own over cr owded milli ons; th e Jap a n ese a r e f ier ce ly j ealous of ou r own str en g th and pow er , a nd dail y aspire to tak e som e of it uuto th emsel ves; Japan r esents our d iscr imin ato ry irn migl'ation laws, whi ch imply t hat Ori entals a r c ru ·i:dl y infe rior ; ou 1· a ction to prcvcut her from seiz in g Ea ste rn Sib eria after t he \\7 orld \Var ra nkles in every J a pa tJ cse h en r t no d go a ws at e very J apan ese soul. llistorica ll_y , J"apa n mny f ee l a j ust r es entm en t again st t he U nited S tates. I n 1853 a squad r on of Ame ri eun warships, pur ely for comm er c ia l aggrandizement , bulldozed th e cit ies of that p eop le, whose J\f or eov er our immigration menu s of d efens e w er e s till p rimiti ve. net of 1924, whi ch exc ludes Ja pan ese, docs ;1 ot go f ar toward f osterin g pea ce and good will bet we en our countt·y and Japan . Howeve r , it. is unmi stakab ly clear to all t hinkiu g p er sons t hat these two affronts to th e J'npan ese ca n ha rdl y cu lnrinnt e in flrm ed conili ct. Aggression by Jnp a u would be a dangerous and cost ly r eta li ation against th e Pn it C"d States fo r such a thing as an exclu s ive immigr ation la\\'. 'rh er e is. t herrfo r C'. u o · ' rn~ u::::: hell i'' b e tw ~?e n th e two nations. An c ,·eu gr eate r a r g um ent is the fad of J a pan 's utt er iueapacit y to wage a successfu l WHL' against us. Tn t he first plaee. \\' C arc that eo untt'>' 's best customer. tak in g from forty to fortr-f iY C pe1· <'<'Ul o[ her tota l ex ports. Plaiulr Japan cannot renounce this in~..·omt:' by scn~ri u g fri end ly re-lations w ith us. Seeondl,v. s uc· h a conflid would require more mone>- than Japan has or could borrow fro m other nntions. ll t:l' national d ~?bt has doubled s in ce the war . aud

brings to many troubled hearts is consolin g I can see Jim O'Mara s mile with sa ti sfaction as h e learns of E ll is' falling fort un es with the fair maids of Seneca I can see Julia a r c h her brows que rously when she r eads that Wise r is dating all and su ndry . . Helen wi ll be inte rested to kno w, too , that Barzantny is not exac tly playi ng house between le tte rs. From a ll appearan ces , Kankake e's bloo ming daughters a re r eceivi ng quite a p la y f rom the lo cal stu dentry A co mel y Senio r coed furnishes ple asant co mpany fo r "Jeff" Fleming In hi s fr equ ent sal lies to the so uthe rl y c l ty Johnn y Hargrov e h as been ba ttling th e blu es sin ce his fav · orite date shook th e dust of Bourbonnais from her s Upper s Bill S chumacher is high in his praise of a diffident little F r eshman coed . . Th e local t e le phone company would do we ll to co nsult K end r egan and his s tatisti cs befo re publishing its spring edition At the m oment he's con centrati n g on vivacious Vivian "Spar k s" Noonan seems e ve r able to find a co n ve nie n t wedding or fune r a l that re quires a -trip to Chicago if this keeps up, he 'll have only a handful of relativ es, al l happily mar ried .. . Speaking of weddings, a ce rt a in inhabitant of th e second co rridor think s he' s sec r e tly marri ed E llis made an excu r sion to the E llisian Fi e lds ' otherwise known as Seneca, to r eceive the plaudits of th e town speo ple after his histori c debate J o hn Hugh Burns still r eigns s upre m e in Ge ne's household, and h e continues to deposit his feet under he r festive board for man y a tasty r e -

party . .. Kendregan reluctantly admits th e acquisition of yet anoth er

numb er

D egnan and Doyle were


!...------ --------..!

caller s at the local cinema the other

night with highly satisfactory blind

Hotel Kankakee

dates th ey had got fo r eac h other. Stockbar is an UPSTANDING young fe llow . . Kalkows ki took the co unt of nine in bask e tball the othe r ni g ht . . W estray and Wren are ru bbing e lbows With th e eli te of Kankak ee . D ugan vows he will see th e Vani ti es . And by th e way, havt! you see n th e pic ture of that charmer in hi s room, th e o ne with the t ende rly en dearing insc ripti on? .. . C harli ~ Byron Is bac k, so we hav e a new s lant o n the ph il osophic al discussions in Roge rs ' room. Marik s pends his leis ure evenings

Sidney Herbst, Manager DINING ROOM BALL ROOM



tor .

