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Ere the !'\ xt i ··ue sh ~u h<Y' m vic i " ~ppc r uv·,. J) 'Y· :m >ent h<i led with joy and ,\di•Tht !Jy all in the 'allege. , lnll h 1 ·e com and g n , ~t. l'a ri ck '~"

·w ith tOO . .,A,rl · r tum ofthit~ rrr •t fe:-ti v:1l omm ml)rati vc of th illtt' riott.S Apostl e of Irelmrl. the frish Catholic~ vi with one anotller to honor the 1hy her eel brat . nd natunlly ~ml ju tly do they act thu .. othcr"·ise they should ce:\.::\e to b true el ani '"Ullin ~ons of Erin .. 't.-lnding upon a lofty eminence to-<hy anol • ' in 0 our eye<' :~.ronnel this v·1s glnbe. looking tow;,rd th • · rth. S utb, E\St an• I 'iYe--t. e\·crywhcre e find Iri.shm n pro~' ~ing the ''l.IDC doctrines. con fe~~ in~ the~- rn t:lith. ·uhmi- i ve hiltiren to the Yi e.u c f 'hri~ upon e:trth. hereby enjoying the blc-<~ingq of 'hri~thn ru hs. :til the fruit:' of hn:::e ar,lu ou-< 1\hOI pcrl'ormerl. by . · P 1tric'· for heir::- ke. Ftr aw:ty lnek iu the fi h ~en urv . •·hnn the .. Em •r dd uem of the w tNn world" w~1~ o- it1e•l. choke<) by F·rnicion:, '~t:" tJf)H!!:•ni-m.wbenDruilic l'\ltu·,crowrPl Jreh~t•l' hillt<•p-o. :1n-l ~upersti iou~ rites tillc'l her lov •ly, _gr' n v t i!C) ~; from ou th .t midni[!'bt g-loom of ment..1l r •li!.!:i"ll" rlukne, th r ·'hone :1 ghn~ing- light, e'\.:-otinrr il- w rm1 r -"" frnm ~[din l-it' l<l o C·1pc Cle u·-·md i < h uer " '> t. P.1tric -.


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hill: of hi' own

dr•1m . lc·wing-lPhin 1 him the ,·inc-cl· d ~unnv Fnnce, hi

cue ·n.

No. 2

and ,J 1p m. Hu ~ iu the con Ycr;,-ivn <>f the lri;:h rncc ho w diff.:rcut i~ the c L"' h"1" rtpid and harmonious was th' C ::.;:ch \11 ' Of Cc •lin_:;:> b 'tW 'C.J h f!T' lt • \ pv:<tle 31\tl th,nse he crmc l\) con ,·crt. T o u< Lhc word<, n le ' in ~ubst·mce . of' di~liuguisbc I wri' 'r in r'l tLinn to the fret 'l'l'her 1>f we sp ~k : with he npi l it· of :1. X orth ru :;;prinn- hrcrkinJ upon us, ni-t 'llin r the chill and ·tunny bh<> 'of \\rinter and filling he woo<lllw l< with mu<i and <png:~o di <l Chri~ ­ ti·mi y, prc\ehe·i hy 't. P tlrick. pour it,:, light.s upon the 1ri b mind and Hre the l~aelic heart. A n•l :,trm~e to s1y. if we mu~ not atlrihule it o the immcdiat<:J Pruvidon~~c of God, tb tt, tmc fire, t}\ ,l ::-uno entbu:i ~m yet rem'liu , . That l 1mp of f1ith still bur;Js brightly hroug-11\lUt the l ri-..b worl•l. time CYCn ecm· to iutcnsily it; am i whcne,·cr evca the he 1rt of the minstrel hur~ling- fin· free-1om . g-in:._, expre."ion to hi~ uuuttcrahle woe, !lltd strik~ those clmrds who:,c not~s once r.wg out wildly through the llllls of Tar.r; th'lt sam f;\ilb. tint same "1'1rit of lm·e of God'::: <.:burch :rml miui~tcr~. tb;t ~clf-s:llnc ~pirit of rc-->pcct tow 1nls God', nltl\rs-all the~ coninn 1lly ac-:mnp my the b rrol',; !jCntle slr.dn' :1nd thu5 m1ni.(>~tirw th tt lr •hnd i:- a n·1tion :11HI only such hrnnJ;h C .tholicity-ancl th 1 t the hi~-tbe~t honst of h r nohle :-on~ :1.n•l thughtcrs i" not.<) much heir indi \ irtn 1! mtio1Ytlit:v as their athol icily. :--o in~cp:1rn lrlo . i11'\ec I, :-~rc lri'h l'l<ltrioti-..m and c·ltholicity. though 1li" in ·t, th 1 1 hen !Iih••rn h-,' mn,.t fotithful ,ons Sj>C:lk of lwr. relttc her hi,t<>ry-lwr giPric,-lH.' r ancestral gl" tIC '· C·1thnli ity the tmc tnoth\'f of p;llrinli~Jll i:-. l'Xtoll' 1 tho " h' !d.,_

Fir• rcli:.:;ion. ben c )\ltltry h ~~ .'llway " heen the multo of the t nc-.. tric,ll, nf Jrcl,nl. .mol none <'·tn he c.dled nr on~i1 he \·diP· I ·l true In-.ltm 111 wlw voultt cu·n d •re to reY.:r---' the order. In cn'l ·[n,llm we wnul•l a• I.!; whil all uf n-< welc-ome w1th joy Ua•: ppnnch of the J llh of :\l:lrch. let u:; no 11" ·c hon<•r lh<' d I} not ]l(•(·~n,c ~nnw ufu~ nre Iri,hmcr1. h11t l ''lll'<' ·e arc ('·tlhnli · . hec u:c we love " b' r· dl • l 1 1 I tn know th1t we ar'' the fd h fnl chil1J'.ul in", JTiherni n·, .. h 11npion, S. P.t-

] I)

