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llfiafnriau F riday, November 14, 1930.




A number of t he students of St. Viator College, under the direction of Father Maguire, have been a iding lhe Kankakee Unemployment Co~­ mISSIon m compIlIng Its statIstIcs regarding the situation. A three-day registration was held at the suggestion of Father Maguire, at wh ich time every unemployed person in the vicini ty was asked to register. Approximately seven hundred blanks were filled out by the Comm ission in the three-day survey. The students have volunteered their services for the cause.


College Clears Big Sum I For Unemployed From Charleston- Viato~o G ame The defeat inflicted upon the Irish by the Charleston Teachers was somewhat offset by the knowledge that the College would be able to turn a large sum over to the Kankakee Unemployment Comrnissioll for use in furthering its activities a mong


the unemployed of this section of the state. The game was attended by the largest crowd of the year, exceeding th e Homecoming throngs by many hundreds. I A large share of the credit for the


Stu d en t sage St A ' t nClen

interest in the game is due to the newspapers and the committees of Mystery Play for Char the various civic clubs of Kankakee, who co-operated with the College in ity at Christmas every way possible to secure the Under the direction of Murray success of th e game. The Franklin Press printed the programs free of Hickey Ley, instructor of English, charge, eliminating that important I the students of St. Viator are planitem of expense. The Kankakee I ning to give a mystery play at Municipal Band, the Kankakee High Christmas time for the benefit of the School Band, and the American unemp lo yed. The play is to be presLegion Drum and Bugle Corps also ented at the Luna Theatre on the donated their services and entertained evenings of the eighteenth and ninethe crowds between the periods of tee nth of December. the game. An announcing appara.tus Tryouts for the play were held in was installed, and the fans were the auditorium of Roy Hall on last able to follow the game more closely Thursday evening, at which time. a by the aid of Denis Drolet, who hand- number of InCIpIent thespIans dlSled the microphone. played their wares. The results of Although the majority of the p eo- the tryouts will not be known for I pIe attending were from Kankakee some time yet. and vicinity, a good ~hare of t he The play tentatively selected for crowd which filled the stands and presentation is "The Shepherd's overflowed onto the sidelines was Watch." It is an adaption of the composed of students' parents here . old Maa.strich Play and the Messiah to celebrate the first annua.l Parent's ! by Thomas J. McKeon . The cast innay of St. Viator College. I cludes thirteen players-the Blessed Virgin Mary, Angel Gabriel, Joseph, !First King, Second King, Third King, College Club eets an Angel, and the six Shepherds.

Second Year Men Pick Mr. William Gibbons to Succeed Middleton At a meeting of the Sophomore class called on the evening of Tuesday, November 11th, Gill Middleton, Class President, submitted his resignatio n. Mr. Middleton gave as his reason a lack of co-operation on the part of the class with the President, and the realization of his inability while in office to accomplish certain ends. After a long discussion in which he was asked by the class to reconsider, his resignation was accepted. The class proceeded to the business of electing a new President. The names of William Gibbons and Kenneth Bushman were placed in nomination, and Gibbons was elected

On Tuesday, October 28, the Rt. Rev. Bernard J. Shiell auxil iary , • Bi shop of Chicago, came to Kankakee Father lI-Aagulre Makes to officiate in the administration of Strong PI f th the sacrament of Confirmation to ea or e two large classes. At two o'clock he Co-operation of confirmed a la rge class at St. Mary's p and at four o'clock, he confirmed a arents class of two hundred and sixty-fi ve candidates at St. Rose of Lima. The Approximately one hundred fathclass confirmed at St. Rose contained ers and mothers declared Friday, fifty converts among its number. November 7th, a holiday and attendBishop Shiel is a graduate of St. ed the first annual Pal'ents' Day exViator College with the class of 1908. ercises at the College and expressed their congratulations upon the adHe is the titular Bishop of Pege. dition of the new date to the scholastic calendar. The faculty was well pleased hY' the representative turnout at the inaugural event, and as a result many valuable ideas and opinions were exchanged with the parents. Already it is hoped to make Librarian Has New Plan the next Parents' Day even more successful than this one. F C' f



Ircu a bon Late Books


The weather was ideal and many parents came early in the afternoon to give the institution a thorough A new plan whereby the latest round of inspection. They were esbooks may be obtained at a nominal corted through the va,rious buildings cost has been offered the student and class rooms by their sons. By body by the library. According to four o'clock a goodly number of cars the plan, a book club is to be formed had been parked in front of Marsile to facilitate the distribution of the and Roy Halls. Chicago, P eoria, books. Bloomington, Hoopeston, and other The club, being formed by Mrs. Illinois city license were much Mascarino, Librarian, is to be com- in evidence, a long with some Indiana posed of those students and members licenses. of the faculty who are interested in At 5 :30 o'clock Chef Russo and the latest books, both fi ction and non- his a ides proudly served dinner to fiction. Membership in the club is the parents and the students in the to be had on the payment of an students' refectory. The well-balanced initial fee of fifty cents, and the menu evoked many pleasing Co mbooks purchased by the club may be ments from the visitors, many of take n from the library by the mem- whom were enjoying the hospitality bel's on the payment of a nominal of the College for the first time. fee of fifteen cents for the first four Father Maguire mingled with the days loaned and two cents a day for crowd a nd was introduced to the every day thereafter. Through the occupants of the various tables by medium of the club, the students the students. wiII be able to obtain many late Father Maguire Speaks b. 00 k s W h·IC h wou Id no t b e aval'1 a bl e After the meal was over, Father To Discuss Council I . The Shepherds, who are the prinIf they were to b.e purchased only IMaguire spoke on the advisibility of clpal characters, are deSCrIbed as : I I I brary f un. d Wh en making Parents' Dayan annual afI Newly-Forme oronty f rom t hke genera --I First Shepherd-One versed in the the boo s h ave pal'd f or th emse Ives, fair a.nd publicly thanked all those A meeting of the College Club was . Scriptures, but with no pronounced To Give Dance and they are to be added to the general h h d d th d h . . h 'b w a a ma e e ay suc a success. called on Monday evening, Novembe r jviews concerning the Messiah. third by President Carroll to conSecond Shepherd-Who ardently Card Party on collectIon m t e II rary. He also mentioned his plans for the sider the plan of student government looks for the Messiah. He thinks That Date The club is attracting widespread future of the College and dwelt upas outlined by Father Maguire. Be- the Roman r~ie preludes the coming interes t among the members of the on the va lue of Catholic education. student body, and it is hoped that Hi s t a lk was very interesting and cause of the interest aroused over of the Messiah as foret~ld by the the Q'liestion, an unusually la.rge Scrip ture s. As its first activity of the year, as ma.ny s tudents as possible will was well received. number of stud ent s were in attend- I Third Shepherd-A poet, but a the new Social Sorority of S. V. C. pledge. At 8 :00 o'clock many of the paranee. The meeting was formal, a nd scoffer, cynical, but good-hearted. will give a dance and card party in ents had the pleasure of seeing their called only for the purpose of ascer- He pretends to have no fait h in the the College gym on the night of Father Maguire is sons play against Charleston Normal taining the can census of stud ent Coming. November nineteenth. The a.ffail' is Ch. in the football game, while the opinion on the matter. Fourth Shepherd-A practical Jew. under the direction of the cooed ofSpeaker in Icago others appeared very much interested The plan was vigorously attacked "Let well enough alone" is his motto. ficers with Mary Taylor, Pres ident, in the game. by Mr. Flynn, Mr. Hoover and Mr. \ Business is good, so why waste time in charge. But recently returned from his a,p Farrell. but found some support on religion and politics? Anxious to show the boys of the peal'ance before the American Federfrom Mr. Middleton. A number of Fifth Shepherd-A zealot, hating College Club how to stage such an ation of Labor, the Very Rev. J. W . Team Goes to Illinois the members present took part in Rom e with all the fire of an oppressed affa ir , the eo-eds are sparing no R . Maguire, C. S. V., journeyed to College This Week End the discussion, and nearly everyone ~ race. Considers only the "prosper- pains to make the evening a success. Chicago on Armistice Day, Tuesday, expressed dissatisfaction with the . ous Messiah." To play for the dance, they have November 11th, to speak before the The team left early Friday for idea. It was finally decided to leave Sixth Shepherd-An old man who secured Faletti's orchestra-a fact Catholic Association for International final judgment on the plan to the has a ll but lost hope in the Coming. which practically precludes the pos- P eace. The meeting, which was held Jacksonville, Illinois, where they are College Club Advisory Board, who, Bitter experience has made him si bilities of any dull moments. They a t the Congress Hotel, was under to meet the Illinois College eleven if they found t he school plan to be ! cautious j age has dulled his enthus- a re decorating the gym in an origin- the sponsorship of the Chicago Cal- in the next to the last game of the al fashion, a.nd are endeavoring to vert Club. Father Maguire s poke year. Hopes of a victory over the Unacceptable, were to draft a plan iasm. The players will be assisted by a make the huge structure even more at the morning session of the all- Ramblers are high. Illinois College for submission to th e College Club and the school authorities. choir of trained voices. attractive than it was at Homecom- day meeting, and took as his topic, has not won a game this year, and ing. The ticket committees Will i "The Economic Causes of the War." is not expected to put up any great Father John Parker Pastor of make a drive among the student Because of Father Maguire's reputa- amount of opposition to the Irish. Immaculate Conception' Church in ,Vllham WI McFawn, Academy '29, body in the. near future, b.ut tic~ets l tion. as an economist, his listener s Besides the co-coaches McAllister and Streator and an old friend of the IS attendmg St. Thomas MIlItary for the affaIr can be obtamed from r eceIved a n interesting and instruct- Dahman, twenty-three men made the College, 'paId us a VISIt last Tuesday. Academy at St Paul, Mmn . 'any member of the Sorority. lve lecture. trip.



