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Viatorian Community

Summer 2006

Volume 11, No. 3

Provincial’s Perspective n June 5, 2006 Viatorians gathered in Springfield, IL to mark a significant moment in the history and life of our Community. Together with our long-time partners in education, the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Viatorians assembled at Fr. Thomas R. von Behren, Sacred Heart-Griffin High CSV, Provincial School to offer a Mass of Thanksgiving as we mark the end of an era. When the school doors closed for the school year 2005-2006, the last Viatorian involved in the educational ministry in Springfield retired and moved to our retirement residence in Arlington Heights, IL. Yes, an end of an era, indeed!


In 1930, with the dedication of the original Cathedral Boys High School (CBHS), the Viatorian Community embraced the people of Springfield as partners in ministry. During these past seventy-six years, over 150 Viatorians served as teachers, administrators, coaches, counselors, moderators, and campus ministers at Cathedral Boys High School, Griffin High School (GHS), and Sacred Heart-Griffin High School (SHG). From our first principal, Father Daniel O’Connor, CSV to our last teacher, Father Thomas Pisors, CSV, Viatorian priests and brothers helped shape and nourish the minds and souls of thousands of young men and women of Springfield. As in all good partnerships, the people of Springfield helped shape the Viatorian Community. In fact, of the present seventy-five

Viatorians born in the United States, fifteen of them are from Springfield, IL. With the retirement of Fr. Pisors, who served at GHS and SHG for forty-three years, the retirement of Fr. Eugene Weitzel, CSV as pastor of St. Alexius Parish in Beardstown, and the transfer of Fr. William Carpenter, CSV as pastor of St. Jude Parish in Rochester, the Viatorians will have but just one active priest ministering within the Springfield Diocese, Fr. John Corredato, CSV, pastor of St. Boniface Church in Edwardsville. An end of an era, indeed! The Viatorian Community is grateful to the late Bishops James Griffin, William O’Connor, Joseph Mc Nicholas, and Bishops Daniel Ryan, George Lucas and the Diocesan Clergy who have supported us over these many years. Through our ministry at the CHS, GHS, and SHG and our beloved St. Joseph Church, we Viatorians have received countless blessings and have forged lifelong friendships. To our former students, fellow faculty members, parents, former parishioners, friends and benefactors, I thank you for the wonderful relationship we have had over the years. As we physically leave our ministry in Springfield, please know that we will continue to hold these people in our daily prayer and in our hearts. In St. Viator and Fr. Querbes,

Reverend Thomas R. von Behren, CSV Provincial Griffin High School 1971

Viatorian CBHS, GHS, and SHG Faculty Fr. E. Anderson Fr. W. Anson Mr. C. Bankie Fr. J. Beatty Mr. B. Bebee Mr. V. Benoit Fr. A. Bereron Mr. H. Berjohn Fr. E. Bertrand Fr. C. Bolser Fr. R. Bolser Br. R. Boysen Fr. J. Bradoc Fr. C. Bresnahan Fr. J. Brown Fr. A. R. Burke Fr. P. Cahill Fr. J. Canella Fr. Capps Fr. R. Carey Br. C. Carlon Fr. P. Clifford Br. R. Compton Fr. B. Cooper Fr. F. Corcoran Fr. J. Crilly Fr. R. Crowley Br. M. Cusack Fr. F. Czerwonkia Mr. D. Daebelliehn Br. M.P. Daugherty Br. J. Deane Fr. L. Demmer Fr. G. Dempsey Fr. F. DesLauriers Br. J.M. Donlan Fr. M. Dougherty Br. J. Drolet Fr. F. Duffy Br. W. Dunlap Fr. W. Dupuis Fr. J. Durkee Fr. P. Durkin Fr. M. Egan Fr. F. Emerick Fr. R. Erickson Mr. K. Fagarason Mr. J. Farrelly

