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Volwne XLVll


Academy Presents Christmas Play The




Thomas Legris Alumnus of '96 Dies

Dra -



"Schol astic

Christmas r,:;ve," the night befot·e the



of the students f1·om the Tl1e entertainment was given


br a cast ~elected from the membership o! the St. Ylator AC'ademy Literary and D~>bating Society. lt wns a ve1·y fine Interpretation of the :\<fy~tcry Play, '· Ln


J\11·. Thomas A. Legl'is. well

The Me1nbers of The Viatorian Staff Extend Their Best Wishes for A Happy Christn1as to the Faculty, Students, Alumni and Friends of St. Viator

mat:c Society" ~l>O nsored a. very beau· ti{ul li ttle Christm..a.s play Thursday 1!\'fning, on

Honor of the Xaturi t y of Our Lo1·d, ·• wrilten by M:.:gr. Ro!Jerl Hugh Benson.





10. The news o f hi s d eat h was a surprise to his friends, for thoug-h h e was in a hospital in Chicago. he died awaiting an operation. The cause of his death was malignant jallndice.


The deceased was the son of Joseph



was fur many




the Legri s Trust and Savings Dank for


twenty-five years. and hacl been r ecto\·


the Independent


T elephone

Company before that fi1·m wa~ bought over by th e Bell Telephone Compan y. DEsicles. '!'om LC" g ris, or as many of his


Itge and hig h sc h oo l st uden t•. with n

Tickets Received For College Campaign

Little "19" Conference Representatives Meet

Group of Alumni Meets at College







b ee n an aggressive public worker either

in I..::anl<akee, in hi::; nath·e \'illage of Bouo·bonnais. o r in the C hurch where

fair ~prinlding of outsiders from KanA conYention of Littl e Nineteen ColOn ,Ved nesclay night, December ll, he for many years has ser·yed as trusknkee, tunl ed o ut for th e a.ffni1·. lege representatives was held in ChiTh e tickets were rece i ved this w eek a small group of Alumni h eld an in- tee. Ever s ince the time of his g radua\V e ll Dit-ectctl cago on December 6. Re...-. E. J\L fol· th e J\'lodel Hom e that is being g i ven formal me e ting in the Office of the lion fl'O in St. Viator Co ll ege with the The act:ng of the JWincipals in

the. Kelly, Director o f Ath l etics, and Coach away in connection \vit h th e cam p aig n PreS!id ent at St. V i ator Colleg-e, at the l<'ather J. \V. R. Mag uir e, C . S. V., i n vitation of the Very R ev . J . \Y. H. Pres i de n t of St. Vial.or College , is direeling for raisi ng funds to h el p pay off Maguire, C. S. V. , President. The meeting was called to cli~cuss the situlh e College debt. Intensive organiza- at ion of ath l etics at St. v:atot· College tion is progressing among tl1e student in view of improvement. Several very body bot h of the College arad the impo1·tant r esolutions w ere pro p osed Acade-my to assist in the dl·ive. -o ncl pa.ssed , ·which . when put into effec t,

play was superior to the usual ama- Samue l 'M cAllister r ep resent ed St. V iateul· efforts that characterize a great tor College at tbe meet. m;my High Sc h ool productions. The 1 It was deciclecl that St. Viator College 0 ;ctors presented their . audience wou l d again l) e hosts to Littl e Nineteen .n/sh a nd a. pract ced familiarity wit teams participating in swimming. The Hage etl1ics that wEUi su1·prisirtg. The entlre four-act dl'ama was given with Tournament wiJI be h eld sometime in




plication on

actors and the vel'y ahle coaching o f

m eet to St. Viatol· College f or the thil·d :,,'tudents f ol· the

t he: directors.

consecutive yeal·, realize the wonclerf\.11 mon ey dudng th e campaign.

raising of


th e

facilitie:s that are afford ed by Lhe large- students of the College and Academy es t and m ost up-to-dn..te natatorium in :1 • t f t 111 0 John O'Brien, lmpcn:~onating the an- the conference. have b ee n organ izec gJ·oups 0 en, cie nt and {('(·b l e- Zuch:ny, who fo J·etolcl a n d t h e group collecting t h e m os t the advt:nt of lhe !wist Chli<l i nto th e Viatol· To H 'fl 'HCii: ':l lcam. money cluring the campaign will be world, tJiaycd





Innkeeper o(' th€'


dition to the h ost of friends, th e stu·



bodies of Nolre

ufter the Chl'i:stma.s holidays. Th e p u r- emn High Ma.~s of Requiem wa~ sung pose of t h !s othe 1· m eeting will be the by the Rt. Rev. M sg r. G. M. L egrh;, D. same as the onE.'! \ \' edn esday night, an d D., proCesSOl' at St. Viator College, and the findin gs of the l atter wi ll b e l aid brot h er of

th e College team ancl to the Academy

h ef l·e the lar ge meeting.


this meeting the Yiatol· M:enlors sched·

t eam

t l1at comes out hig-h est




prize i:s




th eatre


Convent The So l-



given a Pl'i?.e. A prize \Yill b e g·iven to

welcome to-


a lax,.,.er meet:n" of alumni to IJe hel d and the College were present.

This year St. Viator 1 ~ entC" I'ing upon

fail·ly exuding years ag-o clue t.o laclc of interest.

lhe customary spiJ·!ts nf

.M eetin.t~.

This m ee ting was but preliminary

typical a n ew sport which was dl'OJ)])ed a few

exc·eptionally wa:; a

Prel i minary t o L a 1·ger

the most

,John O'lkie n Sh t r s


Th e funeral, he l d in Bourbonnais F riclay, D ece mbe1· 13, was pe ·haps the

Contest for S tud ents. should impro ve athletics h ere com::Ccler· most im]wess i\·e and l::u ·gest there has T here is to be a contest among th e ably. been h e1·c within recent years. In ad-

The Rem·epart of the student- se ntn.tives, in a·wal·ding the $Wimming


Class of 1S!l6 he has aided the institution in every way p oss ible: and it was very common to h ea r his voice on the 'd I' v· t thl t' t Sl e mes as Ia or a e tc earns were contending. F un eral D ecemb c1· 13.


- a. polish that h i nt ed of st r enuous ap- the fil·st pal·t of Mar c h .




t:plendicl and enthusiastic c1·owd of col-



IJoth of th-e High Schoo l De-partment. marked su ccess of th e p 1·esentation.


ancl l ike



acco unted, in a large mea.EJure fo1· th e



yea l's an active business mnn of Kan-

English and Public Speech and Bro. ] ;mmett .J. '\\1 alsh,

know n

man of Kankakee, died early

Tu esclay morning,

Thfl personal supervision and d:rection of Mr. J.

Number 6.


The at

foll-owing Alumni



the deceased.



F. Ryan, C'. S. V., Pastor of St. Viator w er e pn;:sent Church, ChicagQ and a former J>l'efect


l.<.,athers of the d eceased , was the d eacon.


~\'ards pl'us]let·tlve bo:u·d~rs yet, ill-con- uled a dua l track meet with Elmhurst dinner ,p~rty for the. l\~o ·wi~1ning James Fitzgerald, T. E. Shea, Louis Rev. Joseph Lamarre of Chicago was - "Ndlng his unea.slm:H~ in heing- forced Coll ege and also decided to enter the /teams. 'Ilns contest begms Jmmecllately O'Connol·. Edmund O'Connol·, .J ohn P. the ~Ub·deason. R ev. \V. J. Ben;in, C. lo lhc limit to Pl'ovltle comforts to th\" Conference 1.'rack and Field l\-Ieet at in order to give th e students a chance Fanell and John Danett.






Several lay S. V .. of Newman Hal l. University of

h osteh·y. Bradley.

to work cludng the Christmas Holidays, Alumni were inviH.d to attend, but l\lil'!-J Lucille Putz seemed the living .Mc Alli ste1· pJ·acti ca lly managed and will close 1\I ay 15 • 1930 · \\' €l? unuble to be present IJecausP of Ca.11ta ins Ch osen . previous engagem ent:-. 'UUntt:>J·purt of the Ylr~ln 1\l otlwJ• in the i.o complete the basketball and ba seball l1Hhli-hl:'m 5tnblf', MlH!:i Putz was de- schedule for the coming year and the Father B. M. K e lly, C. S. V. has tlrvlng or 11 t,n·l'nt deal of t'n·dit in for- (.Wr·een uncl \Vhite arc assured of a very chosen the following c.:tptalns aklng her poRt rts llhrn.J'Y manager to stiff schedule. hllo\\Juw tlu· t·ole of thl' HJt.. :-;.. t·d Mother.

l·!tlwunl Ca1·r·!ty very c.n.pabl y lntroduc·rl P:H'h nd l.·1 tlw <UldiL·nt"

IJdur·e the


Thomas \\'a tson,

Doyle, Pau l

Dil l Mi11s.

Robe1·t Puck er. !i'ran('is Car·l'Oll, L l oyd





Til t•





f ~ht·ph• l,a,],

Th e mw,;ic


was mPm·

bers of the Villag-e C.:holr, thl? St. H.ose

On the e v enin g of D ccembe !· l?, the companicrl



lhe Ylatarian,

~,.~ that



~looney. ..



Altat!-l .


played by thC> H cv. Ed·



piano, aaxap h Onf', and vocal selrctions X. llaz•·n. ('. H. V .. or Hrnvf'r\'lllt•, Ar· re>ndeJ·ed by tal£-ntecl membe!'s ut thr thUJ' Glnu·cl ''t ~lcmwncC' • .Josl·ph r... u.






and the Modt·t·n \\'tn·Jd . ........ Phillip 1\fackf•y, sta lwart l eaf"ocrl:.'t" "·~ Professor A. N. \Vhitehe~d Fre~hmnn ('Jr.t.~fl. won the ·~ win· Pruct·s:; anti Reallty \Thich was a quality ~-; having

ProCessor· A. N. \\'hlt~head :\lls!-l Ll.l<'!lle Putz nin~ nf ~t nvnwgrnm dot..•s not merely \lauril'' Mall•TO nu•an a ~uf'l'lch ut am•,tmt ut P~trtic'ipatlon in lntt•r·colh·.s::-fate- cnntbt~. but al· 'rht;,> :\"~uur.-- of the Physical \\'orkl .J •hn rrnrh-n Protessm· A. S. Eddington Thl su tlw \\lllin.l!'n,·s~ nf tht• ~tUtlPnts to ('0'l't !l.tnid uJ.,.'I';> \\ lth tht' cnac·h ;mel to a Plays Cor nls I ln\\!u·tl Hro.·k··r (_'t' amnunt CJ! ability In t>ach and Geol·ge Bernard Shaw

l Sttt-slh,·nt




Donald .Andf'rson. FnmC'is C'anoll. Fan·eJI. Barry Hartigan, H(IW::trd BnH:-· Byron Evan!. ClnrPnN• H.omO.t'")'. ,-..;·n- ker, Joseph ~lurphy, "'llliam :\Iocklr·r.



