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May 2011

The Victoria Flying Club ~ 1946-2011 ~ Celebrating 65 Years of Aviation Excellence

The Patrician Monthly Newsletter of The Victoria Flying Club

May 2011

The Victoria Flying Club

In this issue:

Celebrating 65 Years of Aviation Excellence “To promote flying and aviation in general, and to teach and trainn persons in the art and science of flying and navigating and operating all manner of heavier-than-air aircraft.”


Is Your Licence Valid?


Down But Not Out


VFC’s Newest Aircraft: GSDZ


Open House - May 14th

(Victoria Flying Club Incorporation Bylaws, 1946)

Board of Directors President......................................Lloyd Toope Vice President.........................Don Devenney Treasurer......................................Kim Sterling Secretary.............................Colin Williamson Directors.........................................Sean Steele Ellen Wood Steve Demy Sam Roland General Manager........................Gerry Mants Chief Flying Instructor.........Graham Palmer

Editor/Publisher: Christie Hall Midnight Design & Communication

1852 Canso Road Sidney, BC V8L 5V5

The Patrician accepts unsolicited submissions. This publication may be reproduced in whole or in part, with prior permission of the publisher or author. The opinions expressed are strictly those of the authors.

Phone: 250-656-2833 Fax: 250-655-0910

May 2011


Fairey Aviation Company - 1963 VFC Summer Office Hours

I am seeking anyone who may have worked at the Fairey Aviation Cpompany in the Instrument Department in 1963 at the facility located at Patricia Bay. The project was “Strong Motion Seismograph� designed by Fairey which were at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory. I am the owner of the remainders of a number of these instruments, and a set of hand drawn machine shop drawings for the instrument. Any assistance in forwarding in the aviation community appreciated.

8am-8pm 7 days a week To accommodate evening training and recreational flights in longer daylight hours.

Steve Dow VE7AS0 604-487-4295

Planning A Trip This Summer? If you are interested in attending an upcoming Mountain Groundschool Seminar, please call the Victoria Flying Club at 250-6562833 to put your name on the list.

Celebrating 65 years


May 2011

The Nanaimo Flying Club is having a Wings & Wheels event June 3 - 5, 2011. Friday: Pilot Workshop provided by Vital Aviation & welcome BBQ sponsored by NAC. Pre-registration required for FREE recurrency workshop and BBQ. Contact flyers@ Please put "Pilot" in subject line. Bring your logbooks. Assistance with pilot passports also available. Donations always gratefully accepted. Saturday 11 to 5pm: Carshow, Airshow, Flour Bombing, Spot Landing, Vendors, Door prizes & more. Anything that flys welcome to participate in competitions $8 one event or $12 for both. Please pre-register. No penalty for cancellation and no pre-payment required. No landing fees at CYCD. Ultralight fees are suspended for this event. Pilots flying in do not require admission tickets. Additional prizes of a Tigh-na-Mara package, Tyee Resort and Fishing Lodge package and Bear Mountain Resort Golf package will also be awarded. See for details coming soon. Saturday 5pm: Pig Roast & Turkey buffet with live entertainment. Sunday 8am to 1pm: Farewell breakfast and COPA for Kids event. Lunch will also be available.

May 2011


IS YOUR LICENCE VALID? In the past 24 months have you completed ONE of the following? - A rating, licence, or PPC - A “Flight Review” - A Self-Paced Recency Questionnaire (from Transport Canada)


NO Complete one of the above requirements for recency.

Your licence is valid. Can you rent a VFC aircraft? In the past 12 months, have you: - Flown a minimum of 12 hours? OR - Completed an Annual Check-Ride and Type Exam?


NO Complete an Annual Check-Ride. You can rent VFC aircraft.

Have you flown a VFC aircraft in the past 60 days?


NO Complete a 60-Day Check Ride. You can rent VFC aircraft.

You can rent VFC aircraft. Can you carry passengers? Have you completed 5 takeoffs and landings in the past 6 months?


