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Viatorian Community

Spring 2007

Volume 12, No. 2

Provincial’s Perspective ith this issue of Viator, we are only weeks away from celebrating our 125th anniversary as a province. Anniversaries give us the opportunity to pause, look back, and give thanks for the many blessings that God has given to us. They also provide us the opportunity to plan and prepare for the years ahead. I would like to share with you my reflections on both perspectives.


From our earliest days in 1882, the Chicago Province of the Clerics of Saint Viator has been blessed in so many ways. From our roots in Bourbonnais, Illinois to our newest foundation in Corozal District, Belize, Viatorians have found life, meaning, grace, and love in every place we have served. In our schools and parishes, in hospitals and nursing homes, Viatorians encountered generous and supportive lay persons offering their gifts in collaboration with us as we, together, announced and celebrated the presence of Christ in our midst. In our efforts to promote justice and peace and in our efforts to embrace “those who are accounted of little importance,” Viatorians discovered the presence of Christ in the very hearts of those often forgotten by society. In our ministry of prayer and sacrament, and in the celebration of the Eucharist, Viatorians were graced by the depth of faith of those we sought to serve. We have found that as ministers and as a community, we have been given abundant life and joy by those to whom we have ministered. We are grateful to so many of you - for welcoming us, embracing us, and for

loving us. These 125 years indeed have been a blessing. Thank you. Yet, our work is not finished. In fact, as we look into the future we are challenged to grow, risk, reach out, and yes, be global. Because we have been blessed, we, the members of the Chicago Province, recognize that we are in a unique position and thus have a unique responsibility to make a difference in the lives of those beyond our borders. As we were challenged at the General Chapter of 2006, Viatorians are especially called to be attentive to the needs of those who suffer most. Through our interpersonal relationships and our sharing of human and material resources, we are called to be in solidarity with Viatorians ministering in impoverished countries such as Ivory Coast and Haiti. The challenges that lay before us are great indeed. The celebration of our 125th anniversary offers us the unique opportunity to rejoice in our gifts and rededicate these gifts as leaven for others. I often say to those around me, “together we can do great things” and “with God all things are possible.” Let us walk into the future with faith in Jesus and confidence in the Spirit. Great days are ahead for each of us. Anniversary! In St.Viator and Fr. Querbes,

Reverend Thomas R. von Behren, CSV Provincial


Celebrating 125 Years of Parochial Ministry The Viatorians greatly appreciate your financial assistance which helps to sustain our ministries in the United States and overseas. If you would like to assist us, please send your gifts to Viatorian Development Office 1212 East Euclid Ave. Arlington Heights, IL 60004 847-637-2124 You can either designate where your gifts will be used or delegate us to distribute the funds where they are most needed. As a non-profit and tax-exempt organization, the Viatorians are very grateful for your prayers and financial support in “educating for the future.� For wills and bequests: Clerics of St. Viator an Illinois Corporation

The Nazareth League of Prayers

provides an opportunity to share in the Viatorian prayer life. Prayer requests are inscribed in a special book and then placed in the chapel at the Province Center. When Viatorians gather daily in communal prayer, they specifically remember the intentions of their friends and gratefully thank everyone who has so generously supported the Viatorian ministries. To participate in the Nazareth League of Prayers, simply list your intentions in the envelope provided and mail them to us. You can also request specific cards by calling 847-637-2124 or online at

The vision that animates Viatorian parish ministry is to raise up communities of believers where the faith is lived, deepened, and celebrated. Motivated by this ideal, Viatorians accomplish it by implementing what their founder, Fr. Louis Querbes, mandated: to teach Christian doctrine and serve at the holy altar. By following these simple directives, the first Viatorians left their native Canada in 1865 for Bourbonnais, IL to establish a school and assume the pastorate at Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish. These directives define the present-day Viatorian parish ministry. For example, at Maternity BVM parish Viatorians and their lay collaborators emphasize good liturgy with relevant preaching, adult education and youth ministry, and lay leadership. Furthermore, lay collaborators participate in a variety of other parish ministries that include liturgical participation, social outreach, Maternity BVM Church and parish governance. Viatorians branched out from Maternity BVM to other parishes in the metropolitan Kankakee area, where they now serve at St. George parish in St. George, IL; St. Anne parish in St. Anne, IL; and St. Patrick parish in Kankakee. This year is a special time for St. St. George Church Patrick parish; it marks the 75th year of Viatorian presence in the parish. The lay and religious leaders at St. Patrick are currently developing a new ministerial model whereby the laity and religious sisters from the Congregation de Notre Dame (CND) are 2

