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Monday, December 1, 1930.


For Benefit Perform ance in December Nightly practice is being held for the Mystery play to be presented by the College for the benetit of the unemployed. Tryouts were held on Thursday evening, November 13, and

practice was

begun as soon

as the

results were made known. The play which was tinallly selected is the "Shepherd's Watch" by Thomas McKeon, and is an adaption of the old Maastrick Play and the Messiah . The cas t, which is under the direction of Murray Hickey Ley, instructor in Englis h, is as follows: Virgin-Frances Mary Blessed Clancy Angel Gabriel- Charles Clifford Angel- Greta Cardosi Second King- Francis Carroll

announced that

the proceeds of the game between St. VIator and theIr school would be given to charity for the relief of the unemployed. This game made the second charity contest to feature the Irish in three weeks. With practice for the play to be given next month for a similar cause progressing rapidly, we should not be surprised to see Santa Claus himself drop into the College for a few pointers one of these days.

Team Star ts P ractice in Gym; Large Number of Candidates Attend

A short meeting of the St. John Berchman's Society \ya s held last Sunday after the student Mass. Brother Cracknell had the prayer s to St. John Berchman distributed and s poke concerning the ad visibility of securing literature for the library and general distribution. It was decided that all members of the Society attend Mass and receive Holy Communion on Wednesday, November 25, which was the feast day of the Society's patron.

McALLISTER TO LEAVE COLLEGE Former Head Coach Accepts Position With Alabama T ech.

BASKETBALL TEAM BEGINS PRACTICE IVlany Veterans are on Sq uad ; Youngsters Promising

W e extend to Coach McAllis ter u s incere wi sh for success as head coach o( basketball at Alabama Tech. The s tudent body will miss his famili a r fi g ure about the cnn1pus very much.

SORORITY PARTY IS SUCCESSFUL First Party of New Girls' Organization "Goes Over"

It's a Girl Th

v , tonan e

utau ns

t:) \\~ilham


n, congrat..

Barrett, "'2';, and

h, upon the rth of • Y -Irl, I rra"'t Too bad BIU n't nd &nt!>all tar to \~\8roy. but then th ~h ring. m t

f rtMr •\ ,·.de )