Fr. R. Field Fr. W. Fisherkeller Br. M. Fromes Fr. J. Gallagher Mr. P. Gillgallon Br. O.P. Gleason Fr. W. Haesaert Mr. B. Hansen Fr. F.J. Harbauer Fr. G. Harris Fr. W. Harris Br. J.E. Healy Fr. E. Heitjan Br. J. Higgins Fr. E. Hoffman Fr. V. Holubowicz Fr. R.C. Hope Fr. R. Hopkins Br. D. Houde Fr. P. G. Hutton Fr. T. Kass Br. T. Kelley Fr. J. Kelly Fr. C. Kicmal Fr. T. Kinney Fr. J. Kirchgessner Fr. J.J. Klim Mr. J. Lafeber Br. G. LaMarre Fr. G. Leahy Fr. M. Lennartz Br. J. Lewnard Fr. M. Loughran Fr. E. Lutz Fr. J. Lynch Br. Mack Fr. M. Malley Fr. C. Maranto Mr. D. Marcotte Mr. J. Marshall Mr. P. May Fr. S. Mayer Mr. R. McBride Br. O. McCarthy Fr. D. McCleary Fr. M. McLaughlin Fr. T. McMahon Fr. V. McManus Fr. J. Meara

Viatorians Conclude 76 Years of High School Ministry in Springfield In 1930, Bishop James A. Griffin invited the Viatorians to Springfield to administer St. Joseph Parish and establish Cathedral Boys High School. The high school opened on September 2 with ninety-two students and three faculty members: Fr. Daniel O’Connor, CSV, Fr. James Sees, CSV, and Fr. John E. Williams, CSV. The students used three classrooms at the Cathedral Grade School. In the ensuing years, the number of students and Viatorian faculty increased. In response, Bishop William A. O’Connor authorized the construction of a new high school building and faculty residence, which he dedicated in 1959. Bishop O’Connor also changed the name of the school to Griffin High School in honor of his immediate predecessor.

CBHS 1934 faculty

The constant factor throughout the years was the Viatorian tradition of offering a well-rounded education with an emphasis on academic excellence. The vast majority of its graduates went on to further studies, and many earned academic awards. The athletic teams won many conference championships. The school organizations and clubs excelled in their respective areas. During the 1980s, Bishop Daniel Ryan and diocesan personnel, in collaboration with the Viatorians, other religious communities and the laity, engaged in a strategic planning process to determine how to restructure Catholic education in Springfield. The participants reached a consensus that the Griffin High School and Sacred Heart Academy, operated by the Springfield Dominican Sisters, should merge into one school.

Mass of Thanksgiving is celebrated by Fr.Tom von Behren, CSV, Br. Jim Lewnard, CSV, Fr. Robert Erickson, CSV, Fr. Hugh Robbins, CSV, and Fr. Mick Egan, CSV.

The merger took place in the fall of 1988 and the school was renamed Sacred Heart-Griffin High School. There the Viatorians continued to collaborate with the Dominican Sisters and lay personnel until this June with the retirement of Fr. Thomas Pisors, CSV. Fr. Pisors, who was the sole remaining Viatorian at Sacred Heart-Griffin High School, retired after forty-three years of teaching in Springfield. His many former students especially Fr. Pisors, CSV greets longtime friends. remember his excellent teaching coupled with his dedication to the welfare of each student. On June 4, 2006, several Viatorians who taught in Springfield and/or are graduates of Cathedral, Griffin, or Sacred Heart-Griffin High Schools, gathered with alums, friends, and the Springfield Dominican Sisters to celebrate and give thanks for the past seventy-six years of educational ministry. We look back with gratitude for the opportunity to touch the lives of thousands of young people, and we look forward with confidence to the leadership of the Springfield Dominicans and the laity as they continue to provide Catholic education in Springfield.


Fr. Pisors, CSV and SHG faculty


Bishop Imesch imposes hands on Fr. Brost. On April 28, 2006, Bishop Joseph Imesch, D.D. of Joliet, IL ordained Corey D. Brost, CSV a Viatorian priest and Daniel R. Belanger, CSV a Viatorian deacon at St. Viator Parish in Chicago.