Fr. George Auger, CSV, St. Patrick Church assuming many roles that the clergy previously held. An essential part of this process is Viatorian associates who are very active at St. Patrick and St. George parishes. The Viatorian tradition of parishes being educational centers is very evident at St. Patrick. When the Viatorians arrived in 1931, the Sisters of Loretto were directing a flourishing grade and high school, and the Viatorians collaborated with them as teachers and ancillary help. Later, the high school moved to a new location and became the central Catholic high school for Kankakee while the present school building is home to Aquinas Academy, an elementary school serving St. Patrick and two other parishes.

Fr. James Fanale, CSV St. Anne Church Another characteristic of Viatorian parochial ministry is sensitivity to local ethnic traditions. The first American Viatorians were French Canadians who came to Bourbonnais to work with the local French speaking people. The Viatorians later went to nearby St. Anne, IL, whose French speaking residents had named

St. Anne Novena, St. Anne, IL

Province, moved the province headquarters and novitiate to Belmont and Crawford Avenues. The Viatorians also established St. Viator parish and school, which the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet staffed for many years. In 1929, a large church, in Tudor Gothic style, with adjoining rectory and convent was completed. The church is a silent testimony to the superb craftsmanship of those times.

their town and church in honor of St. Anne, to whom they had a strong devotion. For over one-hundred years, the parish has conducted an annual novena in her honor, for which people travel from throughout Illinois and beyond. Viatorians are committed to collaborative ministry, and throughout their history they have worked closely with religious sisters. In 1860, the CND sisters established a convent next to Maternity BVM parish, and they worked with the early Viatorians to provide quality education for the local young people. In 1956, the parish started a school that the CND sisters staffed for many years. The Viatorians invited the Sisters Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary to come to Bourbonnais from their native France to work at St. Viator College. The sisters later went on to establish their motherhouse and an academy for young women at Beaverville, IL, where the Viatorians staffed the parish adjacent to the convent and school.

Longtime Saint Viator parishioner, Kathleen Walsh, with Fr. Robert Bolser, CSV

Having become firmly established in the Kankakee area, the Viatorians expanded their ministry to Chicago in 1888 when Fr. Cyril Fournier, the first provincial of the Chicago

In 1954, the Viatorians traveled from Illinois to Las Vegas, Nevada to establish Bishop Gorman High School and St. Viator parish. Like its counterpart in Chicago, St. Viator parish is an important community institution. Its school has an outstanding reputation with a waiting list of prospective students. The parish life emphasizes the importance of being a welcoming community celebrating good liturgy.

Fr. Richard Rinn, CSV leads the Holy Saturday Liturgy assisted by Fr. William Haesaert, CSV.

Br. Daniel Belanger, CSV with students from St. Viator Grade School, Chicago St. Viator parish holds a special place in Viatorian history. Many ordinations have taken place there; the most recent being in 2006 with that of Fr. Corey Brost, CSV to the priesthood and Br. Daniel Belanger, CSV to the diaconate. In years past, Viatorian scholastics sang Gregorian Chant for the Holy Week services and conducted summer youth programs. Viatorian deacons have served their deaconate year at the parish as well.

St. Viator Church,Chicago, IL

and Tagalog. Following the Mass, the parish hosted an ethnic dinner and talent festival in the recreation center.

The parish mirrors the local ethnically diverse community that the Viatorians view as a sign of strength and a reflection of the world Church. Besides a weekly Sunday Spanish liturgy, the parish community recently celebrated its diverse identity with a special Mass that incorporated English, Polish, Spanish, 3

Drama Ministry St. Viator Church, Las Vegas, NV One recent innovation is the drama ministry whereby children portray various Bible and contemporary stories that either supplement or replace the homily. They have presented interpretations of the Holy Innocents, Mary Continued on page 4

Celebrating 125 Years… Continued from page 3 and Elizabeth, Martin Luther King, Jr. as a peacemaker and a man of faith, the Prodigal Son, the Passion of Jesus, and Pentecost.

parish in the diocese. St. Thomas More Catholic Community, which began in 1984 with thirty-four families meeting in a funeral home, now has over 5,000 registered families, a large parish complex, and a very active ministerial team. St. Thomas More reflects the characteristics of the other Viatorian parishes with its emphasis on good liturgy, a strong principle of lay collaboration, youth programs, and social outreach.

