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Monday, May 11, 1931.

'MARTIN TOOHILL TO LEAD COLLEGE CLUB Makes PRESIDENT HEARD Holy Name GOOD ATTENDANCE Defeats Herbert Shea in Hotly Enrollment Plea Contested Battle for Presidency BY EUROPEANS AT SPRING DANCE :Radio Speech of Rev. J. W. R. Maguire Flaying Yellow-Dog Contracts Carried to Distant Pla,ces


Selecting ,Mother's Day as the most auspicious occasion for the annua l enroll ment of new members, Josep h lioog, President of the Holy Name Society of St. Viator College, has named that day for the regular ,induction. It so happens that Mother's Day and Holy Name Sunday are synomomous, and all students of the College have been urged to attend Holy Communion on t ha t day with the double nitention in mind. It has been the custom of the pa~t for every Catholic student of St, Viator to join the Holy Name Society, and it is not expected that this year's enrollment will fall s hort of the usual total. The majority of t he students of the College are a lread y members of the Society. and those few who are w ithout its ranks are expected to join in the very near future in order that 811other hundred percent record may be made.

The New World for May 1, 1931, comments on one of. the Very Rev. J. W. R. Maguire, c. s. v., series of , radio broadcasts over station WCFl\and its sister station W9XAA. Sta' tion WCFL together with station W9XAA carries Father Maguire's I weekly talks every Sunday eveni ng to New Zealand, South America and Europe. At the present time, the , talks may be heard from 8 :00 to 8 :30 in the evening. . Father Maguire stated that many people feared org,anized labor because they had no real understanding of it: He asserted that, for a great i. many_ years orga,nized labor has tended to improve steadily the conditions of the working classes. He maintained that "it is an elementary principal of reason that men have a natural right to ef,lter into associa tion with their fellow beings for The Two Upper-Classes , legitimate purposes." He gave proof Unite to Sponsor Last for the truth of this statement, citing Holy Writ and t he famous EnDance of th~ Year ,. cyclical' of Pope ~eo XIII and held , th~t all society was based on t hat A lthough the details are not as principle. yet ready for announcement, it has In the course of his talk h e flayed been officially decided by the two the use of "yellow-dog" contracts classes concerned that the final forced by organized employers upon dance of the school year, the Junioremp loyees who desire to become S.enior Prom, wioJ] be held late this , affiliated with a labor organization, month, most probably on the twentybut are balked by this demand of the second. I emp loyer whom Father Maguire Announcement of the Prom was branded as forcing his wi ll upon the first made to the members of the worker by swinging the "club of' student body at large during t h e starvation." Father Maguire said CoJlege Club meeting of last Monday. that the man who signs a "yellow- Mr. Kenneth .Clothier, President of dog" contract signs away his nat- the Senior class, addressed the Club ura.l rights. ~ "The American F eder- at some length regarding the plan~ ation of Labor," said Fr. Maguire, for the da nce, and asked their t Hhas done much to stem the tide of whole-hearted cooperation in the socialism, Communism and other affair. radical movements in the United At the same time, Mr. Herbert States. The most ridiculous and Shea, President of the Junior class, erroneous concept that' can be enter- announced that the annual Junior tained of the Federation of Lahor is class dance had been merged with to believe, that it is, in any sense, the Senior reception to form the radical." Prom. Thi s was done in order that Father Maguire is well known in the affair, which is to be the la st of Labor Circles throughout the counn!y its kind for th e school year, might as one of the greatest experts on' be as great a success as possible. labor and social problems in the The dance will be the last act of est in the loca l unemployment situa- the Senior class of 1931, and it is country. He has taken active inter- hoped that it will be more than a tion and has made a valuable and s uccess. The . bids will be limited, helpful survey of the .problem in an according to ,c-ustorn, to members of effort to aid town officials in allev- the student .body only, and will be iating the burden on chari table 01'- placed on sale very shortly. Details ganizations. are e拢pectcd to ' be~ allnounced-m a few ' days. CAMPUS BEA UTI FIED -----Contrary to all reports, Mahatma Much time has been spent of lat~ in beautifying our splendid campus. Ghandi has not yet arrived in this The trees and bushes have be~n country. The gentleman seen about pruned, and many new s hrubs have the campus recently has been only been planted, aiding greatly in t h e the famous Indian's douhle and adbeautification of the college campus. vance agent. The local bald-headed We have all the reasons to be proud individual decided to use more than of this scenic outlay and its de- passive resistance to defeat old man velopment should be of primarYih- Dandi Ruff, Shah of the wide -open terest to us all. spaces.


College Club Sponsors Bob Delaney to b e New Treasurer; Carney, Mona~ Successful Affair In han, Farrell, a nd Riley Also Gain Office. Viator Gym The Viatorian Scores Scoop on About sixty-five couples attended Election News the College Club's Spring dance in the gymnasium on Wednesday evening, April 29th. Although in comparison to the Homecoming dance the crowd was small, those who did come out to the affair declared t hat it was one of the most s uccessful 'social events of the year. Even the weather man was just cool enough, to make dancing on the big floor very enj oyable. The decorations were similar to those used at the other dances in the gymnasium during the year, except that Ray Wenthe and his committee secured a pleasing effect by hanging a large g lass ball in the very center of the building; as the ball revolved, lights were flashed on it from below. The lighting effects were cleverly arranged. The artistic placing of severa l large ferns about the vario us tables gave a pleasing atmosphere. Ray Wu lff's Orchestra from Kankakee furni shed the melodies to which students and their friends danced . This band has been one of the students' favorites during the past two years, and their performance on the 29th was in keeping with their usual brand of quality music. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Da hman, Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Clancy, and Mr. and Mrs. Betourne were the chaperones for the event.

F ather Girard Starts Lecture Course Rev. Father A. L. Girard, '07, of Momence, Illinois, and former in-I structor at the College, gave the first of his four lectures on the subject of Medieval Art to the History students last Tuesday afternoon in Room 47 of Marsile Hall. He illustrated his very interesting lecture with a selected group of slides, some of w hich were beautifully colored. Although Father Girard claims to be but an amateur in the field of art, he has spent some litt le ti~e in its stud y. He h as obtained much of his information first hand by trips to the Continent and by attendance at many of the metropoli tan expositions. According to Dr. John Tracey Ellis , head of the Department of History, the remaining three lectures wi ll be open to anyone who wish;s to attend. This policy has also been in effect in regard to the other ' special lectures in Medieval History. - - -- Because of the recent unexpected ra in that has deluged the College courts, the tennis tournament has been postponed until the advent of fairer weather. Play wi ll be resumed a s soOn as Old Sol gets around to the west side of Rol Hall.

Martin Toohill of Bloomington, Illinois, won the most hotly contested battle in years for the Presidency of the Coll ege Club as he defeated Herbert Shea, Fort Wayne, Indiana, by a margin of twenty-five votes. The final co unt stood at seventy-two votes for ToohiIl to forty-seven for Shea. From the moment of t he nominations, friends and supporters of the two principals were engaged in electioneering in t heir behalf. Placards, posters, personal letters, speeches, and all the other trappings of national elections were in evid ence as the two machin es turned themselves loose upon the voters of the campus. On the morning of election day, the campus was white and red and black with the posters of the two parties. Every effort was exerted in an effort to elect "their" man by the members of the two parties, and discussions waxed hot as The Students Complete the meri ts of the two were set forth. Hea vy Vote Cast. Work on Oratorical One of the heaviest votes in recent And Essay Contests years at a club election was cast as I a result of the enthusiasm aro used As Time Grows by the exponents of the two ca ndidates. The polling place, In the Short College Club rooms, was ope n from Since the subject for the Oratori- twe~ve untIl ~ne-thirty, and vlt'tually cal and Essay contests was an- every member of the club was presnounced on February thirteenth, n ent to cast hl s ballot. large number of students have been At t he opening of th e polling, the busy collecting material, writing, votmg was very even, occasIOnally and revising their speeches and s howing ~Iight Shea tendencies. As esss s. This week, especially, has the :ountmg progressed, howeve~) b y b th dead ToohIlI steadily drew ahead of hIS .een a very ~sy ?ne, as e . - opponent until he had obtained a hne for handmg In the essays IS substantial lead . May tenth, and the finals for the Shea Offers Con路gratulations. Oratorical contest are being held as Upon being informed of the rethi s goes to press. The subject for both contests this s ults of the elections, Mr. Shea ofyea r is "Ghandi and the Freedom of fered his congratulations to Mr. India." The students may choose Toohill, and pledged hi s wholehearted support to the la tter's any phase of the topic which apregime throughout the com ing year. peals to them . The essays must he Mr. Toohill was visibly conscious thirty-five hundred words in length, of the honor which the student body and the speeches are to require ten had conferred upon him, and asked minutes. that the Viatorian convey hi s si ncere Both contests are open to a ll stud- appreciation to the vote,.s for their ents, but the Essay contest is com- expression of confidence . Reali zing pulsory for those students enrolled the, magnitude of the responsibilities in English courses. This includes which he is about to assume, he all Freshmen and a majority of the made a short plea for gtudent supupper-classmen. After due delibera- port in all the affairs of the Club tion, it was decided to make the during the next year, and stated Oratorical contest compulsory only that he was a lready formu lati ng for the A students in the Public plans for a program to be submitted Speaking classes. to the student body in September. The winner of the Essay contest Dela ney is Treasurer. will receive the English ]~ssay Robert Delaney, '34, was returned Medal, presented by the late Very victor over Werner Salg in the race Rev. Msgr. P. J. McDonnell. This for the Treas ureship by a small award went last year to Jame3 E. landslide. The r esult of th e election Hayden of Bloomington, llIinois, was at no time in doubt, and the Frances Mary Clancy, '32, was next popular young Freshman ran far in merit. The Oratorica.l medal, ahead of his ticket. presented by th e Rev. Stephen N. Charles Carney w ill be the new Moore, Bloom ington, Ininois, Nas Vice-President, defeating Don Andwon by Walter J. Keckich of Kan- erson by thirty -two votes. Carney kakee. John C. Hundman, Bloom- is exceedingly popular about t he ington, w as next in merit in this campus, known equally for hi s wit contest. and his wisdom. He is expected to be an able assistant to Mr. Toohill Next baseball game at home- in a ll the undertakings of the Club Viator vs. lUinois State Normal, f or next year. Friday, May 15th. (Continued on page six)