Corey D. Brost, CSV Fr. Brost graduated from Griffin High School in Springfield, IL in 1978 and entered the Viatorian community in 1988. As a Viatorian, he has consistently worked to heighten public awareness of the needs of the marginalized and to directly advocate for them. He served as a lawyer at Association House (Chicago) for young people living in poverty and as a caseworker at REST Shelter (Chicago) for the homeless. His ministries within Viatorian institutions include English teacher at St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights, IL, youth ministry coordinator at St. Joseph Parish in Springfield, IL, campus minister at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas, NV, and Viatorian vocation director. He served his deacon year at St. Viator Parish in Chicago, IL. He recently published a book entitled Gospel Connections for Teens, a series of reflections about the Sunday Mass readings and how they apply to the lives of young people today. A second book will be published shortly. After graduating from Griffin High School in Springfield, he earned a bachelor degree in journalism and JD in law at the University of Illinois. After entering the Viatorians, he earned a Master of Arts degree in pastoral studies from Loyola University, Chicago and a Master of Divinity from the Catholic Theological Union, Chicago.

Br. Belanger is vested by his mother, Mrs. Frances Goforth, and friend, Ms. Betsy Fons.

Fr. Brost and Br. Belanger lie prostrate during Litany of the Saints. His first assignment as a priest will be as the associate pastor at St. Viator Parish in Chicago. Fr. Brost is “honored to lead people searching for a God of peace in a world that too often rejects peace.”

Dan R. Belanger, CSV Br. Belanger is from Glendora, CA and lived in Las Vegas, NV, where he became acquainted with the ministry of the Viatorians in the Las Vegas area - Bishop Gorman High School and three local parishes (Guardian Angel Cathedral, St. Viator and St.Thomas More). After a period of interaction and discernment with the Viatorians, he entered the community in 1993. For the next thirteen years, Br. Belanger divided his time between working in various Viatorian ministries and pursing graduate studies. His ministerial experience includes teaching religion at St. Viator Grade School, Chicago and at Maternity BVM School, Bourbonnais, IL, where he was also the parish director of youth ministry. He earned a Master of Religious Education degree from Loyola University, Chicago; a Master in the Art of Teaching degree from Dominican University; and a Master of Divinity from the Catholic Theological Union, Chicago, where he spent the last three years in theological studies. He will serve his deacon year at St. Thomas More Catholic Community in Henderson, NV. Br. Belanger is “thankful to everyone for their prayers and to those who have assisted me to this point in my life as a disciple of Jesus Christ.”

Br. Belanger receives instruction from Bishop Imesch.


2006 JUBILARIANS Fr. James Crilly, CSV received a challenging assignment after his first nine years of teaching biology at Cathedral Boys High School and Spalding Institute. In 1961, he was appointed superior of a new Viatorian mission to serve young men in high school in Bogotá, Colombia. Of course, the school had to be built. Fr. Crilly was the first principal of Colegio San Viator. He is pleased to note that the Viatorian presence has grown in that country, and today there are ten Colombian Viatorians and five pre-novices.

Fr. Arnold Perham, CSV entered the Community in 1948. He was ordained in 1956. For thirtynine of those years he has been priest, teacher, mentor, counselor for hundreds of students at St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights, IL. Think of mathematics, think of Fr. Perham. On the occasion of his anniversary he says, “As I look back over fifty years of ordination, I reaffirm that there is no place I would rather be than among my brothers in the Viatorian Fr. Arnold Perham, CSV Community. Over the years on a daily basis, I have witnessed the many ways in which we support each other. I continue to be inspired by the joyful faith of those with whom I live and work.”

Fr. James Crilly, CSV

After nine years at the Colegio, he served as Director of Formation for three years in Bogotá.

Twice Fr. Perham was assigned to Cathedral Boys High School in Springfield, first as brother during 1951-1952, and then as priest from 1956 to 1968. From 1968 to 1973, he worked as Director of Scholastics and Novices and served as part-time teacher of mathematics at Loyola University in Chicago.

In 1973, Fr. Crilly was assigned to St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights for a year before taking on the task of Director of Formation and Coordinator of Vocations in Chicago. Fr. Crilly was Pastor at St. Viator, Chicago from 1977 to 1979 when he became Assistant Provincial. After that he served as Pastor at Maternity BVM in Bourbonnais, IL; Parochial Vicar at St. Thomas More in Henderson, NV; Parochical Vicar at St. Patrick in Kankakee, IL; and Rector of Guardian Angel Cathedral in Las Vegas, NV from 1996 to 2002. From teacher to missionary to principal to pastor and with many years of service to the Viatorian Community, Fr. Crilly arrives at fifty years as a Viatorian priest. He says, “My most satisfying experience as a priest is celebrating Mass with the faithful.”

