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Raising the Bar I Coastal Virginia’s

t’s easy to go through life assuming you may never need to hire a lawyer. But unexpected events happen, and it’s important for individuals, and especially businesses, to be prepared. For this reason, we publish an annual list of Top Lawyers. And while we’re not in a position to give legal advice, we recommend keeping this list of top lawyers in 34 categories on hand—just in case. Meet our Top Lawyer in the category of Business Law on page 52, and learn the ways in which social media is changing the face of law on page 54.

Top Lawyers Of 2017

How were the Top Lawyers determined? Top Lawyers is a nomination-based project in which we ask lawyers in the area to vote for other lawyers in various specialties. We ask the lawyers to vote for lawyers who exemplify excellence in their specialties. Nominations were collected from June 13– July 29, 2016, and more than 1,100 attorneys were nominated. This list is a service to readers, giving them a participating lawyer’s perspective regarding the top lawyers in over 30 specialty areas. To complete this nomination project, CoVa Biz contracted DataJoe Research to conduct nominations using an online ballot for collecting, vetting and tallying the votes. DataJoe Research is a survey/research company specializing in data collection and verification, and conducts various nominations across the United States on behalf of publishers.

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11/21/16 3:29 PM

Top Lawyer of Business Law Mark Baumgartner Works To Solve Problems And Help His Clients Find Common Ground In An Ever-Changing Business Market By Barrett Baker

M ... it’s always people with problems that need to be solved in one way or another, and hopefully I can find enough common ground to make win/win solutions for everyone.




ark Baumgartner grew up in Hawaii but left the comforts of the Aloha State to join the Marine Corps in California. He spent four years there as a jet mechanic, then decided to go back home to be a boat captain and dive instructor for several years. He later ran a photography business, then ran a wholesale company that brought SCUBA diving equipment in from mainland U.S., Malaysia, China and Taiwan to sell to dive shops and hotels in Hawaii. So how did he end up in Coastal Virginia as a lawyer? “Well, I definitely wasn’t following in my father’s footsteps,” Baumgartner says with a laugh. “He was a scientist, and I was the rouge from the technical mold. It sounds cliché, I suppose, but helping people solve their problems was what eventually led me to law school. I had a great time with the businesses I had and enjoyed all of the challenges they presented. But I also saw issues that kept recurring, whether it was with business transitions to successors, businesses being bought and sold and all of the stumbling blocks along the way. I thought I’d get involved on a broader scope to see if I could help.” Baumgartner decided to check out the “other side of the United States” and applied to law school at William & Mary. He loved his time in Williamsburg but eventually missed the ocean. So after graduating, he moved to Virginia Beach in 2000 and joined the firm of Pender & Coward. He’s been there ever since. Much of his business dealings revolve around real estate. It might be that someone has a piece of property and they want to develop it, but they are having trouble with regulatory approvals from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, or they are having problems getting a permit from the city. Or it could be that someone is just in the beginning stages and looking to acquire a piece of property. Or maybe someone has gotten into a deal and suddenly there is a problem—they’re not getting along with their partners, or they’re getting pushed out of the company.

december/january 2016/2017

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“The great thing about my job is there is no average day, and that’s what keeps it interesting,” Baumgartner says. “There are always new challenges, new twists; the business market is developing, trends change, opportunities change, so it really is interesting. But at the base of it all, it’s always people with problems that need to be solved in one way or another, and hopefully I can find enough common ground to make win/win solutions for everyone.” Baumgartner professes the best part of his job is getting to know his clients and their businesses so he can structure specific solutions. “It really is true that there is no cookie-cutter solution for all the issues that come up,” he says. “The same deal approached by two different people will have two different outcomes, different solutions and different goals. And until you really get to know what your client’s full needs are, it’s hard to structure a transaction or solution that really fits their goals. It’s a lot of fun getting to know people, and it’s always a unique surprise when you start digging a little deeper into what peoples’ particular motivations, needs and outcomes are.” On the flip side of that, he says it sometimes takes time to resolve problems. “Business likes to move fast,” Baumgartner says. “And if there’s a dispute involved, particularly if litigation is required, it’s a long process. So it’s sometimes frustrating not to get the results you want as quickly as you might like.” Quick outcome or slow, the thing that makes Baumgartner good at what he does is his knack for looking at the big picture. “I have a pretty broad base of experience from my background, both on the business side and the legal side,” he says. “So I’ve got a knack for taking a step back and viewing things from both sides of a transaction, or maybe from a completely different point of view, and using that to find a way to forge a solution that hopefully makes everyone happy.”

