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Viat:or Opens 66t:h Year

BOOSTER ClUB IS fORMED R T F ather F r ench T o ·~ SCHOOl YEAR OFfiCIAllY OPENED Speak At Ch~cago WITH MASS Of THE HOlY GHOST DESlAURIERS IS PRESIDENT PhT~.~=:~-s~:~:::~1~0~~g~:b:~ l Rev. J. w. R. l\1aguir.e . - Welcomes New Students 1




been appointed by Governor Horner

Organization Is Second Of Its Kind In History Of College

·1 ---------------

The S t. Viato r College Booster Club was organized at a meeting he ld in the College Club rooms on Tuesday evening, August 1, 1933. At tha t meeting, th e principal bus iness was the selection of officers, who will di rect th e activities of the g r oup until 1934. The chart er officers arc: Richard T. DesLauriers, 114 7 South Elm A venue, president; Daniel H owell, 585 South Ne lson Avenue, firs t vice- presiden t ; Prof. Clarence .T. Kennedy, 942 South Myrtle Avenue, second vi ce- presid ent; Miss Luci lle Putz, 707 North Chicago Avenue, secretary; E. 0. Arringto n, 1019 South Myrtle Avenu e, treasu rer, and Danie l B e rg in, 468 South Poplar AveAll are resinu e, se rgean t- a t- arms. dents of Kanl<akee. The College fac ulty has as its r epresentative th e R eve rend Dr. Christophe r Marzano who is the business manage r of the College, as well as m e ntor of th e classes in c hemistry. Not The F i_rst Attempt This is the second attempt at laun ching a boos t e r club for th e College. The firs t attempt was inaugurated about a decade ago by alumni m e mbers in Chicago. This second try s hould prove a bit more effective than the las t one in so far as it will ope rate in the a rea immediately s urroundin g th e coll ege, in s ur~ ing a reawak e ning of th e inte r est in th e college and a mor e vigorous s uppo rt of s tud e nt activities. President DesLauriers o ul~ined th e purpose of the Club as bemg twofold; to create a g reat e r local inte r es t in the affairs of the college and t o help fu rthe r the inte r ests of the college in eve ry res pect. The me mbership of th e Club i s o pe n to those int er es led anywh e re in this county and a lso to paren ts of s t.uden ts a nd friends of the co ll ege outs1de th e co unty. Ch irr Aim The chief aim of th e Club, is of cou rse , to put U1c co llege on a more im posing spot on lhe map, or at en large th e present spo t. The deplorable s upport given th e college in its athletic, dramatic and forensic efforts have b('en heavily sco r ed by the group and a determined attemRt tC\ awaken Ka.nkakc~ans to the good thu college cnn do for their city is one of the first conside rations of th e clu b. The Booster Club will s ponsor so<'lal ftmctto ns of vadous so rts to aid the Colleg-e Library Fund, while a "more ll \'ely ruul more ge n er al ac tivity", according to Dr. Marzano, \vill mark its prog1·am. A prog ram of special ('mpha.sls a.~ regards Kanknkee has already been inaugurated and is clllculatt"U to swell the attendance at athletic e\•t:>nts. debates and s t age presentations by the students. In short, the effort is intended to make Kank akee " Viator conscious", and is (Continued on Page Five)


The outlook fo r the Be rgin De bating Socitey this year is not a happy one. Unless there is some unu sually good talent among the new students of the school th e forensic year may be one of the poorest in Viator history. With the graduation last June of Mr. W enthe, Mr. H oover, and Mr. Middleton went the hopes of a Conference Champions hip fo r 1934. These three men together with Mr. Nolan formed the Viato r foren sic teams of 1933. This year Mr. Nolan is the only man who is, what Father :h!Iaguire, Debate Coach, choose-s to call, an experienced debater. The coming season will mark his fou rth year of Int er collegiate deat e co mp e tition. H oweve r , in 1vl r. Bur,ns and Ni r. Ellis, Fr. Maguire should find a ray of hope for the foren sic year. h1r. Burns, a senior, has had some experience in inte r-coll egiate de bating and will un. doubtedly prove to be a valuable man during the coming s eason. M r. Ellis, although only a Freshman last year, displayed a na tural talent for de bating and with a year's ex perience tu cked away should be one of th e mains tays of th e Bergin Societ y. Unfortunate ly enoug h, the li s t of ex pe rienced men end s h e re. Although a formal meeting of th e Be rg in Deba tin g Socie t y has not been calted to date, those interested in debating are ask ed to see :Mr. No lan, dt" bate manage r, as soon as possible. Ther e i s a very urge nt need for rnaterial this year, a nd th e tentativ e sc hedul e calls fo r a pproximately t we nty or twenty- five contes ts. Thus all th e members of the socie ty are practically assured of seeing plenty


of ac tion durin g th e season. The qu es tion fo r this year has not as ye t b een decid ed, but undoubtedly wi lt be announced within t he coming Wf'Pk. HowPVPr. a li ~ t of th e Conferen ce debates in which Viator , ... ill engage will be found in this issue. Togethe r with these debates the Bergin Society will again engage in a se ries of radio debates over stalion WCFL in Chicago. A few of the teams to be met m this radio sched ul e are DeKalb No rmal, Augustana, Ill. , Wes leyan, Knox, and North C'en tral, with the probable addition of Munde lein, Rosary, DePaul, and Loyola. Viator Aairmatlve mee ts-Bradley, Eureka, and Augus tana.

At Frosh ReceptiOn; R. Nolan Presides

as a state delegate to U1e annual convention of the National League of Compul so r y Education which w ill be


held October 9 to 13, in th e Palme r H ou se a t Chicago. Dr. French is scheduled to g ive a talk at th e conven tion on truancy in the Chicago schools; a subject of

Rev. J . W. R. Maguire, C. S. V.,

wihch is is thoroughly familiar. Most of the delegates to the convention will has issued a call for new members


be truancy officials from all parts of for the Glee Club and th e Dramati c the nation. Club. At a recent meeting of the

College Club, he informed the mem-


Other V iator Alu m ni C a tholic U. ___

be rs that he is making arrangments whereby the Glee Club shal l present seve ral programs over Radio Station w. c. F. L. in Chicago. Severa l I times last year, th e Glee Club jou r·

_ __

On Wednesday, Septemher 20, at 8 o'c lock, St. Via tor College opened its s ixty-six th sc holastic year with the celebration of Solel1U1 High Mass of the Hol y Ghos t in th e College Chapel. The Ve ry R ev. J. W. R. Magu ire was cele brant. the Rever end James A. Lowney, deaco n, and the R e verend William J. Cr acknell, subdeaco n. It is an old and beautifll l c ustom at St. Viator thus to ask the blessi ng of God upon the work of the coming year and in a special way to invok e the aid of the Holy Ghost, th e Spirit of Light, in the search for

A t . neyed to this station for thirty min- :~~::· e~~,~~~o~~ th~n~:ded~~t~~ s~~;~;. utes broadcasts, and were under th e cA-pable direction of Miss Harriet Gil· Mass class work was r esumed fo r th e

Jam es Burke Monahan, . 3 2, has joined th e ranks of th e Viator gradu at.;s who have won scholarsh ips t o the Catholic uru ,:ersity a t Was hington, D. C. The scholarships offe reLI annually by tbe Knights of Co lu mbw;, were awarded in previous years to Dr. J ohn T. Ellis. Edward Gallahue, Allen Nolan, J ohn McMahon, and

