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ANNUAL REPORT 2010 Valley Forge Christian College welcomes letters, alumni art or photographs for inclusion in the magazine. All are subject to editing for content and length. Send these in care of the editor to the college, or email: The Annual Report is a publication of Valley Forge Christian College. Written permission is required to reproduce the Annual Report in whole or in part. Copyright © 2010 Valley Forge Christian College.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” –Margaret Mead



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BOARD OF TRUSTEES Rev. Art Adams Dr. Michael Adewumi Rev. Manuel Alvarez Mr. Jonas Beiler Dr. April Bender Mrs. Lillian Beretta Mrs. Noreen Bermudez Rev. David Boudwin Rev. Carl Colletti Rev. Dominick Cotignola Rev. Steve DeFrain Mr. Thomas (Bucky) Deleasa Rev. Doug DeMent Dr. Duane Durst Dr. Russell Eggert Mr. Kevin Gagnon Rev. Dana Galbraith Rev. Mearle Grossglass, Jr. Rev. Larry Hickey Rev. Fabian Kalapuch Rev. John Kenney Rev. David Kim Rev. Nam Soo Kim Rev. Joo Nam Lee Rev. Mark Lehmann Mr. Scott Light Rev. Virginia Maldonado Mr. David Maracle Rev. Dennis Marquardt Rev. John May Dr. Don Meyer Rev. Timothy Moen Rev. Philip Morgan Rev. John Paproski Rev. Rafael Reyes Dr. H. Robert Rhoden Mr. Richard Sawchak Rev. Doug Sayers Rev. Ed Shearer Rev. Ronald Squibb Dr. Stephen Tourville Rev. Wayde Wilson Rev. Robert Wise Rev. Edgar Zaldana






























THE INDIA CONNECTION Dr. Don Meyer, President


compile our Annual Report we try to capture some of the highlights of the previous 12 months. It would be impossible to include all of them.  From the moment our students arrive in the fall until they turn their tassels on the Green Lane Commons at Commencement, Valley Forge Christian College is a place where lives are being transformed right in front of our eyes.  The sight of that process never ceases to inspire me.  ACH YEAR AS WE

In these pages you will read some of the stories and see a few pictures which will give you just a glimpse into the mission of VFCC: to prepare individuals for a life of service and leadership in the church and in the world.  No wonder we repeat it so often.  No wonder it is painted on the Heritage Hallway.  No wonder it is on the back of each of our calling cards.  It really is all about the mission. We often speak of the 47 flags in the Flower Chapel which reference the 47 countries of the world where, since 1939, our graduates are serving. As this next college year

unfolds I will reference this year that perhaps out of the 2011 graduating class there will be alums who will go to more countries and we can add them to our count…48, 49, 50 and

“...there are church leaders today all across India and beyond who are literally changing their world because of the truths planted in their hearts...”

from left to right: Dr. Stanley Horton, Th.D., Hobart Grazier, Dr. John Higgins, unknown, Dr. Jacob Cherian facing page: a view across the lawn of the Hobart Grazier Dormitory at Southern Asia Bible College in Bangalore, India

beyond. Of course, the students will join me in that count because all of us know that it is all about the mission. Sure, we are grateful for our growth to over


1,200 students. But as a missionary once said, “I don’t measure the harvest by what’s in the bin.  I measure the harvest by what is in the field.”

They described his style and fervent heart. They referenced him as one of the professors who meant most to them during their entire college experience.

In June 2010 Evie and I realized again the far reaching impact of the mission of VFCC on that limitless harvest field. We spent a week in Bangalore, India, where we spoke at the Assemblies of God Association of Theological Education for Southern Asia (AGATESA).  Each year church and educational leaders from across India and beyond gather for leadership development and coordination of strategies as they prepare the next generation of leaders.  

I since learned that on the final day of each class he taught at VFCC he would ask his students if they were keeping their textbooks. If not, he asked them to donate them for the library of SABC.  The SABC leaders told me that at one point about 25% of all of the books in their library were donated by Hobart Grazier.  Because of his profound influence, the leaders of SABC even decided to name one of their residence halls after him. 

It was during our time with those dear friends that we learned more about VFCC Professor, Hobart Grazier.  Though God used him greatly at VFCC, his ministry in Bangalore at the Southern Asia Bible College (SABC) was almost legendary.  For seven (7) consecutive summers Prof. Grazier traveled to SABC to teach Greek and the Book of Romans.  I listened to his former students as they shared anecdotes of his classes.  They affectionately remembered his generosity to take the class at the end of the session for a nice meal at a nice restaurant. 


Of the 50 or more delegates who attended the conference, about half of them were SABC alumni. Dr. David Mohan, the leader of the Assemblies of God in India and the Senior Pastor of the over 40,000 member congregation in Chennai, is an alumnus of SABC.  Dr. Ivan Satyavrata, Senior Pastor of the AG church in Calcutta and the President of AGATESA, is an alumnus of SABC.  Pravinkumar Israel, Principal (President) of SABC is an alumnus of SABC.  Dr. Jacob Cherian, who earned his Ph.D. from Princeton University and is the current Vice President and Dean of SABC, is an alumnus of SABC.  The list could go on and on.  The leaders of today

were the students of yesterday. And now the leaders of tomorrow are the students of today. As Evie and I listened to these reflections and stood next to the plaque of the dormitory which honored Prof. Grazier’s life and ministry, we felt like we were on sacred ground.  Because of those seven (7) summers, there are church leaders today all across India and beyond who are literally changing their world because of the truths planted in their hearts by that tall and fervent German professor who died there on his final visit. Over the years, VFCC has been represented in India by many alumni. Dr. Andrew McDearmid ‘44, ministered there for many years and then also served as the Academic Dean of VFCC years later.  Dr. John ‘66, and Faith Higgins have been serving there for about 30 years where John has been the president of SABC and a distinguished leader in Calcutta.  Since 1997 Dr. Nick Robertson ‘91, and his family have also been serving with great distinction in north India. The grandparents of current VFCC Professor Malcolm Brubaker, Rev. Harry and Helen Waggoner, planted seeds in northern India which are still producing fruit to this day.  Current VFCC Professor Hilda Bradney’s

parents, Harold and Hilda Groves, are buried in Bangalore, India, after serving the church there for many years. Professor Emeritus, A. Reuben Hartwick also taught at SABC during one summer some years ago. This VFCC/India connection also exists among our current students.  In the summer of 2009, Youth Ministries Specialist, Phil Baker, led a group of VFCC students to India for ministry.  Currently, Sammy Thangiah, a VFCC senior who will graduate in 2011, grew up in Bangalore where his father pastors Full Gospel Assembly of God (FGAG) that began with three members and today numbers over 17,000 people.  What a joy it was to speak to that dynamic congregation while we were there.  Sammy is engaged to Nicole Marino, who also graduates in 2011.  After their wedding and graduation, they will be joining the leadership team of FGAG where they will continue the leadership tradition of VFCC alumni. Leonard Sweet said, “The great sin of the church today is not the sin of commission or the sin of omission but the sin of no mission.”

clockwise, from left: Dr. Meyer shares with the congregation at Full Gospel Assembly of God in Bangalore; Dr. Meyer with his wife, Evie, outside the Hobart Grazier Dormitory; the Meyers with VFCC students Sammy Thangiah and Nicole Marino opposite: Southern Asia Bible College facade

“The leaders of today were the students of yesterday. And now the leaders of tomorrow are the students of today.”

We rejoice for all that God has done and continues to do through the mission of VFCC.


Students worship together in the newly renovated Flower Chapel.

FLOWER CHAPEL DEDICATION AND REMODEL A BEAUTIFUL NEW sign was unveiled after the Homecoming chapel service on October 23, 2009, officially announcing the dedication and renaming of the Main Chapel. In honor of the founders of Valley Forge Christian College the chapel was officially renamed the J. Roswell & Alice Reynolds Flower Chapel. Many descendants of the founders traveled to Phoenixville that day to share in the celebration and to honor these two special people. The service included the singing of “Valley Forge, Dear Valley Forge” by the Concert Choir and a dedication Call and Response written by VFCC professor, Dr. Dave Dippold. Dr. James Bradford, General Secretary of the Assemblies of God, shared personal stories about this extraordinary couple. He also presented Dr. Meyer with a gift in honor of their legacy. Rev. David Flower, the youngest son of J. Roswell and Alice, preached in the service.


The Flower family had donated a monetary gift toward the eventual construction of a new chapel building. A new building is not in the near future of the College’s strategic plan, therefore the college leadership requested, and the family agreed, that the funds would be used toward necessary renovations of the current chapel area. The space was last remodeled ten years ago, so there was need for some significant improvement. In addition to the new sign, new sound and lighting systems as well as a new HVAC system were installed, and, to better facilitate the daily chapel webcasts, an HD Broadcast Studio was built on the chapel balcony. Practice rooms underwent extensive restructuring, the bathrooms were completely remodeled, the piano lab was relocated, and faculty offices were moved and renovated to better serve the students.

SUMMER RENOVATION PROJECTS, RVers AND CHURCH VOLUNTEERS TRANSFORMATION. IT HAPPENS in the lives of our students each academic year. This past summer, through the gracious contributions of friends and family, transformation also took place throughout the campus. The most exciting change for students was the creation of The Anvil, the new student center. In the areas once occupied by the bookstore and the commuter lounge, The Anvil provides a dedicated space to gather, relax and study. Comfortable seating, wireless Internet and delicious food (provided by Jazzman’s Cafe) combine to create another desirable destination on campus. Additional renovations took place in the residence halls, as Beuttler, Shelton and Wells received new heating and air conditioning systems. Above The Anvil, a Digital Media Center was created providing a studio and classroom designed to meet the technological needs of Digital Media majors. The Harrup Administrative Lobby area was completely renovated, thanks to the design, labor and funding provided by Board of Trustee member, Lillian Beretta.