('u~ l 1 ,, 1111 0 " ~":


furnish ed I>Y a c·hoir· co mposed

C'hoi 1• and the J : 1·otilel'H Choir; tlw ac·

t the dtltlio·nc·l• that thl~ play W~>Uld h.. rc enneth Paul Graham. \YIIIlam Sulllvun and club, W:lS preceded hy a Vf"I'Y lntcrt!·t· 1nly th{• tir!<l o f ; 1 l'-Prlt•l" ~J\·pn h y the liam Todd, Paul ()'l\lclllt-y, "' lng tall< by F:lthet· Maguh·e and the L'lothh:r, "'llllam H amilton, Ma!·tln E:Uwurcl G(•rrity. usual business mc>,.tlng or tht'l club. 111'ltU·r ancl Ur·amilth· x, ,,. ty uml lhat Tuohill. James Furlong-. E:dwaJ·d 'Veb· The ::>UCC'N·cl ed In carn.•lng h \'i•r.v wond• rtul Jnl vnt UJH '~\'~'l't..'d in '" ~ 1\' 1'00 1 "~ R I' ( 'JI' \ '<"D .,,. \\.·illinm C:i111H)I1S, EU /lunt. l~·,·ancls ........ > '- ·~ •.. . . ~,, ·~ ~ IJff the honor·s in the c·artl gum('~. 111 ' inhtn.l apf'C•armwt· or yt•ar ht· anrl \'incent IHE L IHH.\.RY of



fir!-lt Co llege Club Smol<er of the ('UI'• gal' Boun;ct. n.t VlatCJ' S il•ld ,·n ,,,.__. Church, Chien go. M n n y clen;y fmm r ent 'cholastlc ylar· \Vas ~ "' College Clubro-om. Th e affa'r WHH nelghlmring- tiJwns WN'f:' p 1·(·Hcnt: Ve 1·y ~ponso •·ed by the Juni or Cia~~- Th~:: Rev . ..1\f~,c;-r .. V. Pritnl'>nu of !\LruHc_ono, H.c·\·cr·€.-nd Fathf'rs F'rancJs ('h·a ·y of 1 entcJ·tainment consh:ting n f e~u·d games, \\r(-l.l!iPJ\.a, Han!~ Darchl'> or HmdiE>y, F.

.\t a mt""(c!ting- of the Athletic Board What tht• nt-w :-tag-o luc·lccd of ~t. Yiator Colleg-e held Dec. 16, fif·j l'ty nnd s<·l·IHry wa:- Wf.'ll ta.lten tef·n men were awarclNl lt•ttel·::l. The uf hy tht• ill{;'f'llUity nf the dJ- :tthl~::•tLs re('ei\·ing thl:' much prlzeLI ;,V"

'lttnrs. It \\.'a!o! tlh- gl·nt'l'a ll y • XJll' Hst•ll w·::;h


College Club Holds Smo!{er

"":u·n e. Kenneth Clothiel·, Martin Toohill and Byron Evard. L PhT C S V p l Fathc·t· eo I 1ps, · •· ·• r ncipal of the Acade-my annnuncc:s Lhe fullowin g captains for the Academy: Yincent Ke\1)', Gendt·on Leg-ri.:s. Patrick

11 111'1 1 '


Middl et on,

Football Men




Monograms Awarded to

·urt;\.ln was llftt•d 1'hP •·• Ct•ntly l't•nwtlt·lt·d l•:rstmwnt of tll)y ll:\11 ~f"l'\'(d adlllirnhly as :rn audl·

for the

College department:

Illin oi s. and Rev. Augu st P ell elie1·, S. [ S. S .. .Pastor o f J\1otre Dam e, ChUJ·ch, Ch i cago, who anointed M 1·. Leg-ri!-3 in his last agony, celebJ•ai.ecl Low .Masse~



John Bull"s Othr;>r Island

lll"i ".<·, ,. outfit

!rom thf' finn of Dt'Q\\"n a nd M!Jls. "nud" l)oyl<•, loyally ~trivlng- to uphl,Jll tt h r hi 1 )' h1 1 h 0 •e onor s ,. aH~. c· In<' t t r· ''booby" prJz(•, whi,...h \\.' a."l ll l11vr·ly metal !Janjo from th" fn_moU!i \\' I wonh company uo. Smokt:"s and rlf'll~htful




l-5. V .. <of J .' 't'rfi iJie.

I '•.


'Pu gny c,f Pullman, A. Cerwgf', (:fl·:rrd Pi('arrJ


Sa\'~UT of Sl.


C'hicugo, M.

Mornbl c·a u, P. ])ufHu\t and .J. Me~ally of Kfl..nkakec.


L a r'J:!'P Jl'~unJ i y S un, h·c~. Lr·,t.:Tis /f-1 l'i urv fv o<>d by two hr·l,th -

r·nL .l\1!-igr. r: . i\J. Legrl~. lLnrl .f:l'rr•d r~rlck Ll•gl'ili, Hr·nlor. br,th (J! Hour!Jr,nnalM, by hiH wltc :n-li l :t t :un ll ,v of C'ight c·hlldr·r·n. Mrt;. LC>.t{Tik was ((,rmr·rly Ml),l!-1 Evangf··

lin~ r~ar~·nt. ~Jinl~tt~r


rlaughll•r tht·



lhl· of

Prlrnr, Qut•).Jf•f',



VlatQrlan wl~h~>H to t·xtl·nfJ



Pa;<" ' l wo

THE VIA TORIAN P ublish ... d Bt

w.... k!y


Throu ghout th• Sch o la tt r Year by the S tuden t& of S t. Viator Coll~g e L------------------------------ ~{1( hb unci~ Mr Thom.a..~ 1..-grts h l"e' jOf- {'\. W ST A~ FORD ... ~- _ .. . . . Ed1tor-in-Chief · 111t Frl > Ill' rt-turn 1 tmm~ t• :t LLOYfJ 0 WAR . F. .. .. . .. .. . Managing Editor o hbo "ork. CII .L MILDDLLTO.' l. KEN~ETH C LOTHIER .Athletics BF.R:--. A RD G EY ... Aiurnnt Edt tor '.!ll,..auK• e I '"""' nn t JARI.ATH M WATSON .................... Feature Writer I th~ """ all• nat I<Tid H PA L L MILLS ............. Feature \Vriter J· n HI k ·'<•d. • l•t th JOS F.Pl 1 I .OGA~ ... Feature Writer ocorod lhla year hy l l •ntu•tte• :<>I· ROBI.HT TL,;CKER Fea ture Writer I oil t•am. I~ polnta 1HrP th~ "nrk <•f C RAYMOND SPRAGuE.. lnqutring Reporter hi fa!!t an• I •blfty half back ln the PATRI C K M CLEARY .. Campus Briefs nrnlng troc ·~""""· J"hn '"""'""'c 1"' 1 HA YMO~D M BOYSEN .. V iatorlana 1 put u f•·n mon~ f•·nthe-nJ In hl-c hat, Circulation Department JAMES R. HULL ROBERT G. DOYLE jOSEPH E. GRANT VINCENT CRAWLEY


tor he-

th" r•·putatlnn .. r heing- n



r• C'Pntl) H. ,.

w:1nJ'!' \'hurdl \' .,



United Cigar Store Cor. Court and Schuyler "'r~tt h Ia~·


't tt'lt" m:w.

n"ld his PIUl!'«'~•



I u~


nnl l

thnt ull \\'1!-ld"rn '" nnt In h mkl'l, t h: 1t 1tw \'t~r~· llrl:'!'ft• n ce n ! nwn llkt• F.tthPt



QUOl; i


Complete Line of moker ' rticle~

,, r

hH r ~llC\\ I vrn hl .. tdh•n'"· " wrrE' Cull t• C wltcolnm, whll~ vrry In hl!t


C'hh ;IJ:u, .1nd his

J l;lli~h



Jlttln u t it \\n~ nl\ I'!Chool m.\tte~ ..\ h' How lon.a: will Ill)(" hc t•'rt~ ynuth harn ..

t lw fi nly X a me F und t ur thP n•·w T••ch-

Entr.rt-d a s Sec ond Cla ss Matter at the Po! toffice of Bourbonnais, HI.


•nchwt••fl h~· .t~ath('!r l 'n"'t r n C ~t. r:;,J.

t.ant. F utlv-r l :AI \\ oLnl f:o"" lt zpa t r kk, C. S.




r c,,,.hNt, c·

Sub oc ripi10n Rate : $2 .00 per Annum Addrr•• All Correspondence Referring Eit h er to Advertising or Subscription lo The Viatorian, Bourbonnais. Ill inois

Complim nts

lt lv tn l


t•n ll ~ h tt•nln"'.

Fountain & Luncheon Se-vic;.,

Thf'rr nn• Ct•w

Trade at

m•·n nlll In lh<> worl d ltl•lay who w ould


th1• ..\ n:hdlo<'f·:-.;.tn Jr ·ly no t gl\·(· t:w w. fnrtunt' nr g lniT tt) hnn·1 Under the Act of Marc h 3rd, 18 79 . =-:nmt• ~("wilt·" are t•ri'( tin~ nt.~ar l.t'-~ltH••l hal C thP li Ctl ht~ lh·t·ol. H nw man:r _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ,mnnt, TllinoiM. r lht\ hn\~ nf (tllh\\ , , •• ,uz~ \\h,\l ~t Good Service H&J'dware \"llPU rs m•. L n<~. 1:\e-r} man \\hn Reach, Wright and Dibon JoRt>Jlh "DuC' l<" Hl h ·}, ':!6, 1 ~ a ~a l t.•!; h. L!'4 l•et n o~s~•<'latPtl \\ lth Ht•Unt SPORTING GOODS mnn f +,r an nil c·nmpany in Dec· ttu r , hns l •· t t su m ethln~: nf hlm~t· lt eve n It hl' a nti CIIV(.'no~ t£'rr itt n·y I n tht.• ~o u the z· n hns passed on . . \\ 'l1w St. \ 'latru r!-1 PfC 129 E. Court Sl Kankake• p;u·t u t th{• ~tatt>. He ha:-~ play...-rl prv ft.·s- the Cncl:' o f tile ea rth nnd thr> In fi uf'nt'l• ~.tu n a l foothall thf!-1 yf·ar with A ~sump· u f t ht• mf'n a~socintt·d with It wlll ~til l n•maltl.- l•~athf'r RIYnrd, l•'at h£•r ).I a •·· tlon. Ylrdt·n nnd l.kC'atur. !'llt•, Fa th('r R ya n . ·FnthPr CJ'Mn h o n ey, .Jnmr~-; P 1--lfe1·. ':! 1;, IFI :p·!JI~T-tnt !;!ecre· MonMt'h:ne ut- Lt•g r l~. F i llht'r l.en nnrtz, llnw llt ll t• tru·y o f th(' K nights o( Co lu mbus in a nd n hos t or ot h f'r~ th ~' va lue ~pl'ln ~ r! e ld . l n thl ~ po!11 tlun Jim mu s t w ro , w h e n I n ~c h oo l, lotfl \\ o f Cr lt• tHl ~ h i p with m •• n llk r> th e:.-Je. T...l!c be r£·ml nded o r h i~ co ll l:'~r> d ay~. w hen The College Boys' Favorite hrln J.:H fe w m or e LNt utf tul mem oz-l es. ht.' W tl!-1 tl ckl'l-WkH Cnr Fnt het· K e ll y . Place to Eat. and as t he yea rs n t' li Ce ('t't•t.·p o n , th t· \\-l' wen• g l ~ul to fwc• Joh n ' 'B ud " \'U !U l! o r suc h n...'4~oclatlon ~TII W !'I on us. Bourbonnai.•, III. THE CAMPAIGN Cla ncy, '~3. o! th(' \\'hlte ~ox. wit h us I n thl~ lettf'r I tnt>rt.· ly wnnt tu pay my small t r ib ute to F at hi•r Rh·a rd's mPm-~ W e wi ll not go to sch ool forever. but are dest in ed r e l ativel y last. Friday , w hen he came O\'E'r to s oon to pa Hs into the ranks of the A lu mni. When we become A lumni, :-lt.·e th e Var!-! lty bt>at Carbondale Teach- or y, a nd to lay a IJl tlt· roae ot Jove in , - - - - - - - - - - - - - - so w e a re to ld by t h ose w h o have preceded us. o ur outl ook on Co l- •·rs. "B ud " l oo k s Cin e, and ht• wi ll cer· his ha nd . He may h u \ 't' pn~Af>d beyo nd le g e a nd o ur opinion of our o ld school wi ll undergo a cha n ge. No taln ly be in th e ve r y best ot: condition a nd be now reapin g t he res ult& or his nlr·nl

