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pleasure smiled ? What now remains s11 v e the memory of senselessness and shame? :;\T otbing-

" lt sta nd s to tell A m elancholy tale, to give Awful wa ming; soon i'fhn, though possessing a vital spark of heaven ly fimue, Oblivion will steal silently though endowed with a power that is capable of conTh e remnant of its fa me. trolling the very lightning of hea v en, consid ered in his 1\lonarch and conquerors t here, external bearings toward s hi~ feltow-m:m and conseProud o'er prostrate milli ons trod, quently toward s hi s Creator, is a strange phenom enon of The earthquakes of the human race, inconsiste ncy, if not of folly. Apprecia ting the tac t from Like th em forgotten n·bere the ruin the ma__.,;:im tha t the prope:r stttdy of man is man, whilst That marks their shock is past." pondering upo n the truth t here in contained a few even\Yh ere is Troy the scene of Greek and Trojan comings s in ce, th e above characteristic stood out very promin entl y made manifest by so many spec im ens that daily bats , where steel cln sbed with steel in deadly battle, , p resent themselves before the eyes of eve n the most where A chilles fought where Petro cl~ts and Hercules cn reless observer. Lookin g, at thi s per iod, Rwny back fell? Of it and th ese the immortal Virgil sings, and his into th e twilight of hi story, glanci ng nt his primitiYe con- own words, the epitaph of that ill-fated city are the clition as he stepped fo r th fresh from the creative ha nd most appropriate response-"llium fuit ! Wh ere is Carof God perfect in form nnd in beau t:r , breathing the frn - thage the l~u ee n-city of the seas th e rival of Rome in gra nce of t ranscenclent endowments 1hat at once' co nsti- commerce and 1realth? The sad voice of some lone tuted him king of the universe-n nd watching him fi·olll tnw eler standi ng on some imaginary turret of fallen hi s fall from g race to wander forth to enrn hi s bread by Troy gi 1·es back the r eply " unkn own"! Where is Athethe SIYeat of hi s hrow, up to the pre ent m0m ent- whnt nian and Spartan g randeur ? IV here is Balbec, where is 11'0n<l erful works has be perform eel, but a l as~ ho w few of Ephes us, wh ere is Thebes with its mighty columns? them can by claim to permanency , can lay claim to All-all hav e disappeared ; the owl seated on some stabili ty, c11 n la y claim even to a n:mw tha t posterity broken fragment is now the only occupa nt. Where is th e R.ome of bygo ne ages wi th its four million s of souls? may knOIY or reverence n few centuri es hence. Fro m the tra nsgression of Atlam in t he gn rden of ~Wh ither ha ve d ep:n'tecl those trumpet voices that summoned foreig n pote11tates to the mistress of the world Par~di ~e cl own thr011gh the conntlefs succeed ing ge nerations in each :mel ev ery nge clo we find innum ernbl\: to k neel cl o wn and adore at her altn,rs? ,,-he re is the P<mtheon ? ~Wher e is the Colosseum wi th eviden ces of thi s fooli sllll ess. F or c-ent uri es the alcheits spn.cious wa lls-with its resounding voices of singmi st labored to convert th e rude minernl in to go ld , hunin g thou sand s-whose 11·ild and savage huzzas rent the dreds of years have been spent in sea rching fo r the phiair, filled ns they IYere, with del ight in witness ing the losop he,··s stone, man in hi " folly attempted to sc:1 le the golden gntes of the city of God n·he n Babel's tower wns glarliatoria l com bats? \Vh ere are th ey 'rho bui lt this raised on high and co nfu ~ ion of tongues and the sca tter- bloody circus to ~a t iate tbe imperial nppetite? Where ing of the tribes was th e imm ediate res nlt. Like fabled are those who butchered a son in ~wh ose ve ins flowed l caru s soaring al oft on t he wings of unh oly an tbi t ion, the pmest bl ood to nwkc a R.oman holiday, and who we find ma n continttall y directing his co urse upwards glutted and feast er! upon the mang led , bleeding corpse relying on hi ::~ own mental strength, but he too when of him whom Byr011 so g rnphically anrl touchin gly dethe ze uith of his glory is reachecl, must f:tll , and f:t ll scri bes> " I see before me the gladiator li e swiftly a nd snrely to sink beneath the mt~·es of time IIe leans upo n his hand-his mmtl y brow :mel be lost amid its dashing surges. Wh ere is Palmyra Consents to b ut conqu ers ngony . 1111 1 its ruined pala.ces where gra nd eur f'ruwncd " ·here


~ T.

\' L\.TEClt' ' CO LL EGE

.JOl ' l t~.-\L.