Generous donations of labor and funds facilitated these campus improvements. A new contract with Sodexo for dining and facility services provided a significant portion of the money. Hundreds of hours of labor were donated by church groups. Retired Volunteers (RVers), a ministry of the Assemblies of God U.S. Mission America Placement Service (MAPS), returned to VFCC providing much of the construction expertise. RVer, Ed Evans, has been coming to the campus for the past 12 years as a volunteer, and supervisor for the RVers. He matched the skills of each volunteer with the tasks to be accomplished. Board of Trustee member and RVer, Dave Maracle, spent most of the summer working on campus projects. He pointed out the

value these volunteers bring: “Over the last 23 years, RVers have saved the Assemblies of God churches, colleges and ministries over $250 million dollars.” While the college faculty and staff are grateful for the dedication and work of those who spent their summer seeing these projects come to fruition, it is the students who benefit the most. When the students showed their appreciation to the volunteers during the first chapel service in the fall, “it’s all worth it,” remarked Evans. “We come [to VFCC] to bless, but we get blessed,” he said. “It’s very humbling,” added his wife Millie, “you think you’ll get over the show of appreciation, but you don’t. It’s still touching.”


PRESTIGIOUS SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS CHOOSE VFCC THE BEGINNING OF the 2010-2011 academic year represents the fulfillment of God’s promise to first-year student Samantha Clemo. Sam attended Liberty High School in Sykesville, MD, and planned on becoming an aerospace engineer. She did well in her studies, taking numerous advanced placement courses and eventually becoming her school’s National Honor Society treasurer. When Sam started going to the youth group at Catonsville Assembly of God, her life and goals underwent a change when she fully committed herself to the Lord. Sam found that the youth group, under the direction of Pastor Meghan (Booth) Weber ‘05, provided refuge during difficult times. She sang on the worship team and became a leader. In her later high school years, Sam sensed the Lord call her to youth ministry. She attended an Open House and two Breakaways at VFCC, and thought the college would be “a perfect place for me to grow with God.” Pastor Meghan recommended VFCC and provided Sam with an application for the Riggs Scholarship program. Sam was also considering a nondenominational Christian college from which she had received a full scholarship. Though some advised her to select the other school, she distinctly felt God challenging her to trust Him to provide for her to attend VFCC. The next week she received the call notifying her that she had been chosen to receive the General Superintendent’s Scholarship. Now on campus, Clemo is majoring in youth ministries. She says her classes are spiritually uplifting and foster close relationships. Following in Pastor Meghan’s footsteps, Sam is also playing on the VFCC Volleyball team. Although she is unsure of what the future holds, she trusts that God will open doors. Sam believes, “Something big is going to happen. This generation is most open right now and it is a vital time to share Christ.”


ADAM YAROS IS also a recipient of the prestigious General Superintendent’s Scholarship. Now a freshman at VFCC, Adam has begun his coursework as a theological studies major. Adam attended the Hanover Area Junior/Senior High School in Wilkes-Barre, PA, where he was a member of the Honor Society and the Key Club. He enjoyed taking part in the Key Club’s Youth Serving Youth project, Caitlin’s Smiles, which provided care packages for terminally ill children. Yaros also played soccer and volleyball, and worked part-time at a Wegmans Food Market. Throughout high school, Adam was involved in the youth group at First Assembly of God in Wilkes-Barre, where Jeff Dean ’02, is the youth pastor. Adam participated in Fine Arts competitions nearly every year, and reached the national level in multiple categories. He taught Sunday school, and also volunteered at the church’s annual community outreach. In preparation for selecting a college, Adam attended a Breakaway at VFCC, and then made another visit to the campus. “I felt that it would be a great place to spend four years,” he said. Adam was also influenced by fellow youth group members who attend VFCC. “Everyone talked highly of the college, and they said the professors were incredible to be around and to talk to,” Yaros said. Yaros is now enjoying his classes on campus. He plans to play sports at the intramural level, and is particularly looking forward to the annual Midnight Dodgeball tournament. Adam hopes to eventually become either a pastor or a professor of theology.

RIGGS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM VALLEY FORGE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE is the school of choice for Adam Yaros and Samantha Clemo, winners of the $30,000 General Superintendent’s Scholarship. The scholarships are part of the Ralph Riggs Scholarship program, which includes eight additional $5,000 scholarship recipients. The scholarships are awarded to students who will be attending Assemblies of God endorsed institutions of higher education as full-time students. To qualify, students must meet rigorous academic standards and demonstrate leadership potential, church and community service, and a dedicated walk with God. All scholarships are payable over four years. The Ralph Riggs Scholarship Program was formed in 2008 with the goal of empowering future generations for Christian service. It was named after Ralph M. Riggs, who served the felowship as General Superintendent from 1953 – 1959. Rev. Riggs was an early advocate for higher education among Assemblies of God adherents. He wrote several books, held teaching positions at Central Bible Insti-

tute in Springfield, MO, and Bethany Bible College in Santa Cruz, CA, and was instrumental in establishing Evangel University in Springfield, MO. Current Superintendent, Dr. George O. Wood, shares Rev. Riggs passion for empowering the next generation and making a financial investment in their lives. Dr. Wood notes, “The Riggs Scholarship continues (Riggs’) legacy by providing generous financial assistance to select high school graduates who meet the highest qualifications of excellence in their personal life, community and church service, scholarship and commitment to Christ.” Under the leadership of Dr. Wood, the Riggs Scholarship was established through the generosity of donors to the AG Trust and administered by the Assemblies of God Alliance for Higher Education. “The Riggs Scholarship program sends a strong message to our high school students that the Fellowship desires to invest in their future,” Dr. Robert Cook, Executive Vice President of the Alliance for Higher Education commented. “We have

very talented students in our Fellowship; thus, it is strategic for us to encourage them to attend our schools. Funding scholarships for them makes good sense!” High school seniors may learn more about qualification requirements and find applications for the Riggs Scholarship program at

VFCC SCHOLARSHIPS VALLEY FORGE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE is committed to providing an affordable, quality education by offering numerous institutional scholarships. Each year, VFCC invests over $2.1 million dollars in student scholarships. Below are some of the scholarships VFCC offers its students. If you are interested in any of the scholarships listed below please visit our website at or contact the Financial Aid Office at 1.800.432.VFCC (8322). Trustee Scholarships President’s Scholarships Dean’s Scholarships Professor’s Scholarships Outstanding Achievement Scholarships Keystone Scholarships First State Scholarships

New Major Scholarships Bible Quiz & Fine Arts Scholarships Royal Ranger/Missionette Scholarships Music Scholarships Church Matching Scholarships Commuter Scholarships Minister & Minister Dependent Scholarships

Missionary & Missionary Dependent Scholarships Married Student & Family Scholarships DYD (District Youth Director) Scholarships MK (Missionary Kid) Outstanding Achievement Scholarships Teen Challenge Graduate Scholarships Donor Scholarships

If you are interested in investing in future generations through VFCC Scholarships, Funded Scholarships or Endowed Scholarships, please contact the Development Office at 610.917.1409.


03 04 07 08










Aug. 5: VFCC President Dr. Meyer receives 2009 Distinguished Higher Education Administrator Award from Dr. G. Robert Cook, Jr., Executive Vice President of The Alliance for Assemblies of God Higher Education. 01

Sept. 22: See You At the Pole draws students, staff and faculty together. 04

Nov. 13-15, 20-22: Curtain Call presents The Diary of Anne Frank. 07

Sept. 23-25: Annual Missions Convention featuring Stefanie Chappell, Northeast Area Director for Chi Alpha Campus Ministries.

Nov. 20-21: 16th Anuual Gobblefest Bible Quiz Tournament hosts over 300 guests.

Aug. 6: 28th Annual Northeast Regional Softball Tournament. 02 Aug. 22-23: Students arrive on campus. VFCC welcomes 876 new and returning students. 03 VFCC announces its fourth graduate program, the Master of Arts in Worship Studies.

Oct. 1: The Music Department’s Artist Series presents Grammy and Dove Award-winning artist Dan Macauley. 05 Oct. 23: The Main Chapel is renamed and dedicated as the Flower Chapel. Rev. David Flower was the guest speaker. 06 Oct. 29: START Event, hosted by the Church Multiplication Network, featuring keynote speakers Dr. Tim Elmore and Joel Hunter.


Dec. 4-5: Christmas at Valley Forge welcomes members of the college and local community to share in a night of sacred music, closing with excerpts from Handel’s Messiah. 08












Jan. 14-15: Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams bring home first place trophies at the Assemblies of God Basketball Tournament in Ellendale, ND. 09

Mar. 25: Men’s and Women’s Basketball Head Coaches, Jon Mack and Reggie Chapple, Named NCCAA Division II National Coaches of the Year.

May 7: 71st Commencement takes place on the Green Lane Commons. One-hundred forty students receive their degrees, including two completing their Master’s Degree. 14

Jan. 26: VFCC and Youth Studies at Valley Forge host the REFRESH Ministry Forum, specifically for local youth pastors and leaders. Special guest speakers: Reggie Dabbs and Preston Centuolo. 10

Apr. 9-11, 16-18: Curtain Call presents Tartuffe by Moliere. Sets professionally designed and constructed by Paul Kabakjian. 11

June 3: Annual Patriot Classic is held at the Kimberton Golf Club with 144 golfers. Proceeds benefit the scholarship programs at VFCC. 15

Feb. 19-21, 26-28: Curtain Call presents its first winter play, Agatha Christie’s Mousetrap. Feb. 27: The Patriots Men’s Basketball team secures their third consecutive NCCAA Division II East Regional Championship title.

