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Clerics of Saint Viator

Fall 2005

Volume 10, No. 4

Provincial’s Perspective reetings from Las Vegas! Yes, I write to you from St. Viator Parish in Las Vegas after spending the weekend celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Viatorian ministry in Las Vegas and throughout the state of Nevada. Over 400 friends and Fr.Thomas R. von Behren, Viatorians gathered to reminisce and renew friendships CSV, Provincial that were forged during these past 50 years. The dinner celebration on Saturday, followed by the Eucharistic celebration on Sunday, offered


the Viatorian Community an opportunity to say thank you to the many people who have walked with us, ministered with us, and supported us throughout our time in Nevada. At each event, I assured Bishop Pepe and the people of the Diocese of Las Vegas that the Viatorians remain deeply committed to continue serving in the diocese and collaborating with all of them as we, together, raise up communities where faith is lived, deepened, and celebrated. It was a grand weekend and I am deeply grateful for those who organized these wonderful events! Much is happening throughout the province. In July over 80 Viatorians gathered in Arlington Heights to pray, continued on page 2

Querbes House Opens Querbes House is the new Viatorian residence for men in various stages of studies in the United States. Fr. Dan Nolan, CSV has been named Novice Director as well as Director of Formation for the Chicago Province. In August, Fr. Nolan and six other Viatorians moved into their new home on the grounds of St. Viator Parish at 4150 West Addison in Chicago. For many years Querbes House was the convent for the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet while they were teachers at St. Viator School. The residents of Querbes House include Viatorians: Fr. Ken Morris, Assistant Novice Director, Brothers Carlos Florez, Dan Belanger, Jason Nesbit, John Eustice and Chris Bankie. Br. Florez, who pronounced his first vows in Colombia in 1993, has been working at St. Viator Parish and this year will begin studies at the Institute of Pastoral Studies, Loyola University. Br. Eustice came to the Viatorians from St. Thomas More Catholic Community in Las Vegas. After spending the last year as a novice at St. Patrick Parish in Kankakee, he pronounced his first vows this past

July. He, too, is studying at Loyola’s Institute of Pastoral Studies. Br. Belanger is beginning his third year of studies in preparation for ordination at Catholic Theological Union in Hyde Park. Before starting his studies in theology, Br. Belanger worked as youth minister at Maternity BVM parish in Bourbonnais. Br. Nesbit, who spent two years working with young people in Belize, is from Granite City; he is beginning his first year of studies in preparation for ordination at the Catholic Theological Union. Br. Chris Bankie will spend his novitiate year at Querbes House. He spent his pre-novitiate year teaching at St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights.

Along with your prayers, your financial assistance is greatly appreciated by the Viatorians to continue our ministries in the United States as well as overseas. If you would like to assist us financially in our ministries, gifts may be sent to: Viatorian Development Office 1212 East Euclid Ave. Arlington Heights, IL 60004 847-398-6805 You may designate where your gifts will be used, or you can trust us to distribute the funds where they are needed most at a particular time. As a non-profit and tax- exempt organization, the Viatorians are very grateful for your prayers and financial support in “educating for the future.” For Wills and Bequests: Clerics of St. Viator an Illinois Corporation

The Nazareth League of Prayers was established by the Clerics of St. Viator to give our friends the opportunity to share in the prayers of the Viatorian Community. Viatorian priests and brothers remember all those who have asked for our prayers and are grateful for the generosity and kindness of those who have supported our ministry. Once enrolled in the Nazareth League, requests are inscribed in a book of intentions and placed before the tabernacle in the renovated chapel at the Province Center. To take advantage of the Nazareth League of Prayers, you may request Prayer Cards for enrollment in the Nazareth Prayer League or simply order specific cards yourself. Inserted in each issue of VIATOR you may find an envelope that one may also use to list prayer intentions. You may request cards by calling 847-398-6805 or visiting us at