First Viatorian pastor of St. Francis Xavier, Fr. Daniel Hall, CSV, greets parishioners. parish school located next to the church in Corozal Town, nineteen village primary schools that serve over 5,000 students, a vocational high school, and twentythree village chapels.

St. Thomas More Church today Guardian Angel Cathedral Las Vegas, NV In the early days of St. Viator parish, the Viatorians saw the need for ministry to the hotel workers on the Strip and immediately responded by celebrating Mass at 2:00 a.m. in a hotel conference room. The crowds quickly grew, and community leaders saw the need for a church near the Las Vegas Strip. They banded together to construct a fitting worship space and in 1963, the Shrine to the Guardian Angels was dedicated. Later, the local bishop designated it as the diocesan cathedral. Today, the Viatorians continue to serve the workers and tourists through good liturgy while being readily available for spiritual direction and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

One of twenty-three village churches served by Viatorians at St. Francis Xavier

Fr. Kenneth Morris, CSV shares a humorous moment with a St. Thomas More parishioner. In 1998, the Viatorians accepted the invitation from Bishop O. P. Martin to staff St. Francis Xavier Parish in Corozal Town, Belize. The parish has over 17,000 people who reside in Corozal and the surrounding villages. To respond to so many people scattered over such a large territory, the parish administers the

First Building, St. Thomas More Henderson, NV Recognizing the importance of the Viatorian presence in the Las Vegas area, the local bishop requested that the Viatorians establish a third

Fr. Christopher Glancy, CSV, pastor of St. Francis Xavier, and a volunteer nurse share a serious moment with a young parishioner. 4

For such a vast undertaking, lay ministry is essential. The laity direct and teach in the schools while others work in a variety of programs that include conducting communion services approximately three Sundays a month in the village churches. They are very generous with their time and talent and want to receive sound training in order to serve the community well. To help them accomplish that goal, the pastor, Fr. Christopher Glancy, CSV, is initiating a parish evangelization program that will explore such topics as Church doctrine, morality, Scripture, and pastoral care. In 1999, Fr. Luis Eduardo López, CSV assumed the pastorate of San Basilio Magno parish in the northwest section of Bogotá,Colombia. The parish has approximately 8,000 families whose age range spans from small children Fr. Luis López, CSV, to the elderly. Pastor of San Basilio Magno

The parish motto, “The Parish, a Community of Love,” reflects the reality in which the laity are intimately involved in the parish life. Lay liturgical ministers participate as acolytes, lectors, communion and music ministers. Prayer groups meet throughout the week. Catechists offer workshops to families as they prepare to receive the sacraments of Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation. Other ministries include youth ministry, Legion of

Mary, and pastoral outreach. The outreach ministry coordinates the distribution of goods and clothes to disadvantaged families.

Fr. Brian Cooper, CSV, of San Vicente de Paul` in Libano.

Young people of San Basilio Magno are ready to begin Holy Week.

Fr. Brian Cooper, CSV is pastor at San ` Parish in Libano, Colombia, Vicente de Paul a town of approximately 20,000 people where the residents suffer from poverty and insecurity

because of the current political and social unrest. In reesponse, Fr. Cooper directs a number of ministerial and social programs that include housing construction, educational outreach, nutritional assistance, and distribution of school supplies. Viatorians willingly travel to where there is a need to nurture communities of faith. In doing so, they freely share their time and talent to promote the parish life and engage with the laity to discover and act upon their unique giftedness. Within this supportive context, Viatorians believe that all are challenged to take the Gospel message of Jesus to heart and to make that message a reality by working to build a world of justice in which true peace can take root.

Villa Desiderata Retreat Center Community life animates every Viatorian parish. In 1965, Fr. Eugene Lutz, CSV was assigned to the Viatorian retreat house in McHenry, IL as its retreat director. Assisted by Br. Patrick Drohan, CSV, they conducted retreats and formed a faith community that met for Sunday liturgy. The strength of the community was very much in evidence when Fr. Lutz, stricken with terminal cancer, was cared for by Villa Desiderata members of his faith community until his death.

