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Homecoming Attracts Many Alumni ,........

Homecoming Dance a Success

Peoria Diocese Loses S t . Viator to Have Dramatic Club To Be College Band :Beloved Bishop Formed At St . V iator The devot ees of music at Saint ViaThe Rt. Rev. Edm un d Dunn e, D. D., TiumOl'..i have i:r€1en ftcating n.roun d Bishop of Peoria. h as passed away. the campus fo1· th e past three weolcs tor College are about to realize their

Underneath a ceiling of russet leaves, This prelate known t h roughout Illinois r elat:ve to the forming of a d ramatic cherished ambition of making- use of n a gym decked out after the fashion roe his zealo u s worlz for the g·ood of Club fot· the CO-llege Students. In fact their tal ents for the b enefit of the

of an Indian Summer scene, the the Churc h and es pecially for the we iAnnual Homecoming Party toolc fore of the poor a nd unfortun ate, was :>lace. It had been a for egone conclu - 1 a lso a devoted friend of St. Viator Col:;ion that this party would be a s u ccess, lege. Many of the p ri ests of the Col~or who could resist the temptation to lege h ave labored at various times in ; !ide around such a pretty place, a nd the diocese of Peoria un der Bishop ~ :o dance to the &tra!ns of s uch en- Dunn e , a nd feel hi s loss k ee nl y. Sevr .,. ::banting musi c? B ut the above-men - era! of the priests here were also close ~ .ioned intoxication \vas not s uffi cient to personal f riends of t h e dead Bisho'}J. nake this affair so successful. The at- Bishop Dunn e always held St. Viator ~endance of from one hundred and fifty College in high esteem, and rec1·uited a .o two hundred co uples had on ly a la rge number of the priests of his clioIELY ninor s hare in co mpleting th~s s u ccess. cese from among the graduates of the \11 the credit goes to certain parties College. The Viartorian extends to all .vho labored hard in order to insu r e the ·Alumni of St. Viator College in the tgainst failure. Not that they had a ny Diocese of Peoria the d eep sym pathy ·ight to fear fa.:Iure~a,.ny undertaldng 011 · th e loss of their Spiritual leader , "!:reel Jlaced in t h eir hands~ is certain to ri se and joins with them in praying r01- the tbove expectations under their spon- r ep ose of his soul. :oring. \~le do n ot wish to embara£S The funera l, held at P eo ria, was at~ny party or parties by mentioning fended by the Provincial. Fathe r bei b t d . t d t . o gtve O'Mahoney, and by Fat hel' Maguire, r names, u we o m e n ·redit wher e cre(lit is due. For the past three y-ear-s there has •een one man who has d~oted muc h ~ught and labor to the decor at ing of b e gym, (and this :s no small j ob. ) He laS always taken pal·ticu lar care to The facu tly a nd students of St. ViarEate new ideas as to how this deco- tor College r ejoice in the honor co nferILL ating should be done. All o ur dances red upon one of their dearest friends. tave been he ld in a veritable " fairy- At the request of his Emin ence, Geo. and," thanks to hi s skill iJil this line. Cardinal Mun delein, His H oliness, Pope _~his year the s upply of ideas had not Pius XI, nam ed W illiam J . K in se lla, a •een exhausted, an d t he deco rations Private Chamberlain and conferred on him t h e title of Ver y R everend Monvere in accordance with the color· Monsi"nor Kinsella has bee n c heme of the fal l seaso n. The false signor. "" Iii~ -eili ng was composed of a utumnal eng:~.ged in Chlc<•~o parochLa . wor!~ ~aves , with subdued t:ghts peaking dm·:r •:; t!1e pa8t tbiety-f ~w· ye:us. As hrough here and the r e. The back- Past::: r of ~t . .Phli:l 1 ·!\"eri churc h -~ih ce ~oun d for the orchestra was entirely :i!nZ, h e l:: n.j be<~:\ ve l·y sUC('e ...;;..;ful. J.'he f lattices, coV'et"ecl with leaves a nd famous Boys' Choir of tha t parish, the ,owers. A new n ovelty was introduced n ew Aquinas Hig h School, and abo·Ye IJ:LX n the form of a fountaln in the cen ter a ll the new church, which is one of the ;...- f the dance hall, and the. gushing of finest in the country, are te&timonies he water was as musical as the or- of his pasto ral zeal. To St. Viator h estra itself. As to the rest of the Co llege and the Extension Club of the ecorating scheme, words fail u s; all Coll ege, Monsignor K insella has always ani 1e can do in return is to doru our hats been a loyal supporter and generous o St. Viator's s uweme inrerior deco- benefactor. a.tor, M r . I rvin Matthews, an d his om rmy ot good-natured workers. Not to be forgotten in our m:nature 0 all of fame on this p articu lar occasion 1 Mr. Loyde "Torchy'' Warne , able 'resident of thee Coll ege Club. Under Is dir~t s uperviSion, the business of Monday, October 21 was the Feast of

Father Kinsella Honored






ege OnOrS atron On His Feast Day

a larwe number hav e- requested that the Co llege Club go a h ead and mal{e plans for such an organlzatl'Cin . The rumo rs have at last become a fact an d the College Club shall f ot'm this cl ub at onc e. for the purpose of int eres-ti ng students in th! SJ lin e of e ndeavor. Thi s will certainly be an opportunity for students to diSl)lay their talent. It is evide.nt that the ir is a sufficiEnt 111.1mber of studentf.l o n the campus \Vho a r e able to produce the best plays or oth e r sort of entertainment becaus\e for the few years a numbe r of stu dents h ave been taki ng part !n mu sical an d dramatic plays in Kankakee. Thris form of acti vity can be helpful t o the College Club in more ways than one. The proceeds can be utiliZed very handily by the Club in sp{msori n g student activ!Ues. In former years , the co llege students produced some remarkable plays, which cau~ a g r eat deal of praise on t he p art of t h e audiences. Th eir is an attem pt to have Rev. J. A. \~'illiams take charge of the dramatic c lub a nd we are sure that the venture will be a s u ccess.

Debate Work to

Begin Soon

Coach Sam McAllister's eleven, out~ weighed man-for-man and outplayed in every department of the game except fighting spirit, \Vas flattened under a 51 to 0 score by the DePaul University grid ders at the game pl ayed here Friday, October 18 . T he game was played before a record throng of homecomers who sat gloomily through the long night. It might have been WOI'Se. DePaul hun~ up two ot!'·.er touc/.l(~cwns which "ere called back by the of~c!als and 1-en:..:lties slappe::l on the ''i~Ltors in ::;lt:·,.. ~ (~f additional scure ..:;. One of these came i•1 the I a~t quane!· \Yhen Bye::·s rau t! ilO yards a nd over the goal lin~ Negotiations have been opened with ..t.l1 •1 "a~ called b~··"- an.i J>•?:J:1li::Erl 25 several firms for the o utfitti ng of the 'anl~ or holdinr-;. members with uni forms , and a lthou g h ~<'01'" Ead y no defi nite style of uniform . has been Th Oh" "d bl 1 ked f (!greed upon as yet, it is safe to say 'vhene theiycagsotarnutstedoo O"to orrru a e "'' the fiel d that the band w ill pre:::en t a n attrac- to start the game, and it was not long tive appearance. Every studen t who before th ey gave the s pectators an inkIs musically inclined or who desires to ling of w hat was coming. Weber kickstudy music IS encou raged to try for a led off for Viator and theballwasdown pl ace in the ba.nd . eel on DePaul's 4- yard lin e. A play through th e lin e fail-ed and then Har rmgton passed to Bowler for thirty yards. Harrin gton ripped through for a first down and then Byers skiried right end on a long sweeping run that St. Viator College has falloen in line carried him over the line for the first

Description of

Gridiron Lights

Th e Debating Teams of St. V iator with the leading co ll eges and universities of the country, in adopting the n ew fashion of staging football games at nig h t. So far th e system h as proven a tremendous s u ccess., as was testified by the large crowds of people that have attended the games this year. A descript ion .o-f the St. Viator light illumi· nating device follows: Twe lve ~~xtyfoot poles, six on e ither side of the playing field, have 11e!en erected just outside the fence t hat b orders the gr~d:1·on. On top of t hese poles have been plared the twenty Gian t Duplex Ca hill Reflectors tha t throw a white flood of light all over the fifield. The eight lofty supports farthest from the fifty yard line each have two Df the huge reftectors on th ern, whereas the four poles near t h e center of th e field have one b eacon e..'lch on their tops. Eaoh. reflector contains two one thom:and

reparing f or moved along a t an in- ~,t~e V~a:~r, "~se :~~:::t:: ~~e :ol:~~~: The quemion for debate this year is: watt e lectric bulbs. An idea of t he recli table rate of s p eed. Thanl{S to the Christian manner with a Solemn High Resolved: That the nations should brilliance of t he li ghting arrangement

di::m:;~ ~~: :~e:tai:~o~~~~enot e~:::r~: ~::.~=~~

Mass at th e Col lege Chapel. Th e Very adopt a pl8.n of complete :usi- Rev. President, Father Maguire was ment exceptin g such forces ess-llke way, and we are ~re that Celebrant of the Mass, l·'a,L hcr lYbr- needed f or police measures. 1.e faculty and stud en ts are unani- zano, the Vice-President, was Deacon, - - - - -- -lOUs in their praise, and are w illin g to and Father Landroche, Director of the Juniorate, was Sub-D eacon. The Ma.slace several more parties in the ha nd s ter of Ceremonies was Brothet· Crackr such competent leade r s. \Ve take this opportun ity to ex 'rh'e. music, furnished by Sammy nell, the Registrar. Th e choir of St. pr ess our si ncere appreciation of :urke and his Rhythm Kings, was ot Bernard Hall furnished the music, the a...<:>S~sta nce give n us on the ockind superior to bhat usually obtained choosing from thei r repertoire of Mascasion of ou1· Homecoming, by f we are t o believe the criticisms ses the traditional Mass of the Angels, the variou s indi viduals and oreard about th e cam pu s, and they and si n g in g as a n Offertory selection ganizat ions in th e city of Kankene-rally form the cr:terlon of the the hymn of St. Viator, 'Ecce Viator akee, among whom we can hole stude nt thought). It is n eedless Clericus'. name.: The American L egio n , S..'\y that everyone was S.:'l.tisfied, a.nd At noon a special dinner was ser ved Drum and Bugle Corps, United lis alone- is enough to warrant suc- in the r efectory- a mean s peculiarly Cigar Store, K.ankak~e Hotel, ~ss. \Ve sincerely hope that this will appropr iate to emphasize to boarding Daily Republican, Public Service ot be the "fin is'' for s u ch events, but sc hool students the pre-eminence of a Co., Morella and Casey, Daily lat many more of like kind will be feast day. Since Friday afternoon and News and other firms who helped eld during the ensuing year. Saturday were free days at the Col· make our Homecoming a !"uccess. lege, the usual holiday in honor of St. Don' t torget Ooll ege t:lub Ins urance Viator was not granted this year.

verythi~g co~d:~;~i~resu:h ee a

Thank You

nmtlalgn t'loses November 12.

Record Crowd A ttends

school. Thi s much expr essed desire of the studen t body for a band has bE7 come a 1-eallty. Through t h e efforts ot Father Maguire a directo r has be2 n sec ured and th e organizatio n of the band is progres~ng rapidly. About fifty students have enroll ed a." m of the band, and f rom the en thusiasm shown by the rest of the students the prospects of a goO<l band is assured. Th e band ls under the direction of Mr. VV. J . Br1.tton, who Is a musician of some r epute and is well qua1 ifted for the positio n. Th e musical instruments have bee n procu red and practice is h e ld r egularly.