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celebrate in community, and prepare for the General Assembly/Chapter that will be held in Rome 2006. The theme for these meetings is: “The Viatorian Community: Arriving at a Consensus.” Viatorians throughout the world will gather to discuss and plan a future together, recognizing that the church of today, as well as the world of today, is rapidly changing. These discussions will give direction to the international Viatorian Community so that we might better serve the Church and those with whom we minister. We, as a Province, anxiously look forward to participating and contributing to this vital discussion in Rome. During our gathering in Arlington Heights, Br. John Eustice, CSV pronounced his First Profession of Vows and committed himself to join his Viatorian Brothers in living the vowed life in community. Our gathering was life giving. We left with renewed hope and renewed friendships within the community. Also in July and early August, several of us traveled to Bogotá and Belize to visit with the confreres and Associates in these Viatorian Foundations. We visited with officials near Buga, Colombia to discuss the feasibility of a new Viatorian Colegio (elementary and high school) in that region. We then flew to Belize to celebrate the first vows of Br. Moises Mesh, CSV, the first Belizean to take vows as a member of the Clerics of St. Viator. We meet with the Pre-Associates in Belize to discuss their continued interest and commitment to the Viatorian Community. Finally, we visited Chunox to tour the new St. Viator Vocational High School. These

visits offered me the opportunity to pray with my fellow Viatorians and to listen to their hopes and dreams, as well as their challenges and concerns. Great things are happening in our Foundations. I traveled to Rome in September to join with the Provincials of Canada, Chile, France and Spain. We met with the Superior General, Fr. Mark Francis, CSV and his Council to formulate the program for the 2006 General Assembly and Chapter. The meetings exemplified the collaborative spirit evident among the Viatorians throughout the world. As the fall months are upon us, I am cognizant of the fact that we are about to once again celebrate the Feast of Saint Viator, October 21, and the Feast of All Souls, November 2. Be assured of my prayers and those of the entire Viatorian Community in the United States, Colombia, and Belize. We will remember your intentions and will remember in a special way all those who have gone to their eternal rest in the faith and hope of the Resurrection. May you be blessed and protected by our loving God. Adored and Loved Be Jesus. In St. Viator and Fr. Querbes,

Rev. Thomas R. von Behren, CSV Provincial

Congratulations to Our Jubilarians Fr. Pedro E. Herrera, CSV, the first Colombian Viatorian, celebrates 25 Years of Priesthood on October 18, 2005. A native of Bogotá, Colombia, Pedro graduated from Colegio San Viator before entering the community. After professing his first vows in 1973, Pedro began many years of service at the Colegio from which he graduated. He served first as a teacher and then as Principal. Pedro has also served as Novice Director. Currently, he is the Rector of Colegio San Antonio Maria Claret in Libano, Colombia. He was elected Superior of the Foundation of Colombia in 2002. We are grateful for Pedro’s leadership and service to the community. Congratulations Pedro!

Fr. Albeyro D. Vanegas, CSV, a native of Buga, Colombia celebrated 25 Years of Religious Life on January 6, 2005. A Mass honoring this special occasion was held at Colegio San Viator, Bogotá in July. The setting was appropriate in that Fr. Venegas served both as a teacher and Rector of Colegio San Viator for many years. Albeyro has also served the Colombian community in the Formation Program, accompanying young men in their discernment of Viatorian Religious life. Currently, Albeyro ministers as the Rector of Colegio Los Pinos in Bogotá. We are grateful for Albeyro’s hard work and dedication. Congratulations Albeyro!


In the Footsteps of our Founder Fr. Querbes Begins a Parish School Father Louis Querbes was foremost a priest and educator. He was a recognized scholar. In addition to his theological studies at St. Irenaus Seminary, he possessed a university degree (A.B.), rare among diocesan priests at that time. His library, preserved in the Querbes Museum at Vourles, the birthplace of our Congregation, reflects the depth of his scholarship. While at St. Nizier in Lyons he generally experienced educated parishioners. He organized young people for catechetical instruction. For adults, Fr. Querbes offered men and women courses in apologetics on alternating Sundays. He deemed education the heart of evangelization and faith development. When Father Querbes was assigned Pastor at Vourles in 1822, he encountered another world. Vourles was only 12 miles from Lyons but Vourles was rural France. Fr. Querbes recognized the need for faith education among his few parishioners and new catechesis for the citizens of Vourles. The children and young people presented him with a unique challenge. To his surprise and consterna-

