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The Patrician July 2011

The Victoria Flying Club ~ 1946-2011 ~ Celebrating 65 Years of Aviation Excellence

Plane spotting from the beach at Pat Bay...

TQQ on short final for runway 27

The Patrician Monthly Newsletter of The Victoria Flying Club

The Victoria Flying Club

July 2011

Celebrating 65 Years of Aviation Excellence

In this issue: 4 Summer Aircraft Booking Policy 7 Spring Cross-Country By: Michael Weir 11 Tsuniah Lake Fly-Out

“To promote flying and aviation in general, and to teach and trainn persons in the art and science of flying and navigating and operating all manner of heavier-than-air aircraft.� (Victoria Flying Club Incorporation Bylaws, 1946)

Board of Directors President......................................Lloyd Toope Vice President.........................Don Devenney Treasurer......................................Kim Sterling Secretary.............................Colin Williamson Directors.........................................Sean Steele Ellen Wood Steve Demy Sam Roland General Manager........................Gerry Mants Chief Flying Instructor.........Graham Palmer

By: Tristan Nano


Pre-Flight Inspection Challenge Snag List

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July 2011


Victoria Flying Club News Extra Aircraft for the Summer


This summer the Victoria Flying Club has leased two extra Cessna 172 M Models to help with increased aircraft demand. The two aircraft, C-GWJP and C-GTCN are available for rental for any VFC member, including student pilots, at a rate of $126 per hour. These aircraft do not require a separate check-ride, for members who are current on VFC 172s. They are availalble through the online booking system.

The Victoria Flying Club would like to extend a warm welcome to the Cadets of the 2011 Power Scholarship Program. Beginning July 4th, these hard working young men and women will undertake training with the goal of obtaining a Private Pilot’s Licence before summer’s end. They and our VFC instructors will put in some long days and weeks this month, and into August. We have enjoyed working with the Cadets in previous summers. They are always an outstanding group of young people. When you see them around the club over the next few weeks, please offer them a warm welcome and your best wishes for a successful summer.





C172 FGV/C

C172 FGV/C


White on Blue

White on Blue

Empty Weight



Empty Moment



Maximum Gross

2300 lbs

2300 lbs

Useful Load




Kannard 406

Kannard 406


2 VHF Garmin 250XL 1 ADF

2 VHF Garmin 250XL 1 ADF


Shell 80

Shell 80


228 lbs useable

228 lbs useable

Planning A Trip This Summer? If you are interested in attending an upcoming Mountain Groundschool Seminar, please call the Victoria Flying Club at 250-656-2833 to put your name on the list. Celebrating 65 years


July 2011

Found Online....

Controller: ‘FAR1234 confirm your type of aircraft. Are you an Airbus 330 or 340?’ Pilot: ‘A340 of course!’ Controller: ‘Then would you mind turning on the other two engines and give me 1000 feet per minute, please?’ --------------------------Tower: ‘Cessna 123, turn right now and report your heading.’ Pilot: ‘Wilco. 341, 342, 343, 344, 345...’ --------------------------------Foreign Pilot Trainee: ‘Tower, please speak slowly, I am a baby in English and lonely in the cockpit’ ----------------------Controller: ‘CRX600, are you on course to SUL?’ Pilot: ‘More or less.’ Controller: ‘So proceed a little bit more to SUL.’ ---------------------------Pilot: ‘Good morning, Frankfurt ground, KLM 242 request start up and push back, please.’ Tower: ‘KLM 242 expect start up in two hours.’ Pilot: ‘Please confirm: two hours delay?’ Tower: ‘Affirmative.’ Pilot: ‘In that case, cancel the good morning!

Tower: ‘American...and for your information, you were slightly to the left of the centerline on that approach.’ American: ‘That’s correct; and, my First Officer was slightly to the right.’ ----------------------Controller: ‘USA353 contact Cleveland Center 135.60. (pause) Controller: ‘USA353 contact Cleveland Center 135.60!’ (pause) Controller: ‘USA353 you’re just like my wife you never listen!’ Pilot: ‘Center, this is USA553, maybe if you called her by the right name you’d get a better response!’ ----------------------Pilot: ‘Barnburner 123, request 8300 feet.’ Bay Approach: ‘Barnburner 123, say reason for requested altitude.’ Pilot: ‘Because the last 2 times I’ve been at 8500, I’ve nearly been run over by some bozo at 8500 feet going the wrong way!’ Bay Approach: ‘That’s a very good reason. 8300 approved.’ ------------------------------------

~ From Doug Marin

The DCH-2 Beaver Song on YouTube: watch?v=3w_v0k57KhE

~ From Don Devenney

July 2011



Christie Hall, BPA design & communication

Please take a moment to read through the

Communications Consultant Digital and Print Media

following updates to our aircraft booking policies. As we approach the busy summer months we want to increase the efficiency of our fleet to ensure the best possible service for all our members.