When asked about signs of hope for the future, Fr. Perham says, “The decision that we Viatorians made to expand the boundaries of our community to include lay men and women was dramatic. Over the past couple of years, I have been part of a faith sharing group which includes a number of our Associates. I am personally grateful for the ways in which the Associates have shared their time, talent, life experiences, faith, and love for the Viatorian Community.”

Fr. William Mayer, CSV spent his high school years in two Viatorian schools: St Patrick High School in Kankakee, IL and Cathedral Boys High School in Springfield, IL. His vocation to religious life and priesthood, not surprisingly led him to enter the Viatorian Community in 1946. He now celebrates his fiftieth anniversary of ordination to priesthood.

Fr. Thomas Wise, CSV began his teaching career as a Viatorian at Cathedral Boys High School in Springfield, IL and Spalding Institute in Peoria, IL. In 1961, he became one of the three Viatorian pioneers to venture across boarders to Bogotá, Colombia where they opened Colegio San Viator. Once the school was established, Fr. Wise became Assistant Principal.

He says, “Change—Change—Change. I do believe that anyone who was ordained between Fr. William Mayer, CSV 1955 and 1965 has seen more changes occur in the Church than in any other period. By this time in my life I can say that ‘CHANGE’ does not upset me as it did in those earlier years.”

When he returned to Chicago in 1971, he taught Fr. Thomas Wise, CSV at St. Viator High School for one year before beginning parish ministry. It was that ministry which led him to the vocation for priesthood. He says, “As a young boy I was attracted to the priesthood by the example of our parish priest at Our Lady of the Angles Church in Chicago. I was impressed at the involvement of the priests in all parish activities.”

Like all Viatorians, Fr. Mayer has known a series of experiences that have been enriching and fulfilling. From 1956 until 1978, secondary education was his primary ministry. He served at Spalding Institute in Peoria, IL; St. Philip in Chicago, IL; St. Patrick in Kankakee, IL and Griffin High School in Springfield, IL. From 1966 to 1971, he was administrator at Bishop McNamara High School in Kankakee.

From 1973 to 1979, Fr. Wise was Associate Pastor at St. Viator Parish in Chicago, and then from 1979 until 1985 he served as Pastor of that parish. From St. Viator in Chicago, he went to St. Viator in Las Vegas until 1988 when he was assigned to Holy Family Church in Granite City, IL. He served at Holy Family until his retirement in 2002.

Adult religious education became the focus of his ministry from 1978 until 1991. Fr Mayer served the people at St. Bede Priory in Eau Claire, WI; Franciscan Spirituality Center in La Crosse, WI; and Sts. Mary and Eulalia parishes in Winchester, MA. For several years now he has enjoyed special weekends serving at Holy Ghost Church in Wood Dale, IL .

As he celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of his ordination as a Viatorian priest, Fr. Wise says that the most satisfying aspect of his vocation has been “the camaraderie and friendships over the years acquired through being a Viatorian.”


Viatorian CBHS, GHS, and SHG Faculty (continued from page 2) Fr. J. Milton Fr. J. Moos Fr. T. Murphy Fr. G. Nelson Fr. G. Neych Fr. T. B. Nolan Fr. M. Noonan Fr. W. Nowak Fr. T. O'Brien Fr. D. O'Connor Fr. E. T. O'Neil Br. T. Pallo Mr. R. Palmer Br. C. Paradiso Fr. C. Paul Mr. J. Penca Fr. A. Perham Fr. R. Pighini Fr. T. Pisors Fr. J. Puisis Fr. L. Puisis Fr. D. Reardon

Br. M. Rice Br. R. Robertson Fr. H. Robins Br. A. Rodia Fr. M. Rua Fr. B. Russell Fr. J. T. Ryan Br. L. Ryan Fr. E. Savela Br. Schertz Br. R. Schoffman Fr. M. B. Schuetz Fr. J. Sees Fr. E. Shaw Fr. J. W. Sheils Fr. R. Spiekerman Fr. L. Stachura Fr. E. Sullivan Fr. T. Sullivan Fr. J. Sum

