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Summer 2002


Signs of Life in Colombia - Colegio Luis Querbes "Let the Little Children Come Unto Me" he Motto of the Clerics of St. Viator, founded by Fr. Luis Querbes is "Let the Little Children Come to Me". It seems only appropriate that the newest Province educational venture, a preschool, kindergarten and eventually a transition school, should be named "Colegio Luis Querbes". The program first began as a social outreach project at Colegio San Viator, Bogotรก, Colombia, to provide secondary school students with social services experiences among poor Colombians as part of their Christian commitment and faith development. Professor Patricia Ramos and Alberto Pena, encouraged by Fr. Albeyro Vanegas, CSV, searched for a location where Mass could be said and where community support activities could be offered to the neighborhood. The area pastor welcomed their presence. In February, 1996, an abandoned warehouse was located, rehabbed and initial activities began: offering children and young adults of the district a library service and the necessary help in their school work; tutoring for adults, recreation for children, catechism of First Communion and Confirmation, and creation of a


youth group for the people of the district. The purpose of the project was to detect leaders that, in the future, could assume commitment within the community. The great need that emerged was the care of pre-school age children (ages 3-6) who were often children of single working mothers; a neglected group. In 1998, Colegio Luis Querbes was opened, using a core of twelve neighborhood women, including a volunteer coordinator, one hired teacher, many Colegio of San Viator volunteers and Brother Fredy Santos,

Fr. Bolser and Br. Leo visit children at Colegio Luis Querbes.

CSV. Fr. Venegas approached Dr. Oscar Javier Rodriguez, Director of Health Services for "El Verbenal" District who arranged free health and dental services for the people of Canaima. Colegio Luis Querbes opens at 7:00-1:00 everyday for pre-school and again from 2:00-9:00pm for community use and adult programs. Saturday evenings, the assembly hall is converted into a chapel for the 6:00pm neighborhood

(Mark 10:14) Mass. 48 students are registered this year. Tuition, for those who can pay, is $60 per year. The School is seeking donors to underwrite pre-school scholarships.

Colegio Children at work.

The Viatorians have discovered many of those 48 children will come without breakfast and will have no lunch at home. The Colegio is negotiating a modest feeding program for next year at $2.00/day per child or $100/day would provide a light breakfast and a rice-potato-meat luncheon for all the children. In the 6 years since it's founding, Colegio Luis Querbes has served more than 300 children of the Canaima area. The Viatorians, faculty, staff and students are committed to these "little ones". They are committing to expand to serve older youth, unemployed adults and third age citizens of Canaima. Please pray and watch for their progress. Your prayers and support will help guarantee their success.


Rev. Charles G. Bolser, C.S.V., Provincial Brother Leo V. Ryan, C. S.V., Director of Communications, Editor

Viator is published by the Clerics of St. Viator, quarterly, for the friends, families and alumni of Viatorian apostolate.

The Clerics of St. Viator are religious priests and brothers sent by the Catholic Church to teach the Faith and proclaim Jesus Christ as Gospel. In parishes, schools, and a variety of other ministries, Viatorians work with Christian communities to live, deepen and celebrate their faith.

Our legal title is: Clerics of St. Viator; An Illinois Corporation.

