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The Victoria Flying Club ~ Aviation Excellence Since 1946


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Monthly Newsletter of The Victoria Flying Club - Aviation Excellence Since 1946 In This Issue

“To promote flying and aviation in general, and to teach and train persons in the art and science of flying and navigating and operating all manner of heavier-than-air aircraft.”

(Victoria Flying Club Incorporation Bylaws, 1946) Board of Directors President.........................................Don Devenney Vice President...........................Ramona Reynolds Secretary......................................Colin Williamson Treasurer...........................................Wayne Clifton Directors..........................................Dave Gagliardi Steve Demy Howard Peng Firat Ataman General Manager.................................Gerry Mants Chief Flying Instructor....................Graham Palmer


CFI’s Corner


Once You’ve Gone Yak By: Ramona Reynolds

Women in Aviation Launch


15 BC Airport Challenge Update


COPA 4 Kids

1852 Canso Road Sidney, BC V8L 5V5 Phone: 250-656-2833 Fax: 250-655-0910 The Patrician accepts unsolicited submissions.

Editor: Christie Hall Midnight Design & Communication

April 2014

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News from VFC

VFC News

AGM Update

The Victoria Flying Club recently held their Annual General Meeting. In keeping with tradition, the evening began with a social hour before getting down to business. This year’s meeting was well-attended, with more than enough members to provide a quorum. The meeting included lively discussion, and excitement about the future of the Victoria Flying Club. The highlight of the AGM each year is the election of a new board of directors. We are happy to welcome back the following board members for another year: Don Devenney, Ramona Reynolds, Colin Williamson, Wayne Clifton, Dave Gagliardi, and Steve Demy. We also want to extend a warm welcome to new directors Howard Peng, and Firat Ataman. The Victoria Flying Club extends a very heartfelt thanks to Dave Gustafson and Cal Mjolsness, who have completed their respective terms on the board of directors. Your contributions have been appreciated by all. 2014 is shaping up to be one very exciting year at the Victoria Flying Club, and the newly elected board of directors is working hard to bring you new opportunities, exciting events, and lots more. We are thrilled to have such a talented and motivated group of people working with us!

Mountain Groundschool

Paved Parking Available at VFC

Saturday April 12 0900 - 1300 Cost: $75

There are currently a small number of paved parking spots available at VFC for aircraft parking. These spots are only available to members and will move quickly. Paved parking spots cost $102/ month. Please contact Marcel Poland, VFC Operations Manager, at 250-656-2833.

Aviation Excellence Since 1946

Please call dispatch to register. 250-656-2833 2

April 2014

Flight Training

The CFI’s CORNER By: Graham Palmer, CFI

Wind, Waves, Watercraft To many landlocked pilots this might seem like somewhat of a strange pre-takeoff checklist item; however for all of VFC’s recently rated seaplane pilots, this is a concept all too familiar to them. Over the years I have had the opportunity to fly with pilots from across Canada, and around the world. They are always quick to comment that Southern Vancouver Island and the surrounding area is one of the most breathtaking areas they have flown in. The combination of the Pacific Ocean, rugged coastlines, and surrounding mountain system contribute to this stunning aviator’s paradise. I’m fortunate to have had so many incredible flying experiences in and around this area; but honestly the best way by far to fly in this area is in a seaplane.

Whether you are interested in learning to fly a seaplane solely for the enjoyment of the challenge or if you aspire for a career flying a seaplane, completing a seaplane rating is by far the most enjoyable rating a pilot can obtain. Combining your love of flying with the lure of the ocean and lakes is truly the ultimate flying experience. Aside from the pure enjoyment of learning to fly a seaplane, the skill, knowledge and awareness you develop during training is astounding. Enhanced awareness of each and every element from basic airmanship to advanced maneuvering and aircraft handling sharpen your fundamental abilities. Learning to survey a site in preparation for takeoff and landing, evaluate tides and current, wind and waves, how to safely navigate a busy harbor and learning the fine art of docking is very rewarding. Constantly scanning for logs and floating debris, and maintaining vigilance for submerged rocks and overhead power lines as well as other potential hazards make flying a seaplane both challenging and exciting. With a minimum licencing requirement of only 7 hours, obtaining a seaplane rating is not nearly as difficult, nor as

