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Volume XLVII




1929 .


Professor Kennedy Senior Defends Juniors Elect Todd Short Story Prizes Model Home to as Vice-President Announced; Three Given Extra Duties Be Given Away College Students Judges Are Chosen Made Director of Admissions Fr. Maguire in Charge

The Junior Cl ass h el d a m -eet i ng i n rr 1 lhe Editor ot. The Vin tod~ n: ~Jany ~tud e nt6 hav e r e-ad th e diatr: be th e coll ege club room on :\f onday eve-

4 at:alnHt t h e HUPPOI-3Cd c o ndu ct of t h e ni n g- Novembe r · th . ~udent body o! St. Viato •· Colle ge Mr . Thom as Hayden, th e Vice-pres :-

wh 'ch appf' arcd The Ylatorlan

Th e p1·izes h ave been secured f01· t h e

F ath er Ma guire a n nounced last we ek St. Via tor college Is s p ons oring a Short Sto•·y Contest announced in the t hat Mr. Clare nce J . K e nn e dy, Pro- giant driv e t o ra ise m o ney to be used with sta rk ama zement, a t Illinois U nive 1·sity, m a king it n ecess- last i~s ue o f The Viatot·ian. The first f essor of Bi ol ogy , has b ee n appointed in pa y ing o ff p a rt of the College d ebt. in the


last Is su e of de n t ot th e class, r egiste r ed this yea r

i)l rau~· It waa composed oC nothing but ary to el ect a m a n to ta k e hi s pl ace .

prize will b e a DeLuxe Fount ain Pen I t o a n ew

the groR:-4<'Rt exa ggeratio n . P oss ibl y and

The nomina tio ns f or the o ffi ce w er e Hr>n probably the n porter wh o wrot e Mr. Fl y nn, i\1 1·. Cl eary, a n d Mr. Todd. artld (' In c ues tion m e t-e l y d es~ red t o The r esults o f a secr et b allot w er e in l b. 1 Jtart an argum ent, and I am d o ing now fa Yor oC Mr. T odd a s Vi ce-pr es ident.

and P en cil Set, d onated by Brown a nd · Mill s, s uccessful Campu S' busin ess men. The seco nd prize is donated by th e Coll ege C l ub, and will be an el egant and

utlctly what h e h op ed som e o n e w ould B ill ,

expen ::;i ve


h e Is known t o m ost of


ci~are tte

lig hter.


thL ,-alumny em th e student bo d y h a d man t o fill the o !lice. H e is on e o f 1 not hN·n dig nifi ed by th e a ppa.r enll y Via t or's best a thl etes a n d i s liked by Jt-nrncd titl e oC "surv(y", a nd th e,·er o ,·e e vE r yo n e th a t kno w s h i m .

Mr. T odd r eS" p ond ed, th a nkin g the f el-

J-r•·liUmnbl y baH r d on accura t e t'ac t, l a IHir!oul-IIY

rc•n<'h ed ,

W•·IJ.:" hed,

whk h

and mi g ht

al c.:o

cl ece iv

\\ h'' cl o nr •t know tlw truth. v.a:-~

carefully 10\vs f or th eir support in the el ection , those and promis ed

t o do all

in his PO\Yer

P e1·ha p s It to h elp th e c l ass out in e v er y p ossi b l e

wrlttt •n a."! a j ok e o n th e s tud ent w ay.

h" 'l)", I t t~u, It w as in ba d ta..<~.te, beca u se Seve r a l i m p or tant acti v ities we 1·e di s:t wa!l cnkul a tf'd to d o mu c h h arm . No c u ssed at the m ee ting and from the n~ who kno w R th t ~ b I' · f b i 11 11 • c ac ~ ca n e Jeve p rese nt v:ew 0 t e s tua tion t 1 s p r om-

o f Direc tor o f Admissio n s. The lio n s from e \-eryon e who w ill b e willing purpose o f thi s n ew d epartment is; to t o h elp the coll ege. T o enco urage dostudy th e m ost sy s tem a ti c and m e thodnatio n s, a M od el H om e Is t o be Klven ica l manner o f increasing the enroll - awa y, a nd N l Ch p er so n makln f:" a clona-

cent ~

the m ent of St. Via tor Coll ege . a nd later tio n of fifty

I would n o t pay a n y atte-n tion t o f ell o w s, w :n cet·tai n ly m a k e a capa bl e winn er happen s to be a co-ed, a nd has


o ffi ce a t St. Vialo t· College, Th e drive con s is ts In solic iti ng- dona-

jtha t

~: ·g~ nben:7v f~:~;~l:;s~e

of a ll o pera tion s a

or m ol·e will h l' g iven

tic k e t o n thi s hom e.


f o t·

cfg at·ettes s

a nd

ther ef ore

th e winn el· o f the seco nd p l·ize can use g rant ed


n ei th er



co·op eration


'l~h e

Mod el Home wil l be l oC'H l C'd i n

compact nOJ' a li g hter, an - n eeds, h e s h oul d b e able to in c r ea se the Chi ca g o,

oth er rwize g iven.



val u e


th e cor nc 1· or

b e number of s tudents attending St. V i a t or and Dr u mmon d Av enu es , In a fln f:' J'eS i· College v e1·y subs t a ntially. d enti a l !:o""CC ti u n o r the No 1 · thw £·~t Sid e. Th ree Judges. p f 11 h T h e judges have also bee-n secured r o essor '-en n ee Y a s n o t as y et It will b e a six -r oom ol on lnl h o u se, Th ev are t h e R e \•, Thomas J. Lynch, co mp l e tely o utlin ed hi s plan s as ye t , full y eq u i pped w i th furnact.•, f t·ig- idaJre "" a nd n o thin g co n cern i n g th e m e thod h e a nd ever y o ther m od en1 l'on ve n l£ n ee . D ean o f Studies, th e R ev. Jam es A . w !II !allow i s g iven out y et. H o w eve r, Th h 111 1 b



~,. n:~.'~',Jrt:~~ ~:~:l:n s~~~oc~ls. ab:~lh:r:;;~:

i ses to be th e b a nn er y em· t or th e c l ass

\nlli a m s, Pl·otessor or En g lis h In the


ReorgantzatiOD • • 0f

Hig h Sch oo l and D ean o f th e D epart- ol"igina l orga niza tion th a t sh ould with· tlfu ll y l andscn.p ecl.

flt,w doP.H ht• pt·oreecl





t h is

Indictment or the s tudent b od y?

Fl rt~t of nil Jw s uppo~"~?dl y Intervi ew s

' 31.

m ent o f En g li sh last y ear a t Co lumbus o u t

the Monogram Club

' "'lou. nnonymnus m e m bc t·• ot the tac· ult~· ancl nn on y m o u._.;; ''n?r:n·esenta ti ve mt•ml)(·rK uC thP stu rh ·nt bod y'' ' r c,gard -



the l"<•ll g l uu s a c tiviti es and co n · dw·t of lht• stu<l t->nlK. Hn(\ th en m el otll·~t mnc("ully HUmm;H'IZeR thc> Re i nter " It

Evard Is Elected President

Bn gllsh m en

th e


wi l l

r ead

Hig h

Th es e

S c h ool.

th e stori es-, se l ec t


ftl'St and S\:cond prize wlnn er·s , and will d csi g n at.e t h e thi 1·d an d fou l'th b es t s t o l"i es fOI" h o norabl e m ention .

\·ea l<!d that I n the One o r th e m ost Im por tant eve nts o f n. r eally the c urrent !iCh oo l yea t· W<l.'i the re-

Th e rules , printed in the l ast Vl,atC' J"i a.n, are t'(.•l)'-.""'d.ted her e Co t· r~ad y r ef-

· 1larmlnJ,:. ltua tl on exist..~·. 1t ccrLajn Jy o•·ganlzatlo n oC th ~ :'llo n ogram C lub . •Jd Itt• rmw t h lng mo t'l' tha n a reve- Thit> organization w a~ f ouncltd in 1927

erence. 1. Th e con t est Is open to a ll mem-

\ 11'\t'i,

WU 'i


1 .i on, It un y Hlt n<.• llll mUtt' c. r the Fac- b u t due to t h ·· l acl< or inter est an ll lt)" 1,1• lltU!lt•nt hody ~a id t h at t ht• pres· t i vitil•s t he club ch.•terion1ted into an ltn<Hio n

••us )·r :t·St


"a l a rm i n g' '

p rul Jah ly

fh•p lorNl

Sumt• or gan ization I n name• only, tht.· mcHing thf•

m• n


At a. r ece n t

have won


lhat Hll t ill' studt• rlts do nuL go t o coveted .. , ... in athlEtics decidtoll to re--

i s en volvl n g an y

d oubt

hers o f t h e C'o llego depa.1-t:me-n t . t!.

t~:s:r:·und:eur~:,lt~do/~ t~v~l~;';::ul~e~~:

v er y ela b ot·at e a nd a n:

a chi eve

ex ce ll ent

'l'h l, fan·wu s Sn uth

r-e - Sid e firm o f J ohn R. O' Co nn or a nd Co.,

Coll ege , Si ou x F a ll s, s. D. , a nd Mr. suits. .Ja m es All en N oJ a n , also a t ea c h er of

Hul es Re peated.

' 'i'l don nr th t- m ~: n l n te r v h:w cd

L oc kwood


ll(' i••ntlllr

r~r~·('ed ~lre.

'l'h<' h olrl c r of

the luc k y numbe t· in a. dra w ing t n b e Pl·o f essor K enn ed y , b eca u se. o f h :s h eld at a p icn ic n ext Jul y G will r t"'ce!ve lig h te r s , sh e will be a warded a hand- o l·ig in a lity a nd practi ca l a bility i s the th e h om e. 01 some compact. . i n the ev en t that ideal m a n f or an o ffi ce of thi s ldncl, and Mod el H om e in Ch i (_·n ~u. no

VI.atori·an Opens New Department

Column for Communt·catt.ons

i~ l) ttilding th e h o u se . <.:o n " tl'li ('L i on is t o b egi n a t o m ·e, NO th n t It wlll he com -

pl ete<l by F c ht"WII"Y. '!'h e cos t <> ! lhe h om e. w h f n co mpl et (' , \\'ill Ill' $:! 0 ,000.

F :-1tli H i\lH J.:" Uit·e J) iz·cd:-~ ( 'unqm i,:.:- u. Th e V er y l{ ev..-end J. \\". H. Ma· g u:,-e, c. s. v ., .P t'C'H id c nL or St. V ln.lor Coll q;<.•, Is In c h ar~e of llw c! U11palr; n. T o h ir'll Il-l du f th o necllt nr ('fJil('(• Jv ln g th e id c:t, a nd o f l a bori ng- lnN:<~Hnntly t or

the ~ U C('(•as oC the dri ve. Th:· h: • ~ a d ded I n t h e nex t numbe r oC Th e V la to rl an to h is a ll·<.•u.rl y num c·t"O u " rlu tlt•"' th t t ask it Is h o1wd tha t a n ew dep a rt ment will or f)(• I'S!Ina ll y d lt·t•ctl ng- th(> c nth·t· dr i ve ,

T he s u bject 1!::1 a sh ort story n o t he i naug-urated In

,to exct.•ecl fl rt cPn hunrlrccl w oclcls .

T he c·o lumn will

t h C'



kno wn


pnper. an d is In (.' !J !rnj;o f our 01. rl\.·t.· llnw~ u. T he week (ot· th iH !llll' JJOl'!t'. l i P l !-4 l wlng ilH-

3. All storh·::5 must be In the hands or Cl·itique, i\n d w i ll lJe op c·n tn fLnyone sistPrl now C' hi <• Cly lJy Ml· ,John H . the :\lanag-ing EditOl' or i.h e Vlatorlan , who chnosts to st·ncl In (•om m unlcn.- O'Cn u nj: r , an cl by i\l r. An tln·w l ~ ruc·kt.• n

~\ l r. "~anw, h y 11 P. ::\L, l\londa.y, De-th'~, hu t l ot·t'oi\ISt' sonw uC dl•rmarwy. CE'Illbcl" !1, lt.J:!9. The tlr!<t stt.~p to bt· takt·n by th•; 4. Manu.-cript.'i nl'ed not ncccssatil y t\' fl\\ t\}', h•1 W nU I1l ll Lt t•:tll till' sitU· n nlu rm lnJ.;'", 1 will H~ l ' l "l• no t to member~ was tht! e:kctiun n r otncers . l;c type\ni ttJ·n, l:mt mu!rt !Je porf ectl y l'\" • r r ti ny, Uut wha t guud prit .. l :-tUITI·Ct tho org-anization !rum Its :-otate

'' .ultJ 11111 tl•



col umn

t-stahllshe 11 In .d tht.• J-~xtt.·nl'4lon < ~lub.


