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Volume XLIX



FRIDA):, D ECEMBER 4, 1931




With Miss Wicks as advisor thc staff of t he Kanka-KeyNote, of Kankakee High School, edited the December first issue of the Kankak ee Republrcan-News. Misses Gwendolyn Power s and J a ne Attend SerMembers of Various Cours- Topping, prominent stu dents of the Large Crowds vices. insti t ution, capably tilled the posi es Invited to Lecture tions of city editor s. The young la Sunday morn Father J. W. R. Maguire and P ro- dies and their assistants are t o be ~ n g, December fessor H . H . Cr awfor d of t he Com- compli m en ted on the excellent man:;ixth , witnessed merce Dep artmen t of St. Viator Col- ner in w h ich they executed a novel t h e opening of lege annou nce that Mr. Orlander, and most interesting task. The pathe Forty Hour s Secretary of t he I llinois State Fed- per was very interes ting. Devotion at St. eration of Labor, will deliver an adTo the organization which made Patrick's Parish, dress on Labor problems in the Col- possible this pr actical experience is Kankakee, I I I i l ege Club Rooms in t he very n ear due g r eat a ppreciation. The K annois. Father W. futu r e. Cigarettes and other re - kakee Republican-News, in sponsorJ. Bergin ·C. S. freshmen ts will be served to the au- ing tl!is edcat fonal experiment, perV., Pastor of the dience. forms a most laudable and p raise- Parish, was gratified by the large attendance which prevailed throughWhile the occasion is of particu lar worthy act. out the three days. interest t o the Comm erce stu dents, a ll of t he student body is extendf:!d Solemn · high mass was sung on a oor dial invitation t o attend t he Sunday at eleven o'clock by Father meeting. Mr. Orlander is a most Fitzpatrick, C. S. V., assistant to inter esting speaker and as he is Father Bergin. Edifying is the only thoroughly familiar with his s ubject word w hich sufficiently describes the Those atten ding are assured I)f a zeal with wh ich the parishone r s parmost enjoyable and instructive eveticipated in the sacred ceremony. ning. On the evening of December eighth N. J . Zlener to Speak. Father Bergin delivered the clOSing t h e text of which was "J The fo llowing week Mr. N. J. ZieUN DER DIRECTION OF sermon, come that you may have life, an'd ner, of the Kankakee Chamber of EDWARD GALLAHUE that you may have it more abun Commerce, will speak. to the studantly." The add r ess was deliver pd dents regarding a similar topiC .. Mr . :liener is well known by the student On Thursday evening, November in the excellent manner characterisbody who have, in the past, had t he 19th, in recognition of the ~ervices of tic of t his great and distingu ished pleasur e of listening to t his most I Self-Help students, St. VIator Col- son of St. Viator. able sp eaker. lege, und~r the direction of Ed. GallThe Coll ege of st. Viator takes I ahue, Office-Manager, feted t h ese stuthis opportuni t y to wish Father BerP r esident of Feder a tion . dents. A splendid banquet was se t gin continuance of the success that The ensuing week will see Mr. for the students and guests of honor, has accompanied him since he has Soderst rom, President of the nlinois bu t this was onl y a minor part of taken ove r the pas t or ate of St. PatState F e deration of L abor , instru ct- this now-Annual observance. More rick's Parish. ing the scholars. St. Viator College important was the good-fellowship is privileged to hear such eminent and esprit du corps w h ich seemed to speak ers. For their efforts in pro- break. down all reserve, and lessen curing these prominent men Father the sen se of formality connected Maguire and Professor Crawford are with su ch affairs. earnestly asked to accept the thanks Following the meal, members of and appreciation of the student body. the organization complied with the


ENTERTAINMENT FOR STUDENTS BY COEDS Social Event To Be H eld Satur day Evening Miss Mary Taylor has been chosen chairman to direct the card party which will be held in the refectory Saturday evening, December fifth. Miss Taylor is ably assisted by a numerous committee. In addition to Five Hundred and Bridge, Bunco will be played. Refreshments, as at the previous entertalnment of this season, will be served to those attending. To urge the student body to be present at this function Is quite unnecessary in view of the marvelous time enjoyed by ali of them at the former event. These social "get togethers" are worthy testimonials to the splendid spirit of the Co-eds as well as to the co-operation of the scholars.

Toastmaster's (Mr. Don Anderson) request for words fitting for the occasion. Messrs. Burke Monahan, Edmund O'Neill, Martin Toohirt, James Fullam, and Mr. IGallahuc advanced their sentiments. Mr. Gallahue especially, in his great er experie nce, encouraged those presen t to reach even greater heights of ac complishment while preparing for later life.


PRELIMINARIES AT SAINT VIATOR COLLEGE Inleresling Souls Presenled 0 Large Crowd



Preliminanes to the National Cath- St. Joseph's, Manteno, put on thIS olic Boxing Tournament were staged bout of the 135-pound class. Noonan's on Tuesday night, November 23, with ' gloves pou nded with precision and Rt. Reverend Bishop Sheil, AUxili- accurately upon his opponent's anaary Bishop of Chicago, t he sponsor tOIDY, resulting in a technical knockand earnest advocate of the move- out over Belluso in the second round. ment in attendance. Bishop Sheil Bill Gibbons, St. Viator and Ed. was accompanied by Rev. Scanlon, Maguire, St. George, p u t on the fifth director of the Catholic youth move- show, which was in the I60-pound ment. P receding the opening of th e division. Gibbons, in h is usual cool, show Fath er Scanlon spoke a few deliberate style, hit his opponent at words to t he good-sized crowd which wi n ; Maguire met the canvas twice was in attendance. H e briefly out- in the first round, and only.the bell lined the ' program of t he tourna- saved him in the second. In the ment, and revealed the real purpose third the St. George battier came in of the un dertaking-namely, placing intimate and permanen t contact with opportunities for athletic endeavor said canvas, and Gib had another K. within the reach of all youn g Catb- O. to add to his long strin~ of vicotic men, thus en,hancing and tories. strengthening those qualities which Frank B a ldi returned to the fray go to m ak e up the ': r eal Catholic in the six th, meeting the 147-pound youth and American cit izen. Dominick Guisto, a St. Rose boy. It Blsh op Addresses A u dience. was a very even scrap a ll the way, After Father Scanlon completed bu t Baldi's fight of a li ttle earlier in ~li s introductory remarks, the Bishop the evening began to tell on him, mounted t he ring and addressed th e slowing him up con siderably. Thc audience. H e enunciated the benefi t s fight wen t three rounds, resulting in of the p rogram in which he is taking victory for the St. Rose boy, ,.\ so active an interest; he portrayed speedy lad who carries a wicked the great opportunities offered to I punch and possessed the ability to Catholic youth in this n ational ente r- take plent y. prise. I n closing B ishop Sheil spoke . The seventh meeting on the card of his own trai,ning -in St. Vlator I saw KIafta in action again. His opCollege and expressed his utmost a p- ponent this time was Danny O'COTIpreciation for what he had derived nor, a Viator boy of no mean ability. from the efforts of the institution's Danny put up plenty of opposition, adminis tra t or s . .ld pushed the fight a long ata fast Bishop Sheil's interest in all sport s ..nd fur-ious rate. However the big is an active one; he himself was an boy was a li ttle too much for him outstanding figure in several fields of and the decision went to Klafta. sportdom in his college days. In The eighth and final bout of the tact, as R ev. J. W , R, Maguire r e- prelimina r y card was staged by Guisvealed later in the evening, the to, the speedy St. Rose entry, and Bishop had been a great twirler in Virgil Prairie, the winner of the baseball, a star quarterback, and a first. T h is scrap was a regular oldmember of one of Viator's first bas- Ifashioned slug fest, both boys going ketbaU teams- altogether one of the to work in earnest. Prairie won this greatest all -around a t hletes that thp. I scrap on a close decision. college has ever produced. ExhibItion by Harding and Bereolos. Eigh t Figh ts Given . A diversion in the show now came



