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Viatorian Community

Spring 2006

Volume 11, No. 2

Provincial’s Perspective remember it well. It was the invitation that changed my life. In 1969, a group of classmates and I from Griffin High School were returning from spending time with ten mentally disabled adults. They lived together in a home on the north side of Fr.Thomas R. von Behren, Springfield, Illinois – my CSV, Provincial hometown. Every month several of us “Key-Clubbers” would visit them. We would play cards, eat pizza, and laugh until tears were streaming down our faces. There we were, every month, volunteering our time, visiting our special friends – always under the watchful, loving eye of our moderator, Fr. Gerry Leahy, CSV.


Fr. Leahy never learned how to drive. I think he was secretly scared to get behind the wheel. In any event, this fact meant that I would be “his” driver to and from the various events that we attended as members of the Key Club. One night, upon returning home from our time on the Northside, Fr. Leahy turned to me, got that serious look on his face, and asked, “Have you considered joining the Viatorians?” I didn’t flinch. It had been a question I had looked forward to for a long, long time. It did not take long for me to respond. “Yes,” I responded enthusiastically. I had been thinking about it for over two years, and I was waiting to be invited. This quarterly issue of Viator focuses on “Vocation” and the call to serve Christ’s church through service and prayer. Vocation, today, continues to mean what it has always meant, namely, “to call” – to extend an invitation to someone to enter into ministry and service. Vocation will be presented through the Viatorian perspective.

I hope that you are able to capture the spirit of our call and the commitment we have as Viatorians. As you know, while the call remains the same, the invitation to become a Viatorian is now extended to men and women. As lay and religious, we join in the mission of Jesus Christ as presented to us by our founder, Fr. Louis Querbes. People are still called to be Viatorian – and that call is rooted in our baptismal commitment to “come and follow Christ”. The Viatorians continue to call men and women, on a personal level, to share our mission, our community, and our spirituality. The call is personal and then becomes communal. It is by a personal invitation from one Viatorian to another, to come and experience, come and share, come and help create the Viatorian Community anew. It is in sharing that experience with other Viatorians that transforms the experience from personal to communal. These are exciting times. While indeed we are experiencing a “vocation crisis” within our vowed membership, we are experiencing “vocation growth” within association. Whether vowed or associate, I believe that the invitation to be “Viatorian” is found first within the stirring of the Holy Spirit and then experienced on a personal level – with a Fr. Leahy risking to ask, to invite, to journey with someone who is called. Let us not be afraid to invite, to mentor, and to share our life with others. Let us be the Fr. Leahy of yesterday to those we encounter today.

Welcome to Our Belizean Associates

Meet the Associates

There was great cause for celebration as the first Belizean Associates were welcomed into the Viatorian Community during the 6:00 p.m. Mass at St. Francis Xavier Church in Corozal Town, Belize on Saturday, February 18, 2006.

Herculana: Bastarachea

Eucharistic Minister and Coordinator of lay leader at Patchakan Village

Ayonie Briceno:

Standard 5 teacher at Our Lady of Guadalupe School; Eucharistic Minister at St. Francis Xavier Parish, Corozal Town

Desideria Cob:

Eucharsitic Minister and Lay Leader, San Pedro Village

Rafael Cob:

Music Minister and Assistant Coordinator of Lay Leaders, San Pedro Village

Glenda Francis:

Co-Director of HelpAge, a service program for the elderly; active parishioner, St. Francis Xavier Parish, Corozal Town

Juanita Jimenez:

Sacristan, St. Francis Xavier Church, Corozal Town; Vice President of St. Francis Xavier District Parish Council

Francisco Magana:

Assistant Local Manager of Corozal District Catholic Schools; active parishioner, San Joaquin Village

Haydee Magana:

Active parishioner, San Joaquin Village

Martin Noble:

Eucharistic Minister and Director of Maintenance at St. Francis Xavier Parish, Corozal Town

Patty Noble:

Eucharistic Minister at St. Francis Xavier Parish, Corozal Town

Esteban Pasos:

Teacher and active parishioner, Paraiso Village

Sylvia Vargas:

President of St. Francis Xavier Town Parish Council; Catechist at St. Francis Xavier Parish, Corozal Town