_\ 11<! hi-. •lro•lp<•cl hea•l :-ink, gradt1>11ly lowpalnce still cvntinue- in hi-. d:1ily cour-t>; l1ut hi-. evenAnd through Iii-; ,ide the htht drops elJbing slow ing tints nvw ftilling upon tlh''e ma-.<e_ of dee''.' only Front the reel gu•h lit!] hen 1 y, one l1y one, ,.:erve tu Fhow more \"i;;il1ly the terrible -tomb tll:<t have Li ke tl1t· jjr,t or a thunder s hower; and !lOW swept by :-<tJHl in tho e ch:wtie h:dl3 where UHI>ic's Th <• arenn swims nrvuud hiw-h e i~ gone ~"·eete5L train, ,o often swellt•<l t""rth in -.u hlime.;;t har}:r<• ceno<ed the inhnman shout whi<:h h:til \ 1 tbe mony, the meluncholy winds alone mm·1nur tlwir e i'CilIIT<'ld! who won.'' ing n·qniem. ·where s~t the king 111 enrnle ch·1ir, now The IH1zz or eDger nations h:h long ,in<'t> died out grow3 the ti'.1gTJut mo-3: where redined the gue~t~ tu <'itlter in 1nurmuring pity or • yielding npp lau se. The~e gunnanclize their brute nature-.. ,tune upun otune now dencl wall~ 1He nuiY ('!'owned with hanging ivy; :md re -t::<. X ow all i-. abalHlonecl, all is ~till, all i-. terribly w!1en the HHion begin,; to <:limb their topmost gloomy, am! tlle wamlerer nmid the,e oeene-. m:l!' exdaim nr<:h!'' and g-ently p·w-c" there, wht>n t he stnr" twinkle in the f1nnament a nd ('ast n' it were a f>tiut my of pity "1 feel like one 11·Iw tre:1d-. :1lone down up<Hl their ,.epuldtntl furm". they re~ernble tbe . ·ome b:11Hp1et hall•le5e!'led gltu., b uf' tile cl e p:ute< l ..;talking to nnd fro at midnight,-\\'hu5e light:< fire fled-wlwse garlamb de:ttl the mo-.t clPmou~trati 1·e el'id<mce~ uf m an·~ Ynriety, or And nll lJut he dep:ured." lll:lll'., fully in building monuments on tbe quicksnnd5 ~uch we repe:tt, b the bistury of m:m g:<therPd f1·um of tiltH' , tlisi lJoutillllii wdificare-l'i/ dOJIIl<iJI, in !'C!/ll/111 the "·orld'~ ruin-.. Thongh enlh)\l'e!l with rea~>on aml lrtbol'W'fr'tult 'JIIi o,diji,·unt i'W1t, i~ 11n incontrovertible placed o v er tbe univer~e !hit.' protector and g-u:<relian, truth, otlterwi•e, when the wind~ <:ume, am! the r:<ith Iw mny be ·tid to ue it- re:<l dl:,}Wiler. it-. rl'tll E>nemy. tid! nnd tile ,n(JII · ~ melt, the ;.trudure !lllbt tumble, ib lie he<:orne5 hi, O\\'ll enemy when he loo,<e:, sight of that ft·ugnwnb lvllowillg the eurrent' , course borne alvng ereati 1·e hmHl thnt n:,sbt5 him in the morning of life, from rapid-. to rapitl,, fro.1n crag to crag, till nt lttst down through the meridittn of hb manhood, eYeu to the t Iwy Hl'l' hurled headlunf;l a~t period of hi.; l1e<:ay when the sun of :mc>ther world lnenks upon bim, !ltHl whl·n nt war with himst•It: he bat" .\- a weed Flu ng th)m a ra('k 011 Ocean'~ loam, t o .sni l tle, ngtin~t the ll'orl<l :t1Hl ih iuhabit:tnb. _' or e:tn IH' \\' IH•re ' er the 'urge Jn:ty swt:ep, tbe telllpeots h(•pe lor any <:h:t ng-e fur the bt>tter, men in our time~ are l•rl'nl It pn•,•ail. " as :-elt~g.··, !' !1g:er fur opulenCl' , :mxiellb fur mngniFru111 nil the-e the inevitable conclusion must ii•lluw tleent HUUI•ion-, int e ut upon tlt depre"i<Hl uf rhu }l<.)(.n· llu1t nothing o1t Uti, en rth is imperishaule, that mall·~ nn<l the ex:!ll:ttiuu<ll' them,l'!Yt>, :IS in nn.1· otlwr :1~. -ul.Iinw-t work~ HHlliLI' or later, like hi, nnme, 11 ill be They look upon l' ' aB :1 !liminutiYe (), ·trw,;, forgotten. while thesl· thin .~;.. alone sh:11l Ut'l' il'e that whose lwauty .-hnlltiCI er f:llll'. ll'lw-e -tnl1ility ,JtalJ neY<·ome din·ctly rru111 <:od. or that had tlw reverem·e of er be wnnting: :lll lllwnce we• lind thc' ln toiling- nnd g-rindII i~ ltoly I!HIIIl' li •r their object when t hey II' ere ealled ing nwny !lay l•y •lay, huildi11~ a wl rebuilding, ,p,·king into l·'lll'l'. \\-hilL· the ::\ile -.h:lll <:unti11ue its('hsugeple:t,ures l:twful and uul:n\l'nl in l'l·ery -.h:IJ.R' :llld liH·m. Jp-., way the-e• lcdty pym11dtb han! by ~hall fall, iiiH.l the They are <:ontiuuall.\ tlutl!'riug nl>~•nt like •·phl'tnl:ral in-pol wltl·n·on lhl·y -.tand -.!tall he -.earehetl lor in vain ~N: t-., likl• littll· gu:ll• dmwit gin the• nnt >l!dll,\ ,un,: pp:taudd the 11 n·ek ur H!!;l''· The sp"t where tlw wnndl•ring rently uul·ou,l'i llll' r.r thl' hll't th:tt the e·urt:lin ,hall ''"'n .\ ralJ', t•·11t tlap' in llw rlt>•\'rt uln-t. once the sig-ht of de'l'(•n<l th:1t -h·d l eut tlwm .. tr t'nnn tlw 1 ei11 11!' the ~·th·ut', haughty f1111e t<~ll' t• r i ng- toward, he:n en 1vith ib mo~t tHluliring, ].,1 iug fril:nd-.. llt'IH'L' till' ti.•ll,1· Rnd ':llll hull-:tlld ~-o]den do111e~, the• '('\'II!' Of HlUJ'!]er, rapilll' . ity ,,f nwn. Fr» tn tl ..· tt·-tim ut':t:.!Y•. ti·"m thl' tt·:teh-.In 1 <'1'.\ and lu l, all tu '<ll•thc a clutard', l' :t llit_\, h·t, ilt).!' Of 1!\11' h" J,\' teli~il•ll, h t II' ,I t !t•H't t'IHit'1ll l r t<1 J,ng ,jill'!' lid!Pn into uhlivioo. Tit!• nanw~ orthll•l' lit·n!h gather liJl trea-111c' in lw1 1 !'ll "he,,• lll<•tlt' enlt't nol lh•r 11 hu t:tug-ht lh:tt t!H· (:odor nature and bem·1 ulell\'1.' had rn-.t l'Oll, ll lll l' th . g i 1 vn a -Jwei:o l ' :Hwti"n lu the tl':lll e or [,J.,ud nn· Etding.1. 1'. - I. '''td t:uh·d a11a.1 . TlH··e eohllllll•, the-e J,m mul lonPl _\ 1·,Jon:ulv- tlllOtlg'h 11 hi e h HillY ll:tll<h•r.;; til(• pRle g-lt,,_t , .. r 1 -' rvl · d<~lll , 11 Pre tlt!' n ·-ull uf hum:tn pride. Thl• t(,.,J_ j,!J illgl'llllit .\ or 111:111 g-.\1 l' thl•lll l•irth, lltl'_Y 1\l'rl' thv <·hiltln·11 orhi' <'ll':t tion, :tnd th• ·.1 luo lik,• hinl •elt' h:t\'1.' ··\\"hat k llld , f lltit it •g lldll hl be• . q·, pt 11 ld~.· Oll.)'ltllr lotll,·n ht·lwatlt the n11 ag-t>- .. t the• :t•h· nn ~.· in~ hor.J, ., .. r )~1Jl<.' r ?'' .\ mud<" I .1 o uth -. t,>Qd in th, d ~<•TI' ~ ul l Itt• tiltll' ... ,.... ,.,. /)'II J<., if !//"l'l I IHIU Hft' ' might \\ l' [j II\• ill•l'l il.e<J l't1it.,ri:tl •:tllll ll lll ll ll<l, ·.11'< t•h '••nt llr••d t<~ J, 'k up 'h•· tl]llll tht· t ~· \\' ,un i1 in~ fr:t ~uJent-. Th1.• bri!.(ht 'n 1, om·•· ']' •kl' lhi- littl<• •1 ,• ..:h 11 hit•t hi- \\e•ll \1 <1 1'11 :ll 1lid li,htilt~· Ill' 11ith 'l'kud r•r lltl' ' l' !-'litteri ng" nnd d a uling-


