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Patnck's Day l ssue-1928

Number 8

DEBATING SEASON FORMALLY OPENED, PROFESSOR BATES FIRST LITTLE NINETEEN CONFERENCE ST. XAVIER WINS FIRST DEBATE ENTERTAINS THE SWIMMING MEET OPENS HERE TODAY Represented In Swimming Contest Affirmative Team Wins At Joliet; Long Scl.tedule Still Awaits STUDENT BODY Eight Conference Colleges At St. Viator Natatorium Debaters ; Carroll College Next On Schedule Gives Two Very Interesting The Little Nineteen Conference The pool was built to conform with I . LeClaire, a nd Mr. C. Raymond SpraPrograms In Club Room Swimming Meet which opens here A. C. regulation! . It i• ot white t ile, g ue. Mr. John W. Stafford, Mr. Artoday promises to r ival the recent seventy-five by thi rty feet in size, with mand Lottinville, and Mr. Robert 0. Professor Roy C. Bates, professor Tournament from a standpoint of suc- fi ve definitely marked Ja nes. The Barnett defended the negative. The nglis h, and cess a nd enthusias m. All through t he seati ng f a cilities have been extended debate was unusually heated, but the of accoun ting, business seriousness of its characte r did not commercial law a t St. Viator College, day, the contending teams ha ve been to a ccommodate one thousand specta..diminish the a m ount of humor and gave two interesting p rograms to the arriv ing. At the time that th is iss ue tors. A t press time, eight schools have witticisims t hat each side employed. student body, the firs t on Saturday went to press, the number of team enBy a decision taken by a vote of the evening, February 25, and the second tries f r om conference colleges totaled enter ed the meet and last minute eneight, with individ ual entries promised t ries a r e expected from some others. ent ire a ssembly, the affirmative men on Saturday evening, Mar ch lOth. In his firs t program, Professor Bat es from nearly every school in the Con- The following are the schools that are were declared the victors fere nce. Valuable trophies have been a lrea dy entere d: Illinois W esleyan, While in Jolie t, the members of the demonstrated a r emarkable ability in teams wer e the guests of Mr. Wallace the fi eld of the magician a nd sleight- secured and they will include a loving Bloomington, Ill .; Millikin Un iversity, cup fo r grand prize, a nd g old , s ilver, Deca tur, Ill. ; Bradley l'olytechnic Inent. a nd his son, Mark, who g r a du a ted at-ha nd performe r. Skill in landscape St. Viator College was repres ented fr om St. Viator College last June. drawings, a s well a~ 'trick' deceptive, a nd bronze medals for fi rs t , second, s titute, P eoria, Ill.; Eureka College, a nd third placements in each event. Eureka, Ill.; Knox College, Galesburg, in the opening debat e by Messrs. The hosts to the t eams entertained pictures were demonstrated in his lat~ James Allen Nolan, Ma urice L. Le- their visitors royally, and made the ter program . Mr. Don McCarthy, Mr. F. J . Manley, swimming coach of Ill.; St. Viator Colleg e ; A ugustana Illinois University will direct t he meet, clothed magnific ently in a somewhat Coll ege, Rock Is land, Ill. ; and ShurtClaire, John W. Stafford Messrs. occa sion memorable with a. thousand leff Colleg e, Alton, Ill. Edmund Doyle, J ames E. Quill , and different kindnesses and tho ughtful worn a nd faded lounging robe a nd a a nd act a s one of the judges. The mee t wi ll, of course, be held in turkish-towel turban, a ssisted the The grand prize, a silve r loving cup, Edward J . McGrath represented St. provisions. Xavier College. The judges of the Debaters Face Long and Diflicalt Professor in the first program as the th e new na tatorium in the g ymnas ium. has been donated by Honorable Louis mys t ic shiek of the Sahara . E . Beckman, Ma yor of Kankakee. debate were: Hon. Ger ard A. Connor, Schedule The entire s tudent body a ttended Attorney at Law, Chicago; Ron. FranGold, s ilver , a.nd bronze m edals will The deba ting sea son has j ust begun Rev. FultonJ. Sheen, '16, al so be awar ded. cis O'Shaug hnessy, Attorney at Law, for the St. Viator :forensic representa- both of Mr. Bates' programs and Chicago; and Dr. Harwood Childs, Ph. ti ves. At present, the affirmative everyone enjoyed them very much. As Writes Article on "The There will be eight evonts, starting at 2:00 in the afternoon. The winners b., Professor at the Univer s ity of Chi- t eam is di ligently pr eparing for a de- a s leig ht·of-hand performer, ProfesTheism of Atheism" of the pr elhninaries in the afternoon cago. Mr. Robert 0 Barnett acted a s bate wit h Carroll College of Wauke- sor Bat es is undoubtedly one of the will meet in the finals at 8:00 this "hairman of the debate s ha, Wis., which will t a ke place at best th a t we have e ver s een. Members The question debated by the two Waukes ha next Tuesday. The ques- of his cla sses ha ve resolved not to nt-· The Reve rend Fulton J . Sheen, '16, evening. The events are: 1. 220 ya r d free style. teams was: " Resolved, Tha t the Uni- tion of armed intervention w ill be de- tempt ponying, for, whi le everyone Ph. D., S. T. D. , has recen t ly written 2. 100 yard free style. , , ted State• should cease to protect, by bated on th is occasion. The personnel knows that the ha nd is quicke r than ' ' ·armed force, captia1 in ves ted in for- of the team in this debate is uncertai n the eye, they doubt very much that the a scholas ti c argument combatting the 3. 50 yard dash. -eign lan ds, except after formal declar- to the correspondent a s Father Ma- principle applies to the Prof essor's s pread of at hei sm. The thesis ap4. 100 ya rd brea s t stroke. 5. 100 yard back stroke. ation of war." This is the Pi Kappa guire ha s not yet a.nnounced who shall eyes. pear ed in the March iss ue of "The 6. 200 yard relay race . Delta Nationa l Debating Fraternity r epresent the College. The St. Viator In hi s second progra m, Professor Missionary" publis hed by the Apostol7. 300 yard medley r ace. question, and it is th e su bject of most debat ers will defend tbe affirmative Bates entertained us with free-hand ic Mission House of ' 'Vashington, D. C. 8. Fa ncy diving. of the inter-collegia t e deba tes through - a ga ins t Carroll College. drawings of both se riou s and humor- It wa s the third of a series of doctrinFirst Swi mming Meet ut the country. The impor ta nce of Two dua l debates a re schedul ed; ous character. He dr ew approximate- a l paper s which ar e being fe atured in Today's event will be the first swimhe qu estion in presen t-day politics one with Loyola University and one ly thirty drawings, among which were "The Miss ionary" during 1928 . Father Shee n att acks the doctrines ming mee t at the college , and also the nd international r elations is e vident, with Marquette University. Father landsca pe scenes, in vertible drawings nd it served to attract and interest Maguire is endeavoring to e xtend the which, when completed, portrayed a nd teachings of atheism from the first Conference meet of the Litt le he audience. a greement with Dayton University to som ething entirely differen t when in- logical a nd phi losophical standpoint. Nineteen circle. Although mos t of the The three debaters from St. Xavier make the contest with that institution ver ted, and othe r humorous ske tches. His discour se is w t; tten in his usual member s of the Viator squa d have College are forens ic orators of very a dual eve nt. Next