Fr. E. J. Suprenant Fr. J. Sweeney Fr. S. Swikoski Fr. J. Tobin Fr. J. Toolan Fr. J. A. Toolan Mr. P. Vautrin Fr. T. von Behren Br. M. Wagner Mr. C. Warlop Fr. L. Weiland Fr. E. Weitzel Mr. R. Wendell Fr. F. White Fr. L. White Br. R. Wilken Fr. H. Wilker Fr. J. E. Williams Fr. T. Wise Mr. H. Wong Fr. J. Wood

Viatorian Mission Co-operative Plan Each year, the Viatorians participate in the Mission Co-operative Plan on a national diocesan level. Through this program, the Viatorians are able to raise money to help support the ministry of their brothers and priests who minister in the missionary foundations in Belize and Colombia. Annually, Viatorians have been invited to preach mission appeals in U.S. (arch)dioceses where Viatorians presently serve in parishes and schools. In recent years, several Viatorians have offered their time to make these appeals including Fr. Daniel Nolan, CSV, Director of the Mission Cooperative Plan for the Viatorians, Frs. William Carpenter, CSV, Charles Bolser, CSV, Robert Bolser, CSV, Brian Cooper, CSV, John Eck, CSV, Robert Egan, CSV, Robert Erickson, CSV, Christopher Glancy, CSV, Daniel Hall, CSV, Simon Lefebvre, CSV, Kenneth Morris, CSV, John Peeters, CSV, Richard Rinn, CSV, and Thomas von Behren, CSV.

Through the time and talent of these Viatorians and the treasure of the generous people who have responded to these appeals, $100,940 was raised last year to assist the Viatorian mission of teaching faith and proclaiming Jesus Christ as Gospel. We are grateful for their support.

Night of the Lion From 1972-1984, St. Viator High School hosted Night of the Lion, a fundraiser that invited entertainers such as Franz Bentler, Dihann Carroll, Rosemary Clooney, and Bill Cosby to perform for alums, friends and parents. In time, it became increasingly more difficult to sign a personality who would be able to draw a large crowd and also be affordable. Thus, Night of the Lion ended twelve years after it was begun. This year, Night of the Lion was resurrected. However, the focus of the event was not a celebrity but a significant member of the St. Viator High School community. The purpose was the same, raising money for tuition assistance. On Saturday, April 22, 2006 over $40,000 was raised for scholarships when approximately 270 people gathered to honor Fr. Thomas R. von Behren, CSV for his accomplishments during his six years as president of St. Viator High School (1999-2005). During his tenure, Fr. von Behren led a capital campaign and oversaw a number of improvements that included the construction of an eight million dollar athletic facility, the construction of a student parking lot, and the renovation of four science

Fr. Thomas R. von Behren, CSV, and his family at the Night of the Lion fundraiser. labs. Furthermore, he increased staff/teachers’ salaries and the endowment fund for tuition assistance. Most importantly, he worked hard to enhance the spiritual and communal life at St. Viator High School as he exercised his leadership in a caring and visionary manner. During his remarks to those gathered, Fr. Robert (Mick) Egan, CSV, current president of St. Viator High School, noted that as the cost


of education increases, the tuition assistance endowment fund becomes more critical. $652, 620 in financial aid was awarded for the school year 2005-2006. $724, 024 is being offered for the 2006-2007 school year. For the year 2010-2011, financial aid will hopefully be awarded in the amount of $1,000,000.

In the Footsteps of our Founder

In Memorium

Early Beginnings Father Louis Querbes was a visionary. As a pastor in Vourles he decried the widespread illiteracy among the rural population. He was alarmed by the lack of men of character and training to conduct schools which had been mandated by the government for every community but not funded. “The Statutes of the Schools of St. Viator” were ratified by King Charles X August 8, 1829. In a June 20, 1830 letter to rural pastors, Fr. Querbes described his project as “a pious association” which he proposed “to make as its principal establishment a nursery for clerics destined to help pastors of parishes in the country … in the capacity of catechists…school masters of small schools and chorister – sacristans” (Pierre Robert, Life of Fr. Querbes, p. 101). These dual objectives were an early “first design” of what would eventually become the twofold mission of the Clerics of St. Viator: “teaching of Christian doctrine” and “service of the Holy Altar” (Constitution 2).