. O' Brien of 302 and


hav e no tim e fo r the gi rl s, but J oh nn y think s a certain Senior coed is ''awful ly ni ce". , It see m s that Roche has fallen for a blithe and buxom Bourbonnese . W e don ' t kn ow, but his face certain -



refereei ng gir ls' basketball games He appears to be wrapped up In his work .. "She's a blond and beautif ul ", s ays Turner S chumacher r emains the dashing Lothario of Via-

hearty wel co m e awaits

students and friends or St. VIator College.

Wholesale Rou f<> No. 17 -

Retail Kanl<ak-,


;:=============:::: Liberty Laundry EUGENE L. BENOIT

ly assumed a healthy glow that day In th e refec tory . Tom K e lly reports that he was impr essed by th e girls a t Normal Bill Fleming is s till re lating anecdotes of no toriou s

Tel. Maln 247

73 Main St.

Bo urbon na18, Dllnola





Eve r ybody reports a gay evening

at Fath er Maguire's party at the local hostelry ... plenty of food for every-

In surance of A ll Kinds

body except possibly Nolan

When he wasn't concluding a speech he was quaffing copiously of brew. Meany retains his social standin g by

judgin g from her domes ti c proaram, it promises to itH.:rease still furt lwr. These fads can n ot help d isp elling feai·s of war from .\ m('ricnu m.iuds. Suc h fea r s a r c grmLndless and thlldish. Th e pa }H'rs. for " ·ant of fro nt page news. haYe been poisoning our minds. nnd we hun~. as usual. a ccepted their report without serious thought nnd with our cha racteristic re,·erence for th e p rint ed ·word. Free-

attending an important dance in Chi ·

<lam of the press is a dnugerous doctrin e when the press. which is the .\m eriean citizen 's textbook is controlled b)' deceitful. unprincipl ed ,•ditors a n d publishers. ,]apnn is. on the other hand. too busi l>- ~oneerued with Russia nud hiua to entertain any designs against the Cnited ,tates. Time

our own "Ichabod" Dugan, is grooming himself for the ;:,tate legislatu re At this writing be is enroute to Chicago to deliver his malden speech

cago last week




The Prince is ;

tr ea ting th e charming clirectr ess of the Glee Club in a very princely fashion. Father Maguire will be pleased to learn that Bloomington's favo rite son ,

I ...

over the r adio . . . Bloomington pa4 pers please copy ... you ctid.n' t know,

has not effaced U1e defeat of the Chinese by Japan in l 95. and China did you, that Dugie's high school s till sm a rts from Japan's recent trespa s in \Ianehuria. Ru ia poems were read before the under-



121 Sooth East A venue




in the Orient V ;ator ~

to th e cons t ern a tion of the chink wh o for an acco u n t of fog and clouds , th e life boats as we adjusted th e a nd fun co ntinued a.'3 we went on had to mop u p th e l&l<e. Af ter d in- t h ey seldom see t he is lands. A t 5 belts. One littl e boy abou t t hree dec k ; and th er e, from th e s hlp'3 Diary of Rov. Roge r Drolet , C. S . V. ne r I m et a Ch ris ti an Brother who is o'cloc k t he pries ts and Sisters gave ye a r s old had so lar ge a life belt that prow we view ed th e beautifuJ moon ( Continued ) g oin g t o J apan, al so h ad q uite a co n- a r ecital. The progr am began w ith he cou ld h a rd ly carry It, --was It bl ending Its llg bt with th e gea . ve r sa ti on w itll an E ng lish boy wh o " 0 Canad a" and ended w ith "God com lcal.- T r avelop In t h e ev ening . ; SEPTEMBE R 26, l 9S3- After a li ves in China; be gave me inf orma - Save th e King" . I favo r ed th e a ud iOCTOBER l - Said Mass ea rl y and

good nig ht I said M ass w ith a p r i es t

tion a bout this co untry.