Taize´ Prayer Fosters a Community of Faith

Eventually the community became large enough to form a nonprofit corporation and purchase the property, where it is used today for 12-step retreats. A coordinator plans the retreats and contacts the presenters. Br. Drohan, CSV purchases all supplies and food for the retreats, ensures that the retreats run smoothly, maintains Br. Patrick Drohan, CSV the building and grounds, and arranges community rightly looks forward to for the celebrants of Sunday liturgy. many more years of service to people Fr. Daniel Hall, CSV travels to the Villa who will grow personally and spiritually once a month to celebrate liturgy. The within the 12-step programs. 5

The Viatorian Province Center chapel is yet another place where Viatorians raise up a community of faith. In January 1999, Vocation Director Br. Corey Brost, CSV began offering evenings of Taize´ prayer for students at St. Viator High School (Arlington Heights). He wanted to provide students and Viatorians in the area an opportunity to come together to share their faith. People from neighboring parishes were also invited. Today, adults from the neighborhood, Viatorians, and students from St. Viator High School and St. Martin de Porres High School (Waukegan) come together for an hour of shared song, prayer, and quiet reflection. As one recent participant said, "I look forward to this hour every month when I am able to be nourished spiritually.”

75th Anniversary of St. Patrick Parish On Sunday March 18, 2007, the parishioners of St. Patrick Church in Kankakee, Illinois gathered at their 11 a.m. Mass to celebrate seventy-five years of Viatorian ministry. Fr. Thomas von Behren, CSV presided at the liturgy. During his homily, he thanked the people of St. Patrick for caring for and loving the Viatorians who have served and continue to serve at the parish. Fr. George Auger, CSV, the present pastor, and former pastors Fr. Thomas Langenfeld, CSV and Fr. Richard Pighini, CSV concelebrated. Fr. Donald Wehnert, CSV, who has served as associate pastor with all these men, also concelebrated. Associates Michelle and Kenneth Barrie, Susan and Michael Bourgeois, and Mary Finks presented the offertory gifts. During the brunch that followed, guests were shown a slide presentation that included photos of all Viatorian pastors and associate pastors who have served the parish since 1931. There was spontaneous applause as pictures of the living Viatorians appeared. Sighs were heard when photos of recently deceased priests (Frs. Edward Heitjan, James Toolan, Eugene Booklet cover celebrating St. Patrick parish published during the pastorate of Sullivan, Joseph Canella, William Fisherkeller, Joseph O’Brien) Fr. Daniel O’Connor, CSV (1964-1971) were shown. The Viatorians are grateful to be able to continue ministering to and with this welcoming and supportive parish community.

Viatorian serving St. Patrick Church since 1931 Pastors Reverend William J. Bergin, CSV Reverend Thomas E. Fitzpatrick, CSV Reverend James A. Lowney, CSV Reverend Angelo F. Rinella, CSV Reverend James F. Meara, CSV Reverend Francis A. Corcoran, CSV Reverend Francis E. Williams, CSV Reverend Eugene J. Sullivan, CSV Reverend Daniel A. O'Connor, CSV Reverend Joseph Canella, CSV Reverend Edward J. Heitjan, CSV Reverend Raymund J. Field, CSV Reverend Thomas G. Langenfeld, CSV Reverend Richard J. Pighini, CSV Reverend George J. Auger, CSV Associate Pastors Reverend Thomas E. Fitzpatrick, CSV Reverend John P. Lynch, CSV Reverend Francis A. Corcoran, CSV Reverend Edward T. O'Neill, CSV Reverend John E. Williams, CSV Reverend Francis J. Harbauer, CSV

Reverend L. McManamon, CSV Reverend Richard J. French, CSV Reverend James L. Naughton, CSV Reverend Donald C. Glynn, CSV Reverend Eric Schaff, CSV Reverend Edward F. Haungs, CSV Reverend Alfred Hebert, CSV Reverend George Nelson, CSV Reverend Marion Schuetz, CSV Reverend Patrick Kearney, CSV Reverend Joseph E. Meara, CSV Reverend Paul G. Hutton, CSV Reverend Louis T. Demmer, CSV Reverend Eugene J. Sullivan, CSV Reverend Richard Crowley, CSV Reverend Albert G. Belda, CSV Reverend Clarence J. Billadeau, CSV Reverend John Gunville, CSV Reverend John A. Toolan, CSV Reverend James P. Toolan, CSV Reverend John J. Burke, CSV Reverend Eugene F. Hoffman, CSV Reverend John Shipman, CSV Reverend Francis T. Czerwionka, CSV