Continued Ministry Support Along with your prayers, your financial assistance is greatly appreciated by the Viatorians to continue our ministries in the United States as well as overseas. If you would like to assist us financially in our ministries, gifts may be sent to: Viatorian Development Office 1212 East Euclid Ave. Arlington Heights, IL 60004 847-398-6805 You may designate where your gifts will be used, or you can trust us to distribute the funds where they are needed most at a particular time. As a non-profit and tax- exempt organization, the Viatorians are very grateful for your prayers and financial support in “educating for the future.” For Wills and Bequests: Clerics of St. Viator an Illinois Corporation

As early as 1828, Fr. Querbes began to develop the plan for his pious association. He projected three different categories of membership: Brothers bound first by a common rule, perhaps later by simple vows; Confreres who, after education and service as teachers, would marry but would still be desiring “of forming part of the society;” Affiliates “who without having made their studies … might desire … to enjoy the advantages of the Association” (p. 88). Fr. Querbes also called his proposal a confraternity. The government viewed it as a charitable association but questioned whether it was an attempt to gain government approval for a religious order. Fr. Querbes convinced them it was simply a pious society. The Archbishop foresaw the confraternity as easily transferable into a religious congregation and questioned whether this “pious society” would compete with existing religious institutes. Government unrest and Episcopal interventions involved new delays which prompted Fr. Querbes to write: (my) “hope of founding an Institute of Catechists was receding more and more” (p. 106). Despite new obstacles Fr. Querbes continued to hope and pray. Br. Leo V. Ryan, CSV

Fr. Robert Foster, CSV died April 25, 2006 in Henderson, NV at the age of 74. A native of Chicago, he pronounced vows in 1952 and was ordained in 1960. Fr. Foster taught at Spalding Institute (Peoria) and St. Benedict High School (Chicago). He also served as Assistant Principal and Principal at Alleman High School (Rock Island). Additional assignments included Co-Director of the Center for Religion and Life (Reno), pastor of Our Lady of Wisdom (Reno), St. Joseph (Springfield), Immaculate Conception (Kankakee),and Sts. Peter and Paul (Tucson). His last assignment was as Chaplain at St. Joseph Hospital (Tucson). A Mass of the Resurrection was celebrated at the Viatorian Province Center Chapel on May 2, 2006. The Viatorians are grateful for the many years of service Fr. Foster provided for the people of God.

I Want to be More. I Want to


More. Each of us is called to respond to God in some special way. What is God asking of you? • Are you active and a fully initiated member of the Roman Catholic Church? • Do you exhibit enthusiasm, a sense of purpose and a positive life direction? • Are you a person of integrity that has an awareness of God in your life?

We are looking for men who are college educated, normally between the ages of 20 and 40. If you have leadership abilities– can invite and enable others to use their gifts, and can be collaborative with women and men of all ages and ethnic backgrounds, we invite you to contact our Vocation Ministry Program. Vocation Ministry 1212 East Euclid Street Arlington Heights, IL 60004 847.398.0685

Around the Province Congratulations to Associate E. J. “Mush” Marcotte on the occasion of his 20th Anniversary of his Diaconate Ordination as well as his 80th birthday. A Mass of Thanksgiving was offered on June 11, 2006 followed by a reception.

