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Beat John Carroll


Beat Millikin

Thursday, November 15, 1928


Volume XLVI




I o

Plans for Celebration are Co m· ! plete i


Plans for the Annual Homeco ming Celebration Friday, November 23rd, and the I nsta ll ation of the Very I Reve rend J. W. R. Maguire, c. s. v., o A. M. as t he new president of St. 1 Viator Co llege were made public by j

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Homkecolmingt tComlhni ttee I eatd·l y I j t ts wee . nv t a IO ns ave a r ea Y = been sent to t he colleges of the middi e west and to the a lumni. Academic Procession A r ecep t ion for t he delegates fro m R the various coll eges and univ ersities will . be held in the presid ent's suite, j Marsile Hall , from 9 :30 A . M. to 10:30 A. M. An acade mic procession ~ will forma ll y begin the homecoming celebration . The inaugural ceremonies will take place in t he gymnasium . Insta ll ation of President



Hobo Parade -

6:30 P. M.


New Coach of Debate Introduced St. Viator Amon g- t he Schools Represented


Football Pep Meeting-Boosters' Clu b

9:00 P. M.

F riday, November 23, 1928 Recept ion to Delegates from Colleges and Un ive rsiti es Academic Procession al

Conference of Honorary Degrees on t he Rt. Rev. A . J. McGavi ck, D. D., '88; Rt. Rev. B. J. Sheil, D. D., '08; Rt. Rev. Mgsr. E. A. P ace, S. T. D., P h. D.

11 :00 A. M.

Alumni Banquet Homecoming Football Ga me

Homecommg Party

! ~

Viatobr Collefgethhas becolme a chartedr Thursday, Nove mber 1, and wero in mem cr o e new Y orgamze session fro m te n o'clock in the mornLittle Ni neteen Debate League and ing t ill four o'clock in the afternoon that it will be a contender t his year a llowing themse lves one hour fo •: for the State. Debati~g Cha m pio ns h.ip. 1 lunch. J ohn Keating, a. seni or from , Some routme bus mess was. co ns •d- Loyola Univers ity presided t hrougherect, t hen fo ll owed t he appomtment out th e sessions in an unusually capof the ch a n·men of t he permanent able manner, judiciously directing t he j comm ittees. W•th th e appro val of di scussion, selecting and emphasizin g the other officers of the soc iety, t he hi g h spots a nd elucidati ng- poin t.; - Pres ident Stafford ::tppo inted Mr. of va lue. Lloyd IV a r ne chaim,an of t he Libr ary Th e program of the deliber a t ions Col~tmittee, and Mr. G. Ray~1lond of the s tud en ts was built up aroun d Spiag ue, ch~ nman ~f the Enteltam- th e resolutions of the National Studment Comlmttee. S mce Mr. Warne I en t L ea dersh ip Convention t hat was · t1 d IS a vfery enet~geth c you n g •;~ant held in St. Louis last August anrl avor WI e powe r s a ru e that was attend ed by about 1400 deleI, tISheml!brary he wtll be ve r y usefu l m 1 sec unng f'or our c1e ba t ers t h e neces- 1 gates f rom every part of t he cou ntry. · sa1y li teratu re on t he questiOn s to T wo S1>ec ia l Re solutions be d•scussed t his yea r Wi t h Mr. Among t he num er ous methods r e-


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1 1 i

2: 15 P. M.


9 :00 P. M.

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At the in sta llat ion ceremonies Fa- ~ ther Maguire will confe r t he honorary degree of LL. D. on t he R ig ht Rev.

Two hundred and forty-nine delegates from thirty-nine coll eges and high sc hools in Ch icago an d v icinity met at Lo yo la University for the third Chicago Catholi c Stud ent Couferen ce on Re li gious Activities, on


1:00 P . M.

J a mes Millikin Un iver s ity versus St. Viator College ReceptiOn to Alumni by t he St. Viator College Club at th e

The Bergin Debating Society m et for the first time thi s ye ar, Monday, I November 5. Father Mag uire, the retiring Moderator and Coach of Debate, introduced to the soc iety hi s fi! successor, F ath er T. J . Lynch. Father Maguire also explained t hat St.

· i

9 :30 A. l\II. to 10 :30 A. M. 10 :30 A. M.

! !

president of St. V1ator College by 1 Mr. A. L . Granger , M. A., '89, a ~ -~ niember of th e lay board of t ru stees. ~ Father MagUire w ill make hi S speech ' the need of

_ ,= ,_ , _ _ _ ,_ ,_ , _ _

Install ation of Ver y Rev. Presi dent

The Very Rev. John W. R. Magu ire , c. s. v., A. M., wi ll be ins ta ll ed as

Confer ence of Deg rees


! ! i


. _. _,_. . _.


t:: ~~:p~t:;~~; ~~;~ed e~~ea~~~- ~~le~1~::se ~-:Iit;i~;,o':

of t he College w il1 a lways be accord- vita l

Skeleton of Old F rt eshmen Victorious ed to visiting debaters in t he g ra cious rn a nn er poss ible. Gym Being Razed In F rosh-Soph Tilt I Pi Kappa Del ta Probable