by a small majority. The retiring Pres ident, Mr. Midd leton, has been one of the most popular men on the campus. He has held and still holds many important offices. The success of th e recent Homecoming was due largely to his efforts a s general chairman of th e Homecoming committees. He was the delegate of his class to the Advisory Board last year, and is this year's President of the St. John Berchman's Society. He is a membel' of the staff of the Viatorian, and a leader of student activity. The new President, Mr. Gibbons, is a new-cornel' to class politics. Like his predecessor in office, he is a product of Trinity High of Bloomington. He is a well known and generally liked figure on the campus.














I Those of us who prefer to attend a

Cntholic college

find that we must

Published bi-weekly throughout the schob"tic year by the students of St. Viator College.

subscribe to its paternalistic style Mr. Editor: of government as a necessary evil. In an effort to find a solution to It is not my intention to take issue the problem of student discipline, with the Catholic mode of education


Father Maguire called the students in thi& letter, but I do helieve that together and outlined a plan of it is our duty to lessen the hold of

James Du gan



Ralph Hoover K e nneth Bu s hman Gill Middleton Frances Mary Clancy Joseph Logan Robert Tucker .. Patrick M. Cleary .... Ca rl Lampe . ........... Kenneth Clothier Raymond G. Wenthe

Editor-in-Chief ::Vlanaging Editor Feature Writer Feature Writer Featu r e Writer Feature Writer Camp us Briefs Editorials Athletics Viatoriana Freshman Assistants : A lumni Athletics Managing Editor . F eature Writer Feature Writer Circul ation Manager.. John C. Boyle

Compliments of


student governm ent. The plan, as the system up on the ordering of advocated by F ather Maguire, pro- OUT daily li ves as much as possible.

vided for a student council to con- The plan

advanced by

Father Ma- ,_______________

5ist of seven members, three of whom guire I hold to be intolerant because, , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ shot:ld be the prefects of Roy Hall, I fi rst, i t establishes a system of spies and the remaining four to be select- in our midst, secondly, it provides

ed from the student body at large. for The council should sit on all minor infractions of t he rules and mete out punishment according to the rules as promulgated by the College Counci l. The theo r y of the thing is, we prcs ume, that, if t he student is brought into closer contact with hi 3 disciplinary body, he will have a greater sense of honor or respons ibility or something, and break th e

James Dugan Frank Wirken .... Eclw:lrd Coak ley ...........John Boy le ....... John Burns ... Robert Spreitzer Wilbur Callahan rules less often.




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zrperftous body on the campus, and Cor. Court an d Sch uyler third ly, because the new organizat:on will ha ve at th e bes t, nothin g Complete Lin e of minor jud icial powers. Since, t.:~erefore, the pla n gives the student S m okers' Ar ticle~ n:)thing, but takes much away from Lim, ~n d since I a dmit the ex istence Fountain & Lu n ch eon Servic. of cel':ain evils and the necessity for ' _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ their correction, I submit the fol- ,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ lowing plan of student government as bcing the only one acceptable to Groceries Con fection er :

The t rouble being the student8 and having a possibility

that the thing is just another of of Z'.lccess. those t heories which so und so ni ce A Student Council of seven m emin t he .class r o.o m , but fa,il so mi.ser - \"'crs, three of whom will be the pre-

Subscription Rate: $2 .00 per annum.

'o\'ember 14. 1931

Amedee J. Lamarre

Address all correspondence r eferring either to advertising or subscription to abl y In practice. The plan mIght fects of Roy Hall and the remaining Th e Viatoria.n, Bourbonnais, Ill. mstllI a hIgh sense of duty and honor I fO Ul" to be elected from the s tudent in th7 four n.1en. ele.cted to its mem- I body ~t large. The Council to pass Entered as second class rna tter at the Post Office of Bourbonnais, Illinois, bershlp, but If lt dId, and the men on laws a n:l regulations for student kept their faith the Council,. it gO\'elnment subm itted to it by the under the Act of Match 3rd, 1879.

would h ave the sImultaneous effect College Council.

Bour bonna is, Ill. Cigars

The Student Coun- ,-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

of makmg them outcasts a'mong theIr I cil to have fi:1al and supreme juris-





be l dIctIon in

b?und to report all breaches of dls- questIon

overy case of

student d l sc1pline

is an open

secret, they best








involvIng a

clpline, and since everythIng done in 1 cepting such cases as It may deem Roy Hall

N otion



wou ld forfeIt the respect of the handle. student body. .The students would Such'" plan would give the studen t 'I

The College Boys' Favorite P lace t o Ea t

so vIgorously resent any such m stI- I a share in his own government comtutio n . of "s tool pigeon" that we J measurate with hi s supposed inteldoubt If a.ny capable ma:n could be ! lectual attainments. It gives to each

clear that the Student Council would hand, it gives

On Hazing


three places on the

have no right to expel, and that all ' Council to the College and only four

Sanitary Market

cases of a serious natur e would not to the s tudents. If the cause of th e


After a trip down the corridors of Roy Hall, we are a bi t fall within the jurisdiction of the College is just, I am quite sure that inclin ed to dou bt the worth of t he "rem nant of barbarity" arg u- Student Council at all, but would. go I it would have little difficulty in eonm ent aga inst t he met hod of h azing Freshmen now in vogue a t before the College CouncIl , leaVIng vincing one man in four of its rIghtp ' . V ia t or. When one considers that the stu den t is exp osed every day t o a t h ousand other distasteful reminders of t h e days w h e n m en were m en , or apes, or whatever you will, it is to b e expected t h at they w ill h ave scant respect for the bautif ul m or a l argu men ts urged aga inst padd ling and kindred evils. Coll ege 0...

stu den ts are j u st enough b oys to want to revolt agai n st a uthori1.y, a n d just en ough m en to want to b e barbaric in their revolt. T hi s did n ot start out to be a defense of paddling, a nd it s h a ll not b e. We are against paddli n g, n ot becau se it is intrins icall y wron g in itself, b ut because of the dissen tion i t cau ses in the s tudent body. W h en a s ystem forces t h e resig n ation of a

346 E. Court Str eet Telephon e 137

the Student Council out in the judic- eous ness. It would diminiSh the ial cold. It would be a waste of any paternalistic atmosphere on the cam-

student's time to sit on any Council pus to a minimum, and so meaningless. student the feeling that he The Student Council would have , man. St. Viator has done nothing to say ",bout the laws it eliminate the jail-house governs




give the is now a much to idea of

E very b ody Likes


merely Catholic education, I feel quite cer-

. I tain that she will now take the lea d cover the hand of the College In JudgIng offenses and dealIng out in eliminating the nursery-room punishments. It would not sit to ! aspect. judge indi vidual cases, but to ratify I Representative Student. the precepts of the College as applied to individuals of the mass. The "And a little child shall lead them." Col.lege reserves .for

Itsel~ the le~ls- I John H. Burns is at least to be com-

capable m a n fro m a well-adm inistered office, sim ply becau se h e latI:,e ond executI ve functIOn s beSIdes I mended for his attempt to arouse dares oppose t h a t system , t h en t h ere is som ethi ng wron g s om e - takmg t hree members of t he Stud- some sort of interest among the w h ere. \ Vhile it is of som e con solation to learn that t h ere is a t ent C.ouncii. In other words, the 'I student body on topics of a national least one m a n left in St. Viator College with som e sense of h onor, I Colle!!e has but to swing one vote scope. In other countries the politiCS decency a n d the general fitness of thin gs, i t is n everthe less dis. to ga in absolut~ control of the Slt- of t he nation are decided in its uniuatlOn, w hile It IS lInposs lbl ~ for the versities..

