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Association evolving and gaining purpose among the Viatorians A recent study by the Center for Applied

charism, which works with Christian commu-

Research in the Apostolate (CA RA) shows

nities to live, deepen and celebrate their faith.

that lay associates play an important role in

It's all a part of me. I'm not a vowed religious,

the life of a religious

but I believe that I've

institution. These

taken on that Viatorian charism."

associates rely on formal training and

M arilyn became an

orientation to best carry

The Age of the

Laity Fr. Charles G. Bolser, CSV, Provincial

My dear friends in St. Viator, The Decree on the Apostolate of Lay

associate just four years

People, developed during Vatican Council II, was promulgated on November 18, 1965.

religious order.

ago, with three others. At first, some people,

As we approach the 40th anniversary of this

Associates are lay people

laity and religious alike,

Decree, we experience a variety of forces

who, in order to gain a

weren't comfortable

that are causing increased tension as the

out the mission of the

deeper understanding in Associates gather with students from St. Viator their lives, affiliate with H igh School, Arlington Heights to deepen and a religious order and go celebrate their faith at a freshman retreat.

with the process. Many felt it was difficult to ge t excited or endorse a

Church struggles to understand and to implement this Decree. All radical cultural

through an offi cial formation period to learn

program that was too undefined and had no

change is by its very nature both threatening and challenging. There is always a tension between letting the old go in order to accept

about the institute's charism, or founding grace,

purpose. Marilyn remembers that there was

and mission. Although associates do not take

much discussion on what people wanted out

the new which is unknown and untested. This

formal vows as religious do, they commit to

of Association, what gifts they could offer

tension is necessary. It is a constant within

living the mission of the religious institute.

and generally who would do what.

nature itself and within all social structures.

"Association is still in its infa ncy and is

Today, there are 12 associates in the Chicago

From the time of Constantine until the experi-

continuously evolving. As vowed religious,

province and ten pre-associates undergoing the

ence of Vatican II, there were two churches

we ask, 'how do we enable associates to

discernment process. "We ask pre-associates to

-the institutional Church and the people

develop skills of ministry and how do we

do quite a bit of introspective thinking abou t

of God. We were living with some degree of

provide opportunities of sharing the Viatorian charism?'" says Fr. Charles Bolser, CSV,

their lives and Association," Marilyn continues.

comfort with that lived experience. We

"We call this process 'discernment.' We ask

existed in a paternalistic church and world,

provincial. "We have to realize that the Spirit

candidates to examine their spirituality; to study

confident that God acted through men,

speaks and works through the whole church,

and to learn the history and the philosophy of the order; to understand the Viatorian mission.

ordained by other men, who were the con-

not just through the vowed religious. It's time we listened to the world ." The factors that attract associates to the religious institute with which they are

duit of God's presence in the Church, and

Most importantly, we ask them to discover

through the Church, into the world. Men

what gifts they can share with the community

were seen to have full authority in the family,

to enrich the lives of all involved."

and all forms of government, civil and ecclesial. Vatican Council II reaffirmed the early life

affiliating include a general desire fo r a deeper

The associate experience is different for each

spirituality in their lives, as well as, the

person. Cathy Abrahamian, administrative

of the Church. It recognized that Jesus gave

institute's spirituality, charism and mission.

assistant at St. Viator H igh School, Arlington

his mandate to act to all, not just the few.

"My thoughts and actions changed before I

H eights, Ill. , feels she brings her dedication to

The words of St. Paul express our faith that,

became an associate," says Marilyn Mulcahy,

children in the community. "I've always been

chairperson for the Viatorian Commission on

close to children, coming from a family of

Association. "I like the Viatorian mission and

eight," says Cathy. "My vocation, however, is to

In Christ, there is neither male nor female, j ew nor Gentile, free nor slave - there is one body. (Ga/3:28) The entire Church, as the

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continued on page 2

The Age ofLaity... continuedfrom page 1 incarnate Christ in the world, is called by the Father to mission.

of being alone. We are to call the people of God to active participation in the ongoing creation, with faith in the total experience of life, joy and sorrow; pain and exultation; life and death, and that God is with us. In our new awareness of the Gospel of love, we are called to see that women, children, and men of all races and backgrounds reflect both the diversity and the unity of a loving God. We, as Church, are called to deepen our awareness of the call of Jesus to inclusivity rather than exclusivity. We are challenged to deepen the awareness of OlJr call to service rather than to power and control - in other words, to work together as equals.