Philip T. Lambert's





doubt w e will b e wai l lost opportun ities. refl ect that we h ad aspired w hen a co uple of months f rom now he to the s tars. we wou ld at l east have reach ed the m ountain tops, rf't ur ns to th e Sox cn.m p. where as o n graduation we might find ourse lves barely emerged from th e bowe ls of the eart h . Bu t threnodies and salt tears for l ost opi\!r . N. Mnrcottc, 'U3, o ur local barportunities have been hy1nned or shed so often it is trite to say more. be r . h; ::.lowly rccoverl n~ from a ver y

li fe of ,s.:-ndll ness. bu t hi s mPmory w ill a lways be n li vi ng f•nli ty nt dear t.Jill s t. YI;Heurs. ~J ay a ll the~f' men ll ng('r on In o ur mem ory n~ th t.·y cannot dn In II({>, a nd may W (· <~ l>nrt•(' l ate t hli"i r

!lo wever. the sec ond statement made above, regarding o ur c h a n ged ~e rio u s 11Iness. opi ni on of o ur s c h oo l after we l eave, d ese rv es so rn e few r emarks a t

lives nM w e

thi s lime. w h en the campaign for funds for th e Coll ege is ge tting under way.

Hugh 'way


t he

Class of

th e y 101a g ine. to squander their paren ts ' money. and what is more

lament a ble, their own g orgeous youth. Others reg<ord the p lace as an ins t1tuti o n that h ".s sprung up a round an athletic team. or as an cX!p e n ~ iv e winter- reso rt complete ly e xtra- territorial to the kingdom

of th e m ind . It is s trange. but after g raduation all of these will almost lo a m a n b e unite d in a commdn bond of deep respect for their college. a nd will desir e ea rnestly to see it prosper. There is much commendab le prid e in being ab le to say you are a gradu a te of a famous Colleg e or Univers ity. There is a more real nnd ge nuine c a u se fo r e xultion in claimin g c o n nection with a small •c hoo l labo ring und er featful financial burdens, that somehow or othe rs m a n ages to k eep its pla c e hi g h a mon g the high in the realms of le nr ni: ng. a nd turn s out fini s hed sc h o la rs . g lorious C hri s ti a n g en-

('h ct G.

T~;h:·~~:(:~~ =-;a.'4

\\'oo<l, · o~ .

n ot a llottea s utficte ,t 1

Thomns "Red" D un ne. who com plet· t"d his Academy ami two yt.•ar'i 0 t: Col· h·s-e wit h the Cla..<;s o! '27, ls w e ll es ta blished with t he Hoyal l ndL•mnfty Co m pany, Claims Di.·partmtont, 166 , ,-est \·an nure n l .. Chicago.

pete in the pz·lze s hfJrt "tory co ntPa t being sponsored by t he Vintoria n. T he con tc.!it wn!'l Cl n~t a. nn,wnced in th e :-\ov. 12 l!-!sue ot tht• Vla.toria n , n.ncl DPc. 9, 1929 . was ~f·t aR thC' t ime limit Cor the sending In nt: ma.r:.W"l'riptq. This l!i by no mf'an~ ennu~h time In whlc·h to write a prizf• Hhort story. Such a contest '<houhl Pxtend r..ver a • pe r iod o r thret> mon t hH. I MUgge-st the editor cn ntl n ue the crmtest un t il a Ctl?r the Neme~tl' l' examination. To Brother .John T . R yan, '25, ot John J. Ryan th~ Ylat• nan St·minat).' In Washington. 1 h' stud('nt~ anti faculty or the College 1 extt•nd sincere !-!ympathy upon the A Fn·~hm~n RE:-purt or the Junlorhi'

!ather, ,lr.



W.G.CHILD Sanitary Market 346 E. Court Street Telephone 137



tleme n to take prominent places in all the walks of life. St. Viator death oof

Coll e~e.

Bourbonnais, Ill.


back wh en ' Is sti ll with the )Jew

\Vhat is our opinion of our sc hool now? It is difficu lt to for- York T imes, where t he VJato z- welcom e mulat e a universal statemen t. Some regard their school as a place Is stronger than e \·er.

wh e re they are "'llowed to sit a t the feet of the mighty of mind to be fed w ith the accumulated wisdom of all the a g es. Others are here,

Telephone Main 1987

;:~~:.~rl .sin cl·rel y ·

O'Donnell , o!




Ryan. Fro>shmen Game:

No Cbarge for •Extru. w e ca n proudly and with stric t jus tice say, belongs to this Burial took place· at Lo~ _\n.:;-f'le~ L'al Thr.! juniors. patrklu.nH CJt: the school seco nd class o f sc h ools. \Ve are proud of th is . but it seems that from hom" of th"' decea.serl and the link between the rabble and n1 e r e ly s elfis h n1otiv e~ it \vou!d be _ advanta g eous to do all _we c~ __ j thP unattn..inablf!' Senlr.~ -s. condescended to n1 a k e o ur sc h oo l s ttll m o r e tllustnous, a nd "\¥e c ould have In add1 Tn (ft"un:t" Bun·ola~. "3:!, ,.,.e extend to cnt:<Jt:"f'! the Fre..;hmPn In a game ot ' - - - - - - - - - - - - - - h o n t~ e ~~ d ed ~1 o tiv e o f g r a titude for wh a tever we think our Col- ~ our c nd"l"'nces up~•n the ,}<>~~h ot his haPk~'"-thall. Th(:lr jurl~+"mPnt , r thei r ; - - - - - - - - - - - - - - le~e- 1 ~ ~ 1"\ m g U s. . uncle, Peter B(lreola..-;, who tii ...>d at AI- owr.: power wa." \'indicatE-d by the 1!-11 Rig ht now , b y un s:tinted effort on our part. we c an do mu c h b\.ort ~. .:\Ilnnesota. DPCember 111. verdlcr. The Fro~h., !allln~ to appre· fo r o ur sc h o ol ln th e prese nt c amp a ig n . The Alumni view their Alma I-~unl' . 1 !"•~t·vict·~ wE-rt> ht-ld the- follow- dU€.• properly the r.n·or being conferred 1\lnt e r w ith m o re truth th a n we, see ing it a s they do in perspec tiv e. i1:.; ~,rlday in Kankakee. uvon tht-m, di~co,· thal the Juniors nnd c onsequ e ntly th e y n e ed little indu ce ment to help vvith the camcouJ<J be ,,·rork(>d e<.a. ... i~r than a pansy paig-n : th e ir c o o peratio n is a ssur e d . But it is a trifl e harder for us to Junior Class Notes on a 1)iano-scart and soon plied up an We Supply Sl Viator rea li ze a ll the r ea.S;ons w e h a ve for w o rking hard. 11-5 lf•ail. The uppt-r classmen. like th'!' F . 0 . SA VOlE CO. T o c om e t o s o m e thing more definite. it is clea r ,,;e should a s A meeung ot: the Junion was ht:ld t'> potlr tt·l .. phone q-irl, kept plu;ging right I ind iv id u. ls a nd a.s team s st ri , -e w ith infi c it e e ndeav or to raise: a s plan a H•>lhlay Smoker tor the mem- alon~ untU scmeone r~me-mbered that Dis tributor nlu ch mo ney as p o -sib le. k n o w in g that th e a m o unt \'\'e v.;ll procure o:N c·C the Coll<>geo Club. President r ul ..;hot~ count halt as much as fieldf o r the Co llege " ; ll be the n1e a su r e of the added prid e '"'e can take C1•.•thi~r a...~ked that the m<e-mbers of the cools. The Juniors imme··Uat.eJy beg< n in o u r sc h ool wh e n w e beco m e _- \lumn i. wi ll be th e expressio n of our ·la...,,. help him in ew•ry po.: "-Sible way to re'\-e-1 in an or;y or !r~throw . g rat itud e fo r wh a t ,.,.e h a v e rec eived here. and th e pro of of our in order to put the- ~mokf'>r 0 ,·er sue- n-h..-n :h.,_.. ~cor~ became 11-10, a l.!oul:tt Demand wilhngn ess to d o our o wn p art in th e g rand w ork o f Catho lic Edu· -<fully. ~" :o f rm on the mind.. o! the c a ti on. The comm.ittee in charge of t he ar- F!'t:.,.bmen as to ~hi!th€'r all ~·as vn:·U \~ 'e mus t no t b e d eceiv ed b y t h e fallacy that the relatively "t:'anc-e-!lle'nt~ con:o:... . -;. o( the !ollow!n~ l)n the Hardwood Front. This doub: small am ount w e m ight c oiled is negligible a nd tha t therefore our m ... mbers: Pre--•dent Clothier. Georg~ lx-c::une a definit"-" au,.-pfclon t.t..a: tb~ "ITS QUALITY SATISFIES' efforts would b e futile. The spirit o f cooperatio n w e sho"·· e,·en if Hy11d....... '\YIIliam Todd and Uoyd Warne.. r~!~ree and tan~-k~eper were s!Jghtly G.. ARSENEAU BAKERY w e can collect but a trifle, will spur oth ers on . and moreover we ThL""l b tht:o Ia!'l"· o:-..>claJ e~ent c! the pre!udlctaJ ~h~n it was !·Jund t..h.a.r t he should al ways remember that the great wo rks o f the world hav e not Coli ~ Club Get~.>re th-<- Chrk- n - game had aln:a.dy run teo minutes o~erBourbon:naU, b e en m a de possib le so much by the g old of the g reat a by the cop(Continue-d on Pas:-= F our)


Yellow Cab Co.

Everybody Likes


Arseneau's 'Uniform



Page Three


Tuesday, December 24, 1929.

"The Poetry of Rupert Brooke"

Closes his memory, glooms his dream, =::::l:)CllliC=::::l>llDIC=::::loclliC=::::loClDIC==•~

By J. Anthony Mathews

Superb on um·eturning tides." a a -.go< ac::::= In his poems on love, which form the Con tem po, by Jo hn ana R u t h Vassos-.