J;ut 11 ,

ht fdHo

ortlet· ttJ ,~;l\"e <.·V~ I"Ylmt:: a full <· h am·•· to tli"J.::"an l zi n g l hco a llflnn l cxpretH>


vlf'W-. on

any suhject

hf' ('n ii L•gt' In

cho,,sC'~. n:lt Yltnt to t·o ll t.·g~~ ll f L•.

T he c,,Jumn I~ not on l y optn Lo t h e HtuclenL"', ilut t Q th (~ facu lt y, al u mni, st u n amea are to appear o n th e d (•n t~ i n uthl'l' !·W hfJOlH, ant! r,, ,. thnt


n f l-; t \ ·l11 tut· ]>1'!·1"111 Hor· l•fonl,

Bl oomi n gto n , a nd ot ht ·t' dtk , In o r·dt• r to h:tv t· fl~ m any WO I"kf'l"• 11 p·.•HH! bl ~ a~HIH t In t il l' clrJ v 1 -. 'l'h •· t(tU d l· rt t.-! 11( tlu l 'n ll r·,;t· wil l a l ~fl lu• lti"J.:'hlli?.l·d , u•m,

llyron F:vanl , pop ular thl't.·•· !'l)lOrt m a n le~ihl e. " U\'t •l" th t• l 'l'fll;dn flt• l" u( t h 1 )'t."U l", ami ca 11 tHin of foothn ll and hu.slt('tball, fmn .,; Jfl :lt J\'(• l'"l' }IU I"l• · t" ('{ltl )}1"0wa..~ honvn.•d with thli p r t•sldency. 5. Xo I U( UIH· 1'1 ' 111"1 ' l'n l:t ltv ~t u \1 1 n i who Kl'Oill'lh l'luLhif'l" W~ls t.'hiJ!"Cil to a..... ~ume manusct·lpts, hut each w ill be gi\'en a matte!·, anyunt· whu wlt-ttw ... tu t"XIli"N.tS and wll l nnt!PI"lalu lh•· c-;~nvlu lrw H! hlnt!l lh1 lt ua t h1n 1!4 "alarmln;.;-", lht.• ,Jut!•·:-~ o! \·Jcl."-pn·sidt•nt. AI FuJ·. numhl!l", ~ l r \\'nl'ne kP(• p ing- u. recor d hlrnsi..•IC on a n y lci(·~L whatHo,·v('l· t hat tlw lll'ighh·JI"ing Lnwn~ . •\laJ·mln ~·· ami '' du n g,·t"tlUM' ' ut·t~ fn.· ton~ wa~ ,_.Jt_~(:h·tl stc<·rdary and .Joseph of thP author. 1 '\ ' rds W1lh thl~ rq1o1·t•·r, \\"her..:Lu,.:-tn was L·hu"t'n tn•a:-tun·t·. In ·rlltr 6. All mfli1UN<.:ripts wiJJ hccr"Jme the F l'l'{'dnru \ lltm N L Tlv· tldt:• t f1u· th•· hou.u· will !) he .:: to t·.,tahll"h a rlt'finilP !c rm or rul(·s and pror1erty of' The YlatorL"tn, and n one 'l"h•.• \"latnrlan I to out until ar·fHJnl\ IJ•·•·•·rnll• r l It I ,r:.letilt> r1 g-ulatiuns ftn· thl• m.tlnltlllnt•, and '"Ill IJI' tl'turned . )JUiJJish <lilY l..ttt:r that iH nrJt ut C~ounw hop1•d lhf' pr.,Jimlnat·y w 11 rf( 1 ,( fo: L';llll· 1 flr,wnrlght, ill' ·tructJv 1·1y izlnJ.:" will h.tvt• auflkh·nrly pi"IIJC'I' HHt•rl by rt·l!~ton stamps ~>JW as "tl ,uthltt.'H ut th vr~.1n z.tllnn It "i. 1:"' h HlUthnt nMy "-Uhntlt nnly (JhKl't'Oc, or 1 al_IU!-<h- 1 •• Tht n hu-R t·l!m(• tu th1• n11lkl' th;d. lien•• to ltl·f.:<n lnl•·nHivu f'IJU\"lf~HinJ; h h '' ll ·l:<t ht• t'\"t r lJCen 111 tht• 1(uullll rwlt'.!> ... u y tu dru" up u t."l n'"'t1tU· ont• story t! tw-1 lr 1 t hfl m 1 1 -nin~ and tWt n man~· linn. .\ ~- .mmlttt-tl' h:t:-; bn•n H1 111l 1int• (1 Rmct thl' flatc, Dl't'. ~. I:t !a.."'t or the f•tLtunr. withiu thf past \\"f>(•J< Ul" .\l.fltll I,,., rnht•J" 15 al.o4fl, II• lin HI iln r t to t lk• t; thl " l·k tuH1 1t h; t:X 11 1 1 , 1 ·oach~u,;, ull ('ollt"J.: tnt·n who dr•.. J, Jnc.t. n'"f'B < r tlissatl~fa,·tlon \\"lth The 11 , llrlf···mPnt will Ill, mat!· ,,f th 1• vr11 .,,, 118 T P• t1cl ~hal u. • ..E'd:--F> l'i,..t uf l,y-l.a\\,. will sin• tn t•<:mpt·lt•, ure uq;t·1l t11 t,_•gln \', QlJPgf'ri g'l"i••\"<Ul('I'H of lbt• t"Qillnllttt·• H llWl tJrg.trd:i'..alfcHUI t),Ul ltn• tht.• r !-<lor M Huon. u 11 d't'Yl t In '"l '-ihvrt tlmr. "tU 1h·ntH, 11n1l ft(!\' 1 re tTitlt ~~~~. on the to tBf!lst Fatf1 1.,. ,\1. 1 ~.;-ulrt· In JOfLMs:(lng part <Jf tf11 (;u·ulty, I r Hl•\'f'ltd lhi!lJ.;"S tt_, [I.Jll( (•t)flf!llf'I!JIJ{ lhf t·;lfnpftlJ{tl Plan!t relathu t o a NOclal b·~ d plrn1·d fn lhf• IHUtl(•ntll. :\•1w Jr tl.t· 'J'hl·n• M ru, 1J1 linlt1 al , 1 In 1hlti w~..-r tlt!'\l"tiS~tl •nd It \\0~ d•·<+led that M M






"'"'" "'' ' r •

•c nl lund

h. rl.l hum• d lteil'

A c




I tun


Will .. ,

tl nil

h' M• d s 10 !'laSs at St. Bernar d



,Ung ro pre • • ,,Ja•' h c f th c ~ wlll not lJf:.\

c lvn

lur..ttod to c

trt-t' th••






\ar·U~ lt




gular ttUf"~t

,f tht:



mu ·ks.


'\ h'>

ha\"u Jua()n hn V••



( r IIE>r

, ... (·nrnp:dgu, n•· ,.rfi)J"t r. 1

nrf! '" 1HIV w••tl (,( tlu

t.J.,_, tfl


flllii·l' ll



18 tlu


t 11 rrwk 1, ~~y 1 . ,- y nrr J!OIIl'HI whkh foil

rfiiH 11 111••1

th•l•'- \'.tth

\'"3)Jt• or th r• ld1'!1R .t ha h''l•'·d tht•Y \r ..:lt•Jr ~ ltunh nt-d 'fhJ p1 1 n r rnhst.olkendlo'tntnt• t thl!t r ,;•m lng hlhO'"Jo' fnr lht. I'"Tiel(t l1 t.•••ll HJgh to Jr t (•lr vle\\s. "l -ok1•n ut ••n(·olJrugJngl)' hy nll "hom




indJ\"ttlunls "hu null"ks t.. • rnakt~


~c-b 11 gr1dC1l g laa , a mind .ll as 'oi.U sung it ::O:t ll.l11 b)


rronth'e H rn uti }-" J-:

( "hanc·t1 l 11 \\ r it t• fu r


Ti11J PI'"'



S• hr 1 tt d w t r uUlt J n"' c unn mom: lh•• st HI n • Lhl t 11) h-• .-;1:1d lnt or:t:of tht: mowt lntt T"( tlrat anti U.l.IK.I one d th m t V 1! •J C: Jur X fr: rt·•




inti rvh wtod


da't!, Jt Llf rrhw::T(·Jy h"J't·d lh t "" •. r he trlt n1li l j r ~t Vlatr,,- l'nll K" L11·


dflrnr.: Hl>l (•I h r r,...11• f u t w1ll , h fr J;en4::'ro.Is ,,art r rnaklng th" dr1Vfl th •r .ugh y flU~"~' Mtul \\ n~ the t:ompl,..tQ (.:lJm Itt~'• JJ ha·.·#J ~··n &t•J,., t~d th nnnrmnr.• rn rtt 1\"lll tHJ m:u1e In Th'J Vl..ltorfan. A full t l '~ KtTJr,tif.JO fJf th~ mr;~J("\ tlflr(Jt- Will a,;;~, ilc nrH,

Frida~. ~


Pu;c~> Two


1 .,

;:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~~~~~~ ~x=====xx=====xx=====x~


Alumni Notes.

Publ 1 h~d B•· Wukly Throughout the Scholastic Year by the Students of St. Viator College



JOliN W. STAFFORD.. .... .. ..... • .

1 lOYD 0


... . .....

. Editor-in-Chief




lh, f'-r r;.,


Campus Briefs.




•. M . .WATSON ' ..... ............... . ·.·.·..··..·.·.·.·.··...·.··.·.::: .. · ... A~~y~~i~ Ed;tor c•nunt •• r jARLATII


~r, .. ,

............... Alumni Editor

Subscription Rate: $2.00 per Annum Addre ss All Correspondence Referring Either to Advertising or Subscription to The Viatorian, Bourbonnais, Illinoi s

''""' 1ua.l,- Imp""'~''"·

a rl'sult




< LTrh!'tl nn

t.y the

s. Y. and

th~ 1tf·Y


F. H.y!l.n, C

It-,·tn r•t tu


ol ... ".\ 11.1t 1!'11 n number



on nnt·

United Cigar Ston


n ..-\, r..atvin. C. S.

\" . In HL Yb t ,- l'at"i!olh. ('hka!.to.



hun•h·e-1 n,.,,- men Wt·n• l"t-ct.~ntt:r l '(>• work ,,f T7...:tak \\'alton?"' {'l' ln •d Into the ,IIoly Nam Society I Gt·ru-g-(' Shf'a-(halt a!-tlt·t·p).

Cor. Court and Schuyler Xolhin~



Th•· Pa.ri. h <•nrnllment now • • 1 num1.H:•r1i ~,·Em hondr-t>d nnd twenty~ti~~ Smnll.--''l::;.: put up our urn fin• mem}l.{>rs, evt•ry one o( whom is hr.-.!la!-1 ..


" ':u ·ren Xolan, a

\vet.'' IJoh J·; v:11·<l d<·scrl h ~:8

i s n ow ru1Yt· l·t isln g manager 11i ll hox with for United Arti sts , nnd h a~ his offices ~·otton in ·t i.n Xl•w Y ork.

Fountain & Lunc heon Servq

man from th e




Mr N"olfln



cnmJJaC'l as <1

powdt'r and a

Trade at Philip T. Lambert'~

p ie-ce n f

editor of Qu <·!-(t lon askc•1l in En~ll~h Poet:-;.. \\•hut do 11 f> ('ll~l~roHo and I...' Allegro

Vlatol"inn in 1!324.