Apr. 14: VFCC students, staff and faculty take to the streets of Phoenixville for Community Service Day. 12

RVers arrive on campus, beginning the largest renovation project at VFCC in ten years. 16

VFCC is the first college in Pennsylvania to be named a Tree Campus USA college by the Arbor Day Foundation, for its dedication to campus forestry management and environmental stewardship. 13


71st COMMENCEMENT A BEAUTIFUL SPRING afternoon amid the stately trees of Green Lane Commons created the backdrop for the 71st Commencement of Valley Forge Christian College. On Friday, May 7, 2010, 140 graduates walked across the stage to receive their hard-earned degrees. With cameras flashing and family and friends cheering, one chapter of their lives ended as another began. Among the graduates were two who earned their Master’s Degree: Joshua Torres, in Christian Leadership and Kristy McCoy, in Theology. The class of 2010 also graduated the first Digital Media Communications Major, Benjamin Franco. Several students received special honors including those chosen by the faculty for membership in the 2010 Sigma Chi Pi Society, the prestigious Honor Society of the Assemblies of God Colleges reserved for students of high scholastic achievement, Christian character and leadership potential. The 2010 members were Hannah Bernstein, Grace Ebie, Erhin Jackson, Angelica Lebrun, Jessica Massey, Cherisse McNaughton, Aaron Neff, Taylor Philippi, Caroline Pilman and Joshua Rowand. This year’s honorary members were Rev. James Comenzo ‘80, Dr. A. Glenn McClure ‘60, and Dr. David Scolforo ‘80. Those in attendance were privileged to hear Chaplain Brigadier General David H. Cyr ‘73, give the commencement address. Chaplain Cyr challenged and inspired the graduates and their families to continue on the road in the journey they’ve begun. He shared from his own experiences as a student and how God led him on a journey he continues to travel today. Following Chaplain Cyr’s graduation from Northeast Bible College (now Valley Forge Christian College), he earned his Master of Divinity from Bangor Theological Seminary in 1976, and was commissioned as a U.S. Air Force chaplain in 1979. Today Chaplain Cyr serves as the Air Force Deputy Chief of Chaplains and as a member of the special staff of the Chief of Staff.


VFCC MODELS ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP IN ITS OWN BACKYARD ON WEDNESDAY, April 14, 2010, the classrooms on the campus of Valley Forge Christian College were uncharacteristically void of students. Faculty members exchanged professional attire for work clothes as the mission of Valley Forge was expressed through the 8th Annual Community Service Day. The College once again demonstrated its enduring commitment to service as students, faculty and staff participated in the annual tradition of cleaning local roads and parks, light manual labor projects, and landscaping of senior citizens’ lawns. “Service is about meeting needs in our community and our own back yard,” said Rev. Jenny Duncan, V.P. of Student Life and the Community Service Day organizer. VFCC’s mission is also expressed through environmental stewardship. With a desire to be better caretakers of the natural resources God has blessed us with, the Committee Working for Environmental Sustainability Together (CWEST) was formed with the initial goal to establish a recycling program on campus.  An average of 5.85 tons of materials and waste are now being recycled every month.  Recycling has become one of many environmental stewardship initiatives the institution has implemented. VFCC is the first college in Pennsylvania to receive the Tree Campus USA Col-

lege award from the Arbor Day Foundation ( in recognition of its leadership in environmental stewardship and dedication to campus forestry management. “The Tree Campus USA program will have a longlasting impact [at VFCC] as it engages college students and local citizens to plant trees and create healthier communities for people to enjoy for decades to come,” stated John Rosenow, Chief Executive of the Arbor Day Foundation. Since the receipt of that award, an additional 49 new trees have been planted on the campus. Beginning with this issue, The Forge magazine and all other printed publications will manifest this commitment to environmental stewardship by using recycled paper whenever possible. An online version of the magazine will also be available at Additionally, this past summer new air conditioning/heating units were installed in all single student residence dorms that were not currently air conditioned. The addition of the new units will allow much better temperature control, and greatly reduce energy usage on campus, saving thousands of dollars each year in energy costs. “VFCC is committed to a comprehensive initiative to be good stewards of all the resources God has entrusted to us,” said Dr. Don Meyer, VFCC President.

JOBS, JOBS, JOBS - EARN WHILE YOU LEARN A STRUGGLING ECONOMY translates into challenging times for students desiring to follow God’s call on their life. Valley Forge Christian College has answered the need by creating the new CO-OP (Comprehensive On-Campus Occupational Program). With funding up to half a million dollars, the program will provide on-campus jobs for qualifying students. Employment available

on campus will encompass all departments and include a wide variety of jobs, including Teaching Assistants, office and clerical jobs, facilities and housekeeping, photography, and graphic design. This program prioritizes oncampus jobs for students who have a balance due on their account after utilizing all federal, state, private and institutional aid and who do not have a car to travel to an off-campus job.

The CO-OP is just one of the many programs offered to VFCC students that make a high quality Christian education affordable. Additionally, students can qualify for numerous scholarships and financial aid packages. For more information on these programs, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 610.917.1475.






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AT HOME AND ABROAD THE CONCERT CHOIR’S fifth trip to Italy took place this spring from March 4 – 15, 2010. Led by Music Department Chair Dr. Billy DeSanto, members of the choir traveled to five cities, singing and ministering in ten evangelistic concerts. For the first time, ten Honors Program students, under the leadership of VFCC Professor, Dr. Michael Di Giacomo, traveled with the choir. The experience was life-changing for the students, as they learned about the presence of the Holy Spirit, the cost of discipleship, the perfect timing of God, and the extraordinary ministry of music. During that same week, five Valley Forge students ministered on the streets of New York City, led by Urban Missions major Nicholas Acevedo. Wanting to see what urban missions was all about, the students connected with New York School of Urban Ministry (NYSUM) helping in various ways. Each morning the team met with the leaders of the school to learn about the day’s agenda and receive lists of Scripture to use for expected conversations. They visited soup kitchens, nursing homes and family shelters. They even preached on the subway, which miraculously led to one man agreeing to go to a drug and alcohol home in Pittsburgh, PA. The students’ eyes were opened to ministry

opportunities in the city, strongly reinforcing the special callings on their lives. Spring Break 2010 also launched the first Scotland/England Educational Missions Experience. Before they left, each of the 20 students spent time researching a person or place that had a significant impact on Western Christianity. Throughout the seven-day tour, they presented their research at noteworthy sites, guided by faculty members Phil Baker and Mark MacLean, and missionaries Alex McGregor and Rolly Hurst. One student preached a John Wesley sermon in the very pulpit where it was first delivered over 200 years ago, and the team listened to a presentation on George Muller while sitting in his orphanage office. Though much of the trip was educational, the team stayed sensitive to the Holy Spirit so they could be ready to share with anyone they met. Two months later, on May 8, four Digital Media Communication students led by Professor Dan Desrosiers arrived in Guayaquil, Ecuador, for a weeklong missions trip. They worked with Unsión Television, an organization dedicated to holistic ministry including a food pantry, counseling services, prayer support, and a television station. The students came prepared to help with experi-

ences from the classroom to the daily chapel webcasts. Their time was spent assisting with on-location video shoots, designing virtual sets and logos for Unsión’s new pilot shows, and setting up their green screen backdrop, which they graciously donated to the ministry when they left. The team, just doing what they know and love, returned home knowing that they had made an eternal difference in the country of Ecuador.

above: The Concert Choir stands in front of the Roman Forum opposite page: 01 Students at a video shoot in Ecuador; 02 The Concert Choir ministers in an Italian cathedral; 03 members of the Ecuador team with Prof. Dan Desrosiers at the Unsión television studio; 04 students serve at NYSUM; 05 NYSUM team leader Nick Acevedo shares a message; 06 the England/Scotland team in the London Eye above the Thames River; 07 the team gathers at the home of John Knox in Edinburgh, Scotland


PREPARED FOR THE FUTURE JAVIER ROBLES, A senior Digital Media Communications major, spent his summer internship with International Media Ministries (IMM) in Madrid, Spain. The organization’s focus is on professional production and training for media in missions, which is what Javier feels God is calling him to do after college. His main responsibilities included video editing and production work for the materials that IMM was producing, an experience which provided him unique opportunities as a set producer, editor and web designer. While there, Javier was also asked to train two Croatians in Final Cut Pro, camera work, lighting and audio. He gave credit to the teaching style of Professor Dan Desrosiers, which gave him insight into how he could confidently teach these students. “My heart’s desire came true this week,” Javier wrote in an email to Dr. Meyer. “It

was an amazing experience to be able to share what I have learned so far at Valley Forge [Christian College] with people who would not be able to get this training anywhere else because of the costs.” He was even told by a missionary in the program that what he saw in Javier convinced him that the Digital Media program at VFCC is “out performing the rest by a big margin.” Javier was also involved in IC Madrid, an Assemblies of God International Church in Madrid City where he participated in Bible Studies and the Homeless Ministry. Besides the immeasurable leadership training, Javier also learned the valuable reality of what it takes for an organization like IMM to function, a priceless lesson for a future media missionary. Javier enjoyed IMM so much that he is considering partnering with them in the future.

pictured above: Javier Robles prepares a RED video camera for a shoot;12th century San Millán Church in Segovia.

PENNDEL PRODUCTION CREW WHEN THE Pennsylvania Delaware District was looking to increase production quality at their annual youth convention, they enlisted the help of Valley Forge Christian College. In April 2010, students from the College’s Digital Media Communications program arrived at the Giant Center in Hershey, PA. For the second year in a row, they worked to help the convention achieve a revolutionary

increase in quality. The students manned the cameras and directed all of the material that was put onto the three massive screens during the convention. Oliver Urrego, a Digital Media student who was interning with the PennDel District at the time, even made the opening video, which kicked off the remarkable weekend. “The help of the students was invaluable at Convention,” noted Professor


Dan Desrosiers. He is looking forward to having even more students involved in the future. Students in the Digital Media Communications program are able to benefit from internships at leading production houses and churches, participate in district youth conventions, and in daily services where live webcasts are produced and broadcast internationally over the internet.

EAST REGIONAL CHAMPIONS - AGAIN! BEATING MESSIAH COLLEGE for the first time in VFCC history would have been enough to rejoice this season, but the Men’s Basketball team just kept winning and winning… and winning. Cheering fans enthusiastically turned out for each game, watching while the Patriots held the incredible record of being number two in the country for the entire season. The team went on to win the Assemblies of God Tournament for the second year in a row, and attended the National Tournament for the fourth consecutive year.