Today, we live in a Church with an aging and shrinking population of ordained priests. At the same time, the Catholic population is growing. There exists a tension at this time of creative energy within the Church. We struggle with our identity, but also with our structures of authority and leadership. We are being forced to begin to learn how to trust in the Holy Spirit. Jesus required that all of His disciples learn how to look and to listen, to pay attention to the presence of God in their midst. Pope John XXIII called the Church "to open the windows" - to listen to the whisper of the Spirit speaking in the human spirit and in the world.

As we look to the future of ourselves, as the Congregation of the Clerics of St. Viator, we also look backward to the hopes and dreams of Fr. Louis Qierbes, our founder. His goal was a religious congregation working in close collaboration with the laity as catechists and in close collaboration with parish priests centered on the celebration of the Eucharist. As a congregation, we are diminishing in numbers and advancing in age. At the same time, we are seeing signs of new possibilities. One new sign oflife is the development of Lay Associates - men and women, married and single, who work with us in our common ministry, pray with us and join with us in our annual assemblies and retreats. We are learning how to be with each other as equals, receiving and giving spiritual wisdom, energy, depth and support to each other.

This new world calls us beyond paternalism and sexism. We are called to grow beyond discrimination from a position of imagined superiority and power. At one time, it was socially acceptable for men to treat both children, women and slaves as property, without rights or inherent human dignity. The age of the Empire, which is still with us, presupposes that other nations or peoples should be subservient to the desires of those with the power of might or intimidation. Children and women were subjected to physical, emotional and sexual abuse with little or no recourse. Racism, similarly, was socially acceptable inasmuch as other races were (are) seen as inferior, dependent on others for leadership and wisdom. Signs of the struggle for change surround us. The struggle for human rights and freedom from intimidation or manipulation by those who exercise power, demonstrates inequality within society and within the Church.

A second sign of new life is the developing awareness of a strong volunteer program. An individual might wish to join us in our daily lives and ministry for a specific time; e.g., two or three years, after which, he or she would move in other directions. With associates and volunteers, we will walk together. By our mutual enrichment, we will be able to enrich the world through the presence of the Spirit made manifest in our lives and faith.

We, as Church, are called to mission-to service in love. It is not enough to say that we are the body and blood of Jesus Christ and are thereby saved. We are called to be the visible suffering servant, entering with faith into our world filled with fear and a great sense


Association evolving... continuedfrom page 1

Build a Chapel. Build a Community. Our fall appeal remains open for your continuing contributions. Belize is still in urgent need of chapels. developmen t or cal l 847-398-6805

married life and my children. The one way I felt I could share the Gospel with children was as an associate."

been very aware that the Viatorians are always open to women and put them on an equal level."

Spreading the opportunity

concerns of the group. The Las Vegas community is now in the process of gathering names of prospective candidates.

Another finding of the CARA study was that women do outnumber men among associates by about seven to one. There are eight women and four men in Viatorian Association. "I believe in the charism of the clerics and what they want to share," continues Cathy. "I've also

Marilyn's primary goal is to build the firmest foundation possible for Association and to establish a better understanding of the Viatorians and their mission. She recently traveled to Las Vegas to explain Association to the Viatorians there and to answer any questions and

Associates do come in all shapes, sizes, genders, vocations and professions. Of the 12 associates, only five actually work for Viatorians. Associates may sit on many committees with the vowed religious. The commission recommends that the initial commitment


Association and the Viatorians Our Congregation accepts as associates those who desire to share in our mission, our spiritual life, and our community life. This is in accord with an idea dear to our Founder. (Constitution, 5) It was with these words of the Constitution, approved by the General Chapter of 1978, that lay people were invited to share in Viatorian ministry, spirituality, and community life. As this quotation from the Constitution indicates, the association of lay people with the Viatorian Religious Community had originally been a dream of our Founder, Fr. Louis Qrerbes. As early as the 1820's, he conceived of forming a group of dedicated lay Christians who would serve both as teachers in remote, rural French schools and helpers to the pastors of the local parishes in matters liturgical. Under pressure from church and governmental authorities, this group evolved into a more traditional religious community whose members would take the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Fr.Qrerbes, however, was always very reluctant to abandon the possibility of lay people working side by side with the religious members of the Community. His vision of lay people as equal partners with religious brothers and priests anticipated the renewal of lay ministry