Good Service Hardware Reach, Wright and DitsoJ

Th (.• Rev. E. I...., C. S. V. , who mea n '!'' has b ee n confined to the Oak P ark Ronh· ont:> r e)lliE'd-" lln.ppy Hooliga n


Tl oo pltal f o 1· some tim e, i s r ep orted as and C:l oo m y r.u~." tmpmvlng again.

Complete Line of Smokers' Articl. 1

i\ l i~~ Taylor-":\'"n, Wt" mi~;ht get th• m

1, RPCnl n fe-w clays wit h us rece ntJy,


g,t l•l )1-l~t 1·-' :-;ow "h•l 1\nf\YS th~

m•·ml~hlp flt·h·e


Fo1th r


nf't.ln.• and zealous.

Entered as Second Class Matter at the Postoffice of Bourbonnais, Ill. Under th e Act of Marc h 3 rd , 18 79.

\ nh 1--


rlrh--. th awn


. ........ Viatoriana



1taviu~; passc•l the crt~!!-<

io .,, "· 1•

II. PAUL MILLS and JOSEPH LOGAN .... ..Campus Editors . ...... Inqu iring Reporter



He had IJ('en <'' hd hnme 1•n ac- lh4!\' lh<· Illness '! his r.. thH. who, wrath






foun' "" "P:x>rtun. )' ''' PM' us "


Compliment of



.. t

Brother Jam es Sees,

Prrt.- "'\'hy


129 E. Court St.


after l y in g fo1· thn~·e months TIUtl•C"hi-"C i a~!-( !<Utr tC'<I bc• f or e 1 go l In St. Elizab eth' s Hospita l in Indian - here.'' apolls. is now ab le to sit up.


c. s. v ..


Bu1·l y Logan stro lled Into a caf e and Th e R ev. T. E. She::t. Chancellor of lo l'dered a c up of cofft-e. The wai t I'

GMtias Agamus. The reader of this ed itoria l is not going ot h ave hi s inte lligence in sulted by a ny pulpit oratory on the necessity of givi\ng thanks for a ll good thjngs received. That has been the common practice of g ratefu l m a nkind from the beginning; the jews h ad their Feast of Tabern a.cles, the Creeks the H arvest Feast of Thesmophoria in h onor of Dion!Ysus, the Romans had the Cerea li a, the Eng lish of modern times celebrated the Harvest H ome, an:d· we h ave Thanksgivern times celebrated the Harvest Home anid we h ave Tha nksgivin g . The on ly point to be emph asized h ere is a peculiarly appropriate way we students h ave of sh owi n g our gratitud e to our b enefac to rs. Briefly. let u s say we h ave r eceived, and a re now receiving, favors from Cod, our parents and our sch ool. Later on we will be able to demonstrate more defilnitely, to ou r paren ts a nd our sch oo l, at least, h ow d eep are our a ff ecti o n a nd gratitud e. But hie et nun c, th e m os t practical way to b e thankful is to make the best possible use of these benefits we h ave received. R educi n g the favors Cod a nd our parents are n ow grantin g us to a common den ominator, we will quite readily see that the commo n deJnominator is exactly the same as the favors our schoo l is lavishing upon us-- th e advantages of a Cath o lic education. Obviously, then , we would a lmost be ab le to satisfy a ll debts of gnatitude we owe by utilizing these magnificent advantages. No r is it n ecessary t o dwell o n these advantages besides making the simpl e statement that they consist 1nl the ch ance to gain a sp le ndid education, in a chance to live a devout and practical Ch ri stian life, in a chance to enjoy o u rselves reasonably during the gold en d ays of o ur gorgeous yout h . If we are rational men, no more need be said: if we a r e n ot, nothing more woul-d be of a n y use.


lh e Dloce~c of Peoria. wag a. ,-ecen t vis· brought th t:~ coff ee a nd Burl y proceeded it or t1.1t the CoJl ege: h e w as accompani- to sa mpl e it . C'd by the R e v. Th os. Kelly. Aftc 1· on e gu lp B ul"l y r apped o n the

The College Boys' Favorite Place to Eat.

table- and !--aid: "\VaitC'r !


Marzano, Aca.d.

'25, who i s

\\'alt-er! this coffee tastes like mud! "

rlni shing his mE'dlcal course at Loyola

Bourbonnais, Ill.

The waiter r epli ed:

this y a1·. was el ected President of th e

"I'm so rr y sir. but It was ground thi 8 Senio1· 1\'I edlcs at lhe University l ast morn i ng." w ee k . .Leo n ard K elly i s also t aking up medi cin e at

L o~·o la.

TETRAULT & SOl\ Garage

A stl·an ge animal h as been seen a n d heard on




h er e



Jim Brow n! ·w hy d on' t yo u k eep yo u r


mongolian cheese hound l ocked up ?

(Continued F1·om Page 1)


It is true that more students might be da.lly co mmunl cant!i, but there are f ew• student bocll e~ in the Cat h olic Coll eges


th e

'acraments on H ol y






the r ecepti on

Aw! go lay down.

of th e

Big- "Hot Air Sessio n " on. C'mo n gang! room 220.

th e Fi r st Fridays and



Bourhonnai3, Ill.

H ow's c h ances for t.wo bits?

United States that are

more r eg ul ar in

Telephone Main 1987


Pipe down!

r eceiVE"s Holy Comm uunion

Yn. go t

month practically without ex-


problem 2?

C '-e. that bird works a g u y.

cepti on can not be a cc u sed o f spiritual

Sanitary Market

I'm su r e w orking m y f oo l h ead oft apa th y and r elig i ous indifference_ The trouble with thi ss repo1·ter. if h e thi s year. !Iey, "Griz," how abo ut my sheets? was serious, (ancl th e char : table s up \Veil. gotta write home for som position is that he \vas n ot) i s tha t h e has tried to ap e the method s o f modern dou~h.

346 E . Court Street

rea li sm. H e look s at his coll ege w orld with a jaundiced eye, sees this fault,

Telephone 137

Th'-- sophomore c lass of l a t e has n o t

see any been enforcing the penalties infii ctc d v irtu e or 1·i g ht con dLI Ct. a nd then w :th upon Freshmen by th ~ Kangaroo Court gaud); rh etoric proceeds to exaggerat e M.o'1.y w e wh en th e Sophs i ntend en

and· that

f a ilin g,



Improvement. Two weeks ago The Viatorian carried a story on a survey made A f air sample forc~ ng these penalti ea. on the Campus regarding Religious Act iviti es of the Students of the ev il h e h as see-n. St. Vi ator Co llege. The criticisms of the article were h o t and fur- o f hi s method in his d e-sc ription of a Ious. Yet one of the cvnditions complained of has, in some trifling f ew students' conduct in chapel. He "AI" Furl ong a nd ' 'Eddie." "!\1athew way at least, b een, improved. R eferen ce is made to attendance at l::lees them l ounging instead o f kn e-eling are co nsid ered as the best co medians on daily Mass. For it seems that last week there we re more stud en ts upright as they shOll ld, characterize.!:> the camp us. ''A I" h as one jump on hi at the week-day Masses than ordinari ly. The Viatorian is not un- them as ex h a ust ed sau !-'.1.ges'', and says buddy "AI" Jolson, he Is now th aw'a r e of the fallacy P ost Ergo Propte r Hoc, and does not wish to nothing about th e students who behave " si nging janitor." !Jake the credit entirely to itself for even this littl e 'improvement. with reverence and r espect. But what \ Ve know that the Holy Name Society has been organized. and matte!- accuracy and trut h when an lllllllllllllllllllllllll ll llllllllllllllllllllllll I that Father Maguire delivered himself of som e very forceful lan- immortal and refined description like guage to the stud ents last week on' voluntary attendance at daily "exhausted sausages" ca n be flun g to Mass. But it is hard to thmk that suc h a discussion of the entire re- and expect.'lnt wc•rld. 1f truth interligious situation as vvas carried in The ViatoTian last issue sh ould not t er es ";th rhetoric so much the worse 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 I The r egu la r semi-m()nthly meeting o t lrtfluence us somewha t at least. It is inconceivable that we a r e so !or truth . Tht"" truth is th e student wretchedly perverse that we would n 't respond in some little way t o body· is no wor~e than it has e\"er been the college club \Va.'i hel d :Monday eve a n honest appea l to do something that ca n o nly be for ou r own good. in tlw· f ou1· years I have been h ere. I t ning NO\'ember the -llh in the colleg e


• • •

No Charge for Extras.

Yell ow Cab Co.

College Club Notes

Is compo~d for the m ost part of clean - club room.

mimled young


C~\thollc ~entJeme-n,


At this meeting- F ather 0':\Iahone

Everybody Likes CANDY We Supply St. Viator Collef F. 0. SA V.OIE CO.


Kankakee High School. ty Imbued with fa..lth and lo,•e of the:r ...-poke on the Extension Club He gav In the O c tob e r 3 I number of the Kankakee-Keynote, from r..Ji.Erton. There is plF nty ot r oom t or a !"'hort history of the ExtenSon C1u Kankakee Hig h School was an editorial entifled ··yea I St. Via- improvement_ hut it there was not. and explained ita pres.-·nt wr.rk In such tori " It c riticized the practice o f some of the students there of there- would be no nE>ed f or any of usIa way that the new studl'"nLo; could cheering against St. V iaor College ahletic teams. The writer of the to he !n college. The Faculty can IJE' realiz€' the g r eat work ot the Club. He ~"itorial is quite c.orrect about the necessi~ of community co-oper- trw•ttd to wo rk the needed improve- ~tated that the Endownment the Club atlon and good-\Vlll. and about the splendad means to demonstrate ment The only "aJarming". ''danger- has bfoen working on is no longer a it by cheering for the h ome team. whether it be St. V iator College, ous" "startling' f'lement in the whole jdream but a r eality_ St. Viato r A.cademy, or K ankakee High S c hooL The Viatorian :iituatifln i:-: that The Viatorian has a Af'ter Father O')!ahoney's talk a thanks Kanka kee High School for attempting to remedy this lack reporter who can be so un.!air to his brtet business mee-ting was held. Yr. of con1munity spirit. and expresses the hope that the students of f eU,Jw Ftudents a.nd to his school. It Warne reported on the progress o! the St. iato: College ,,~II in the further cultivation of this spirit o f he- was try~ng to get someone's ~"goat", ;nsu~nce dri\'t~ :-laling that i t was proco-operation. then h t-re ts= mlne. _\ SE~IOR. ~essmg- very w ell. YOU,








Arseneau's Uniform BREAD







friday. November 22. 1929. ~IIIC:=:=:MaiiC==)Ia:>C==)Iti:>C==x-

===='= Two Local Priests The Inquiring Reporter ~· Are Made Pastors ====~ Prniri~ or I

).{umford c.:mmits an


f"'rror .t_ exce-s.-;. Anyone whu koo\nS thf:- A B C's o C Culture will tell you




[JOint that

Book Reviews.

Page Three

that the be5~:t, a nd for that manner the

is that wh ~c h l"'prin~ out .-\ nnisti<'e Da:r on thecompl~te lh:in~. :'\ow right Illin ois. In th1R at:r~ of ho~l~~ nptimfats and here on the meaning of the expre-ssion The re~£>ts aOOut the Campus the _,-t1Je ~· jmL-rt!'C. it Is n retreshin~ e-x- full and complete li\•' ng we tak~;< exlast week ha,·e been most mournful be-pn-~enr,. to holrl CA'.;nverHe with a man ceptlom to the view~ of ~[r. ::\{umford. cauS'e or thE- Editor-in-Chie-f's re-fu~al to TQ him, at least ~ far ~ can be gathwbof(!o r~on Ia n~fth~r a..crleE":"p in the publi~h my re!lections o n Pastoral Sim· ered from numerous passages in this c nd llu~lon that all IJ.J welt, or el.· ob· pllcity in Illinois co1Jeges . nr somebook, ·ur•.: Pxcludes all idea of repr ~ ss­ ~d by the conv~CL!On that everythfng like that. tor I f orget the title

1'bl' Golden Oa>·, by Louis )(umJo rd .


thlnr h• with frantic haste

only cuJturP

ot Cull and

to the


To explain. the wbole

trPnd or

myself of the unlucky article.

