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lIiufnriatt Monday, Mar~h 2, 1931.


No. 11

COLLEGE HO'NORS SENATOR FROM MONTANA MARCO MILLIONS , I F orty Hour~ Closes TO BE PRODUCED he~h\e~Ol~~ t~Ou~'~lle~:v~:~~n w:~~ on Februa.r y 26. 27, and 28.

St. V iator Con feY's De.g ree Upon U. S. Senator Thom a s J. W alsh


was a large attendance at all the Decide to go Ahead w ith exercises Noted Catho lic Statesman Recipient of Hono rary and a go'odly number made Plans fo r Production of visits to the Blessed Sacrament dur- Is Giving Lecture Series Doctor of Com mon L aws D egree from C olleg e. ing the day. Before the annual dePlay. Cast Will Be began, Father Maguire had Sen ator W ires H is Accepta n ce a n d M ay lvotion Very Rev. J. W. R. Mag"ire, C. S. urged all the students to receive Announced Later D eliver Com mencement A ddress

Holy Communion daily and his re- V., President of St Viator Conege, After some short period of doubt, quest was filled almost without ex- gave t:Ie first of his series of talks at Station WCFL in Chicago a week ago yest:}rday Father Maguire h as been requested to speak every SunMillions" as had originally been in- ~lt~s~el~:~r~~~ ~:r~o:lsSOsefr~l;:~:~e!a~~; day afternoon for three months on tended. The doubt was caused by of the students have commented the general subject of "Labor and the difficulty experienced by the favorably upon the Devotion this Economics Problems." He is well original cast of the play in passing year and some of the older ones have qualified to speak upon this rnost its semester examinations. · It has affirmed that they believe much good difficult topic as he has specialized been decreed by the Office of the was accomplished among the student in Economics all during his career as Dean of Studies that the characters body by it. a teacher and nationally known m ust have at least a C average with orator. On several occasions he has not more than one grade D or less. been calleo to assist Labor in the Upon checking up, it was found thai solving of various problems, and has the ruling would not materially aiacquired no small degree of prominfect the cast as it was originally ence by his success. Last October he c ho~en a nd it was decided to continue spoke before the national meeting of with the work along the original the American Federation of La1bor lines. Athletic Board of St. at Boston, w here he was list ed Ort T l].e . College has been receiving the same program with such men as V iator G etting R eady Secretary considerable a id from the New York Davis of the United States Theatre GuHd, w hich organization Department of Labor, a nd President T o Handle Catholic Greene of the American Federation first produced the play, and is planSchool Meet of Labor. Father Maguire's speech ning on making the production the on this occasion was printed in one most brilliant ever achieved at St. The Athletic Board of St. Viator of the earlier editions of the ViaViator. T he play caUs for lavish settings and extravagant scenes and is busy preparing for the annua l toria.n. His talk a week ago yesterday will require considerable stage tech- I11inois State Catholic High School nique a·s well as exceptional histronic Tournament t o Co held in the Viator lasted from 3:30 to 4:00 P. M., anll . h h . abi li ty to produce. gym on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of it 1S known t at t e succeSSlve March. It is expected that sixteen speeches will be of the same duraThe cast will be made known in few days, and work by the new teams Wl'11 b e entere d 'm th e mee t 1 tion of time. Many who have been staff will begin immediately. Great with the most representative squads advised by The New World of his of the State invited to attend. being on WCFL's program have care is being taken by Mr. Ley, The class of basketball displayed tuned in upon his address and report director of the undertaking, to secure as competent a cast as possible. The in the State Meets at Viator is al- them to be most interesting. Father Maguire is also giving a parts of t he play are very exacting ways above average. Last year's winner, Spaulding Institute of Peoria, series of Lenten lectures at St. Via9,nd will demand faithful chracterizagained third place in the National tor's Church in Chicago on Wednestion in order to secure the success tournarnent held under the auspices day evenings and Sunday mornings, of the venture, the realization of of Loyola University in Chjcago. where he is attracting large crowds, which fact is causing the sponsors of "Marco Millions" to be painstaking Spaulding also defeated Peoria Manin t heir proced ure. ual, last year's I llinois State Public · School Champions, and won from any go to Bloomlngton

~~:asE~;:~: b~~~ e~~Cid:l~:,o ~,~!~~: ~:~~~~a~'ed Tb~e t~;al~e:~;al~=~~ti~~~;;,

The Execut ive Boarel of St. Viator College today announced that an honorary Doctor of Common Laws degree has been conferred upon Senator Thomas J. Walsh of Montana. The degree was tender ed Senator Walsh last week, and the Statesman immediately accepted the honor. Senator Walsh also stated that if the press of official busi)less in Washington would permit, he would be present on J une ninth to receive his degree and address the graduating class at the sixty-third annual commencement of St. Viator College. Has Had Brilliant Career.





The Senator is one of the most

brilliant and outstanding of modern AmerIcan statesmen. He was born - in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, June 12th, of Studies 1 1859 . He was educated in the public • schools and took his Bachelor of T opIcs for Laws degl'ee from the University of


Office ~{Dean \

Annoiln ces Essay and O ratorical Contests


I Wisconsin in j

The subjects for the essay and oratorical contests have been a;nounced by the office of the Rev. J, Lynch, Dean of Studies, and the entrants are already preparing their

1884. He taught school for a whde, becoming principal of the Sturgeon, Wis., High School.

Ieducation L;tte in 1884, he left the field of and began to practice law with his brother, Henry, at Redfield, South Dakota. - He moved to Helena, Montana, in 1890 and became a member of the



material. The subjects


firm of 'NaIsh Nolan and Scallon for both . the essay \~hich combinatio~ endured untl'l 1925'

:l-nd ora~orical contests WIn be t~e when the firm was reorganized unS8rne thls year. The contestants WIll i del' the name of Walsh Scallon and discuss "Ghandi and the Freedom of vVine. '