Photo By Jim Pile

11/21/16 8:37 AM

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11/21/16 8:37 AM

Should Lawyers Log In ? Making A Case For Attorneys Using Social Media


ocial media has dramatically altered how businesses advertise to and communicate with customers, yet lawyers have been reluctant to jump on the social media bandwagon. Many attorneys may recognize the massive potential for reaching millions of people, but they are also wary of the possible dangers lurking behind every status update and friend request. “The use of social media is envied by some in the legal field and feared by others,” says Anthony J. Mazzeo, partner at Vandeventer Black LLP, a law firm in Norfolk. He finds LinkedIn and Facebook useful for keeping in touch with clients and colleagues and encourages fellow attorneys to be more proactive about their involvement on social media. “Most attorneys have a profile on LinkedIn, but that’s usually where it stops,” Mazzeo says. “Many are tied to the old ways of advertising, including television commercials, and I don’t think social media will replace that. Rather, I think they go hand in hand and can complement each other.” The biggest benefit of social media for attorneys is that it puts them top of mind for clients who may need their services. “Whatever sites your clients are using, you should think about using them, too,” Mazzeo says. Since he handles legal matters related to construction and government contracts, he uses LinkedIn to keep his finger on the pulse of the clients and industries he serves. “Appearing on your contacts’ newsfeeds keeps you relevant, so they think to contact you when they have a need,” he says. It’s not enough for lawyers to be on social media; they also must be engaged with their followers. As Mazzeo explains, “You can’t just have an online presence; you have to manage it, and that does take time.” Mazzeo says he spends between one to two hours on social media each week, sharing original content related to his specialties and commenting on others’ updates. “When it comes to social media, attorneys have to do more than dip their toe into the water,” he says. “But until they see the return on their investment, it’s hard to put that precious time into something.” For lawyers who do choose to be active on social media, there is a lot to take into consideration.




Every state has its own bar association, often with differing rules and guidelines for soliciting on social media. Mazzeo is a member of the Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Florida state bars, and he notes it can be tough for lawyers to navigate the conflicting directives. “The most important thing to remember is that you shouldn’t do something online that you wouldn’t do in person,” he says. “That means no online sparring matches with colleagues, no improper comments about cases or judges, and don’t disclose client confidentiality.” While it may seem easy to stay out of big trouble online, innocent interactions can also have serious consequences. For instance, answering someone’s question on social media could create an unintentional client-attorney relationship. There can also be ethical questions about who a lawyer is friends with online. “Judges come from law firms, so the person you know as a colleague and friend on Facebook could later become a judge,” Mazzeo says. “You have to ask yourself how you would handle things like that.” While it may be tempting for attorneys to leave all the social media responsibilities up to the firm’s marketing department or forego them altogether, Mazzeo thinks it’s important for lawyers to establish and maintain an online reputation. “People hire attorneys, not firms,” Mazzeo says. “Firms should have a dedicated marketing team to uphold the company’s image and profile within the community, including promoting all of the ways the firms give back to their communities, but when someone needs an attorney, they call an individual. That’s why it’s so important to have your image and information out there.”