W e S up ply St. Viator Colleg, F. O. SA VOlE CO. Distri b utor

.______ l

In this great land of the

con certing t o learn t h at s u ch a thi n g was brou ght abo ut in a students to ever get anythmg even brave and the free, t he uni versities Cath olic College, t h e s upposed center of Catholic learnin g and I fa mtl y resemblIng cont rol. hardl know that a national govern-

I ~t is .c~stomary .in f I t he men and women

cult ure.

the colleges and ment Yexists. in a ttendance as I

re n ces in Roy Hall . We s incerely hope that the resign ation 0 persons who have r eached a sufGi ll M id dleton will have a sobering effect on some of the mor e fi cient stage of rationality to be able I e n lig h tened elemen ts of the upper classes at least. I to govern themselves. A large portion of the student body of every inWe think

that the

fe llow


wrote the critique on the proposed plan of student government has given a remarkably comprehensive survey of t he s ituation. 'Ve believe that he

is a bit too bitter

stitution of higher learning is com-

Whitey Mehren has the right idea posed of men and women who ha ve

in his litt le speech to the student body. The support given the team at the last game was little short of pitiful. It would seem that a n oc-

been th rown upon the world and are

quite able to take care of themselves. They naturally r esent being treated

as if they were a cross between a about the situa路 casional bouquet goes to the student jail-bird and a five year old child.

tiol1 , but 'while his plan rnay not be body's collective head. t he only one that will work, we shall support it until a better one comes along. The Freshmen seemed to


The library story is a hit late, we know, and we wish to offer our apologies to the Librarian. ,Ve did not \vish to s light the story, we kn ew it was of front page interest, so we held it until we could give it the prominence it deserved.

I the

t hink

that the author of the story on


recent inter-class footban game might have been a bit prejudiced. Unfortunately, my children, the truth, as demanded of every journalist, is a bit irritating to certain classes' l



Kan kak ee, Ill.



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Bourbonnais, Ill.

Mob p sych ology h as been the cause of most of t h e occu r - umverslhes of thIS country to treat :-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _,



B ourbonna is, Ill.

found to SIt on the CouncI l. student a r ight to trial before a jury Even if the above objection should I of hi s equals, who will be much more b~ removed, the council wou ld .be I likely to understa.nd his case than wIthout power. It was made qUIte the College Council. On the olher



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A Select Boarding School fOl: Girls and Young Ladies. This institution is conducted by the Sisters of NotTe Dame, and offers every opportunity to young; ladies for a thorough Christian and secular education. Prices reasonable. F or Cata logue, address SISTER SUPERIOR, No tre Dame Convent

Jourdan P; cking Co

but we must bave the truth at anY I BOURBONNAIS, ILLINOIS cost. 1,_ _ __ - - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _---'


LI_ _ _ _ _ _ _. . . : . ' 路._ _ _ _ __

814-836 W . 20th Street Ch icago, Illinois Telephone - C- a n a l 3848



Friday, November 14, 1930.




_ __

Augustana Plan Urged

President, woman's club. part in play. Senior class president. Junior class president. Advertis ing manager, Rockety-I. )'1a nager , Lyceum Course. Sophomore a ssociate editor, Observer. ~I a j or


Of late there has been cons iderable S UB-;\lINOR-5 points a.git;'ti Jn on the campus for the 'M em ber, sw imming squad . adoption of some sort of hon or point )Iembership in band. ~ystem sech a s is in vogue in pracl\Iember ship in orchestra. lically every university and college ~Iino r p:nt in pla ys. throughout thIs country to give r e- I Sophomor e class president. cognltion to the s acrifices made by Freshman clas s president. men in the school for the general i Member, pep committee, good. A copy of the Augustana President, L. S. A. A. system, which s eems t o meet wIth President, In t er-fraternal council. the larges t amount of general favor President, Inter-sorority counci l. is printed, together with its most Proposed System for St. Viator popular revi s ions to fit conditions at ;\!AJOR-20 points St. Viator. Editor, Viatorian. The purpose of th e Point Sys tem College Club President. is to regulate the participation of Student Manager of Athletics. students in extra-curricular activi- SUB-MAJOR- 15 points ties, particularly with a view to: inBusiness Manager, Viatorian . creas ing the efficiency of campus P r es ident of Bergin Debating Soorganizations, discourag ing th e monciety (If manager of debate). opolizing of offices by a few individ- MI N OR- IO points uals , but rather encouraging a larger Cb ss president. num ber of stude nts to takE' part in Plesid ent of Holy Name Society. campus acti vities , preventing any President of St. John Berchman's s tudents from becoming involved in Society. thes e activities to the extent that Chairman of Homecoming Comtheir s cholasti c work suffers in co nmittee. sequence. Mem ber of Viatorian Staff. Administr a tion of the Point Sys Ca ptain of any varsity athletic tern will bo shared by faculty and team. s tudents, being delegated to a comMember, Be rgin Debating Society. mittee of five to co nsist of: dean of Treas urer of College Club. stud ies , a s econd facu lty member to Major part in play. be elected by the faculty, a senior President of Monogram Club. to be appointed by the s enior class President of Co-ed Clu b. pres ident, a junior to be appointed S U B-MI N OR-5 points b ythe junior class pres ident, a sophMember of any vars ity athletic omore to be appointed by th e s ophot ea m. more pres ident. C heer leader. The second faculty membcr will Officer of College Cl ub, Monogram se r ve 3 S chairman of the committee, Clu b, Class, Co-ed Clu b, Bergin and the junior s tudent a s its secreDerating Society, H oly Name t ary. An ol'gani zation meeting of Societ y, or St. John Bel'chman's the committee will be held a t call of n ot holding higher honors. the president during th e fir st two Member of St. J ohn Berchman's Society. w ceks of ea ch sc hool yea r. The du t ies of th e secr eta r y w ill include collec ting and filing mem ber s hip lis ts of liThe purpose of the poi n t s~ stem glee clu bs a nd athl etic squ ad s, sla tes is to regula te th e participation of of offi cers, cas ts of plays, et c., a s students in ex tra-curricular activities, l'npidl y ns th ese beco me a vailable. pa rti cularl y w ith a view to increasThese l'l'co rd !3 will be fil ed in th e of- ing t he efficiencies of campus organfice of the dean of s tud ies, w here izations, discou ra g ing th e monopolizth ey may be readil y comm lte d at an y ing of offi ces by a few indi vidual s, tim<.' by co mmittee me mber s and but r ather encouraging a larger othcr s inter es ted. nemter of stud ents to take part in No gtud cnt s hall be all ow ed n to tal campus ac t ivities, preventing a ny of 111 0rc th a n t hirty poin ts a t a ny one stud ents from becoming involved to tin\{', except by s pecial pe rmi ssion t he ( xten t that th eir scholast ic work of Lh e Point S yste m co mmittee. T o suffer s in co nsequ ence." Everyone Lc eligible for n major or s ub- majo r will. we beli eve, r ecognize the adoflicl' , n Rtudl'nl must h ave made an \:lntagcs to be de ri ve d f rom discreet nvt.'l'sg c of sc\'(' nl y-fivc or above dur- r egu lation of ext ra-c urricular ac tiving til(' preceding semes ter , nnd to itics. A wise co ntrol over them will, hold his offke he must ma intain t his fol' example, e nco ur age eve ry member av erage. of t he studen t body to participate in Thl' followin g {'va lua tion of slu<hmt s . me p h n~~e of t he va ri ous organizaOmt· t.·~ unci acti vities is bused u po n. the tiO:1S (.xisling on the campus. Each rt'l n tln' nm ount o f work ~ n ta tl cd , indi\'idunl wi ll be bro ug ht into soc ial not u pon th t! honor I:on ncded thl'n~- l.'unt!lc:t with h is fe ll ow sc hola r s. S uch \\·Ith . Thc Pu int System co rn mit tce a rc~u l t L grea tl y to be desired bellHl y. at its dLc,· retion, modify t h e list cause it is ineoncch'a ble t hat men at Il n y tim", in an y way. may work togethe r as a un ifi ed body if there i, no common gro u nd on wh ich th<:y may build t heir friend Augus t ann System ship" th,.ir hope., and thei r desir es. ~1.\JOl{ 20 pOint" T o constn n tly increa se in effi ciency EJitor, Roc h t y- 1. i, a tcnJ.ncy of modern ociety in "Editor , Observ l" r the Aml:rica n colleges , th is i~ part ic~ l1 B - ~!.\JO l{ 15 poin t. ularly noticl'nble. One of the aim~ Uu. int' m:l nagt'r, R()(:kcty~ of th~ August:ma f-ystem i~ to ingu ~ nes..." mnnag \"r. Ob e i·\"cr. crt>a~l" the t'rliciency of campus or .\ t!\"t.'rtl ing- manager. ObSl'r\'er g a nizati on.'l. By fo:-ot~ring an in!-'ootbllll·Ba .bllll \1lan8~r. l'lt.1;lSE"d interest in the College Clu b, Bu, kdbAU:r ro.'..:i... manager In the Bt>rgln Debu.ting Society, a nd l halrnun. p p committt."e. I Ifl nUJI)t.'rOtb s ocial and scholn~tic Pr ~id\.'nt. stuJt.'n ts· unlvn. p t. llSUlt • It promi el to accomplish Junior~' iate- t'oitur, Obsern'r. thb . ' IlS0R -Ill POInt Dbcouraging the. monoplolzing of ~1 <l1lbership in llnol~ dub. )lem nhll' In \\ enn rberg ch rtIS. orl1C'~.:. bv a lev.- mdJviduals" touth up<'n a ~.ry human ~peC"t. Though ~ l .l!lb<-r toot II, basketball, ha ma)~. lat~r In the ~U, or tra!:· squad. (. 'am to nauo:u.1 pct t conean' hfeo. \try pro bly net:"C"S, ta n (rom eligibility bst) tht.t> the rotin of a -~~traia- ht \ 0-( trman., Pf!P committee