Thursda y Messrs. It is with very great plea sure that clea r, f ami'li ar style, an d, th ough not never bef or e participated in a re gt. l a~ high qua li ty. Mr. McGra th, a senior Nolan, Sta fford and LeClaire will de- the Viatorian tnkes thi s opportunity, of excessive length, it is complete and tioc mee t, t hey should carry off a few t St. Xavier College, is, beyond any f end the affirmative •ide o! the pro- on beha lf of the s tudent body, to con vincing . The title of the paper is of the hon6rs for the school. Furlong dou~t, one of t he fin es t debater s that pos ition: "Resolved, That the Prohibi- th a nk P r ofessor Bate s fo r the inter est derived from the f a ct th a t the very a nd Phillips have been tra ined by good has ever visited a.t St. Viator College. t ion of intoxicating liquors is imprac- he ha ~ taken in us, and f or presenting r eali t y a nd objecti vity of God is elo- coaches a nd have test ed th eir mettle Mr. Quill, -a lso a senior, is th e man- ti ca ble" against the world-to ur t eam these two pr og r am s. We congra tu late qu ently tes tified by the efforts of the ag ains t some of the bes t Cathol ic high ger of the Xavier debating club, of Orego n Univer sity. P rofessor Bate ~ on his a ccompl ish- Atheist. Fa ther Sheen writes : uThe schools o.f Chi cago. In 11 Red' ~ Drew , Th e remainin g s<!heduled de ba t es in men t s a s an entertainer. energy of a theis ts, t heir t ire less pro- the Viator team has a s peedy brea s t nd, together with Mr. McG ra th. he hao been prominent in St. Xavier which St. Via tor College will def end pagan da, t heir spiri ted di scourses, stroke sw immer, a nd DesLa urier and Thespia.o and oratorical circles f or the the a ffi rma ti ve si de of the Pi Kappa Voyageur Offers Cup the ir read iness even to pour forth O'N iel have been performing well ast three years. Mr. Doyle, the t hird Delta qu esti on a r e: their blood in defense of a cause, testi- from the spring- boa rd. Al thoug h these f the St. Xa vier debater s, is a sophoCarroll Colleg e, Waukes ha , Wis., For Winner Of Adfy to a beli ef in God w hic h puts to three me n lack experi ence, Drew has moro w.ho ha s a lready a chieved a high March 20th a t Waukesha ; Loyola Uni• • sha me mere li p-worshippers." Jn con- deve lo ped remarka ble in the pas t few quality of a r g umenta ti on com bined versit y, Chicago, Ma r ch 29th a t Chicaverhsin g ontest t inuing the disc ussion he a sks: weeks, and the r emainin g two ha ve with oratorica l s tyle. T he St. Xavier go ; Dayton U niver sity, Dayton, Ohio, --" Would there be pro hibit ion unless plenty of nerve, one of the firs t essenteam displayed a thoroug h knowledge Marc h 30th , at Dayton; Ma rqu ette Many of the students who tarried in there was so mething to prohibit; tials of good d iving. T he la ds who of the subject, a nd, s ince t hey defend- Unive rs ity, Milwaukee, Wis., April the refecto ry aft er s upper , on Satur- would there be atheism if t here were wi ll don the t ig hts fo r Via tor are: d the negative s ide of the question, 17th, at Milwa ukee ; St. Thomas Col- day, March lOth were not a little sur- noth ing to "atheate"! Ha.te proves Phillips, Furlong, Drew, O'Neil, DesLaurier, George Collins, Cecil CoJiins, every exis ti ng fact bearing upon t he! lege, St . Paul, Minn., April 18th, at pri sed when Mr. Ca sey, the voluble the reality of the object hated." proposition was in their favo r. The y • St Paul. Business Manage r of the " Voyageur" "T ho T heism of Atheism" is a pow- Mucce ll i, H a r t, Pauli, Conley and demons tra t ed a wealth of resourcefulIn the followi ng debates, St. Viator lugged a rather bul ky package into erful, conclusive argument; one wh ich Mills. The team has been coached for t he ness a nd vigor in both the constructive College will defend the negative of lhe building and, afte r s trewing ex- we hope will be widely read, for it speeches and the rebuttals. the same question: celsior hither and thither on the pre- merits the attention o! everyone to past three weeks by a former Big Ten The per sonnel of our own team is McMu rry College, Abilene, Texas, feet's table, and undoing sundry tis- whom the peculiar doctrines of the swi mming star and the ho lder of n fa milia r to everyone who heard St. March 23rd, at Kankakee; Loyola Uni- sue-paper WTappings, produced a glit- Atheist have been puzzling. Every Big Te n record, Mr. Rupert Hickox of Viator College debate last year. Mr. Yersity, Chicago, March 29th, at Kan- tering new si lver cup. He placed the Atheistic argument is refuted and the Kankakee. Father Maguire secured the Nolan, Mr. Stafford, and Mr LeClai re, kakee; Dayton Unive r sity, Dayton, 14-inch bowl on a nearby table and an- reader gains an invaluable ins ig h t on swimming meet for St . Viator definite~ vete rans of t he long eastern trip Ohio, March 30th, at Kankakee, (ten- nounccd to his curious audience that the philosophic proofs of the existence ly in January, and coached the tea m himself until the services of Mr. Hickwb_ich our debaters so successfully tative); Valparaiso University, Val- the student in the first, second, or of God. ox could be secured. Father Maguire om pleted in 1927. Mr. LeClaire is a paraiso, Ind., April 13th , at Valpar- thi rd year High School who s hould has since secured the trophies and atenior and he is pursuing his second aiso; 111arquette Universi ty, Milwau. bring in the most money for the Acadyea.r on t he forensic platform. Mr. kee, Wis., April 17th, at Kankakee. emy Annual, would receive the hand- and not on the Business Staff of the tended to the finer details of the meet . Despite the fact that the swimming some trophy. Mr. Casey then took the Annual, will be allowed to enter the Nolan , a junior, and Mr. Stafford, a s ophomore, are debaters of high calicup over to the candy s tore where it competition fur the cup but, in all pro- meet will be held on the evening of bability, these , also, will be permitted St. Patrick"• Day, a largo attendance bre is now on display. Two T eams A ppear ln Joliet The Rules for the Contest are as to compete. is expected. Admission for studenta 2. -The trophy will be given to the is flfty cents, and for visiton it is one Las t Tuesday, the affirmative and Q Cfl ,f" follows: neptive teams of St. Via tor Colleg·e !.-Competition for the "Voyageur •tudent who turn• in the most mooey dollar. The preliminarie• will begin dobated before the Catholic Womens' Booster Trophy" i• limited to students for the Year-book, whether he secures promptly at 2:00 in the afternoon an d IA&gue of Joliet. T ho memben .rl fn the first , seeobd, or third year High the money by aelling &da, eopiea, or by .the tlnala J1'ill b. otajred at 8 :00 in the ~ ..afllrm atiYe team on tha t evening _ _ __ ____ _ _ School. It has. not · yet" beia decide,d securing patrons, and donatioru1. Wflft : Mr. J . Allen Nolan, H r. Maurice whether or not"stbdorila in f oorlh higb, The 1928 debating schedul e was formally opened on March 8th with the annual dehate with St. Xavier College of Cincinnati. The debate was held at the Knights of Columbus auditorium and wa• well a ttended both by the student body and the forensic enthusiasts of Kankakee. Although St. Xavier was awarded the una nimous decision of the judges, both team s presented well developed, su bstantial arguments which merited the praise and commendation of all those pres-