My Brothers and Sisters in Saint Viator, In the last edition of this newsletter, I spoke about my visit to the Catholic Cemetery where a great number of my relatives and friends are buried. In my reflection, I became aware of the contradictions that defined their lives. I also became aware that those same contradictions were given to me as gifts to treasure. It seemed important to me to recognize that we are all creatures of immense contradiction and mystery. The failings of humanity are part of who we are, just as are our triumphs, our sorrows and our joys. Life is filled with paradox. I have learned over the years that my family and friends are part of who I am. I cannot simply walk away when I am frustrated or disillusioned if they do not measure up to my lofty standards of who I expect them to be. All too often, I find myself comparing and judging individuals because they are not as perfect as I think they should be. In a cultural context, I am often greatly angered by the corruption that I find in our local and federal governments, in our corporations, and in our Church. I have come to realize that leaders are chosen for service, not for privilege. Certainly, there is a need to analyze our role as leaders, and to call to accountability those we elect or appoint to serve. And yet, since I cannot simply walk away and leave my family roots, neither can I simply walk away from my country or my Church. They, too, have contributed to my roots - to who I am, both the good and the bad. I find myself often angry at the corruption of money and power that I find in the established governing and economic structures of our country. The pollution of our air, our water, the earth and the human mind is appalling to me. Consumerism runs rampant. People are seen as things - as a means to an end. We feel powerless. We have witnessed the corruption of the Gospel message by Church leaders as they grasp to retain control and power, rather than experiencing the freedom that springs from trust in the Spirit of God. However, I also recognize that both our nation and our Church are comprised of individuals, much like you and me. On one hand, all human organizations consist of people filled with mendacity, pettiness, greed, jealousy, arrogance, and great fear. However, organizations are also populated with people of honesty, compassion, empathy, courage, generosity and faith. It is when we are afraid to face and deal with the truth of who we are, that we truly fail. Jesus said time and again, "Do not be afraid". All too often, those whom we choose to lead us are filled with great fear, especially the fear of losing their illusions of power and authority. They are afraid of people and they are afraid of the Spirit of God. They are afraid of both life and death and so choose to live with their illusions. As Pogo once said, "I have met the enemy and the enemy is us." Our leaders choose to lead us by the easiest, quickest and most convenient way. We often refuse to accept responsibility for our own lives or our own faith. We sometimes prefer to blame others when things do not go the way we think that they should. Therefore, we settle for the least demanding path. We forget, because of our own fear that the Spirit of God resides in each and every one of us. We are called in our baptism to become the living body and blood of Jesus Christ; God incarnate in the world today. We are called together to accept responsibility for personal and spiritual growth. Through the Spirit, we are called to recognize that we are brothers and sisters. God created the world, all of life, including yours and mine, and He saw that "it was good". The Gospel calls us to see all of creation as sacred - as sacrament and to treat one another not just with tolerance, but also with respect. The greatest challenge is to accept personal responsibility. The great temptation that comes through our fear is to simply ignore our personal responsibility to actively participate in God's creation. The season of Pentecost calls us to demonstrate by our very lives, the immersion of God into all of Creation. "There can never be personal conversion without also working for societal transformation" (Pope Paul VI)

“The viatorians charism came to our land, thanks to god”

(eXCERPTS OF HOMILIES FROM TWO occasions) On April 25, 2002 the Provincial, Fr. Charles G. Bolser, CSV, gave a talk for the celebration of 40 years since the founding of Colegio St. Viator. Below are some quotable lines….

On September 28, 2001, the Viatorian Community in Colombia gathered at San Basilio Magno Parish, Bogotá, to commemorate 40 years since the Viatorians founded a mission in Colombia. Fr. Pedro E. Herrera, C.S.V., as the first Viatorian ordained from the Mission, preached the homily... The mission to Colombia began with the dream of (Cardinal) Luis Concha, Cardinal Archbishop of Bogotá and the Viatorian Provincial of Chicago, Fr. J. W. Stafford, CSV. The dream became reality in 1961 when three pioneer missionaries, leaving home, family and comfort, took a risk and climbed into the boat of Colombia. They were Frs. James Crilly, Thomas Wise and Adelbert Mayer, C.S.V.s. In 40 years the CSV have been able to collaborate in many apostolic endeavors. In nearly 50 parishes, parish priests have been able to receive the help of the Viatorians; in their rural or urban pastoral work, weekend help and in special times of Lent and Christmas. ™ There are many faithful who have heard the explanation of the Word of God in homilies, chats or in conferences given by the Viatorian religious. ™ There are many children and young people who have come to know and learn of the style of Viatorians; as teachers, friends, counselors, and guides. ™ There are many Colombian families who have trusted in the Viatorians for the forma tion of their children, academ ically and also as Christians. "Today we can see that the risk, although big, was worthwhile…the seed has fallen on good earth, because Colombia is good earth…the Viatorian charism came to our Land, thanks to God."