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ticket" for a few favored politicians, I than thirty points at anyone time, tha t will be hard to fill. Cassidy there are four years of his life when except by special permission of the alterna t ed "ith Karr at guard, and he may feel that clean indi.idualistic Point System Committee. T o be w as t h e t error of opposing forward •. thoughts and worthy actions will be eligible for a major or a sub-major His unusua l m ethod of shooting and dnly r ewarded. The Augustana sys- I office, a student must ha\·e made an his deadliness from the corner of tern proposes to secure due recogni- 2_\'era ge of seventy-five or above the floo r made him a well-known tion for each scholar by urgin.g the during! t he preceeding semester, and figure throughout the Conference. student body to take a still more live- to hold his office, h e must main t ain Another man who f ailed to return ly inte:es~ in its v~rious elections th~t average'" It should be clearly this year was Jerry Holscher, clongthan It 15 now domg. Upon the pomted out that the P oint System ated center, whose six f eet-seven adoption of this plan, we think that Committee controls any student ena H ed him to drop in many sure all of the students will take a yet acti\"ities within th e thirty point ones unde r t he bas ket. J en\' went greater interest in working together. limit. One student may thus be the ineligi ble a t th e semester last y ear, The incentive to t his, due recognition Editor-in-Chief of the Viatorian and I but fini s hed th e year out. and reward Of. abi!ity, will be present. his class pre~ident. He. h~~ s, in this St. Viator has five men back this The last POInt m the quoted para- manner, attamed t he limI t of the year to f orm th e nucleus of t he n ew graph , specificaly, the intention of thirty honor points and, except at the squad. Romary and Laffey, fo1'the system to prevent any students dis cr etion of the Committee, he may w a rd s ; Furlong, center and Cloth ier from becoming so involved in the not take part in any activities award- a nd Karl', guards, are the letter men (extra-cu rricular) work that their ing Sub-major or Sub-minor honor r eturning. scholastic standing would be effected, points. Rom ary, a Junior, is playin g his is, unquestionably, one which w ill This plan is exceptionally good. Its third yea r a s a forward for St. Via.. meet with uni versal approval. It is utility may be emphasized by the tOI'. H e was t h e running mate of a striking assertion by t he student reiteration of the preceeding flpoints" Evard f or two years, and is a t r icky body that it, on its own initiat ive, in its favor. It harmoni zes t he stud- forward. will prevent anyone of its members ent's extra-curricular and sch olastic Laffey is a Sophorll.ore, com ing from becoming so interested, for aims; strengthening of the campus originally from De La Sa lle of Chiexample, in athletics, that he sh ould organizations into coordin ati ng units cago, wher e h e wa s a meluber of forget the Greek maxium, "niens will be accomplished; discouragement t.he ir National Catholic Champions s"na, in Corpove sa no." Such regu- of the monop olizing of offices wilJ in 1929. H e won his letter last yea,r lations promote versatility in the make the student life more interest- a s the replacement for either Romary student which is, r eally, on ly another ing, and, moreover, imprint a con cept or Eval'd. way of stating that the Augustana of democratic government on t he Furlong, a Senior, is playing his system is in perfect accord with a stud ent's mind. Scholarship will be final year of basketball for the Iris h. cultural education. advanced by limiting the number of He t ook over th e job vacated by the IIAdministration of the point sys- distractions. For these reasons, graduation of the g r eat "Ducky" tem will be sha red by t he fac ulty adoptio n of the system is soug ht. O' Malley last y ear, and hand led it in a n d the students, being delegated to The Viatorian urges the formatio n of great fas hi on. Al becam e the reg ua committee to cons ist of the Dea n a s tude nt committee to confer with lar choice for center last year over of Studies, a second faculty member th e faculty r ega rdin g t.he adoption Carson, an all-state man f r orn Chamto be elected by t he faculty, a senior of the system. paign, and H olscher, a ll-sta te in to be a.ppo inted by t he senior class Indiana. president, a junior to be appointed by Ken Clothi er , another Seniol', is a the jun ior class president, and a gua rd with three years of ex peri"op homor e to be appointed by the ence. H e is regard ed as one of the sophomore cla s s president." So f ar bes t def ens ive players in the Little the administrative departmen t goes. Tinet een, and a lways gets t he job In regards to this, I t hink personally, of s topping the key-man of the opthat whoever ori g inated the idea position . The way in which he sto psough t to promote class warfare, Hopes for a Successful ped sllch men as Meehan a nd MeKarl Marx doctrine, by the way, beBasket Season High as Queen las t year demons trate s uftween the Freshmen and the upp erficiently his va lue to t he team. classmen. I do not believe t ha t there Veterans Return Ra lph Karr is a Sophomore who is any reasonable exc use for the exwon his S PUl' S at guard las t yesr a s elus ion of Freshmen from this board. 'r-he firs t practice sess ions of the the mate of Clothier. The Brad ley ·Thi s student, on the other hand, as 1930-31 basketball season were held t eam pi cked hi m a s the most proa newcomer, and, in a manner, a las t T uesday. W it h but one game mis ing Fres hman they had pla,y ed s tranger, sh ould at the very least be rema ining on the footba ll schedu ie, aga ins t a ll year. H e is especia lly allowed nominal r e presen tati on in the attention of the student body is noted fot' his s peed, a nd his habit of the council. If the Fres hman is ex- being attracted more and more to taking th e ba ll away from oppos ing eluded from the admini strative body t he hardwood floor. forward s a s they arc trying to pass proposed by t he Augustana system, After los ing but hvo men from the him is a co ntinua l source of delight may his cooperation be reasonably entire squad of las t year, the hopes to Via tol' fan s. expected? I think that it may n ot of the Irish for a creditable s howing -----be. Such a system mus t , indeed, in the Conference and a poss ible Issue First Call for have the entire student body, every Little Ninetee n Champions hip are Fencing Candidates member of it, supporting it. The high. Las t year St. Viator end ed author of t he above sketch evident- the season in third place according The fll·. t call fo r candidates ( 0 1· ally failed to realize the signifi cance to th e Dickinson rating, led only by of th e Latin motto li E pluribus unum." Bradley and Illinois W es leyan. St. th e f encing te a m was iss ued on Th u l·sday, Nove mber 13, by Doctor As ide fr om its f ailure to include th e Viator los t the first g a me played Besse nyey. The call met with a largo fi rst ye ar students in its group. th e wi t h each one of th ese team s , but r espo nMe, a nd a n unus ua l umounl of :ldministrati ve th eo r y of the org an- won the second con test in ea ch ininter est waH ma nifes ted by th e s tud iza ti ons should be adopted because, s ta nce by a g ood sco r e. The Viaents in atte nd a nce in the now Kport. by bringing th e members of th e s tud- tori a ns ha d one of th e stronges t The equi p men t W 8K se lecled by De. ent bod y into closer contact with the tea ms in the Confe rence las t year, Besse ny ey personall y. f acu lty, better cooperation between and piled up an impress ive se ri es of .f~en<.:i n g i ~ u n entirely new s port t he two bodies w ill be a ss ured. victor ies ove r th e other leag ue lead on t he Vi ato l' campus. It.. iff very "The second faculty member w ill ers, only to lose th e champions hip seldo m that a sc hool of thi s s ize is serve as chair ma n o f th e co mmittee, on t hei r showi ngs aga inst m ino r a.blc to ma in ta in a team and u and th e ju n ior student as its secr e- q uin tets. The Iris h we r O s tronges t capable i('ncing maste r. S t . Viuto ,· tayy. An or ga niz a tio n meeting will w hen pus hed ha r dest, a nd fo und t he iK un us ua ll yfort un ute in ha ving a be held at t he caB of the preside n t goi ng to ug hest when t he opposition ma n of Dr. B e~I!'lC n yc Y 'H vllri cd ubility duri ng th e fir st t wo weeks of each was weakest . on its !\tnff. sc hool yea r . The duties of t he secreThe ha r dest blow to th e team will tary ",,;11 include collecti ng and filing be the 108s of t h e di minuti vc " Boob" members h ip li. ts o f g lee cl ubs, ath- Evanl of Ft. Wayne, whose play College Helps Students letic squads, s lates of officers, ca sts w~ t he ~ensation of t he Conf"l'cncE!. of p lay:'!, etc., as ra.pidly as these Eyard was a ma r ked man in ev<:ry tecome available. The~e records wi ll game, and drew t he atte ntio n of the tioU 8 Ktudc·ntH or St. Viato r to uKKi" t be flIed in the office of the dean ot oppositio n fro m t he activitie~ of tht in paying fbr thfdr ('(}III'j((' NJu('ut lon , t tudies where they may be consulted other members of the team, cnating b circular ha a bc<:n i.'1Hw·d by th(~ at any time by committee members numtrOU.i Bcoring opportunitit~. Hc: Trea ~ ur('r'~ ofTke tt) thf' bUKi nf'IUI and othens interested." Since there was the high point ma.n of the m('n {Jr thf! vi,-.inity. A mong t he· 1:-1 no. p ro\~i:)i~ n ma~f:' for a c~airman Little· ~i n ete(~n in h i!'! ,l unir)r yearl fH.J~itif)n8 Ii MU'r! an' oH'('Tf~tl1r j(;" , of thl~ committee, It must be mferred and wa three tim~!~E!'I(:cted a.1I all- <"Ii:lkll, ('t)f'yi"tll , waitt-r.", privatf. that since ex officio, he is the one !. cunferenc:e forward. He wa .., alsl) tutlJl M, lJ :df~ !l ml~n, M:C()Untan tH, brjl) k .. \\~~O controls it, the President of St. electtd hy many tt'3ms al th(~ ml)! t keeper, jt)UrnaJi3u, adVf:rthu:r8, a nd \ lstor Collegt! would be 3:5ked to dangerous man agalO!St whom they fJVf:r N~r.J. caU the meeting, of this a sembly. played during the y~ar. Thf.: fir t an! wer th the cjr~u l a.r The followin~ C'onclude3 the deThe failure uf "Hrud" Ca idy of (";1fnf! in thl! r"',u,-.."t ft)r th "t4~ 18" -.4£C TlptlOn of the ystem: "~o !tudent Holyoke, 11a.,saehu,Ht., t{) rtturn ~'.J rne-n fnun at ,jf)wnt/}wn firm. Ot hl;r _.. hall bot- etUowe-J It total of mo re S<.'htJQI It-ft a gaping hole at gu.a rd anSWt!rl ar'- f:XfJ4.!(~ted daily.








