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--- ~ - ~---============================= No. 12 Friday, March 13, 1931.


\Cream of Basketeers Come to St. Viator for Tournament

Aid in Acting as Hosts Most of the res ident students have been utilizing all their spare time during the past two or three weeks

Annu al M eeting of Pick of Illinois Catholic Basket Ba ll is A gain H eld in the S t. Via tor Gym. Meet to Open Tonight and Continue Until Sunday Night.


in brushing up un their Emily Post's ,nd their clothes, in order that they might be better able to give the \ isiting high school teams the very I I.est of tre3t.ment during the tournament. All of the HA" students have erased the frowns from their foreheads and have cultivated captivat-

ing ant pleasing smiles, while some of them have been reported to have pu ll ed out their nurnerouS grey hairs so th at the visitors wi ll see only their care-free and light -hearted manner. A competent student manager has been assigned to each of the sixteen contesting teams and will care for his assigned team until Monday morning. The letter men have beE::TI asked to l.isher and to act as ticket takers, while the many other students will be engaged in odd jobs about the campus to make this year's meet the greatest success possible. At an !)leeting held yesterday, the presidents of the various classes and student organizations issued a joint statement in welcoming the members a nd backers of the visiting team s. This statement read as follows : "We, as authorized student repres entatives, do hereby welcome all visitors who have come to the College for t he 1931 Downstate Catholic High School Basketball Tournamen t. If we can do anything further to make the meet a success, it is our desire that we be called upon to as· sisto We wish to make it known t hat t h is offer is open to all players a nd spectators. We sincerely trust yo ur brief stay at St. Viator will be most enjoyable and t hat t he memory of it w ill remain with you for a long time to come. Signed : Francis

FRESHMEN WILL EDITNEXT ISSUE Annu al E d ition of Yearlin gs to be Publish ed On M a l""ch Thirtieth This Year

VERY REV . .T. W. R. MAGUIRE, C. S. V., President To the Members of the Catholic High School Basketball Teams of Illinois : You are a thousand times welcome to St. Viator College. While you are here competing in the Illinois State Catholic High School Basketball Tournament, we want you to feel thoroug-hly at home. The Faculty and Student Body of St. Viator College feel honored in having you as a guest during these days . We hope that the Tourna ment will produce keen competition, fine sportsmanship and a spirit of friendly rivalry w hich wm unite mOre closely the Catholic High Schools of Illinois. Play hard and courageously for the honor of your school. Take defeat with a sm ile an d victory modestly. May you long remember these few days at St. Viator College as a time of profit and happiness. God bless you all. J. W. R. MAGUIRE, C. S. V., President.

Ancient Irish Custom. The custom of publishing a Freshman I ssue in the spring of the year is of long standing at St. Viator. The issues gives the youngsters who have won their place on the staff an OppOl tunity to show what they can do on their own responsibility and Swi.mming Meet at I P~ans fur Play Are often unCovers hidden journalistic Th' M hAY Viator IS ont s et Incomplete ta lent among the other members of the class. The issue is always eagerCarroll , President of the College I ly awaited as an indicator of tht Club; Kenneth Clothier, President The annual aquatic meet of the I Although the play, "Marco Mil qualit y of the new class, and it is of the Sen io r class; Herbert Shea, Little Nineteen athletic Conference lions" has been on hand for almost the nrnbition of every Freshman President of the Junior class; VVU- will be held in the Viator pool again two months, plans for its production editor to better the editions of the Ham Gibbons, President of the this year. The meet is to be the are as yet incomplete and undecided. Sophomore class; Patrick Farrell, twenty-first of the month and a It is understood that a tentative cast upper-classman staff. President of the Freshman class; majority of the schools in the Con- has been selected, but has not as Joseph Hoog, President of the Holy ference are expected to attend. Last ' yet secil red the app ro val of the Society; Gill Middleton, Presi- year's meet, held also at the Coi'i ege per authorities. St. Mary, W oodstock dent of the St. John Berchman's pool, was won · by Knox, with Illinois It had not been intended to proReplaces Sterling Society; and W illiam Sullivan, Presi· 'Vesleyan a close second. The four- duce the play until after Easter, but dent of t he Senior class of the HigJi man team of Viator took fourth because of the vast amount of preplace . I paration involv,=d in its production, School." Call fOl· can didates for the team it will be necessary for the players Although omitted in the origina1 Jack Ryan to Award was posted early las t week and wet -u~ JO wnoLUU OSUOUllll~ UB op o~' drawmgs" the . basket ball team from with a meagre response. Al Furlong tensive work in the next two months St. Mal y S }l1gh, Woodstock WIll be • • TrophIes to WlnnerS and Dan O'Connor are the only vet- to secure the success of the affair. aga in entered in the annual State erans left from last year's team, Prof. Murray Hickey Ley, w ho is Catholic Hig h School Tournament. The trophies to the winners of I but John Mehren, Frosh prospect, is directing the production, is faced Woodstock had been omltted because this year's Illinois State Catholic reported to be showing considcl'ahle with an unus ual problem in view of of their failure to answer the orig. Tournamen t will be presented by form in practice. The team will be the fact that he has li ttle in the way inal call to the ~eams s.el ected , but John Ryan, '27, alumnus of St. Via- without t he services of a coach this of precedent to guide him. Although was able to satIsfacton ly explain tor College.. Jack is well known to year. "l\1arco Millions" is a Eugene O'Neil l their. negle~t. When St. Mary's of sport-lovers and radio fans as the product, it has been staged but twice. Sterhng WIred th~t they would be "Teabeny Man." His daily sports With a ll this pure snow envelop- Once by the New York Theatre unable to attend thIS year, the Woodhour over radio station KYW, Chi- ing our campus· it sort of dampens Guild, and once by the Chicago Guild. stock crew was reinstated in their cago, is one of the most popular of the spring spirit that was seeping place. the day's broadcasts and he is na- out of certain individuals, and also ----The change was highly popuTar tionally know n for his work at the creates havoc with a young man's Although the play, "Marco lVlil- with local fans for w hom Woodstock "mike." ,batting average. I Tourney teams! has long been a favorite.



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Fridar. Marc h 13, 1931.