The Patriots ended their regular season on a 16-game winning streak with a 27-6 record, the best in VFCC history, and were named East Regional Champions for the third consecutive year. Another exciting first: Internet broadcast was available for almost every home game and the entire championship series in Springfield, MO. The Women’s Basketball team also celebrated an exceptional season, ending with a much improved 16-10 record over past years. As with the men’s team, the majority of the

players were freshmen, but as Head Coach Reggie Chapple noted, “The women worked hard the entire season and didn’t back down from a challenge.” They were undefeated in the East Region in the regular season and were seated number one for the playoffs. To top the celebratory season, Coaches Jon Mack and Reggie Chapple were both named NCCAA East Region and National Coach of the Year for Men’s and Women’s Basketball.

VFCC ADDS GOLF & CROSS COUNTRY VALLEY FORGE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE added two new sports to its athletic program. In August 2010, Men’s and Women’s Cross Country began, coached by Assistant Athletic Director Ronshea Vargas. A Men’s Golf team will be formed for the Spring 2011 semester.

VFCC plans to apply for NCAA Division III status in the spring 2011 semester, but in order to do so they must have ten sports in their department lineup, five for men and five for women. Adding Cross Country and Golf will give them the opportunity to apply for

this new level of athletic competition. Membership in the NCAA will allow VFCC teams to compete closer to home and will bring even more strength to the athletic program.



A STEP OF FAITH Mark Boucher ‘78 (pronounced Booshay), at the prompting of the Holy Spirit, has joined the staff of VFCC. Mark and his wife, Terry ‘77, recently resigned as senior pastors at Leominster Assembly of God in Leominster, MA, put their house on the market and moved to the Phoenixville area. God has led Dr. Boucher to donate his time and talent for the next year, during which he will serve the college as Pastor-in-Residence without salary. He will teach classes, minister oneon-one to students as well as faculty and staff, represent the college on weekends to area churches, and lead a missions trip in the spring. Following graduation from VFCC, the Bouchers headed to Springfield, MO, where Mark earned his Master’s degree from AGTS. From there they traveled to New Jersey where they pioneered a church for the next ten years. Their second pastorate was at Leominster Assembly of God in Leominster, MA, where they’ve been ministering for the past 15 years during which time Mark earned his D.Min. from Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. As alumni, VFCC has a special place in the heart of the Bouchers. Now they proudly watch as their only daughter, Nicole, began her senior year at VFCC.

VFCC is pleased to announce the addition of Aisha Bank as the Director of Field Placement in the Social Work program. Aisha brings a wealth of experience to her position having worked in the Social Work field for the last ten years. She graduated from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, with a Master’s Degree in Occupational Social Work. Her undergraduate work included a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Professor Bank makes her home in Norristown with her fourteen year old daughter. Rocco DiTrolio ‘82 is the new Missionary in Residence (MIR) at VFCC. Rocco and his wife, Ellen (Coakley) ‘81, have been involved in evangelism, church planting and general missionary work since 1988. They have pioneered 14 new churches to date in Argentina. In 1998, Rocco was asked to direct the National Home Missions Department for the A/G of Argentina called VEN (Vision de Extension Nacional), with a special thrust in Church Planting. While in Argentina, he travels extensively, encouraging churches in the country to participate in starting new church plants for the propogation of the gospel. Their one year commitment at VFCC will include teaching, overseeing the Missions Committee, collaborating with the Intercultural Studies Department leadership and mentoring students. The DiTrolios have two sons, Stephen ’09, and Christopher, and make their home in Phoenixville, PA.


Terrence King ‘97 has joined the VFCC team, assuming responsibilities as director of the newly formed Auxiliary Services Department. Rev. King is managing the Online Bookstore, Copy Center, Mailroom and Conference Services. He served in ministry as Senior Pastor for 13 years in Lexington, Virginia, and is also a veteran from the United States Air Force. Rev. King is married to Alisa, and has two daughters who are attending VFCC this Fall. The Residence Life team is pleased to announce the addition of Theresa Little ‘06, as Residence Director of the women residing in DiTrolio Hall, Shelton Hall, Wells Hall and Beuttler Annex. Theresa graduated from VFCC with a degree in Psychology. While a student at VFCC, Theresa served as a Resident Assistant, Student Government President and Life Group Leader. After graduation, she worked for 2 ½ years at the Berks County Mental Health/Mental Retardation program, serving a variety of people with mental and physical disabilities. This fall Theresa plans to begin working on her Master’s Degree. Melanie Weaver has recently accepted a full-time teaching position in English Language and Literature. Professor Weaver has served as adjunct faculty since 2008. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in English and earned her Master’s Degree

in Education from the University of North Carolina. She attended Immaculata University where she received her Certification in Secondary Education. She is enthusiastic about teaching and learning and desires to foster and inspire that same enthusiasm within her students. Professor Weaver resides in Douglassville, PA, with her husband and two daughters.

FACULTY ACCOLADES Kim Cheek received her Ph.D. from Durham University in Durham, UK, in June. She has also recently written a chapter titled, “Why is Deep Time Troublesome Knowledge?” for the book Threshold Concepts and Transformational Learning. Her article “A Summary and Analysis of Twenty-seven Years of Geoscience Conceptions Research” was published in the May 2010 issue of The Journal of Geoscience Education. Dick Gruber, Church Ministries faculty member specializing in Children’s Ministry at VFCC, has been named one of the 20 most influential Children’s Ministry leaders in the United States. Children’s Ministry Magazine is celebrating 20 years by awarding this honor to 20 individuals. According to the magazine, Professor Gruber has long been a voice in the realm of Children’s Ministry offering wisdom, practicality, and encouragement to those ministering to children. Since arriving at VFCC in 2001, he has shaped the Children’s Ministry program to be one of the

most respected and dynamic children’s ministry preparation programs in higher education. Dick and his wife Darlene live in Limerick, PA. They have four adult children and seven grandchildren. Adjunct faculty, Linda Hall, recently authored a book called, The Art of Machine Needle Felting, for the Babylock Sewing Machine Company. One of her Art Quilts, Falling Leaves (pictured below,) featured in the book, has been accepted at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX, this fall. This same quilt will be featured on a TV series produced by Nancy Zeiman entitled, “Sewing with Nancy,” which will air this fall.

SPOTLIGHT FORMER PROFESSOR Alta Shiner was a champion of Children’s Ministry. After graduating from EBI, she became a faculty member for English Composition and Children’s Ministries classes, eventually serving as the Director of Children’s Ministries at VFCC. Alta loved children, and is most remembered for her work of preparing students to teach children each week at area churches. Every Sunday, after reviewing their lesson plans with Professor Shiner during the week, 25 groups of five students would be sent out to do children’s evangelism, equipped with a collection of her beloved stories and flannel graphs. Because every student had to have at least one semester of experience working in Children’s Church or Sunday School before graduation, Professor Shiner’s work was invaluable. She spoke in chapel periodically, played the piano, was an incredible storyteller and could often be heard in the faculty building singing “His Eye is On the Sparrow” in her beautiful soprano voice. She shared her campus apartment with her black poodle named Snowball and anyone who wanted to join in her beautifully decorated graduation and Christmas parties, which she would throw for students, faculty, staff and alumni. Alta worked hard for her students and the children they taught, tirelessly sharing her experiences and resources for many years, just as any true champion would do.



CarriAnn (Patterson) ‘94 and Brian Binette ‘94 are thrilled to announce the birth of Brianna Catherine on February 13, 2009. She weighed 8 pounds, 7.5 ounces and was 20 inches long.  Older brothers Benjamin, Bryce and Blake adore their little sister. The Binettes live in Midland, TX, where Brian manages a Christian bookstore and CarriAnn homeschools their children. 01 Adrian Shoonmaker ’97 and his wife, Jocelyn, announce the birth of their fourth child, Emma Jayne Lenore on October 26, 2009, weighing 9 pounds, 4 ounces. Emma Jayne joins siblings Lukas 6, Benjamin 4 and Leilani 3. Adrian is currently traveling as a consultant with James D. Klote & Associates, Inc. and serving as adjunct faculty on the staff of VFCC Woodbridge Campus and the Potomac School of Ministry. 02


Akane (pronounced AH kah neh) Rose Collins entered the world on November 27, 2009, weighing 7 pounds, 13 ounces and was 20 ½ inches long. She was welcomed by her parents David P. ’99 and Tammy (King) ’98 as well as big sister Adaline Grace 2½. 03 Jalen Mack was welcomed into the world by his parents Jon ’01 and Jen (Nutter) ’03. Jalen was born on February 8, 2010, weighing 8 pounds, 15 ounces and 22 inches long. Jon is the Athletic Director and Head Men’s Basketball Coach at VFCC while Jen is Assistant Marketing Manager at Citadel Bank. 04 Sean ‘01 and Kristin (Covey) ‘02 Odell are pleased to announce the birth of their third baby girl, Juliet Leah. She joins big sisters Alyssa and Mary Kate. Juliet was born December 10, 2009, weighing 8 pounds, 10 ounces and 21 inches long. 05



Brody Jaxon Denton was born to Joseph ‘05 and Kim (Bennett) ‘05 on February 16, 2009. He weighed 7 pounds, 2 ounces and was 19½ inches long. The family currently reside in Columbia, MD. 06 Sharalee McLeod ’05 celebrated the birth of Logan Marie on February 12, 2010. Logan weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces and was 21 inches long. Sharalee McLeod is currently working at La Petite Academy in Exton, PA.