. ... ;


Y1.ATORIA..~ '!"'.tt:, (or a lar,-e paper ..u,.::=ring corporation..


Fr \ien. c~ S. \p.. pa~tor or'~ lIartm'. Chl:rch at )[artlnt¢n. n:, nvis, wa sa reC'('nt '\'l$ltor.

Establish Seminary Conjunction With College


BAlRD-SW ANN ELL Everything in Sporting Goods

Joseph J. Ryan. C. S. \'~ '30. " taken to the last wt.>ek ~uf· fering from a g1i~ht tou('h of pnt"u-

QL\ 11'1 R.\D10 •


Alter being discontinued (or a Rev. Fr )Iun"<:h. ('. S. Y.. dir«tor , - - - - - - - - - - - - of years, the Scmin'\rv in connection ,,,,ith the College hn!oi been of Sl. Bernard'~ S(.·holn~ti(.'at('. re\'iV(~d for the members of the Via- preached Forty Hour Dc"·otions at tori.n Order. DurinE( the period of St. )[ary's Church in Kankakee. r~·

N. tc. tflarruUr

A Tragedy in One Act

... '"




to Have A Tournament








Andrew Doran, '13, came back to of 267 held by "Coot" Larkin s tin renew old acquaintances last Sun- remains intact. day. H e is now a ssociated w ith the ----firm of Cotter and Doran Auto Sales The co-eds are becoming an inof Ch ica,go. tegral part of t he Conege life. They are to be com plimented upon the

Co nveni ence

I I David Beggs, a former s tuden t Ienergy and initiative they ha ve here, is attending De Paul University shown, and deserve the support of School of Commerce in Chicago. Ieve ry member of t he student body_ Everyone out for t he party. .

U's a conveni ent thing to say, I didn't love h er Anyway. Or if I did a bit at first Th e s illy bubbl e cho se to burst, Into that sa no soap lotion Wh ich cl ean ses hand s of a ll emotion.

Co n veni ent? eithe r s he nor you Shall ever know If it be true. (Writt en by the Editor in a weak moment.)

R. A. L'Ecuyer, '04, visited here last.. week. Mr. L'Ecuyer was noted for his work in dramatics while a


I student here. H e is now state s uper·

Dine and Dance AT

... ... ... * ... * I never thou g h that Fres hm en were a ny more ig nora nt tha n Upper.c1assmen until I heard one say, "E ven though we a re Fre -hm en we have our ri g h.ts."


... ... ...

* * .. * .. *

Merchants' Cafe Pullman Booths, Soda Fo un· ta in, Majestic Radio While You Wait. J. Berelos, Mgr. Phone 954

MR. SENNINGER Room 219 Roy Hall

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LUNA BARBER SHOP First Door North of Luna Theatre



A hearty welcome awaits the students and friends of St. Viator College NO RTHEAST CORNER SCHUYLER AT MERCHANT



Million Dollar Endowment by outright gift, insurance, ber[uest or annuity. You can get 6q, on your money and leave tRe capital for the Endowment. .


The Sophomores held II meeting the other night and Gill :lliddlt'ton resigned the office of President. At this meeting Bill Gibbon" tried to induce Gill to keep his office by saying. " ,Aw g't'". Gill. if you quit the fellows will only elect some silly guy who doesn't know what its a.ll about." Gill was not so easily )It' l'SlU\ded. howe\·e1'. nnd the meeting ended with Bill Gibbons a " President of the Sophomore elMS.

Ca.n you open on a stmight·'

Always Welcome at the

Kankakee. Ill. Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing. Prompt :lI1el Efficient Service throurrh our agent-

Sidney Herbst, Pres. and General Manager Let us

I mean that sweet little girl about the campus. Wh en with "Lizzies" top down, we go for a ride, The space between us is not so wide, She knows how to cook We'll ha\'e our little nook W hen I win that S\\'eet little girl about the campus. ...

When in Kankakee You Are

Reliable Cleaners

Foxy's Always Inn

.. . . . . . . . . * But Freshies aren 't t he on ly unsound studen ts. tnkc for example a Jun ior who \\Tote this: I know a ' weet little girl, Her head adorned with a curl, She has a 10\'ely mile That makes life worth while.

Einbeck's Studi3

Amedee T. Betourne


FaLher Lown ey: Fin e, Eel. ...


