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mb~ Volume XLVIII

Niatoriun No. 8

Monday, January 19, 1931.

INTRA-MURAL SEASON OPENS AT VIATOR Night Watchman is HOLY NAME HEARS IBowling Alleys in. BERGIN SOCIETY Victim of Thieves SENIOR LEAGUE REV. DR. SHEEN Store _are_Refimshed TO REORGANIZE OPENS NINTH YEAR The bowling alleys in the College Store, scene of many a hard-fought Debaters to be Called Viator Alumnus Gives battle, have been reconditioned and Principal Address at refinished during the Christmas holi- Together; Team to be days and are again in excellent conCoached by Nolan, Annual Meeting ditio nJ One tournament has already been held on the alleys this year, and Dunnington of Society if interest in the galn,e continues at its present heat, it is expected that The first meeting of the Bergin Rev. Dr. Fulton J . Sheen, distinanother tourney will be held in the Society for the present school year guished Viator alumnus, delivered the near future. is expected to be called in the near principal address at the annual future. The Society is in need of meeting of the Holy Name Society complete reorganization due to the held in the Cathedral of the Holy graduation of all of its officers, and Name, Chicago, on Sunday, January work on inter-collegiate debate will 4th. Father Sheen had spoken before begin as soon as reorganization is the Society last year, and his speech completed. was so popular that he was asked to return as the principa l speaker on this year's program. Father Sheen holds two other Hfirsts" in addition to being the first spea ker asked to return for a Holy Name night: he is the first American to be given an honorary professorship at the Uni·· versity of Louvain , and also the first American ever invited to lecture at the Cambridge, England, S ummer School. Cardinal Mundelein Present. His Eminence, Cardinal Mundelein was also present and spok e, delivel'ing his annual message in person to the men of this great laymen's organization . He was also present for the Pontificial Benediction impa.rted by the Rt. Rev. Bernard .J. Sheil, D. D., Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago and another Viator alumnus. Bishop Sheil is the spiritua l director of the Holy Name Society.

FR. PRiMEAU IS TRANSFERRED TO CHICAGO Well Known Alumnus Of St. Viator Leaves Manteno. Succeeded by Fr. Savary

Only three of the seven varsity debaters of last year have returned to College. In particular will the team miss the services of John W.

Leo Hart, night watchman of St. Viator College, was the unfortunate victim of holdup m en on the evening of January 3rd, and was reHeved of some fifteen dollars.

Mr. Hart was ju st returning to the College from one of the nearby stores where he had purchased so me cigarettes. Just as he entered the grounds, two m~ s.ked m~n jumped u~on him, one selzmg hlm from behmd, a nd the other going through his pockets. They did not display guns, and H art. was unable to say whether or not they were in an automobile.

Thirteen Teams Compete for Flag


The nin t h co nsecutive season of the popular Senior League opened on Thursday night, January 8th, amidst t he cheering and plaudits of the greater part of the student body, who had assembled to make the opening game a grand success. Since t hat time all of the thirteen leagues have swung into action and a lready t he rivalry a nd interest is much in evidence. All the co ntes ts are being held under the able direction of


Father E. M. Kelly, C. S. V., Director of Athletics, assisted by Frank

Carroll, '3 1, President of the College Club and well known athlete and

Stafford, President of the Bergin student. Well over a hundred studSociety and manager of debate for ents are taking part in the daily the two preceding years. Mr. Stafga mes. ford debated for four years for St. A lthough inViator and made an enviable reputa- Fr. Maguire Expresses tra-mura l basket tion for him self and as a logician. ball has bee Gratitude to Pastor n The Very Rev. Msgl'. Primeau, Bernard Mulvaney, the second of the played here at Viator alumnus a nd former pastor three men who graduated last year, Of St. Mel's In the College for of St. Joseph's church, Manteno, one lost but two debates in his whole abo"U t twenty of the best known clergymen in career, and will be greatly missed. Interview years, the presIllinois, has a ssumed the pastorate of The loss of Raymond Boysen, third ent league was Our Lady of Grace church, Chicago. great blow to the team. Mr. Boysen Very Rev. J. W. R. Maguire, C. organized and Father Primeau was well known of the trio of graduates is also a S. V., President of the College, anfounded in 1922 and liked everywhere in Kankakee was particularly noted for his ability nounces that he ha s received a genby Fr. Thomas county. He has been act ive in com- as an orator and distinguished for erous gift of $1,000.00 for the ColC. Harrison, '13, munity as well as church affairs. His his polished delivery. Mr. Lloyd lege from the Rt. Rev. Msgr. P . J . one of Viator's friends, w hil e regretting his depart- Warne, another of last year's de- McDonnell, Pastor of S t. Mel's greatest athletes ure, are rejoiced to learn of his ad- baters, fai led to return to school this Church, Chicago. and former teachers, now chaplain vancement as t he Chicago parish to year. Although Monsignor McDonnell is of The Guardian Angel Orphanage which he is being transferr~d is one Three Men Left. not an alumnus of ,S t. Viator Col- in Peoria. S ince that time hundreds Dr. Sheen Outstanding Figur e. of the fines t in t he archdiocese of As a nucleus of thi s year's team, lege, he has, for a great many years, of students ha ve received much enFather Sh een is one of the fore- Chicago. . b y p Iaylng . t h e coac h es wiI I have Ch ar Ies R. been a very loyal and generous J·oyment and e xerClse on most clergymen in the United States Father Primeau's place at Man- Murphy, a veteran of two years ex- friend of the institution. H e has one of the vario us teams, never less today. He received hi s ed ucation at teno wi ll be taken by the Rev. Ad- perience who has made quite an throughout all the active years of his t h an eigh t in number. All students, St, Viator College, and prepared for hemal' Savary, who ha.s been pastor envi able reputation for himself both priesthood been tremendously inter- except members of the varsity s quad the priesthood at the University of at St. George parish in t he village as an orator and as a debater. He ested in education, and in his own and co-eds, are eligi ble fOl' competiLouvain. of St. George. Father Savary was was a member of the debating teams parish has erected splendidly equip- tion a nd are urged to p lay. Th ough t ehpl"lmary A few of the achievements of Dr. born and raised in this co unty and in 1929 an d 19 0 · b· t 0 f th e 30, and won the ra- ped schools. St. Mel's High School 0 Jec Sheen's di stingui shed care~r are,: will not be unknow n to his new par- torieal medal in '29. is known throughout the Sta te of league is to provide recreation for Professor at the CatholIc U;lver- ishoners, He is a lso an a lumnus of J. Burke Monahan, second veteran, Illinois as one of the best Catholic the stud ent body, it is also used to sity of America, formerly pro. essor St. Viator, is a Junior who wore the tuxedo in high schools in the State, an d is in develop and train men for varsity at the Lon?on Diocesan Se~llmar~: The Rev. Joseph A. Lareau, who varsity debates for the first time charge of the Christian Brothers. competition. There have bee n several author of 'God a nd IntellIgence, has bee n assistant pastOl." to R ev. P. last year. Mr. Monahan has a disinstances in the past when the varIlR r' W'th t God" and liThe Father Maguire, in an interview 1 ou 1 B Dufault at St, Ro se church in tinguished appearance and a polished Sl·(-y squa(I was nota bl y strengthened e 19Ion Life of All Living," besides many K·ankak ee for the past four a nd delivery, presenting his case clearly this morning on behalf of the College, by playe rs w ho received their start articles; Honorary Professor of the one-half years, will be transferred and forcefully. H e has won all his expressed his gratitude to Monsignor in t he student loop. In 1922, Bennie University of L~uvalO:-first ~me.n- to Father Savary's post at St. George. debates, and goes into this year with McDonnell. "This gift is all the Conners played hi s first game of can ever to receive thlS honor, WlnTh transfers of these priests I r late mOl:e note\~orth~," h~ said, "comi~g basketball in the league and toward ner of Cardinal Mercier prize in e a c ea s . as 1t does lTI thiS time of financial the fini sh of the season he was . were announced Sunday through the Ralph H oover the remaining v e t - ' d b k M . phIlosophy; preacher of summer con-. h ffi d t he ' strIngency an espea s ons lgnor drafted by Coach Bushn ell to pIa y ference in Wes tminster Cathedral, dl~cese .c ance: 0 ce an . ! eran, participated in two debates McDonnell's well known generosity in Little Nineteen circles w here h~ L ondon; lecturer at Cambridge s um- I prH~sts Wll1 hOffic~ate at .~h~ m~ sscs 111 away from home last year, and re- to the cause of education. I know made quite a. l·ecord for 'himself. mer sc hool England-first American their new c urc es nex un ay. mains to prove his worth on the that Mons~gnor McDonnell has .put Last year's championship went to ever to be 'invited. 1 ! home platform. much of h1s own modest fortune mto Jim Hunt's "Broken Drums" after The international replltation which Semester Examinations Team Under Handicap. the schools of St. Mel's parish and play ing off a tie with Frank Carroll's Dr. S hee n now enJoys was b\lllt up H ld N W k The majority of the teams w hi ch that he has many other insistent "Sissies." The latter team held the by his scholarship, which has mani- I To be e ext ee I· St. Viator wi ll meet this year have calls upon his generosity, .none of ! lead for t hc greater part of the "eafested Itself In severa l books and I ___ been working on their arguments which 1.S ever refused. It has .always so n, but injuries to their best playmAny newspaper and magazine arWith the approach of the mid- for the past two or three months, been (hfficult to secure donatlOns of ers kept them from obtaining the ticles. ~Iis reputation as an orat.ot) year exams, the corridors of Roy and many of them have two or three large sums fro~ men of great coveted pennant. Captain Hunt was of the hIghest order has been achle- Hall are beginning to look like night practice contests under their belts wealth for CatholIc colleges, but as also high point man for the 1929-3 0 "cd through triumph throughout the clubs. The far-famed and overly- already. While this fact will doubt- long as they can rely upon the un- season . Chuck Culkins was voted to English speaking world. trite midnight oil is being burned lessly handicap the Iris h debaters selfish generosity of priests and laity be the most valuable player, and Theologian. in profusion as the students begin to some extent, St. Viator has some- of moderate wea lth, their future is gave the captain of the champion8 quite a race in the scoring column. Dr. Sheen formerly taught Dog- to prepare for the all important tests. thing of a reputation for producing assured." malic Thlo!'Ology in the 'Yestminster A schedule of the examinations successful forensic outfits, and this Chuck Carney, '32, proved to be the Diocesnn seminary. nnd in the sum- will be found on page four of this year's team is expected to maintain Paul Carberry '16 is editor and most popular of the many exccl1cnt men~ of 1925 and 192 delivered issue. the good name of the institution in publisher of the' No;thwestern Com- referees. Many of last year'.8 games courses of sermon5l: at 'W estminster these fields. munity paper in Chicago. F,ther I varsity contests and . prov~ded the Cntht"urnl at Cnrdinnl Bourne's invl"In Other Camps" is a new column Munsch reports that Paul is going were . ~layed as curtal.n. rau~crs to tation. Dr. Sheen is to ~i\'c n course inaugurated to give students an idea Mike Delaney, '30, former Academy ulike a house afire", and attributes fans WIth m~ny ~n excltmg moment of Lenten sermons at the Church of of what the other Little Nineteen coach, came back to the old school I much of his success to his trainmg I and many a aug. (Continued on page two ) I teams are doing. for a short visit. Io n the VIATORIAN staff. i (Continued on page two)