Meghan (Booth) ’05 and Josh Weber are thrilled to announce the birth of their first child, Karli Ann. Karli was born on October 1, 2009, weighing 7 pounds, 8 ounces and 20 inches long. Meghan is in her fifth year as the Assistant Pastor at Catonsville Assembly of God in Baltimore, MD, overseeing all children and youth ministries. 08








Kailey Grace was born on October 6, 2009, to parents Heather (Porter) ’06 and Mike Odom. Kailey weighed 8 pounds, 10 ounces and was 20 inches long. 09 Jennifer (Thomas) ‘07 and her husband, John Pollard, were blessed with the arrival of their first baby, Reed Campbell on September 15, 2009. He weighed 8 pounds, 14 ounces and was 21¾ inches long. The Pollards make their home in Tennessee. 10 Sharon (Trowbridge) ‘07 & Nathaniel Grenier ’07 welcomed their first child into the world on April 20, 2010. Aunnica Adeline weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces and was 20 inches long. Nate recently graduated from Ashland Theological Seminary with a MA in Religion. The couple are currently interviewing as they seek God’s direction for their future. 11

Dominick ’08 and Danielle (Brown) ’08 Degilio are the proud parents of Sophia Claire. Sophia was born on August 9, 2010, weighed 10 pounds, 8 ounces and was 21 inches long. The family currently live in Grove City, PA. 12

ENGAGEMENTS Kendra Lea Weaver is engaged to Stephen Loyd Carpenter ’12. The couple are planning a September 2010 wedding at Newville Assembly of God in Newville, PA. 13

WEDDINGS Erik Bennett ‘06 was married to Nicole Kelly on August 21, 2009, in Youngstown, OH. Groomsmen included Justin Ruddy ’06, while Phil Patrick ’06 performed the ceremony. Erik is currently a bi-vocational

staff pastor at a 5 year old church plant in Youngstown, OH. 14 Josh Burtram ‘07 and Ashley Dukeman ‘08 were married at Trinity Assembly of God in West Chester, PA, on August 7, 2010. Groomsmen included Kevin Burtam ‘06. The couple now live in Exton, PA, and participate in the ministries of Trinity Assembly of God. 15 Jacob Hildreth ‘12 and Alayna Nault ‘11 were married at Faith Assembly of God in Webster, MA, on December 27, 2009. Rev. Bill Bradney ‘61 officiated, Erak Christofis ‘11 served as the Best Man and Kahyla Hoskinson ‘11 served as the Maid of Honor. The couple is currently living on campus and working toward graduation. Their future plans include chaplaincy and overseas ministry. 16



11 12



ALUMNI NEWS & UPDATES Brian Lee ‘07 and Victoria Petrolle ‘07 were married at First Assembly of God in Binghamton, NY, on October 3, 2009. Rev. Joe Terreri ‘06 officiated. Brian serves on staff as the Graphic Designer for the VFCC Marketing Department, and Victoria serves as the Faculty & Internship Secretary for the Education and Intercultural Ministries Departments. The couple live in Trappe, PA. 17 Christopher Robinson & Jessica Martin ‘05 were married in Connellsville, PA, on June 19, 2010. Rev. Jason Lamer officiated. Jessica works as a case manager for Community Action and Christopher is a service technician for Respironics. The couple make their home in Latrobe, PA. 18 Melissa McSurdy ’03 was married to Jeff Beauvais on May 28, 2010, at Trinity Chapel


in Buck Run, PA. Last year Melissa completed a three year missionary assignment in Namibia. The couple are traveling and ministering throughout the area and plan to return to Namibia for the month of October. They are excitedly anticipating the doors the Lord will open in that country. The couple currently make their home in Pine Grove, PA. 19 Douglas Reed ’07 and Samantha Genca exchanged vows on April 17, 2009. The couple are youth pastors at First Assembly of God in Rockaway, NJ. 20

UPDATES Chrysta (Ebie) Archer ‘09 comes to VFCC from Ohio as the new Administrative Assistant to the President. She and Dennis ‘09, were married on September 9, 2009, and




make their home in Phoenixville, PA. Ashley Gillispie ’09 was accepted into the Social Work Graduate program at the University of Maryland School of Social Work in Baltimore, MD. She began her studies in August of 2010. Michael A. Jordan ‘03 has joined the staff of VFCC as a member of the Information Technology Department. Mike and his wife, Heather (Smith) ‘06 recently purchased their first home in Pottstown, PA. Tim Latiff ‘10 was hired by the VFCC as an Admissions Counselor. Tim will also be travelling throughout the Philadelphia area recruiting students. Christy Pierce ‘10 joined the VFCC Enrollment Management team as a Data Specialist.


Christy will split her time between the registrar’s office and the admissions department.

ADVANCED DEGREES The following alumni recently earned their Master’s Degree from Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in June 2010: Justin D. Dishon ’06 M.A. in Christian Ministries Michele L. McKenna ’81 M.A. in Christian Ministries Paul E. Sesock ’85 Master of Divinity Arthur R. Slye ’83 M.A. in Christian Ministries Dennis L. Snyder ’68 M.A. in Christian Ministries



Ruth (Larson) Dillenbeck ‘51 went to be with the Lord February 22, 2009. She was preceded in death by her husband Ralph Dillenbeck.

VFCC welcomes all submissions to Alumni News & Updates. Due to space limitations, not all news items or photos may be published and the college reserves the right to edit submissions for space and content. When sending photos for publication please submit digitally in the highest resolution available (at least 3”x 5” or a minimum resolution of 300 dpi). Thank you for keeping in touch with your alma mater!

Jeff Rosinski ’02 was killed on July 15, 2010, in a tragic hiking accident in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. He is survived by his wife Molly (Treat) ’03, a 2½ year old son and an eight month old daughter. Jeff was serving on the staff at Kings Grant Fellowship church in Portsmouth, RI, where his father is the senior pastor.

ALUMNI OFFICE 1401 Charlestown Road Phoenixville, PA 19460 or email to

90th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION Rev. Robert A. Krempels recently celebrated his 90th birthday by hosting a special birthday recital for one hundred family and friends. The concert began with Rev. Krempels performing Malotte’s rendition of “The Lord’s Prayer” and ended with the family inviting the guests to mark their calendars for 10 years from today for his 100th birthday recital.

HOMECOMING & FAMILY WEEKEND 2010 Save the date for October 21-23, 2010! Come join us at the old stomping grounds for a chance to connect with old friends and time to make new ones! Take a special trip to the old Green Lane Campus, play in the Alumni vs. Patriots Basketball game, reconnect with fellow classmates or former professors at

our Coffee Connections, or come see the crowning of the new 2010 Homecoming King and Queen. Register today by contacting the Alumni Services Office at 610.917.1440 or download a registration form at



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Operational Revenue: Only Unresticted Income; also nets Auxiliary Enterprise Exp from Revenue

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14% 9%


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27% 19%

Academic & Student Support Institutional Financial Aid

Operational Expenses: Only Unresticted Expense




CARDONE Industries, Inc. - Philadelphia, PA First Assembly of God - Carney's Point, NJ General Council of the A/G - Springfield, MO Grace Assembly of God - Spring City, PA New Jersey District - Burlington, NJ Northern New England District - Portland, ME Penn-Del District - Mechanicsburg, PA Potomac District - Gainesville, VA Southern New England District - Sturbridge, MA The Des Plaines Publishing Trust - Gainesville, VA


Calvary Assembly of God - Dover, DE Calvary Assembly of God - Frederick, MD Faith Christian Fellowship - Mt. Clare, WV Full Gospel New York Church - Flushing, NY Glad Tidings Assembly of God - Reading, PA Heritage Investment Services Fund - Mechanicsburg, PA Leominster Assembly of God - Leominster, MA Marlton Assembly of God - Marlton, NJ New York District - Liverpool, NY Phoenixville Federal Bank & Trust - Phoenixville, PA


A/G Christian Center - Vergennes, VT Berwick Assembly of God - Berwick, PA Bethany Assembly of God - Agawam, MA Calvary Temple Assembly of God - Delran, NJ Central Assembly of God - Houston, PA Christian Life Assembly of God - Camp Hill, PA Evangel Assembly of God - Ephrata, PA First Assembly of God - Brookfield, CT First Assembly of God - Freehold, NJ First Assembly of God - New Castle, PA Fountain of Life Center - Burlington, NJ Lighthouse Christian Fellowship - East Brunswick, NJ Monroeville Assembly of God - Monroeville, PA Morning Star Fellowship - Bechtelsville, PA Orlo Holdings, Inc. - Chester Springs, PA Spring Valley Community Church - Royersford, PA Trinity Assembly of God - West Chester, PA


Allison Park Assembly of God - Allison Park, PA Assemblies of God Foundation - Springfield, MO Brighton Assembly of God - Brighton, MI Assembly of God - Batavia, NY Assembly of God - South Attleboro, MA Bethany Church - Wyckoff, NJ Bethel Assembly of God - Martinsburg, WV Bethel Assembly of God - Savage, MD Bethel Christian Center - Blackwood, NJ Bridge Community Church - Harleysville, PA Brockton Assembly of God - Brockton, MA Calvary Assembly of God - Pennsauken, NJ Calvary Assembly of God - Wyncote, PA Calvary Christian Church - Lynnfield, MA Calvary Lighthouse - Lakewood, NJ Calvary Temple - Philadelphia, PA Calvary Temple - Wayne, NJ Carbondale Assembly of God - Tulsa, OK Catonsville Assembly of God - Baltimore, MO Central Assembly of God - Cumberland, MD Christ Chapel - Woodbridge, VA Christian Life Center Assembly of God - Bensalem, PA Churchland Assembly of God - Portsmouth, VA Clover Hill Assembly of God - Midlothian, VA

