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The Patrician July 2012

The Victoria Flying Club ~ Aviation Excellence Since 1946

Flying in Belfast? EGAD! By: Don Devenney, pg. 7

Crossing the shoreline north of Bangor

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Monthly Newsletter of The Victoria Flying Club

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The Victoria Flying Club

July 2012

Celebrating Over 65 Years of Aviation Excellence

In this issue:

“To promote flying and aviation in general, and to teach and train persons in the art and science of flying and navigating and operating all manner of heavier-than-air aircraft.�


In Memoriam: Sonny Shah


Summer Fly-In Events

(Victoria Flying Club Incorporation Bylaws, 1946)

7 Flying in Belfast? Egad! Don Devenney 13 VFC PPL and CPL Groundschool Schedules

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July 2012


Victoria Flying Club News Summer Booking Policy WELCOME!

Please take a moment to read the following 2012 Summer Aircraft Booking Policies.

The Victoria Flying Club would like to extend a warm welcome to the Cadets of the 2012 Power Scholarship Program.

Beginning June 18th to September 3rd inclusive, the following policies will apply Monday thru Friday to Recreational Flying/Time Building, not Dual Training:

Beginning July 4th, these hard working young men and women will undertake training with the goal of obtaining a Private Pilot’s Licence before summer’s end. They and our VFC instructors will put in some long days and weeks this month, and into August.

1. For Recreational Bookings, Including Time Building, but not Flight Training between the hours of 17:00-00:00 there is a $10 discount per hour for the rate the member is charged. 2. The minimum daily flying requirement for multiple day bookings is 3.5 hours.

We have enjoyed working with the Cadets in previous summers. They are always an outstanding group of young people. When you see them around the club over the next few weeks, please offer them a warm welcome and your best wishes for a successful summer.

Example: A five day trip will require a minimum of 17.5 hours of flight time (5 x 3.5). Any un-flown time will be billed at full rate. 3. Peak Time (10:00-17:00) Bookings when made in excess of a two-hour booking block requires that a minimum Flight Time of 50% of the total booking time be flown. Example: 1. A four-hour booking requires a minimum of two hour of flight time. For a 1.5 hour flight within a 4 hour booking block, the member will be charged an extra 1/2 hour at the regular rate. 2. A six-hour booking requires a minimum of three hours of flight time. For a 2.0 hour flight within a 6-hour booking block, the member will be charged an extra 1 hour at the regular rate.

Aviation Excellence Since 1946


July 2012

In Memoriam: Sonny Shah 1925-2012

My Solo Flight - March 6, 2000 Today I did my solo flight, In a Cessna 152. I had good weather for circuit height. It was something I had to do. I was the pilot-in-command, I was up there all alone. But then, someone whispered to me, “Understand What it means to come safely home.” The infinite Intelligence was guiding my hands To the throttle, the carb heat and the mixture knob I was in a state to understand, That flight was a gift of God. I did the circuit and came for a stop, And the controllers offered some help. They guided me; so that I would not be a flop, On this, the first flight by myself. The runway beckoned with open arms, Like a woman who is in love. Saying, “Come to me, with all your charms, But please do not pounce from far above.”

Mohamedsheriff (Sonny) Shah joined the Victoria Flying Club in August 1999. He had always wanted to learn to fly. The Club became his home, and its members his family. Many have fond memories of his involvement with the social events at VFC during that time. His famous Island Curry was always enjoyed at flyout parties and summer BBQs. At the 2001 Wings Banquet, Sonny added Recreational Pilot Permit to his list of accomplishments.

I did everything that I was taught, At the Victoria Flying Club from where I flew. My instructors were coaching me thought by thought, How to land the Cessna 152. On the empty seat on the right of me, I felt as though someone was sitting there. That someone was there for me, To remind me how to flare.

Sonny began boxing as a young boy in the Trinidad Sea Scouts. He joined the RAF in 1944 as an air gunner, and was sent to Moncton NB where he was spotted in a jitterbug contest by a Canadian Sgt. The sergeant approached Sonny to join the RCN and box for them, saying with footwork like that, no one could touch him. Sonny was accepted into the RCN and boxed for them, becoming captain of the Shearwater Boxing Team.

I am proud of what I have done. But I did not do it alone. The instructors who taught me, almost with love, They all wanted me to come back home. Dear VFC, I owe so much to you, You make me feel at home Everyone: you have been so true, Without you all I would be just another old man all alone.

He retired in 1970, was a ham radio operator and a very active in the Army Navy and Air Force Veterans Assn.