THE STAFF Ita ph Hoo\ r Kenn h R hm'-In •. 11 hddlcwn

I- ran

.lary ('laney Joseph l.ogan



College Friend E.·pire January 10th; Father Maguire and Father Lowney Attend Funeral

U nit d Ci


AllJmnl Athld, " IllnllgJn~ I.'~,IIIII'I'

l:ditor Wrill" Wnl,'r

I· v' Iliff' ( ,rr'lIlatlon ;\farlllv, r

./ohn ( . IJoyl"

.James !Jugan

.Tame iJuJ.(an Frank \\'irken E,lwnrd ('oakley .J ohn Bovlt· .John Burn., Rolll'rt Spreitzer Wilhur Callahan



« or. \ our! I1n,1 ... hu\ I

Palnck :.I. ('leary Cdr! l..nmp Kpnn ' h (1othicr Haymond C. \\'I'nthc JlI


l\1 rtici n

[{obert Tuck r

hmlln ,\



l ollln} ,t


~moker went. nn

OprT \Ion lrevera)


of . }\rti

m nth •

.~o. lie hlU he.n .11 for th~ p",t e.ghl<>en month... II i d~Ath ... a desen""'l a "very JI cdc" lie AId

hi5 finily ma 8 (·very morning unltl

the tlay of hi. dea h. Rorn in Ir.l~nd. Th~ R",'. Path .. r O'I),,),<"r "8 born n'~r the R<><k oC ('8 hoI. ('ou


Tlpperary, h('innd. I~~ years IIJ;!O. II ht'£an hi~ fltUilics rur thp. prl('sthood .\rltlr, nil ,orrt l,ondpnt'f'I fl~(j rTing (,lth.-r to Ud\lt'Ttlsing or subscription to at :.\(ount '{('lIarr and Inter ('ntl'T' A II HAllow ~eminnry in I rclan,1. Thf' Vl11torinn, B(lurbonnai6, III. Wh(,TC h(> wa .. ordaint'ri in PO~'I'\. ~oon nft('r hi!S ordinntion he emigrnteri to rntrrrrl h A( nnd (In~1I mnU"r At he fl(1 t Otlic(' rf no J"'honnai~, Illinois, .\merira, and ofter a ~hort u.;;;signn1('nt at nixon, Illinois. he wa.i m3d(~ under th(' Ad of 'torrh :lrd. lki!l. _________________________-=-___ nssistant at St. )lary';d on \Vaba.'l.h .\vl'nuC' in Chicago. He 8('T\'('d ~i:<


At St.



Amed e J. Lam rre


Jlourhflnl1ais, III. "()Iion"

Co-ed Organization Has Another Successful Affair; Evening Greatly Enjoyed


held posi.

1£ you think you ran't huye fun nt and The r(llh."g' c Boys' Fn\orite to St. n enul P:lTty, you ~hf)ulcl hnvl' t..·ome Place lo Eal Ro~c of Lima. I~th and. A~hlnnd in to th(' one gin'n by thl' SO('iul SUTor(,hic3.1l'O. Hr was in his fourtcc>nth ity of St. \"intor'~ (,ullp~c on ~tlturHourh()nnul~. 111. year l\~ pa~tor of St. Ro~c nt thl" (by niJ!ht, .Janunry 10. .\11 who wHe ! plt'scnt will a.sure you thnt the.r /' - - - - - - -_______ ' time of his death. thoroughly ('nj!',Yl'd thl'ITlIlilt..'lv,'s find \ elin:' in Charit), He wa~ v(;ry active in ('harity wlll mukt> you wi~h that yuu were work, nnd ~oon beram(' known to his there. The Sorority's card pnrty pUI'"honers of the "hack of the wa~ n sUc('eS3 socially nnd finnnciul1y. BriuKt.', ";')00" und Bunco wt.'n' play. I Yllrd~" district. a~ "Fnth('r Peter," IIi. b<>dy IllY in stntc ~Iondny. and t.'d. Prize:;:: {(II' bridge were won hy tion!/.



Lemont beCon'