The re·

Jtfll Exrr~pt In very rare ~f·!i, when many d the expres~·fon~ be makes in quests for my observa.tions on this p'.<'UIInr l"irr.:urn."'t.anct-B make their re· thE> book Is that a full and complete subject ha \'e been so numerous that 11 wtdiv~ \'lt<-WJ,Qints coln£·1de \\1th f.a.c't. J:re result..<~ !rom a thorough u~e. not have attempted once- more to hn\·e my tlflth~<r An ahiJOiute- optimist nr... r an ab- only or al1 man's !acuities for good. but say. although perhaps this time I will JOiuute ~~~ ~~:m:st c·.an IJe a very pro- also In the fulfillment or aJI de~ ire. t, un•l <H' {!\'f'n Intelligent thinker. Th,:. Anyone who has thought pr ofoundly on he more euphemistic. \\"hy one admir· all things as unmitlgatPd gor·d the meanl ng or life and has been er ot my C"Oiumn e\'en made a written 14 tiP.C'tUM! hi!-! puerile ln tellect will not thrnugb a !fw of the !eartul battles of protest that it was a lamentable shame

1 ')ne lt',-.


mablt" him to peer twneath

we.<'N~ und view unplfasant reall'fhr~ otht•r thlnk~o~ all 1~ l m:lt and WJ.nd ·nJ th' t~arth without hope because he fa ~l" t•J prdw to th•.. very root ot re'lJ; t;· nnd Hl-f• what 1~ wrong, nnd see





Jlfe knows that there are some


Qu t>~t i o n:

Announ cement was made re<'ently of which w c uld you rntht:>t' be:' the appointmem o! two priests oC the

C. 8 · Y .. has bee-n d(IS!,g'Tlated Pastot· of the play

L'Ernble. Illinois. an(l




not be fulfilled l! we are to

paths of Illinois should


not be made

dlr~· P(>~~lrnlsm a.<:~


thP an el ement or

rurrt·nt nonHl•nse hf'lng written ,\mtrl(':tn civilization and culture.




ln~t rew yoors per· tn~k of Assistant

week. has for theformE"d


Pastor at


Maternity Churc. Bourbcm·


ye:-n · he has heen in

te~chlng ~ix


and In C.rt.>e k. nnct his loss will be ve- 1-y kee-nly felt. The students nnd fttculty alike regt"E't

optlm~f1t~ are lnnumerdl·twrvlng cJ f re~pN·t tor the


oli!P m('n,

exp€·rience and follow out every con ·

p 1-;:thies o f Illinois" It seemR that Monmouth College was

or approval J\mong th(' IJNJHI· ml,.l:. u.r,. moRt or th•· H<·lf-Hylcd lntl'lll c· lll·nt ln. mo}l.t nrten Ut•}l.(n·vlng or 110 1 'l"rt lwi"UUMf• they c·omdder nhm't! a vlrturMoRt l!f tlw nwn of Ht-C'ond tlvn



rtl VC·T' hull a cnmtti·uctlvL· thought


In tht•lr


Ttwlr hrllllftnt fllppanC'Y

cran·a .

xciU•!-1 us and



Wf• •·njny thf·ie· pierci ng

hut we

pilAR on no t h Hingle hiC'tL thf· rkhl'r.



see I! w £> can dis ·


that his n ew e-xcitt:' the f\tlrni r atton or n i l.






to i.\hutin ton .

Fathet· Vie n

Alth o ug-h FtlltheL· Vlen






eve ry

LOT'l'IN\'ILLE, '3 1.


r !)f'·

wh ich 1

1·ememher at t h e prPHNlt time. Orl nndu

h ee n nt

wa~ PJ·ofe~snr

~ tu·ing !l'mn the tuiiHJIJn g ot Jr·l·t.oth:emnbh.• lJ(>~!-1- un-phllosoph~C'. but contra.,·y t o

.\lt.HA~' n

lieve that o f al l the

numei·ous visits.

cover the germs or a new culture. It <'e-1('-brat:nA' thP memorable event most the College but ! cr n. sho rt while this IR slgntftco.nt that the one cu lture Mr. inte!·esti n gly. At a prayer service on ·ul:-. is we:I hy a ll stu· .Mumford seems t o allmlre most, that thC' e\"ening o-f No\'eml:>cr llth , some· d ents o f tho last Cew yea J"S . F at h er of the Mldl e Age!'l, sprang fr om the on£> spok(> o n the learned tE'xt: \''en Cl f F n:•nt•h. nnd Catholic Church. th(· o nly Institution "He 11ves the bPst hnd the reputation alHlUL the Campus thrQugh tht- nges that has taught con· \\'h n .th inl<s the most, o f taking just about as much lnten·est .!-IRtt·ntly that t·epre!iRion Is essential to Fee-h; the noblest, In his classe!if and his pupil s, n.nd o r do· living, and that life with out An tl acts the best.'' lng just about as much wol'i< t or them I'eJ)n•Ftiilon 19 sin, whose wages are An oridnn.l little fealm-e or thE.' pro· as wo.s hum a nly possible. About t he d P n. t h. To contend that cultu r e g-ram 1:-:t dPscdbed In this <..'rtmJHif-1 h t> \\H!-l alwt\Y!"l well Jll< e-d.

1:.. fur from a blatant c·an

~lory·'-such Is Cyrnno d€' Bel'~e· n'tc. He- is very sensit!Ye nbout ont."" th'feC't-:11\ extremC'ly large- and u~ly nos(' (one doesn't ~xaetly wnnt tt) re~embl<" him in that re-spect.) ll l$ ~HCI'il\('1.' o f hi~ own hnpplnes..~ ftll' the snke of th(' womnn hl' love-s is one- of the- nwst ~enerous and touching net~ ot n ('(u·c-et· tml'iched by many such. .ll l~ h ornell· ne~s of f en.t01·es Is t'lllirely Corg(lt t('n in the beauty of his soul. Truly tht.' chnrnNt· r o f C:aano de H e> rgei·nc Is ~ U('h tn

ExchR~nge in~

turt! until we test out every conceivable

that nnme by Edrnond Ros-


was maldng quite a hit. Consequently, duties will not be ~o a rduous and exact· the text tor thjs weeki's as to JWe\'ent him tram paying u s

lhf' C"amr> or lhi•

moKt tlnrt. If not, howt•ver of admlra· etlvableo desire


s<·ems that everyw here Armistice D ay but the hope Is

on what Mr . .:\-1um!ord Calls to see, f or he Tn c o ntends thn.t we will never h ave cui·


tand . .stand~ out distinctly in my mind.

F n ther LaPiantr t o L'Erabl e . wit oi the- ke-ene-st humo t·, n J)I."~N who Father L.'l.Pla.nte. who will assume h~ ".stood bt:low in the t.lnrkn\:"S..~ whil\:" the tluties o f Pasto 1• at L'Erable next oth£>1'S hn,\'{' climbed to ~nthet· tht' kls~

bounds i! we are to live at all. Re· th(' cow paths agai n ye::terday, that is, :-:incel·eJy to lose him, and be (.leprived what can hf- rlone In Improvement. prer-u~lon, th('n, is a necessary law of T rend the exchanges trom the Illinois o! the m~gnetlc att.-nctlon ot his jolly p,·rhapf! nn dfs:cusslon today IJ.i cloud · life. and It cu lture spr!ngs from Cull colleges in se.·trch of someinteresting personality an~l a.imahle di~posillon. ,.d with AQ mur.:h Rotarian bun combe a nd comp l e·te living. repress i on mu!:it be hay-and hayseds. to write abouot . It T o him is exte nde-tl a MLd farewell,

u wr·ll rl" SUC' h


:=::. \· .. ha" been made- pas· His is a dlnract(>r not t:-n.stly r~lrgonen. .:lrtint 11 · lUno:s.. A br:n·e. indepeondNlt . g-ener0\1$ n'H\11. n

or in some such pro fitable manne-r classts,

a.nd that there- art- !-!Orne faculties that a:-; t att mpted last time. Yielding to mu1:1t be rf:strained and held in proper hi~ pan1est eloquence . I roamed around


\', \'ien. C.

thn.t my hnlmate knowledge of the co·w nnis. and of Professo1• at the Colleg-e.

have life in Its fullness and abundance.

FR .\::\' C'ES )1. CL.'\.7\. ('Y .

l~~...llege to Pa--torntes in the Diocese of the noYE"IS and play$ that I hnve t-end , Peoria. The Re,·. Jos~ph D. 1.....:'\Piante. eyrnno de- Bet·g~t·ac. n. chnt~\c-te 1• from


my ideal.

1 would h l' ouitt"

tn undergo n

conll~n t II VL~

transCormntion ttml


the part hL' plays In not only lwrauso of


You ow n


vi rtue~.

It," hut

especln.l ly on nccnunt ot th l' l'XCl•llcnt comt1nny and d ell,;h trul nment wh\C'h it Wn$

l' nvtz·~

hi~ ~ond

f ol·t un (' to (•njny,

Li f(' In th e verdant rurNlt. In dully con. tncl with th<:' beauties and mystGI'It•H or nn.tul·e, with th<.' wit u f Touch s tOIH', llw

Th~;- ',',',',~'~,·,·o,,pl " ,')" ,',',,!"J. n"·c'nl<llt.'R[, ..-

',,",",,.',',tunn",',',',',l yt lol·:




r•pthn"•t: y.-t h<- IR a ll the mon· Klgnln- <i<••h·c In the heart or man. ' " not only ""Cnnclle II Aht and music were used very

ri c h. musi<·al sound n! hi s jolly ""Doll pt·ost>nce nf the fnh· nn d vh· tu o u > Hos-

r.wt ln not hf·lng an ruhlt lu h .H l ntt•Nt book, "Tiu·

.Tout·" will he g t-eatly mlfjsed. T o F' •dind, wo ul d lle fl\1' m o l'(' J1h.•n9Ul'nl>lt• ei· Yien. Th e Ylato t·inn extends lhun the hUt'I'Y l\ IHl bus ll l.' or oU T' l'Vt' I'Y

lh)' .. tw


,r .hh•m nf h 1

;\11'. 1\fumfonl h im!-elt admits.


In f.lpite or this C'l"I'O T·, however, "The King-'~ En~=:llsh can cnndle light and the- bC"~t w i she-s of the raculty nnd ~tu· htY liC~. dvlll?.ution In C:nldt•n Day" ~ a. ,;rtoa.t book. Beside~ mu~lc ('\' l'l" he co nn l'c ted by th e word ent s. n,.<.;klng him nat to to1·got that thE' th£> t· vorahl~· comm~nt acco,·ded to It "and". l~ut th£' most lnte 1-e~:>tlnf:' part dJ~UtnCl' h£twl~en ?o.tnrtlnton nntl 1-: ur· H. \,i\lO I\"1) ;,\ l. HOY Sg:'\'", ,30 nnd '""""''" «lr<•Vt:, It lA becoming to Htnte bl·io!ly comes latet·. The speaker said: "'More l>r>nnal" io "" shot·t that we will ex· trice In 1"ht· Di vino Comotl y '"

t lw



• 1""' t ,. on 1Y 1'"" 11 I


facts effectlvc·ly. It would be very . lnterest· tng to know how In the name of the





;\·;~~: n: l:~o~~;.~·~.IHr~~~~::~~C'~~: r,~~~~~~~ ~n~::~~~


that It









tnke ad\'antnge.




nsne:o~,~~~;~~;l. o r



l ·lll )lmJ:nlntl. m thnl TM tht• mnkl·· uP 1'h(> ~lyle II"\ qultfo rcntla.ble thrOug'hout, nppreciatlon for It is the lan guage of polnlment~ was made reCX'ntl~r hy 11! nul' t·lvlllzatlon , C"Hll In no \c•,.:ltlmntt• whNher the subjt.•ct h<•ing trented If! the lh<' ~oul.'' nut h e fol·~ot to tell us m•nn<·r ' "' Rty led u <·uluro. \"t• he "'"" Ph ' loRnphy n! William James 01" th• what cantil•• light, mu•lc"s little run· Very Rov. Ge <·n.l<l R• d C..·w




tl1e 1\i·hl of

lnMt:.u'lct•, h•n·l o f tht• fOI'

.\mt.·l·l{'nn pr:vute






\l urk

mo:-tt of ihL· !J· 1ok. L>.~ (1(•.-,tin('(\ lu b€-conw





nlng rn.."lll'. IR the tanl{uage or.