ST. VlATEUR'S COLL.MJ:E JOUl{NAL. duty 8S a duster acrOSS his sh iny pants, in the r egion Of the knees. The man of deep tho ught raised his ey es one quarter of an m ch from the d esk ::tt which he was writing. His look was not savage : it was not a condescending, 0 come in my poor boy kind o f a loe>k. It was not a pleasant g lance, nei ther wa it milc1: nor was it pitiful but it was a ~ort of conbination look, a kind of cynical how do you pres ume sor t of a quarter inch sta re, that withered the intrud er and dispelled any thoughts, if he had any coming up the Tickety stairs, o f ever becoming a contributor t o t he " Bung towm Clarion." " Youug man !" Theeclitor spoke : " IVe wa nt cont ribntors; yes! "·e want 'em. Have yo u an y thing t o offer ?" The yo ut h thought for a second that he bad been stru ck b y lig h tning. But he tottered to the great man's cl es l;:, A manuscript o f note lXtpcr, closely written in a careful hand , was opened by the B. C. Edi to r. H t' read , fo ld ed the manusc ript; looked at tbe would be :tnd v ouchsafed the fo llo wing: " ~ o t t hat y oung man , not that;yo n ha ve y et t o acq uire t he secret of o ur :lrt. Y ours is a poor compos it ion. Yo u mu st not be so concise, o r, \·ent m e to be so terse and cri sp in your writing. F acts amo unt t o nothing. Th e B. C. looks for generalit ies, v erbosity. ~ pre:t d- eag l ei sm. vVhy all yo n brin g us \\·o uld scarcely co ver a column. lYe want art icles two and three columns long. on ubjects tbat hav e been wri tte n up be fore, by ~orn e one wh o has pu blishecl t hem in book lo rm-h:loo ks you kn ow, m·e hard t o get. Di d yo u kn ow tb :lt y oun g m an ~" Th e y o nth looked up but vent med no reply . Th eEditor clre" - a long breath anc1 sat back in his ch:cir. A s he clicl , l1 c bestowed the rema ining inches of hi ~ op t ics on the would be. The latter slo wly backecl o ut ofthe B. C. o mce, muttering to himself-yes, t his is good ad v ice. Tb c B. C. only indorses generali t ies, bald heacletl phg i1.rism; it discards facts as t rash, it wants columns inste:vl of parag raphs, platitu rles instead or b reezy suggestion. lv-ell l I'll try some place else. And he di e! anrl suc:ceedecl. The other o ffice ' m ntecl o ri gi na lity comb ined wit h labo r a ncl li te ra ry excellence. Tb e yo ut b became a con t ri b utor and in time ecli tor of a first clHss metropolitan D aily . The Bungtown Cbr io u's Erli to r some years afte rwa rds wen t to a n nclay School P icn ic aml Commi ted suicide by eating too m uch c:~k e ancl ice-cream. L OC AL ~. - ~ tea m :

-All go: - E xamination : - My J;:ingclom lor a ho r~e. - ThE' ~Ii chiganrl e rs tal;:e the '·cake on ice." - Our exchange ed itor seems to ha ,-e considerable tnn ihle "·itb h i~ •·tu lets."'


- Mr. A. Rising of Champaig n called to visit his friends here las t week. H e could stay bn t :1 short t ime as he ha d t o see another f ellow in M omence. - Last week 1-V. 1\:lg le received a telegram calling him to l\Jll waukee where his father is cl :tngerou sly ill. - P a ul \ Vilstach has retur ned armed wi t h a J ack k nife a nd says: Death to t he J ourn:tlist who cou ples his name with " Pickwick's fat boy ." - D ean say s he will not p~y as much attention to elocut ion thi s year as last, his t im e being ta ken up ,,-it!J t he more abstruse subj ects of Theology, Grammar and m usic. - P. J . \ Valsh has a chum now in t he person of E dmo nd B urke- - and it is t o be hoped t hat t hey will soon become as fam o us as P ec:,'s bad boy and his chm11. -The ice on the r iver was ne ver in better condi tion for"skating t hau at present a nd the boys seem to understand that no w is t be t ime and t he ice is t he place for fun. - Pro f<;. M cGrath and Maher spent Sunday wi t h friends in ·wilmingto n ret nrning in the eYening. They report sleighi ng superb and li beral people, having old one hu nclrcd and twe nty tickets fo r the gold wa tch. - \ Ve a re happy t o learn t hat l\Ir. l\IcCann is convalescing and will soon be on d uty aga in. -Prof. l\Inrphy who has been sufl'erin g from a sever e case of poetical enun ciati•ms, is rapidly recoverin g and will er e long make his usnal penun b ulations. - By a profound mat hematical calculation l\Ir. L eggett has discovered th:tt the sun was hal f an bo nr bebind time last Sunday m ornin g. lYe have no d es ire t o contrad icL his statement nor detract fr om the meri ts of bis watch b ut we m ust say he is :<bout t hir ty minutes o ut of the way. - B e it known to :t!l whv des ire k nowi ng t heir p reeli \· it ies and propensit ies that \Ye have a phrenologi t of no mean ab ili ty in ou r midst. He has a lready exami ned t he b umps of many of us am1 in a ll his r evelations has bee n most correct. For fmt hcr information apply :<t this office. - \1-e have never had :1 better winter for sleig hing than the present and yet there has not been :1 gene ral ride. I n the good o!d d '.P ~- h en we were yo ung two inches of~now ~-o u ld give us the fever b ut i t takes a '- D a k ot:~ B lizzard" to move tbe st uden ts. -Quinn is vainly t ryi ng to con vince Bren Dan th:tt the Deveney mellal scheme was all a fmucl. - Tb e best thing Ly way ot' amusement which has taken place for some time -was t he wrestli ng matc h between B rosseau and Brennan. l\I essr~ . .Ji c~\.ul iffe and (+~·a n ge r actec1 as referees deciding two falls o ut of t he possible three for Bre nnan. Dr ossc:~u's fr ien ds say there wn " fou l play and talk o Canother meet ing. - The infirmary is C\ln~tant l y filling .1 11Cl "·e cln not