being called



The Modern School In (hl' t\\cntil'lh rl'ntllr~. 's there an~thin)! more prominent t hlln t h,' t end"Ill' \ tf"':11 d" stand:trditation and mass produc· tilln'! It is j.(l'nl'rllll~ conet'dcd that this i" the outstanding fac· till' in I hl' machine :I!!". Bllt shall this principle be permitted to lIl\ad,' thl' hall~ "I' edlll'ational institution:;? Such s ta ndardizing 111I!tllth" "f limit in!! the adi\it) of the mind, Thc stude nt is 11UI thl"(lnj.(h the mill of intellectual mediocrih' and turned out to hl' a hunlcn on d\ iliwtion. :-'0" here, I bciieH. is this more notil-l'ahll' than in the hug-e coller::es and uni\crsities throughout .. \ nH~ rirn. The ~()uth of the countr~ i~ ~ho\ed into the mow of the rC· \ oh ill!! mal·hinl·r~. operated on. molded to a certain uniform it) . ,mel then rcll'ased. Wh ut chance to de\ clop indi\ idualit) has thl' 1ll.ln \\ ho is l'll mpelled to accept. half a..""imilatcd. the \"ari· ,'lIs h~ hrl' t1 idea" rllnnin!! ramllant in the brains of professors tl'al'l\llll.! thl' hugl' ~cho(\t,. of the countr)! He is shaped like a i'"".. i\ e, in.ll1imatl' do.::. literall~ kicked out if the material of \\ hi,' h hl' is madl' he not "0 malleable as it is belie\ ed t h,a t it ,..h"uld tH'. O\lP,)~,' d 10 tn" Iarg-~ unh~""lfle,.., to\\n" and cities in them. "l'l",,., 1>- Ihe ~malll'r colle!:!!' and the humble university. In 111l',..l' lalh'r plan',. thl' "ehol"", become acquainted with each I)t h,'I'. ldl'a ,. are Sifted h~ dbl·u,;,;ion. In~t ructors kno\\" their ' lu,kl1b Ill)t ,\nl~ h~ na nH's hut b~ the \ariou~ personalities "hkh t hl'~ <',,-hihi\. .\ l't)mpanionable (not companionate) group i" fMlll"d. not unlik\' :l r.llher iar>!!.' f:unil). The men are en· ("'\)Ur;l1.!l'tt ttl l\ ' pn'"~ th('ir t.H\ n t hou!.!ht .... a nd opinions. not someIhin~ I hal lh,'~ h a\t.' had poured into them. Characler is built "'tT"l>t,,:I~ ,lI' ~,,,'<i 111 0 r., I found"tion", Innumerable a d\antages atf;\l'h 10 Ihl' sll1 "ll~r "rh,)o!~ than to the lal"'f!e . .\bm'e a re only :I h'" lO~t:lO~" "i t hi", Rt'nH'mbt'r. finall~, that the Oxford 1\\,\\ l'm~nt. "'" \\ ,'11 ,,:' tht' •.\.ml'riran and French Re\'olutioru:. orh:,in:lIl'(\, in SllI,lll \!n.)UP" L'f Il'"roed men, banded to~ether by ~Tl',ll Ih,)uc:ht.,;.. Tht' ~r(':1! are :'OhI3l'). Genius \\ ill not be pro<lu, ~ b~ Ih~ in~h. the fOOl. the ~ard. The p13c:es affortlinz ki .. url' (,.r "I\\d~ and Ihl)u\!ht \\ ill be ~reat in the \\orks of th 'I' ~ rhl,brs_ Th~.' pla ....'S 3rt' onl) Ihl' in'truclions of a moderate

tht' fUn('fnl ,,,'as held at nine o'clock Tuc"dny, January 13. The srrdmon wa~ dclin:rcd by the R('\,. J. Po O':\lahoncy. C. S. V., and over three hundn'd prl('st~ and rC'ligious wcrc I in nttl'ndancC'. Intrrment was in Mt. Olive cemcterv. Re\,. J. \\~. R. )Inguirc, C. S. V., Prt'sidl'nt of St. Viator Collegl", ami Re\', .Jame~ Lowney, C. S. Y., Vic('Prcsidl'nt, attended thl' rit('~ from the College.

HOl!'er Wheatland nnd ~[i'8 Rulh .\rrinl!'ton; for " .• 00" hy .Ianw. Gal



Holy Name Hears Rev. Dr. Sheen

Sanitary Market :1 16 E. Court St red

lahul' and )liss Agnes Stt'ller; (or (Junco hy r:dwnrd Bcrcn'i uOfI )Ji!5 Tl'lephoncJ 37 ~ltlry Taylor. )'Ir. an,1 .\rr~. Raymond •_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _-' Dahman and )'Ir. and :\(rs. Charli.!s Knittle werc l'hnpt~r()nes. Lnt~ in the ('\"toning fl'frr.. hments W('rc !icrvcd bj" s the committf'c in chargp.. Th .. famou qunrtl·t (although OOt(· in n while it was n iitrict" anel then a <luintet) provulctl mu, te, a8~ist(>(1 by \\"crnE-r

Everybody Lik CANDY

Salg- at the piano and "Pat'" Cleary thc well known .ax. About "Ieven·thirty (the fntal hour) quiet

We Supply St. Viator College F. O. SA VOlE ('0.

Distributor de~('£'ntl('11 upon the h~retofore m~rry refrectory ami it f'll'ttlcd again into ' - - -_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _--1 (Continued from flrst page) • t. Paul the Apostlr, :\ew York, it.~ cu~tomary Itaidncl~ . RJ;rnin this year. Our congratulations and thank! Demand A, n teacher Dr. Sheen, thou!!h a are given to the committee who did youn~ ruM. has Sto'en service in En~­ ~o much to make this card party a land, Bellirium and in the l1nited suce ~ and entertainment. The comStatr,. mittee was compo cd of ~Ir •. O. J. He i, abo w,'11 known to the radio Kennedy. the )Ii<..,. Julia Libby, "'IT'S Q{;ALlTY SATIS FIES" 8udicntl's of Amenca, having been Helen O'Connor, Greta Cardosi, Ritn C. ARSE:-iEAlJ BAKERY seleelM on several oc(":l~ions feT im- ~[urphy. Rachael R~ach, Leone Droportant 'ermon. and addre,""," by It't. )[nry L')uise Beaudair and \larie Bourbonnaig. JIJ. the Pauli5t Fathe~. Th.r~e Lel!'ri.. We wi! h to thank In ~pe:tkin~ of Dh.•_heen. a person them and all who attended and to qualified to jud~e. re<.'cntly :;laid: e"p~ the desire that the futu,. "RfhW lTf;" ,\:-'D ~Rf) i:lE"' "There i" probably no Catholic wi!: ~ee more of such atTain." pr<a<her toda)' that has the appeal BRAS\) H \ \1. l:\fJ SA COS of thi:". y\)un~ American prip~t." It ha. been .uJ!~ested that the Cathohc Journalism ha~ been en- name of the S~ruor Lea~ue be riched by t pen of Dr. Sheen and chan'-!'!d to he .oHarriso Le.a~e" 11· 36 W. 20tb ' treet he ha~ contributed ::;e,·eral series of m honor of the man wr.o reulJIChicago, Illinobl impor" nt artl ]e~. A new series, rected It tn 1~ and put It back into "En r of tlu! )lonth," WIll becin uCCessillJ CoperatJon. hann~ compltt.e Telephone Canal 3?S48 .;>On 1n The- '\""ew W .. rld. :ina.!'!!! 'n: it Dntl th!3 yt"ar.

Arseneau's Unjform BREAD

Jourdan Packing Co.

,- - - - - - -_ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _--,

NOTRE DAME CONVENT AccTedjted. to nlilJOi.s

CniT~r.. jt1

A SeJe<.o Boa~dmi< _ ;'00, f r Girl3 aM Yocng Ladies. ThlS i~:i:c. ..Ln f.., C01ld~ .. eo«! by t Siste-rs of ~Dtre Dame, ar-d otl~Y.J f:\-t-ry' opportunity to y U!:;:' lad~es : T a ti:. A'..I~~h. Chr;s:.Jar.. a=-1 sec.::lar edcca:ion.. ?!-::"£.- ~ na~ _ F~r Ca:..a rue, add:eu 51-TER


,..-------------, Dine and Dance AT

Foxy's Always Inn

. 'oue Dam" Co.netn



CSDER SEW >1.1. ·,\GElIE.'T

Monday, January 19, 1931.



WESLEYAN OBTAINS J. H. Dalrymple Plans I HEDDING COLLEGE Trip Around the World ,---I_n_L_it_tle_l_9_C_a_m_p_s_ Two Methodist Schools Are Merged for Common Benefit AmalgamatlOn of Heddmg College, Abingdon, with IIImOls Wesleyan Umvers lty of Bloommgton, has been announced by Lester H MartIn, presldent of the board of trustees of Wesleyan. The two InstItutIOns are both Methodlst, and have slmllar ldeals and support. Wesleyan wlll Incorporate a bnef hlstory of Heddmg m her catalogues and wllI take over the alumm of Hedding as her own Both schools have travelled a parallel road for more than seventy-five years wIth support from the same conference and m part the same people, Mr Martm explamed. Now they Wll1 travel as one The maln bmldmg of Ilhnols Wesleyan Wll1 henceforth be known as Heddmg Hall, and the portal Wll1 be mscribed wlth th,S name on a bronze plate By th,s umon $152,04223 w as added to Wesleyan endowment and the sum total pledged m the present mllhon dollar campalgn of Wesleyan was rmsed from $548,004 50 to $700,046 73, wlth $50,000 needed to reach the subscnptlOn total necessary to vahdate pledges prevlOusly made The agreement was consumated by A G Carmne, financlal secretary of Wesleyan NegotIatlOns for the amalgamatIOn were started November 21 by the Rev. Loyal Thompson, an alumnus of Wesleyan, now pastor at Aledo, III The Rev Mr Thomps on mfOlmed Wesleyan that he had a panshoner who had an annUlty of $40,000 wlth Heddmg college and sm ce that scrool had cea sed to operate the las t few years thlS w oman, whos e name was not revealed, would lIke to tUln the amount over to W es leyan BesIdes addmg t o t he endowment of Wesleyan, the amalgamatIo n makes a home fo r H eddmg a lumm, puts mto actIve us e agaIn the Heddmg fund s, glves t he Methodlst s of the northwest part of the sta t e a school to s upport agam and perpetulates the n ame of an old school held hlgh m the Methodlst conference The H eddmg campus comprIs es two block, of wooded part m the heart of the resldence d, str,ct of Abm g don The proPel ty lS now bemg used by Col T erry'S mIlItary school, w h er e 100 boys of hlgh school age are beIng tramed The dor mlt orles ar e filled w lth boy s Col Terry has an optlOn on the property for $40,000. Th,s propcrty , . not bemg turned ove r to W esley an under th e t erms of the agreement