BOUIWONNAIS GHOVE, ILL. FlU!>.\ Y :\L\JlCill6 188.3. The Boy of the Period

NoU1ing so clnractcrizes the Am eric:tn youth of this ecnLur.)' , noLhing g ives them such an incli vidual stamp o l' clisLindncss from the boy ofp~st generations as their lrtrc[:well <lisrcsp ccL for author ity . The boot black, tile i" trc:et gr·min, the l ·oy 01' the peri oclmny be defined as th•] pcrsonili c ntion .of check, eonplcd with audacity, and <.:0 11tc mpt fur superi ors. Ask tile scrutinizing for e ign ~r w ~ n t fill> h im with t l1o gre:1.tcst astonishment when he first sets his fo ot upon the free soil of our r epn blic? His n.ns wcr will cortn.inly uo, not so much the vastness of o ur continent, not so much our lnrge spledid rivers, our gre:1t inhml seas or bkes , not our m:cny prosperous nud popul ous citi es filled with educational institutions :mel nFy lnn~ ~ for the he-meleEs, thefi:ien dless andsick;bnt thi s visible manifestation of the youth's disrespect for .whnt stand snbove him, a fh ct made intensely impressive 1n a th on sn nd wny s. In our times, the fnth er, the kind parent who labors hard from sunrise till sunset is called th e "old man:" while the tender-hearted mother, she who hn s g uarded our t ender y ears, and watched our cradle with a mother's lov e is qualified with the appellation of "old woman." The mast er , the employer, no matter how kind or considerate, is t erm ed the "Boss;" the veteran down whose ch ssic brow may hang the snowy looks of a long life of usefullness, indicative of toil and labor, of honor and fame, is termed "old snoozer" old decrepit "coffinback," and thus we might en um erate by straining our memory in c:t!ling up the V[l.rions epithets, the various colloq ui:ll shng phrases , all tending to show up the ris in '5 yout h of the period in his tru e colors, possessing an nlm ost inna te love of self~ importance, an innate averSion to su h,i ec tion in nn.y shnpe or form, and a hearty contempt for any thing in which his personal whims m nst be r endered s uhmiEsivc to tho dictates of reason. A s Satan long ago sa id: "n on serviam," the sn me words nre practic:t lly uttered in thi s so-call ed" cnlightned nineteenth century," by the boy of the period. W e read in a neighbonring J ournal not long since the following incident. A certain fath er had taken upon him self the duty of chnsti sing his unruly son. Grasping tho boy by the CO[l.t-colhr, and phcing him across his kn ees, he begn.n to ex perim ent what remedy for way wardness was found in the he:1lthy nppli cation ofa horse whip. Sudden ly, and cspec inlly to the nstonishment of th e ngccl sire, the boy, prep~ reel for every emerO"ency firmly fix ed his teeth upon the fa ther's pantaloon:. Th~ prtrent wi ld with anger , and pro b :~b l y with pain" cried out to the urchin to stop, when the young Am eri can iif'ted up hi s head and with a demoni ac:1l a ir ex cla im ed "Old man, who began this?" '

Thi ~ is only one of the few incidents that daily come t.o our cnrs, nll showing that disrespect for authority is a e·,nccr that i:; gnaw ing at ihe heart of this young repnulic. W c do not mc:-~n of course t-hat it is the only evil; Lut it eert:1inly mny ua r;,nlwd nmongst the foremost, Bec:n1se, once do !•wny with hnn.111n authority, do away witl.I rcspcet for the l:Lws nnd it~ public officers, and you certain ly mu~L do awHy with God Ilimself, ancl without him, nut merely nn~rehy mnBt follow, but a total subv er~ion of society in gcner:d and the reign of even llell's powers upon Lhis enrLh. ln a college of this kind, sometime;; , we must sny with sorrow, we sec boys giving strong in<lications of this· same disrespect. The ndvice oftheirmast£>r i~ not heeded, his counsels nre not oucyecl, n.t lenst willingly, his opinions in some C.'!,sc:s even are q ucstioncd. ~orne will look upon the Cassock no t as a mark of distinction, " it is a n:ierevieceofcloth" · as they s:ty: Lhe priest consecrated to the worship of God, is sometimes spoken of with levity, with disrespect: Every thing with these boys, ns a rule, is wrong except themselves, :md they mnst ccrt:l.inly be right. What ins:~n i ty! what pride! what egotism! what shnllow human ·ambition m:mifested by those, who, if they knew themselv es thorougly , should shrink fi·om their own insignifi canc~ and hide themselves in the dust. What has generated this insane spirit of pride, this spirit of the devil over th is vast country, is not for us to inquire now. Whether if. tS arrisen from the wide diffusion of unchristinn ecl ncn.tion, of an unh ea lthy and pernicious literature : whether it h:1s nrisen from our hatr'ed of"Toadyism," of "Shodclyiteism" or royalty in any form , we do not presum e to sny; but certain it is thnt it exists :tnd h:ts t:1ken deep root in thq hearts of the rising generation. Thnt this vi ce is an enemy to the public welfure none o:m deny: and hence, such being the case, in n~ much as we Catholics, nree:xpccted and rightly, to give an example to society, everything tending towards generating t his spi rit of the devil in our hearts, should be crushed out, and everything conducive to the promotion of love for authority, love for superiors should be zealously encouraged knowing, so well as we do, that every one mu st be subj ect to a ilighcr power as all !lie fubjcct to God

Thanks for Encolll'agement. Since t he "Journal" with all the faults common to the first issue of any newspaper- :1ncl in om· case the result of many c ircumstances thett need not mentioning, ha.s been circuhted abroetd, not a few notes ot encouragement h1 ve been rccei ved by us. The drift of these various let-