expensive as you may think. The course consists of basic and advanced maneuvers, including concentrated practice of take-offs and landings, docking, beaching and sailing. Aside from the challenge of completing the rating, enjoying our local aerial and aquatic scenery with glimpses of local wildlife both above and below sea level make this a rating worth pursuing. You are guaranteed not to be disappointed! For pilots interested in learning more about what seaplane flying has to offer, or to experience their first lesson flying a seaplane, the Victoria Flying Club will be hosting ‘Seaplane Day’ on Sunday April 27th at CAP5, the Victoria Seaplane base from 10:00 – 16:00. Come down and say ‘Hi’, visit the seaplane base for the first time, or take a Seaplane Discovery Flight ($130 + tax). BBQ burgers and hotdogs will be served hot off the grill from 11:00 – 14:00. For advanced Discovery Flight bookings, or for more information on this event, please feel free to call the club or email: We look forward to seeing you there!

VFC SMILE CARDS Pick up your smile card today at the VFC office, and 5% of your grocery purchase will go towards creating scholarships and awards for VFC members. Thank-you Thrifty Foods! To date, the Victoria Flying Club has received over $14,000 from

the Thrifty Foods Smile Card program. These funds have been appreciated by all members of the club. Thank-you Thrifty Foods!

April 2014


VFC News





April 2014

COPA Quadrant

For more information on COPA Flight For flyout information:

Come to the Catalina Grill for the COPA Flight 6 meeting on April 2nd to learn everything you need to know about Cross Border Flight Operations. Dinner starts at 18:00, followed by a presentation by Firat Ataman at 19:00. The presentation will cover variety of topics including: customs procedures, aviation regulations, flying rules and even how to get your FAA PPL! You will be able to apply for your FAA PPL at the end of the presentation. This presentation will especially be useful for our upcoming fly-out to Paine Field in April. No membership to

April 2014

COPA or VFC is required. This is a FREE event. Let’s break an attendance record! April 12th will be our first FlyOut to the USA this year! Come out on April 12th and fly with us to Paine Field. After customs procedures, we will be visiting the Future of Flight Museum and also participating in a Boeing Factory tour. Alternatively, Paine Field is also a home to the Flying Heritage Collection. Ground transportation and aircraft parking will be arranged, subject to fees. If you are not comfortable about flying to the USA, don’t miss our meeting on April 2nd which will include Cross Border Operations Presentation at the Catalina Grill. As usual, email flyoutbug@ to sign up or with any questions.


2014 Flyout Schedule April 12th - Paine Field May 19th - Squamish / Pemberton June 7th - Alert Bay July 1st - Friday Harbour Aug 4th - Hope / Pemberton Sep 6th - Osoyoos Oct 4th - Chilliwack / Rowena`s Nov 11th - Boundary Bay / Delta Air Park Dec 20th - Abbotsford A $20/hr rental discount on VFC aircraft will remain in effect during these days, and a new fuel discount (for owners) is being implemented for any VFC member participating in these flyouts.

Flight Training

PRIVATE PILOT GROUNDSCHOOL Monday and Wednesday 1900-2200 Victoria Flying Club Classroom


Apr 02 Meteorology Tyler 07 Meteorology Tyler 09 Meteorology Tyler 14 Meteorology Tyler 16 Meteorology Tyler 23 Meteorology Tyler 28 Flight Operations Colin 30 Flight Operations Colin May 05 Navigation Brendan 07 Navigation Brendan 12 Navigation Brendan

To Register for Groundschool, or to purchase a Groundschool Kit, please contact the Victoria Flying Club office at or 250-656-2833.



Fly between Victoria and destinations on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. Charter an aircraft and take up to 3 people. (restrictions apply)

For more information or to book a flight Email: Call: 1-250-474-0213 Aviation Excellence Since 1946


April 2014

Feature Article

Once You’ve Gone YAK…

By: Ramona Reynolds

“Have you ever used a parachute?”