India-." They will be allowed h b tot I He was the Democratic candidate build their essays or. speec ~s a ou for Congress in 1906. He was five any phase of the subJect whICh rnost times a delegate to the Democratic i,nterests them. National Convention and was a memOpen to All. bel' of the sub-committee on platform Both contests are open to all Col- at each meeting. He was the Demolege students. The essay contests is cratic candidate for the United compulsory for all students enrolled States Senate in 1910, became Sena.. in English classes. The mmunum tor in 1913 and has served the state many of the strongest teams in this --requirement for the essay conte,~t is in that capacity ever since. He was section. .. G d One of our correspondents ,\rho at- thirty-five hundred words. and I.he the Chairman of the Democratic Northern Colleges . . Tn~ lty Looks 0 0 . . tended the game with Illinois Wes- papers are to be handed to the in- National Convention in 1924. Senator Walsh is a member of In New Ball League Trlmty Hlgh School of Bloommgton leyan at Bloomington a week ago structors not later than May tenth. looms as the favorite in this year's Saturday stated that the crowd 1 The oratorical contest is open to meet. The Trinity lads won the g'athel'ed outside Holy Trinity Cnurch all but is compulsory for all stud- th e important JUdiciary and Foreign The latest addition to the frills of Tourney in 1928 and were the runner- there after one of the Masses resem- ents of public speaking. There is Rebtions committees. He also holds the Little Nineteen Athletic Confer- ups to Spaulding in both 1929 and . bled the large group in front of the no limit placed on the time of the posts on the Interoceanic Canals, Irence is a Northern Illinois Baseball 1930. They have lost but one game local Cha,p el on Sunday morning, be- speeches, and the finals will be held rigation and Reclamation, Mines and League composed of five member to date and have already defeated cause of the large number of Viator on May eighth. Mining, and Public Lands and SurColleges of the Little Nineteen which Spaulding, their outstanding com pet- students who stayed over after the The contests are expected to at- veys committees. , are situated in the Northern part of itors for the title. victory. It is estimated that there tract a large number of participants the State. The winner of the meet will be were less than forty students who this year due to the timeliness of the Wheaton, North Central, Elmhurst. entered in the National Tournament remained here. The campus during subject and the controversy over it.s Father Ber gin Gives Lake Forest, and Mount Morris are to be held in Chicago on March 20, 1 those two days looked as bare as it solution. Lenten Lectures the colleges which have decided to 21 and 22 under the sponsorship of does during the summer vacation. break away from the old Conference . L~yola University. Because of the winning team this during their baseball season. The year, many students are in attendO BITUA R Y Rev. W. J. Bergin, C. S. V., Prosmall er league win serve to cut down St. Viator. undertaking the most ance at the away from home games. fessor of Apologetics, is conducting expenses and create keener competi- difficult schedule of any team in the 1 a special series of Lenten lectures tion. The formation of the smaller Conference, wil~ enrl its sea~on .on As we sit here in our lonely cell i The ~ld time~s of St. Viator Col- for the students this year each Wedleague is also expected to make for next Tuesday mght when th~ IrIsh . . 1 11 .. lege WIll be grIeved to learn of the nes day evening. His two talks so '. h . we notIce that an a most uneart t y greater interest in tue sport tn t e play a retm'n WIth Elmhurst siienc'e ervades the atmosphere. de~th of Flo-renee. E . Mc~uhff~, fal' have proved to be very interestschools involved and attract under- on . the Bourb~nnals floor. After Wh is i~? Ah we remember! The WhICh occurred at h1s home In Chl- ing and a ll are looking forward to graduate prospects in greater nurn- leadm~ the race mto the final G~retc~, ten~is cham ion' of the eorridOl' has cago on February 13. Th~ funeral the balance of his series, Father bers. the I1'15h encountered trouble m the. . IfP h uW' d C: " t was held from the late reSIdence at Bergin's experience with boys and forms of Millikin, Normal, and Brad- ~:~Chh'::n;~ ~~l'~ ;i1de~n i: ac':ran. a 1 4149 Jackson Blvd., to St. Paul his method of dealing with them has lf you contemplate a serlOUS ac- ley and have a record of eleven WIns g Church, ValparaISO, Ind1ana where made hIm one of the most popular cident, can Art Bulfin, who attended and three defeats to show for oheir High Mass was celebrated at 10:30 preachers at the College. Although the Academy in 1923-'26. Art is now season to date, Two victori~s over Clayton Dooley, H. S. '23, knows on Monday, February 16, Interment =tt present he is kept very busy with an employee of the Aetna Insul'ance f DePaul University of Ch icago bring his groceries around West Chicago, II was in St. Paul Cemetery. Mr. hi s classes, his evening lectures have Company, and will be pleased to i the Irish total of win s for the year where he is helping his father oper- McAuliffe attended the College In been more than well prepared ar:d 1delivered, insure you against the doctor's wrath. to thirteen. ate a s tore and market. 1 188l.







l I


Monday, ~1(lI'Ch 2, 1931.


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I certain faculty member, he is ridi- I culed for his timidity. if the article appears, he must endure a series oi Well, we advertised this as an un- epithets and a boresome lecture from

Editor's Comment

THE VIA TORIAN Published bi-weekly throughout the scholastic year by the students of

St. Viator College.

' - _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



Compliments of

expurgated edition, and offered to : that faculty member. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _--' 1print everything which came to our


desk. But we h ave had to back down Yet, if the present editor were no on that promise for. several ~ood rea- t 1onger the editor and had the power 1 sons. The first t hmg whIch ShOl)k I to hold whatever office he preferred, our reso lu tion was the influx of some 1 he would again l.hoose t he otr:ce of ................. Ralpb Hoover perfectly rotten poetry from a num- edito r .

Editor-in -Chief ....... ........ .Kenn eth Bus hman Managing Editor. ...... ...... . ... Gill Middleton Feature Writer .... Frances Mary Clancy Feature Writer . ..... Jo seph Logan Featu r e Writer.. .. ............. Robert Tu cker Feature Writer .... . ... Patrick M. Cleary Campus Briefs ... .......... Carl L a mpe Bditorials. .. Kenneth Clothier tl.thl etics ...... .. ...Francis Larkin Sta r Reporter F'reshman Assistants: .............James Dugan Alumni and Third Corridor .. ..... Wilbur Callahan Double Dribbles .. . ......... Frank Wirken Athletics ............. ........ _.... _...... . ...... John Boyle Senior L eague ..... . .. Edward Coakley Manag ing Editor... ............. John Mehren Feature Writer .. .. .. _.... _.......... ...John Burns Feature Writer .. ............... . .. ..Robert Spreitzer Cir culation Manager.. ..


ber of gentlemen who should know better. In the first week, it would


I \U

be onl y a moderate -estimate to place

United Cigar Store

the number of budding Shelley's and Keats at half the total enrollm ent of St. Viator College. We were deluged with poetry. Some of it wasn't so bad, but some was so terrible Prominent Sophomore that we refused it on sight. The Pulling Away to Lead upshot of the whole thing was that , we decided to eliminate poetry from In Ancient Occupation the columns of the Viatorian forever. And Freshmen Show

Cor. Court and Schuyler

Complete Line of Smokers' Articles




Standings of Breeze Experts, Roy

things we met up with took om' Hal l. breath away. We refused the major1. William Gibbons ity of those on the grounds of haRty i 2. John Mehren I 3. Patrick Michael Cleary action. ___ 4. Joseph Francis Logan We hope that the EI~-Bark will i 5. James Peter Almeroth

Subscription Rate: $2.00 per annum.

Fountain & Luncheon Service

P ' rOmlSe


And we thought we had read some I pretty strong essays of criticism before in our life, too, but so me of th e



Amedee J. Lamarre Bourbonnais, Ill. .


Address a ll correspondence referr ing either to advertis ing or subscription t o forg ive us for t he followmg reprmt, Team: L awrence Peter Chnstman ~igarS The Viatorian, Bourbonnais, 111. but it was too good to miss: :lnd Edward Hunt. James Carney is in a class by himself. Entered as secon d class matter at t he Post Office of Bourbonnais, Illinois, The end of the fi rst semester in under the Act of Mareh 3rd, 1879 .


Woes of an Editor


Roy Hall find s William Gibbons sucThere seems to be a superabund- cessfully defending the title he won ance of editorial material lately be- so hardly at the end of last seaso n ing devoted to the hardships of an I a8 First Breeze Expert of St. Viator edItor. The ed Itors In the other College. He has been hard pressed

Sanitary Market 346 E. Court Street

Little N ineteen colleges have no more throughout t he season by a number to compla in about t ha n th e Elm of newcomer s, including a mong their

Bark editor.

number one

Telephone 137

Whitey Mehren of the

Freshman class who is s howin g conIf any student is journalistically siderable promi se, and who even dis inclined, let hi s highest aspiration placed the veteran Gibbons for a

be the

position of

a reporter.

In brief period at the beginning of the Gibbons rallied in the late

I any publication where offices are . year.