The Seminarians are quartered in lon, C. S. V. St. Bernard Hall. The Seminary is under the directorship of Rev. Father Bow~ ers nlunsch. The faculty includes Falher Our photog-raph~ arc incxp\,l1Munsch, who teaches Sacred Literasi\'e, yet treasu red for their ture; Rt. Rev. Msgr. Legris, Moral wurth ~s li ving- portr;liL~ . Theology; Father Bergin, Dogmatic A bowling tournament open to the Theo[ogy; Father Rice, Sacr ed Elo. Coll ege on the alleys in the gym 153 North Schuyler AYe. quc nce; Father J ohn L yn ch, Canon store is being planned by George Law; an d Dr. Ellis, Church History. F[eminr:, who has charge of the Kankak ee, Ill. Phone 407 The Semi na ri a ns now in attend- :1l1cys this year. Fleming expects to ance ~re Brothers F. A. Crocoran and sbge the tournament on Saturday lC - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . . . ! E . M. Walsh, both of the class of '28, night, November 15. There will be a nd former instructors in th e Acad- cash prizes for the winner. The emy, and Brothers J. \V. S tafford, B. I entries and drawings arc to be held G. Mul vaney, J. F. Meara, R. M. soo n. Pharmacy There was little change in the Boyse n, \V. A. Harri s, and Joseph J, Ryan, a ll members of the class of Istandings of rowlers in the past 1930. week exce pting that hig her scores ; - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ were being bowled on all aHeys. " H erb" Hoover su pplanted Ray 119 Court S t. , Kankakee, Ill. Wenthe as high ma~ of t he year by his 213 game which topped W enthe's ' -_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.1 206 by seven pins. The aney record

Father Lowney: Who ca n give me an exa mple of hy pothet· iea l propoH i lion ? Ed HUll L: If yo u ask me t hat q uestion , I could not an swer. ...

~l10.p cectiy. Rev. J. V. Rheums, C. S. \' .. former pI esident of the college. now master of novices in the seminary at Lemont, I1t:no:s. attended the Chnrle~ton ,:,!,n1l1(, here la~t Friday night. He wa; accompanied by Bro. C. A. Car· ,'-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _----l

the discontinuation of the Seminary ct St. Viator. the members of the Older were educated for the priesthood at the Viatorian House of Studies in \Vashington, where a number of the seminarians are still studying.

Once upon a lime there was a king who had three daughters, the younj{c,st of which was the most beautiful. But a wicked old witch had cast a spell upon the fair young princess that nwde hf')" unable to smile or laugh. Thus it was that the un· h:tppy princc'ss lived in hl'r lonely little room in a high corner of LeI' falher's caslle fo)" eighteen years. She never laughed or sm iled and seld om was she seen without a tear in her soft blue (,yes. Now the king became ve)'y mu ch wo rri ed about hi s dear .\·(J unK daughter and offered her hand in marriage and ha lf of h is k in gdom to anyone who ~ou l cl make her s mil e. Day after day the sad princess was interviewed by clowns and jesters who ~ I ad made their mas ters s ick with la ug hter. But t he prll1cess \HIS bored to tears at these ex hibilions of knavery. One fine 'Ho rnin g, however, as the princess was gazing out of her wi ndow she burst in to an hysterical fit of laughter from which she never r covered. Th e re on the path far below was Ke n Bushman in hi H d rby .

"~ r ite

for particular s to

St. Viator College Extension Club Incorporated


1939 Straus Bldg., 310 S. :'Iichigan ,Ave. Telephone Wabash 2721

J . P. O';,Iahoney, Treasurer

Chicago, TIL


Friday, November 14, 19S0.


This Means You!