in everyday

life, two

most were considered of s ufficient importa n ce to be ado pted unanim ously a s s pecial r esolutions. The first is designed to meet the evil of intemp crMsgr. Edward A. Pace, S . T. D., Ph. . --In the r eport maCe of t he prog r ess a nce and consists in a whol e- hearted D., Vice-rector of t he Catholic Uni- t Durmg t he past week a change has On Sunday, October 29, e nt hus ias m ) of th e negotiations co ncerning t he t 1 1 th Th t b h F app rova l of t he St. Louis reso lution versity of America, \Vas h ington, D . a (en pace on e ca mpus . e was ram pan etween t e res hman ' entran ce of St. Viator College in to in favo r 0 f l abst inence fro m C. ·, the Ri g ht Rev. Alexander J. Me- ~ wa lls of t he old gymnas_ ium are being and Sophomo_r e classe.s. This was Pi Kappa Delta, it was disclosed that - tota a lcoholi c beve rages and t he second is I of thet_r a nnu a l football ga ~·ne. l' a favorable dec is ion 011 ou r appli caGavick , D. D., 'S8, Bis h_ op of L acrosse, to.rn d o-wn, t h us.•~· e movm~ a.t~ eyesor e t h e cay Wisco nsin; and t he Rtght Rev. Bern- I ftom the othen\ tse attract ive cam - T he SophornOles were th e fa vo ntes t ion is expected soon. in line wit h t he Pope's ca mpaign to ard J. S heil , D. D. , '08, Auxil iary pt::s. A!re3dy t he fr ont and part of with t he crowd a s the records Mr. J. A. No lan, Manager of De- promote re s pect f or women by enBishop of Ch icago. The Rig h t R ever- tl1e S l·d e wa 11 s are c1own. T h e s t one s h owe d t h a t a F r es 11man team ha d bate , made a report of t he debates couraging modesty in dress. The · b · t k b k' b bl t lk fl:' h fi 11 Chi cago a.nd St. L oui s practical r eend Bishop of Lacr osse will make t h e I IS emg a ·en away Y ~ ';rec mg p ~ve r . ' een a e o wa . o t e e .c sc hed ul ed thus fa r , a nd annou nced co mmendation to t heir federated units speech of acceptance f or t he reci- company to be used fo r butldmg pur .. vtctc n ::>us. Coach McNary ha d hts the official questions fo r th e year. pien ts of th e degree. ' poses. It is very interesting to Freshman team on edge w h ile Coach Father L ync h spoke briefl y, point- co nce rn ed is t hat ~~skirts be long· anc,uei Foll ows , watc.· h t he va riou s method s used i_n ·Hoog had t_h e Sophomo res in t he best 1 ing out especially, t he necessity of be- enoug h to cover t he kn ees when s itB t in g and st a nding. " . . h ld . teanng d ow n t h e wa ll s.. A Iarge c h am s h ape poss tbl e f or t h e ga me. I n t he gin ni ng work immediately on t he two The alu rnm banquet w 111 1)e e m f d bl . d fi th S h th · Th e secr etary of t he co n ventio n was 1 t he college dining hall at 1: 00 P. M. 1. r';Sten~ to a c ~ e 1 ~ passec arou n n st quarter e op om ores r eat- qt!estions for debate . Foll ow in g t h is in str ucted to co mmuni cate with Cat ha portion of t.!-le w a ll and n1ade fas t ened to pl:sh ove r a touc hdown du e to 1 sugge stio n it was agreed t hat the 'M· . The Very Rev. John p . O a 11oney, t t k h" 1 II th t 11 . r d . t k I ' olic edi to rs t hroughout t he co untry c s v Treas urer of th e St. Viato r . o a rue w IC 1 pu s c s o~e t~1e n· me p 1un gmg a n a: na 1 a. tac ·I prelimino.ry s peeches and deba tes a nd to so licit t heir s uppo r t editorially · · ., . Cl b . . . t d down. Although th e gy m was butlt 1he F reshmen held aga m s t t hts a s- would be we:l l und er way before College Exten s ~ on ul , I S ~txpfech~ twc:-t ty-seven years a go , the wall s I1 sau lt, the ir li ne hol ding like a stone Tha nksg iv ing. and otherwi se in beha lf of t hese two to make a se m1-annua 1e po1 o ts l . I' d d . . h · . r j meas ures in particular. work to th e A lumni Assoc ia tion . An are st dl so 1 an tt req mres muc wa ll when the goal llne. f he The na mes of se veral new men who Ma ny Subjects Disc ussed eleven t h h our decision on the part of labor :md effo.rt to r emove t he sto nes . s.e cond a nd thtrd. quarters. were rnu . :- h have given indications of f orens ic Other topics rep orted on a.nd di s. . . t l Several por ti ons of the wa ll are so ltk e t he first, wrth hot h team s play- ~ tale nt were s ubm itted a nd a vote on t he H omecommg Com mittee wa s n o 1' 1 h t th h . . t d th . . b f tb I! I th I· t . . . ' . . . favorable to t he usual programme of s o tc t a ey ave t es JS e e as- trg- zu p :~ oo a". n e as t he qu estiOn of thetr adm1 ss wn mt o cussed wer e : re lig ious s tudent orga n izations, the il' types , method s and dd . due t o the fact that the ~:! ult s .of t he wo rkm en. Tt may be quarter, T om Fox, the fre~ hm a n ! t he Society w ill be taken a t th e nex t stn :cture; devotion to J es us Chri s t in a t esses . d m terest tng t o know t hat t he gymnas- fullback g all oped fr om the lme of meeting 11 Homecoming Cootball game 18 ca e ium was bui lt in n.ineteen h undred and 1 nc rimmage, th r ough a broken ti cld I The Pi Kappa Delta ques t ion for t he Holy F.ucharist ; practical ways for 2: l 5 P. M. one and was destroyed by fire in fo r abo ut forty- fi ve yards and cro 35<'d debate t his year is RESOLVED: That of scpporting Cathol ic li te rature Footb all Came nineteen twenty-s ix. The basement the goal line. Th e try f or extra a s ubs titute fo r t ri a l by jury s hould e-s pec iall y periodi ca ls ; developin g acJames Millikin Univers ity , Decatur, served as th e r efectory a nd t he seco nd point f.a iled. The Sophon~ores car11e cc adopted. T h ~ qu est ion th e Illinois tive interests in the mission s , hom e Illi nois , a1·c th e sc heduled oppone nts floor co ntained the gym nas ium. T he back w1th a rus h but the tmw prov~d 1 Debate League wi ll debate is RE- a nd fol'eig-n; sec uring r ecog nition fo r for the football classic. pcc ial foot- work of removing the ruin s has pro- to be too s hort f or th em to pm:h over SOLVF.D : That the Public s hould own the pr inci ples of Chri st in soc ia l, inhn l\ progTamm es ure in th e han ds of n ressed so rapidly that withi n a • a touchd own. Captain No lan of the and deve lop the principal so urces of d ·.~z t r ial and politica l r ela tions , es pecia ll y in Lhe prevention of war and the printe r. The Fres hman class w ill rnon th the wa ll s wil l be levelled to Sophorno1·es was in j •1ted nea r th e e nd hydro-e lect ri c power. entertain with gu s to during the t he g r ound. of the game, co m pelling t he Sopi10Th e schedu le for the year is a s 'ro l- th e deve lopment of peace and co mity hal ves. A hngc attendance at this mores t? play the rema inder of t he ) !ows : (Fi na l act ion has not ye t been between races and nat ions, all of unit of th e programme is expected . game w1th but te n me n. It was t h o taken in regard to several of the de- whic h mea ns Ca tho lic Act ion. Coll eges taking part in t he co nfer• • first time in the hi story of the schoo l bates). Rece ption to Alumni ence were SL V iator, Kankak ee, TIL; The r eception of t h St. Viator IS that a Fres hman t ea m had beaten Feb. 20-Valpara iso, here . College Club to the alumni, is set , the Sophomo res . "Tom Fox" and !lbr. 1- North Centra l (Napervill e), Ro l'-'ary, Ri ver Forest, 1.11.; St. Xavier, Ch icago and Loyola. Among th e outfor 9:00 P . M. Dancing will be the Plans have been made and are go- " Herb" S hea were t he lum inaries in here. entertainm ent of t he evening, and ing forward rapidly for the orga ni za- the Freshman lineup , while Ca rr'>ll, Mar. 1-Normal Unive rsi ty, NormaL of-town institut ions were those local-· will be acco mpanied by Jack Higgins tion of a rooters' club to be known as Clifford and Captain Nolan s tarred i lar. !- Detroit University, Dual De- cd at Morris, LaGrange, Aurora, .Joliet, Wilmette:, Evanston. nnd His Royal Purple Orchestra. Chi- ·'The Ho\vling Hundred." for the Sophomores. bate. Pure- ly a Bus in ess Meet cago, 11\inois. "ln union there is strength," is the !\far. 6-Carroll Coll ege ( \V aukesha , The chairman made it clear, right motto adopted by the students of \' -1-A-T-0-R will be used in a special \V!s.), here. l'ONFEREN E ~IDIBER \"iator in their new club. All stud- yell that has received the app r oval of ~lar. !!-University of Dayton, Dual from the start , that the co nfer ence would not indulge in rhetoric or oraMEET. CHI C AGO . DEC. ent" are asked to cooperate in ord~r the entire student body. Debate . In the Charleston-\"iator game a Mar. 12-St. Xavier (Cincinnati), tory but would confine itself to a re· to arouse the "dead" sc hoo l sp iri t port on mcthcJdS that have been tried Dual Debatf!. )iembeTs of the Little Nineteen that seems to pre\·ail about the cam- s ;>ect3tor remarked that t he students 11 Wc want the Mhletic conference will hold tht:>ir pus. '!embers of the club will sit in were not behind the team. Let's all :\lar. 15-St. Thomas (St. Paul), here. and found helpfuL eiO(JUence of facts," he sai rl , "an d nul nnnunl m('c-ting nt the Ht.>te l herman, a body and wear rooter~· caps of turn out at the next meeting and :\[ar. 20-Loyola, Dual Debate. the cloqucnt·c of words." And th(' t'hl•in~o, on Fridny nfternoon. De-l·em- purple and gold at all athletic con- show the spectators that we are real .\lar. 22-0pen for Ill inois Jntercol(Cont'd on page ~. column :~) test~. Large placards with the letters \·iator backers. legiate Debate League. bt>-r I. nt ~:ao t)'dock. lj



--- .




St. V iator Rooting Club

O rgaruzed


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Thursday, November 15, 1928

Alum ni Notes

Puhliehcd 1 i-wer· kl y throughout the scholastic year by th e otudc nts of St. Viator College.

EDITORI AL S'r AFF EDITOR Jarlath M. Watson BUSINESS MANAGER J. All en No lan ASSOCIATE EDITORS G. Ray mond Sprag ue ,John W. Stafford Francis J . Brockman Rw mond E. No lan Rober t Tucl<er Lloyd Warne John McMah on J oseph Logan J. Al len Nolan Cla rence Dempsey Meryl Casey Ma ri ette Murp hy Edward F. O'Neill CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT Irvin Mathews T ho mas Hayd en _ Clvren c::_Dempsey Edward O'Neill

Campus Briefs College Club Notes

The Rt. Rev. Bernard J. Sheil, D. Larry O'Sh e:1. =:nd Frn.ncis Ba rton D. , 'OG, was present at the ce lebra:::t.rc m:::tk ing rap id progress in form1 t ion of the Si lver Jubilee of St. An · SPEC IAL MEETING ing ~ new or gani za tion known as the t hony's Church, Jo liet, of which t he A special meet ing of the College "M ute" Club. In order to be a memRev. L. Va lctto is Pas tor. Our Bis hop Club wa s held 111 the club room s ber of th1s c xclu s Jv e soc1ety one mus t ha s been unusu:lll~ bus·y· the la st \Vcdncsda y evemng , in which s::tt isfnctordy f ulfill a certain s tipucouple of weeks ; m add itiOn to the im portant m:1ttcrs perta mmg to htcd requirement. The pros pective c lo sing of o. rctrc:1t for t he Help ers 1 Homecoming were di scussed. rnembe r is g iven a word not fully ex1 1 ' of t he H oly Soul s, in Chica go, and to • pressed ; it is then the duty of the as1 1 nss 1s tm r. a t an other Jubil ee , B isho p President Wr~tso n informed t he pirant to g t: ess the o ther half of the S hct l ha s ndm mis te red the Sac1ament Club. th at a t a s pec ia l rn eetl~g of t he word . The society will ad mit anyone of Con firm at10n to twenty classes m AdvJ sc ry Board, Monday mght, the capable of pa ss ing the entrance ex lh ~ la st two we eks fo lldowing plans for Hom ecommg were ::1mma b on mae:


sevcrai ;