Nothing! It is very difficult t o compose a suitable article for an unexpurgated issue. This results from the fact that though it is qui te logical to call a spade, a spade, and a heart, a heart, one could say many uncomplimentary things a bout a spade which ruins an otherwise a ce hig h heart flush and vice versa, The problem, thus, resolves itself into the necessity of saying it as nicely as possible. One might criticize the prohibition amendment, but what editorial writer in the nation has not vented his spite on t he unoffending act, neglecting entirely to comment on the a uthor of the imbecile legislation? A person, moreover, could utter endless innuendos against the policy of the present administration, but such seems worthless to me because since eighteen fifty, despite horrible columns directed against the fair lily growing in our midst, this flower ,the Republican party, has pros pered, Procreated by industry, it will be cared for a nd fostered by its parent. The evils of the present economic s ituation might be exploited by the writer, but the subject has been handled by more experienced men than he and, furthermore, at present he is incapable of giving to it the maslery ha ndling bestowed by lhe Very Rev. J. W. R. Maguire, Still another phase, the crime wave which is surging over our fair lan d, mig ht be favorably or unfavorably commented on, but to (he wide-awake citizen the s tacca to reports of sub-machine g uns and t he blasts of sawed-off shot-guns speak. No editorial could compete, judging from past successes and failures, with the g un in the hands of the g unma n. Our attention next mig ht be focu sed on the murder trial at Gary where five yo uths are being tried for attacking and killing Arlene Draves. But all of t h e news papers in the country feature t.his type of article with a ll of the details enriched so that an ayid public mind may be fed, a nd, I'm sure, the mentality of our college youths would not care to delve into the picturesque events surround ing the trial. Having said nothing, whether bea utifully or otherwise, I know not, for t he past few minutes, permit me to utter a word of warning to a ll college men. Beware of the en tran cing s miles, the glanlOrous lights twinkling in blue, g rey, or brown eyes, t h e Venus-like forms of fair co-eds, for when once t he throne of reason is occupied by one of t hes e, you will s pend your days a nd nig hts as " idl e as a painted s hip upon a painted sea."

non-payi ng, t he reporter rules. The editor must bow to h im, must humo r him, must treat him with ki d gloves, lest the reporter becomes pouty and

decides to

leave the

weeks of the semester, however, an.d deluged the sinking Mehren with an ovenvhelming flood of impress ive su perlatives and ori ginal situations.

paper in the He shows the effects of his former

lurch on t he day when all material tra ining on t he corridors of Roy anti s hould go to the printer. has the advantage of experience over his youthflu rival.

Never covet the job of the manag- I ing editor; he is not only the foo l

Second Corridor with an irres istable force. His unusual h a ndlin g of the subject matter h as made his room one of the most popular on the co rridor for t he exponents of t he new er school of Breeze, and he is rapidly Never run for the office of editor. rising to a commanding situation in He must spend several long evenings the fi eld. and many daylight hours on each Another Freshman Rates. edition. If one word is misspelled, Hard-pressing Joe Logan of A. T. 220 students will notify him the next & T. fame, is James Peter Almeroth,

Never a spire for editorship. It is a monotono us task writing editorials every week a nd knowing that very few stud ents r ead them.

day but not more than two or three champion of Chicago's

Gold Coast.

wi ll ever say a word about t he good The Freshman has shown considera ble promise in his mos t recen t perparts. formances and is expected to chal-

F. O. SA VOlE CO. Dis tributor

D em a nd

Arseneau's Uniform BREAD "'IT'S QUALITY SATISFIES" G. ARSENEAU BAKERY Bourbonnais, Ill.


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the near future. T ea mwork Exceptional.

Telephone Canal 3848

The team of Hunt and Christman are leading their field by a large

margin. The boys have both origina lity and variety, and draw their chief virtue from their exceptional powers of pantomine. The boys ar e sufficien t unto themselves, mutually exclusive a nd collectively exhaustive, way, he is condemned from both sides. as it were. It is believed that they The editor is the goat of the stud- are planning to complete their wonents and fa culty. If the editor re- derful work by a mutual exchange of fuses to run an article concerning a halos and harps in t he near future .

NOTRE DAME CONVENT Accredited to Illinois UniverSity

A Select Boarding School for Girls and Young Ladies.


CANDY We Supply St. Viator College

lenge the Senior for fourth place in

be used in t heir national publicity. No matter on which s ide the paper lea ns, the editor incurs the enmity of the other. If he chooses the middle


Everybody Likes

Cleary Starts New School. Pat Cleary has won his way into

of the reporter but must be the tool I the sacred circle with his new school of the editor also. of philosophy which is sweeping the

The editor is the shock absorber between the students and the administration. The students clamor for a paper devoted to them and the higher powers demand that the paper should be of a type. that could


This institution is conducted by the Sisters of Notre Dame, and offe rs every oppo rtuni ty to young. ladies for a thorough Christian and secular education. Prices reasonable. F or Catalogue, address


Dine and Dance AT


Lambert Hardware K ankakee, 111.


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Monday, March 2, 1931 .


Frosh Prospect

in g power m07lg the working classes. Its ultimate end is unemployment. To thin king perso ns, unemp lo y ment does not present, at t he preSBf't moment, the problem that it's proThat. in substance, h a.s been the longation shall present. For, the promise of our esteemed President working classes, upon realizing themas regards the present unemployment selves not outwitted merely in t he situation, ever since his nomination sen s e of {(having put one over" on to office.-May I remi nd you, dear them; but entirely helpless and withreader, that t his is not a task to J- c out power to cope with the Ca.pitH;- I undertaken by one man or by on~ ists, shall turn ready and vengefu l man's committees! It is a task to be ears to the "Song of the Reds" and undertaken by the nation, working take up arms in a frenzied revolt to in unison toward t h e definite goal of gain the Liberty their fore-fathers stabilizing business and t h us as sur- earned in much t he same manner l_ ing the country of the best possible In closing I wish to s ay that T have " un employment insuranceH-no un- not the audacity to p r etend to De employment! capable of even suggesting a remedy, Unemployment insurance!-N 0 W for, as I have, th e task is onc there's somethin g-Ladies and gentl e- for the nation as a whole. But I do H m en,. "unemployment insurance as take the liberty of warning you, dear pra.ctlced by some of the great Amer- readers t hat the success of even so i~an indu~tries, is a farce Osten- capable' a machine as this great Slbly, It IS a plan w hereby all the natlOn , is contmgent upon Immediate workers can be assured of at least Action I some fu nd s, all of the time.-The [' . - J. Hugh Burns. One of the most promising of this workers, unthmkmgly believe thIS _____ year's crop of Freshmen policy a god-send and regard theIr is Ken We t a f Cl' t concerns as fine, paternal in stituir orrl or Hig'h r tions., with the employee's best interfirst brok . to th e ot-I· ht t V· est at heart.- The gracious old father Oh, woe is me, woe is me! Ye Ed. tor when eh:n made ~fs Ie;!r a~ ha~~: smiles a sardonic smile at these is calling for the dirt a,b out the back on the football team. He came thoughtless children of his, and well third corridor and ·my- mind (?) is to the school with considerable reh e might! blank. And I don't get any sym- putation as a basketball player and The Capit a list has resorted to a pathy either, Callah an, buried knee- proved hi s worth 'on the hardwood syste~ I sh a ll call the "hire 'en deep in cherry pie, is grinnin~Daotubnl'ee. in the early games of the season. He fire 'em" system, which tends to off- like a ca.t. He's got his has been used regu larly as a reset the burden of unemployment in- Dribbles" all in, doggone it! placement at forward. surance. Becoming more specific, I will nresent a case in. Chicagoland, Have "Slip" Madigan tell you where one of the nation's largest about his adventures in the wilds of MOl'tales hebetat visus tibi, et humi da circum Cali gat. nubem eripiarn.Virgil Ae n. II 604