J Howard Dalrymple, father of From somewher e out of the great JImmy Dalrymple, and w ell known ' Old has come a fightmg North Cent ral outfit from NapervIlle, IIImVlsltor at St . V,ator College, departed OIS to c1alm a place m the Llttle on New Yeal's Day for an extended N meteen s un The Northwes teln vacatlOn and a crUlse around the youngs ters have dIsplayed a lot o f world Mr Da lrymple, wh o was for early power and are at the top of seven years an e""ICecutIve and plant the hea p along WIth the tradltlonal sup ellntendent f or the St one and lea ders Block Works, 631d St , and Mlchl g an Avenue, ChIcago, recently retIr ed Illmols Normal WIth lts thIrteen fr om a ctIve busmess lettel -men, whlCh lS, by the way, Just He planned to spend several days five more letters than Vwtor gave m Los Angeles and Hollywood befole last year, IS doped as one of the most saIhng on the PreSIdent Flllmore for f ormIdable outfits m the Conference


P age 3 agamst Elmhurst. The Plrates h ave shown cons lderable st r ength m th elr early contes t s, a nd are the da r k horses ElmhuTst has qUlte a r eput a tlOn f or bem g th e bad boy of th e L lt t le N m et een They w recked the htle h opes of a good many aspmng I I A C team s durmg the fo otball seaso n and may 1 epeat dur m g the hardwood grmd Rega rdless of the outcome of last FrIday mght's g am e, whI ch has not been played at thIS WrItIn g, MlllIkm must be reckoned WIth m the final count ups of LIttle Nmeteen contendefs The Blg Blue team has elght letter-men back, and IS detennmed t o make the s trongest bld of recent



VIator fan s were treated to a close u p Vlew of the mlghty Mustapha a nd the hn e-smashmg S trombom of DeKalb m the game last Monday mght Both men were Important cogs m the powerful DeKalb football t eam, Mus tapha makmg everyone's All-Conf erence team at quarterback, and Strom born bemg the most popu1m fullba ck exceptmg Eovaldl of Carbondale DePaul lS out for blood when the IrIsh engage the Blue Demons on theIr home floor lD Chlcago next month St Vlator has been the only t eam able t o humble the DePauhans m two years, and revenge lS the mght ly prayer of the Demons. It wlll be remembered that the free thr ow whlCh Karr dropped to glve the l11sh V1CtOry 10 the final IDlnute of play was hotly contested by Coach K elly of DePaul, and he and h,s t eam a l e determmed to put the next ga me s o fat' on the Ice that there wlll be no doubt about lt Well, we ' hall see what we shall see

We should

wlsh to congratulate on her recent Heddmg College A lthough W esleyan IS one of Vlator's ) It t er es t nvals on th e athletlc fields, alI V,atOl students t ake a fnendly Imterc t 10 evel yot her concern of our Inelg h bor on t he South and w lsh th em th e best of luck everywhere (' xcep tm g on the hardwood floor We hope that the a cqUlslt10n WIll be especlallv beneficlal to Wesleyan both financlally and scholashcally

II1hnols Wes leyan IamalgamatlOn wlth





TEAM St . V,ator _ MIlhhm No rth Centra l E lmhUl st L ake Forest _ Wec; tern Tea chers Monmout h S tate T each er s Northern T eachers Eastern T eachel s McKendree Augustan n South er n Teach ers E ureka J acksonVllle \V he!l ton Bladley nIt Morns Shurtleff

The DeKalb-Vlator aifa lr w a s 1110re da ngerous t han the prevIOUS m eetmg of the two teams on the gn dlron One DeKalb m an s ustamed a bad cut over t he eye w hen hc f ell on the floor, and Pete Laffey was remo ved m the las t half w hen he was thl own on hls shoulder dunng a fig ht ovel t he ball

Editor's Comment


Little 19 Standings

s core th e fil st fi eld g oal m every game and lead the Irlsh at h alf tIm e In fact, sup er stItIOus folks m t he Vla tonan crow ds have been k nown t o roo t heartJly for th e Vlslt m g t eam t hroug h ou t th e wh ole first ha lf

H onolu lu, Japan, Chm a , and Mamla In Sm gapore, Mr Dalry mple pla ns to VISIt hIS son and daughter m law, Mr and Mrs J II Dalrym ple, Jr, and t helr m fant son Later Mr Da h ymple Wlll contmue hI S Journey to Columbo, Ceylo n, and up the Red sea t o Mecca an d through t h e S ue.l LanaI to Suez and Alexan drIa the Mediterranean sea, ) [ 1' Dalrvmple 1$ to V1 SIt NavIes, Rome an d F l ol ence and he Wll1 spend so me hme "lth hl::' nephew and mece, '\11' and Mr~ Ale""(andel Levcs who l ecent ly pUI <.. ha':)ed the VIlla Gahleo at Flor ence Aitel v I ~ lt1ng PallS and Lon don J Ml Da lry m ple '\\ 111 b avel to \\ ll!'don. hlTe, Scotldnd, the bn thplace of h" father, the late Dl Wilham Dunn Dalrymple

To see a N ormal school t akmg a lead In any bra nch of sports lS somet hmg of a novelty, although Cal bondale T eachers dld end the f ootball season at the t op of t he heap

year s fo r t he btle Mllhkm r egards t hIS as then' year and al e m akmg htt le secret of t h e fd ct Llke Bladley, the Blue pla yed a dLfficult schedule dur mg the v acatlOn, t helr toug he't a sslgnment bemg t hell' g The old t r adlhon al enemy of the a me Wl th L oyola of Chlcago, w hiCh I ns h, llh nols W esleyan, h a ~ so many th ey lost by a s mall marg m good m en ln attendance that th e Although the Carbondal e T eachel'; TItans, a ccordm g to t he Argu s, offiCIal Wesleya n p ub11Cahon, ar e (.on- go t an early sta rt, t hey h ave n ot One sidellng p lacmg two teams m com- been h a vmg very good luc.-k pctltlOn Wesleyan ha d a b,t of har d Confelen(.e titl e a ye ar I~ a good luck ]n her games dunng t he vaca- enough record for any n ormal sch ool tIOm., and won only from 1\forth at t hat, w hen the handICap of a Dahota, losmg to BrIgham Young, T eaLhel :S' college are taken mto C0DslderatIOn RILe, and Notre Dame

It IS begmnmg to look like blg thmgs for the basketball team th,s yeal St Vlator lS playmg one of t he hardest s chedules m the Llttle N m eteen thls year, whIch IS tantamount to sa ymg that the Insh are en g ag mg th e tou"h es t t eams m the Mlddle West If ther e lS any othel Confel ence wh"re the class of ball played 18 equa l 01 superlOr to that of the Llttle N m et een, we have not yet dI scovered It

The Freshman Frolic 18 to be held before Lent thIS y ear rather \>han as a Sprmg Dan ce as 1S the us ual cu; t om The rumor that the affalr lS to be h m ited t o Ft cshmen only lS most emphatlcally demed At firs t, a dmner da nce h ad been planned, but t he cla'3s has not as y et defimtely deu ded Ju,t w hat th ey Wll1 have. Bccau,e t he dan ce lS h eld on Fnday, t he thlTlJeth, lt 15 hlg hly lmprobable t h at th e F rosh w llI declde on a dlDner

rath el S heen, on e of the mos t dJbt mgUlshed of VIator alum m, h a s agam proven hI e, remarkable populanty at the H oly Name m eetIng Father Sheen, w h o left VIa t or In 1917, " onc of the moot out;tan dmg ph]losop her .. a nd chuTc..hmen In the country today Another Vlator dlumnu" t h e Rt Rev Bernard 1. S hell, Auxl hary B"hop of Chlcago, The WIseacres of the Conference It c;eems to be somethmg of a " Spmtudl DJrector of t he H oly are ca utlO nmg t he str ong team., ha blt for St VIator'", oppo nents to Name SOLiety




n C rt.(en tl " un\JI'r \\..rt a ... uc.n ...... ful oplratlm tlY' "li1

Semester Exam Schedule

\\:') ... h n'!t . n pend C'lt! ...