778-426-3452 big business thinking for small business

Beginning June 1st to September 5th inclusive, the following policies will apply to Aircraft Bookings: 1. Between the hours of 17:00-00:00 there is a $10 discount per hour from the rate a member is normally charged. This discount is not applied to training flights. 2. The minimum Daily Flying requirement for a C-172 Whole Day and Multi-Day bookings is 3.5 hours. Any unflown time will be billed at full rate. Example: 1. For a booking from 8:00AM - 5:00PM, a minimum of 3.5 hours will be charged to the member. 2. A five-day trip will require a minimum of 17.5 hours of flight time (5x3.5). Any un-flown time will be billed at full rate. 3. Peak Time (10:00-17:00) Bookings when made in excess of a two-hour booking block requires that a minimum Flight Time of 50% of the total booking time be flown. Example: 1. A four-hour booking requires a minimum of two hours of flight time. For a 1.5 hour flight within a four hour booking block, the member will be charged and extra 1/2 hour at the regular rate. 2. A six-hour booking requires a minimum of three hours of flight time. For a 2-hour flight within a 6-hour booking block, the member will be charged an extra 1-hour at the regular rate.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please call the Victoria Flying Club at 250-656-2833. Thanks and Happy Flying! Celebrating 65 years


July 2011

July Mystery Aircraft June Mystery Identified Continuing the theme of weird 4-engine transports aircraft, this is the Handle-Page Hastings troop-carrier/transport. It entered RAF service in 1948 and was replaced by the Lockheed Hercules in 1968. About 150 were built and power was from four Bristol Hercules radial engines. Correctly identified by: Andrew Harton, Daryl Medd, Philip D’Angelo, Daryl Williams, Dave Featherstonhaugh

Can you identify the aircraft shown below? Email:

July 2011


Private Pilot Groundschool Monday and Wednesday 1900-2200 Victoria Flying Club Classroom


July 11 Airframes and Engines Dave Kupchenko 13 Aerodynamics, Theory of Flight, Licensing Yasuhiro Koide 18 Systems and Flight Instruments Dave Kupchenko 20 Canadian Aviation Regulations Kristen Ursel 25 Canadian Aviation Regulations Kristen Ursel 27 Human Factors and Pilot Decision Making Brad Fraser Aug 03 Meteorology Simon Dennis 08 Meteorology Simon Dennis 10 Meteorology Simon Dennis 15 Meteorology Simon Dennis 17 Meteorology Simon Dennis 22 Meteorology Simon Dennis 24 Radio & Electronic Theory Dirk Pritchard 29 Flight Operations Yasuhiro Koide 31 Flight Operations Yasuhiro Koide

Commercial Pilot Groundschool Friday - Saturday - Sunday Victoria Flying Club Classroom


July 08 1700-2100 Flight Operations Yasuhiro Koide 09 0830-1700 Navigation Clint Elliott 10 0830-1230 Navigation Clint Elliott 10 1230-1700 GPS Graham Palmer 15 1700-2100 Airframes and Engines Dave Kupchenko 16 0830-1230 Systems and Flight Instruments Dave Kupchenko 16 1230-1700 Human Factors/Pilot Decision Making Brad Fraser 17 0830-1700 Crew Resource Management Brad Fraser Celebrating 65 years


July 2011

Submitted by: Michael Weir

Mt. Murchison: We are looking south from where the Saskatchewan River crosses the Icefields Parkway. My buddy, Gerald and I have family in Jasper and Edmonton. So, we decided to fly there in the C-172 KMY. We planned for late May in hopes of fair weather and generally it was fine; a bit of poor, a bit of OK, and a bit of good.

(CEC4). With a new flight plan and full tanks again, we set off for Edmonton with some confidence. We expected the low ceilings to rise and they did. We closed with Edmonton City Centre ground, family members collected us, and refreshments were enjoyed by all.

It was a VFR trip and our first leg ran us through the Fraser canyon with good crosswind landing practice at Kamloops. After refuelling, we followed highway 16 to Jasper and got a pretty good photo of the bottom third of Mt. Robson. The weather became poorer as we proceeded east so to continue required some thought and discussion with Edmonton FIC and another crosswind landing was entertained at the Jasper-Hinton strip

The weather was better for the next couple of days allowing a flight back to Jasper. Unfortunately, CYJA is still closed except for emergencies so KMY spent a couple of idle days at CEC4 again. But for me, it was not unfortunate at all because the family drove out to pick me up and we had a great visit. The flight back to Edmonton was in fair weather, but a little bumpy and typical over farmland.