Bro th er La-

en ce w ith ''Old B l ack J oe" , uke ac-

preac h ed at t h e 10 :00 o'cloc k Mass.

assisting; four of th e S is ter s received Holy Communion. T he r es t of th e day I s pent on d eck , co ming i n for tea only a t 4 o'clock. Poo r

Ian d e is beginning to Impro ve as well as th e res t of the s lcl< religio us. W e a r e .losing twenty-f ive miles a d a y becaus e of th e w ind and poor condi-

co mpanim en t. T oug h ch icke n fo r s upper- a f ri end ly ta ll< w ith B ro th er Ryan , m y roo m- ma te, o.nd t hen on deck to enjoy th e s to ri es . W e s ang

From th e seem ed to mon. At ha r bo r of

still roug h. The s hip Is k ick ing it s nose and h eels up to-nig ht, bu t I h ave become so used t o th e s wing th a t I h arldy noti ce it . The thi ng that k eeps me w ell is to walk and walk in th e open . SEPTEMBE R 27 - Offer ed Holy Mass as usu a l. Br eakfast and t hen on deck. T he S is ters we r e on dech: bundled in blankets. W e con tinu ed to chee r th e s ick on es wi th t he ul~:e and singing . Played a game of deck tennis before noon. During th e ni g ht th e waves beat throug h the port h ole of Brother Cou lombe's r oom , m uch

SEPTEMBER 28-0 ut of bed at Looked out of th ") port hole to s ee moun t a ins and land in th e distance. T he A lutian I s lands. Visited the pilot roo m in th e af ternoon. An officer ex.plai.ned the differe nt ins t rume nts used in navigat ion. T he islands kept in view a ll da y. The bes t sigh t was abou t t wo P. M. w hen a bea u tiful mo u n t ain cove red with snow spa r k led in th e s un. We came closes t to th e is la nd about 5:30, and th ey w er e th en a bout ten miles off. One of the off icers told us we we r e fo r tunate in hav ing such a clea r day,

SEPTEMBER29- No s uch 1a y fo r us.-No Friday. Time adjus tm ent on th e Pacif ic. SEP TEMBER 30- 0 f fer ed th e Holy Sacrifi ce a s usual. Th e sea was exceptionally ca lm , bu t t he w ea t her was cold; everyon e wore coats . or blankets. At 9 :30 g roup pict u res wer e t aken of t he missionaries in habits, wi th t he cap t ai n in pla ce of hono r . Pre pared sermon for to morrow. L ife s av ing dri ll in t he af t ernoon. Six long blasts of fog horn wa rn ed the passeng ers to com e on d eck an d don life preser ves. The cr ew went for

th e e venin g s tored on d ec k ; th en movies, but did not attend. W e ch a ng ed ou r time thirty-six minutes toni g h t. OCTOBER 2-- Offer ed H oly Mass and t hen th e landing at Yokoham a. N o ti ces of a ll k inds are being pos t ed on t he board. S upper w as a r ea l carn iva l; color ed hats a t each plate wi t h som e noise-making ins t rument. This is t he blow-out befor e landin g. Ba lloo ns in t he a ir, w his tl es blowing w ith a ll mann er of noise. On ris in g fr om th e table, Monsig nor Roy r eceived a g r eat ovation. The rack et


compli me nts r eceived, a ll be pl eased wi t h t he se r - DID YOU KNO W T HA T11 o'clock ar riv ed in t he Gorma n receives letter s from four Yoko h a m a. On e of th e di ffe r ent po rts Devi n e is hop-

:::;:e~n!;''~nn':: ::i~; f~~e~~:e:ail~ ~i~:r~.f ~~~ ::f':oe:lg~~t:~dMovies on ~ta~:u:~'!,~_v;:.t:n ~~tl~~ r~lnzette. ~~:~;.~s t~:vs:i;uttllt:n~0 ':neasi~~ns;~ ~~~isfoL~~~/eturn c~!r: i:e~I::n~ 0~~ 6 :15 A . M.

changeabl e per son Baron can t a lk 'em out of it . Schosser is a n old me-h e-k nee Ryan mad~ th e extra t wo poin ts fo r Crowley . Maisonneu ve believes in throwi n g t h ings in . .Lang is n ow r eceivi n g calls f rom No rth H a rriso n. Yessah O' Co nn or (Irwin ) has a g r ea t w eakn ess fo r a ce rtain Painer Rips tra does n't k now that Ken d r egan might beat him out f or second place. Rip w ears a 12 y2 and is ,pulling for 13 . Goldberg is a dry goods ag ent . Devin e is going to ask her to be hi s Va len tin e.