'Ionda, Januar} 2bth JchTl 10011n 2, ("lme t- ad. t) te 30 A. '1- \lgE..hra I Tllg'onomctn ne,,, 'Jld .u. qu'1.ntanu.路 ... l'1 ... t "u.k ("'c(.ml dnn PolihLal Hht IT' of r .lrope Go"t>rnment~ ot l uropp, Dr John '[dd ler. l~. hd.... bC'en ((,rpurntlOn \ 芦ountmg Ippomh.d to ~t 'f<l n ... lIO"'PIL": In 1:;0 P 'I -InHrtabrate Zoo109) h..lnhaket. Accounlmg 21, III.,ton of 'Ilddle c.,tc.\i. Lon~ 211 \\3., cl rt..lcnt Ag<.':1 \ l"'ltor 'It thE.' LollI ge fU{'"da), Januan 2ith R 10 A 'I -BIOlogy, Modern Indu,'\ D Goudre,u O~ h" been protn, Gplman I FduLationdl P""Lho- mo~d ' to the' ranh of \Idl or In thl~ logy, Am<.rKan Llter.lture, P .. vcho- 'dtiOnal Guard He \\tlll tomm

logy 1 ')0

the jrd P

M -Economlcl\:l,

Bdttailon of the

BAIRD-SW ANNELL Everything in Sporting Goods K a nl,akee'~

Lnrgcl' t ' lock


I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _---J

N. 1拢. :!lBarrottr IBttrbl'r f3l110P

12'lth 1n-

Lngh.,h fantn

l\o\el <\d,crt"mg, Catholic Writ Flh\3rd


;\J olyn('~lu'\.,

Ac.aticnI} '25,

"cdno, da>, Januar> 28th ha, bef'n obltl!cd t o go to \1110na m q 30 A "\1 -C.ollege Algebra . Ac que ... t of hea lth H ere' .., hopmF: the countmg I, Chemll\:ltry I, RphgiOn ~uni;) htn (. of t he South ,\>111 21, Amell<.an Go\ernme nt, French him to health

n ... tote '-- - - - - - - -_ _ _ _- - '

31 1 30 P M - ( hem "try II, H"ton of


Einbeck's Studio


Fn~ilsh Ll teratule, Phy",c', Money

anr! Bankmg, EthlC." Thur l\:l da", . Ja nu ar} 29th. g 30 A M - Religion I , LogiC, rhem"tlY 21, CU lope " n<e l Q70 11 50 P M -Sa llu, t, French 1. EngI"h I, (1045 period) Organic

The \ taLou an L ,tend .. It... moc, t he:\l tfelt condolence ... to Jame ... ha\<anaugh, Academy 'O~, upon the death


of h" btothel Raymond Tho 1unetal ""' held 10 St Angela , church, Chicago and the ,ermon wa, dell\er cd bv Rev John P 0 Mahoney, ( S

Chemistry, Office Management

Our pholo g raph~ are lI1 expcnbl\ c, \ e l tre.t ' llred for their \\olth a~ h Vll1g portraits

133 North Schuyler Ave. Phon" 107

Kankakee, III.

Fflday, January 30th. v In terment \\3<; In the Mount Car- . _ _ _ _ _ _ _._ _ _ _ _ _ _ . 8 00 A M -Eng!J' h I, (11 40 per- mel <emetet y The decea,ed w." I

IOd), Clcelo, Anatomy and PhyslOl- also a ,tudent of St \ Jator, .lttendMav be vo ur bes t (u end v. on'L tcll you, but our co-eds Will ogy, German 21, Engltsh Drama, 109 here m 1913 'riley thl ew a em d party thc othel Illght, and a certam yo ung Ontology f G L I man 'pcnl thlee hOlli S dOll1g hl ~ be~t a t bndge. When t h e time 150 PM - Hi story 0 reece, atm , Th. ,ympath,es of the Coll ege ~

Pl ose,


21, thlOUgh the VlatOlJa n

c,lmc to u\\ald th~ pn7es, the) ca lled out hl b name as the Willner Drawmg 10 1 men I-Ic (\.iJl'dcd a carton of e lgarctte~, but th cy handed I Nollce to Student. him ,1 boLLle ot bath bal t~ Do}, wh at an lI1s ult! If we were Student's gradeShwll; be gIVen honly . w hen a ll t he teac. Cl <; reportl\:l ave ) Oll, Rogt', v. e'd send eac h onc 01 them a lalge bottle of Ll sterme. [ been entered Watch bulletm bOdtds



* * *


And t he J3radley Tech tell" us that "orne of their Fres hmen 'omall that t he , arc ordenng their tuxedos with knee I


tIrc "e~.

Maybe Bunny Oldham a nd Joe Fortune will g et tuxedo

* *


* * *

I,tLd.nt> wel e



attend ante


We w lc" h a lso to exte nd


sy m-

S ealon of LI <, lenne Salg bloug ht ~ome back p g , om MC"lco So mebod, opened t h e bottle and discovered that Il ha d a p~cultal'-c\ en lamlltar-<,mell, so he poured a bit on t il e nOOl a nd , tl uch a matc h to It 'Veil, It's a good thmg h e j}) UI ed onl" a ltttl e or there mi g ht have been a benous ex plO~lOn. \\ (' \\ undel 11. It \\a<, Salg's ga<,ohne l ebel ve.


dell\cred hI S

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m Rochec,tc l , Mmn, with him me.sage to the leade" and the pet- I Saturda; , Januarv 10 runeral ,e:-


first annua l Mayo ClInI c.

onnel of the Catholtc I,Movement, of which he

Scoutmg vi ce, wele held from St Pal! Ick , the DIO- chUt ch, Kankakee, and bunal wa, 10 ce,an Dllectol , on Monday evemng, Mount CdlvalV cemetelY January 12, at the fit.t annual dmner 1- - -- - - - - - - -- - - - , fot the Cathohc Scout leaders, which . When in Kankakee You Are ~:~r~~:~ o:\: e O~~~~\~oreth:t1;;re~~~ ' Always Welcom e at th e IS

* * * * * * Stcwed: l\1,IY I ,a) goo dni~ht I1\ght? D,ltC: Yes, go ahead . S tc\\ed: Auf \\Ieder"ehen.


H, s Lord ship, the Rt Rev Bernard pathle, to Dan Bergan on the death J SheJi, D D , Au,lltal v B"hop of I of hi. Wife which occurrcd at the


CUT RATE DRUGS 119 Cour t St., I(ankakce, Ill.

Moun t Cdrmel chUl (.h on De(cmber 121, 1030, and a lalgc number of old

n oilce



arc aho ex- I

tended to ArthUt, (Ylll, and Albett hellv, former , tudent" upon the death of their fath er, Mr MIChael Th f I h Id f Kelly e unera \Va, e 10m


* *

Amedee T. Betourne

Autho rized _ [ORD

Merchants' Cafe

Club I to }OU in a different way toAmong the recent d encal change.



Pullman Booths, Soda Foun t a in, Majestic Radio First Door While You Wait. been appoInted pastor of Our Lady North of Luna Theatre J . Berelos, Mgr. of Grace ChUlch, tlan sferred flOm Phone 954 1: * 11 * * * St Jo,eph's of Manteno ' - -- - - - - - - - - -----' The favo lll c tOPIC of thiS colunm 111 the pas t has been Ken The Rev A J SavalY has been .-- - -- -- - - - - -- - - -- - - - - - -- - -- - BUbhm an H e hheb pubhclt~, and h e co uldn't beem to r ate the appomted Msgr Primeau's sUCCessor " G !tmp "e~", ,0 \\ C ha\ e "g hmp ~e d" him h ere. It seem s as though a t St J osep h's, :\1ante no, bemg transHOTEL KANKAKEE h 0'1\ nc\ CI le.ll n \\,h \, ]U,t the othel day h e was seen struttmg fe rred from St Geolge parish, St Sidney H erbst, Pres. and General Manager .1bo ut \\( ,1lll1g a monocle. If a n) one ~ees him g0ll1g to dmnel' m Gem ge, Ilh ngl~, '\\ here he has been c;tatIOned for the past four yeals DINING ROOM -:MAGNIFICENT BALL ROOM .1 "..,Oll j) and It.,h ", pleasc, oh , please do bo methmg-do anythmg In the ChI c.ago Arc.hdlOce~e " ere the f ollowmg shIite; of Vlcltor alumm The Very Rev VlctOl PrImeau has


R ev Joseph A

-h ut don路t let him gct as tal as the lefectory. 'tl


* . . * ..