After one and a half years studying Viatorian history, spirituality, and mission under the direction of Viatorians Fr. Chris Glancy, Br. Moises Mesh, and Fr. John Peeters, Pre-Associates Herculana Bastarachea, Ayonie Briceno, Deisderia and Rafael Cob, Glenda Francis, Juanita Jimenez, Francisco and Haydee Magana, Martin and Patty Noble, Esteban Pasos, and Sylvia Vargas made a two-year commitment as Associates. Inspired by the mission of Fr. Louis Querbes as lived out by today’s Viatorians, these men and women committed themselves to deepen their faith and to witness and celebrate that faith by living an evangelical life in conformity with the mission of the Congregation. During the ceremony, at which Viatorian Provincial Fr. Thomas von Behren presided, Br. Mesh and Fr. Peeters presented each Associate a Catholic study bible, and Fr. von Behren presented each Associate with a Viatorian emblem made in Colombia. Joined by Fr. Glancy, Br. Mesh, Fr. Peeters, and Fr. von Behren, Associates Michael and Susan Bourgeoise, Marilyn Mulcahy (Director of Association) from Kankakee, Illinois and Br. Michael Gosch, CSV (Assistant Provincial) pledged their support of the Belizean Associates in the name of the larger Viatorian Community. Parish members, family, friends and Viatorians were treated to a delicious Belizean feast prepared by the Associates immediately following the Mass in the newly constructed parish pavilion. We are most grateful to our Belizean Associates for their willingness to further the mission of Fr. Querbes.


Pre-Association in the Chicago Province Prior to becoming Associates in the Viatorian Community, Pre-Associates participate in a year-long discernment process which includes sessions on Viatorian history, spirituality, and mission. They gather with local Viatorian Religious and Associates who serve as resources for self-study and reflection. Presently, seventeen individuals in three regions are in the Pre-Associate discernment process.

Dan Lydon ministers as Associate Principal of St. Viator High School (Arlington Heights) and board member representing the Viatorian Community at St. Martin de Porres High School (Waukegan). Dan is a 1973 graduate of St. Viator High School.

In the Las Vegas region, John Berger ministers to the sick and dying. Marlene and Joe Caprio are involved in parish liturgical life (Guardian Angel Cathedral) as well as several diocesan committees. Connie Gerber serves as a liturgical minister (Guardian Angel Cathedral) and was a teacher and administrator at Bishop Gorman High School for forty years. Paula and Thomas Hannon are liturgical ministers (Guardian Angel Cathedral) and serve on various diocesan boards and commissions. Frank Lamping has served in numerous parishes and on several diocesan boards and commissions. Mary Jane and Dan Miller have served in liturgical ministry (St. Viator Parish) and have been involved in Marriage Encounter. Maggie Saunders has been very active in RCIA for over ten years (St. Thomas More Catholic Community). Kathy and Michael Underwood have been involved in RCIA, liturgical ministry, RENEW, and parish retreats (St. Thomas More Catholic Community).

All our Pre-Associates bring with them a wealth of service to the Church. We are pleased to journey with them as they discern their call to the mission of Fr. Querbes.

Michelle and Ken Barrie have been leaders in youth ministry at St. Patrick Parish (Kankakee) since 1984. Susan and David Surprenant have been involved in leadership and ministry positions for twenty-five years at St. George Parish (St. George).

Opening Our Hearts and Homes Throughout February and March 2006, Vocation Director Fr. Dan Nolan, CSV has been meeting with the vowed Viatorians in the various regions of the province to discuss promoting vocation awareness and inviting new members to the congregation. To facilitate these discussions, a program titled Opening Our Hearts and Homes is being used. This program provides an opportunity for members of the congregation to reflect on their own vocations and to learn more about what young adults are seeking in religious life.

The meetings are three hours in length and consist of four parts. Part One focuses on Why do we invite? Here the brothers and priests reflect on what drew them to the Viatorians and what are the signs of vitality among Viatorians today that would attract new members. Part Two, Whom do we invite?, assist Viatorians in understanding what younger people are looking for in religious life and what skills they need for community life and ministry. Part Three, How do we invite?, challenges Viatorians to develop opportunities, strategies, and action locally to welcome and invite new members to


join the congregation. Part Four ends the meeting with a prayer service. Personal invitation continues to be the most successful means of encouraging people to consider the possibility of religious life and priesthood. Viatorians, and those served by the Viatorians, can make a difference in the future of religious life by the invitations that are extended. Currently, Fr. Nolan is accompanying three men as they discern their call to Viatorian religious life. Please join with us as we pray for these men in discernment and those with whom they are discerning.