.. . one reason

wlzgluckies taste better, smoother In Turkey too, on ly the fi nest tobaccos a re selected fo r L uc ky Strike - th e mil des t lea ves, th e m os t delicate, th e m ost aro m ati c. Lu cky Strike is th e wo rl d' s largest u se r of fin e T u rk ish to ba ccos . The n th ese tend er, delica te T urkish leaves a re bl end ed wi th c hoice tobaccos fro m our ow n So uthla nd - to m a ke yo ur Lu c ky Strik e a ciga rette th at is full y pac ked - so roun d, so fir m - free fro m loose ends.Th at's w hy L uck.ies taste better, sm oo th e r. " It' s toastecl " - for


From the Diamond Horse -Sho e the Metropolitan Opera House

throat protection -for fin er taste.

Saru rd:~ y

at l :i S P.M ., Eastern St.l.ndard T ime, over the Red and Blue N t"tworlo of N BC , L UC KY STR IK E will broodc.ast the Mctropolirro Opcr.a Company of New Yo rk in th e c omp le te: Opc: r 3 1 "Fa us t:路

NO T tbe top leav es - they 're un der -develop,d --

Always the Finest Tobacco and only the Center Leaves

- they a r6 harsh I

Cream of the CroP NOT rhc bo tt o m leaves - they're inferior in - - quality - coarse and always sandy I

Co m plim i n l .' of Compllmen

c'· ,


W ·• nl'

l ' nrlaimt•d : tnrn l.! t'


\1 .' ei de l


· J u <t




Com pan )

on '

ChlC&ItO Til


.t l' II

M Born



T a~

•rn T \J I() r f d . t h t'"l- r t t\t) m j1rr t-nd lht>-\'rf'! J.ll \\ t•n l


~ ·Tn:~ . L . . z.~"'urro

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Comp ny

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J e\\ e lr ~ Co. Buy School P ens Now I


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Irish Whip Shurtleff Five 24--23 SPORT-SHORTS i IRISH ANNEX SECOND CONFERENCE SAINTS DROP 27 ·19 CONTEST TO . WIN·, BUT FAIL AT CARBONDALE 49-20 NORTHERN ILL STATE TEACHERS ~Wei===! Johnson And W estlake Lead DeKalb Scoring; Emmerson Dexter Irish Guard Seriously I njured In Opening Minutes Of Play The t hird Confer ence loss of the season was marked up against the St. Viator Basket ball team, when they feU before the Northern Illinois State Teachers College, 27-19, at D eKalb. Lu ck was against the I rish all evening and they just couldn't swish the net with their well-aimed shots, which

· - - - - - - - - - - - -- -


seemed to miss by inches each time. More than that, Emmer son Dexter, first string guard suffered a sever e Visitors

th e= ==I ntr===a-mu===ral===Baske=='-tbali League schedule is drawing to a close. In the Roy Hall league it is a fo r egone conclusion that "Jim" Ryan's t ea m will be the "Champs". It is no longe r a question of who will win, but of "who is go ing to d efeat Ryan?" To date the Ryans have not lost a game. Bel ieve it or not (with apo logies to Ripl ey) , Dick Doyle 's team has finally won a game. They d efeated Spre itzer' s team the other evening and in doing so prac ticall y assu r E;ld the Sa.ia's of second place.