Our "eekly Pome A h , \\ oe is me If I s hould see The \\ oolus or the Smckersnee, (To be contmued).


ceed Father Sa, ary

WIll suc-

A h earty welcome awaits the ~tud ent~ and fn ends of St Viator College

at St George.

He has been tran sfen ed from St Ro ~eJ Kankak ee, where he has been


NORTHEAST CORNER SCHUYLER AT MERCHANT to Fatbet Dufault Re, T Demans has been appomtI ed to St Rose, Kankakee , transfer- ,-- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -- - - - -- - -, " ed from St :l>Iargaret ;\Iary church

I a'"stant


I BlOther Paul Hutton, -- C S V , '2b, I It ~eem~ th.:!t thcle 1~ a bit ot a questIOn on the campus as now statIOned at the Semmary In \\ h ethcl the Flcbhmen \\!l1 t hrow a e!lllner dance, or not I *~**i<*

to lhlo\\ .l dll1nel ddme, and a~ to \\ hether the F1'e~hmen \\ III lll\ lt c the upper-tla<,bmen or \\ hether the Freshmen \~lll not 111Ite the uppel-Llab,men, and \\ h ether the Freshmen \\111 hold It 011 thc t hn tteth 01 \\ hethel the) \\ III not hold It on te thirtieth, ane! \\ h ethel' campu, \\ III be ltfted tor the dance or \\ h eth er C.1mplh \\ III not be lttted fO I the d.ll1ce. It ~eems to us that If the eight ball \\ el C plaHdll1 the comer pochet, the leave would oe mOl e dlfucult

.. '"


Million Dollar Endowment by outnght glft, lI1 ~ uranee, bequest or annUIty You can get 6'}, on your money and lea"e th e capital for the Endo~ment Write for particulars to

St. Viator College Extension Club Incorporated

e\.-pert \\ ho merged thp


* .. * .. '* ..

1 "leep, !"


* ,., ..

Ane! then thele \\ a., the efhClenC\ dog ..,ho\\ and the flca UllU'o "0000.

Help Rai se The




1939 Straus Bldg, 310 S MIchigan Ave. Telephone Wabash 2727


J P.

O'~lahone} ,

Chicago, III

Treabu r er




Monday, Janua ry 19, 1931.


Page 5

IRISH HANG UP TWO MORE CAGE VICTORIE.S DEKALB FORCES IRISH TO LIMIT Teachers Catch Viatorians on off Night and Nearly Wreck Hopes

SENIOR LEAGUE Standings Team HUllg'IY Five Vnlllties P011le<:;

N ig htmal es Dc ll11quents

Catchmg the Insh cage machme on an off Ill ght, the Teachel s of NOI t ho ern 111mOl S 01 ma l forced the home team to the Illmt and almost captured the game. A detel mmed In::,h dl'l\ e In the fin al half gave them a lead that was at one time 26-16 und sewed up the game, although DeKalb's vahant come-back broug ht the final count to 26-22 The game opened fast, wlth the visItmg team scormg first dS IS almost tradltIonal. Laffey mIssed a long one, anI) the Teachers dropped in another to lead 4-0 Vlk~or made a free thIOW, and DeKalb followed SUIt to ma.mtam theIr four pomt lead The two teams matched baskets and free throws throughout the remamder of the first half wlth VIator droppmg m a basket out of tUlTI just before the gun sounded to leave the score at half t1ln e 11-9 In favor of t he Vlsitors.

Irish Open U p. Returmng for the second half, the Insh opened up theu· attack, and gave DeKalb a gltmpse of the powel WhI Ch submerged DePaul, Shm tleff and Bradley The Green scored etght pomts to DeKalb's two to glab a 17-13 lead. DeKalb stopped the Iri sh attack, and although the home outfit had one more hot period, the V1:-:'ltors were dlsplaymg more rea l basketball S V,ator soon had a 26-16 lead, and with three and a half mmutes:o play, attempted to stall. The movement was almost dlsastrous The IrIsh floor WOI k was ltttle short of pltlful. The excellent ball handlt',g dlspla.y ed m the Bradley con ted W35 tota lly lackmg, and DeKa lb took the ball from the Irish Wlth apparent ease DeKalb Comes Back. Sensmg that theIr stall mIght lose the game, the Irl sh opened up theu· offenslVe agam, and mIssed short baskets WIth almost unbeltevable regulanty DeKalb, meanwhIle, wac; takIng advantage of the demoralizatIOn of the SaInts to add SIX pomts to t heir tota l and come withm strlkmg distance of the Vlatonan lead. Two beautiful one handed shots by Strom born and P ace brought the crowd to Its feet to cheer the Teachers durmg theIr va hant rally, but t he I rIs h lead was too great to be overcome, and the Green team recover ed itself shortly before the gun sounded to retam the mastery of th e sItuation. Viator In Bad Form . It was Just anoter of those affaIrs like the Shurtleff encounter. The Insh, after playing one of the greaLest games ever wItnessed on the local floor again st Brad ley looked like a hIgh school team against DeKalb . The tremendous offensIve power w hi ch flashed so brilliantly In the clos'lng mmutes and overtime of the Bradley game w'Os uncovered fo1. but two brief Interval. in the DeKadb affair. The close guardmg WhICh feature dthe DePaul encounter was nowhere to be found, and DeKalb took frequent pot-shots at the hoop. The Insh floor work was terrIble They allowed the Teachers to tie them up and take the ball from them m alm ost Innumerable lnstances. In short, It was just one of those mghLs which every team ex perIences when

Go ld bllckel S Delmeatols l\Ionks Clll siers \Vlntc Mu les Dleadnoughis Huskels Chuckers Flyer.:;

Won Lost PeL 2 0 1.000 o 1000 1000 500 500 500 500 1 500 o .000 .000 o 000 o o 2 .000 o 2 000 o 2 .000

The first round of the Semor League finds Cal loll's Vamtlec; tied for the lead WIth Joe Hoog·s HunglY FlVe and Bill Todd's Pomes. Sc..Oles havc been conslde lably low, and t he Hun gry F,ve holds both of ltS VIctorIes by bare one pomt margms A glImpse at the standings of last year at thIS tI me finds Cat roll on top also, a pOSItion he held untIl near the end of the season, when lllJunes cut hIS team and forced the V:1mtles mto the ImmOl tal playoff Wlth J1In Hunt's All-Freshman outfit BIll Todd's Pomes, by the way, are composed of former HIgh School stars and a le doped to do bIg thmgs Coot Larh m pulled another of hIS helo stunts when he looped a long one In the final second s of play of the Delinquents-Monks contest and fOlced the g ame Into an overtIme The SCOle at the tUlle of Lalkm's msplled heave stood at 7-5 111 favor of the Monks, but the Delinquents got gOing In the overtime and pulled the affan out of the fire by a 9-7 count The prlze for hlgh score for the season thus far goes to the Chuckers by v irtu e of theIr 31-13 WIn ovel the Dehneators Carney and company swamped BIll GIbbons and hIS crew m one of the wIlde<5t affaIrS yet seen on the gym floor The tImekeepers have been accused of lengthenmg out the affa lr a wee blt at the end, but there lS little doubt that the Chuckers were havmg theIr evemng Let's remisce-remember way back when the lllspectors were here and scarc.ely a student VISIted the lIbrary. We lested m all ItS solItary splendOl, beautIfull y qmet and hopelessly undlsturbed everythmg seems to go wrong St VIator can thank ItS lucky c:;tar that It was not Bradley, MIllIk in or Wes leyan who found them In such a condItIOn The lme -up FG FT TP ST VIATOR 2 8 3 Romary, f 2 0 Laffey, f 9 3 FUl long, c 0 0 ClothIer, g 5 2 Karr, g 0 0 HamIlton, f 2 0 Westray, f 0 0 Schwartz, g

Totals DeKALB Mu.tapha, f. Lakm, f Pace, C SmIth, c Stlombom, g . Dudley, g K,ttleson, g

10 6 26 FG FT TP 0 0 0 4 8 2 2 10 4 0 0 3 1 1 0

7 8 22 Totals Referee Young, III Wesleyan. Umpu·e MIllard, III Wesleyan.