electrical concern thrives. There, as Bloomington. What was that affair many as two thousand employees at about a window or something? a time are laid off and kept idle fo), two weeks or a month and then hired r Everybody a nd all three of his back at a salary ten to fifty cents brothers were down at old Wesleyan per hour lower than the original.! to see the Viatorians take t he This system only tends to widen the Methodists for the second time, gap between Capitalism and Orgonized Labor, The Laborites are strivFellows who li ve in Bloomington ing mightily to esta blish the working were very popular last week. Meeting their second loss in as class on a stabilized salary basis while t h e Capitalists are f orcing the Jim Gal1ahue, Hthe Freshmen'::; many evenings, the Irish were dropped from their position at the top of wage scales of the working classes Choice," has recently acquired a the Little Nineteen by a n embattled dow n. The latter take no cognizance wooden hammer which is making )1;- Teachers team from Illinois State of the fact that the cost of living is self very obnoxious to most of the Normal University. at the same time remaining station- gentlemen in the third corridor. After losi ng to Millikin on Tuesary, or very nearly so. The worker's Listening to it pound on all doors day evening, St. Viator moved to buying power is t herefore redu ced about 6 :45 on a cold winter's mbrn- Normal on Wednesday night to drop and furti1er unemployment r~sult5. ing is eno1;gh to give almost anyone their second consecutive game by a Thus, a "vicious circle" of unemploy- the D. T's. score of 24-15. The game gave Viament has for an indirect cause at tor and Normal an even break for Had pretty good luck bumm ing to least, "unempl oyment insurance"! the year and put Normal on the top Bloomington last Saturday, Rode t o The Capita li st presents a very difof the Little Nineteen. Dwight with a tombstone manufacferent argument in which he states No rm al Takes Lead. Following the example set by Milt h a. t "unempfoymen t insurance" turer, from there to Chenoa with a Wisconsin undertaker on a holiday, likin on the preceeding evening, Norbreaks into an already existing "vicious circle," through providing ,and lastly to Bloomington with a mal got away to a quick lead in tlte the worker with a lowered but never- fiorist, Would you call that a coin- first few minutes of play. They were pl::tying careful ba1l, and were obth eless, apparen t purchasing power. cidence or something, I you? Need I point out that the vulnerable '11 viously out to take the Irish into BI Dwyer is complaining. H e camp by a convincing margin. St. spot in that argument lies in the conceding of the fact that the work- says it's getting so now that when- Viator, still off its stride, was u nable er is provided with a lowered buying the fellows even see him coming they to get gOi ng, and the Teachers held a 16-8 advan tage at the half. power? The effect of this system say, "Nope, I haven't got any." St. Viator staged a momentary altho ugh taking a longer time to beDon't see no money around. come appa r ent is exactly the same comeback in the second half, but the T eachers soon took command of the We present another cast of the situation again and gained a subplay, "Marco Millions." We are stantial lead which they held until assured that this one w ill be final. the end of the game. . . , Semester examm,:tlOns are fi ve Goff of Normal was very much on ~__ months away. his game, and thrilled the fans by a W. L. Pct. T. S. - - - -number of one-handed shots from Delineators .. 9 .900 132 difficult angles. The whole Normal 7 152 team showed their customary flashy ... Chuckers White Mules ........ 7 102 With the invasion of the campus offensive featuring their famous oneHungry Five .........6 105 by the balmy spring breezes, the handel'S. Ponies _ ........ 6 96 minds of the resident young men are I h I h h b I Goldbrickers ...... 6 87 turmng ig t Y to t aug ts of aseDeli nquents ........._.. 5 103 ball. With but one man gone from r According to an announcement Monks ..... 5 86 last year's outfit and an untouched made last week by James Flynn, Drea dnaughts ............4 115 supply of Freshmen prospects, St. Executive Secretary of the State ' h f · Husker s ... ..4 70 V lator s .opes or a successful sea- Catholic Tournament, the officials of h F lyers ............_....._...... _. _3 100 son are h Ig. this year's meet will be Fred Young Vanities _._...._..._3 94 Bucky Dahman's troubles are ex- of Bloom ington, Howard V. Millard


Standings for 10 Rounds

Baseball Season Near


Chi ......_.... 3 N' siers h Ig tmares __....._... _.....2






Now that ti:--;::;;nte~':. season is : here, the Senior class ' i have really begun hard and intensive work with This week saw the end of the the purpose of rating high honors , road for eigh t Littl e Nineteen teams. and also to d~ some Lenten penar.ce: Carbondale, 'Normal , S hurtleff, Macomb, Monmouth, Millikin, lllinois


A nnounce Offi cia . Is

93 ~ec ted. to fcenter largely d ' h'about the ,I of Decatur, and 90 securmg a a goo plte mg staff. Chicago.

In Little 19 Camps


According to all, Joe Haag is con- Wesleyan, and North Central ha ve sidered the most studious Senior in ' all concluded thell" 1930-31 schedule College, Every day one .c an fi~d .Joe I ~~:eba~~.e preparmg for track and In the rear of the library. s urrounded I 'by books-and we know there is f 's N - -some other attraction. . tate ormal concluded their very successful season against Illinois \ Wesleyan on Tuesday night, ·annexThe Hoosier Bowling Club of I' ing t heir twelfth Conference win Romary and Cleary, Christman and w ith the lone defeat administered Logan, are really developing into them by St. Viator to stand against steady two hundred bowlers. Eith er them. combination will gladly play any challenging , couple as long as ex- I We are anticipating a large snicker penses are paid by the challe!lgers. from our friends on the Augustana

caPtai~ a~d ::r~r we~~r:;. AI~~~eSengiOOOrdLteeaagmUse hisavael mobsetenovdeer_.

Irish Drop From Lead in Little Nineteen by Loss At Teacher's School


A very pIcturesque sight 1S watchI mg "Cowboy" Hunt drive the old whIte mare and the HGl1l0py" around the cam pus, We believe the boy h .. , With the basketball seas.".n_ draw- a future 11 3 a rag man. 1ng to an end, t he ~tudent body hikes - t~is opportunity to give the squad a Nom inations for the campus bJg' cheer., an4 ,the ", congr~rtul~,ti~~s HGigolo" will be turned in to HFat" ef the entIre student bOlly is extended .Carroll. Elections will be held on to the coac~ .,for pr?ducing .. a very May 15. Get yo ur nominations in! good team, . ' .' " J.. 1


T_H_IS_U_N_E_M_P_L_O_Y_M_E_N-T-Q_U_-E-S-T-IO-N_--! I as the effect of a total lack of buyOmncm, quae abducta tuenti

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Observer. how.

We have it coming, any-

feated a,n d the punk teams are riding the crest. However, Carney's "Ch uckers" are extending a challenge to I play the winners of the Senior League.