\\"ho lii>s the roots o' the shore, and

Few men \vere so obviously born to di.<ltinction

as Rupert Brooke; he shone grealer part of his work, the same IIi-

tensity is felt: it enters into every one pOinted expectations. He had no clisad- of his many moods. Brooke was not perhaps much more inconsistent in his \":tntages to contend with; his athletic phil osophy than other men, but he had and irtte!Jectual gifts matched the this perculiarity, that he cared little for by John Vassos and accompanying text beauty of his fonn and face. Of his There are twentyper~;onal appeal'ance, a good deal has Lhe watertight theory, and was too by Ruth Vassos.


of recataloging,





was shown t-o me before tt




~~~~t~~l i~n a~:::a::t i~ss~~~~t,I t~:o:::.

two large full page illustrations, mocl - mal"l<ers, and so on, working at top speed. ""hatever the rush of this speernlstically drawn, on the most characteristlc phasas of what seems to b €1 cia! task however, the e''eryday worlt alternated between moods. and set them of the library must go on and in this all down with sincerity notwithstanding cal1ed American civilization. The ill us- everyday work. publicity has its full that some were moods of belief. In the trations posess a sophisticated dignity mood of ''The Hill"; and, in nearly all cases, an intelligibility share. So when the Christmas season "\oVe shall go down with unrel uctant that is very often in modern- approached, the spirit of Christmas in·

w ould h..: grt.>atly jeopardized, since it would mean my voluntary withdrawal from the Eclitoric'\.1 Slaff o f The Via· t 1 N t tl cl't 0 1 1 : or an.f one, n: even e o~·1 in-c hie ' seemed to e great Y arme ·

place indeed,

honest, or too d-etached, to tal<e any account of his own

:::~ ~;e,:enhti~ "~~g=~~:et~~;:u;J~ms:::

things to say. . -And then you suddenly cried, and lk d waved fair hair, ta ·e mdolently, and admired as much as he turned away." wa.~ admired'' He was tall, and He is splendidly or sadly convinced easY in his movements. Either he that it is alf a Yain hope. But in "The Stooped' Or he thrust his head forward Great Lover.:· he cries: "Oh never a doubt but, somewhere I unusually much to l ook at you with shall awake," his steady blue eyes. There was at the tirst contact. bloom and charm, and And in "The Soldier'', he bids his most of all there ·was life. To use the friends think of h is heart as a pulse word his friends describe him by, he of the Eternal Mind, giving back, the laug h e d ,

was " vivld'' . \\'hen his first volume of

thoughts by England given.

poems appeared it gained at once recognitlon which his friends anticipated: among the new constellation of the


Collee-e ~

inconsistencies. He


tread iRec drawings. John Vassos has spired everyone to have a worth-while, athned atlnlenootlnnlcyems>e.n'mtpat~a~ I,·nreceived was and if p oss ible, original Christmas dis· the Issue Rose-crowned into the darkness! caught quite well the wild fury, the play. Each one "put on her thinking then f orthcoming eulogies of the dead Proud we were dizzy and reckless activity with \Vhich And laughed, that such brave true most American life of today moves. cap··, with the following result. woulcl take up the space usually allot-

him as "a golden young Apollo" , who h I d made friends, adm rers , a orers w er-

~:~:r~~~:nb~ioegh~~·gth:t:~~sS~s~:nc~:Ya : :l; ~:T:o:e ,~:;l;nu~~~o~t~v~,:~:g;i~hhte:: In

Great swerving



monstrousl y






the ted to my eulogies of the living.



of eno·ance to the reading room, we placed insulted that I was not allowed to write a h olly wreath, in the center of it a in that issue, and resolved to come mediocrities, exotic chaos and formless Christmas card that we had made, us- back with 'a vengeance this time. I be· representations

phantasies are the media through wh:ch this modern Greek-Ameri can pr-esents his ideas of post-war America. It seems he has succeeded in catching the tl·ue spirit of the clay and has been

ing a plain catalog card, in one corf h" h d II b n er 0 w IC we paste a sma oy reacling an enormous boo i< (thi-; picture we hacl cut from a publisher~ advertise e t) Tl th d f th d the first illustrator to present it intelli· m n . 1e o er en o e car was gibly. The accompanying text is decorated with a scroll cut from the Wi'E-tchecl Engl ish, but is admittedly a same l ea flet. At the top we printed true echo of America. The text's MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE

came determined that a slip of grammar on my part would not be a sufficient cause to deprive the worta of my 'visdom. The reflectioils caused by these occun·ences, and also by a reading of t h e 'I d Fi , E h C 1 f n ex 1 nger, 1 xc ange o umn . o The Niag-ara Index from Niagara Falls,

hackneyed phrases emphasize the plati- LABRARY and below this greeting, N. Y., cleter mined me to write this week tudes of our life; its superficiality is an the verse (home-made lil<e the rest of on the topic I have ch?sen. The hand

He was alternately a passionate be-

:~ev~~~ a;:n~e:i~~~~~ts~:~:~c- v~~n .. ~e::.t~::

exc&Jlent example of the poverty of American thought; it-s noisy and un-

the card!) that wields the "Index Finger" too Now there but five days needing, much as if sugar coated pills were be-

natural rhythmn, its conscious striving

Have you done your Christmas read-

ing administered.

Fulsome praise , an of utterance, seemed to call only

"Thoughts on the for effect, are ind:ces of American ing? unfavorable yet quite tame and proper bt·avado and r eckless search for fam e. The gua,·d hole of the catalogue card o,bservation, and then more fulsome Shape of the Human Body", he pro- The prelip1inary judgment, then , to b e was hidden by one corner of the en - praise: that is the procedure. T he

for enthuRiasm. The volume was fol-


lowed by a number of single poems, all


ami freshne!-is put forth with such sure-

·'Kindliness'' in



opposi te sweet

convictio n :

lies at most,

lo-ve, passed upon the book, both upon


grows pictures and the text, is lhat it is a

he:tuti!ul; then came the five sonnets false and dull, "and a ll l ove is but vE<I·y accurate representat:on of 'this ot War, a self-dedication and a fore-- this.'' "It must be so, for man's very Amer ican tempo.' ca.q:t of a happy wan·ior's death. The nature is a deform i ty in the worl d o f It may seriously be quest ioned 11resentiment of his death can be seen ideal love". In his poem •ul'he Soldier": But· bitter as Brooke can be, h e Is whether this is a l·t. An a l·tist is a rare



{'l'his de~cription of the Christmas T1·ee in the College Library, 1928. ap-

with catalogers , typ!sts,

rlay". Mr. Edward Thomas speaks of



Exchange Column

Th R E h e enson d'Etre of an xc ange Column. (E. P. Dutton ancl Co .. Inc. $5.001 The first l etter to The Viatorian's The first pictorial interpretation of pea,·ed in this week's is~:J-e of "The Li- new column "The Critique," the letter our fast modern Ame-rican life, hns brary Journal"-Eclitor's Kote) . II been recently published by Dutton unDuring the last few months of 1928 In t Wll c~ tl~e sugg:tion was made to der the title of "Con tempo,'' illustrations St. Vator College Library was in the Cll t le 'xc lange 'ditor from the pay-

{rum first to la.~t. and seldom disap-

been said. One who knew him, writing f th d iJ ap s said that In one o e a Y P( er ''To look at, he was part ot th~ youth ot the world. He was one of the handsomest Englishmen of his time. His moods seemed to be merely a disguise !or the radiance of an early summer

A Library Christmas Tree

Book Reviews.


''elope, which


tacked below and writer of the column

on which we had printed:

Mr. Library Friend St. Viator Coll ege

That there's some co 1·ner of a fo-rei gn flelcl

There was

Thn.t Is !orev er England. There shall be In that rich



richel' dust

concealed; A dust whom England bore, shaped,


made awa1·e, ways to roam. !ish air, by




They did not

know it. They did not l(now their time was





TREE blunt

a tree laden with BOOKS! Treasures

ideal. For that reason a confirmed sat- o f divers l<incls from divers lands! Sul'e-




m a tter in ,vhat






cess. Vassos is a satirist; an imp r ess~ is always for a lower ionabl e, he has fo 1·med numerous un-

as compared with a higher. It is the favorab l e opinions of Amedcan

ht•(•n tut!illcd and

d ee ply mourned,


o~ Br'<>olte,

of othe r s,

it Is







ca nt than any of its pages. These two boolt may and will be acclaimed

as a

tlnnl volume was rccC~lved with a(fec-


tionat~ admiration. such as has sel dom h<·•·n glnm to a young p oet by his con·

unequal gems nor the indlsc1·eet revelaUon

of a




Loyolan', that "It is not conservative You can say what you will of

prod u ct



instead of


bindings! bracing radi cal ideas. We are not con-

that a little girl might covet for her comes _more





have fini shed with that, we have a lot

Most of our works were in English, of a miniature

illustrations,· bo1·n this day in the city of David a

his story more slgnlfi- their crystall~zation, are

\'Olumes are

fo l·

of nice things t·esist

to say about you ."

the temptation

of making



Since the opinions :1 r e any- Bible with the text, "For unto you is geous sport with these petty lines: ti


u·ue that the poet is greater than any thing but flattering, the of his poems,

Next about

