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Th e second m ee ting of th e Inte rnational Relations Club wa9 h eld in th e College club rooms on Monday evening March 14, wit1o) a large numb er in a ttendance. Th e club president, Rober~ Nolall, acting as chairman of th e meeting, made t wo important announce ments before tl'e II regular bus iness o f the even ing was tak en up; one, that a t tb e nex t I m ee ting Miss Gunther, an authority on the Sino-Japanese situation sen t by the Carnegie Foundation for I n ternational Peace, w!ll add r ess ti1e !


interes t has been expressed an1dng the upperclassmen concerning the possibility of a freshman dance. Probably the greate~t impetus which this interest has received was given to it when a bUlletin appeared announcing a freshman meeting for the purpo ~e of planning the annual frolic. At t he meeting it was decided that th e dance would be held on the second Friday aner the Easter vacation. This slight pause for station announmement-wait a minute!-that's the wrong article- the lapse of tim ~ between Easter vacation and the dance will allow some recuperation from holiday festivities. Will B e Held in GYR!. The gymnasium was filially decided upon as the appropriate place for a dance which is to be strictly informal. The freshmen wished to have a fo rmal ball, but voted r e l uctantly a.gains t this because of th~ (Continued on Page 6)

Peters Stars For Peorians: Conroy and Sweeney Take Honors For Trinity.

Spirited Discussion By Fac- I ulty Members And ' Students.

Early and Elaborate Plans Already Proposed; Record Crowd Expected

I The Rt. Rev .


W . R, M agui re

A baske t by Wensceuer, wi th only a few seconds left to play, gave Spalding a w .i.n over Tri ni ty 17-1 6, in th e Tournament. Trinity led by one pOint w ith a minute to go and it look ed like a victory for the Bloomington boys. In a mi::-u p un der the Tri n it y backet two TrinitJ men grasped the ball and deflected it into th e hands of an uncovereJ 1 Spalding man who droppe:1 it t:lrough to give Spalding a year' "':l guardian ship of the cup. Trinity Starts Scor;i:~ g. Ex~Governor Len Small Trinity scored the first basket c,f the game when Capt. Conroy shot from the foul lin e. Two minutes lat e r Straub brought the Trinity tota l to four pOints with a p retty ba5l<et. Play was fast and furious , boti t eams playing heads-up ball. A minute before the quarter ended Butler Local And Visiting Civic sank Spalding's lirs t basket. Scoc< at the q uarte r was 4-2. Leaders Present Spalging Forges Ahead . At a banquet h eld Sunday evening. In the second quarter Brophy Marc h 16 . in hon o r of th e t wo final- missed a freeth row which was conists in the Illinois State CathoH c verted into two points. Then on a Tournament. the Honorable H ome r L . . bask et by Troy, Spalding took the ~hrends. Mayo r of P eo ria, headed lead. The sco r e \vas immediately the list of a number of Peoria mu(Continued on Page 6 )- - nicipal officials. Others were Mr.

I ILL FEDERATION NAM EECON 0MIS T'&~;~:~:O~~:~:h~~:~:;~~~~ll:,~i~~~ PEORIA MAYOR T0 BEPRESIDENTI ~:iS'R~~PhAP:~o:::,' ;~~:~CO~~r:;i~: ATTENDS DINNER I

The Verv Reverend Father Maguire, Distinguished Labor Leader and Pres. of St. Viator College, h Honored. At the annual- ;:;ting of the Illinois Federation of Cc lleges, h eld this year at McMurray College at J acksonville, February 29 a nd March I, the Very Reverend J. W. R. Maguire. C. S. V., was elec ted president of the organization for 1932-33. He succeeds Albert Britt. president of Knox College.


and Harold Rosens t eel.

The subject for the even ing's discussio n, led by th e Very Reverend J . W. R. Maguire was " Ame ri ca's R(~ 颅 lations to the Pre sci1~ Sino-Japa nose Situation."

Father l\tIagulre Spcal{s. Father Maguire prefaced tbe regI ular open forum with a few brief r emark s. " I supp~se , " he sai~, ,"t~at the broadest basls for ~m~nc:L s ~n~ terest in the who le affaIr IS the m~erest. of every .sta~e i~ the wor~d Commissioner of Public m trYlOg to maIn tam )eace a.'1d. I.n Hopkins, Works; and Jam e s Dillon, prominent pr eservin g its own particular polttlPeoria Alderman. cal and economic interests. Kan.kakee Present. Th e general welfare of a g reat From Kankak ee several notable. many nations in this present con-





All privately s upported schools and of civic enterprises were in attend(Continued on Page 6) universities in Illinois, in cludin g Pastor of Holy Name Cath- Northweste ance. T he ir spokesm an , :M r. Boyd, I rn and Chicago, be long t o President of the Kankakee Chambe;_ __ edral and Vicar-General thi s fed eration, ~\Vhi c h numbe rs apof Commerce, was introduced i m - . . . . Emeritus of the Arch- proximately twenty-five schooJ,j mediately .o!.owing the opening ad- VIator FInIshes In Seventh I among i~ 3 members. diocese dress by the P eoria mayor. Place Honor ed For Educational Activiti es F or the most part the evening was The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Michael.T. This honor has been bestowed on s pent in congratul a ting th e S palding The following is a list of the Fitzsimmons, vicar-general emeritus Ei'ather M::lguire in, app reciation of team fo r having succeeded in defea t - s tandings of the Little Nineteen Conof the Archdiocese of Chicag o. and his outstanding worl' in the fie ld of Stage Fine Comeback After ing tile fighti ng lads from Trinity. ference t eam ,,;. Viator though it3 for fifty years pastor of the H oly education. no t in Illinois alone, bu t First Trouncing Each speake r, howeve r, comme nted s upreme efforts were exe rted, were Name Cathed r a l. died Saturday eve- in the nation as well. The educa___ favorably upon the fine qualiti es of able to lay clai m to but a seventh nmg of pneumonia. The venerable tional reforms and improvements On F eb. 23rd the boxing t e &.m of both teams, and expressed their place. Considering th e caliber of the ~lon";ign~r had reach ed the advanced WhiC~ he h as introduced ~t St. vat- I Viator journeyed to Chicag o to en- ~enti ment that it was only rig ht and t eams it played, we can justly say of eIghty-one. tor Since h~ becam e presld~nt ha~e counter the Armour Tech boys in a Just that both t eams should attend that Viator has comple t ed a very Born In ChIcago. I attracted wI~e- spread attentlOn. Thl: fi stic meet. The fights, as far as t he, th~ nation al tourney. Along with successful seamon. MonsIgnor FitzsImmons was ~orn recent appomtment as president o. Iris h were concerned, were a failure, thIS, the vis iting mayor pOinted out TEA M Fi nal Standings In the c ity of ChIcago and rec~Ived (Continued o n Page 6) in as much as they sco r ed but one that the we lfa re of all our presentWon L. Pet. hi s hIgher educatIOn at st VIator point out of a possible five. Neve r- day institutions revolves about the Carthage 9 .901) College Later he went to St SWIMMING MEET HERE theiess th ey return ed home with a s tability of our educational bodies. Normal ............................ 11 . 7 8~ 11ary S eminary, Baltimore, Md., and Athletic Manage r Carney grwe lot of mu ch needed experience and Mr. Boyd exp r essed the es t eem in Shurtleff ...... ............. 9 3 .750 was orda ined to the holy pries thood the information that Viator will with more confidence in their own which St. Viator College is h eld by North Central 8 3 .727 by Archbis hop Feehan at Holy Name e ntertain the confere nce s wimcapabilities. ~<ankake e bus iness men who ac- Knox 5 2 .714 Cathedral in 1882. m e rs on March 19th. ApplicaViato r ca n proud ly boast about it s knowledge the worth of th e state Macomb Teachers ......... 11 5 .687 (mly six years after his orctinations have been arriving e very Corcoran. His knockout gave the tournament, ST. VIATOR .................... 6 4 .600 Uun, Monsignor Fitzsimmons was apday and it looks as if e very Saints th eir lonely point. In the Ca rn ey Is Toastmaster. Monmouth .................. 3 .600 pointed pastor of the Cathedral and t eam In the co nference who h as first round he pummeled his oppon"Chuck" Carney, acting as t()a~t- M t. :M orris .600 some tim e later Archbishop Quigley a swimming t eam wlU be r e preent a bout th e ring in true Dempsey master, then prese nted Brother Wil- DeKalb Teachers ............ 7 5 .583 named him vicar-general of the diosented. fash ion. Before the second round liam, Principal of Spalding Insti- Lak e Forest 4 .572 cese-. Swimmers will co mpete sta rt路.楼as t en seconds Old, he landed the tute; the Rever end J. P. Farrell, Dl- Bradley T ech 6 .545 5 'J'he body of thi s beloved and I,n g at three o'clock in the af.. hay-maker" which put the Annour- r ector of Trinity High's ath letic de- W es leyan 6 7 .461 prominent alumnus wi.ll ie in s tate t ernoon ahd the finals wUl begin , itc on the mat for the full count. partment; Charles Bennett, coach of Illinois 7 .461 6 in Ule Cathedral from 4 p. m. Thursat eight o'clock in the everung. Cork is not only a marvelous fighter Trinity, and Coach Nottenberger of l\IIillikin 6 .451 day until 10 a. m. Friday . The Every effort Is being made by but he is an expert at the science of Spalding. After short addresses by Charles t on T each ers ...... 5 6 .45.1 Mass will be s ung by His Mr. Car ney to mak e thls a huge J:>oxing. each of these men the final speaker \Vheaton 6 .400 Eminence Cardinal Mundelein. success. (Continued on Page six.) (Continued on Page 6) (Continued on Page 6)






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Published bi-weekly throughout the year by the s tud e:1ts of SL Viator College.