Former pastors (left to right), Fr. George Auger, CSV; Fr. Thomas Langenfeld, CSV; Fr. Richard Pighini, CSV; and Fr. George Auger, CSV Reverend Thomas L. Sullivan, CSV Reverend Eugene Surprenant, CSV Reverend Frederick J. Wenthe, CSV Reverend John C. Puisis, CSV Reverend John L. Corredato, CSV Reverend Paul F. Jasinski, CSV Reverend William P. Fisherkeller, CSV Reverend Donald R. Wehnert, CSV Reverend Michael J. O'Brien, CSV Reverend Richard J. Pighini, CSV Reverend James F. Crilly, CSV Reverend Michael P. Keliher, CSV Reverend Donald R. Wehnert, CSV

Regional Meetings 2007 Since becoming provincial in May 2005, Fr. Thomas von Behren, CSV has met yearly with members from each of the regions of the Chicago Province. This year's visitation focused on a discussion of the Charter of the Viatorian Community, a document that members of the 2006 General Chapter wrote last July in Ariccia, Italy. In broad terms, the charter describes Viatorian identity, charism, spirituality, and contribution that the Viatorians (associates and professed) make to the Church as a community. The charter also addresses issues of formation, vocation ministry, and new structures of leadership. Since only delegates of the community participated in the writing of the charter, time was needed to be spent in each local region discussing both the content and the implications of this important document.

and Henderson/Las Vegas/California, associates and professed grappled with what it means to be a Viatorian in the 21st century. While still maintaining their identity as vowed members of the Congregation of the Clerics of St. Viator, professed members also comprise the Viatorian Community which includes lay men and women associates. Many are comfortable with this new entity; others are not. However, what is most important is the willingness on the part of the majority of the membership to continue the dialogue as the community experiments with this new reality. It has been realized that it is only through experience that the community will grow in its understanding and appreciation of the original intent of Fr. Querbes’ vision: a community of lay associates and professed members.

As members gathered in the regions of Belize, Arlington Heights/Chicago, Bourbonnais/ Kankakee,

Arlington Heights/Chicago Regional Meeting

Associates Marie Feeney, Marie Segal, John Berger, Warren Craig and Fr. James Crilly, CSV of Las Vegas

Associates Mary Finks, Marilyn Mucahy, and John Ohlendorf of Bourbonnais/Kankakee region

Viatorian Community of professed and associate members in Belize with Fr. Thomas von Behren 7

Viatorian Associates Arlington Heights/Chicago Cathy and Don Abrahamian Randy Baker Lynda Connor Karen Cutler Daniel Lydon Joseph Majkowski Gerry Roller Donna and Tim Schwarz Bourbonnais/Kankakee Michelle and Ken Barrie Susan and Mike Bourgeois Mary Finks Henrietta and Francis Chamness Euchrist Marcotte Marilyn Mulcahy John Ohlendorf Susan and David Surprenant Patty Wischnowski Las Vegas/Henderson John Berger Marlene and Joseph Caprio Warren Craig Marie Feeney Loretta Gabby Connie Gerber Margery Gill Paula and Tom Hannon Leona Iglinski Joseph Lomanto Marie and Jim May Mary Jane and Dan Miller Ken Rosania Maggie Saunders Marie Segal Kathy and Michael Underwood Belize Herculana Bastarachea Ayonie Briceño Desideria and Rafael Cob Glenda Francis Juanita Jimenez Haydee and Francisco Magaña Patty and Martin Noble Esteban Pasos Sylvia Vargas

In the Footsteps of Our Founder Early Catechists and Successful First Schools Fr. Louis Querbes was a priest with a mission to upgrade education in rural France. His Society of St. Viator was approved as a diocesan institute on November 3, 1831. On November 11, 1832, his first two members, Brother Pierre Magaud and Brother Pierre Liauthaud, became Minor Catechists. For seven years, Brother Magaud had been the parish teacher at St. Bonnet in Vourles under the direction of Fr. Querbes. Brother Liauthaud had been a school master for nearly twenty years in Saint Bonnet-de-Cray, in Saone-et-Loire. MM Nagiere and Damoisel joined the Society as Aggrègès in fall 1832. Fr. Querbes envisioned two ranks in the Society: Confreres, who would take vows, and Aggreges, lay teachers who would “only promise obedience to the Statutes and (observe) the common customs in their teaching and Christian life.” (Statute 5) In fall 1832, Father Querbes accepted his first schools. M. Nagiere directed an existing school at neighboring Brignais. M. Damosiel directed an existing school at Panissieres. Brother Liauthaud was entrusted to open a new school at Francheville, considered to be the first school established by the Society. On September 20, 1832, Fr. Querbes admitted a tonsured cleric, Hugh Favre, as a novice. Favre had completed his theological studies at St. Irenaeus, the Lyons diocesan seminary, where Fr. Querbes himself had studied. This novice was destined to exercise great influence within the Society. Upon the death, on September 1, 1859, of Fr. Querbes, Fr. Favre succeeded him as Director of the Society. The three first school masters were equipped with a Directory, which outlined their spiritual duties, composed by Fr. Querbes. They corresponded regularly with Fr. Querbes who provided spiritual and pedagogical advice. In 1830, Fr. Querbes produced a manual, Methods of Reading, and later another manual on teaching