CJJont 2i'l1iss C(;)he

e:I1Vimming u n eet

CC9onight at /B:oo


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Alumni Notes

EDITORIAL S'fAFF EDITOR R9bert 0 . Barnett BUSINE lA AGER J . Allen Nolan ASSOCIATE EDITORS Emme M. Walah William J. Siebert Warr n J. McClelland Don T. Laenhardt Jarlath M. Wataon Pa rick C. Conway Maurice R. LeClaire Robert 'fucker Simon McMahon Raymond Sprague Raymond E. Nolan ACADEMY CORRESPONDENT John J. F11rrell IR ULATION DEPARTMENT [cry) Casey Mvuri Hick y larence Dempsey Thoma!! Jlayd n

Undou tedly many of our Chicago alumni will Mr or latn "'JWTe tho! a !Slance of a mtdacal or dental docloT, ao we ha.a en to ftC mmt!:nd to them o hers of lb alumni to .,.h<>m -SVC-they can go with tho! f elilllf that they lf rttr you are near 73 an will ~et lbe •ery be kind of tT'tat~nuo, Cbacago, drop in to t ~lr. ment. Dr. Artbor Picard, . D., 19111916, bu his ofli<~ at 7 62 S. Ash- John J. Hyland, 1917-1922, who i h bu i • wilb ba land Avenue, Chicago; the of- the Real Estat fice of Dr. Joseph [}aly is located 6644 father . Wbll~ you an ln tho oam• W . Madison St., Chicago; and Dr. neighborhood you mi bt juot a well Anthony [}ik•clis, Dentist, is located ...,.lk do""' to 730 VIncennes Av nue, at 4603 S. Ashland Avenue, Chicago. and boy aomething at Hoole's Oro«ry or CQUr&e there are many 1 many other and D licate Vl. Frank !Joule, you Viator dentist. and doctors in Chicago, know, was a student here in 19lJ and but we make mention of these three 1914. because their names came to our fi les -SVC-"Let Hartman .feather your ne~t,' the other day. SuhlCTiption Rate: $2.00 per ann~".'· . . says John Broderick, '17. John is -SVC-Addru all correspond nee referring either to adverl!lmg or aubS<:r>ptlOn to The Vlatorian, Bou r bonnai•, Ill. Did you e · r stop to have a meal at Sales Manager for the Hartman Forn· Entered aa aecond cla11 matter at the Post-office of Bourbonnais, Illinois, the Ki •sane Restau rant which is lo- iture o., &t Adams and Waba h under the Act of M~ 1879._ - - - - - - cated at Adams and Halsted streets, streets, Chicngo. The Drug store at 13300 Baltimore Chicago? If you haven't it would he a good idea for you to stop around and Ave., So. Chicago, Til., is run by Mr. get a real, squa re meal. Emmet Kis- Albert C. Klucker, who is anoth r one ~anc is one of the old boys, nnd we of the old boys. If you will go up to are sure that be would not only be the counter and say, "Viator/' A1 will glad to meet, but also to trent the he only too glad to tlll your "pre•cription." Viator alumni. -SVC--SVC-Those who attended the college four On the occasion of a basket ball game here recently, we had the pleas- years ugo will surely remember Joseph ure of a visit from our old friend, and Nicholas De La Flucnte. The George Oblhciscr, H. S., '23. George former left his business in St. Louis still has his nose in textbooks up at the past week and surprised us with o Loyola U., and he is still on the Loy- visit. He informed us that his cousin ola Quarterly staff. We enjoyed your Nick has gone to Mexico. visit, George. Come again. -SVC-In every country, in the world of the great Universal Church, -SVC-Father Rice has just handed us a the names of certain zealous priests and bishops stand forth as Among tbe Old Timers of whom the dainty little card post-marked from heralds of n great message. This message which they brought has Viatorian has gleaned recent infonna- North Branch, Michigan, and bearing had its effect upon the hi sto ry of th ese countrie ·, in proportion to tion is Mr. Charles Corkery, 1898- the very pleasant announcement that Lhe cnrne~tn ss with which it was received and this in tum has 1902. Mr. Corkery is engaged in the on February 22nd Mr. and Mrs. Frank dcp nded largely on the zeal and personality of its bearer. In St. Grocery business at 352 East 115th R. Ryan became the parents of a new Patrick, however, Ireland found more than a herald of a great mes- street, Chicago. Though more than Frank Jr. Congratulations, F r ank. sage; to her he was an ideal teach er and a kind father. His entire twenty-five years have passed since Please don't let the added duties of life hus been reflected in the charact rand personality of his child- Mr. Corkery left St. Viator, he has parenthood prohibit an occasional visit r n. llc has instilled inlo their hearts the qualities of faith and fond remembrances of the past and to the College. elf-sacrifice in such a way that nowhere in the history of the best wishes .Cor a prosperous future OBITU ARY NOTES world is th re recorded the name of the champion of any cause for the Old School. The faculty and student body wish whi h has so endeared itself to universal love. -SVC-Ile came loa kind and s imple people, a fervent missionary, with Two or our alumni have lucrative to give expression of their prayerful n simplicity which is 11ltribuled to all pure spirits. In truth he positions at the U. S. Yards, Chicago. sympa thy to the Rev. Patrick H. Durwns a pur , piJ· il, fired with the love of the gift he brought and Mr. Russell J. Wilkins, 1915-1919, is kin, pastor of St. Joseph Church, Rock he bum d God's message into the heart of the race. That fire has employed as a Sheep Broker, and Mr. I sland, Illinois, in the recent loss of required no reki ndling though all th ese yea rs ha,·e pa t since that Leonard O'Brien , 1917-1921, is a sales- his beloved brother, Joseph. Mr. shephet·d of God's flock first warmed the hearts of His fold in Erin man for the Miller and Hart Packers. Durkin died in Peoria on Wednesday, March 7, after an illness of three with Didne Faith. If ever these two old students pass 'l. Patrick was ind eed the forerunner of a ra ce of sain ts and through Kankakee, we hope they will weeks duration. The funeral was held with that highest knowledge of God the sons of Patrick have not forget to run out to Bourbonnais in Peoria. R. I. P. 8prellCI a true knowledge of all the arts and sciences as well. It for a few hours. -SVC-1\!R. GEORGE W. McCABE WI\ in this land of apparent desolation that the park of faith and We take from our fil es an announceThe faculty and student body also knowledge was kept ali,·e during those year, of darkne s when all Europe was torn by civil nnd .• ligious strife, and it wa from this men! that we are sure will be of inter- wish to extend their heartfelt symhun~n (truth that the new y t !.'\' r ancient priesthood went forth est to the classmates of Mr. Joseph V. pathy to the near relatives of Mr. Meis, '23. On Monday, February George W. McCabe, '81, who died quite to reclaim the sou ls that had wandered from Christ's path. It ha~ been lh faith that t. Patrick ga,·e to the Island which twenty-eighth, at Kansas City, Mis- suddenly on Wednesday, February the hns enabled it to nstantly struggle again t a more powerful ad- souri, he was united in marriage to twenty-ninth. Mr. McCa be was presi\'C t-sary. ller struggle for politi ul ind pcndence has ever been in- Miss Marie Madolin Han. To Joe we dent of the Lake View Trust and Savspit·ed by a determination to retain her ''priceless heritage," and cxtend our heartiest congratulations ings Bank, 3179 N. Clark street, Chius she has be n successful in doing thi ·, let us hope that in the not and to his bride our best wishes for cago. He was buried on Saturday, too distnnl future we shall ee and know an independent and happiness. Mr. and lllrs. Meis are March third from St. Ignatius church.

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THE CITY BANKS KANKAKEE, I LL. Welc.ome; Y o ur B a nk log B ualncM

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nitcd Ireland.

now at home 5023 E. Seven Kansas City, at Missouri.