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The Via tOrian, Bourbonnais. Dlinois. En t er ed as second class matter at the Post Office of Bourbonnais, Illinois. under the Act of March 3rd, 1879 ACME PRINTING CO.


When a fellow enters coll ege, he ;s sti li e lated over his recent CODluest- graduation from high school. (t seems to me that "hell week" was instituted mainly for the purpose of 'mpressing the Freshman with his inSignificance. But--the phrac:-e "hell week" should be taken literally and not extended through the first three o r four months of his freshman career. The upper-classmen undoubtedly go beyond their bounds in attempting to ;how the ir superio·ri t y . Their pa~e rnal caresses come at too f r e'luent lntervals. If we are to retain that ancient and sacred custom, let it extend only as long as the phrase indicates. The freshmen of today are the upperclassmen of tomorrow. We must not enter nc'zt year with the spirit of resentment for our ill treatment by so-called upperclass sup~riors and wreck our vengeance on the freshmen-to-be in our attempts to get at the "seat" of their troubles. Jim Crowley: I see no reason why this traditional week should be abolished. It . is . . . enerally understood by freshmen entering college that at some time, or another they will be subjected to an iniation. Instead of dragging the initiation out over an indefinite per;od St. Viator College has chosen a more r easonable method ,to "ride" 'i.ts freshmen. "Hell week" has a l· ways proved t') be a very excitin g and interesting week coming as it does immediat e lv before the Christmas vacation. It therefore puts the '5tudents in good spi rits. It is abso1 t I .t h . T t· )1 u e y necess~ry.') ave an Inl la lOn, "'0 why abohsh hell week? Joe F arr ell: ' vou have asked me whethe r or not

Whether Report

hoe Repairing, Ra.z.or Bladl"8.

We wonder whether you know that Only 9', % of the student body goes to breakfast every muruiug. That this is the FRESH_tAN r:rHTION. That certain journalist expert::; don't appreCiate the fact that they were "tabooed" from this issue. That, if the stUdents living at points farthest removed from the school in all of the four direction'3, were to make a round trip to their homes for Easter they wou ld have traveled a distance equal to onethird of the earth 's circumference. That all college studen ts can't be perfect. That several juniors play th e pi· ano. That it was difficult to inveJJt a title for this hokum. That there are certain s tUden ts who go to bed with the chickens and remain there. '1 hat, if you had 3,000,000,000 geese and 4 ganders you'd hav e a flock of geese. That Kankakee residents have been recently annoyed by the nocturnal

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warblings of a certain ov'~r-am- ~==============, bitious junior. ;That a box of bird seed cost about 20c. That the flagpole is'nt cracked. Compliments of That students will be s tl.dents. That pO!'Jtage stamps are sold in JOHN HICKEY the village . That professors don't flunk a felMortician low for a dime. No, gentlemen th~ service is free absolutley. That you can hear the sermon bet, ter if you sit in .the front pews on Sunday morning. That many "open minds" are lik eUnited Cigai.- Store wise vacuous. Foun tain & Luncheon Service That yo u can see a number of "bored walks" between Roy and Marsile halls. Complete Line of That it is doubtful that you will Smokers' Articles read this s t uff. That we d9l,l't care. Corner Court and Schuyler That class time is a t ime for re -



Continuing a precedent set by upper-classmen of ;iearS past, The Viatorian Staff again honors the Freshman class by allowing it to publish thIs number of the school paper.-'Vhe the r or not this iss u e is e ntirely successful depends upon the m eaning that we attach to the t erm. Our primary pprpose has been s imply to edit the paper. If, therefore . we are to mainta in the attainment of an initial objective co nstitutes the full me:lning of the t er m , s u ccess is ours. The Freshman class is justly proud of the responsibility which has been placed upon it. :i\'lor eover, it is proud, to a man. to be a part of the moulde r's clay employed, tin the formation of such a magnificent figure of pose . from physical exer cise. learning as St, Viator College r e prese nts. \Vith this th ought for e mpst in That if you had all the money th at the minds of all its members, the Freshman class has become, a fter a . some students have spent for tobacnaturtll and inevitable tempering, as plla ble and worh:able a ma.terial as "hell week" s hould be abohshed at co dlone since Sept. 20, you wouldn't

~~r ~~eth;::p~Vrhi~~dar~a~::~~:~ i~o~~~~~~ti~l; ~~g~e:~~~~ n~s;:~~r)i ~:~lyVi~!~~;, ~~a~n:e:o~~b~:P~:~~:

workable substal~ce ! Let us hope that we ~re not to be cast aside as a material which has lost all of its mall eability. If such were the case the n n fundamental principal, upon which many existing ins titutio ns and enterprises have been built. would be violated. As it is, w e have J;>ut forth our bes t efforts because we h ave witnesse d a similar action by our predeceSSo rS. II we have not fulfilled the purpose-that of editing a standard and respectable a nd readable issue of The Via torian-we wish to be informe d, sin ce we are a co mponent p a rt of the whole to be molde d intu place fo r th e development of an insti t ution which belongs to aU of us.

for fun, rather for the attalnment of an ejucatlOn IS theIr pnmary ob]ectIve. but before they do s t art co lle~e they have some foolISh Ideas h' h th h bt· d f W IC ey ave 0 rune rom some college movie. "or from -a college rah' rah! boy. All of these fantas ies are verv g-racefully removed from his mind when he assumes the role of a

Iyou thIS you won't know as much dId before you started.


Amedee J_ Lamane Bouruonnais, III. Notions


That f:eshmen were not born to be natural ]ournahsts That a fellow can hear a lot of rumors but not all of them are true. That autographed articles of famous people a re in great demanu, especially is this true among prep