mathematics.Through correspondence and visits, Fr. Querbes formed his teachers. Their common eight day retreat reinforced their spirituality and pedagogy. The feast of St. Viator, October 21, 1833, was a special event for the young society. Brother Liauthaud was received as the first Formed Catechist. Hugh Favre was admitted as a Minor Catechist. Both men became lifetime collaborators of the founder. In 1833, two more schools were opened: Saint-Didier-au-Mont-díore and Fontaines-Saint-Martin. The catechist assigned to Fontaines was the eighteen year old, newly professed Antoine Thibaudier. To provide him a mentor, Fr. Querbes transferred the experienced Brother Liauthaud from Francheville to St.-Didier, so he could mentor both Thibaudier and Confrere Bachoud, his successor at Francheville. This decision reflected the solicitude of Fr. Querbes for spiritual formation and pedagogical development. His first schools were well received. Fr. Querbes was a diocesan priest and the Society a diocesan institute, both subject to the Bishop. The Bishop so respected the organizational skills, zeal and early success of Fr. Querbes, that he proposed to involve Fr. Querbes in several negotiations which had the potential of altering the very nature of the Society. - Br. Leo V. Ryan, CSV

In Memoriam Father Donald F. Lund, CSV died on February 17 at the age of 86. His parents, Archie and Anne Lund, and his brother, Wallace, preceded him in death. He is survived by his sister, Jeanne Walter, and several nieces and nephews.

associate pastor at St. Joseph Church in Springfield, IL; St. Viator Church in Chicago, IL; and Maternity B.V.M., Bourbonnais, IL. He was pastor at Our Lady of Wisdom in Reno, NV and St. Anne Church in St. Anne, IL.

Fr. Lund pronounced his first vows as a Viatorian on August 15, 1941; studied at St. Thomas Seminary in Denver, CO; and was ordained a priest on June 8, 1946.

In 1966-67, he served as the chairman of the Viatorian self-study that led to the Viatorians implementing many of the changes mandated by Vatican II. He was an avid reader and a forward thinker. We will miss him.

His ministry was primarily in high school teaching and parish work. He taught at St. Patrick High School in Kankakee, IL; St. Philip High School in Chicago; Spalding Institute in Peoria, IL; and Alleman High School in Rock Island, IL. His parochial ministry included serving as 8

Celebrating Priesthood as Viatorians In addition to the five Viatorians celebrating anniversaries of their years of religious life, as featured in the February newsletter, three Viatorians celebrate their ordination anniversaries. This year, the Viatorian Community congratulates Fathers Mark Francis, CSV; Robert Cooney, CSV; and John Milton, CSV. When one adds up the numbers, thousands of lives have been influenced by the ministry of these priests. Fr. Mark Francis, CSV Fr. Mark Francis, CSV celebrates his 25th anniversary of priesthood as he begins his second six-year term as superior general of the Viatorian Community. His entrance into the community in 1971 marked the beginning of his road to Rome. Fr. Francis graduated from St. Viator High School and Loyola University before teaching at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas (1976-1978). He completed his seminary studies at Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, in 1982. After ordination he journeyed to Bogotá, Colombia where he served as director of formation (1982-1984) and superior of the foundation. From Bogotá, Fr. Francis traveled to Rome to complete his doctorate in Sacred Liturgy which led him

back to Catholic Theological Union as professor of Liturgy. In 2000, he returned to Rome as superior general of the Clerics of St. Viator where he oversees the mission of the community. In addition, he continues to write and lecture around the world as a recognized authority on topics of the liturgy. Fr. Robert Cooney, CSV Fr. Robert Cooney, CSV, a native of Springfield, IL and graduate of Cathedral Boys High School, is celebrating his 50th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood. From 1951 to 1961, he taught at Spalding Institute in Peoria, St. James in Springfield, and Alleman High School in Rock Island. In 1961, when he completed his master’s degree in library science, Fr. Cooney became librarian at St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights. After ten years at St. Viator, he spent three years as librarian at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas. A change in ministry occurred in 1973 when Fr. Cooney became associate pastor of St. Viator Parish in Chicago. He then served as chaplain at St. John’s Hospital in Springfield and St. Mary's Hospital in Kankakee before becoming parochial vicar at Maternity BVM parish in Bourbonnais.