Mark Francis, CSV, Superior General

and sharing with them Viatorian spirituality

Of the foundations, the Ivory Coast has

and community life. To date, there are 212

probably one of the most developed associate

men and women, married and single, who

programs. Its 30 associates are intimately

are associated with the Congregation. There

involved with the work of the community.

are associates in all of the Provinces and most

Several associates are administrators in the

of the foundations. As is to be expected,

three large schools run by the Viatorians in

Association is lived out in a different manner

this West African country. Japan also has a

depending on the cultural context and

long history of Association. At present, there

ministerial involvement.

., are 21 associates attached to the primary/ secondary school we run and to St. Viator

There are ten associates in the Province of France. Most are involved with educational and retreat ministries, traditional areas of action within that Province. The Province of Spain was one of the first Provinces to embrace Association. There are presently 34 associates around the Province and practically all of the local community of Spain are composed of both religious and associates. Association in the Spanish Province is often characterized by an interest in communal activities of prayer and formation with these local communities. The Canadian Province has 48 associates whose involvement varies from region to region depending on their local community of reference. Their ministry, alongside religious Viatorians, includes

Parish, both located in Kyoto. The foundation of Peru recently developed its associate program and already has 15 associates working with the community in areas of catechesis and family ministries. Finally, Haiti began its program of Association and presently has one associate working with the religious of the foundation at the Villa Manrese, a retreat house in Port-au-Prince. Experience has shown that the associates working with the community offer invaluable input and experience in the task of inculturating Viatorian life. While there are some foundations who do not yet have associates, there are conversations underway to gradually phase in programs adapted to each place where Viatorians are working.

education, catechesis, social justice activities, and work with the deaf. The new Province of

There is a consensus in the international

Chile, with 35 associates, in addition to

community that Association has been a

involving them in the traditional ministries of

blessing for the Viatorians. The presence of

the community, also successfully incorporates

lay men and women as co-heirs to the legacy

associates in their formation program for

of our founder Fr. Qrerbes has been an

Today, almost 25 years after the reintroduction

young religious. While the Province of the

experience that has enriched both associates

of the Association, the international Viatorian

United States was the last Province to develop

and religious. It has also helped to embrace a

community has wholeheartedly embraced

a program of Association, its 12 associates are

more responsible and egalitarian understanding

this very Qrerbesian notion of lay people

especially involved in education and parishes,

of the Church, anticipated by our founder and

ministering alongside brothers and priests

the two main ministries of the Province.

promoted by the reforms of Vatican II.

to Association be for two years, with a second

in our continuing efforts to develop our own model

Easter Prayer

two-year term followed by a five-year commit-

of Association within the Viatorian context,"

0 Lord,

ment. Associates and religious gather together

says Fr. Bolser. "We are most grateful that these

for prayer, discussion and socializing, which

individual associates have chosen to walk with

promoted by the Second Vatican Council.

strengthens mutual relationships for all.

us in our mission, in our prayer and in our common efforts to proclaim the Gospel by our

Marilyn has plans to meet with the associates from Canada in early spring to examine the possibilities of the two associate groups together in some cooperative effort in the future.

faith, our lives and our common commitment to love one another. We give thanks to God for their willingness to join with us sharing faith, wisdom, and dedication to the Gospel."

"The occasion of accepting commitment of Association is a sign of growth and development


The resurrection of your Son has given us new life and hope.Help us to live as new people in pursuit of the Christian ideal. Grant us the wisdom to know what we must do, the will to wont to do it, the perseverance to continue to do it, and the strength to complete it.




The Colombian Foundation An historic moment in the life of Colombian Viatorians occurred January 31, 2003, as the newly established Foundation of Colombia held their first elections with Provincial, Fr. Charles Bolser, CSV presiding. Fr. Pedro E. Herrera, CSV, principal, Colegio Antonio Maria Claret, Libano, was elected superior. Fr. Luis Eduardo Lopez, CSV, pastor, San Basilio Magno parish, and Fr. John Pisors, CSV, parochial minister and school chaplain, Bogota, were elected councilors. Fr. Carlos Luis Claro, CSV, principal of Colegio San Viator and Br. Edgar Orlando Suarez, CSV, director Pre-Novitiate House, both in Bogota, were appointed councilors. This Council was established for a period of three years. Congratulations and prayerful best wishes to the new Council!