Coll ege will soon begin active p repara· tion for the 'forensic work that i'S a l· ways a spring feature at St. Viator College. Father Lowney, the new D e-bate Coach i s looking for n ew men to r eplace the vacancies left by the graduation last Jun e of J. Allen Nolan, star d ebater of t hree seasons , Donald Laenh a rdt a nd John McMahon. He has, however, six men to fonn the nucl ei of this year's teams who have participated in intercollegiate deba t es: John Stafford, Raymond Boysen, Lloyd Warne, Charles Murphy, Bernard Mul~ van ey and Raymond No lan. W ith the eight debates scheduled in the Illinois Debate League, and with the nume rous debates th e proposed E astern •to ur wo uld include, it is necessary to have thl~€e OF four teams this year.

:~~~~ coi~itte~, noth!in~ '~a: ~e~

St. Viator Loses Game to DePaul

of his three touchdowns.

The p lace-

kicl\: attempt failed and the score was 6 to 0 with the game not yet five minuftes old. Gorman receLved the next kick-off fo r St. Viator a nd was downed on his 32-yd lin e. Atter being he ld wit hout a ga in , Furlong was forced to punt to D ePaul 's 45 -yd line. The visitors dazzled the V iatorians with th eir shifty plays which were directed thro·ugh the line and all aro un d the field. Finally, Butcher dodged h is way through a braken field 50 yard·s to a tou chdown and Harrington kicked goal making .t he count 13 t o O. Ham ilton took the next kick-off for Viator on the 32 _yd line and the in vaclers were penalized 15 for unneces (Co·ntinued to Page 5). - - - - - - --

Alumnus Makes Gift To College The Rev. James M. Fitzgerald, pa:stor of St. D ominic's church at Wyoming, Illinois, a very loyal alumnus of

being util:zed when the e ntire hook-up is lighted. This same system, differ ing in nCJit t he slightest particular, is used at th€:! pres'ent time at West Point, at Annapolis. a t the Polo Grounds, an d at inum:erable other fields ancl stad ia

S t . Viator College, and one of the best

Disraeli and Gladstone.D. C. Somervell Th e Structure of Atoms ......... Dr. Alfred Stock. The Spirit of Catholicism ........... Dr Karl Adam. Chemistry in Med icine... .. ......... Julius Stieglitz. The Golden Day __ ........ Louis l\iumfo1·d

Father Fitzgerald's devotedness to his Alma Mater has always been gene.rous an d unselfi s h. The facu l ty a nd students of St. Vlatot· College are very grateful to him for this latest mark of his loyalty to his schoo l he fought for as a college athlete, and has dearly che1ished as an a lumnus.

Varsity at hletes that ever attended the College, has just made a gift to the College of a thousand dollars. In adthroughout the country. clition to this, Father Fitzgerald tens u s that he will contin u e to present this NE \V BOOHS IN THE L I BRARY. amoun t to the College every yea!". The :fund thus accum ulated will become a A King of Shadows ·········--Mar garet Yeo burse Jn honor of Father Fitzgerald's The \Vot·ks of Geber. father and mother.

f,.:c~ Tw<> till · ••· ''''''''ulllldttltt•••IJIUIIIIIIIUIJII


Campw Briefs. v~r

C mplin nt

by th




1 w,\rso: fli .W AHIJ C IULVA f.Y I I h\lA. \ 111 .1-'5 nnd jO:-.LPH LOG


H~\ YMo:,l J .I' FVV~l lf:..

I' A YMO.,f) M

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lanagtng Editor Athleti<: Edotor /\lumno Edotor Campus Edotors

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lnq uanng Reporter


\ 'iatoriana the c•Tlrtlnl) 11plendld

Circulation Department j,\:'v!E.S R. HULL Hf >HI.H f C. DOYI J JO~EPH E. CRA. ;-r VI. 'U.• r C R ,\WLF-.Y






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thf'o e-n tlon or t ful M!l or Qe-'\\ bull

United Cigar

lbf"lr and

chuyl r


omplete Lin' of ~ moken;' rl1· lt


Suhouoption R"t~ : $2.00 per Annum Addrr o All "o rrcopo ndrnce Rrf•rrin ~: Eith.r to Adverti'lng or Su b~~W" rtpllon to ' fhf" ViatortciO, 8ourbonna1~. Illinois

J ranc



Fountain & Lunch~on


Lion nnd n pn•misJng ' rf?E'r '' ith lh" Public !'..,.n·in"! c·ompany to .. nt('tr the \·Jatori.:.ln :-\ovlcla~-l.

f.n trrrd a• Srr()nd (.1.,.. Ml\tter at th~ Po• toffi ce of Bourbonnais. Ill. Undrr thr Act of March 3rd, 18 79 .

Trade at

r.•m Jn

"""' kt'f"p


A lurnnl

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Philip T. Lambert's

n••f>•l han11:r ho puhll~hed un• l''nth•'r .\ nlllllllf'l' o( th•~ ho\',. fil nt lh<' \\1•'k Timothy an•l .JA.y .Jf'romo \\'U- n•t In t"'hlf. l~o. t r tll• ~ trt'I, unr· Ihms. ).lr. \\'llllam~ I~ Editor tl ( the \\. ~NHl--ir ff m•• tnt! l.J,.. t}u• ~··jtr• l'nilcd ~tat••s P:dly, und the 11nthnr •·! flame llanr"t• 1t th•• ~t••\t'Tl!'l llntf'l , ···11d I"''PIIL&r t'IYIHliC'tltf'd cnmk "trlJl'A, flow I~


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tht"' \\t•.tt

•r tlnt!t•rtH \.tlh

Good Service Ha.rdwve Rea<:h, Wrig ht and Dit.or



"P.ountl to 'VIn." writ- S l•lf+•r'fl Fldd, "'1Ltm"? nonHl~plume

129 E. Court St.

o t Alger.

, F·•th' r Howan hn.s o tftciall>' n~umed lht• :-411\ll

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nal, la~t Y+'nr'M .\f •l•"'r

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llllll+nyf)tlt' n lit-•• lht=oo word•·•! l••<·k ('Jl ', l im.'~·· fan• lat.·ly? l•on'l ft•<tr .,Jd

- - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - that r:rntht·r .Jumts St·t:~. l'. R. Y., who 1h:t,.; ht·t·n flt•rinU!-tly Ill with typhoid r••nan, TO WHOM DOES FOOTBALL BELONG 7 n·r. has pa!>'<o~+·tl th •TI!'ti,.; an•l 1:-; ""'\


ylt· he


till your frif'nd

The College Boys' Favorite Place to E:..t.

l'hr 1d< ~,, of player. rather than coach co ntro l o f the actual play- gradually lmproYin~. c'l :\ry'...: sy 111 ·11patt•r· .. nn• prnR"I'•·tcsin~ m g of foo tbnll ga n, es IS gn mm g s u c h jmportance in discussions o n ,,.ry rapiclly rtH\\' Th~>:r ,.,. 1w<-t tn <1~1 J\m ("nf,,n '!port~~ th a t th e Viatorian. in attempt in g to keep up with H+·L .Jn~f'pt:. ~1. Lonl'rg";\n, Cormer 'hi.L;" tim·· 11 t 11 n· · In a Ct•w \\t'+·k". thC" thou~ht of the timrs, f ee l ~ justified in co mmentin g editorially '':utlnnnl C'hapl:lln or tlw .\m<·rkan on I ht· flUC'~tion. I he New York Eventng Post deems the qu estion I L+·Jo.'"llln, wu.~ n·t·l'ntl:r +'11'\':at•·d tn htP' Tht• ,·ont"ng ~. 'llt•.c•• I' Lnd : .. ,,. ;.In· o f :-~uch WCI~ht t o RIVe much space t o a se ri es o f ar ticl es by Mr. John I r:lnk of Lit•utt·nant·t'nlnnt·l in tht· Xa- ning trt lw n "huJ.:"-h•·.Jr" t+• tlltf'h "tu· funr~

tlnnnl Ciua1·d. Pastor oC ~t

J"h • .w h o le di~cus~ion hin ges upon the a n sswer to the question: 1

~ · hon1 Doc~

Footbd!l Belong)'· Football I'"' played today in s tnd1~\ !-ll'·atmg thou !ia nd s upon thousands of a rdent spectators. ce r " T o

tmnly doc• not belong excl usively to th e players.

ad n11 ~sio n s nnd h ave a ri g ht ~o ge t what they want, a ga me pl.\y c-d hy fir~t cla~!i at hl e tes a nd dtrected by the best coach es that monrv ran htre. Thus, t o take th e 1mmediate co ntrol of the ga me out o.f the hond s of ~he c?ach is to _fail to sa ti sfy th e mob , who invanably demand sn lt ~ f<l c lt on or th e ir money back. The world of footbnll ent hu :-nasls to d ay believes m coaC'h rather th a n player co nl1 ol, nnd any moYement towards absol ut e player contro l is unfa ir to 1h~1n \ ' i!tion .trie~ may be quite co rrect in advocati n g comp le te

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][nnpP~tnn. Illlnnl!-(,



, 1,.,.,.y

:~<·t~h·~~ :~~,~~a~~~~~~~~ .. ~·t~>·~~~~~~1f~ne;;( \\"al~h. 1


cont 1n l o f !>lay_ ' and sub•t ituti o ns by the captain of the team on th e ~ndtron r., thn th ~n by the coach on the bench, but with football

Fath•·r Loner~an I~ the Church, Rocktord. d 1 ntM


It 1"







ot Eu~cne D. Sa.mmnn, thun:.:ht Y••u 0 .. \·•·r lik '11 dan+·r-s. Why tntere~ted in knowinK or th• ~wld••n ('hnJH..;-•·7 hi~ nppulntnwnt to tht• po!-(itinn or Illi· --Hr,.. -· "'is an 11 \\'i~L·on~in n·pn·sr-ntati\1• tor )f (• ur~·· th•· lto~:n·y ··c:ang'' \n·r•• 1 1 th•· Klein·"·.,t:-lon Company ,,r ~111\\:lU· 11 ~ 1 ~:ain. \\"hy lwt c.!ll rutun Thf•






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College Club Holds First Meeting of Year


tnto the .>Sh -ean of discarded prejudices.



\ Y OUn~ the age of a college student. "'·as every day seen th e:· str('t.·t~ of Lyons ringi n ~ a bell to attract attention. \~"hen he

[Jf•slio J tt<aChin:.:: His--

St. :.\f:.LI")... ~ rnl·

ha..<l replaced F~;.tht-r :\fulYa.nt'Y, L', S

The St

Y:atr•t' ("



d••<"t-.,:u;ed :\lon1la.r +·Vf-nlm.'. Y., as an In· cluh ro.. ms. Th..,





uh hl•lll II



S.,.pu-·mt!E'r 23, In rh'" nf·W



lnc.-..rnat.o· Y\ord CoUt-:;e ot \\·nrn(". prt::-:ld('nt· Th m.L" I.JOyiP.. 'fc. tha dty pn-,..Jd~nt Byron EvarrJ 8('('rH~Lry· tP!;Il -Hay Xolan. trPa: un·r pn:1'1ldmg- at thf' Thf" aJ'!"ah,.; c·f t.wo prorrH:--•·\t .\.nora tlnst mt'('t nl:. in~t tutlor are in tht'· hand:-: 'A \Tuor s.~v.·ral new !.IC£"' at•P~arNI at thP .\lumnl. Dr. . \roo:-; P. Tik··. ''· L..: the rl••tting nd !rem all t.J.Ir;o··:..nnr•· .. the-~ JCC't.~,.'"rci mana::e-.r <·C the Springbrook f""')l"fl v.:.,JI ably fill tht·"M (.>t th~

:-truc-t r


h.H~ ,;:.lthc-ted .l f<'W followers, mO$t of whom were children. he t.uo~ht them rdi~ton. for h•• Christiiln life and knowledge o f doctlin(' 1n.\d«." hin1 ._\ rt-adv teacher.