I l


Th e Rev. Jame s V. Rh ca ms, c. s . v. , l . ft wa s decided th~t in as much a s · Another soc iety attracting mu ch f ormer Pres id ent o f S t. Viator Col- there wou ld be cons id erabl e expense 1attention abo ut the ca mpus is the le g e, wa s here lnst Montby w it h t he 0 .n nccc·Jnt of t he orches.trn, decora- Barbers' Club. Thi s Club is s ponpl:tns f or the new combina ti on Nov it- , l IOns and s uch, that the ti cke ts would sored by certain more or less promia tc, Jun iora te a nd Pro vin cial Res i- cost $2.50 per cou pl e . Mr. Lae nhardt incnt me mbe rs of th e fres hm a n cla!s. dence that will be erecte d on t he pro- then !lsk ed_ for t he c?o pe ration of the : Req uire ments for ad miss ion- unS ubscription Rate : $2.00 per a nnum . 1 A ddl'cs s a ll correspond ence referring eithe r to a dvert is in g or subscr ip t ion to perty rece ntly acquired by the Ameri- students m d c cor~tmg the _gy m as l tmown. However, we beli eve t ha t to ca n Pro v ince of the Cle rics of S t. the plan of decoratiO n called for much gain admittance into the ra nks of the The V iatorian, Bou rbonnai s, Ill. V iator . . It is ex pec ted that th e work 1 la bor. a nd time . I~ ha s been t he c us - 1 clu b one mu st me rely be a f reshman. E ntc 1cd as second c lass matter at the Pos t-offi ce of Bourb ::>nnai s , Illtn oJs , w ill begm no lat er th an January. tom 111 t he past to let ~. f ew do the 1 under t he Act of Ma rch 3rd, 1879. ___ work, and e veryone enjoy the results. I ~========o:======~===-~. Father Joseph M. Lon ergan, Chap- Let us thi s year a ll jo in in the work, i Sin ce "Doc" Goodwi n has a new bin of the SGth Divis ion , 38th Infan- as it is a ma tter o-f pride that should reco rd on hi s portable ca ll ed ~~sonny try, 20th Engineers and DOth E n- concern all of us. Boy," w e a re co nt inually bothered by g·inccrs, in France during the Worl~ Tickets on Sa le AI Fur long's att empt to im itate Mr. Jd son. La st ycn.r Al' s f!lv orite song : War, de l ivered t he patr io t ic a ddress . at the banquet cele brating t he nine According to Mr. S mith, chairman was "An Old Guitar with an Old Re lely stated t ha t nothing definite has ' frain." ' te cnth anni versary of the in st itution iJccn decided co ncernin g t he f orm of : of Perez Counc il of th e Knights of the prog ram, :- lthorgh several s t yles 1 It is ru mor ed tha t Jack Dempsey is Colum bus , in Chicago on Nove mber 8 · were und er co :-~ s idcratio n . Mr. V al' lcl y added tha t eve rything possible £om c what worried abo ut hl s prospec ts The Rev. Maur ice P. Sam mon, Pas- wou ld be do ne to please a.Jl. The for a date for th e homecorning da nce. tor of St. Bern :nd's Church, P~or~a, tick ets ha ve t een adopted and will be In the event t hat J ac k fa ils in his at1 spoke to t ~ e of the Op tmu st ready for distr ibution, Saturday . tempts , we suggest that he hand his Club, P eo n a, a t the ir weekly lun cheon Acc oridn g to Mr. Sm it h, chairman na me to McNary who ;~ chaifman of Nove mbe r G, on the outstand in g ! of the committee on th e Hobo Parade, the date committee. 1t is Mac's duty even t s of the life of Archbis hip John plan s were being formed to make t o secure dates for the boys who • Lancaster Spaldin g , forme r bi shop of th is event g reater than ever before. unable to bring their lady friends j P eoria M D M C tl 'd from hom e. We feel ass ured that.



. . ·I'




H omecoming

In to t he life of every co ll ege man, resi dent or graduate, an. Jct,te~s h~~ ~c~n a~·e~~ :a~t t'~u:~:~oe~~ Mr. McNa ry will be of service to Jack J!Ually comes that "day of days" that has come to mea n so much I ' J ohn Boyle, '09, passi ng t hrough tra> with prospects of replies in t he in C>SC he s hou ld be disappo inted in to those who retai n in t heir hear ts a fee ling of t ender r egard for han kakc c las t Fnday, c~lled at t he ve ry near future. It has been r e- his date fro m Streator, Ill. n



. .



Coll ege an d

had a n

enJOyable chat queste d t ha t

everyon e hand

in the

t 1e old school. The student anticipates Hom ecommg Day wtth with his old f ri end, Fa.ther F. E. names of their pros pect ive guests to bated breath and a nx ious hea rt, eager to show the return ing alum- Munsc h, c. s. v. the chairma n of the In vitation Com - pr:::e~:"inC~~~e;,vin:~i~:~:t!lyg~::: 1 nu s t he progress mad e since t he latter's departu r e, more eager to I ' mittee in order that th e nu mber yea.r in the Little Ninetee n Swimming 0 01 obtain :1 glimpse of his f uture self personified by t he Homecoming : us Jo~~ 0 ~ ~:!~":;e w0~ ~isth\~~:st~f~~ mig~t be estim ated. Tournament "Buck" turn ed in t he ·'grad ." Won derful pro jects relating to the affair a re conceived : vo ice, paid a brief vi s it to the old Advisory Boa rd Meeting ~i;~: ;!rd n;:;~y-n;~: ~~~:~ds e~:n:~; and developed. Facul ty and students unite in their effort s to ochc·ol, Sund ay, Nove mber 4. At a specia.J meeting of t he Col-· " Buck" did his little act in twenty·




l iege Club Advisory Board, call ed by

make th e enterta mment for their guests of the clay a b1g success. J. Robert Langton, ,23 , was a lso Pres id ent Watson an d held in Room seven fiat. With men like "Bucl :" at Clubs are form ed and committees appointee!. Those in charge here Novem ber 4 , and informed us 330, Roy Ha ll, student pl ans for the helin Viator s hou ld steer her labor ceaselessly for a favorab le outcome of the ir plans. The , that he is now working· "' a t raveling Homecomin g were disc ussed and comse _to a LJttl e Nmetecn sWJmmmg ~tud ents fo r ce t hemselves at top-most speed, always aiming at a better and bigger day fo r the Homecomers. 'Wh at is ther e in it fo r t he parties concerned ? At·e there any decided ad vantages a nd who is benefitted by t hem ? Yes, there :A re a nd t he benefi ts are directed toward both young and old. For t he g raduate t he day is ali ve with returni ng memories, r enewed friendships, and res urrected acq(Jaintan ces . Th e eld erly gentleman retums to school prepar ed to di s mi ss, for the day, hi s long-

sa lesman out of Peoria.

drawn up.

Frederick J. Went he, c. s . v., '28,

was t he first to answe r the appea l made in t he las t issue of the Viatorian for news of our a lumni. He wr ites

f rc. m

f ar-away W!l shi ngton,

Every pha se of the co ming : champiOnship .

event was thoroughly investigated , Old grad s r eturning to the annual a nd completely settl ed . The various Homecom ing will be startled to fmd a ppol·nte<l a nd ap - , an c nc ient friend gone. During the comm itte~~ w:~·: members of t he l la r.t two weeks a crew of work men ~::~-~d An outlin e of t he duties of ha ve been tearing dow n t he walb of each committee was given to the the old gym that remai noJ standing

D. C.,

whe r e he is s tudy ing Theolog-y at t he r especti ve chairmen. The names and ! after the fire of 1926. Via to rian Sem inary, that Wa rren J. member s of the committees selected McCII eland, a lso of b s t yea.r's grad- I follow : NOTED HIS'TORIAN DIES uating cla ss, is holding down a gov- 1

\Vatson, ge neral chairman.

culti v:1 t ed and t im e-honored digni t ies. H e throws himself into ernment position in t he National ! Orches tra: McCarthy, chairman; The deat h of Ludwig Baron von t he CI'OWd of "w hoopee" artists at the football game wi th utter Capitol. • 1 Dela.n ey. Pas tor, Au s tr ian ambassador to the ab:m don . H e loses h imself in "booi ng" t he r efer ee and cheering 1 Hobo Parade : Smith, cha irman; Hol y See, who passed away recen tl y 1 [or " his" tea m . For him , t he clay is a joyous recess from the tire- • . News has a lso r eached us co nce rn - ~ McCar t hy. at the age of 75, de1 at lnnsbruck ~. om e world of actuality mg the prese nt emp l oy ~1 en t of two , T ickets, Program s, In vitat ion s : prives t he world of one of the most .





othe rs

of the

graduatmg class

of ! Doy le , chairman; Va ll ely; J. A. No lan. eminent

Catholi c scholars

and his-

Beneath a ll t hi S noise. makmg, :All t h ese f r anttc preparatiOnS 1928 . Eugene Sammon has given up i Wood (for bonfire): Donohue, tor ians. Dea th came w hi le Ba.r on vo n :m el glor ious acco mplishments, ru ns t he current of true collegiate • hJs work m t he ne arby metropohs, i chairman; Hoft'man; Mo r g an; Flynn; ' Pastor was in the midst of the conbrot herh ood and 1113 terna l ]oua!ty. Between the grad uate and an d has returned to a mor e fr.vorable ', Mu r phy. eluding labors on h1s monumental J

t he und ergraduate exists a bond of lo ve and f ri endship that is r,nl y apparently hidden in t he gulf of age that separates them. Togeth er , on Homecomin g Day, t hey are loudl y and visibly attest in g t heir loyally to each oth er a nd to th eir Alma Mater.