-.------, First Council ofthe New Province Fr. Gerardo Soto, CSV, first provincial of the Province of Chile, has formed his council. The following are the names of the Councilors of the new Province of Chile that was established on February 9, 2003. • Fr. Gerardo Soto Toledo, CSV, Provincial

Sisters Arrive in Corozal Four sisters from the Misioneras del Segrado Corozon de Jesus y Santa Maria de Gaudalupe, in Mexico arrived in Corozal on January 28,2003. The sisters are working in education with the development of teachers in the schools and catechists in the villages that do not have Catholic Schools. They are also involved in pastoral ministry, which includes: youth ministry, lay leader development and assistance to the prayer groups and other ministry groups in the parish.

Colombia Vocation Director, Brother Carlos Ernesto Florez, CSV writes from Bogota that ... "During my time working in the Vocation Office, I have observed the loving voice of God calling young people to follow in His service." Four Colombians were admitted to the Pre-Novitiate Program during the January 29-February 2 visit of the Provincial, Fr. Charles Bolser, CSV. John Salazar, Felipe Chaves, Cesar Fernando Rey and Andres Antonio Ramirez join Frank H. Enciso, admitted earlier, to this yearlong preparation for admission to the Novitiate.

• Fr. Domingo Lezama Arriol, CSV, Assistant-Provincial and Provincial Treasurer • Br. Carlos Alberto Pena Alvarez, CSV, Elected Councilor • Fr. Jose Javier Ortuondo Vicarregui, CSV, Appointed Councilor

All have university degrees. Madre Eloisa was formerly the Superior General of their Congregation.

• Fr. Raul Herman Marchant Zuniga, CSV, Appointed Councilor On November 24,2002, Fr. Mark Francis, CSV, Superior General, conferred the ministries of Lector and Acolyte on Br. Jorge Mario Mansilla Beecher, CSV, Province of Chile. Congratulations to all the Viatorian Priests, Brothers and Associates in Chile.

IVORY COAST First Ordination to Priesthood Br. Ernest Goudjinou, CSV, was ordained a priest in the Cathedral of Abidjan on December 15, 2002. He ·is the first Viatorian from Benin and the Ivory Coast Foundation to be ordained. We congratulate him and pray for a fruitful new ministry.


(left to right) Hermana Maria de Ia Luz de Santiago, Madre Eloisa Villegas Arteaga, Hermana Jovita Pelayo VazqueZ, and Hermana Maria Delores Piedra Miranda.

The sisters have named their house "Casa Maria Amada Sanchez" after their Founder. They will continue the tradition of ministry begun here by the Pallottine Sisters, Sisters of Mercy and the Madres de la Luz. Please keep the sisters and their ministry in your prayers.

Responding to God's Call joining the CSV Mission Dan Nolan, CSV, Vocation Director At some point in their lives, many men seriously consider becoming a brother or priest. When, how often, and why they consider this possibility varies from person to person. Frequently a

Upon completion of the novitiate, the Viatorian brother professes the temporary vows of poverty, chastity and obedience for a threeyear period. Temporary vows may be renewed after this initial period, or the candidate may request permanent/perpetual vows. During the period of temporary vows, the brother is given the time, training, and experience he needs to make a lifelong commitment as a Viatorian. He normally lives in one of our local communities and works in some area of our apostolate for at least two years. If the brother intends to become a Viatorian Priest, he may request to begin theological studies at The Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, where he will pursue the required curriculum for ordination

first question asked is, "How do I begin discerning if God is calling me to religious life?"

to the priesthood. Presently Brother Doug Hudson is in temporary vows teaching at St. Viator High School, Arlington Heights; Brother Dan Belanger, who professed perpetual vows last July, will

The Viatorian Contact Program might be the first step. This is a program of discernment available to any high school graduate who wishes to actively search out whether or not he has a vocation as a

begin studies for the priesthood in the fall of 2003; and Brother Edgar Suarez is a seminarian in Bogota.

priest or brother, but is not ready to join a religious community or seminary program as a resident. The word "discernment" is used to describe a process of becoming aware of God's active presence in one's life and for making important decisions based on that awareness. It