:ST. VL-\TE Ult't; COLLJMxE ,JO UH.NA L. duuht, if ~<lllH'tlting i~ not clone to lessen the influ x, th:1t during thl' ex:ml ination& we will be all on the sick li~t. llo,\ ~ it mm't 1\'ork. you 1cil! be e:c'tmi,wrt. - Tlw elc•dion uf deb:It l'r~ fur the " Jl:tg:m D ebating- :\ll•1Ltl" took pl:~ce F r iday (J an. 18th.) The l'ollo wing gl•ntlenwn were ek•cte<l. F . .J. qu inn first aflirmati ve, F. E. :\Ic.\ ulilt'e (ir,;t m•gative, 1'. J. Lesnge ~eco ncl nllirm·1th ,., 1'..J. Tic•rney seeond ncg:1tive. The .,u1Jjcc·t t'1H' clehale is " Hesolved that Co lumlJ ns was :t greater man llt:t n I Yash ing'Lo n." T it is c ~ll l s n pon the gcntlenwn to go to work nnd we have no cl o nbt they will tr!':tt ns tu :l Yery line:1rgume ntati ve d isco urse. - The Frendt <ll':Un'l.tie A ssoc iat ion is practis ing th e dmm:t "T:tr:tre'' \\'hieh t hey wi ll re ncler soon- uncl er tht' directiun or He\·. l\L .T. :\[:tr~il e. T he musical portion hy Paul is uml••r the l'harge ol' Frs. Oscr and :;\[ai nyille. 1\"c lnYc no 1lolll)t the entcrtn inrn cnt will l:ie :1 rare trea t tn all but e~pccin lly the French peo pl e in this \-icinit_l-. - The ra III P t(Jr the gol d w:ttclt took place Tuescl:1y :d'tcrnoon .Tanuary :2:! nd. (~rcat exc itcme 11 t preva il ed cluring the <lr:l'l' ing hut eo;pcd:tl ly tu war<b t he close nncl high price:< were oJfcrecl 1\H the lnst five t ickets b ut the bolclcr,; W<Jttl tlnot sell IYanting t he w:ttch or nothing. ( lnly ntw conl1l I> in it and t he l ud:y m·1n IY:1S P hilip Lco;:tgc. lii s ~uccc,;s wns luuclly appla uc1 CL1 Ly all the dtHl <:> nt5 who C:ltTie1l him in tri nmph to t he sto re where be "llitl tlt c nice thing." -:\bn y tha nks Phil ip ! -Our cxch·1llge editor wi,;hes to mt urn tl.n nks to S. P. :\IcCl:1in of the K. K. K. •·T imes" lor hu ~ pital ity a nd the m::llly fine ~ igltts ~ hown him whil e in the city . - Dame rumor lw,; it tlrtt (~eo. L·w ery o t K. K. K. h :llJont tu 0nl0r the matrimon ial lbt. - :\Io.oes Rny rctumecl fi'Om hi.'> Canad ian to ur on Frid:ty last; he is looking as hn le and hap py as ever. 1r ek ome home :\lose~ - :\ [ essr~ . TGllecn and Quinlan arr> deserving of mu ch praise for attention n ml servi ces r cncle rccl to t he in tere~t of' the .JorHX.IL. Our bead pr in ter tinrls them yaln:1.hle :1ssi...;rnnts. - Ag~in .. om· ulil home i ~ wll:tt it nsecl to be" enjoy ing tlw prc.,cnee of Rev . Bro. Bemard. F or t he pas t three weeks t he greate~t anxiety fur his sale r et urn was felt l>y sturlcnts nnrl prolessors, b ut 11ow that he is nmong us tlJe gloom 11·ltich lirts so lo11g o'e rv eilecl th e hou~e. gi,:e" place to joy nnrl pleasure. Abo ut six weelts :~go the goorl i> rother t l1i nking" t ri p to t he scenes o f hi,; cltilclilooc1 would impro,·e his hea lt h, went t o Canncla lJUt contrary to hi s ex pectations, th e. severi ty of t l H~ we~1th r"r nugmenteLl t l1 e v iolence of hi s di sease. Though s ick and unfj t to le:Lve, h is heart yea rn ed tu see Hourhu11nai,; once more nn d he attem pted to return. A t -:\Iontre,ll be \l':lS aga in ill , ~1 ncl for three weel\S his life 1\'~l" de,pnir<>d of, lJut kind Providence heard o·n r em·nest

pray ers a nd spar ed o ur benefactor a nd fri end. Thtu·s clay o ur bclovecl procurator and treasurer , yet weak Lut out ·o f danger, arrived at t he coll ege wher e he wa s receiv ed with e very d emollStration of joy. N6w that we ha ve him home ag>tin we will take c::t re tha t he will r~ m a in for the r emain d er o f hi :; life in the bosom of his f'ri encl s who love him so well. - \ Ve r eturn 0 11 r sincerest t hanks to R ev . F a th ers Cote, Reard on , Cb.o uinard and L ang lais fo r donatio us Se nt to our late Bnzfta r, ns well as to Rev . .Jam es Kehoe lbr :i;.5.oo con tr ibn ted t o t he support of th e J oHrnal. - The A nd erson Brothers and Eddie \V,.Jsb return ed to school last week. - \Ve are in r eceipt of' two volu mes o f L'twyer \'s translati on o f Virg il's complete work ~ fo r whi ch we thank the honorabl e gentleman. Ti me will not permi t us at present t o speak of its merits as a translation b ut we will notice it auothcr tim e.