H eld T o Three P oints · Individua l scoring honors see m t o injury to his back while in a sc ramDuring Second Half be inducin g the playe rs to shoo t will• ble for th e ball, and in all probabili t y The fiv e le ader s On January 25, the eve of the g reater accuracy. will be lost to th e team for the reRogers , S emester examinations, th e Irish fiv e in points scored a r e: Ryan- 50 ; 0 '· mainder of th e season, Brien-43; Sullivan41; Marik- 39 ; who has s hown mu ch improvement in cas t all worry about s..pproaching each game, will probably take Dex- e xams to th e wind s and proceed ed a nd Nolan- 37. To date th e r e is only ter's ,place at guard for th e r emain- to whi,p a fighting aggregation of one player who has n't scored a point. basketeers from Mi chigan State Nor- Don't worry Cronin, perhaps you w ill ing games on the schedu le. be as lu cky as I was. They can't During the first half, the Saints mal to the tun e of 19-14. Howeve r , were kept on the defense most of the the Saints had no littl e troubl e in keep u s down all the time. time, and were able to get only two marking thi s one up in the win co lRoy Hall Le~tg u e S t a ndin g In fact, at h alf ~ time, the outpoints during the entire period. In umn. ( as we go to press) the second period they lau n ched an look for the Irish looked rather w. L . attack which netted them seventeen g l urn, for they were on the short 7 0 But th ey re- Ryan points. But, in the meanwhile, the end of an 11-7 score. 3 3 T eachers wer e amassing eigh teen turned in the second half with re- Nolan 3 5 ponts to keep a substan tial lead over n ewed vigor and spirit, and held th e Saia 4 4 to three meage:- Spreitze r their opponents. H ad Westlake been Mich igan five 5 the onl y sco ring thre a t of th e even- free tosses while they were tossing Roche ing, the Irish may have got some- in six baskets for a total of twelv e Dolye Which all means that th •> where, but during the second half, points. the entire DeKalb crew unleashed an Norm alites did not succeed in makTh e Day-Student Basketball Le aing one baske t during the second g ue has been in existence a ll this offensive attack which resulted in half of p lay. ea ch member of the s quad contributt ime and I'm ashamed to say that Don Betourne and Ken W es tray led until now we haven't reported their ing sever a l more points t o t he homethe Irish offensiv e, Don making six games. t eam's cause. For the benefit of those who fiv e . would li ke to know it, t hese games Johnson, lank y center fo r the poi nts and K en chalk ing up But the feature of the of the Day-Hoppers are played after T each e rs, led the scoring fo r the eve n- marke rs. ing with nine points. Westlake fol- game was the fine defensive work of lunch, every day. The s t ancling of lowed c lose behind with six points the entire Viator crew in the seco nd the Leagu e to date is as fo ll ows: So c lose was th e guarding The Viator offensive was led by Burke half. W. L. who dropped in t wo field goals and that the Michiganmen could get o nl y Wulffe 2 5 one free throw for a t o tal of five several shots a t the hoop during th e So u cie 3 points. After falling off, so m ewhat, en tire fifteen minutes of play. Burke, C rowley in the Michigan struggle, Burke ap- who did not fare so well in th e scor- Arrington 5 pears to have hit his stride again, and ing co lumn, played a fin e defensive j this should be good news t o al l Via- game along with Harding and DexKenneth Clothier former s tar bastor supporters. Wh en he is "right" t er. ketball, football and basebal l player The scoring for the Mi chiganmeq there is no stopping this diminutive of S t. Via t o r paid a v is it t o the Colforward w ho rank s among the lead - was led by Goode and Maska, each lege last week. "~en " is now playing ing scorers in the Little Nine t een makin g four points. D urin g the fi r st baske tba ll for the Bloomington Co mhalf, th e Normal fiv e was pl aying a Conferen ce at present. mercials. Not so lo ng ago we had Althou g h tins was the third defeat very slow breaking game, and the y the pleasure of seeing him perform for the Saints in fou r Confe re nce were making their shots count, but once again upon the Viat or cour t. starts, th ey a r e s till hopeful of fin- during the second half t heir plays did This tim e, howev er , Ken wasn't wearishing among th e leade r s of t he Lit- not work out so well, when Betourne, ing the green and whi t e. H owever, ~le Nine t een for the 1933-34. season. Burke and Harding began intercept- Ken was th e outstanding man on the ing their passes and blocking thei r There remain about six Conference Commericals that night when they Their defense games on the sched ul e, and should shots at th e basket. were turn ed back by the vastly s upe r a lso held up well during the first half lbey" succeed in winning th ese, they ior New York Re naissance teamwi ll be ass ured of an hono r ary posi- of the game, but during the second World Colored Champs. Ken scored tion among the contender s for the session they were unable to keep u,p th e majo r part of the twenty-tive with the fas t-breaki ng Saints who Conference Crown. markers rung up by th e Commericals , managed to make most of their s hots S wnrru:tr y and played a fin e defensive game a s St. Viator F.G. F .T. P.F. co unt. well. Th e gam e throughout was fast and Westray, F. 2 0 3 f ille d with thrill s, but was also markBurke, F. J 0 With th e baske tba ll schedule draw ed by a f ew fouls. This mark ed the Betourne, C. 2 0 3 firs t m eeting on the hardwood be- ing to a close it becomes us t o reDexter, G. 0 0 0 t ween St, Viato r and Mi chigan State mind th e entrants fo r th e Boxing Rogers, G. 1 0 Normal. Although there is no r e- T o urnam ent that it is time fo r them Kraukl!s. G . 0 to start raining. All entri es must be turn game sc h ed ul ed for this season, f iled with F r. Harb a ue r. No one will th e Mi chi ganmen will p robably get 5 7 7 be alowed to box who has not don e DeKalb F.G. F.T. P.F. t hei r chan ce to even up matters n ex t the prope r amount of training and is W estlak e F . seaso n. 0 1 3 no t in physical fit condition. S ummary Nori, F. 0 0 F.G. F.T. P .F. Saint Viator Smith, F. 2 0 0 0 0 Ory, F. 1 2 W estr ay, F. J epson. F. 0 0 1 1 Goode, F. 2 0 0 Burke, F. Johnson , C. 1 3 0 3 0 Rukam.p, C. 3 0 Betourne. C. Skoglund, G. 0 0 1 Ostlund, G . 0 0 0 H a rding, G . M iller. G. 0 0 0 1 Dirske, G. 0 Dexter , G . Cooper, G. 1 1 0 0 Maska. G . Mus tapba. G. 0 0 0 8 9 Totals 4 Totals 6 F.G. F.T. P.F. Michigan Normal 5 6 11 Referee: Lyons. 0 0 0 Bernard, F . Referee : Young, ( W esleyan) . Umpire: Kluzynskjs. 0 0 1 H aidt. F . Umpi re : Mlllard (Ml!Ukln ) .