2006 JUBILARIANS Fr. Lawrence Lentz, CSV who looks back on his 25 years as a priest says, “Some of the most fulfilling moments of my ministry can be clustered in my classroom teaching, Fr. Lawrence Lentz, CSV presiding at Eucharist, ministering through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and often being surprised when a homily I was not satisfied with got rave reviews. The Spirit works in wonderful ways!” Fr. Lentz taught at St. Viator High School in the 70s. In the 80s, he served there as associate principal, principal, and by the time he left in 1986, he was president. After that he was parochial vicar at St. Viator Parish in Chicago. Fr. Lentz says, “I am most grateful for the education I have received, the varied pastoral experiences I have had, the professionalism of the Viatorian Community and the respect we are accorded.” From 1991 until 1999, he served as pastor of Maternity B.V.M. in Bourbonnais. He then returned to St. Viator Parish, Chicago, as pastor. In 2002, he became rector of Guardian Angel Cathedral in Las Vegas. “More than half of my religious life has been lived as a priest. A quarter of a century. Wow! Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday. Time does fly when you are having a good time and I have always enjoyed being a Viatorian and a priest. No regrets!”

Fr. Richard Rinn, CSV has spent 19 of his 25 years as a Viatorian priest serving the people of Las Vegas. “I have been blessed with different ministries: St. Viator Fr. Richard Rinn, CSV High School, Bishop Gorman High School, service to the Viatorian Community, and now St. Viator Parish. Along the way I have found good friends and good memories. God has been very good to me. Anniversaries are good times to count these blessings.” Fr. Rinn taught at St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights from 1971 until 1977 when he left to begin seminary studies. Between 1981 and 1993 he served at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas where he was teacher, counselor, assistant principal, principal and finally as president of the school. He recalls, “ I remember in my early years in community when there would be an anniversary celebration and I would see the Viatorians marking different anniversaries 25 years, 50 years or whatever, and I would be thinking ‘how wise those men must be, and how old’ and now I am thinking “not so wise and not so old.’ From 1992 until 1999 Fr. Rinn served the community as assistant provincial. During 1998-1999 he was also president of St. Viator High School. In 1999 he became pastor of St. Viator Parish in Las Vegas. He says, “I am blessed beyond words, I do what I like and I like what I do.”

Fr. Simon Lefebvre, CSV celebrates two anniversaries this year 60 years as a religious in vows, and 50 years as a priest. He grew up in Canada and joined the Canadian Fr. Simon Lefebvre, CSV Province before transferring to the Chicago Province. Fr. Lefebvre is the true son of Viator (a traveler). He says, “After all these years I have fond memories of those who preceded us the Viatorian professors, pastors, and teachers.” He taught for one year at Spalding Institute in Peoria, and then he was assigned to the foreign missions in the Orient. He was chaplain and teacher at St. Viator High School in Taiwan from 1958 until 1972 and again from 1975 until 1979. Today, he remarks, “I am impressed by the role, impact, and importance of associates in our lives. They are living witnesses to what we have seen and heard and proclaimed.” In the years between 1979 until his retirement in 2004, Fr. Lefebvre served as director of the center for Religion and Life; parochial vicar at St. Rose of Lima Church in Chula Vista, California; parochial vicar at St. Charles Borromeo Church in San Diego; parochial vicar at Blessed Sacrament Church in San Diego; and finally pastor at St. Richard Church in Borrego Springs, California. The maintenance of his collection of more than 20,000 slides of art and literature keeps him busy as he enjoys retirement in Anguanga, California.