TIIE GOSSIP. H ow peo ple can become scn,ve nge rs, even allowing themselves so metim es to d evelop into se wers for the recepti on o f every id le tale, is Leyon<l the ken of men o r prin cipl e. U nintellig ible ns it may seem, yet, it is a co mmon pract ice in this Ye ry comm on age. P::n,clnra still li ves. The imp11lse t hat mad e her break t !J e fi:ltal box is t he inheritan ce of mil lions. No r d oes th e female sex monopoli ze the g irt. So me men are a lmost as curiosity lov ing as wom en, ancl eekin g to pry into things that d o not co nce m them, see ms their o nly stock in tr::tcl e. Not unfi·equently the ma le gen der's b:n·hecl ton g ue, wh etterl from a sa vory di sh of scanda 1, wi ll cl o more h:1rm h fiy e min1 1tes tlt·t.n his bmin will good in twel>ty years. The gossip is ge nemlly ft n idler. A bird of carrion , only ib n! and no isome v i:Lncls satisfy the cravings o f hi s palate. At uott om he's fo nl him self: Into his composit ion no sweet brc:1th of chm·ity ever enters t o b rin g sunshin e and peace. U c lives in nn element of intestin e war. A confirm ed cowarcl, he brings 11p t!Je rear of th e n.rm y , but in the ti·ont. where drums beat and bmm ers wave, he is never fo und . The gossip fall s upon a ~ m a ll comm tmi ly li ke a wasp. H e is to be fo und everywhere. Certain plnccs however he pntti culflrl y patron izes. H e d elights fi)r instance to in vade the smoki ng r oom of an ocean steamer. He likes to sit at the captain's table. He i s pro ud to strutonthe promenade d eck. But where honest Jack li ves, in the forecast le, he never enters. The man of horny hand and tar ropes wo uld throw him over th e b ulwark s. H e is found in Sunday Schools, nt church d oors, in church choirs, a t evening pn.rties, a t din net· tables, in the CO!Tidors of coll eges and convents, always alert, striving to pick up the last scrap of-good news-


• ST. VlATEUH'S COLLJ£UJ£ JOUl\NAL. no !-dirt- and t hen, with an abcrity t hat ~wo uld honor a better ea use, he speeds to r etail abroad the well b r mmed hash , made ten times m or e spicy, when di~h ed up with sauce ct la gos ip. To say nothing of the evil of merely id le gossip, what untold ev il d oes it n ot entail when dowmn·igh t scandal or d etraction runs off t he gossip's tongue and a neighbor 's personal a nd private affairs are bartered in tile market place like old clo' in a paw11shop. The gossip is a nuisance. H e should be banisl1rcl from decent society. H is ah~ence is preferable to his company. War on gossip ! Hail gentle clmrity! Every man in this coun t ry has enough to do to mind his own affai rs, nnc1 that commandment called t he "EleYenth" of American inYention," Mind your own bu sin ess,"will , if obserY ed , fill the wh ole bill in every household.

yo ur hand . Tt's not h eavy bnt it's worth baying, for it cost her perhaps a load of CHre to earn and get it. I ~aw him iuld the bill and pu t it away . \Yhat he thought I know not, nor, do I cnre to know. \Yhat she thought ~w ho eamed and sen t it-only a One-to her boy, n ot near her but fa r aw:1y at schnol, the orphan boy she wa5 toilin g to educate and make happy , for whom she was gh1d to treasure from out her scant earning, even a one- what :;he thought, I t hin k I know. It's worth knowing. Bnt "·hat o f that? She only sent a trifle. Only 11. One. She was his mother thow:;h. H e wns ber treasure, h er boy . She sent all bhe co nlcl. IIe had a fo r t un e-in a One CATHOLIC .00TES. There are thir ty prelates in Ireland to four million Catholics. A Catholic pi l grim::~ge to tile lloly Laud propos< s to siart from New York t he 27t h. ofFebruary . lHgr. Capel is said to be g iving instructions to t"·enty or m orE: ladies at 1\~a shingto n , who , it is ru mored , m::t,\' possil.>ly enter the ch nrc.; h. :Monsignor D ominicus Mauney, Vic.;ar Apostolic of Brownsville, Texas, llas been .created Bishop of 1\Iobile. The Propaganda has ordered printc<l copies to be mnde of the dec i s ion ~ of th e American Bi shops for tbe gu idan ce of the Baltimore council, :Jir . .T. C. F lood's C hri ~tm as Gifts to the orphan asy lums, etc., of San Francisco nggregatecl ''G,OOO, Protestants, Catholics, and Hebrews being t rented :Jlike' Th e rcmn ins of Rev. Thomns Hogan, of Petersb urg, Ill., '"ere interred iu the ,_eminnry graYe-yarcl at St. FratJCis, \\r i ~ . last week. l3i ~hop Hynn of St. Louis has been made Arclll,i,hnp. l[e anivecl iu Xcw York on the 29th. ult.

ST. CYRI L'S DAY. M onday we celebrate(] St. Cyril 's D J.y, patron sa int o f V ery Rev . Fr. Fournier, Superi or Gen. of t he order of St. Virttenr in t he Uniterl States. Sunday evenin g t he stud ents and facu lty of the h ouse anticipating t he clay in sty le "-itll v igil waited on the Yery R eYerenr1 gen t leman a t the Novit iate. After a selection hy the banrl l\Ir. Quinn read an address cong raL nbting him o n the l1!tppy return of his fe:tst-dar a nd wish ing h_i>.n many more, to which our beloved S uperi or r e~ p o nded in a f(;,, appropriate remarks, ex hortin g a ll to i mit:tte the virtues o f that saint whose feast-rlay t hey were ab(mt to celebrate, clo:::ing by granti ng a graml "conge" which a ll received with every manifestaLtvn of good ,,-i ll. F r. Fo urni er has been nm ong us onl y a ~ hort tillle, yet h is Yirtue, piety and amiab le disposi t ion have gained him thE: affection of a ll , and we hope th:tt each retnrning ~8th. of JanHary w ill find hi m the snme untiring a(1HJCnte of Catholic e ducation, lov ed nm1 respected by al l under his ch :1rge.