The Bulletin Board

pos ition in P eo ri a .

s ixteen-v olume work, t he "Hi story of

Checkroom: Todd , chai rman; Gor1 And Joh n ' Pete' Harr ing ton ha> re - man. ' ceived a promotion in his wot·k w it h Floor: Members ~f the C~ ll ege the Gen eral Electric; he has be ~n Club S tanda.rd Serv ice Comrmttee ;

the P opes since the End of the Middie Ages" . It w ill s t ill be possible,

tra nsf e rred f ro m t he Homewood plar:t Delaney, chan·ma n. to New Jersey . - - -- - - - - --

: Fr. French

(in P syc hology ):



Ri ta.: Why did yo u break off yom " Mr. affair w ith J im'? I

l Va llely , what's your idea about e mo-

howeve r, to co mpl ete t he work , as a ll t he material for the re maining three vol umes has been co mpiled anrl requires but a final examina.t ion.




He wrote s uch

poor love .

The Stars

Few of th " st udents seem to realize t hat such a t hin g as a • tion ?" letters that I was a shamed to show 1 Va ll ely: "I' m aga inst it.'' them to any one. Eve ry evening, one by one bulletin bo ard ex ists in the co rridors of Viator. Sti ll a sma ller i Little stars s ucceed the sun, number gi ve it any credit fo r its ex iste nce. Yet it is one object a roun d them. Alas ! Recent esti mates reveal the fact that only . Scin ti llating points of lig ht , t ha t we can all claim as our own . And a co mmon possession one,fiftieth of those who pass t he boards bother to turn t heir : Beaming, twinkl ing, through the should be the pride and t he t l'U st of those who possess it. heads and glance at th e various notices posted. Di vide these I E nighft.d b f th d • · ac11 one a es, e ore e awn, Acco rding to t he latest and most r eliable figures obta inable figu res by the t hree and t he result is startling. Only five fellows 1 ·One by one, 'till all are gone. th ree-h und red a nd fifty Viator stud ents pass by t he three bull etin and two nin t hs of anothe r know anything at all abou t t he inci- 1And t he t hought has come to me boards in t he hall s of Marsil e and Roy on an average of twen t y- dents whi ch should most concern them. Wh eth er or not these / R ow unlike the sta r!~ al re we. . We too, co uld send a ttt e ray, lwo t imes each cla y, maki ng a total of seven thou sand , seven hun- figure s are exact , let each one of us resolve to pay closer attentiOn i To make life's night seem more drecl chances for th e students of Viator to !mow what goes on in the fut ure to the bulletins posted for our benefit. i like day.

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Beggars for Life Will Hold Meeting at St. Viator in Near Future

At The Majestic


:SoCiality· Meeting PROJECTED COLUMBUS MONU- I Edwin P ratt Sons Co. Staged at Loyola I MENT IN SANTO DOMI NGO I " Inc."


Nov. 18. "Do Your D;.tty' 1 with . 1 --Ch>S. Murray and c. Deloney, 85'/c . l (Ccntmued from first p~ge) William E . Pt111man, Receiver GenMannf-'lcl ureQS of eve r ything Another First National program pic- 1stinwJating, cha llenging 11 eloquence cr.:d of Domi nion Customs, who in in \Vire and Iron \ Vork . Fire Es1 \Vir c and Iron FeQ.ces , 1 capes, At a recent meeting of the "Side- ' tPre with plenty of s na.p , punch and of facts" po ured for th from the hearts ! Hl1 1! la.u n ched the idea of build ing a S tore Fronts . Star Rai lin gs, Steel Door" Pull_man Co . ~. Inc. (informal, w ho?~e.e ! . Also the usual thr~e acts and. ~nin ds _of t.hes e cr usa_ ders. for Jig.·h.thouse an_d monum e:1. t _in mem.ory Chr l:::.t the four hours of of Colu mbus m Santo Dommgo, sa tled S tai r way s V c:-tt Gua rd s, Structu r a l of course) It was decided to place Mr. r f t h_! Ke ith-Orpheum vaudeville. Don McCarthy and Mr. ·John Smith in -1 l~ov. 19, 20. " Take Me Home!" th eir mee ti ng. High Schoa l students last. w ee k fro m. New York for that ' S~ee l \ York. =------' core of the annual Hobo Pa.rade that , Beb~ Daniels and Neil Hamilton, 90 '7, . vied w ith r epresentatives from t he republic after a s ix-woeks vacation. IL __ ___:I:.::{A:..:::...:N.:::KA=K.:::E:::E takes place year ly a t St. Viator's Mo t ; on picture fan s will find a new colelges to show how they had seri- He sa id that s plendid progress was ' ,- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - ; Homeco ming. From t he worth of and even more f ascinat ing and cap- ously tr ied to establish t he Kingdom be ing made in the memorial project, these men in a ca se of this kind , ' t ivating Be be Daniels t han they have of God in their own hearts and in the which it is estimated will cost $4 ,000,- 1 DEMAND there is little doubt that the event ever known before in this role. Ne il hearts of others, even such neglected 000, rai sed by government and popu- l ARSENEAU'S UN IFORM will be a complete success. H ?. rnilton is her opposite in t his . pe r so ns as inhabit our jail s . Jar subscripti ons in all Arnerica.n l To introduce so me initiative into Added attraction , Lone ·Eagle, the R : !: ~·o:.;, s Adivity St r essed coun tries . BREAD the parade thi s year it has been de- 1 wo :--der dog in person. \·V ith the In s·.: mmarizing the discussion on Albert Kelsey, architect of the Pan"Its Qua lity Satisfies" cided that two prizes will be given po!ice dog travels Scotty, the Airdale. th ~ re lation between the parish a.nd A.>neri can building- in Washington, D . i for the best costumes. These prizes No'.-. 2l , 22 • 2 3 , 24 · "\Vings.~~ Rich- the s~~o~ !, the chairman rernarl<ed, C., who is acting as technical adviser G . A r seneau Bakery will be two tickets fo r t h e Homeconi - ard Ar len, Gary Coop er, Ch as. Roge rs '"'\;Ve become members of the army of in the selection of preliminary plans 1 Bo ur bon na is, Illinois ing dance, one for firs t place and one and Chra Bo\:, 9_5 '/v . What a ~ ar ade Chri st not by attending the college or fo r the monurnent, started for Spain i for second . These rewards are very 1 of sta rs ! Ma m mte r ests of thts film high sch ool, but by belonging to a on \Vedn esday to mak e arrangements !.._--------~---,--'-----' we ll worth the effort it would take are t he wonderful a.nd thr illin &' air parish. Our fir s t al legiance, then, for an exhibition of the prelirninary 1, - - - - - - - - - - - -- -- ---; to make an interesting and novel scen·es. Th ere is a lo ve t-heme. It mus t be to our paris h and no religious plans. H e estimated that 2,000 archi- l dress and we wa n t to see so me diver- Con(;erns two boys in the aviat ion c.:::tivity of the school mu s t be a.I- tects wou ld s ubmit plans, tw elve of 1 sity amo ng the participants. sc hool '~h o fal.l in l~ ve wit~ t he lowed to interfere with any obliga- wh ich would be chosen at the exhibiJust a word for those who have not ' sa r.1 e g n· l. Thts plot 15 ea rn ed by ti011s that we have to the particular l'.ion in Spain before the final choice been here in prev ious years . The I Chas. RJ gers and Ri chard Ar len and J ivis ion of Chris t's army in which -,as ma<..l e. Hobo Parade was inaugura.t ed so me Chra Bow . Don' t rni ss this treat! Divine Providence has placed us. The Onl y s hop in town that uses years ago as an aid to increa se ensch ool must t r a in us to become s oft water thus ias m among the student s, but staunch -a10d a ctive members of our CATHOLIC STU DENTS' has s ince become one of th e essenti2i" , pari shes or it fails in-- one of its clutJOE LAMBERT, Prop. PUBLICATION WINS of th e cerebrat ion. The students ies. It is in recogniti on of these JOURNALISM HO:--IOR ' L - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ' gather a t the street car, w hi ch proNO\·. l S. " Philli s of t he Movies," p t inciples that here a.t Loyola, studvides t he transportation to Kankakee. A li ce Day, 85r/r · A Universal r el ea se. cn t : > are urged t o become a ctive memThey get off at the Big Fo ur tracks ! Catchy lit t le story behi~? the sta.g~; bers of the H oly Name Society in Peoria- Brother Fred, principa l of and form ing a line, proceed up P lulhs ha s h er re g ular stage door th eir parishes, to attend the meetings Spaldin g In stitute her e has r ece ived Trade At Schuyler Ave., to Cou rt St ., thence tO Jo hnnies un til the only one st e ps in. r egu larly and to receive Holy Com- word that "The Spalding," an nual E~ st Ave down t o t he I C station Nov. 19, 20, 21. '·The \Voman from muni on on H oly Name Sunday." publication of th e Ins titute, was I 1 back M er~han t St . to H 3~Ti~s n, the1~ Mosc ow,' Pola Negri an d Norman TJ- ree Meetings a Yea r awarded flr st honors in an All-Amer- 1 GOOD SERVI CE HARDWARE . . up to Cou rt, and back to Schuyler, Ke rr y, gor;, · Pol a as a countess, According t o the constitution t hat i::.-~ n contest s ponso1·ed by t he Un iverwherc t h ey f or m :::t ci rcle, and proceed 1 wii' ch character s he portrays we ll. was adopted th e conference will meet s ity of Minnesota. The co ntest wa s Rea ch, W ri g ht & Dit son to make \Vhoop ee. Of co urse, ch ey Th e a ctress who li ves her parts, three tirncs a yea.r, on or abo ut All open to all high scho ols in the United I S porting Goods arc not s ilent during the parade--of R1,s::.ia and all its pre-w3-r splend or. Saints , Lincoln 's, or ·w ashington's States. Spalding Institute is being 129 E. Co ur t St., Kankakee ' the streets, but fa.r from s uch, they N or man Kerry su pport s her in th is Birthday and Asce nsion Thursday. co ngratulated on a ll sides upon its • make enor,gh n oise to be heard in a ll wonder story· ,1 Mos t likely future meetings will be signal h onor. parts of Kankakee a nd vicinity. This No-: . 22, 23, 24 · Land of th e SII- held at different institutions . So far i ~--------------~ is to let eve ry one knqw that t hen: is ve r Fox" with Rin-Tin-Tin, the w ond- , they h ave been held at Loyola where "G. G. G." Enro a f ootball gam e the next day, and er German. Shephe•:d dog. ; Pl enty _of I they had their origin in 1927. The 1 Clothes Shirts I ~';'~~~~ that it is Hom eco ming. After al l· th e ' sn cw m t his plctul e. A \Varn el t e- Chicago conferences were so success• "' cheer s for th e team, and the dire ' lease, 90•/, . ful a~d a SOt\ f Ce of such great helD I & ~ KANKAKEE, · ItL Ul~i!!~ 1 , ; ·,;o l i t~N " Note-The wonder of the age will t o th e sf:h uol s 1 e pre s:nte~ i_n them I threats for t he opponen t s b ~~n 1•1 i - - MENS- --:_V _ le t out, they com e back to t he school Le inst all ed in the Majes tic t heatre that they became the m spll'a.ttOn, the : ~~T!_~T~E_!lS ____ _ ~·.::::::,_ Welcome where a monster pep m eetin g t::lkes and wil l be in operation by Decernber for erunner and the model for the I Bitsfnes~ . :... ,: .. ,. 1,_ 1 place. Old Viator star s of former 1 1, The Vitaphone. Look for com ing nat ional conventi on of s tudent leadHotel Kankak ee Buildin g J. 'I• !!J') ... years wi ll te ll th e tea m how to fight, a t tractions. er s hip held in St. Louis t his summer. The Roll-it Hol e proof Cor. Court St. and Sc!w !'J.e;; _,Ax~and after a few more cheers, e\·er y Hos iery Cap __ ., .·1 ., ; ,( one will retire to gain t he neerJ ed ' Confection ery Groceries rest for t he next day. ' ·~· '"'( VHl