Payl'! 2


:\Ionday. December 1. -




blew more scoring opportunities than did the Panthers. With the Elmhurst game. St. ViaSt. Viator crawled into the big hus Compliments PubH~hed I:.i·wef·kly thro1 ~ho t '.he Qchola tic year by the students of tor rJng down the curtain on a on the following week end and were St. Viator College. disastrous football season. The score- ferried to Jackson\-;lle. 'where they board found Viator on the \lo'Tong end I eked out a 7-6 victory over Illinois of the score six times, while the College. The Ramblers had not won Purple and Gold was able to unfurl n game this sea son. and the score Editor-in-Chief Hal ph Hoover ito banner to the victory breeze but does not speak well for the I rish. ~fanaging Editor Kenneth Bushman three times. St. Viato r was always They were lucky to escape with anyVcature Writer .. Gill Middleton a dangerous team, but never danger- thing at all Feature \Vritcr Frances Mary Clancy ous enough. As thc season ender, the Saints Fcature \Vriter .Joseph Logan The first game of the season found attempted to take Elmhurst on her Feature Writer Robert Tucker Viator tangling with the h ighl y- home grounds Elmhurst just wasn't Campus Briefs Patrick M. Cleary touted Teachers eleven of DeKalb_ in the market to he taken that day, Cor. Cou rt and chuylcr Editorials Carl L:lmpe Although the Iri sh fought to the final and sent the Irish home on the short '" th lctic~ Kenneth Clothier !w h istle. they were clea rly outplayed end of a 13-0 count. Elmhurst, who Complete Line of Viatoriana Raymond G. Wenthe and lost by three touchdowns, 18-0. started slowl y, finished the season as }'rcfi hman Assi sta nts : At times the Gree n clad warriors one of the strongest teams in the Smokers' Articles Alumni .... James Dugan looked very good, but more often LitUe Nineteen. They polished off Ath letics _... Frank Wirken they looked very bad. ~hlton College 40-0, Bradley 27-25, Fo unlain & Lun cheon Sen' i~ Managin g Editor .... Edward Coakley In the second game. the Irish put and St. Viator 13-0 on successive Feature Writer _ __ John Bovle up the best fight of the season. As Satur days. F'gured as a set-up at Feature Writer ____ .. John Bu;ns an ordinary rul e, St. Viator would lhe begmning of the seaso n, they Circu lation Manager Ro bert Spreitzer rather win from Illinoi s Wesleyan tu rned out to be one of the toughest Groceries Confectionery John C. Boyle James Dugan Wilbur Callahan than to take a ll th e rest of t he games outfits encountered all year. on the schedule, if s uch a trade The Elmhurst game s aw five could be made possible. The Green staun ch Viator warriors in action for Subscription Rate: ~2.00 per annum . Wa ve looked like a wave for three their la st time. Captain Al Furlong, Addr~S8 nil corrcspond,ence r.efert.inC' either ~o 8.dvertising or subscription to quarters of that affair, but the Meth- Fat Carroll, Joe, Pete Christ.. Bourbonnais, IlL rhe VlUtOrlan, Bourbo nn ms, Ill. odists took advantage of a moment- man, and Ken ClothIer all wore the __ ary let-down in t he Viator defe nse to Green in their final football game. push over a lone touchdown and kick : Of t hese, Furlong was the most Cigars Notions ~nt(lred OK seco nd class matter at the Pos t Office of Bou rbonna is, Illinois, under tho Act of Marchi 3rd. 1879. the point to wi n, 7-0. outstanding. He has been the terror For their third game of the sea son, of t he Little N ineteen throughout t he the Iri sh traveled to Normal and year. His dives fo r that extra yard ify endorse Father Maguire's estimate cam e h ome with th eir first victory of for fi r st down ha ve made his fame of his own fa cu lty des pite (or be- the year. Normal was weak, and undying at Viator, and has spread his - cause of) the fact that we flunked a Viator played terrible football, but name wherever minor college s portsThe fir st s now of t he season cor· Isubj ect under one of them. because Normal was even worse than ' men gather. His shoes will be hard toin ly wrecked a lot of gentlemen's __ _ Viator, t he Saints were able to push to fill-not because of their s ize, but plnl1 ~ .conce rning ~hc mode o( tran s- I A nd t he sadd.est occurrence Of. the over a lone counter to win , 6-0. Ibecause of the fighting mick who T:le College Boys' Favorite porlollOn hom ewal d for the Thanks- w eek to ou r mInd came las t Friday McKe ndree came up to Bourbonnais I stood in them. Place to Eat givi n g vra~fa l~on .. }n case you h av~ I night when Father Bergin eclipsed to help st. Viator celebrate her Fat Carroll is the original Viator forgotlen, Vlatol means Traveler our own high for t he year on the Homecoming, and very obligingly man. He played four years of footBourbonnais, Ill. whi ch, when co m bined with the "rule ! bowling alleys. More strik es to you, went home on the short end of a 12-0 ball under t he Irish banner while in of thumb" affords every true Viator- , Father ! scor e. The Irish looked better in the old Academy. and returned to put ian s tud ent a justiflcation for his __ _ thi s game than they had in the in four more years of colleg e play. means of trave l. Snow or no s now, The quarter ly notes went home DeKalb and Normal contests but A blow ea rly in the season r eopened it warmed our hea rt to sec the num~ ju st one day before vacation. We were still below the perfor~ance I an old knee injury, but Fat took bel' ~f men wh~. were t ru e to the wonder if it was just a coincidence they made in the Wesleyan game. things easy, kept in shape, and rees tablished trad,tlon. after all? _ __ Notre Dame found herself with a turned for one final fling at the push-over on her hands on the fol- I game 10 t he Elmhurst game. \ Ve arc glad to hear from Father Th up "In lowing Saturday, and 50 s he se nt an Joe Logan and Pete ChIlstman are Cardinal, and doub ly indebted to e seas,~n, as su mmed 346 E. Court Street Docto r Ellis fo r so kind ly con~enting Retro spect , does not seem to have exceptionally strong r eserve eleven I both guards and both from Catholic ,. be.en such a tremen~ous s uccess. The to Viator. They allowed the Irish Central of Ft. Wayne. Pete, howto pn ss on a bit of news to us. Telephone 137 IrI sh used a predommately Freshman the ex hilaration of a 7-0 lead for a Iever, is originally from Yoder, I.ndi team a.nd were forced to learn the s hort time, and then turned on our ana , and spent two years at QUIncy Th e whole College is sor ry to see methods of a new coach, beside-s all Iris h a nd scored four touchdowns to College befor e coming to St. Viator. Sam McAllister go. H e has certainly which, they met so me r ather fast win, 26-7. The lads from Bourbon- Their loss will leave a tough hole in given St. Via tor so mething to cheer teams. We believe that those fact- nais looked especially good in this the center of t he line to be filled. Everybody Likes "boul in t he way of basketball tea ms ors should be given some considera- enco unter, and if we didn't mean Ken Clothier has played considernnd baseba ll nin es. Even the humil- tion, too. good, we should n't h ave said it. Two able half back for St. Viator, and is iations of two successive poor seasons --l of Notre Dame's touchdowns came expected "to play co nsiderable more We Supply 8t. Viator College in football could not offset the perWe would like to give J oe Degnan a s the results of bl ocked punts, and guard in basketball. H e is from a so nal popularity of the man. He so mething for that te legra.m. It the other two came late in t he final village down the way known as F. O. SA VOlE CO_ cnrries with him nIl the good wishes provided one of the bigll'es t laughs q uarte r after McAllister had jerked Bloomington, and a high school Dis tributor of the sc hool f or even greater success in months. I most of t he regulars. After that known a s Trinity. If the combination L -_ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I with his quintet at Alabama. game, a certain Mr. Rockne, whom can produce any more like Kenny, . The .football team ha.s be~n sH.cking rumor claims is the boss of the we're for 'em. \VhU e we say goodbye to Sam we tts haIr back and havmg Its pIcture coaches at Notre Dame, began to "Vive Les Hommes du Viateur." Demand nre glad to we1com,e Bucky taken. Someone is going to be a ! t hink a ·gentleman nam ed Hanley inlo ou r circle. Bucky ha s become hero somewher e! Just wait 'till Ft. 1quite so me 'p~mpkin s as a ball carrier, ,\Vith the first touch of cold weathan astoundingly popula r coach dur- 'Vayne hears about us. and. used hIm . as an alternate t o I er, hibernation for the stude~t body iug hi s short residence here, and. the - -Mull m s. PractIcally every man used has set in. Even the gathenngs for student body has evor y co nfid ence in The fencing team has been raking by Notre Dame in th ei r reserve the old sport of "bull" throwing has "IT'S QUALITY SATISFIES" his abili ty. in a lot of publicity for the College. game with Viator had seen action in I subsided. "Burly" Log an has oiled G. ARSENEAU BAKERY Such an aggregation is something one or more of the big games of our his lineman's boots in anticipation Bourbonnais, Ill. The co-eds certainly pr oved to t he 1 new in a school so small. brother Irish. of a good snowy winter. men of t he Coilege Club that they ___ I Heartened by their two victories knew n thing or b.vo about putting . On a part)-, too. 1 The radIO hound~ have heard Via- and their performance against Notre t or ' s name over the r adio quite a hit Dame, the Iris h J'ourneyed to carbon- I'

In Retrospect









United Cigar Store


Amedee J. Lamarre



Editor's Comment






Sanitary Market












The Little Nineteen has end ed its se!l.son in [mother of its customary messes . \Y e personally ore not 3. bit enthused about any of the undefeated elevens. Charleston sC'e~l1S to us to ha\"t~ the best claim to the title. The Toochers ployed $('\'('n g:\tnes against stiff competition. They lost one to Carbondale ::!~ O , and tied one with Br:ldley 0·0. Their goal linC' W!\:,; un~rossed throughout the senson. football

" -e are passing out "dh·t'· on the profs. n-e



\\' c hope that fencing will not alwnvs; be as gruesorne as that story co~c~rning the first week's casualwould seem to indicate. ___

Arseneau's Uniform BREAD

lately, also. First Sam's r esignation, then the fencing team, and finally the late scores of the Saturday games. ___ Prof. Ley has picked an excellent crast for his Christmas play, if you our opinion, as you probably won't. - -The Yi:l.torian seems to have become the battle-ground of the College. And. as Father Bergin would tell us, that's what we are here for. Send that complaint in now!

dale and were trimmed by two touch downs. Tough breaks and nothing else lost this encoun ter for the Saints. ' On the follo,\\rjng week. end, Viato r engaged th e league-Ieadmg Charles-

F aahion Believes in G. G. G. Weaves

Reliab!e Cleaners





_ _ ____ _

ton Panthers in a Charity game and ~ MENS ---lost 13-0. The g ame was much I evenly played t han the score indi- II Hotel Bldg. Kankakee, IlL cates, and St. Viator lost because she ,-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --;

~lOre ~UTFl~E.RS




Agent, Room 220



Accredited to TIlinois Unive rsity


A Select Boarding School f or Girls and Young Lad ies. This instituti?n is conducted by the Sisters of Notre Dame, and offers every opportunIty to young ladies for a thorough Christian and secular education. Prices reason able. F or Catalo.i:\le, address

Jourdan Packing Co.