This certainly has been a great year in the Little Nineteen. We are unable to remember a time when there were so many outstanding outfits contending for the title. North Central, State Normal, and St. ViaHSpick and Span" Logan and his I tor were. all unusual teams and t;nisogynistic roommrate, HAbhoo" :Northy WInners of the championship have a new playthmg. It is rea ll y m almost any other year. While we the latest thing for travelling. do not know much about Monmouth and Macomb, we are assured t hat

By the way, the fellows are dust- those schools. had quining and oiling their g-loves and tllrn- I ~~ts. BA~~ whI le we are at It, Milliing trunks upsi de down looking ' for l In, ra ey, Wesleyan and DeKalb no bTody's foo ls as b as k e tba II some balls-perhaps spring might be were t here after a ll. e3 ms. he fi;st three mentioned broken even wlth St. Viator w hile Millikin, the giant killer, a lso' held a An applIcatIOn has been made for ' season's draw w it h North Central. a set of gold, old-fashIoned box car DeKalb lost their first game to Viaswmgmg doors for 215 In order to tor by three points, forced the Irish help s uch bullets as Laffey, Hunt, into an overtime in the second enM.ean y , Hamilton, etc., etc., to enter counter, and lost to North Central th t h ff WI ou so muc e art. by a lone point, 13-12.

. , -- -

Hog Calling Contest-March 7 I The most significant feature of See Squat Christman for particulars. the season just passed to our notion ___ I was the proof of the fact that the Fellow Students: What do YOU I Little N ineteen is too large to be of think of a man who claims to be a any use. Neither St. Viator, State re~ l :'ia~o~' mn and who invites cer_ I· N orm al, or Monmouth met North tam mdIvlduals to spend the night Central, and Macomb was almost with him and purposely avoids the likewise unknown among the teams meeting place? The 6ffended parties on the eastern part of the circuit. expect an apology and if it is not The top-notch outfits spent their given, the name of t he guilty one spare time killing eac h other off, wHl be publi shed in t he next issue. and only a super-team could have waded t hrough the year without a Ed Hunt, silver-voiced troubador, loss. St. Viator attempted to kill :will give a series of moaning selec- off a.ll the giants and cracked under tions this coming week end if the the strain in the last week ~f play. weather permits. Bill Kane, the St::l.te Normal met a lmost as many strumming ba njo player, will be ihe strong teams as Via.t or and played accompanist. Much will be expected truly great ball to come through -not much will be given. with only one loss. The strength of North Cen tral was . never tested. The "halo of romance" never hov- True, the Naperville crew lost to ers over a bald-headed man. See Millikin on the Decatur floor. but uPuff" , for more details. most SpOlt writers discount anything that happens there, Macomb lost to North Central, but since the strength Good news for the radio fans. An- f th I a e attel: was never suffi ciently other oscu lating radio set has been tested, the powers of the Westerners installed on ti1e campus. According will remain unknown. Monmouth's to Detectives Toohill and Gibbons, lone claim to the title lay in tbeir the set is located in Room 204. A ability to win twice from Wesleyan. bombing party is being organized by The I t th fi Pat Cleary for the extermination of ' y d o;'d erst game, and the the room a nd contents. secon 1 n't count. Rivalry w&s intense, and the teams were kept at fever heat from the start to the "Hack" Tucker has been appointed finish of the season. Games were leader of commercialism. Beware of won and lost that wil1 be the subthe scientists, "Hack"! ~ ect of dispute until baseball cr(\wds


the basketball fans off the bench Ch ,e 'f L o. gan and his gang have Tak, en all in all, it was a' highly' unb n h I b d f Aeeb . a~ mg. e s or over a week. satlsfactory season despite-or rathJg tIme IS expected during the, because of the number of exMilton Gr_oark a f I.t ournament-especlally ' much sleep- II ceptional teams engaged in competi mg, -han,


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Monday. March 2, 1931.


In your charity kindly pray for the d epa rted founders of St. Via Lor College Endowment Fund.


Everything Sporting Goods

in Rev. Michael Quirk Rev. Geo. P. Mulvaney, C. S. V. Rt. Rev. iVIsgr . D. L. McDonald Rev. Martin Br enn an Kankakee'S Largest Stock Rev. William Murtaugh Rev. J ohn Suerth QUALITY RADIO Rev . .l. F. Kirs ch Rev. Peter P. O'Dwyer Mr. Francis J. Lynch The Big Blue team of James Milii· Mr s. Mary Lynch kin University called a halt to the I Mr. Jerry Murp h y victorious march of the Figh tin' Iri:::ih Mr. P atrick Clear y of St. Viato r on the evening of Mr. William Hickey February 17, by handing the Sain ts ' -_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _---' a 34·18 drubbing for the first loss of North Central's truly great team the year. It was most distinc Lly :1.lso ended its season this week, Millikin's ni.ght. and it is doubtful if t !'imming Wheaton College ull 3atany team m the mddle-west could I Ul'day night to end t.he year w ith a have beaten t he Blue t h at evenng. 1 ecord of e leven win s and (mt! loss. St. Viator led the game fo r the only Their lone defeat was s uffer d t l - - - - - - - - -- -- - - - . time when Cap tain Ken Clothi er j t he ha nds of Millikin on the la~tel~S sa nk a free t hrow in the first mi nu te I home floor. of play. Millikin came out with a Our photographs are in expen. rU."h and held an 11~1 lead before the Mill ikin is t o have a new gym. sive, yet t reasur ed for their Irish could get. theIr bea.rl~~s. 1n- I nas ium , we are told, for n ext yea r . stead of d.ecre,as m g t he Mllhkm lea.d, That will be welcome news to this worth as living portraits. each pass mg moment added to ~t, year's consola tion clu b of North Cen- ' 153 North Schuyler Ave. and the Blue boys popped t hem In tral, Illinois Wesleyan, Bradley a nd I from every angle. The score at the S t. V iator, a ll of wh om were defeat- I Phone 407 Kankakee, IlL half stood 23·8 in Millikin's favor, cd on the famou s-or infamous-- I and t he Irish had little hope of ever cracker· box flo or. overcoming them. ,------------'-Second Half Like First. I. The second half was a repetition of the first on a minor scale. The Blue played rings aro und the Irish, 1 Pharmacy and St. Viator n ever h ad a chance at the lead. The game was the first victory for Millikin over St. Viator In sympathy w it h Francis Larkin I si nce 1929 w h en the Blue won an 119 Court St., Kankakee, lll. overtime game from th e I r ish on the on strike for hi gher pay. Deca tur floor. '--------The game broke the Viator run of twelve con secutive wins for t he year Buy Your Guaranteed and «set the boys up" for t he No rm a l game on the following eve ning. Used Cars Here . , Smith High Point Ma n. The famed Smitty, mighty mite of t he Millikin team whom t he Little :-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1

St. Viator Suffers First Defeat of Season at the Hands of Millikin on Decatur Floor

From somewhere thi s came. We don't know where, we found it on our desk and we fee l that it belongs her e:"In a recent public speak ing class, a certain Freshman boy in endeavo ring, through a five·minute speech, to persuade a fond fath er that St. Viator was the place for his son, casually r emarked, 'Another reason why it is a good coll ege is the fact that there are no girls atten din g.''' For hi s particular benefit and for all equally unobservant, we, the co-eds, wish to inform those concerned that, should they ]Jerchance, meet a ny of us in their classes, we h ope that their s urprise will not overbalance their ab ility to concentrate during th e co ming semester. A Co-ed. •

* •



"Who brought you here?" "Two policemen." "Drunk, I suppose." "Yes, both of them."

N. 1£. flIllarrottr

Einbeck's Studio


• • * • • • As the Sociology book defines betrothal-"The first step in the marriage tragedy." "Remember, son, bea uty is on ly ski n deep." "That's a ll right, I'm no cannibal ."

* * * * * * OUR WEEKLY POME Tragedy A nickle A coke No nickle Broke

Amedee T.