Books a little less than two and a haJf cl em mlng you for your stand but m ereby four centirneters-liliputian books ly showing where we disagr ee." Then

toclay), and has put his opinions Into con::;h;ting first of all


enumerate." observat i on

the making of many books there is n o being old f as hion ed but we rather ad-

so1·did. the revers e or the arlisllc p1·o- languages

Dust, and a filthy smell.''




lows th e mild

makes what seems iclcal to moM: men en d", for we p1·oduced them in several mire being

burns with another.

lll'ooke. Lastly, when that forecast ha<.l



~: u e il·ist. can never be a great artist, no ly, in the workroom we felt that "Of enough.

They did not know hie llymns \Ven:i silence; and her limbs,


)f ge n ius into

But we have

f ew adverse things to say about it

mas waees that we had to offer in the ancl, if you will pardon our being so

simp l y , but quickened by the presence libeary? How better than with

by with one feeling, at another time he opinions of all thinking m en in America

The beaut y , the coura~e. and the the

paper ancl, that is that .

But how best to advertise the Christ- a

si mple truth that at one time he bUI·ns zntion (tor the most part the pecul!ar doll's library tabl e.

sunli of home.' ' is

woman like the Slm.

they were dead.

His contempt

A hody of England' s, breathing Eng-




That had served Love

Gave, once her flow ers to love, her

\\"ash ed

the power of presenting reality through "There was a damned successful Poet; his own chosen m.edium, not as l'eality

'Loyo l an',

Bourbonnais, of adjectives in our comment on this Illinois publication fo~ we are sol d on it. To So much for the Christmas d i splay on put in plain l anguage, we like your

realities than other men, and who has

Men's Love"

these sen-

t he

from Del Roy Hills, Venice, California: ''\Ve are afraid that we will run out

"1.r I should die, think only this of not cynical, as we see in his "Dead creature who sees more d eoeply into the the bu ll etin board.



tences of comment on

Saviou1· Th ere

whi c h


of clever at\d wNJ · d ese rved pict orial dia- peare,













tl'ibe on the American and his pet ! et- numbers of other English and Ame 1;.

thing El. I'C but a matter of agreement

b mporaries.

It wa~ made clear that

they are fragmentm·y passages from a



In n gTent moment, black with storm,

~·:J:lirltual d1·ama. How deeply f elt and






theory that right and wrong In any-



wm only di sc uss the idea of criticism

Lord". expo und ed In them. and

too young lover's secret, ishes. but no keen



It can wl"iters. But 1n a library with a or disagreement? Only the coward h1de a goodly p1·oportion of foreign works, in





bC:chlnd ''de gusllbus". And if something

Ruth, a college where many of the Fathers is wrong If a piece of writing Js wretch·

~~1. hL" rudlnn l'C hnd lightened the eyes of how movingly uttered they are may be have been strangely caught In the and Brothers are at horne In ancient. eel . if an id ea is false, must we pollte l y hiR countrymen. judged by any one who will t·ead the lnbyr :n th of the America they sat"rtze. an d modern languages, we wished to say we don't condc mu but only c)j fl.



~ ~-

1t ha~ bL•C~n questioned whether such sonnet caled ""\Valktki":

In the Foreword John vas~-os takes the-

have at leost one representa tive from ag r·ce?

rf>Jllltntl on, won

trt:Juble lo say: "If I

the ancient and one from the mode 1·n s tandards to the writing, anu.lyze





it were, b)" aurtn



''I recall, lose, g1·asp, f orge t agu.ln, And

tJt :\ nati(lnnl <' Is Jlkt•ly to st.nnd

thp tP:-ot oC time. Naturally, timt" will tl'lL bul It rnny be noted thnt Brool<c-'s work


1'\'lllfl.l'kttlJie tor Its

nt'd Its t"HLility, tho


l\\'0 qualities which


method was

mlovtt•\-1 rath£'r thnn lnYented, but was 1\ •nu tht' h.•s.·-> l.ll1J:;lna.l. "rht:' content or



heard, o1· known,


but not, n~ som{\ havtl done,

He manlfe!its the artistic, colo1-fu l envelope llnJng o f

If the verdict is unfavorabl e, don't apn-

or two thut l oved-or dhl not love-


l rJg-lze ancl half reverse It before lt. Ia

and one


\ !Qn or lhlng~ In tlkm~dve~ common-

t' This may 00 ca~lly provec.l by -rb(l 1-""L-ih": "''n u. t.."()(l} <'Un·tn~ worhl ht' lh'S . \nU riN•lt·~ whh u.~rk \'l"stn~c~. Th kln,J lul:Ul"l•HlS 1-lJl~~ nn1l stool ·"b!lt,..~a ull his unln•r:s~ to ft.~~~ \114.1. \.;.1\0\\ 411\l be. th\l c-lln~lnG' stream



were pagans, I








influenced by the

:"iew Paganism of Amel"ica.

lshly, A

ancestorli an ear l y-mailed Chrlstma.!:l card p 1·ovld-

think, but because he ed

\\"hose perpiE>xed heart dlcl evll, tool - has been overmuc h




lining- anno un ced.

(Continued on Page Four)

The traces

some or. Jlell1 nlc Paganism are few and ttl-

electrtc:ty Paganism

Ruth Vassos criticizes



"\VIltred in ot

lite: Ya~.sos with






at- iwn·

n tempw. the satirize it into a non-entity;



senslbl o







praise, wr· h avP- a 'Critique ot Puro HPason': if tl'fvfal ancl Inane, without

and radio. The ~vii I~ flouted-but show In all dAta!! cear-dn.r; to be J<antJan, we Is not. The old th1 tvll.'' This Is just criticism ot sev- 'Cr-Itique.-- ot Pure Nontu:mac·.

to cut the tangled thread:-~, nnU with GrNI<a at least gav~ religion a plu.ce e-ral times borders dangerously on this thi~ drnmn


the critique or. College Journalism. H Hpecim cns of coll ege writing are gJvon

to us ohM<:enlty.

other sea." most t o1·gtvable, the frequent nudes and thr- :Mo\'ies: "Woman Is tempted but It Is the cry of. one haunt e-d by r emem- the allegodcal deification of such 1JOE:'~ n<Jt fall-but show the tempting;

\\ th~ uh~nlutl' n\.--ed, nn\1 Dt•nuty n Ulbsun·~ tribute took the torm 11lath·r or Yislon. lluw lnt..mse yo::t ~hart pot:>rn r-aile-d "The Going":

how ortginal Jn its lnt(!n~ity was hi~


me and remember that my anceston1 p1·oduced wa.o.; Indeed a de Juxe editio n: If we can't do thia. better quit wdtlng.

I rt llre Lnvt> nnd Dl~nth. Ill;"! spenk~:t of ci!ic. Drnmatlcally, too, came the war mode1·n


hf)pe not. "\Ve should apply

tale 1 have ~ touch of Paganism. you must forgive group. 'l'he small Latin book that we Lest the Ideas, then present the verdict.

h ·- l>twtry· hls 1-iUl>jects for the must L>rance In the Circean Isles of the Pa- rorces as

ot tht• s~;\rt'h tnr It: for blm £'XPrt'Sshm


An empty tale-, o! ideleness and pain, nfLe 1• all were Hellenic.''

In romblnutlon lun1c nlwa.ys made !or t•Hnlant.·n ct.:". HIM adlstlc


have also shown

H.NtHrm ru· nonHr·nHr·

C'l'itl~l7..<'!4 ('ol!Pg,.




we: may find In today,



'Suhway .Morality," but in dolng' Ho h1·- Hh(Ju]d c·n.ll th(•m by lhf'lr tight nn.rn<.•M

thE- Gr, ks were shockin~Jy l'en.llstkal f•om£s

h("n· 1d!. wlwn WP. !Jnd th,.rn, and not mflk<· nt "lh·-~ g'·n~. tt timf's, but in their extant contrlbu- ThP lJ{'JoSt crilfc:sm of thF- brJr.k l!-4 to ~ay 1-:x('hnn"'' f'olumnA pucwill! and colorI dv not understn.nd tons to literaturP, painting and sculp- that th("re !-!hould be- a twenty-thll·d IHR v£>rhlut:f·, nt:·lthf>r br1t nr,r cold, ancl 'I only know ttJr(> thr-r•:> are !~w e-x•tmplf'R wh ,. illustration and text. with "ContPmpo,'' "·h!f·h (~v,·ry Jnt('llfgr-nt p(:rHrm ur1tH1 Thn.c n!4 he turned to ,::o they df•litt+'rately went out of th~ way J.:r Va81!0:1' for tltl~>o. rNttlln):;" lft Nm!itt:.dnNJ to vomit forth An.t w~,-ed hls han•l, t11 b6 )b~E"nf.:>; mot1ern Pagan!Km Is ol•· The !ipltndld makr·-up CJ( tho btJCJk, with c1ulU• juHtfffablt~ dfHhlJ ~t . In hi~ yuun~ eyt·s a ~u~hlf'n g-lory --u·•·IW tur the mr.-re !<ake ot • b!ie'"t>nlty th(' sur1f:rfor· r.larlt:r of lhP plctur~"-~ ftnd \\'lth apt1l()gfr·H to the Blrv·k Prine(•, ~hone, In ··cont(·mpo'·, t~ t('Xt t•.!<pPclally !-IP\"· thP niJvt:-1 prr:senta.tir,n of ce-rtainly nnt a.nrl 1 H:UJI!Jf,HI, t() the rhythrniHtH, J takr• Aml I w;L"> dazzled by~\ ~un~l"l ~tow- 1'111 timf.,'-1 borders Uangrr..u~ly on thl:i novtl Jll <L"'', the mo~l Hh.;-niftNlnt aiJ my mr 1tL(J: '1-ftJOI 8f.Jit CluJ Mal y

.-\nU hoe





the worst kind or lmmoralJt:r. gratul- thing~ ab(lut ''Con tempo,"


Tuesda). December 2-1


Page Four

Viator-Anna's All-Time Freshmen Lose to Sophomores 11-5 F oothall T earns










Jn thE-ir

V acant the campus, the gym and the store. In sipid the student, the boob and the bore. All are gone for the short Christmas vac. Th ings won't be the same till the old crew gets back. Ohl where are Santy's li ttle red pants? R eturn them fellows and give him a chance In some real way to spread Yuletide joys And en liven the hearts of good little boys . N ow sin ce C hri stmas comes but once a year, A tru e sp irit sh o uld prevai l of friendship a nd c h eer. M a ry C hristm as

.I£ ..






t•frt 1f'l to impn: :-:






Sophn· ld•U·t·mu~··. Th•



IlulC"her day (>\"l·nin&;" altE>r d1:qwl ThE" l•~rosh. with



L(; .....


_ Rll. .... Lll.

flnl? di~re~nrd





Fn•n, h '''1rk




Tht~ Sophs


canll' out o( It, hoW{"YI r St.lphomon.·~

.t\ tter halt timr, t.hE"

.. ........ "'ittler all.

Marlowe grabbed the lend nnd never relinquish-

part or our elevens is ed it.

they actually p1ayE"d.


F'ield'' was packed.









S.\t-\' 1-:l'H,

tlw nid



- - - .. - - -



- - - .. - - -

tlmekcepe. •·s


six notnb:!.

nlng'R scot'lng with


THE l 'l'tiTIQl' E

Du ~run~t nh·ht nu1· ?.ur Snrnnwrgt·

(ronllnuccl from Pn.r~l' Two)

N;.ln, auch hn \\'lnl<'l", Wl•nn t't: ~~· nf'it.