VERSUS CRITICISM college man. In my opinion the i students .. , AC TION method employed by St. Viator UP- I That It s too bad there isn't more From th e beglnnlng of the school year one of the favorite tf"l!?:cs of f th . so much more conversatio n around the campus h as been UExtra-Curricala Activities;\ perclassmen in removing those brain space or ere, 15 Their Quality and Quantity." Numerous complaints h ave been made on clouds is one of the most effective that could be sald. By INO. every possIble aspect of this s ubject. Strangely e nough, those who talk means availab le for such a purpose. the loudest say the least that is in any way valuable. They see th at John Quinn: sn methlng ls wrong , but either they a re not quite s ure wha.t it is, or e lse they cannot or will not offer a n y acceptable substi tutes for the affairs they In my estimation, "hell week" is his char acter and disposition. Up to so bitterly c riti cize. essential at St. Viator Coll ege. As the end of "hell ' week" the freshman I t seems to us t hat th e trouble is not so much the too infrequent oc- far as I know it has been an old is considered but a boy, using his :mrrence of social even ts as the way they are attended. The student body tradition and a student leaves high- head! as a h atrack for bis "g r een has been fairly re I)rese nt ed at the parties and dances which have thus far 't . , 0 f h' tak en place. bu t it has not given them the whole-hearted s upport which school and en.ers co ll ege, he belIeves stetson.' n the last day 0 IS soc\'er y schn'll activity deserves. The most e n terprisi ng origi na tor of amuse- 1 there is no one like him, and natur- called sentence he can throw out his me n "S would reti re in desp a ir if he were coni rontc1 with the indiffe rence ally h e must be put in his place. chest and say, "Now I'm one of the exhibi te::1 by many of the students. Therein li es the inconsistency of the "Hell week" is the only remedy. boys." would-be reformers; they a re perpetually asldng why things are so dull on . ., . .. P II I Id t h . the camp us; a nd yet when diversion in s"me form or other is provided, BeSIdes thls i. IS a means .Of ]udgmg ersona y wou no ave mISSthe flaw-hunters stay at home or go with the express lntention of offering a fellow. We can ascertam whether ed it if it would have meant the unfavorable criticism. H elp ful s u ggestio ns are ulways welcome, but des- or not a fellow is able to "take it:' abandonment of a college educati on. tructive comment is best left unsaid. The attitude of the fault-finder is Tom Kelly: detrimental to progr~ss. If our extra.- curric ul a activities are to be s uccessful. the hype rcritical student must at least be silenced, should he fai l to be I do not think "hell week" should co nvinced of the error of his ways. be abolished from the campus of St. Einbeck's Studio The first six weeks of the secflnd semester have a lready passed. As Viator. It is one of the few tradisoon ~lS Lent ls over the social calendar promises a number of inte res ting tions handed down from class to i Our ph')tographs are inexpeneve nts. Every stude nt at St. Viator should cooperate as far as is in his class in this institution. "Hell week" s ive. ye t treasured for their power with the sponso rs of these activities. Only by unanimous support worth as living port rai ts. ('3n social affairs be rende re d more pleasant and more profitable than the y is looi{ed upon by the upperclassmen have been in the past. In the last a nalysis, the fate of the extra-curricula as a week of pleasurable authority, 153 North Sch uy le r Ave. program lies i.n hands of the students since the favor with which social by the freshmen as a time of punishaffairs r ega rded at the openj ng of a given year is dete rmined largely ment and hUmiliation. b~' the way in which they we re receivc1 during the previous term. \Vhy In other words, ;'hell week" is an Kankakee, m Phone 407 not guarantee a sufficient number of such events by showing enthusiasm o\'er the ones which will occur between now and the close of the semester? initiation for th e freshman to test




bave a cent. bl?nded into an alloy for a memorial to highe r education has this ~com- seems to me to be one of the great That thIS column should have been plishment taken place. Indeed. the efforts exerted by all of us In our censored present coueg i~t~ e ndeavors , has been nt~rtured and inspired by those peo- I events In the hfe of a collee-e freSh- I That attendance at cha el IS not p!e. those tra ditions, and those s urroundings that have e nhan ced our pur- man, and WIthout It hIS college ca.p I pose a nd h now become vitally a part of us. 1r eer would seem monotonous StU- I a cnme Bence we find ourselves r etreating sl(lwly into the folds of those tradi- dents do not come to collee-e mamlv That If you r ead much more of

!~~~~ '~~~ ~~~iC=ff:;'::Yar,:o~~~-';:i~=t~~~~?n ~e le:n!n~la':suS!r:e S~~I~





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Tuesday, March 15, 1932



Retreat Scheduled For Holy Week ALUMNUS NAMED I HEY, FELLERS, LOOKEE HERE! I ANNUAL SPIRITUAL PROBATE JUDGE ~~~~~~~~~~~ EXERCISES START Personal Selection of Judge I ON MARCH 23RD Henry Horner News has j us t




George A. Rooney has been selected [ and apPOinted assis t ant probate jlldge by Judge Henry Horner, The sclt:<.:tion was approved. by the judg-

The annual retreat for both the boardlng and day students of St. Viator College will be held in the col1ege chapel beginnjng Wednesday evening, March 23, and ending on

es of both the Circuit and Superior cou rts of Cook County.

Saturday morning, March 26.

Ju dge: Rooney has been a ver y prv)C1iner.t lawyer in Chicago fo r the pas t twelve yearf'., and has also been quite active in Democratic circ leJ. The new j lJ(Jge a ttended St. Viator -M~nd

during his yep..r s h ere he

Since his admission to the B8..~ , he has built up a splendid reputation for himself. and is held in t he highest es teem by the other members of his profeSSion. Judge Rooney has been grand knight of th e Santa

Can you spot so m e of our more prominent uppe rclass m e n when tne y w ~ re at th e a dvanced age o f thirteen ? In the top row is Bob Spr eitzer, Salg's r ight (or left) h and man . . . There's J erry Sullivan, too . . . looks for a ll the world a.R though he is wearing a stiff collar . . . Charley Byron lea ds the middle row .... . walt 'till the co-eds see t hat . . . Half way down the same row Is Bro. O'Brien .. . what a fine chap . . . fellow freshman . . . In the front row is Vince Kelly when h e was aspiri ng to be Preside nt of the UnIted States . .. Woo, winsome Joe Degn an sta nds beside big, brawn y Gendron Legris . .. nl~p. contr ast. \¥hat a find trus is! Well, well, A lack-a-day!




.Uaria Council, K. of C. and vicepresident of the South Chicago Chamber of Commerce. At present The Bergin Debating Society, in he holds two posi tions as judge ad- the midst of the ...... ittIe Nineteen vocate of the South Chicago Post of C nf R h . . the Legion, and of the Men of L, 0 erence ace, . as an Imposmg a.T} organization with w hom he ser v- ~:~~rd T~feirth:;:nd7~;s inan~e b~~n~e:~ el overseas. ence is quite r espectable and quite The Viatorian wishes to express the congr a tulations of the faculty, s tudent s and a lumnl of St Vlator College 'to Judge R ooney In' hlS re-

high. They have won two debates from Bradley Tech and Illinois College. One debate was forfeIted by Mt. Morns College, makmg a tot al lof th ree W inS. The team lost to ~~n~u:p~~~::~~~, :dlU~o fa;:t~Urree :~: North Central College, of NapervIlle cess. Two debates remam on th e conference schedule; one with Shurtleff on 15, and one with Monmouth on April BLOOMINGTON CHURCH 18, both of which w ill be he ld in College club rooms . DESTROYED BY FIRE theSuffer First Loss at Naperville. Holy Trinity Church, Bloomington, Illi nois, was destroyed by fire early Tuesday morning, March 8, with an es timated loss of about $360,000. By the time firemen were no tified the blaze had r eached such proportions that the most that co uld be done was to save the su rrounding bUildings. The inside of the church was completely rui ned, and ves tm ents and sacred vessels were destroyed without exception. Among the latter were many relics and gifLs WlllC!. have been presen ted to the chUrch since its construction in 1879. The fire is believed . . 0 have been of IncC,"" ,' ary on'g,'n, and stale ,'nvest,'ga-


retreat has been characterized by the I Very Rev. President as "the most \ important event of the scholastic year." Because the r etreat is of such importance. c lasses are suspended during the retreat to give every s tuden t the fu ll benefi t of all the spiritua l exercises. The H oly \\'eek Ceremonies. Coming, as it does, at a time immediately preceeciing Easter, this an nual religious function serves not only as a ve ry fitting close to the lenten season, but also as an appr opriate termination for the first half of the second semester. It has been th e custom at St. Viator College to observe the su blime and inspirational ceremonies of Holy Week during th e annual retreat. Much to the satisfaction of the students, they will take place again this year. First College R e treat for Freshmen. For the class of '35, the coming event holds many joys and benefits , of which only those who have atI t ended t he retreat before are aware, It is impossible to follow the pro-


proved~ himself a young m a.n of splendid talents and nobility of cha ract e r .

When the great World War broke out, Judge R ooney enlisted with th e l3 2n d Infantry , went to France and sa. .·/ active service. He r eceived a citation and was decorated for bravery in action. Before his r e turn to America, Judge Rooney a ttended the LT}ns of Court in England and heard lectUres at London University.