Illustration By David Uhrin

By Jamie McAllister

december/january 2016/2017

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11/21/16 8:52 AM

For more than 120 years, the law firm of Wolcott Rivers Gates has been serving individuals and businesses throughout the state of Virginia and beyond. Headquartered in Virginia Beach’s Central Business District their firm possesses a deep background of legal expertise in a variety of areas. Over 30 attorneys make up their team of lawyers all of whom are prepared to provide vigorous and professional representation to clients from the board room to the courtroom. When it matters most, the people and businesses of Hampton Roads call upon the attorneys of Wolcott Rivers Gates for innovative legal solutions. Since 1895 the practice has had a continuous line of succession through four generations of attorneys from the Wolcott family. By way of mergers, partnerships and associations

with other practitioners, Wolcott Rivers Gates has evolved into the impressive law firm that it is today. Their firm’s commitment to excellence extends beyond the practice of law and deep into the Hampton Roads community. Both attorneys and staff currently serve on more than 50 non-profit boards, donating their time and energy to a wide array of charitable causes. At Wolcott Rivers Gates, tradition, excellence and service are unwavering standards. In representing the legal interests of their clients, your success is their mission. The firm of Wollcott Rivers Gates looks forward to continuing their commitment to providing legal services to both businesses and individuals for many years to come.

Wolcott Rivers Gates Top Lawyers David M. Bastiaans Richard E. Biemiller Adam M. Carroll Carl A. Eason Cheshire I. Eveleigh Ronald M. Gates Mark V. Pascucci M. Powell Peters Stephen P. Pfeiffer Glen M. Robertson C. Arthur Robinson, II

200 Bendix Road, Suite 300, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 757-497-6633 •

John F. Sawyer Marshall A. Winslow W ww . C o v a b i z m a g . c o m

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11/21/16 1:15 PM

COVABIZ Top Lawyers Adoption, Marital and Family Law Albiston, Debra C. Virginia Beach 757-491-4006

Carter, Katherine W. Virginia Beach 757-785-9761

Christie, George A. Virginia Beach 757-499-9222

Davis, Bobby W.

Virginia Beach 757-491-6241 www.virginiabeachattorney. com

Dixon, Jessica H.

Virginia Beach 757-965-5608

Eveleigh, Cheshire I.

Kantor, Barry

Parks, Kellam T.

Kistler, K. Page

Phillips, Kimberly H.

Virginia Beach 757-425-9191

Virginia Beach 757-271-3279

Garriott, Richard E. Jr.

Mahoney, Reeves W.

Pincus, Charles L. III

Wolcott Rivers Gates Virginia Beach 757-497-6633

Flax, Mona S.

Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-490-6252

Hamel, Matthew R.

Military Divorce PC Virginia Beach 757-961-3321

Imbrogno, Peter Jr.

Virginia Beach 757-493-8200

Virginia Beach 757-499-9222

Virginia Beach 757-644-4730

Maiden, Besianne T. Norfolk 757-625-1214

Maurer, Patrick L.

Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-490-6255

Virginia Beach 757-453-7744

Norfolk 757-320-4133 Virginia Beach 757-301-9634

Richmond, Andrew T. Virginia Beach 757-644-4730

Russo, Philip L. Jr.

Virginia Beach 757-499-6020

Smith, Mark S.

Virginia Beach 757-452-6200

Zeigler, Brandon H. Virginia Beach 757-453-7744

Antitrust Law Betts, J. Edward

Richmond 804-697-4100

Merritt, Craig T. Richmond 804-697-4100

Shumadine, Conrad M. Norfolk 757-628-5525

Appellate Law Emmert, L. S.

Virginia Beach 757-499-8971

Martingayle, Kevin E.

Virginia Beach 757-416-6009




december/january 2016/2017

COVABIZ 51-63 TOP LAWYERS 12_16.indd 56

11/21/16 8:52 AM

COVABIZ Top Lawyers Thomas, Norman A.

LeCruise, Jamilah D.

Rose, Neil L.

Chapman, James L. IV

Arbritration and Mediation

Lentz, Stephen D.

Williams, Tameeka M.

Holloway, John E.

McDermott, Patrick

Zajac, Jessie C.

Powers, Edward J.

Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-490-6278

Nicolaison, Macayla M. Virginia Beach 757-965-5402

Aviation, Admiralty, Maritime and Transportation

Banking and Financial

Test, Stephen G.

Peters, M. Powell

Berkley, Thomas S.

Attorneys for Non-Profit

Poston, Anita O.

Brogan, Patrick M.

Richmond 804-303-9538

Franczek, William E. Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-446-8617

Rephan, Jack

Virginia Beach 757-499-8800

Coombs, Jeffery M.

Virginia Beach 757-965-5402

Norfolk 757-627-5210

Virginia Beach 757-965-5402 Newport News 757-447-0518

Wolcott Rivers Gates Virginia Beach 757-497-6633 Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-446-8641

Virginia Beach 757-628-5588 Norfolk 757-627-5423 Norfolk 757-627-5423

Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-502-7344 Norfolk 757-622-0100

Norfolk 757-623-3000

Virginia Beach 757-687-7533 Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-446-8680

Beale, Richard C.

Virginia Beach 757-687-7533 https://www.troutmansanders. com

Biemiller, Richard E.

Wolcott Rivers Gates Virginia Beach 757-497-6633

W ww . C o v a b i z m a g . c o m

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11/21/16 8:52 AM

COVABIZ Top Lawyers Glenn, Douglas J.

Pfeiffer, Edrie A.

Ferguson, Ryan G.

Lentz, Stephen D.

Gray, Jeffrey H.

Roussos, Robert V.

Goodove, Michael L.

Lynch, John C.

Kelly, Monroe III

Ryan, John M. Jr.

Hunn, Jeffrey A.

Ottinger, Richard H.

Matthews, Richard H.

Business Law

Lockard, John R.

Sawyer, John F.

Lynch, John C.

Sims, Hunter W. Jr.

Manning, Jason E.


Marks, Jeffrey L.

Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-446-8631

Virginia Beach 757-687-7533 Virginia Beach 757-687-7533 Virginia Beach 757-622-3366 Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-490-6256

McGann, Bryant C.

Vandeventer Black LLP Norfolk 757-466-8627

Stedfast, Jeffrey M. Norfolk 757-624-3242

Bankruptcy and Workout

Norfolk 757-422-8472 Norfolk 757-333-4500

Ambrosio, Christopher Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-446-8628

Baumgartner, Mark R. Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-490-6276

Frantz, Thomas R.

Norfolk 757-622-3366

Gates, Ronald M.

Norfolk 757-622-9005

Wolcott Rivers Gates Virginia Beach 757-497-6633

Brogan, Ann B.

Hemphill, Geoffrey G.

Barnhart, Kelly M.

Norfolk 757-433-4500

Crowley, Karen M. Norfolk 757-333-4500

Eason, Carl A.

Wolcott Rivers Gates Virginia Beach 757-497-6633

Marks, Jeffrey L.

Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-446-8528

Parks, Kellam T. Virginia Beach 757-453-7744

Ramirez, John M.

Virginia Beach 757-687-7533

Spain, Brett A.

Virginia Beach 757-491-4045

Norfolk 757-628-5534

McIntyre, John D.

Zemanian, Peter G.

Norfolk 757-961-3900

Moss, Jeremy R. Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-446-8522 58

Virginia Beach 757-340-3100



Norfolk 757-622-0090

Civil Trial Bischoff, William C.

Virginia Beach 757-416-6008

Virginia Beach 757-965-2799 Norfolk 757-275-5000

Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-490-6298 Vandventer Black Norfolk 757-466-8622

Virginia Beach 757-687-7533 Virginia Beach 757-687-7533 Norfolk 757-624-3000

Parks, Kellam T. Virginia Beach 757-453-7744

Robertson, Glen M.

Wolcott Rivers Gates Virginia Beach 757-497-6633

Singer, Randy D. Vrginia Beach 757-301-9995

Commerical Litgation Bischoff, William C.

Virginia Beach 757-416-6008

Ferguson, Ryan G.