Irish Show Power in the 22-17 Defeat of Bradley. Game Runs into Extra Period. Coach Ddhman and h" undefeated Viator five gave Bradley theJr first c"c tbac..k of the season m L1tt1e Nmetcen compet.tIO n by edgmg out the PeoTlan<; 22-17 In an overtIme perIod game The Jr"h eommg from behmd m the regular playmg tIme tIed the count at 16 all before the final whl c, tle blew In the overtIme perIod they had thmg~ qU1te theIr own way, C,COI mg seven pomte; to Tech's one Brad ley Leads at Half. Bradley began the seonng when Stemer sank a short basket Romary evened the c..ount when he sank a beautiful .hot from outSIde the c.trcle The scormg came at slow mtel vals, both teams bemg very conservatIve They would work the ball


=================- ===~~~~~:::~~~~~~~~~~

VIATOR PLAYS PRACTICE GAME Irish Win Warm-up Encounter from Gilman Owls 35-18 In a practIce warm-up for the Bradley game, Coach Dahrnan pItted hIS cagel's agamst an amateur outfit flom Gilman on the mght of Monday, the fifth . Smce the game meant nothIng to the VlatOl'lans, Dahman se ized the opportumty to SIze u11 some of hIS resel ve matenal, and u;ed th ,rteen men throughout the course of the evemng. The Owls, who were cOnI posed of several ~x­ high school stars, and a coach or two, and gave the Irish second and thu·d prOVIded some classy competItIon, sh mg men a good WOl kout The opemng combmatlOn of Westray, HamIlton, Hayes, Chnstman and Schwartz held the Owls on even terms until shortly before half bme, when the Irish began to find the hoop and dropped In two baskets to lead 14-12 In the second half, Dahman substituted freely, and finally fimshed the game WIth t he first team m to unlImber Strangely cnough, the Owls, who had been unable to make any headway agatn!:.t the Il'l sh subs, seemed to find the regulars easy, and outscOled the fhst team durmg the two or three mmutes m whICh It played The final count was 35-18 In favor of the IrIsh

down t he floor and, usmg a delayed offen.e, wou ld! walt for an opemng Consequentl y, every shot whIch dId not rmg up two pomts was taken from the backboard by the defense. - - -- -- -- -- -- -' 1Tech agam forged ahead when Meyer The "LIttle 19" raGe for basketball dnbbled m for a basket A mInute "upremacy takes a back seat at Vla- later pulled the same stunt ior, With the annual renewal of The Towards the half each team, qUIte Semor League. e"{hausted, mlssed several short shots and at the mtermlssIOn Bradley led

Double Dribbles In The Senior League

The motto of CedriG G.bbons and hIS ICDelmeators" when the gomg IS tough IS "Take lt easy, fellows, It'S a long old struggle" Glb attnbutes hlS 39-6 defeat at the hands 01 Carney's "Chuckers" to lack of trammg on the part of hIS "Dehneators "

11·9 The second half was much like the first untll the last five mmutes. B,adley had a lead of five pOints and wele fightmg desperately to keep It. Laffey scored for the IrIsh after takmg the ball from the board and dllbbllng out to the foul lme where he arched a beautiful shot. Furlong, Joe Hoog's "Hungry FIve" and conttollmg the tIp-off most of the Vmce Mooney's "Hu<5kels" battled on game for the Insh, agam tIpped to pretty even terms Sunday mornmg, I hIS mates and ClothIer san1.. a long JanualY 11th. The score, 4-3 We l one to cut the Bradley lead to one wonder who pItched. pomt Before the game ended Romary _ __ was fou led beneath the basket, and, The "Hungry FIVe" have a most I after mIssmg . the filst free throw generous forwald m Almel'oth He calmly sank the second to tIe the Bradley blew an opportumty shot at hIS oppnoents' basket, and, SCOle although he mIssed by a net ::.trmg I to wm the game by nl1ssmg a free It showed the absence of Scotci~ throw befOle the gun sounded. Iris h \V lll. blood m hIS vems --The overtIme pelIOd wa.s crammed Ald .e's "Monks" lS an old FreSh- I wlth wJld shots and passes ClothIer man aggregatIOn The "Scum of the mIssed a flee thlOW, but a second edIth" seem to be the "class of the latel Rommy was gIven two gratIs league II shots and agam sank one Laffey dlopped a basket In flam outSIde Fat Carroll's "VamtJes"--·our guess the cHcle, puttmg the IrIsh way at the best show on the campus ahead Before Bradley co uld recover he sank a short s hot w hich Furlong, c o o p,act,call y sewed up the game The Chl lstman, g. o o o PeOlIans were helpless, shootmg Wlrken, g o 3 3 wJldly and passmg erratICally . Karr, g 2 4 Stemel scorcd then only POlll t In Schwaltz, g 4 1 0 9 the oveltIme WIth a free thlOW. ClothIer, g o 0 0 ST VIATOR FG FT TP - [ RomalY, f 2 3 7 9 13 5 35 Laffey, f 3 0 6 GILMAN FG FT PF TP FUllong, 2 4 Roe, f 2 0 o 4 Kat 1', g 0 Lyons, f o 0 1 0 ClothleI, g 2 0 4 LeCon tey, f . 1 0 ; Iwestra y , f 0 0 0 Gllesple, f o 2 Kreeb, c 4 2 o 10 Totals 9 4 22 Barnes, g o o 2 0 BRADLEY FG FT TP Hunt, g o o o 0 Esterdahl, f 1 0 2 HIldebrandt, g o o StemeI, f 2 1 5

All of the Irish s ubs looked I',ood In thIS game, and conslCierable talent was uncovered Schwartz led the Viator scollng WIth fOUl baskets and a f , ee throw for a total of lllne pomts Westray was second WIth seven pomts, and Red Hayes dumped m three fi eld goals for a total of SIX POInts These three Freshmen stood out m parbculal and look like lIkely tlm bel' for fut ure Illsh outfits The 1meups ST. VIATOR FG FT PF T P HamIlton, f 2 0 4 7 4 Romary, f o 0 18 Refcree Changnon. Westray, f. 1 0 7 S,lve,.o, f o 0 0 -----Laffey, f 2 Then thele IS the story ot the Hayes , c. 6 s tudent who borrowed a dIme from Wllkms, c. 0 the bell-hop



Meyer, c Mace, g Gallt<, g . 1 Mc..Clarenc..e, c O Redd, g O


3 0 O O

5 2 3 0 0 17



Library Column


the datt J~ dra\l mg near for fh rr'lUlrtri Tf'.1dmg for the Fre,h ml n to b<. completeJ. the hbrar; be· \.


.1t tlmf'-

a Ci(f'ne of fe\en~h 1

Many in Attencl('p ~e; ct .11, '\\ar and Peace" the> rh for. but It , mo.tly war Author Gypped Out (nglAI,o WI "ould ilke to know why • th(le I" ,uch a great demand for Of Prize CT}