Today we celebrate 40 years of Viatorian Presence because we do not know if we will be alive in 10 years for the Golden anniversary. We wondered if it would be worthwhile to celebrate this anniversary. Today we agree it is worthwhile. We want to share with you our happiness. Today is a day of rejoicing, a day to thank the Lord. ™ For Viatorians who came, not for a while, but forever. ™ For those who facilitated the plan to come. ™ For those present, who came and served and those at home who promoted the missions. ™ For those who supported us. ™ For the many souls the Lord has put into our hands, in the classrooms, churches, countryside, in the missions. We share with them what God has given us. These have been 40 wonderful years, living the motto of Fr. Querbes, "LET THE CHILDREN COME TO ME". We will continue to work with enthusiasm in the formation of Christian communities. With the support and prayers of all those who accompany us: The Archbishop and the Provincial who had the dream for Colombia can sleep calm in their tombs, because today we continue to sow the ideal, the Viatorian Charism that came to our land thanks to their zeal. We pray San Viator, our Patron, continues to guide this boat we all travel in now, Blessed Mary continues to protect us, we are so anxious for peace, Lord Jesus, continue to be the “path, the truth and the life” that we all should announce and live.

I am happy to recognize the 40th anniversary of Colegio San Viator in Bogota. We have been a witness to the growth and vitality of an outstanding Colego, serving the people of Colombia well. The Colegio calls its students to excellence. However, excellence is not easy to measure. It cannot be measured by statistics. Colego San Viator exists not simply for academics and athletic achievements, but more importantly that the community of St. Viator be agents of transforming the world. Above: Aerial view of Colegio San Viator, Bogota as seen today. Left: Now, Fr. Pedro Herrera, CSV, 1st graduating class, Colegio. 1st CSV from Colombia.

Right: Bro. Edgar Suarez, CSV, accepts ministry of lector. Above left: (Center) Pedro Herrera, 1st promotion class of 1963. Below: Colegio San Viator- Fr. Bolser confers the order of Lector to Br. Edgar Suarez, CSV

We are to be people of the Word that gives life. The Word does not simply exist on paper, nor is it simply sounds that strike the ear. The Word enters into our souls and brings life to the world that we live in. Jesus told his disciples to go out into the world and proclaim the Good News - to proclaim that the Kingdom is here - in this time and place. Today we see a world torn by violence, hatred, but most of all - fear. We are afraid of others who may think, look and worship differently, who have different values and goals. We are afraid of life, and afraid of death. We hide ourselves in our work; in being busy about many things without the sense of purpose in life. Success seems to be measured by what we acquire; our possessions, our titles, our popularity. We become afraid to contemplate and afraid, therefore, of change. Change is painful but inevitable. Having the courage to enter fully into all that life brings enables us to risk achieving the fullness of life. Faith in the presence of God in the world is our message. Faith does not eliminate pain, frustration or loss. It gives meaning.

You have within you the salt that flavors - the light that illumines. We are together called to transform the world through our faith and by the Way we live. Today we recognize this call by inviting Bro. Edgar Suarez to accept the ministry of Lector. We invite Bro. Edgar to proclaim the Good News in good times and in bad times, in sickness and in health, in life and in death. He is called to proclaim the Word by a love that gives life to all that he meets. Jesus stated that the only measure of one's success is found in the measure of the love that each of us has for all of humanity and all of creation. Love is the only way to measure the true success of anyone. True love is most difficult and calls us to follow the difficult road as Viatorians. We recognize that because of our fear, we look for the superficial marks of success because they seem easiest in the long run - they don't threaten my self vision. I invite your prayers today for Bro. Edgar and for all of us who, in our Baptism, are called to proclaim the Word. To heal the wounded and sick and to feed the hungry - to feed them with the Word that gives life. We recognize and honor those who have gone before us and who are with us today in spirit. We look forward with great anticipation to the next 40 years as this Viatorian community continues to struggle to be a sign of life to the people of Bogata and Colombia. You may be assured of my continued prayers for each of you always. May God continue to bless you and may you always be open to God's blessings. If you wish to join our Mission Club, or Seminary and Formation Club now in their 48th year, you can play a huge part in our work in Colombia. Call us: 847-398-6805.

Would you like to join our Nazareth Prayer League?


Belize: Welcome to Moises Mesh, Principal, Chunox Roman Catholic School, rural Corozal district, who has been admitted to the Viatorian Formation Program in Belize in September 2002, effective with his transfer to Corozal City. Fr. Chris Glancy, CSV is Director of Belize Formation Program. The Koch Foundation, (Gainsville, Florida) has awarded St. Francis Xavier Mission, Corozal City, $10,000 to support training programs for lay leadership in our Belize Missions. Many thanks to them for this support. Update: Belize Medical Mission: Our young friend Nidia from St. Francis Xavier Parish in Corozal, Belize had surgury to repair a hole in her heart. The Cleveland Clinic provided the surgury, and thanks to our many benefactors who helped us, we had funds for tests before Nidia left Belize, as well as travel for Nidia and her mother, medicines, and follow-up care in Belize.