Smith And Rogers Stars In Carbondale Fray; Krauklis And W estray Clinch Victory At Shurtleff

·-- - - -·

BURKE SCORES 18 POINTS AS IRISH LOSE TO NORMAL Fitzgerald, With 7 Baskets Leads 48-32 Onslaught In th eir third conference s tru ggle of the season, th e St. Viator basketeers fe ll vic tim to a s trong Normal crew who hWlg a 48-32 trouncing on th e loc al s befo r e th ey could escape th e vicinity of Bloomington. The gam e was fill ed with aJl so rts of t hriils and f r eak plays. T he g am e was featur ed by th e sco ring sp r ee of Burke of St. Viator and Fitzge ral tj of Normal. The fo rm e r dropped in seven bas k e t s and four fre e throws fo r a total of eighteen points. Considering that he was the s mallest m~ on th e floor. Burke mad e a very impressive s howing against the form.idable No r mal five . Fitzgerald came very n ear to equal ling th e marl< set by Burke in the matter of points scored, but fe ll a few marker s s ho rt of that total. H e conn ected seven times f rom beyond the free throw but he failed to score f rom the gratis la n e for a total of fourteen points,. The No r maJ ites leaped into a com manding lead at the ver y start and were far ahead when the g un sounded at the h a lf -time. It was Burke's kee n eye which kept th e Saints anywhere s triking dis t ance during th e seco nd half. The Saints bad looked t o P im Goff fo r p lenty of trouble , and ~u cceeded in ho ldin g him t o two baskets for th e evening. But in doing so, they ove rlook ed a formidab le forward in th e pe rson of Fitzgerald, w ho just couldn't miss. And h e s hot t he m from a ll angles and pos itions im agi nabl e. A lthough B urk e led the Saint's offensive play, W estr ay and B e tourne starred fo r the Irish on defense. W estray was r esponsible fo r breaking up many Normal plays , and Don Betourne p layed fine defensive ball in ge tting th e bal l off th e Normal backboard afte r each s hot which missed its ma rk. Westr ay was second high sco r e r for the locals with five points: B e tourne g arnered three ta1li es. In this game, Smith and Gibbons s aw action for the first time thi s season. Th e latter s howed great prom ise in the s hort time he was in th er e,