tion, he discovered that to educate them he first had to teach many to read and write. Primary education after the Revolution was at its lowest ebb. Neither the period of the Consulate (1799-1804) nor the Empire (18041815) encouraged primary education. An ordinance in 1816 required municipalities to open schools, but no funds were provided. Implementation was haphazard. Our former Superior General, Pierre Robert (1919-1922) wrote: “Vourles had neither schools nor teachers.” He commented “…one could not call schools the hovels without light or air where they gathered the children who had the good will to submit to lessons.” Teachers were scarcely more knowledgeable than their students. Fr. Robert wrote: “You could not call teachers the improvised masters …without learning, without vocation, without dignity of life, who imparted a teaching without method and effectiveness.” (From This Root, p. 77) Fr. Querbes promptly added schooling to his parish priorities. By Spring 1823, he had arranged, with funds from the Comte sisters,

for the Sisters of St. Charles to staff a parish school. However, the Sisters taught only girls. He approached the Marist Brothers, but they did not teach in rural schools. An opportunity presented itself in the person of Paul Magaud, who left the Christian Brothers intending to become a priest. Fr. Querbes agreed to teach Paul Latin in exchange for his services as teacher for boys and as sacristan. Fr. Querbes began to make plans to improve elementary education in Vourles and in neighboring rural communities. His earliest plans envisioned an Association of lay teachers. The idea of a religious Congregation would develop later. - Leo V. Ryan, CSV

Querbes Day–2005 Worldwide, the Viatorian Community pauses each September 1 to honor the memory of our founder, Fr. Louis Marie Querbes. This September was the 146th anniversary of his death. Viatorian Religious and Associates gather annually in communities, parishes and schools to reflect on the charism, life and ministry of this priest, pastor and educator of Vourles, France. Querbes Day 2005 was featured in cover designs and inserts in Viatorian parish bulletins at St. Boniface, Edwardsville, IL, St. Francis Xavier, Corozal Town, Belize, St. George, Bourbonnais, IL, St. Jude, Rochester, IL, St. Patrick, Kankakee, IL, and St. Thomas More Catholic Community, Henderson, NV. The Catholic Herald, Belize City, featured Querbes Day with a story, photo and prayer for beatification. The Catholic Times, Springfield, IL, published a Querbes photo and article written by Fr. John Corredato, CSV. A Viator/Querbes exhibit welcomed parishioners at St. Viator, Las Vegas, NV. At each Mass

during the homily, the Drama Ministry enacted the Querbes story. The homilies at St. Patrick and St. Boniface related the Querbes story also. Fr. James Michaletz, CSV celebrated a special Querbes Day Eucharist at Maternity BVM, Bourbonnais, IL. That evening, Viatorian Religious and Associates from the Kankakee area gathered for Vespers which focused on the charism of Fr. Querbes and incorporated reflections from our Province Vision Statement and its Expressions for Viatorian ministry. Fr. Chris Glancy, CSV presided and preached at the St. Francis Xavier Parish Eucharist honoring Fr. Querbes followed by a parish breakfast. St. Viator High School, Arlington Heights, IL, and Maternity BVM, Bourbonnais, IL, scheduled Opening School Masses on Querbes Day. To acquaint parents and prospective students in 20 Catholic junior high feeder schools to St. Viator, principals cooperated in a “Meet Fr. Querbes” effort, which involved sending 4,500 letters to parents to introduce Fr. Querbes

3 5

Fr. Egan, CSV addresses Saint Viator High School students at Querbes Day mass. and also distributed 6,500 prayer cards to students and their families. Viatorians requested 21,065 of the new 2005 Fr. Querbes card for distribution. St. Boniface, St. George and St. Viator, Las Vegas, distributed cards with each parish bulletin. Thanks to Fr. Eugene Weitzel, CSV, St. Alexius, Beardstown, IL, a Spanish version was printed. Nearly 4000 cards were distributed to St. Alexius, St. Anne, Guardian Angel, Las Vegas, St. Jude, St. Patrick, St. Thomas More, Henderson, St. Viator, Chicago, and St. Viator High School. Cards may be ordered at 847-398-1350 ext. 109.