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11, 1931.

Editor's Comment

THE VIA TORIAN Publis hed bi-weekly throughout the sc holas tic year by the s tudents of S t. Via tor CoJlege.

THE STAFF Editor-in-Chief ~1anaging Editor }' cat ure Writer Feature Writer Feature Writer Feature Writer Campus Briefs Editorials i\thl etics F'reshman Assistants: A lumni and Third Corridor Double Dribbles Athletics . Senior League.. Man agin g Editor. Feature Writer.. TCeature Writer. Circulation Man ager ....


I inning to let in eight runs, and then ' out to club his team to a \';ctoryof the time that "Burly' Logan, I Spring seems to have Tevi~ed the playing as a substitute for the campus to an .almost alarmmg closest rivals to his team, socked the , tent. The bl'lght Sprmg . weather home run that gave his ado pted has complet~IY revolutIOnized the mates the championship and lost it hfe and habits of the Viator stud - for hIS own men-and of other plays ents. Tennis has replaced bowhng, too numerous to mention, but stil l ba seball has superseded basketb~ JI . remembered on the corridor s of Roy the Intra-mural league is runnmg j Hall. strong, aspll'lng golfers are hunting funds for gree n fees at Hieland, <::: rumors of more dances float about

Ralph Hoover Kenneth Bushman G' \I M' ddleton ..



Frances Mary Clan cy Joseph Logan Robert Tucker Patrick M. Cleary Carl Lampe K ....... th Cl th' .. .. enn e 0 ler




,-,tout of WI.sconsl'n another I Rates Faculty Members

In the all', t he co-eds plan of theIr hi g hl y popular parties, posters annou nce Sprin g electIOns,. anti exams draw near. Vel'lly, the vIator man has plenty to do these days, and t he life of an ed itor is ma'le easy by an abu ndan ce of news.

Compliments of


United Cigar Store

Cor. Cour t a nd Schuyler A faculty rating scale was. s ubmitted to students of Stout Ins tItute, Com p let e Line of Menomonie, Wiscons in, in order that the instru ctors might find out what Smokers ' Articles the students think of their work . . .......... James Dugan T he stud ents graded th eir professors Founta in & L uncheon Service .. Wilbur Callahan The Viatorian is all proud and on a scal e ranging from 0 to 100. .......... Frank Wirken ha ughty abo ut its scoop of the Two sheets were us ed, one for ...............John Boyle elections. Inter est in thi s year's academic and one f or shop teuchcrs . ........... ......... Edward Coak ley baJl otting was at a pitch seldom An envelope containing a sufficient Confectionery John Mehren seen before on the ca mpus, and the number of s heets was given to eac}-! Groceri es .. .............John Burns resu lt was in doubt until the last ins tructor from the pres ident's office . ........................ Robert Spreitzer handfu l of ball ots was counted. The Sh eets were given to each member specia l edi tion , product of the fertil e of the class and 20 to 30 minutes Subscription Rate: $2.00 per annu m. mind of Bob Tucker, was much in Address all corres pondence r eferring either to advertising or s ubsc ription to demand a s t he supply WR 3 li mited. was allowed for the grading. These Bour bonna is, III. were the n turned in at the presiThe Viatorian, Bourbonnais, Ill. dent's office. The students were alCigars Notions Entered as second class matter at the Post Office of Bourbonnais , Illi nois, W e 3re often tempted to wonder lowed to rate any man u nder w hom und er the Act of Maroh 3rd. 1879. if t he students of St. Viator suJll- t hey have worked. ciently appreciate t he man who is Results of the individua l rating th eir President. The rece nt public- were not published, but t he teachers . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , ity given to t he work of the Very were a llowed to cons ult th eir own Rev. J. W. R. Maguire, c. s. v., has I rating sheets. broug ht home very forcibly th e Stout, by subjecting her fac ul ty respec t with w h ich his opinions are t o a rating sca.le, is fa lli ng in line treated by th e world. Wh ile Father w ith a ll the progressive coll eges I Magu ire has long been at this work. throughout the U n ited States. But it is only recently t hat he has a l- aside from this a specific ga in is 346 E . Court Street lowed acknow ledgemen t outside t he hoped to be obtained; t hat of a betclose circle of national leaders who tel' understandin g between stu dent Telephone 137 h3 VC a lways known his va.luc. I and teacher an d pointing out to t he I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.J


Amedee J. Lamarre


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latter hi s particular weaknesses . The entrance of the Ir ish athletes which are defeating this understandmto two more sports thIS Sprmg ing. Of course, t he ultimate goal is Everybody Likes brings t he total of new sports to su perior teach ing and more gain for four. T rack, whi le long latent, the stude nt. seems about to be revived with tl:e T here has been noticeable im new enthusiasm of both t he coach provement in so me of t hese' classes We Supply St . Via tor College and the s tud ent body. St. Viator a lready. One typical case was where F. O. SA VOl E- CO. will put golf and tennis teams i nto one in structor learned that he enuncompetition for the fi rst ti me i n eiated poorly. As a result, he \Vas Distributor many yeors. The fenci ng team, Ull - recelvmg poor attention from his ,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _---1 del' the dire ction of Dr. Gabriel Dcs - students and getting poor res ul ts. The fac ul ty is not bound by the Demand s enyey, is an entire ly new sport to sma ll college circles, and the en- administration to subject th emse lve3 trance of St. Viator into this fi eld I to th e student rating. has been acclaimed with joy b Y I -Wesleyan A rg us. swordsmen and fen Cing clubs t hrough ,