In the last edition of the Vlato,ian this column complimented the stud-



Page 5


tough I

game of the



ent body on ita school spirit. But Furlong Carroll Christ- [nme-game ~chedule undertaken by Year hngs Show Ing P r oCharleston Takes The then we all make mistakes and we , , the Il'Ish th,s year, the varsIty WIll i Parent's Day Contest apologize. We were too hasty, we man, Clothier, Logan travel to E lmhurst. Although Elm- mISe as T hey Defeat should have waited to see how that T G d t Tho hurst has not won a game this year, I High School and so-called cheering section would func- I 0 ra ua e IS they have proved to be anything but After Hard Game tion. under conditions not so favora set-up for every tea,m on their - -able for the team. The contemporschedule. It was Elmhurst who sent A powerful and heavy foe found ary Viatorians have a lot of spirit, h I I . W I I I N' d h t e strong I inOlS es eyan e even at In the moo to quit t e season unexpected opposition when they I there's no doubt of that. But that The Elmhurst game next Friday to the dressing room at the end of with the somewhat debatable defeat met the fighting Irish on Bergin field I spirit is demonstrated only when night will mark the final appearance the first half on the short end of a ' handed them fresh in their minds, in Viator's last home game, for the I Viator has the ball on the enemies' of four St. Viator men on a college 7-0 scorc, and all but defeated the the Freshmen have decided to con . five yard line. That fact in itself gridiron. T he game wi ll be the swan Methodists. St. Viator, while con- tinue their football season unt il they green clad lads were determmed to proves that I't is not Sp,"'I't at a ll . song for Captain Al Furlong HFat" , tident of their ability to take Elm- run out of opponents. They have do or die and they only fell short I You fellows showed that spirit at Carroll, Ken Clothier, Pete Christ- hurst, is by no means underestimat- played and won two games since by a few scant inches. After play- Homecoming when we were winning; man and Joe Logan, all of whom will ing their strength. their affair with the Sophomores, ing a somewhat mediocre game the you showed it at the Wesleyan game graduate in June . Elmhurst is playing a squad of and are on the lookout for more. first half Viator came back on the when it was even all around unti l Although it will be the fina l game youngsters this year-but despite The first of the two games, against field t he 'second half with such of- ' the last few minutes of play. At the for AI Furlong, it will not be his their youth and inexperience, they the r emaining fourth year class of . Charleston game you showed it once last tIme to wear the Green of St. have made t hings tough for every the High School , was played on Sunfenslve power as they had never I \vhen I' t looked I',ke VI'ator' \vould VI'ato,' . AI']s a cente r 1'n ba s k e tbal l ,team on their sche d ule. Th ey h ave day morning, November 2nd, and shown before and marched the ba.ll score. As it happened the Green and a member of the varsity swim- been improving with every game and attracted quite a bit of interest on from the ir own thirty-five yard line Iteam got a bad break, Chadeston ming team . T his is his fourth year every day they spend playing to- the campus. The High School lads to the visitors' one yard line, but I receIved the .ball clo,se to then' own as a member of the football team, gether, and wi ll be out to save were no match for the Frosh, althey failed to score. Charleston had goal and the Ir wasn t a sound from for he has played fullback for the something from the wreckage of though they held them to two toucha hard charging wall and a fast the VIator sIde of the field, whence a Irish ever s ince he came here from their season by a win over St. Via- downs to lose the game 13-0. Bob minute before the cheering had been St. Philip's High in Chicago. His tor. While the Irish are almost over- Spreitzer caught a pass in the openrunning backfield that clicked with so loud that it was difficult for the dives for that extra yard needed for whelming favorites to win, they ing minutes of play to score a touchaccuracy and co-operation. T hey Viator quarter-back to cal! signals. first down or for a touchdown h ave must display a better brand of foot- down after a twenty yard run and relied mostly on line plunges and Men, that's rotten! It is almost a made him famo us. AI could always ball than they showed in the first give the Freshmen the lead. The often found large holes in the lighter direct insult to the team . It's damn be depended upon for a yard. N o half against Charleston if they are High School braced and forced t he Viator line through which they cheap sportamanship ! Would any of higher praise could be spoken of a to take this clever outfit into camp. frolicing Frosh to confine their acyou leave a buddy to take a licking full back. I tivities to mid-field until the fina l scampered for much yarrlage. and only stay with him if he was adFrank Carron has played for St. Four Teams qua.r ter, when the yearlings scored Charleston received the ball on ! ministering one? If you are half a Viator for eight years. He was a on a series of line bucks. the kickoff and carried the ball in i man you wouldn't. But because yo ur member of the old Academy team for Undefeated in The game with the village team three successive first downs to the team is not winn ing you dese rt them . four years before entering the ColConference Fight from Bourbonnais on the fol1owing Sunday rea ll y began to look like I r ish ten yard li ne, where Viator The only better method of proving lege to play for four more. F at "big time stuff." About two hundred held for downs and kicked out of your loyalty wou ld be to leave t he has been a tackle li ke coaches dream danger. Three times Charleston re- I stands altogether. You might as of. His hole was always opened, and Only a quartet of undefeated Little people from Bourbonnais and Bradley pea ted this same performance and well not attend a game for all the he could be depended upon to brace Nineteen football teams remained turned out to watch the two teams each t ime the green wave stopped good you do. Anyone can cheer for up the weak side of the line. Carroll after the smoke of last week's bat- perform. The first half found the them from scoring. However, the Ia winning team, everybody does. If was injured during mid-sea·s on w hen tIes had passed away. They were two teams evenly matc hed, wit h Panthers were not to be deprived a team is easily winn ing a game, he was hit on his gnee, re-opening Milliken, Bradley, Charleston Teach- neither side able to gain on the other. and on t heir fourth attempt crossed why that field at that particular an old in jury, a nd it is doubtful if ers, and Carbondale Teachers. Each The ha lf ended at 0-0, and t he two the goal line. The kick for extra time is no place for a cheer leader. he will get to see action in the Elm- successfully repelled at attempt to teams withdrew for instructions. point was blocked. The rema,i nder of He is as out-of-place as a mission- hurst game. bowl them for the lead but they INeither side lacked either coaches or the half Viator used aerial tactics a.ry attempting conversions in a Ken Clothier came to Viator from held despera.tely on for the cham- a dvice and both entered the final to advance the ball . This they did monastary. Trinity H igh in Bloomington and pionship. Bradley easily . def~~~.d ! half ~ith about a half dozen surewith some success until one of the Are you bashful? Are you too promptly took his place in the first I1hnols Wesleyan 19-6, whI le I '- I' tire victory plays fresh in their ? H ' ken gave Illinois College a 45-0 set. . II passes was intercepted . The visitors , dignified to ye. ave you sore stnng backfield . . Kenny was a fast back Carbondale's powerful attack I mInds. The Frosh kIcked off to the again marched down the field but as I throats? Haven't you learned the startIng, hard hIttIng back, and the [ . Ch I VIllagers and held them for downs. before were stopped five yards fro m yellsl Don't you appreciate what terror of many an opposing team . upset Shurtleff 32.-0 and e~ton Taking the ball on their own th irty the goal as the ha lf ended . a footba.]] player goes through to He will be m issed greatly from his eked out a 13-0 V1ctory over t. la- yard line, they smashed the ir way As mentioned before, Viator re- ~repre sent you on the field? You see old place at right half next year. tor. I' down the field to a touchdown on Monmouth was the . . ceived the ball on the kickoff, and members of the squad on crute h es, Joe Logan is a guard and a pro. fon11 y prevIOus f th straIght Ime plays, Paul Custer gowith a number of deceptive plays limping around the campus. Don't duct of Central Catholic of Ft. undefeated team whIch e out 0 e I ing over from the three-yard line for · race when Lake Forrest staged a th t W'b t h h d h t d d d f I th t Id an passes 2 · vance to t e one yar you ee a you s ou resp c 1m Wayne. He won his sweater as a reat comeback to beat them 13-7. e coun ~r. I Ca II a h an ' s.a tt emp t line. Excited in the r ealization that and at least cheer him, let him know Freshman, and has been a regular ~he most im ortant battle scheduled to drop-kick the extr~ POl~t was t hey mig ht score, they hurried their you want him to keep fighting so ever since. He has been one of the for this weel~ is the contest between short. T he Frosh had httle dlfficulty in holding the villagers for t he relast attempt at the goal and a bad that you can share in the glory of a most consistent men on the team, pass ended, what proved to be their victory? \Vhether you appreciate it although playing in a thankless, the two Teachers, Carbondale and ma.inder of the game, and blocked a only chance to score. Charleston re- or not you share in a ll the team's gloryless position. His loss will Charleston. T o date Charleston had punt on the Bourbonnais ten-yard sumed their former tactics. but were victories. It looks like you &re such tl k the center f the met more formidable foes than Car- line as the game ended. not as successful as during the first poor sportsmen that you don't care f,~;:~ ~newea en 0 bondale but the down -staters have a The Frosh have developed a smooth half, for the Irish line held in mid- whether or not the team wins or Pete Christman is the final one of strong eleven and the outcome is un - working outfit, and include in their field and the visitors punted . Viator's loses . If you that attitude, the graduates. Like Logan, Pete is certain. Bradley rests this week ranks a number of well-known high only chance to score was via. air, keep it. But stay away from all a product of Catholic Central of Ft. though Coach Robertson's men are school stars. Their regular backan d they threw passes wi t h l'eckless- athletic contests at Viator. If you W b t h 's n10,'e "ecentl y from looking forward to their encounter fi eld consists of Custer, from Trinity ayne, u e] . . . with Milliken, November 22. L ness from a lmos t any territory on do not attend a game prepare d to Quincy College. of . QUlncy, IllinOIS. Confe rence Standing of Bloomington; Riley, of De a the fie ld. They even pulled the un- yell your fool head off, and do that Although this 1S hIS first year of I W. L. Salle ; and Charlie Byron and Jeny expected and tossed a few from be- when your yell ing is needed you are football at St. Viator, he has won ' *Ca,r bondale 4 0 Sulli va n of St. Viator Academy. The hind their own goal line. The Pan- not wanted. The best we can do for his . place at guard, and played hIS Carbondale Teachers .... ·3 0 line is composed of Pat Farrell, thers, ever wide awake, intercepted you is recommend yo u to Vassar. pOSItIOn In an unforgettable style. Milliken ............ _.. _._.. ... 3 0 Bob Spreitzer and Bob Nolan at r Yho:s I *Bradle y : .. 2 was but a narrow lead, they began their grasp and through a bad break them a very cordial invitation to [MOunt Morns ...... .. ....2 and Madigan at the guards; and a desperate drive for a second touch- lose it? Is that a s ignal for yo u to come out and tell Sam and Bucky DeKalb Teachers ... ..4 Gendron Legris at center. Bob De. ... ..4 laney is the combined coach and down. Pushing the Iri sh line before withdraw your support? No it is how the game should be played. Monmouth .............. them they drove to the one foot line, not, decidedly not, it's a signal for They will be glad to hear from you, IKnox .- ................................. .... 3 2 captain of the Freshmen, and manwhere Powers went over for a line you to double, even triple the I know. If you know football get I Augustana ... -............. ;... . ....; 2 ages to find time to manage the outbuck. They kicked the extra point. vo lume of your cheering. That's out there and take the quarter's II1inois Wesleyan .... 3 fit, too. The game ended shortly after with when they need it! That's when they position. If you are not capable of Macomb Teachers .. ··2 2 . th l'owmg . naturally feel disco ur aged and it is that, then shut up! .... 2 V·la t 01' agaIn passes. . . I Sh I ff ...................... .... 3 Quarterly Exams to Charleston, leadin g the conference, only you fellows in the s tands that To return to our mam topIc-At urt.e ........ . was given one of their biggest scares ca n pep them up. Play the game the last home game of this year, you St. V,ator ... ...... ~ ~ Be Held This Week of the season when Viator was in a L yourse lf and you will understand. showed your true spiri t . Maybe I'm ~lmh;rst ...... ..... 1 5 . position to score, for they have not The most comical figure on God's wrong, I hppe I am . Just think, ure a ........ _... 0 3 The exams for the fir st quarter been scored upon this year and the earth is the ignorant, boasting, four- I fellows; a lot of men in that game McKendree . are to be held this week, with the 0














;:~!\:~~n Sf~r;;i::: I~~~;. ~::!


~ !~~ ~~~r~~:i:;Yth:~~~~~~s; ~:;~~~~



~:~\~ersc.o~~~lin:~~~e ~::~, ~~:s :;:~ ~:i~~~~e k~~\:~~~:~tha:o;:: tea~~ ;:;~n pI~~~g ~::e !~st t~::::e



ha:: 5 ' . ht yeals, . sm . ce I State 0 6 most adept ba II carrier but was pi'1 ott t h' equal' t er bac k ,an d"mSIS ta on p Iaye d on 1't f or elg "' . Normal Closely pressed by his teammate, displaying his knowledge in a loud they were Freshmen in high school, I TIe game. Hance. voice and hurls insults and slanders and what kind of a hand did they . For St. Viator, Captain AI Furlong the quarterback and some times the receive from you, the fellows they We wonder if Father Maguire sufwos the most outstanding. His hard whole team when they are out on the were playing for? Practically no ficientIy appreciates the magnificent tackling in backing up the line \vas field and can't hear him. Thank the support at all. Gang, a condition gesture of trust and confidence made n pleasure to witness. His hammer- good Lord there are comparitively 1like that should not and can not for by the Kankakee Unemployment like drives at the line often obtained few of these men around, but what l lOng endure without ruining the Commission when it sent all those tho necessary yards for n first down. ! there are of them, we hereby offer school. questionnaires out to the College? L


~~jiie t~:a;~ad::a::~n~o~nper~:~~:~:

th ey serve t0 " give in S t rue t ors an 1'dea of the amount of work being accom plis hed by the ciasses, and give the student an opportunity to guage his own standing in his work. The wellkn own and often referred-to midnight oil is being burned in a most gratifying fashion on the corridors of Roy HaH,


Pagc 6



Friday. NO\'ember 14. 1930.