BOURBONNAIS GROVE, IL L. FB.IDA Y ~L\H. C fl16 ltltl3. ters plainly m1.nifests that the experiment made by ns in tlw fielct of'literatLtre, is ;~ise .a ntl that in a short time with the intellectu-'tl as well as the m'tterbl ass istance given us, the success l\d future of our college r egister is alre tdy established. Among the m'tny notes of express ion of satist\w tion ~wen at the first issue, w~ clcc m it proper to rcte r to two, oae from Rc v. E. Grirfin of Elgin, Ill. and the other li·01n l\Ir. J osepll r-Iaat an oH stn ··le nt of the co ll ege, now of t ' Hl " K e W-L!WCl Ctnr rier" st:tff. F ttlwr G ri lfin congratu1 ttes us u pon st:trting the "Journ:1.l" a nd h:ts materially · v 0ri!ic:.l his fe •.J lin:;.; ia a very snb.'it"tntial m m ne•·. :\f ;·. liU 11 ~ , Oltr ol<l, ··lc· tr, •'Soc r:J,tcs, " whose tnme is f:tmilhr t ·> eve :t Ill t:ty IV\10 -l.rC yd llcJ l'e spe L'<-; t !tnS; '' T l1e ,Jvlll'll'tl snpplies n. w1.nt Ion,; telt by St. Vi:tte ar's College, my ,;:1/,nt't Its " P ers01nl" d eptrtment brings back the rem embrances of names and ftccs n.lm ost forgotten. Your selections ~re very good , very interes ting, etc.' ' Following those rem·uks, with the kinrlness of the n:tt urc o l' onr 'fri e n<l "Socn.tes" sever:d acl v ices nre given u ~, :t!l which we cher i1h as co :ni tq not spw~ hl ly fro:n OLF fri c;l'l , but cllso from one wlt(> belong~ to the nc ws[Ytpcr fn t•.Jm ity . Yes , l3wt he r Soc n te:;, we slull ende:w ur to c•1:n c to yo:u· i<lea t>f a co llege jou r1nl. [t slnll be Otll' pri•1e, t o m't~ce on r ".To:ua·d" tllC fon <l compmio n oftlw m:my, who, like yoLu sclfluve bce a eo mpclle<1 t o setY lr :J.te from us :1.nrl en"':t<Te in the bnsier circles o f life; all ~~ 0 ~ of 1v:10:n :u.: _,., chnr t0 n.; no -v ts th'.l tim <: when all of n -; ate :Lnrl c1nnlc ·a nrl slept within the s:tmc w:tlls of s ~ . Vin.tcnr's. \Ve tln nk Fat her Griffi :1 ancl yo n spcc inlly for your words of c aco nr:tgc mcnt tll:tt h·wc been se nt us. PERSO ~A L S.

P. F. St.: ml<•n

' ~/G

is a prominent h wycr in P eoria.

Re v ..Jo~m F. Wddron '7!) is now P: tsto r o f Pullm Ill.


G. A. L·wcry ~ 78 is one of K~. :1ktkec's hn ding g:·o' ccrs. R ev . .J. J . Rconlon ' 80 o!fici:>,tcs as P ;1stor of Ke w ·_ nee, Ill. Rev . .T. C h ncy '7!) h•lS clnrgc o r tile co ngt·eg ttion :t t E~~cx, Jll. P ..T. K c:1Li ng '80 docs :t goml Drng lm s in cs~ in IV It ch eer T ow~ . •T. .T. Mcnn th '7::3 is :t pro min ent bnsincss nnn in Li ncoln, Tll. Re Y. T . F. O'Bri en ' 80 ~till rcm1.ins P :1s tor o f E o:~lc Centre J ow~. Hev . .T. F. W nlsh ·~ · a acts ns Chaplain of :Mercy IJ o~ ­ piV\1 , Chi c~go.


C. J\L Golden ' t;;·~ is business manage r o!' his father's store iu Minonk, Ill.

,J. M. II :mt ' ')"\:) is assist'tnt Courricr" Kcw:1nee, Ill.

e ~Jitor

of the


.J. .J. Sehnl>ert '75 is the conrteonsProprictor of a iine Dru g-Store in JC'l.nkd;:ee. Rev. D. F. J\le:\hho n D. D. '73 oflie i:1.tes in tit. Gobri:l.l's Ch nrdt, New York City .

G. H.iv .'tr(l M. D. '78 attends to Lhc w:mts o f suffering hnm :mity in Ass umption, Ill. R eV'. T. F. (~: tlli g:m ' '18 w :1~ reecntly pro mote<! to tlie tnstor tte •)f S c. Rusc·s c: u eh, Chic tgo.

Rev .. T. F. Kelly '8 ·~ w1s htcly nppointcd to ch tl'60 or Lhe pt.3tonl <l ntie~ of Els worth, K'tHSas. '

G.\TTIOLI C NOTES. .There ·ue t <l'ca ty (\Jar c ttholit.:s in tltc lc:;isht:1rc of Wisconsin. St. L1.w1'c ncc ·ch nre il in Phihclelphh, when completed will co:<t n e:~ rl y l! t: lf a million d o ll:>r~ . Tt i~ n.nn d ncc,[ th:1.t Rig ht lJev ..l. J. K e:mc contcm pl:l tcs n. visit to Europe c~ r ly in April. It[,.; ' ti ·l t:l tt 'Y ,,.,!ti<l ~t: m, whc :1 pr c~ i•l cnt , ln(l a fnll leng th p:1 inting of M:ny Jmm::wnbte hanging at the head of hi s hed. Th e Rom1.n JYlpers s:ty tln.t the question o f the usc in c:1tholi c!1 a rehcs of Pohncl, of the H.uss hn is r10t yet set tled. Hight Re v . .Tohn l\t r; ~'l u ll c n D. D , Bi shop of D:, vercport., Towo, is on a visit to Snn Frnllcisco, C:>l. for tl e benefi t of his he.1lth. Rev. TL J\·bgevury S ..T. formerly ot St. Aloysins chnrch \V:t shin gto n, h::s been nppointed Snperior ofthe prov ince o f l\'Ii ~so mi. , Rev. Ar thnr Chrk, former ly n mini ster of he ProtcPtont epia~0p d ch ·. u·clt in nos ton, wts recently rece i v cct into the C:1tholic ehnrch. lie w1s b1ptized in .l\'ew York city, nnrl is now in RomE'. At R,qmc, not lo:q- ~itlC c , the hc·1.rt ~. n · l vit1.l parts ot t~H: htc P ope Pi '~' w-0re remover! with ~o lc nin ccremon 'cs from t he cry p ~, where th ey h :~ d been d epos it<>cl s 'n cc hi s rl e 1th, :~. nr\ perm ·1.ncntly pl:l ced in n. 1111rblc . nrn nc!l.r the to m h or th e Stn:Jrts. The c1 u ~c of n hrge nnmber ot Iri sh m :~ rt.>r s will ~on: 1 he pn:"' 1t<: 1 t• l th -~ S1crc-l C on~t·e::; ·ttion of Rites. Th e li ;;t incln •l cs ~eve r d ~1 intly Ar chbi s h op~, Bi~hops nn r1 Prie;;ts who (lierl for the t\ ith pri or to and dttring the rlinholi c >l pcr;;ecu t ion of IJenry VI If. The we dth of the hte Bp. R.oscnrans o f Colum bns,