Withi n a few s hort weeks a nother g roup of Via tor s tudents will tra nsfer th eir a llegiance to t he r anks of th e loyal a lumni and t heir achi evements will be a dded t o those a lready glorious pages of t he College's history. In the years t o come some of the members of the Class of '31 will be remember ed for t heir scholas tic merits, others for the ir ab ili ty on t he a thl etic fi elds, others for t heir in terest in a ll student affairs, a nd s till others for t heir acts of ki ndn ess a nd cou rage to their fellow students a nd roomArseneau'll Uniform mates. It is to be regretted that t he m emories of this class BR'EAD will be dimm ed somewhat by t he yearly in crease of gr adu ates, a nd t ha t by t he year 1941 they will li ve mostly in the written out the co untry as an indication Of l The Viator Independents, managed "IT'S QUALITY SATISFIES" r eco rds of t he r egistrar's office and in the unforgetting mem- the fact that the .smaller collo.; ;"s I and directed by Joe Logan, lost a G. ARSENEAU BAKERY ories of their teachers. T hey will be practically unknown to th e are branchmg out In sports 10 an hard game to the Bonfield Cu bs on effort to give the recreation to a' i Sunday afternoon, May 3rd. Vince Bourbonnais, III. succeed ing st udent bodies. In t he past ma ny classes have per- large a percentage of the student Mooney, prom ising young Soph hurl-I .,L _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ petuated th eir name by establishin g memorials. Some of these body as poss ible. er held t he r ustics to six hi ts, bu t ha ve been in t he for ms of bronze plates, statues, pictures, and dde to s ome unusua lly lucky breaks We are in receipt of a letter from the Cubs were able to put over the " ROSWITE" AND "ROSE" endowm ents, and t hey now r emai n as a definite pa r t of th e Viatorian Sem inary in Washing- w in ning run in th e ninth inning. BRAND HAMS AND BACON Coll eg e. T here isn't a s t udent in t he College today who hasn' t ttohen which we are very glad to pril:t. 'II some time or another st.opped and read of what the Class of We are ""I so indebted to Father Jourdan Packing Co. In yo ur chari ty klnd ly pray for 1917 did for t he instit ution, simply because t ha t group lef t a Breen for th e cut which he so very th e depa rted founder s of S t. Via814-836 W. 20th Street lasti ng memorial in the ma in corridor of Marsil e Hall. But we kindly loaned to us . It is a pleasure tor College Endow ment F und. Chicago, Illinois that should wa rm any editor's hear t believe that t his year's class should also ma ke an effor t to Rev. Michael Quirk to have so capable an a ssistant. IJ establish a m em ori~l which would be somewhat new and unique. volunteer ing his services, and we j Rev. Geo. P. M ul vaney, C. S. V. Telephone Canal 3848 At present t here is no particular ind ucem ent for t he de- wa nt to ex press our appreciation Rt. Rev. Msgr . D. L. McDonald Rev. Mar t in Br ennan velopment of st udent leaders, and neither is t here a ny method through this column now. Rev. Willi a m Murta ugh of s how ing t he school's appreciation for t heir valu ed services. Rev. J ohn S uerth We would like to suggest to t he members of t his year's class The presentation of the intraDine and Dance mural trophi es for basketball seems ' Rev. J . F. K ir sc h that th ey put aside a s mall fu nd for t he purchase of medals fo r to have been admirably timed, for i Rev. P eter P . O'Dwyer AT Ihis award. In so doing they would not only ma ke themselves interest in Senior League baseball , Mr. F r ancis J . Ly nch remembered. but they would also be doi ng t he school a serviCe is at fever heat. Old timers are Mr s. Mar y Ly nch Foxy's Always Inn which it wo uld greatly appreciate. There is no doub t t ha t this reminiscing of years gone by in the : Mr. J erry Murph y medal would be eage rly contested for and wo uld be highly valu ed sport-the time that Captain Eddie Mr . Patri ck Cleary by the recipient. This award would also help to knit a closer O'Neil, of the champion " Giants' of Mr . W illia m H ickey UND ER N E W MANAGEM E NT bond between the student body and the alumn i. If, however, last yea r, made eight errors in OJ,. L _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ L _________-::-___--' this year's graduating- class has already decided upon a memoria l. we hope that our s uggestion will not be discarded by t he NOTRE DAME CONVENT t hree other remaining classes in schooL Lambert Hardware Of course. this idea may appea r to be somewhat trivial, but Accredited to Dlinois U ni ver s ity Kankakee, Ill. we firm ly believe that its foundation would be a step fonvar d in I A Select Boar ding Sch ool for Girls and Young Ladies. the future development of campus leaders. Athletic en deavor is This institution is conducted by the Sisters of Notre Dame, and offer s . reward ed by th e distribution of cove ted letters, why shouldn't every opportunity to young; ladies for a thorough Christian and secula r stu dent actiyity be s imilarly rewarded by the bestowing of a education. Prices reasonable. For Catalo&'Ue, address RE ACH-W RI GHT & DI'l'SON SISTER SUPERIOR, Notre Dame Con vent medal'? There will always be nat ural born student leaders who "ill act without any form of inducement, but oftentimes many Sportin'g G __ ..l L LINOIS ooaa potential ge n era l ~ are d.isappointed by the apparent lack 0 f ap- IL_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _BOURBONNAIS, _ _ _ _ _ _ _I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _-' 1,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _' preciatlon of their sernces.






Monday, May 11, -1931.



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1' - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - -

· N S emlnary otes 1

I the seminary. The work was organby Brother Eugene McCarthy has had the assistance every Sunday of Brothers J . E . Surpren-