At The Luna

Philip T . Lambert's



Jl1-p;:;< - f' E snN0





Amedee]. Lamarre


Bourbonnais, Ill. The VVo rld' s Fair co rnmi ttee h as announ ced th e appo in tm en t of the Pauli st Chori s te r s of Chicago a s officia l Chori s ters at the Fair, to prese nt program s of var ied types th at may be called for by t he commi ttee on music. Reh earsa ls h ave begun for thi s a£s ig nment . The Rev . Eugene F. O'Malley, C. S. P ., the new chori ster , h as und ertaken to ent irely tra nsf orrn t he choir, hy r econ st ructi n g t he bo ys' voices , Lhereby developi ng that ethereal quality, peculi a r to t he boy's vo ice alone. VVithin f our weeks , pl acern ent of tone has been a ccomplished, and the work of beautif y ing th at tone is rapidl y pr ogressing. The vnst pr('I~T tHn whi ch ha s been begun includes orator ios , the ' works of Pal es trina , de L:1ssus, Vil to ria and t he mus ic of the Modern Russian School. The chor ister s exemplify pnrticulnrly the l Gth ce ntury music and th e !H"t of choral s ingin g.


No ticns




Bourbonn ais, Ill.




q: t

Sidney Herbst, Pres ., and General Manage r DINING ROOM


A h ea rty welcome awaits the s tud e nt and frie nds of St. Vi ator Coll ege


Nicest and Most Up to Date Cafe in Kankakee


R e s e r vation for Special Parties

Yo ur Bank ing Home

141 N. Schuy ler Ave.

105 Co urt Street

Phone 49 54


J . Bereo los, Mgr . I


J. LA MB, Prop.

It Pays To L ook W e ll We So li cit th e Coll ege M e n 's Patronage

RENT-A-CAR DRIVE IT YOURSELF Students Are Especially Welcome

Call 76



Yellow Cab Co.

We ha ve elothes for yo un g- m e n , mature m e n , U ni vers i ty m en-in s h ort we're now s howin g


My heart was wrapped up in a cloud That hid the hopes of brigh ter hour~;

E ve r ybody Likes

I w('ari ed of the pattering ra in,


Forgl•tting that it nou ri shed flowers.

[.A. ),L



To My Friend

But thE.> n n sunbenm piHeed t he gloom Anll somb re '!'kies once more grew blue; You w~re- th(' ~unbeam; that i~ why l tlE.'di t'fth" tht? ~e I\nt-s to you.

Y!l~~ '»-!ih k/~gi ,'~


BARBER S HOP Agent for dow n-town cleaning, pres s ing and re pairin g es tablis hment.

;. '


We Supply St. Viator College F.


Savoie Co mpa n y Distributor


The Purple Peak 32 2 Eas t Co urt St reel K AN KAKEE , I LLI NO IS


Good Sandwi c hes

Plant·Kerqer Co.

Horne-Made Pi e

T h e H ou s e of J<uppenh e imer Good C lo thes




o ve m ber 15 . 19~

Bourbonnais Song


Bourbonnais: Petit Paris


t. Mary's,

Kil" mer, eldest son oi the late J oyce Kil• m~r,


been app:Jinted

ed itor-in ..

c!dd of The Dis! the qoartcrly student magazine published at St. Mary's Coli ge here. You ng Kilm er, during his years at

S t. Mary's has distinguished hims~ lf Viatoriana no a wnte~, s howtng part1 ~u lar abihty 1 '" t he fi e. d o[ r.oetry. SJ me of hts Th e women of Illinois are now try ing to proh 'b iL c igarettes . ~-,o ,k hos been r ep:od.,ced and praised I n a few yea r~ we mi g ht well say w ith o ld Olaf: "A in't a m an got tn mag3z mes :!n d newspapers of nano ri g h Ls ·1 I golly \Jane go ing to leave Lhi s Un ited States a nd go tional prominence. hac k to th e old co unLry , Roc kford." A !ton, II I.--With len per cent of T h e ne x t t h in g w ill be a law m 1k in g e ve r y man , woman a n c1 1 th e student body en rolled as cand ic h i lei raL at 1 asL o ne app' c a clay or drink at leas t one g la ss of da leo on th e deba te squad at ShurtEp ~o n R. Oh, w h at a race it w ill be . ' leff coll ege , Professor All en, forens ic co~c h,

is lookin g forward

to a w in-




~ in g yea r . . The squad of twe nty-five I SU R LA PLACE DE L'HOTEL DE VILLE And do n 't forget , m a ma, the m an s a id we co ul d have c h ;cken cebater£-:-fourteen men a nd eleven IL y A U MONU MENT every day . And don' t I t p a pa forget his s ilk s ox wh e n he goes to wo men- Is the largest s ince Shurt- CE 'EST PAS LA CO LON E DE LA BASTILLE wo rk in Lh e mo r ning. lcfl' has had intercoll egiate debates . MA IS CE LA N'EST PAS lii'IPORT A T. -S hu rt leff. IV. TH E F ATAL BA L LO ON R AC E Galesburg, !11.,- Freshmen at Knox VI GILANT ET FI DELE PATRE by I co ll ege a re no lon ge r to be eligible ANIME PAR UN E PETITE SAVOYARDE Nick la s Howithurtz I for pledging to soror ities o: fratern- S' E LEV E LE CLOCHE R DE MONTMARTRE tt tes, accordmg to th e unanunous de- 1 AU DESSUS DE NOS' MANS ARDES. ( Copy ri g hte d in U. S. e t c . )

lc1s ion of the Knox board of trustees .