On January 28th, an evening of vocation discernment was held for six students at the St. Viator High School residence. Brothers Corey Brost, Doug Hudson, and Rob Robertson joined me (Father Dan Nolan) to host this evening of prayer, pizza and conversation. Another evening of discernment was scheduled for mid-March.

involves gathering pertinent information and experience, developing one's talents, praying for guidance, seeking spiritual direction, and taking time for serious reflection. If a young man decides he is ready to more formally pursue his interest in becoming a Viatorian, he becomes a candidate in the formation program. Viatorian formation begins with our Pre-novitiate Program. The candidate lives in one of our Viatorian houses and usually works with some of our men in a Viatorian ministry. The purpose of this program is to provide the candidate with a gradual introduction to a more intensive Christian community/living experience. During this time, usually one year, the candidate has the opportunity to get to know us better and to search out his vocation with the assistance of a director. This program is flexible in order to meet the needs of men who come to us at varying ages and with different educational backgrounds. Presently, the Viatorians have seven men in this stage of formation: John Eustice and Moises Mesh, both of whom are serving in our mission in Corozal Town, Belize, Filipe Chaves, Frank Enciso, Andres Ramirez, Cesar Rey, and John Salazar are residing in our formation house in Bogota. The next step is the Novitiate. This one-year program is the most important period of formation. It introduces the novice to a deeper

Any young man interested in further discerning his response to God's call and joining the Viatorian Mission is invited to contact Vocation Director Father Dan Nolan, CSV ( 847-398-0685 or ).

What is the Nazareth Prayer League? The Clerics of St. Viator established the Nazareth Prayer League to give our friends the opportunity to share in the prayers of the Viatorian Community.

To preview the cards, visit our websitewww.

Our Prayer Cards include: • • • • •

A Prayer For You Speedy Recovery Special Occasion Sympathy Birthday Card

experience of prayer, community living, and the dynamics of individual growth and development. It also provides him with some ministry experience and guides him in his study of scripture, spirituality,

A $5.00 donation is requested for each prayer card used.

traditions of the congregation, and the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Under the guidance of the novice master, the novice more deeply reflects on his decision to live the vowed life as a

We also have Nazareth League Perpetual Prayer Enrollments that are beautifully presented in a gold embossed folder. Call us at our Development Office and we will send an enrollment to the family you request in the name of the living or deceased. A $30.00 donation is suggested for each Perpetual Enrollment.

Viatorian. Presently, Brothers Jason Nesbit and Dan Tripamer are in the novitiate in Arlington Heights, Ill., and Brother Gustavo Lopez is in the novitiate in Libano, Colombia.

Speedy Recovery Card

To order cards, log on to www. viatorians. com/development, or call the Development Office at 847-398-6805 for more information.

Father Gene Weitzel, CSV champions social change Ray La Hood and asked if there was any money available for senior housing. He informed me that (HUD) did indeed have money, to just submit a grant," says Fr. Weitzel. St. Alexius became the official sponsor with Catholic Charities accepting the financial responsibility.

Fr. Gene Weitzel talks to Yira Bron (right), who came to St. Francis Community Clinic with her son and mother.

After years of teaching theology, Fr. Eugene Weitzel, CSV now serves as the pastor of St. Alexius Church in Beardstown, Ill. His position as a pastor, which he assumed in 1989, has taken him in a new directionsocial advocacy for this small river town located some 40 miles from Springfield, Ill. After years of a population decline, this rural community has now become home to approximately 2,700 Hispanics drawn by the prospect of good-paying jobs at a local meat-processing plant. Fr. Weitzel, undaunted at the age of 76, has introduced two Spanish language masses, brought in Spanish-speaking outreach workers and arranged for the opening of a Catholic Charities medical clinic featuring Spanishspeaking staffers. St. Alexius offers the town's

newcomers donated bedding, clothing, dishes and the like to help them get started. Fr. Weitzel saw the need for a medical clinic. He went to see the Sisters of St. Francis, who operate hospitals in Springfield, and asked them if they would be interested in an outreach program for Beardstown. Today, the St. Francis Beardstown Community Clinic is up and running with two nurse practitioners, two registered nurses, a part-time physician and an interpreter from Peru.