I who ized

Viatorian Seminary cnt, P. E. Loughrand and John J. Tobin. The results have been gratiWashington, D . C. fying to lhe Brothers who devote An occa sion of rejoicing came with their Sunday afternoons to this noble the news from the Very Rev. Pro- work. I \'ineial, Father O'Mahoncy, that BroThc Viatorian house of studies is thcr J. E. Surpren:lnt and Drother now assoei:tted with the other semJohn T. Ryan will be ordained by Rt. in3.ricJ at the university in the I Rev. Bernard. J. Sheil in St. James , Catholi c Students Mi ssio; Crusade. The Fifth Annual Convention of ~hnt=cl at QUlg~ey Seminary on May The Viatorinn unit holds meetings ~ l st . The ordmandi will folIow a every month when discourses are the National Catholic Alumni FedI tchcat to be given at the Provincial given by members of the unit to the eration was held at the Drake Hotel Ho:.:se prcp ~r3tory to their ordina- assembly. The following papers have in Chicago on April 24th, 25th, and lion. Both Brothers have been ac- been r ead: "The Mission Crusade 26th. This is the first time tha~ the corded the si ncere pl'aise of their and the Priest T eacher," Brother Association, which is composed of professors for the work done by them S ullivan; "The Apostolic Spirit and alumni groups of fifty-one Catholic Colleges in various parts of the ' Back row (left to right}-Brothers To bin, Suprenant, R. Drolet, Harbauer, in their studies at the Catholic Uni- the C. S. M. C.," Brother Surprenver sity. country, has held its convention in Wenthe, Sullivan. ant; "Mission Activity in the English An event of unu sual interest to Class," Brother Tobin; HThe Viatol'the Middle-West. The Catholic col- Middle row-Brothers McCarthy, Loughran, J. Ryan, H utton, Nolan. leges in and about Chicago: Notre Seated-Rt. Rev. Joseph F . McGrath, D. D., Bishop of Baker City, Oregon; the Viatorians was the visit to the ian Mission in Manchuria," Brother Dame, Marquette, Loyola, DePaul, I Rev. M. J. Breen, C. S. V.; Rt. Rev. Edward J. Kelly, D. D., Bishop of Seminary of Rt. Rev. Joseph F. Mc- Drolet. Officers of the Unit are Grath, Bishop of Baker City, Oregon, Brothers J. E. Surprenant, Pres.; J. and St. Viator, acted as joint hosts Boise, Idaho. to the convention. The pi'esidents ===================-===-~======== and Rt. Rev. Edward J. Kelly, Bishop T. Ryan, Vice Pres.; P. E . Loughran, of the host colleges were in attendconflict with the measure recently of Boise, Idaho. The Bishops carne Secretary. ance on Friday, April 24th, to welintroduced into the J1 linois If>gis lat· to Washington to attend the meeting Recent guests wel'e Michael Decome the a ssembled delegates. The initial game of the Viator l're, w hi ch prohibits such gifts for of Bishops at the University and sent laney and Donald Laenhardt, '29. word they wou ld arrive in the city The Very Rev. J. W. R. Maguire, I ball club certainly gave the specta- rectl ring votes. They were en route with the Boston early in the week to keep the feast Braves fron'l the train ing camp to c. s. v., President, r epresented St. tors plenty of thrills. It is the genday of the rector, Father Breen, with Viator, while Mr. Andrew J. Bracken I eral c~nviction of the stud ent body The general manager of the reBoston. was a member of the committee that If the day had been wan:" fectory has informed this con'es· the members of the community. A banquet at noon brought out the which planned the elaborate enter- Bradley would have gone down to an pondent that he hasn't yet had to gates. Rev. J. P . O'Mahoney, c. s. IgnomInIOUS defeat. Issue ::my cuts for his classes this oratorical talent of the Brothers, each Few P ositions Open Brother making an interesting adtainment and banquet for the dele- , - -. I year. This record has been uphelel dress To Graduates in honor of the visiting prev., Provincial of the Clerics of St. Mo~ahal1 and Sal~ are certamly I ~or the past two 01' three year;; and lates. A warm welcome was exViator, was also present at se\'eral poundmg the t~pewflters lately, due It has been decided to eliminate th~ Chances of graduates of the class of the meetings. to the tyranmcal . threats of the ' cut system as being somewhat super- tended to the Bishops in the opening of 1931 obtaining jobs this summer address given by Brother F. J . HarFriday and Saturday were given members of the .Semor .class. ~~e sel fluou s . look small on account of the busibauer. over chiefly to business meetings theses must be In on ttme, or wop. ness d epression, and a graduate Responding to the addresses the an~ discussions of various problems, be to t~e unlucky individuals who I . The Viator Collegians (~ hot three should be satisfied with any job a s whIle the Convention was climaxed are late. , pIece. band) h~s bee~ hoIdll1g nightly Bishops touched the hearts of the long as it is respectab le, according on Sunday by a Solemn PontiticiaI practICe seSSIOns In the ~pacious seminarians by a description of the to Professo r W. L. Thorp ,head of Mass at the Holy Name Cathedral, Abhoo Weber, amateur mechanic I quarters of the Music Hall. {lne of zealous labor given by the smalI the econom ics department of Am~ celebrated by the Rt. Rev. Edward an d general fixer about the campus, i these d3YS, they will probaLly leave number of priests in their large dio- herst College in an interview granted Baker diocese comprises F. Hoban, D. D., Bishop of Rockford. has announced that the new steam ' for parts unknown, unless th~y are ceses. the HAmherst Student." The sermon was delivered by the rolIer will be in cond ition to be dedi- I left to practice in peace. The:, have sixty-eight thousand square miles H e sees little hope of the hus iness with a Catholic population of seven Very Rev. James W . Donahue, Sup- cated on May 9th. After the chrlst- objected quite strenuou sly to the of the co untry pick ing up by the thousand. The average size of a erior General of the Congregation enmg ceremomes, Engmeer Webcr num erous vegetable bouquets they time the men out of college are of the Holy Cross. I will r~n the giant n~achine over tl~ e h~ve been receiving from their act- district assigned to a priest is four looking for positions. Past experithousand square miles. In the evening, a banquet was held ball dlamon.d and. wil l then turn It Hllrer.s . Because they appreciate the ence, continues th e Amherst paper, Bi shop McGrath sa id that a lthough at the Drake Hotel. Bishop Hoban, over. to ~'l I S aSSlsLants,. Cooter soothmg charms ?f mu s ic, they canhas s hown that at least a year is ('0the priests were remarkably zealous H Q. O'B· D. W It D·ll Larkm (Oll boy) and WhItey Beh- not bear to be 1l1terrupted by the quired for a major depression to rein their work for th e salvaLion of on. um nen, 1. a er I [ ren s (stoker) 1 h' h . 'h d ' . . vert to normalcy. He ightened bus iScott, President of N o r t h w e s t e r n ' Ig -Pltc e VOICeS?~ unapp1~eciati ve so uls the priests were few in so lar~e ness will probably occur in sp1'ing University, and Warren Brown, The . -J--' S ' P Pl osh ~nd hyper-CrIt ical JunIOrs . a field and that he would a lways be must not raise too high hopes, for Sports Editor of the Herald-Exam. com l~lg Unlor-. enlor 1~0l11 --grateful fOI· the help given him by iner, were speakers. A tribute was will be a big event, and accordlOg Ever s ince the baseball se~so n s uch an advance is usua l and expaid to the memory of the late to present plans will be quite worthr 1 s tarted, certain young aspiring tall religious communities. He ex pl'eJ=>sed pected. Knute K . Rockne, who had accepted of climaxing a successful sodal I players and bat caniers have been his deep appreciation for the assistAt present business houses have ance given him by the Viatoriansan invitation to address the conven- season at the College. If all those I nightly engaged in perusing the more men than they actually need, lion on the day of hi s untimely who mtencl to be t here WIll plan , columns of the local newspaper s in an assistan ce that was a God-send therefore, graduates will not be death. ahead and make their reservations, the hope t hat they might be able to to him in a time of trying necd, H e taken on even if there is an i ncrease Bnterlainment was furnished by everyone Will be assu red of a find their names in print. They look said he hoped the day would come in the volume of business. In case when he could always have a Viathe Loyola University Orchestra and "how ling" success. Howe ver, 'full l at everyth ing except the ir bnt.ting they do l'equil'es a larger pe rso nn el . . co-ope ration will be necessary if thi S[ aver~ge and t he number of error s tOl'ian in his d"iocese. the former employees w ho were laid b y mUSICIans from DePaul. if ' . t t h th 'tt Bishop Kelly counselled the semi noff will be hired firs t. The new officer sof the Federation a aI~~ IS . o e w at e co~ml ~e they have committed during- just arians to make th e most of their has 111 mmd. Remember! It IS to 0 (' one !;int;le 'tame, One way to dodge the business deopportunities. Hp ontlined the beneselected at. the ConventIOn were the las t dance of the prC'se nt schol- I press ion for a while, advises Proj:esRed~lond F. Kernan, Seton Hall, a s ti c year. I --the Little fits to be had from an institution SOl' Thorp, is to go into graduate PreSident; Charles Bawman Strome, 1 The Great Shuffles and like the Viatorian seminary where Holy eroS', Timothy J. Canty, St. Lerty Waldron diminutive port- Coppens, the melody boys, have been religious formation could co ntinue work for a year if one is (inanc iaJly Mary's (Calif.), and James E. Arm· s ide s luggcr, ha(1 the misfortune to! warming up recent~y In .the M,USlC while sem inarians were following able. J[ this is not posBible the strong, Notre Dame, Vice President~ ; Rp rain his ankle after scoring a Ha ll. ~hey are ~Uite sel:lOus .a nout studies at the Catholic University. yo ung man must take what.ever ofEdmond B. Butler, Fordham, Treas- home run in the Bradley game. Hc l sponso nng a. mU SICal matlOee In the Such a com bination of advantages fers itself. Since there nrc many who think ur~r; Charles A. Mahoney, Boston will be back on the diamond wit.hin nl:~ll' futUl'c I~.order to promote t he should pl'oduce scholarly saints and College Secretary ' and Tame!; K . . youthful ambitIOns of the oth"l' col- sai ntly scholars. Before his consC- the sa In e aM PI'Ofe~fWI' Thorp, the Seery, 'Fordham} AssiS\tan~ to' th~ a fe wdays. It 1S hoped. legiate \-val'blers. They intend to in- Cl'ation as Bishop of Boise, Bishop graduate schools, in all probabilily. Sec relol'Y. I . - h - .h r elude on their progl'am s uch stars Kelly and Father Breen were COIll- will be overcl'owded. Such cood iAfter lOS ing' t e lr sOI~l ew at ~ 1- as Ed Hunt (the aluminum voiced pan ion mi ssionaries in the diocese of lions t.end t.o make the sc hools hold mini s hed s upply of the !tttl e whIte tenor), Brud Cas.idy (a 50-50 hnss Baker City where Bishop had united out more difficult rcquiremcntM for What is a I pills, the golfers have finally len and tenor), and many other mU5icalto hi s mi ss ionary labors the duties entrance. College E d ucation? our beautiful campus for the more Iy inclined young men ahout the of chancellor of the diocese . One way to detect when the upintriguing cou rse~ about the fair campus. The past month brought another swi ng movc::mcnt has b('gun, accordcity of Kankak ee. The campus ~arvisitor to the se minary, in the per~ OlI ing to the Professor, fOL" a A college education-What is it? deners expect to finish the task of Fat Carroll and hi, crew of belIig- of Father Seraphim Nesdale, O. M. ce~sation in the falI of commodity "To be at home in all land::i and replacing the torn-up turf within the erent Sen iors have been bw'\ily en- Cap. Father Nesdale's firgt mission pnc~~, an incrc~s.e in production of ngt'!'!; to count nature a Camiliar ac- n ~xt two or three days. The foregaged in finishing their theses dut'- fi eld was in the Baker City diocese. leading commoclJtlCH, und a ge nerul Quaintance and art an intimate rnan of this crew is havin~ ;;.om(' friend; to gain a ~ tandard for the difficulty in filling up on(' ext ra ing t~e past we~k or so . They ~re He was transierred from Ore~on to advance in s tock priceH. planOing on takmg a long vacatio n Rhodesia in South Africa and was on ' In regard to prefoSent inveHtment. ami the criticism of your own; to large hole which is snid to have after th;ir heavy workout wit~ the his way to his new post when he opportunitie.FI, Profe~H? r Thorp Ra id, npprecintion of other men's wurk been made by one expert called tooks.. rhe~ have. become. so Inter- stopped for two days with the Via- ! ~uch to. ga~n by waiting." That this carry the keys of the world's libm ry Wheatland. ested In their varJou~ subJ e('t~ that I torians in \Vashington. His vivid rhere Hi ItttIp to IORc and p,!rhapR in your pocket. and lee I its resources The studl'nt body was treated to I they growl out loud wh~n the lights description of trips to the mountaine iii not a time for spec ulation waH hiM ~hind you in w-hntever you unci £'rand service~ among the sheepherders main idea. - Bradley Tech. takl': to make hosts of friends quite' n bit of big city pohtics dur- are turned out for the night. and loggerK of the forests created among the Oll'n of your o w nage who iog the r~cent election. The night Lock your d()ors~ The ~Ieepwalker an int('rest in the minds and hearts Bill Todd, well kn()wn and aIH() !In' to be It:'ndcrs in all \",' alk~ of life, befor\.' the big eVent both fuctiors Viator pitch('r, LrudNi hill to lo::;.e yourself in gent!'rous l'n- ('nguged in a three hour argument of 227 i:; loose again! It ~eem!; that of the semianrians for the work of famou. The Burkt.· caught him in bed with all the mi, sion priclits. pla('(: on thl' Kport Khcd, (or a mf'n thu~il\m~ and l'o-operate with othel~ u\"~r the issut'~ w bt! dtH.:iued. Catec'helical work in the District lion in the S()ei~ty ('()Iumn" fa Rt (or l'Qrnmon t:'nds thh~ is the otT~r l'amp:ttgn man!1ger:< were relu('rant ~ hi» clothes on, the other morning of tht?- colll'g~ (ot tht!' best four Yl"lrs to pa~:-> out ("'iftnn.·tte3 or cigars be- after one of hb~ somnambulistic of Columbia Industrial Hom(' was week. Glad tf) ,H'e you at th,· dltnN', I taken up la."it fall by Brothers lTtJm l Bill! of your lik··- William D.Witt HyJc. CRU"'e thE'Y ft>areJ th~y mil:'ht be In moods.