Viatorian Father Will Preach



On the afternoon of March 11, the Viator team, represented by Messrs, h'Ionahan, MIddleton, and Ferns upheld th e negative case of the regular conference question. The critic judge was Professo r Bost of McCormic Theological Seminary, Chicago. The affiTl'!lative proposed as centralized

\egative debating team of St. Via- in the afternoon of 1-1arch 9, at the Lady, Peoria, I !.li~f Dayton in the College Club rooms: nois. The entire studen t body of ;)~for(' a spa rse but appreci&tiv~ au- the Academy, the senior class of lience. The question debated was: Spalding Institute, and a large num"::=:'e-:olved: That Congress should ber of students from Bradley at-

gress that gatherin gs of such nature have made in the past few year s. Although confron ted by the ru mo r that the r e is a growing tendency on the part of laymen to neglect their re iigious obligation s, recent reports on the attendance at Catholi c lay enact leg islation providing fo r th E: tended. St. Viator was represen ted men's retreats completely disrupt centralized con trol of production and by Messr s. R alph E. Hoover, Robert such suppositions. In th e p ast, the consumptlOn lD the maJor mdustnes." A . Nolan, and J. Kenneth Bushman. r e treat conducted at St. Viator Col VIator was represented by Messrs The critic judge of the debate was . J P. O'Bnen and J Burke Mona- Waldo E . Waltz Oi. the U niver sity of lege h as been no exceP t~on to thi: han. !vIr J Kenne th Bushman acted Illinois. In his discussion of th e , rule" and th e. interest dIsplayed a" as chaIrman. The cntI c Judge of th e debate, Professor Waltz pOinted out prevlOus. meetmgs warrants t~ e .com debate was Miss Eva Minor, a! that (he Viator debaters presented a mon belIef that our retreat IS m no prominent attorney and social worker better analysis of "(..he questlon, more way unpopular. of Kankakee_ Miss Minor gave her convi n cing eviden ce, and showed th e Viatorian Father to Preach . decision to the negati ve because, as greater debating effectiveness. The servi ces of the retreat will be sh e said, the affirmative did not sufunder the very capable direction 01' I ficiently upho ld the bu rden of proof FRESHMAN CLASS the Rev, J , B, Bradac, C, S, V, Fa, d emanded in a debate a nd because th er B radac has distinguished him'I the negative succeed~d in tearing TO HOLD SMOKER self as a retreat master throughout down t he arguments proposed by the the country, and it is for this reaaffirmative. Although the negative ' On March 19 the Freshman Class son that his guidance in this solemn did the better debatIng, the sp eaker s will hold the first of a series of ven t ure is awaited with great interfrom Dayton impressed the audience s mokers to be given by the various est. wi th their s upe rior and polished or a - classes of St. Viator College. The t ory. smoker is under the ausp ices of the