.-\. young man about the campus is SISTER SUPERIOR, 1\otre Dame Convent seen sPOrting a Hcamel's hair" a bit more around. Looks like he was in a , '______________________________________________ BOURBOl>.'NAlS, ILLINOIS I most hesrt- racket!

814-836 W. 20th Street Chicago, Dlinois Telephone


Canal 3848 L ____________________





Monday, December 1, 1930.



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I Fro

Cardinal Tells of T rip to Rome in Letters to Oro Ellis

According to Dr. Ellis, who has received several letters from him, Rev. Edward V. Cardinal, C. S. V., Professor of History who is in Europe this year working for his Ph. D., h as arr ived at his destination in Rome afte\' a pleasant trip across the Atlantic and through the MediItcranean. Father Cardinal sailed from Boston on October 8th. While ~n t;1~t city, he visi ted Father Robert Howard Lord, a noted historian, and former Professor of History at Harvard Uni versity, who nOw teaches Ecclesiastical His tory at St. John's Seminary in Brighton Park, Mass. In his letters to Dr. Ellis, Father Cardinal spoke of a very interesting etop-over at the Maderia Islands, and also of a pleasant trip through the city of Lis bon, Portugal, as the guest of a wealthy shipmate.



! that a group of gentlemen ought to

Wouldn't it be poss ible to organize would be to inaugurate indoor basebe able to read a newspape~' without B; group of entertainers who would ba ll. This b a sport in which the cam e November 22, 1930. having it in shreds at the end of the take turns in providing some sort of majority of the students could Com- I f four years ago Mrs. Mascarino: day? a program? Other schools do SOine - pete, and it is also very good exerrom St. Phillip's I would like to know why the ChiNow, I agree w ith you that it is thing of this sort, so why can't Via- cise. With the large gym, it would High in Chicago, cago Tribune is no longer available part, although a very su bsidiary part, tor? The possibilities for such a not be hard to play this sport this and promptly began for student reading in the library. of the function of a library to pro- movement are unlimited, and a great winter. As it requires at least ten to show the Little · t· I b I' vide its users with ,newspapers. The t f I b Id Nnieteen something Th IS ac lOn, e leve, calls for a a~oun 0 a or wou not be re - men to play this game, there would b satisfactory explanation. library is very willil\g to fulfil! its qUired to provide the entertainme t b rt ·t f a out the ancient .lns that duty if the student body WI·II fulfi ll n. , e an oppo um y or everyone to get and honorable pastime with the Any a:r;gument which clal Let's have some further discussion some exercise. . k· ·t Of I k h II pIgs m. He was originally an end, proper care is not given to the paper 1 s. course, now t a t a the on this matter. but was converted into a fullback in t d ts, in one sense, null and void, be- S u ents are not blameworthy in this Yours truly, IL t" b t· . I order that the team might benefit by cause a library which fails to provide connec IOn; u It IS a truism , that A Sophomore. those tremendous drives of his. AI I).ewspapers to its users is no longer the i'lmocent must s uffer for the .II ·It h· I f I was captain this year, and led his a good library. Besides, what good gm y, w I C 1, 0 course, regret. does it do to subscrl·be As a last attempt to preserve two team of fi ghting youngsters against to a news___ I A new high score for the year was some of the toughest and most expaper and then file it a a ideals which seem in practice dia unused referehce shelf? w y on an metrica.lly opposed, that is to allow Question: ' Vhat campus activity set on the College alleys on last Fri- perienced outfits in the Little Nine, Since this library js for student the students to read the newspaper would yo u li ke to see inaug ur at ed day night when Father Bergin, mak- teen. Al plays center in basketbal! t!d t th t' to k . t at se Viator th is yea r ? mg hIS first appearance of the season, and is a member of the swimmin~ use, then why doesn't it allow the a. a e same tme eep qme . picked off 234 pins. The record was team . He is twenty-one, and a students to re~ d the Chicago Tribune? and order in the library, I will put Cornelius Healy, '32.- I'd like to set in a game with Father John Senior. Respectful ly, I.the newspaper out for r eading in the see an ~ndo~r track team at. the Col- Lynch, who pressed the winner Gill Middleton afternoons. , lege thiS wmter so that VIator will throc'ghout. For a time the 267 1 I If the otudents co-operate with me be able to enter into the Little Nine- re cord set by "Coot" Larkin seemed KENNETH CLOTHIER November 24, 1930. in being silent and orderly while teen competition next spring. Pl'ac- about to topple but finally s urvived Ken is a native Mr. Middleton: , reading ! t,~ve shall, have it out all tically every other college in the con- the battering. ' of Bloomington, and I find your request very reasonable, .' da~. Oth ~rwlse , "and III order t~ have, ference is represented by one and a product of the ti'l1ely and well put. And I am ready , a good lIbrary, for a good lIbrary I Viator should not lag behind. There well-known Trinity t) agree with you that my action in IS one m which a person rna)' read has been a campus rumor about the High . For f 0 u r ccpriving the students of the news- a~d study ih peace a nd quietude, we formation of a track team and I years Ken has worn paper calls for an explanation. Con- will be oblIged to Withdraw the hope that it is true. . . -__ the Green of the sequently, you shall have it. newspaper con~pletely. Edward Gorman, '33.-I would like l Out of accordance with the usual Irish on the footFirst of all, it should be understood . Very smcerely your~J. Ito see the intra-mural basketball I cllstorn, the students were granted a ball field and on the t hat this action is not hasty or un - i. Llbranan I schedule \Vo~'ked out at. once, so that four-d ay Thanksgiving vacation this basketball floor. H e premeditated. I have deprived the I I each competmg team WIll not have to year, the vacation extending from is a fast, cleal'-headstudents (\f the newspaper only after Dear Mr. Editor: . play all of their games one right Wednesday noon until 11 :30 o'clock ed halfback, and an a three year struggle to get them to Now that the long winter evenings after another, as they did under lalt Sunday night. It has not been the unshakable basketb a II g u a l' d. He l:ead it in a quiet, gentlemanly way, are here, an d the scholastic year has year's strenuous schedu le. An at- custom of the College to grant long wit hout confusion, noise and disorder. aga in settled down to more or less tempt should al so be made t o ha ve Thanksgiving vacations, although one usua lly is assigned to stop the top This year I determined on a final .l of a routine, it is time to resunect better referees and to better enforce was given last year at the petition scorer of every visiting cage team, solution of the problem. As in the : the annual an~ shop-worn pJea (here- all basketball rules. of the College Club. and always turns the trick. Ken's past I con tinually asked the student. tofor. only parti~lIy answered) for i Vjncent Mooney, '33.-Although popularity with the student body and to read the newspaper quietly and a 'se'ries of val'iated Saturday night there is a great amo unt ,of musical A funny thing happened to a cer- his fellow athletes, is displayed by one at a time, instead of in bunches I entertainments.. Each year this plea talent at the ?ollege, there is no tain ni ce YO:.lng fel10w arou nd here. the fact that he is President of his of ten and with much loud talking. becomes more of a necessity on ac- glee club to whIch the talented can As th e story goes-It seems that class, a nd President of the Monogram Since my requests brought about no count of the need of. recreation for applY their efforts. I really think some s ilicon as a solid object dis- Club. He is twenty-one and a Senior. impr ovement or alteration in their students und~r the increasing string- that a glee club or a quartet would appeared in a most peculiar way. Ha ve a good time-Thanksgi ving conduct, I re legated the n~wspaper to Iency of scholastic .l'egulations, and be a vaulable a,5set to the College. Any information would be very helpt he stacks insisting that tljey read it .. because of the growing belief of the Why don't -' some of those melodious ful to this very rosy-complexioned only COmes once a. year-remember that ! H ave your reports all made ~ne ~! one. No co-operation met me Il.(lpowers t~at might be" that any corridor s:o~gster~.. ,get . o. rg~nized. ? ; ;: young m ::l.l1 of 229. out so as to be ready to give your m t hiS endeavor. Students collected attempt whIch advocates the repea l Edward Custer, S3 .-There can be- I· version of UWhat Thanksgiving Day ill t he stacks in numbers with the of the Hstay-at-home-Saturday-night" no do u bt that · th~!e are 'fdo \ few ! Ask liEd" Hunt how it f eels to be usual attendant noise and disorder . rule is a heresy . , . campus activities at the College this l.sO militaristic. He certainly would was to you"! Class will begin at A complaint ~rom ·the Dean urging t Last year, if f remember corre~tly, I! ~ear, but I think that the int,l.'o~uc- , mak: one fine field ~eneral. Yep!! one P. M., Monday, December 1, in Lecture Hall 204-(jSquat" Christman me once agam, as he often had in the re were but four Saturday mght . tiOn of scheduled volley ball and Callmg hogs to attentiO n! and UDoc" Cleary will officiate . the past, to preclude the newspaper boxing shows and one smoker. Truly" hand ball games wOl,lld po much to from the students altogether finally a good beginning. But what about I remedy this condition. These two ; The student body will miss the HAhboo" Weber will be sergea nt-atdecided me to do what I had long the other twenty or twenty-five Sat- sports would not only attract a large pop ular and well liked figure of arms. Come one! Come all! been so reluctant to do, urday nights? According to the one majority of the student body and :'Red" Murgatroyd who, while only a This is the r eason I have with- hundred and fifty (jA" students of increase the general spirit, but wou ld Freshman, made a name for himself From various reports gathered from drawn the newspaper from the read- last year, they were spent in study. also provide an ample amount of in football and campus affairs while the four corners and stories of Roy ing room, not as you su ppose, because I really believe that some action exer cise to each student. here. (jRed" intends to remain in Hall, it seems as though this were a of the injury it was r eceiving. Al- should be taken so as to afford some Joseph Fortune, '34.- In r egard to Jacksonville pro tem after the r ather disastrous quarter for everythough, may I suggest. by the way , Idiversion to these students. campus activities, my suggestion Thanksgiving rec ess. one.