July 2011


Our return flight to Victoria saw just about all the VFR weather you could imagine. But, it was pretty darn nice through the Rocky Mountains. We followed the North Saskatchewan River into the mountains as it provides a wide valley with spectacular views. A route I’m familiar with led us down the Blaeberry River to where it flows into the Columbia, and then we carried on through the Roger’s Pass. Developing CBs diverted us back to Kamloops instead of our planned Salmon Arm, but with another new flight plan and fuel we set off on the final leg for Victoria. It was necessary to divert near Hope due to a monstrous cell there; we turned up the valley at Keefers, near Boston Bar, went over the ridge, dropped down onto Harrison Lake and made it the rest of the way at 3000feet with the help of Victoria terminal. And we’d do it all over again in a heartbeat! Best Regards, Michael Weir

At 4500 feet MSL, KMY purred along at nearly 130 knots with an unusual easterly wind. We barely had time to capture this glorious glacier and lake just 5 miles east of Saskatchewan River Crossing.

Celebrating 65 years


July 2011

First Solos

July 2011

Jean-Paul Richard Instructor: Jeff Lightheart

David Christensen Instructor: Clint Elliott

Jake Snowden Instructor: Dave Kupchenko

Cam Green Instructor: Brad Fraser

Owain Samuel Instructor: Clint Elliott

Robyn Morgan Instructor: Tristan Nano 9

First Solos Brian Buchan Instructor: Tristan Nano

Allison Pfann Instructor: Dirk Pritchard

Sumit Kumar Instructor: Simon Dennis

Cameron Parker Instructor: Dirk Pritchard

“Without disruption of air traffic, these fearless, forthright, indomitable and courageous individuals did venture into the wild blue yonder in flying machines. Furthermore, these skilful individuals did safely land said flying machines at Victoria International Airport, incurring no significant damage to self or machine, thus completing first solo flights.�

Congratulations from the Victoria Flying Club.

Celebrating 65 years


July 2011

Tsuniah Lake Fly-Out BC Long Weekend ~ July 31-Aug 1 Would you like to be

can see this is pristine and very remote alpine trout fishing, I have some of my best memories from there. part of a fly-out a little more If you can’t make this trip you can contact the lodge remote and exciting than a through this website for Chilliwack pie run? Tsuniah Lake is about an hour another trip. flight straight north of Campbell River in stunning Please contact myself (Tristan Nano) through the mountain scenery, amazing alpine trout fishing in the flying club for more info or to RSVP. I’ll gladly go over West Chilcotin region. I've done the flight three times your flight planning free of QFI charge before the trip. and have always been very well taken care of by the Just make sure you have done your mountain course staff where you can have full days of fishing, boating, beforehand as per VFC policy. hiking, mountain biking, swimming, relaxing on the beach or in the cozy lodge. The fly-out would probably start off with a group weather and route brief at the club then head up to either Courtenay, Powell River or Campbell River for a refuelling stop. Then it's time to gain some altitude over the coastal mountains following valleys and passing by incredible glaciers. About 40 minutes later you'll see Chilko Lake and you can start your descent for the 4,000’ elevation 4,000’ length grass runway at the Tsuniah Lake Lodge. After a quick check to make Details: sure there isn't any wildlife on the runway you'll land $210 per person per night and includes cabin, small and find there is plenty of parking on the field. After motor boat, fishing gear, cooking/cleaning of catch, all settling in your cabin it's time to get out your fishhome cooked meals. This is a reduced rate from the ing rods or borrow some from the lodge and hit the usual $270. Note: Does not include VFC aircraft rental) lake or if that doesn't float your boat there are lots of Please reserve before June 15 (late bookings possible if other outdoor activities. All meals are provided at the room) and first come first serve. Also there is a deposit lodge and are delicious. All you need to bring is your of 60 dollars a person per night refundable until July own alcoholic beverages (they have a limited supply I 1st or if you find someone to replace your spot. Deposbelieve). its will be refunded if the weather is poor, mechanical issues etc but keep in mind the owner of the lodge has to purchase the food well in advance then truck it in on long logging roads and their open season is quite short. Lastly if you book a VFC aircraft you will be given a priority number, for example if you are the first person to book a plane and it goes mechanical, you still will be able to fly and take the plane from the last person to book if there are no available aircraft (I think this is more fair and rewards people for booking in advance). Contact Tristan at The photos are from my various trips and as you