around to the crowd and had

rall1e1· "Pepy". All

chn~t' tht' lint·~~ u Tann(•nhnum, 0 'l'.l.lln cn httunl,

bOflk Wl'

\\-1(' g-run !:Jincl d••lnt.·


the intellec· time. The a(oremenlioned suspicion

throug-h center for first down. "Osca.r"

It i s somet im es h ard to decide where t o spe nd the Christmas horice". Th en too, little .!tlso.




"Fr e n c h' '

Cuires place,

Academy ,

a nd


"camp -

"Mun sch-au se n ",


1>1-:H TAX:\'1·


red C'O\'t~z· fnt' lhl~ vnlun

\\'t.• wwd n

The Viatoriana is ra.ising a Chr istmas fund for the poor singuiar tual star::~ wet·e out, even " 'M oon". On gt·ea.tly strengthened when the game nn 1t dernrntt'd It with n Sen ega lese babies. Won't you please join our su ccor list? the first play Swift "Burroughs" was declared over art('!' Joe Hoog'H xnow lll(lt.•n.

there i s




"hilt• Ink, tho whnlf• t'n\'tW ~icllaco Then

"Edgar" whisker$ three linws to lend the eye.

the h o n o•·cd ··ouest" al'l'lved, escorted




Carnry turned out to be ~uch a g-ood


Af ter a ll there is nothing like good poet ry to s pread the old 'Thel<ho,·". The chee•··Jcaders. "Noyes" C hri stmas Spirit. and "Chatterton" were passing ·•o·



·h- glnilt• t•st '-'ll\ Land•)r ronvt>ntlon. stnrtt·rl to run th£> ~how loJltlt.• .J,. lan~e~ • The J),:qt r t"tl\'t"'l" 1 Lamll by, with anti lnr tht·m~t.·lve~. Enrt~~ In a rkh purplt.', dt•~.:or 11t1l wtth a til Sterne the S<'COnd JWrlod. tht~y hdd a 5·1 lead lht•<hl.llinn·hkt• J\ktlll'l' t1( tht.•

HAlT::\t. oc<·Unt·d to ~mm+'(Hll' nntl \' light~ ot that memorable game we now rdPrc-c that both sidN-J booed him only lt·lt thnt our trt•t• wnuhl nut h(' ~.11• withnut n tpwt:ltlnn t'1·nm t1 p•·esl'nl. n~ a matter o f principle. Culkin. ot the II was "Pater's" day at "Sackville". F•·osh, tickled thl~ Iron hoop's chin lnnd or <"h.-l!-!tll1n!i tn•t·~ So rnt· nnnth• t.hat




\' \\,U'I

\'il'l"l!t'' h• ~Pknt•Ur

"•llcte Oscm· and at the halt tht' $('Ore stood at 5 l'hrl~tmtt!'l

. QIL ........ FJ;




"h.\t ,.( the- h. '\t• Prlnt•'1.1 fn ttn~· k

"'at pole mc•n·s mt>t :10d dr·t~.· lt•·•l thf'm hy a S<'~>rt• t>tht•t· pr tllld\nn o( '' hkh w~ "" ltooker of 11-15. Thl~ J.:"O.nw WI\!'! ht•ld ~:ltUI·· partlt.Uk\rly pt·,,url Fnr ilh• t<'Xt ,~

RE ....



llt'manM ltogg LodgrBrron Swltt \\'lst:>ma.n Burroughs



to nm~h"l nut nur choiC'e furth•~r Up(•n th•· Fru•hnwn n :;;t~n~of.'


I arri-so n ". And, by the way, the Green " Mill s" Cafe is open



""\'\~ilde'', circled


Cleld goal put the thlnl

yN11• men in

the l crtd. A Freshman.

tield" until he had the "Ball-ad Read-

fir tn

:\'<'XL in nrcll:'r that t·V•·ryonc In tl ·wnulrt lwat· ahout


and "Trolloped" down the old "Mase-



dec·ldctl to plncl>

ftc-tr •·y




tlw dlHpla

notice In the HHt•d a




ing Cool". They then kicked tor a point Dear Editor: touchdown. "" Is a great game. yelled "Scott", who was watch· It seems that your Rystcm of h and·

P:tJ1<'1' Chrl"tmas tn.•e anrl Otll' rhyn ftu· it at l(·a~t Cltlt>d ou1· nl"'('tl:-o anrl ll ~h:tpl' or tiiP tnpcl'ing- t •·ep: ing lh 1·ough a hole In the renee. It was ling the- doings of alumni is givin gCorne- anct ~PC cllscove•·ed. h oweYel·, t h at Oscar had de· place to •·ather cmban·nssl n g clistinc· OU!' Chl'il-ltll1HH {!'('(''

To th e Antique:Why do you not e ncourage the State Ho sp ital to co ntribute to y o ur co lumn ? No o n e wou ld ever kn ow th e diff e ren ce. In fact some velopccl a "Bunyan" which gave him tlons. Some have theil' w r ite-ups pl'int- Huc-lcH In g-re-en anti hool<A In hlue-, of th em sh ow remarkab le mental acumen. l recall tha t one day I much "Paine··. So Captain "Kyd" asked eel 011 the first page. Others, equa ll y B1u l<s in l"1·enC'h aml 1-:ng-ll~h. too. was hunting an d h a d just killed a cou p le of wild du c ks, which fell tor a "~ewman ". "Victor Hugo", said famous and perhaps more accomplish· I ) ' <-om(' in and tal<(• a. l ook at my feet. An inmate approach ed me sayi n g, "My fri ein d. You nee d Manager "Boswell". Aw ''Shaw" he eel, recei\·e meager recognition in the At f:';l<"h charming- C:hJ·J~tmtts book: The Library not h ave wasted your powder o n those ducks. The fall alone would "Kant" play "Hannibal'' ye ll ed the paltry co lumn cal led "Alumni Notes". h ave kill e d them." As I remained th ere, ad mirin g th e b eautiful sun- c rowd . It oug ht::t. " Ben Johnson". This M y suggestion is that you convert the Ont:> ol the Falh£>1'S hni)()f'ninl=:' in suJ shin e this same fe ll ow sco ffed at m e an d said, ' Th e m oonshine is ra:t.zing made Cope rni -cus and Landor wo•·thwhile a lum ni notes into regular g-Pste-d our adding ('opiC'H of llw c-ollrl! b e tte r ". When I asked him why, h e replied, " The m oo111 is more Savage. lt sure beats the "Dickens" "..-ite-ups. a nd thereby humOJ' the paper, TilE YIATOH IAK. and th Acad(•my onP. TJlE \\'AYE:. \Ve g lad1 u sefu l than th e su n. Th e su n o nly shin es in the d'ay when it is light how that c rowct can "Crabbe", th ey alumni and imp•·o,·e yow· paper. e n o u g h to see anyway. But the moon shines at ni ght when we peed ans\\'CI'ed. and we'll have to "Lamb" A Senio•~. sE-t to work to puhliHh (r£.·•·t:Linly f the li g ht most." :;orne guy yet. Th e crowd was finally nrlnt, in one sen!ie or thP wo•·d) period S incerely-An Alumnus. quieted by old ".Makepiece Thackeray" The Critiq u e : c:al!'{ as well ns hook!-!. Then we adcled ---::---who said 'After all, what ::tre "Word&Your co lumn gives me an opportunity <-npy nt the Acatl(·m'y annual , TH. I t i s es timat ed

th a t the al a rm cl oc k

m a nufac ture rs contribu t e

mor e to the r a i sin g of th e wo rkin g cla ss th a n ajny other sing l e factor.

The Skeptics. Prof. Lowney-Now this substantia l form, wholly imperceptibl e to the sen ses in itself, d escends upon prime matter, which is absolute ly und etermin e d a nd mere potentiality. A nd then what have we, gentle m e n ? Th e cl ass (in to t o simul)-N o thing , Pro f. ---::---




sent in f or \\'ilcle. He had been "cured"

- - - - ::- - -

How would you pulnctuate this sente n cesm il e d sweetly as sh e passed me o n the s tree t. Easy. Just m a k e a d as h after the g irl.

Th e young lady

1925 the graduating class agreeU, and

VOYAGEUR. l::ook!i and tl1rn punched and ti ed to lhto tre<:-.

pa.pen't we•

with gilt co1·

Dut the t.·ee must have more tha

nt nne ot the worl<Prs cut ou otter a definite sum ot (fmm lhe same attJ·actlve nnd w~eft

of his "ott-side" habit, and felt a little was tollowed in thi s by three succeed- books. "rasher". The game went o n with nef· ing classes. to ther



Th en




last money

the construction or an arch

minute of play the score was tied by o•· some enua ll y appropr·iate ornamental a cle\·e r play in which heacly old " \Vise- entrance




Bowlers Inaugurate Season with Tourney The · a nnual bowling tOll rna.ment wa.<:;











berluunced :-tra:,:;-ht


an explanation . I do not


In asking








<lently stepped. \\'ith •·etlcul(• and booJ.





on£:" stnut old gentlcmun nnd nne or th




i\llcawber mig-ht

done. and I believe I express the senti· or


lig-ures, nil ladf•n with book!


to the Co ll ege grounds. Th e ,\>Jc

man·• sh ot the bull to ''Newman'' for agreemen t was that the College would a touchdown.

Prof. Munsch-Now, I ask ed you if Miletus is m Southern Greece then where th e H e ll espont.

to ::t quc~Uon that

"Hil aire-ious to gl\·e expression

now ancl h ave them "Bell oc" t h at kicl<.". musl lu rl< in th e mincls of th e Academy St cl'ne old smo lcy "Bacon" was finally g •·aduates of t h e last few years. In

from the






wnf-4 decorated \\it

doubt that th e College has a perfectly sm~il l lloweTs and bright garland~ an justifiable



holding up


finally dusted

wilh and se-L fn sno\\

S~ur·day evening, December 7 _ Improvement, but I think we have a Nr>w It wa1:1 placed on a stand in th Three teams of five men each led by right to know that motive. •·eadint:" room. At its snowy ba..~e wer Archimedes prob a bly had the greatest feet in hi story. He once An Alumnus. ananged many attractive ChriHtrrul said'--Give me a place to rest my feet an d I'll throw the world up FL Kelly. George Hynds and Joe ~ur­ hook!-! from the library !-!helves and b¥ for grabs. phy contended for the honors. Hynds. neath them all Wa.!i hung the post~r assisted by Larkin. Salg, Duftield and To the "C'pperclassmen or ---::--.\fAKE IT A BOOK CHRlST.MAS. Then G. K. C h ester t on sat back in his c h air af t er the Christ- Flynn. maintained a lead throughout St. Viator College: Xow thl' Jihrarian and the worker m as dinner, h eaved a sig h of co ntem t . and, p l acin g his hands on the c:ntest , but in the last game the This letter is a challenge to the setr- in the <'ataloging room rE-turned to helcl


the o ld wa;stline. saidFront n ow...

" \ Ve ll , boys.

A ll

i s quiet o n

the Western


Do You Fully Realize-That J ack Dempsey shaves twice a day? That Calvin Coolidge eats two eggs and a strip of bacon for breakfast? That th e attenda n ce a t las t year's debate exceeded the c rowd that gath erede before Tetrault's garage to watch Pyle's cross-country, one-legged. bicycle riders pass through the mai n street of K ewanee, Illinois? That the power wasted annually by Wrigley devotees and Reming ton Athletes would keep half-a- dam in perpetual motion? That if Cleopatra's nose had been half an inch shorter history would not have been changed? She would have killed herself anyway!