U.S. The Big Shoulders Fund awarded St. Viator Elementary School (Chicago) with the 2006 Cardinal’s Award for Teacher Achievement on March 22, 2006 because of significant improvements on students’ standardized test scores. The school’s faculty will receive $52,000. St. Viator Elementary School Foundation (Las Vegas) raised $150,000 for school related projects at its annual dinner and auction in April 2006. Under the direction of Associate Daniel Lydon, St. Viator High School completed its five year school plan and continues to be fully accredited by North Central Association. Fr. Robert Bolser, CSV left St. Viator Parish (Chicago) on May 1, 2006 to begin a year’s sabbatical due to health reasons. He served at the Viatorian Chicago parish from 1995-2000 and 2002-2006. Fr. Bolser is most grateful for his participation in developing a vibrant ministry among the Latino population of the parish. Fr. William Carpenter, CSV has been reassigned from St. Jude (Rochester) to Director of the Mission Co-operative Plan. He served as pastor from 1990-1995 and 2001-2006. Fr. Carpenter is pleased with the number of active parishioners and the stewardship program of the parish. Fr. Gene Weitzel, CSV retired from St. Alexius Parish (Beardstown) after serving as pastor for the past seventeen years. He has worked tirelessly in his outreach to Latino families in the parish. Rather late in life, he learned Spanish in order to offer Mass for his Spanish speaking parishioners. In addition to his work at the parish, Fr. Weitzel started St. Francis Medical Clinic, St. Ann Residence for low income senior citizens, and a public youth center.

Belize The Viatorian Community of Belize hosted the Council for Latin America and the Caribbean (CLAC) May 1-4, 2006 in Corozal Town. Viatorians from Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Haiti, Honduras, Peru, and Rome met to collaborate on efforts dealing with the religious formation of candidates, novices, and men in temporary profession. A sharing among the participants on how Viatorian life is incarnated in their respective countries allowed for an informative discussion. Br. Moises Mesh, CSV will pursue theological studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. Mr. Ricardo Sedacy will enter the pre-novitiate in August 2006. Chunox St. Viator Vocational High School received funding from an anonymous donor to purchase a tractor complete with bucket, loader, plow, harrow, and mower.

Colombia Pre-novices Richard Catro, Fredy Contreras, Juan Fernando Londono, Jorge David Gonzalez, and Whilman Chaparro planned and led Holy Week services for nearly 7,000 people. Colegio San Viator was rated one of the best schools in the country because of the test scores of the students. An art studio and music hall were recently dedicated on the ever expanding campus.

Fr. Francis White, CSV retired to Arlington Heights after serving the people of Las Vegas for thirty-two years. He served as pastor of St. Viator Parish and Parochial Vicar of Guardian Angel Cathedral. In his many years of ministry in Nevada, Fr. White celebrated daily Mass, heard thousands of confessions, counseled numerous couples preparing for marriage, and comforted people when loved ones died.


Clerics of St. Viator 1212 E. Euclid Avenue Arlington Heights, IL 60004-5799



Quarterly Newsletter – Summer 2006


VIATOR Is published quarterly by the Development Office of the Clerics of St. Viator, Chicago Province Email: Website: Our purpose is to present the mission, ministries, news, and needs of our Community to those who continue to show interest in and support of our works.

Provincial: Rev. Thomas R. von Behren, CSV

Editorial Board: Rev. Thomas R. von Behren, CSV Br. Michael Gosch, CSV Br. Leo V. Ryan, CSV Br. Donald P. Houde, CSV Adam N. Clementi Dianna Ehrenfried Fran Guziel

Address Correction Requested

Editor: Rev. Thomas Long, CSV If you are receiving multiple copies of this newsletter and/or wish to be removed from our mailing list, please call our Development Office at 847-637-2124 or fax your request to 847-637-2125.

If you are receiving multiple copies of this newsletter and/or wish to

Libano, Colombia

Chunox, Belize

Libano, Colombia

removed from our mailing list, please call our Development Office at Socialbe847-398-6805 Justice Grants or fax your request to 847-398-6247.

In August 1982, the Viatorian Provincial Council under the leadership of Fr. Kenneth Morris, CSV, established a Social Justice Fund with monies from the savings of the Community. The interest accrued from this fund is utilized annually for activities that directly serve the needs of the poor and marginalized.

At its March 2006 meeting, the Provincial Council reviewed and approved $55,000 in grants. True to its mission, the bulk of the grants benefit children in the way of food programs and tuition assistance in Belize, Colombia, and the United States.

I Want to be More. I Want to

Viator Newsletter 2006 Summer  

Vol. 11, No. 3

Viator Newsletter 2006 Summer  

Vol. 11, No. 3