Je tte. Th e s uccess of this organizfl-tion in the past, therefore, warrants that it again shal l present several lik e programs this year. Although 1\1iss Gille tte is no longer wi th us, Fathe r i\'Iaguire has a lready made arr a n ge m ents for direc torship of th e organization. From th e large incoming Fres hm e n C lass we hop e to get a l~rg e number of new m e m ber s for this Glee Club.

yea r. H oweve r, in the pursuit of h er ideal, lhe de velopment of U1e whole incHvidual, St. Viator must necessarily provide lhe social side of college life. The first social event of th e year is the Freshman Reception, he ld U1is year on Saturday evening, September 23, in the College Clu b Room s. R ober t Nolan, president of the College Club, opened the festivities with a few

The Drama ti c Club which was so ably dir ec t ed las t year by Fath e r Niagu ire, will again be an active organizatio n thi s year. Many talented young lad ies a nd gen tl em en w ere los t through g radua tion las t Jun e, and th erefore it is ne cessar y to look for n ew material, which should be found ve ry easily amony th e large numbers of new s tud e n ts. Las t year th e Clt:b r.-resen ted two plays, both proving very s uccessful, due to the g r eat efIn hi s Acade my days, Burke s tarred forts of Father Maguire and Miss on the ba'3 k e tball squad. H e w~ H arri e t Gillette. ''The Mikado", selec t ed for All-Star honors in his wh ich was s taged the la tter part of Senior year. Howe ve r, du e to de- the last sc hool year, proved to be one fectiv~ eye-sight, he did not try fc.r of the finest presentations of th e a position on S~. Viator Varsity team. Dramatic Club si n ce its organization "!ne best w1sh es of th e s tude nt here at St. Viator. The other play, body go with this young ge ntl eman , " The Shephe rd 's Watc h" , a n adaptayet, we have no doubts that his sue- t ion of Uw old Maestricht Play an d cess in any field is a ss ured . The Messiah by Thomas J. McKeo n. was played at th e Luna Theatre in Kankal<ee fo r se ve r al performances and also in th e Auditorium of DePaul l:niversity a t Chicago, with equal s ut·- -cess. The Freshmen Class cal led to meetFather Magu ire is al ready makin~ ing by Robe rt No lan, President of tnc plans for the Club, a nd it is rumored College Club, held th eir Class elec- by many, that the play which he has tion last 1tionday atLe rnoon , with the in mind, is " The Vagabond King", fo llowing r esults: which played for years in the larger President - - - - William Schumacher cities of the East and Middlewest. Vive-President - - - - Claire Legri .s! Many, perhaps, will remember Denls Treasu r e r - - - - - - Donald BCLounh-~ King's wonderful performance in this Class R e prese ntative - J ohn Harg ro,·c play on the s t age or on the sc reen. 1 Tte Senior Class met o n Tuesda ,v But regard less of what Father Maeveni ng to flJJ seve ra l vacanc ies in gui re has in minu., we fee l s ure that class offices. As a result, Robert any play h e may unde rtake will prove Sp reilzer was named Vice-Presiden t, successf ul, as all his pas t ed ventures and Mi ss Agnes Stelter was chosen in this fie ld have proved to be.

wo rd s of welcome to the new s tu· de nts. pa rti cul a rly th e m embers of U1e Fres hman Class. to whi c h mos t of the newcomers belong. Mr. No to Ja n ex pressed his arde nt desire 11c-ar f rom the Freshmen th e mscl ves in s u ch touching accents U1at h e r e~ eeivecl an ove r·w he lming r es ponse . A mong th e many who voluntee red t o interpret their impressio ns of Viator were Mr. 1\'Ialone who favo red his fellow-students with se veral we ll-chosen sente nces, but r efused to s ing, wi r . Harg rove, whose a rri val from Mis so uri was de layed by a temporary sho rtage in barbec ued c hi cken, and l\lr. Stovall who discoursed leanredly 3.lld legnlhil y on condi tions in th~" South . The three Southerners obliged further w ith a rou s ing r endition oi "Oh! Mona", a ca pe lle. Mr. Sch umac h er. winn e r o f th e B ishop S hei t C. Y. 0. Scho la r·s hip, put in a serious word upon th e ac tivities of Ca th olic Scouts of Chi cago, a n d exp ressed his appreciation of the oppor tunit y which th e scho larship affords.

seve ral othe r Viator g raduates. In numbering Burk e among its s tudents, Catholi c University has falle n heir to a scholar of no little ability. While a t St. V1ator, he was an lt<.mor student. He did not, how ever, forsal;:e socia l life. Year after year he was one of the most popular fello ws on the camp us, and he often went out of his way to h elp othe r s. It can b e truly said of him. that hP was a rea l scholar and a Christian ge ntl eman.



Viator Negative meets-Ill. W es- Secretary. leyan, Lake Forest and DeKaub orJoe Degnan, who would have gradmal. uated, had he r eturned this year, sudRalph H oover, '33, Don Laenhardt. denly became air-minded dunng the '29,and AI Nolan, '29, we re visitors summer months, and is now attendlast week end . Also, Edward Hunt. ing Park's Aviation School at St. '33. who had some "extra-s pecial" Louis, despite the attraction of lhe business in Kankakee. neighboring village and town.



The Rev. J . W. R. Maguire, President of St. Viator, c lose .... the meeting wilh the r eminder that College i::J more th at mere attendance at c las.-1 it means the participation of every student in all th e activities of College life, social a.c; well a.<.J scholastic. R efreshments werC' served by the mcmb(TS of the Social Sororit y. -Burke Monahan, '32, and W ern er ! S lag, '32, attempted to make a nonslop boat trip thi s summe r from [•~ox Luke, Illinois to Kankak ee. The would-be navi ga tors, however, broke The Roy H all I ndependent Basket- a propeller at E l glll, and WC're obllgball team which had such a success- ed to hitch-hike th e rest of the way. fui season last year will be coached All Clas.'i Prr·sld ents are attemptthis year by Brother Don Bay, who starred on the hardwood here in hiR ing to hold meetings. but th e re won't Academy days. Nolan and Sullivan be any mlnute.CJ read while the world two r egulars last year, will form the se ri es Ls on. So th e polltJcans rurl:> foundation fo r a new team this year. thei r silvery ton gues for the present.

:rm; \L.\TORL '<

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The C

~th fn r. ~ t.e is employed n Ch at:" \Y"cnl


h'l:U"~ F;.tlltr..~r

Hp<;n'IA!hmu Vi l)..l/Jril\11.0.

Camp'" Br1d9 J)fly Hopping

Ft·:'-A.tiJrr· Wr1lt!t Wrl~r

e H ve Wh

Jame.s O'Mara


Enzel Wren

GJrculn.llon MMag er lviHI Atant MMager

-Sub,.,riptlon ---

Stephen Gould Rate $2.00 per annum .

Addn·rm all co rr("n pondcoce r ef£> rrlng either to adverti s ing o r su bscrl.,ption to ELB ~tccond

The Rev. Thomas


The Vtatorlo.n, Bourbonnais, Illinois. claas matte r at th e Pos t Offi ce of Bourbonnais,

Illin oi:=~

unde r the Act of March 3rd, 1879. A CME PR!NTTNG CO.


Dixon .





t~ \

th e St. Viator Glee Club with mu ch success last year, has transferred to Vves\.. Suburban Hospital Nurses

and Rt. Rev. M g r . G . M.

Donald Hickey, who was pianist for th e popular musl caJ trio on the campus last year, has left for LOyo la

Medical School, in L-hicago.


ourt S t .