That there really isn't any Santa C laus? Viator-Anna and Hard Hearted Hanna-han join in wishi ng you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Hooligan. - - - : : - --

\Ve can't mention Scotch jokes on Christmas so we make this a Finnish .

secon team staged such a rally that it t ook the supreJne etto.-t.s ot Paul Dut· field to assume th·st honors for his team. Paul scored the necessary point

styled supermen. the audacious auto- Dl·w~y and othE>r wel~-rht~· vc,lum~~. bu aristocrate ot the Sophomore. Junior e\·E"r'y now and the-n ~om"'one woul• and Seni01· Clas~es of St. Viator College to give the columns ot The Via· !-!teal rnml her deH.k t(J !-!~ ho,.,· ~h

with the last ball or the tournament.

torian, it Indeed It be

possible, some

:\turph's team finished a poor third. explanation or the apparently senseFinal score by Captains: Hynds 2303; less o•·gies or ''Hell \'i"eek". Freshmen Fr. Kelly 2296; Murphy 1956. The prize mas not be deserving o! the respect tor the highest individual sco •·e went to Paul Duffield for his mark




their lo•·dly



that rational


always act

the miniatur•

nes diHplaycd IJeneath ll.

Se-rt·na. f'ubla nailer

!or a puroose. "\\"e may be ignorant. but at






what we want now Is a proper expla· nation or ''Hell ~Yeek". lrt our intellec-

Jan. 10-Aquinas, here.


Jan. 13-Aiumni, here.

some reasonable justitlcation of what

superiors do not deign

to offer

Jan. 15-St. Bedes, there.

to us Is but ignorant folly, we wi11 be

Jan. 18-St. Thomas, there.

confirmed in our con\'iction that they

Jan. 39-Trinity, pending.



1-St. Bedes, here.

morons, who attempt to make up for


'i-Aquinas, there.

their lack of intelligence hy a blatant

Feb. 1::!-De La Sal1e, there. Feb. 19-Trinity, pending.

ar·oum1 it were groupetl taculty mern br·rs and boys 1'£-adtng

are at bo k~ hung- on the tr(-1~ and the ~

least entitled to the privilege of supposing-

Academy Basketball Schedule


tre-"" wa..<,4 "taking" and W(IUld com· 11ack with the dellghttul rE-port tba



display or brute




Barber Shop Agent for Down-Town Clean· ing, Pressing and Repairing Establishment. BOURBONNAIS, ILL.

torce. A



TaeedaY• December 24 , 1929.


-Trounce Carbondale

Juniors Too Strong For Frosh

Teachers p -~!,.rrt-d

\Jat,-,r ~:1t!al

tock took a sub-

saJ.n in the l.ittll'!



Xln~t~4?n Ex·

Amedee T. Betourne

Baird -Swann ell


Everything in Sportingv Goods


Cut Rate Drugs

On Championship Way

119 Court St., Kankakee, lll.

The- bn.ttle lrJr class supremacy was r.-.·I"J~n,.,.l





th"! nhcht ot Friday, Df"<.'em· wh"'n the- Fre~hmen accepted the Jun· ior'!IC

chaJleng-1:" to a basketball game. Althou~h tht Junfors were hard press-

Einbeck' s Studio

Edwin Pratt Sons Co. "Inc."

Our photographs are in e.'tpensi ve, yet treasured for their worth as living portraits. 153 North Schuyler Ave. Phone 407 Kankakee, lll.

Manufacture r s o f ev ClJ"thln g in \\' ire and Iron \York, Fire Esca])t.'6, \\'ire nn d Iron Fences. tore FronC,, Star Railings, Steel "' t.airwa.ys, Vent Guards, Struct ura.l S tool \York .



game fn an E'C· Bourbonnais boys had on their new 11 ~rrnfnlng th~ Gn:>f·n's lf•atl. tort to wear down the above mentioned uniforms for the fin~t time. and must Thi! JIM tJt the lanky Petlagogues .runtor stars. ha,·e been a trifle self-conscious , bero-ved 11'0 or llttlf'! hf'>lP In warding The game sta_rted ott ! with the cause tor the first ten or twelve minu10 (Contlnucr.l on Pa~e Six) tes. the play was what you might call tt th~ cl~•zzllnJ.r otf~ns~ rJl th~ MeAl· ragged. But then they snapped out of

un· stitut1ons during the


t o a slate ln th"'lr lrwt (•nr·<~llnt•·r (Jr Lh') ln!.l-1\IJO 8,·a.aon. J-· taln Evnrd l"d thfo lr1!oth att:v·k by nklllg t•Jur buMko-t:-~ und onr- tree

htu:t twt'l very good centers

Bobbitt's Cafeteria

a1·e It, and l:ltarted piling up the points experts In ta])plng t.he ball to their against the Shurtlet! Pioneers. Frank t~=>nmmates on the jump. Monical was Cas:ddy, t.h£> lad from way down in :t.lso a shining light Jn the visitor's Holyoke, Massachusetts. who, by the uuw Tht• rlynamle thtl•· t•Jrward !Jallle nrray . way, is supposed to be in possession Jayl!'d n brilliant ~-:arne an•! a.pp•·art>cl to The game wa.."! Cull of thrills and kept of very poor e:res. opened up the gnme ,. 11 r•·ady frJr tht• s;rcnlt·~t tw~n or thl." tans In a hJI{hly excited state. The propet· by sinl<ing a goa l Crom near 1 ctJih•gn t'l'tl't>'·r. [t niH, IookH o...<J It pr·p ot the Ylator rooters was quite the tree throw lin~. From then on. the Hy"' 1,. ug lin vut to rlf'>!r·rul hlo title nntiCf'able. game pepped up a bit, but not as much , hiJ:h puJnl mun In thr, Lllllf· Nln(·· Sl. Vtat.or as It should ha\'e. The !ir::;t halt ended 1 "fll. Ful'l'•IH.f, :.1. nwmll•-·t· ur lust p•ar's FG FT PF TP with tla.shy " Boob" E\•arll h oling one ·-1 1 1 9 underneath the hoop as the gun went un,l wh'J atartt-d th~ s.ramt• at c·enwr 1-:\':Lrd (t:': ,pt.J r 1 •C tht• lnl.til'!, lfJO){t•d nliJ.(hty goorl in i'l.qmaa·y f •. -· 0 2 3 2 o!l. po•lllnn h·rt vacnnt by the lAl!ey, t -· .. .... -· .... ., (I 0 4 Evidently Coach 1\Ic.Ailister s poke 1e pfvut ·' ufttlrm h! " H(JOk!ot'' O'~Lltlt~y Ro· F'url··n~ . c --·-- - ·- 2 1 1 6 words ot meaning to his sqund dua·ing ury tHHl f'lnthlr.:r, nll"o tn•·m1.1f_lr!i uf lafll J lul~chl'r, c ................. .0 0 1 0 the lnterval ot the ha l[, because they .. -- - .. .0 0 0 0 came on the floor to begin the second -:-~r·,. tc•am, pl.u·•~d llkt• Vl'lt-r:tns and C'ar~on. c ... 1 0 2 2 period with t·enewed vim, \'igor, and tl &urn(lo mighty fine· work 1n hnldlng t~lnthlt•r . K 1 0 1 2 vitality. \ ;\•tthln a CE'w minutes. they J..:arr, j.{ -· •• ~ •Wn th• c•I-JJ>ti!!lt lon. '' .. 3 6 had run the score up consllh;•rably, and •nw raw• \n·n1 much t•lat..·d lJy tht· t ';l!-1:-!ldy , g' •• the Shurtle!t tPam had called third ·mt>· •hnwn !Jy tht• nt·v. rna.u·dnl In I 12 6 13 30 time-out. apparently to try to rtgure a ( ·way to stop Lhe fia~h of gn:·en that C'arbondale ~orm.'ll ·lr t·hunn tiJ "h""•' t1111h- \\ aru'i. The io...G FT PF TP was gotng paNt tht·h· eyes much too i.1tur lJ()~•Htt•tft an_, llt·~Ji:-l\ 1 ~1ng \IDOO 1 1 2 3 often. The A Iton team made n. f ew eubt:_.\llh!IU·r to "-IOOuth nft the rough !\-l lllt•r, .0 0 0 U stltutlons. :lntl changt-d the position of I'D ur lht tUJ hardWtlfld hi!JII·ruht. Jim L•·IZ 0 1 0 1 a tew othPrli, nnd actually did make a dto )', u lnt·ntlwr u! th~· Un l~L Sail\! llut!~··n~ .. 0 0 1 0 J fL·"·· Un..<tketH, to tht• chagt'in nf the VIa· lamplun hlp t•· arn n! )a~l yt· tl', re- \\'rl£rhl

360 E. COURT ST.


"Always Glad to See You"

t)ut u


"u•l'tldy, (tll nwt' llulyuk• t.

• U•l'

1 Ill

cam , ,



\ltoilllfl t


. e;U




lu In lh I:.otb rt•n

. li


lt• l"llf~ 8ltu·, plu~~·l





4 1

1 1

0 2

4 6 3 6

{) Hulht•rlfn. 111 \\·c·s. Jti!IO:•• : 14Vl•O~. St. Vla.tor.




\tu.s·l ~l'ol:d!-4

~-" \\hnli• l






Students Are Especially Welcome

In Rear of Arcade Bldg.

\\ilh &

tar pia.






" "



n bl


Kankakee, III. \




l 'ur·

facie?!; !Bremo Clo-thes

L __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Cor. Court St a nd Schuyler

Attendmg Surgeon to Student• and Faculty of St Vwtor Co ll ege Office Hours : 2. to 4 p. m .. 7 to 8 p. m . Phone Office. Main 33 7




Forty·lwo year. exp,.uenu 1n "upp l yrn~ Quality Food Productt for in titutional and re taur;,.nt requm·mentl ha1 perfect ..d I)Ut st-rv•<'-' and our value! b,.yond Qtdtnd-ry com{,iltitton ,

now showing

Plant·Kerqer Co.

Kankakee, Ill.

Leading Purveyors to the Institutional Table


• ~ ha' • cl lhr f r 'oun11 rn.:n. nalur-~ m~o. tmiveraity ~o-­


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Phone I lome, Mnin 3073

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and friends of St. Viator Co ll ege NORTHEAST CORNER SCHUYLER AT MERCHANT





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(Continued tln Page Slxl

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Merchants' Cafe Pullman Booths, Soda F ountain . Ma jes tic R a dio While You Wait. Phono


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When in K a n ~.;,kce You Are Always Welcome at the





1 ni~ht I'----------------.!

The snow last \Yednesday bet llth. \\"h~>n th"' ma.rkr·t f'los"'<l, the certainly caused many basketball tans U1t lrUh wu-.. wcu fJUroted at 3fJ, or f:'d ~[ various sta~es during the game. to miss a tast game- at the St. Viator gym. Betore a. ct"()Wd ot perhaps seven· L ftt1e VJinL J.-.a,d fJ\'F:C thf!! lltCJf:k o! the thf> tin:.d score was eleven to ten. The Juniors under the leadership ot ty-tive people, exclu~fve o! the loyal arliCodale T~at;hl·rA, Th"' nl~ht's busi· "Fat·· Carrvll presented a fonnldable student body, the Yiator team whipped ry E'XC'iltng lJUt the !Wild ,... was 't~Utl•<m ,,t th•! Viator pro=-!~rred gave ~~nPu.': with "Joe:: Hoo_~· "Joe" ~~ga~: \Shurtleff College, 31 to ~0. The game Pal f"1eary, Turk Shea, Rut began with the same 1fneup as did the o bo.Ckf:'f'll a J,:"re.~t d~l rJt con!ld~nce Hut€-ckl and "Just" McCarthy. The Carbondale game, with Furlong at tarou~hout the forty mlntH€-s lit uctual .tr-u;;gl~. A'! rully wa.."' attempted Frosh. under the leadership of PhU center, Evard and Romary at Corl\·ards, T l the Mackey, ha.d recourse to fr equent sub- and Clothier and Cassidy at guards. The