t U CWiUNN~\fS O ';i ,J,

' 1\: I~D r · :i :J ·~


co " II i ii V() IILo r y lile•1 iJJ Llw p ruln te

cu ·.I J'L. e u: . ~i c ll' 1 ul' :~ :l o: •l ~' p•;:J c<:r ;.i.l e ,u :w~1 n tll h·inc1-

~:l.te;Ju•'i,'" !J · 1 UIIU l'lilro:tll lJy :H l V :[u et'l : 1t ~i l UOU, il llcl e ve n t h i'< Uw Admi .1istr:ttor skttcs w . t ~ bcw te tLil ed tu ·· Jii ;n IJy :c c ·1t holi e l. 11 ly.

W :ts Li:woln :.. c:~L h o lic?-Tlw St. L o111·.s B'~pu!Jlic an J '·. : p i,;· l ~ Ll ie cl e-;l·u:·t ticn ot the l ·•te Fnthcr St. Cyr, who h - 1 '/ 1 · ~ [ i ~·.""t e L t~ t ~;li c; ch jl1'(; 1 l in Chic: t.5·v, On,t he h·Lfl ~ :. i 1 in ' S :i i .t h i.;, 'l triy da,rs in the IInn se or the [Hl'eJ)tS 1,:· .\ '1:· ch •.m Li JC!I1n, who w ut·c . e ·1.tlwli c:s, nn•l tlnt L'1:1 VO II 'I !:;' .\ hn lnm, th en a boy, " scrvecl'' his lll 1.SS. 1[ ti w t:; a eonte m po r:w.r oC Dis hop Hos;tLti.

'I ' tL~ .. :\Lj l'=tt \1 1)

Li l_n··u·y ," in.· prO (j C.)S ot' Cl' C8 Lio n rur i:1 :1 t h st emn : J lv~c J :t)l•1 c: t n h e seen to-chy ,ct ,·ctt:: ti ;i:; ~wros; tb c entire wi ~1Lh of't!w M usic: Hall. ft;. · v~·-~~ ; 1. lv;t n r, irtll '1 ~)p~n· t n~;'\ tl '~ nl·lt l h <J itvs t ·Lsty " ·i 1 Lit ·,~ w 1>r k n1 'ihll i p H1rq iL[y eo:l'111 e;tc 1. C t tn e ity o ,. li ~ i nn. , •!J'>'I t 0 I')'J v ul ti lll s . 1


S< l!11C t iu1e>

, ,\ ." o ttl v, c·o nst r ue Le·l Jl,:J'.;: 1!:1,; l> e 1~n ]llc:1ter1 Llli s week i·,t (; •.ll1l d ,,] ',<s ! {·1)\. ft is su 'Ji e ic ,,t,ly l1r~· o tone Co <p '1WJ ,l c, C'a>11[c 1·, l1oo~.:- K<2o pc•r :tn '1 two T ell e rs to 1 t"<lbld t\) l.) IHt,[ 'l c o.; '>lth>J s t< 1'1C'lt>. Smc c t he i ntr·otl tlC. ti<ll} or ~ h c ." Yt• 1et ic1.l Sy stem " ofBook- K eep in g ofU1e . l> ' tYl'n.·;- clt'l sell in'~ llf m c r,) n •l ·lisc ~~>nr> :J'2,' t 1w co m :JJ et·· l c{I s ~c~, ·.the cx:elnngc of ut)tc, , rl n('t>, cheeks, etc .. ll e ·Jic.uh t l) ·l tn It t tl1 G ;,; t nrl c nt for a r wtl hll~in c~ s Hie ~-- ,,tlwJ•,,' It.k w ;5.. r<.>.nn l t') lv) n e<J <' oSll'.)' . The s·Jet1ifk o mv1 o " ... 1\Y }·1te eo11 ':1;;·c i1; t·tk in<:(· sn mn e l! un common iptc r t;;s t i ll· .. y i-lJ ·/, ·~ t1\r ·'nr · Pn.1" '~ ~- r f the C(' ll1\llCl'C i: ~ l s t tt d c nts is du] y 1

Tl tr; !]:! ') 1 ):1


CiJ ;,:.,..,, ' ·P t.lil ie J., ibr::ry" ltllln[,c rs :1t \' O) tJ l JI.~c' .



Ti le Tl!i tHoiH :-i t· :Lc L i l > .L ~ I',\' Ins il collcd ion or :il>r >l tt :;·)•)()' ) \ ' ultimc ~ . The lfl i' V'II'< l U nil' < 'l' ~ i !y .J , ihnry h ·~ a c:ull ec:t iorJ o l ' :> ii '. lll'i 'i V< >l l' :w.o: 1!11 :!:21 1:?7 p cm p ld e ~~ . Tl t i ~ isL hehr!.;'•'.- t , j lJ J·" t',\' i n the C' IJ II ntn· .

~L\ l\ C lliG l o83.

gion-wl ta t lw must do, wllHt believe iu order to be f> , l Vl!c1." Tit is eon:plc:le c:ditiun or Dr. Brownso n' s wvrks will be r ce;ei veil witlJ c:1geme;;;; Ly all e;1rnest c:hristi:tn c t' lhe v a riou s clonumitutious. Tlw wurk is lJllbli;;hc:<l by Th v m :~s 13. Noon::m & Co., Dos Lu u . A. ,1. i\1.