2 09 F.tLSl

PHONF:: 30

\-Ve wi s h to exp r ess our sym pathies I

to James Lee of Bloomington, who was a student here a sho rt time ago,

Training School, Oak Park, Ilnnols.



P. C. Conway. '84. and father of K.-·


Pra.ctJ('t.'d Umtt :-d ro E . F. \ R.. :->0·'1':: S T HR O \ T


guire, -· S. V .. Presidenl of St. Via-

Harriet Gillette, who directeLI



D. J. O'Lo ug hlin. :\1. l

C. P . Conway, ·o . died on the mornWilliam Sweeney Illinois, spent a pleasant amongst ing of September 13th. The funero.l Jobo Burns friends h e r e at the College, last Augwas attended by Rev. J. W. R. Ma-

Jif.'f:LlU tf' Wr1U· r




William Clancy

Vt·H.ture Wr1l~"· r Fr·n.lure Wr1ll·r Ff•o.turc


~. C S ln K&nita.k~ on a ~'>or "" auon.. a.nd Delane:, bAS reti..lrned to \'.·e lea.rncl \loo,th reC"~t tne t:n.hersity of Ilhooi~. \lih(' r e h t....,_e death of Edward \.-&mpbell. a John C rorun ~;u rontmue his st~t.he~ in Ln f .. me r tuaent alll- outstandinc au:.~ lJargaret Clanrv School lete of SL ·tator. wbo met death acc ...... entally a few short hours aftt' r d Edward Buttg•n visit on u1e campus, a few w k~ !:,tuart Baker, who wa.s a student Wlll1am Schumacher aJ;ro. H is death "\>;;M a great shock. John ~Iom~ here the few years, has obtained and we join in sympathy v.ith relJames Dugan a coaching position at St. Thomas and fnends who m ou rn hts Jam'!.s C r owl"!y H 1gb School. in St. Paul, ~linn. Good lo:".S. Robert Nolan luck, Stu, we hope you put out som..! Mary CruisP. .M r. Phillip Conway, b rothe r of hcv.

fo/Jtlt.J111LI! !-V>rfJMly Hp,-,n., F•Jitor




\\-~h!o_ a. c b .. :ooe >eral v. k::> a..c-o.

Dela.r:.ey balK fvr a V13i

.&:.rhthr r•..r:hl'!


tiler \\~ H

r w.:> ha. e harl P E 33 P.ay \\'entr.e 33 an1 Bo~

(c: La1'f y



I i''"==============~

~:r~:e 0 ~e;~/~,:s fathe r. which oc- ~


Rev. J . P. O'Maboney, Provincial of the Clerics of St. Viator, left th o College September 15th for Canada to he prese nt for the departure o!




Rev. Roger Drolet, C. S. V ., and Broth e r John J. Ryan, C. S. V., who were 1 1 Many of the faculty members, dur- , preparing to 1eave or Manc h u k o, ing thei r vacations, s pent a littl ~ Chic na, where they will tak e up mistim e investigating th e various ex~


IN THE BEGINNING'I'lllls lilt> ~w lwol yt•ar lwg-i11s . ( ' o!l~·g-t·s n·opt·!l t111·ir gatt•s , and lon g.l-;ilt' nl t·itad('!s o f IParning arc again · husy with the hum of indu s t•·.\'. 'l'lro ll sn n<.l s o( sluc lc nls r·etum to l'Onli 11u c th e ir acaclernic punwil s, with l'HJ;{crness, frt'S hn ess and r eso lution s aplenty . I low wi ll Lll<' SC n •solutioos with sta nd. the tes t of time? Durin g tht• next nin e mouths Jh ey wi ll be bu[etted about seve r e ly hv t•xig,• n (·ies 11:-; tht•Jnt ':-1 , lt•J'Ill pHpers nnd <·n iiHt Pra! n·nding. Tl ow will they appea r u ext ,\ l ay 1 '!' herr is something t ragic in a brokc11 res o lution. Tt is th e so rr y tnl'I11Puto of A. shattered ag r ef.!mpnt with oneself. Tt, is au indieution of a h1·itt le will and au int e ll ect which pr ~s um ed too much. ] ;~l u s to ou r ow n s~lvl's be tru e. L et's go to that c lass afte r all.

Nllt · h

ow is tho acceptable t im e. Th sc four yca r·s arc deYOted to the c ultivation of our noblest fa culty. th e iotellcct. The opportunity is prcs<'U t; we hn,·e but to reach o ut aod gr as p it. l t "sha ll 1101 pnss this way' agHin. Tht·n~ is no repair for wasted time. and m emo ries o( tir e hollrs we whiled away at college will provide us with our hitiL'fl'S t r egrrts iu years to come.

Hotel Kankakee Sidney H erbs t, Manager

Rev. T. J . L ynch, former Dean o f engaged in mission duties the r e. Studies and head of the English Depa r tment a t the College, paid an extended visit to U1 e College last Jun e At p r esent, Father Lync h is dividing hi e time between Catholic University whe r e he Is continuing hi s studies

and also at Philadelphia, where he is Dean of a well-known College. The only new Faculty


amongst us thls year is Rev. P . G Hutton, c. s. v .. '28. Father Hutton was at on e tim e an ins tructor in

St. Viator Academy. In 1929 he enro lled at the Catholic University of


P at ri ck's Chu r ch in Kankak ee, and ts

now an instructo r

at the

Newmar l

foundation fo r Catholic stude n ts at I th e University of Illinois. R ev. T E. Fitzpatrick , also of the Cle r ics of St. Viator, succeed ed Father Bergin

A hearty welcome awaJts the

stude n ts and friends of St. Viato r Co ll ege.



ORANGE- CRUSH BOTTLING CO . P a bs t Blue R ibbon The Beer of Quail ty 297 S. West Ave. - Phone 389


Liberty Laundry

Ins ured F rei arht F orward ers Hauling Between K a nka k ee, Chi cago, Jo llet And All Inte rmediate P oin ts

KANKAKEE 144 North

CHICAGO ~ 8 46 S.

East Ave.

Wenworht Ave.


Yar ds 1501)-1501

Retail Kank a.kee, Ill. .

Route No. 17 -

Taylor Transfer Co. In c.

~lai n

as pastor.


152 30UTH EAST AV£...

America, where he obtained a M. A

L e i 's beg in th e day hy being witn esses to His Sacrifice. degree in 1931 . Father Hutton is Ma ny of u s hav(• H ma rked prop ensity f or proc rastination. Some ins tructor in Economics this year . eng,• s pok e wis<'ly wh e n he sa id that " procastinatiou is the th ief of t itn L' '' . 'I' his co mmon ev·il is th e first sympt.ou of an irresolute, irLast July, th e Rev. W. J . B e r g in l'l'S !HHtsihill• will: it is till' gl'l'lll that hrrl•ds downright indolcnc:e. C. S. v .. resigend as pastor of St 1

They wUI join other

Canadian Confreres who are already

s ionary wor k.

hibits at the World Fai:- in Chicago.