Around the Province Chunox St. Viator Vocational High School is continuing to grow with work underway for two more classrooms, an agricultural lab and storage unit, and student showers. The school is building shower facilities and an agricultural unit on two existing concrete slabs found on the property. On Saturday August 27, Chunox St. Viator hosted the Belize Catholic Principals Association of Secondary Schools for a workshop entitled, School Administrators’ Seminar Session I. Fr. James Michaletz, CSV traveled to Corozal, Belize, from August 2-12 to give workshops to the administrators and teachers of the district. Fr. Michaletz has been the Director of Education for the Viatorian Community, the Director of Education for the Diocese of Springfield in IL, and the founder of the Masters Program for Administrators of Catholic Schools at Dominican University in River Forest, IL. He lives at Maternity BVM Parish in Bourbonnais, IL, where he assists with masses and sacramental ministry. He also does work as a consultant, especially with boards for Roman Catholic education institutions. Construction of Parish Pavilion, a 120 by 60 foot covered area in the St. Francis Xavier school yard in Belize began in July. Further stages for this project include: pouring a concrete floor under the structure, electrical wiring and lighting, construction of a storage facility, purchase of chairs and tables. The parish and school are currently raising funds to complete these further stages. The Parish Pavilion will serve as a parish hall - a place to gather for educational, cultural and social activities.

Currently, their shacks are built on a dangerous hillside. The dirt floor, roof-leaking shacks are built with scraps of wood or tin. Gospel Connection for Teens Living as a Christian teen in today's world is a challenge, but there is help. Viatorian Br. Corey Brost's Gospel Connections for Teens connects weekly Gospel messages with teen ups and downs. In just 20 minutes a week, young people can read and reflect on the Gospel reading for the coming Sunday, as well as an insightful reflection by Br. Corey. His writings on Jesus' words and actions encourage young people to live their faith to the fullest! On Thursday, September 8, Saint Viator High School in Arlington Heights held the first Make-A-Change collection of the new school year with all proceeds benefiting the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund. With donations pouring in from students, faculty and families, a Make-A-Change record of $24,000 was raised. The push to raise such significant funds in one day came from two challenge gifts from the Saint Viator community. One family offered to match all funds raised through this collection up to $5,000, while another offered to match up to $1,000. Director of Asociation On July 1, 2005, Mrs. Marilyn Mulcahy, Pastoral Associate at Saint Patrick parish in Kankakee, IL, was appointed the first Director of Association for the Chicago Province. An Associate for the past six years, Marilyn will work closely with the 30 Associates in the province. She will also assist those who are in the process of discerning Association. Welcome Marilyn!

Fr. Brian Cooper, CSV made a vow to the people of Libano, Colombia specifically those families trying to survive in the Invasion Barrios, that he would let his hair Father Cooper receives a haircut from grow until the day came when they could the Mayor of Libano. begin building new homes. That day has come! A Colombian government subsidy will pay for up to 70 percent of the total cost of the project. Families were driven off their farms either by the violence of the civil war or by a coffee worm which has destroyed their crops. Their only hope was to migrate to Libano and find Model house of Libano project being constructed some sort of shelter in order to survive. in order to determine costs. 4

Marilyn Mulcahy

Reception, Vows, and Ordination Heights, IL on July 11, 2005 before family, friends, and community members. Br. Mesh made his profession on July 6, 2005 at St. Francis Xavier Church in Corozal Town, Belize. Family, friends and community member were present. Br. Mesh is the first Belizean Father Tom von Behren welcomes Brother Viatorian. Congratulations Chris Bankie into the novitiate. to both John and Moises!