~ M. (Sonny) Shah *Thank you to Eleanor Eastick for her notes and memories of Sonny.

He will be missed by all who knew him. July 2012


Summer Fly-In Events! July 7 - Qualicum Beach: Oceanside Fly-In, enjoy this magical day of fun. Gates open at 8:00 a.m. $6 pancake breakfast, $6 burgers, $3 hotdogs, $20 Salmon BBQ and dance. Overnight parking, showers available, shuttle service to/from Parksville Beach. Raffle to win, T28 Trojan or Glasair flight and Pheasant Glen Golf Package.

July 28 – Pemberton: 6th Annual Fly-In from 11:00 to 15:00 hrs. Fly in to the Beautiful Pemberton Valley and enjoy the day with us. Show off your “Pride and Joy” and share your flying stories. Pemberton Lions Club will have their BBQ going. August 3-5 – Orcas Island: Come to the 29th Annual Orcas Fly-In. Arrival is anytime, camping and tiedowns are free for the weekend, with showers available for campers.

July 15 – Gillies Bay: Texada Annual Fly-In, TAFI Fling at Legion (14th), pancake breakfast, displays, contests, BBQ lunch, comedy act, and aviation speakers.

August 4 – Victoria: The BC Aviation Museum has their Open House from 10:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m.

July 21 – Princeton: 5th Annual Princeton International Air Show. “A Salute to Warbirds” featuring iconic Second World War aircraft like the P51, and Spitfire. Air force trainers, aerobatics, vintage aircraft, pyrotechnics, Kent Pietsch Airshows, RCAF and more. Fly-ins can take advantage of preregistration at which includes the show, aircraft parking and lunch, all for only $10. Gates open to the public at 9 a.m. With first performance at 11:15. Great family fun.

August 4 – Tillamook: The Tillamoook Northwest Classics (Classic Cars, Classic Motorcycles, Classic Airplanes). 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. August 5 & September 2 – Merritt: The Merritt Flying Club is hosting its Annual Fly-In Breakfast from 8:00 a.m. Until 11:00 a.m. Our President, Tom Fox will be at the grill cooking eggs, bacon, sausages and pancakes. All pilots are invited to come to Merritt Airport the day before and camp under the wing (and party with Tom and the boys).

July 27-29 - Concrete: The "North cascades Vintage Aircraft Fly In" aka Concrete is July 27-29. This is one of the finest small town fly ins that I (Kevin) ever attended and well worth the hassle of crossing the border to attend. This may be the last year it is held (I really hope not but it is likely) so I would suggest declining that second cousins BBQ invite to try and make it. Accommodation is pretty much camping only on the airport with hot showers available. There is usually a pretty good turnout from Duncan and perhaps we could all go down in a group.

August 10-12 – Abbotsford: 50th Anniversary of the Abbotsford airshow! August 18-19 – Chilliwack: Bring your Hats, Sunscreen, Folding Chairs and Cameras to the Chilliwack Municipal Airport for the 21st Annual Chilliwack Airshow. * with thanks to the Duncan Flying Club newsletter for a great list of events!

July 28 – Boundary Bay: The 7th annual Boundary Bay airshow encourages the public to fly in to the event. Aircraft will require a PPR and to be parked on the filed by 11:00 a.m. The day of the event.

Aviation Excellence Since 1946


July 2012

july Mystery Aircraft

Can you identify the aircraft shown Above? Email: June Mystery Identified

I recognized the mystery aircraft this month as the Dornier 28. ~Liam Aloni I think this one is a Dornier Do128 “Skyservant”. The earlier ones have Lycomings, but the later ones have PT-6s. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but they look like PT-6s, which would make it a Do 128-6. Most of the Lycoming powered ones are Do 128-2s. ~ Daryl Williams

big business thinking for small business

From Tim: This month it’s the Dornier Do28 Skyservant. A German utility aircraft with the novel design feature of the engines built into the landing gear struts. About 120 were made in the early 1970s and the example shown has turbine engines, instead of piston, for use as a high-altitude skydiving platform. July 2012

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Aviation Excellence Since 1946