Bogotรก, Colombia: April 22-26, 2002, Fr. Charles Bolser, Provincial, Fr. Thomas von Behren, Assistant Provincial and Brother Leo V. Ryan, Councilor, visited the Colombian Colombia Viatorians for further experience of the various educational and parochial ministries. This joint visit was the first by the current Provincial Councilors. They visited each of the local communities in Bogata. Civil War conditions prevented visits to outlying Libano, but both Frs. Pedro Herrera and Brian Cooper came to Bogata. The order of Lector was conferred on Brother Edgar Suarez during an all school Eucharistic Liturgy on April 25th. Fr. Bolser presided at the concelebrated liturgy which also commemorated the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Colegio San Viator. (see exerpts and pictures on Pgs. 6-7) The Councilors also visited the newest Viatorian school, Colegio Luis Querbes, ( see cover story Pg. 1). Plans were completed for Colombian confreres to attend the July Assembly, 2002.


Montreal: Another step in increased international Viatorian cooperation began June 17-18 when the Provincial Council of Canada hosted a joint meeting of the Council of Canada and the US. Fr. Alain Ambeault, Canadian Provincial and Fr. Charles Bolser, US Provincial, have agreed to an alternate rotation of Council visits to explore opportunities for mutual continuing collaboration between the two provinces and especially in Viatorians Caribbean, Central and South American missions.

Sympathy Prayer Card - 4 color We have cards for every occasion that you can keep on hand. Simply send us the form inside every card when you use it and we will enroll the named person in our Nazareth Prayer League. (Clip this form and send to us): A Prayer For You _____ cards Speedy Recovery _____ cards Special Occasion _____ cards Sympathy _____ cards Birthday Card _____ cards A $5.00 donation is requested for each card used. We also have Perpetual Enrollment Certificates that are beautifully presented in a gold embossed folder. Call us at our Development Office and we will send those to the family you request in the name of the living or deceased. A $30.00 donation is suggested for each Perpetual Enrollment. Please call the Development Office at 847-398-6805 or write us at 1212 E. Euclid St., Arlington Heights, IL 60004 with your request.

NEWS ON THE ASSOCIATE PROGRAM ssociate Members are people who share the spirit and vision of the Clerics of St. Viator. They are committed to the mission, and are active in the pursuit of spiritual growth. Associates have strong feelings about connecting with the Viatorians in ways that will promote the sharing of our unique vocations and common mission. They are very aware of the mutual support and challenge we can offer one another.


At the Provincial Assembly in July 2002, we will welcome six new Associate Members, and witness the recommitment of three of our Associates. The New Associates are: Cathy Abrahamian of Arlington Heights, IL: She serves as Administrative Assistant to Tom von Behren, C.S.V., President of St. Viator High School, Arlington Heights. Randy Baker of Prospect Heights, IL: Randy became attracted to the Viatorian charism through Associates Tim Schwarz and Kay Dowling. Henrietta Chamness of Bourbonnais, IL: She is very much a part of the Viatorian mission as a life-long member of Maternity BVM Parish. Lynda Connor of Inverness, IL: Linda serves as Development Director for St. Viator High School. Kevin Wischnowski of Bourbonnais, IL: He is an active member of Maternity BVM Parish and is joining with his wife; Patty Wischnowski who serves as

Pastoral Minister at Maternity BVM Parish. Those renewing their commitment for another two-year term are Kay Dowling of Plainfield, IL and Tim and Donna Schwarz of Arlington Heights. These nine people, together with Associates Mary Finks, Marilyn Mulcahy and John Ohlendorf, who recommitted at our last Assembly, bring the number of Associates in the Chicago Province to twelve.

Recommitting for another 2 yr. term, above: Tim and Donna Schwarz, and below, Kay Dowling.

The Commission on Association, instituted earlier this year by the Provincial Council, is made up of Br. Corey Brost, C.S.V., Fr. Bill Carpenter, C.S.V., Kay Dowling, John Ohlendorf and Marilyn Mulcahy. The responsibility of this Commission is to develop the areas of recruitment, formation and mission for Associate members.