IF aloer Bergln Sets New BowllOng H:gh 0

Thenquiring I R eporter ! 0




S d tu ents Have Four i Days Thanksgiving





Pnye.; .;


hin g in Sportin!-! Goods

her " eI:.t IOC:tal Th~ ~t dent ody ho""," that th .. Inr ...-tll tr) to m3ko thl "monthly alTa:r

<WAl.IT\, R .\ \1\0

Tile f rcshm II football .'171.' h,u revi". th.. m.... ha~ .lumbenllJ':' really teen te:>rU1" up their oppo n. loclal ntm>sph.", he ... on th .. (ampu$. ents.

~lllch enthc.!;la,m

f' l ' :-;-IOR~I ATIO ~


" I ur long" in a " H ayes", "Ande rs on" of a a I4Ham", an "Oldham." CAw, "Too h ill " wit h you)

' f/ unt"

"U {'HI!" WlI""




and backlng

shown by the whole Fro.hman cla, (or lhi. manly .port. Thi . early

N. [. fRarruttr

C <Toll . " ,,\1" Furlonl':. Christman, ''.'(It'' Logan and ctJlti alion or ('nthU!lla~m and spirit ·· I\: "n" Clothif'f have €nd theu In!Ot that IS t-eing nTou~ed in these chap~ year 1n foothall f H olci \ '1atoT. Th~ -e wiil l!e or muC'h use to them in the men really played ( ~otba ll (or the C'omin£ years. (Good advic:e--lake it love of the g3mc. are !'ure, or lE.'ave it.) wh('n the (ootball o<a,on o( '';11'' roHs aro und the~f men will certainly The Fort \Yayne contingent wa.~ cc mlssed. H'ry much surp ri sed when "Duuh" Elliott, (o rmer schoolmate and team:!r L.3.rkin, the mailmnn. ho.~ bet'n mate oC most of them, stopped over \cry disnppointin~ to certain young to rpC'nd a few day~ while en route chaps on the second corridor. As a to Fort Wayne conveyor of love me~sages, ){ r. I. ~\f kin seems to be all wet. Thi!4 IS The first call ror fencing candidates ,tr,ig-ht dope from "Ham." IS

;'lint l"nJ( llj(", J heard moth!'r co m pIa ning about the IlIlbll,·lyof h"r 'In . "nut on earth enn I do with him?" 1)/, I, kf'l\. "Why, when hI: ake~ his girl for a ride, he alway pinK mistl"if'" on Ir • m(,f of the Cllr fir t." (Thi~ iR a good idea, !,·II" w8, ( h"p" !hllt YOII cltn tapitalize on it ~o me day.)



i!htrbrl" ,: hI



C 1,(·,'11 Ripple"?

......... .

t. Ion", however,

body should encourage them. This sport requires a lot of skill and grace. Any man that can acquire that and who should be under Dr. Bessenyey's skill and tutelage should be congratulated.

PCO'lC 107

"Fat" Menny and uChuck" Carney

intend to hike to Bradley for a little

Amedee T. Betourne

exercise, 'y,rc wonde r-what kind of exercise?