July 2012

Flying in Belfast? EGAD! By: Don Devveney

In June of 2011 I was invited through work to do a short exchange visit to the Sport Institute of Northern Ireland in Belfast. Naturally I jumped at the chance having never been to Ireland before and being partially of Irish descent. The trip over was a typical Atlantic crossing - pretty routine – although I could have done without the seven hour layover in Heathrow. Pretty soon however I was on the last leg of my journey to Belfast. Arriving by air one could certainly see why Ireland is referred to as the Emerald Isle! Peter, Orlagh and Debbie, my hosts at SINI, were truly great. They worked me hard but ensured I had some play time as well. We’d talked before the trip and they were aware that I enjoyed trail running (note to self: trail running in hilly Irish backcountry with two ex-national team athletes may not be the best plan) and flying. They’d scheduled some free time into my schedule so I could go flying and even made the arrangements with the local flying club. So Thursday morning I was into a cab and off to the Ulster Flying Club. The Ulster Flying Club is located in Newtownards, a community just to the east of Belfast proper. Here’s a map: July 2012

The Ulster Flying Club offers the visiting pilot a friendly and relaxed airport to visit, the surrounding scenery is second to none. It’s uncontrolled and has three runways: 22/04, 34/16 and 26/08. I arrived at the Club and was directed to the Instructor’s office where I met Ray Brown who was to be my instructor for the flight. We had a quick chat about my background, 7

what I wanted to do, local procedures, etc. Ulster Flying Club has three C-172 SP models and two Tecnam P2002 low-wing two seat trainers. Ray asked me if I was comfortable doing the walk-around on the C-172 we’d be flying; it was almost identical to C-GSDZ which VFC had just acquired so I said yes. Their C-172s are loaded with just about every goodie you could ask for – the full Cessna Nav II package (with up-to-date data cards in the GPS) plus an ADF and – yes Gerry, even a DME! Walk-around done Ray jumped in, we flashed up G-UFCE and prepared to depart. The plan was to depart in the direction of Donaghadee and then turn to cross over and head towards Carrickfergus. We had to stay below 2000ft however as the approaches in to Belfast airport were active. I was surprised how quickly I was able to pick up on what was going on – the terminology was essentially the same and once I had a handle on the local geography the flight became almost routine. One interesting variation is that flying instructors all have their own call sign so instead of using the aircraft ident (which I did a couple of times and is perfectly acceptable) they use the instructor call sign. Apparently ATC likes it because they know when there’s an instructor on board. We continued across the bay and headed down towards the University, located at Newtonabbey. Ray was a great flying companion and tour guide. He’d done some flying in Canada at one point and was a keen follower of Ice Pilots.

Eventually, of course we had to start for home…that always seems to happen, no matter where you fly. Here’s another photo taken shortly after we turned around. Town of Larne in the distance

Back across the water towards Bangor we went, ducking under the approaches again. By this time I’d listened to them enough I’d have been completely comfortable shooting the ILS approach. As we crossed over Bangor we got the weather at the airport and determined it favoured Rwy 22, although even that would give us a pretty good crosswind. There was some special procedure for joining – not sure if it was because of that runway or the direction we were coming from – but I do remember the airport wasn’t easy to spot amongst all that green! Anyway, with Ray’s help I got into the circuit, lined up on final and started down. Ray did warn me about a pretty sharp descent as we crossed a ridge…and it was. That over with it left just the crosswind to deal with. Now, those who’ve flown with me know that I generally land several times in quick succession (hey, if once is fun, might as well do it several times, right?) . This time however was definitely one of my best attempts which prompted Ray to comment “you’ve done that before”. And with that, a backtrack and a rather prolonged taxi we were back at the club. Back in the club pleasantries were exchanged Ray was a great guy to fly with and I’d certainly fly with him again anytime. Then it was off to pay for the flight which – if you account for the higher fuel costs and currency exchange – weren’t that much higher than at VFC. And of course you can’t leave without a souvenir or two…. (more photos on next page)

Approaching Newtownabbey and the University

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July 2012

Ulster Flying Club (note the airport identifier: EGAD)

Ulster Flying Club’s Fire Truck

Here’s one final photo from inside their club building – they had a rather noteable pilot on hand for their official opening it seems: Dedication plaque – the Ulster Flying Club was officially opened by Group Captain Douglas Bader

July 2012


First Solos David Eastwood Instructor: Alex Dicosola

“Without disruption of air traffic, these fearless, forthright, indomitable and courageous individuals did venture into the wild blue yonder in flying machines. Furthermore, these skillful individuals did safely land said flying machines at Victoria International Airport, incurring no significant damage to self or machine, thus completing first solo flights.”

Kyle Massey Instructor: Dirk Pritchard

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” Daiki Kato Instructor: Alex Dicosola

Aviation Excellence Since 1946

Leonardo da Vinci 10

July 2012

Photo of the Month

Congratulations and thank-you to Bart-Jan Caron for this month’s winning photo. Flying above Victoria airport in KMY.

Keep your camera in your flight bag and send your best photos (one entry per month) to Enter up to 12 times each year to win!