Holy Thursday On Holy Thursday, Viatorians joined with the whole Church in remembering the final meal Jesus shared with his friends before his death. Viatorian associates and professed, as well as various friends, gathered in the Province Center chapel to celebrate the Eucharist and to remember the message of Jesus that everyone is called to serve others. In keeping with that mandate, Fr. Thomas von Behren, CSV was the main celebrant for the Mass and conducted the Mandatum, the washing of the feet. The people whose feet were washed represent people in various walks of life, such as religious sisters, professed and associate Viatorians, and laity. Viatorian Provincial Fr. Thomas von Behren, CSV washes the feet of Fr. Francis White, CSV, the oldest living professed Viatorian. 9

In 1990, he returned to Las Vegas and ministered at Guardian Angel Cathedral. He resided at the Las Vegas Viatorian retirement residence until he moved in 2005 to the Province Center in Arlington Heights. Fr. John Milton, CSV Fr. John Milton, CSV was ordained a priest on June 9, 1957. Except for the five years he served as director of novices (1986 to 1991), Fr. Milton has spent his ministry as a high school and university teacher of physics and mathematics. He taught at Spalding, Cathedral, and Bishop Mc Namara high schools. He also taught a total of twenty years at St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights. During those years, he worked on weekends at parishes in the Arlington Heights area. In 1991, Fr. Milton began teaching at DePaul University on the Lincoln Park Campus, where he continues his ministry. He is engrossed in his teaching as he always has been. Besides classroom communication, his students have constant access to him via the internet. All assignments and help are available with a click of the mouse. On weekends he assists St. Zachary parish in Des Plaines.

Viatorians Around the World United States At recent meetings, the Viatorian Provincial Council of the Chicago Province endorsed the following campaigns: Catholic Charities USA Campaign to Reduce Poverty in America and National Religious Campaign Against Torture. For more information about these campaigns, please visit and respectively. The Provincial Council also approved over $62,000 in grants from the Community's Social Justice Fund for twenty projects that serve the needs of the marginalized and/or promote peace and justice.

$35,000 for the Las Vegas Diocese Catholic Charities Faces of Hunger Campaign.

Casa Viator Led by Viatorian Associates Michelle and Kenneth Barrie and partially funded by the Viatorian Community, members of the St. Patrick/St. Teresa Youth Group (Kankakee, IL) built two homes in Mexico recently. Pictured with the new owners of Casa Viator are several of the young builders.

In an ongoing effort to raise the awareness of young people to the needs of others, the campus ministry departments at St. Viator High School (Arlington Heights) and St. Martin Martin de Porres (Waukegan) sponsored Lenten campaigns. Over $15,000 was raised for Mercy Homes for Boys and Girls, administered by 1972 SVHS graduate Fr. Scott Donahue, and Habitat For Humanity. The students at St. Viator Grade School in Las Vegas raised $900 during their Lenten campaign for the Viatorian ministry in Belize.

In an effort to have a greater impact responding to national and international disasters, the Viatorian Community has initiated yearly pledges to Catholic Charities USA and Catholic Relief Services to provide emergency disaster relief.

Fr. Daniel Mirabelli, CSV

Responding to the Viatorian mission to reach out to “those accounted of little importance,” Viatorians in the Arlington Heights and Chicago regions have recently participated in a Iraqi father with his child national campaign calling for the cancellation of Liberia’s debt, vigils against the occupation in Iraq and an end to the genocide in Darfur, Sudan, and a seminar on human trafficking.