Basketball practice is now in fu ll The first affair on the fishe card in the form of an exhibition bout by swing at Viator, and prospects of a was staged by Virgil Prairie, st. a couple of heavy boys, Red Harding most successful year in this sport I Patrick's, Momence, and J. Thepan- and Ted Bereolos, b,Oth Viator men. loom prominently in the foregrounc1. ,ier of St. Joseph's Bradley, in the There was a lot of style disp layed, Several regulars of last year's strong ! 147- p ound class. Prairie. ~howed .an a few love taps exchanged, and a machine will be with the Green abundance of speed, deCISIvely Wffi- gooc1!y mixture of earnest blowVs. The Appreciation is here, as at the Wave this season. ning his bout by a K. O. in the bout went three rounds with no dcbanquet, extended to those members "Pete" Laffey, s t ellar fonvard, I second round. cisior.. of the J u nior Sorority of the Col- Ralph Karr, one of the best guards ' The second act saw Frank Baldi, President Speaks HIs Appreciation. lege who unselfishly assisted in the St. Viator has seen on the hard- St. Viator's, and Ernest Demarrah. service of the banquet. But as ' St J h' B dl I . ·h Succeeding this exhibition match recipients of the benefits of the Self- wood, Puff Romary, outstanding for . osep s , ra ey, a so 10 t e came a brief intermission, durin!! his consistent playing, are out to 147-pound division. Baldi reveaJed .... Help Department, we extend greater excellent boxing technique, winning which Father Maguire, President of and dutifu l thanks to the generosity help carry the colors of the Saints St. Viator College, spoke to the · through to a Little Nineteen cham- by a decision over his opponent in d ak mg pionship. t o f th e Administrati.on for ism I the third round. I crow. He expressed his appre ciathe Banquet a reality. The third show was between L. tIon for the attendance and the inDespite the platitudes advanced by In addition to these men are nu- Prairie, St. Patrick's, Momence, and terest shown, and briefly discussed Smiles in his idealistic book entitled, 1' merous regulars who fought for St. 1S. Klafta, St. Patrick's, Kankakee. both the import and the magnitude 'Self-Help', and modem philosophy Viator. last ye~r, and ~ squad This bout, in the 135-pound section, of the Boxing Tournament. Conconcerning Horatio Algerian ideas forty-sIx promismg recrUIts. In ac- was of extremely short duration. cernlng next year's National Cathof self-made successors, the Depart- cordance with the Viat~r cus tom this Klafta literally s warmed allover his olic Boxing Tournament, Father Mament of Self-Help in St. Viator COI- ! bas.ketball season pro:ruses plenty .of opponent, putting him away for the quire hoped that Kankak ee County lege must be considered from an ad- t~nlls. keen competitIOn, and a Wln- I t e n co unt in about thirty seconds. A would be much be tter represented, miring and respectful stand. sCho- 1rung team. long, lanky fellow, he packed a hard and that the people of the county lastic records have been a proof of wal10p in each glove, and sustained would display greater interes t and the deSire of each of the members straits. The organization points with it by plenty of speed. enthusiasm in the affair. of this organization to gain the full- justifiable pride to its faithful disThe fourth was another exhibition est amount of education and wisdom, Icharge, daily, of maintaining order of technical boxing skill. Charley Bow about Thanksglvlng--or did even under the handicap of financial on the campus. Noonan, St. Viator, and Ed. Belluso, I you miss the postman too?



Par;e 7.


,...--______________________---; I schedule and that oftentimes the punch it lacks to win I numbers art! falling 01I this year may be su pplied by cheering such as took place at the ' .. Danny O·Connor. Pete L&lIey. TJu VlATORlAN ~ Elmhurst game. It must be recalled, therefore, that lAgbhOO Wewr lthlsten ~to thle f~ltuball


PUbJJah ed

bt-weekly throughout the year by the students of SL

Viator College.