I quickly realized this was a real question and not just fun conversation when my off-the-cuff answer didn’t go over big. The real answer was “no”. “Okay, in case of a catastrophic event...”, and that’s when I decided to shut up and listen. I was, after all, about to knock something off my Bucket List. I should probably pay attention to the man flying the plane. The pilot in command and professional pilot, David Gagliardi, is all business even on the fun flights safety is his number one priority. First came the life vest, then the parachute. “Pull on the D-ring and your parachute will deploy. Try to land on your feet with your legs slightly bent. You’ll probably get injured but it beats the alternative.” “Headset off, canopy back, right hand on D-ring, left hand unlatches the seat belt. Once clear of the airplane deploy the parachute. Keep your right hand on the D-ring. The truth is that with the canopy open, once you unlatch that seat belt you’ll get sucked right out of the plane so you don’t want to be flailing around looking for the D-ring.” But only in the case of catastrophic event. Head set, canopy, D-ring, seat belt. Head set, canopy, D-ring, seat belt. When do I do my life April 2014

Let’s be clear - it’s a Nanchang, not a YAK. CJ-6As were built in the late 1950’s and 60’s for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force

vest? I guess when I hit the water. No. Maybe before I hit the water would be a better idea. Got it. I can barely practice stalls and spins in a little Cessna without a sore jaw from clenching my back teeth - I should have been scared right? The truth is that even though I think David’s entire safety briefing will be forever tattooed on my brain, the second that propeller started to turn I was completely comfortable. That day that seat had my name on it. I was the happiest girl in town. It’s an interesting experience to have total trust in the person you’re flying with. Even more interesting is when the guy you’re flying with is in another airplane at about your two o’clock, or eleven o’clock, or right above or below you. When I woke up that morning, my only real plan for the day was to have lunch at the flying club. I didn’t expect to be the beneficiary of a spontaneous “YAK Flight” with “the Nanchang 7

Guys” and never in a million years did I dream that I was about to be introduced to the fine art and incredible discipline of formation flying. The “Nanchang Guys” are sort of the rocks stars of the Victoria Flying Club. They don’t know it and would never admit it. Everyone loves to watch those guys fly. The reason I was lucky enough to have that opportunity that day was because one of the club members had asked to chat with them about and article she wanted to write. She was feeling a little bit shy about asking them for some time but because I don’t have a shy bone in my body, I brazenly asked on her behalf. A while later when David Gagliardi and Mike Sudul announced that they had received clearance from their respective ATC’s and we were on for a flight that afternoon I was completely stunned and Marie Woodruff was flabbergasted!

Feature Article I received another surprise at the pre-flight brief. I learned that for some of the flight we would be flying the fighting wing formation so that I would have the opportunity to fly. I am sure I just smiled and nodded. I might have raised a brow, but inside my entire body went: “WHHHAAAAATT?!” You know that dance the football guys do when they score a touchdown. That’s what I was doing in my mind. What I learned was that fighting wing is a good way to help the wing man (woman) gain experience in formation flying. The wing man stays within 30 to 60 degrees of the lead and mirrors the lead.

Fighting Wing Formation

Formation flying takes a great deal of concentration and practice. Because I was a newbie, I had been so focused on flying the airplane that I forgot about flight integrity. That is, maintaining proper relative position to the lead. Lucky for me I was reminded when David said: “Turn to your left. No, your other left. You’ve got to keep your eye on the lead at all times.” It’s funny how I instinctively wanted to stay clear of the other plane. After we transferred control of the plane back to David, and he was satisfied that the transfer Aviation Excellence Since 1946

Coolest. Pilot. Ever.

was complete by seeing my hands in the air in his mirror, David and Mike had some fun. And I kept my eye on them. They were teaching me that in formation flying cockpit visibility is key. They communicate with hand signals, head nods and wing waggles. They flew in parade formation which is a tight formation as if the wings are welded together and the two airplanes fly as one. It felt as close as sitting in traffic and looking at the car next to you. I really could see the smile on Mike’s face. Marie was beaming!