PV!?nl n g

was the

Anwrknn Cl\'lll7..atinn, nnd nny AnHH'i· <'lo~w rdntlnn~hlp o f m\lftlc and c•nndle· L·nn that :1-1 lnll·l'l'Htt•d In h iN na.tlve lit· ilJ.:"ht. c·oultl he hav(' Implied that c:f:.mdle • rutU T'f• will r1·!\d ·m~l prot1t.


It with

grt·o. t


lion and luv(.•, sec-m'ng-, ll!-t It Wt' t'll, l\







th(' m a in .sp('ech, lu i g-Irt





thl.' sp('aker came clown to tl1l' lty vlr·tu··. Ill n·~ta Hll'n b<•nt upnn tht· o r lhP ~tudent~. If(• muHt o r hurl hulhlln~ of l'll1Ph'PH arHI lwln~l'( uhnut

~l:'W ll~dlti o n On

or an ln cl E'x.

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tn\1( clotwrl with lh(:> J)rOrllUnd ObR~·rva- !-!Ill('(' bN'll ll iC' HUCC'l'!Hi(UI, prfJVlng- thnt ll .. hf• ('U TI h(•('Offi~ hiH lnHplruthm to tlon that " Tht-no I~ n. dlrf&rt"nce In the lliJ 01\(' (•an jud~f' II ,,.. ..~,, 11 by llll(• pha~-.· l'lHt• ugrdn. I( ('Vf• t·y WIJM/111 hnd Hl•fl


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llKht had. not perhnpM a c ultural value. a mighty lon g !'tlldl:-' ir ho rc~lt'll ed t he tht·lt· tl<·bttHlq n~ ·ut. In HNtlrkt• wt• fln ll 1 !Jut nn nmn.tory, or h t U!"l Hay, (l na· lt•vel lntlmut!•d IJy thl!-1 t•xCl·rpt tn.. m on1· thl' !H'('I'd c t wcmlllll'H ovt•rw lwlrn ln.4'



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•he orator hav e- Implied that it Is the [WI'((.•t·t rel\{'rtiun ot thl' IWI'ft.•ctinnA or l anKUa~~ o r the heurt? If he stl"esaed h·ll out nf th(• works hy slnglnJ.:" "Tiwn· ' :od 1rlm$<·lr. \\"to sN• In lJ l'il•n, [) \t i ll, 1 rJ'hls Is a bool< that thf• cultural a<h·antagP or music, and I H No Death." 1t Is Raid, furth c-rmon·. {'ll•UJ>Iltt·n, nnd ottwr· h <' l'fd !H'H H rn·

Mumrurd tht·..,~~ llv~· fllt'll \\t·n• tlw unlr t\Y. to a·hlt•\'t' nny 1 tMru: tnw ,.;n•nlnt·i' In ~\n·wrkun I.. ltt•r· Tn


fnr pithy, <'pigmm:;, and flowing- mu~lcal thl· lr lnn~-ru{Lg"t" C'o!l ft-r an unusuaL dlgnlty on

hm:(l th l'f·~t nt 1 'OIIIItrnnt•n, nnd t·xhllllt a n·llH\I'kabl(· llntt vurh•d ~··Hiu" 'l'ht·~~· llv(• nun m kt• up ' l'ht• <:nldt·n Da)' r . \mt• l' ~C~ ln hruhrn' l ·~nwrMnn \\fl 11tlw :\ nrnlng 1 ~ r M thiN (Hut'IUUM llaY. •rhurN\U Wl\fl •ht" nawn , Whitman \\l~ ll b·h :.:non. and Jl t\\Hh111'11t uml !\lt·IYilh• wt·rt~ th•·




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i:tth.• pl!H't• 1 V\ .• dtPd \\--JH' I'I' Ne, t•tc·" ~rhl~ frulll the nn ArniiMtlf·'• !Ja)' Wt·rt'· a~ n•r!·t·~hlng :\I•HTht :\luuntu.lnc•E-r. Th e. H ~\' :t."' a tro: tgrant H+·lli nt 1'! 1 ,\'t·r ' l' h••t wn• Hlghtrl\\•'r pnlntt"cl nut th('- horro ~'f or th•· Auuu~tnna ()IJ;r··r·vr l", from Hod{ r-.l~ul•l . 1'h•·rt• ww, un f'Cllturfal In thrt.l \\n,r malm•-d h1-tlh·~. ~haUPrPd n•·rvc"'. pal"'r on "Elevl'-n Y•·~u·H ,\ fl•·r" th<~ t IJfjlhHn•_,.] ~·hlltln·n, wlt'l 11 wJol, tho• ~t;~ w:l.~ utmut ns s••n!d hl,. .t thinK Hit I haw• tlunln~ p( \\oUnllf•d ln ('oUn t)-• j.:dht flt .. ·n In l CO-llege IJlllJ~r this yt•s,r.. l••ur :;~ fp·ut•tJIJmt~ waa thc pld!.U"e ht" palntf:lll thc• t•dlth-ntl"n of thf'l f'.)'mr:s wh•• r.ay 1 th:~t a •luet hy th•• \I!JU1es lUll JnC:tlt; hlt or II~'>CI·f·tinK mM'It wh!"rt·, 1 Q~ol ~··ht>lli~n \\M fltl•dt·d t.o rt•lif'\'C mc·rlt t'Z:bUI, l flUOte lh•~ laJJt JHt.Ol{CT':HJih lh m•ltl•m I straJn ,J! the au•ll• nt<·e. o r the .... uu,rial, "ttl llurra.t 1-urn Jaud•J




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fdf•l• WI' lind lnh• n•flt J{rllJI!OI'"'J4, Ut•ntl n••flf!l, v.hkh IH ltK nutwttrfl t111·m , 11ntl !lllldi•Jll Y, t h 11 \'t·ll I htd

11V• tHIIfultiWH It It 1"1 lht• ~< •·(T•·I 11t h,.,- lul"ll•·f'llla l pt~w•·•·

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lnvlnK h+--r wunld lnv~> thu.t whic-h l~t pun·Jott. hfl!li'Mt and worthh•Ht nn •·1uth. ll1 Wf.ulcl tlu·n lw I11 ·HI. 1d,J" t u H••rVf•

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:Ill ~-t.l It.:~''



Page Four


22, 1929

---------------------------=---~==============~~h=~~~. ·~onu••thdMr~~rRrwmN ~ Q~n~y ahead thea·e," culled out De Quince:r. I! empba~is on the u·y. "I Evanow lvanitch


dtln't nt.>el.! t 1

wUh pu~~

we can catch it our ~earching is end- try." .And then he !:ll<.u-ted laughing h ed." han responded b:r leaping for- dEmd ear·ne:-t. h ·nn looked n.r ound a


ward and twisting and twirling through his pR.S$engers


the scatt€'red crowd.




''Yez can't catch te1·ested <'Olored boy ca me to the rescut

Evanow Iva.nttch was v i sibly im- mE-," he ye ll ed back playfu1ly over b:s "You ::~et> It's thiR way mlstah. "'ht> 1 pressed · His brand, rangy frame hung shou l det· and then made a bee-line f or that tellah says " .l ewl sh Passover" h motionless and rigid over the small t h e ca1·. De Qulnocy broke into a ga l · r eally mPans the twelfth str·eet b1·ldgl' taiJi e, cxp res~ing by its tenseness the lop, and after up se ttin g a f ew in dignant You',se go t to ;watch these ChJcag< viol ent r>h ysical activity within. Dur· or dazed nig ht· ca u g ht up with boy~. Th ey'ae just full of the Dick the nanat!on hi s mind h ad wandered his playfu l pal. Together they r eached en s. " far away. The- steady sonor ou s voice the street·ca1· and waited to see the wo· I van o.nswercd that It must be sc

Talk about your co incid ences ! H ere's th e strangest yet. You recall the last issue we offered a hundred grand for th e best satire on American advertising. Well, it's th e funni est thing, but thro u g h some freal< fortune, alter looking through all the man'uscrnpts, we found-we had won it ourselves. The "Legend" of this prize-winn er hin ges a r ound an ill-fated and disinh eri t ed butcher-boy. In his dispair a t rej ection he turns upon his parents alnd sin gs that most path etic of lyrics, "You Called M e a L oose-Liver Dad, So I Threw Myself to th e Dogs".-But here's the stor y itse lf. Th e great i.ron clock of the Seattle H otel lobby a pproached the stroke of twe lve when young Add ison S ims hurri ed through the room and rush ed over to the elevator. "Roof Gardens, please, and hurry it up, .. h e sa id. The boy turned the throttle a nd the elevator rose like an arrow. At exactly the str o ke of twelve Addison was seated at a corne r table, facilng the open waters o f the Sound. Brea thin g a sig h of releaf, he sur veyed the gu ests, signalled the waiter, a nd ordered a gin-ricky, keeping his eyes, a ll the while, upon the cafe e ntra nce. Not many minutes had passed before the elevator d e livered a nother passenger-a ta ll , ra n gy man of abo ut 40

of the nanator, and the sad n ess of the men and ch ildren on. The co ndu ctor tal e h ad awakened in him vivid memo· \vas delivering his u sua l lin e with ries of the past. Once again he was in great gusto. Petrograd, at the heighth of the war ''Everybody get aboard please. LaPf>riod. Visions of noisy taverns and dies and children first.' ' strang deeds of violence raced through 1\"hat are they going to do, giggl ed his excited brain. Now he was walk- Ivan, have a spanking con t est inside? ing the crazy wind.lng streets, over · And then out o f pure deviltry he h-o ll er· f1owing with scu r rying masses of Un· ed out, ''Never mind the boa1·ds con· kempt o.nd restless people. Now h e sat ducto1·. .Just think of t h e p l easant at disordered drinking tables, quaffing cha.n ge yo u 'll get with us on the car." vodka and l istening distractedly to a "Don't tall< lik e that," snickered D e steady hum of voices at one time rising Quin cey .';On e thing a bout a cond u ctor. to a pi er c in g cr sce ndo, n.t a n other time He's not to t ell anyone wh ere to l ap si ng into mono tono u s monotone. get of(." D e Quincey's voice was constan tly al·

Ivan a pproac h ed

tl1e conducto r

tion flared up in hi s eyes.

At the sam e time, however, an expres-

si on of extreme h atred overspread his countena n ce, and seize d


monetary rage, he g rasped the younger m a n a round the body and h eaved hi m over the low wall into th e whi rli ng waters far below. Then, r eal iz<n'g the insane act , a n dl before the g u ests could prevent him he hurl ed himself l'i kewise from the dizzy h eig ht for down into th e inky depths.-That's the insildious thing a•bout halitosis. You, yourself nf"ver kn ow y o u have it, and yo ur b est friends hesitate to tell you. Only Listerine can save you from such tragedies as this. ----: :---

Last Words of Great Men. 'Th e wurst is yet to come."-Oscar M ayer. "My pants are numbered."-fia,.t, Shaffner or Marx. " The n ext life should be a real 'di ve' . "-Annette Kellerman. "Let's p lay the rubber, anyway. " -Goodrich a\nid Son. The last joke on Dempsey proved so su ccess ful that we turnin g our " r a re vi n tage" joke on him.

again. "'hen they passed the cel ebre ted b J·:dge he had the goodn eS's to poin it out to him a nd to remark the powet ful olfacto1·y n ~ rve.s of the p eople wh used i t. after .