Fr. Thomas von Behren, CSV welcomed Br. Christopher Bankie into the novitiate during an evening liturgy on August 11, 2005. Members of Chris’ local community, as well as Viatorians from the area, were present. Fr. Daniel Nolan, CSV, Novice Director, will accompany Chris as he studies the history, spirituality, vows, and constitutions of the Viatorians. Welcome Chris! On September 10, 2005, Bishop Joseph Imesch ordained Br. Corey Brost, CSV a transitional deacon in Joliet, IL. Br. Brost recently completed

Br.Corey Brost at ordination. his theological studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, IL. He will serve his diaconate year at St. Viator Parish, Chicago. Congratulation Corey! It is with much joy that we celebrate the first profession of vows of Br. John Eustice, CSV and Br. Moises Mesh, Brother Moises Mesh professes his first vows. CSV. Both professed vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience in separate ceremonies. Br. Eustice made his profession at St. Viator High School Alumni Memorial Chapel in Arlington

Q&A Viator

purpose of the program is to provide the candidate with a gradual introduction to a more intensive Christian community-living experience. The length of this program is determined on a caseby-case basis and is deliberately flexible to provide for individual needs. The Novitiate, a one-year canonical program, is the most important period of formation. It introduces the novice to a deeper experience of prayer, community living, and the dynamics of individual growth. It also provides him with some apostolic experience and guides him in his study of scripture, spirituality, traditions of the Congregation, and Viatorian vows. Under theguidance of the Novice Director, the novice more deeply reflects upon his relationship with God and his decision to live a vowed life as a Viatorian. Upon completion of the novitiate, the Viatorian Brother professes temporary vows for a three-year period. Temporary vows may be renewed after this initial period, or the candidate my request permanent/perpetual vows as a Brother.

At some point in their lives, many men consider being a priest or brother. If the thought has occurred with some degree of seriousness, he may decide to enter the Viatorian Formation Program.


What is Formation? Viatorian formation begins with our Pre-Novitiate Program. The candidate lives in one of our Viatorian houses and works with our men in a Viatorian-sponsored ministry. The

Brother John Eustice signs a copy of his vows witnessed by Father Auger and Father von Behren.


During the period of Temporary Vows, he is given the time, training, environment, and experience he needs to make a lifelong commitment as a Viatorian. If one intends to continue as a Viatorian Brother, he begins advanced studies or training at whatever school or organization is best suited to his and the community’s needs. If he wishes to become a Viatorian Priest, he may apply to the Provincial Council to begin theological studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago


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Quarterly Newsletter – Fall 2005

VIATOR Is published quarterly by the Development Office of the Clerics of St. Viator, Chicago Province Email: Website: Our purpose is to present the mission, ministries, news, and needs of our Community to those who continue to show interest in and support of our works.

Provincial: Rev. Thomas R. von Behren, CSV

Editorial Board: Rev. Thomas R. von Behren, CSV Br. Michael Gosch, CSV Br. Leo V. Ryan, CSV Br. Donald P. Houde, CSV Dianna Ehrenfried Fran Guziel

Editor: Adam N. Clementi If you are receiving multiple copies of this newsletter and/or wish to be removed from our mailing list, please call our Development Office at 847-398-6805 or fax your request to 847-398-6247.

St. Martin de Porres Starts Year Two... St. Martin de Porres (SMdP) High School in Waukegan, IL began its 2005-2006 academic year with 144 freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Returning students, staff, and faculty were happy to be back as the school commenced its second year of operation. This Catholic, college-prep high school is made affordable through each student’s participation in the Corporate Internship Program. SMdP is one of eleven such schools that comprise the Cristo Rey Network. Joining the administration this year are Fr. Charles G. Bolser, CSV (President) and Sr. Judith Murphy, OSB (Principal). Fr. Bolser, a former principal and/or president of three Viatorian high schools, recently completed his term as Provincial of the Viatorian Community. Sr. Judith is the founding principal of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, the original school in the Cristo Rey Network of which SMdP is a part. The combined experience of these seasoned administrators bodes well for this fledgling educational institution. Br. Michael Gosch, CSV continues in his role as English teacher. Br. Corey Brost, CSV and Mr. Dan Lydon continue to serve on the Board of Directors. For Charlie, Michael, Corey, and Dan, their commitment to SMdP stems from their belief in the mission of Fr. Querbes who strived (top left) Sister Judith Murphy to offer Catholic education to those who had little or no access to it. and Fr. Bolser listen to presentations from students. For further information about SMdP, check out its website at Father Louis Querbes



Viator Newsletter 2005 Fall  

Vol. 10, No. 4

Viator Newsletter 2005 Fall  

Vol. 10, No. 4