People keep asking me what my favorite part was. I would say that it was the Sierra Hotel break before landing but the truth is that it was all my favorite part! My happiness could not be contained. Before the debrief I received another surprise, because David is a Class Superstar Flight Instructor I got to log the time! Yeah Baby!

As I watched the way these men fly I was absolutely filled with respect. It’s not just because these men were trained by former Snowbird pilots either. Maybe it’s their level of experi ence or their confidence, but you can see “it” in them. Excellence. Man, these guys are Pilots with a capital “P”! And anyone who is a pilot knows what I am talking about.

So here’s to David and Leah, Mike, Ron, Chris, Jim and Brad - the “Nanchang Guys”! If I have missed one of that gang of dogooders then it’s because either I am really dense or I haven’t met them yet, but I hope to meet them soon. I hope there’s room for one more - I’ve got me a new dream!


I was so stoked that after my flight I declared to anyone who would listen in Starbucks that I was going to make a movie! And I did.

April 2014

Feature Article

I swear I could see the smile on Mike’s face.

Marie and Mike

Looks good on me, right?

The only way to travel...

711 A Broughton Street

(street level, by Victoria Public Library)

Victoria BC V8W 1E2

April 2014


VFC News

Ever dreamed of winning the lottery?

Photo: Jeff Lightheart 2011

Saturday, June 7, 2014 (Rain-Date: June 14, 2014) might just be your lucky day! The Victoria Flying Club and our friends with dream-come-true-airplanes are offering two-handfuls of our luckiest members an amazing opportunity to participate in an incredible day. Here’s the catch: 1. You must be a flying member, sustaining member, or life member of the Victoria Flying Club. 2. You must enter the draw. Get your entry form from VFC Dispatch – one entry per member please. Entry closes at Noon on Saturday, May 24, 2014. Draw date will be Saturday, May 24, 2014. We will notify the winners on or before May 25, 2014. Aviation Excellence Since 1946

This once in a lifetime experience includes the following: * Nanchang Ground School * Introduction to Formation Flying

Ground School * BBQ Lunch * Flight in Nanchang Demonstrating Form Take-Off * Fly a Nanchang in Fighting Wing Formation * Maneuvering Demonstration * Sierra Hotel Arrival * Your Photo in the Plane 10

April 2014



New Members Tim Hill Gary Powers Chad Krokosh Angelina Johnson Allan Vanderbyl Elgin Penner David Hornford Jacob Frank David Brace Ron Cowpe Parker Rawlinson Donald Grimmer Jordan Meyers Steve Pitchford Wayne Riopel

CPL Written Exam Morgan Belton

First Solos Alex Horsfield Jack Player Jared Smith James Knie

PPL Written Exam Julien Criticopoulos Thomas Dayton PPL Flight Test Lynn Flandera Silvia Zilker PPL License Silvia Zilker Lynn Flandera

CPL Flight Test Aaron Campbell Jessica Rabideau Floatplane Rating Andrew Harton Walker Redshaw Jessica Rabideau Steve Pitchford Multi Engine Rating Ben Hartman Multi Crew Written Hana Nakahara

Rediscover the Beauty of Flight

Learn to Fly Gliders in the Beautiful Alberni Valley!

Transitioning to gliders is simple with previous flying experience Learn more at

Alberni Valley Soaring Association April 2014


Photo: Martin Detering

Mystery Aircraft

APRIL MYSTERY AIRCRAFT Can you identify the aircraft shown here? Email:

March Mystery Identified

Considering that many of the Soviet Union’s designs bear a suspicious resemblance to their US counterparts, it’s not surprising that Antonov released a jet powered, high-wing STOL aircraft with engines mounted above and forward on the wing. It’s nice to see some valid, working designs not get left on the ground in the desert.