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When Tbos. :lleehan was down from BARBER SHOP Mundelein Seminary some time ago. j . A_ U\MB' Prop. be ga\·e us information concerning Zolton, '22, and Bela, '23, Fonyo, but we forgot to include it in the last is- 1 sue of the Yiatorian. Zolton is with W e Solicit rhe College Men's the International Harvester Co., DeerPatronage ing Plant, Chicago; Bela ia working for the Tinker Toy Co., E=nston, Ill ~::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::=! -SVC-Tbere's no use of you trying to fix STAR CLEANERS your broken water pipes a.nd rad.iaton, because they a,.., alwa~ worse when you are finished than .,.hen you began. H..LCOTD We S'llU""t yo'll call op P &t:ricl.: McCarthy, '1 , who i:s llll A number one plumber, and he will 'l' them u only a plomber ......_ Pat's bom1! addroa ia U42 W. Mth rtreet. -SVC-

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Agent for d own•town cleaning, pressing an d repairing establishment.



C . R U HLE Ume, Wholeoale -.! Rdail c.--., Brick. P1pc,


&uad. 2«. 06ee-Warolwaoe. SOl A.-


St. Patrick's Day lssue-1928.

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ST. MARY'S WINS ST. CATHOLIC TITLE Resume Of All The Tournament Games The first Illinoi s State Catholic High School Basketball Tournamen t opened in the St. Viator College gymnasium at 7:30 o'clock on the evening of Friday, March 2nd . A large crowd of spectators attended. The g ymnasium was beautifully decora ted for the event and a. truly metropoli tan , en~ thusiastic a tmosphere -. w.&.s provided for the event by the very nature of the occasion, a nd by th e large crowd and well appoi nted gymnasium. St. Joseph's Academy Wins From Visitation High In the first game, five diminutive stars representing St. J oseph's Academy of Philo defeated the Vis:itation High School tea m of Kewanee, Ill. The game was quite close from start to finish, but the game little fighters from Philo held to the lead throughout the game. The Individual star of the game was Eddie O'Neil of Philo, but he was closely · pressed for honors by hls cousin, C. O'Neil. The victory for Philo was not only the first game of the tournament, but it was also the firs t up-set of the event. Little or nothing waa known about the· Philo squad, but the very fact. that .there are only eleven boys in the St. Joseph Academy of that city seemed to indicate that the team would not survive the first game. Visitation, a school with a noteworthy record, apparently thought they bad a set-up until they finally awakened to the fact that they were trailing on the short end of a pretentious score. The O'Neil boys displayed remarkable accuracy from every angle on the floor. Although small In size, and unlettered in the finer points of the game, the victors guarded well, displayed fine sportsmanship, and 'chucked' every minute of the game. From the conclusion of the first half, until the very last game of the Tournament, the Philo team was the most popular team In the tournament. The box score: St Joseph's Philo (21) FG FT TP B. O'Neil, f . ...... ..·-· --·-·-- ..2 0 4 C. O'Neil, f . ....- -.-....-....--..-·--3 2 8 E. O'Neil, c. _...- ....... -...- -.. -...... _... 3 9 J. McKeon, g . .....__ ..____..___ ..._0 0 0 C. Clennon, g. ·······---·.. ·--0

State Catholic Champions

BLOOMINGTON TEAM WINS STATE TITLE FROM SPALDING St. Mary's Plays Remarkable Ball To Win Championship

tion. The game was largely a defensive one, as the score would indicate. Each t eam endeavored t o analyze the attack of the other before trying to run up the score. The Bloomington team had an advantage in size and speed, while the players from Woodstock, unaccustomed to a large floor. seemed unable to work the ball through the tight defense of their opponents. The box score : St. Mary's, Bloomington (18) FG FT TP Sleever, f. ..1 1 3 Dugan, f. ... .1 0 2 Sweeney, c. ··-·"··-······-· ······-·-···-··0 0 Middleton, g . .-.. -...... ·-....... -.. 0 Waterson, g. _... .. .... _....0 0 Callans, g . -.-..... .. ........__ ..... 2 4 6 St. Mary's, Woodstoclt (9) FG FT TP ........ ............. _1 4 D. Leonard, f . ... _,_, .... _,_..0 2 2 S. Leonard, f . 0 0 ..... - ....0 Hollisey, f . Stone, c . ........ . ..... 1 3 Pratt, g. -..._.. 0 0 .... - ..0 ................ _,_.. 0 0 Wurtzing, g. 0

8 21 9 Vi sitation of Kewanee (17) Referee--Millard (Wesleyan) . FG FT TP Umpire-Griffin . Shunick, f. --·--·-.. --.. -.. ......_......... 1 0 2 - --Ongenars, f . -·---...-.... - ....... -...- .... 2 4 8 Corpus Christi High Beats St. Joe Murpby, c. .... ·--· _, ____ .. ____o 0 0 Patrick's 0 0 Morris, g . ------·-..-- ..._.o 0 Naseef, g . -- - -·- ·- - ....-·-·-....2 2 6 The fi na l game of the fi rst everting J obn M urpby, c. ..__, _..______,0 1 1 was a run-away f or a squad of light, Waters, g . ..-·-----·-- · __ ..______ o 0 0 fast , clever pla ye rs from Galesburg who were pitted against St. P atrick's 7 17 of Kanka kee. The Corpus Ch ri sti re6 Referee-Millar d (Wesleyan) . presentatives played wonderful ball Umplre-Gri!lln. throughout the ga me, but were not ha rd pressed by the Kankakee team . Bloomington vs. Woodstock The outcome of the game was never in doubt , altho ugh St. Patrick's strugThe second game of t he tournament gled valiantly in their endeavor to was between St. Mary' s of Woodstock stage a rally and gain the lead. The and SL Mary's of Bloomington. The whole Corpus Christi tea m saw a ction game was a thrilling battle from the very first. Bloomington did not show in t his game. The box score: any decided advantage in the first hal!, St. Patrick's (6) FG FT TP but came back strong in the latter ___ o 0 0 session. The Woodstock team e_-dlibit· Quigley, f . 6 0 ed clever team work, and fought bard P ogue, g . -·- -·- ....,_ _ _ 3 ___..2 1 for vic tory, but they were unable to Foley, g. _ ·-· Cu rley, t. _ _ ___ -·-·--0 0 0 hold St. Mary's in the last baiL 0 0 Ca ptain Callans, of Bloomington, Quigl ey, f . - - - - · -........- .. 0 __.2 4 0 "'as tho individual star for his team. Shay, c. D. Leonard and H olli.sey were high 10 21 point men for the W ood•tock aggrega..

Dolan, f. Carlin, c. O'Ma lley, g . La mpre, g. Nou r ie, g.