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l one of the prImary dutIes of the student body IS to back Herb Shea and Don Anderson .. . the team. Middleton going o,'er to the Library I • • • who the beck put that "BallyTHE STAFF Carl Lampe TRIBUNE BANNED BECAUSE OF "WET" SENTI- lhOO" In St. Thomas' hands .. . f;dltor-In-Chlef James Dugan MENTS taking unfair advantage of the \'1&A RH'i atant Editor BUSINESS DEPARTMENT · torian, we'd say . . . ho and hum H ave we A mencans Business Manager Gill Middleton I'd ea Is ?. Th e ques t·lOn, I·f' a s ked ... who's read DeQuincey? Advertising Manager pa~':dr~~ of the so-called "younger generation," might provoke a Ass is tant Advertising Manager shout of laug hter. Ideals! When the Negro is disfran- Pete Laffey wants us to settle tllat HEPORTORIAL STAFF Kenneth Bushman Feature Writer rumor once for rut. Pete's tooth Frances Mary Clancy chised in the Southern U nited States, when crime flourFeature Writer John Burns ishes throughout the nation, w hen the "ideal" economic positively will not be replaced until Feature ,.vrlter after basketball season. Francis Larkin Feature Writer Marie Smole system breaks, and when, climactically, we find our colFeature Writer Wilbur Callahan leges barring certain newspapers because the papers Hear that there Is a mO" emont on Feature Writer Raymond G. Wenthe dare champion anti-prohibition, are we able to answer :;~:Itz~~ S:'~~';"h~;bco~~ ,:::::r;e2 Feature Writer SPORTS STAFF Athletics Editor Frank Wlrken the question in an affirmative manner? Far be it from Seems thlLt Bob got so enthused over In Little 19 Camps Martin ToohiIl U S to pose as judges, but let's look at the latest shattered IllluaUc pastimes that he just couJdALUMNI STAFF Harold Rosensteel principle. n't walt to walk IlCros. to the gym AlUmni Editor Assistant Alumni Editor Thomas H ayes A . h I b Th Ch · D·I T·b to get In a poo l, so he turn ed the ART STAFF certaIn sc 00 ans, e Icago al y n une water on In 301. Abhoo Weber says WIIJ!am J. Clancy '34 fro m its library "Because of Policy Advocating Dry Law that it was a greltt Idea-for 301COLLEGE HUMOR W. J. Clancy Repeal." Although we might profess abysmal ignorance but li ving under Nlagm Isn't so Viato rlana Campus Briefs Ralph Hoover of the rules of debate, we fail to see how we may success- much fun. CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT Circ ulation Manager Thomas Ryan fully refute any argument by "banning" our opponent Assistants To reconcile commerce, ethics, and \-{ow! Some boy! l.leTuerk! Loretta Flanagan, Rosanna Gorman from the platform. Associate Manager Patrick N. Farrell varied fields of thou ght, by the use of reason, is difficult. John McGrath is laying c laim Lo Vlatoriana Subscription Rate $2.00 per annumRaymOnd G. Went he But now we banish intellect! We deny, in our blind a ll-time, a U-class honors. Handsomp prejudice, the rig-ht of a fellow-being to freely express Jack's record is seven in one day. Add ress all correspondence referring either to advertising or subscription to his thoughts. We refuse him even a hearing! Unable to Anyone go him one be tte r ? The Viatorian, Bourbonnais, Illinois. meet our opponent's argument with its kind we, in a Entered as second class matter at the Post Office of Bourbonnais, Illinois, blind rage, throw out the medium by which he conveys And while you are making those "don't forgets" for Christmas, don't under the Act of March 3rd, 1879 his thought forget to autograph Abhoo's cast. Someone once said that an educated man could find Such autographs! And such people! ACME PRINTING CO. . 769 NORTH SCHUYLER AVE. reasons for his beliefs. Are the reasons of the Tribune's opponents so weak, their beliefs so faint, that tyrannous Latest synonym for the Delinquent and Cromwellian suppression is the only agency with List- the Index. which they can fight? Such, sadly enough seems to be I - -. I the case. We sorrowfully observe them to walk with Heard at the Charity GameCromwell. It is an historical fact that the noted " round- "R-O-M-A-N-C-E head," while suppressing liquor, etc., enjoyed it, himself, Romance!" behind closed doors. We, regretfully, are compelled to In l:~o~i:g:l::'e~I~:: ::~!:a::~vu: s;:; draw our own conclusions regarding those who would meeting In the gym after the EImaccompany him. hurst game. Who says this student In a country professedly dry we, most earnestly, ad- body isn't back of It. school? vocate the repeal of the "dry" law. Space is limited and, consequently, for further discussion of a debatable ques- And what a lot of promising ora· THE ELMHURST GAME tors developed that night. Red The schoo} spirit that had been dormant until the tion we recommend our readers to--The Chicago Tri- Hayes, Master of Ceremonies, cajolI%nhurst game was awakened in the student body and bune. Please do not, dear reader, conclude f rom thil'> ing speeches out of Pete La!'!ey, Abcame to the surface with enough zest to cause discomfort that we agree with the entire policy of The World's hoo Weber, Doc Meany, ann ~'rank in the regions about the larynx for three or four days Greatest Newspaper; but we are not here to defend 01' Atkins. following! How those fellows yelled !-Elmhurst, first to attack the Tribune. It is well-equipped to care for Personal nomination for most popto ta\{e the field was greeted with a hearty cheer led by itself. ular man on the campus-Bur ke Joe Farrell of the class of '35. Then the Viator squad derstand that crack "it's on the In- Monahan. Especially at th e quarters Campus Briefs was given a big "hand" as they romped onto the field. As dex. Mr. Dugan has a co py" . . . and the semester. tile game go t under way the spirit of the crowd grew Just in wandering about the cam- by the way, Pat Ij'arrell's middle We are pleased to hear that Dr. and by " half" time they had yelled themselves hoarse. name is "Nicholas" . . . Thomas Patwonder w here those f resh- rick Hayes, th e unsquelchable Irish- Weaver, mother of Monteeth W eaDuring the second half, in spite of plenty of sore throats, pus ver, a Junior a t St. Viator College, men on th e fourth. co rri do r of Roy m a n, singing on the corridor the yelling continued unabated. At the end of the game. found all those pictures our Webb Callahan ge tting r eady to do is r ecovering from the illness which a hundred or so students rushed onto the field and prize for the best gallery on ' the or die for dear chari t y in th e impaired ber enjoyment of the T!lanl{sgiving holidays. formed a Snake-Dance, slithering about in the mud, coil- corridor goes to Red H a r ding anj Thanksgiving game at home ing and uncoiling like a great whip. After some minutes Frank Atkins "In 401 Rutec1d John Hugh Burns, fellow journalis t , NOTICE. hunting for Carl Lampe. Pat of these antics, during which the cordon of dancers was m'J st be the pal of a lot of mOYie Fullam wonder how many cracked in several places, it was decided to go to the ac anyhow , th ey've stop- "Patrick's there are in this school, tresses . THE VIATORIAN, as the official gy m and cheer some more. There was a hurried run, a ped pasting them on the walls this anyhow "Dad Larkin about to organ of St. Viator College, takes momentary pause outside, then a concerted rush into the year . listen to the jazz on those join the Shea, Middleton, O'Neil, Too- this opportunity to congratulate Prodressing room of the Viatorians. There were hoarse radiJs the two Almeroths fessor and Mrs. Kennedy o n the O'Mara and Fleming hill clan . and birth of a daughter, Mary Ann. O'Mara and that swelJi gant radio cheers and hearty handshakes, and even tears, a s long- fighting over progr ams. three g ll es~ - the resounding floor swimmi ng sung heroes of the Green pealed off their uniforms for wan t s a symphony es what Fleming 'w ants . vOIces into (and out of) 302, inhabited by the last time. on t he corridor Jim McNally. the Degna n-Spreitzer par tners hip Once out of the dressing room and into the gym, th~ request of village bridge par"e" befo re the "i" in uSpreitJoe Farrell clambered into the ring and led the celebra- ties and Walte!"s, another reo ze r ," if you please second floor ACME PRINTING CO. Ed Hunt in OW1 room tion, while Marty Toohill called on the players as they '1t1~st numbe r . . J. T. Greene going "(?reatit.le..> CPrinters" over to shoot baskeLc.: have .y 011 wants some publicity in this column emerged to say a few words. Tom Hayes acted in the noticed how these Freshmen know you are quite welcome, Ed, say capacity of Master of Ceremonies and introduced every their basketball thi s year • no more about it . Werner Salg speaker, the la st of whom was Coach Dahman. Dahman :;.loonan and his new nose nice figuring accounts Bill Gibbons Printing, Engraving, was g reeted lustily and spoke briefly. He thanked the gOIn', tho' . McGuire and Farrell and Hamilton each going his way G reeting Cards, Office and findDoctor Tommy Ahern trying to studen ts for their support of the team, and asked that de ep in tomorrow's French Facc o ry Forms, Colored . going down . shave a couple of German stuFol d ers, U nique Die-Cue the support be continued durin g the ensuing basketball ing 423 open Ros;enstee l and Rosensteel on OUI dents in to visit Bro. Mulvaney . . . Program Designs, Ecc .. season. He then thanked in turn the team and the man- left . . . wbleb sets us to thinlting John Comiskey, Ralph Karr, Jim a'!ement of the College for their cooperation with him. of Almeroth a nd Alme roth; S hea and Hunt, looking for a bridge game .. The impromptu, and incidentally the [most successful Pep S h ea; Clancy, Clancy, and Clancy; have you seen the new picture in . special delivery meeting of the season, broke up after another cheer was a nd Gorman~ Gorman~ and Gorman KarT's room CPrinteTS of [he that "Bridal Suite" of Joe Mur- from DePauw U. . . . wonder if given for Elmhurst, with the singing of the Viator LoyVIATORIAN phy and Bob Delaney . . Jim Du- Carney still wants that enlargement a lty song. croaked out by tired, and sadly strained voices. gan and his new radio . P at from the co-ed rogue's gallery . . . ' Ve have every reason to believe that Viator 's pros- Farrell trying to read a novel with John McGrath minus the camel-hair pants . . . John says the depression perts on the basketball courts are of the best, but it twelve fellows in the room . seems request phone must be remembered that the team is facing a tough glance at Dugan's bookshelf and un- is worse 'II

1.!1L_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _1I:




CENSORSHIP ~~:~:~ ~~l~~~~;o~"~~:s:"~e~~~ci~~~ III IN AMERICA 3

A Brief History of Journalism


a mob to violence, or if in time of war it publishes statements to the JOHN D, mCKEY, Compliments of obvious effect and probable purpose ~---..,---------"-" ___ of giving aid and comfort to' the Newspapers are published to supDuring the English Civil War, the JOHN HICKEY Once upon a time there was a. enemy its editor should be Hable to ply three perfectly definite human press was subject to strict governcountry. propounders of moral punishment." To save quibbling, I needs. ,;Ve want to know the news. ment censorShip. People who wantplatitudes and coIners of mob-sway- do not intend to Include the explana- "'''0 ask: "What Is going on in tl,0 ed to know what was really hapMortician ing phrases. Theirs was a _ife of tiOD of this statement: "There is no w,Jrld about us?" We also want 1.1) pening relied greatly on the "newssecure and supreme isolation in the sacredness in type which names im- kno\r\o the significance of the news. letters," which 'private news writers I egotism of their own thought. They mune from punishment the men who \V~ h..SK: HHow Rhall we interpret thl~ sent regularly allover the country L -_ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _- J, wrote a Declaration of Independence use it for criminal purpose." I do events of the day and how are HH~Y to anyone who would pay them. and filled it with pages of blah; they not believe that the honest oPPosition related to e&.('n other?" We need Among the most famous of the early United Cigar Store formulated a Constitution and made through the public press to a war at IpRst some of the advertispments news-letter writers was Nathaniel it of catch-penny theory without the 15 "criminal purpose," The essence in which the ~Icrchants describe the Butter, a contemporary of ShakeFountain & Luncheon Service Slightest intention of fulfilling it in of the explanation will be discussed \\ohres they ha\'·~ for sale. \~r~ a::,k' speare, Another was Henry Muddipractice. They had big hearts and later in this discourse. "\Vh~re can we buy the things we man, to whom King Charles, the SecComplete Line of small heads, and their children folOliver Cromwell, never particular- need ,:", Al three of these arc very ond, gave the title of "King's JourSmokers' ArtiCles lowing them had bigger hearts and ly noted for his tolerance of opposi- anCIcnt human needs. They existed nalist." The first American newsno heads. 'I'heir god was Mass, and tion to his own opinions, once stood Of course, long' before there was llny- paper, published in Boston by Bentheir devil was Individualism. Seven before the Parliament of England- thing· that could be really be caller; jarn1n Harris, was "PubUck OccurCorner Court and Schuyler days a week did they set aside to his Parliament-and said, "I beseech a newspaper. rences, Both Foreign and Domestick, pay tribute to their gods; six days you, gentlcmen, by the mercies of The word "newspaper" and the in 1690." in the temple of the god Gold, rUl- Christ, to remember that it is pos- thing for which it stands an~ less One of the most significant events ing with h is decrees of Practicality, sible for you to be mistaken." than three hundred years old. Tne in the history of journalism was the Groceries Confectioner y transmitted to mortals through hi;:) Having scotched that snake with first use of the word is attributed to freedom of the press, granted in messenger, Hypocrisy. The seventh authority, we shall proced to the Sir William Temple, who in a letter 1635. The immediate effect was the day was spent in veneration of the discussion. home from the Hagee on January dc veopment of two kinds of perioAmedee J . Lamane god Morality-the blue-nosed idol-When we were young and innocent 23, 1679, ref~rred to "the latest dicals. The first were literary pawho employed the same messenger and knew not men 's guile, we sup- newspapers anu journals frora Eng·- pers like the "TaUer" and "SpectaBourbonnais, DI. as his co-god, but handed down to posed that the Constitution guaran- land." tor," with which Addison and Steele men the decrees of Platitudinism. teed us not ony the right to think A regular periodical, intended to made themselves famous, and the Cigars Notions The variance of the decrees of the our thoughts, but the right to ex- d;~scminate ·l ne news widely, was "RamLler" and "Idler" of Dr. Samtwo gods disturbed men not a bit. press them as well. Then we grew irr.possible bc·~ore thf. deve lopfr'e'lt uel Jo11050n. A lthough they were not for each god ruled over his separate up and discovered that ODe could say <:.ond improvement of the prlntlng- strictly speaking, newspapers, they domain, and neither interfered with all one pleased as long as it was in ;.,rt:ss, although news has al'.H:~y3 did at least deal with tropics of the They are important because the office hours of the other. But a accord with the beliefs of the ma- been circulated, even if only to a day, Demand cCllt of men, worshipers of the god, jority. We discovered that demo- confined circe cnd irregularly. they introduced into English jourThuoght, c~me to dwell on the shore.3 cracy meant nothing more thrm a ~;ar has always acted as .:\ stim- nalism an amenity and urbanity Arseneau's Uniform of this country, and dissention came rule by right of strength of numberB, t!:us to a ma:1's normal appetl:t? for which it sadly lacked. However, BREAD with them. They were small of:: and became at once converts tc ab- Lews. It has always heralded th~ there were less desirable results of heart but great of head, and they I solute monarchism. grf>atest improvements in journalism, the freedom of the press, one of "IT'S QUALITY SATISFIES" G. ARSENEAU BAKERY attempted to reconcile the decrees The only hope of democracy is in J·.ll.ius Caesar tells how the an('ient which was the appearance of politiof the two gods. The result was ete wi:iest dissemination of knowl- (,Ruls stopped travelers to find out cal papers. The "Review" of Daniel Bourbonnais, TIL the uplifting of the lid of the Pan- edge and truth, A concealing gov- the conditions in other parts of the Defoe was especially abusive, dora's box, and the god of Gold was ernment is a tottering government, land. When Louis XIV went to war, But only the great inventions of '-.::=============~ found to have greater power than History has t.aught man over and France listened eagerly to th~ the cable, the wireles5 r and the tele- ;the great god, Morality. over that censorship delays, but nev- "news-mongers." When all England graph made possible the rapid transBut Platitudes fought a hard er averts, calamity, There are only was invoved in the Thirty Year;:; miSSion of news from the whole LIBERTY LAUNDRY fight, stubbornly refusing to die, and two ways to govern a nation-by War, a few men conceived the idea earth. What we react in our daHy in the end they forced men to sub- military force, or by the force of of writing the news and selling the papers is really news, reaching print ., EUGENE L BENOIT mit ope:1fy t:. the god of Morality reason, The force of reason depends "tetters". It was the struggll! only a few hours after the utua and relegated the worship of Gold upon the publication of the truth for agains t Napoleon that gave the iro- OCcurrence. Paper is cheap; printing TeL Main 247 73 Main St. to the catacombs, even as the god its continued existence. (We doubt petus to establish great newspapers is rapid; and very few are so illi.t::>rohibition is adored openly while whether democracies are governed by like the "London Times" and the el'ate as to be unable to read th~ BOURBONNAIS, ILL. his .fellow deity, Indulgence, gathers reason or by sentiment, but that is "Morning Post," which are still pllb- newspapers, his folowers about him in secr e t another subject). The greatest fear lished after more than a century. And included in all newspapers, we places at the still of night. of government seems to be the pubThe early newspapers had, in es- find the three essentials of such · ' - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ' But the Thinkers increased in lication of sociaistic doctrines. In sence, most of the characteristics of periodicals as they have existed for , - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , numbers, and gave rise to a race of their suppression we find a greater the modern newspaper. They tried centuries; namely, news, news interCynics who became as secure in harm than if they were allowed to to get the news and report it pretation, and advertisement. Lampe's Delicatessen their individual egotism as had their continue to exist. Few men give promptly, I n this they frequentl/ brethere:l of Ignorance before them. more than passing attention to the failed, The older newspapers made 366 Sou th Dearborn ':'hey became as the new devil to the soap-box socialist of State or lvladj : much the same mistakes as the modgod of Morality, and their influence son streets, but lock him up and a rem-sensationalism, inaccuracy, partMOTHER'S REAL increased, even to the present day. city will be in arms. Wben men are ly bias. They soon began to print HOME-MADE PIES , It is not my purpose to discuss emotionally stirred, they need the : other things besides news-editorial infringements upon the sacred right safety valve which free speech gives comments and special departments. --o' every man to express his own them, While it may be dangerous to Advertisements developed as soon as Students Enjoy Holidays thought, Were I to attempt to do government to allow the expression the press had become periodicaL The at Their Homes .--------------so, I should compile nothing more of certain opinions, it would be even "Spectator" was full of them. --edifying than a very dull brief of more dangerous to suppress them, l One of the earliest means of im The usual trend of holiday spirit Amedee T. Betourne cases, ranging from the Sedition for their suppression is little more parting important news was the prevailed on the campus of St. ViaActs of 1798 to the Espionage Laws than tying down the safety valve of wall placards of the Ancient Rom::ms, tor college last Wednesday when the P harmacy of 1917 and the Minnesota "Gag the boiler of mob-rule. They had for a time, two manu- students made their general exit Law" of present blessed contention, A fr ee press and a free expression script newspapers: the "Acta Diur- from the campus for their respective CUT RATE DRUGS That the press and the rostrum are of individu a l oplnlon is a necess1ty na" dealing with general news; and homes to partake of the prtJ < gagged and bound by influences of for indlvidua freedom. If you deny ' the "Acta Senatus," a kind of an- Thanksgiving t urkey. By five (/~.i.iJ, _ 119 Court St., Kankakf'e, Ill. every conceivable nature will be de- to someone else the right to sav cestor of our own "Congressional Wednesday night the campus was nied by no one. This officia and what you think is wrong, it will not R ecord" ~nd probab~y just ~ dull. forsaken, even fo the everpopular unofficial censorship of the Great be long before you ' will lose the In Pel{lng the Chmese prmted af; and overworked library. American Right extends down the right to say what you think is right. ea.-rly as 700 A . D. the "Ching Pao," The students left in the happiest entire scale of e-mression from the Free discussion exposes wrong opin- some of whose issues were printed of moods and in the lightest of Einbeck's Studio denial of the right of free press to ions and uncovers the right ones. No on yellow silk. The "Ching Pao" spirits for the ordeal of the interthe greatest American journals by democracy is perfect. Witness ours. I was published longer than any other semester exams had been shuffled off Our ph'ltographs are inexpenlaw, to the hurling of invectives at Mark Twain said, "My kind of loy- I newspaper in history, for it was and the future held no such oversive, yet treasured for their defenseless students in a college alty was loyalty to one's country, I not abandoned until 1900. shadowing clouds. Now the boys are worth as living portraits. classroom. not to its institutions. The country I During the latter part of the sev- all set to hit the trail hard and The brief which I propose to at- is the real thing, the eternal thing. enteenth century, the "novellistes" heavy with no detourns in sight until 15S North Schuyler Ave_ t-e:mpt to defend may very nicely be (Not-e:- last sentence an error, I made their appearance. They made the next vacation which happens t o Kankakee, TIl. summed up in Voltaire's immortal don't believe an such thing myself). I it their business to report the news be only a few days away, in fact a Phone 407 speech, "I wholly disagree with what Institutions are extraneous, they are : by word of mouth and to illu~trate matter o'f only three weeks. With you say and I will contend to the its mere clothing, and clothing can their news by crayon sketches, These the indoor sports receiving the greatdeath for your right to say it." And, wear out, become ragged. To be news-mongers remained long after er amount of attention now, it looks for the sake of convenience should loyal to rags, that is loyalty to un- l printing was developed because of ! as though these three weeks will Shoe Repairing, Razor Blades, I wander afar from the quotation, I reason. It belongs to monarchy; let I the high percentage of illiteracy quickly pass. include Wendell Phillip's "The com- monarchy keep out. The citizens among the people. _ _ _ __ _ Bourbonnais Barber munity which does not protect its who thinks he sees that the comIn Venice, the government pubIllinois College, playing- for the Shop worst and most hated citizen in the monwealth's clothes are worn out, lished a newspaper which was read last time under W. L. Harmon, who N. L. Ma rc ~ tte, Propr ietor free utterance of his opinions, no and yet holds his peace and does not in public on payment of a small is retiring, defeated Eureka, 12-0 for matter how hateful, is only a gang agitate for a new suit, is disloyal; coin called the gazette, from Which its first victory of the year, Harmon Telephones: Shop 4526; Resiof slaves." he is a traitor." And he thought we get the English word Gazette has been in charge of athletics for dence 2642. BourbonnaiS, Ill. The sort ot thing I propose to at-I that t~e United States was a great as a name for the official organ of over twenty years at the Jacksontempt to attack is found in an edi- country. L,.e government. ville institution. ! . _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _-!