'"ptrin~ to becom~ C'hri~ti"n ~entleme n . his influence should be ' of t 1r .a. "'"e ;::l'd, to tr...!vnn .1.5 llH."~rt."" ,\ppe!'ahng. f 'lr he." was what w e should be. a v outh learned and that th .: b:lby f~ a ;:;irl. Jean ){a.M.-e. ze~'h"\1'. · St. \ 1..\t~..--.r . o3boYe all. te."'\chcs to u:-.e of opportunity and t,,lent \\ "hen w e •e"' h,,w h., labor"'d without the opportunities for .-\cade-my ath.!-et_-c:::; here r.:-:- the past 4 le ..\rnin~ \\·e ha:n:!· . ._\_nd desp1te hl:' ter:der vouth, ,.,·e realize ,,·hat a yea..~. b now Athledc Di.rect.G"!" o! the )'t..)Un~ nl..\.n ~.·an d" H1s ex..!..rnple tells us. not to -...-aste our time in F r.. ~·a:rne Ca~! ~ttn!ty Cen-

1dl<"nC"-'. :lnd dir.,l> us tv th"' tr..te w;sdom. that of a Christian life. \ 1\.."'~"'YC!'r. it sh.1.mes those!' ·who will not spea~ up in defense of their reli~h.ln ~._.,r

hdp its cau$<!


able to do sc

Fath r

, Fin.llly, thou;:h """m ay not t.oach as St. \ ·iator did. he would hast!' us s.upp\.-...rt our - hool a.nd be ready to ma._-e sacrifices it may


.,\s.k '-"'ius



then. me of \...hrt:>ti::ln Educa:1on.

Sanitary Market 346 E . Court Street Telephone 137


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Many Activities Planned For tbe Coming Year.

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Friday, November I, 1929

THE V IATOR IA N being, docs doubt.

ObviMH'l l y the uni -

versality of hi l':l douhtln g- h a llH b efore

Exchange Column

Page Three

Lhis C'{>rtaln and cv'clc nl

rae t


Jubilee Poem


doubt~ . So "Ne~clo quid ce rte est'', (1'h 's column JW OPONeS~ to Jll'c :-cnt ob- besides b eJng bl.llll Latin, 1::~ In com pl ete:

(Th e f oll ow i n-g- po em wn~:J w 1·~tten fo 1• the Very Revet·e nd ,J. P. O'Mahoney,

servations and commt:'nt~ on the va.- J)raeterquam qu od clublto sh ou ld b e C. S. V .. o n the occn..<:~lon of hiH Snce ,·do· rJous coll ege publications that £>xchage added. And it would be a b ette 1- text ta l .Jubil ee Spring. Th e wrLter Is a. with thC' Vlntc-.rlan. 'l~he edLto 1· o f t hi s too. f'<C r it. Is ea~ i e 1 • to 1-hymc. p1·ie ~ t w ell JolOwn to the f 1 ·Jend<~ of St. 1 T h e g-e ntl ema n h lmMc l f condescend!'-: Vlatol' Co ll ege who h as won for him · his name he with-held. Although he to t ell u s of so m ethin g- he seem!'l self t h e t ~ lle: Tl e Poet-pr i es t of Sol.lll h 1 will no doubt write just about what h e rathe1· ce,·taln of: hh~ "Ego ~hauls d e· Da l<ot.a .. LasJt y ear ll e. wn.s De::ln o f the thinks of the ExC'hanges he reads, h e nanC"€'". St t·on g wonls the);;e al'e to an has reC'eivf'd ln:'ltt·uctk·ns not lo in- ply to a ph an ta"m. Evidently h e can Department of English rut Co lumbu s Co ll ege, Siot1x Falls, s. D., but t hi s volve himself in any !:'ult f01· lib el. It b e ce t·tain his ''Ego" ~x~~ts IC It is able yeat· he Is In our mldsl agaaln a.':l prols h oped his column will stimulate t h o s cut defiance, even at the poor Inte-r-collegiate dh<"ussicn and help prophets-. Again, ''Vlh en I'm lht-ough fe ~o t• o f English n.hd r-y. Editor's

~~lu~,~~ti:~~~ ~~~!u==~~~~-,-e ~~~~·~tli~n~lu~h!~



~r ...._ ·--

rnise the standa rd or Coll ege publ' ca- with doubti ng·· is I ndi cative or th e ces- Note.) tions.

Comment!> on anything publish- sation or a n acllvity tthat mu st ce rta in -

ed here a t·e inv:t ed both fr.:l m the stu- ly exist In ordet· to cease. dent body of St. v:ator C cll ege, a nd the the n ext:

;~~~::.-~dit~:-~7n-6:~~~>"i an


I r e.' It



for "what's l eft of me'', I mu st , th ere fore,

servet· th at ~ti l'S my mind and urges me to give expr•ess. i on to th e r eas) ns