~or College defeated the University Academy of Our



~~:~~~n ~ff ~~:~:t:;~o~a~i:::i:it~O:-~

~~~: ~::-su an ~o:l:eS ::::. already HARVARD PAPER p

industry to cut down over production. They further pointed out that the affirmative plan was not centra !ized control of industry at all. in his de'cison, Professor Bost said that from the point of view of per suaSrieobnu'ttadlesli vboerthY' sloidgtesc , weeVlr'edenevceen' ,aHnCel

The party is to be held in the college club room s. A light refreshBoston.- The H arvard Crimson, un ment will absolutely be served. At der grad uate daily newspaper, will present members of the class a re on not apo logize for its editorial of th e lookout for entertainers to Jan. 21, in w hIch it declared that brighten up the evenin g . It is hoped I the Spanish J esuit order Is no Jongthat this affair will set th e stand-I er an "incorruptible organization." ard fo r a number of such activities The Crimson, in an editorial, mai n-

The illinois Colleg'e Dubat"c . O'B d Messrs. Monahan, rien, an Midd leton scored a victory over IJlinois College on the night of March 10, in the College Club rooms. Mr. ~i'rank Wirken presided over the de bate. The critic judge was Professor W. J. Huston of the University •• \..1 _ of Illinois. Professor Huston gave tors are working on the case in an t ffi th e decision to the negative because attempt to discover traces of the so- ~i\~:r~:~a~s:. d~~Si:~d, 0 t:~r aco::~ all the principal objections of 1..1t~ called "firebug," d b eration of the issue involved In the affirmative were answereu, an eP as tor And Assistant Alumni. II debate were better than th e neg~- cause the negative presented arguments which the opponen....s fall' The Rev. S. V. Moore, pastor of t lve. ed to answer adequately. Holy Trinity, was graduated from St. The Bergin Debating Society \s Viator College when Father Marsile grateful to North Centr~l College A feature of the affirmative was W3.S yet president of the institution. for the splendid hospltahty shown the complete presentation of their The asSiStfUl t pastor. Father Farrell. the viSaing Viator team, and to Mr. plan in the orst construcl~ve speech is also a Viator product. having com- John Ripstra of Kankakee who very which maile ,,11e _ebate much easier pIe ted his studies in 1924. Father kindly provided the means for tran.5- and more enjoyable to follow. Farrell was a three sport man here, portation to Napervil1e. Bradley Debate deld at I~cademy of and his atbletic exploits are still Dayton Bo\,'s to Viator. Our Lady. dlstinctJy remembered. On the evening of March 2, the The debate with Bradley was held


which . will contribute an added touch I tains its original pos ition, "reinto campas social life. fo r ced by the advice of re liable authoriUes," and fee ls "that no retrac .. MAG.-\ZINE TO CORRECT ERROR tion of the statements is necessary



Chicago.- The Reader's Digest, which in January declared that a Catholic council once went on record declaring that women have no souls, has told the Rev. T. Rowan of The New World that it will print one of many letters it has received denying the statement. Dr. Wolft, author of the article, has ignored letters sen t I to him, The Digest says.



and that the incident r equires no further comment," The Crimson's "public clarification and definition of its exact position" is the result of a demand for an apo logy made by the Rev. Michael J. Ahem, S. J., of Weston college, in the course of a radio broadcasl of the Catholic Truth period on Feb. 14.



Tuesday, March



P.H.O·O·E .Y

IJ, 1932


PRINTERS AND STATIONERS Boy-what a tournament . that final game another like Printing, Engraving, Greeting Cards, Office and School Suppl1es, that would be fatal to anyone . Loose Leaf Forms, Binders, Etc. I the boys from Trinity left thei r 264 East Merchant Street. wake in Jim Dugan's r oom . . . Ji m says "Never again." . Jim Flynn Telephone 4GJ Kankakee, ill. and brother Charlie down for the to urnament . . ' Charlie sleeping ' - - - - - -- - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - -- - - - ' with the h~:)llorab] e roomie and me r ,- - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - : . we will . . before we go on RIEL Y & RIEL Y NOT m e ntion Chuch Car n ey, th ~ boy,! of the Bushy Club, or Pete


ClIAs. C. RIELY DONALD M. RlEI.Y And talking ab::mt moral victories- we wonder why La!!ey's tooth . by the way the upperclas!3men did not record the football and bas- try to count the "Jims" in the ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS AND DEALERS school. . we'd lik e to see "Abhoo' ketball games? Eal'ly in the year the Freshmen and the Weber in a soup and fish the :electricians for St. Viator College Sophs engaged in a foo tball game which was refereed hy "business hours" sign on Joehl and a Soph, Much to th e surprise of the twelve men on th\ ~ M"nns' room . .. Terry blowing an- ~_T_e_I_ep_h_o_n_e_w__5 ________________________3_62__E_M__t _CO __u_rt__s_tr_~_I__1 ~oph t2am the freshmen succeded in scoring a winning other fuse .. . sayings heard in the touchdown'. And t o think that the Sophs entered the candy s~ore af"r dinne: .. '. that's gentlemen ... don t do It . . f res hman t ern'tory on Iy. once.I TI1e secon d morll: I VI' Ct ory Ime, I'm dead followin' ya ... we wonfor the Sophs :"as wo n 111 a more thorough fashlOn when der who left the empty Cigarette D. J, O'LOUGHLIN, M. D. they wer so k1l1cl as to penmt the freshmen to let the Ipackages in the co-ed's cloak room Practice Limited to banner of '35 grace the campus for almost six weeks, also why the sudden rush to And now t he Sophs ring up still another ! This time they the infirmary? .. general all-round EYE, r::.\ R, NOSE AND THROAT ., 4 . t - 1'1 I th gripping because there were no "secIIe Id teres h f h men cagel s t o 9oJ P01l1 S W 11 e t ley em- onds" dut'ing the tournament selves were bus:! collectine 9. 'Tis sad, indeed; cut facts the frosh still trying to fignre out 602 CIty National BanI, Bl1g. KANKAKEE, ILL. iJ facts. \vhere that "moral victory" C.Hn '! in - - SVCwhat is the world coming to~ After making a craeful survey of the financial condiJoehlBurns didn'tstudying get a letter today . Jack (?) in the ~=========================~ tion of the occupants of Roy Hall and then noticing the village . R ed Hayes calls a cerMEADOW GOLD ICE CREAM CO. bl'Ge attendance of students at the basketball t ourney, I tain type of humor a "Carn ey-i sm' I(ANKAKEE PU~E MILK CO. BRANCH . Bud O'Mara moving to 322 . \7() ulc1 sav that a college education at least developes init iative 'and a capacity for the ability to cope with and crack er s and sandwich spread in Bulgarious Butter Milk Milk and Cream Stu Baker's room 319- " the overcome the various "pecunial'Y liaJ:jaities" one meet s kitchen 396 SOUTH· SQHUYLER AVE. of the corridor" the in life, She3S t aking turns in th e infirmarj Alwa.ys ·Drink Pasteurized Mill<. Our Wagons Pass Your' Door Every Morn1ng Before Y ou Have Breakfast. -SVCt..'1e "clubhouse " next door . Both Phones 45 DRINK Mll..K Stew Dent: (in good spirits): Good moming, dear 'rrv Mathews nightly visits to 317 1 teacher. back paints for a south short stay I g Walters lots of I -=============.:====~==:':======= and Teacher (rather sadly) : Hello. luck, Ig . .. Waikoviak at the frosh ... .. meeting askin g who was the most Stew Dent (still in good spirits): After all it is a McBroom's Cafe F irst Class ,Restaurant " frequent atte!1der of dan ces in th e fine day. EstabI'rhed 1908. , fJ;"ashman c.!.ass . . . occupants of the ;) Classmate (foreshadowing): Yes, but there .is an ill "wolf "; table" wo n't permit J e rr} Meals, Short Order~, Specials ,and Confections omen in the air. 'j e::-ry to dine with them anymo r e I they say h e needs a table aI_I I Teachers hands back back examin;:ttion papers, Private Dining; Rooin for Ba...'1quets and Parties. to him self . Bus Mann' s 'trick ci . ,. Stew Dent (sinking in chair) : "E,;t tu ProP" .I{ANI(Al{!l!E, D...LlNOIS. , j are ttes J. T. Ryan " bucking" ·11 Classmate: You are wounded. sire? on his own baJJ . ' Vonder If Dick 1. Stew Dent: "No, sire, I ~m flunked .. 1_


=':=======!"====' ! E ;'====;


-SVC~ !'"

After many disappointments 'the freshman reporters won their way into Thomas Michael Ahern's vast offices in the gym, and after much reluctance he made the fo l1 0w i J1~ st atement:



Shea took his h air tonic w i th h Im to t h e infirmary . . . th ese bridge gam 2s in room 31 in Marsile . . Karr walking home w ith- ch eck me B. L, FITZGERALD if you've heard it already.. won der who he has never had a date Insurance, ' Loans and Bonds .Herb asl< T y Schwartz Hoover says he has never had a I Rooms 5, 61 7. and 8 dat e O'Mara trying to typ e with his face full of Vick's. VOLKMANN BUILDING Jockum J oeh l . . . Portnoy trying to get comfor table in accounting . :! Puff's letter from Bloomington in a '_ _ _ _ _ _.L ! ---------------~----~


SVCWe suggest that the debaters in their search for material on the present depression cOI,lfer with Werner hand Joe Gorman's Salg, From what we can gather, "Wennie" has some con- feminine picture in th~~ Carmel year book . clusive arguments which pl'ove that a complete J'evision Gen Adam's 'n ote to one of the prof's of the credit, system is absolutely necessary. Put a tack . . . some of the boys playing bridge w ith the sam e prof .:t. T on this, Wennie.