Rt. Rev. B. J. Sheil, D. D., Donor I of Grand Prize for Tournament


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The Gra nd Prize for the minois t he i n~ e rests of his Alm a Mater ; his State Catholic T ournam en t is t he presentation of t he Grand Prize f or "Bi sh Op Sh eil Tr oph y /' presented by t he Tournamen t is a n a dd ed proof of such devo ti on . In t he name of the Rt. Rev. Bernar d J. S heil, D. D., the College to w hi ch he is an ever Auxiliary Bish op of Chicago. Bi shop loyal SOn. a n d in t he name of t he S heil is a g r adu ate of t he Class of Cath olic athletes of Ill inois, whose 1906. While a student of S t. Via tor inspirotion and idea l h e has become. College he w as a star athlete; since T he Viatoria.n t ha nks Bish op Sheil h is g r adu ation he has always been 1 once more for h is appropria te and d evoted t o the welfare of youth, to valuable gift to t he T ourname nt.

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Eve ry b od y Likes Warren Nolan, wh o has ha d t he Eastern publicity fo r Charli e Chaplin's "City Lig h ts" is r epo rted to be suffering frol11 a brain abscess. He We Supply St. Viator College Jo e H ar r ing ton of th e class of was stricken on t he poin t of sailing F. O. SAVOIE CO. '27 sends us a ve r y r ead a ble and for England. t h oroug hl y in ter esti ng shee t edited . ----Dis tributor by hi mself a nd dedicated to t h e reunion . of th e class of t hat ye a.r. H e I I S h vm g In Long I sland now-4 120 I Since all votes fo r the Campus Demand 77t h Street, Jackso n Park, Long Gigolo :lr e not summed up, I can't I sla n d, New York-to be exact. an d, I give you the final result of the outas he says, "It's ~ helluva long ad- I come as yet. However , t he Don dress, bu t a hell uva ni ce place if you I Quixote of our college, HOC" O'Donever li ve d in Kankakee." I nel, is in the lead by a good majority. Altho:.:ogh "Oc" is very popul a r as a "IT'S QUALITY SATISFIES" F ro m t he sheet we gather t ha t "Wolf," he will have to use a lit tle G. ARSENEAU BAKERY Phil McGrath is now a doc tor in I more pressure in stop pi ng t he adBourbonna is, Ill. P eo ria. T o be more exact, he is va nces of other would-be Gigolos with S t. Mary's H os pital an d p re - suc h as "AI" Furlon g. " Jim" F lynn, , - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , paring t o tr y it on his own . "Joe" Mm'ph y and "Don" Ander son, , - - - - - - - - - - - - - wh o are neck an d neck for second " ROS WITE" AN D " ROSE" J im Conn or s is in New York also, place. BRAND H AMS AND BACON and L es Roch is teaching in T exas. Our own inimitable " H am ," now t hat he is back in circ ul a.tion a gain, And t hen i here was Jack Crangl e, rea ll y ought to be a " Ding Dong 814-836 W. 20th Street t he former Un iversity of Illinois Daddy" for sure, now t hat he is able Chicago, Illinois f ootba ll star and former coach of to shake those mean legs of his S t. Viator. Joe tells th is story on again. Telephone Canal 3848 him : ,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. _ _ _ _ _ _. "Jack Cl'angle came to New York w ith h is Missouri Tigers . First t rip Burke Monahan announces t hat he 1, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , J ack took away thirty-nine grand. is working overtime in t he office. H e H e was stu nned ; he asked, 'Do you claims that the students are t he Dine a nd Dance t hink we can get back here for an- cause of it . I don't understa nd how i other w hack at the golden fleece?' that could be. Do you? AT He came an d grabbed off thir ty-seven major crown s-on each occasion From all external appea r a nc es th e New York Unive~sity won by de- debating teams for t he season loo~ cis ive scores. Says Jack, 'T hey can I very promisin g. With a n able coach I路 keep on winning-even tw ice in a and such clever material, Viator UN DER NEW MANA,GE MENT season if it can be arranged.'" should be proud of her team. I ...



!......_____________ W elcome, High Schools! It is a gain t he pleasure of St. Via tor College to welcome the Ca tholi c Hig h Schools of Illinois t o Bour bonnais fo r the a nnual Sta te Tourna ment. Despite a ll the work an d extr a t rouble that is occas ioned by t he Tourna ment, t he hig h calibre of the basketball pla yed and t he sportsma nship of t h e contesting tea ms combine to make t h e event more enjoyable ever y year . T he officials of t he College a nd t he Tourna ment have combined to do t heir best to see t o t h e com for t of the visiting t ea ms and fans . T he s tudent bod y, also, is a nxious tha t you enjoy yo ur stay. If t here is anything about the campus t ha t you do not unders ta nd, a nything t hat a student might be a ble to do for you, ask him-he will be gla d to do his best for you. It is the heartiest wish of the College t ha t your s tay her e, although it must be brief, be as pleasant and enjoyable as it is in our power to make it. Good Luck!

Lay Aside Five Bucks ! Th e College Clu b is a student or ganization, dedicat ed to t he s l udent welfare. Whenever t her e is a question on the campus, I he Colleg e Club sponsors t he studen t' s cause. It is to t he Club tha t the s t udent first looks as t he protector of his r ig hts. "Get up a petition," " call a meeting of t he College Clu b," a r e the first t houg hts of every man when in路 doubt . And justly so, for the Club is a s t uden t orga nization for t h e student. J ust as s urely, therefore, should t he student recog nize h is du ties toward t he Club when it is in difficu lties. Now is t he ti me for a ll good men to com e to the aid of t he College Club. Lay aside fi ve bucks! Some

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The way he swayed the a ud ie nce at ,the last meeting of the College Clu b was pitiful.

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Friday, March 13, 1931.