Sy n : In t h e la s t c h a p te r we left our h e ro in t h e a ir. Will h e This ru ling , which is new in the coi- ' f II cl b k h" eck? M 0 s t J"ke ly lcgc· wor ld, goes mto effect m Sept•ma an r ea IS n · · ber, 1929, at the opening of the next. · 1 CANTO 4 academic year.-K nox \oo llege. U p, u p , up we n t To m w it h n ever a d own w ard g la n ce a t th e I . . . . mul t it ude assemb led below . Sweepmg astde wha t opposttJOn

"Oh, oh, " sobbed Percy,



VI. he mu st be holdi ng hi s breath, what Marquette U nivers ity could offer, the harriers gained a 35 to 20 victory, NOUS •V ON S A US'S ! LA TO U R EIFFEL

goes up sho uld co me down," w ith t hese words he hu ng hi s head in Ao n·ow ·


l:.\ s t Saturday, their s ixteenth in a PAS TRh,' LOIN DE NOT RE SORBONNE, row. The victory wa.s a grea t one, E LLE FU1 BATI E PAR MON SIEUR UN TEL

" L ook , look ," s h o uted Di r t y a n d Cob r a , a g a in in choru s . a£ the harrie rs had to travel over a ET ELLE l\"-Q US DO NN E DE L'EAU THES BONNE. At these c ru el wo r ds P e r cy look e d up. A b alloon was s woop- I course which t hey had never seen VII. in g clo wn o n T o m . Two a rm s g ri p p ed him jus t as h e starte d to 1 a nd a course that s tretched a mile f a ll. N e ll h a d saved t h e clay and Tom' s n eck ! Hurra h fo r our I further than the Bradley t horough- NOUS AVO NS NOTRE S EINE d a rli ng ! Hurra h fo r T o m ! Hurra h for ever ybo d y! H urra h fo r th e fa re.-Bradley Tech. AVEC DES PONTS MA IS PAS D'EA U a utho r fo r sen d in g t h e balloo n ! Wh at a r e un ion t h at was ! Nell · CANE NOU S DO NNE PAS1 DE PEINE s w oome cl, t h e balloo n s woop ed a nd T o m , Nell a nd t h e balloon f ell Charleston II I.-Two hund red m•d CA R QUA D ELLE GO NF LE C' EST U N !'LEA U. in on e h eap in t h e middl e of a p ast u re. P e r cy, Dirty a n d Cobra t hirty-seven freshmen out of a fi rst 1 VIII. ran t o t h eir a s s istan ce. Bu t a las a nd a low, th ey wer e t o o late . yea r class of 393 stated tha t they Our h e r o a nd h e roin e wer e d ead . Wh e n P e r cy saw t hi s touc hing came to Eastern Illinois State Teach- NO US AVONS NOS MAGAZINS scene h e s udde nl y d r opped d ead of a b r o k e n h \;a r t. D irty , n o t to crs' co llege " because former stude nt> Q UI NE SONT PAS DES '' LO UVRE" ET DES "BON i\'!AR CHR," i.Je o utdo n e, d ied of s un-str ok e. Cobr a gave yell a n d ru s h ed for 1 had given t hem a good impressw" of MAI S MEME L' HOMMES LE PLUS MALI N his h o r se to be t h e first to b n ng t h e n ews to m oth e r. In h 1s ea ger- the school", in an swer to a questi on- NE PE UT PA S LES MEPRI S'EH. n ess h e stu m b led and p itch ed headlo n g over t h e afo r esaid cliff. H e naire on why they came there to IX. di ed of f righ t. Now t h at .all b u t the h o r ses are d ead, t h e stor y is school. Two hundred and t hir tyeight wrote down t hat " it was th e NO US A VONS DES CAFES A LA MODE e nd ed. Incide n t ly, t h ey h ved h a ppil y ever afte r . QU'ON T AUSS I DU BON BOUILLON , : nea rest coll ege."- Charleston. MA IS S ERVIR RE LA BI E RE N' EST PA S LEUR CODE Moanings ET L'ON NOUS DESA LTERE AVEC DE L'EAU DE SYPHON . FAMO US AUTHOR OF BOY S' STORIES', DEAD X. Cincinnati, 0. ,- The Rev. Francis I wa s s o s ure t h at I wou ld w in, J. Finn, S. J., disti ngu ished Catholic NOT RE BOI S DE BOU LOGN E N'E SIT PA S TROP LOIN, That I bet my ever y fm; educator and t he a uthor of many Nl NE LE SONT LES CH AMPS ELY S EES On t h e 1 widely-read books for boys died at LA BAS IL Y A BIEN DES COINS ma n w h o the Good . Sama ritan Hospital here, PO UR SE RA I' RAICHIR ET S E GRISER. was d efeated.



I'm so t ire d of writ in g c h eck s, T h at I s wea r , by heck, I n ever again wi ll b et; On theman whowas defeated.

i Novembe't 2,

of heart disease.


XI. priest-author who was 69 years old, I had been in fai li ng health for three NOUS AVO NS UN ORGAN ISTE years, but it was not until recently QUI J OU E L'ORGUE DE LA CATHEDR ALE that his condition was regarded as ET QU ELQUE FOIS IL FAIT LE SOLISTE AVEC UNE VOIX F ORT " BARYTONALE."

seri ous. F ather Finn was born at S t. Louis , October ~ . 1859, and attended pri vate It's s u r e not f un ny, school s and St. Louis U ni ve rsit y To pay out the mo n ey. there . Upon the comp letion of his Whe n yo u know y our righ t collegiate work he ente red the Society And you lose in the fight; of Jesus in 1879, and in J une, 189 1, · On the-was ordained to the priesthood . As a man whomember of the Society of Jesus , Fathwas d efeated. er Finn was stationed at St. Mary's Oh , well , better da y are coming soon. College, St. Mary's , Kan sas; Marquette U niversity, Milwaukee, \Vis., W e have so many r equ ests for a form letter asking for money and at S t. Xavier College, this city . fro m home, tha t we ·ha d our office girl clas h this off : Since 1907, Father Finn had been

Dear Dad, (Father. I ater, Old l\'Ian): The class (frat. gang, bunch) a r e having a big dance (shindig, h og wrestle . h o p , brawl) next week . . 1 ow Dad (old man, fat h er clear) I am sa dl y 111 n eed of cash (com m. the r ealm, bucks, berries) and a li ttle h elp would be gladly r ece1ved . Thanks old top (old can, old thin g ). The D e an of Studies told m e (meant to tell m e, had it in mind to tell me, didn't tell me, n eglect ed to tell me) t ha t I am domg verv w e ll in m \· studies and should win a few honors for t he old fan;ily name . · Sincerely, (lovingly , truthfull y) your Son.

director of the


St. Xavier parochial

PARIS ET BOURBONNA IS ONT D'A T RES MERVEILLES school , one of the largest instituPA · NOM. l EES EN CE REC IT, tions of its kind in this section, and MAl J E NE SUIS PAS ·' CORNEILLE" editor of the St. Xavier Calendar. PAR CONSEQUENT JE M'AR RETE ICI. He was also a trustee of St. Xa vier



BOURBANNA IS N'EST PAS GRAND'C HOSE '·Now, remember, my dears," said MAIS D'AMERIQUE IL ESTL E BEAU PA RIS, Mother Raccoon to her children, "you S R LUI ~ION COE R SE POSE must al ways watch you r step, bePARCE QU'l L RE:-.l FERM E MON NID CHERI.

cause you ha ve the skin the college boys love to touch!"



Thursday, November 15, 1928


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of Last INTERESTINGSUB Review VARSITY ROMPS Week's " Little 19" PLOT ENTERS INTO OVER VALPO U. Football Contests . FOOTBALL DRAMA ~:~o~v;iteup 1

Viator Falls Before Charleston Normal University ,



MIL LIKI N WIN S ' Chan g e in Works Decatur, Ill. , -Millikin to day kept. I A Story of th e Little Black Tie its reco rd perfect by defeating Illin ois I . College, 25 to 0. This wao the fifth The St. V1~tor te~m proved to be Some few weeks ago Jo hnn y Her- s tr a ight year these teams have play- the m a s t~r of r the S I ~tm ho n . m ~he bert, the st~lwart captain of t he ed their ga me in t he mud . , game, With \ alparmso U n: vers1ty G cen Wave retu rn ed to the campus ' Corbett plunged fo r two toucl;- lo st ~aturda y at the la.tter s fi eld. r d f kt ' down s after successive runs v· I The \i alparmso team, prun ed by the the prou _possehssotr o f ath nefc Ie. • bro ke 14 yards for a t hird .. Bl· ~~k~ i spirit of their hom ecome rs, fought in Little knowmg w a gne e un er- 1 < . an 1 • • f C h ld · .· t th h f eluded a broken fie ld goi ng t t, 1 vam agamst the onslaughts o oac 1l cravat wou onng 0 e opes 0 1 < wen J Mc Allis ter!s fig htin g Irish. · he Viator team Capt. Jo hnny loaned yards fo r t he fou r t h. . I . h : tJ·e with never a thou ght of In t he ?pemng- quarter the n s 1 ~.cored then· ~he first touc hd own when 1H 7 riEf. Ca me the Bradley game and VIK I NGS' WIN , 20-0 t bl k d f G th t L' Meis Mr. Herbert's room R ! ar. oc ·c one o . o ers pun s. 0 n )ne mus ' . . ock Island, Ili.,-Aug us tana closed the Va lpara.iso thirteen yard lme. nate, wore t he above descnbe~ era- Its home season here by defeating F r om t hat position, Laen hard t, play;at. The game progres~ed untJI the North Central, 20 to 0. Th e Vikings ing hi s fir st game for Viator this ast canto when Mr. Mets got m t he ha ve not been defeated on t heir home s eason, ran through the Valpo t eam vay of some goal-ward bou nd Brad- grid s ince the middle of t he 1927 for the first counter. The try for cyites. Extt Mr. Mms. ca mpaign. point fa iled. Viator did not score Came Monday and little Herby, ' Goranson made a 40 yard run in again until t he third quarter when >rave youth, dared the might of the 1 t he first quarter to score a touch- Ev:wcl received a beautiful thirtyinx and wore t he fatal tie. Dur ing down . The other two counters came yard pass frorn Romar y on the Valpo crimmage that same day our daunt- in the t hird per iod on a pass combin- fi ve yard line from which position he ess ca.p tain got his feet mi xed up at ion. Sand strom to Goranson, with scored Viato r 's second touchdown . .nd before long Honest J oh n was Kn an ish u going over . Clothier scored the remaini ng points imping down to the saw-bones. Lost - -f ·:n- Viator with :1 line plunge from or the zeason was that person's verKNOX TRIMS CORNELL i t he Valp c- one yard lin e in the last :tct and again the dismal cravat had Mount Vernon, Ia.,- Knox overcame q·~ a_rtet. . . ·xtracted its to ll from the brave but v 1paratso d the lone touch the jinx which has been tagging it . h




~ rment.