In the Footsteps of our Founder - New Challenges On January 10, 1830 King Charles X ratified the August 8, 1829 Decision of the Education Council approving “The Statutes of the Schools of St. Viator”. The responsiveness of the educational bureaucracy and the government to our founder’s concept of a “Normal School” pleased Fr. Querbes. However, his joy was short lived when the Lyons Archbishop forbade him to proceed with his plan. The Archbishop’s attitude shifted from “liked the plan” to “cold benevolence” to forbidding (“veto”) Fr. Querbes to implementation the Royal Decree. The Archbishop’s opposition had little to do with Fr. Querbes and everything to do with ChurchState relations. Fr. Querbes was highly esteemed by the Vicar

General and the Archepiscopal Council. In 1827, the diocesan authorities wanted to appoint him Superior of the preparatory seminary of St. Jodard. Later he was proposed as Director of the preparatory seminary at Argentiere. Fr. Querbes always disposed himself with “deepest submission to all that His Excellency would decide”. He was always permitted to remain as pastor, which he saw as a Providential sign that his life and ministry was to be centered in Vourles. In 1828, Church - State relations were tense. The Archbishop was engaged in a struggle with the university. He had refused to name his delegates to the new government “free committee for elementary education”. He unsuccessfully attempted legal approval for the Brothers of Mary. He believed if


he were to encourage Fr. Querbes, it would contradict his standing positions with the government. Two Rhone deputies intervened. On March 24, Fr. Querbes was advised, “His Excellency has at last agreed not to oppose the execution of the ordinance which authorizes the Brothers of St. Viator.” Then came the Revolution of July, 1828 and the abdication of Charles X. The Duke of Orlean became Louis Philippe. Fr. Querbes faced new challenges: a blessing denied, a revolutionary government, a Normal school without teachers or students. Leo V. Ryan, CSV

Around the Province Congratulations to Br. Martin Chilla, CSV of the Province of Chile who pronounced his final vows on February 5, 2006 in the presence of Fr. Mark Francis, CSV, Superior General. ______ Welcome to John Berger, Joseph and Marlene Caprio, Connie Gerber, Frank Lamping, Dan and Mary Miller, Maggie Saunders, and Kathy and Michael Underwood from Las Vegas, NV who entered into Pre-Association on February 6, 2006. ______ Fr. John Pisors, CSV published Para el joven que quiere pensar, a compilation of 60 reflections followed by questions to be used with youth. John has ministered in Colombia for over 30 years. ______ Fr. Thomas Kass, CSV published “Morbid Melancholy, The Imagination, and Samuel Johnson’s Sermon” in the Fall, 2005 issue LOGOS: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture. ______ The latest song by Fr. Tom McCarthy, CSV, “The Ballad of Frank and Mary Ann,” has been recorded on Hilltop Record’s Heaven Is My Home. ______ The artwork of Fr. Don Huntimer, CSV can be accessed by visiting his website at ______ Columbia During the annual assembly of Colombian Viatorians held on January 21-22, 2006, Fr. Pedro Herrera, CSV, Fr. John Pisors, CSV Fr. John Pisors, CSV, Fr. Mark Francis, and Fr. Albeyro Vanegas, CSV were CSV, Fr. Pedro Herrera, CSV, and Fr. installed as Superior and Councilors of Albeyro Venegas, CSV the Foundation of Colombia respectively. The Community also welcomed Fredy H. Contreras, Whilman Y. Chaparro, Jorge D. Gonzalez, Oscar J. Gutierrez, Juan F. Londono, Diego M. Salgado, and Jose E. Zapata into the Pre-Novitiate Program. ______ In his efforts to reach out to those most in need in Libano, Colombia, Fr. Brian Cooper, CSV, assisted by volunteers at Centro Viatoriano, provides 110 monthly food packages and 150 monthly powdered milk bags to households with children. For more information, please visit