MflERICAN FABLES One <hy , wltile an ul<1 Goose s1t ih nning h ~rsc l f o n tlJC sid e p ord1. ~ l un g Cllll C: :l. Fox who w.1s bmo an d c1i.rty nntl b :ul!y k1100k c l a lJ ont. Trying to louk :1s humLi e as lw cott!d , a rl'l t !; · all . p us;; ihle p ttltvs into his voieo, lte lJog :m. <•J\Indnw c. fur heav en's s·<Le t11 ke pily on me !" "L1. s:cl<es : but wlnt a tli ;; t rossml objee t you are 1" s he rcplietl wilh a s we llitlg lte,,rt. l :1111 Lll ll C :tml lllln g ry :tll( l (k5ire relie f', " continuc:d the fox. ••Aml y o 11 slt ·>ll h'1vc it, my <l ear nni maL Mr. G OOEe h:1s w orketl lnnl a ll his cltyo, and h"s m a ongoc1 to get a few c1ull·:rs "hctr1. H is t he rell.H'e m y duty to di vide wit h you. 1 s lt:tll not nsk niter yom P:'St, Yo n m ny ha ve lJ~"Il n l:< zy l o;,lCT nll ut yonr life, lJnt that is n vtbing t •> me. Y o n m·1y In ve rccei vcd that hme fo ot nn rl t!nt hh c k eye while tryi ng to enter some C!rm er 's hen-ro u;;t, 1111 t this is nunc of my busin ess. Clt:1ri ty ~' ' .\'S 1 mu st succ:ur yo n." ' ~ 1· C'~ 'n L n ·<t i.; JJ . ,,,n;v;or, my du ty lo il o p e t.ll <L y oa d e~ ire lo Le g !HJ< t ·'' ' Ol1, y es.' ' '·"\ ntl t !t .t .Y• 'u 1rill h t•g i11 nu•x to tiliJ1k ~cl'i u u~ly uf Lll e f ut ttre ." .. y ,ql l: et } wil l. " 'j ltC\1 "lie t tl l'l\ ll i111 in ;.JHI g· : YL' i1i111 :l l'(j ll ll l'e J: JC· <I.. !l ll d ' '"tll i 11 ll i'. !ti l' lt urtl' , ,, !1(] rn·o (·Ji l l'11 him \\'itll il ~hill i ng tc~t· H \Vllt, :q n { :--t'l l ~ ltin1 o ll l !l~ \\' ~ ' )' \Yjtb: · ~J ( e : n ~· r ; d , ~..' t·th ·lt c-:t

·ri ty i:; liH• ~· t · <~·Jt.e ~Lof :d l \· j r L u < ·~' ·

· . i ~: :- l ;.. i l ~ n ~ id t\i (• F(lx~ : 1H 1 I HJ

:·lid u u t.

;l l: v \\'crd:-:. n1· :• lc :l tl cc·p iJnp rt·:~:-; i o ! l PH 11 ! ~ ll lind, :•n<l ·,:-; l li.' p ~ ~ ll\C' \h'~ l l'OO ...:t l1(\ t' ll fl l' t o . t h ; JL·t!H l l'('lJJ ;, rkL•tl; .. H, 1· !t r I 11·ur': ., il ' l ]' lt•!lt_\' oi'L< l ec• !~ l In \' l' d i~ c·o I' Ci red :1 (·( < p. ·;·;il l ~ ~r c t :t·~ :1:-: . ( );· (· r i:1 th'· :-w :. J: p ; n · :1 \lt .z (·fl . \ llJ C l'i ( •'"J . Dr. 1 ~l"ll 1 \' li:··J> II \\"- l ~ ()J I { ' of' t !l fl f~ll' (' l1 l P.~t ( ) t' .. \ 1: P\1' 1 >1 ' t'\ ):..:v:- . ·rho ' .j'( ' , , l, li :~·{" 1 t ~~ (' t H·· LLi t r,-~ · \\' ~ n: Lt' r i<' 1:1 t !Ji :l 1{t' l' , 'ti l 1 !! ·•II i1 1 " ' ·11 ,. , ! im•ti o·1 1> 1· th " ( 'h :r. ·' 1 !,(I t te r n e tt. ( ' h r ity l' tt1! 1pebll !\'tu g i\ l• ! b i:-- t h i ng :t \': · ,\'e " . o :1 ·tc r·<Jl l n t t> l' lti ' t!J, ,,In<:(·ic d . l"'li ci<· 1! :l!Hl lll n r •l ,.;,, ,,.,. t.h ,ttl lfl t :llt•II"Ol'lw r 1110~!. <J i,t ing·•ti.,l il'tl , \' Jt o hrs It , ,.,, T :t · t 1 :i·~·: , ,, U~. · I''"'P 11· ~ r i•lt·d :' ti d the ]J" ''l t ry <ll•t(' r tm•d hi m Ll1 c' .. :-; l. Til<l ll1 ''~o!' ,\J m ·ri t"L' ' 1·n u rl"l.: t:d: s l.i ll' l ~l die · l •JH' ll'<1, til <· • ld F o x .w\J(• '·The :1 i 1n nr hi ,; li lt-, " " h i,, ,,, ,~ · ·· · ~ i11 till' fl!'l' i't <· l· " · )c ,d \\'f ·!'i. L•.! ' •I' tl.c· .i•·" ·.·: ' l.c .. rd ,. .\ 11 g : '• l !Ji<L l·u l'( \ t.·~v, l: :; l:. L i ~i:.._ L l~{! \ . f ::: i Lt'.u ]t i ~ w u l'!;: W:Ls llt c ti ll·litlnt l'lll ul' 1 r ul lt iu tn·.tt ns ul'" Tlt c: w o rk~ o r Dr. ll r< >ll·n;oo n, n <·• ·rn pld c c<l i' io n l' u ll cc:tc t1 ;1Jl •1 ·•n· 0 ll'!,'C'<1 by hi s !' On, TI(·m·y F. Brow" ",. , i s :tiii \ 1S t •.r:l• t ·J h [ c~·\ < l.Ji t i o n t<J tlt c C' oli e L ilei'l t u r·r· o l'