Virginia Beach 757-965-2799

Gray, Jeffrey H.

Virginia Beach 757-687-7533

Virginia Beach 757-965-5402 Virginia Beach 757-687-7533 Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-466-8673

Wolcott Rivers Gates Virginia Beach 757-497-6653 Norfolk 757-624-3272

Genzler, Patrick A.

Gordon, Jesse B.

Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-490-6266

Harvey, James R. III Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-466-8518

Hearne, David A. Chesapeake 757-547-0171

Lascara, William A.

Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-490-6265

Lockard, John R. Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-466-8622

Lowenstein, Neil S. Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-466-8672

december/january 2016/2017

COVABIZ 51-63 TOP LAWYERS 12_16.indd 58

11/21/16 1:17 PM

COVABIZ Top Lawyers Murphy, Terence

Morecock, Robert G.

Swartz, Jeffrey A.

Oast, William H. III

Norris, John S. Jr.

Pfeiffer, Stephen P.

Woodward, Lawrence H.

Pascucci, Mark V.

Norfolk 757-624-3139

Virginia Beach 757-498-7700

Test, Stephen G.

Virginia Beach 757-502-7329

Sterling, Michael L. Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-466-8626

Winslow, Marshall A. Jr.

Wolcott Rivers Gates Virginia Beach 757-497-6633

Virginia Beach 757-671-6000

Portsmouth 757-452-6200

Wolcott Rivers Gates Virginia Beach 757-497-6633

Virginia Beach 757-671-6000

Quick, Timothy J.

Lannetti, Kamala H.

Virginia Beach 757-453-7674

Robinson, Daymen William X.


Elder Law

Smith, Sandra L.

Robusto, Michael A.

Hook, Andrew H.

Andrews, Mark A.

Stanton, Jennifer T. Norfolk 757-624-3242

Portsmouth 757-452-6200

Virginia Beach 757-631-1900

Eminent Domain

Virginia Beach 757-399-7506

Manz, Angela N.

Virginia Beach 757-271-6275

Broccoletti, James O.

Norfolk 757-466-0750

Carroll, Adam M.

Wolcott Rivers Gates Virginia Beach 757-497-6633

Farashahi, Afshin

Virginia Beach 757-687-8169

Gardner, John C.

Virginia Beach 757-464-9224

Peters, M. Powell

Wolcott Rivers Gates Virginia Beach 757-497-6633

Norfolk 757-200-0578

Criminal Defense

Wolcott Rivers Gates Virginia Beach 757-497-6633

Virginia Beach 757-385-4531

Fortier, Karen L.

Virginia Beach 757-427-5094

Norfolk 757-410-8044

Norfolk 757-275-5000

What makes us different?

We are a business too. We understand the challenges you face as a business owner. We’ve been there. With free consultations and flat fee billing, The Domozick Law Firm is here to help businesses get the legal help they need, without worrying about large up-front retainers and hourly billing.

Arnold, David L.

Pender & Coward Suffolk 757-490-6260

Baker, Joshua E.

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Holcomb, Wayne E. Yorktown 757-656-1000

Kelleter, Trey R. Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-446-8697

Maurer, Patrick L.

Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-490-6255

(757) 965-3747 W ww . C o v a b i z m a g . c o m

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11/21/16 1:18 PM

COVABIZ Top Lawyers Hopkins, Jeremy P.

Norfolk 757-622-5812

Lollar, Charles M.

Pincus, Charles L. III Virginia Beach 757-301-9634

Norfolk 757-644-4657

Government and Administrative

Waldo, Joseph T.

Virginia Beach 757-687-7533

Norfolk 757-622-5812

Entertainment Law Byers, Duncan G.

Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-502-7396

Verser, Joseph F. NewportNews 757-622-5812

Environmental and Land Use Beaman, Robert P. III

Gardner, Michael

Gillette, Brian J.

Williamsburg 855-873-2604

Lascara, William A.

Mendoza, Radlyn C.

Virginia Beach 757-464-9224

Mijal, Mara S.