- ..... ~


1 saw him open the letter. Carefully f<)lde<l. lying '"ith its new g reen th ee bright between the leaves. "·a~ a government token. Th e denominati on was not high. :J.Icrely a One. His eyes dancerl. To l<im it ~~as a tortune. P erhaps she who se nt it thought w too. ~he had earned it hard. H ow ilard! Concei ,-c it, n eighbor. when it sometim es takes a whole rl:ly to counL one and h:mds and brain must strive and strai n anrl. only :ton e reward~ the to il er when the paiJJfltl bonrs are 'pent. Only n strugg le with the hard th in g~ of lite can mcaF u re a one at its j u6t vnlue. H old it fast my boy. le~t a pnff of win<l hlo1" it from





O~Ying tv alJse nc<', mnny of our worthy exchanges c.;oming to hall(] cluring the boliclnys baY e been left unnoticed. To one :tnd nll, tllough the hou r is late, we wi ._ h tlte cn:,tomnry nu nual feli citations. The :::\otre Dame S ~ h olnstic of th e 12th . In"t. i~, :ts usuaL filled with ycr·y interesti ng matter. T he second of a series of lXtpers on the "Fre nch Revolnt ion" mani('(' ~ts no smn ll acquaintance wiLh the llistory of that Lerril.>le pcriorl. The paper on "Hebrew Grammar'' is v ery read:1 ble, but nbjectlcos so fhr ns the a Yerage btuclent is concern e<l, nnd co n ~cquent ly o ut of phce. The IInmilton. Canacla, "Port'' seems to IJe strong in it8 :\ttad: upon u:; owing to some c.-,sual remark made CfJncern ing its get-t1p Ly our \\'Orlhy predecessor. ~- ow clc>ar exch:urgc et1itor-ess clo not let your angry passions ri:oc iii that mnnner Lill your country hcc:om e~ 11nncxefl

ST. VlA'l'JW lt'S COLLEGE ,JOUH.NAL. to ours, 11·hcu y01 t ran rave all you wish , B ut p c rlwp are bPyoncl our conprehension, as ~· o n wuultl pu t it, :tnd ir ~o, we ll o not want to f~t t h o m the ir depth lJ.)' :t ny possilJlc ;tLtclllpt. Hecoll cot t hat we <lo 110t IJdong tu t ho D 1wlistic S choollJ nt if oh:-lll e nged our lllino i ~ pride wi ll cerLniuly eompel us to p nt o n armo ur a nt! fl<lvnnec to mee t yo nr " ]fe m·t 11W~II' r' ' :m tl thu ~ sPttle o ur litt le clitfio u!L ies in th e IJarren pl:lin ~ or tltc ''to lets.'' T l1e l:t ~ t i ~s n c oC the Crc,;ccnt, ns 1tStHtl , contain ed good r eatl ing m aLt.e r r elative to the sc hoo l it r epresen ts. The article ' ·:;'\ [y unkn o m1 -:\cighb or s" was exceed ing ly absnrcl. Th e nnLhor "Sa lis" sho ulcl hav esignecl himsclf--J1f.Jjor quam ~utis :ll!d shoulcl hav e stopped at Lltc end of Llt e 1lr::;L sentCJlCC. The Illini comes forth for t he year '8'1 i n a new rlress flnt'l contains two sou nd and s uggesti ve ar t icl es on " Intl ne11cc" mHl·•Literary Assoc iatio ns." nl ny o nr ne ighhor C\"Cr prosper with that j)rosp erity i t cleserves. It is always a we lcom e -vis ito r. T he College l\lcss:1ge is ns us unl fill ccl ·wit h choice t· e::l(ling ma ttrr. "l\fy Pi c tu r e~" ha s cer tn inl y been a m ost intcre~tiug letter. ''A ll is not Gold that g li tters'' b very nprupo~ <mel well wri tten . T he Acaclemian is np to ihc ns ufl! stan cl arcl. "Opening the mail" n.ncl " Kin(] worcls" are t hr own off in nice blwpe. T il e Philomnthcan He vi ew-sho uld change its nnmcor ::nv::tke fi-< nn its monoto non cling-clollg o f society reportb. T he ~l'ecnlmn is on cleek an(l ns npprecinhle as nsnnl. I I::tu ntccl l\Ians i•m and Am erican D ialects ar e pass::tble papers in t he l:lst isbne.

yo ur a nge r nnrl <lisllain

1'he 1\mericau Prelates a.t t he btc confe rence, according to th e g lo wing reports of the American seo ubr press, pwtlu cccl a most fhvo rnl)lc impr ess ion in Rome. \ Vhy not? f\o one knowiu g t he co mm on se nse and pract ien l b u o' in c~s hal.; its of the American Bishops , expected :tnything else. T he detai ls o f th e " f~tvora b l e im p ression" h ave' bee n pretty g-e nc mlly m am tfhctmed t o snit the cor respumlcnt w ho wi red !ti s r es pective journal, s upJlOsing, the pul!lic fiJI the t im e soft eno ug h to s wa ll ow all he rabl c<l. lVhat impre::;sio n the di stinguished P rel:ltf's m n(1e, is lJest known in Theological , Philosoph ic<tl an(] Catholic Rome. Of o ne t hing hon·ever, we, on this sicl e tb b w~ter, m:ty feel nss urccl w ithou t any r ose-tinted correspond en t's aiel. T ho Bis hops s tri ctly attended to lJnsin ess, "·ere perfect ge ntlemen and kn ew what th ey were abo u t. In their d elib rations they honor ed th emsclns, t heir cli occses and Ca th olic Am eri ca. Nothin g extraorcl inary in th is. Th e }' relates were Catholi c Bi~ hops , nh;o, Amcricnn ei t izcm .