Pha rmacy

part. The play is for charity purposes. This play is part of the col-

• ... * . . ... . .

employed. Basketba ll is starting to pick up,

* ............ . A bond ,;a lcs man went . fi na lly, to a circu manager to get a job. The ma nager sa id. "Well, le l's s ee, the bear ju L died. You ca n put on the bear-sldn a nd 1\'0 in the cage." This was O. l{. with the lIl a n, but wh en h e was locked in the l'age h e not ice d a feroc ious lool,in g lion in th e sa me cage with him . Th e lion a d" a nced in a threa t enin g way, a nd imagine the sa (c,; ma n'" IIstoni s hmen t wh en th e li on s aid, "Sh-h-, you ' re noL t he onl ) hond sa lcs m a n in t his cage!" (Exchang e) The <lc\'il ~c nd" a wicked wind To blo\\' the skil·ts knee high, But helwell is just lind sends the dust To till the bad man's eye.

· .. . ...

nnd from a mere optica l view-poi n t.

it looks like a good team for old Viator this year. The college should be in the race for the conference championship title this season. Let's

" C<tll m e Doc." "EJ" H un t and "Squat" Christman h::"',, TII.'!llly wOlked up a colorful and L. . ha!":noniolls duet-they invade some poor !'t.:dcnt's room and co ntinue fo r \\'ith th .., urri\'nl (){ """hitey" hours \vith their poor attempt at hog H\ n.'1l~· ~.!\'. th .., ~1.'·('1llli ~\wrid(lr has l"nlling.

need to win a championship.




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F or a while there have been some worried men on the campus, but si nce they have all resumed their former nonchalance. they must have all

be here, and then

watch the

\,ilh his sax , Furlong, E. Hnmilh'll. Furlon)!. C~lIT(>11 Percn ,\Ill' ~l t"\ t~th\\1'$ wh " insi:::,t on Hunt. Chrb.tman, Laffe, nnd Carroll '\·hltc.'Y·~ mu:-:i1." :l~ ~l hid\.'t.'us. l"t.'nglom. with th~ir gold"n \'okes l :). "PutT" R)mnry. "(',-"'IOt" L.3.rkin and "BiU" "c,.ldd with their ~ducnted feet-nnd ~.B .. ) '..:t not least. the entire co r· "H~\m" H:,milh'H, th~ diminutih' r:J,,"Ir\:; ct:'sir~ for more musk. pby~'~ ~.nd fill 3.T,lUnd ~h."i'per oi thl..' \~:\mp~s. puIIt."')!\ i.,st \'n(' the The Fr~:shmen hnve be1?n warming ,lth\."l' d:\y. ..\ ht"r\! \'[ l.'\'\\"~ wt,'re ~:r.l ln~ \.Wt,'r th(' ',llr \.'~::'t('r pottio71. 'I' \):1 tht? $et..~nd corridor. There ::tr\. $o.ilc lik('ly pro~~Ls among them ,r th\.' ("~mp\l:'. and "ibm", upon :::\.'~i·l.!o! th\. Ul. :'!lid t, a ~T'\.'~!' of ;-0,);:- the tr::t.:k teanL The upperdass. .,,'h<"!'t::-. "\\\'U 1 ''"dl' 1 ~t."(' tb\.' f ,t· nlt.':l .. ~ In ch:u-g'e of the cryouts.. tall \·l.'~\.·h t1n.,Hy ~\t s.or:_h.~ m~w 5t.'r~ :.~ i the on:':l31 st3.rter hsppens to be : ':.:.r1 -;:: oi :.he strong 3.rm. ~\.'ys."

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Buy Y ou r Guaranteed Used C a rs H e re


horizcd LI ~COL:"I




The Sorority 01 Sl. Viator College really surprised the student body and the friends of the college by their

HOTEL KANKAKEE Sidney Herbst, Pres. and General :'1 " n 1f! DINING ROOM


l~ l'U lull ..'d h' :-.l,,'t..'p t..'\"t.'ry (,vtminsr by ~ usic is picking up on the second thl.' Ilwl\'\{liNt!'. h'n('s \If thi~ ::,le-t'pin: i\irin~ il\~truml,.'nt. lh'\\"\.'\"('r. thc~ corridor of late \\~ith what "Red" I~ :1 ~·ti~)n \.'t'nll'O::'l'd ~"I( ·'O~" \Yer.the' tickling the ivories. "\\~hitey"


Merchants' Cafe

Soon the finals for the semester will


11 !l Co urL St., K a nk a kee. ilL

all get behind them, and give the team the sort of morale they will lr - - - - - - - - - - - - - -, ._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _--,

pulled through satisfactorily. I mean thnt the first quarter of this scholastic college year is a thing of the past. (A . 0.)




When in Kankakee Yo u A r e Always W elcom e at the

lege con tr ibution to the poor and un-

LeL them rave, Thou a r t qu i t in thy g r ave.


l"a nl,alice. Ill.

playing good b.. ketball.

been decided upon, and all a r e work· n ais, Illinois, as the ing a ssiduously on t heir individ ual Oh, Yea-a.-a-n-!

Oh, Death when' is Thy Sting!


153 No rt h Sc hu yler \

til they arc back

Oon ' t eve r goo to a la d y barb er to ge t a s have. Did you ever sembling 01 a dramatic club under : ), inll what mi ght ha pp c n if a m ous e ra n across the floor at the Professo r Ley was answe red by t he There seems to be two I rish men college's best talent. Parts have r oo m in g in 205, Roy H a ll , Bourbo nw ro ng mom ent ?



yd trl'~~t1n'd for their lI'orth D~ liying pol'lmit~.

on the a lJ hardwood-sweating and


Father Maguire's call for t he


~il'(' .

Are these [oat ball playe," takinggoes toward reviving the old school ~o tlwt thl' rrpl lilion of the "ame name will not becom? monoton- spi rit, and the rest of the student life easy now? Just ask us! rt won't Fol' il1~lal1('l', the Val'~ily is known as "the Fighting Irish", "Thl' Sldl1ts," "thr Creen Wa ve, " etc. But Rince the F resh m en ha\'(' orswl1i zl'rl a football le nm of their own, all reporters have 1)1'('11 at II lo~s as to what to call them. Could we suggest ,·th e


Einbeck's Studio

II iR a custom umong all sporL "TiLers to have a set of was rea II l' nobly answered by ap· ~ f undnrd ~jgnincHnl names for each tea.m lhat they write about proximately twenty men. This all

'HI M.