I i





Inquiring Reporter Question:

Are athletics too com路

mercialized in America?

Werner Salg:

A distinction must

be made between the profession a I atblete catering to tbe public for bl.

I pursues sports as a means of furthIering "lis education. The latter class I livelihOOd and the college man who

may be


As a n eye-opener, we dedicate a li ttle song to our quarterback, entitled: "Tho Viator needed him badly, DeKalb kneaded him worse."






RIELY & RIELY DONALD M. RIEL. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS AND DEALERS Electricians fo r St. Viator College Telephone 995 362 East Court Street

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anaemics; with this diversion elimin


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Meals, Short Orders, Specials and Confections Private Dining Roor;n for Banquets and Parties.



The Teachers have been badly handi

conference football championship.

City National Bank Bldg.

MEADOW GOLD ICE CREAM CO. KANKAKEE PURE MILK CO. BRANCH .. Milk and Cream .. Bulgarious Butter Milk 396 SOUTH SCHUYLER AYE. Always Drink Pasteurized Milk. Our W agons Pass Your Door Every Morning Before You Have Breakfast. Both Pbones 45 DRINK lIULK

IN THE REFECTORY. ;~~~:d throughout the season by in Walkowiack-I'm working on a substance that's like I -rubber, but much more durable. With ber victory over Knox Co Monosmith-It does look like a tough steak. lege, Monmouth i. the winner of thI~ I *"



deeming featUre of financial remun eration; both to the student and tf) the mstltution, college atbletics, as carried on at the present time, wonit i be totally eliminated. Tben, per haps, those Intent upon continuing their ath letic endeavors coul d enr ol I themselves in colleges specializing in courses destinej to mold ferocious tacl,lers out of meek country lads a.'lQ r>itchers out of nea~-sighted

And so we wo nder if; "t.ct perhaps the remaining students "An artist who can draw 'big houses' should not be- could make themselves really worthy come an actor." of that appellation and fo cus at But thi'3 time we have introduced a new wrinkle. As least three-fourths of their time alld . h t energy to things more vital than perspiring supporters we have interVIewed t e grea physical development. A most laud mind s of the caml}US and found out, "Who is our great- able achievement of commercialized est American." Be~1(}l d the inspiring a nswers. sport life in America lies in tbe fac t Just Larking-Ole Cal Coolidge, the 'idle' of our that the profession presents the col country is greatest. An Unemployment committee ad- lege grad with an outlet for his tal ent. dressed him , once, saying, "President, these are the days . I d 't th' k ' , I ' . th f I f ' h 't Frank BaldI: No, on In th a t t ry men s so es, In e name 0 su enng umanl y Ithat athletics are too commercialized help the unem ployed." And does old Cal come back at in America. They satisfy a demand i them. Quick as a flash he snails back "Sez who, old boy, and, in doing this, they return ful I Sez who." An j did the crowd roar, I'll say. Finally, to value for every dollar spent on them enlighten these wiseacres he tells them "The only way Puff Romary: Yes, I think atb to 'stave' off a de'lressio~ is tu own a 'barrel factory." IIAetiCs. are ttOtOh commerCialiZded fOin merica, bu ere IS no reme y r I s that guy keen, I 'll say. it. The players are paid; the public James Hu~h Foolum-Jack Dempsev is my ideal. fe. ls that it is getting its money' s cause all the girls love "J ack " And just think he started worth. his career with onl y an old "sock." Ed. Hunt: Athletics are too much Mary Lee-Aithough the Bambino is ruthless, under the infiuence of money. in t.h ink Capone is greatest. because of his marvelous Amenca. I beileve that commerclal " graf t II1g ' " wor I<. A s a po I't " h e wou Id h ave h a d a harm lzatlOn,these oversports. a penod of tIme, wli I 1 IClan 'People will think "IJl'omising" career. of sport as just another business and Leon Summer-retainer-With his head in the skies, will not patronize events. The old :md his t houghts on the "Morrow" Lindbergh in plane "school spirit" will be replaced by a Janguage, is greatest, for he just t~kes everyon~ off their I pecuniary spirit. feet. But ~ often won? er whether, four .01' five ye~rs "Doc" Meany: I would say tha t l-jenc ~. he \\" 111 not expenence some trouble m conquenng Iathletics are over-emphaSlzed. al '." though I believe that there is som e th e "h ell . justification for the over-emphasls A. G. String-Dawgone it all. I iust got thru telling The principle motive is financia I that editor to print my name in fu ll. And now look at profit. The players engage in a it. Reminds me of Ghandi when they yelled for him to sport they love; alma mater collects "holn that loin." "' VeIl, to tell the truth~ I think Greta much needed cash. Garbo is our greatest American. She's a girl that shows ''Web'' Callahan: School spirit and distinction in her dress. I said distinction, not distinctly. love of the game are secondary in And I'll never for get her inspiring talk to the Hollywood tbe modern athletes make-up. Com mercialization has become the dom "Young girls" society. "Girls," she says, "retain an inter- inant motive in athletics, both pro est in fine clothes, but dont. get wrapped up in them. Now fessionally and scholastically, 'fhi s you've been wearing short skirts too long, forget them trait has, today, become foremost In and strive after higher things. Honestly it would make colleges and secondary schoolS, Per a woman swear the way you dress now days." Man is sonally, I am in favor of the athlet e who p laces commercial gain ahead 0 f She nea t, I'll say ! fame and the "do or die" spirit. be Garri Baldi- Alva's the greatest without a doubt. cause the athlete-student must work Do you think his wife could put anything over on him. twice as hard as the nOD-athlete'" Why, with that old X-ray of his he could see thru any Why not reap the benefits that ar e woman. And clio he have Bm'bank skinned tho . Once offered by that extra work? he and Luth was plantin t hings in Arizona. And Alva says to Luth. "Baby, have I got a scheme for irriga- The Southern Teacbers will lose by tion." "Oh Yeah," says Luth, "Oh Yeah." Luth didn't graduation eigbt members of thei r . team. They are: Captain Canada llelieve him yo u know. "Yep," says AI, "The only way to ali-conference center; Martin, half irrigate this land is to plant potatoes in one row and back; Lauder. quarterback; Watson onions in the next. They grow Uj:l together. The potato Iguard; Hodge. back; Gafford, end smells the onion-and its eyes begin to \yater." IJohnson, back; and Willis, a guard ;i:

THE F RANKLIN PRESS CO. PRINTERS ..u,-o STATIONER Printing. Engraving. Greeting Cards. Olllce and Sebool Supplies, Loose Leaf Forms. Binders. Etc. 264 East Merchant Street. Telephone 406 K ankakee, Ill.

under I

limitations. Athletics must l not be sponsored to the extent of placing sports as the most important item in the curriculum of an insti路 tution so that the primary purposp for which the institution was organ iz,ed is forgotten. It is my firm con victiun that were .i t Dot for the r e-

And we note in the new etiauette book that; "It is no longer proper to kISS the ladies hand, since GO many men are getting their lips burnt." Smoke Luckies, girls, they are kind to his face. And we hear in Economics that; "A profit is not wit hout honor in any country." And in ::t reducing-book that, (Attention co-eds) "Queen Victoria, while out r iding, once lost a t housan(i pou nds."

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A Select Boarding Scbool for Girls and Young Ladies. This institution is conducted by the Sisters of Notre Dame, and offers every opportuni ty to young ladies for a thorough Christian and secular education. Prices reasonable. For Catalogue, address





Page 5

Irish End Successful Season All-Conference Team Selected .. In Little 19 Camps First Team Craig, Illinois Wesleyan Musso, Millikin Brissman, Augustana Canada, Carbondale Tarro, Millikin Boucher, Monmouth Pace, DeKalb Corgnati, Monmouth Corbett, Millikin Hankerson, Carthage Esterdahl, Bradley

Position left end left tackle left guard Center right guard right tackle right end quarterback left halfback right halfback fullback

Honorable Mention:

Second Team McNaughton, St. Viator Blazing, Ill. Wesleyan Monroe, Bradley Fawley, Millikin Schaefer, North Central Stone, Augustana R. Colin. Illinois Leach, Ill. Wesleyan McClarence, Bradley Justus, Macomb Kerth, North Central

JViator Subdues Elmhurst

The curtain is again ready to ring down on the old football season; and basketball is supplanting her rival on the stage of activity. Following the Thanksgiving vacation all Little Nineteen schools are earnestly engaged in preparing for the current season on the hard-wood. Bradley and Millikin, previous to the vacation, had begun practice. ---

I Bradley finis hed a successful sea- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - son on Thanksgiving Day with Cor-

Domnick Tarro, a new Millikin nell of Mount Vernon, Iowa. Througb man on the a ll-star team, was at guard. This was Tarro's fourth year graduation the Bradleyites lose eight regulars. They are: Captain W. Esin competition. He came to Millikin terdahl, fullbac1t; Wolf and Emisher, f W'tt 111 'th t ha . g e rom 1, ., WI ou Vlll, ver halfbacks; and Hall, Spellman, Smith, played football before. Tarro is five and Bertalino linemen. Cutlip. Wesleyan; Peterson, Bradley; feet eight inches tall and weighs 180 Wilson, Knox; Kaiser, DeKalb. pounds ___ Ends- Neuman, Wesleyan; Orr, Lake Forest; Wasem, Charleston; Vanderbeek, DeKalb; Davis, Elmhurst. Tackles- Stiles, North Central;



- --

Offense Works Smoothly "":--_--:--:-:-_:-;-::-'---,-_;-----,down and then failing to gain puntElmhurst made 6 yards in 3 defiantly in the Little Nineteen . The attempts and punted. An exchange of attack they unleashed against Elm- punts followed . N either team threathurst was representative of cham- ened the remainder of the quarter. pions. It brought the Irish season Elmhurst took to punting the second to a worthy close. It was a sea- quarter with the wind at their backs. son in which they were the victim of The Irish then began a drive which injuries and bad breaks, but a sea- carried them to the Elmhurst 28 son which will make them a feared yard line. Here Dahman substituted and respected eleven for some time C d to come. The Saints scored five a whole new team. orcoran rna e four yards for a first down. The touchdowns, three counted, one was Irish failed to make much yardage enough for victory. in three downs and Westray passed Elmhurst had a courageous eleven, over the goal line to McNaughton. they were good and fought hard Elmhurst pulled a quick kick the but it was an uphill struggle. The ball rolling out on the Irish 46 yard Irish had two teams, one as good as line.

- --

The colors of St. Viator again fly ed.