N ·


of thi s at l ea.s't,



Skeptics of a ll men, an d in particu l ar


~~~~~~tl~~n t~t~o~r~:t_ ~n~:~et~f:u~f :~ ~~ d own fall or Sc·hoiH HtiC'IHm th en , becauHE· h e: lntrc,auc·cd clemf'nts Into It which to futu1·e genE!ratlon R brought only confw· i r.. n. ll n.d th en• h een more Scot us's.

Spr in ,L( '.

1 ncl t 10u g h oft filled wlth hea1·tach es

that the sk epti c under analysis now, shoulcl You'd not c h a n ge ill If you could; b eware of echoi n g th e musi ngs that You've had your ow.n Gethsemane, set me afire the other da y was• a ditty proph ets have c hanted, not on ly abo ut You've .trod the Dolorous VVay,



Thought may be of the mind, may be ~ou l: It I~ al so as t 1·uly d epe nd ent upon


chn nging r ealiti es 1Jf ma.tte-1· an d


Th ought endures,

text is:

:"iesci o


certe est.


but thinkers

J)a ~~ . and w h en

the thinkers are gone, Phil osphy .slumheJ·s. To d eny that

tudes and trials Is to make It divine, and t o sny· it chnnges not ar:~ men and manners oha n ge Is to m a k e it uselese. But no one denies that phi l oso phi cal systE m s a.r i :o-e a nd p ass: the problem i R t·otten:



a. PI'OduC't o f an !mortal, imperishable


The a nd it i s an odd sk ept'c


degene1·atlon and eve n death, as

on a text of one of Ame t·lca's legitimate the Gods. but also about a future life. But now you stand transfigured Cabell.


tht·ough the> cl'm corrid or s o f th e ag ~s. must not think It unus u;JI to find de-

if muddle-headed

p oets.

Masters In hwnel t ell us that

On Tabor's h eights today.

wh y d oe.<:J




sugge!::ted is abo ut

mate. and abo ut the

The evet·yt hing and yet que....<:<t.ions whethet·



u lt· to o,

him" afte,- c~eath will Oft clouds seem ed dark and threatening namely,-it i~ human. lts objec· t, w th th e t Xception of that part or its object s till murmur. what eve r that "what's About your wea ry head, the ~ d·cy co nsl<le t·s, a nd th e subj ec t mat 1Yhy do m en say this thin g is w ~ rst? left" might be. Sl<ep<t..iclsm if i.t would But 1today each silve1· lining Or call some oth er be ~st? te, - c f the sludy o f th e hum a n so ul and be consistent. of a.ll systems should n ot Smiles down on you ln..c.-t.ead: \1;'ha t matter all this l€arn ed lore? the a n ge l s, is im orta l and changing. postulate. as is d on e h er e, that there God bless you, bl ess you, b l ess you, "Nescio qu'd certe est.·· Th e agents, so to speak, of philosophy, is oomethi n g that wil l b e l eft to mur" ' hat more oa,n I expr ess., th f' m en who study i t, ex pound and m,ur when life is done. Of all e n ·ors For in God's loVe an d bl essings develop it, a t·e human. a nd fallibl e, a n d The proJ)h ets chant their musings Lie s-uccess and happiness. inconsistency ~s n ormally the most irve1·y o ft en unable to so lve the probAnd with Gods their word s inves t, rational-but perh a pS! a skeptic, like lems b efo1·e them, and it is for th e&~ But my Ego shouts deftance: many another a vagary, by some Vlhat wish es shall I send you reas n ~ that philo ~ ophy kn o w ~ d eclin e "Nesci o quid certe est." strange pat·adox approaches closest to On this your Festal day? as w ell as g r a ndeur. reason w h.en he b ecomes most inconsi s- The thoughts that sing wlthl·n my h eart \Vith this mu c h gas l et out regarding \1;'hen I'm through with d ~ubting. tent with him self. This Is the case in My words QCWlnot convey; vague ge ne1·a.J1ties, the r eal objec t cf At l ast li e down to rest, the Ji nes I quote. Through sunshine and th r ough sh adow this papet· may next be attacked. \1;<ill what's left ot: m e sti ll murmur, Finally, I f ear that if ever a .skeptic You've smiled and seen it through. \\'hat w e 1·e the peculiar r easons why "Nescio quid certe est." doe>S lie down to 1·est p e 1·,c:ceve dng in his So Fr!end of Mine, Ch t·ist's holy Priest, t h e vast system of philosophy call d

ditty. a credo of a Fl< epti c, is as foll ;: w s: "what's l eft IOf

•as ho~• tha t second doubts. he will :n truth b e mighty soon My first thougllt \' " ·n the offici·al through with d oubtin g. and "what's Canto Could l)e l)ubllsh e(l l organ of a. school dire cted by a Ch ti s- l eft of him" will b e mi g hty soon certain that h e doubt~ no Ionge1· tian denominat'on . l\•ry second thought . . 1 1 1 6 6 "'?

: ~~~-~ \\~~1~ ~g~: ::;)a

'I'hi·'. ho ok ....

of a philosopher, and he was part 11rophet too, possessed of l ea rn ed l ore wihch d 1 'd tt th.! th ''Q ma er some ·ng e uod sl fallOt·, sum" of August:n e. of Hippo. "Nescio quid certe est" is stark ®k:epticism; "Quod si fallor, SJU.m" is at least the beginning o f knowledge. I d0 not wish to impose upon anyon e

~::t aqu~i~:ri~~~~1~1~u~~:~in:n~~~ei :~:~


a collection

. 16


Lecture Gt.Ven ·n

College Club Room ~~~':;e ~-e~~)~:fi~~~~~Ic~t~~nt" 0t 0d~,~~t, a?lf ca~~~lefir;~a:~~~~~d~·e:~n a;\~ill


mpot·ta nt fac t as the determining cau se of the tragedy, and would group 1.1! the o th e1· t·easons a nd influ ence' :u ound t.his ce ntra l fa ct. Tha ~ fact .-~ th e absence of men capa bl e a nd w'llin~· to save Scholasticism. It i s with this : n mind that the question should be

John Duns Scotus, Doctor Lubtil·s brill i ant so n of Oxfot·d and St. F 1·nn: ciP. is notwithstanding all the prestige his t·eally great name commands, the fit·st personage- , in ord er of tim e, t co ntribute t o the d ownfaH of Sclwl· ast'cism. Of l a t er Schoolmen it mav be that they were too lazy to sav~ th e tntditio n al philosophy, and that if

of almost hyper-critical a udi en ces a l ee- t.hey h a d empl oyed al'ight the m ent a! He turer always encounters a t St. Viator powe t·s they ce t·t a inly possC.!"-'.!:'C<I. t lle

lha~t was takin g place in the scie n tific




R et a il


Trode ap ])I'Oac h ed, a.nd sin ce ';sho uld'' is impe1·ative in this paper. it is the v."ew-

.Je :iv ~red before the -~'acuity a n .l I nst!tute for t..he Kankakee Chamber of point whi c h this pa p er tal<es.

stucl e.nt s


\ •V illamctte

Univ~ r:-;itv . Commerce that week ln Kankak ee, and

very gene1·ously accept ed a n inv'tati on to s peak at the College. The J.e ct ure was unusu a lly w ell atten ded by the students of th e College Depa!·tment. Mr. Griest is a very pleasing and inte•·est<'ng ' Jleake•· " Ild Sticceeded ,·n ~ "' well sat:sfying one of tho se exact in g and

Salem, Oreg-'" 11 ))y th" Presiden ' of the Un:versity. Jt Is hoped the talks w ere not meant to be r ellgio ur:; at all, for if th e-y inculcate r eli g i on, It is i ndi stinguishable fr cm Benjamin Franklin Utilitar ianism.


a uth or

c•·eoandsi·daenrda!)a!eppaea ndr s tvoa •·•·e bcel


cptol~tst~l~.ed "'

might be in danget· of b e~ ng intoxicated

hoo so m e. ve r y orthodox op!nlons on Co ll ege. Into th e delirium of F"l<e tlUclsm by the numerous vital probl em s that h:t l'a.S".:> lines I have quoted, fo ll ow the r easo n- the worl d t o-d ay. Yet his Is n et a pt·o- =============== ing of this man as a pplied to thes e found mind.: h e does not p ernet rate lines. d eep ly at all i nto the rea.l itl es of life, f ellow m en. It is almoSt a blasphemy "Quod si fallor, sum": F or if I am and his m e th od of u sing inan e a nd aldrcelvecl, I exist''. ~ow if I am n ot m ort silly illustrations f o t· texts to ~is deceived in my beli ef that I ex ist, then tall<s indicates a none to o c ri g innl in:t Is ce'r k'lln thnt I €xist, and absolute tellE!C t. His s t y l e '~ vet·y t'E.a d abl e, unHe has ~·keptlcism Is fo oL sh. But if I could usual in books of this type.

t :) slight the God in Christ and God's t•ights in r elig ion as !s practicall y done in this book . Some very illuminating statistics ar~ prese nted r elativ e to the gt·owth of the study of the Bible and

POSSibly be deceived In this b elief, then a happy f acu lt y for ep igr a ms, a ltho ugh Re.l'gion in our American colleges and it is Sit. ill necessal'y that I ·exist, :CQ.r the he strl ves occas:onally a ~ittle too con- univ ersities.



excla im,


!net of the d ece ption pre-supposes sciously for langu age effects. The Vad~s". as indeed does the aut h or someone d e-ce ived, a.nd that som eo ne book conta'ns many good maxims fot· himself. F or he is at l east in co n sis tent must exist. That some<:lne Is myself coll ege stude nts, and, its enough, aft er lavishing up on the Pr otSo Whichever h orn is taken. I must r eli g i ous and his to1·i c vagaries, would e::::tant Revolt all the advancement believe I ex~st, I am certain that I ex- be read with some m od i c um of profit made. in e- v e t·ythin g since th e Sixteenth ist-which mak es unlvtr~n.l skept i cism by all who have el ected hig h er edu ca- Century, to say that th e greatest evil th at cou ld inflict Chr-Istianity Is th e itnpossible. t io n. Now apply this to the lin es above. Does the autJ.h:or of these lilies say that Ch a r acte r Buil d i n g in Co UeJ!es, hy 1\'. A. Harpn. he may be deceived? He says h e (The Abingdon Press. $1.50.) doubts everything. whi c h means h e i s This book was written f or Protestant deceived about ev er yt hin g. H e tells U.S man must be d eoe ived about eve ,·y- ch Ul'Ch

sc h ool s.

men -

lion is th e Humanistic Reviva l. Some men's nUnds may d elight in sublim e spec ul ation into the realms of higher thought whet·e l anguage is become alm c.s t a hindrance, and \Vords almost unneces.~ary. But e v en thP t. :: w that can d o this descend again an(l live be-

l o w f or a t\"it:le. Mo~ t m en. who ure int e-rested at all in things of the mind, dC>sire 1hE-ir intellect \Ia; food dre~se(] with J l~a~a nt lan g uagf' ~ u wh en i.ho R ena i s~nncc came, with tile r eturn of f avo t· o f cl ass ical J....a.tin u.nd G1·eek, a reaction was inevitable, fir-st of all ag-a inst the Latin of th "3 Schools. and as a con seq u ent, aga inst the c ·1 nt ent of that Latin, Scholastic Philosophy. Th e Modern Sc i entific Reviv~tl a l so was a b low too severe f or th e impover-

C'o!O.Jl'l h ad


not have be·

F'rom Scout~ tranr-Hion Is mad e to t h e Sc tw-.·'s. 'l'he:y, not being so dis tingul~hcd as their father-in-subtlety, are not to be honored with so long or so wori:Jy n paragraph as he. They are not ev£: n to get a paragraph t o themselves, nor even a ~entence, for both they a nd the HomiM.s can be in one sEnte n ce accu~ed, found guilty, a nd sentenced f or their c:r:me agains t t h ou ght. Th ese two sc h ool s con tributed to the decay or scho lastici sm by sE:eking m ore to Hultify the -ether sc hool than to attack seriously the bt1rning problems o f the <lay, and con· sequ ent ly a r e very deserving of the obl oquy In which t h ey are most certainly h eW . Th ere a r e certain causes of scholasti cism 's debacl e that .le'Veryone who will r eact this paper knows; m ere mention then will be made of them: llhe insistence upon dialectic as a thing in itself: the recrudescence of Averro i ~rn; th e making o f A1istotle, St. Thomas and Scotus Criter ia of truth; negleat. of the study of nature and history; the introduction of a cumbersQiffie, artificial and barb arous t erminology; th e over-simplification o f Durandus, \Yhich procureil simpli city at the ex pen se of thot·oughness a ncl e\'e n intelligibility. All these rea::;ons are pll!·ely intet·nal. and have been ana lyzed and ex panded repeatedly with the result t hat Scholasticism is thought to h a\'e decayed so-lely because o f inter n a l co nditions, to have died a natlwai death to make way for the New Thought. But the tl·uth is n ot this e xactly. Scholasticism did not die a natural death. but a violent one. True, her powers o f 1·es istance were weakened a nd she didn't fight as hard as she ~ hould ha\'e fo t· life. but h er downfall


Th fi t 1 t 0 f th to the ditty. ~ e rs ec ul·e e year was A sense of co nte mpt t or the absu d g iv-€4n r ece ntly in the Coll ege Clu and me.aningJe c.s com p els m e to lear H aJ.f \ Vay t.o ~·oon , by Ca rl G. Doney. room s. Mr. J. \V. Gt·iest spoke on th e ~he first canto ~n well-d eserved oblivio:~ (The Abingdon Pt·ess, SL 50.) tOJ)iC, "S ellin g One's Self.'' Mr. Griest Cantos two and three recall the Credo

~~mo: s~~f'ntsc~~o~~: n'~~u lcl

God's Gen1t1 em an-Here's to you! Schola~ticism d ecl : n ed and almost dis came quite as much from e.xternal R J A ''''II" appert.~·ecl '? A minute st udy of the vi e C'l us es as .tlrom external decay. And ev. ames . 1 :am s ::.t·iumph, and f a ll of the phil oso ph y 0 yet it must be admitted •that the phil the sc hools would certai nly l'evca.l osop hy o f the scho ol s would have trinumbe t· of t·easons contributing to th ~ t ed o\'e r he1· external foes, had the 1 phil oso phy's d ec lin e. Yet a minute, or scho lm en th emselves have been less in·

a Book Reviews.

was that this same principle ·would allow me to exp t·ese my own r eac tions

~phee naff~~~ t~::,ui~ ~~;etoco~e :e~s:~~~~? IR a law of llfe, and that youth Not ]JOH-~-JtJv(·J y, PE:r h, hut ~,till, jf h e a ncl v"gor SPI'Ing f01·th from d ecay. had not be<"n so blam~d s ub t Le, .th e vlg-

ph'lo~mhy does not pass through vic! ~-.

Llkei~: b~he: ~::,~l~ol~ost~e;:od,

Th e S~parl<

1:·~:~h~~ f~:f~~1':e.of ~;

rL -

tor my d "s turbnn ce.


('hange IH on(> or the ·worl <l'a most

a n.d the life o f times Lhat are no more

other In the following lin e b eh old a queet· Th e thoughts thnt ~lng within my h eart contt·adiction :ndeed: "\¥ill what's left M y wot·d s can not convey; o f m 'E:" sti ll murmur." If there will be Yet I wi sh my a nxi ou s ton g u e could tell .\ Sl{c pti c in :\n O bse l·vat.O I';\' hi 1 In a. thousrmd differ ent ways In the mail the othe!· m orning cn.n1e ~O~l1~l bng eft of rne, there mu s t cer- The fam e and tr:umphs that a r e :\o. 4 of the Augu~ta na Obsenrer f!·om a.m Y e wmet h ing to me now. If I yours Augu~tana Coll ege , Ro c k Island, Illi- wonder about the mu 1·mu!'ing.s of On thi s yom· d ay of dny s.

~o mr• mr·n In Nt.r·h agp; thcn•forf' gr;,ntlng- thn.t ~·kotus' Hubtlf~ty w:tH not ftctltlou•; hut that hr· rNiily ~JW wh:t.t h~ lhnu"hl h<· did. he Hilf>Uid neverlheJe-. ,h ave· kr•pt It all tr_, hlms€' 1f. since no one el$11(.' c·ould (J(·I·Ivto anyth in g tJut con-

evident fn c t R. PoetR have Hun g of the d en th o f the ftow er!-9 In lfh.(' autumn. and mm·cr- thnn one g t·ent man ha~ wrllt en · beautifu ll y of "'J'he Second

well a!,! the glamo t· and g l or·y, the col c r

~en d yo u On th~ YOUI' f estal d ay?

"At l ast lie down to rest".



GOD'S GENTLEMAN \\'hat "'shes s hall I


there :s alwnys !'<omethlng in Th e Ob-


Ditto f or

The Decay Of Ch0 lasticism

p t·esent disu nio n an d

clivis ~ on


th e

sects. The styl e o f the stat i stica l chapters Is imposs ible, and that of several Olhe r chapters is not mu c h better. But th€\ last three c h nptet·s. al-

Its thesis is the de- though they c ontain

som e

hop el essly

thlng, $'!nee It !so impos~ibl e to know velopment in our coll eges of what the puerll e thought, are a t least written in \YhHher anything Is certai n. Now If aut ho r cons~de r s Christian m en and a style that Is, if n o t distinguished, at ~lit noet doubts eve,·ything, h e is at wom e-n. A Chri.Sttlan n!"l t:k\fined here l east quit€\ readable. Th e b ook shou ld

ish ed

Sc h olasti c i sm.


r ev o lutioro