MA GN I F ICE).'T B \ LL r:CO.\l

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A hearty welcome awaits the student. and friends of St. Viator College



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by outright gift, insurance, bCf]uest or annuity. You can get 6 '< on your money and lean, thE> capital for the Endowment. "'rite for partic::uiars teo

St. Viator College Extension Club In corporated


1939 Strous Bldg., 310 S. :\Iichigan A \-e. Telephone Waba.-;h 2727

J. P. O':l£ahoney, Treasurer

Chicago, TIL


Monday, December 1, 1930.


Page 5



Irish Come to Life in l First Practice Final Quarter to Win Results In Death a Day i From Dueling By Lone Point The big Green Wave of St. Viator I BULLETI Nl came close to an inglorious defeat at the hands of an inspired Illinois , T he death of J . Kenneth Bus hm an College eleven on Saturday, Novem- I which occurred this morning) as a ber 16, and onl y won by the margm result of in juries received when he of AI Furlong's goal after touch- t rip ped over the fence broug ht t he down. total num ber of casualties to seven. Illinois College was play ing their Mr. Bus hm an WOre his der by to t he game of the year, and, although they last. were not expected to furnish much opposition for the Irish, th rew a big The scare into the Viator ranks by scorfirst week of fencing practice ing fi r st. Viator was lucky to held in the handball courts of the escape w it h their 7-6 victory, and to new gymnasium resu lted in a total the Ramblers goes the palm for be- of only six deaths. The week was ing one of the hardest fighting ,,:,arked by the sluggishness of pracI th · ' h d I hce, and very little of importance or


;i~~:'Jiii,~i:ilt~Ie~~;~:;~~~:';~;~~ I:~$:r~::e::sl: t:::i:~:et:: :::o:e:~

whole of the game were in no hurry I bemg the first to die by the sword to score. Four times in the first I when GaYl~rd Chapman ran him half they took the ball to the Illinois thrOUg~ ~urmg. the first practice sesfive yar d line, only to be stopped by sJOn. a g reCIted a few lines of .. poetry as he expIred a stubborn defense whIle m the Th b t l h· shadows of the goal. Viator gained e. eS s aug ter of the week .. . came In th e second meet during at WIll m nlld·field, but could go no - I h · h th t d ' where once they came within easy I ~ IC ree s u ents left the College V1a the saber route. Ray Wenthe scoring distance. Illinois College, visioning a pos- opened hostilities by neatly shearing sible victory, came back strong in Herb Hoover's head from his shouldthe second half, and played St. Via- ers. The head struck the floor with tor off their feet to score a touch- a hollow sound, b~t was a lmost solid down and lead 6.0. Their attempt Ienough to contmue on its way at goal failed, and the two teams through. ~aul LaRocque and Gendwent into the final quarter with the I ron LegrIS . prOVIded a n unusual . . clImax to theIr duel when they both game s.tlll very much m the balance. lunged at the same moment and sucThe IrI sh opened up theIr famous ceeded in fatall wound in aerIal attack, and scored before the y g each Ramblers could figure it. Captain other. B:cause. of the superiority of Al F urlong neatly booted the ball LaRocque s. WrIst movement as disbetween the two uprights, and Viator pI~y~d In hIS. stro~e, we are a bit inled 7-6. clIned to gIve hIm the newspaper , deCISIon. Illi~ois College came back after I The third meet was without incithe kIckoff' V:lth ~ desperate offenSIVe, dent, only three men bein consi ned but the Vlatonans had come to I to Mrs. Kennedy's care !s a r;sult themselves at last and begun to play . the kind of footba ll of which they . of the practIce, but another name was bl Th t k th b II I struck from the student register were capa e. ey 00 . e. a when Joe Fortune failed to move f Jm the Ramblel:s and carned ~t ~o quickly enough in his bout with the one yard hne, where Ilhnols Sylvan Bona which came in the College held. for three downs and I fourth session. of the m oval as theo I Th s t ·In t eres t·109 f eature of gamed possessIOn de game ende ._ _ _ _ _ Dan Madden's demise in the fifth workout was his funeral which occurred just as the men were assembling for the seventh practice period. J OSEPH LOGAN Ken Bushman was severely injured Joe hails from in the sixth session when he tripped Catholic Central of and fell over the barbedwire portion Ft. Wayne, w hence of the fence . His condition is reso many Viator men garded as serious, and the buzzards have come in the are watching over him night and day. past. He is playing ! Although Dr. Bessenyey stoutly his fourth year of denies it, we have it on good authorfootball for the I rish ity that he is the ·hero of many duels. at guard. A guard So proficient is he with the sabers has little chance to that a straight in his hand is worth stand in the lime- four of a kind in any other man's. . light, before the He is, however, one of the mildest stands, and as a of men, and always insists on having consequence, get s the blood scrubbed from the floor befew of the laurels showered upon fore the new duels begin. A large interest is being taken in the _other players, while making those possible. But Joe has been a the duels in the gym, and St. Viator good guard, and the team knew it promises to have a fencing team and the coach knew it, and so Joe second to none if the supply of stuck . For four years he has been material holds out. It has been sugOOntent to do the dirty work and let gested that the fencers use t he the glory go to someone else, but Freshmen for dummy thrusting pracnow the school acclaims him one tice, but no action has been taken on Iidam fine guard." Joe is quite the matter as yet. active in other student activities, also, is a member of the Viatorian Jim Brown, '30, was here for the staff, and is the Senior class delegate Sorority dance last Wednesday night. to the Advisory Board. He is twentY- IJirn managed the candy store last One and a Senior. year, and is located in Ch icag o now.






Sam McAllister

Kankakee Wins From Freshmen

The Freshmen lost their final football game of the sea son on Sunday, November 16th, when they were taken into camp by a strong town team from Kankakee. The final score of 6·0 givos a fair indication of the relative strengths of the two team s. The first half was featured by a irtight football, with neither s ide ha ving the advantage. Play was principally confined to mid-field, and bot! teams were cautious. The third quarter was much of a repetition of th e first half with the exception of the fact that the su perior s ize and weight of the Kankakee line was beginning to tell on the youngsters. Kankakee worked the ball down to within scoring distance, and the opening of the final quarter found them with the ball on the Freshman ten yard line. The Iri sh repulsed four attempts to gain and punted to mid· field , but were unable to summon up the necessary strength to stop another rush, and Kankakee scored soon after on straight football. After the kick-off, the Irish came back strong and threatened to overcome the Gashouse advantage. Their passes carried them to the visitors' twenty yard line, where a Kankakee man intercepted a pass and returned it to the Viator forty yard line. Gaining possession of the ball on a fumble, the Viatorians carried the ball down the field to the ten yard line where the game ended with the ball in the Freshmen's possession. The loss gives the Freshmen an even break on the season. They lost to Kankakee and the Upper-c1assmen, Sam McAllister first came to St. but won from the Academy and Viator in 1921 from St. Mary's of Bourbonnais. They have played a Kansas, as a student. Sam showed good brand of ball all season, and a lot of athletic ability a.n d was a considering the fact that they have member of the football, basketball been self-coached, have made a good and baseball teams during his school record. days. He became on of the best The members of the team are known all-around ath letes in the Custer, Riley, Byron, Sullivan, FarLittle Nineteen, and on his gradUa- rell, Spreitzer, Nolan, Mehren, Waldtion in 1925, he was retained by the 1 ron, Almeroth, Delaney, Madigan, College as coach. Legris and Fleming. Charlie ClifSam entered upon his new duties ford and Jim Hunt also turned back the years for the Kankakee game. with his who le heart, and produced