From Tim: This month it’s the Antonov AN-74 patrol/ freighter designed to operate in extreme climates and from rough airstrips. Buffalo replacement? This month’s mystery was correctly identified by: Brad Crock, and Emil Edwards who shared the following story: The first time I saw an aircraft of this type, it was during a tour of the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tuscon, AZ. The YC-14 was Boeing’s very memorable STOL candidate to replace the aging C-130 airframe type. Unfortunately for the YC-14, the C-130 remained the aircraft of choice, and the only time you’d see the YC-14’s remains is either on the grounds of the museum or AMARC’s “Boneyard” located a short drive away. It was such an interesting - albeit unconventional (some might say ugly) - design that I had looked to see if anything else existed. Aviation Excellence Since 1946

Antonov has two designations of this aircraft: AN72 or AN-74. As they have a habit of painting the aircraft type under the window, it’s understandable that a little photoshopping had to occur to make it at least a challenge to figure out. Still, a search for AN-74 quickly brings up an AN-74-200 in Shar Ink’s livery.


April 2014

Feature Article

We Did It! Women in Aviation Launch

By: Ramona Reynolds

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than in the company of so many interesting, inspiring and empowered women; and the men who support and celebrate them. We officially have a new Vancouver Island Chapter of Women In Aviation International! All of our volunteers really rocked it! Everyone really went the extra mile – as usual. Big, big thank you to everyone at the Victoria Flying Club who provided free familiarization flights and flights in the Red Bird SIM for women and girls interested in flying. The staff and instructors were phenomenal and took such good care of all of our attendees. Also thank you to Bill McAllister and Fly Southwest BC for taking 6 women flying for free on as part of our Women In Aviation event.

April 2014

We were joined by our friends from CASARA and COPA 4 Kids. What I love about the aviation community is how different groups always come together to support one another. I was reminded this weekend that you never know who you are going to meet; or what a positive impact they will have on your life. Airplane people are so cool!


I must send a special thank you to my fellow founding VI WAI members Bonnie Tidswell, Lynn Flandera, Christie Hall, Hannah Nakahara and Jessica James. Keep your eye on these women. I expect that we will be seeing great things from them. We have been blessed to meet a very special 88-year old pilot named Phyllis Gaul who was the first female pilot in her home Province of Newfoundland (and the only female pilot in Nfld for quite some time). She received her PPL in 1947 and at that time, where she lived, there were no other women pilots so it was a very challenging time for Phyllis. At the event, Phyllis went up in one of the Club’s Cessna 172’s with Sean Tyrrell and she tried out the RedBird. She loved every minute of her time with us. She is such a vibrant lovely woman. We are so lucky to know her. She is a bright light for all of us.

Feature Article For a full run-down on the launch of our new chapter including photos and media links, check out:http://iamtheredbootlady. html or our Facebook Page: vichapter If you have photos of the event that you would like to share or add to the blog please email them to us at wia.vichapter@

Next Meetings of the Vancouver Island Chapter We were supported by other businesses in our community who provided door prizes for our new WAI members and other attendees including: Catalina Grill, Contrails Aviation, Dakota Cafe, Dish Cookhouse, Mary’s Bleue Moon Cafe, Melinda’s Biscotti, Ooh La La Cupcakes, Red Boot Lady, Red Brick Cafe, Spitfire Grill, Stonehouse Restaurant, Sweet Memory Art, Theo’s Restaurant, The Roost Farm Bakery, Thai Corner Restaurant, and Toast Cafe. A special thank you to our friends at Island Blue Print for their last minute save and doing all of our printing for us when our package from WAI didn’t arrive in time.

Frame, a member of the Victoria Flying Club. She is standing beside a Fleet Canuck, one of the club’s first airplanes. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this necklace will go back to the Women in Aviation, Vancouver Island Chapter. The pendant comes in a 1.5 round antique copper setting covered with glass with a matching 24inch chain and comes adorned with a set of matching wings. It can be ordered online at www.

Saturday, April 5, 2014 (1300 PST) Victoria Flying Club - 1852 Canso Road, Sidney, BC (CYYJ) Saturday, May 3, 2014 (Time TBA) Nanaimo Flying Club - 3440 Spitfire Road, Cassidy, BC (CYCD) Thank you to everyone who joined us! Onward and Upward!