July 2011



New Members

First Solo Sumit Kumar Cameron Green Jean-Paul Richard Allison Pfann Brian Buchan Robyn Morgan Cameron Parker Jake Snowden David Christensen Owain Samuel PPL Written Exam Cameron Spurr Gregor Murphy Cydney MacNeill PPL License Gregor Murphy CPL Flight Test Philip Ludwig Class IV Instructor Rating Written Exam Tyler Bishop James White Kale Haley Class IV Instructor Rating Flight Test Colin Brown Martin Pepper James White

Jaber Almakhalas Todd Cuthbert Hayden Austin Christoper Kimmerly Mitch Warren Christopher Amundrud Diego Barrionuevo Jason Scarfe Geoff Goldie Jeff Martens Jarett Thompson

Welcome to the Victoria Flying Club!

Celebrating 65 years


July 2011

Photo of the Month This month’s winning photo was submitted by: Laura Van Buskirk. “Landing at Salt Lake” Each month in The Patrician, you have the opportunity to win prizes from the pilot shop. Submit one aviation photo per month for your chance to win. Each photo submitted through the year is entered in a draw for a $100 Victoria Flying Club gift certificate at the end of the year. If you submit a photo each month, that gives you twelve chances to win! Submit your monthly photo to:

July 2011


Down But Not Out An Introduction to Search and Rescue Answers to the Pre-Flight Challenge from May 28th SAR Seminar How many of these snags did you spot?

1. Trim actuator inspection panel removed 2. Wire hanging out of right hand wing inspection panel 3. Right hand inboard brake linking removed 4. 4 screws missing from top of right hand wing tip fairing 5. Both seat stops missing 6. POH removed and replaced with information manual 7. Left hand brake caliper lockwired illegally 8. Turn co-ordinator unplugged - no power 9. Left hand wing strut tie down removed 10. Beacon light lens installed backwards 11. Naviigation light lenses reversed (green of left wing, red on right wing) 12. Shimmy dampener removed 13. Ignition switch hold down cover missing 14. Oil cooler top right and left bolts missing 15. Compass card out of date 16. Compass card not winthin 4 degree error limmit (For-W, Steer 276) 17. Outside air temperature gauge missing 18. Static port taped over 19. One screw missing from spinner 20. Nose wheel cotter pin removed 21. Nose oleo partially deflated 22. Left hand outboard aileron hinge pin not in safefy 23. Right hand inboard aileron hinge screw missing 24. Fire extinguisher removed 25. Monkey wrench laying in cowling near alternator 26. Pilot side right hand rudder pedal attach bolt missing 27. Exhaust tail pipe unplugged 28. Co-pilot seat not in track rails 29. Right hand main tire deflated to 5 psi 30. Clicking noise from left hand aileron (ty-wrap attached to cable)

Congratulations to Howard Peng, winner of the challenge. Well done!

Celebrating 65 years


July 2011

Free VFC Classified Ads


Aircraft - Accomodation - Aviation Books and Gear - Help Wanted - Miscellaneous Email the details of your FREE Ad to:

FOR SALE : Certified Cessna 150 C-GHAK $20,000.00

The aircraft was purchased in 2009 and was used to obtain my PPL at the Victoria Flying Club. Shoulder harnesses were installed and all AD’s are complied with. It is ready to fly away! The plane is very well maintained with a clean interior and is currently located in Prince George BC.

Equipment Specifications

Year 1966 Manufacturer CESSNA Model C-150F Price $20,000.00 CDN Location Prince George, Canada Condition Used Serial Number 15063064 Registration C-GHAK Total Time 4657.7 hrs Last Annual Insp. AUG.9/2010

Contact Michael Burns (Owner) cell: 705-521-4682, e-mail: Warren Grafton (Seller) Cell: 250-301-9400

Detailed Description

Engine: Continental O-200-A S/N: 628715A On Condition, 150hr STOH Compression/cold #1 79/80, #2 79/80, #3 78/80, #4 79/80 Propeller: Model :McCauley 1A101 S/N G6309 Time :15.1 TSO Avionics/Radios: NARCO Mode C Transponder NARCO VHF 121.5 ELT New VSI overhauled DG Additional Equipment: 2- place intercom Shoulder harnesses Heavy Duty front Oleo Tow Bar


The Victoria Flying Club is excited

to partner with Thrifty Foods in their very successful Smile Card Program. Pick up your smile card today at the VFC office, and 5% of your grocery purchase will go towards creating scholarships and awards for VFC members. Thank-you Thrifty Foods!

Exterior: 7/10 Interior: 8/10 Other: Gross Weight: 1598 lbs. Empty Weight: 1102 lbs.

July 2011


July 2011  
July 2011