- svc-

SMITH -ALSOP Kankalwe 'Paint Store

G reene's Sunday night dates Ken Corcoran's a r dent desire to en

A late r eport f ro m the United States Postol Depart· ter the infirmary a few hours before ment informs us that Bourbonnais may receive a r:old the main event of the evening . medal for handling more mail since September first than lights burn late in 309 as Stu Ba any other t:Jwn of its size in the United States. The vil- k er ponders over new questions to in Religious class . th e autolage attributes this to the great hO'l11e-tovv"n popularity of ask g raph ed pictures in 322 ... Jim two Viator students-Jim Woulfe and Ralph Joel. Watch Woulfe passing around his love le tout Walt2r WinchelL ter s . . . Jim says he's going to I

- svc-

Meany: You can sit do wn no w. Freshman: Liar. SVCHoover: I'm a self -made man, Baker: How noble of you to take all the blame yourself. SVCVie suggest that the freshman dance committee confel' with Mans Mancini for interior decoration suggestions.

- svc-

Fashion Notes . . . Wirken causes indigestion . . . with new style dinner jacket .. . deported from Belgium , . , we mean the jacket.

publish them in boo k form for th e edifi cation of future Viator s tudent s I wonder whe r e th e f r esh man flag is . . . it flew, quite a long time, you know Dick Shea has been "moving ou t" for the pas t month . . . Bill "Miss 'em" MacGuire shooting at the eight ball . . do

P hone 30

209 East Court St.

NOTRE DAME CONVENT Accredited to TIll n ols University A Select Boarding School for Girls and Young Ladies. This institut~on is conducted by the Sisters of Notre Dame, and offe r s eve ry opportunity to young ladies for a thorough Christian and secular education. Prices reasonable. For Catalogue , address


YOU want to fight Me? ... one box

of bird seed, p lease hot cha . . . heard on the third corridor . I'll break your jaw . . . anybody go- , in' to town? . . . got a stamp? a certain f r eshman dating a ce rtain senior gal . Jack Quinn bursting forth into song . . the three bad men-Kell y, Bimmerle, and Winter- I




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I ~------------------------------------~



)1arcb 15, 1932






player and WIth a little more time for de\'elopment he probably \V111 be"

Romary Closes Career on '!'he Hardwood

We saw in the paper where both


Best Brand of Basketball is E xhibited

Viator won their ninth game of the season by defeating the powerful Spalding and ~ty had ~een in,,;t- t The tournament was ope ned on Friday evening by Trinity of BloomValparaiso team 24-22, It w .... a close game throughout , both teams play- ed to the National Catholic Touroa- ington and Visitation of Kewanee, Big Bill Conroy made the first points lng a.a though the confe ren ce title depended on th e outcome. ment at Loyola University in Chi- of the tournament when be popped in a beautiful free-throw ring shot. With fif ty seconds to go the score was tied and the play became furl- eago. Here's hoping th ey get into From then on Trinity encountered surprising oPPOsition and at half time OUB, each team trying to make the winning bucket. "Zeke" Westray. sub- cliff t brackets and reach th the score was deadlocked at eleven all. At the third quarter the score was IJU tutin g tor Baker, was fouled and dropped in both free tosses to give eren e I still very close Trinity holdin g a slight advantage. Then in the last qua..rViator the victory. fi.na1s of that tournament so that t er the Bloomington boys simply outclassed the opponents and coasted in Hayes, Sophomore forward, played a flashy game collecting t en points l they can have another one of their I to a 21-12 win. to add to hi s ever growing collec tion for th e season. Hayes plays fighting I wIld. close games. / In the next game St. Pats of Kankakee. one of the most popular ball, Is a real ball-hawk and Is shifty as a lynx on th e foul line With I teams In the tournament, easily defeated Cathedral High of Belleville by a this years experience tuc ked away Ln hls red head he is gomg to cause a score of 23-11. The St. Pats boys had been coached for a few days prelot of trouble fo r opposing guards nex t year Red is Immensely popular I ceedin g by Laffey and Karr of the Viator Varsity. They showed mark ed wtth th e c rowd w hpre ever be goes and if thi s we re a cntenoo of hlS true improvement and seemed to have adapted several trick s from the two worth he would be nothing less than a supe r-man Viator wizards. O'Connell and Caron starred for the \vinne rs with three The Valoo boys were anxious to I buck ets each while there were no. outstanding pe rfor m e rs for B e lleville. upse t Viato r beca'Jse we already had TO URN AME T In the final game of the evemng St Joseph of Rock Island defeated took the floor amid the cheers of a S ID E Ll G HT~...., onr· win ove r them in a game earli er St Mar y of i\It. SterlIng m a slow large partisan crowd. O'Conne ll III th e se""on , H oweve r, the Viator I --ThrillinoGame Ends 20-20 umnterestlng game, MilIe~, St, Joe started the scoring wIth a basl,ct The OffiCIalS and sponsors of the ,.. , . boys were no~ ~') be denied the Vlc-I to t d k center was e astly the s tar of the and from then unti l fifty seconds beurnamen cooperate to plC an . . 1 to ry after working as hard for it ~ 11 ta 0 th I With only thirty seconGs to go game With e ig ht of hIS t ea m s POInts fore the game ended Pats held oR a -s r team . ne ra er pecu lar I fact about the selection was- the Peter s of Spaldmg sank a sensa- / Tim e a n d agam he would take the le ad of from one to three points. th(Jy did. Schwartz. regular Viator guard s uper-abundan ce of good centers tional basket from almost mld-ftoor ball off the opponents bacI<board and Just before the g ame e nded MUl e r.









sever~ ! They finally pic ked th ree of them , to send the ~ame mto overtime per- ~;b:~::t ::e ~~:g~: 0pfa~~e I~O~: o:~ ~l~d J~ecesnc~e;e n:~e :~: ~~:t \~~~~ 1 and moved two to forwards Peters lr.ds Peters basket was the chmax cold and mlssed playing in th e lasl , f S Idto vid I ' id of a heart-breaking Spalding rallY ', hav e to take a long fulil e s hot at the into an overtime pe rIod , SL Pats game of the Rcaso n. "Ty" Is a cool 0 pa g was e e nt y cons erd h d t f tb d 1 U '. d th b t f th th f h I into which the team put every ounce hoo p. However he was so goo to a wo ree rows ur ng 10 pel headed pla ye r and makes an ideal , c e es. 0 e ree or ere- I of strength and ene rgy which they this game that it was a lmost a fore- iod and misseJ both of them white t at center. ~~e other I possessed running mate tor Ralph Karr, vet- Wn ed hI s POSC It was a rally that gone conclusion that he wou ld be on St. Joe had one and made it g ivingtwo ce nt.e rs, onroy of Tnmty and . th th 18-17 e ra" lns h defense a ce. Miller of St. Joe were moved up to brought the madly cheering partisan th e all-star t ea m. , em e game . I CaptaIn " Puft " ! ..omary broug ht to I the forward positions. The guards crowd to its feet and kept them ! In th e fi r st game next morning I I n t h e next game Spalding a mos t a close a g lorious fou r yea r baske t- ! chosen we r e S\,"~eney of Trinity anti there c heering until the final gun Spalding of Peoria winner of the I ran into a t s tumbling block in tht.: ball car eer as an Irish forward. Martin of Routt. Evidently these sounded. t ou rnam ent for the last three years. form of S .. Bede. The lead sec d f t d St J f f C· sawed bacl< and forth d u r ing the mnry ha9 played more d efe ns ive b al 1 were almost unanimously th e choice B a t t!e Thru Two Ove r t lmes. e ea e .' oe rom ar away whole first half. thl8 year than any other forward in of th e best players of th e toumaFor two thrilling overtime periods by a score of 27-13. T he game wa<>n t How eve r mo.lnly thl' co nfrre ncc. and to r this reason m ent because the::-e has not been these two g reat high sc hool teams close eno ugh ':.'J be r eally in t e r esting. t hro ugh Foxes three baskets they WIUI nol Huch " consla t e nt sco re r .... 1 on e kick made agains t th eir being battled It out until they were too Howe ver it did show lhat P e t e rs , held a 10-8 advantage at th e ha lf , ' t ccn.e t r. h a d 1os.' none 0 f t'"'1~ At the third quart er the game W[l!i h(" W aa In former years. " Pu ff" can- I selec t ed. , tired to walk and yet n either t eam gian not be given too mu ch c r edit for could score. Each team's defense ability he had showed for th e pas t sUIl a toss-up. IIoweve r In l he la s t th(' mann ~ r in which he has direc ted TobIn of Co rp'" Chtist'l W . ' hl'gh tightened in these two periods until three seasons. H e collec ted six bas- half quar ter P e ters woke up aml ~ ~ k t d f th f t t l f made three buckc ts for an 18-12 vlcthf~ tf-nm this ycar. His being se-, sco re r of th e t ournam ent and to our the y were almost impregnable. At e s an a ree row or a 0 a 0 lN't d 0 n th e a 11 -con f .c rcn cc b as k e,t - minds was without a. doubt the best the end of the second ove r time with 13 points. This game also went a tory for his t eam. (' bull learn h. a lU!:tt tribu t e to thiS sho t in th e t o urnam ent. Although t h e score still tied and both t e am s long way toward convinc ing the o thI n the last game oC the second g' r pa t ba.'I I<.... tc{·r who \;Q9 also a star his team only played in two games practically out on th ei r feet they e r t eams that Spalding was just as , round Routt defea t ed Corpus Chrisfl Ml both footbR.1I and ballPball he made thirty-one polnts or an I sti ll wan t ed to get up and battle jt tough this y ear as they had been 10 of Ga Les burg by a Bcore of 23-l7. BakC" r . Opxtrr, H1.rJlng, \Vtntt' rh a I- I ave rage of fiftee n pe r gam e which is out ~ormer years. 