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determined that the blur of that first loss to the Viatorians should be wiped out by a convincing victory -regarding the first game as more or less of a lIuke. St. Viator turned o"t for the game in force, the stuuIrish Win Fourteen and ents hiring a bus to go to the affair. The game was one of the best of Lose Three for One the year, and both teams fought Of Best Records ,hard. The lead changed hands with every passing minute, neither side In History , ~eing able to gain any appreciable advantage. With two minutes to go Meeting the cream of Middle",nd the score at 27-25 in DePaul's Western basketball teams, the Green favor, Romary dropped in a long one to tie the count. DePaul gained a Wave of St. Viator succeeded in swamping nine of them to pile up a I point on a free throw, but the Irish I record of fourteen victories to three · made a basket to a.gain take the Jead. flosses. The Irish undertook what and sunk a free throw just as the i t"rned out to be a veritable suicide whistle sounded to win 30-28. The . schedule. There were no Hpushgame marked the twelfth consecuovers" on the whole list, and the tive victory of the season for the undefeated St. Viator five and was thE" team was forced to maintain itself at . full speed ahead, meeting tophigh-water mark of the year. notcher after top-notcher on succesMillikin Upsets Dope. sive evenings and forced to meet While the sport writers were fresh teams at almost every turn. speculating on how much longer St. The Saints opehed the season with FIVE ALUMNI AND PREP CONFERENCE DONORS OF AWARDS ,Viator could stand the strain the twelve straight victories over opposiIrish began to prepare for their' next tion that was the best the country The Grand Prize, liThe Bishop's I winn~rs imrnediatel~ upon its. pre's- for the player most valuable to his trip to the south. St. Viator had had to show. While sport writers Trophy 11 awarded to the winner of I entatlon, Father Fltzgerald IS ap- team, is presented by the Very Rev. ceased to be just another game on wondered what held them up, the ' . . I other alumnus of St. Viator College, T. E. Shea; Chancellor of the Peoria the schedule for the opposing teams, the tournament, IS a large, beautIful- and one of the gl·eatest athletes ever d· ftghtin' band of Irishmen went out tc lOcese. had ,ceased, in fact to be THE game, topple favorite after faVorite until iy engraved loving cup, the gift turned out at the Bourbonnais instiThe Central States Prep Confer- but had become THE SCHEDULE. their upsets became the rule and St. the Rt. Rev. Bernard J. Shell, D. D.. tutoin. He is now pastor at Wyo- ence Cup is presented to the team Every team in the Little Nineteen Viator ruled as the favorite team of '06, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago and ming, Illinois. exhibiting the highest calibre of was prepared to call t he season a the Mid-West. Their downfall came former Viator athlete. This trophy The Second Prize is tbe gift .of sportsmanship in and out of actual success if they could only stop the when they attempted to meet four becomes the permanent property of Thomas Leroy Wa.t'ner, also an alum- play. Irish rush for the briefest moment. of the strongest teams in the Little the team winning the tournament for nus and former athlete. He is asIn addition to the abc;>ve pri~es. The Viatorians, therefore, faced the Nineteen within eight days-an associated with the -Warner Brothers the members of each team will be task of meeting teams which had signment which came hard upon the three successive years. Construction Company, builders of given a medalette, presented by St. been "keyed" up for this one contest. heels of a difficult trip to Chicago the College gymnasium. Viator College, to be worn as a The strain was beginning to tell on to subdue DeKalb and DePaul. The The first prize is the Reverend , James McGarrathy is the donor watch charm, indicating that the the Irish five, and when they met the Irish found the strain of meeting James M. Fitzgerald Trophy. This of the Third Prize. wearer was. a participant in the 1931 Big Blue for the second time this fre~h teams on successive evenings award becomes the property of the The Most Valuable Player Cup, Illinois State Catholic Tournament. year on Millikin's home floor. they too great and dropped games to ·were defeated ·by the rather convincMillikin, Normal, and Bradley while ing margin of 34-18. St. Viator was winning from Illinois Wesleyan manifestly off her game, while it is First DePaul Game. Tournament Schedule 'doubtful if any team i'; the country The first foe of the season was could have beaten Millikin on that IDePaul University of Chicago. The pa,r ticular evening. Blue Demons had already met and 7:30 P. M. Friday .......................... . . Corpus Christi (Galesburg) vs. St. Joseph (Cairo) Then Came Normal. ' defea ted two teams and expected to The Irish were forced to meet the 'take the Irish in stride. St. Viator 8 :30 "P. M. Friday................................. St. Thomas (Rockford) vs. St. Mary's (Woodstock) Red Birds of State Normal on the






Iproved to be a considerable harder nut to crack than the Chicagoans had ' expected, and when Ralph Karr's

9 :30 P. M. Friday.... .. 9:00 A. M. Saturday.... 10 :00 A. M. Saturday....

free throw broke up a 12-12 tie. they gave up and the Irish won by the . margin of that gift shot, 13-12. Shurtleff Next. Shurtleff, runner-up in last year's

.. .... Spalding (Peoria) vs. Fox Valley (Aurora) .. .......... Acquin (Freeport) vs. St. Teresa (Decatur) . ....... Trinity (Bloomington) vs. St. Mary (Champaign)

11 :00 A. M. Saturday.... 2 :00 P. M. Saturday.... 3 :00 P. M. Saturday....

. .... St. Joseph (Rock Island) vs. St. Patrick (Kankakee) .......... Routt. (Jacksonville) vs. St. Mary (Moline) . .......... St. Bede (Peru) vs. Visitation (Kewanee)

'.ace, threw a big scare into the Via' tor ranks by grabbing an early lead 'and threatening to hold it long enough to win. The Irish came to, -===:::::::"-===--~~--=-==:=:==::--.--however, in the last half, and sub- ship and brought a team that amply was three minutes old, and the 'dued the Pioneers by the bare margin justified their hopes. Captam Ken officials never caught up with it. of two baskets, 28-24. Clothier of the Irish five subdued the Both squads were anxious and fightBradley Gets Overtime. mighty Smitty, chief fear of the ing to win, and the gym was . one The first "big" game of the year Viatorians, and St. Viator went on to mighty bedlam throughout. St. Viator came with the visit of the Hilltopper win by a 19-11 count. finally emerged victorious by a count five of Bradley. The gentlemen from Take First Trip. of 15-11. Peoria had been undertaking an amThe Irish fans had looked upon Wheaton Does Better. bitious schedule against Illinois, their road trips as being the chief Wheaton came to Bourbonnais for Iowa, Chicago. Purdue, Rice. and source of danger to their champion- its return game with the Irish and other quintets of such calibre, and ship aspirations. St. Viator, always proved that it could play considerhad made a most impressive showing. a hard team to defeat on the home able better basketball away from The Hilltoppers took a commanding floor, had never ha{l a very en'viable home than in its own territory. AIlead early in the game. and, with five reputation as a traveling five. As a though the Irish s tarted out to smash minutes to go, held a 16-8 advant- consequence, the fir st away from I the visitors and held a 25-5 lead at age. The ancient Irish fighting spirit pome game of the Irish was regal'ded the half, Wheaton came back against again made itself felt, and the with more than passing interc:: ; t by the subs and outscored the youngSaints, refusing to give up, tied th e sport followers throughout the whole sters in the final period to lose 37-20. ' count at 16 all just as the gun went section . The Saints soon put everyAnd Then Came WESLEYAN off. The Viatorians then went on to one's fears to rest by smashing Illinois \¥esleyan turned out in win in impressive style in the over- Wheaton College 45-18 and going on force to come to Viator for the next time, 22-17. to defeat Elmhurst on the following game of the season. The Titans DeKalb Five is Good. evening, 31-17. The Wheaton game brought a forty-piece band and The Teachers quintet from North- was notable in that it was the first scores of rooters. The Wesleyan ' ern Illinois Normal fell victim to the time throughout the entire season to game is always an event on St. ViaIrish in the n ext fray. DeKalb open- this time that St. Viator had scored tor's calendar, and the gym was packed to the rafters. Both sides ed fast. but was unable to hold its the first point or lead at the half. lead, and the Saints took the lead to Normal Falls. lVere hopeful of victory with Viator win in one of the most hectic final f Returning to the Bourbonnais floor, being conceded a slight edge. The five minutes of play throughout the the Iri sh next engaged State Normal Irish opened the game by taking a entire season. The final count ",vas for the Little Nineteen lead. Neither quick lead which was never relinteam had heen defeated. and both quished. Clothier stopped Meehan 26-23 in favor of St. Viator. Big Blue Falls. schools had high hopes of produciug effectively, and. although Munday Millikin, occuping first place in a title winner. The game was mark- and Johnny Callans gave the Green the Little Nineteen alongside St. ed by considerable roughness and ball considerable trouble, succeeded in Viator, Was the next visitor. The officiating. The contest got out of winning 23-18. The game was markBig Blue bad visions of a champion- i the hands of the referees before it ed hy a ll the brilliance and good