The Bradley-Millikin game climax- ~~:y o~~~. an:h:n~a~~:; h~~n:ots;~~~ On the second play Red Harding ed the career of perhaps one of the incomparable to any showing during ran for a touchdown but the ball greatest backs tha t ever graced a the past three years. was called back and Viator penalized Little Nineteen football field, George 15 yards for holding. Wes tray puntB. Corbett. Corbett turned in the The game was the mos:' thrilling ed out on the Elmhurst 24 yard line. f h' . and exciting struggle on Bergin Field f higler, Monmouth; Shenefelt, Mt. Leroy "Briss" Brissman, uf 1v10- 1 greatest game 0 IS career agrunst in years. The stars that made it Elmhurst in punt ormation passed Morris; Parsons, Augustana; Buckler, line, was Augustana's representative I Bradley. but, he alone, wa~ unable to s uch a re many but there were a for 35 yards. They could advance Charleston; Ruebush, Normal. on the team at left guard. stem the tIde of the Bradley Inthe ball only by passing and tried it Quarterbacks- Mustapha, DeKalb: _______ dians. Johnson will have a ditr.cult few outstanding, Appearing at quar- frequently, An exchange of punts Strahlko, Lake Forest: Center, Knox; task on his hands to discover a man terback for the first time, P ete Laf- followed. Elmhurst executed a forCole, Eureka; Karr, St. Viator. WRITING ABOUT A WEDDING with Corbett's ability. fey, fighting Irish star fo r the past ward lateral pass but it netted them Halfbacks- Sutfin, DeKalb; Swish- -___ two years, handled the t eam like a only 7 yards. The half ended with er, Bradley; Westray, St. Viator; (Princeville Telegraph.) veteran. Not only was his general- Viator in possession of the ball on Wesleyan won her twenty-fourth ship perfect but he gave the fans the Elmhurst 25 yard line. Thoma, Augustana; Hensel, WesleyMost newspaper men shrink from consecutive Victory from Normal, 17- the biggest thrill of the game by an; Todd, McKendree; Holder, Car- the task of writing up a wedding 0, in a very bitterly contested bat- catching the opening kickoff on his Elmhurst again chose to kick, Lafbondale. and prefer to pass that responsible tle. This battle marked the end of own eight yard line and returning it fey r eturning it to the 40 yard line. Fullbacks- Kerber, Elmhurst; Spu- duty to the female SOCiety editor. the college career of Bill Craig, im- to the Elmhurst five yard line, a ~:s:x~::;: ~~!~~~Sw:Oll\:::d~co~:~ dich, McKendree; Nicolet, Shurtlef:t; Yet there are exceptions. Occasion- pregnable in the Titan fonvard wall run of eighty-seven yards and only Overbeay, Illinois; Marak, Augusta- I ally an editor is found who can for four years . At a wing position, five yards from a touchdown, Ken after Westray had made an offna; Dener, Millikin. paint a word picture of nuptial Craig has won conference honors for Westl'ay , birlliant sophomore star abC' tackl e dash to the 20 yard line. LafChoice for captain- Corbett, Milli- events that any lady reporter might three years. r eeled off some beautiful runs, one fey made f1ve yards through center. kin. envy, ___ for forty-five yards , and a twelve Westray then carried it over with a _ __ One editor has been discovered Two unidentified youths robbed yard dash for a touchdown. On his dash through tac~le. He tried to James Millikin is represented by who appears to be hiding his g reat Joseph Nichols, conductor on the spurt for the touchdown he was lil<e make the extra pomt on an end run 'cal eleven. talents in an obscure Kansas town. a jackrabbit in a pack of hounds. He I but failed. Por the first time, Elmthree players on the mythl Kankakee-Bradley Trolley of ten dolhu t c h ' . d O'D 'I slipped away from all WOUld-be taCk- I . rs ose 0 receIve an . onnel Monmouth scored wit':l two men on while h e ought to be holding down a great City job. Here is a sample of lars on the evening of November lers a nd vanished over the goal line. klcked off to th e 27 yard lme. Elmthe squad. Bradley Tech, Carthage, his literary ability, which proves our twenty-seventh. Rom'3.ry Stars at End. hurst C~Uld , llOt gain an inch through DeKalb, Northern Teachers, Auguspoint: Romary, a backfield man, played I the. Srunts hne and resorted to tana, Carbondale, Southern TeachIt was a wonderful wedding. The his last game for the Irish. There I puntmg. Lalley returned an ~lmers, and Illi nois Wesleyan each placgirl was as sweet a girl as ever were two minutes to go and the hurs t punt to the Irish 42 yard line. ed one man on the eleven. Irish were back on the twelve yard On the first play, Westray cut lived, but modern. As she walked Captain George Burdett Corbett through tackle for a 43 d was selected for the honor for the up the aisle on her father's arm. her Team W L T Pet line. His signal was caUed and he tti th b i l E var run fourth consecutive time. William lips lightly tilted at the corners Monmouth 4' O· l ' LOOD crashed through tackle and stiff pu d I~~ e H a on the lmhurst 15 Craig, Illinois Wesleyan, George Mus- with a happy smile, she was a pic- Bradley .... ··· ·············· ·4 1 0 80t) anned the secondary. Puff ROmary~: I ar~ngt made ~ ~ard. On so, Millikin, and Homer Hankenson, tUre of modest beauty. Her filmy Millikin ............. ...... :::::::::4 1 0 800 was not to be deprived. He ended e nex p a y es ray go ack for . t. wedding gown and gossamer veil 3 1 1 750 his career on the gridiron in a mem- a pass but no one was open and he Carthage, were other renomma IOns Auo-ustana started to run When h t t th for the all-conference honors. Musso floated around her fair blond head De;{alk ... ... ~ .................... .4 2 0 667 orable way. line of s · . h d ~dg~ t o e is almost certain to be Millikin's cap- like a halo. She was as nearly an Wesleyan ....................... .4 2 0 667 HardJng an d Dexter. d th cnmrnage e eCI e 0 pass 667 Two freshmen, Red Harding from scored. an rew Harding who illegal again t81'n-elect Wl·thl·n a few we eks. His angel as gi rl s set to be in this North Central .............. .4 2 0 The topass was ruled performance at tackle has kept con- world. At the altar as she passed Carbondale ......... 4 2 0 667 Peoria and Emerson Dexter from and th e ball was brought back. The ference scribes writing lines of praise from her fathe r, the man she had Knox ............................... 2 1 0 667 I Champaign also starred. Harding, Irish then failed to carry it over, for three years, always lo ved, to the man whom she St. Viator ........ .............. 4 3 0 5'71 1 the lad who had single-handed defeated Ill' . C II . th In the last quarter after Dahman Hankkentson, alhthougbh playing ":bitlh ... .. . crashing °o:!e, t-::ns: had again made a number of suba wea earn, a s , een responsl e lily resting on the floor and turned 400 sixty-five yards for a touchdown but stitutes, Atkins threw a pass to for a lmost everythmg Carthage has . S '1' . h t d Charleston .... 2 3 0 Romary gaining 32 a d th . d It over. mI mg agam, s e ume Carthage ........ 2 3 0 400 fate deprived him of the honor, for y r s on e game. This is his last year in to the dear old pastor waiting at the McKendree .................... 2 3 1 400 the ball was caUed back. A second ~~~ ~:e. PU~~~!n~:~1 ~~d~n a thyear~~ competition. Hankensen, who weighs chancel, and said, "That was a hell Eureka ........ 2 4 0 333 touchdown he scored was also called 171 pounds, hails from oRck Falls, of a place to put a lily." Mount Morris .............. 1 2 1 33;:$ back , but Red kept right on. Such Atkins then passed to Romary ove r Illinois College .............. 1 4 2 200 playing is an inspiration to any team bthell gaf°aI line but "Puff" dropped th e Ill. t er catching it. Elmhurst th en Bill Cralg, Wesleyan's acting cap- . W e have received the announce14~ and Red de serves that commendation. a tain, likewise has seen aU-conference ment of the marriage of Zenis ~ '. ~'::::~n···""·····"::::::::::::::~ ~ ~ OO~ Dexter, th e Irish center, played his punted. Viator th en mad e 3 firs t membership for three years. This is usual brilliant b k' th downs in s uccession, Romary th en h' f th At d tho 202 d Lerona to Miss May Sheridan of Oal< Lake Forest .................. 0 2 2 000 . . g ame a c lllg up e scored from the 15 'lard line. H IS our. el'l. IS poun Park, Illinois. The ceremony was I hn e. Around hIm the Irish defense e Philadelphian, has bored the holes solemnized in St. Giles Church of shines , Down on punts, he tackles failed to add th e extra ~ ::!nt. through which W esleyan's backs have Oak Park. Mr. Lemna graduated in After following a number of foot- hard and vicious ly, clean, low tackELMHURST VIATOR been able to score their pOints. 1928 with th e degre e of Bachelor of ball games of the pas t se ason by les, tackles worthy of the wonderful First downs 5 10 Warren Esterdahl, of Bradley Science. m ~ans of the radio, St. Viator takes center that he is. First downs by Tech, won fullback from a host of I g reat pride in one of its form er Play by P lay Account of the Game. penalty 2 o outstanding competitors. students, Jack Ryan, who has suc Viator scored a f ew minutes after Punts ........................ 15 10 Leion Corgnati, affectionately News comes from th e Sunny South I cessfully given us play-by-play aC- 1 th e opening kickoff. Laffey caught Fumbles 5 5 known as "Moose" was Monmouth's th a t one of our more rec ent Alumni, counts of some of the most inl - t he ball on the 8 yard line ran to Fumbles reco ver ed .. 5 1 representative at quarterback . Mr. Jam es Connors, is tea ching at portant g am es, H e d eserv es especia l th e ce nte r of the field suddenl y cut Passes ........................ 14 8 John "Red" Pace , of De Kalb , was Loyola Colleg e , N ew Orleans, La. m ention for th e excellent season of out and was clear to th e g oal but P asses comple t ed 6 ] named Craig's mate at end. grid battles he h as d eli ve red to the an E lmhurs t m a n was close on his Pass es inte rcepted .. ] 2 OpPOSite Musso in th e line w as Mauri ce LeClaire '28 h as been ap- 'I mic rophone. He has received con- hee ls. H e was t ackl ed on th e 5 Yards g ai n ed by Virgil " TIge" Boucher, Monmouth's poin t ed state r epresentative, Man- sider a ble commend a tion in the Ch i- y ard line. A tkin s carri ed th e ball passes ..................... 107 34 a c ting c aptain, whose ex cellent age r and Supe rviso r of agents in cafto Herald and Examiner . with through ce nte r for 4 yard s. On th e Yards by rushi ng . ,46 314 scholarship mad e him outstanding in Illinois by the F a rme rs Union Mutual whic h pape r he is affili a t ed. W e al so 1 n ex t play O' Donne ll carri ed it ove r . Attempts ................. 15 61 the classroom as well as on the Insurance oC. of Iowa. Maurice is h ear him every day at 6:25 and 10 ! Romar y failed to mak e th e extra Penalties ................. 1 3 gridIron. Bouche r's home is in a partne r in his fath e r' s insurance p . m . giving th e sport s ummaries for point his drop ki ck g oing wil d. Via- Yards pena lize d 5 25 Murphysboro. business in Kankak ee. KYW. tor again r eceived, made a firs t Co ntinu ed o n Back Page.