Community Bible Church - South Burlington, VT Detweiler Hershey & Associates - Souderton, PA Emmanuel Assembly of God - Allentown, PA Evangel Assembly of God - Buffalo, NY Evangel Chapel - Bridgewater, NJ Evangel Church - Scotch Plains, NJ Evangel Heights Assembly of God - Sarver, PA Evangel Temple A/G - Springfield, MO Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation - Princeton, NJ Faith Assembly of God - Poughkeepsie, NY Faith Assembly of God - Roaring Spring, PA Faith Assembly of God - Uniontown, PA Faith Assembly of God - Yonkers, NY First Assembly of God - Alexandria, VA First Assembly of God - Binghamton, NY First Assembly of God - Hammonton, NJ First Assembly of God - Harrisburg, PA First Assembly of God - Hermitage, PA First Assembly of God - Harrisonburg, VA First Assembly of God - Pennington, NJ First Assembly of God - Port Jervis, NY First Assembly of God - Shrewsbury, NJ First Assembly of God - Waynesburg, PA First Assembly of God - York, PA First Christian Assembly - Burlington, NJ Fishnet Ministries, Inc. - Front Royal, VA Freedom Valley Worship Center- Gettysburg, PA Glad Tidings Church - Norfolk, VA Gospel Tabernacle A/G - Mount Morris, PA Groton Assembly of God - Groton, NY Innovation Church - Cresco, PA Jeannette Assembly of God - Jeannette, PA Josan Corporation - Cranford, NJ Lambs Road Cathedral - Sewell, NJ Liberty Mutual - Dover, NH Lighthouse Assembly of God - New Holland, PA Manassas Assembly of God - Bristow, VA Monmouth Worship Center - Marlboro, NJ National Community Church - Washington, DC New Day Church - West Springfield, MA New Stanton Assembly of God - New Stanton, PA Ocean City Worship Center - Berlin, MD Overbrook Assembly of God - Philadelphia, PA Pine Grove Camp, Inc. - Malaga, NJ Praise Assembly of God - Newark, DE River of God - Enola, PA Shrewsbury Assembly of God - Shrewsbury, PA South Hills Assembly of God - Bethel Park, PA Spanish Eastern District - Old Tappan, NJ The Bridge Church - Hamburg, PA Today for Tomorrow, Inc. - Harrisburg, PA Trinity Assembly of God - Lanham, MD Trinity Assembly of God - Lutherville, MD Trinity Assembly of God - Montoursville, PA Tri-County Assembly of God - Fairfield, OH Washington Assembly of God - Washington, NJ Wells Fargo Foundation - Princeton, NJ Wyckoff Assembly of God - Wyckoff, NJ


A/G Financial Solutions - Springfield, MO Assembly of God - Olyphant, PA Assembly of God - Pasadena, MD Assembly of God - Rockville, MD Assembly of God - Webster, NY Back Bay Christian Assembly - Virginia Beach, VA Bay Shore Assembly of God - Bay Shore, NY Bellerose Assembly of God - Bellerose, NY Bethel Assembly - Pittsburgh, PA Bethel Assembly of God - Carlisle, PA

Giving data contained in this report covers the fiscal year, July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010. Please contact the development office if your records differ from ours.

Bethel Assembly of God - Lake Hiawatha, NJ Bethel Assembly of God - Littlestown, PA Bethel Christian Assembly of God - Dayton, OH Bethel Christian Church - Bristol, CT Bethel Temple Assembly of God - Canton, OH Bethel Temple Assembly of God - Parma, OH Bread of Life Assembly of God - Upper Darby, PA Calvary Assembly of God - Connellsville, PA Calvary Assembly of God - Waynesboro, PA Calvary Church - South Windsor, CT Calvary Grace Assembly of God - LaPlata, MD Capital Christian Center - Sacramento, CA Caribou Assembly of God - Caribou, ME Central Assembly of God - Bethlehem, PA Christian Assembly of God - Bentleyville, PA Christian Life Assembly of God - Stroudsburg, PA Christian Life Church - Trafford, PA Christian Life Community Church - Allentown, PA Church of The Rock - Saint Albans, VT Cornerstone Assembly of God - Bowie, MD Cornerstone Assembly of God - Oxford, CT Cornerstone Church A/G - Winchendon, MA Eastern Assembly of God - Baltimore, MD Emmanuel Assembly of God - Livermore Falls, ME Emmanuel Christian Center A/G - Phillipsburg, NJ Englewood Assembly of God - Englewood, NJ Expressway Assembly of God - Buffalo, NY Faith Assembly of God - West Hazelton, PA Faith Christian Assembly of God - Middletown, CT First Assembly of God - Cape May, NJ First Assembly of God - Erie, PA First Assembly of God - Greencastle, P A First Assembly of God - Ithaca, NY First Assembly of God - Lancaster, PA First Assembly of God - Marcy, NY First Assembly of God - Meriden, CT First Assembly of God - Niagara Falls, NY First Assembly of God - Silver Spring, MD First Assembly of God - Tyrone, PA First Assembly of God Church - Auburn, NH Full Gospel Assembly - Brooklyn, NY Full Gospel A/G - Prince Frederick, MD Genesis Educational Center - Jersey City, NJ Glad Tidings Assembly of God - Mt. Ephraim, NJ Green Mountain Christian Center - Bennington, VT Hagerstown Flight School, LLC - State Line, PA Haitian Assembly of God - Brockton, MA Harvest Time Assembly of God - Greenwich, CT Hellertown Assembly of God - Hellertown, PA Heritage Assembly of God - Gettysburg, PA Heritage Christian Church - East Falmouth, MA Hilliard Chapel - Stanley, VA Jubilee Christian Center - Fairfax, VA Kenco Paper, LLC - Pennsauken, NJ Lighthouse Assembly of God - Ridgewood, NY Lighthouse Tabernacle - Lumberton, NJ Living Hope Assembly of God - Hamlin, NY Lowell Assembly of God - Tewksburg, MA Mainland Assembly of God - Linwood, NJ Malaga Assembly of God - Malaga, NJ New Beginning Assembly of God - Paulsboro, NJ New Life Assembly of God -Trumbull, CT New Life Christian Center - Jamison, PA New Testament Assembly of God - Millville, PA Newville Assembly of God - Newville, PA North Carroll Assembly of God - Manchester, MD North Providence A/G - North Providence, RI Ohio District - Columbus, OH Ossining Gospel Assembly - Ossining, NY Penn-Del Royal Rangers - Camden, DE


DONOR ROLL CALL Pleasant Valley A/G - Brodheadsville, PA PNC Bank - Phoenixville, PA Potomac District Royal Rangers - Timonium, MD Prayer Hill Church of God - Wheeling, WV Prudential Foundation Matching Gift - Princeton, NJ Riverside Assembly of God - Jersey City, NJ Riverside Community Church - Oakmont, PA Roadside Chapel Assembly of God - Rutland, VT Rohler’s Assembly of God - Dover, PA Shepherd of The Valley Assembly of God - Milford, NJ The Worship Center A/G - Philadelphia, PA Trinity Assembly of God - Fairmont, WV Trinity Community Church - Hockessin, DE Valley Shore Assembly of God - Old Saybrook, CT Van Nest Assembly of God - Bronx, NY Windham Assembly of God Ministries - Windham, ME Word of Life - King of Prussia, PA Word of Life Assembly of God - Baldwinsville, NY Word of Life Assembly of God - Emporia, VA Yorktown Heights A/G - Yorktown Heights, NY


Asbury Church of the Assemblies - Lansing, NY Beaver Assembly of God - Beaver, PA Bethel Assembly of God - Chambersburg, PA Bethel Assembly of God - Franklin Square, NY Bethlehem Church - Richmond Hill, NY Blue Mountain Assembly of God - Newburg, PA Calvary Assembly of God - Laconia, NH Calvary Assembly of God - Union, NJ Calvary Assembly of God - Wickliffe, OH Calvary Hill Church - Glassboro, NJ Calvary Tabernacle A/G - Medina, NY Cedarville Assembly of God - Brandywine, MD Chapel On The Hill - Emlenton, PA Christian Life Assembly of God - Willimantic, CT Christian Life Church - Kensington, CT Church of The Good Shepherd - Branford, CT Clarks Green Assembly of God - Clarks Green, PA Colonie Christian Life Center - Albany, NY Community Evangel Temple - Lincoln, ME Community Worship Center - Tyrone, PA Crossroads Worship Center - Weymouth, MA Evangel Temple - Gahanna, OH Everett Assembly of God - Everett, PA Faith Assembly of God Brooklyn - Brooklyn, NY Faith Community Assembly of God - Easton, PA First Assembly of God - Elkton, MD First Assembly of God - Laurel, MD First Assembly of God - Lima, OH First Assembly of God - Massillon, OH First Assembly of God - Plattsburgh, NY First Assembly of God - Rockaway, NJ First Assembly of God - Scottdale, PA First Assembly of God - Warren, OH Fryeburg Assembly of God - Fryeburg, ME Full Gospel Assembly of God - Vineland, NJ Full Gospel Church A/G - Livingston, NJ Glad Tidings Assembly of God - Bloomsburg, PA Grace Assembly of God - Syracuse, NY Grace Church Assembly of God - Flushing, NY Green Ridge Assembly of God - Scranton, PA Greene Assembly of God - Greene, NY Highway Tabernacle Assembly - Mechanicville, NY Huntington A/G - Huntington Station, NY IBM International Foundation - Amonk, NY Jamesburg Assembly of God - Jamesburg, NJ Kingsway Assembly of God - Cherry Hill, NJ Lewistown Assembly of God - Lewistown, PA Life Spring Fellowship - Lititz, PA

LifePoint Church - Lynn, MA Lighthouse Christian Fellowship - Cuyahoga Falls, OH Living Word Community Church - Mechanicsville, MD Manada Gap Full Gospel Mission - Harrisburg, PA Middle River Assembly of God - Baltimore, MD Millersburg Assembly of God - Millersburg, PA Mountainside A/G - Coal Township, PA New Covenant A/G - Montgomery, PA New Franklin A/G- Chambersburg, PA New Hope Assembly of God - Saugus, MA New Life Assembly of God - Athens, AL New Life Assembly of God - Lancaster, PA New Life Assembly of God - Ogdensburg, NY New Life Assembly of God - Windsor, CT Pentecostal Assembly of God - Hamlin, PA Riverside Assembly of God - Methuen, MA Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. - Miami, FL Salt ‘N Light Youth Ministry - Mechanicsburg, PA Seacoast Chapel Assembly of God - Saco, ME Springfield Assembly of God - Springfield, WV Stony Brook Christian Assembly - East Setauket, NY Trinity Assembly of God - Huntingdon, PA Vienna Assembly of God - Vienna, VA Vineyard Assembly of God - Vineyard Haven, MA Walnut Grove Assembly of God - West Mifflin, PA Way of Faith Assembly of God - Fairfax, VA Westchester Christian Worship Center - White Plains, NY Whiting Assembly of God - Whiting, NJ