basketball which traditionally characterizes the annual meetings of the two teams. and play was hard, fas" and clea.n. Iris h Take to Road. After hanging up a record of ten straight wins, of which eight had been on the home lIoor, the Saints aga in took to the road, this time to meet DeKalb and DePaul. For the month past, the Chicago papers had been filled with the predictions of the chagrined Demons that the Irish were due for a mighty fall when they invaded the Grafty City. St. Viator concentrated, therefore, more upon the DePaul encounter than upon the DeKalb affair. and thereby almost lost a ball game. The Teachers who were encountel'ed first, showed unexpected strength, and the game was forced into an overtime. With the sCOre tied at 28 all as the two squads entered the extra period, DeKalb dropped in a long one to take the lead. 30-28. Romary smacked in a long one a few moments later to tie it up, and followed with a short under-the-basket shot that won the game and marked the eleventh straight win. DePaul · Confident. DePaul had gone her way after the first game of the year and hung up an impressive record of victories against some of the strongest teams I in the country. The Demom were

following evening. After a consid'erable argument over the officials, it was finally decided to play. The Irish, worn out by the contest of the ..evening before and unable to stand on the unaccustomed slippery surface of the Normal dance lIoor, fought the Red Birds every inch of the way only to lose a 24-15 decision and drop from the Little Nineteen lead. Second Wesleyan Game. With slight hopes of a title before them, the much-chastened Irish visited Bloomington for their second game with Illinois Wesleyan. The ·Irish student body turned out en masse for the affair, and the Titan gym was fill ed about equally with supporters of the two teams. St. Viator came to life for a brief hour of play and again looked like the outfit that had struck terror into the m idst of opposing fives in the early part of the season. The Viator defense proved superior to the Titan ' offense and the Irish emerged victorious by a 30-32 count. End Season at Home. The Irish ended their sea son with a return game with Elmhurst in the Viator gym. The Pirates were no match for the Saints. and the mighty Green Wave completely submerged their craft to the tune of 34-10. Elmhurst scored but two goals from the field in th e entire game, both of which were made in the first half. The victory was the fourteenth of the season for the I ris h and left them with a final Conference rating of twelve victories and three losses. Since I have been threatened by the entire group of misYQgni sts, I can't very well write anything about them this issue. However, I can truthfully say that their percentage is still .00o..


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Friday, March 13. 1931.


Twenty-Seven Years

In your charity kindly pray (or the departed found ers of SL Vi.· tor College Endo,", ment Fund.

In nineteen hundred four a country youth sought employment at an urban factory, owned a nd operateJ by one of the nation's leading manuiacturing and retailing organizations. H e was en gaged by one of the production plants, one of tre modern edifices erected by ali-consum ing gr eed and haun ted by the I ghosts of men who were robbed, cheated, finally, of life; their shadowy faces still wear the masks of sorrow and bewilderment .and, esThe breeze sess ion had progressed to an extremely advanced peeially, an air of incomprehenoi.m stage. Being Lent, of course the subjct matter pertained to the of the cruelty of this concern which iniquilies of the co ll ege ma n. After a mutual examination of drove them until heart and soul were . d drained of all feeling, of all emotion, conscience, a group compiling of virtu e was begun. "Well," sal and wh ich f orced t heir forms into Farrell, "I've never been in jail." the iifeless ness of automations. This All ha nd s shif t ed their position s to cast expectant glances youth was untutored . One thing only at our belove d Man ager of Athletics. "It wasn't my fa ult," was he had learned. but he was most cognizant of that, nam ely , to g'lve th e repl y, "I didn 't want to go." his utmost to hi s God and to ~.b * * * * * * country. These two th ings he did. For twenty-seven years, while he T he trouble wth most si ngers is t ha t t hey don' t practice reared his f am il y, hi s children saw what t hey screech. him only for a n h our or two each * * * * * * evening when the machine which had gutted him ope ned its mouth to According to Judge Scha ur, a man has a right to kiss h is emit other si milar victims. That wa3 wife, but if he gets too rough she ma y "call a policeman." a ll. H e drove him self by sheer will· Cops have s uch gentle ways. power t o perform tasks which other men shra.nk from starting. His mind * * * • * * and his heart and his so ul and his body w er e enslaved for t en hours, Our Weekly Pome. at the least, every day. He labored 'Twas in a rest a urant th ey met for his family. Rom eo a nd Juliet. T h e Great War, you know, crashed forth in nineteen hundred f ou rteen. He had no money to pay the debt, T he U ni ted States entered in nine· So Rome·owed for wha t Julie et. ·teen hundred eighteen. Since her financiers were more heavily inter* * * * * * We found a button in our salad the oth er day. We suppose ested in the Allies than in the former \ The war ceased because it fell off while the salad was dressing. Entente, America sided with t he the Entent was eco nomically ex* * * * * •


Re\'. ~lichael Quirk Re\'. Geo. P. Muh·aney. C. S. Y. Rt. Re\". 3lsgr. D. L. McDonald R ev. Martin Brennan Rey. Willia m Murtaug h Rey. John S uerth Rey. J. F. Kirsc h Rev. Pet er P. O' Dw ye r i\lr. F r a ncis J . Lync h Mrs . Mary Lynch Mr . Jer r y Murphy ~Ir. Patrick Clea ry i'l r . William H ic key

BAIRD-SW ANNELL Everything in Sporting Goods J(ankal<ee' Largest Stock Q UA LITY RADIO

IN. 14. ialarrnttr iiarbpr § QOP

if the governmen t of the nation conti nues such injustice to be perpet. lated upon its members· t he pe0ple are mor~lly bound to seek a govern· ment that wilT preserve, n ot merdy observe, h uma n rights an d hum an· ity's welfare.