They reached the h otel soo

De Qulncey was In high spirit

and whlle Even Ivan negotiated for room, he stealt hily bac k ed UJ) Into te l ep h one booth to sl!·en gthen the sho of " Ye rmat'' by a swig of the origin D Wooster sa u ce. rl' he effect was n othtn l ess than viol ent and i nstantaneom

a nd v.rh en Ivan turn ed


l oo l(



ionm·y, spinning splendid 1




De Qulncey, who was having a hard enecl and spirited

~~ :~ ::u~::ttl:i:~~cl~~v~\:~~; ~~ :~:~~1~:

t he eyes lJega.n traci n g a path arou nd bad a.l a ll, agreed Ivnn. the r oo m, n ow settlin g for a n instant





t1·ack. De Qulncey was now out f or good time an d, in his mind, the whol world seemed anxious to give it t o h'rr Stepping up briskly to the desk h s l apped the c l erk famili arl y on the ba.c ~ and whispered in a confiren tial tom

And h e mar. ''Mil(a ol d boy I've been trying to thin

~:l ~~:hi~~1 t:e c:~::~:l:e:~,;fa~ ~:~:~:::

of something for a w ee k



on t h e cudou sl y co l ored ceil in g , again could agt·ee in a n id eal of beauty. c l erk wa s o n to his tricks, the ol sharper , and respo nded , "S lana's L in co n cen trating on th e tapeSitried c ur· tains 01· the polished shin in g floors. VVhen Ivnn finally got his c h ange the m ent!" without hesitation. Ahead of A t last they came to rest on the car was filled to capacity. You guessed It al l right, continue handsome fea.tures of De Quincey. him were crosses row on row, crosses De Quincey, a nd n ow I van its y ou Ivan studied

t l1e physiognomy boldly. between

Mu l attoes


Afgan!stan s. turn to guess one.

Do you r ea lize tha

Th ere was something f.:"tcinating in the Congo's and Egyptians. Chicago must I've been trying' t o think of ~ensitive nose and penetrating blue be a wonderful city th ought Ivan that two full weeks?'' eyes.

He was beginning to experience it


a £tl·a.nge attraction towal·d this yout h. Africa. Sc. mething









Even Ivan




word fo


I van trudged h's way through away back in the Steppes.


He lock e

a the leather-pushers and strap·hangers, away f or a second as if a bsorbed I

responsive chord in his own. Here, he and looked around for his diminutive thought , and then turned back to SUf felt instinctively, was a compan ion with friend. His head felt a trifle dizzy and gest "fortnight" as a so l ution. By tha whom he cou ld fly fast an d far.

For besides the "black c l oud" ah ead hid the time, howeve r, De Quinoey was on, th

t h e space of a FJ·eshman English r eci· r est of the car from h i s view. o th er side of th e l obby p umping qu e£ La lion they star·ed fixed l y at ea ch other "Where a t e you Q uin cey, old b oy ,'' he l ions a t th e d·umb Bell T el epho ne or as if tr yin g to nl er ce the veil that h eld cri ed out despairingly. the two sou l s apart. Iva n was th e first "Right h ere I van old ldd,'' came the to emerge from t he h yp n osi s. He reassul'ing answer. l)l'oke sil ence good·n aturedl y, I'm And then away down at the end of boo l(ed fo1· the Blackmail Hotel tonight. the car Ivan beheld his t:ttle friend,


"Say , h e began, what numbe

do I h ave to call to get Ma! n 492.


you g irl !:! ever do i & t e-l ephon e to han u p.''

By this time, h oweve r , De Quince ls there any poss:bility of your direct· valiantly gum·ding two seats from the felt a n other urge for actio n. Tal

ing me there? covetous gaze of strap-hange r s. Iva n abou t your broad jumps he saJd to th D e Quincey shifted in his seat , lit a made his way up and took his s ~ at, but operators . Ju st watch this runnin cigarette. after about four attempts all the time he felt very guilty. Three bell-hop. And h e st arted off full spee with his new cigarette lighter , and then or four over-worl<ed and underfed at a bell-boy who was making his wa answered indifferently. ' ;Kn.ow the office gh·I s were eye-ing him beseeching. across the lobby. The boy steppe

place! \\'hy I know It lik-e a Greek ly. 'l'hey really did look a little dizzy. li ghtl y as ide and Quincey continued o until h e l a nded h ead first in an over a re grammar. Stopped there not long ago Ivan turned to his partner. myself for a r est ancl a change . As the "Shall we surrender our seats like a stuffed loun ge o n the ot her side of th olcl story goes, the bell-hop got the co upl e of gentl eme n ?'' room. Thi s, however, did not sto c h ange a nd the h ote l got the r est. To "Not on yo ur life," ca m e th e r eply, Qu!n cey a b i t. "'\V h at do yo u say Iva be spec ific the h ote l i s a ll of a paraly. "M y mollo is "Never g ive up." So the if w e go up to our r omns,'' h e call et

Say! Why d id E stelle T aylor marry D empsey? B ecause sh e loves Jack. New Library Books Received .

tic's th1X.w from h ere.

"The Rise a nd F a ll of a Roaming Empire" . -P eggy Joyce. " The Emul sio ns of Si r Walter Scott."-By Shakes-beer. "No M a tter, Never Mind."-David Hume. "The Crop Is Great This Yea r ."-By H eck.

If you stand on the I. C. brid ge and watc h o n the o ne hand the dirty, g rimy, smoky tracks, and on the oth er h a nd the two story la undry buildin g just oposite, you can r est assured that-it's Snowhite la undry.

If you give m e women stood for th elt· rig hts.

About ac ross the lobby. a nd


made hi


chan ce t o change this negligee of this time a little incident occ urred that way over to the el ev a t or. "Neve mine I'll escort you there i n person." isn't m u ch in inte-rest but neverthel esss mind the steps Ivan:· h e conti nueC De Quincey called the proprietor over, serves to illusl!·ate the gene r osi ty and ' 'h ere's old tall<ed with him


second, and then r e- thoushtfulness of Ivan's heart.

gel atinou s Jo e waiting t

take u s up in his oscilatting bicoupE:

tired into the 1-eat· of the cafe. He em. The car had stopped and was just Hello Joe old boy how are you anywa} erged several minutes later com pletel y about starting again when a shrill fem- he whi spered, walking th e ind oor avia transformed. In place of the rags he sported a hab~rdash<(1·y display that would turn Mayor '\Valker just green with envy. Ivan surveyed him, l1alf·

inine voice cried out. "just a minute tor ou t of a sound sl eep. "You' r e wil• conducto 1·, wait 'till I get mah clot h es about ta!cing us up a few fl ights arer. · on." Naturally everyone was greatly you?' ' confused and





The aviator l ooked wild abou t it.



Rut ecki-T a lk

- - - •. - -abou t your .. Beau Brumm e l s' ' .

W hy


half-amused. Then clap- hands in honor. Quincey giggled slapped on his cap , gritted his t eeth p:ng him good·natu1·edl y on th e back, he shamelessl y. I van, h owever, with that started the el evator, an d " swore up an' intra- 1·ecited o n e o f his pleasantries a nd pro· ru~hin' cou r tesy an d co n si derateness swo r e up a nd d own."

duce d h i.m to my partner at th e d a n ce a nd in two minutes he had ceecl ed to conduct t h e boy to the d oor. characteristic of his r ace, dashed boldly Th e two adve n turers h ad taken sep h er addresss a nd an inv itation to dinner. Justin Stee l , how ever , had t al<en a t er· onto the pln.trorm ancl helped the poor er a t e r ooms , but Quincey was so wei Ma g uire-What t ook him so l ong. -



irbie f a n cy to his guests .

.. - - -

Before th ey lady in

cou ld ,s-et away h e insisted on tak i n g

M a n, l had the funniest drea.m last nig ht, I got up intto Heaven a nd discovered that the angels a ll h ad saxap h ones a nd' were playing away to b eat th e b a nd. Y eh I What were they playing? " l ai n t go t nobody."


they ge t sore? They fo a m e d at the mouth .

- - - : : - -R ast u s Brownson says, "The Wages of Gin


h er

l aundry.

under the weather

th at



nil's ab out tim e f or th e J e,vi sh Pass· with him until h e •h ad seen him safe!~

them behlncl the curtain s for a shot at over," said De Qulncey w h en Ivan h ad in bed. his sure-shot Sout h American Yermat. r egained his scat.

Th en h e

tucked' the Utlle tello~

''A f ter we get past to sleep and t or the first time in thre1

It was suaranteed to make a n Egyp. it our hotel will be In hailing distance.'' nights hit the hoy himself. The firstlan mummy jibber. They su r vived \Vhat's the Je\\iSh Passover got to do impression o f America had not l)eer

two trials and wall<ed out gaily into a clear Indian Summer evening. The ---::--sky was al!·eady b !·illlnnt with stars, Gee! We pul1 ed a)n awful stunt . We put soap flakes instead and , together with the a1·tiflcial Hght· of co rn f l akes on th e priests' t able. ing, illuminated the su1-roundings like

Y eh I

with p;ctllng to uor hotel, inqulrred halt bad and he waited Interestedly ! 0 1 Ivan innocently. further devel opments. • At this 1·emark Qulncey started off (To Be Continued.) on a repititlon of his ''Penny Arcade'' convulsions. I van stood by helplessly NOTI CE .

daylight. The "Yermat" was a ftne "Let me in on the joke, he pleaded, Material on "Disarmament" mnY bE tonic. '!'he y felt exllarated and li vely. y ou'1·e evidently trying lO mal<e a fool found In Room G ot Marsile Hall. De




tering in quality a nd str en gth. offe r ed him a kopeck. again his eyes ·were sparkling, hi Now it seemed as viole·n t as that of a That ain't tare, said the con. co untenan ce g lowed and his entir frenzied fanatic's. Now it r eminded I know it Isn't, Ivan co un tered, but frame appeared su r charged with an him o f some. pet·fervidly eloquent vis· they use them just the S.:'Ulle. mation much like an a rtificially enll\

time standing up, walked in and caplured a few seats, while Ivan negot·a· years. His gia nt and weath er-worn features were black from a shock. It recalled Ivanitch to reality. ted for his change. Al the next slop a torrid sun. Surveying the c rowd quic kly, h e made his way over to His body twitc h ed v i olently a f ew times, and his eyes started out of the young lady got on. "Your fare Miss" th e a fore sa id corner, facing the open Sound. At the stran ger's Not e ntra n ce, the younger man h a d hidd e n behind some ferns tha t grelw fixed stare they h ad assumed. Slow:y said the conductOJ' significantly.

from g reat earthen pots a lo(ng th e wall. From the vantage point h e cont emp lated the features o f the stranger. " It's o ld j ack Webster", h e mused, " twenty years hav e not ch a n ged him a bit. just as hand some as e ver. Yes, it' s a ll of twenty y ears, and h e didn' t for get hi s promise. How g lad I am to see the o ld boy." An'd th en trembling with emotion , h e crep t up closer to the silent figure . Soon he was so near that his bated breathing might h a,ve been h eard h ad n ot the stranger b een so intent upon the blue waters far b elow. At last a warm breath bea t up o n the stran gers c h eek and a voice whispered " J ack", shrilly in his ear. Turning around quic kly he b<jheld the speake r. Anid the light of recogni-

and contin u ed a c l ose watch on hi friend. Th e latter finally came out o his hysterics and began to act norma

Tho whole world !'imiled at them . Sure· out of me." bate members only ly the Lord was good and th e devil n ot "Trying to make a fool out ot you," from llbrn.rlan.


obtaJ n

k e}'

l!i .J


'Tis, 11!




ot ~~


~rid ay,

November 22, 1929.

Irish Defeated by Strong Lombard Tearn

T H E VlATOR IAN own :J-i yat·cl line. The visitors failed to ~ain and l"urlong IH111ted to Lewis on Lombard'~ 30 yan:l lin C'. Nick was th1·own fot· :t loss on an attempted t>n d nm. but on the next play l'rahll·N· gninecl

Olive Rally m Last Half to Beat Viator --




'll::"" l




.. 'it





at-.nmcl left end.

N ick



Lombard was pe naJ -

zed 15 yai'Cl::; f or h oldin g as the quat·· tet' ended.