Alpha Assembly of God - Clarion, PA Ambassador Christian Academy - Glassboro, NJ American Insurance Administrators - Columbus, OH Assembly of God - Clifton Park, NY Assembly of God - Dalton, NY Assembly of God - Geneseo, NY Assembly of God - Honesdale, PA Assembly of God - Saratoga Springs, NY Bethel Assembly of God - Bath, NY Bethel Tabernacle - Ridgeley, WV Calvary Assembly of God - Dudley, MA Calvary Assembly of God - Hanover, PA Calvary Assembly of God - Pottstown, PA Calvary Assembly of God - Southington, CT Calvary Assembly of God - Winter Park, FL Canaan Assembly of God - Canaan, NH Capital Assembly of God - Hamilton, NJ Carney Assembly of God - Baltimore, MD Central Assembly of God - Wauregan, CT Chowchilla First Assembly of God - Chowchilla, CA Christ the Rock Metro Church - Dorchester, MA Cornerstone Church Assembly of God - Carstadt, NJ Cottage Memorial Fund - Lewisburg, PA East Central Section WM - Wall Township, NJ El Bethel Assembly of God- Staten Island, NY Faith Chapel - Berkeley Heights, NJ Faith Evangelistic Assembly of God - Brooklyn, NY Fearnot Assembly of God - Hegins, PA First Assembly of God - Columbia, PA First Assembly of God - Front Royal, VA First Assembly of God - Hermitage, PA First Assembly of God - Point Pleasant, NJ First Assembly of God - Toms River, NJ Full Gospel Church - Wall, NJ Glad Tidings Church - Rochester, NY Glassport Assembly of God - Glassport, PA Gospel Tabernacle Assembly of God - Philipsburg, PA Grace Tabernacle - Slippery Rock, PA Greece Assembly of God - Rochester, NY Guilford Assembly of God - Guilford, ME


Harvest Chapel Assembly of God - Lawrenceville, NJ Helping Hand Rescue Mission, Inc. - Huntington Station, NY Hollentown Assembly of God - Fallentimber, PA Holy Family School - Phoenixville, PA Inspiration Ministries - Bethel, CT Keene Assembly of God - Keene, NH Kezar Falls Assembly of God- Personfield, ME Lockport Assembly of God - Lockport, NY Main Line Assembly of God - Gradwyne, PA Mill City Assembly of God - Dalton, PA Mount Blue Assembly of God - Famington, ME Music Precedent, Ltd. - Springfield, MO New Hope Community Church - Marlborough, MA New Life Assembly of God - Chalfont, PA New Life Assembly of God - Landisburg, PA New Life Christian Center - Sharon, MA New Life Christian Center - Westfield, MA New Life Worship Center - Capitol Heights, MD New Song Assembly of God - Pawcatuck, CT Norwich Assembly of God - Norwich, CT Peekskill Assembly of God - Peekskill, NY Pine Grove Assembly of God - Windsor, VA Pitcairn Assembly of God - Pitcaim, PA Pleasantville Assembly of God - Alum Bank, PA Rita Services, Inc. - Royersford, PA Rogers Assembly of God - Rogers, OH Romney Assembly of God - Romney, WV Rotary Club of Phoenixville Saint Croix Valley Assembly of God - Calais, ME Selbyville Assembly of God - Selbyville, DE Stafford Community Worship Center - Stafford Springs, CT State College Assembly of God - State College, PA Truth Pointe Assembly of God - Farmington, ME Valley Assembly of God - Hagerstown, MD Vernon Assembly of God - Vernon Rockville, CT Victory Assembly of God - Sharon, MA Vietnamese Assembly of God - Worcester, MA Ware Community Church - Ware, MA Warrenton Assembly of God - Warrenton, VA Windsor Assembly of God - Windsor, PA

ALUMNI 1930s

Hazel Williams ‘35


Estate of Raymond Adlesic ‘49 Florence (Larrimore) Bogdan ‘48 Rudolph ‘47 and Carol Cerullo Joseph ‘47 and Mary Corapi Robert E. ‘48 and Anna Mae Cousart Elizabeth Dawson ‘43 Elizabeth M. Elarionoff ‘47 William J. ‘49 and Alvera ‘48 Farrand Elmer Forbes ‘49 Anthony Giordano ‘45 Joseph and Gloria (Giordano) ‘48 Giunta Edward J. ‘45 and Alma Hatchner James R. ‘47 and Joyce (Reigle) ‘47 Hengoed Helen Kopp ‘47 Robert Krempels ‘44 A. Dorothy Lewis ‘48 Andrew M. ‘44 and Bernice McDearmid Vera Meier ‘44 Jeanne (Creswell) Mowrer ‘47 John J. Myers ‘47 Anthony D. ‘47 and Betty Palma Miriam E. (Moyle) Purdon ‘46

Robert W. Rainbow ‘46 Chester and Cora (DiPaolo) ‘46 Rider Paul C. and Dorothy M. ‘49 Stanley George W. Tomko ‘43 Frank Vosler ‘44 Bonita J. Zents ‘49


Timothy ‘58 and Rebecca (Livoti) ‘57 Adams Mary (Folino) Albanese ‘52 Harold D. ‘59 and Isabel Altemus Earl ‘58 and Doris Baldwin Carol Barth ‘57 Juanita J. (Chamberlain) Batchelder ‘55 Richard Barth ‘53 Joseph ‘53 and Pat Beretta Philip ‘55 and Janette (DeWitt) ‘52 Bongiorno Paul E. ‘50 and Germima Boyce Robert L. ‘56 and Virginia ‘56 Bradley Virginia R. (Morar) Bradley ‘56 John ‘59 and Esther (Alubowicz) ‘59 Castellani George D. and Arlene M. (Sylvester) ‘59 Charles Grace (Chellman) Clark ‘50 Bettie J. (Raguso) Damiani ‘51 Anthony DeMarco ‘50 Peter DiBiasi ‘58 Samuel R. ‘57 and Rachel DiTrolio Priscilla Edwards ‘50 Phyllis Eveler ‘57 Anthony ‘51 and Jean (Castellani) ‘51 Foti Esther (Watkins) Fray ‘58 Gene ‘71 and Eleanor (Tuminaro) ‘56 Frustino Thomas A. ‘54 and Pauline Geiger John ‘57 and Ruth Genco Edward and Thresa ‘51 Grab Paul J. Graban ‘50 Lyle and Helen (Haymond) ‘50 Hadler Mervin E. and Shirley (Packer) ‘51 Hahn Estate of Esther Hammercheck ‘54 Gail K.* ‘57 and Irene ‘57 Hixon Janet M. Hoban ‘57 Paul and Harriette (Jones) ‘52 Holsipple Storm Jael D. and Ruth A. (Lesher) ‘57 Houck Harold ‘58 and Frances (Ellett) ‘53 Imes Betty Johnson ‘57 Donald V. Johnson ‘51 Walter ‘52 and Martha Keesey Mary King ‘58 Pauline R. Koons ‘57 Marlyn Krob ‘58 Donald Lacey ‘56 Alcide M. and Beth (Gortner) ‘53 LaNoue Betty L. Lisi ‘57 Mildred (Hurd) Lewis ‘51 Cheng-Tien and Gwendolyn (Gordon) ‘52 Luke Anthony R. Mayeski ‘50 William and Angela ‘56 McCarty Alfred and Joyce (Snyder) ‘50 Meck James L. and Jacqueline ‘55 Mills Betty Mitchell ‘56 George and Mary (Goumas) Mitchell ‘54 Gertrude Moceri ‘52 James ‘59 and Judith Moffat William ‘50 and Yvonne Moorman Kenneth and Lois (Mead) ‘55 Moyer Joseph ‘59 and Ruth (Giannatti) ‘60 Muni William ‘57 and Ruth (Hewitt) ‘56 Myer Norman ‘53 and Dorothy (Tomko) ‘51 Nethers Nancy Oberdorff ‘57 David W. ‘57 and Janis Olshevski

Ruth Pansler ‘54 Charles and Deborah (Tori) ‘50 Paolucci George and Alverna ‘57 Parker Daniel ‘51 and Alyce Ann Pentz Frederick Peters ‘59 Charles W. ‘53 and Eileen Pfeiffer Michael ‘57 and Dorothy Pignaloso Albert ‘59 and Darlene (Kohr) ‘59 Pundt Olive E. (Terry) Ray ‘53 F. Eber ‘56 and Nettie (Shambach) ‘56 Reitzel Donald ‘59 and Sally (Neale) ‘57 Richardson Donald ‘53 and Eleanor (Stickel) ‘54 Roberts Winston ‘50 and Mary ‘50 Schmock Charles ‘54 and Jean (Saltzman) ‘53 Scrimale J. Clayton ‘56 and Doris Sheridan Grace S. (Tubbs) Sloyer ‘54 Alton ‘52 and Norma (Youngs, McGee) ‘50 Smith Carl ‘58 and Hildegard Sommer Jerry L. Stewart ‘59 Reginald ‘55 and Rose (Pierce) ‘85 Stone Donald ‘55 and Ruth Storms Joseph Sutera ‘52 James W. Swank ‘54 James Tate ‘51 James and Mary ‘58 Terry Leo J. ‘50 and Naomi Tomko James ‘54 and Phyllis Travis Donald Veater ‘52 Kathleen Verzilli ‘55 Joseph ‘53 and Barbara (Gifford) ‘53 Vitello Charlene Walker ‘57 Kenneth ‘54 and Betty ‘54 Wireman Lawrence ‘59 and Kathleen (Hazen) ‘60 Woods