Einbeck's Studio.


Our photographs are inexpen. Superinte nd ent Logan of the "Ma intenan ce of W ay" Department sive, yet treasured for t h eir a nn ou nces t hat he will need about a worth as living portraits. dozen students to clear all lanes and by-roads for the studets' welfare 153 North Schu yler Ave. ~ nd socia l activities. Phone 407 Kankakee, Ill. Our editor, Mr. H oover, is to be congratt lated! He received noti ce that his "V iatoria n" is attracting ,- - - - - - - - - - - - , - - - . mu ch attention throughout t he East, This is a plume in his hat. (Did you ever f,ee him wea r one?) Thi s bad weather brought about some in teresting indoor games, s uch as "Flinch' 'a.n d indoor track meet s .


A medee T . Betourne Pharmacy


All obnoxious persons on the seC- I 119 Court St., Kanka kee', Ill. ond corridor are going to be tortured by a slow fire unless they cut \ - - - - - - - - - - - a ll this s illy "play·boy" acting. Re· member this. guilty ones, that the Seniors must graduate and that cer· "You hit yo ur hu sband with a chair? Pray tell me, why peace. Industry, in the tain m en must h ave their sleep. Take did you do it?" United States. flouris hed. The youth heed, or drastic measurements will ' 1 was now become a middle-aged man. be enforced. "Because I couldn't lift the table." His factory was working well and * * * * * * he was satisfied. But the immigraAuthorized Our idea of a gentleman f arm er is one who has his scare· t ion laws of our beloved country LINCOLN FORD CTOWS put on evening dress a t dusk. fa iled to re strict t he war·drift of Em'ope and, most amazingly, extended open arms to the former enemy * * * * * * nations . These newcomers sold their We' ve crossed our logic with debating and reached the fo l- labor cheaply, for there wasn't any lowing financi a l dilemma :money on the Continent and they, apparently, co nsider ed themselves We a re going to borrow ten dollars but only take five. fortunate to secure a good, standThen the creditor will owe us five , and we will owe him five. ardized currency, no matte r how Ther efore we are quits. small their remuneration. I n nineF irs t Door t een hundred twenty-nine the cvm* * * * * * North of Luna Theatre petition bega to be more apparent "J ust put it on m y Bill," sobbed t he yo ung widow as she in the factory where our friend was employed. Foreigners began to drift t.ook t he wreath to t he cemet er y. i,nto departm ents. * * * * * * In ninete~n hundred t h irty. we be"What happened to your face?" hold this man discharged without " Ju st had a little argument with a fellow abo ut driving in 'warning, witfiout a pension, without Sidney Herbst, P res. and General Manager a bonus due to him. and refu.:;ed any t r a ffic." DIN I NG ROOM .:. MAGNI F I CENT BALL ROOM explanation. I wou ld not attempt to "Why didn't yo u call a cop?" question the legality of the firm 's A hearty welcome awaits the students H e was a cop." action, but, morally, I fail to find and friends of St. Viator College * * * * any jus tification for it. Is it just NORTHEAST CORNER SCHUYLER AT MERCH ANT And we wonder if it is t he divorce rate which gives this 'for a co rporate monstrosity to burn nation it's title of "Land of t he Free." God's light out of a ma n 's soul, to ruin him physically, and to make of * * * * * * his brain a mere co nnection of comOr if t he increas ing marriage rate makes it the "Home of partments for filing and indexing the Brave." and, then, when the red corpuscles * * * * * * of blood are drained from his veins, . to cast him aside like a piece of ru stHelp R aise T he A certain club had r eplaced its fam iliar black-coated ser vi- "d tin? I believe that it is n "t!

--------------.\ II·-Buy Your Guaranteed Used Cars Here ROMY HAMMES INC.









tors with young, and sometimes pretty, waitresses. One of t h e Such action calls for a r evision of old die-hard members who had strongly opposed the idea drop- th e economi c order that makes it ped in one day for lunch. possible. Moreover, I declare that. "How's the duck today?" he g rowled, to the girl who came t o serve him. Fashion Believes in "Oh, I'm all right," said the waitress perkily, "How are you, G. G. G. Weaves sir"?" YOUR NEXT SUIT AT * * * * * * "Papa, I saved ten cents today . I ran all the way to school behind a street car." "Vell, vy didn't you run behind a taxicab and save a dollar?"

* * * * * • "A W, THAT WAS A GOOD HIT!"

Jl-IFF'E~§eNS ~OUMi!fERS -------->..

I Hotel Bldg.

Kankakee, Ill.'

Million Dollar Endowment by outright gift, insurance, bequest or annu ity. You can get 6 % on your money and leave the' capital for the Endowment. 'Vrite for pa r tic ulars to

St. Viator College Extension Club



Incorporated Chicago, IlL 2025 LaSalle Bldg. T elephon e Randolph 9336 J . P. O'Mahoney, Treasurer Provincial House 3618 N. Kedvale A ve. Kildare 3673 ~--------------------------------------~

Friday, March 13, 1931.

VIATORIAN GETS EXCLUSIVE STORY Bill Gibbons, Captain of Senior League Winners Tells His Secrets to Reporter I mmediately following the Christmas recess, Viator's annua l short pants parade began its 1931 renewal under the persona.] tute lage of Francis Carroll, '31. Vince Mooney's "Huskers" and Joe Hoog's ((Hungry Five" joined in mutual battle to lift the lid and start the ball to rolling. This game ended in a 3-3 tie at the end of the regulation time. In the overtime, the starved team garnered a free toss that decided the gnme. This game characterized the brand of basketball played in the league throughout the year. It was closely contested, rivalry was keen, rough and tumble play, together with flashes of good baskethall. All the games. with a few exceptions, were close. The teams were evenly matc!led and those bringing up in the rear were a constant worry to the leaders at all tim es. Interest R uns Hig h. Two contests were played daily, one at noon and one at rug路ht. Each game found a representative number of spectators in the stands. Each team bad its following among the students. Interest, as a w4ole, was high on the part of the student body a nd the games furnished entertair.ment throughout the dull winter. Upsets Were Frequent. Many of the favorites to win were upset by dark horses a.nd their championship hopes were blasted. Superlor teams went down before the :nspired drive and determination of t heir lesser opponents. This only added to the interest in play and as the season progressed the games began to take on more color. The final spurt toward the champion5hip found stragglers rising up and dowring team:s 路'that held hopes for v1rtory. Bob Delaney and, his crew of HFreshman Nightmares" awoke from their slumber in time to hand the leaders a score that they have not, as yet, fully recovered from. Dark Hor se Triumph ant. If we owned a hat we would take it off to Bill Gibbons and his "Delineators." This team was given lit.tle or no consideration by scribes in December when the race began. They were merely one of the fourteen entries that left the pole at the start. At the finish they were riding the crest of victory. Ca ptain Speaks fo r Team. Mr. Gibbons stated to representatives of t he press that an absent t eammate was a potential factor in the team's success. Mr. Gibbons says, "One of the most potential factors in the team's s uccess was entirely due to the memory of my friend and fon-card, Mr. Poos, who departed from our ranks at the semester. It seemed that when the boys were in the dumps and the going was tough, the mere mention of his name spurred us on to victory. I might add that we had no individual stars. I emphasized team work and I saw t hat the rigorous training I had mapped out for the boys was carried out to a "t." I even smoked in the confines of my study and never in the p1'es~nce of a member of my tea.m. I went to the extreme of cutting numerous eight o'clock classes so that the boys would not see me out at that early hour and think that I was just returning from town. All that my tea,m is or hopes to be they owe to their fond friend and captain. namely