ROLL OF HONOR. CoNWAY l\'l8DAL Me ri ted by Ambrose Grang er, Franoj.'; Q uinn a nd Patrick Tierney; dr::J.wn by Ambrose Gra nger.



Francis Q nin:1 .......... . .... . .. . ... Go ld M{'clal

.Joseph J(elley ..... .. .......... . 1st. l:)il vcr Patri ck Ti er ney .. . ............. 2nd. Joh n Gold en .. ..... ........... . :3 rc1.







CouRsE .

Thomas II ug hes ............ .. . . .. . Gold Medal. A m€d0eGran clpre . . . ... . ... .... I st. Silver " Andrew G illespie .. . . .. . . ... . .. 2nd. "

Robert Car r .... ... ........ .... 3rd.



Bourb on nais Grov e , KANKAKEE



Found eel A. D . l RG:i . miser! to t he ra n k' of University A . D . 1874. Two courses of Study, tl1 e C1ass ic<1 1 a nd th e Commer cial. Excellent fac il it i ~s ftw learning Music. Telegraphy, l' lwnograp hy a nd Painting. BOOK-KEE PL'1G accord ing to t he "Pr actical Businc·ss Systern " a specialty.

T erms for Board 11.110 Tuition. $200 .00 p('r annum. :For furt.her information add r ess,

Rev . l\1. J . Mnrsile, C. S. V. Director. Th e College can be r each ed by the Jllinofs Cent.ral, thc}.Clnclnn a tl St. Lou is & Chicago, o r the Indiamt, Ill inois & I owa R a llroaus . ERH ATA: On th e fir st page 2' col. 15th. line, r ea<l Patroclus a nrt H ec tor for H e rcnl t·s. On pagt' H-J : fir st eo I. 11/th. lin e, funr t ll wo rd . r encl rude






M.,\.~ur-A<.:TUREB AXD D£,\L£1<



:S'I~_<-\._TION ER~



hA~h.A h. EE,

T0\'13. CROQCE1' .


- - - -- - - - - - -

e'YS!' 1\~usic~ BASE-RI.J~l·S aile~BA::''., ~ISIII?; G 1 ACELE.





Fi.Cth Avenu e


Opposite ··TIMES B U ILDING"




_.c-\ _ND

1-Jcu cltcare. Stl)ces and T imrare, WA.l+OX STOCK


43 Court Street,

No. 13 EA:-iT A\'E).'LE, K,\ :\JC\.KJ,E, ILL.


I -----

./ob&itiff D one to order .

- - - --


Carriage anu Buggy Liwry and

'fER:\IS }lOST


BRAYTOX & C URISTLL'\ DEALEU~ in l\frn'8, \YonH~n·~. :M isses ' awl


~I anufadurer .


! Cl dldrt-n·s 1lnt'



~hm~:;; ;


\\" c illtYe lately

the whole stock of a

Two cloors north of Post Oflice.

J.:o nkrtktc. Ill.


JCankakee, Ill


40 cts . on t h e Do llar .


ST C DI 0 ,

\\·e can sell you tlte most beautiful set in the city for

' H ARD lY ARE, STOYE~ , lROi\ J;:AX IC\KEE. ILL. STE EI TI'XW -\.HE N -\II S &c Fine Retourl!{'ll Pb otos" Spt'rialty. Old Pictures ' ~. ~ ~ <''>n •P<T '"HI Ionlar~r·d and l· llli'IH'< l m l n<li:t Ink J 0 !, work dune m any part of the County GH.OU'-' D FLO OR.

Cnt:HT ST.


and 'Yater Colors. 1-'hototi of Children a.ud (;roup:; by new rapi1l proc ess



• •

CORXEH COl; !{'[ ;iT. & SCHUYLER A \ . E-"TE.

KA::\K.\.KEE . ILL.

_:\ 9 EJJ Bl~qss~A ~ '·, J.:\S u RA:\CE.,

FIRE, A:\ D LU h

HEAL EST.\TE, LOAXS And Collection~.

\Yhich 1te1·er was sold below


c . ~~\lE'~~~len~



$ 60.00.

Clocks, Je,yelry,

Jf yon wish to make a present to a ::loi ,fu::l1L\'JcHamlPLA1'ED \\ AHI£, I "'ttSIC .\LIX STHC>tE.IiTS.SP<:CTACLES, &C . friend, comQ and see us, we will give


46 COUHT STREET~ you the best opportunity you may J{.a.ukakee,lLL. ever be offered; we have a few JC.1~aC~1KEE, ILL. Hcpairiug onratchco<. clocb.am1 Jewelry routn •n ..

,;•-:~ wn

'T·1 ln· I NO




292 Lat-rabc e St. Chic ag-o, Ill.



If y ou are in the city, come and



>J.\:\LT .\ C TC'H.E HS &

see our large stock of


Parlor Sets, l'\1:irrors 20 x 72~ 1::<- .rench Glass

In Lumber, Lath. tlhingles. Posts,

will be in Bourbonnais on the 1st. of


hundreds left, and they go rapidly.

Neatly Executed. _____

D. Q. Scheppers, M. D.




a 8p<'cialt;r.

NOT.\J~'l l'UBLIC.


bought an immense lot of

Chaxn.ber Sets

S tu de n ts .

RK-1.. 80~ ABLE

56 E.t~T

aJso all sizef:.

' and grades vf Boots. Hpech1l induce ments for

STATIO:\ :ST. Opposite KA:\KAKEE HOl'SE·

P H 0 T 0 G R .\. P H I C


R. J. HANNA, \YllOL£::3_\Lf: &. HET.\lL


w 1


In all kinds of H ousehold Furniture Books~ N OF TilE )lOST FA!fliOl\ABLE lil.liDS .




Opp . Ill. Cent r al H.. H. Depot.

(J. H. 1IALOCIIE. Geu(•ra.l



H on;c shn<'int( a svccialty.