'fhey did not have to ex tend them l, r, Atkins. G reene. and Zarz8 ali i pretty good in any league, I Howeve r after a confe r en ce beI n the nex t and las t gam e of t!1e selves to any g rcat (leg- ree a llhoug h m orning session St Bede of P e ru h a d Tobin that scoring ace from C hri ~ tl (:omp lett'<.1 their Hrst year on th e tween the offlclnls" C~aches and the rathe r a hard tim e dispOSIng of S t did give th e m a few thrllls by a ga in \·· tutor Hqund. Thel«' F"r("~hmen ShOW-I Routt had two of the best match- Presiden t of the Ins tltution it was Cere9a of Deca~:J r. However one of collec tin g t e n of hi s team!-J ~even• I l r I d t ' d g \ d h decided that neith e r t ea m was in fit th e main reason s for thi s was t he t ee n pOints. Mantucho and Martin I ta.O 0 prom >c an nex year 9 e lr s we ave eve r seen on , It u.m w111 be g-n'aUy improved by high school team. They wor~ed very co ndition to go on and that It might fact that th eIr reg ular ce nter go t were th e s tars for th e winnors n l. t ill' I'x pt'rlt· nct.' th l,:tt.' men got durin g smoo thl y toge th er but Martin, hav- inJure the boys nealtn pe rman ently I stalled so m e place and did no t show though the whole t ea m 8c('med 10 lht~ pn'.lil'ot !-<t'R...-.on. Baker played lng a s light advantage on t he or-I if they were allowed to go a n y fur- up In time for the game. The re c li ck with th e precision of a eloele r, 'gular ('('ntt'r and is to be com plI.j fense, was placed 00 th e mythical t~er. For th ese r easons it was deIn the firs t gam e of th e sem i-flnut !i m~ntc<.1 for "0 qukkly 8.dapttng hlm- l l1v " c ld ed to call th e gam e th en and were no outstanding sta rs to the Trinity disposed of St. J oe In g r NLt t't*H t o an l'nttrt'ly new type of ball. _ th e re and to playoff th e tie the (01- game bu~ It. was by tar the most fash ion and qua.lified to ml'd th e lowing Sunday night In the Viator Inte restlng game of the tourney th a t Tht· 8l" l-.oton WU'" om' or UP!! and I Pete rs of Spalding although not gymna.sium. fa r . By dint of three baskets 10 winne r at th e Spaldin g Routt gam(' 1~'JWn but Wt' h'f'1 that it wa.... a an out!4tandlng favorite of the crowd quick succession In th e las t q ua rter fo r t he Champtonshlp. The gamt.' WIlM 'HJlt't'a:t In thUl. d~':ipl lt' many un- Mhowt'u a lot of fig ht to bolste r th.' Trinity Lead.!ol. B Jde's pulled away to a 10-14 advan-I c lo:ic a ll the way through but TrinmtUJP\llnK dn.'umM.ta nn'ft th e t t:'am learn up at crucial moments. They For the first half, in fact for the t age whIc h th ey held until the end tty n eve r really ex t ended th emH(' lvCH lwpt on tlKhling \Vlth thi s 8pirit needed everything they had to eltm· first th ree quarters It was all Trin- of t he game, I bf'C6U8C they wcr(' ftRvt ng thcmff('lvf~ I Un') "\\on 1\ lolt\1 or ntn~ gamt' and Inate th(" smooth wo r king Routt tty, They took sevcn s hots In the In the first afte rnoon game Routt for th e nig ht gCLmc. Led by Con roj 111:4t oilly Ix . team anu again in coming from be- firs t halt and connecteJ with five of of Jackso n ville, t ourney favo rite. ran with sev(' n poi ntH Trinity Kco r~'d fir· hind to tic Trimty them which coupled With three trep wild over St Mary ChampaJgn by a t C'n points to St JO('H t' leven Ht I throw~ gave t.hem an almost tnsur-Iscore of 33-7 They certain ly did .Joe showed whflt mllrv("!oW:I Hpirlt scort" 110 I BIll Conroy or TrinIty won th. mountab le lead o( 13-6 When the look hl(. the e l"". o( the tourna- lh,'y had by fighllnl( with a ll thl'lr \'IATOf ~'C ~'r p,,'" i mONt ,,·aluabh: playt:>r award suc- second hal! started they came baek ment In tht s game Martin dlmtnu- j s trength lo thf' vf'ry " nd of ttl!' () 3 ~ ct't:>ding his brother Gene who won as ~trong 8.!:1 e . .·er and by the ltme live guard ~howed hi~ clever quIck I gamf' although thl'Y km'w they wert· 2 3 the honor llL.-lt. year, Conroy well, the third quarter had rolled around witted abil1ty to figure out what hit up ago.inHt u. II trongf'r tNl rn 'fhl:! ~ c.1t"St"ncd th{" honor l:>t!cause hi.S all- th~y had ~tretched their lead to US- opponent WR..... golng to do and al"o game went 6 long way toward,. win 3 itTOund ability lIhow~ him to be the 9 Howev e r by this tIme they were sco red cOfl.'th,tently during thlM gam~. 'ning the HportsmlLll~hlp "'' 'rophy for .) mitlD.:jl8Y of hl~ team bo~h on ot- bt-ginnlng to tlre and they wert.' all In the final game ot th t' first round thf'm. I) U r -n i> and Jdt'nse. through for the e \'t:'nlng CorpU:i Chrtltti ot Cale2tburg barE'ly Thf.> oth"r ~('ml.tlnaJ gflfn(' bf'lwf· ... n [I • rz r II 0 det~ate(j (o."'ox Vall~y High or Auro.. Spalding r:t.nlj H.fJult WWI Koc)d f'nollgh JJf't pr~ vad"l Spalding Comfoba.('k. If rUIng ~ ~ ra 2" -1~ tn a. game that wan nfover to bI> thf! final Kllm" in any (Jth,·,. Sl. or Ro.,'k I:41anJ Wll.'l In the Ia.,t qU4l'U>r Spalding bf-gan toumamf'nL itl)utt had tW(, v!t'tl,rj('" a'4~rde-J the port!!lm.a.n!.hlP cup. Th..-y uef'l,j"j until a minute: bfotore thf> Tot -: 2~ ,,~~ u. pluck,· tea.m whi h 3bowed to W J.kt: up and ko by the indomlt- enJ lJv~r Srm.ldlng {juring th" ft.'IUu)n tlnd of tht' The If"ad ('hnngt:d ableP t~r cam~ bMk b tIethe WfUt thtr('fl)r!' II III1",ht tl!.VtJrlt/- b'-(flro 0 ~u ~"'T IP pi nty ot ftght iU\O '4 t:'r~ a m natc.< to (·ort:r at ~I) all and tl!nJ the gamt' hand:, no If'~ thl1n Hix tlm~ dUring the game. HIJw f.!'/~r thPi RrmJdll1y' top-notch... llu'ougllOuI the 0 U U lh u::to overtime P~teN h J bH-n more the Kame. Tobin , Chnsti f(Jrwnrd tea.m f:vltjfl:ntly dldn·t thInk thll." twt) 1 :I or leas befort' thL! qu rte-r but ad up a &c(JnnK r,.r.orrJ tlJ IhOlJt at wJn., mt-Hnt I1nythln" stnll frtHlJ th~ one of the I 3 1 V,i"a.s then he how'!d the K nd or whtn he Tt!gl ~re.;l l·. . .·,..nty-(JOt., fJt hhf t)p4!'nlng whlltlfol tlJ thl'! hllitl gun I ball player lllAl he r lIy WWI He te m a twenty·tour pOlrltJI In tit... tir t game: of the I"cl)nd ~paJdlnK WflJI nf'V ,. !n flrr"~lrA (}TII 0 cam~ througb In that ta.ol p<nod (or round TnnJty h:.t. J an y lIme ,j1.. unu.!1.J41 fw·t,ut thf'J I(J.1IflfJ Wait I) t.nree ba3ke and t'AO tr; thro",'. poostng of S ,Mary of MoUne whc th~ pl4Y Qr the Hlll.ltt t:~n~r ·NhIJ ...11.1 h j nothing moT- or lee thAD Jrew a bye the tint round by a held the ver:JllUle f···te-r M;'Jr leu 1:1i~ In the ball game H SCQre of 27 11\ SWet'nt')' WWI tht: "J/hilil'! scttllng Bl!W'O pt'Jlllt~ I11m.clf ~ et o( he ",emng WhIch tar or the game (or the win I'll &00 pal<J nl( pulled aw· y U, what ..,ern: before It t.r k of thf! htre It wu he :ftr 1. howeJ tht ru a (.(JmlnariJJJ/}~ I d ~"pl Urn,.. llnal gun,. one of those & ty that put him CiD the • J but these f"lJ.ilJU t.... ,YiI a,way. c [( ~ a .U~ Ins~ tow-name"t team back and kep the crow I \tl an up-

was in th e lnfirmary with a



Ro- I












Atte nd th e Freshma n Dance


In the DtX! Kame S



I' \f,r; 6



Frosh Announce ' Club Addressed Spalding Takes IT riniiy Opens Wilh Biggesi Social By The Righi Rev. Trophy For Third Win Over Visilalion Eveni of Year J. W. R. Maguire (Continued (rom Page t) (Co nUnut*-d (rom 3)


Pn~ l"

((;n ntinu(:d fro m


P agp J )


Howe\'er in the last quarter Brophy made two baskets and a f r ee-throw to give Spalding a lead

Jar'k of tux '., among the upperc18.B8mf!n, Two (;ommlttf".(~" In A c tion . [fronde Smith, James Fullman and

filet In China Is involved, because Spalding the lead at half time 7-6 China has been fOT a great many P ete rs tOTS For paJdJng. years a very large and wealthy Trinity started out fast in the wlllch they held unul the end of the country In the sense that it has second half. A basket, a freethrow game. The final score was 18-13 and

r,mr'r,,:on Dexter were appointed by the frcshman president to select the mUHlc for the evening. This commltt"e has already r~celved word trom fJ('ve ral of thf' best orchestra leaders In this and su rrounding states. These orchf!::tlra.'i a rc well known (or their Huperlo r music In fact they are so

3plendid undeveloped natural re50urces, and has been exploited by many of the other powers of the world, and America, naturall y, is fearful lest her interests should suffe r com. petition with the others. Th I d e more mm~ tate relation of America to this sltuaUon .arises out




by a long of Conroy. roar Peters then sank a freethrow to give

«'ontlnu t'd (rom l.oagl' J)

and another basket gave them an Brophy was fouled and registered both gift shots. P eters then tied the score 11-11. As the period ended Peters again marked up two points to give Spaldlng a two point lead. Trinity TakE'S Lea<L 11-7 advantage.



& Ca ey

For m ~~ G.-..dco a ~ ....

.. d



thls sounds close It was , _ __ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _--.