YES Enjoy your flight!

Celebrating 65 years

Enjoy some solo flight first.


May 2011

This month’s winning photo is an almost impossible looking shot captured by Kevin Stokes. Emirates A380 on short final for runway 23 at YYZ. Each month in The Patrician, you have the opportunity to win prizes from the pilot shop. Submit one aviation photo per month for your chance to win. Each photo submitted through the year is entered in a draw for a $100 Victoria Flying Club gift certificate at the end of the year. If you submit a photo each month, that gives you twelve chances to win! Submit your monthly photo to:

May 2011


Celebrating 65 years


M May 2011

This year marks the 65th Anniversary of

the Victoria Flying Club. Club member Marie Woodruff has been digging into the club archives in an attempt to fill in some of the missing pieces in a complete history of the club.

The Victoria Flying Club ~ Celebrating 65 Years of Aviation Excellence

If you have answers to any of the ques-

tions below, or if you have an interest in the history of the Victoria Flying Club, please email Marie Woodruff. 1. When did we originally get IMH? She was part of the fleet, but not operational, between 1985 and 1992. 2. In our trophy case is a shield called the “Club Booster” award. It was last awarded in 1991. Does anyone recall when it was started and what the “qualifications” were? Who was in charge of determining a recipient: the staff ? The board? Someone else? 3. The piano is now sitting in the hangar. Who donated it to us and when? 4. The club has had at least 45 different aircraft through the years, besides what’s on the line right now. Does anyone remember the Piper Cub we had? Or C-GIUX? How many Fleet Canucks did we have? 5. I’m also compiling lists of certain positions at the club: President, manager, chief flight instructor and chief of maintenance. Some of these job titles have changed over the years, but many names are missing, particularly in the 1950s and 1980s. Can anyone fill in some of these gaps? Thanks for your help. Marie Woodruff

May 2011


An Introduction to Search and Rescue Saturday May 28th 10am-2pm Victoria Flying Club Member’s Lounge

Join us for a series of presentations by the Victoria Joint Rescue Coordination Centre designed to inform pilots on a variety of Search and Rescue topics including: • The SAR system in Canada - how it’s structured and what happens when an aircraft goes missing • Helping yourself - what to do (and what NOT to do) should you find yourself down in the wilderness • Survival kits, personal beacons and more • Pre-flight inspections

No matter how careful a pilot is, there is always the chance that they may find themselves down in the wilderness. At this seminar you’ll learn what is done to find you when you’re down, steps that you can take to keep yourself safe while awaiting rescue, and what you should carry with you every time you fly over unsettled terrain. Presented by the Officer-in-Charge of the JRCC and JRCC’s unit SAR tech, this will be an informative day for pilots of all levels.

No Cost Barbeque Lunch Included Featuring: the Pre-Flight Inspection Challenge! Think you do a pretty thorough pre-flight inspection? VFC’s maintenance department will “snag” an airplane for you to test your inspection skills on. Rumour has it there will be prizes as well....

Space is limited. Please register ASAP. The Victoria Flying Club: 250-656-2833 Celebrating 65 years


May 2011

May 2011

Steve Synnuck Instructor: Sean Brenton

Firat Ataman Instructor: Tristan Nano

Adrien Tennent Instructor: Brad Fraser

Joel Truscott Instructor: Sean Brenton

Dom Kapac Instructor: Brad Fraser

“Without disruption of air traffic, these fearless, forthright, indomitable and courageous individuals did venture into the wild blue yonder in flying machines. Furthermore, these skilful individuals did safely land said flying machines at Victoria International Airport, incurring no significant damage to self or machine, thus completing first solo flights.� Congratulations from the Victoria Flying Club


Type C172S Empty Weight 1701.7 Empty Moment 69808

Introducing the newest addition to the Victoria Flying Club Fleet!