Convent!on is Held for The First Time in the Middle-West T his Year



193 I












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== ~-


THIll vtA1'oRtAN

Monday, May 11, 1931.


a nd we get up a nd find him a maga- i zin e and he says thanks and goes out the door this time and Wirken comes to the door and wants to know if weve got an evening paper , !l nd we havcnt and were sorry be- I cause Wirkcn is a pretty good fe l- I Kankakee's Largest Stocl; low so he goes away and we sit down agam and try to write and Bah QUALITY RADIO Delancy comes al~n g and says have yon got y~ur Latin a nd we throw a I! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ' bO?k at. hIm. a nd he m akes . a funny _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _---; nO ISC wIth hIS hand over hIS mouth :1 t ns so we ge t up ilnd open ~hc door and hang ant a welcome s ig n p.nd go down a nd borrow Jim Gal - I 'ah ues r ifle and Sit down to walt ~Qnp !lnd we wait for a n h our and a half :l.nd nobody comes so we get disgusted and go to bed and get up t he I next day a nd p ut this drivel in the ' Viatorian.

BAIRD-SW ANN ELL EvelY thing in Sparting Goods

In the Spring a young man's lightly turns to thoulrhts of s ports . Ye Knights of the Gree n Cap (n1l r ight, then, Freshmen, if you mnst be vu lgar) are going in for t heir athletics in a big way. Our own S11'.1ff, aW hitey" Meh ren, "Ty" Schwartz, "Bus" Hartigan, "Jerry" I Sulliv3n, and others too nnmerous to . mention aTC wieldi ng mean racquet3 (No, n ot "rackets/' you're not in C hi c ~go now, Georgc) on thc courts i n front of Roy Hall. G~y ChapIn order that we may stalt th is week's work right, we wish m ~n, Roger Wheatland, a nd John to beg your pardon for a slip of the linotype in t he Viatoriana En)'le ~re keep ing up the reputation of last issue. Th e sentence which read "-i n hi s loving room-" of the corridor in the ancient an d honorable Scottish game of "gulf. " sho uld have been - "in hi s li ving room-". But t he story goes t hat Boyle's new clubs are n't stand ing the gaff so * • * * well. The r est of the f ellows tak e Now t hat that is settled, we can get down to some serious the ir sports seriously, too. What nonsense. Whatever that is. As according to our usual custom, with th e Senior League, ledge-walk- And that, dea r reader, just about _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _--, we will tell a stor y to open this column. It seems-so little in g, card tournaments, and sleepi ng, ex haust s t he contents of our waste basket for this time. See you again Jacky Rabbit scurri ed home with his box of apples clutched everyone should be satisfi ed . I soon, and in th e meantim e, say au I tightly under one little arm. I And is that ledge getting a work. revoir, and n ot goodbye. I Our photographs are inexpenout these days! Don't a s k! jimdugan sive, yet treasured for their * * * *

Ifan cy





I I N.


:rG. 1lmurrottr


* '"

Einbeck's Studio -


It is said t hat in the Spring a young man's fancy lightly Because there is so much apparent If you should perchance r equire tu rn s to t houghts of love. Our own Gill Middleton r efutes that some information concerning the interest in the com ing E ssay contest, statement with the assertion t hat t hey merely get "broad- width, depth, temperature, a nd swift- i t is t hought that each participant ness of current of the Kankake e w ill be awarded a m edal for his minded."

• * * * • •

"Did you finish at College 'cum laude'?" "No, 'mirable dictu'."

* * * * * * We have our own conception of a land flowing with milk and hon ey. We think that it would be sticky.

* * * * * * At a wedding-"Are you the bridegroom?" "No sir; I was eliminated in the se mi-fina ls."

* * * * * * The trouble with the average college student is that he is too smart to take any advice, and too dumb to think up any for himself.

** * * * • She was only an optician's daughter, but one glass and she was a sight!

* *


* * ..

St. Peter: "And here is your Golden Harp." American: "How much is the first payment?"

* * .. • * .. By popular request, our weekly pome is omitted. And in the Spring (glorious Spring), too. Habitua l letter-writers, do your worst; we want to write another po me before we die, mother dear.

• * • * .. •

Dean Briggs of Harvard, in an a rticle in the "Atlantic i\10nthly" on President Eliot, t ells how a clergyman who had attended the opening service in the college chapel, went straight to the rectractory of Phillips Brooks to t ell him how fine it was to see President Eliot singing: "Am I a soldier of the Cross, A fo llower of the Lamb ?" "Asking questions, as usual," said Doctor Brooks.

* * * * * *

"Only foo ls are certain, Bobby, wise men hesitate." "Are you sure of that, Pop?" "Yes, certain of it."

* .. .. * .. * Magistrate (to prisoner) : How big was the brick yo u threw? Was it as big as my head? Prisoner: Yes, your honor, but not so thick.

* * .. * *' • Brick layer (new on the job): Guess I can't work here. There's no place to park my car. Boss: No, you won't do. We on ly hire bricklayers who have their own chauffeurs.

river, hie yourself away to " Red" and he'll g ive you a ll the dope. Or you might stop in at 324 a nd ask the Almeroth Brother •. They mi gh t be ab le to help out, too. H~yes


Wife : Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of our wedding. Shall I kill th e turkey ? Hu sband: Wh y, th e poor bird is not to bla me for it.

153 North Schuyler Ave. Kankakee, Ill-

Phon" 407

labors a n d excellent work upon the su bject. Some of the students have . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ; ta ken to wearing turbans in order t hat they might enter more fully into t he spirit of " Ghandi 'and the Freedom of India."

Amedee T. Betourne Pharmacy

Bright sayings of t he children: Actual play h as started in the "Lons" Custer, viewing the tenni s new ly organized soft ba1l league. courts-"Say, I'll bet I could knock Each of the ten captains has claim ed that ball a ll over t h ose links." 119 Court St., Kankakee, Ill. the bunting to date and a most interesting season is anticipatE'd. Cap- L _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ The migration to t he woods every tain Cedric Gi bbons has bet hi s othe< _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _- ; afternoo n to "get close to nature" ~ hirt on his crew, w hile Manager looks like Coxey's a rmy, r emarked Bunny Oldham is relying a great I Buy Your Guaranteed one bright little Freshman. A nd then deal upon his chan ces by entrusting Used Cars Here the Bright L ittle Freshman offered a 1l his pitching to the am bitious to bet that t he upper-c1agsmen didn't titia n blonde-Red (the Great) know what Coxey's army was. H ayes.



And there 's Jim Gallahue, our worth y prefect, out in the corrid or with a rifle. Looks bad for somebody. A nd then there was the big speech meet Friday night w ith "Rip" Riley, Jim Lee (the big T exaco man) , "W hi tey" Mehren, an d Bob Nolan op holdillg the honor of the class of '34. Tuxedoes n'ever'thin(r. And did t he boys look handsome ! They sh ould h ave, they had eve ryone else on the corridor shining doo r s ano tying their ties. Don't pay any attention to that, only HBattlet" Larkin orating again. We'll promis~ to keep him qui et after this.