~~~lto~s0 1~~~t '~~~~~oth~:e 5~~7:'\~:\~~~~- w~! ~:.~;·~~~~~~- ~: :~~)~~~~=n{ifi~h~:~~1 ~~~ ~~1~

not of omission, but o f co mmi sE'io n: !iCi entiftc w orld-was simply in com pre not o f unwilling n ess to save Sch ol- h en $ible to all but a f ew br:lliant astici sm. but a sin that i s not a s· n at min ds. It W8.1S not only the Schol as· a ll. th e sin of inability. I ndeed. humble tic::; t hat co ntem n ed scie n ce during the

~~~tnu~s~: 1~,:~ee~ti~el~ur~) ~~~1'~:~~!~ ~~ c~h~f~~n:l~ :n~,~~~~s,I~~!

in g f o nvard the argum ent th at th e man had on e of the greatest and most subtle minds o f a ll time. The ep ith et g r eat est i s far to com m on to me.:'ln anythin g now adays., !:10 tha.t answ er i~ p assed over in sil ent co ntem pt; the othe1· epithet "subtest'' ·is simply a boomerang, or as a n inter es ting man called it, an "01·an g-o utang". Fo1· hi s k ee n, p en etratin g , cl'itical intellect d el vecl into evet·y probl em of th e clay, pull ed it apat·t a nd attempted to so lve it, a t th e same time attack in g most un mercifully the so lutions of everyone el se, a nd o fferin g as his own answe1·s co nglamorations of d ct"on and subtlety that few co uld ever hope t o understa nd. Scotus was too subtle, and acco rding to most a uthorities, saw disti n c ti ons whe r e n on e ex i sted. It m ay be tt·ue that th e distlnct !ons di d exist and he ntone was capable o f d e· tecting them, in fact most pl'Oba.bly this wa.s the case, but the attempted explanation o f these distinct ' on~ and the frightful ~ ubtl ety h e introduced In1

n·ue the ma.c;;ses sn apped out of their lH·ejudice eve n b efore m ost of the schoC' lmen . a nd even the masses began to l ook with sus pici on on Scholastl· cism. Scholasticism became out-dated an de~plsed because o f the Scientific Revival, and co uld not hope to survive witJh ou t a n o th et·i St. Thomas in t.u? field. Th en th e political a nd r eligi :J u s co:l diUons of th e times operate<l unfavor ab l y on th e u·uditlonal philosophy. !\l en becam e more n ationa l and, strangely but in truth. they los t the!~· taste fot· spec ul ation. Political uph e:-.val.s and r eligi ous laxity and ske pti c i sm lessened t·esl)<'c t for th e Chui'Ch and the Schoolman. Lastly, t h e peculiar· habitat of Scholasticism, t.h e gre-at Medieval Univer sities. became con upt and lax. \\'hen a philosophy must 1·eslde In unintellectual h om es. h as lo~t Its g 1·ea.test thlnker~. Is opposed IJy such formidable en e· mi es as the Stien linc Movement and tho•sanc-e, un d he-eause or i n-

~)~i!;~~o~~r-;~fl~~~~s ~~n~~~~ ~~l fr~~ ag~ :~~:l c~:~~i;e:-~~t~no1 ~ 1~~11<: !~~~~dsw:~~~

le<l$t cet·tnin of on e thing-, na.m..ely of is m er ely a philanth r opist who Imitates b e of some. use In th e sc hools f o1· wh'ch the fact that he, rt ('C I'I a inl y existent a cc J·ta ln Man in his d ea lings with his I t was written. to age must at l east be intelligibl e to save ft.

Pa~r Four


Friday. ''o vember I. 1Q2<l


College Club Make ., St. Viator College · Evanow lvanitch PI ans F or C ommg Extension Club School year ·sTltne ··xntk \"'''nan ~'"""'" .. tn "' n•nt!-' Elects Offz'cers •rna nee or tho roun.

I 1

~\t the !-!Prnn•l m~ ·t ns::. ,,f thP rnlle~t



1 ~tlhi:r ~>! the n~ctrnn of the

luh man~· lhln~ ·•f lffiP~rl nee con- l:u~:otinu tt·tnp••r.nnwrt tn thE> tnfluf'

~Jn, ~· n r ·t a..Jn.1 r .. r tl. nl>lh1 1 ol thr 1·:'-h'll:-tinn \~h1h t•( ::-;.t \' -Hor' l,1lle~t--. \\t'n' pl'l~t·nt 1111 th l .. lnlJUs oln Fdtlay. tkt!thd· 1~. ll•l1l\l't'tl11llng, a meoe-t,ng \\,1:--~ ht:•ltl ur 11w duh . . .\t 4:30

("Prning ~h•• ('nmlng ~:o:.>ar \HTe di!'CUH· 1.( .\m•·ril"!!n !-!porting lit I~'

•I :\lr • "oln.n. tht• dub tr•·a~nn•r m tde hi~ n·port o( lh4J homecomln~ dann·. F;l:ltinlr that thp nfTair wa;.; n .1

1 ~llfTI'c"'~, financially a_.o; Wt'll a~ soc·





Jrt·macy hn~ rt·l1l:tinr·d

PinnA were ul!'IO m:ul•• !or the


)<'~._,r twn rlt·t·arl":-a .\nwrka'~ lt.>nnb ~u





un- r·~:lm:-;

re.-.,~~anlzatinn nt thr- .)Jnno~rarn Club.l"h:dh·nt!E'd hrllliant ,;:lla:q:. ot Thil-l club IH to provide l-l!l('cln.l aclivi·IHemtlllatinl:! ~·t:•r~ rt'ndl'rt•d ht•r po~Jtlon tfes for thr> lA~tter ~! 1•n of the Coltege n the ~un !'ln ~weun' that nnly a. ~age. The Viatorian a Takes Pl eas ure in Prese ntin g for Your in recn~nltlnn nf thciJ· ~pn•ict•s in the Vt'l'!-it•d in thP •·C'C'Ult ~l' t•nt.·e nt tht> Approval the Musin gs of the Comic Spirit prl"tf·t·natunli. ml~-:"ht have divinecl tht· ---::---t·arlou~ sports. ~>clip~e to Cull ow. Big Bilious Tllden • Wh I I d' - . h d .\II· \\'arn'· also annnuncr·<l tha.t a stt·idln~ likP ,., c-olos~us over the pros· i e co nt c mp at in g men you may 1sce r '1 a ~p int over ea · Oramatl<' f'luh wnul<l be formed under h as the sage's brow . And the sunny mali ce of the faun l u rk s a t th(> au~p)('e£.; or the (',JJlPge Club. Far· tratt form~ r·C thC' a...,pir:llll~ of nthC'r


1n t

tlw t,llllt'F:t' rhJh


'':~:'h;h::r ~!:tl::;:rp•;!'it;~(l;:~,~~~ ~\\~'('t!':~

,,,.ll A. l..o\\\.!>lun, \'k('ool'n·~llknt t'! thf"natt·\\dY SN·t:dt~ ~ 'pmp.ln,Y. \\:l!ll ft>.d d~.,l em lht• Hnunl uC Tnu"t«·~ (t•r ont• YNll' ~\lr .I .\ Hnl~t·r, t•f tht rt·al nH:tlt• firm t•t Swt·vnt•y llllll t:nlgN

wal-l al~o n:·t·l ':tt·U Di..l't•dm~ (p,· one



Board uC

n·.u· 1'ht• Vt•ry a~, . c.$. v., tht~ H,,.,.

John P . (.)'~Lthmwy,


th e co rn ers of the half~c1osed lips. M e n' s futur e On eart h does not thf·r \\'illlam!-1 hu..t:. been asked to be nathln~. nlom~ "a"' .t\\> ot tht~ lm· ~·~~LI\'t' \~''L~~\:.~-t~~l'.:'.~t'~lh ; !~~::· l~Pn~:j ;,~ attract it ; their h o n esty ar d shapeliness in the prese nt does; and ~l odenltor of this. "'lub. se,·et·a! nilwnt l',tt.tsl!"oplw Fetlln~ hi"~ uth a 1Wl'iod oC thn·t· Yt'<ll~. ~t1·. ,Jo hn H , ~· whenever it sees th e m se lf -deceived, driftin g into va niti es, congre- the students voiced their approval in 'UHI gcntu!:l !illpnlng !tom h m nnd not O'Cnnnot·, H.l·nl J·:~tHtt•, .Mr. 1.'. 1 ..~. \\"1\t·· ga tin g in abs urditi es, runnin g riot in id o la tri es ; when ever they wax fnvnr ot the club. ng "!th ;\ J)pl·ehen~ion the dearth or ner, ~t'l'n.·t;_u·y or the \\'tu·nec Cun~trU('· out o f proportion, a ffe c ted , bombasti ca l and pretentious; w hen p 1 Other thln.t.."S or Importance takt'n up compett• nt t:th•nt to t~~l<e his pla<'e, h(' lion l..'nmpllny nnd 1Jr. Vlnct·nt Z\l'lr. h ff d 'd f · · t' . f 1 · h Tt might Wt II hfl\'f' r·xclalnwd with Lou!~ zano, .\1. U., Wt'l't' t"t'·elt'<.'lt•d Cut· on 1• eve r t cy o en so u n reaso n or a 1r JU S ICe, arc a se In um1 I Y at the meHinJ.:" wpn• the coil(·cting of yt·<u·. l•'rand~ l', 1inng.\'\tt• rrt•r, H.t~tl or mined wit h co n ce it; the Spirit overhead w ill look human e ly rn a- tho lnRumm·e and obtaining a better 1Qun.t•,.·ze: "A pre< m oi le deluge". Th e J>"t;Ll<·. was '"'"'" o'l<'<' ll'cl 1., ""' B<ktnl li g n a nd cas t an ob liqu e li g ht on them, foll owe d by vo ll eys of s ilp atendanc~ at the clu b meetings. fll'iu~(· iiH I (·omt• and wh~·n 1t (';ImP it fot· ''"{' yt•a t·, .:'1 11', ll u.nJ.,~lt•l'fc t· tak 1 ·~ v~ry laughter-t h a t is the Co mi c Spirit."-Gcorge Meredith. l\Ir. Andrew Bracken gave a short fwas (~ (•momllzm~ , \,~ era·a·s df'<'t't'!Jit thf' plth't' on thl' Uonnl Jell by Fatlwr 1·hamplfln.s .sank lnglor:ou.sly bt fore tht• E . .\1. Kl•lly, ~ •. ti. \'. talk conce rnin g .tho ipsura.nce. He withe1·in,:.: attack d F'rnncE'':-~ young A f~atu1·e or the mcL•llng wu..... ttw Hum or is said t o be hum orous bwught out how Important the en dow·~ blond. Tht- ,·olati.IE', lneprE'SSihiE' Boro· rC'afiin~ or lht• flnandal I"('JWrt tl r lhP Except w ith vo lu mi n o u s. ment was to thl;! St. Viator College of l a t l hi i . L: C j t'Xtt·nl-ltoll (•lull h•,- Father O'MRhnncy The sou l of it is bri e f, "' in wit. the fu ture. He also stated that the en· r · w J) t~,;mat c. t•mg-mat 1c a oste. In this reJ)Ill't \\~lt." t'l·Vcllll'<l the vcr): Too-it is ca tchy a nd ir ee. And th o u g h dowme-nt was nnw not any longer a the peorless Cochet-~uch men as these (~X('I• ll ent work that h• lw lng dont• bv · rmed thu nudC'U~ or Fmnct•'.s attac k. lh(' E xtt·n~·inn Club undl·r the dlrectlo~ The En g li s h may love a joke when they're old r~ nam, but a reality. ThesP three imp(•rturhable muskete:E'rB of 1.-'nthl'l' ()',\ Jahoney towu..rd::J the m.Ls· W e love to laugh t h e moment we're told. ~·;Jde rou~hl'lhod O\'C I' nll opposition and in g o f thl' Endowment l''und fu t· ~t. VI· llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ator <'nl!t•g<•. Tho !lnun clal t'OIJ(>t't In Co n sequent ly ha ndl ed with contem pt t he national dl'tall iH not r·cady yt'l t 01. pubil.catl{ln, HOLY NAME SOCIETY :1 PN:! sent to o pp os( them. In vnln did but Ji'at h ~r O'Mahoney w 11 ~ ab lo to t~ll Turnin g to po liti cs we note that the Republicans a re so undin g American sportHmcn comb the co untry th e- nwmber s or liH.~ Ext e ns ion Cluh the b es t brains in th e co untry for presidential timber. The g re at NOTES. In a fr·e nzi ecl att<' mpt to un ea rth hidde n ~:~l.