New associate: above Cathy Abrahamian New Associates - clockwise from left: Patty and Kevin Wischnowski, Henrietta Chamness.

New Associate above: Randy Baker

New associate: above, Linda Connor

CSV's HONOR CLUB MEMBERS FROM 1960 TO PRESENT - FIRST THE MISSION CLUB Beginning in 1957, Viatorians began the "Buck of the Month Club". These members are still active. 42 YEARS Mr. Arthur Pahlke Miss Marianne Tully Dr. Alice Hayes Miss Loretta Zuber Mr. C. Camplin Miss Florence M. Eierman Mr. Joseph Lamarre Mrs. Mildred Rizzo Mrs. Richard S. Kukenis Mr. & Mrs. Ralph J. St. Pierre Mr. Edward R. Barrett Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Viz Miss Ida Rinozzi Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Keenan Miss Jane Berg Mr. & Mrs. Harry Reynolds Mr Aldo Zanarini Mr. & Mrs Joseph Dragony Mrs. Armand Pelletier Mr. James Schuetter Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Peters Mr. & Mrs. James P. Malley Mr. Robert F. Socha

41 YEARS Mr. & Mrs. John Ciszek Mr. Michael V. Caffarella Mr. & Mrs. Bernard L. Antosz Dr. Randall L. Mann Mrs. Josephine Rojewski

Mrs. Teresa Tyde Mr. Robert Rosenberger Ms. Leanne Zotter Mr. Robert T. Corkery Mrs. Nicholas A. Scholtus Dr. & Mrs. John McMahon Miss Mary J. Walsh Mr. William Kearns Mr. Cyril Finnegan Mrs. Shirley M. Lachky Mrs. Geraldine Porter Mr. Francis J. Piont Miss Florence Mirkes Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Candice Mrs. George Oujiri Mr. Thomas Sullivan Mr. Robert Kaiser Mrs. Mary C. Gerleman Mr. Russell J. Conlen Mrs. Ann Hightower Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Poli Mrs. Clarence Laur Mrs. Laverne Hannon Mrs. Beatrice Merten Miss Gloria Defrenza Mrs. Ida Beaudreau Miss Frances Pawlak

40 YEARS Mrs. Esther Collins Ms. Roberta Michaletz Mrs. Coral E. O'Brien

Mrs. Therese C. Kealy Ms. Mary S. Guilfoil Mr. James Volk Mrs. Elizabeth J. Labbe Mrs. Walter J. Welsh Mrs. Dolores M. Wilson Mrs. Stephanie Frank Mr. E.J. Volk Mr. & Mrs. Junior K. Grotts Mrs. Donald Murphy Mrs. Joseph Sortino

39 YEARS Mrs. Joseph O'Herron Mrs. Catherine D. Burgin Mr. & Mrs. Charles Corkery Mrs. Charles Schick Mr. & Mrs. Martin Burns Mrs. Paul Einsweiler Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Less Mrs. Elsie Hopkins Mr. E.J. Larson Mrs. L. Kaehler Miss J. Hein Miss Catherine Neuman Mrs. R. Sarnowski

38 YEARS Mrs. Sharon Bayer Mr. Burl G. Morris Rev. Theodore Haas Mrs. Anna Kennelly Mr. & Mrs. John R. Geis

Mr. & Mrs. William Kranz Mr. & Mrs. Vernal Legris

37 YEARS Mr. & Mrs. L.O. Lulay Mrs. Ann Dunne Mr. & Mrs. William J. Fraser Mr. and Mrs. John F. Connor 36 YEARS AND UNDER Mr. & Mrs. T.E. Birong Mrs. Patricia Cyrier Mr. Paul Sprague Mrs. Patrick Byrne Mrs. Janet Sledge Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Martinez Mrs. Susan Pavlis Mr. Jack Henneberry Janice A. Noack Ms Marianna Banschbach Mrs. Dorothy G. Delaney Mr. Thomas R. McGee Miss Mary Donnelly Mrs. Frances G. Angell The Martin Grady Family Mrs. Helen Pierce Ms. Jane M. Lynch Mr. & Mrs. James J. Kelly Mr. & Mrs. John E. Owens Mr. Edward L. Cogan Ms.Yvonne Boudreau Mrs. Joann Navratil Mr. & Mrs. John Ciszek