John O'Malley was shifted to tackle this game. ln so doing McAlli ster tr engthened th e Viat or line. Mc:arthy and . Logan fto nk ing Paul J'Mnll ey in the center of Viato r's ne showed great abi li ty in sto pping 1

However, Eva r d 10naged to avo id the Va!po tacklet·s ) r n twenty- fi ve yard ru n i n t he :1cond qu nrter. Romm·y and Laennrdt gained cons istent ly t h1·ough the




J ,

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Accred ited to Illinois Un ive rsity A Select Boarding S~ hool fo r Girls and Young Ladies This ins titution is conducted by the Sisters of Notre Dam e, a nd offers eve r y oppo r t uni ty to yo ung ladi es for a t horough Christian and secular e-duc at ion. Pri cE'S reasonabl e. For cata log ue address SISTER SUPERIOR, Notre Dame Conv ent BOURBONNAIS, ILLINO IS

Kankak ee, IlL Clea nin g. P r essing, Repai rin g. Promp t and Efficient Service t hr oug h our agen t-l\1r. Senninger. Room 319


IDEAL SWEETS CO. Manufacturers of


WILLJAM P. CANNON, M.D. Attend in g S urgeon to S tud ents a nd Facul ty of Office Hours: S t. Via tor College 2 to 'I p. m. Phone 7 to 8 JL m. Home, Ma in 307 3 Phone 302-303 Cobb Bldg. Office, Mai n 337 KANKAKEE, IL LINOIS

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~~d;!:~:geso~\~~e f~~:p\~~~;;~d ~~~ .----------------~~-=-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-~~-=-~ ' io.tor backs cons iderabl y fro m mak1g rnnn y long runs.


against Corneh in the last few years, down on a senes .of hne sma.s es an and won, 14 to 7 . forward p::t sses m the final quarter. 1 After Cor nell opened the game with i Do :n-:1 , the Valpo captain proved much 1 a touchdown two touchdowns were th e :1g gressor in t hi s last event and . th e secon d an d , va . leadt score d b y K' nox m . ;,l· a t te mpt to over comt the t hird quarter s. In a. sea of rnud, ! the Iris h sto re d up in the ea r 1ter par neit her team was able to gain ground 1 vf th e gmne. con sistently, but f ought fo r each ----break of the contest. The Cornell , Pcoric., Ill., Nov. 15-(Special). touchdown came after Crabtree in- 1 Bradley Tech meets McKendre e Coltercepted a Knox pass on the Knox : lege of L 2 banon, Ill., her e November 15 yard line, and t he first Knox to uch- 24 , in the final conference game of down came when the muddy ball ac- 1 the season for the Indians. It is the ciedn ta ll y hit Allen, Corn ell half back 1 fi rst appcar~nce ~f McKendree on. a in t he back as he was blocking an loc::tl chart. A wm for Bradley w1ll end on a Knox punt . Hitchcock did . s tr engthen her claim for the s tate a great job of line plunging for Knox, title fo r t he fourth consec utive year. while Allen made most of Cornell's McKendree hz.s been defeating some yardage . strong tea rn s to date, and is expected 1 --to fo r ce the l;~ dinns tv the limit. LAKE FOHEST BEATEN ' Monmouth college easily· turn ed j Ma n ¥le.nted-Experienced in handl::ack Lake Forest, 13 to 0, in a muddy li ng g irl s ; must do heavy lifting. game at the losers/ .g r idi r on Satur- ' -Cincinnati Times-Star day. Monmouth gamed 424 yards 1 from the line of scrimmage, aga inst i for the home eleve n. 81 P eo ria, Ill., Nov. 15-(Special). I Coach A. J. Robertson takes his g rid · w arrio r 3 t o D eca t·ur nex t S a t urd a Y . fot c.:1 important confe rence game 1 with James Mil1 ikin Univers ity. 1 Ne it her team ha s been defeated to dn te. The g am e is expected to d e - ~ cide t he sta te champion for 1928.


fit of the Charleston team . Time a:QLi Via tor will aga in enter the game t ime again the Irish lin e, weakened· a s the under dog but with the injured by injuri es, wa rded off th e attack of I veterans ngain ready for service and the Tea chers but the downs taters the tra dition al fight fairly oo?. ing wo.u ld not be den ied and they crossed I from them it is s a.fe t o venture that t he line three times in the second ! t he team that wins this game will canto. Parr in scored on a s hort deserve t he laurels of victory. play and then Fenoglio counted on a ,- - -- - - -- - - - - - - pass from Creamer. I t il he was hurt in the fourth quarter Coach McAllister was forced to after dashing off tackle for fifty start a team weakened by injuries yards. Red O'Malley, playing desp ite and as the ga me progressed it be- 1 an injured shou lder, gave his us ual Joe Logan came more evident that the Iris h i bri lliant performance. could not cope with the pennan t j and Don McCarthy a lso played very frenzied dash of the Nor mal men. I good ball but these four men could Mike Delaney was the particular i not s ingle handed stave off the a.tbright and shining s tar for Viato r un- ; tac ks of the p~nnant bound Teachers.



Battle Sch edu led Iris h

Cha.rleston Normal's hi g h-powered i The hottest ti lt on the Collegiate grid machine da shed roughs hod over ' schedu le between Ca tholic Coll eges a crippl ed Viator team on November : will undoubted ly take place when 3rd. Th e much abused Iris h were I John Ca.rroll and t he Fighting Irish forced to succumb to the attack of tangle at Cleveland on November the downs taters. 17th. Carroll has defeated Davis1 After the openin g kickoff the Via- : E lkms, a tea m t hat beat th e Navy. tor team marched down t he gridiron l Las t sea son Viato r went to Cleveto the Normal ten yard line but the · la nd as the under dog and em erged march went for nil when a pass went { fm m the game with a 0-0 t ie. Caras tray and the Normal line smothered , r oll was very lucky that the BourEvard for a fifteen yard loss. The ; bonna is crew d id not swamp them. determ ined :J.ttack on the Charleston ! However , th e backers of the Viator goal seemed to warm the T eachers up , Gree n Wa ve are s ure that this season so they at once harnmered down the ~ the home team will not face a n overlot to score on a twenty yard jaunt con fident Cleveland outfi t a nd t hat off tackle by Parr. The ha lf ended . the game belongs to th o team w hi ch s ix to nothing in f avor of Cha.r les ton. l goes out to Luna Park Stadium to The second half was a ll to the bene- fig h t and fi g ht and fi g ht some more



to To u g h I


oolish. Sat urd ay, November the third awned as usual and the occupants of 02 arose and after performing their 'l Orning libations M r. Hana han of ~roadwell, Illinois remarked to his pal'l'ing pa.r t ner, Mr. Laen hardt of ;hi cago that he was goi ng to break he jinx. Mr. Laenhardt, the very oul of superst ition, begged his roo mie at to dare the gods of chance but 1ith no ava il. Five minutes of play 1 the Charleston game saw the above 1cntioned Mr. Ha.nahan lim ping from he gridiron the proud possessor of n injured knee. Another redsk in ad bit the dust. Mr. Lae nhardt, returning fro m :hicago on Sunday evening, s n1elled smell that he had never s rnelled beore. Entering his room he saw the ictims of the necktie gathered about minute conflagration. The necktie ras being burned. But lo and beold! The evil emblem would not U\)n! The unhappy triumvira te nall y had to compro m ise on burying ne ev il omen a nd at las t Viato r took he fi eld ~~p i nst ~n op ponent and merged from the fray minus inJries. Some days later ~ youth ven .1rcd into the s anctum of the injured nd offered a ti c for sa le. Eager respective buyer s sprang to accept 1e offer but upon the production of 1e article of neck ·wea r g roans of nger and rag e rent t he atmosphere. 'he tic w :tJ-l.:. l:l ~ k . The 1·e main s ·ere sent to Lincoln , Illinois f or in-

Varsity U n able Stop Parad e


: j

Leading Purveyors To The Institutional Table Forty;-two y ears' exper ience in s upp ly ing Q u a li ty Food Products for institutiona l a nd r esta u ra nt requirements has perfected our ser v ice and o ur va lu e s b e yo nd ordinary comparis on . Our Ed e l w e iss trade mark has b e come t h e symbol of fin e qu a li ty food s e conomica lly p a ck e d. W h ere v e r, c lo s e and intell ig e n t buying prevai ls our Cata log is of interes t.