~~~;: ,:;:::}t~;~~: k,.:~:c~~:~ !:~~

Kankakee's Largest Stock

New Kankakee Hotel Barber Shop J

L -.b Propn•·



t-· c., .•. e lea'• w ------------·-· __•_ti__aai ___ Iy_·__·no ___ wn __.•__,_~ __··--'-~-~--·-"--------------~! t L----------P--t_ro_na __g_~ ________--2

Our Edelwei• Trad ... M .. rk haa bnnme th,. oymbol ,,f line qwdity food• p~. Wherev'< cJ,,..., ''"" intelh!('""' buy in:~ pr~ v. iJ. our ra.tiilt>v ;:, of intl'r~llt

JOHN SEXTON & COMPANY Chicago :\lanufacturing Wholesale Grocers



AT TH E ) !A.J ESTIC l)N·,

2Z, "The Rack~tecr" with Roh·

r-rt Armstrong an<l Ca1·rJl Lomlnrd. A JOO p£.or Cf'nt talking picture mystery,

thrllfH A.n<l ndventur~ aplenty.

(Continued !rom Page Five) The VJa.tor boys hated to


tUI·ned on the supet'charger of the already smooth-running motor, and when


Dec. 26, 27,28, "Flight" . .All talkie with .Jack JToll and Ralph GravesytJu Haw them in "Submarine", now hem· them In their latest and their best pkture "!J""llght." They' r·e up in the air now. Dec. 2!3. ''Song of Kentucky", all s!nglng anti talking- with Lois Mora,n and Dorothy Burgess. Into the bacl< hllls of old Kentucl~y you hear the Evard sweet strains of music. Addecl three Homary

acts of vodvll. Dec. 30, 31. " The Untamed'' with Joan Crawfm·d. You sa\v heL· in ''Our Moclet"fl l\<faidens" and if you think that was fast, see her in "Untam.ed". She's

I... affey

Jan. 12. "Christina''. Who was Christina, what was this elegant if not sweet createure? See this unique stor y and see for yoursel f. Added three acts of splendid vodvil. Jan. 1 3, 14. "The Ki ss". Gt·eta. Garbo a.nd Com·ac1 Nage l. T he charming Swedish actress in he 1· latest photoplay, with the ideal leading man . One Jnst Kiss and then--? VVell, se e for yourself. \ ·\ 'as she j ustified to kill het· husband? Yes? No?

Question:-\Yhom do you consider to be the most outstanding football player




··· 3 ...... 3 ............ 1 ........ 1 ... 0

........... 0 ......... 0 .... 0

........ S


back that h e played against. In the fi nal m in u tes of close games Carideo would handle the ball h imself to insure against f umb les. Besides bei n g a great leade r , he was a lso an exceptionaJiy g-ood passet· and k icker. His e<lucated toe, as it might be call ed, won the hardest game of the season, namely, Southern Cali fornia.



20 Jerry Holscher, 33. I consider Hed Cagle one of the most ·flashing backfield men t h at ever ran on the gridiron . A great ball carrier,

(Continued from Page Five) F rosh taking the lead which they held th r o u ghout most of t h e game. At half time the score stil l showed in thei r favor. 7-5 . T h ings p r obably was due to the courtesy of the Ju n iors who w i s h ed

to give the crowd a good exh ibition of hasl~etball rather t h a n a scoring- rampage on their part. In the second stanz:t the offensive of the Ju niors started working with the result that t hey speedily overhauled the Frosh . With about twenty seconds to go, "Joe" Hoog came through the F resh defense to score n. ln. sket and gain the victory for the Juniors, much to the joy o f the uppeL'Classmen and t h e d ismay of the Freshmen.

with Alice Day. AT THE: LU~A -




25-" Evidence''


passe1·, p u n ter, and was able to h it any l i ne wit h a great d eal of driving power. H is name will loom on the footba ll horizon for yea r s to come, as one of Vilest Po int's most valuable men . H is ability to captai n a footba ll e leven has SUI'Jlassed many in the Big T en. J. Comisk ey , '32. I conside.J.' Christian "Red" Cagle the diminutive half-back on this year's A1·my squ ad as t h e most outstanding player of the past season. Their record of games won and lost does not hinder h is being placed among the best. Ca gle made his play ing spectac ul ar by t he effective way in which he skirted


little defense, he was a sure tackler, and he

Alice Day, she ·was a darb in "The Girl was always behin d his line backi n g it '"'ith

Pauline Fredricks, the splendid actress of the speaking stage, plays the leading role. Dicl they have the evidence against her? Dec. 26, 27. 28-"l<'orward Pass" with Daug-las l<'airbanks Jr., ancl Loretta Younge. This harming pair have playell before and what a fine pair they are. l"onvat·d Pass is 100 percent talkie. Dec. 29-"Love, Live and Laugh" with Ge01·ge Jessel and Lila. Lee. A sweet. sweet story with plenty of pa-

~~:::~ i:r~~~:v:~~'s" Jan.


362 •E ast Court Stre


Bell Telephone 25 3 602 City National Bank Bldg.


and she is m ighty up. He \vas so sure of his t acl\les that


Dames"-Robert he was appointed at many times to play back in the safety zone even though Ames plays the lead ing role in th is mel· he was a half-back. odt·ama just from the stage, playing one of hi s first pictures! Jan. 13, 14,15-"The Marriage Playground" ,-v ith Mary B 1·ian and Freel Kankakee, Ill. erick )1arch. Edith \\7 hnxton's Novel Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing. "The Children'' as an All Talking Prompt and Efficient Service Dt·ama.-Society's Love Whirl! Ja.n. 1C. 17, 18-''Three Live Ghosts'' through our agent-\\'ith Joan Bennett, Claud Alliste1·, MR. SENNINGER Raben :vrontgomery and Chas. Me·

Bulgarious Butter Mil

396 SOUTH SCHUYLER AVE. Always Drink Pasteurized Milk. Our W ag ons Pass Your Door Every Morning Before You Have Breakfast

Roy HaU




McBroom's Cafe

First Class Restauran

Meals, Short Orders, Specials ~nd Confection, ~ Private Dining Room for Banquets and Parties KANKAKEE, ILLINOIS

B. L. FITZGERALD Insurance, Loans and Bonds 60 5-606 Volkman Bldg.

Compliments of


OSCAR "FOXY" BYRON I Bourbonnais, Illinois

IDEAL SWEETS CO. Manufacturers of

"That Good Ice Cream" Cleaners


Established 1908





Reliable Cleaners

thos and plenty of farce ! Naughton . Laugh w i th the three. live Room 219 Dec. 30, 31, Jan. 1-"Is Ever:ybody musketeers who wouldn't p lay "dead"! Happy" ,.,it!1 Ann Pennington and Ted J..ewls and his Band-some picture and how! Don't fall t o see this splendid Leave Your Latmdry and Dry Cleaning With att1·action. Jan. 2, 3, 4-"Unholy :-\ight" Loretta Young, Ernest '.ronence and Dorothy AGENCY DOMESTIC !LAUNDRY CO. Sebastian. - l\Iyste1·y, mystery, and more mystery! Rug Dry Cleaners Jan. 5-"Long, Long 'l't·ail" with Hoot Gibson. Here's a. rip-roaring KANKAKEE, ILL. western plcture--()1d Hoot rides as no one else can!

IL l ,


Both Phones 45 4

Jan. 15, 16, 17, 18. "The Gold Diggers Jan. 6, ?, 8-"Frozen Justice'' with around the ends and through slashing of Broad\>•ay" with Ann Pennington Leno-re U ll'ic and Rober t Frazer. A off tack le plays. H is pas~ing was so ancl Conway Tearle. The charm ing act· story played out in God's country, o·ut accll!·ate th<"tt the opposin g teams built thelr defense around the possibility of t·ess of the stage in her new t·ole as a where civilization is cut off. where a stopn,i'ng them . As was the case in the c;oJd Digger, and the irresistible Con· man's a man! An11y-Notre Dame game. Cagle was way Teal'ie the Lady's man is back Jan. 9, 10, 11-Little Johnny .Tones'' great in bucking up the line on the agaln.

Telephone 995


I conside1· Frank Cariduo, the Notre Dame quarterback, as the outstanding football player of the season just past. His generalship h:ept Notre D:'Lme in the undefeated co lumn all season. He 31 completely outsmarted every quartet··


·v.;·ade Fiessel M:ayf ielcl Nicolet Hiehl G r abbe Hester



A l Taylor, '33.

····--······ 12

N ~Ison

PRINTERS and STATIONERS Printing, Engraving, Office Supp li es, Loose Leaf Forms, Binders, Etc. 264 East Merchant Street Telephone 406 Kankakee, lll.

Practice Limited to

.. 1 ............. 3 ..... 0 ..... 3 ............ 1 ...... 1



Abbie Booth of Yale, the hundred and forty pouncls of highly concentrated dynamite, as he was termed by some ~POI't critics, iR, in my mind, the most ~-------------------~ outst:tnding college player of the country. He ran \Yildly through ali opposi· lion with the solitary exception of the CHAS. C. RIEL Y DONALD M. RIEL Harvar·d game, in which he was greatly handicapped with injuries, preventing ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS AND DEALERS him from performing at his best. El ectricians for St. Viator College ~\'latched against the greatest stars of the year, Cagle and Marsters. Booth

gloriously rose to undisputed heights to outclass completely his much heavier ST. Vl!ATOR r.tnd experienced tivals. Although I have FG FT PF TP never seen Booth in action, his 1·ecords ................ 2 1 on paper are enough to convince me .......... 1 that he is second to n one on the grid· ....... 0 iron.

Furlong Jlo lsher Carson

rnarvelous. Karr Special Midnite Show starting at Clot h ier Jl:--16. Plenty of Snappy Attractions in· el uding Ann Pennington in '''l~anned Totals Leg::;". ,J an . 1. "Jazz Heaven" an excellent prograrn pictu1·e w ith the usual three aCts of vodvil. .ran. 2, 3, 4. "Trespasser" with Gloria Swanso n . Captivating Glo ria said to be the world's best actress on the screen . See her in her lates and best Talkie. .Jan. 5. "Bn.ttle of Paris" with Gert· rude Lawl'ence and the Bergere Follies of Paris. See Paris at night as it o u ght t_o be seen. Added three acts of vodvil. Jan. 6, 7, 8, "Half ·v•..ray to Heaven" with Buddy Rodgers and J ean Arth m·. A marve lous pair and h ow. As p r etty a picture as you can make it. Jan. !l, 10, 11, " VVhy Brin g T hat U p" with Moran and Mac]{ a n d the T wo Black Crows the Two Black Birds. Nuff said .

The Inquiring Reporter

\\rm Gibbons, '33.

Sam McAllister again tried out all three centers, Furlong, Carson and HoiRher. Fw·long is at present the best bet, worl<ing smoother than the other two. Wheth-er thls is due to the fact that he has the experience with the squad or not is difficult to say. Howeve r , the rest of the contenders for the po::;ition ~He improving clay by day, and one thing Is certain: Mac will always have a reserve center· for emergencies this year-something he hasn't had in the past. The box ::;core is as follows:



Limeke~pet· Joe Richard's gun ended during- the past season'! the game. the score was 11 points In

Added favor of the Irish cagers. 31 to 20.

three actR of vodvil. DN:. 23, 24, 2.5, "They Had to See f ra.l"lf•'' with \\'Ill Rogers. Hear his runny wi:-;t" cracks. Poor folks !ind oil on thf'll' 1·a 11ch and then-They Had to SP.e .Paris. Three Acts of O<lvil Christ-

Tu esday, D ecember 24,

Wholesale Confectionery and Fountain Supplies

St. Viator College Newspaper, 1929-12-24  

The Viatorian, Vol. XLVII, No. 6

St. Viator College Newspaper, 1929-12-24  

The Viatorian, Vol. XLVII, No. 6