THE SEMINARY AID SPONSOR CLUB MEMBERS 41 YEARS Mr. James H. Smith Mrs. F. L. Salmon Jr. Mrs. James W. Phelan Ms. Roberta Michaletz Mr. Alex Messier Mrs. B. Eugene McCarthy

40 YEARS Mrs. Frank Godawski Miss Jean McGowan Mrs. W. Wiseman Mrs. A. W. Nekic Mr. Douglas Altmeyer Mr. Robert Jochim

39 YEARS Mr. Joseph E. Chapp Ms Rita Field Mrs. George Vana Mr. & Mrs. Larry Dodd Mr. & Mrs. James Tracy Miss Mary Ransford Miss Pearl M. Goworowski Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Csar Mrs. George Beatovic Mr. Elroy Gerschke

38 YEARS Mrs. Elizabeth A. Bender Mr. Paul L. Brachle Jr. Mr. Vincent J. Lubomirski Miss Ann Kasallis Mrs. R. A. Ormins Mrs. Mildred Riedel

37 YEARS Mr. Carl Quick Mr. Edward F. Conway Mr. William H. Wichers Mrs. M. Dougherty Mrs. Lorraine M. Brock Mrs. William E. Oberwise Mrs. Jack Corcoran

36 YEARS Miss Mary Alice Coady s. Willy Nagel Mr. Walter Kubik Mrs. Paul C. Stowick

34 YEARS & UNDER Mr. Robert C. Marzen Mrs. Elaine McNamara Mrs. H. Mittman Mrs. Joseph Contadino Cath. Daughters of America Mr. T.M. O'Grady Mr. & Mrs. Walter Daly


We invite others to join, for more information please call us at 847-398-6805 or write: Clerics of St. Viator, 1212 E. Euclid St., Arlington Heights, IL 60004

The U.S. Province Looks to Future Arlington Heights, ILLINOIS Three Novices will be received into the Chicago Province in July. Gustavo Lopez completed his pre-novitiate program at Colegio San Antonio Maria Claret, Libano, Colombia. Fr. Pedro Herrera, CSV is novice master for him in Libano. Daniel J. Triphamer, Las Vegas, and Jason P. Nesbit, Granite City, IL will be received into the Arlington Heights Novitiate, July 7th. Fr. George Auger, CSV is novice master assisted by Fr. Arnold Perham, CSV. Please join us in praying for these young men preparing for Viatorian Religious Life. Three Vow Ceremonies: During the forthcoming Viatorian Annual Assembly, two Viatorian Religious will renew vows in the Congregation. The renewal ceremony for Fr. Herney Hoyos, CSV of Bogota and Brother Douglas Hudson, CSV of Chicago will take place at Assembly Morning Prayer, July 9th. Fr. Hoyos is on the faculty of Colegio San Viator, Bogata and Brother Hudson has taught the last three years at St. Viator High School, Arlington Heights. On July 13th, a third Brother, Daniel Belanger, CSV, will pronounce perpetual vows at a ceremony at Maternity BVM parish, Bourbonnais, IL where he is currently Youth Minister. Retreat for Viatorians: Another Canadian -US collaboration occurred June 9-14 when, Fr. Claude Roy, CSV, distinguished Canadian Viatorian theologian, conducted the Province Community retreat based on "The Spirituality of our Mission", one of two themes adopted by the 2000 General Chapter of the Congregation. The focus of his conferences was on the spiritual attributes emphasized by Jesus when sending His disciples on mission. Fr. Roy is currently ministering in Adult Christian Education in the diocese of Saint-Jean-Longueuil, Quebec, where Jacques Berthlet, CSV is Bishop. Fr. Kenel Verna, CSV, Pastor of St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Grand-Goave, Haiti has joined the Province Center Community in Arlington Heights while pursuing studies in English at Dominican University, River Forest, IL. Viatorian Education - AND HOW!! St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights, IL recently graduated 256 on May 26th. Remarkably, three students earned the Valedictorian title; Christopher Catizone, entering Harvard, Matthew Miklius, entering Seton Hall, and Owen McGovern, entering Notre Dame. God bless all the Graduates of 2002!... and, for the 1st time in 40 years, SVHS won a State Championship: IHSA Girls Class A Soccer - Way to go!!

Viator Newsletter 2002 Summer  

Vol. 7, No. 1

Viator Newsletter 2002 Summer  

Vol. 7, No. 1