$3.2 million housing grant When senior housing became an issue, the community turned to Fr. Weitzel for help with the end result culminating in a $3.2 million grant from Housing and Urban Development (HUD). "I contacted our U.S. Representative

The proposed development, located in the center of town will offer 23, one-bedroom rental units for seniors. Fr. Weitzel is now accepting applications from senior residents who are interested in living in this independent-living facility. Phase II is scheduled to begin in March or April with the groundbreaking taking place no later than early fall. Catholic Charities will operate and manage the proposed residence, which will be available to people of all faiths. There is a grant in progress for another 12 more units.

Kids need help too Four years ago, this energetic priest felt the town would benefit from a teen center. He initiated the process with the town's civic leaders and made it happen. Today, the center appeals to young people from 4th grade to freshman year in high school. "It's a place to have dances, play electronic games, and shoot pool," says Fr. Weitzel. "With the changes in town, it's a place where kids from all cultures can learn about their differences and their common ground. It's a good start." Fr. Weitzel continues to spread the mission and charism of the Viatorians. He makes a difference in each life he touches. Our prayers and good wishes are with our dear friend.

Belize Medical Mission Follow Up Here is an update of the Maternity BVM Parish Medical Mission to Belize last November. A 45-year old native, Rafael Cob had been experiencing chest pains so severe that he could no longer work driving a delivery truck.

surgery, all made possible by two Illinois hospitals, Provena St. Mary's Hospital and Riverside Medical Center, who donated all medical and hospital charges.

During the mission, Dr. Hershel Wix, a cardiologist, prescribed a drug for Rafael that enabled him to diagnose Rafael with coronary artery disease.

After two weeks of recovery, Rafael grew stronger and was enthusiastic about visiting the children at the Parish grade school. The school arranged for him to play music and teach the children some songs.

Dr. Wix made arrangements for Rafael to come to the U.S. after Christmas for a series of tests. The tests revealed significant blockage in the major arteries. On January 6, Rafael underwent six hours of quadruple bypass

Rafael is the "unofficial" director of music for St. Francis Xavier Parish, Belize. He works with Fr. Chris Glancy, CSV, going with him to the Corozol District villages where he sometimes fills in at chapels when music is needed.


Rafael Cob in recovery ajte1路 heart surgery.

Rafael returned home to his wife, Desideria and his 3-year old daughter, Michelle, in February with hopes of working in the Diocese in music. He says he is most grateful to Br. Dale Barth, CSV who was "his angel," helping him with every need and his new friends at Maternity BVM, for their generosity, kindness and care.

Nine Viatorians celebrate 2003 Jubilees Michael T. Gosch, CSV Celebrating his Silver Jubilee ofViatorian Religious Life, is a Mt. Prospect, Ill. native, and graduate of St. Viator

Victor E. Bertrand, CSV

john C. Puisis, CSV

Celebrating his Gold

Celebrating 65 years of Viatorian Religious Life, is

Jubilee ofViatorian Religious Life, served 25

High School. He spent 11 years as a social worker, Howard Area Community Center, Chicago. He taught at Gorman High School and cur-

years as a U.S. Navy Chaplain. A Springfield, Ill. native, graduate of Cathedral Boys High School, he previously taught at Griffin and Gorman High Schools. Presently he serves as a

rently teaches English at St. Viator High School.

VA Hospital Chaplain, Little Rock, Ark.

ThomasR. von Behren, CSV

a Chicago native, whose ministry has involved teaching, hospital chaplaincies and parish assignments in Illinois, Florida, and Nevada and 14 years in Kyoto, Japan, as teacher, administrator and pastor. He continues • local parish ministry from the Province Center.

Charles L. Maranto, CSV

Robert M. Egan, CSV Celebrating his Silver

Celebrating his Diamond

Celebrating his Silver Jubilee of Viatorian Religious Life, is a Springfield, Ill. native, graduate of Griffin High School, taught at Griffin and St. Viator and served as Province Vocation Director. Former President of Gorman High

Jubilee of Viatorian Priesthood, is a Wheeling, Ill. native, a St. Viator High School graduate who taught at Griffin and St. Viator High Schools before serving as Assistant Provincial (84-92) and Provincial (92-01) . He is currently Pastor,

and hospital chaplaincies with parish assignments earlier. He continues local nursing home min-

School, Las Vegas, he is currently President, St. Viator High School and Assistant Provincial.