Virginia Beach 757-333-7513

Serratelli, Arthur

Virginia Beach 757-333-7513

Singh, Satnam Norfolk 757-455-8555

Weckstein, Daniel R.

Charters, A. W.

Norfolk 757-625-1400

Dillman, Rodney S.

Lang, James T.

Pero, Erica L.

Oakley, David B.

Virginia Beach 757-499-1841



Buckius, Dean T. Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-446-8620

Matthews, Richard H.

Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-446-8632

Virginia Beach 757-499-1841

Virginia Beach 757-222-9165

Casey, Brian N.

Norfolk 757-625-7300

Rashkind, Alan B.

Plumlee, J. B.

Bertini, Lisa A.


Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-446-8626

Health Care Law

Virginia Beach 757-687-7533

Labor and Employment

Sterling, Michael L.

Eason, Carl A.

Nutter, R. J. II

Vandventer Black Norfolk 757-446-8663

Norfolk 757-624-9323

Virginia Beach 757-422-8472

Klein, Gregory W.

Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-502-7326

Powers, Katharina-Kristin B.

Valverde, Hugo R.

Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-446-8610

Genzler, Patrick A.

International Law

Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-490-6265

Virginia Beach 757-687-7533 Wolcott Rivers Gates Virginia Beach 757-497-6633


General Practice

Virginia Beach 757-321-6555

Virginia Beach 757-651-4107

Norfolk 757-625-7300 Norfolk 757-461-7100

Intellectual Property Rights Byers, Duncan G.

Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-502-7396

Lockhart, Timothy J.

Immigration Law

Norfolk 757-628-5500

Blackman, Susan R.

Mytelka, Craig L.

Ernest, Anna

Noona, Stephen E.

Lahren, Anne C.

Tucker, Jane D.

Virginia Beach 757-628-5646 Norfolk 757-785-0192 Pender &Coward Virginia Beach 757-490-6293

Virginia Beach 757-622-3366 Norfolk 757-624-3239 Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-466-8625

Ervin, Reid H.

Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-490-6256

Rafal, Sara B.

Norfolk 757-622-3366

Rowell, Roy B. Jr

Virginia Beach 757-422-8472

Sartwell, P. Todd

Virginia Beach 757-463-4900

Sullivan, Ann K.

Norfolk 757-955-8545

Personal Injury Booth, Edwin S.

Virginia Beach 757-460-2707

Breit, Jeffrey A.

Virginia Beach 757-670-3888

Cooper, John M.

Norfolk 757-455-0077

december/january 2016/2017

COVABIZ 51-63 TOP LAWYERS 12_16.indd 60

11/21/16 1:19 PM

COVABIZ Top Lawyers Duffan, Kevin M.

Klein, Thomas C.

Black, Hugh E. III

Preti, Todd J.

Hernandez, Paul R.

Lonergan, James B.

Carroll, Adam M.

Rack, Kevin B

Nutter, R. J. II

Kubovcik, Andrew D.

Virginia Beach 757-460-2707 Norfolk 757-461-4900

Lentz, Stephen D.

Virginia Beach 757-965-5402

Rutter, Carroll A. III Norfolk 757-622-500

Schieble, Daniel M.

Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-490-6262

Smith, Stephen M.

Hampton 757-244-7000

Swain Berry, Shelley R.

Virginia Beach 757-671-7088

Swain, Stephen C. VirginiaBeach 757-671-6000

Ufkes, Elizabeth Norfolk 757-275-5000

Real Estate Ahern, Jon M.

Virginia Beach 757-499-8971

Crouch, Richard J. Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-446-8684

Embree, Alyssa C.

Norfolk 757-622-3366

Gordon, Howard E.

Norfolk 757-622-3366

Hammaker, Jeffrey B. Norfolk 757-215-4816

Virginia Beach 757-687-7533 Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-490-6281 Virginia Beach 757-687-7533

Sykes, Howard R. Jr

Virginia Beach 757-499-8971

Walker, Susan S.