Also, a special mention to Hugh Archerfor his photo submission (right): “What lands first , the main wheels or the tail wheel? This is the beach at Vargas Island . Chris is flying (from the right seat) ! ~Hugh”

July 2012


New Members


Jordan Baird

Kyle Massey

Ian Baxter

Daiki Kato

First Solo

David Eastwood

Kyle Seguin

PPL Written Test

Craig Fredrickson

Mark McKinnon Brett Wingerter

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PPL Flight Test Chris Windels

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Class IV Flight Test

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Brenda Russell

IFR Flight Test

Paul Sprentz

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Luc Arsenault

Raquel Landert

Welcome to the Victoria Flying Club!

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July 2012

Private Pilot Groundschool Monday and Wednesday 1900-2200 Victoria Flying Club Classroom

* No groundschool July 2, Aug 6, Sept 3, Oct 8 DATE TOPIC INSTRUCTOR

July 04 Meteorology Simon Dennis 09 Flight Operations Yasuhiro Koide 11 Flight Operations Yasuhiro Koide 16 Navigation Dirk Pritchard 18 Navigation Dirk Pritchard 23 Navigation Dirk Pritchard 25 Written prep seminar John MacConnachie 30 Review Colin Brown Aug 01 Aerodynamics, Theory of Flight Kale Haley 08 CARS and Licensing Kristen Ursel 13 CARS and Licensing Kristen Ursel 15 Airframes and Engines Tyler Bishop 20 Systems and Flight Instruments Tyler Bishop 22 Human Factors and Pilot Decision Making Alex Dicosola 27 Radio & Electronic Theory Dirk Pritchard 29 Meteorology Simon Dennis Sept 05 Meteorology Simon Dennis 10 Meteorology Simon Dennis 12 Meteorology Simon Dennis 17 Meteorology Simon Dennis 19 Meteorology Simon Dennis 24 Flight Operations Kale Haley 26 Flight Operations Kale Haley Oct 01 Navigation Dirk Pritchard 03 Navigation Dirk Pritchard 10 Navigation Dirk Pritchard 15 ATC Jason Stewart 17 Review Colin Brown July 2012


Commercial Pilot Groundschool July 27-August 26, 2012 Victoria Flying Club Classroom Register with the VFC Office 250-656-2833 DATE TOPIC INSTRUCTOR

July 27 1700-2100 Radio and Electronic Theory Dirk Pritchard 28 0830-1700 CARS and Licensing Requirements Kristen Ursel 29 0830-1700 Aerodynamics, Theory of Flight Kale Haley Aug 10 1700-2100 Meteorology Simon Dennis 11 0830-1700 Meteorology Simon Dennis 12 0830-1700 Meteorology Simon Dennis 17 1700-2100 Flight Operations Kale Haley 18 0830-1700 Navigation Dirk Pritchard 19 0830-1230 Navigation Dirk Pritchard 19 1230-1700 GPS Graham Palmer 24 1700-2100 Airframes and Engines Tyler Bishop 25 0830-1230 Systems and Flight Instruments Tyler Bishop 25 1230-1700 Human Factors, Pilot Decision Making Alex Dicosola 26 0830-1700 Crew Resource Management Alex Dicosola

To register for Groundschool, or to purchase your Groundschool Kit, please contact the Victoria Flying Club Office at 250-656-2833.

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July 2012

Free VFC Classified Ads

Aircraft - Accomodation - Aviation Books and Gear - Help Wanted - Miscellaneous Email the details of your FREE Ad to:

Scholarship Opportunity

The West Canada Section 99’s are pleased to offer a scholarship in the amount of $1500 to women pursuing training or study in the field of aviation. The award can be used towards further flight training, training in a field related to aviation, or towards a research project related to aviation. Applicants must: • have completed a Private or Recreational License • live in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba or the Yukon or Northwest Territories • agree to complete training within 18 months of receiving the scholarship, and submit a written report

Application deadline is July 31st 2012 For the full scholarship application form, please contact the Victoria Flying Club at or 250-656-2833 or visit .


The Victoria Flying Club is excited to partner with Thrifty Foods in their very suc-

cessful Smile Card Program. Pick up your smile card today at the VFC office, and 5% of your grocery purchase will go towards creating scholarships and awards for VFC members. Thank-you Thrifty Foods!

To date, the Victoria Flying Club has received over $12,000 from the Thrifty Foods Smile Card program. These funds have been appreciated by all members of the club. Thank-you Thrifty Foods! See your story in print and online in the Patrician! Email: July 2012