Swan Song


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lTrish Wallop the P irates 34-10 in Listless Encounter to Run Total of Wins to Fourteen Before the smallest crowd of the yea.r, the Green Wave of St. Viator overwhelmed the Pirate ship of Elmhurst for the fourteenth victory of the year by the Irish five. Viator was so easily superior to the visiting quintet that the game became boresome as it progressed. St. Viator took the lead from the opening gun and never relinquished it. Although the Saints were missWhen the fina l gun sounded on the ing them right and left, they manElmhurst-Viator game, the career of aged to hold a 12-6 advantage at the one of Viator's greatest basketball half. players had come to an end. Captai:1 I S'econd Half D ulL Ken Clothier ha.s been a member of The famed Viator offensive began four Viator cage teams and three to function at the opening of the football squads. second half and the Saints ran up Clothier came to St. Viator from fourteen points on the visitors beTrinity High in Bloomington fonr fore they could score. The home years ago a.nd won his letter in bask- crowd cheered the E lmhurst free etball in his Freshman year. He throws almost as lustily as the Viamade his letter at halfback in foot- tor baskets and derived considerable ball in the following Fall. and was a amusement from the errors of both member of the 1929 team as well. sides. His greatest success was on the Al Furlong was replaced a few hardwood court, however, and he minutes before the end of the game soon became known as one of t he and the sta.nds cheered long and loud most outstanding defensive players for the old Viator star who had in the Little Nineteen . He was the ended his career on the hardwood nucleus about which the great Via- court. Captain Ken Clothier followtor defenses of the past three years ed the big center in a few minutes have been built, and it was due and received an ovation that seriouslargely to his ability that St. Viator Iy threatened to shake the gym down. gained the reputation of possessing Freshmen Get Chance. the greatest of middle-western deThe closing minutes of the game fenses. He was the mainstay of this were devoted to giving the Freshmen year's tearn, all offenses starting candidates a chance to show their with him and the defense being built wares. Murgatroyd, Schwartz, Wesaround him. He always drew the tray, and Hayes were the yearlings "big shot" of the opposing team to who ended the contest under the guard, and the way in which Meehan, very able chaperonage of one P uff Smith, Goff, and a few other not- Romary of some local abIes were held d"WTI testifies amply The victory was the fourteenth of to his ability. the season for the Irish and the Ren has been a member of the twelfth in Little Nineteen play. Viator ian staff for three yeara and is President of the Senior class.


myself. One more word in conclusion. I have received numerous offers 'from liThe Bells of Saint Mary's", sumother captains in the league, desir- moning the students to Mass, are ing that my team play theirs in a very racking to the nerves of a studpost-season contest. I rejected all ent of St. Mary's College, California. these offers with thanks. It would The bells start ringing at six o'clock, be unfair for me to ask the boys to followed by a monitor who comdon their shoes for another contest. mences to make his appearance The season has been a mental as about six fifteen, to be followed well as a physical strain, and I do shortly by more ringing of the ben s. not think it wise to play again." The effect of this procedure. accordCleary Individual Scorer. ing to the complainant, has resulted "Pat" Cleary's uncanny ability in in a large falling-off of attendance finding the center of the hoop won at the students' Ma路ss. "Students, him the honor of high individual hearing the continuous ringing of 'point-getter in the league. /lPat" these bells, become most sulky and .Was the main cop in Chuck Carney's irritable and out of pure, unadulter'well-oiled maehine and is largely ated anger, refuse to go to Mass." responsible for the "Chuckers" grab- He suggests as a remedy the appointment of certain reliable men to bing second place. AII-Viatorian Selection. wake the students, thus avoiding a FIRST TEAM considerable amount of unnecessary Cleary, Chuckers-forward I noise, further asserting that Hif studO'Neil, Delineators-forward ents are intending to go to Mass they will of their own initiative get Monahan, De linquents~center Todd, Ponies-guard up, while those who do not have the same intention can remain at peace Carney, Chuckers-guard and at rest with the world." SECOND TEAM Hunt, White Mules~forward -The Collegian, St. Mary's Mackey, Dreadnoughts--forward Coll ege, California. ToohiI1, Delineatol's~center Oldham Monks~guard "Right You Are-If You Think So" Carroll,' Vanities-guard is the play with an unusual combination of comedy and intriguing mysWith the tournament this week- tery to be given by the National end, a gala time is expected to be Collegiate Players at Monmouth Colhad by all. The three available lege. Louigi Pirandello is the "il1electric irons on the con'idor will be tellectual" dramatist. URight You in use constantly. Even "Kenny" Are" is based on his favorite theme Clothier is restless-something at- , of th e clash of reality and illusion. tractive for him this week-end, we'll I He attempts to show those w ho arc bet! pursuing truth that they are simply







What a season this turned out to be! Last year, Bradley lost three and still took the title. This year, three losses entifles St. Viator to fourth place, following Normal, North Central and Monmouth. North Central won eleven and lost one and still lost the title because State Normal had won twelve and lost one. I Monmouth's lone defeat was suffered ,at the hands of Illinois Wesleyan. l And North Central lost to Millikin \on the Decatur floor- a factor which I,we believe should 1argely discou=lt the game. The Naperville crew, I however, neglected to kill enough giants to enable them to any great consideration against Nonnal's claim. ,St. Viator attempted to kill too many giants. And we'll bet that even the great Jack of Beanstalk fame had his off evenings. State Normal went ahead to follow up their Little Nineteen t itle by winning the Normal school tournament held at Carbondale. This was certainly some season for the Normal Pedagogues.