"That Good Ice Cream"

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Page 6

A n Interested A lumnus Writes T 0 The College

Thursday, November 15, 192

Bishop Sheil' How many times have three dollars a month. Can look out I enhtertaincd him in the humble room over the mountai n ranges he r e a nd in t c old build\ng. Father Riva r d · got so that if I ca n't see twenty and Mo nsignor Legris remembe red m ile.s in a s tra ig h t line I do n't fee l __ 1 me when I was back to visit twelve comf orta ble. Son Bern ad i no, Calif. yoaro ago . I on ly hope and pray Had a n earthquake last Saturd ay. October 10, 1928. that the day will come when I can Good one. I was on t he t hird fl oor I Dea r Edit or: get bock and spend a day or so in the fi le room of the stor ehouse he re, when it commenced to shake. Sa y boys ! I Well, I am s it tin g here in m y s hirt old town . s leeves t rying to keep cool w hile I Now here is something f or the I did it in nothing flat down to the indi te a litt le epistle to t he heathens b~nc h there. I have a n ice home of fi r st fl oor. F elt like a monkey on a Lack a t t he old coll ege. I don't see about seven rooms here in town. stick. a n y more r eferences to ou r dear old Since com ing her e I have never seen Have been out on t he desert , over Pres ident a nd friend of the old days, or heard of a Viator ia n. Address is Mojave way, a nd it was so cold at F a ther M. J. Ma r s ile. I sure am 1965 Bell e Str eet, Sa n Bern ad ino, nigh t tha t we had t o stay in t he hotel. II sorry not to see you get busy a nd f or Californi a . All coll egia ns are in vited Brought back a lot of cactus fo r t he t he sa ke of us old t imer s to publish a to s top an d make t hemselves kn Own w ife to plan t in t he yard. Th ink t h at com plete s tory of t hat g ra nd old wh en pass ing throug h or stop ping she is stack ing up on me, and so me gen t lema n, fo r believe me, it wou ld here, a nd anyo ne in t he vicinity wh o day will try and pu sh me in to it. H ad ma ke th e paper a thi ng of bea u t y for ever att ended St. Viator's had bet ter so ni e f r es h fi gs t his m orni ng for ::11 1 of us. make t hemselves k now n, or I w ill break fast off my ow n fi g tree. H a ve J ha ve just ret urned to Cal iforni a fee l hurt . paper s hell a lmond s a nd wal nu ts a fter t hree mont hs of t he Il li.noi s eli Ca li_forni a is a g reat state. W e gTC·wing in th e y ard a nd peaches , ma te but I fee l t hat I h ave not lost h ave abo ut t en mon t hs of s uns hine apr ico ts and strawberri es, a lso grapes any th ing in get tin g back for it is every year. The days ar e wa r m a n d a nd a n orange tr ee. For a n imals , t h irty ch ickens , two over t he top wit h a tempera ture of pleasant wit h cool ni g hts. It is a fact n inety-fiv e t his noon an d t here is a t hat w e ha ve th e same weig h t bed- cat s and a lot of horn ed to a ds , a fin e breeze blowin g in t he wi ndow. ding on our bed s t he year t hl·ou g h, gopher snak e and a poss um . Ha ve a Had a dand y dinn er las t even ing . and us 2 it eve r y ni g ht, even wh'en boy that is alm ost r ead y fo r St. V iaF r ie nd wife ha d the table set out on th :..· thermometer goes to one h un dr ed to r 's but w e li ve so f a r away t ha t t he buck lawn un der t he shade of a :.m d twe nty during th e da y, whi ch is t he wi fe sa ys she can' t bear to let ~ig fi g t r ee ~nd we .ha d th e rad io ~~ud : ct un us ua l in th e s umm er. T here hi rn g o. May try a nd enter h im in s pea ker se t t m g on t he g rass bes1de IS r.o 11 co ld" we at her her e for if t he th e next ye ar or t wo, but qu ie n sabe. t he tab le. T a lk of mus ic w it h yo ur t herm ometer shou ld g o down to P lease cha nge t he add r ess on t he n~ ea ls, \~ell I s hou ld_ sa~ . A nd great 1l twe nt y-s ix an d sh y l or ten hours it Via tor ian to my home, 1~65 Belle St., b1g lusc1ous s traw oern es-No foo l- wou ld m ean a los:; of over fifty mi l- a n d I will .get it sooner . Best l'eing ! But to be se ri ous f or a littl e. lio:1 doll ar s fo r t hi s va ll ey a lone. 1 ga rds and come on out. Give my re (Oo n't. know how long r .can la st at it j do n't own an over coat, a nd h avC not gard s t o ever yone whet her I kn ow but w tll tr y) . I have JUSt g ot ba~k ! had one f or ove r twe n ty years. \Vent th em or no t, and my bes t to t h e ones ho 1~ e after a t h ree months leave m ) back to Ch icago two years ·ago to see I do know. Ch1cago. Sorr y t hat I could not ac- ~ a blizzard. Saw one a nd st d in You rs as an old t imer, ce pt Fat her Gi ra.rd's invitation t o the the house hu gging th e s team rad iator (Sig ned) Chet G. Wood, '04.


Phone 4222

Ph one 4222

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E vening Rate : 50c

Day Rate: 75c

P hone a ppoi ntm en ts as ea rl y as possible.


----------------------------- 1


chi cke.n d!~n er, but I "wa s n ot i n~ited, 1 until I left f or home. U se one li t tl e a sk h un h ow corn e. But I dtd g o , g a s heater f or the home a ll wi nter Fresh ma n (walk ing hurriedly up over a nd ha ve a nice talk wit h F ath - ! long , and m y hea t cost s me a bout hi ll ) : "Woudln't it be wonderful if er Mars ile. It is a pleasu r e a nd a t h is h il1 was on t he level ?'' great one to f eel h im a f ri end. H e was j ust t he fine Am eri can g en t le- , m an t ha t he a.\ways wa s , welcoming hi s old boys as in the old days. If t her e we r e a few more li ke h im t h is co untr y wo uld neve r h a ve to wo rry abou t the fu t ur e. OUR COLLEGE is t urning out ma n y li ke h im. Never a pa per comes to me t hat does not commen t on th e visit of so me notable wh o is the product of its ha ll s.



Te le phone 406



CH AS. C. RIE L Y Telephone !!95

RIEL Y & RIEL Y E LECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ·and DEALERS E lec tricia ns for St. Via tor Coll ege 370 EAST COU RT STREET P r int in g , E n g ravi ng , OJfice S up p1i es , Loose Lea f Forms , Binder s' etc.

D. J. O'LOUGHLIN, M. D. P ractice Li mited to

EYE, EAR, NOSE AN D THROAT Bell Telep hone 253

People's Credit Clothing Co.

LeBoeuf & Granger

, 602 City Nat'/ Ban k Bld g.



We Cloth e t he whole fa mily Generous Credit to all

217 Co urt Street

25 9 E. Cour t St.

Kankakee, IlL

F - A- BRIER, P rop _

-----------------------------. '.--------------------------- .-----------------------See the Newest Fall Suits and O vercoa ts

For good things to eat Stop a nd Shop at

Bobbitt's Cafeteria


360 E . Cou r t St.

B. L. FITZGERALD Insurance, Loans and Bonds 311 City N at ional Bank B uil d in g

Always drink pasteuri zed milk. Our wagons pass your door every morning before yo u have breakfas t

Ka nkakee's Bus iest " Always Gla d to See You" 364 E. Cour t St.





PH ARMACY A ge nt for Eas t ma n Kodaks Pro mpt D eveloping a nd P rinting


Our phot ograp hs a re inex pensive yet treas ured fo r t heir wor t h as li ving po rt r a its .

M~~f ~--------------------~ l ~--------or_t_•c_·•_an 119 Court St.,

K a~ k a k e e ,



E inbeck' s Studio

Bul ga ri ous Butter Milk 306 Sout h Sch uy ler A ve n ue Both P hones 4o

Drink Milk

I' I

143 No r t h Sch uyler Ave.


________~l ,___a_n_k_a_k e_e_,_I_II_.____P_h_o_n_e__ 40_7~I


McBROOM BROS. Lea ve Your Laundry & Dry Clea ning With

Luna Barber Shop



UN IO N F irs t Class S hop T wo Clea n Towels on Every Cus tom er

Meals, Shor t Orders, Specials, Confections

AGENCY Domes t ic La undry Co. Dry Cleaners

Rug Cleaners


Ka nka kee



E ST A BLI S HED 1908 P ri va te Di nin g Room fo r Banq uets an d Part ies


~~K~N~'O~~X'~H~A-1-'S------------------------------------~~ ~======================~ I-----------------------------------------------~· RO L LINS HOSE Who knows'! We know what you ng men. wa nt in Clo thin g and F urnis hings

Hart, Schaffner & Marx Clothing VIC BOUDRE AU A rcad e Bld g. Arrow & Eag le Shirts

Mun s ingwea r

W.G. CHILD Sanitary Market 346 E . Court St. Telephone 137

Oberlin Furniture Co. 129 N. S chuyle~ A ve.

St. Viator College Newspaper, 1928-11-15  

The Viatorian, Vol. XLVI, No. 5

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