--Tel. Maln247

73 Main St.

Bourbon n ais, Jllin ols

==================~==;~~~~~:=;:=:::=:~=~~~ John Nolan , a forme r s tudent, is at

Rev. J . o! W. the R. Maguire. C. S \· .,The P r esident College, spent present associated with the Illinois the summe r vacationing, afte r a very ALUMNI NOTES <· E:mergency R elief, in Rockford, Ill. strenuou s year in Chicago, Wisconsii1 anJ on the Northwest Coast of the i 11f . J. 'l....eo :M cD ermott. a form e r Dr. John Tracy Ellis, '29, form er United States and Canada. st udcnt nl St. Viator College. ac- head of the History Department at companied by his \'\;fe and friends. St. Viator, is now a member of the To R ev. C. Marzano, Brother Me paid u sho rt visit l O the College on faculty at St. Therese's College, Win· Cleary, and Professor H. Dooling goes July t7tb . At present, Mr. MeDer· ona, Minn eso ta. most of the c r edit for making the moll is '-'mp loyed by U1e Ryerson Fourth of Jul y celebration the grea S.l~C'\ Company, and re sides at PittsJ ohn ''Hooks" O'Malley, '29, \Vho s•1ccess that it was. This trio work burgh. Pa.. Hi s visit was a most starr ed in all major spo rts at St. cd steadily from early June until wel I plcn.s:Ult su rpri se, and his friends hope \·iator for several years, has been after the affair was concluded. to in t hat U1.ey "ill be mort: frequent. plaJing baseball \\ith the H ouse of ~me its success. D:nid nine during the past summer .t osl~ph Gorm!l..n and Richard Shea. months. Brother S enesac and Brother H off who wert.' studt2'nt.s h('re a short time 1 man recently left for Catholic U. a t ~\.~-,l, ar0 now ~ ulployt'd by th..:o Stan- 1 Rev. John Smith, C. S. V ., ' 29, was \Va.shington. D. C. BroLller Joh1 1 dard Oil C'omptU1Y at Fo rt \Ya.ynt~. recently appointed assistant pasto r at 1Toolan. \Vho g raduated last J une L,St. :Ma.r:r's Church. Dixon, Illinois. now stationed at Springfield. Tilinoi'5 )lr. J:une::; Allen :\'alan , ·~~. is lt 'Those who left for the 'L~niv ersity 0 r ptx'scnt Buti.{:t:>t St'('rt...,tn.ry for the John ~c~ahon. '19, who received Illinois are: Brothers Bro\"\'ll. O'Brien C':.Hholic Ch! and is stationt:d. R.t :-\ Docto r 's Degree in History at Cath- Reidel. and Sweeney. St. Louis. 1t.{o. _\.J ''ill fmisll ''ith thts olic U. 1 ~t June, has r eceived an in1 work early in Octo~r. and then ,,;ll port.ant instructing a.s.signment at a The Rev. John E. Williams, who L r~turn t o Catholic r s. t \\' s.shington. f rominent Texas College. stUd) fo r his Ph. D. at the Un~ D. ., \Y he~ he ''ill be a cs..ndidatc v ers.ity o! illinois, was a visitor here for ~\ D<xt,.) r·:::; Deg-ri'tl' in Sociolo~y. Patrick Farrell and J osep -:"1 las t tu esday.





Insurance of A ll Kinds 101 EAST COliRT liT. KANKAKEE

ILLINOIS Phone 1933




121 South East AYenut>


IJli noi~

HOMECOMING TO BE CELEBRATED OCTOBER 20TH St. Viator Students, A lumni and Frien ds will celebrate H omecoming this year on October 20. Although originall y plann ed for November 17, difficulti es a rose concerning the football game with Millikin U., and the date had to be changed. But regardless of just when it is to be held, the Homecoming celebration this year promises to be the biggest and bes t event of its kind eve r , at St. Viator. St. Viator vs. E lmhurs t The feature of the day, will be a football game be tween the Varsity and Elmhurs t College, which has always presen t ed a strong fron t against





the G r een \Vave. And this year is 10 e.<ceptioa. Elmhurst wi ll come '"'re v;itJ ca'3 of the strongest grid11v.J. squads to oppose the Irish this



'I he Freshmen c lass thi s year is very of the Gym, the F rosh will have to al good; by r eturning books promptly

large, and, coo,peration on the part of start work on it in about a week's so that others may use them; by. each and every membe r will assure time. never taking books or any other the success of the H omecoming fesMr. Nolan plans to send ou t a fo rm printed material from the room Wlth-

But Coach Corcoran's boy.:> tivi ti es.

will be r eady for them. H e has been putting the squad throu gh some sever e scrimmage during the past seve ral weeks, and several games to be played before the Hom ecomin~ da t e , hopes to h ave the team in perfeet conditio n for the E lmhurs t contest. After watching th e t eam work out daily, we have no doubt but what they \Viii come through w ith a vict ory on that day of days. Fres h m e n P P ep -1\f eeting M r. William Schum ache r is form ulating plans for a r a ll y and pep meeting on th e evening preceding the big game. In a few days th e Fro~h wi ll comm ence th eir work of getting wood for the bon fire. Mr. John Morri s, r ecently n amed chee r -leader is making up a program of new ch ee rs, and will present them at the rally

1 tter t o

The Freshmen Class wi ll also provide the entertainmen t between the ha lves of the foo t bal l gam e. A Ithough no definite plans have been made, we feel su r e that Mr. Schumach er will see to it, that the F rosh "do their s tuff for the customers, sufficiently, effi ciently, etc." College Club Dance 1'Ir. Rober t Nolan . p resident of t he College Club, has announced that th e College Club will sponso r a dance on t he evening of October 20. As ye t. pla..'ls have not been fully completed. Iu all p rob a bili ty , the affai r will t ake plac:) in the College Gymnasium . The co mmittees on Tickets and th e Orcl1es tra havP. no t ye t been selec t ed. If the affair is he ld in the Gym, the deco r ating will be done by the F r eshmen. Be cause of the en ormous size



the A lumni

and out having a record made.

friends of St. Viator, urgin g th em to make Homecoming this year th~ greatest in the history of the College. Cooperation on ... ne part of all conce rned w ill make it just that.

ll BRARY NOTES The library is not a study hall, but a p lace where books may be used for pror. ... and enjoyment. As a matter of courteous consideration of the rights Of all, order mu~ ... be maintained. Wh en in the library s peak softly, ste;p ligh tly, and push c hairs back quietly. To avoid annoying others, talk only when necessar y. Each r eader can help the library to give good service by observing the rules, which are mad e for the gener-

Tobaccos grown in this counby are" seasoned" with tobaccos from Turkey and Greece THE ANSWER IS VERY SIMPLE:

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T urkish tobacco i.r p arked thousands of tiny lea ves to the bale. It a<'erages 400 leaves a pound.

" 19H. l.J...,-y & l.!YD> TQ.!.40:0 Co.

tie otjare!/e (hz/!J

hesterfield MILDER â&#x20AC;˘

A book

ia not properly charged or recorded until the book card in the book pocket at the front of the book has been removed, OOrrower's name r ecorded on it, and a dating slip stamped to show when th e book must be returned. The book card must be left with the librarian at the charging desk. Courteous and efficien t library service is our aim. We shall appreciate your cooperation. Th e library gratefully acknowledges gifts of books from the following gene rous patrons: Rt. Rev. Monsignor G. Legris, Rev. F. E. Munsch, Brothrr M . O' Connor . -------Clem Stoval doesn' t mind wind sprint, he's in shape now, runni ng those three flights to answer t~ ¡~ phone.- It' s Southern drawl!

fhe oVjare//e fha/ TASTES


ne.s3. Doyle, Roche. Qwnn. a.n 1 Ketly were a few no t to mention a crowd of Fr eshmen. These summer romances do linge r on.


Complim ents of

Vin cent M. Bo ndi

Another summer's gone and here

223 \"\'. Buron St.