** * * * •

* * * * * * The latest test-CAN SHE BAKE A LEMON PIE?

• * * * * * After taking innumerable years of religion, we are still convin ced that the most important step towards attaining etecnallife is the act of dying. lie

* * *

"D'y' know how the rats get in here?" HNaw." "Yeh, t hat's r ight."

• * * * * *


Ni neteen knows so well, gained ample revenge for t he way in whi ch first game of the year by registering Clothier held him in check in the eleven points for high h onors. France of Millikin made nine points in the last half for second high. Al Furlong drop ped in two baskets and four free throws to lead the Irish scoring with e ig h t points . The game was featu red by con side rable f oulin g, fourteen of Millikin's points and twelve of the Iris h total being registered via t he gift route. ST . VIATOR (18) FG FT PF TP Romary, f . ......................0 3 3 3 Laffey, f . .................................. 0 0 1 0 Westra.y, f. .................. 0 0 1 0 Hayes, f. ' ................................. 1 3 6 Fu r long, c. _ ....................... _.2 8 Clothier, g. (C.) ................0 1 1 Swartz, g . .............................. 0 0 0 Karr, g. . ........................... 0 0 0 Cassidy, g. .................. 0 0 4 0

We wish to contrad ict a permclOus rumor that has been Totals ........ ................. 3 12 17 18 making the rounds of Roy Hall. Ken Clothier did NOT get his MILLIKIN (34) FG FT PF TP wavy hair by sleep ing on a waffie iron while young. Smith, f . .................................... 3 5 2 11

* * * * * • Any time you get tired of the refectory grub we know where yo u can get a chicken dinner for fifteen cents. At the f eed store.

* * * * *


Holmes, f . ...1 Russell, f. ..............................0 Merkelback, c. (C.) ........ 1 Steinhauer, c....................... 0 Wood, g. .. ................ 2 Miller, g. ........................... 0 France, g . .............. ................. 3

T:·t~I~~::.:::.:::.· ~:


"Boy, she rea ll y goes for me!"

* * * * * * A colored woman cons ulted the village lawyer. " Ah wants to divorce mah husband," she said. " What's th e t rouble'?" asked the lawyer. "That nigger's done gone and got religion, and we ain't seen chicken on de table foh two mon t hs."

* * * • • • " Well," sa id the visitor to the li ttle son of the famous motorist, "and how ar e YO ll getting on at school?" "Fin e," sa id the littl e chap. " I'm now learning words of f\"e cylin ders."




Pat: "How'd it go?" Puff: "I made three baskets." Chris (waking up): "Why didn' t you bring 'em up to the room ?"

* *








2 0 3

4 3 0

6' 0 D


1: ~

Fashion Believes in G. G. G. Weaves YOUR NEXT SUIT AT

....,'}1FFE _ ~S()NS ~ HtNS



Hotel Bldg.

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Authorized LINCOLN


First Door North of Luna Theatre.

I - - - - - - - - - - - -______________~_

HOTEL KANKAKEE Sidney Herbst, Pres. and General Manager DINING ROOM

. :.


A hearty welcome awaits the students and fri ends of St. Viator College NORTHEAST CORNER SCHUYLER AT MERCHANT


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Million Dollar Endowment by outright gift, insurance, bequest or annuity, You can get 6 % on yo ur money and leave tire capital for t he Endowment. Write for particulars to

St. Viator College Extension Club Incorporated 2025 LaSalle BIllg-. Chicago, Ill. Telephone Randolph 9336 J . P. O'Mahoney, Treasurer Provincial Hou se 3618 N. K ~e~

Ill.II'--_________K_i_ld_a re_ 3_67_3_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.....:



Monday, March 2, 1931.

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IRISH FALTER IN THE FINAL WEEK ' 0 F PLAY IRISH COME BACK I -AGAINST WESLEYAN I Titans Fall Before Rush Of Rejuvenated Viator Team; Is Win Number Thirteen


Irish Scoring Threats ~--------------------------------------------~0


BRADLEY WRECKS LAST HOPES OF ST. VIATOR FANS The Green Wave Drops Three of Last Four Games to Fall From Perch Atop Little Nineteen to Far Lower Rung