Will <en d

l1tnlor !)urmns,

P'""r"'i•f to '\ny '\<lr!res..~ their


\Vood work o f aU kind. Satisfaction guanmtc'eti. Cor. Court ~l. I!< ;;rd . ,\>·e .

for l.,.,s._ cOO P"'1~. ~10 F.: n gnu· tlin eof 1 o.;,tnllo.,r·t•, !'.uil~ f":tP"• lklt.>, Er"" k l~ c"'p~l .....·"n 1 ~ \hJ N'! fit.'l.lf-.. ~nrl k.'\Hol Onth~ Hep9.lr1og! 3.l'o lnelu,[•-o; fn•tn1d!oo And Ex: ....,._IJL,,, , ,~ /lm:.h:m I'.• -._oct a C.hlogu•

K an kaker· Ill.


in great 1•arieties;

B 0 0 I-i:: ·C A S E S, Ot"f'ice De sks,

~J uiic.

CHAIRS, U. \1\l'ET S, LOU?;GE5,

Sofas, & ..t ...~

All cnlls hy Telephone promptly attend ed to.


Dc:1ler in .Forf'i_gu mHl









PH 0 P l\. 1 E T 0 R 0 1<' T H E

German,Frencll and American Pharmacy. Cor . East AYe. & lVJe r<;i!an t "t. l(A N I\A l\EE, I!l. KE'cp.s co n>'bllltly on hand a f nll line of

~o k~

n line line of Toil et A rtidPs of all kincls. Fine C: igars nml Tob nc<~O.


~EE 1\iE.

jtwu~llllJ .

Mother Superior, · Notre Dame Academy, Bourbonnai~ Grove, KANKAKEE Co., ILL.


J}a tufl

DmrcCTED nr THE SisTERS Ol<' THE CoNGR EGATION OJ:' NoTiu' DAME . Thi s In , titu tiou affo rd s e ve ry adva ntac;e to Y oung Ladi es d(~s irou s of obtaining a solid and ftni shed education. For parti c ulars apply to



Preston Sanasack.

BOURBONNAIS G RO VE , ILL. Uen eral Sto re. Dealer in Groceries, Dry goOll ~, lfardll'n re, Cutl er)' . G lass ware. Alko keeps CO II ~t antl y on hand a lar g e stock of R EA!J'l-i' LAJJE C LOTHING,

FAl\liLY lVIE IH CINES , And w JlOles;lle J.J iqnors.



Dealer in choicest Groce ries, choioest S T A T I O N E R Y . brands of !•' lour. Keeps on hand co nst antly a larg!l assort me nt of F eed a nd Produce. Books, News, Music, Pl ease call and see m e befor e go ing Wall-Paper, Window Shades.

any place else.



~ILH~ml~Jtd~~ ~JO~d

S tov es . Iron, N nils and vYago n w oo cl stock. Tinwa r e <11lcl tin work of all ki nels.





A. Ehrich




Opposite I. C. Depot. FIHST


H. L. Crawford & Co.,


No. 36 Court Street.


Kankakee, Ill.

N o. 3 Court S treet, .Ii:anh:ali:ee ~




Wholesale Paper Dealers.

C. r. TOW N SE N D . Deal er in American a nd t:>wi sR \Vatches. S ilver and Plated ware .Je welry,Ciocks all kinds of Musical In strum ents. \ ,V ateh es and Jewelry carefully repaired by l!est wo1·kme n >mel Warran ted.

f oundry, & Printers' Supplies.

A fulllin 0 of Cards and Wedding goods

Specimen Book and Estimates upon

kept constftntly uu l!HllLl

t.p plic"''i ' •· Write for Second-hand list of P resses u.nd Machines .


NOS. 184< & 1 GMonroe Str eet, G I~IICAC".XO.,

1,; & 56 Fran kli n St., Ch icago, Ills.


Outfits for ' CoLL" GE PAr rms. Send for estimates

Those in need of choice Confocti o n e ri e~, Camwd goods, a ll kinds of .Frui ts, Fish and Oy:ders will clo well and save mon ey by calling on

C. WOLF. Barl1er Shop U n(ler Uml)aeh 's l{an wss Rtore Km1kak ee. Ill First t:lass work g uaranteNI


~tnd e 11t. s

East Avenue,

es peciaJly invited.

P. L. MONAt:iT, l\1. D. Physi c ian and S ur ge on. Bonrbonnajs G-rove, Ill.: calls promptly att e nclecl. ~'-::1


~-.;]>~A n


'\ . ~ ·:1 ME S U

~hlt :~lum~ (llit~tfrt~~r ?



Ea st Avenn e, 1 door so uth of Knetcll 's Bl oclc

Kan k akee,


To all whom

E . P. BEJWElWN, i\1. D. Assistant Surgeon, Me r cy H ospita l '81 Resident Physician , Alexian Hosp ita l Chicago '82


Bourbonnai s Grove Ill.

The '·JOUHNAL" a bi-weekly paper d evoted to

t;CIE NCE, LITEllATURE ancl AllT, published

Illinois. by the Students of St . . Vl AT EUWS CO LLEGE ,


n :a nl,;:ak ee, Ill. L. DROLET & BROTHER . DEALEHS J N



READY-1\I ADE C lothing H ats and Caps. -Gent's nncle nve:1r. Tnmk s, Valises, F urui shing Goods. Wilson B ro s' Fine S hirts.


it may concern.

Boots and Shoes.


The ''.JO URNAL" is ::t first cla~s medium for "ADVERTISING." A special attention paid t'o the printing uf


Hav ing adopted the One Price A Large Stock of IVO!}len's, Misses' System to all my Patrons, I will gi ve Children's Men' s, Boys' and Youths'. l3argai ns in Crockery and Glass ware. a further Discount of 10 Per cent to ~ T erms the most reasonable.~ 2:5 C:o ur t Street, Next to Fi rst all Clergymen, Professors and Students The " .JOURNAL" shall be mailed N ationlll Bank. KANKAKEE, I LLINOIS, of Bourbonnais College. Call at the to any a.dclress at the .rate of Staple aml Fancy C roceries.

40 Cnurt Stree t KANKAKEE, ILL.

las, H. Fellows & Co.

P billaclelphia One Price Clothing Hall No. 8 Court St. Kankakee lll. M. Rohrheiru er, Prop·

$ 1.50 $0.75


THE STUDY;NTS, Editon-P1·opl'ieton

St. Viateur's College Journal, 1884-02-01  

St. Viator College, Vol. 1, No. 19

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