Guards- Spellman, Bradley; Pexa, St. Viator; Kerrus, McKendree; Schultz, Carthage; Baird, Charleston; Henry, Wesleyan, Center- Daugherty .Br adley; Win-

Harr~ Canada, of Carbondale, was chosen center of the mythical squad. This oSuthern Teacher player from Marion, Ill., was on the second aUconference team last year.

Little 19 Standings . .



:eOrUI:ai~~~o:~iP~~: ;~~~h~~ :e~o~~:~ !l:~~%~t


::::::::::::::::::~ ~ ~ ~~~ I



FRl.lJ.-\Y, DECE.'lBER 4, 1931 Touchdowns: O'Donnell. Romary" Westray. • Substltutlons: St. Viator-Anderson tor Hunt, Pexa fo r Anderson, At-

ehef [RUSSO )S aiasterpiece


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~:~= kins for Westray. Westray for


Latfey, Bomba fo r Kelly, Mustari for Hedman, Bereblos for Thompson, hleNaughton








Ye Sir!

Sanitary Market


346 E. Co urt St r eet.



I for


Telephone 137 Harding for Roma.ry, Turner O'Donnell. Elmhurst-Ebellng for Rest. Eilers for Jim DeTuerk, O. ' -- -- - - - -- -- - - - -' Wintermeyer for Ebeling. H . Wintermeyer fo r Smotherman, Jim DeTHE CITY BANKS Tue rk for Eilers, Behle for SmotherKankakee, ro. man, Smotherman for Dreusicke, R es t fo r Jim DeTuerk.


Co r ner Court St. and Schuyler

Dry Cleaners Rug Cleaners KANI{AKEE, ILL.

202 Main St.



eomplimencs 0/


white Icing.

T iny figu r es and ocllege Westray ............... 15 symbols are worl{ed lnto the lower O'Donnell .............. 10 two layers of the cake while the Atkins ... 10 next three ascending layers support Corcoran 5 columns of colored icing. The whole Romary _.. 8 Is surmo unted by two figures, both elmhurst molded by the hands of the sk illed raebel LE chef. 3est LT The cake is but ano t he r example rohn DeTuerk LG of the work of the Viato r chef. Lo v- Hm DeTuerk RG er of the unusual in his profeSSion, {roll RT Mr. Russo has achieved fame as a Davis RE cr eator of out of the ordinary bits Behle QB in his kitchen. Already we ll-known Dreusicke LH to his fellows by his contributions to Reed RH cook ery magazines, :hir. Russo has Holden FB enh anced his r epu tatton by his skill Bloohm C

a nd art In baking. Perhaps the most famous of h is bi ts of work w as the fou r-foot scale mod~l of Marsile Hall,


FUNERAL HOME 205 S . Harrison Ave.

college, which Mr. l{usso prepared for the final banquet of last yeal 's g raduatlng class. This model, work· ed en tlrely in sugar, was faithful to the minutest detB.lI t') the building from which It was (;opied and at· tracted wide attenti 00 from r.alinary artists. It required f;ix weeks ~f Mr. Russo's time il1 the creati0n and has traveled ex t e n ~ i\'d v since :1.3 an exhibit at conveilt.\lllJs· a nd 'cookery shows.




Morella & Casey


For Hllrh G r ade Cigars


Cigarettes and PlpH

Laffey Atkins O'Donnell Meaney


For Clothes


The Chicago Store

J ourdan Packing Co. 814·856 W, 20th Street


Chicago, llllnois

is the place

Telephone Canal 3848


McLaren's Sandwich Shop





Just around the corner




A hearty welcome awaits the students


Lambert Hardware


field, TIllnols stopped at the college

foo tba ll game at Soutb Bend.

Ja y \Vatson '3 0 vis ited the college du ring Homeco ming week. Jay reports that a ll is well in the furni ture and undertaking bUSiness in Odell, illinOis.


Viator during the Thanksgiving holi-


Forty-seven years experience in sups titutionat and restaurant requirements has perfected our servi ce and our values beyond comparison.

Mr. ThaJdorf is teaching Ac.

countlg in the University of Detroit. He reports that all the Viato r Alumni in Detroi t are doing fine. Rev. James. A. Williams is \ now assisting the Rev. H. A. Darche

sym bol



Kankakee's Largest Stock QUALITY RADIO


by outright gift, insur ance, bequest or annuity.

You can get 6% on your money and leave the capital for the Endowment.


Write for partiCulars to

foods economically packed. All of our products are packed in the containers most convenient and economical fo r yo u.

St. Viator College Extension Club Incorporated 2025 LaSalle Bldg.



Million Dollar Endowment

plying Quality Food Products for In·



Sporting Goods

Leading Purveyors to the Institutional Table


BAIRD-SWANNELL Everything in Sporting Goods

Kankakee, W .

Our Edelweis Trade Mark has beM r. Leo Thaldorf ' 13 visi ted SL

at St. Josepb's Churcb. Bradley, TIl.

$35. PLANT-KERGER CO, 'Nationally known Men' s Wear'

Magazines a n d Newspapen

fo r a few minutes while en route to the Notre Dame-Southern California


First Door North of Luna Theatre


Sidney Her bst, Pres. and General Manager .

Alumni Notes


Now this famous clothing is wi thin r each of all. SUITS AND OVERCOATS

Ambulance Service 1

O'Connell I Zarza

KUPPENHEIMER Quality Clothes For Every Man

Morgan & Clancy

K elly

Graves Pexa

Emi l Boudreau & Son, Pro"".

:Ban~ :Building


Administration BUilding of St. Viator

Daniel Gordon '31. who has been teaching for the past year at Pen-

145 46 0 36 11 11 0 45 0 St. Viator



lege refectory. Continued from page five. The cal<e proper is a six-layer afIndJ vidual Galns. fair, measuring sligh tl y ove r three feet square a t the base. The six Attempts Gained Lost layer s a re arranged in block tOWE'r Harding 9 16 6 fo rm to th e top and covered wi th Laffey 4 15 0

Free Crank"""" Service Viator." CONFECTIONERY Hydrollc Lift Greasing


V iator Subdues

BOUDREAU Texaco Filling Station "Just around the corner from


nual Self· H e lp banque t beld recently In the s tudent dining hall of the col·




Above iB pictured th e latest crea- inois. For many years Father Wiltion of Paul Russo, chef of St. Via- Hams was on the Faculty roster at lor College and master of intricate St. Viator Academy. cuisine. The crea tion. a huge slxlayer cake. was baked for the an-

Leave Your Laundry and Dry C leaning wt tb

Welcomes Your Banking Business Avenue.

Phone 567


c m c .-\GO

Provincial House

ChIcagO, TIl. Telephone Randolph 9336 J. P . O'Mahoney, Treasurer. 3618 N. Kedvale Ave. Kildare 3673.

St. Viator College Newspaper, 1932-12-04  

The Viatorian, Vol. XLIX, No. 5