ELMHURST WINS FINAL CONTEST Pirates Take Advantage Of Breaks to Trim Viatorians Robert Spreitzer: We lost 13-0. Everybody played fin e game. Make my bed. J. C. Degnan

Al though they lost the last game of the season to the Pirates, St. Viator was by no means outplayed by the strong Elmhurst eleven, and, had the breaks been more evenly divided, the result might have been different. By breaks we mean those opportunities which lead to touchdowns, and those were just what Elmhurst was favored with. With the ball on the Viator 35 yard line, and the Irish stopping all attacks, a somewhat strict official detected a Viator man using his hands illegally, and the ball was placed on the eighteen yard line despite Viator protests. Elmurst hit the line three times for a total of six yards, and with Viator's excellent chances of holding them, someone was off-sides on the next play, giving Elmhurst a first down on the nine yard line. The Pirates charged hard, and with fourth down, two to go, they crossed the goal line. They added the extra point from placement. Score: Elmhurst 7; Viator O. Viator opened up after the kick off and in six plays had the ball on the Elmhurst four yard line, as they lined up for the next play with fourth down, goal to go, the gun went off ending the half and all hopes of scoring. The Irish came out in the second half looking for blood. Every player had his lips set in grim determination to playas he had never played before. In the face of a regular gale, they played their hosts to a stands till, checking their line attack, and forcing them to passes . ~n their attempt to score. Elmhurst had just the play for the occasion, and with a one of the leading outfits of the Confake end run, threw-~ a- pass that ference in his first year. In 1927 he caught the secondary defense asleep made a clean sweep of all championand scored their second touchdown. ships when his basketball and base- I The kick for the extra point was ball teams carrIed off the Little W I LLIAM HAMI LTON blocked. Nineteen titles in those sports and I "Ham" came to It was time for the Green Wave to his football players returned in the Viator fro m act, and act they did. Uncorking a Fall to talce the Mid-West footba.ll Clinton, Ill., three clever spread formation, they adchampionship. r ago. He went va need to the Elmhurst five yard S ince McAllister's appointment, the out for football, and line. On the next play they made team s from Viator have been among made his letter at two yards, but \Vestray was thrown the most respected aggregations in quarter back in his for a seven yard loss on an attempted the Conference. St. Viator has al- / Freshman year. Last end run as the quarter ended . Viator ways been near the top in every year he became the gambled on a pass for a touchdown, sport, and has become athletically regular signal caller but an alert Pirate knocked the ball one of the most prominent of the and has successfully down. \Vith the wind now in their smaller Middle-Western co1leges. Sam I defended his posi- favor, Viator turned to the air to has had his best luck with his tion against the stiff advance the ball, but whenever they basketball teams, and has missed . competition of this reached scoring territory, their atwinning Little Nineteen champion- year's squad . He is a fiery, co lorful tempts failed and they were forced to ships in the past two years by mar- figure, both on and off the field . He give up the ball. gins of a bare game or two. Every- has an unusual ability to detect an McAllister used most of his subone po~~ts f~r the Viator gam~, and enemy weakness and . direct the at- Istitutes in the final quarter in an the lIlsh-Wes leyan encounter ha.s I tack at that spot. He IS also a mem- effort to score but the men lacked become one of the classics of the ber of the baseball team, winning his the necessary ~l1nch. Conference basketball season. With letter by his stellar work in the out- I Fat Carroll, in playing his last the exceptIOns of Wesleyan a.nd I fi eld and at the plate. "Ham" is game for his Alma Mater turned in Bradley, who have broken even wIth twenty-one years old, and a JUnIor. a performance that stamps him as one of the outstanding tackles of the the Viatorians in the last four years, McAllister coached basketball teams I While the College regrets Mc- Little Nineteen. H e was in every hold the edge over every team on Allister's resignation, it rejoices in play and broke up end runs time their schedule. his good fortune. He has made after time with an uncanny cleverSam has de veloped a number of many friends at the College, among ness . Ox O'Donnell, substituting for individual stars, such men as Evard' i the alumni, and sporting circles Captain Al Furlong, who was kept Delaney, Laenhart, Furlong, and throughout the Middle-West, all of on the bench by an injury, played a Todd owing a large measure of the whom wish him the best of luck in remarkable game at fullback. His credit for their success in their own his new position. vicious thrusts made several first particular fields of sport to his downs, and he backed up the line detutorship. The "I"s have it. I fensively like a stone wall.


PaKe 6



Monday, December 1, 1930.

~--~~==--~,~~======~========================================================= THE FRANKLIN PRESS CO.

(Continued from first parre) favorabl y with Milikin's slate, and the Teachers arc entitled to their ahare of the championship cake, tJO. Mt. Morris haR the least impressive record of the three. She was able to show but three Little Ninet.een victories, which places her fa" below Carbondale, and the three toams beaten by her all ended the season at or near the bottom of the heap. Elmhurst, her only rC:lI victory, was beaten by a score of 13-7 before the Pirates had begun to hit their stride. Besides Elmhurst, she defeated Wheaton 39-0, and tool< Eureka into camp by a 21-0 cou nt. Taken a ll in all, we perso:dly I th in k that Mt. Morris might easily be left out of consideration and the t it le left a two-way tie between Milikin a nd Carbondale. Not that that clears up the situation to any Mr. Ley comes to St. Viator as an mal'k :!d degree, but it clarifies it a assistant to Father Lynch in the little. Chrleston showed about the Enrrlish department. He received his most power of any of the losi ng degree from Notre Dame University teams, engaging- in seven games, all last June, and is on hi s first teaching of them against strong opponents, assignment. losing one 2-0 to Carbondale, and Mr. Ley, who majored in English, playing a scoreless tie w ith Bradley. made :1n exceptional r ecord for himThe Panthers' goal l ine was un- self both as a student, and in extracrossed throug-hout the season, yet curricular activities. He was a mernthey lost t he title. The flTIal stand ings: Carbondale T eachers. Milikin Mount Morris Monmouth .CharlestO!l Telchcrs ' DeKalb Teachers Knox Illinois Wesleyan Lake Forrest . Augustan a Elmhurst -Bradley . Macomb Teach ers "North Central Carthage St. Viator .. Eureka State Norma l Wheaton .... McKendree .. lIlinois College '" indicates tie game.

