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Artificial Christmas Trees A Guide - Best Artificial Christmas Trees _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Lenis - This article was written with the intention of helping the reader develop knowledge on Artificial Christmas trees. It's worth mentioning early that modern artificial trees can last upwards of ten years, if looked after in the correct way; so it is well worth reading on to find out what type of Artificial Christmas trees are available, the differences between the trees that can be bought, what they are constructed of and the advantages and disadvantages and a few other hints and tips.We will start with the two main materials that Artificial Christmas trees are produced from. The most common is PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) also known as vinyl and the other is PE (Polyethylene), which is rapidly growing in popularity.

Learn More About Best Artificial Christmas Trees What is PVC? This is an everyday plastic also commonly known as vinyl. It is a lightweight and durable synthetic polymer material (or resin), formed by combining ethylene derived from petroleum, natural gas, or coal and chlorine.

This plastic can be found in products ranging from milk cartons to vehicle parts. When a tree is produced from PVC the result is and attractive, but generally unrealistic looking tree when compared to the more expensive PE version.So what does a PE tree consist of? PE artificial trees are made with very high quality plastic named Polyethylene. The tree is created and modelled from actual real Christmas tree branches. These real tree branches are used as forms to create the mould, Polyethylene is then injected directly into this mould and this helps to create a very realistic artificial Christmas tree.

These trees need little of no shaping when erecting at Christmas time, they are ultra realistic, long lasting and stunningly beautiful - the next best thing to a real Christmas tree.In general there are two ways Christmas tree manufacturers attach the branches of the trees to the central trunk of the Artificial Christmas tree; hooked and hinged.

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