Congratulations to Fr. Daniel Mirabelli, CSV who celebrated fifty years of service in Catholic education, the majority of which have been spent ministering at Alleman High School in Rock Island, IL. Congratulations to eighty-six year old Fr. Thomas McCarthy who was awarded the “Young at Heart” Heart of Gold Award by the Village of Arlington Heights for “spreading joy throughout the community as an author, songwriter, and Irish musician.” Many of Fr. McCarthy’s weekends have been spent volunteering in nursing homes, hospitals, and senior centers. Through the efforts of Associate Kenneth Rosania, the parishioners of St. Thomas More Catholic Community raised over 10

Members of the Maternity BVM Youth Group prepare for the upcoming garage sale. The youth group at Maternity BVM Parish (Bourbonnais, IL) held a huge garage sale to raise money for its July trip to New Orleans to build homes with Habitat for Humanity. Associate Daniel Lydon was awarded a Doctorate of Ministry from Catholic Theological Union (Chicago, IL) in ceremonies held May 17, 2007. The Viatorian Community co-sponsored A Matter of Faith exhibit at the Arlington Heights Historical Museum March 24-June 24, 2007. The exhibit explored twenty-two religious organizations currently located in Arlington Heights, IL. For more information, please visit

Colombia Construction of the foundations of thirty-two homes for low-income families was recently completed in Libano under the direction of Fr. Brian Cooper, CSV. Labor was provided by the members of the families who will eventually take ownership. Pictured with Fr. Cooper are several members of the families.

monthly formation programs. Recent topics have included Holy Week and Living Our Christian Vocation. Nine young men recently attended a vocation presentation on the Viatorian Community by Fr. Daniel Nolan, CSV, Fr. Christopher Glancy, CSV and Pre-Novice Ricardo Sedacy. Bolivia Congratulations to the members of the Foundation of Bolivia who recently welcomed four postulants into their community in Cochabamba.

Fr. Raphael Sanabria and Pre-Novices Fabio Prieto, Edwin Ruiz, Mauricio Taborda, Jorge Vargas, and Daniel Villalobos conducted Holy Week services in Melgar, Tolima. Belize Accompanied by over 600 parishioners from St. Francis Xavier Parish, Fr. Glancy led the annual Stations of the Cross throughout Corozal Town on Good Friday. The stations were reenacted by members of the parish youth group.

“Jesus is placed in the tomb.”

Br. Pierre Louis Joseph and students During his visit to Haiti, Fr. Francis was able to participate in the ordination to the priesthood of Fr. Duchelande Saintilmè and Fr. Robert Jean. Viatorians around the world are grateful to God for the gift of these two young men to the Church. The Viatorian Community looks forward to many years of continued ministry to and with the people of Haiti.

Marie-Rose-Durocher School Les Gonaives :

Fr. Brian Cooper, CSV with a group of parishioners from Libano

Haiti Superior General Mark Francis, CSV, accompanied by Vicar General Gregorio Esquibel, CSV, recently returned to Rome after his formal visitation of the Foundation of Haiti, established by the Canadian Viatorians in 1965.

Currently, twenty-five professed Haitian Viatorians and eight Canadian Viatorians minister at a large retreat and formation center, one high school and three primary schools, one parish, and three houses of formation. One Haitian Viatorian is finishing a degree in Rome while three others are ministering outside Haiti — two in Canada and one in Burkina Faso, Africa. Five Haitian novices are studying in the international novitiate in Chile.

Over 140 lay leaders from Corozal Town and the surrounding villages have been attending


Ordination of Frs. Duchelande and Robert

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Newsletter – Spring 2007


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Good Friday Walk for Justice On April 6, 2007, seven Viatorians and several students and faculty from St. Martin de Porres High School (Waukegan) joined over three hundred marchers in the 27th Annual Good Friday Walk for Justice. The Viatorians, along with over fifty other religious and justice communities and organizations, co-sponsored the service, a project of 8th Day Center For Justice.

Nonviolence, and Coalition of Immokalee Workers. For more information about the Walk For Justice and 8th Day Center For Justice, please visit

The Walk for Justice is modeled after the Christian tradition of the Stations of the Cross. Contemporary stations, which include song, prayer, mime, and quiet reflection, are prepared by peace and justice coalitions and organizations. Each station promotes greater solidarity with the suffering of the world who are “condemned, stripped of human dignity, tortured, and killed by unjust public policies.” Those preparing this year's stations included Anawim Native American Center, Chicago Colombia Sanctuary Group, Chicago Jobs With Justice, Voices For Creative

“Simon helps Jesus carry his cross.”

“Jesus falls.”

Viator Newsletter 2007 Spring  

Vol. 12, No. 2

Viator Newsletter 2007 Spring  

Vol. 12, No. 2