Thanks to Clem we have a ver. ·;.re back to the old grind older. inUmate knO\Vledge of the Uves and .::adder, and maybe a little v.;ser . v.:eartng a cap and gown in my ov.."Tl habits of the colo red gentry of tht~ right now . campus looks pretty South. That speech at the Freshmen b&.re with all those UJustrious men of reception wen t ove r with a bang. yesterday (class of '33 to you) among From the way Father 1--Iaguire seemthe missing . . . especially our dis- eci to enjoy the sto ry about feeding

Co mplirnents of




tinguished predecessor the G r eat the mules tobacco juice to make them Hoover . . . be says he's going to work we imagine that Clem \\oill be run for the Indiana legislature next in line for a public speaking.

I As this is tlw first attrompt for this editor at a major column,


We wish hlm luck


. for

" J QS \ W hat You W ant "

- at-

By the way, som eone might ask th~ renowned em tor of thiS rag where th<' bouqU(JtS should not com8 too fast as this little boy can't take Column. be got that package of cigarettes it, PH[lPf'ially when the bouquets are fermented to1natoes, eggs et c. Quite a good c rop of Fresmen this last Saturday nigh ... Of course, w e're well far in to the night. year . Looks like those of the fern- not saying anything, but in.ine persuasion in Kankak ee areu't ask him yourself. fu rth er information read th e Alumni

Uncla imed Storage Company 2411 S. Sch uyl e r Ave., K n.nkakee


'l'hr·rf' is at least one othr·r fellow in this school that appreciates going to be left out in the cold when

Compliments of

Anyone d es iring information as to

the class of '34 r eceive th e sheep-

thf' aulhor's home town, non e othe r than "Beavo" Best, if h e hasn't skins. Already the telephones in th e r elati ve merits of Guy Lombardo YPS ~ Y<:>s! .A II gr eat minds run Roy Hall and the refectory h ave be- and J an Garber's bands sho uld co nS(:e fl tiH· (·ountry no onr elst> has.

Vitale Fireworks Mfg. Co .

g un to get a wo rk out. The boys s uit J ack nin. T he boy has some from the South are es peciall y pop u- decided opinions on that s ubject. W e Jar. Maybe it' s the voice that gets wop.d e r also if it is only hi s love of All horseplay and other s uc h high school c hitter c hatter aside, ·em . "What you- all doin' t'ni ght. sweet harmony that causes him to s tand around the music counte r at s in cerc l,Y hop e t hat this co l1111111 is a success not only fo r my sa k e, baby?" the five and ten whenever he goes

in the same c hann el.

Norb Ellis is back and th e mail is I to town.

Which b•·in gs to my mind th e sto r.v of thr ee sal esmen going into a r estau•·ant, ha, ha, I foo led you, hut to g et back to t he sto ry, ea ch one was t •·ying to i111pr ess the oth er s how tough th ey a ll were, so t he f i•·s t salesman told t h e wa iter to fry hi s steak rare, th e n ext one sa id to f ry hi s very rare, t h e u ext one who was a T ex an sai d to th e waiter, " Oct me a s harp ](!1ife a nd th eu just d riv e that steer by the tab le and I will hack off what J want".

ot that tne Hall of Science rese m-


H er e is th e compositiou written hies Marsile Hall or anything like that ( al tnou gh the House of T e n Thousand Wonders does remind you

by ou r local talent.

of Roy Hall) hut just because MY CONFESSION lov e you littl e Halli e, Jo ve you wi t h a ll my heart, wonder why I left yo u, It was so ha t'd to part.

J hav e dl'eamed of you H a llie, ~iu ce 1 lut\·e been away, .\u tl wh en J fe~.:·l lik (· I L~ a\· ing, 1 am coming back to s tay. \\' lt y did I leave yon anyhow, I cannot tell yo u why, l think of yo u so much d ear, That's why I break down an d cry. Wh e n I was a lways near you, I dicln 't know I lo1·ed you so. But after missing your sweet face, 1 am lik e the weeping wind t hat blows. - Olen Malone.


school. H e always was a high f lyer anyv.ray.

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boys who had to return home th

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This little incid ent was clisLcd out in a History class of the Remember that old song about '"A author. Bicycle Built For Two?" Fuch and lt Sc' c•ms as if the Pop~ asked 'Jiichael ~\ngelo to paint some Bible Turner are singing it a lot lately. w e tt.ought is was just the ~.-ec t of th e scenes iu the Vatican State. in some part of the Cathedral, Angelo weather , ... we saw them pedallin g had some grievance against a man and so he put donkey ears on around Kankakee with two members the man eud painted him into the picture. The man imm ediately a: the fair sex last Sunday afternoon complained to the Pope and so the Pope talked to Angelo for a while and then c\ngelo went out to finish his work. He then put Bill Fleming is a lover of hature the man ·s face iu Hell. the man then went to the Pop e again and On his first Sunday here he wen, off complained to th e Pope, whereupon the Pope replied, " If it were in to the woods along the river. Is '•t Purgntory . 1 minght h(' abh' to hdp )·ou. but seeing that you are in a longing for the g r eat open spaces _J Hell. you are clear out of m~- jurisdiction. that atcracts him or is it some

-::\o Rats Allowed.

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\\'c a lso have an All-American on the football team, "Charl es ports be was enrolled at an aviauon P edon' ·. if you don't believe it just ask him he will tell yon.

Huff & Wolf Jew ely Co.

many of the boys were pushing chairs a round up there. Pat L egris, Jack Bur ns, Ed and Tom of the Manteno to both of the prodigal sons. G-ormans, Paul L aRocque and Roch e were a few that we met as we made If you haven't been fortunat e the rounds. enough to hear Father Cardinal's ren d ition of '' Lazybones", you've r ealSeve ral of our coeds of yeste r year ly missed a treat. Ask any of the a re engaged in teaching the younger occupants on th e first floor of Roy s.e t the three R s . . you know, 'read Hall. ing, 'riling, and romancing. I nfor mation as to name and place w ill be <11amplim£nts g iven upon app . . . cation . 'l'he Freshmen seem to go for th e cowboy pictures at the L yric in 3. big way. At least they make enough noise in expressing their enthusiasm w hen the hero shoots down the cattle rustlers and rescues the beautifu l hero in e. "Mule'' has a private seat in the front row . Joe Degnan of Rosewood Avenu e fame has decided that he wants to fly aro und in tne air with the bird s a nd bees and butterflies, not to m en tion insects. ..,._ccording to last re


M. Born & Company Chicago

--George Fleming of the Chicago Fle mings, came back to school a week late and has decided to grant us the privilege of his company for another year. Jack Burns also bethought himself that going to college was easie r than pus hing people from Poison Gul ch, Wyoming and Co r n Centre, Iowa about the World's Fair g r ounds and is back in our midst. Gre etings

Maybe yo n didn 't know I hat we had a futur e or ])loomin g Long- like the Viator campus this summer so met hing , io our mids t.

Bo rn Tailored, th ey cost no a nd th ey're all woo l

Or can it be the wistfu l

Ray Roch e went up to Winnipe g to p lay Canadian football, tried th e g ame, tasted the beer , and decid ed that h e ,preferred the Am erican! of both bette r, so he came back to Buttgen. sh are 203 with K r aukaus. The World's Fair grounds look e d



smue of th at salesgirl who plays "Love I s The Sweetest Thing" , so beautifully ? Afte r all, love is the sweetest thing. --The Freshmen have bee n getting " real tast e of coll ege life in lhe Kangaroo Court. It's not the most pleru:;ant experi en ce, but we au had to tak e it. But be careful abo ut putting tow els and various other sundry articl es in the seat of the pants. It often does more harm than good. Ask

heavy with pe rfumed e nve lopes from ILJ;i noi s may not be the best stat e io the co w1try, bu t even Seneac, Joli et and points w es t. Doc is taking Gennan thi s year so that Flo,·ida a nd Cali fo rni a will ha,·e to admit that I llinoi s has its Bour- he can carry on his correspondence w ith that little Deutsch e f raul ein bonnais. b::tck ho me withoul. lettin g Jim 0'Mar a read his letters .