~ot~ n<l~,~~u~·~~~~~~~ -1:-; a totn.l o r $1 12,· qu es tion perp lex in g th em is : Can they a fford to run Henry Ford for four years-Some say h e ha s the makings of a n ot h er Lincoln- llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!llllll' l lll ll talent. Publ'c mu·k• were t o·an• fot·med Th e flt·st m eeting- of the Hol y Name i n to c la y co urts. 'l'hc• scic·nce of l e nni ~ And bes id es h e ha s carried half of the co untry a lre a dy. Chevrolet Soc ;ety thi~ sc h ola~tic yea 1• is to be i·c· pl aced catechi~m at thE' Sunday thcught E\'an Xnt a had dl!>!ll'lrt tor will li ke ly be hi s running partner. In his youth h e was an expert lwld in the ncar future. The Solemn sc· h ools; cve t·y publk ga th e l'in g- wound gang-~tc r!-1 to lnhuhit. Killin g 1~ ton barber-so h e s h o uld h ave them a ll beat wh e n it comes to head enroll ment o f n t::t\' members will also up with a toUt·nament; nnd !:'till n o re· good for those !ellowH, h e mused. they work. Th e futur e looked black ought to gl't a klc·k In th t- pantH. It take p lace soon . A one-·hundred per ipf cam~. ---::---ce nt en rollm t'nt of a ll Cath oli c stu de nt s without even a glimme1·ing or h ope. wa~ ju:--t at thi::~ ju nC'tUI'e that a .stranA"t' D ea r Students: Before co ntinuin g this co lumn we wo ulld like to at the colle~c is anticipated. The Jun· \\'he re In this va~t realm was a. deli v· look In~ llttlP ft lluw lwga n c·yt"lng- hi m announce that there will be a lectur e n ext week in the co ll ege club tm· and Senio1· branches of t h e Society I'CI' t o he found-an nnninted prophet C1·om across the HtreN. room on "Hell". We sincerely hop e that you a ll will be there. The on the campus are to be separate, each who would lead his people ut.ot ot the faC't•d thought E\'tln, If h(· wc-r(• hP eN co llect ion is to b e t a k e n for th e coa l bill and new h eatin g system. having its ow n business. The mem- ('')llntt·y of Cac het (be cnrefu l how yo u tainly Wfluldn't lw w~·(u·ing th e om· he bership o f the Jun ior Branch is made p r· nounce it). away r1·om the noisome ha:-;. ] il' isn't a ho ld up.,.l•lther. H t> he ---::--up o f st ud ents of the Hi g h School D e· 1.t m osphe n;~ o f Ia Cas:;1, an d in to the having :l lo t of u·nubl e boWing up hl.o~ The Campus Punster Again. p:trtmen t; whcJ·eas, college st u dents promised Iancl of H elen \VIlls. A. seer pant~ as i t i!-4. He's too thin for a co mpri se t h e membership of the Sen· mig-ht hHv c fo t·etolcl that deliverance hobo. .J udging f1·om tiH.• bulge in his First Little Pig -H am I h ot. I n ever sa us age he a t. lot· Bran ch. Due to gradu a tion last was to come- not from America's hlp pockN. a nd the c-oi(H· or hiH nost>, Second Littl e Pi g -Yep , I'm nearly bacon. J une, the office~ of Vice-President and crowded tshoroughfan~s n or f1~om he r he mu::-"1. be a Sootchman. Th (' man's Mal·shal in the Senior bra nch have :c.·nile h a 1·vest lands, hut r at h e r from nosE" really waR t.·xtnwrdinary. lt fHlf'd Our First Scotch Joke been made vacant. El ections of men the rugged Steppes of i\I yste1·ious Rus· Bardolp h's to a T, a n(] ran so fast that via-Russ ia with its c r azy tempera· it was a truE' " m o me nto" or th e John~~ There was a bad accident reported o n the cor n er of Co urt and to fill these vacandes together \Yith ments, its wayward ge niu s, its en ig· town flood." E\·an dec·idecl to bru!-!h by Schuyler last ni g ht when two taxi cabs collid e d and seventeen se\'eml othel· importan t matters will llatic politics and incomparable fi c tion. thi:-~ strange c hfu·ar:le i·. But th~ little Scotchn1en were hurt. be taken up at the first m eeting. Offi· s~ me men are born great: others fellow thought dlff~rently. JJa.qhing cers of the Junior Branch are to be elcctetl at the fii·st meeting of that haw' genius con !ened upon them. aero:.;~ the street he cal lPd o ut C'hee r· Our Deepest Joke group, too. It i~ l) lanned ~ to estab· F~vanow l\'anitch ·was of that knd who fully, ' '\\'hat ar(> yo u doing, training




- - - : : -- -

- - - : :- - -

\Ve also request some talented student to send in a caricature




It is said th a t ox~ta il so up dates back to th e days of the Ptole- !ish the H oly Name Society at St. Viamies, ove r five thou sand years ago-w hi c h of co urse is g oing pretty tor that it shal l become a pei·manent far buck for soup. organization h ere. It is not a new organization on the campus, si n ce thei·e was a branch here several years And Our Stalestago. Bpt• in tel·est waived and the em·· Bread I Oh. Bread I the heroin e cried. A nd the c urt ain came 1·ent en·ort is a k ind of res usc itation, to down with a rolL make ag"nin the society a li ving body on the campus. Th is movement is in At the Greek Restaurant. accord with that which exists at most of our Catholic Colleges to organize t h e Do you wan zoup, kid? students into a concentrated ef!o11: to Do I have to take zoup? do .romething worth while in religious Zoup to you. organization. A few yeai'S ago the Chicago District Catholic Student Con· H eadline in Chicago Tribune-Convicts kill seven-Defy troop s. ference on Religious Activities was es· Whi c h , of course, isn't a bad number afte r all. tablished; and, since its establi shment it has constantly been gaining impetus. Xotifications hm·e been received by loDefinition: cal officers of the Holy Name Society that this conference is now planning Divorcee-A w o man who t a kes a m a n' s name in vain. for the regular Ali·Saints Day Conven· ---::--tion which i.s to be held in Chicago on Once th e re wa s an a b se nt-minded professor at our co ll ege. He Friday, ::\"n,·ember 1. Last year St. was walkin g serenely d ow n the street with one foot on the sidewalk \ "iator College had the distinction of and the other in the gutter. I woke him out o f his revery with a bt'ing elected to the office or Treas· courteous salutation. "And how is your health this morninu Proure-r in the Student Conference. fessor . .. I inquired. "Not bad at a lL " he said, "On ly I devel~·ped a limp in o ne leg just a short d istance back ... LIBR.\R\: SC'HED l'LE And we close with a little so ng entitled "I Like t he French Cake Library B est Because It H olds l\lore Coffee."


')p('n from :i.:OO A. 1:311


On S u ntl.::n· from




';:-!5 P. J.I.-9:(/1) 10:00 A. :.\L-1~:00 1:00 P. )1.-S:on

of the senior in his cap and go\vn so th a t everyo n e may know just 7:-!5 P. J.f.-9: ""hnt "the sn1art young man .. \vill 1.1,rear this year. The library closes n.t noon on Saturday.

win greatness by the power or theil· for a racC"?'' " jw·-rt. mclng ((Jr a ')Wn persona li ty. As he lig htl y stepped train'', Evnn I'ejoined. "H it's a. ~,·om the spacious sn lo n of the Gen11 an Scotch r ace'', counter·Nl th e llttle fel· :~C> ppel i n Tru 2U, it ·was ea~y to see that low, ··:t oug ht to he :t close one!" "w hat :le ·was not or the common run or men. I want to know'', h e cont inu ed. "Is It Th el·e was somethi ng of nobility in his yo u will g ive m e a. dime !or a cup of mie-n. Geni u s flashed from his eyes: coffee". Let m e aee the coffee first", And his every gesture por·trayed a calm w as Evan's Ironical r ep ly. and well ordered mind. \Vith the Cor· At this rem;u-k the little Cellow bPgan inthian£'1 one m!ght say: The Gods have laughing; ami th e more he thought ot come down upon us in the forms of it th e more he laughed until flnally hP men.'' For a moment he stood . lightly rolled (JVer on th!· ground in uncon· poised upon the running board at the trollablc mirth. "Let's SE:(• the corte~ Grar Zeppelin while photographers first'', he'd scream and then bnak otr .::;napped him and Commander Eckener into another volley or laughter. )>!f-an· ·n a hearty handshake. Then, as the while a curit)US change carne over th"' -:·lock struck ttvelve at the Airport a via· man. His voice r·hang(•d its tom·. The t:on grounds, he put his toot tot· the red ha'r !-!lipp~d Mr his head and the first time upon American soil. Strictly CreaklFh race he ha.d sported, ~Upped .;:peaking it was not American soil, be- round to the back of hiR neck. TM ir.g so near Cicero, but we'll let it go effect was ludicrous. \.\'hlle his real at that. El·anow checked his baggage ph y~iognomy was bu rled In hi!{ knPe::: to the Black-mail HMel., shook oCt the the Cal!'le one Pf.-4'·red out with consum· reporters who inquired Cor his name mate unconcern. Evan ha.ull!d the !F-1· and history, and set out at a brisk low to his CF-et. "'\'hy, tho:- di!'lguiJ~~oe"', "tricle for the highlights ot the "·indy he qu~rif'od, "You're rather two 1actd City. It was a goo(l hundred and fifty aCter all, arr~n·t }'('Ju·'. Th.,. Jittlr- t~JlC>W' bloek walk, but !or the man who had had now rF>covere(J from hLq hystPria. kept Paa\'0 Xunni company, it 1.'\"as a ITh~ gam~·~ up he thou~ht. I'll ha\'~ w matter of an hour's !Jmber:ng up. tt-H the lad a st(Jry or tv.·!?· After the confinement or the air \·oyage ITo ~ Contlnu.,.,1n. Evan ('raved exercise and h~ l"a." d~· terminPd to get !t. Con!'lf:quently he ; - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ; DON'T FORGET k€'pt up a bri~k trot until he reached COLLEGE CLUB INSUR· the J>£"nny arcadf" ·dl!-~trict (..! State and ANCE CAMPAlGN CLOSES Congres~. Hen· he slowpd d•1Wn to a NOVEMBER 12. walk and began to take notir:e or h:S surroundings . ''Prett3-· tough district''

Friday, Novemb er I , 1929