are Protestrmt, or nomin~lly so. This mixing religion with state is all wrong; it is a relic of the past, and soon · the lrtst vestige of it will dissn ppear. CJ,ASS ICAL COU RSE. Any m:tn, ho\ye ver, who desires to promulgate his Ambrose Granger, ... . . ....... Golcl m edal. re1igious views, :md who crcn find :my on:e in a penitenP. C. Conway, ........... 1st. Silv er medal. tiary or any otl1er state institution who is willing to J.~ O'Callngban , ... .. . ·..... 2nd. " listen to him , should have simihr privileges ns are grante d Honorable mentioil-Joscph K elley, A. MeG-wick, others. There ;.huuld Lc no discriminfltion in such md~ Tlwm.~s Hug hes, J ames D onohoe, P a tri ck Ti erney·, tcrs 111. l\Iullcn, Char!~ Fa y, A. P. Wilstacb. JUr.O' Drien s:1ys : "'So Catholic, Protestant, Mormon or rcprescnta.tivc of any r eligio us sect shou ld be paid CoJDIEl~CL\L Coor•ss. by the st·cte fo r s uch services." w ·hy not? He will admit Ch ts C:cmcron, ...... . ....... . Gold merhl. Lhat mor:1.l nncl religions instruction is good, and if good J<> l wan1 G ·ti !et, .. ... ....... l st Sil vcr mccbl. non e need it more th:m the inm:ttes of penal and r eform:l Leo n Pngc, ... .. . ... .... .. 2nd tory inst itnti o1p. Th e ignorant req uire instruction, the Tlto:n1.s G i IJ bons, .. .... ... , 3rd " sick nn cl not the wdl, need medicine. In nll the· I-Iononblc IJJ cntion-nvl.ic rt, N culwiT, D c11is O'Shea, en li g hl@cd n:1tions of the e:n·th , special attention is \ Yi lli:1 m Convey. pa.irl to the scc ul nr educ:1tion, nnd the m orfll and relig ious inst ru ction of the nufor tu na.te f:dlen classes s uch Gold 1\l cthl f lH' En;;li,:; h E ~-''Y, mcri tc<1 by Mess rs . as Lhosc inteucled to be renchecl l.Jy the bill referred · to. Cunw:~.y ~mel S·~dlicr. Dnwn uy P . C. Cunw:1.y. H e s:1ys : " it onght not to p;~~s unle~s the person fl})o.· Uoov CoNDUCT . pointcl1 serv es grfltuitously." Why d 10uld the per~on a.ppointed und er this bill serve "grntnitonsly"? ProtesClm· lcs U·tkcr, ................ Gold M edal. tant ministers who, in many cnses have property and PoLLT I<:N~:ss . bmincss to nid them in g:1ini11g a livelihood, when H orace ~I aLhie !l. . . . . . . . . ... ~ . Golll l\Icd tl. nppointccl ~ clt:1phins to such institutions :-~re paid liber:-tl s:1l:tries by tl10 st ate. This is as it should be. The st:-tte h:1s no right ~o t~lm services for nothingthr1-t imliCII ULW!l AND ST .\TE. vidu :~ ls :md congrega.tions cheerfu lly p:1y for. The servi\Yc clip the l'ollowing :1rLi::Je from t he ''Morning Morces of a clergy man should be paid for ns well ns those of i to r" of P eoria, being t lle rcl'ponsc of lion. 1\L C. Quinn a doctor; attorney or editor. In reg:n·d to editors, there of Lhc State L cgishture. Tl1e !Ion. Member from Peoria may be hono ro1 ble exceptions. I pres ume Mr. O'Brien h:1s a.lw.tys shown himself to be :t f:cithfnl supporter of would disdo1 in to charge a poor stat e nnything .for his tlJC Church :Js well rs a prot ector of the State. valuable servi ces. Our Cntholic clergymen fire generally Springfield. Ill. , Feb. 23, '83. EDITOR 1\l •>~toron-DeaT S ir: In the weekly Signal, poor, liv e prudently, hence economic:1 lly, but sti ll they p : thli~hc<l in E 1~t St. Lt) nis :m<l e• 1itecl by Mr. D. H. have to we:u clothes , ;~nd eat nnd drink, nnd such ns O'Brien, I fm•l the Coll•>wing in t be. cllitorial column of lnbor in the ~crvice of the st:ttc ought nt le:1~t to besupplied with bo:lrd and clothes, rend if Mr. O'Brien is right the 1-3th inst:mt: in s1ying t h:1t it would he improper for the st;~ te to -:\h. Quin ir, of l'corh, h ~s int roclu cc<1 a l.Jill in the lcg ive anythi ng for their services. I sh ~11l expect the gi,;btlll'c, emp:>lr er in g t lte g,.vcmor to :tppoint ~Ho m an generO II S ed itor of ••Signal" to make a donation. C ·•tl!ol i;.; priest, wit dln ll vidiL, :tt le·1 st twice a month l nspetkingofthc C[l,tholic church, the"Signal" makes :-tll c< :o le 'uFl pc n·tl inst it utio:1s of the st:ttc, to mi~t· by c·1 llin g- it a "sect." He ought to be a J n: • Ji~ Lc r to the sp iritu :ll neecssitic::> o f the inm:1.tes . l.Jettcr in t'unne 1, [1,!1'1 if' pro perly instructed would know 1 T;1 o,; !Jill is in the l111 l'1 ol' t n com mi ttee oa p c1blic that it i:;; not :t ";:; e ~ t." \Vc!);;ter d efines a t:ect to be "11. c:t·• ri : ic". It o;~;.(t t nu ttop · s:; . uale;;.~ tllcpcrsonsappointc !~crve ~ r cl.iiiLom ly. -:'\oC:1tlwlic, Protestant, Mormon body of perouns who h t ve separated from others in • ·r rrpre~cd · i I'<' ( f' r 1:y n lip:i< 1: .~ .<cet ~lJ(dilrll . c p:1 id l1y virtu(' o f ~f>m" ~pc r·i d ll octr in e.'' S:m: Jy. vi.cwe(l in thP. 1lw ~l: 1te f•- r "Uf'h , C' n ice~. Thl'l'l' i.~ no .i11:-ticc in t:tking li~h" oi thi~ <h lhit.ion , the (' :1Lltl)lic ch:;rch i8 not a