Any hopes the I rish might have f or a Confe r en ce Crown were swept into o bli vion last Thursday evening, when th ey dropped their fourth Confe ren ce tilt to Carbondale by a score of 4920. Despite the fact that they wer e victorious o n th e fo llowing evening in th eir tu ssle with Shurtleff, th e rough hand ling r eceived at th e hands of th e T eachers somewhat dampened th e s pirits of the Saints, and they barely eked out a 24-23 victory ove r th e Shurtleff five. St. Viator now boasts two wins in the Conference r ace, and both w ere ove r th e Shurtleff. The Carbo ndale Game Th e Carbondal e mixup s tarted out to be a closely m a t ched affai r , and th e Iri sh held th ei r own during th e firs t half. Th e score a t that tim e s tood 18 -15 aga ins t th e Saints. Howe ver, shor tly after th e firs t half opened Captain K enn e th W es rray went out on personal fouls , and the Saint's offe nse was thereby greatly weakened. H owever, Smith, who took hi s place played a fin e offe n sive game, chalking up s ix points to lead th e Irish scoring. Roge rs and Kraukli s also played good ball for th e invader s. During th e second half, Holders and Brickers of the Teachers, went wild and sco r ed 29 points between them: Hold e rs · with 16, and with 13. The Teache rs were playing a fas t-breaking game, and time and agai n caugh t the Viator c rew un awar es and t hus sliru>ed in many sleepe r s. The Irish found the.m selves completely lost in the second half, and Carbondal e rang up basket atte r basket to more than double th e sco re befo r e the final w histle sounded. '.rbe Shurtleff Game For the second time this season the locals wh ipped the Shurtleff c r ew, but this time by the very nar row ma.rgin of one point. Krauklis with nine poin t s led the sco ring for tfie even· ing. Krauk s h owed plenty of s peed in this game and bids fai r to steal Dexters spot a t guard lf h e can keep up the good work. Smith again saw act io n in thi s f r ay when Betourne went out on fo ul s, and although he didn't b reak into th e scoring co lu m n this game he showed up well during the short tim e h e was in there. The first half ende d with the Sai nts leading 14-8. How ever, they foWld the go ing tougher th e seco nd pe riod , and it took a ll they had as th ey de&_Pe rately c lun g to that one point lead until th e g ame ended. Menz ie led th e Shurtleff s coring with 7 points.

The S u mma.rles and s hould develop into a fine Varsity bas k e t star in a shor t time. Bill Saint Viator F .G. was a m ember of the st rong Trinity W estray, F. 0 Hi g h t eam for th e past several year s, Smith , F. and hi s e xperience th er e will aid Burke, F . 0 grea tly to ge t him a Varsity be rth Drass ler, F. on the baske tball squad. B etourn e, C. F .G . F.T. P.F. Roge rs , G. Saint Viato r 3 0 Kraukli s, G. 0 W es tray, F. 0 Gibbons , G. Rogers, F . 0 Bu rke, F . 0 Betourne, C. Totals F.G . H a rdjng, G . 2 Carbondal e 6 D ext e r, G. 0 4 H o ld er s, F . 0 3 Krauklis, G. 1 0 Davison, F . .3 0 0 Layson , F. 1 Smith, G . 0 6 0 0 Gibbons, G. 0 Bricke rs, C. H ail, C. 11 10 10 Emery, G. Totals

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F .T. P .F'.






0 1 1





6 18 F.T. P.l<

3 3 1 1 1

( Continued on P age Six)

0 1




Alumnus Is Donor Of Gift To Missi01wries


~==============II -.. CAMP 'J S BRIEFS -~


ure l.hat he is Editor and Manager way, as he is the boss . . . Well, Burke, F.

of th e Western Montana Edition of exams are over, but beware the lue.i Bet_ourne, C. t he Register. At present, he is also of March What's more, lent is Smtth, C. pastor of St. Michael's Church at at hand, 50 we must go Iento. I Rogers~ G.

In th e pa.Ht, his display of loyalty and Jove for St. Viator ha.<; been of l hc high cB l degree. And now once more, he bestows a gift- as a New Year's gift, Father Casey has cstabJi ~hcd a burse of f ive-hundred dolJars ($ 5 00.00) for the benefit of our Chinese Mls8ions. Therefore, th ~ College wishes to acknowledge and thank FT. Casey for his gracious gift, a nd say to him ln the words of our own beloved Father J. P. O'Mahoney, "More power to you, F'atber Pat, and may your good example be Imitated".

Kraukhs, G.

Five) 1

Nonnal Fitzgerald, F. Armitage, F. 11 10 F.T. P .F. Goff, F. Adams, F. 1 3 Barton, C. 2 0 Keefe, C. 2 0 4 A. Adams. G. 0 0 Jacque, G. 0 0 VVllite, G. 2 5 1 Bowers, G. 0 0 0 Rhodes, G. Dares, G. 6 11 9 F.G. F.T. P.F. Totals 0