DEP AUL YlATO R GA~IE (Continued From Page 1).



sarY r ou ghness, but Viator lost t he baJ\

on a ru mble in mid·fiel cl .

The rest of

Kankakee Drum and Eight UndJefeated Amedee T. Betourne Bugle Corps Play at T ;;ms Are Left m Homecoming Game State Conference Pharmacy

the first q uarter was a s-eries of first

downs by the




Wonderful Display Between


backs w h ich put the b a ll n ear the goal


t he third p lay to star t the seco nd

quarter Byers ca1·r ied t h e ball O>ver f or his second to u c hdown. T he kick was blocked and ·t he score was 19 to 0. Vi ator took t he kJck-off a n d resorted to a pass w hic h was intercepted o n V iator's 35-yd line. DeP a ul made a first down a n d: then a touch down was recalled and a penal ty inflicted on the visitors. They made t his up when H arrlngton , who a lRo c h a lk ed up t h ree touchdow ns in t he co n tes t , bro k e loose tor his first counte r . The kick was wide of the posts and t h e score was 25 to 0.


Via-to•· S t>u rts It was

P age Five


---St. Viato r College was ve1·y fort w1 ate to have t h e D1·un1 and Bugle Corps of Kankakee Amet·ican L egion display thei1· tale n ts befo r e the Homecoming crowd betw een the h a lves of the game. T h is or gani zat ion is n a tion a ll y kn own because of the wonderfu l dri ll s and m us ic t h ey display each year a t the American Legion conventi ons. Just be fore t h e h a lf e nded, t h e D r um and B ugle Cor ps form ed a line act~ss the entire n or t h end of Be r gin field . \Yhen the whistle was heard, they started to come clown t h e gridiron . T he entire c r owd remained in t heir seats and weJ·e str u ck w it h amaz-ement a t

not until late in the sec<>nd t he wonderf ul harmony

qua rter that Viatot· made a first dow n . their dl'ill s .

" L I TTLE 19" STANDIN GS. Team. Won Il linois V\'esleyan

Lost ..... 2

K n ox ...................................... 3 Monmout h .................... 2 :i\>Iillikin ................................ Z Bradley ............................... 1 Lombard ................. 1 Del{alb Teac h ers ..............2 No r th Central .... ................ 1 Eureka .................................. 2 Carbondale Teachers ...... 2 Charleston Teache r s ........ 2 Macomb Teach ers .............. 1 Augustana ................... 1 St. Viator ..... 0 Carthage ........................ 0 McKendree ........................ 0 State Not·mai ..................... 0 Illinois Coll ege ........... 0

Tied 0 0


l, OO O

0 0


0 0


0 0 0 O. 1 0










2 2


1 1

1 0 0



1 0

beauty of Wh·eaton



At t h e end of each drill , Elmhu r st

......... 0



... 0



.......0 2 · · ...............O 2



Evard tool< the kick-ofi on his 20-yard the people resp<>ncled heat·tily, and as Lake Forest marker a n d made eig h t on a lateral the Drum and Bugle Corps marched off Shurtleff R omary p lun ged for t h e ini tial the fie ld , the Hom ecomers c h eered i n Mt. :M orris

Pet. 1.000



l,OOO 1 .000 l,OOO

1 , 000 l.OOO .6 67

. 667 .667

.333 .333 .000

.000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000

Viat or got another first down after two DePau l penalties f or :.fT-side. Evard made five and Todd was na il ed for a n eig h t.yard loss a n d then punted to DePau l's 32 -yd li ne f rom where Harringto n ran to Viator's 15-yd !J ne, a ga in of 55 yards. A moment t his same gent cras h ed through cen ter a n d ove r the goal. He followed .his up by mak i ng t h e k ick a nd the :!o unt was 32 to 0. No f urt h er scc.rin g }nsued in t h e first half.

.Mor e Sco•;ng Via tor s h owed m or e powe r in 't: he 2nd Jalt, a lthough t h P. onl y eff·~ct ive :l.!H.l ~on~tstent ground gainer w:ts the d!11inulive Captain Evard. AftP.:· get if'lg t hP hall on t h e k ick-off. EYar tl nade a nice r et u r n to h i-s 40 -:vJ saeak. L'wo s hort passes, Gorman to F u rlong, •ach resulted in first do\vns. T he ·all y ended when Gorman was t h rown

'or a big loss and DePau l intercepted mother pass on the 50-ycl line. DePaul hen took the ball straig h t clown t he lcld on a series of first down s and H ar·ington scored after a ten yard run Lrou nd right end. T he kick was block.r •d. Score 38 to 0. " 'eber then kicked off to the DePaul :0-yd line and on the first play :Me;Ivern ran 70 yards t o a touchdown . ·Ia 1"rington kicked goal. Score 45 to 0. Before the third q uarter ended But:her , w ho did to the Viator tackl es a ll ~11 that his name implies, got off a seres tl f long and spectacular gains and lnally put the oval onViator's 12-yar d lne as the period e n ded. He went over or a touchdovm on t h ree p lays a f ter he star t o! t he last quarter. T he k ick ailed and the scoring stopped at 51. Summary of the game:

===== =========== \ VEE J{END ST. YJ ATOR DEPAUL T oohill •LE.. Lyons Hoog LT .. Far ley Verosl<ie LG . Upto n \ •\ 'eber .. c ............ . Driscoll Logan RG ... McCla n e Canoll RT . Crowley G"bbons .................... RE ... ........... Bowler Harr in gto n H am ilton ·-------QB .. Byers Evard . · · - ------- 'RH. Gorman Butcher LH .. FB . . Hartman Furlo ng --...


Millik in, 45; Eu r eka, 6. Knox, 25; Augustana, o. C'trbondale, 6· Norm al, 0. DeKalb, 26; Mt. Morris, 0. Macomb, 12: Shurtle.ff, 0. North Central, 45; Wheaton, 0. M ill ikin a nd Knox con tinued their powet·fu l drives f or t h e " Littl-e Ninetee n ' ' footbal l championship the last week- e.n d b y sweeping Eu r eka, one of the undefeated codfe rence teams, and

Amedee J. Lamarre


Bourbonnais. 01.

Kankakee's Largest Stock QUA LITY RADIO

'--------- -------..!

Einbeck' s Studio Our p h o tol>"r,aphs a r e in expen sive, yet treasured f or th eir w orth as livin g portr aits.

153 North S chuyler Ave. Phone 407

Kankakee, IlL

Edwin Pratt Sons Co. " Inc." i\Ja.n ufac t ure r s or everything in " ' ire a nd Iron \ Vorl<, F ir e Escapes, \ Vit·e a nd Iron F en ces, S tor e Fronts, Sta r· Rai lin gs, Steel S ta irways , Vent G ua rds, S t r uct ura l St eel \ Vod <. KANIV\IiE E

Bobbitt's Cafeteria

W h en in Kanl<a k ee You Are A lways W e lcome at th e

Merchants' Cafe 360 E. COURT ST.

Pull man Boo ths, Soda F ounta in . M a jestic R adio W hil e You W ta it.

~----------------------------J I L-P_h_o_n_•___95_4_______J.__B_e_r_eo_l_o_s.__~_lg_r_. ..! RENT-A-C AR

DRIVE IT YOURSELF Students Are Especially W elco me

In Rear of Arcade Bldg .

HOTEL KANKAKEE S idney Herbs t, Pres. -and G en eral Manag er DINING ROOM


A h earty w elcome awaits th e stu dent a nd: friends o f St. Via tor Colleg e NORTHEAST CORNER SCHUY:LER AT MERCHANT






252 Sou th E ast Avenue

fociel!J !Brand Clothes


NOTRE DAME CONVENT Accredited to Dlinois University

A Select Boardin g Sch ool T h is in s titut ion is co nd u cted by Cl'e ry oppor t u n ity t o yo u n g- la d ies t>du cation . Prices r eas on a ble. F or


Su bstitu t ions: St. Viator -Matt hews Augustana f r om the ir paths. The Decatur gridders flas h ed a for fo r Hoog, Hunt for Veroski e, O'Malley midabte attacl.: i n the ir 45 to 6 victory for \Veber, Anderson for Logan, T odd over Eureka, but the Eurel<ans put u p for Hamil t on, Cloth ie r f o-r Gorman, Ro· a more f ormidable defense than the mary for Furlong. DePaul -Morse fo r score ind icates. Crush ing t h e light Upton, L.:tmson for McClane, I-ci n gs- A u g u stana li n e, the Kn ox backs had land for Harr ington , McG ivern for By - l!ttle difficulty in pi li ng u p 25 points. ers. DPa fo r McGivern , Steffen for ButNorth Central and DeKalb, the two cher. northe rn Illinois team.s that battled to Touchdowns: Byers 3, Har rington 3, a 6 to 6 U€1 earlier in the season, we r e McGivern, Butc her. both vict ori ou s. T he Macom b Teach · Points after touchdown: P"...arring- ers celebrated their home-coming in a ton 3. royal fashion, setting back Shur tleff. 12 Referee---F red Young, Illn.ois; Wes- to 0. teyan; Umpire-Otto Engle, Michigan; I n non-confere nce tilts, the little Headli nesm a n -Bro.Wn, Armour I nsti- Nineteen teams did not fare so well. tute. Lombard \vas beaten by VVest~rn State Teachers of Kalamazoo, Mich., 14 to 6. St. Viat or was trounced by DePaul. 51 to 0 in Viator's Homecoming game. and Co n fec tion ary Groceries Bradley defeated St. AmbrOS'e of Daven por t, 45 to 0, in the first n ight gam e ever played in Peor ia .

C iga rs


119 Court St., Kankakee, IlL

" Always Glad to See You"

fi rst down as a faint cheer arose f r om apprec iat ion. the stands.

Cut Rate D rugs

Baird -Swann ell Everything in Sportmg Goods

Welcome Y our Bankin g Business


C or. C ourt St. a nd S ch uyler

A ttending Surg eon to Stud ents a n d F acu lty o f St. Via tor C olle ge Office Hours : 2. t o 4 p . m. . 7 to 8 p . m.

Ave nue

Phone Offi ce, M a in 33 7

f or Gir ls a nd Yo un g Lad ies. th e Sister s of N otre D a m e, a nd off ers for a th or ou g h Ch ristia n and secu lar Ca hd ogu e, address

SI STER SUP E RIOR, Notr·e D a m e Co nvent

320 -322 A r cad e Bld g.

P h on e H om e, M a in 3073 Kanka k ee, IlL




F orty- two years experi en ce in supplying Q ua lity F ood Pro d ucts fo r institution a l a nd res ta ura nt req ui rements h as perfe cted our

We h ave cloth es fo r young men, mature men, univer sity m enin sh ort we're now showing