111•_· money p·· ill ],y the people ·1 1Hl 11.' i :.1g it for the "pcc i·d 1:(•nifi t of : ny ch;~rch, or tl1c n']JlT.-..eDtativ e of any c!l' · r(' h. Tl!r C' "c lH>lic nwmLcr~ ot' Lhc l r.':.?,·!~l:lt t ll-c sl1011l<1 opli"·~e '.ll :; : u~: J J.iJ C 'J::.U I'l'". Th e llJ ·jorit.r of .dl S llCU Oill0 i ·ll~



T'te r e:(~i'e l 'C to·th r~ Protc'\t ,n t chur(;h i.n :'1.;>;1\Dciation with :1, h·•J1•1i''ll of li (·c ~ 1 t iou s t\lormoiJS, is :\lso f:1r from fbt V• rin'.( to Ll t·J t l1orl y . T he erl,t n· ':{lite , ". !J •In' ·!Jiue8 arl vicc. Ilene JJ i;; : ''The.

LJl:l:i j()~)L\! ~

1 j.


C: :Lit o li e nte mJ, ers o f' the l eg i ~ l n t urc sho ul cl op pose a ll s•wh 11 1 C:l~ll iC' ~ ." Jly 1\' hat principl e Of pro pri ety d ocs this n :~ 1 1 g ive · ndy ic:c to , :my Cntholic as to how he ~ l tu ul t l vote upon nuy S\t\Jj(.\c;t? Js hen Cntholie? I nm told he iH nut- th;tt l!J r, tt g h human w c:t kn c~B he d enies t !te t:: ith. Jf' so, hc"is worse th:tn nn i.nfid cl ,"ancl has no r i ,·!tt to instru ct any co nsci entious m:cn. J\g"ti n t he sage, i\l r. O'ilri cn , s:> y s : " This mixture o f reli gi on wit h ~tntc nff:< irs is :<II wrong: it is n reli c of t!t c p n~L, :md soo n Lhe lnst vcFtigc of it will disa ppear." ~ <J kinclnc!'s tu prisoners nn<l the ::: tfli ctecl of God's eliild rcn is :ti l wTo ng and a re lic of t he JYlSt. No, it is all ri .'4·ht, :t nt! i:-> :ts olfl ns c ll risti:cni ty. The troub le with Mr. O'B r ien is tltis, his informnti'on is v c ty limited , and he · tl <ICS not kn ow wh:tt he is vvri t ing nbo ut. Th e bill olTcrccl uy me is r c:ISO n:lb!c, j liSt , proper and h '. lltl ~UJe, :1 ml will be :tntngonized by n one b ut the bigot or t he ig!wr .1m us, nn cl if tlw ed itor oft he Signal is ne ither, teL him cc.ofc his o ppositio n to t he bil l.

-Tt b lov r ly


LS. - -

Get o nt y om st r:cw !t:• ts · . Loo!c ont for th e "Spring Fcvc<·" ! A new ]Ytpe r is Sp(Jken of as soon t oa ppe tr, " The 81111." vrc:~ ch c cl

nt St. M u-y' s o n the

'·llerzy" cl ues not sec IJy wlnt ri gl tt the rules were s us pe nd ed . P l'of'. D. K 1\I •·: : r ttlt h 1s I·ccovcrcrl from hi s btc ;cck ,u r ~ i c l.;nc~ :' .

" T lt c hnmltn l of eart h" la·ongl:t •110 re than th e same nmo u nt of troubl e, " Mus ic hatll <.:ha rms, etc.,"o nly in its proper ~ p!t c r e . The " In firm:uy " IJh.pi cinn wi t h :m clcctri e smile a nn o tm<.:es th.'1 t hi,; p:1ti c nts nr c few-the ·res ul t o r good trentment, no tloulJt. M r. D:m . Cunw:ty nncl 1\fr. 1\fc ~gl aT o r ~'\cv:l(]a pni<l t he colleg e a vbit l-i st tn cscb y t.o sec th e ir broth e r~ , P. C. Conw :~y nncl '1'. M c·•ghc r. R e v. Bro. Ucrn u·ti w:' s in Ch ic:, go h s t w cck ;1 nd rr ~ po rts every thi ng in ·" statn qu o"; t!wngh ~0n1e sny that the b rother fo rgets ~ nm cth in g , Fr:1nk J. q n inn ol'tllc R lJCto ri e ch ss lc f't (i)rSpri·t;'i-.J J.-1 lnst week wh e re he h ~s received t he nppoi ntm c;tt of J o n rna l Cleric h :~s o nr best wishe::-. The Thcspi tn Dr:t mntic .A s~oci :tt i on n nclcr th c<lirccLio n of Prot: 1\Inrphy is pnetic ing th e '' !Iirl tl cn Gem " ,,·hich sh:dl l:c prodn,·ecl at an en rly clntc. On e o f o nr corrc~ponclc n ts hns convryccl to ns th e ghd ti (l!ng,; t hnt '·Eugene" nncl " .Ji m" h::v c forme d o. co ~p ntncrs ilip for c:1rry ing on thccxeh:mgcsof fricntl ~ ship.