In a ga me marked by the brilliant pla ying of Copt. John Ca llans and the clever floor work of Dugan, St. Mary~s of Bloomington won the right to r epresent the state of !11inois a t the National Catholic Tournament a t Loyola. St. Ma ry's beat Spalding Institute of Peoria main ly because of the clever defense built around Calla ns to smother the scoring efforts of Voegle, the ace of the P eoria team. Spalding leaped into the lead at the start of the game an d at one time led 7 to 2. Sweeney finally broke the ice with a long toss and the Bloomington entry began to function in their real form. Callans covered Voegele like the figurative rug and at the half St. Mary's held a one point lead. In the second half the superior eondillon of the Saints and the bard schedule of the Spalding team began to show. Still using the tight defense and adopting a fast-breaking offense the Champs Increased the lead. Spaid. ing tried hard to overtake the Saints but here again Cal1ans proved hls value. For the whole last quarter St. Mary's loafed away the preciou• mln· utes and when the occasion presented itself broke down the court for a shot that was usually good. Voegle finally

......0 . ......... 0

...... ... 0

Corpus Ch1; s ti (21) Wa rden, f . .. Andre, f. Howard, c. Referee-Griffi n. Umpire-Millard.

offense. The lineup : St. Viator ( 30) FG FT TP Hodge ...... 0 1 1 Pombert ········· ..: :'"_.2 0 4 ............. .0 0 0 Rascher . Anderhub 1 .. ...-0 Cody .......... 6 10 ... _ _ o Brouillette 1 ... 5 Bosquett e 3 13 no means, weak. However, the Peru Sulliva n For Spalding, Spitzer, the elongated ........ 0 0 gua rd and Voegle at center played the men seemed to be unable to hit their stride against the flas hing attack of Tota ls ....... 12 6 30 bes t ball. Time after time Spitzer the Blue and White. Routt's two St. Ma r y (19) FG FT TP showed the brand of ba11 that was to back guards were r es ponsible for the Wal sh 2 make him a member of the all-star ...... - .1 0 small Bedan score, for their work was Naughton ............. 0 3 3 team and Voegle In s pite of the tight clever and thorough, and, with the Kingston .......... 2 2 6 guarding of Callans managed to put r est of the t eam, they formed an al- Brosnahan 0 two through the net. .... -.0 The g a me was unusual1y hard most impregnable defense. .2 2 Pfeffer . 6 The lineup: ..... ! 2 fou g ht for a fi nal game of the tournaDaugherty 0 Routt (30) FG F T TP ...0 0 0 ment and it was not until the second Burm as ter .. _3 7 McGinnis ha lf that any signs of letting up ap· Schirz ·--...1 5 ,_.. 6 7 19 pea red. St. Mary's used a slow breakTota ls .......... _,_5 10 La very . ing game intermingled with an oc............. _ 0 0 0 Mur ga troyd casional quick break and this manner Odell Wins From Rockford Cooney ... ..-..... 3 2 of play accounted for the maximum of ...... _.. 0 0 Morrissey ........._.._____ o o o P erh a ps t he most complete s urprise scoring with the minimum of effort. Wesley .-t.,~ ···-"·····,.-.._ , ___ 0 0 IV of t he tourna ment was that which was Spalding used a f a s t breaking offense Lacy occasio ned by the St. Paul, Odell, vic- durin g 1110st of the ga me with Spitzer, Tota ls ·-.. -... ._..,_12 6 30 tory over St. Thomas of Ro ckford. Teegan and Voegle ad va ncing the ball St. Bade ( 9) FG F T TP Stati stics wo uld indica te that St. down the cou rt. Most of the offensive Van derbekc ... 0 0 0 Thoma s was going to the finals an~ work of the Peorians waa built around Shang everyone ex pect ed them to do so. How- Voeg le and with him stopped they 2 ever , St. P a ul's seemed to have other were forced to r esort to long-shooting .. 1 Jerich __.. o 0 0 plans, for , in the firs t quarter, they tactics which failed. Lipowski , ____ .... __ o 0 0 opened up a n attack tha t netted them St. Mary's deserved to win . By the Rogan 2 a lead of 10 to 1 a t the end of the br a nd of ball they dis played in the .0 2 O'Keefe 2 period. F rom tha t t ime on, St. Thomas, State Tournam ent the plucky lads 0 Leydorf - -·-·-·-1 _o 0 realizing tha t fact that their chances from Bloomington proved themselvee Ross in the to urnament were a lmos t gone, to be worthy of re presenting th ie great settled down to r eal ba sketball and en- s tate In competition with the beet of Totals deavored to overcome the leadera. the country. Champaign Bows To Viator

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2 ag_±

"Defender ofth Gr n

Bit. of News from the Extention Office



PHA ~ nc

., , for



1{ nft. k


IU .

Gn;Kcri •.t

Bourbon na • Ill.




l'ly ln ~ urit·p- him -

Mr. Ant1 rf'W r. O' Laur,-hlin , mn.nn11er nf th (' nlro l Lim e an d \ ••m•·•·t Co .. O( r hfrU P, 0 1 hJ 400lh Pr ~fi4"'nrl w:.o ha S th ot' g-ht fu) wt ll of the Cndowm tmt pla n thn t he has pl ared ;,, •r·•"cc fo r the ('oil go on hi • nc phrw. HeriJ<>rt , who Ia now a ttending Via tor J im Gallahue dropped Into the Ex t naton oOlcea n feW days ago on hi t woy ()Ill to t ee Oua Dundon Oua ia )Ill recovering from un appendicitis op ration. Let'• hope thnt Gus ~:eh along 0 . K. and th nt he will 1>e able to pitch boll this aummcr We undor•tand thnt he has •cvera: g<>od orrers. Succc11, Gus . Jimmy Connor. who Ia purJulng hi s legal studiea at North.,·<atern, was a caller at the Extcn3iun utllces last week. He Informs us that Le.' Roch, '27, and John Ellis, '27, oro planning to apcnd the summer in New York . Jimmy McGarraghy wns arnund t o sec Fathe r O' Mohoney and to discus• the present s tatus of things in cenerKI.

F . .."

oct on•


V la~or.


... ,..



Mr . ,J. F •l w ~n Q ~ 1nn, whQ dr t!W up th, pla ru for rh,. "' .v g y m and t!ln infC hall, hu jo.n•<l wit h th r friend• of Viator n g .vinJ{ h•• f:ntlowmf•n l a 110('"




out r,mt· 4'10drJwm,.trt or ol tho r.oll•t<•


Corcoran, '09,

didn't wait for anyone to g<> to him but come into the Extension Club office and signed up for endowment insurance for the College. Gene is connected with the John M. Bra nham & ompany, 860 N. Michigan Ave., Chi cago.

CJampus fl3riefs We wore most agreeably surprised, a few day• ago, to see David Beggs back once more after his long absence. E'~dently he ha fully recovered from the injuries that he received in an automobile accident during tbe Thanksgiving Yacntion of last year. At any rat , hi!. smile is as reassuring as en~r, and his long stay in the Decatur hospital has not douded his nAtural cheertuln•"" and amiability. The High Sch ool handball league tournament being now in progTess, th~ handball courhl, af ter a winter's re-