Leading P urveyors to the Institutional Table service and o ur va lues b eyond ordi na ry compa rison.

New Kankakee Hotel Barber Shop

Our Ed e lweis Tra d e Ma rk h as b ecome the sym bol o f fin e q ua lity foo d s economically packed. Wherever cl ose and inte ll igent buying prevai ls our Ca ta log is of in terest.

]. Lamb , Proprietor

JOHN SEXTON & COMPANY Chicago Manufacturing W h olesale G r ocers

Plant·Kerqer Co.


" Nationally Known M en ' s Wear."

P a tro n age.

We So licit t h e Coll ege Men "•



________ THE VIATORIA'

.·==-=oc:= . Novitiate at St.


The Inquiring Reporter

Bernard Hall


• • • • ,fill ~t t ....,. 1 fVtl ty wr..rUlrJ ,.,,u 1 k~" to Pt<t


The \ .ator: n ex t.uu the to P.."'V T J Rlct- t. ~

\\"hf'n ,,.<1r of S H rrard JIL The llO\'Ir-t"S 1 II 6> h~r but r:at In the faculty dlnlno:: JlltJ H 1 ,m· echn,-'11 hn1 r.t th1• • ollr gr. Th,. Xovl!latf'r wa"t waY nut t , n In ttlfJ v. rl•• open l!l(,at"e.f' r•irm~> ly localf•d &t f'hamt.»E"rla.n ~ D., lmt UJ,._JOO rLrrlvln" at tho In urfun m)· an•J Jo""lther f:hearns WID~ likPWI..~I! :\fa.1m111t l••nfll r·•·c•l\'f.t) t ReVI·rA j,,Jt.-·ff(}r tt·r r.t .;..'"ovfroea th, hE!nr~ lx·lng mad~ thr gur.•h On rny wny h•· r- h)' frtt. n, Prmlilftlf'nl t.•! St. Yf:1tor COl ege Th.J ~- .. ulrl pi• tur•1 a lllrnr·h ,,( "i-;)11.'4" • 'ovitlat•· will TPma1n 1it Ht. u,·_·rnanl rn,ttlng nr01Jnd ., ram,,us thar \\1\.'111 VI Jfn.11 until thr• complethm or the llf,]Pn· l.t,rtY'TI IV. n ,\h Nlf·hu dl3 roc:·k 'IUt~rrr. (llrl IW\\.' 1·,,mhlnatlnn ~ovitlaU• nml .Tu· 1 pll'lllr"rl lh•• hulltlin~H R.K fl'mHJI tf("·hr.,...d· nJr,mt.r- that 1~ nr.v..- hdn~ t>ll'f'tf"fl nf~'1.r h•



f" IJei:P

/:ut wh•·n





r nrriVt rl

Ilk" ant IA'mrmt,




,J··~-, nt

mud1 In rn}• IIIUrpd!-1•·. Jr,••kl'fl 11:-t lhiiUJ.:"h It hd••n~on·tl to ~orn" w•·althr , 2-'tutf· and WUH







•I . \ rend. whu attendc·d H -h ~~boot here ",.'lf'ra' 1·e rM l~O. UJ~n the I·"~ r,t hi~ mothf:'r, who dlf"'l on Friday,

''That Good lee Cream" Wholesa le Confectionery and Fountain uppli cs

r 1~.

FO I·D I ER r.;T l n t-.; ' T O F ..., T . \ '1 \ T OH 1 ('Q) l ES R\ PL \ ' R J:'OH 110 .\I F. ( 0'11 :\"( ;,

!.._----- - --- - -------------------



w I!-. mndt fl11)N" Jm hy the Vi!'Cit or Fahlan Lnrt·au, who clrnpJ_.t.-1 out n f thf• !<ky !n hL"~ \ \'o.C'o pur!'!ult p lanP to land on nur ho.non•d recent· 1thlettr ftf'lrl afljnln i n~ tlw ha.<~t·hall


H :O.IT ~


Jll" f'~Si\'f>

P RINTERS and STATIO NERS P rinting, Engra ving, O ffice Supp lies, Loose Leaf F orms, Binde rs, Etc. 2 6 4 East Merchant Street Telephone 406 Ka nkakee, !IL

J-;veryonf> \\as r•·rta nly MUr·

n r Dura.nJ.C"o, :\I('x/co. Ill s Grace h as prl ~ed to !'lee the Hm iling- L a r·pnu In th ~· hr•cn T('!-<ldlng at DePaul UnlvE-r.~lty In role o r an aviator. Thl~ wa.<~ thC' tlrst


Mlnr•p hil-l exlh· rrnm h i~ See time In the hi~tory or ::it. Ylntor that our groun d~. hHrnllnll llullclln ~ Tht·w· ll'f''':o! !-IUT{' 1{0\'('l'nment. He accompanied Father nnd thf! h o n or or t>l'; tahll s hlng It gOt>N t o nn• HO Jnt •1hl n ~ to tw )}I'II Ufl o r . M y Idea. 1 ~\'(10, PrcRid e nt or D e Pau l Unh·er· Lareau, a t e rm e r ~tudf'nt or St. Vlntnr· f, ( f(HI·\njl n hunr·h o r lltt1 1 HC'hool- Idly. to Boorbo nn aL.q to St'e the Home- ACc.1.demy. hom1 ·1-1 hllnC'Iwd toJ{I'thl'r' C'C rtnlnl y was comin g- game betwee n DePn.u l and St. ml"h·orllmc rur \"'h+·n I flaw all the Viator. LIST OF E X CHA..''\GES. hutldlni{K 1 ju~ t u llout 1<1"(·\ed oV('I' with _ ~ Th ~ Vlato r lan ac kn owledg-es the re· HUI'Jli·IKH tc> think th1tt a 1->(' hoo l or W11A thin~ c;u·rlt.•rl out t o promote m o r·e Ki1:(' r·olllcl hliV"ft HUC'h wo ndt•r!ul cqU' J)· ~p lrlt , hut I do not know at p r·esent CE" Ipt o r the f oll owing Ex('lhangt"~ : \\' 1 1 1 11 Th e Bradley T ech Bradley; P eoria , II I. nwnt. wn got a r'ollrl ( to f.I('C' o. ju!-lt whnt to f;Uggest. I wou l d ltk e t o The Or acle .... !\1on m o uth : M o nm c. uth , I ll. th• •l-lt' thlnJ.CK I "m id t o m yH<• Ir. "Gee, I !'lt't' n. llttl~ m OtX' Roclrd activity o n the Hun· will f•njo y l{ol n,l( t o 'thi R' S<'hool." rn mpm:i such as a dan ce o f t e n er . I d o . The \\'a t c h Towe r ... M a •·ygrove: D e trolt J\ H far IU4 t-rtllo{'KC'-"'-tlnl{ an rlc tl vlty tor how«;>vf"r, think bhnt th er e is much need St. Bed e R ecor cls ....... St. Bede; P eru , Il l.


lrtJllr··~lw• thlnlo(

Manufacturers of


~l.Yintor (;()llPKf' wa. ly hy lhr.> d~it n f A rchbishop Gonzalez tllamnnd.

Thu (·arnpuM,




f. • 1 '

( 'hlc:-a~:o





••ifl•·r '"''" HIYitf' lf , un.-1 uppr·.trt·d to 1,.-•




sen·J •·N~ at )Tnnhllttnn. 1 ~ 1 f'on•lol•·nN.'fl 1rt nl~• -extr-ndf"•l to E:il·




.\I K \.1( \ :\


rw11rdru: nrounrl llu· r·umpnH \\f·r•• rnur·h t



r \t.,'-, JJ)\, ·:u.




~. (' ~ \ ... who was l· t'ldd nt c;f \ ~ ~he 1 )Urn t\\"o 7~".arw a,;, OJ)€'nM ,.,,. ~orl ll ,. ot a i..l!lln, .llr Jam~ .ll Cov, ,f tla.te t r tt:n Am~ricaf1 Provine,. r.t the .Jot~. 111. Father Rice :vu.: :-=:ot~m!:" ( 1PrfOJ f St Yla~or In an urO<'Cupi•~l High H uf~Tl" .llus fur th*" Cun.-ral

""na· n.~ ltut~d

on 'h'· ,am: • rt \ ' ( f "i r, , Unt ta r • '' turo rl Jl u •


Fnd f, , ovemb r I,

,~ f ·I·Jll rur willow~ In rrnnt o f thr- Adm'n- rlup to tlw re \h:;-louR JY·r!=tecutlnn o r the a n aJrp lane lan<.lt>cl o n

the <·ampuH IH <'O n C"i rnt•d,

I h nvp not ror 8ome m(•O.n8 to CJ'l'Qte m ore s p i r it.

~'ltl~";ll~~~~·~:,~ ~~::·~'-~ntc:l~ \:~~1-r;:~lo:~m~ Hdwdul(l or

IV .


H EN (T JNY) Y A I L I A:\' CO l ' R rr,

lntnvmura l games clra w n





ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS AND DEALERS El ectricians for St. Viator Coll ege Telephone 995

362 East Court



~~: ~~~::tuer.l-~~---~-~~~i:"l~~~~ ~:C'r~~~·: ~~: : ~-------------------------------- ~

t or a rte •· all, ther·o will be llttle activity Th e H o ur Glass .. St. If thc-•·e I~ no s pirit t o 8ta r t Jt. Kam~as.

wi ll Hny, thou g h , thnt In thl' En:o~t It hi tht' t' U~t nm In nil <'O ilC'!-."'t~ t o hrtV<" a





~I ary's;


Ma ry's,


Observer .. Augustana;

Roc k I sland, 111.

Practice Limited to


O I L I.

11. ;\ llD ULE T0:\1 ,






Bell Telep hone 25 3


602 City National Bank Bldg.

Milk and Cream

Bulgarious Butter Milk

396 SOUTH SCHUYLER AVEA lways D rink P asteurized Milk. Our Wagons P ass Your Door Every Morning Before You Have Breakfast


Both Phones 45

lntn\.-mural would ~t'lwtl uh.) ~l w ol'l<t'd vut t hnt each st u dt:o nt would obtain '-'Uft'lclent J!Ymnru:-·tic work t o kl'1·'1l him In tht:' ht~~t o r p hy ~leal t'tlndltlo n throughout the year. ~Ud\ ;\n umt ...~ r tnktn~ woultl not cause

:\ny ~n·at t'XIh'll~ to the ~chot1l wuuld it <':1U:-<e nny troul.,le.

have no troub l e ftndlng plt>nty );1)0<1 llt et·ary talent to n ublish a Year Book that we would all be proud ot. ·1~he Year Book s h oulcl be a. trad i· tlon at any shcool o! promin-ence. or


McBroom's Cafe

N .• L. MARCOTTE Barb er Shop

Meals, Short O rders, Specials and Confections


.). HT":"il))[.\ -:'\", '3 3. . I was very much A ge nt for Down -Town Clea nlmpl't-"Ssed by the OlliWrtunities otrered ing, Pressing and R epairing Ill. the ~t udent body to ltve the Clu·· .. Establishment. l' Hl t. ) I \ ('1\ E Y. '33. )l y first im- life God ha~ intendi'.d tor u-.. to JIYe. JH't':-:~h~n, llr 8t \'Into•·'::: wt:ort'" ~omt:'· Athletlcs are an as..~et t() any college. BOURBO NNAIS, ILL. wh:lt \1!:;-appointing-, f 1r I had a picture y-et they lose their g reatest value for·ml'\1 tl! :-;omt•thin~ t"nth·ely di~.&'\.'nt. when participat~ in by only a !e,.w ~ly di&WI'<'Intnwnt "''" du,, somewhnt "tud•nts. There should I><> >orne !orm 1, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , ,,, th• limit<d 1\llll\lWr and o! phys:col :tcti\"ity at·ai!able to all tlw :-rna11 l'ampU$ ::::p..:.t~t'. But ntlW I students at all seasons d the :-chool Kankakee, Ill. h:\Y\' hl$l tht~ t\rst lmpt"'s~ton and t.;:.~l Y€>.:.11'. Thtc-y should be :--c!M!dult-d tor the :-:.,lt.:-;t\t'-\t r~'l' tht> prc-~~nt !ot· I h<\Ve- a lc-onn•nience or those students who do C leaning, P ressin g, Repairin g. a.:.·t"-'win~ intt:ot~::::t t'"a.:h day. This in- ntlt h:l\"e the necess.1.ry tre-e time to Promp t a nd Effic ie nt Service te-r\·~t i::> dul• in l.\r~"~ n"f"'O.:.;UI"o: to the tl..'lrtit.•ipate- in nu-sit:r athl~tiC'$. E,·erv thro u g h o ur agentlilw ('1"-'Wd t."\! !t.•Hl\W~ nnd the :St'dabil- ::otUdt•nt ~hould and will take part i~

or bulldln~>


1 "t.lUltl like- lt' ~""-' st'n~ pant instead o! an on locker.

Fashion Believes in G. G. G. Weaves

I Hotel Bldg.

_ _ :::::,..

60 5-606 Volkman Bldg.


Roy H all

Roo m 2 19


Compliments of



Dry Cleaners

li i:S S ~

Kanl.-a.kee, Ill

Insurance, Loans and Bonds


JA Ff E ~ SONS -


Leave Your LaiiDdry and Dry Cleaning With


--~ r m~

Private Dining Room for Banquets and Parties KA NKAKEE, ILLINOIS

Reliable Cleaners

lt,y tht.'Y slww phy~ka.l t'ntert.atnment if It Is ~ch~dulb tnr a.:-; ~-:su:.:~t"$lln~ an at'thity is t:'d_ ~t.> that he may become a partici·


First Class R estaurant Established 1908



Bourbonnais, Illinois

------------------------' '~--------------------------


St. Viator College Newspaper, 1929-11-01  

The Viatorian, Vol. XLVII, No. 2

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