After going off form for two games and losing to Millikin and Norma l, the Green Wave of St. Viator turned in a tida l wave against Illinois Wesleyan and engulfed the Titans by a 30- 22 co unt. The vicE ntering the fi nal stretch with a t ory was the thi rteenth on the pr esrecord of ten games won in Little ent season and marked t he second Nineteen competition and favorites ti me t hat Wesleyan has lost to Viato cop the title, the big Green W ave tor this year. of St. Viator struck a sand-bar in The Wesleyan gym, like the Viator the form of several young g entlemen house on the occasion of the previous from Millikin, Normal and Bradley, meeting of the teams, was packed to who also play basketball, and iamed t he ceiling for the fray. The greater down to a ripple. T he I r ish, fo r ced majorit y of the Viator students emiat top speed througho ut the who le grated to Bloomington for the game, season, found the strain of meeting and t he Irish were not lacking in f our outstanding quintets wi thin ardent supporters. eig h t days' t ime too much for them Viator T a kes Ea rly Lead. and dropped three of the four game •. St. Viator gTabbed an early lead The first indication of a crack in t he first mi nutes of play and held C8me in the Millikin game. The th e advantage a t t he half. T he score Big Blue, play ing on their home fioor q a t t he end of t he first period st ood and seeking revenge, started the at 15- 11 in favor of t he I rish. game with a bang and grabbed a When the Fighting Irish of St. Viator take the noor It Is these three men whom the enemy 01"': Clothier dropped in a long one to lead that St. Viator could never hope watch, for they are the main scoring cogs in Coacb Dahman's powerful team. Purr Romary possesses one open t he second half, but Wesleyan to overcome. It is doubtf ul if nn y of the keen est long-shot eyes In the Little Nineteen, while Furlong Is a specialist on pop-In shots from thc got hot and tied t he count at 17 all. t eam in the country could have beatrebound. Laffey first broke lnto fame as an All~Cathol1c torward at the Loyola Tournament in Chicago The Viator fans began to have visions en Millikin that night, so "hot" were In 1929 and won his letter In college basketball with St. VJator last year. of the Wesleyan game of a year ago the Blue forwards and so efficient w hen a fig h ting Titan qui ntet comthe guards, pletely outplayed in the first ha lf, I Norm a l Is Nex t . Watch For It! r eturned to w hip the Irish in the final After some dispute concerning Double Dribbles m inutes of play. This year's story officials, St. Viator moved to Nann a l was to be different, however, and the on the following evening llind were Saints set to work to reestablish again defeated . The Red Birds saw thei r lead. ure to announce a --editIOn of the traditional Senior n Conference title in the offing could Captain Ken Cloth ier wa s banished they hurd le th is barrier, and pu t a ll new series of art- Bradley Gains IRevenge I League. fro m the game on personal fou ls and they had into the game. T he I rish icles by t hat bri lWhen the end comes, what the n, was rep lM!ed by Ty Schwartz. The lia nt and gifted auor ar y eason oss [will put away my pen. were obviously tired and worn by the Freshman played baIt like a veteran On V iator Floor by And' the "Viatorian" will go on with- stra in of the season, and were plainthor, Jose ph Franci s and clung to the mighty Meehan . Logan. Mr. Logan's out me. ly in no condition to play on a dance wi th a ll t he adhesiveness of the latest work, "The H anding Irish 26-13 floor. Normal won the game by a proverbia l leach. Private Life of a Defeat Bill, Cedric, "Minonk Express," 24- 15 count and superseded the Irish T hree Men Out. as the favorites for the title. Gib, or whatever you may wish to St. Vi ator Com es Back. as Not long after Clothier departed, Evening up for an overt ime loss address this flaxen-haired youth of In the second of the season's Hbi g Him" will apRomary a nd Karl' followed via the in this paper sustain ed at the hands of the Fight- pugilism by, deserves to again come ga mes" with Illinois Wesleyan, the route and were replaced by ing Irish earlier in the year, Bradley into the limelight. Bill has taken lads from Bourbonnais staged a Westray and Murgatroyd. Two quick in t he Ever si nce the sensational return trimmed St. Viator on. Tuesday night hi s green squad of basketeers and brief come-back, and fl as h ing a bit baskets by Murgatroyd and one by Schwartz gave the Irish an almos t of Mr. Weber, the reading public of by the convincing score of 26-13. developed one of the greatest team!; of their mid-season form, defeated insurmountable lead. With the score St. Viator College has clamored for Bradley gained an early lead and ever to appear on the local hard- I the Titans for th e second time this standing at 26-21 in their favor, the this series. Mr. Logan will reveal held the a dvantage throughout the wood. They lead the Senior League season by a 30-22 count. The fact at the . present date and seem to be t hat a Wesleyan game is just a bi t Viatorians began to take things what Mr. Weber eats, how long he game. The Hilltoppers lost no time in tthravefllhng at s uch a terrific pace that I more than just another contest, may easy, but the Titans made things so sleeps, and whence this craving for . . e ag IS a l most certaIn to be wav- h . f h d . aye had some effec t on arousmg Lhe hot for them that they were forced rapid transit which has overtaken gettmg to work, and dropped In a. to go to work on the bas ket. Wes- him. Get your requests for extra couple of fie ld goals before the Iri 3h mg rom t e 001' of 210 In March. I Iri sh from their weariness. were well organized. St. Viator I Then Ca me Br adley. leyan scored on a free throw while copies in ea rly! made one, but Bradley counted again Activiti es in the league were pl'ac~ I Then the fourth of the big games Viator was converting two tosses to hold their lead. Both teams began t!Cally at a standstill during the last of the week found S t. Viator up from the field to leave the final score HDon'l forget the tournamenC" f to play cautious defensive ball, and week or so. "Fat" Carroll, presi- against Bradley on th e HiIltoppcrR' at 30-22. t he first half was featured by the dent and "Grand Old Man of Basket- own floor. The combination ot Gu me Was Fast. as well as Meehan, was outstanding guarding. At the end of the period, ball" in the League, led most of the Bradley, foreign court, and heavy The game was characterized by ror the Titans. Bradley held the advantage over St. ,!lersonnel of the contesting teams to sched ul e proved too much for the all the gQod basketball that traditionThe box score : Viator by a 9-6 score. Bloomington, Normal, and Peoria Irish and lhey succumbed by a ally attends the meeting of the two FG FT TP Romary made one to open the where they viewed games of Little 2C·]3 s"ore for their third defeat of team s. Although three men were ST. VIATOR '(30) 2 6 10 second halC and brinll" St. Viator Nineteen importance, th e "easo n. The IOS8 virtually elim. sent from the fray on personal fouls, Romary, f . 0 0 within a point of the Bradley total. HEarl" left his "Vanities" on their inlted Viabr from any consideration their errors were due more to eager- " 'est ray, f. __ _ but the IIilltoppel's immediately lool: own resources recently and they in the percentage standinga of the ness than to rough play. Both teams Laffey, f. the game in hand and proceeded to ~ere sev~~'ely censored by Mooney's Li ttle N ineteen, although their Dickwet'e ke yed to n high pitch, th e Furlong, c. salt it away. Bradley drew steadi ly Huskers . inson rating s hould be high. game meaning a chance at the title Murgatroyd, g. awav from Viator and doubled the for St. Viator while a \'ictory would Karr, g. have shed considerable glory on the Schwartz, g. Irish score before the end of the "Monk" Oldham and his "Monks" It seem" t hat every time we atTitan quintet. Clothier, g. game. nre still in there fighting. "MolJk" tempt to pull a wise-crack about / ROnl ary was high pOint man for Puff Romary was high point man believes that he will win by thL ~;ome learn, said team atepH out and Totals lhe Irish. He dropped in two field ruins the jc)kf>. The latest example for St. Viator. He made four fi eld IIDick inson Rating System." and s ix free throws for a total ILL. \\,ESLEYA:\ (22) goals, accounting for all the Iris h is Wheaton. We calmly M"u red of ten poi nts. AI Furlong made three ~[unday, f. 'coring from the field. The r emainNo over-emphasis here. Ed Hunt S hurtleff that the Pioneers woullJ baskets good for six points. Meehan, Leach, f. der of the team worked well, but Id . . never be on th b tt f th C . howed the effects of the long grine wou rather forfeIt than proselytIze. ference a. 1 e a om a e on\re ~leyan nce, counted three time:;; Bodman, f._ they have undergone and were un_l]f other leaders were to (oHow hig .-, ong SA Wheaton was from the field and a like manner GraCoulil're, f. uble to get started under the str e.. example-well , poor ,Joe Logan wou ld left in the Little Nineteen, and 10 tN1'l1 tht> free thro'w line- il,)l' n total ~ l eehan, c. of the Bradley attack. be confined to hIS own team. and hehold, ye Wheatoni!e• • tep out ,)f nine Pdint~. Tht." \\. esleyan quintet Callan;). g. "nd win a game. And lookit who was "onsid,rably handicapped by the Brook" g. BrlUlley, ,,;th its new center, was th,.y beat. DeKalb! One thing about absent:*-\ or )lundny from tht> lin~-up. ){f'r\..'er, g a much improved team over the A nd ~O. ~a}'ing we will lay down \Vhcaton, whtn th~y ~tart to pJay una a game It'g k~pt him irom doing 4 u intet which lo<;t to Viator earlier our pen, Just as the tents who fold ba."kethall, they pir:k a man sized mu~h \\ hen he tHd break in. ('all in:::, Tutals in the season. their Arab.' and <oftly steal away. I outfit to play it against.




TO HILLTOPPERS CU:~:I~ aWfl~wri::r~o,~~u:~s i~~d 1!~~









ZlIonday, March 2, 1931.