Chas. Wertz Co. lumber, Ce:mcnt, Bric k. L ime. Sand, SewerPipc-, Hard-

Pluter, 01..., laxation, nrc ng a in t he scene of com· cable as each load de~cendcd. All went bat and activity. welt- at fi rs t. Then ca me the matt resses, the del uge. Quite unthinkThe tittle I. C. aide track wh ich runs ingly (we hope) Mike, calling in a so near and dear to St. Viator's culin- little assis tance, tied seven or eight nry department is one rea son why mattresses in a bundle and then, Viator shall never tack trackmen. without warning, pushed them off the window sill. Gus, in the meantime, When old man weather does his feeling a bit drowsy and relaxing into a s ta te of ap a thetic torpor, had wrapgloomiest , gymnasium facilities feliped his end of the rope about himself cita te further flinging endeavors of so a s to be awakened by Mike's sigour pitching staff by protecting their na l. His aw akening was sudden and arms with warmth and comfort. disas trous. As the huge weight of the mattresses des cended, Gus rose to The boxing bouts have been post- meet it. He would have passed it on poned to a weel< from today because hi s " ' BY up had he not bethought himof conflicting activities and because self, as he passed the second floor, to no ring will be available 'till that timo. untang le the rope that held him fast. We hope that the patience of the flstic His drop was gracefully accomplished, combatants will not be exhausted be- ( the enti r e distance of twenty-five fore that time. fe et ) but the m&ttresses mos t inauspiciously and im politely struck our The story of the intrepid guardians poor Gus on the head. Felicitations of the sheets, Cleary and Sheedy ,..,. and best wis hes to the injured workspectively, may not have a grain of ma n a re in order. truth in it, yet it sounded good when -----------------THE BOX SCORE we heard it. Here it is : Gus Sheedy and Mike Cleary, two St. Mary's vs. Spalding of the hardest working, most industri- St. Mary {18) ous men on the campus (pardon me . Sleever, 0 3 did I hear a second ?) were e ngaged Duga n 0 0 0 in removi ng from the fo urth corridor Waterso n 0 1 of Roy Ha ll the bed coveri nga, m a t- Sweeney .• I 0 2 tresse!lli, and other sleeping r oom a c- Middleton 2 4 coutrements after the exodus of the Ca llans I tour na ment pa r ticipa nts. By a co7 4 1 T otali ordinnte act of their ingenious (you 're Spalding ( 12) welcome, Gus ) th inki ng processes, the Sauers 3 3 sheet sters succeeded in r igging up an Ha r ding _I 0 outside elevator consisting of a pulley Yoegle __2 0 •ttacbed t o the jutting edge of t he Teegan 0 1 roof, a nd a sufficiently long rope. The S pitzer I I 0 rope passed the \\;ndow of room 425, Murphy 0 0 f rom whence- Mike lowered various Mananing 0 bundles of doubtfu l characte r by 12 Totals mea ns of the r ope and pulley to hi. par tner, Gus, who was on the ground hang ing on to th& ro pe, paying out the

Trophies Were Distributed As Fo lows: Lo-ring Cup for First Place won by St. :'llary's High School. B!()(lming1on. LoYing Cup for t'COlld Place won by pa ldin g In titute, Peoria. LoYin Cup for Third Place \YOll by t. Via tor Aca demy. LoYing Cup for portsmanship won by t. J eph's ·Academy. Philo. Lo,;nl! 1P for )I , t \alnable Player to his team won by John Callan, Cnptain of St. )Jan-'s. Bloominlrton. 1 The ..I.U-...,tar Tourn, m~t Team. selected b~· Frl'd Young . ;\lichae' Griffin. and Howa rd , HUard is: • Brouillette. t. Yinlor. fonYard. Middleton. nt. :'llar,-'s. Bloomin l!ton. fOn\"1ii'd. :\IcGinnis. Routt College. fonrnrd. Yoe!!1!1e. ~ aJdina. Cfilter. ~ itzer. aiding. guard. Callans t. :llary' _ guard . Cod:_.,., t. Yiator. guard.

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o.nd Coo.l

Their rally, howevcl', came about ftf. teen minutes too late, for, when the final gu n cracked, St. Paul'a still led by one point. The final score was 14 to 16. The lineup: St. Paul (16) FG FT TP Hare - --- - - -----1 0 2 Braugbnm __________o 0 0

Call 76 PJVE CAN RIDE FO~ TIIB PRICE OF ONE IN A YELLOW! No chaJ'1e for extras.

Ward ----·--------------·2 Weber --- -·----------1 Gebhardt _ ......---- ·- ---- ·- 2

0 0


Tota ls _ _________6



Yellow Cab Co.

:r 5

St. Thomas (14) FG FT TP Gallagher _ . --- - - ._2 3 · 7 Nolan ........... ··- ---....--·--0 I I Gilmour -- -··-· - .........._. ... ! 0 Z Sulli van ·-·------ ... ..... - 0 0 0 O'Mnlley _..2 0 4 Collins _ .. .. ........ 0 o Ryan .. · - - _______o 0 O Totals _______ _ 5 14




Spalding 34; Fox ValleyS


SPRJMONT'S .Apparel for Young Men 207 Norm Bui1ding

L..------------"" There Are Many Good Places to Eat In

~ In the

second session of Satu~day Kanbkee afternoon, Spalding Institute of Peoria One 6fTh.c!m b met and def eated Fox Valley Catholic Community High School of Aurora. 360 E. Court Sr. The firs t quarter of the game was closely contes ted but in the r emaining ''Always Glad to See You" periods , Spalding f orged speedily to , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___..

Bobbitt', Cafeteria

the front and stacked up an imposing . . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . lead. Voegele of Spalding scored twenty-four points in this game. Teegan's work was also a great factor in the Spaldin g victory. Kanlc.akee, Illinois

Everybody Likes


F. 0. Savoie Company 0 I'STRIB lfTOR:S

"Fir3t" and Savings 1Jank 4 per cent Intere-st on Saving DeposiiJ

TM lineup: Spalding (34) FG FT TP Sauen - - - - - -- -- 1 D 2 Ranting 0 o 0 Voege~ --- - - ---- 10 4 24 Teegall Spi1:1eT _ Manning Murphy

Smitll _ Totals Fax Valle'J' (8) Weigand

_ _ _ o

0 0 0 0

0 lh 4 Ffr J"l' __ 0 Ka.rfl>e~MT () Pcnr!tnrie ----~-- 0



o 4 o 0 34 TP 0 ()



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St. Patrick's Day Issue--1928.

Base Ball Schedule, 1928 Pho"" ·4%:U

OSCAR"FOXY"BYRON TAXI RATES TO ANKAKEE, One, Two or Three Pa.uens:en Day RateJ





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MEALS, SHORT ORDERS, SPECIALS, CONFECTIONS Private Dining Room for Banqueu and Partie.


WILLIAM P. CANNON, M. D. Attending Surgeon to Sr:udenb and Faculty of

Office Houn:

St. Viator College




Home, Main 3073


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Prindor, Engraving, Office Supplie., Loose Leaf Forms, Binden, ere.



PRINTERS AND STATIONERS 264 Eaot Merchant Street

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NOTRE DAME CONVENT Accred ited to Illinois University A Select Boarding School for Girll and Young Ladiea This institution is condu cted by the Sisters of Notre D ame, and oB:ers every o pportunity to young ladic:s for a. thorough Christian and eecular education. Prices reaoonable. For catalogue address

SISTER SUPERIOR, Notre Dame Convent Bourbonnais, Illinois

ir-------------·-------------D. J. O'LOUGHLIN M. D. Pn.cdCIII Limited co



p I 0 11 I

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fl f I 0


Nat'! Bank Bide.


April 19th-Viator at Tllinois College, Jacksonville, Ill. April 20th-Viator at St. Louis Unversity, St. Louis, Mo. April 21st-Viator at Concordia College, St. Louis, Mo. April 22nd-Viator at Bloomington vs. the Bloomington Three-l. April 25th-Wes tern State at Viator. May 10th-Viator at Bradley Poly, Peoria, lll. May 1l,tb-Viator at Millikin . May 17th-Illinois College at Viator. May 19th-Notre Dame University at Viator. May 23rd-Millikin at Viator. May 25th-Viator at Wes tern State Normal May 26th-Viator at Notre Dame Univer sity, South Bend, Ind. May 29th-Bradley Poly at Viator .