Another cage career was ended by the Elmhurst game when Al Furlong, And here come the All-Stars. The veteran center, played his last game Millikin team went into executive in college competition. Al is a forsession and decided that the followmer St. Philip's star and has been ing were the best five men they met a large factor in the success of St. all season: Viator in three sports. football, Meehan, Wesleyan-forward basketball, and swimming. Wasilewski, Eureka-forward Furlong won his letter at tackle on Furlong. St. Viato r-center the football team four years ago. Clothier, St. Viator (C.)-guard After spending two years at that Galitz, Bradley-guard position, he was moved to fullback Romary and Karl' gained honorable to take over the position made vacant by the graduation of the mention on the Big Blue team. mighty Mike Delaney. Al quickly So we take our life in our hands developed into one of the most formidable line-plungers in the Little and venture to submit an All-Star of our own to take in the ten teams Nineteen, and could always be counted on for the extra yard or two we saw in action this season:necessary for a first down or touchFirst Team. down. His dives made him famous Smith, Millikin-forward throughout the length and breadth Romary, St. Viator-forward of the 路e xtended Conference. He Moore, State Normal--center captained this year's Green Wave on Clothier, St. Viator (C.)-guard the gridiron. Galitz, Bradley~guard Furlong first made his letter in .Second Team. basketball at center in his Sopho- Meehan, Wesleyan (C.)-forward more year. In his Junio:r ye~r he Goff, State Normal-forward became the regular at the pOBition Furlong, St. Viator-center and has handled it in professional Callins, Wesleyan-guard style. He is one of the best pivot Darling, State Normal-guard men ever developed at Viat.ur. He Honorable Mention. was the key of the offensive and (lne r Fonvards: Mace and Meyer, Bradof the highest scorers on the team. ley; Munday, Wesleyan; Lakin, His absence will be greatly felt by Dudley, DeRalb. next year's five. Centers: Pace, DeKalb; Bodman, Wesleyan. "Ed" O'Neill has been very quiet Guards: Strombom, Mustapha. Dehere of late. It used to be "Aggie" Kalb; Musso, Millikin; Schwartz~maybe it's "Maggie" now. Quien baugh, Normal. sa be ? - -- - - - -- - -- -- - a phantom. for truth is only relative. " Every thing and every person is The Shea Brother s have announced different in each new relationship." -The Oracle, Monmouth College. another sale beginning the 13th of March and ending the night of the "The Redbird," a campus humor 17th of March. This sale will include magazine, was edited by the Illinois everything necessary for a gala Normal band for the purpose of week end and a real Irish St. Patraising funds so that it might ac- Tick's day. comp~ny the basketball team to the Our friend .t'Brud" Cassidy has State Normal Schools tourney at Carbondale. Approximately five hun- been hibernating here of late. Maybe dred copies were sold in two days. it's the snow-and again, maybe it The composition and printing work isn't. Anyway, he comes out of his was done by members of the printing room long enough to mail his scented class.- The Vidette, Normal, Illinois. letters.



Touchball, football minus tackling, . "Fat" Carroll, beloved president of has become an honored sport in the I the College Club. has been working list of intra-murals at Carthage Col-l industriously on a new method of lege. The game includes all the attack. His latest did not work out characteristics of football with the so well since it was pigeon-holed. exception of the customary coat of I mail, and diving for the runner's "Minonk" Gibbons has at last ankles. Men who otherwise would come into his own. He is the lighthave gone on without notice are be- heavy of this vicinity. IIMinonk" ing scouted by the coach.-Carthage has serious intentions of entering the College. "Golden Gloves" next year.







THE FRANKLIN PRESS CO, P RI:\l ER$ A:\ D 3T.\ TlO:\ ER:'; Printing. Engraving. Otlicl Supplie:-. Lon,; Form,;. Bindel •. Etc.

Freshman P rospects Are Good in Last Try-oub Before Opening: of Season 1 hr· finl.! Jlrttdi('"


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Kankn" ee. III.


Y":lr WH~ h,·lfl hy St. Vlator' g hudding (nTf'n!l!i(' arti,If.III on la Plt Friday "Vf'nin~. Th,· hftirmhtiv(' of thc' t'nf'm-


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Telepho ne 106

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whilf· t.h,' n('gC!tiv(l WH, npr"!ll'ntNI hy Raymond \Vc'ntht, Franr·i. Larkin . .John H ugh nurn .. PhUJ 1.11 i{ocfjtl(' a nd (;ill Midcllplon 'J'h f' d('hal(' WIl -i non-d('ti~ional. ;>ut lht. (h·Ji v('ry and nrR'um('nt ~ of the ('(mh" tnnt W('f(''d at length hy .Jtlnlf'l'I Allc'n ~ohln, In~lTurlQr in !'ullic' Spf'lIkin~ and n former Viator cit·haler, and Broth,'!, (,hnrle~ MurI;hy. 11 Im'mh<'T of IU!4l Yl'ar ' ~ team who,,(' h('alth forhadl' hiA inclusion JJ ()()V('T,

Te lepho ne 995

fol' St. \ ' iator College 36:! East Court s treet




"Driek" hardly needs any introMr. Millard is another official (.uction to Viator fan~or Inns from whose work is well k nown by fan~ Practice Li mited to anywhere, for that matter, for he is of this section . L ike Young, he is a EYE. EAR NOSE AND THROAT 0::0 of the most popular of Middle- graduate of lllinoi, Wesleyan, and \VcHtt'rn offic ia ls. In football and in he is likewise a sports editor-with Bell Telepho ll P 253 La~,k ctba ll he is equally well-known th e Deca t'J r Rev iew. H e wus a anll is no popular in Big Ten circles basketball star in College, a nd is CO:c City Nationa l Ba nk Bldg. KA NKAK EE. I LL. as he L, with the Little Ni n eteen. ! now a familial' figure in the s triped He i~ a graduate of Illinois \Ves ley- shirt of the referee at important ,_ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _--J