Newcastle, P a .

Kaff, Kaff.

but fo r th e pride of our hea rt, St. Viator Coll ege.


Kankakee, illinois PHO NE 574

:;UN!) A\', Offi'O IJ I!I II 1, 11)!13

'1' 11 11l VJI\ 'I'Oitii\ N

1'1\ I)J<;

~<"I VY.

Viator Meets Pontiac October 7



U n d ,.



F'a l h r ll o.,·bu.ucr u.n d

Material E nough For Two Good Lines; New Candidates Show Well In Scrimmage J ack Corcoran broke h is prove r bial

r e-cord of sil en ce l ast w ee \{ when h e

consen ted to com me nt upon the 1933 prospects for U1 e Green Wave. " Sc rimmag es' ' , h e s , "sho-.v t h a t w e have m ate rial fo r t wo good lines a.nd one ex pe ri enced bac k -fi eld. While the t eam m ay be so m ewhat lacl<ing in g ood, p rofi c ien t bloc kin g , and a little w eak at e nd , ye t , barri ng a ccidents, the t ea m s hou ld dev e lop n.icely in t wo weeks befo r e U1 e prac tice g ame wiU1 Pon ti a c". While S t . Viato r has s tro ng opp on ents on its s ch edule, the Iris h a r e bette r prepared to d ea l wi t h the m than h as been th e case fo r man y years. This y ea r finds th e Saints wi th a h eavy line to pr ot ec t a fas t and s ure back -fie ld, the fo r m e r a ve r agin g 190 pounds , and th e latte r ran gin g in th e 175 po und class . Corco ran is forr.un ate in h aving w hat h e conside rs to be ver y good men to f ill th e vari ous pos iti on s, and fu r ther, his s u pply of res erves and fresh tal ent is d ive rsifi ed and exceptional. T wo men, E lm e r Best and Ke n Co r co ran, have been ke p t f ro m pra c ti ce fo r th e pas t w eek by injuries, bu t w e r e ex,pec t eel t o repo r t not la t e r than last \.Yednesday. Coach Co rcoran h as been conn ected with St. Viato r a thl e ti cs fo r ove r two y ears and has won th e res p ec t of ever y man who h as wo r ked unde r h im . H e came to ~ t. Viato r originally as boxing coach , and produ ced a team that put th e s tronges t lineups of the many leading schoo ls t o


The A t hle ti c Coun cil h as de t e rm ined to fos t e r m or e s p itit in I n tra- mura l a U1le ti c a c tiviti es U1ls y ear by a war din g a g old t rop hy to U1 e s t ud ent who, by h is ath le ti c prowess has ear ne rl t he titl e of "Cham,p" of i11t r a-mu ra l ath le ti cs at SL. Via to r Coll ege. T he "Cha mp" s ha ll be de te rmi ned th rough a point sys t e m w hich has been d evised by th e A t h le ti c Counci l. Poin ts a r e to be awa rd ed a s fo llows: AU captains of varsi t y t eams 15 poin ts. Captains of wi nnin g in tra- mura l t eams in th e indoo r, bask e tba ll, a n d pus hb a ll leagues , 10 points. Mem be rs of var s it y t eams , 10 points. Winne rs of th e hand ba ll, poc ke t pool, bowling, ping po ng , and t en tournam ents , 10 points. .M e mbe rs of wi nning intra-mura l league t eams, 5 poin ts. Runne rs -up i.n th e vari ous t ou ma· r.1ents, 5 points. Winn e r s of an event in th e track o r swim mee ts, 5 ,points. Runners -u p in track or swim m eets :1 points. The student bod y throug h this col· umn expresses its th anks to th e Athleti c Co un cil fo r th e effor t and initiative they have s hown in pro vid ing

dl r cc llo n

~~·o t h e r


t h e ln t nL- mUnll S po r·t pro g r a m I ~ o ff t o u n ear ly !i lu1·L I n th o fo r m or o nLw ly or g u.n.i zed Indoo r bn!icba.JI lcug u co mposed o f si x R oy H a l l t eam s a nd LIH CC day s tud ent l a m ~.

Bro . .Bay co nd uc t ed lh c po lls dur ing th e c l c tio n or l hc R oy H a ll capLal n s.


T h e fo llow i n g we r e elec t ed :

Mea ny a nd No la n ; Juni o rs-

K ell y u nd Qu in n ;· l'' res h m c n Sal a a nd Barza.nly. T he day s tu dents !J a vc th ree team s cap t a ined by Bn l·o n , So uc ie, and C r·ow ley. We ha ve ve ry lillie in formatio n on t hese tea ms as ye t. Tb e ".Mcani cs" a nd SoJ a's " Madcaps " op en ed th e leag ue p layi ng with u c los e foug ht ga m e. Th e "Meanie3" wo n th e gam e in lhe las t of t he ni n th by s t aging a rall y w hich was climaxed by Doc" Meany's dou ble lo ri g ht fie ld. The fi na l score was 11 to 10. What a ga m e! Kraukli s, " Meanic" s ho rt-s t op, had th e ho no r of h itting the fi rs t homer un of th e season wh en h e h it to Jeep le._ . ce nte r in th e seco nd inning. ·Lef t y" Fu ch e, pitche r fo r th e '·Madcap s " , dupli cat ed this fea t in th e fo u r t h fram e. N ot so good, " Doc" , - i f you can ' t kee p a pitc he r f rom ge tting s uc h h.its, how can yo u expec t to kee p th e oth e r boys f rom doing lik ewise? The " Meanie" infield pe r fo r med in a r eall y wo rkmanlik e manner. They t u rned in th r ee double p lays, Krauklis to Pey~on to Weiser, qu ite an effec t ive co m bina t io n. Krauk lis started all of t hese do u ole p lays. C r edll. fo r the mos t speC lac ul a r p lay of tue game goes to - aptain Sai a of t he Madcaps" who spoiled a potential rall y in th e eig hth inning

Strong Lin e And Backfield Composed of Veteran s And Frosh, Ar e Ver y Promising


If effort a nd persistance are to have their du e r ewar<.l, then Coacn

Jack Cor coran Is producing one of

t he str onges t football teams that has pl ayed fo r Saln t Viator in man y years. Up lo the openin g of school th e s quad bad been prac ting tvlice a. day unde r that unrelenting pounding which only Coach Corco r an knows ond whic h on ly a p layer who bas practiced under his di r ec ti on can appreclate. Despite the fact tha t the Irish lost such men as "Pete" Laffey, Ralph Karr, ".Joe" Bomba, "Bill' Gibbans, Baker and Barnar d, the supply of fresh material which bas pou r ed into the school warrants no need of

Tallest You th In Sch ool ; Height 6 Ft., 11 i n . Olen (Mu le) Ma lone, who hal ls from D ichls t a d t, Missouri, can without a doubt claim to be t he tallest s t uden t a ttending the Co Uege. This you ng gian t stands exac tl y six foot, e leven inches In h is sto<:king feet. H e has p roved qu ite a problem to the College au to ri ties, as no bed can be found su itable fo r his ex treme p roportions. ''Mule" also finds it qui t e bothersome w he n en te ri ng any of the school buildings. He is so tall lha~ ~ ~ becomes necessary fo r h im t o bend qu it e low t o pass th rou g h the doorways of the College buildings. H e h as played both foo tbal l and bas k e tb a ll , and is qui te adept at bo t h. H e weighs 195 pounds, and, as we have said, is six foot, eleven i.nches tall. Imagine, if you will, the embarrassment of all basketball centcrs who will have the misfortune to play opposite the "Mule". No matte r how tal l they m a y be, he will ,probably tower ove r the lot of them. \Vilh his superior height, "Slim" should be ab le t o control the tip -off and thereby be a great adv an tage to the t eam. Wh e n inte rv iewed by t he VIA T OR-

~kepticis m.