D b H ld A ance to e e fter Exams in Gold Room Of Kankakee Hotel

(tct.lln l-ook13 and none at all for othc.r... Queer, l<,n't It how many The annual Freshman Frolic '" III B> FRA "( Ie, LARKI" ('lI1~ then. nrc for HAnel" and the be hC'ld on the e\<c nmg of Janudry Our e,tar Rcpol t<r HlIl of Dream," and how few for 10, m the Gold Room of the 1<.anka· On ~dluld IV (.\fmng the hove; "O(~ lhdtkfray'" "Vamtv Fair" c:lnd Boc;- h.ce Hotel lime. out. from <;(mor i('lgu(. hac.1 c" Hell ~ "LIfe of John"\on" bhl1, we The dance, at; planned, "'Ill be the h til K Ime':> d.nd Clther (imp 'llll\ think \\e rna}' find a ",olutlon v.hen mot;t e~clusr"c In the history of lhc ItIC .. to trek OV'r to the lefect I y to v"c. rc.cdll (.elYm remarks ':>uch as l ('oUtge The clas,; of ''34 has plomIndnl,S(c' In th( io':>l .Jnci dnCl( nt tTt of "Haven'l,. .)'OU a e;horter one than l':>ed to exert every force po<;slble to that?' and "What IS the .hot t .. t mal..e the ddnce one of the blllhant pI tl-l"'1g curel..., A':> the ~aga goe", a bIography In the lIbrary?" 1<;o(.lal e\cntc; of the c;ea<:;on Comuoodlv (lOV d Wd..., thc)c BJ Id~(l nnd I mlttees hs\c been appomted under ",00' "( r( f( ~t Ul ul for t he more The (athoht Book of the Month 1' 1the directIOn of Patnck N Fanell J.\oph,"tto(. lItd and p~y(hulogou~ pC.T- I<Llfe'q an Art," by Franc No ham ae; general (.halfman The tommlttee., ('on d,Ll( , \f,ll1h qUIte a ft"" of . . he From n little <;UI reptItlOus pecp1llg Ime a" follows (o llc vutn, mel (o-cd~ g'ta\ llatc.d thlou;"h the book, for we really TI ckets and Programs H IY dIdn't haH: tIme to read all of It w,. nntllrdlly to th(l bunco tcl1!1c.~ The. f I h ' I Robert Delaney, chan man fOI Ie 1 lopped tJ.t I(~ J.pP<"t.lrc.d HlY ce t at Ii WIll furnIsh much plca<:)Mlo;;e; Julia Libby dlf J'I fltd .:lnd ~lu~t(l( fOi they \\l~J e I urehto the {reader You c.ome acro~., I Willard Shufhtowc;kI ':IUC. hIt<; 0 wl<;dom ac; thIS hOI n or thut ~.,<,(.ntlal attllbute ct , IIJ f I MUSIC 11 e Ie; a wayc; chOKe That IS C n 1 Ill( I} c.,Ug'ul ho",l<" '!...l Ii ann pPI'per h I harle<; Byron, chairman (ontu1l1CI~, ..lncl the etetnal bread W y It I!:' an art To lve IS to choose, P James Almeroth pille. ftc-all ", lhe nnah-tlc. ob.,e1\ant to lI ve. happily IS to know how to Burton DeVere 'k d h choo,", and happmess depends on the R t C tt f oune I .1 "l.T1 mg para 0' a., (",an nature of OUI chOice" ecep Ion omml ee dt! ed In and out among thcbe farlll- 1 II r John W Mehren, chairman 111 lnhJc. ... , fOJ he found many and 1 0 tr} to frIghten oUlselves WIth Harry J HartIgan whdt v.c c.annot c~cape IS not ,ery \aJ lc.cI e~l)l('~~lOn<; of e.onfusIOn, diS deve l " Mlbs Marne Ann Smole gu~l, pUlli('rnent and tllumph, whel(, I "Your mmd Wi ll Ia u Decoratmg CommIttee f h P Y yo falc;e, MISS Ruth Arrmgton, chaIrman 1 (fo l ( hnd oern uut one umver c;aI b " plc ...,...,lOn- t hal of bovme VdtUlty f u~ I you ave a heart It Will never MISS Marie Ann Smole You kno\\, It'~ an ob,eL.t le<;,.,o n of i 81 you" MISS Agnec; Stelter lhe fil , t wdter 10 two of the mo"t I The \\liter of the nottce for t he MISS Julia Libby lI11port,mt philo,ophlc' to the tn. Ca th olic Book of the Month says that MI SS Edna Stelte1 ttlhge.nt man who attend" a (.ard tht rrenth hked It, but then he 1'eThese commIttees were elected at poll tv In It hc find" a ll the theOlles flects lithe French are shrewd" whIch the last c1at;s meetmg and promise 1 and pi m( Ipl," oJ I;thlt' and Pwchol. ,eems a I ather nasty thrust big thmg' for the class of '31. OPo" lll"ldC' m'1n1fe . . t The nuthor (no 1 The type of dance ha ":. not been "Oen,,{ 01 ego Inlenrled) made a prl- I The foIlow lTIg new books ha ve been deCIded upon as thIS artIcle gops v) '~lf< o;U I' c, of lht cVlden< e and d15- leccIved pres<; As the day of the dance lS tOH I ed no It" thdn thn ty.five play· Five Maste,,-Joseph W Krutch F n day, It IS Improbable that the af· CI" 1 cnlg'e, ed In i.:lC't the author \\ as Men and Ma(.hmes-Stuart Chase faIr WIll be a dmner-dance, 85 wa., U <' on ly pt r C:;O n not to rcmg, Pl'l- Thc TragIC Age-Claude G Bowers first planned 11181 tlv bc(..H1~e he had ne\er hcard I Amellca Comes of Age-Andre SlegThe entlle "tuclent body of the f l t lMt \It pll01 to thl' party fned College Will be m Vlted and the dass Cd H unt \\(, ... d l,;;,t1l1ctly c;een to · The Tlagedy of Waste-Stualt Chase of 'J4 w lll enneavor to sho\\- tnenl a denl off lht bottom, whi le certam Literature and the Amellcan College good t llne \ JUnp: fen1dlcc.. at the Bunco table~ It VIng BabbItt The chapel ones to be lnvIted are t Il t.d ull ... uc(,c~~ful1y to IIe.,nake" the Europe SInce 1914-F Lee Benns Mr and Mrs Clarence J Kenne<iy. dlC'{ n" t.hc ,,,ay, be It to the Irn- Hill of Dreams--AI thur Machen Ml and Mr~ Ravmond Ddhman, and mOltdl Cledlt and J:"lol y of St Viator Tono.Bungay-H G Wells Mr and M" W C Claney (O llCJ.!I~ln " that not one dIce \\a., Rem ember, come one, tome all IllI~.,mg Unel the patty \\as ovel To the EdItor of the Vlatonan InVitatIOns may be obtamed aiter Ju -,t \vh<'1) the authol and hI::' May I ofrel you a suggestIOn J anualY 15 from P N Farrell or \ IIll.llIC' PHl Ln('1 had found theu' -which I thInk WIll create more mter- clny mpmber of the t1C.ket committee ,tlld( ,t "500" and hdu pedected an e9t In the college paper? Why not mt-Ilt Ite "et of <;Ignab "hel ebv each! make anangements to put a contrIIf you ha ven't read Lampe's edItknc\\ \\ h \1.. the othCl hcld in ill S butl0n box at some consplCIOUS place OrIal, we suggec;t t hat you do so It hand tht' .luthollbec-. had to tall the about the campus or In one of the IS worth the time \"ho le thmg off on account of {all1 Il" e LUlldmgs, say the h brary By domg lIe (of COUl'" the duthot) feel, to thl, I thmk you Will denve much m· th l, da\ that It thel. wele anothel formatIOn as to the attitude of t he (! \Inc to pll\ at that tllne he "ould 1student body, etc. What m atenal IS Kankakee, IlL h l.n e bCC'll telt.nm to have \\on the Ifit fOl plmtmg may be sent to press, Luth\' Stllh.e<; Be<;ld..:-", m'1.n\ ::.econd . otherln the less plomlnent pla(.e, Welcome Your tOllldOi bo\' ... 'lIt:.. unuel SUbplLlOn of\the \\astc ba ... ket h 1\ mg ll1 tHlc TIlht.ah.e~ In theIr favOl uJust a Student" Banking Business \\'h<..n Hldmg then ::.(..Ole" Dem <lJust a Student" Cor. Court St. and Schu yler But to g-d hdck to the eats the 'Tt" a pleasure to dIscover some Avenue nIl \1\':. to man· ... hemt They \\eIC 1111 f t t f t t on th tht.. fOl TIl of a one tom ... e dmner- mam e" d. 10~h 0 ~~ eres e tah.t ..tnd lOn"te el \ (.d h\ "e, eral campus In IS pu IcatlOn As an Ion ~ufTellnc: and "elt-sacnfiung a~!:'ulance of my appleclalton, a p. I t tl d t t do I beautiful "hlte bo"\. has been plated gnl ... \\ho i t t l lell U\ 0 b h U Id I b m the hbrdrv ~Iay It be filled to tI'tll bt..,t 'V t e eal 0 1 lalY lo\erfto\\m g before ever l::.sue' tOl \\ ho ... <. edut.ltton the blll\\ -out Y For Less \\ h htltl The., \\ele ~ITIlph palll 1\." e\el, KANKAKEE ho"eHl 11\ glILiOU' '"11k, be,to"c i Ye Ed CLOTHES by Stem Block and on thlm b\ U-::. men Thn t "<l~ the ~ll c haels Stern Enro S'lnrts. u.., men (ould do to ACl..ompamed by much shckmg of h, l"t \\ p}(.h "ho\\ OUI 'lPPle{.l..thon fOl the ef- h.111, pl(.ture~ of VIator S basketball SHOES by Nunn Bush and Frle",:!· h Fn~.. In ter" oven HOSler) {Ott ... ot thE' ~p('o.ll C;oL111 SOlOl team "ere taken la::.t "eeb. }t\ to mIke the e\on1O" 1 ':IUU.. E;::..... L _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _---l

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St. Viator College Newspaper, 1931-01-19  

The Viatorian, Vol. XLVIII, No. 8