Q Viator



Belize Judy Glancy, mother of Fr. Chris Glancy, CSV, recently completed leading her 7th medical mission to our Foundation in Corozal District, Belize in February. She, along with 15 health care professionals, provided medical check-ups and assistance to more than 2000 individuals. Many were treated for high blood pressure and diabetes. The group brought financial contributions and medical supplies. The next medical mission is planned for February 1-10, 2007. ______ Associate Mike Bourgeois from Kankakee, Illinois offered a presentation on agriculture to the student body at Chunox St. Viator Vocational High School in Belize on February 17, 2006. After the presentation, Fr. Chris Glancy celebrated Mass for the school community. In attendance were Associates Susan Bourgeois and Marilyn Mulcahy, Fr. Tom von Behren, and Br. Michael Gosch. Students and faculty provided a tour of the school farm, agricultural storage sheds and classrooms, including the newly constructed computer lab made possible by a grant from the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. ______ Fr. Jim Michaletz, CSV presented a keynote address at the Belize Catholic Teachers Convention on February 25, 2006. Fr. Chris Glancy and St. Francis Xavier Parish hosted the annual convention this year. ______ Br. Leo Ryan, CSV was Visiting Research Scholar, Center for Business Ethics, University of St. Thomas (Houston) February 1-12, 2006. Remarks from his public lectures on “Career and Ethics” have been accepted for Public Radio Broadcast. ______ On March 12, 2006, the Viatorian Community co-sponsored a town hall forum that explored responsible solutions to U.S. involvement in Iraq. Kathy Kelly, Founder of Voices of Creative Nonviolence, and Abdul Malik Mujahid, Chairperson of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago, appeared as panelists. Thom Clark, co-founder and president of Community Media Workshop, served as moderator. For information, visit ______ Br. Corey Brost, CSV will be ordained a priest, and Br. Dan Belanger CSV will be ordained a transitional deacon by Bishop Joseph Imesch of Joliet on Friday, April 28, 2006 at St. Viator Parish, Chicago, Illinois.

What is the significance of “Adoretur et Ametur Jesus”? The devotional phrase “Adoretur et Ametur Jesus” dates to our founder, Fr. Louis Querbes. He prayed and recommended, to others, the phrase “Adored and Loved be Jesus”. Fr. Querbes frequently used the phrase in his correspondence, sometimes abbreviated as “A.A.J”. Our 1836 Directory established its Community usage in Latin and French. “Adoretur et Ametur Jesus” was to be displayed in5 each classroom. It was

the prescribed ending after the daily chapel readings. Variations of this devotional prayer were recommended thrice daily: after Mass, at the noon and 3:00 p.m. chapel visits. Fr. Querbes never proclaimed “Adoretur et Ametur Jesus” as his personal motto, but his favored phrase exists today as the motto of the Congregation. Leo V. Ryan, CSV

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Quarterly Newsletter – Spring 2006

VIATOR Is published quarterly by the Development Office of the Clerics of St. Viator, Chicago Province Email: Website: Our purpose is to present the mission, ministries, news, and needs of our Community to those who continue to show interest in and support of our works.

Provincial: Rev. Thomas R. von Behren, CSV

Editorial Board: Rev. Thomas R. von Behren, CSV Rev. Thomas E. Long, CSV Br. Michael Gosch, CSV Br. Leo V. Ryan, CSV Br. Donald P. Houde, CSV Dianna Ehrenfried

Editor: Adam N. Clementi If you are receiving multiple copies of this newsletter and/or wish to be removed from our mailing list, please call our Development Office at 847-398-6805 or fax your request to 847-394-4507.

Moving Towards Sainthood On January 11, 2006 Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyons, signed the canonical decree approving the Introduction of the Cause for Canonization of our founder, Father Jean Louis Joseph Marie Querbes, priest of Lyons. In Introducing the Cause of Servant of God, Louis Querbes, Cardinal Barbarin was responding to the October 7, 2004, petition of Superior General Father Mark Francis, CSV. Experts had approved the sermons, conferences and writings of Fr. Querbes, and the Cardinal had consulted the Bishops of his Ecclesiastical Province. The Congregation for the Cause of Saints at the Vatican, after reviewing documentation provided by the Clerics of St. Viator and the Cardinal, offered their nihil obstat (no objection) to beginning the process. The Cardinal appointed as Judge of the Diocesan Tribunal, Monsieur Jean Michael Fabre (Rodez); as Promoter of Justice, Monsieur Pierre Vignon (Valence), and as Secretary, Lyons Brother Pierre Duvert, CSV. The Tribunal began meetings in Lyons February 23, 2006. We rejoice at the naming of our founder as Servant of God. Once two miracles attributed to Fr. Querbes occur, the process of Beatification and Sanctification are advanced. Please join us in promoting devotion to Fr. Querbes. At this special moment in our history, we Viatorians – priests, brothers and associates invite the laity to join us in the familiar devotional prayer of Fr. Querbes: “Praised and Adored be Jesus”. Prayer cards are available upon request by phone (847) 398-1350 ext. 109 or by mail.



Viator Newsletter 2006 Spring  

Vol. 11, No. 2

Viator Newsletter 2006 Spring  

Vol. 11, No. 2