WII h thi" ycar ' ~ gqllad ..James Dugan of I hi' nffirl11ntive t('am was unable 10 ('Ol11lwt(' in lhe fin a l trialR bcramw o( IU{'k of preparation dlH.' to his abs('n('(' from the College. He i::; ex- on University a nd is Sports Editor college g am es and hi g h school -------------------------~I Iwel.'fl to take' a prominent. part in of the Dloomi ngton Pantagraph . to urn a ments . lhc' cil'hul l'H of th e ~(' h cdule, however . New 1\'1 en Arc (;ood . \OVhill' I he debate P 1'OV('(\ that much ll1U ~t 1)(' done in the wcC'k int.crve n I ing hC'(Ol'(' t he first meet of the ~96 SOUTH SCH UY LER AVE. Sl'n~O IJ, it hrought Otlt. t.he fnct; that Always Drink Pas te ur ized Milk. Our Wagons p ~ss \ our till' F n'li hm cn mem bers of the Society Door E very Morning Befo re You H ave Brea kfast. p hy for one yea r ; Re\'e rend Jam es UI'C' lik('ly to be the l'l1aim;tays of M. F itzgera ld T r oph y; ri g ht to thiA YN\1"'R squad. Both MI'. Nolan TL'ea~ urer DRINK MI Ll{ Both Phones 45 und I\,t 1'. Mc lll'cn :-;how cd up particompete in Nationa l Catholic Tournam ent-S PALDI NG I NSTI_ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ cu lllrly well (or t he affirmat ive, wh itl' i\1 r. Rurn ~, the lone Freshman TUTE. P eo ri a. Second P lace-Thom as Leroy nl'~ativ(', a lso looked wl'll in the ! Wa rn er Troph y-T Rl ITY HIGH, try-nuL Mr. No lan, in particular, Bloom ing t on. E stab lis hed 1908 di~plaYNI an unwmal grasp of thhle A dri ve has been inaugurated by Third Pl ace- Re ,"crend Louis M. s !ow l jl'l't, whi ch, coupled with lhe College Club for the collection O'Conn or Troph y-S T. BEDE, nallll'u l s peaking abi li ty, w ill very of t he funds due it from t he student Pe ru. Jllohabl y rank him wilh the foremost of s t. ViaLo r 's dcbuter R. body. The dues, w hich amou nt to Private Di nin g Room for Banqu ets a nd Pa rties Mos l va luab le player- Ma rti n .IS.S h or t . five do llars a year , are bind ingI on P et er s. Spa ldin g. S ,-cnson KANK AK E E, ILLINOIS Owin g to t he la te sta rt, this year's cv(; ry student of St. Viator Col ege,


COLLEGE CLUB IN Last Year's Winners I PLEA FORFUNDSI R~~r~erl:~r~e--/-~~~~y D~fD.R~r~: I -

Marty Toohill Reminds Students of Obligation to Pay Annual D ues

KA NKA KEE P URE MILK CO. Mil k and Cream Bulgarious Butter Milk



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will be limited to t.he usual a s a ll are members of the ol'ganizaMone)' Is La te. six Conf(lrencc debntes, and, accord- t.IOn. The drive was ope ned at a ing to pr(>sl~nt plans, one non-Con- special meeting of t he Club held. last . The money is .lon g overdue, it beweek at \vhi ch time both PresIdent mg the custom In years past to colfl'n' ne(> deba~e. The season \~as Ca rroll and Treasurer Tooh ill spoke lect a s soo n after Homecoming a s ~)I:l'I~C'~1 Ins~ nl g !1t by t ht' am.l'mat~ve to the student body concerning t he possible. H owever, this yea r , it was .\~nll1~t BI ndle.), al~d ~he neg~tI~e [stat.e of the trea sury and t he diS- ! decided to allow t he money to be will open t011lp:ht agamst I1l mols coll ected in install ments . The fi rst \\'('sleynn at Bloomington. posnl of t he fu n ds. installment was made due on the i\l(~l:\rs. Nol3n, Mehren and Hoover i\1oney Is Need ed. Friday before Thanksgivi n g vacation. 3)lPl'31'1'd for the affirmative in th e It was ex plained that the money but as no very press ing demand Bradley rlehnte la st night, and collected does not become th: pro- I wa~ made for it, the first dues were I\1l'st:'r~ . LaRocque, Larkin and Mid- pcrty of t he College Club, but IS used never collected. As a consequepce, elk'to n will represent St. Viator to pay t he premiums on the insur- the College Club h a s pursued its ngHins l \ \teglcyan tonight. The third ilnce tak en out by the Club. T.he course for the past three mo nt hs aldl'batl' of the season will be held in insurance i ~ payable to the S~. VI3. - most entirely sans funds. It is hoped , the College Club 1'00 lll S on n ex t Fl'i- tor ExtenSIon Club and is In lhe by MI'. Toohill and the officers of tile dny ni~h t when the negative rneets form of policies on mel~l~ers of ~he Club that the request will meet with l\tt. idonis' affirl1lati\'t~ here. faculty. Since the ol'lgm~ l dnve , a general good response from th(; wo< s tol'ted by the ExtenSIOn Club student body in order that the Club to increase the endowment of St. may be freed from debt and have a of \'iator College, it ha s been the cus- I surplus in order to carryon its most tOIll fo\' t he College Club to pay the important functions. (Continued from first page) oremiums on ten thousand dolJars ! .--_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _---; i::W. s:ao and 9:30. The games to- ~\'orth of insurance. The premiums I\\()rrow will be nt n. 10 und 11 in the due this year had almost been almorning-. nt :!. 3 and -I in the ::li't€r- lowed to lapse \.... hen the er ror was F or Less noon. and at 7:30. 8:30 und 9:30 disco\'ered, and l\1r. T oohill borrowed :\~in in the e\'e l ~ing. There will be fl'om the College treasury in order KANKAKEE to fullfil the Club's duty. It is now I\l\ l!~lm eS played Sundny morning. CLOTHES by Stein Block and Tlll' st'mi-fill:\ls will be at :! and 3 necess:u"y for the Club to raise Uie ~t ichaels Stern. En ro S hirts. P.:.\1. Sunday ~lftel'nOOI1. The con- amount due immediately in order to SHOES by N unn Bush and· repo)' the College and reestablish it· ~ol:\tioll gum!?, to decide the \yinner ly Fiyes. Interwo yen H osier y. <,r thil'\j pl,h'o. will be played at S seIf on a firm financial basis.




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P. )l. Sundny e\·ening-. followed by titll' g:ll1ll' :It ~) o\'lock. Imm~d;­


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the awards

In a \.'ert~lin room. to be R\.){'II\\ ~:!~) . two young antagonistic (.!'\.'nth.~mt'n s('em to ~ cutting each \'tht.~r's thf\..".ats. The reason for this i~ Ih."t known. but it is granted that t.'ai.:h is. je~11ous I.."f tht' other's s()('ial st:mding.

\\' hen in Kankakee You Are Always Welcome at the


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St. Viator College Newspaper, 1931-03-13  

The Viatorian, Vol. XLVIII, No. 12