Max Gross 2550.0 Useful Load 848.3 ELT Pointer/Fixed Radios 2 VHF 2 VOR 1 ILS 1 KLN94 GPS Auto Pilot KAP 140 Oil Phillips 20W50 Max 8 Qts Fuel 318lbs useable

Do we have your up-todate licensing information?

Christie Hall, BPA design & communication

Communications Consultant Digital and Print Media

Please ensure that your VFC file contains a copy of your aviation licence document booklet.

778-426-3452 big business thinking for small business

A student became lost during a solo cross-country flight. While attempting to locate the aircraft on radar, ATC asks, “What was your last known position?” The reply: “When I was number one for takeoff ”.


Celebrating 65 years


May 2011

Monday and Wednesday 1900-2200 Victoria Flying Club Classroom DATE



May 02 04 09 11 16 18 25 30 June 01 06 08 13 15 20 22 27 29 July 06

Systems and Flight Instruments Canadian Aviation Regulations Canadian Aviation Regulations Human Factors and Pilot Decision Making Meteorology Meteorology Meteorology Meteorology Meteorology Meteorology Radio and Electronic Theory Flight Operations Flight Operations Navigation Navigation Navigation Written Exam Seminar Review

Sean Brenton Kristen Ursel Kristen Ursel Brad Fraser Simon Dennis Simon Dennis Simon Dennis Simon Dennis Simon Dennis Simon Dennis Dirk Pritchard Yasuhiro Koide Yasuhiro Koide Jeff Lightheart Jeff Lightheart Jeff Lightheart John McConnachie Brad Fraser

Note: there is no groundschool on May 23rd or July 4th due to stat holidays. To register for groundschool, or to purchase your groundschool kit, please contact the Victoria Flying Club office at 250-656-2833.

May 2011


You’ve always dreamed of flying. You’re looking for an exciting career in aviation. Perhaps you want to consider an alternative to a traditional postsecondary education. Visit the Victoria Flying Club on May 14th and take your first steps towards becoming a Private or Commercial Pilot. Chat with pilots working in the airline industry. Check out the Redbird Full-Motion Simulator. And make your first logbook entry for your Private Pilot’s Licence with a Discovery Flight over Victoria.

Saturday May 14th 11am-3pm Victoria Flying Club Celebrating 65 years


May 2011

April Mystery Identified This is the Boeing 307 Stratoliner. It was the first pressurized airliner to enter service and had the wings and tail surfaces of the B-17 Flying Fortress. Only about a dozen were made before the US entered into WWII.

Correctly Identified By: Daryl Williams Angus Forsyth Doug Blackie Nolan Labach Brett Wingerter

Can you identify the aircraft shown below? Email: for bragging rights.

May 2011


Celebrating 65 years


May 2011

Aircraft - Accomodation - Aviation Books and Gear - Help Wanted - Miscellaneous Email the details of your FREE Ad to:

Calling All Green Thumbs! Hi there… I’m working on the garden area by the Dakota Café, and wonder if you have any spare leaf mulch or drought resistant plants? I’m adding potted plants around the edge of the outside dining area. And there will soon be lots of wild flowers sprouting in the raised garden section. You could contact me at: Or drop the garden items at the Dakota gardening area. If you like, I could come by a dig up a few plants, if your garden is becoming too crowded. I’m working on having an aviation theme in the garden… so if you have a few suggestions for the garden, I’d love to talk with you!

1980 Cessna 172N 1/4 Share CYYJ TTSN 1735 160hp H2AD all AD’s done. VFR, dual nav/com, ils, 7” colour screen moving map gps, adf. Hangared at Viscount. Incorporated. 1/4 share $17,000. 1/3 share $22,500. Email:

Many thanks!!! Anne-Marie, The Dog Walking Gardener


The Victoria Flying Club is excited to partner with Thrifty Foods in their very successful Smile Card Program. Pick up your smile card today at the VFC office, and 5% of your grocery purchase will go towards creating scholarships and awards for VFC members. Thank-you Thrifty Foods!


The Patrician, May 2011  
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