Authorized LINCOLN


First Door North of Luna Theatre


We are sitting here trying to fi ll up a co lumn a nd somebody is knock A heart y welcome awaits the students ing at t he door an d we say w hat do and friends of St. Viator College you wan t and he says I wa.nt to come NORTHEAST CORNER SCHUYLER AT MERCHANT in and we say why a nd he says open the door and so we open the do or ' - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ' and its Doc Meany an d he comes in ._ _ _ _ _ _- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , and says I want to borrow some t heme paper I gotta write a theme and we say so do we a nd we have only t h ree s heets a nd he says gimnlc one a n yhow so we g ive him one and Help Raise The he goes out and says thanks and Bunny Oldham is wa lking the ledge and he comes in th e w indow and he by outright gift, insurance, bequest or ann uity. ,. says have you got anything to r ea d


You can get 6 % on your money and leave the · capital for the Endowment.

Fashion Believes in G. G. G. Weaves

* .. .. * .. .. "The success of a review depend s on the costumes. " "Yes, it hangs by a thread."

worth as living portraits.

'Vrite for particul a r s to

St. Viator College Extension Club




-~___.!!:'. - ...---- M ---_.:n"ERS_ _----~ Hotel Bldg.

Kankakee, III.

Incorpora ted Chicago, Ill. 2025 LaSalle Bld g-. Telephone Randolph 9336 J . P. O'Mahon ey, Treas urer Provincial Hou se 3618 N. Kedvale Ave. Kildare 3673

I' - - - - - - - - -


Monday, May 11; 1.931.


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1931 BASE BALL SEASON OPENS AT VIATOR innings, and two each in the first, fourth, sixth and ninth. While the fielding was erratic, St. Viator did show wonderful hitting ability. Laffey, Carney and Todd each collected three bingles, and Irish Lose Queer Battle each man made at least one extra To Hilltoppers by a base hit. \VeberJs home run with two men on was the longest hit of 17-14 Count the day, and the big boy circled the bases 'like a Man 0' War, coming in What was supposed to be the open- with a smile from ear to ear. Brilliant fielding on Bradley's part ing game of the Viator season turned out to be a farce on the Irish robbed Viator men of any number diamond as St. Viator lost a see-saw of other hits. AB R H P A battle to Bradley by a score of ST. VIATOR 0 1 17-14. From the very beginning it Waldron, If. _.. _ ...... 1 0 was what might have been expected. Hamilton, If. .0 0 0 0 ..4 0 A chilly northerner blew across the '::a!;sidy, If. diamond and made it impossible for M~Hugh, 2b ......., ...... 5 2 2 1 1 the pitchers to reach their best form: .Laffey, ss . .... 4 3 3 2 2 while playing havoc with fly balls. jVeber, cf. ........... 5 1 2 3 0 The greatest bit of Irish joy .came J effries, Ib ...................... 5 0 0 10 0 0 6 2 in the first inning when "Lefty", .Ahearn, c. . ...... 5 ..... 4 1 0 2 0 Wa ldron clouted the first bail pitched ' Romary, 3b 0 ......... 5 3 3 into the corn field for a home run. Cooney, rf. 0 2 3 lt was his first appearance in col- Todd, p. legiate baseball circles, and h,· gave us something to remember him by. Totals .. ........ 42 14 15 27 5 AB R H P A About the only contentment that BRA DLEY ....... ., .. 6 0 the Iri sh got from the game came Bertolino, cf. from knocking "Lefty" Coulter ~1I Wolf, If . ................. _..._..... 5 o 2 o o o over the lot. Coulter had turned 'In Sepich, ss. ......._... 2 2 4 a brilliant victory over 'Visconsin a Gallitz, 1 b-ss. .4 o few days previously. Todd pitched Ste iner, rf. . .......... 3 5 his usual game of smart baseball, Cou lter, p.-lb .............. 6 1 3 1 and, although he was slightly off Roll, 3b ........................... 5 4 o 3 form, was effective in the pinches. Smith, c. ............ 3 4 o 2 Several times he whiffed batsmen Williams, 2b ............ 6 O for the fina l out with potential Myer, p . . ........ 3


scores on th e bases. Had hi s teamTotals ..43 17 16 27 3 mates given him better support, the . ... 020 600 261-1'7 Bradley result might ~ h ave beel) otherwise. St. Viator ...... 203 232 002-14 'Yaldron Ollcns \Vith Homer. Waldron knocked the first ball Errors: Bradley, 4; Viator, 6. pitched for a home run. McHugh Two base hits: Laffey 2, Todd, rolled out to second. Pete Laffey Clooney, GaUitz, Bertolini, Holl. was not to be outdone by his old I Three base hit: Coulter. Home run s : tcammate, and sent a double into \:Valdron, "Weber. Struck out: Todd left field. Weber sent him home 0, Cou lter 3, Myel' 1. Bases on with a clean s ingle to right. Ferris balls: Todd 3, Cou lter 2, Myer 1. popped out to second, and Ahern Double plays: McHugh to Laffey to ni ed to left field to retire the side. Ferris. Hits: Coulter 7 in 4 inning •. Winning pitcher: Myer. Brad ley Scores. Steiner singled to start the second inning for Bradley. Cou lter caught one of Todd's fast ones and, sent it into deep right for a threebagger, sending Steiner in for the firs t Bradley counter. Todd tightened, but Cou lter scored 01\ Hall's infield tap to Laffey which was Irish Batsmen Lose the muffed by Fel·ris. Todd struck out Contest as Result of Smith and BerWino after Williams rolled out to Romary. Wild Pitching



But for the fourth inning, Bradley Kankakee took advantage of Phil would never hove approached the Mackey's wildness in the first two Iri gh. 1Iall nied out to /Weber to innings of an exhibition game on the ~t.nrt thl' inning, and Smith and \VilIiums ~ing le-d to stfll't the spree. college diamond last Sunday to heat St. Viator 9-6. Had it not been for Rerlolino Hied out to Laffey. With two outs, the seoring orgy began. the bad start .the colleg ians would Wolf sent a high fly to Hamilton, have beaten the Boos ters for they who hod replaced \Vsldron in left also scored enough runs to win a. Ih.ld. The Clinton boy lost the ball good ball game. in lhl\ sun, and two run ~ came in I The visitors scored two runs in whill' WoIr went to second. Todd the first and six in thbe sec~nd to hit the next man. and Galitz got on give them a comfoTta Ie lea. St. to fill thl' hag~ when Ferris muffed Viator outscored their ()ppont:'nts in another thro\\' from Romory. Todd the first inning. collecting three hit lhe nt.'xt man to force in n run, runs, and, in a valiant attempt to nnd t'oultt.:'r singled to score two raUr. scored three more in the third. nwrt'. Stl'iner ~col"cd wh('n Hall The opposing southpaw became inhit anotht:'r hi~h fly into ll~rt fidd vincible after this, however, and St. whil'h was l'ontorted by thl' wind ~o Viutor ended on the short side of that it finally fen about two yar,," the score. lX'hind thl' ~hort~top. Thl' next ~lc);aughton, \vho relieved ~h:.ckcy, bnttl'r wus .. truck out to end the finished the game in superb style, ~"\.lrHlg- and retlrt> the ~idt". Hnd should be one of the mainst~ys on th~ pitching staff. He L, a bic: Fourth Inning Jin, . right-htlnded "ith plenty of ability 1'ht* t','m imh.'r vI the gamt" $~m· to bn:oel.(> them in. He strlJck out \"\1 ont' prolongation uf tht' fuurth fl.\'\.' men, and 8110\1,'00 four hit~ in innin~, 8radlt,"y tutallt"u six mo~ . \.'n'n and two.thirds inning-s··a Yun~ in atmo:--t iJent :al (l\ .. hion In t"t?{'ord mad~ doubly impre~sin" in tht' t'lghth inl\in~ st. \'iuto-r 'SI.~oTl>-t1 view of the faet that it was hIS thr~ run ... in tht." thinl. and fifth I nrst hppt.~9ran eo on the loeal mound.

Team IRISH DEFEAT FENCERS GET BID Enter TInennis Little 19 Meet JOLIET, GIVE TO TOURNAMENT OUT SCHEDULE Official Recognition of St. Viator Swordsmen Is Made by Golden Swords Chiefs · l ' The first o ffilela recogmtion of the newly formed fencing team of St. Viator College has come in the form of an invitation to the Viator swordsmen to compete in the Golden Swords Tournament, which is to be held at the St. Clair Hotel in Chicago this year. Dr. Bessenyey and his team have not yet decided definitely whether of not they will enter, but it is probable that they will do so. Haye Sabre Work.