KANKAKEE PuRE MtLK MILX-<:RJ!A)o( Balpriouo Douet Wl1k


Three Veteran Pitchers On "Ducky" O'Malley A "Peerless Center" Squad; Captain Walsko Catching

Mr. Robert R. Overbaker, United Press Correspondent, recently chose the a n all s tar t eam of player s in the Litplacing of the a bbreviated court costle Nineteen Conference on which be tumes in the moth balls and signs of na med our ow n Captain O'Malley as spring comes Viator's greatest sport. center for the first team. Ducky's apFor the past f ew da ys Father Kelly pointment is, a s everyone well k.ncws, and Coach McAllister have been m ar- surely merited. He played a branrl of sha lling their diamond forces and al- basketball this year tha t was a r evelaready the batterym en are work ing tion to coaches, players, officials, nnd out in the Gym prepa ring for another reporters all over the sta te. E vard, big year. the fla shy Via tor forward was named With 0 Pete" Harrington, John Her- on the second a ll-star team, and Debert an d Delaney as a nucleus for a laney was placed a t guard on the th ird mound staff aided by Tom Hannahan team. HSoup" Campbell r eceived b.oua nd Bill Todd, it seems that more than orable mention fo r t he guard position. one hopeful hi t ter will bite the dust Captain O'Ma lley's perrorm a nce on and return to the du gout trailing his t he court this season wa s outstanding war-club sadl y in the dirt. in every department of th e game. His Both Harrington an d Herbert seem gener a lship, guard ing, speed, and acto still possess the old s tuff and cun- curacy are superb. Mr. Overba ker Hanahan Is High Point Man; ning that bas made t hem feared in stat es that: "Capta in O'Malley of St. collegiate circles. Delaney, though oc- Via tor is a peerless center and is Ferris' Team Takes Second cupied by basketball , bas foun d time to awarded t hat position. Towering over Place --t ry the "salary" arm and announces s ix feet, the Irish leader ve r y seldom Captain Jake W a lsko's "Walking that it is 0. K. Todd and Ha nnahan lost a jump. He was a lways a fi g hter Sticks" copped the championship of were both impressive and we have every minute of the game. O'Malley's the Senoir Lea.g ue for the p ast basket hopes th at they will live up to early defensive play was a telling factor of ba ll season. The Leag ue this year season promise. t he Irish machine." was divided into two di visions and Most of the season's catching burden The All-Star T eam, as en umerate d Wa lsk o headed th e fir st bracket with wi ll r est upon the shoulders of Captain by Overbaker is: seven wins and no losses. The second "Jake" Walsko. "Jake" h as proven Baker, Illinois Wesleyan , forward league was t aken without much trou- hi s value to the team and the backMason, Bradl ey, (Captain) forward hie by Tom F erris an d hi s day- stopping job will be well cared for. O'Ma1ley, St. Viator, center dodgers. In a championship game Logan an d Drew, both Freshmen, a lso P age, Western Teachers, guard played between the two headers, Cap- looked promising in the early work. Rhea, Illinois Wesleyan , guard. It is too early to make any resume tain J a ke scored over To m's outfit in a. thirty to twenty-one ba ttle, thereby of the rest of the team as the weather securing all rights to the season's has no t permitted any outdoor work, but Viator fans can r est assu r ed that cha mpionship. During the early part of the season Viator will be represented by a team much enthus iasm was shown for Cap- that will r ate with the very best in tain P feffer who was defending his collegiate ball circles when the curtitle from last year but his "dizzy tai n raises in April. If Brother Harbauer ha d allowed dribbl er s" were not up to the pink of condition and soon lost th e presti ge himself to be frightene d by the diffigained the previous season. F erris' culties enco untered in trying to bring outfit was something new in the the handball league to a timely conleague, being composed almost entirely Having come through a ha rd sched- elusion, there would be no league thi J of day-dodgers. Ca.p tain Tom suffered a hard loss at the semester, how- ule with nine victories to their credit year. However, instead of los ing faith ever, when Eddie Mathews withdrew and but two losses chalked agains t in the student interest in handball, he from the institution to bask in the them, Warner Salg's speedy aggrega- arranged matters so that this year ·s tion was awarded the championship of league could be fini shed speedil y, a!1d sunlight of Kankakee sports. W a lsko's club was composed of the Academic Basketball Legue. Their yet would give all the teams an equal Morrissey, Comina, Beard and Rutecki, nearest rivals, the crew captained by chance for the medals. He plans tJ and experienced little difficu lty in se- Cabanaw, finished three games back. run the league in tournament formCaptain Salg's team played fast, a defeated team being eliminated from curing a good lead on any team they consistent basketball in almost all of the competition . So far, the idea has met. Captain Tom Hana han took the high their league encounters. Two of the been well received by the Academy point medal for the year, beating Cap- three which they lost were dropped by students. On Saturd ay morning last a ll the ta in Freddie Sa lsberger out by one one point margins. Salg was league point. Eddie Muccelli and Tom Doyle high point man, having amassed a high school pupils, who desired to enseason total of ninety-two points. ter the race for the medals met in the were tied for the free throw champs and in the toss up Eddie came through One of his men, Carl L ewis, came in study ha ll and elected captains. The under the wire in fourth place with twenty-four leaders chosen then conon top, following in the foot-steps of his erstwhile townsman, Johnny forty-four points, while yet another vened after Mass, Sunday morning, member of the same squad, diminutive and picked two men apiece to round Benda. Louie Dressler, finished tenth with out their teams. Since there are but twenty-three marks. With this trio on twenty-four games to be played, the the job in every battle, small wonder league should be finished by the 20tl> that the quintet came out on top. Bob of March. When all the matches have Spreitzer was runner up for individual been played, the fortunate win ners will honors, having garnered seventy-six be awarded their prizes. points during the race, while Walter "Rip" Welsch closed up in third plaee with a total of forty-nine.

'It won't be long now'. With


Captains Chosen For Annual Academy Handball League

Salg's Team Wins Academic League



Alwa., drink puteurb:ed milk. Our waaons pals your door every mornina before you have breakfast



Pres. and Mgr. NORTHEAST CORNER Schuyler at Merchant

Mn. D . H. Kamman,

D. H. KAMMAN & CO. W..•f.ct.r.n .,

Trade At


Hlch Life Clnt:tt Ale artd Grape and allKlnda o( Soft Orin&.

Kankakee Illinoia

ll9 E. Court St., KAo.kak«

Pare 6

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VIato r Defu!JI RoaU

Resume of the Tournament Continued from page fou r Even . Clbul•kl . Benbrock . McLaughlin • Pike

0 2 0

·-·- 0o _____


.0 -- 0

_o -





2 0 2 0

2 0


Phi lo Overcom es Rock loland

In one of the fastest and most thrilling games of the tournament, St. Viator defeated Routt High School, 17 to 13. The game was played at whirlwind speed throughout, and it provided more excitement than a ny game in the tournament. This victory was truly an accomplishment for the home crew. The Routt men were not up to the standard which they had shown a~rainst St. Bede's, but they nevertheless made Viator work hard for the victory. Viato r started the scoring, a nd held a small lead throughout the ga me. Brouillette was the big gun in the Viator charge. Me· Ginnis clinched the All-Star team recognition by his remarkable p erform-


SL Patriek's Day lssu-1928.

Despite the fact that the score ~I this game won.ld indicate that it was a set-up for St. Mary's, everyone wh" saw the Philo team play in the two forme r games will contend that, it th.e team had played in this game as it played before, St. Mary's victory would not have come so easily. St. Joseph 's Academy still remained the favorites of the a.udience even in this defeat. Philo (6) FG FT TP B. O'Neil _____ Q 0 0

C. O'Neil --··-··--·---- 0 E. O'Noil . --· •... ·--·---·-2 McKeon . -· ____ ._0 Glennon __ .•. ··------0 w. O'Neil .. _____o

0 2 0 0



RIELY & RIELY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS and DEALERS Electtlc W uhlng Machine•, Electric Refrieuaton. Lamps and Supptiee Moton, Vacuum C, ~ru. AppUanca

Electricians for Sr. Viator College


~~.: .