Seco nd r tCJ·. Crabtr (:e





~pt sending in fresh men in place ()f 1 e exhausted ones. The lack of rer ve material was the I r ish downfaJI. The Viatorians took the ball straight 1wn the :field after the kickoiT to the ~-yd. line. Later Tooh! ll blocl\.ed a mt and the Green had a good oppornity to score. Here the brealts of the Lme went against the Irish. Vlith urlong, Evard, and Cassidy going .rough the line for substantial gains looked like a sure touchdown. A -yd. penalty for clipping sent Viator LCk almost to midfield. Lombard sco r ed the first touchdown 'ter Viator recovered a fumbl e, which e officials after a n a1·gument. gave to Jmbard. The w h ole Viato t· team ught t:ke Irish shou ld, in the fi rst tl f. but were forced to give way bere the onslaughts of t h e Olive in the st period.

ward wall broke through at this p oint and blocked Lewis' punt, gaining possession of t he ba ll on Lombard's 30 yard lin e.. By a series of lin e plays and passes the ball was worked down to Lombard's 10 yard lin e, where the invaders \vere held for clowns. Alter a couple of short gains, Lewis got lose ,vith a 31 yard run , e~cap: ng everyone but the safety man, and was haul ed cto·wn in cente1· fte lcl. T hiJ·d Qu a r ter·. Lombard failed to gain and on an exchange of punts Lombard began a nother march down the field. "\•Vith the ball on St. Viator's 10 yard lin e, L e wis crossed the goal line on a fake play. Nick kicked the goal. Evard received Lombard's kickoff and returned the ball to h is own 35 yard line. Lombard recovered the ball

run as the quarter e nded. F il·st Qu a 1·te r . F o ur t h Qu a r ter. Lombard kicked off to Evard , of St. H ughes, r ed head Lombard idol, re~ or , who returned the ball 15 yards placed little Nick and on the first play his own 35 yard line. Evard gained gained five yards around his left end.


,, '


L omba.rd ................ J North Central.. .. . r; De Knlb ..... 4 Bntdley ............ _.... 4 Oha.rle!:ito n ......... .4 Millikin ........... ..... --1 w·esleyan .... .4 Eut·el~a _______ 3 Macomb ........ __ ........ 3 ElmhUI·st ............... __ 1 Cal'lJondale .... _________








0 0



Illinoi s College ..... 2 Shut·t.IE:f[ _.......... _______ 2 i\.l cKendl·ee ........ l \Vh n ____ 1 Augustann. ........ l Carthage ..... O Lake FOl·est ........... O State Normal _ ... ... O Mt. 1\'Iorris ------------·-· 0 St. Viator .............. 0

2 2 3 1 3 3 3 3

2 0 0 0 0 1 0




3 3 6

0 1 0 2




Viator's fumble on their 40 yard line. Hughes made nine yards over . left tackle. Hughes made it ftrst dow n through the right s:de. Hughes made 15 yards around left end, but was carrie d off the field after this play be(Continued on Page 6)

Groce ries

C onfectionary

1.000 ].000 .800 .800 .800 .800


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I 119 Court St.,

Kanka kee's Largest Stock

Kankakee, Ill.


Edwin Pratt Sons Co.

Einbeck' s Studio

" Inc."

Our p h otogr,ap hs a re in expensive, yet treasured for th eir wo rth as living portraits. 153 North Schuyler Ave. Phone 407 Kankakee, Ill.

.1\'lanu fn.ct urers or ever-ything in \ Vi r c a nd Ir·on \ Vorli, Fire Escapes, \Vire a nd I1·on Fences, Store Fronts, S t a 1· Railin gs, Steel Stairways, Vent G ua r ds, Stz·uctu ra.l Sf.eel \ Vor k. J{ANJ{AKEE


Wh en m Kanl:akce Y ou A re A lways Welcom e a t the

Bobbitt's Cafeteria

Merchants' Cafe 360 E. COURT ST.

Pullman Boo ths, Soda F ount.Un. Ma jestic R adio Whil e You Wait.

"Always Glad to See You"




J. Bereolos, Mgr.

Con f ez·ence. \<Vesleyan, 7: Illinois co llege, 6. Charleston. 9; Carbondale, 6. Bradley, 7; Macomb, 0. 1\olcKendree, 19: Normal, 0. De Kalb, 20; "ii\rheaton,' 6. Eureka, 20; Mt. Mani s , 0. North Cent t·al. 20; Carthage, 0.

RENT-A-CAR DRIVE IT YOURSELF Students Are Especially Welcome

Non·Conrere nce. Coe, 5: Knox , 3. 1\<lillikin, 6; Butler. 0. Corn e ll. 6; Monm o uth, 0. Lombard, 39; Carroll, 0. Elmhurst, 33; Valpa1·:so, 0. St. Ambt·ose, 13; Augustana, 7. Two rampaging Iowa el-evens, Coe and Cornell, took the count of Knox and Monmout-h, leaders of the L ittle

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Bourbonnais. fll.

Everything in Sportmg Goods

J.OOO 1.000 ,__ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _J

Crabtree made it firs t down over right tackle. Hughes gained a yard. On the next pl ay, Lewis got loose for a touch- 19 conference, last week in non -condown. T he try for goal was wide . fere n ce games, whil-e James Mill ikin (Continued on Page 6) Lombard k icked off a nd recovered St.

In Rear of Arcade Bldg.

HOTEL KANKAKEE Sidney H erbst, Pres. a nd Genera l Manager DINING ROOM


A hearty welcome awaits the stu•dent andl friends of St. Viator C ollege NORTHEAST CORNER SCHUYLER AT MERCHANT


~~r::~ KANKAKEE ,




25 2 South East Avenue

Jaciefg $raM Clothes




NOTRE DAME CONVENT Accredited to Illinois University

A Select Boarding Sch ool This instit u t ion is conducted by every opp01-tuni ty to young la dies education. Prices r easona ble. F or

'l'i ed

t·aced for 25 yat·ds at"Olmd Monmouth ............... .4





on a fumb le and after th r ee lin e p lays For Lombard, Lewi s, sensational full - the ball went to St. Viator on their 33 lCk and Crabtree at half carried the yard line. St. Viator's J)unt w·ent to lil for consistent gains. Lewis, who made a sensational 25 yard



Baird -Swann ell

Cut Rate Drugs

' 'LT'r TLE 19 '' STANDING '!'cam-


his left -e ncl. Nick made two around t·ight end, but Lombard was penali?.ed 15 yards for holding. A pa$5 , Sweasy to "\Yol'IJel. was incomplete and Lewis punted out of bounds o n St. Viutot·'s 30 ).-at·d t:ne. Furlong punted to Nick, who r et urn e d th e ba ll 10 yards to Lombard's 30 yard line . Lombard was penalized another 15 yarcls, an d although Crabtree gained 20 yards on one play, L e·w is was forceU to ldcl<. on the fourth down. The defensive for-

yard over left tack le and Furlong ade four over left guard. Furlong a de it first down over centet·. A pass as gro u nd ed a n d Furlo ng punted to ewis, on Lombard's 30 yard line. awis took th e ball for ni ne yards ·ou nd his left end and Sweasy made first down wit h a li ne plunge. Lewis ent around his left end for a pretty m rof 25 yards and Littl e ~ick fol wed it with five over his right .ckle, continuing a steady march lWn the field. Lewis 1u nged for 10 lrds ove r left guard and then made ;ro more through center. Littl e N'ck ade tour and on the next play Lewis 1ck ed the line for seven yards, to ithin six inches of the goal line. ombard failed to gain on the first ay and th'en Lew is hlt the line and <~.t it over. Nick made It seve n with per fect drop k ick. Evar d, of St. Viator, r ece ived the ckoft' and r e tul'n ed the ball to his

Four Undefeated A medee T . Betourne Teams Remain in Pharmacy Little Nineteen Knox ....................... A

The old a.xiom tho.t ''a good big man better thnn a good little man" wus ·oven at Lombanl field Nov. 9, when 1e "good big m e n'' of Lombai'Cl deated the ''good littl e men" of Viatcr. he game was ha rd fought tht·oughout 1d despit e the sco re the Ol:ve· knew 1ey were in a footb ftl l ga m e. Viator ayed Lombard on eve n tet"ms the ·st half, but in the last period the rrific pace began to tell on the Irish. Jmbard, with a trainload of reserves.

Page Five

Welcome Your Banking Business


Cor. Court St. and Schuyler

Attending Surgeon to Stud ents and Faculty of St. Viator College Office Hours: 2. to 4 p. m. . 7 to 8 p. m.

A venue

Phon e Offi ce, Main 33 7

fo r Girls a nd Young Ladies. • the Sis ters of Notre D ame, and offers ror a t h oro ug h Uhristian a nd secular Cata logu e, a ddress

SI ST E R SUPERIOR, Notre Dame Con vent BOURBONN AIS, ILLIN OIS --------------------------------~· ~

320-322 Arcade Bldg.

A. C.C


Plant·Kerqer Co. "Nationally Known Men's Wear."

Kankakee, IlL

COMPLIMENTS OF Leading Purveyors to the Institutional Table Fo rty- two years experience in sup ply1ng Q uality F ood Products for institutional a rrd r estaurant requirements has p erfected our

We have clothes for young men, mature men, university menin short we're now showing


Phon e H ome, Ma in 3073

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New Kankakee Hotel Barber Shop

Our Edelweis T rad e Ma rk has becom e the symbo l o f fi ne quality foods economically packed. Wherever close a nd intell igent buying p revails our Catalog is of interest.

]. Lamb, Proprietor

JOHN SEXTON & COMPANY Manufacturing Wholesale Grocers Chicago

IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL W e Solici t the Coll ege Men's Pa tronage..

1rlhHea-t ttn~ Father Munsch

Holy Name Society Is Reorganized rm ·r,,f'wlny nnt rn"


fin~ ,,(

,,,. tt't•• 'urr• nr

Jn th•



• ·r,v.



chr· JJc,Jy , "amt• Hr.'<·INy pt·hr,la~~tk )'"'tr "''lt.lll

('fJII•fo:P. r1uh rr)l",mlll




Preaches Retreat

.\T THE " \ ,JJ::: TIC 1 Tb• R~,. .!1- Thrk4' t1 Rl)()m~··-wtth \'. Dlr.. •r r.;.,·,.Jyn


Br,•nt tanrJ







( ~1

E. l£uru t P.Prm..rd ~.


C 1


cat .....'lntl Pr fP. •IIOr t•l .Andf'nt a.n•l llPC'' lh·J.!r· ~t\Q.Tl·

)fllliCn~in"' mtnt. bt pn"!lrhlngo the Annual Rt>treut 1 thl~ w~ (•k tr•r th .. ~tud~nt14 or ~otr~ ~l<•r)', "fJ;lrkPnr~ nnomA'' by s r Phil Damf'! C••n\'('nt. l!nurh(lnnn:~







t•ntnll\lt· m~>~~•tln~s rrf 1h1• c·r.lf,•J.:I~ fltU• thrt't' H<'lft o! vnuff,Vill@. Sr1v. 25, 2:i. :.!7 -"Hit 1 Rita"




J.:'TIJlplng myl!tPr)' thrill romanr», haserl )ctiaP-val Hi~lOr)' ln th



Fnd y.