W hile the lme of ability to be drawn between the playe rs mus t neees!'larily be thin, yet undoubtedly t he E..'te .• of not only Saint Via tor, but of t he en tire Li t tl e Nineteen arc t urn ed in the dir ectio n ot Emmer son Dexter of Ch ampaign, who h as di slinguished h imself and his school by sec uring the berth of center on the All Confe r ence Team. The r e is no reason for doubt, and every cause for the opinion that he will come thr ough \' ith honors again this season. At right guar d St. Viator fans wi ll watch Raphael Roche's steady and po'Nerful playing. Roche originall y W<.rked at a tackle position, but due. to a slight shortage of weight, was ea1 ly transfered to guard-much to bot1; his own and the team 's Ther e are several able conte nders fo r left guard , but the firs t

thei r hardes t t est. H e followed a goa l towa rd s w hi c h a ll of us may ~:~~~ =~i~:a~;i~c~i!~i ~~t:a~b~i c~ :t:~ JA N , Ma lone made the fo llowi ng string man for that position is unCoach Bucky Dah man as h ead Coach s tr ive. The co-op e rati on of a ll s tu - fo r at leas t a t ri pl e, an d turn ed it in - stat ement : "I have played f our yea rs ce rtain. Two othe r m en w ho have

;::c~ran 2

in is f itted for his pos ition not onl y t hrough his ability as a th eoreti cal coach , bu t beca use of th e vas t fund of pl aying ex pe rien ce f ro m whi ch he may d r aw in order to be t ter coach hls teams . And hence, the dedu ction may readily be d r awn, that with excellen t mate ri al , unde r t h e di r ec tion of a man who k nows th e game in all its phases, the Gree n Wave is about t o t ramp the r oad of footbal l su ccess.

WHO'S NEW ON THE GRID -IRON Although man y of the bes t grid pla y ers o last year are back and a r e appa r entl y holding th ei r own with r em H.rkRhl e vivac ity , y e t none h ave th eir jobs cinch ed and t h e F reshm en contende r s continue to look be t t e r t han ever. Ou ts t anla ng among th ~ n ew m ater ial is Don B e tourne of Ka n kakee, a comple t e, all a round ath lete, who t ip s t h e scales at 175 pounds, and who h as found his pos ition a t l eft en d. H e has a lr eady ilisti ngu ished himself a t St. Viator with his quicl{, s ure punting and lon g p ass Foo t ball observe r s expec t h im es. t o t a k e an early st art for a positi on on t he Lit tle N ine t ee n .r...u-Confe r enc e team, and with an envi a ble hig h s chool g rid car eer behind him , don't be s u rp ri sed at the heig h ts h e m ay r each in th e football wo rld . As a t r ansfer from th e S t . Louis Univ er sity ....... I S year, co mes E lme r B es t , a 195 pound end . I n 1931 , h e p layed F r esh m en foo t ball in St. Louis on t ackl e berth , bu t under Coach Co rco ran h e has d eveloped into on e of

~~:-~u~nal e~~~:::.~gwi~~ c~::~J;esui~~ iut eres t that t h e co n t es t s fo r th e title will be ve ry k een . F rom tim e t o time we will pos t the na mes of t he le·a<i ing contenders and t h eir point tot als in t h is colu m n . Alread y a g t ea t deal of inte r es t has been arouseli.


to a doubl e play.

Wh a t a man, Sai a!

<!l l

ST. VIATOR HELD SUMMER SESSION The f irst s umme r sc hoo l t o be coo · ducted by t he Co llege h ad a n enrol l· ment of about thirty s tude n ts. This n um ber, a lthoug h see min g ly s mall , wa s conside r ed a good beginnin g by th e College 01fi cials. W h en Catho lic Uu ive rs ity s ta r t ed its summ e r sc hool a few yea rs ago , onl y a s m al l nu m . be r atten ded, but s u cceeding yea ra saw a rapid in c rease. And so th e local autho riti es a r e qu ite hopeful about their s wnmer sessions in th e fut ure. Among the cou rses offe red in th e fi r s t s u mm er sessio n wer e: H is t o ry , Logis , Economi cs, F r en ch , Ch emis try , and Edu cat ion . Should t he e nrollmen t in the fu t ure inc r ease, as IS expee ted, th e c urr icul um will , in a ll probability, be expand ed.

t h e s trongest ends t o h ave played wit h the I rish for several year s. Hi:J work in early p r actice was of an outs tand ing type, bu t due t o an a nkl e injury, he was unab le t o repo rt for the p as t week. H owever , he is bacl{ now with t he same figh t and powe r whi ch is expec t ed t o carry hi m t h roug h a s uccessful sea son.

We notice that t he boxing ri ng has bre n se t up again. Every rute rnoon you m a y see J oe " Kell y) Ka lkowski, one of Chicago's C. Y . 0 · products, w orking out W ho..l B rother "Eddie"' DesLauri ers. T he -oiule also wo rks ou t. Fath e r . . . ardi n a l is usually the tim e-k eepe r .

Football Schedule Oct. 7- P onti ac, a t 1-'ontiac. Oc t. 1 4-Mi chi g an Stat e Nor m a l, a:. Yps ilan t i. Oc t . 20- E lmhurs t Colle g e a t Bou rbo nn ais . Oc t . 28-Valpa.r aiso U. a t Valparaiso. N ov. ! -Ch a rl es ton Teach e r s at Bourbonnais . N ov. 4-J ohn Caroll a t -.... le ve land, Ohio. N ov. 11- W es t. S t a t e T eac h er s at Ka lamazoo. 1\o ov. 17-J a mes Milli ke n U. at Kank ak ee. Nov. 25- Ga ry College a t Gar y, Ind iana. The Iris£1 open t heir sched ul e wnh a prac t1c e game a t ... onti ac R efo r mat or y. A prac~1ce ga m e shou , _ p rove ad vantageous both t o t he member s of the St. Viator squ ad and LO Coach Co rcor an by showi ng up the weak poi n ts of the team and wer e by enabling the ir remedy befor e ... a1e fi rst big game of wte season with Michigan State Normal. It is unqestionably a stiff schedu le, but those who have t he ins ide info r mation of the t eam ent cr tai n no dou bt t h a t the Green \ vave will prove equal to it.


~~ :e~~~v:a~a~~tb:! vean!obt::~et~:~~ ~~s~~;u~:~da~:e~::l:s :U~eK~~~ befo re me t hat will pr ove t o be even harder as I wi ll be p layin g in fas t er company. I love ath le t ics and fight from wh istle t o whistle. In my four years of H igh School competition I d bo t · sco re a u SLxteen hund r ed points in basketball but neve r sco r ed a point in foot bal l. I was fortunate en ough, in that le ngth of tim e, to place on se ve r a l AIJ- S ta.r teams". \Ve have no doubt but that Malon t wi ll p rove to be a great he lp t o th e t eam s of S t. Viator . w e all a wait th e ti m e when w e shall see "Slim'" in a ction. It h as been predic ted, by th ose who are qualified t o ju dg~ ath le t es, th at Olen Malone \vil l beco m e a fi rs t class foo t ball and basket ball player befo r e the yea r is over. May th a t p rediction come t rue!