Hfrley Shea



~~~ 0 0

0 0




9erritson £Brothers 9nc.



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- ... 2 2 6 Totals ·... At 4 :00 Saturday afternoon, the FG FT TP Blooming-ton (28) youngsters from Prilo aga in unaffect- ance in this game. He garnered mo3t ..... 0 0 0 edly and unpresumingly trotted onto of the points for Routt, scoring t hree Sleeve.r ·--·-· --·-·-··-· .................. ·- ..3 1 7 tho floor, and met a s imilarly small fie ld goals a nd four free throws for a Dugan .... Sweeney .. ·- . .0 0 0 tea m from Rock Is land, Ill. The game total of ten points. .2 0 4 Middleton The lineup: wa s a walk-away for P hilo for th e un.. ··- ..... 6 0 10 FG FT TP Callans St. Viator (17) canny eye of the O'Neils seemed to .............3 1 7 4 Waterson _ ........1 have become even more accurate si nc e Brouillette .0 0 0 5 Ro sensteel Bosquette I th e game of the previous evening. ---- ..... ·-· .... .....2 ... 0 0 0 2 Callahan 0 ............1 The Philo tea m, by thi s victory , was Rase her 2 0 placed in the sem i-final s. An achieve- Cody ····· 1 2 28 .13 Totasl ...........1 2 0 ment which, to them, seemed impos- Anderhub si ble. Th ey no t only repeated their Hodge ·-· . 1 0 2 Spalding Eliminates Vi ~tor victory of the f ollowing evening, but Totals ...7 3 17 they nlso repeated t heir captivation of Spalding In stitute ruined St. ViaFG FT TP Routt (13) the audience, all of whom rooted as ......3 4 10 tor's ch ances of get ting in to the final s stron g ly for P hilo ns t hey did for t heir McGinnis ........... .............0 0 0 by dashing, in the last half of a hard, Schirz own home team. Lavery .. .... ............................ 0 1 I fast game, to a 25 to 13 victory over The lineup: FG FT T P Murgatroyd .......................... 0 0 0 th e locals. St. Viator . outplayed th e P hil o (30) ...4 0 8 Cooney. ..... ..... ................... 0 0 0 down -s t aters in t he fir st half, and left B. O'Nei l . ............ 3 1 7 Morrissoy ................. .1 0 2 th e floo r at the half with a two point C. O'Neil ....... 6 3 15 - lead. In the second half, St. Viator E. O'Ne il .....0 0 0 T otals .. .. ..... .. . .4 6 13 co uld not keep pace with the fast McKeon ...... 0 0 0 breaki ng attack of the Spalding t eam. Clenon Spalding Trims St. Paul's Voegele and Harding agai n led their .......... 0 W . O'Nei l --team-mates for scoring h onors. Cody, ... 0 0 McCorm ick In the last ga me of the second round of Viator, playe d h is best game against .... 0 Sa nd well 0 - of preliminaries, Spalding Institute Spa lding an d seemed to be the onl y .... 13 4 30 had little diffi culty in defeati ng St. man on the Viator squad who starr ed T otals FG FT T P Paul's of Odell in a one-sided contest in the last h alf. Cody's stellar guardRock Is land (7) 1 whi ch ended 34 to 10. The players ing in this game ea rned All-Star team ...... 0 Gibson . 0 f rom Odell failed to produce such a mention for him . 0 Mack - -···---· 0 2 flas hy defense as they h ad shown St. Viator (13) FG FT TP .. 1 0 Yeager o against St. Thomas. .............. 0 3 3 Brouillette ....... 0 Lonergan 0 o Voegele co ntinued his aspirations to Bosquette .... ... ········-· ............... 0 2 2 ......... 0 0 Smith 2 high poin t h onors by sco ring fifteen of 1 1 Rascher ....................................... 0 Ryan 0 . - ......... -······ ...........1 2 Spalding 's t hi rty-fo ur points. Harding Cody .................................................2 0 4 0 ....... ! Kale .......... . 0 of Spalding fo llowed closely with And erhub ......................................1 2 0 Cunnin g ham ............................. 0 0 7 eleven points. 0 0 S ullivan ........................................... 0 .................... 3 1 Tot• Is As a res ult of t hi s game, a nd of the Hodge .............................................. 0 0 0 t hree preceding games, Spalding, Via- Pombert ............. 0 1 1 ... . St. 1\lnry'e Goes to Semi·finals tor, St. Mary's (Bloo mington) and St. ............... 3 7 13 Total s St. Mary 's High School of Bloom- Joseph's, (Philo) went to the semiSpalding (25) FG FT TP ington duplicated their victory of the fin a ls which began on Sunday afterSauers . ······-· ................................ 1 night before by defeating Corpus noon at 2:00. The lineup: Harding ....................................3 Christi of Bloomington 17 to 7. AlP eoria (34) FG FT TP Voegele ............................. ·······-·· __4 2 10 though the Bloomington team headed 0 0 Teegan 0 Corpus Christ i from the beginning, Sauers __ --··· ................... 0 ................... ·-······--··2 3 11 Spitzer ........................................0 0 0 they had anythiu g but a picnic doing Harding .................. ....................4 0 0 ....................0 so, for the latter team did not relax Voegele ····--·-·--·····-···----6 3 15 Manning .... - ........................ 1 0 2 Murphy ..... ................................. 0 1 1 t heir efforts for a moment. Once Teegan . ..........................._ ..0 2 ..........................0 0 2 Smith . 0 ngain, however, the size of the St. Spit<er Mary's guards placed a dampe r on the Murphy --·--·-···---····--···-·····--1 0 2 0 0 ............ ._ ___..... 10 T o tala 5 25 Corpus Christi scoring endeavors. Manning ····------.... ··-·0 ...... - ........ 1 0 2 Callans and Sweeney were the out- Smith Viator Wins Third Plaee standing stars for Bloomington. \VarTotals ...... 13 8 34 den was the principal factor in the Odell (10) FG FT TP St. Viator Academy clinched third Corpus Christi attack. Brough&m ·------.0 1 1 place honors by defeating St. J oseph's The lineup: -·· ............- .......... 0 0 0 Academy of Philo in the flrst game FG FT TP Hare Bloomington ( 17) - __ o 2 Ward Sleever 3 Sunday evening. However, the Philo 1 0 6 We be r 2 4 team did not go u nrewarded, for th ey Dugan 4 ···-·--··-·-1 --·---1 __o 0 0 Gebhardt Sweeney 2 merited and were given the Sports-·-- ---··--0 3 Blough ...... _ .......... 0 0 .. _1 0 manship cup. The defeat by St. Mary's Middleton 1 6 L egener 0 c~llan s ----··------0 0 took all the pep out of St. Jo•eph's, 3 0 0 Simpson -......... 0 0 0 and Viator had little difficulty in Waterson 0 0 amassing a large score. 0 W. Waterson .... 0 0 Totals ...... 1 8 10 A thorough review of the ChamRosen st eel ... 0 0 - -- - pionship game will be found elsewhere I 1 Totals ... ____ 6 5 17 in this issue. Bloomington \Vina From Philo palesburg (7) FG FT TP QU\gley .. ... _ o o o The winning streak of the St. Whden -· .. ___ __ll 0 4 Joseph's Academy team was broken by Hqward 0 1 1 St. Mary'• High of Bloomington. Th~ FQley - - · - - - - · -0 2 2 team play o! St. Mary'! wa~ too much

for the tired Philo representatives, so the ultimate ehampions won with ease. 0 St. Mary's were at their best, while 0 the St. Jooeph's Academy boys-see m 7 ed unable to locate th" hoop with their


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St. Viator College Newspaper, 1928-03-17  

The Viatorian, Vol. XLV, No. 8

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