Pege Si x

y ... ar



~ur·et'!'l:i!Ve Yt>.:\r

L.ut p·ar hi fit

or :-; 1.w York

Otll fhnt llw {l)ln)!!:thll1t "' ur th<· rule


qulrlug ntt• ntlanl"f' at tinily ma~~ hy nil :-.tlldt•nt'" \\'U!i llH'I'(•Jy nnol iWI' Hlc•J) tO· \\'llt'ri H ·lUt lt•nl Ki•lf·~llVI'I'Ilml'nt. HUt, IW (l 11 ·t lwr l'l' lllll..l'i<Nl thut an ll.PPrc.:lnhle •ll'l·lTI'" u( ro·on • ~rntlon. (t..o.; manlft·~t hy fr• ••nu•nl nttPnrlltnc·l' ut dally ~\l a~H and r1·t ·qut•aH l't'et•ptlnn ot' the ~acraments, 11-4 l't' qulred f1•o m tlw :-~tu d cntH to JlfC'· \'l'nt a l'l'ltlrn n! t tw olrl rt•gim<.·. Jlc 'mphu-Hlzc.•cl n fuel that wn.s greatly O.P· Jln•f'lntt:c.l hy pau·i.kulnrly lh c old L'I' ll1l'm l u·,-~ or the HlU<lt'nt bndy, num!·ly lhu,t lw IR co n ~tn. ntl y ~-<t rl vlng t o c~ tnhll11h, In ~ 0 (;\r nH 1~ l'en~nn bly pos ~<ilJit', f!tlldl'Ol ~elt'-gove t ·nm• nt on the I"'UIIIJl\1!'1 of :=a. Viato r C'oll.;gt>. ll is untldnntt·d thnt tilt'' ~tudentH will 1·~·NJIO !lfl and t'o· with him In pruvlug hi~ t •tTnrt~ tn he ttUCC'f:'~sruJ. 1 £1• tlwn Jll'O<'eedt)d tn tht~ dh'l'C l J)Hr· 1•n:-:C' n( thl' me~;ttng, unml•ly, the l'l'· ~~~·~n ni 7.1\tlon oC tlw H o ly Nnme Society !leo TWUil' a fl'W n•mnrk~ 1"-·~n.rding the JHII'Jlm·~· a!lll ht>nc·Ots nr th• Holy :\'arne ~nc:t>t:•. an~l lt~ n•·u~tahlislune-nt r n the ~'HIH J lU~. Ill\ nl:->u tXJ'I'<'N~l"li hi~ sincere wl~h thllt all C'athnlic ~tmh,nt:-~: hl" ent·nllt•t l in the- nr~aniz..'ltit"~ll. l-Ie nwntion t·fl, :\l!>ill, ttw t'latlon-widl• nHI\·cme nt to-

30.-''HromJwn.y ~Iel ody' ' SpC<'IA.("If': i\fUl::ll c d Comt-'dY! Mclo ·dramn! All the miracle~ or the mightiest dra· malic nnd muRic'al plays ot N(•w York's Hlnge lll'f> wove-n lntn the- world's grent· ~"Hl (•ntntnlnmcnt. Bett<'r than a $G.60 Hroudway Rhow! Starring Anita Page and Ht"RSif> LOVP.

AT THE LUNA Xn\'. 24-"Lurky In LoYe"-a.l-1 cocky, ns: hnc•;..:y, RR colorful. as rich, :lSI tunc· !ul, UM fm pn..c.~ioned ns Auld Ireland It~-t(>lf-C'ut out or human laughte1· and t<•ar!i und drk.plld In romantic, senti mental ancl C"Jt l c·hy clittles! WHh Morton Downto>y nnd Betty Lawford. All talkln,F:" and ~lnging. Nov. 25, 26. 2i.-" Young Nowhen~s'' with Richard Barth{'lmes8 and 1\farion Nixo n . Tenclr r aa "The Enchanted ('ntta~e," wist ful as "Tol'able David" -human ru; " Th e Noose,"-memorable n~ "B1·oken B l of'.Som.s.' ' The struggl e or romnnce in a. big city.

war·d tlw nq.;ttnlz:nkm oC f'nthollc ~tuth'ntl'l to rwomnte conct1ntratC'd lfforts in n•li~o:lou~ ;.u·tiYit)·. Ill' I'L•ad port~on~ or a il'ttt'l' "hkh he had 1't~ccutly recelvt!d nntiryinlo!' blm that St. Y in tor Coll.:g-e has hthi. thC'I lli~tin•~th'~n 1."~! b(>ln~ <.'lt:'("tecl 11.1 pt·oY!de u Dirt:dOI' on thl~ Bt1:u·d of c,,nu·vl tlf llw C'hic-aJ.:"o Olstrlct C':uholic ~tud••nt t"llllt'l'l'l'nl't' .m Hei!J,!ious Acth·itit'~. l..:t~l )'U.\1' Rt Ylatnr Colll'f:C wa..s quill• ~ln,a.:ubrly lllmONd by helng- e-le-ct· ,.,J tu l'l'iWidt• tht.:' Trt>a~ure-r or this Cvnft •l't'llL't'. .\flt•l' a Ct. w \\'l''lnl:S o f en '''-ltll':t.,::-t•nll nt and ln~li·\ICtion. Fr. :\(aguln\ ttn•nt·t..l tlh.' tnt't•ting tl\'~t· to ~!r.




nEFE .\.TF~ D



L())IB.-I.RD. (Continued FI"Om Page 5) cnus~ o f

a n Injury to his knee. 1\Ier· n•plat·ed him. \\·orbel went ove1· with the !lnal score. The try for goal was wide. SubstituUons were rap~d as the g-tlmc ended with Viator tt·ying Col' a s.:or..:• hy passes.


Lo mb:u·d


........ - ..... LE Anderson ....... LT Konarski ........ LG :'llurphy .............. (' BaJlou


univen-ity, invading lht> Butler bowl, 1::-et back Pot~y Cl::trk 's Bulldogs by o. 6 to 0 Beare. The DeKalb Teacher~. n.nothe-r undL"· fea..ted team, \vhlpped "'heaton, 20 to 0. Coe and Knox. hattllng ror ::suprc· mHcy In tht• midwest i oop, t'llg:af::wd in a hard fought contE-~t that was won,

5 to 3, by the IowanR when AJlen boot ed a place kick fr om lhe 25-ynrd Jint• latf:' in the game. The \'ic:tory ga\'C Coe Its ~con d con!::iCcutlve midwest confen:ncl" title and mnrkt"d the flr~t def~at o f the season t'o1· the Siwashers. A rumble by Monmouth enabled 'ornell coll ege, Ml. Ver· non, Iowa. to ~:ain a 6 to 0 \Vin over the Litt le 19 team.. Capt. Cook scored on a five yard run around end. Although badly shaken up in a train \\Teck while enroute to IndianapoliR, hlllllk ln gridclers downed Buller, G to 0. Capt. Gidcomb's recove ry I'J t a B u tler f umble on the Butler li-yarcl line paved the way fo1· a sco!'ing pass from Cor· belt to Arnett. The Green Titans or. lllinois \Ves ley· an marched 50 yards to a touchdown in the last period for a 7 to 6 win over ll llnols college. the eleven which tumblt<d l\Itll !kin from lhe Little 19 J ~::-ad two wel<s ago. Illinoi:o~ colle~=;"e scot·ed in the opening minute ot play when n \Yes· Ieyan player rumbled the kickoff. Mcl{ E:'I1d t\€'e •mtered tlie conrerenc(' win column setting back State Norma l, l!J to 0. and r:rn.clley and the Charles· ton Teacher~ boosted their percentag(.'!:;

St. Yin t or a notch by their r • !ipective vtctorl 1 s ........ Toohill O\'et· the ). facomb and Carhondale

Carroll Teachers.

.RG ... R'l'

............. Hunt

RiCt! "-roehel

....... RE:

.. Gibbons





Hamilton Crabtree ............ RB .... .. Cassidy ......- ...._LB _ Evard Lew·is ... .. ........-.. FB ..... Furlong Touchd('IWn~-Lewis (3) "'robel. Goal after touchdown-)lichol~.

Barber Shop Agent for Down-Town Cleanin g, Pressing and Repairing Establishment. BOURBONNAIS, ILL.

St·on• hy quanu·s:

:-\:ut\t" Soddy



t'r ·md Phillip ).tackt'y, ~L.t~h.:.\L To thi~ lh>t ,lt a tutu~ date may l>e" add.ffi it'\.lll\

two t(' fl.lur

L'"'n sult~.:,rs •. le-e nUn~

t.l' the pt'\.wi:;:;illns. n.\..'\d~ by th~ Om:;.ti-


r th


Telephone 995

362 East Court


D. J. O'LOUGHLIN, M. D. Practice Limited to EYE, EAR, NOSE


Bell Telephone 2 53 KANKAKEE, ILl

602 City National Bank Bldg.


Bulgarious Butter MiU


Always Drink Pasteurized Milk. Our Wagons Pass Your Door Every Morning Before You Have Breakfast Both Phones 45


McBroom's Cafe

First Class Restaurant Established 1908

Meals, Short Orders, Specials and C'onfection: Private Dining Room for Banquets and Parties KANKAKEE, ILLINOIS

~-------------------------- L B. L. FITZGERALD Insurance, Loans and Bonds

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Kankakee, ill. Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing. Prompt and Efficient Service


).lorri:':<E")", Trea$ur-

Electricians for St. Viator College

Reliable Cleaners

:\hu ... hal 1t \\,\~ tht• ''HI of tht> hou .. e \ Sub~ttwtions-O'Brlen for Ande-rson, t•l dtt•t t'IHt'\•t•:;. lt" fill thi;'S"' \,lcnnch.,.... h) y ktl ! C L ~n &11 ,...e t'or through our agentstnndilH:: \'\ltt' .b a rl?~ult ()( the b:tl- $\\~~u-:;·. c:~lo,;.:y r::;·K~nar~~~;;Ht:t:'r I l"l :\.\1·. GHI :\'~n wa:-; elN.'tt"d to tor ~idh 1::>, XichPls for :\fercer, Crain MR. SENN! GER th• ,,Ilk"' M Yit.·\··p'N:':;.ide-nt n.n~l Phtllp for Rice. Hue-ht:-~ ftlr Xichols, \"~>j!e) tor Roy \t:h'ki'Y \\ n<.::: t'1l~tN tn tht:a tlftkt" of C'rahtre-e. Room 219 :\lat~hal. 1'ht• otth:·t~r~ whtl will dir.:-ct tht." Wt'rk t-.( the •'l';;:tnizathm until tht" nt:>:xt rt ~.:ul.u· t"l~t·titln which i~ to he Leave Your Latmdry and Dry Cleaning With h~ld in Januar~· ~lr"': R"'''· J \\' . R \lfH:.Uit"'t·. SpidtU:\1 Dirn'tur; G. R.u.·llH'Ild ~pr:.t~Ut'. I"r"i>:;:;ident. Gill )lid\llett. n Yit~"'-pri':s:dt-nt, Tht.lnln~ R. p, )·1~. Y~n~..~nt


Bourbonnais, Illinois

... 0 0 0 ()-- 0 St. Yiator ........... . T\\11 I r'!kt.:"' ln tht> h. l'.ll nrc..tnlzatH'n ReCt~ree--TI.JHe CL mbar~l) l.-mptre--1 "t.'l•' m.Hh' \~\C",ll\t h) ~r:.\llU.ltJon 1.\~t ~~ x t:\[i1Jikml Ht>~U line:)rna.n-Ham.U· .Ttllw, \ lt't' PN'Stdt.'f\t.') ,\nd tht• ottk~ ot ton !Southern Calttornlal.


DONAlD l\1 . RIEL'


605-606 Volkman Bldg.

Logan \Yeher


t-tP' ·lklng

.Jnhn Both·~ thP WPll known v·nor o! th•· ''IJf'_qcrt HonK'' piHYf:f lht• m:lle lead v.-lth BPb£' LJanJ,·lt-: hht OJlllflttlt,.. p,,.'ho:- hw.; n C"har minK \.'flil"t· which wln~ tor h('r many new frl,.n<l!'l.

PONt. Nov

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•·\f•ry Hunrlay f·Xt·t·ptln~ ttw sf•rnnd Humh1y ur 1·urh tn•mth. lloly l':'anw l 'ommunlun Hundsty, nn whldt day tlw Stuclr•nt ;\hu·H1 11'4 ttl i;OfJ. 'rlw HlUdt>nl .\Ia~. flll :-iundn:rH anrl J July nun~ or llhllg-:dlon Ito tlw 11nly ,~\I UJ'H at which f·omnul,.oi'Y ntlt•ntlanC"t' o( all students 1~ n•quln·d. J.''ltt.lwr· .Maguire polnt•·d

PRI.NTER.S and STATIONERS Prinhng. Eng-ra,,ng, Office upphe•. Loo•c Lc:t T Forms, Binde.n. Etc. 264 Ea•t Merchant Str~t Telephone 406, Ill

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Rug Cleaners

Dry Cleaners KANKAKEE, ll..L

IDEAL SWEETS CO. Manufacturers of

IDEAL " That Good Ice Cream" Wholesale Confectionery and Fountain Supplies

St. Viator College Newspaper, 1929-11-22  

The Viatorian, Vol. XLVII, No. 4