St. Viator parish, Chicago.

istry from the Province Center.

Patrick L. Hayes, CSV Celebrating his Diamond Jubilee ofViatorian Priesthood, is a native of Delavan, Ill. His diverse ministry includes grade,


••"~ k -- · ,


Jubilee ofViatorian Religious Life, is a Chicago native, from St. Viator parish, whose ministry has been almost equally divided between high school teaching

James E. Lewnard, CSV

john A. Toolan, CSV

Celebrating his Silver

Celebrating his Diamond


Jubilee ofViatorian Priesthood, at 96, is our senior Viatorian. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland,

high school and university teaching, hospital chaplaincies and multiple parish assignments

Jubilee ofViatorian Religious Life, is from Mt. .. · .... Prospect, Ill. A St. Viator ~·..·~ ~- High School graduate, he has spent 27 years as a high school teacher and choir director, the last 12 years at Griffin High

his ministry for 30 years was teaching and another 30 years in community service tending

including 20 years in Viatorian Las Vegas ministries. He resides at Hopewell Commons,

School in Springfield, Ill. In 1995, he was ordained a Permanent Deacon. He currently

the grounds, flowerbeds and garden at the Province Center. He resides at St. Joseph

Hopewell, Illinois.

attends Dominican University, and is an Administrative Intern at Saint Viator H.S.

Home for the Elderly, Palatine, Ill.


·' '··



Through your generosity, last year's Jubilee Appeal awarded grants to the missions in Belize and Colombia. Look for the 2003 Jubilee Appeal soon!

Viatorians in the News

Former Viatorian Superior General,Jacques Berthlet, CSV, Bishop of Saint-Jean-Longueuil, Qyebec, has been elected President of the Canadian Bishops Conference.

Morning Sun Books, (Scotch Plains, N.J.) specialists in railroad publications, has released Monon In Color. Brother James E. Lewnard, CSV wrote the book as a tribute to his grandparents, both Monon Railroad dining car stewards.

••••• Another sign of the Viatorian international character is the participation ofU. S. Provincial Councilors on International Committees of the Congregation. Brother Leo V. Ryan, CSV is the U.S. member of the Committee on the Founder, Fr. Louis Marie Qyerbes, which met in Rome, December 9-12, 2002. Fr. John Linnan, CSV is Chairman, Committee on the Vows, which met in Rome, January, 10-17, 2003. Provincial Councilor, Fr. Robert Erickson, CSV and Fr. George Auger, CSV, Novice Master, will attend the International Formation meeting in Valladolid, Spain, August 16-20, 2003.

Transaction publishers (Rutgers University Press) has released Volume 10 in the International Annual of Practical Philosophy and Methodology edited by Brother Leo V. Ryan, CSV. Praxiology and Pragmatism is the fifth book written or edited by Brother Ryan in the last ten years.

••••• An Octogenarian himself, Fr. Thomas McCarthy, CSV, continues, with his accompanist, Elaine Doerrfeld, to give concerts to residents in eight nursing homes in the Elgin, Crystal Lake and Arlington Heights, Ill. areas.


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Have you ever wondered... Where is that Viatorian who taught you in high school or college today? What is happening in the various Viatorian parishes and schools? Who is Saint Viator? Why the founder ofthe Viatorians, Father Querbes, chose St. Viator to be the congregation's patron? Where the Viatorians proclaim the Gospel internationally? How you, too, can join and support Viatorians in their mission? All of this information and much more is now available online at Using this site, you can access our Newsletters, Prayers (you can even post special intentions), make online donations, get Viatorian Mission information, view Viatorian pictures from around the globe, and even a CSV screen saver for your computer. By making this information available, we hope to keep all of our readers more informed of the many important and exciting CSV ministries and activities.

Don't wait, check out the website today!

Viatorians @ TEACHERS OF FAITH The Clerics of St. Viator are religious priests and brothers sent by the Catholic Church to teach the faith and proclaim Jesus Christ as Gospel. In parishes, schools and a variety of ministries, Viatorians work with Christian communities to live, deepen and celebrate their faith. Fr. Dan Nolan, CSV, Vocation Director 1212 E. Euclid St., Arlington Hts., IL 60004 847-398-0685

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