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Tips For Choosing Wood Bar Stools - Folding Bar Stool _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Trace - A bar stool is not only for a bar. They can be seen everywhere- from restaurants and pubs to home kitchens, eating areas and of course bars. The most commonly prevalent bar stool is the one that is made from wood. Although, metal stools are also liked by many people but wooden bar stools are still at number one position. The versatility, durability and their capability of blending with any kind of home decor, be it rustic, country or contemporary style have made wood bar stool furniture the favorite of home dwellers. Here are certain tips on getting the right bar stool for your use. Click Here

The first and foremost factor for buying a bar stool is its comfort which comes with the right height of the stool. The standard bar stools are 30 inches high (this is the distance from the floor to the seat). If the counter is higher than average, you may need to get taller spectator stools, which are 34 inches tall.

The best way to get the right height of stool is to measure your bar and remember that the top of the seat should be 12 inches from the bottom of the bar for adequate legroom.Wooden bar stools come in different styles. Choose the one that goes with your home decor.If you have a traditional decor at your home, go for deeper and darker wooden stools with detailed backs and leg designs. Upholstered stools with dark colored fabric will match your home decor perfectly.

For modern homes, choose contemporary stools that have finer lines and simpler shapes. Bright bold colors and even black and whitegoes well with modern decor. However, these stools mostly have hard seats without any seat pad.If your home has a more country like decor, go for the stools that have double-toned look, generally in a dark and a light contrast.

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