11cv. F :tthcr M .tin vill e 4t h. in sL

~ l A I H) Il 10 1883.

a tt ~

Th e l 1 tc~t st url cnls o n the e >llroii ,Fr.utkGlc·tso nrtml E. ,\ Ic:l(:Jy, bo t h of Clti c:J.go. " J) oc. (> rim es' G umdr o p~ " cttrc a ll 1l be1ses exce pt "L" Z l llei'S, " i'() so l iloq ll izcp, rr.. Pro f'.l~n . ;cnc Tur:1cr lr1s bcC!1 cnmpcllc 1 tot-..Jt irJ l'ro m hi " l • hors thitl yc n·, owing to sicknc:;s.

l\fr. P . Byrnes ofthc Un ion ~ toek Y:m b , Chie lgO ,IJ'1icl Lite cu llegc a fly ing l' is it o n t he :3 rrl. inst .. Wlt e tl P a L tlt r ikc::; t he D- tsc Fi dd le, the very walls sce:r\ to respon d to hi s nfT ccL ioua t c c:h u nl s. l\Ir. n lc:. "tlll , telcgn ph o pcr:tto r to c hi c !" of pol ice D oy le rd'Clti c·!gO p:tid tiS n vi sit In t week. Mr. Fr:mk \V ib t:w h of L <t F ayette, Tn <l . -p·lid a vi,it to th e co llege l:tst week to ore hi, u rot her P nn L l'at riek By rn es h'ls now e ntirely recover ed from lti ..; illt tess :m<l boncc murc scc nf'ri okin g ove r the "e:tmp us" . T o rn G i lJhuns rct:trn ccl from ho me n few d nys ng- 0 wh ere he hn<l g nne to attend :l poli tic ·1l hoom, it is s·1id.

'Villi c Connors :111cl E ngcnc Bernier both oetogcn:> ri nns, e lectrify :.drnirin g cro wd s m ig ht ily r ending th e Cong ·c.,:; it>atll"~ p ·) t· ~s an· l clis ·;u~:;i:q t!1c poli ti c:1 l ph :1 ~ ses thcrcei·. Th e" Dln n" :<nrl D :m 1\bckin nr c rchcnrsing, wit!1 n. w c ~d on' t~ care - i f~w c~cl o nir, n. h e:mtiful cln et for St. P atri ck's b:tnqu c t: T o m C lin ton as:;iste<1 by M cSinnc are writing np olJitn:.ry n otices. " \Vh cn t hr lc:1 vcs b egin to tnrn" bro!;:e nnt upon th <' sti ll ness ofthc eveni ng :1ir, ns the C'ydopi e hoot-j nek of " TI1om·1S" fierce ly swept d own th e ~irlt> of' th :~ hn i : ~ cli 1tg an<l lct'tnn inde lible imprc,;~ npon the phi n he!. •"·· T he "c:·1 mpn s" i ~ :d iv e with h n8 c~hnll; clnu ~ :tr..J b e ing ·f<mne:l r.,pitlly . R dph !Iienkly Ins been np ~ p o inLe 1 C:lpt·tin ofth ll minim·; by ll'ltnimi ~y on :1 mot ~ i(ln p r o po~c · l uy \\Tillie Cunn e r:; :!ltd SCC:Oil<lC<l by \V illi e Uo:1clL .) t> hn Morrissey, not t he pugillist, nnd '· T ug \\' ibou" nfJt the "knocke r" :uc chi ly hc:1 r<l cxp1L inting upon the g lo ries Of' the s·m<ly fl l'CI1'l .. where m u~ c nhr gl:trli : t to r~, li ke Sp m ish hnl ls meet in clc1(ll y comb:1t- so S:l,YS ,, Danny " who wc·1 rs th e belt. Re v. F ::ther l\I ·1 r~ il e met o nr old friend Colone l S:111f\ml on th e Lr:: in, not long s in ce, \Yh o, with hi s o l <l~ time kindness l'nq uirctl very en rn c~tly rtbo n t o ur wclf:n·c . Th e Co lon"! i~ :1 gcnt lc,m nn tl tnt th ~lutlcnts uf' tit is h(l!l-;C hi gh ly <·~teem, nnd ccrt ·1 in ly we mi:::s his ~ mili n g cut tntcn:tncc rs 11·cll :1s Llut of' h i:; son Georgr, Ycry mul.'h tl:i ,; yc"r.

.\. n.

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PIIY r>orl


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fn lenming

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P. L TJ. . . B )(lJ\- KErPJ . <;



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Jnrl i n!l,






lo 1883.


B u1'


For the purpose of defray ing t he expense<~ necessarily connected with t he organizati on of t he ·· Jouma l, we start in this firs t

'·r"J !- \ _,\lP __ ---'-~-& _BABEL _ --.'

\-L~ui: _

- . .' · l H~ _ - -j"jJtt lJ GUlt~r..l ·:s and DEA_f _.:Ei:us -




issue a Su bscript ion list with the names of those who have already contributed. We trust tha t t he fr iends of t ho College in gener:11; and old stu . •' dents in pa rticu lar many of whom a r /e prominent business men and -_.several Reverend Clergymen, will assist us as far as they c:-~n. .. ..




· itRTICLES· .' .




C! 10ice!S:t. 13raJ.-l.dsoi" Cig·a:rs~ e t:c . I . -· ~::ff.f·~ All thon lcl 'giv'e t hem a calL ~

~reston ~anasach, BOURB;ONNAIS' GROVE..


Gm1era1;Store, Dealer in.. Groceri es, DrY; Gocx:.ls_,



Names of contributors. Amounts. Rev. M. J. M:arsille C. 8. V ...... . ... :!; 20.00 Very Rev. C. Fournier C. S. V. Sup ... $ 10.00 V ery Rev. P. Beaudoin C. S. V ...... $ 10.00 -.? · . Re-v. G. Legns . ........ . .... ....... ¢"' 5.00 · Notre Dame Convent .............. . $ 5.00 Rev. ·E. Giffin ..................... $ 5.00

_Cu.tlery, Gla.-5~'ivare .


Abo keeps,eol-lst.:cntly ou l~~ncl a large stock of RE:AOY-MADE


raml!y Medicines,

The " .JOURNAL " a bi-mOiitly paper clevote<l







by the Students of St. VI ATEUR'S COLLEGE.

·i .




·~~ -.--·-

LITERATURE and ART, published


The " JOURNAL " is a first class medium for ADVERTrSING. A special attention paicl to "·

· ·:

, the printing of

AND B~ nr bollwti. s




Terms the most

; -H ' th·o<:im~urs Grove, III.

~d)-: Alf.:~il~·r~ ' lji·~n;pt!y' aLtcntlcd . . t;:


JO URNA L " shall be mai led to any ·

a(ld rc:;s nt the nte


r~'lso nable.

$ 1.;)0 $0.75



St. Viateur's College Journal, 1883-03-16  

St. Viator College, Vol. 1, No. 2