St. Viator is one of the very few schools in the United States in which the ancient sabre-duellin g is taught. This is the form of fencing which is used on the field of honor, .3.nd the most popular form in Europe. The Viator fencers are fortunate in having as instructor, Dr. Bessenyey, former Hungarian cavalry officer, and duelli st of some note both on the continent and in this country. Under his tutelage the Viator fencers ha ve developed unus ually rapidly, attributing the major part of their quick progress to hi s fine knowledge of the art. Three Divisions . There will be three divisions of work in the Golden Swords. The foi l competition-the form most practiced in this country-will take place on May ninth . Sword sompetition will be held on May sixteenth, while the sabre trials will be run off on May twenty-third. The finals in all events will be held on May thirtieth, at which time the contestants wi ll be entertained at a banquet in the St. Cla ir Hotel. The meet w ill be held under the direction of Edmond J. Clermont, Maitre d' Armes of the Chicago and Illinois Fencing Club. Sabre Work More Ve Tsa tile. The sabre fencing, in which the local aspirants are interested, is the most versatile of all the branches of the sport. The sabres are trim, pliable weapons, which become as blades of g limmering, flashing steel i~ the hands of their wielders. Foil fencing is limited to "touches," while sabre fencing uses all the varied cuts in the swordsman's repetoire . More pliable than the foil s (sabre blades can almost be doubled on themselves) and less lumbersome than the heavy broadsword, the sabre type of duelling is the most perfect way of Rettling diS]1Utes. The exhibition s staged by the fencing team during the year have demon~trated that the sport is fascinating to watch as well a~ to enjoy as a participant. Considering Entrance. The team i, considering entrance in the tournament, and if satisfactory arrangements can be made, may! participate. A three-man team will

St. Viator branched out into still another sport this Spdng as an Irish tennis team was selected to compete in the Little Nineteen meet at Naperville. Five men will make the trip, of which squad, four men will be picked to compete in the singles and doubles matches. The team will be under the captainey of ,"Villard Shuffiitowski , holder of innumerable Jun ior titles, including the 'Vestern Michigan. and the Chicago Junior championships. Shuffiitowski will take Charles Coppens, Tri-City champion from Moline, Pat Cleary of Fort Wayne, Burke Monahan, Chatsworth, and Mont.eeth Weaver, Kankakee. The team members have been practicing on the Roy Hall courts and have shown considerable ability. In particular have Shuffiitowski alld Coppens been attracting the galleries to their matches, while Monahan and Cleary form an almost unbeatable doubles team . Shufflitowski is a cool, calculating player, whose placements are the despair of his opp.o nents. Coppens and Monahan are exponents of the various trick s hots of tennis, the la tter's dropball being the pride of the campus. Cleary is a brilliant player of the fla shing type. It is hi s delight to he bombards his opponents with one storm the net for smash shots, and long success ion of cannon-ball returns. Weaver is a newcomer, but fo rm displayed in the recent intraclass tournament earned him his place on the varsity.

SENIOR BASEBALL LEAGUE STARTED Freshmen Volunteer to Reorganize the IntraMural League and Draw up Schedule The thudding "pow" of a fungo bat on the t hiek ball of the indoor leagu e resounds again over the Viator campus as the Intra-Mura l baseball season is opened. Because of the amount of work preparatory to graduation which is nOw confronting the Senior class, the Fres hmen, through theil' Pres ident, Pat Farrell, offered their services in reo rganizing the league from its basketball status and drawing liP a baseba ll schedule. Ten Teams Entered. According to the plans made by Mr. Farren and his able assistant, Bob Delancy, the number of teams has been reduced from fourteen-the number during basketball seasonto ten, and each team will play nine games. The f;chcdule calls for two games a day, one immediately following

the noon dinner, and on£' after the evening supper. The contests will be decided on the historic old Senior League dian , md behind Roy Hall. The first game was played la~t Tuesday evening as Pat FarrC!lI's clof.ated Bill Gibbon, by a G-·I count. be selected in all probability, fTom~ Captains Are Named. the more advanced fencers. At, The captain. who will lead the prCfcnt, it would ~eem that "Ie:\~rs.1 S<-nifJT Leagw' team~ thi year are Sylvan Rima and Raymund \\'enlhe Bill Gibb()n:oli, Bob Df'laney, Don will ~o. with ~ither )tr. Paul La- ~.Iurphy, .10(; Logan, .Tim Le~, Pa.t Rocqu(', Gendron Leg'Ti:"., Or Ralph CI~ary, Bunny Oldham, Pat Farrell, Hoover a.~ the third member. Ken \V(>:$lray. and Paul Cu t(-r.


H(>lp Pat F~rr~l1 to boost 'senior Indoor Ball League!

t('am is composed of tweht{~ n1('n, and

the prattlc •.Llly eVf'ry man n()t engag£'d in varsjty kl eball j! fnrc)lIed.

Win Practice Opener in Neighboring City and Announce Slate of Games St. Viator won its first ball game of the season by defeating Joliet Junior College at Joliet by a sCOre of 6-4 . The cold weather and muddy diamond prevented both teams fl'om playing a good brand of ball, but the Irish displayed an apparent superiority. It was the first appearance of the season, and} inasmuch a sit was but a practice game, the Iris h did not open up. The mound duties were divided among Todd, veteran right-handel' of last year's squad, and McNaughton, pitching prospect with consid· erable ability. Ahern did the catch ing for the varsity, and the little fellow ha da ll the pep and ginger that a good backstop shou ld have on cloudy days. The schedule: May 8th- DeKalb, there May 15th-State Normal, here May 16th- Wheaton, there May 20th- Valparaiso, there May 24th- Blue I sland, ther e May 25th- Bradley, there

Irish to Enter Golf Tournament With the opening of the go lfing season, Rev. E. M, Ke ll y, c. s. v., Director of Athletics, has announced the entry of St. ViatOl' Co llege into a branch of intercollegiate uthletics hitherto unattempted at this school. Because of their consistent low scoring a,nd past experience in golf tournaments, Gay lord Chapman, Popular Bluffs, Mo., and Rogel' Wheatland, Streator, Ill., have been se lected to represe nt the Coli ege in the Little N ineteen Golf TOUl'nament to be held On May 15th at Knox College, Galesburg. Although stiff co mpetition win be encountered, St. Viator has an excellent chance of winning' a place in the competition, judging from the past records of the two pluycrH. Both men al'e of championship calibre and have played golf for the past ~ix years. ~nch has had three years of tOUl'name-nt golf experience. Both Men Champion •.

Wheatland, besides winning K('ve ral city tournamcnt~ and two r1i Htrict tournaments, gained the champions hip in the lIIinoi 9 Valley "'ournamcnt last year, defeating playerH from all parts of Cc·ntral IllinoiH. lIe waH capta in of the Streat" ,. golf tt:am in 19:~O. While in high "chool, Chapma n won the TucKon, Arizona, high Hchl)ol golf tournament. Since then he haH developed into one of the outHtanding amateur goll(-rH in Routh"rn Mif'lfwuri Hcsidel1 winning (jr1~t plu('c in thf' Popular Bluffs Tournam"nt, h(· wu~ runnf'r-up in th,' Sout.h .... rn M if'lHourJ Tournam(-nt b(Jth In H}2t1 hnd 1!Ja(J. Although wNlth('r condition. havf' hf'(~n rather unfavcJrabl(· during th/' pa.~t ({·w wN·kK, both ml'n h:IV(' bN~n practieing a idul)u:·dy, and ar(~ N.Jntidr'nt (')r making It g{)£)d ,h()winU [(Ir their Alma )latl'r.


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Monday, May 11, 1931.