W. .... 5 .. .4 .3 .... 5 .5 .4 .3 4 .... 2 .. 3 .3 2 ....3

... 2 ..... 2 ..... 3 ..... 2 ... 1

..... 0

....... 0

Prof. Crawford

Murray Hickey Ley

Three in Tie for Little 19 Title


o o

1 2 2

3 2 3

PRINTERS AN D STATIONERS Printing, Engraving, Office Supplies, Loose Leaf Forms, Binders, Etc. 264 East Merchant Street



Kankakee, IlL



ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS AND DEALERS Electricians for St. Viator College 362 East Court Street

Telephone 995



Mr. Crawford is a nother of the! younger members of the faculty . He \ Practice Limited to is in charge of the Commercial Science department. He is beginning EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THROAT his teaching career th is year. .\ Bell Telepholl!' 253 He received his Bachelor's degree from I owa Wesleyan Uni ve r sity, a nd G02 City National Bank Bldg. KANKAKEE, ILL. obtained his Master's degree at ! Clarke College, Worcester, Mass. !I H e majored in Econom ics and Sociol- ' ' -_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _---1 1\


bel' of the "Scribblers" and numerous ogy. H e has done work in the new ether literary societies, and took a school of Social Research in New very active part in activities. York under the famou s Sociologist, Since coming to St. Viator, Mr. 1H arry Elmer Barnes of Smith ColLey has become an important part I lege. in both the scholastic and the extr a Although he is but r ecently out of curricular life of the College. At ' the class-room himself, Mr. Crawford present he is directing t h e produc- h andles his classes admirably. He is tion of the mystery play to be pres- an immensely popular professor, and en ted at Christmas time for Chari ty. enjoys t he fu ll confidenc e of both the Ilis good humor and likeable per- College Administration and the sonahty have made the "prof" one I student body . of the most popular instructors on the campus. His originality a nd care make his classes both interesting and instructive. The acquis ition of Mr路 1 JEROME Ley doubles St. Viator's debt to Notre Dame for capable instructors .

KANKAKEE PURE MILK CO. Bulgarious Butter Milk Milk and Cream 396 SOUTH SCHUYLER AVE. Always Drink Pasteurized Milk. Our Wagons Pass Your Door E very Morning Before You Have Breakfast. Both Phones 45 DRINK MILK


First Class Restaurant

McBroom's Cafe

Established 1908

Meals, Short O rders, Specials a nd Confections Private Dining

~ Basket Ball Team 4 Begins Practice


for Banquets and Parties



(Continued from first page) ans are going to have to keep their noses to the athletic grindstone if they expect to hold the ir jobs. The . battle for the center position is expected to be especiall y hard fought. \ Last year at this time the College Vias faced with a superfluity of Michael J. Cleary, '28, came back centers. Al Furlong, Kit Carson, and to look over the College and visit Jerry Hol sch er , six-foot seven candiwith friends here, Saturday. Idate for the pivot position were all ___ Ishowing up well. Holscher failed to Paul Mills and Harold Pfeffer, both return to Viator this year and CarViator grads, stopped over the other son was visited with a knee injury, day to renew old acquaintances. Both ' lc.:win g St. Viat'Jr in possession of men now live in Champaign. one good man in the person of Furlong, and no replacements in sight. George A. Rooney and James Con- 'Tl:e ::.tre:1gth of Viator teams in the nors, former Viator men, vis ited the P:l st ha~ rested largely in the numCollege recently. Connors is now tel' of first class men they were ab le working for his master's degree at to carry as replacements. This year, Dahman will be forced to look about Northwestel'n University. rather more for substitutes than for


~ 06

---I 7

and teams. He


"--------------- I i

Gerald Best, who was a we ll known regulars.. . football star at Viator during his . Although V18tor has already Signed days here, is now employed by the ! he.r . .old rivals, \Vesleyan, Bradley, Greyhound Bus Company of Chicago. Mlhlnn end Shurtleff, the schedule Jerry goes with the football team h'lS :-.0'.: been compl.eted. It IS exon a ll its trips. pec ted that the full hst of games to be played by the Irish this year will be available within another week, in t he meantime Manager Degnan is :ul'f:.nging games with t he fastest outfits in the state.

Quarterly Notes Given Out Before Vacation


both. He l years of l for the l Academy and was elected Captain his I

B. L. FITZG ERALD Insurance, Loans and Bonds

Senior year . Jerry waS:1 center in his high I school days, and a good center, too, but when he came out for the College te3.m, he was converted into a tackle. '-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __


60 5-606 Volkman Bldg.


H e has been one of the most co nsistent p l aye~s of the year, appearing r---------------------------------~ in nearly every game. He will be a Leave Your Laundry and Dry Cleanin6' With va luable man to build the line around in the next three years to come. Jerry is going out for basketball and can be expected to put up a real AGENCY DOMESTIC LAUNDRY CO_ battle for t he center position. He is Dry Cleaners Rug C'eaners nineteen years old, an d hails from




Evanston .



,,~~?~!~~!!~:S l'----------------------------------~ KA~~~;~~E I Leading P urveyors to the Institutional Table C[~?i~~~~ SbicrnSte~nr~I~~~rt:.nd

F orty-seven years experience in supplying Quality Food Products for in;:: tional and restaurant requiremeAs has perfected our s\'lrvice and o r va lues beyond comparison.

~ HOES loy Nunn Bush and Friendly li'ivc""S. Interwoven Hosiery_




r Edelweis Trade Mark has become tre symbol of fine quality foods economically packed. All of ou r products r' c packed in the containers most to "'1\' ~ nient and economical -for you.

Lambert Hardware

The results of the first quartees daily work and examinations were K3nkakee, Ill_ Kankakee, Ill. made public by the Registrar's office on last Tuesday. The previous week had been given over to examinations. 'The quarterly grades are not final, REACH-WRIGHT & DITSON but give an indication of the amount Cor. Court St. and Schuyler of work being done by the student, l\vcn:.:e ifng and enable him to approximate his ~_ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _~ L__ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ standing in eac h of his subjects.


Welcome Your Banking Business







St. Viator College Newspaper, 1930-12-01  

The Viatorian, Vol. XLVIII, No. 5