Our friend and artist, Christine Roome, from Sweet Memory Art has designed a pendant necklace using an original 6 x 6 collage created in honour of International Women’s Day and in support of Women in Aviation, Vancouver Island Chapter called “Brave Wings”. The photo on the pendant was taken in 1947 and the woman in it is Mae Aviation Excellence Since 1946


April 2014

VFC News

BC Airport Challenge Sponsors We want to offer a HUGE thank you to all of the great organizations who have stepped up and sponsored the BC Airport Challenge by donating amazing prizes! Enter each month for the participation prize draw. How do you enter? We’re glad you asked! For every airport you visit on the authorized list (available in the office) your name gets entered into the monthly draw. Bring back a photo as proof, and don’t forget to post your photos on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well! Abbotsford Airport Authority Bella Coola Airport Buffalo Airways Canadian Skies Magazine COPA National Danielle Topliss, Barrister and Solicitor Fairmont Hot Springs Airport Harbour Air Seaplanes Hope Airpark James Family and Nimpo Lake B&B Kamloops Airport Authority Law Firm of Devlin Gailus Law Firm of Frey & Company Law Firm of Woodward and Company Mind’s Eye Hypnotherapy Morahan Law Nanaimo Airport Nancy’s at Chilko Lake Nancy’s at Williams Lake NavCanada Northern Rockies District Airport (Fort Nelson) Pitt Meadows Airport Prince George Airport Prince Rupert Airport Authority Red Boot Books Squamish Airport Authority St. George Hotel, Barkerville Starbucks – Westside Village Sweet Memories Art The Aviators TV Tsuniah Lake Lodge Vancouver Airport Authority Victoria Airport Authority Victoria Flying Club Viking Air Walnut Beach Resort, Osoyoos

April 2014

February’s Lucky Winners! February Participation Prize Winners: Alethia Forsberg - $50 Magnolia Spa Gift Package donated by the law firm of Devlin Gailus Schuyler Clack - All Four Seasons of The Aviators on DVD donated by The Aviators TV Show Thank you to Devlin Gailus and The Aviators!

If you don’t fly, you can’t win! 15

VFC News

March Participation Prizes: $50 Japanese Village Gift Certificate donated by the law firm of Woodward and Company Canadian Skies Magazine Gift Package donated by MHM Publishing

April Participation Prizes: Round Trip for one person (Vancouver Harbour or Richmond – Victoria) donated by Harbour Air Seaplanes Buffalo Air Wear ball cap and hooded sweatshirt donated by Buffalo Airways Fly in April and enter your photos at dispatch for your chance to win these great prizes! For more details, contact dispatch: 250-656-2833.

VFC Online Sneak Peak! Our new website is almost ready. The team has been working hard to bring you new content, great training tools, dynamic pages, and an exclusive members’ area. The official launch is coming soon, and we can’t wait to share it with you! A big thank you to VFC vice president Ramona Reynolds for heading up the project.

Aviation Excellence Since 1946


April 2014

First Solos

Alex Horsfield Instructor: Ian Wallis

Jack Player Instructor: Hana Nakahara

James Knie Instructor: Kristen Ursel

Jared Smith Instructor: Brendan O’Hare

“Without disruption of air traffic, these fearless, forthright, indomitable and courageous individuals did venture into the wild blue yonder in flying machines. Furthermore, these skillful individuals did safely land said flying machines at Victoria International Airport, incurring no significant damage to self or machine, thus completing first solo flights.”

April 2014



Aviation Excellence Since 1946


April 2014

VFC Classifieds Aircraft - Accomodation - Aviation Books and Gear - Help Wanted - Miscellaneous Email the details of your FREE Ad to:

FREE AIRPLANE FLIGHTS for kids from 8 to 17

Saturday, May 31, 2013 Viscount Aero Centre, Victoria International Airport Rain Date June 1

With support from


Pre-Registration Required For more information and to register, please visit

email phone Bill at 250-882-3838 Brought to you by the members of COPA Victoria Flight #6, sharing our aviation passion with interested young people.

April 2014


April 2014  

We've never had such a news-filled newsletter! Do NOT miss out on this month's issue of The Patrician. Seaplane Day coming up on April 27, a...

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