much closer in actualtty and the game was not won un ttl the final I whistle had blown. DuMng this game Brophy, Spalding guard. was hit so severfcly in the eye wi th the ball I that It bothered him during the rest

W_ G_ CHD...DS anitar y Market

~eOO~H! n~;.:n o~h~~e~. 18Itdi:~UJ~e~ ~f

thr e: lreatieS or ~~~em e~ts that ba~n ~e s::~~~ff'tw~n;:rnt:':~ th e of th e tournamen t. This ga me qUal iTelep ho ne 137 ave een rna d e t n t e last the fied Spalding to meet TMnlty that e man twelve year s: the so-called "Ninp first play. Spalding r etaliat ed Imnight for t he championship while om car'h of the r enow ned bands. By Power P act" of 1922 the W ashtn ~ mediately with a basket by Brophy. doing l hls we can be assu red of the ton Conference of 1924, which ri~- With a few seconds to go W eis bruck R o utt would meet St. Joe for the feature '. 'l.len(., of seve r a l bands In- c Ipa II y reau It ed P n ai treaty p rovid- mad e the bask et which s pelled de- third place trophy. Lea ve Your Launa ry and D ry corpo raC ~d In to one gorgeous con- Ing fo[ lhe reduction of naval arma- feat for th e Bloomington boys. C leaning with I n the third place game which followed with a free throw g lome raUon. (Be calm . It was m e re - ments of Lhe U nited States, and th e Straub Iy " sugges Uon .) Kellogg-BMand Pact"'. which made the score 16-1 7 as the took place that evening Routt, alWerner G_ Salg The dlstHbution of tickets has been _ game end ed . though very tired from UIeir ha rd AGENCY DOJla TIO LAUNplaced In th c ha nds of a co mmittee Sm all P r esen ts T r oph y . ~am e with Spalding in th e afternoon DR Y CO. ot lhree, MI ~.s Mary Cruise, Jobn The winners of the Bishop Sheil t::r,mpletely outclassed St. Joseph of Dr y Cleaners Ru ~ rll Quin n and Don Hi ckey. These thre e / ••••• Trophy was accorded an unpreced- Rock Island. Martin again s tarred KANKAKEE, ILL. :l.ntlclpo.te ve ry lillie trouble in dlsented honor wben Ex-Governor Len controlling the bal l from the time it posing of th e ti ckets. The support (Cuntlnu(>d fTom Page 4) Small consented to present the sym- le ft the finger-tips of his cente r ungive n to both the a lumni and sopho- halter . .. George Bachman putting bois of victory to the two bes t teams til It was either safely put in his mo re dances by the freshmen ce r- In a claim for some of Jim Hunt's of the conference. Mr. Small, who own basket or else St. Joe had taken taln ly warran ts th clr confidence. honrs want a hair-cu t ? a t this time is engaged in th e press- it away by main force of numbe r:3. KUPPENHEIME R see Mancini but you better ::iee ing duties of a pOlitical campaign, is The game was rather inte resting beQuality Clothes For W a lkov iak firs t . . Mancini Is also sincerely thank ed by the Tournament cause again St. Joe were lighting E very Man an expe rt exterior deco rator officials fo r his cou r tesy and fo r the flgai ns t hope less odds but the winn er Now this f amou! clothing lates t indoor sport. Dexter an d encouragement given to the compet. was obvious from the s tart. The is wi th in r each of &II. ___ Be rnatovl cz playing hockey on the ing t eams. final score w as 21-13 and it probSUI TS AND OVERCOATS third corrIdor .. Jim McNally ar- I ably could have been larger had $35. (Con linued from Page 1) gumg about the be nefits of aboltsh- "' _ . _ Routt ex t e nded themselves. PLANT-KERGER CO, Th e n ex t fi ght., which were t he ing football In coll eges ·'Muggsy" The fina l game between Spalding 'Nationally known Men's Wear d0wnfali of lhe Vi.torians as far a, Maguire taking up billiards Joe Tnmty WIll be fully discussed J ulnls were con cerned , we re fought "Bing Crosby" Farr ell competin g In another sectlOn of t he paper. ,-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _-.1 by Z:lrzn, Noonan , O'Con n or and with friend Quinn Vange Legris --;---------~------. Boldl. Th e latter unfortunate ly autographing programs at the tour(Conti n ued fr om Page 1 ) McLaren's Sandwich dropped to t!lC m a t a nd hit his head n ament . . . famou s last words . . the IIIjnois Federation of Colleges is THE CITY BANKS Shop 11 such a way that he was unabl e glmme a smoke till tomorrow . . . not th e first of Its kind which has Ka.nJ ak w conti nu e and th!:; bout was given Moon Rutecki says that all stags come to Father Maguire, since he I { ee, m. REA L H O~IE- MADE PIES to h is oppOllcnr on a technical caugh t at the freshman dance wi ll was fo r two years president of the Welcomes Your A N D CA KES ),noci<:out. 1hc ot!ler three all lost be punished in accordance with the COll ege. departmen.t ~f the Catholic I' ' C"y c lose doclslon3. The five I rish crime Zi g -zag Zarza would have E :lucatlOnal ASSOCIation, and for six Banking Business S andwi ches fighters showed their skill, acquired the village called Bour"Banas" years secretary of its standar diza· I BO URBONNAlS. ILL. unde r Coach Jack Corcoran and they Junior Turner g iving the upper-class- tion committee. I Co rn e r Co ur t S t . and Schuy le r will undoubtedly be s ure point w in- men their dairy lesson in handball Avenue. ners for tile Saints in the future. In this cornah-Emmer son De,,B u t thc Viator bo ys showed a r e- ter, the pride of Champaign vo,,![ sal of form displayed at Armour "Big Times" is sure tough on ring (Continued From Page 1.) Amedee T. Betourne A. J. LANDROCHE Captain Puff Romary was on an Tech, in lhe Iri sh gym on :M arch 11, posts th e session in 318 after the matches and this frosh a ll confe rence team selected by t h e when they completely outclassed d Pharmacy GR OCER Y AND MA RKET t tl Ir former conquerors Zarza, ance should be an a1fair wor th re- Decatur Herald. To quote the H ert hon gh c',:ccllen tl y qualified t o rep re- rlt!mbenng hope you're all ther e a id: "Rom a ry Is sm a r t, a wonde rful P h on e 561 CUT RATE DRUGS 202 Main S t . sent th e Saints, \vas un a ble to obso long .. Oh, yes, HOne c u t - ha ll h a ndle r a nd as good on th e det lebone, please." fe nse as the offe nse." Karr, Viator l.l~n a decision. His excellen t foot11 9 Co urt St., KankakPe, Ill. BOURBONNAIS , ILL. guard, was given hono r ab le men tion worl{ shows his inborn ability t o box I on the same team. "Uld alUlough he lacks experience we predict a g reat f uture for him in the b'tm tle a.rt of fist-cuffing. -LUNA (Continued From Page 1) I The point winners for the evening HOTEL KAN KAKEE BARBER SHOP of the even ing. the Ve ry R ~ver-=lltl J . I '.\ere Noonan, H a rdin g, Baldi, and Sidney H er bs t , Pr~ . an d General Manager . W. R. Maguire, C. S. V. , voiced the I C'Co nnor. All four received deciappreciation of the college in having .';ium.1 after hardfought battles. Hard-:MAGNIFICENT BALL BOOM DINING R OOM the honor of entertaining "the sixl:1g'S impromptu battle was one of nut Door A he art y welcome awai ts the s tudents e. . . citem en t and much hard hitting. teen best basketball teams in the and ( Mends of SL Via tor CoUege The unexpec tedness of hi~ app~ar- s tate." H e also expressed his gratiN orth of Luna Thea tre ,\nee UUlt nig ht adc':!C1 more color t o tud e to the prominent civic figures NORTHEAST COB~R SCHU YLER AT KEKCHANT Hugges t c J t hat fr




1,--- ------ ---- -


PH 0 0 EY

Viaior Pugs

Showing St:uff






Inols Federation. Names Economlsi ~.d



Carthage On Top



Peoria Mayor


the fight and also gives him more who had spared thei r .valuable time CI'E'dit for having \yon without to be present at the dJone r . mg. The banquet last Sunday evenin g A rmour failed t o provide an op- I was certainly a colorful close to Sl. 1 onent. for Corco ran in the 170 pound tourney equally as brilliant.


{lass, but they did bring bvo ught- / "eights along who put on a very interesting three round exhibition. 'istor entert ain-;





a ~ Sid· pa Ing

(Contin ued from Page 5)

nghters on March 18 in the 11,J( Rl gym, :J"ld. of cou r se. will be 3Ut ~f- ?lith one hand trom .rar out on the ler hup'her \\in. Armour alreadj Has floor and way over to the side he 8

ViC!..::>I')' over " alparajso so

:t np- I ~ot

I~============== I Morgan & Clancy I





Harrll!on Ave.



Am bul&noe


I'---- - - - - - -- - -- -...! KANKAKEE, ILL.

the ball and it went through ,.-- - - - -- - -- -- - - -

Million Dollar Endowment Dy ou tMght gif t , insurance, beques t or annuity . You can get 60/0 on your money and la v e the ca pI tal tor th e EndO'WIDCDL

t::' :.l rS ~t':t . '~iato r\'rill ha\'e the edge. I Wlthout hardly touching the rim. 'Ch~

i.'X.1I1bItion of the Irish scrH.pFor Trinity Conroy and Sweeney on :.\Iarch 11 removes al l doubt were the mainstays as far as scoring m our minds as to the outC'Orn~ (f was concerned but the other mem~e u...'\t "~e \\ith Yalpo so BE THp.r~ ':. bers of the team, Straub, Trenkle and Fox were just as effective. 'When Straub was ejected on four personals late in the game Bill Gibbons' young brother took his place and performed very creditably. ~ro~rs


Attend ihe Freshman Dance



WM te for to


St. Viator College E xtension Club lnoorpora ted

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St. Viator College,

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Bourbonna.i5, ilL Bour bonnai!, ill.

St. Viator College Newspaper, 1932-03-15  
St. Viator College Newspaper, 1932-03-15  

The Viatorian, Vol. XLIX, No. 11