FRESHMEN PICK IFrank Carroll Holds Martin T oohill to LASS OFFICERS Office for Last Time C --. . Lead College Club Yearlings Meet to Se!ect I Offi f th N t ---

cers or e ex School Year. Riley IS N P -d ew resl ent

The oncoming Sophomore class gained the honor of being the first c laR~ to get its elections out of the way by meeting on Wednesday aftcrnOQ n to select officers for the ensui ng year. William Riley of Chicago won the flection for t he Presidency over Will iam Clancy of Kankakee in a r,ood I'ace. Mr. Riley has been one of t he most popular of the Fresh111 0n s tud ents t h roughout the year, :1nd is we ll qu al ifi ed to s ucceed Mr. Farrell in t he hi g hest position in t he class. Mi nor Officers Named. The office of Vice-President went to Robert Nolan, of Rockford, II I. Mr. Nolan ha s been highly r es pected I y the class and the student body as a whole through out the year, a n d is expected to prove an excellent advisor to hi s president. Sylvester Waldron , of Chicago, w ill be t he new class Secretary, while James Dug::m of Bloom ington is to have charge of the fund s of the class in hi s cap ac ity of Treasurer . Both men are so well known as to make further in troduction supcrflotls. The position of Delegate to the Adv isory Board of th e College Club was won by Wilbur Ca llahan, another Bloomington youth. Mr. Cal lahan h:ls demonstrated his ability t.o hold office many times through out t he year, especiall y when he was mad e Ed itor-in-Chi ef of the F reshman issue of t he Viatorian . Outlook Very Bright. W it h t he excellent sla,tc of officers selected, t h e outlook fo r the class during its Sophomore year is particu larl y bright. Th e Freshmen atta in ed a hi gh degree of organization t hi s year under the a ble leader shi p of Patrick Farrell, and, with the initiative displayed throughout 1930 and 1931 to spu r t hem on, they should achieve eve n greater successes during the ensuing year. ______

W ell, Why Not? Thum bing t he pages of a year-old back num ber of the Living Age we came across the title: "Why Call Americans America,n s" a nd investigated. The artic le was wri tten by Mau ri ce Larrouy, a co,r respondent of Le Temps, a Paris daily. It seems that M. Larrouy had had enough of what he choosed to term : "t.he arro gance of the ci tizens of the United States in taking to themselves 'the title America,ns-that glorious adjective that should belong to al L" By all the writer mean t the citizens of all the other countries on the continent: Canada, Chile, Argentine, Mexico and all the others! He contends that the country came by its hodge-podge of races merely through Luck, but its hard for us to believe that it was merely luck that lnade th is country s~ desirable that t h ousands have sought its shores of their own volition. He terms t he country: "nouveau rich e. 1I This country has been the most prosperous in t he worid since its very founding ,it was probably the vast kinestic and potential wealth of the States that hurt the British more than their pride whe n the laughable little Republic wrested itself free . It would seem to us that Americans are fairi)' well justified in displaying arrogance abroad, for they arc citizens of the greatest Natio n in


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WIth the electIon of a new College Monahan, Farrell W in. Printing, Engraving, Office Supplies, Loose Leaf CIub preSIdent, The two three-cornered races on Forms, Binders, Etc. aame the retiri ng the ballot were wan by Burke Mona264 East Merchant Street of Francis B. Car- han and Patrick Farrell. Monahan r oll from his last won they Secretarialship from Gill Telephone 406 Kanka l,ee, Ill. office at St. Viator. Middleton and Vincent Morrissey The last official af- a close battle by a s mall pluralit y . fa ir introduced by The final ballot gave Monaha n the guiding hand of fifty-one votes, Middleton thirty the old Viatorian seven, and Morrissey thirty -two. & is the Junior-Senior FarreWs plurality for Delegate to CHAS. RIELY DONALD M. RIEL" Prom. By constitu- the College Council was somewhat tion, Mr. Carroll larger than Monahan's, th e retiring ELECTRI CAL CONTRACTORS AN D DEALERS will hold office until the end of the Freshman President lacking but four school year, however. votes of a majority. The count in E lectricians fo r St. Viator College Carroll is the oldest man among t hi s race gave Farrell fifty-eight the student body in point of years votes, Ralph Hoover forty-two, and Telephone 995 362 East Court Street spent at St. Viator. H e came h ere Raymund W enthe nin et een. n ine years ago as a Fres hman in the Another Frosh victory was recordold Academy. After graduation from ed in t he books as Will ia m R iley ,- - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - _ - . the High School, he tried a year out took a four-co r nered election for of sc hool, but found the call of the Assistant Delegate. Riley had fortyold schoo l too strong to r esist in the seven votes, Wi lliam Hamilton, his Practice Limited to following year, and came back to closest co mpetitor, received t hi rtyspend four more years here in the four, while Edward Hunt polled EYE, E AR, NOSE AN D THROAT coll ege. twen ty-five a.nd Ken neth Bush man He has been one of the mos t out- drew thirteen. Bell Teleph ollP 253 standing of Viator athletes, and a Viatoria n Scores Scoop. 602 City National Bank Bldg. KA NKAKEE, ILL. student leader throughout t he whnle The second big scoop of the year of his life here. H e made four let- was scored by t he Viatorian when a tel'S on t he old Academy f ootball special issue under the editorsh ip of , - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ' team, and duplicated t h e feat with Robert Tucker and Ra lph H oover t he college varsity. His position was was placed in the ha nds of the one of the strongest points of the s tudent body with in twenty minutfs forward wall, and he was always after th e polling places wer t:' ~losed. counted on t o bol ster up the weak The specia l issue can'ied t he f u ll side of the line. Off the field, he resu lts of t he elections, including 396 SOUTH SCH UYLER AVE . was one of the most popular men on tabu lations of the votes, story of t he the campus. His ready good-humor polli ng, a.nd the congratul ations of A!ways Drink Pasteurized Milk. Our Wagons PDSS Yo ur and hi s understanding with the Mr . Shea to Mr. Tooh ill . Door Every Mornin g Befor e You Have Breakfast, younge r f ell ows soon placed him in Phones 45 DRINK MILK Both a position of leadership which ultimately led to hi s selection for the hi ghest路 office within the power of the student body to bestow, that of The fina l activity of the Social Presiden t of t he College Club, whi ch honor he atta ined at the Spring Sorority of St. Viator College is beE st ablished 1908 elections last year. He has guided ing prepared by the co-eds un de r the direct ion of their Presiden t, the Club t hrou g h the year and has been the chief initi ator of its activ- Miss Ma ry Taylor. Although Miss i t ies despite hi s num ero us other in- Taylor d id not divulge t he results of Priva te Dining Room for Banquets a nd Parties the meeting held last T hu rsday ill terests. wou ld petition for t he r ig h t to give KANKAKEE, ILLINOIS It is with co nsiderable regret t h at full, she intimated that t he girls the student body r egards t he gradone more entertainment before the - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _-.J 'uation of Carroll, for it wi ll rob year closed. them of one of their most popular Miss Taylor stated that t he a ffair leaders; but he takes with him the would probably be in the nature of :lssuran ce that the ir good wishes a lawn pa.rty, or something along will accompa ny him in the world outside as duri n g his days at St. similar lines, and added that the Sorority intended to give it about Viator. the sixteenth or eighteenth of the month. The s uccess of the Sorority in t h ese t hings during the year h a s a des ire among t he studell ts Plans are being laid for the an- excited to attend another party befo re t he '-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1 nual Viator celebrat",n which w ill be held t his year on t he Four th of year ended. Judging fro m past experiences, .. the affair s hould be an Jul y. It has been tentativel y decided to hold the celebration on the immense s uccess. T.eave Your La undry and Dry Cleaning With

inl -------------------------------...!







KANKAKEE PURE MILK CO. Milk and Cream Bulgarious Butter Milk

Co-Eds PJan Final Function of Year

McBroom's Cafe

First Class Restaurant

Meals, Short Orders, Specials and Confections


Insurance, Loans and Bonds

Plan for the Fourth

605-606 Volkman Bldg.


campus of t he College instead of in Chicago as in former years. The new plan is favo r ed over the old in t hat it will give t hose former stud ents and alumni who are unable to return fo r Homecoming in the Fall, an opportunity to revisit the scenes of their old scholastic endeavor s.

Only three more weeks until the firework s s tart. We wonder if the outcom e of t he celebration (?) w ill be of advantage to the student body, or will th ere be a few duds?



the world, be it in War or Peace. For Less Should the people who have earned in every possible manner the title of KANKAKEE Americans share it with peoples \tho have not s hared in the trials and I CLOTH ES by Stein Block and Michaels S tern. Enr o S'hirts. tribulations of th e true America? S HOES by N unn B ush and FriendWe say No! A thousa nd time~ 1\01 ! ly Fi ves. In ter woven Hosiery. -J. Hugh Burns. ;--------------~


When in Kankakee You Ar e Always Welcome at the

THE CITY BA.NKS Kanl;akee, Ill.

Merchants' Cafe

Welcome Your Banking Business

Pullman Booths, Soda Fountain, Maj~stic Radio While You Wait. Phone 954 .T. Berelos, Mgr .

'-_ __ __ __ __ _ _ _ _.-.!

Cor. Court St. a nd Schuyler Avenue


Leading Purveyors to the Institutional Table For ty-seven years experience in s upplyin g Quality Food Prod uct. f or institutional and r estauran t req uirements has perfected our service and ou r values beyond compari~on. Our Edelwei. Trade Ma r k h as become the symbol of fine quality foods economically packed. All of our p r oducts are packed in the containers most con venient and e~onomical.for you.



St. Viator College Newspaper, 1931-05-11  

The Viatorian, Vol. XLVIII, No. 15

St. Viator College Newspaper, 1931-05-11  

The Viatorian, Vol. XLVIII, No. 15