John Tra<::ey EHis, P h. D. Dr. Gabriel Bessenyey THE FRANKLIN PRESS CO.


A new Ebrary clad wit:') s;mpl~ dignity and se rene wisdom, a fi ':lg' abode for the Muses of all urt3 :lnd sciences! Such , we expc.ct, will b.! t he St. Viator College library in tip ncar future. if; it all a fa:lciful dream, a mirage in wh:ch th e fond desire gives image to the phant. i:l of the mind? Emp hatically w. nnswer, UNo!" And more corre~t we ilrc in stating that soon-J.::; 300:1 a~ poss ible-our ideal library will I~c. come a reality. At present t .'le equipment of our library is sufficie~t for twel ve hundred studc:1ts. Tins f act of our cquipment is, I think sufliciently impressive to lead us t~ take 311 measures p03:.ible t'.> attempt to l'nak e its app earanc? ind icate the real vaHue of the w2alL1 of good books it contain s. Some John Tracey Ellis is an old son of Doctor Bessenyey has had what i3 s teps are being taken at the present Viator r eturning to her lecture halls perhap:; the most varied career of time to aid in thi s cause: we ask in th e guise of an instructor. Doc- any man in the College. He is n. that 011 support possible wi ll be to r Ellis graduated from St. Viator graduate of the University of Budagiven those wo rking for this purpose. w ith t he class of '27. While a s tudent pest, holding degrees of Doctor of The exact nature of the affa ir will at th e Col1ege, he made am enviable Philosophy in Poli tics and Econom ics. be a nn ounced soon. reputation for him self both schol as- He entered the Austrian army and Of the changes that ha ve already tically and in extra-curricular activ- served throughout the World War, been wrought, the most obvious is, ities. He was a debator a,nd a mem- as an officer of the infantry. of cou rse, the movin g of the library tel' of the Viatorian staff, and took At the conclusion of the war, Dr. itself. It now occupies its place on a n active interest in the other affairs Bessenyey was made a member of the second floor, leaving the entire Icf th e school. t he Inter-A l1i ed Commission, attached first floor to the administrative After gradua,tion from St. Viator, to the general in charge of Requisioffices. Many benefits have bee n de- :k Ellis went to the Catholic Unitions. I n 1924, Dr. Bessenyey came rived from this move. Perhaps t he I versity of America in Washington, to New York to serve on the editorgreatest is that of space. Three- where he continued his work in Hisial staff of the New York Times as fourth s of the second floor is used t ory. He secured his doctor's degTee its economics expert. He was confor the various rooms of .the Iibral Y' lfrom the University last J~ne wi~h nected with the Times until SeptemA larger reading room 1S now pro- his thesis on HThe Antt -Cathohc ber of t hi s year when the Very Rev. vided. \Vith the change, it can be Activities of the English Kings from J. W . R. Maguire, President of St. realized what a·n improvement th e Henry VIII." He returned. to St. Viator induced him to try his hand new is over the old readtng 1'00111. Viator as an instructor th1s year, at education. The swck rooms are likewi se mu ch : nd became the firs t man with a Dr. Bessenyey is admirably fitted larger, making' the books mOre easily doctor 's degree to head the Departfor his position as head of the deatl::l.inable and access ible to a.H. The ment of Hi story. light thlOUghot:t the rooms is much Dr. Ellis is one of the most popu- partment of Political Economy, bebetter th a n in the old library. It :ar instructors on the campus. His cause of his scholarly education in pourz in from three directions and pleas ant and authoritative manner one of the finest universities of can be reg ula ted by the use of the of lecturing, coupled wi,~ h his Europe, because of his practical exVenetian blinds which are al so a new intima.te understanding of the stud- perience, and because of his enthusaddition, ornamental as well as use- ent body, make hi s classes both in- iasm a,nd understanding of young men. His organ ization of a fencing fu l. The r ooms will be found much t eresting and popular. t ea m at the College is but one of more. comfortable this year than la st because they a·r e not as ex posed to the latel printers and numerous the many instances of his ability to . . inspire the confidence of the student wintry drafts as the old ones were. other tradesmen who would lIldlrect- 1: d These are but a few of the decided ly be benefitted should this brewery ·o,S~.· Viator is not only fortunate in changes and improvements, but with reop en its do ors! . having a man of Dr. Bessenyey's time and work we hope to make '¥ould it not be a great step In stamp on her staff but is honored many more. the alleviation of the unemploym~nt by his presence. ' s ituatio n therefore to do awa,y WIth the Prohibition Act which has cau~ed ' more. damage than its institutors The palm for the bravest man of can ever be sorry for? Consider, the month should go, in our opinion, there would be work for cabinet to the Editor of the Decaturian. It ma kers in building or r emodeling seems t hat there has been some Mayan humble student make a places of di spensation, (note I don't on the campus concerning suggestion? vVe have at the head of say /'sa loon", f or the old-time corner confusion the ability of good athletes to make our institution, a man who has in- saloo n has vanished forever, in my up work jn two days that would reterest.ed himself in the ca use of belief!); there will be work fo r dis- quire the ordinary student two Labor. He has worked hard and pensel'S, who will be the equivalents weeks. The gentleman, in the fun~ long solving ma,n y of the problems of t he old-time bartender, there will ness of his innocence, prob3lbly t h inks peculiar to Labor. At the present be innumerable jobs to be performed. that the president of a college should moment he is in the middle of what And too, there will be a cessation of rate higher than an athlete. Imagine is probably the most trying of all the so-called crime waves which that! the problems for which he has of- have p rohi bition as their indirect fered solution. Certainly it is t he c~~use . Finally there will be content most distressing problem the govcrn- a mong the people, which in itself I ment has had to cont end with al ong will aid immeasurably in alleviating that line for some ti me. It is the business depression and consequent For Less present unemployment situation, unemployment. John H. Burns. which is a f actor in what one mi g ht _ _ _ __ KANKAKEE term 3 tlvicio us circle" consistin g Father Magui re's first Parent's by Stein Bloc~ and of unemployment, which is causing Day certa,inly attained the success it I CLOTHES Micpaels Stern . Enro S~tl1r~s. a dep r ession in sales of every kind, so highly d eserved. The number of S HOES by Nunn Bush and FrIendly F iye-s. Interwoven HOSIery. which in t urn is agai n the cause for p?re:lts in attendance and the intergreater une mploym ~nt. est manifested was l"nost gratifying. Here is the wrIter's Pl'OposltIon: Consider first the statement of the head of wh at was formerly one of the coun try 's greatest brewing comKankakee, III. Kankakee, Ill. panies. H e said in substance t hat he could employ eighty-five t h ouSand persons in his breweries alone j in t he eve nt of their being reopened! REACH-WRIGHT & DITSON That is only for one co ncern, and Cor. Court St. and Sch uyler in the brew~ri es themselves, it does Avenue not take in the truck drivers, the bottle and barrell manufacturers,



In Solution to the Unemployment Question


.. !


Lambert Hardware

We!come Your Banking Business


Sporting Goods

PRL TERS "\ND STATIONERS Printing, EngraYi ng, Office Supplies, Loose Forms, Bin ders, Etc.

L ~ af

26 l East Merchant Street Telephone 406 I{anlmkee, ilL c



ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS AND DEALERS E lectricians for St. Viator Collcge Tc lcp!,c~.c


362 East Co urt Stree t

D. J. O'LOUGHLIN, M. D. Practice Limited to EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THROAT Bell TeJep hOl1(, 253

co::: City Nation al Bank Bldg.


KANKAKEE PURE MILK CO. Milk and Cream Bulgarious Butter Milk 396 SOUTH SCHUYLER AVE. Always Drink Pasteurized Mille Our Wagons Pass rour Door Every Morning Before You Have Breakfast. Both Phones 45 DRINK MILK

McBroom's Cafe

First Class Restaurant E stablished 1908

Meals, Short Orders, Specials and


Priva te Dining Room for Banquets and Parties KANKAKEE, ILLINOIS


Insurance, Loans and Bonds

605-606 Volkman Bldg. L ______________________________ , ~------------------------------l Leave Your Laundry and Dry Cleaning With


Leading Purveyors to the Institutional Table Forty-seven years experience in s~p ­ plying Quality Food Products for Institutional and restaurant ~eqUlre ­ ments has perfected our servIce and 0::1' vah.:es beyond compa~.gon. Our Edelweis Trade Mark has become the symbol of fine quality foods ecocomically packed. All of our products r're p acked in the co.ntainers most conveni ent and economIcal for you.



St. Viator College Newspaper, 1930-11-14  

The Viatorian, Vol. XLVIII, No. 4

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