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Ithing than "Field of Honor" and his ,- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ,


farewell has been onc of bedutiful


Ot~~B~~~t~E~~:.:~I: :; :~ ;.~;~;~:~:;;,:~;:;,; ;;:t~:~~f{~~;~~:;:.~~~:', ,,,":::~I:;,;;~;~~~;r:,;~~, ~f P ractice Goes On;


264 East Merchant Street

four years, we exten~ our SInCere always effectively and sometimes wishes for every happmess and suc- .superbly drawn. Whatever one may Telephone 406 I{ankakee, III. cess in the new work she is about to think of its historical angle, the book undertake. She is leaving for Texas is a big. even a splendid piece of where new fields await her. Good work, a fitting swan song for an , - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - A ccording to the schedule released Saturday by the Manager of Deba,:", luck, Mrs. Mascari no; we will be author whose death is a ge nuine & St. Viator will participate In S IX glad to hear from you through the loss to English letters." N . Y . Times. . It is interesting to note in regard Conference debates during the com- Library Column. DONALD M. RIEL·< CHAS. C. RIELY to this book that it was the Iavorite ing seaso n, three of which will be Have you joined the Rental Book of the numbers of Byrd's expedition. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS AND DEALERS held on the campus. At present there is a possibility of two sets of dual Club? It is seeking new members So much in demand was it that ten Electricians for St. Viator College and as many of them as· possible; for additional copies were secured. debates being arranged wIth ~wo Cathol ic colleges in Oh io, but nothmg the larger the enrollment of the Telephone 995 362 East Court Street "Mr. Barrie was asked whether definite has yet been done with Club, the more books it w ill be possible to secure for their use. Moresome of his work did better than either of these two schools. It IS hoped, however , that one of the two over it is the privilege of the mem- others . III suppose th ey are not local teams wi ll be able to take a ber; to suggest a ny books they a ll great successes, are they?" inshort trip into the Ohio river ~alley desire to be bought for the use of quired the fellow diner. "0h, no," said Sir James, "some th is yea r , as has been done in yea~3 the Club. The following are mempeter out altogether, others pan out past. The Manager of Rev . Lowney s bers of the Rental Book Club: Practice Limited to Monsignor Legris very we l1." debate hopefuls says that on acco unt Father T. Lynch EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THROAT of the present economic depression Brother Walsh A Freshman in the li brary of a (which is blamed for everything) Bell Telepholl E' 253 certa in college in search of the Dr. E llis very few forensic teams are on the Irvin Matthews poem, "Abou Ben Adhem," asked ),oad while some schools have even KANKAKEE, ILL. 602 City National Bank Bldg. Patrick Farrell confidently at t he desk for "A Boob wit.hdrawn from the field for thi.-; For the use of the members of the in Arden." year. No doubt Viator's light schedule ~a n be based on this condition . How- Club, the following books have been ever, the debaters wi ll have t heir obtained : The Edwardians by V. "Books are keys to wisdom's treasure; hands full because of the loss of all Sackville-West. Wolsey by Hilaire Books are gates to lands of pleasure; their experienced men via the grad- Belloc, and Fiel dof Honor by Donn Books are pathways that upward lead, Books are friends, Come, let us read. uation route. Then too, it wa·s learn- Byrne. Milk and Cream Bulgarious Butter Milk Of " The Edwardians" we submit ed last week t hat neither MI'. Cha rl es Murphy nor Mr. Burke Monahan will the f ollowing reviews: 396 SOUTH SCHUYLER AVE. "The Edwardians" is a minute sur be abl . :! to compete this season on vey of high society durin g t he per iod A!ways Drink Pasteurized Mi lk. Our Wagon s Pass Yo ur account of various other duties. indicated by the title. It is, however, Door Every Mornin g Before You Have Breakfast. More Practice Meets. a good deal more than that. There Both Phones 45 DRINK MILK The second and third practice de- is, for example, a distinction about bates have been held on the last two t he writing which prevents the minT hursdays at the Debaters' head- uteness from ever becoming tediom.:. quartcrs in Marsile Hall, at which And then, above all, with a sustained times both sides Hterally devasted irony wh ich is the more merciless each other to no avail because of the for bei ng slig htl y disguised. The E stablished 1908 draw de cis ion of the judges. Both book forms a variation on the familsides have accused the referees of iar t heme of the hallowness of pomp Meals, Short Orders, Specials and Confections everyth ing fr,Jl11 a.ccepting bribes to and rank. Sat. Review. pl'ejudice, but their compla in ts ha ve "The Edwardians" is of undoubted Private Dining Room for Banquets and Parties had little effect. As a conscquence, excellence from two points of view. loth teams are completing arrange- First, it is a magnificent portrait of KANKAKEE, ILLINOIS ments to swamp each other with a class and an era. Secondly, it is much new data in order that a d~­ remarka.ble for its elXcellent prose cis ion may be reached. sty le. It is keen, clear , and vigorou~, a style suggesting s inewy str ength, No Regulars Selected Yet. Its sparkle is maintained, and does A spectator at these practice ses- not merely flash in occasional antisions wo uld easily convince him self thetical sentences. Springfi eld Repub- I that he was sitting in Congress lican. listening to a d iscussion between The following reviews have been Senator Wagner and Senator Borah given Wo lsey by Hilaire Belloc : because of the interest among the (lV/olsey" is Mr. Belloc at his best. 605-606 Volkman Bldg. debaters in competing for places OIl No Englishman living is better able the regular squads. The Coach wiSE - to expou nd a difficul t subject; he Pete Christman came to St. Viator ly refuses to give any advance in- makes even cannon law seem inter- from Quincy Junior College last year. formation as to the lineups of t ile esting. That fondness for archaic He made the baseball team and , - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - affirmative and nega tive teams, but tUrns of speech which mars his style alternated- w ith Tommy Ahern beLeave Your Laundry an d Dry Cleanin g With it is thought that he will at least is not out of place in a historical hind the bat. He went out for footappoint members of the teams biagraphy. He has all the qualiti "s ball this year and made his letter tentatively by the time the next of a great writer excexpt humility. at guard. He was captain of Quincy's issue of this publication goes to Books. basketball team and has shown conAGENCY DOMESTIC LAUNDRY CO. press. The five Freshmen candidatc::; "Mr. Belloc dramatizes t he story siderable promise at Viator. Pete is have been shov,"ing a marked degree with his accustomed vigor and is Senior. He is a graduate of CathDry Cleaners Rug Cleaners of improvem ent during the past two careful to explain the background of olic Central of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. KANKAKEE, ILL. weeks and it now appears that sorne EuropeaI'\ politics against which the of them will get their first taste of play is set. But one could wish that the lecture platform th is season. he were less of the propagandist and more of the historian." Specta.tor. 1931 Schedule. For Less Concerning Donn Byrne's " Field of Thursday, March 12-Bradley negHonor" we quote the following: \ KANKAKEE ative) here. liT he lilt of Donn Byrne when Friday, March 13-'\Vesleyan afCLOTHES by Stein Block and Forty-seven years experience in supwriting Irish scenery or Irish people fi1'l'native, there. Michaels Stern. Enro Slhirts. plying Quality Food Products for inFriday, March 20-Mt. Morris af- is ever recurrent in the book. Some- ' SHOES by Nunn Bush and Friendstitutional and restaurant requirely F ives. Interwoven Hos ier y. times it almost equals Synge. Perfil'mative, here. ments has perfected our service and our values beyond companson. Tuesday, March 24-Illinois Norm- haps Donn Byrne never wrote a finer a l negative, there. Our Edelweis Trade Mark has become When in Kankakee You Are FridtlY, March 27-Wheaton negathe symbol of fine quality foods economically packed. All of our producta tive, there. Always Welcome at the Kankakee, III. .. re packed in the containers most Saturday, March 28-North Central convenient and economica l-for you. affirmative, here. Welcome Your

Much Interest






Senior Squadman

McBroom's Cafe

First Class Restaurant


Insurance, Loans and Bonds



Leading Purveyors to the Institutional Table

1.---------------; THE CITY BANKS

Merchants' Cafe

Now that the subjects for the o}':ll J rical and essay contests are out, we prediC't a grcat bit of burning of the fanwd midnight oil. .\bout l\la;v sevenlh and eighth.

Pullman Booths, Soda Fountain, Majestic Radio While You Wait. J. Berelos, Mgr. Phone 954

Banking Business Cor . Court St. and Sch uyler Avenue



St. Viator College Newspaper, 1931-03-02  

The Viatorian, Vol. XLVIII, No. 11

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