Virginia Beach 757-486-0333

Securities Law Norris, John S. Jr.

Virginia Beach 757-498-7700

Rose, Thomas M.

Virginia Beach 757-687-7533

Sports Law Larsen, Andrew P.

Williamsburg 757-209-2700

Sullivan, David J.

Chesapeake 757-410-8066

Tax Law Hemphill, Geoffrey G. Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-446-8528

Robinson, Charles A. II

Wolcott Rivers Gates Virginia Beach 757-497-6633

Traffic Law Andrews, Mark A.

Chesapeake 757-41-8044

Chesapeake 757-842-6531 Wolcott Rivers Gates Virginia Beach 757-497-6633 Pender & Coward Chesapeake 757-502-7339

Pfeiffer, Stephen P.

Wolcott Rivers Gates Virginia Beach 757-497-6633

Slipow, Larry B.

Virginia Beach 757-427-5094

Wills, Trusts, and Estates Bastiaans, David M.

Wolcott Rivers Gates Virginia Beach 757-497-6633

Blair-Davis, Jo Ann

Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-490-6263

Booth, Jessica M.

Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-490-6269

Fortier, Karen L.

Virginia Beach 757-631-1900

Midgett, John L.

Virginia Beach 757-687-8888

Pascucci, Mark V.

Wolcott Rivers Gates Virginia Beach 757-497-6633

Virginia Beach 757-687-8888 Virginia Beach 757-605-5000

Rasberry, Kendall D. Virginia Beach 757-671-6000

Rose, Neil L.

Virginia Beach 7567-687-5500

Thompson, E. Diane

Pender & Coward Suffolk 757-502-7329

Timms, Robert V. Jr. Virginia Beach 757-486-7055

Worker’s Compensation Klein, John H.

Norfolk 757-622-8100

Pallai, Michael T.

Virginia Beach 757-463-4900

Rafal, Adam S.

Vandeventer Black Norfolk 757-466-8600

Rapaport, Robert A Virginia Beach 757-671-6000

Samuel, Robert L. Jr. Pender & Coward Virginia Beach 757-502-7338

Strickler, Stephen A. Virginia Beach 757-486-7055

Peters, M. Powell

Wolcott Rivers Gates Virginia Beach 757-497-6633

W ww . C o v a b i z m a g . c o m

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11/21/16 1:19 PM

MATTHEW R. HAMEL VANDEVENTER BLACK LLP 101 W. Main Street 500 World Trade Center Norfolk, VA 23510 757-446-8600 • Vandeventer Black is an AVŽ rated dynamic business law firm established in 1883. We focus on responsiveness and results while providing services internationally across a wide variety of legal sectors. Our attorneys are leaders in the legal industry who serve on boards throughout their community, as well as professional associations and organizations. While headquartered in the commercial gateway of Norfolk, Virginia, we also assist clients from offices located in Virginia, North Carolina and Germany.




Military Divorce, P.C. One Columbus Center, Suite 600, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 757-961-3321 Mr. Hamel is the founder of Military Divorce, P.C., a law firm dedicated to serving military service-members and spouses who are seeking attorneys with first-hand knowledge of the military and military-specific family law issues. Prior to establishing Military Divorce, P.C., Mr. Hamel served on active duty as a Navy JAG Attorney and served as a prosecutor, Staff JAG Attorney to multiple Commands and Staffs, as well as volunteered for a tour of duty in Iraq during the Surge. Mr. Hamel focuses his civilian practice on divorce, custody, support and equitable distribution matters.

december/january 2016/2017

COVABIZ 51-63 TOP LAWYERS 12_16.indd 62

11/21/16 1:19 PM



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COVABIZ 51-63 TOP LAWYERS 12_16.indd 63


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Coastal Virginia’s Top Lawyers Of 2017  
Coastal Virginia’s Top Lawyers Of 2017  

As seen in CovaBiz Magazine Dec/Jan 2017 issue. It’s easy to go through life assuming you may never need to hire a lawyer. But unexpected ev...