WE:.l;, Doys, Pete's is forever closed Gibbons, G. to us No more will its storied walls quake to our laughter and gayTotals cty, for that hotbed of political con- Shurtleff troversy is but a memory Do McClintock, F. you remember the cheerful smile of Harshany, F. 1 1 Pierret as he swished the foam off a Odell, F. 0 0 generous tankard? · Will you ever Menzie, C. 3 1 forget Dugan's wit, Nolan's wisdom, Campbell, G. 2 1 1 or Meany's tales told around a crack- Gorman, G. 3 0 3 ling fire, when spiri t s ran high and woes were forgotten? Totals 5 9 ''Souls of otuuents, dead and gone, What E lysium have ye known Happy field or mossy cavern Choicer than the village tavern?" j (Continued from Page One) Ah, cherished landmark of Bour( Contin ued f r om Page One) bonnais! May I, a t some mid-night the Glee Club were in evidence at all C ronin ou s tandin g m ember of the solitude to come, hoist yet" another tim es with willing aid wherever it Dramatics Society and th e Debating g lass of a le to they sweet memory . . was n eeded. - J . c. c. Society. Miss Putz has asked the VIA TORThe Dramatics Club, the Glee Club IAN to convey to all those who in and th e Debating Society wish to ofMax Goldbe rg and Tom Gorman any manner were of assistance to th e fer th e ir g ratitude and thanks once a r c planning to at tend th e Grand bazaar, the sinceres t thanks of tbe more, throu g h the VIATORIAN, to opening of the Second Series of th e entire College and in part icu lar, th at Father Magulre 1 for a most pleasur- Wynekoop cases. What's b ecoming of of the three gro up s who benefited a ble and enjoyable evening. these two fine phil osophers. from the affair. '



BURKE SCORES(Continued f r om Page Five)

u ed from Page Gray,(ContlD G 2 (Continued from Page Two Since be left here some twenty years ago, Father Patrie!< Casey has 1--n_g_boo_t_h_a_t-th_e_b_az_aa_r-.-.-.-S_p_r_e-it-Totals 19 1 F .G. ever kept in touch with St. Viator's zer has been behaving himself _ . . Samt Vtator 3 College, and now we learn with pleas- he'd cut any item about himself any- ~ \Ve>stray, F.

Drummond, Montana.

THURSDAY , FEB.R ARY t5, 193-l


F.G. F.T. P .F. 0 0 0 0 0 3 1 1 1 1 3 1 0 0 0 1 3 3 0 0 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 21



IViato rians A ppointed I To New Pastorates The members of the faculty of

wish to e..xtend since re congratulations

to the following ,priests. alumni of St. Viator, on their appointments to new pastorates: Rev. Thomas Kelly, v.•ho



pointed pastor of Immaculate Conception Church at Ohio, Illinois. 1


H. W. B.


appoint ed

1 pastor of St. Mary's at Rock I sland, TIL

Rev. R. C. Lane, who is pastor at St. Joseph's in Chenoa, Ill. Congratul ations also to Rev. F rancconunuect from Page One) cis A. Cleary, Watseka, Ill., illld Rev. Edward S. Dunn, Canton, Ill., on words; as Father Conway said in hi3 their appointment as Consultors to sermon : "He was great,-great, his Excellency, Most Rev. Joseph H. man''. Schlarrman, D. D., Bishop of Peoria.


Father h-"I ainville was buried beside his brothe r , Brother Damien :Main' 'Noony Noony" LaRocque is planviiie, C. S. V., who di ed October 4, ning on raising canaries. Don's for 1927. Absolution at th e g r ave was the more delicate things in life and given by Rt. Rev. W . J. Supr enant ca n't stand harsh so unds. of Bourbonnais. Since th e begi nning of the se mester, The funeral ser vices were attended by many priests from the arch- Tom Ryan is taking th e same cou r se diocese of Chicago, and diocese of Fe- as Bob Mackin at Ford-Hopkins. oria. All a rrangeme nts for the fun It's funny but Francis and Henry, eral were in charge of R ev. John P. (Smi th and Wulffe), s imp ly cannot O'Mahoney, C. S. V., provincial of th e keep from getting thin gs mixed up Via t orian Order. between th emselves.

• •

people know it! Same thing with a good cigarette or a good wood-fire. All you need is a light. And all yoq want is a cigar ette that keeps tasting right whether you smoke one or a d ozen. That's what people like about Chesterfields . You can count on them. They're milder - and they taste better. In two words, they satisfy. That says it.




Viator College and tbe VIATORIA.l'l

the cigarette that's MILDER • the cigarette that TASTES BETTER

St. Viator College Newspaper, 1934-02-15  

The Viatorian, Vol. LI, No. 8