BOOSTER CLUB (Co n tin ued from Page One) therefore heartil y endorsed by the \'iato r ian and U1e College Club. Sh1den ts Pled ge Suppor t R ober t A. oNlan. president of the Co llege Cl u b, a student organization, expr essed h imself as p leased w ith the new club. "I t will prove", he said, " a boon t o th e College and an effective cooper ator with the College Club. '\oVe ii give it every encouragement and our cheerful sup,port". "This group is worthy of the attention and support o! every member of the student body and the alumniassociation", said William Clancy, president o! the Senior Class, in ex~ressing h is appreciation of the Club. H e pledged the assistance of the Class he h eads to the Boosters.


both tackles of no mean ability, and either of whom migh t well have ser v ed as an inspirational exci tant fo r the writer of the current song hi t , " Hold Your Mann", ··chuck P eyton ,·s au"'n o n th e JO · b a t en d an d ca..a mows down the backs that come his way wi th a n eat p r ecision and which undoub tedly wi ll make him a marked man. With an outs tanding line in front of th em , the Green Wave backfield will have th e oppo rt uni ty to s t ep out and go places. Noonan, Abney and Fuch s. al l last y ear le tt er men, are bac k , an d it on e can judge f rom the ir dail y sc ri mm ages, th e Irish will not \vant fo r fast, cool and all around efficient quarter back s this year. In the 1932 squad "Red" H arding o! Peoria (every inch a scrapper) est ablished an enviable record at right half-back and bids fair to hold the spot light again this season. W estray, trip le threat man from Clinton, has showed enough ability for the past two years to chalk up the points, and even with this season's tough schedule one need have no fear of hi:::l lying down. And to top this sur vey of a more than promising team, "Ken" Corcoran at fullback is ex· peeled to get off with flyin g co l or~ at Po ntiac, and to continue to bring home the bacon undl the school end 3 il. s grid-iron schedule with Gary College. While these experienced players have proved themselves to be up, and even above par in scrimmage, yet there is an almost inexhaustible supply of good material to draw !rom, and more than one new man will bare watching.





Sorority Welcomes New St ud ents


a.:.,uc year. the Soronty boasts about ~lEA e·;en more mem~rs. They will be O>dda11y


mg on Fnday

at the f iTst meet-


r·urp<)ar· , 'llll ~ organization h a.q been Vke- President- - - - Margaret Clancy active on the VIator campus tn the SN: retary - - - - - - - - Agnes Stelter wk.y or providing a aoctal element in Trca..<:Jurer - - - - - - Regina R eiJiy

u AsociatloM among Its m e mbers. Dur-

Ing the past It ha.a done mu ch In n ave the s~udents forgotten that furth ering th e extra-cu rri cular act!- St. Viator has a ve ry excellent swimvltles on the campus and will continue mlng pool? The water may be a lo aid a.q much as possible during the bit cold but I can assure you that coming year. 1t is the wish of the the few who do use the pool enjoy Sorority to become an clement as nee- it. Among those whom we have casary t.o the .school as any of lht! see n in s wimming are: Fa ..... 1er Cardi· other Coll ege organizations, and we na,, Brother ·....dward DesLaurie rs, arc s ur e that many now will attest I Kalkawsl<i, butlgen, and Morris. Betto Its usefu lness. let get some practice befo re tne inWith the advent o! the new scbol- tra-mural swimming m eet.

has been proven by his past acti\"i- team ''ill be quite a nuisance to our ues. Last year he was manag e r of oppo nents. __ .. l.....tte all olh~r f t 11 the football and basketball teams and mentors. he refuse to takt:: the opti\vas also the nnancial manager of the mistic n ...... tude. However. ,,.e l\..T\! Dramatic Club. The success with all lookmg- worfa.rd. """lth great faith which he handled these unportant un- 1r the abilibes of Corcoro..n de rtakings gi\.·es us every reason to and Meany, to a very successful s~nbelie ve that he ~;n make a succe&:;- son. ful assistant to Coach Corcoran. a3


To the new Co-ed• or St. VIator 20th. And for the purpose of tthe (;oJJr;gc, the &>r-Ial Sorority bids wei- r.~w students, it may be well to menr.;..ome. ThJs Sorority has gradually t10n thP officers that have r ecently asg r ovm frr~m. dirnlnuU vc al 7~ lt> a corn - 1Jmed their po~iUon.~ for the year. ps:t.ra.tlw~ly largl! body. :Vor thofte un- Th~y arc: a,.qualnt.r;d with 1t WP will explain it.i Pre!iiden t - - - - - - - -Ruth Arrington

the Kchool and affording plea..qu rable

St:.\LlA1" . OCTOBER 1, 19:1;,

Doc" ~Ieany, one of St. Viator's outstandmg students and athletes, tJas been appointed e.ssistan t football coach. The appomtment was greete 1 with great enthusiasm by the student body. \-V e of the VIATORIA:\ tat<:! this opportunity to ex tend congn:.tulations to you "Doc". ~lay the tNt.m have a very successful season under tne tutelage of Coach Corcor- ~ an and your humble sell. t_eany has played on St. Viator fco:ball teams as a center, for three yta rs; being replaced last year by l:'.nerson Dexter, who became an AllCt. nference sta r . Doc. therefo re, has o vast knowledge, ~aincd from pe r · sonal expeMence, which he will end .!.• \ or to teach to t he linemen thi.; year . "Doc'' has a great executive abil ity

hhe n inten.iewed. .._\feany woulj say very Little to your humble reporter. Howeve r. he said: " 1 believe that 1 shall enjoy working unde r Coach \...O rcoran, who is one of 1.11e ablest in the Llttle Nineteen COnference. I have had th e benefit of playing for him and believe that I know what he wishes taught to the squad. The l:ne will average abou t 190 pounds and with the vaz:slty members of last seaso n as a basiS fo r ou r new forward wall, we should have a we ll batanc~d team which will, in my estimation, be o. c r edit "0 the Collel!e". No doubt, "Doc" means that the


Father Harbaue r is senously ronsidering appointing Dick Doylt:: prefeet of the second co rndor and rctiring to the less active life of teacher only. Doyle ts the fi rst mnn up on the corrido r every rooming and spends all his time from U1 e first rays of dawn until breakfast In pounding his roomma t e \\ith pillows in an effort to get him up. .<\..nd on J lop of that be has taken to smoking a pipe that smell llke a combination of chlorine gas and several month~ old eggs. Visi to rs neve r remain In 21 2 long anymore.


and pure


that's why Luckies draw . so easily You've noticed it and you'v€1appreciated the smooth, evenburn in g quality tha t is so much a part of Luckies' charaaer

Round and pure-

fully packed with the world's ALWAYS the.Jinest tobaccos ALWAYS thefinest worhmatLSh ip ALwAYs Iuchiesplease I

choicest Turkish and Domestic tobaccos- and no loose ends. T h at 's w h y Luckie s d raw so easily, burn so uniformly.


St. Viator College Newspaper, 1933-10-01  
St. Viator College Newspaper, 1933-10-01  

The Viatorian, Vol. LI, No, 1