Rev. and Mrs. Vincent E. Beemer ‘69 William J. ‘61 and Hilda (Groves) ‘62 Bradney Richard H. ‘68 and Donya M. Brockway Sandra Chapman ‘65 G. Douglas ‘61 and Wilda Clough Howard and Judith A. (Bacon) ‘60 Connell John ‘69 and Lorraine Dippel Peter and Bessie (Carlin) ‘62 Dougherty Thomas ‘60 and Constance Douglas John and Linda Harding Ellery ‘67 William K. ‘60 and Mary Ferguson Richard ‘65 and Waltraud (Flemming) ‘64 Fogel Michael D. ‘69 and Bernadine Garland Thomas E. Grazioso ‘60 Luigi ‘67 and Charmain Grimaldi Mildred (Eckman) Harper ‘67 Sandra Hrabina ‘68 Alice Mae (Shannon) Kellogg b ‘61 Martin R. ‘62 and Patricia A. Koss James S. ‘61 and Becky Leake Sylvia Lee ‘61 Roy K. ‘65 and Joan Luckenbill David ‘69 and Lynda (Richardson) ‘68 Mazzella A. Glenn ‘60 and Mae (Cressman) ‘61 McClure J. William ‘63 JoAnn (Newkam) ‘61 Mickle Phyllis F. (Shilling) Migliore ‘68 Victor C. ‘68 and Rebecca Miller William ‘64 and Earlean (Mills) ‘62 Nilsen Larry L. ‘62 and Karen A. Patton Charlotte Sigmund ‘67 Anthony and Angeline M. (Hafner) ‘62 Sorbo William P. ‘67 and Cleone Reigel Diane Swanson ‘66 Glenn ‘69 and Norma (Beuttler) ‘66 White Donald W. ‘60 and Cindy Wilkerson


V. Elaine Williams ‘69 Barbara E. Witwer ‘65 Ann E. (Krouse) Wood ‘69 Lawrence ‘59 and Kathleen (Hazen) ‘60 Woods David Wulf ‘61 Frederick L. ‘64 and Joyce Zufall


Dennis C. ‘79 and Marguerite Adair Beverly Ashforth ‘75 Arthur ‘72 and Pam (Harrison) ‘72 Bailey Earl R. ‘77 and Amy Baker William J. ‘74 and Sheila Ann Baker Mark ‘78 and Terry (Sorbo) ‘77 Boucher James ‘75 and Una Burton Samuel E. ‘77 and Ellen Calhoun Wilfried ‘81 and Mary Ann (Sepulveda) ‘79 Canfijn Randy L. ‘79 and Carol A. (Coran) ‘78 Carper Ralph Chapin ‘71 James D. and Yvonne M. (Farmer) ‘79 Clark Melvin and Deborah (Davis) ‘79 Crawford Jesse and Lorraine (Farrell) ‘79 Crump Kerry Richard ‘76 and Roxanne Dean David ‘79 and Rosemarie (Cardona) ‘79 DiTrolio Donald Doorly ‘78 Patricia Eckman ‘70 Larry Estepp ‘75 Ralph and Joyce E. ‘79 Fitzwater Bertran ‘73 and Dolores Flagstad Gene ‘71 and Eleanor (Tuminaro) ‘56 Frustino William C. Hackett ‘76 Denise (Rebuck) Halcom ‘79 James D. ‘76 and Moira J. Hernando Joseph L. ‘79 and Rebecca Hollen Keith ‘73 and Linda (White) ‘74 Holt James J. ‘79 and Sharon Kaminski William D. ‘71 and Cinda D. Kauffman Nellie Lykens ‘72 Robert A. McDonald ‘72 Dennis P. ‘79 and Peggy J. (Crump) ‘79 McKenna David ‘76 and Lois Menzies Ruth Morrison ‘74 Charles H. ‘77 and Dee Murray Norma Jean Nelson ‘78 Larry ‘75 and Nena ‘73 O’Brien Douglas ‘79 and Lois (Edwards) ‘83 Olena David and Janet (Richardson) ‘78 Perkins Karen Wise Preiser ‘72 Sherman N. ‘74 and Mary Jean Shell Donald and Jeanne E. (Snyder) ‘70 Shipp John B. ‘70 and Lottie L. Sprague John Tedesco ‘73 James A. Terilli ‘79 Stephen ‘73 and Marjorie (Trotta) ‘72 Tourville Robert Thomas “Tom” ‘77 and Carolene Wagers Carl ‘73 and Virginia ‘73 Wittkorn Daniel J. ‘79 and DeAnn ‘85 Zgrablich Frank R. ‘77 and Marianne Zgrablich, Jr.


Ronald and JoAnne (Lovenduski) ‘80 Anastase Kenneth and Sarah A. (Organ) ‘85 Armour Kenneth W. ‘88 and Angela Bridge Gayle Brostowski ‘85 John B. ‘83 and Carol Calsin, Jr. Wilfried ‘81 and Mary Ann (Sepulveda) ‘79 Canfijn Richard ‘85 and Linda (Brown) ‘85 Carnright Leocadio V. ‘80 and Judith Chua David M. ‘80 and Rita Decker Ruth B. Dietrich ‘80


DONOR ROLL CALL Rocco S. ‘82 and Ellen (Coakley) ‘82 DiTrolio Bernard E. ‘84 and Jeanie Elliot, Jr. J. Thomas and Cecelia (Kibble) ‘87 Fuoco Daniel ‘82 and Cheryl Gebhart Timothy Geiger ‘84 Charles L. ‘82 and Sarah ‘82 Guerin Sang-Shin ‘82 and Grace Han Ann M. Hansen ‘87 Dean R. ‘87 and Sherrie Lee Hinton William B. and Melinda (Swanson) ‘80 Hillegass Theresa (Hughes) Hosch ‘83 Martin G. ‘86 and Brenda Hunsicker John R. ‘82 and Cheryl Kenney Harrison ‘86 and Nancy (Jones) ‘86 Kramer Wesley L. and Esther J. Lindquist ‘86 Peter Marshall ‘83 Daniel ‘81 and Michele (Carrieri) ‘81 McKenna Douglas ‘79 and Lois (Edwards) ‘83 Olena James R. ‘85 and Holly Pentz Mark L. Petric ‘86 Thomas E. ‘84 and Sherry Rees Kenneth ‘83 and Juliette Ross Richard D. Rounsaville ‘86 Michael ‘87 and Carrie Jo Santoro Paul R. ‘86 and Tonia L. Slimm Elaine (Robinovitz) Smoot ‘84 Ronald L. Squibb ‘81 Reginald ‘55 and Rose (Pierce) ‘85 Stone Annette L. Strite ‘85 Dorothy G. Taylor '80 Richard ‘82 and Barbara Treadway Sharon Tucker ‘81 Ralph R. ‘80 and Debra Volpe Michael R. ‘83 and Lorraine Wambolt James A. ‘92 and Sarai (Cintron) ‘89 Williams Daniel J. ‘79 and DeAnn ‘85 Zgrablich


Shawn ‘92 and Shannon (Turner) ‘94 Bailey Robert ‘95 and Sarah ‘97 Bellofatto Dennis Brittingham ‘93 R. David ‘95 and Stephanie (Hafner) ‘93 Burton Jamie E. ‘98 and Jaime Clark Brian A. ‘95 and Nancy Coscia Angelo and Judith (Deik) ‘98 Dalessandro Billy and Jennifer (Ringer) ‘95 DeSanto Nicole Fairchild ‘99 David ‘99 and Corine (Nickerson) ‘09 Farnsworth Joel ‘96 and Kristal (Wright) ‘95 Flower Troy ‘99 and Victoria ‘03 Gearhart Rachel L. (Henson) Hartnett ‘96 Brian Knorr ‘90 Robert ‘96 and Diana Lawrence Christopher J. ‘93 and Alysha Light Paul ‘94 and Elizabeth (Geesaman) ‘96 Lynn Nury Marroquin ‘91 Roger P. ‘99 and Kathy A. Maurais John S. ‘91 and Shelley ‘91 Mizgerd Rodney A. ‘94 and Kathy Ohler Angel ‘96 and Nicole (Annis) ‘95 Perez Rob C. ‘90 and Kathleen Phraner Pamela Rickenbach ‘93 Benjamin ‘93 and Kristi (Sturgeon) ‘94 Rivera Monica (Russell) Rozell ‘93 Charles ‘94 and Marsha Russello Adrian Schoonmaker ‘97 Dale and Diane L. (Stauffer) ‘92 Smeltz Aaron ‘97 and Jamie (Hill) ‘99 Taylor Paul and Brenda K. (Pritts) '90 Thomas Aaron ‘94 and Karen (Jermyn) ‘95 Thurber

Claude R. Valdes, Jr. ‘99 James A. ‘92 and Sarai (Cintron) ‘89 Williams


Joseph Bour ‘03 David ‘99 and Corine (Nickerson) ‘09 Farnsworth Troy ‘99 and Victoria ‘03 Gearhart Gretchen Gildner ‘01 Jason ‘00 and Jennifer ‘00 Karampatsos Frank and Tammy (Ritchey) ‘01 Moyer Jeremy J. Pataro ‘09 Mariellie Ruiz-Alvarez ‘07 Tyler S. Shaff ‘08 Steve ‘05 and Linda ‘04 Stein Susan C. (West) Telesha ‘06 Melissa A. Tucker ‘07 Justin T. Weitzel ‘09 Peter H. White ‘09

INDIVIDUAL DONORS Richard L. Adlesic Ronald R. Adlesic Rudy E. Adlesic Margaret M. Apostolos-Peters Joan Arnold Samuel Asiedu Sheri L. Aspito Dominick and Katherine Attanasi Joseph E. and Cindy R. Attanasi Joshua L. and Melanie Attardo Bart and Barbara Baines Carol Baker Jeffrey S. and Justine Barbitta Almon M. and Joyce Bartholomew Barrett F. and Barbara Behnke Jonas and Anne Beiler Alfred T. and April M. Bender Joseph M. and Lillian Beretta Stephen and Nancy Billek W. Mark Bliss Robert J. and Evelyn E. Bolton Brian Bough and Heather Shalley Jere E. and Sara Ann Brady Mark G. Briley, Jr. Dorothy E. Brown Malcolm and Cathy Brubaker Ernie and Pauline Brummer Joseph C. and Amy Bucara, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Peter Burke William Button Nicholas and Stella Calvelli Jonathan and Debbie Capeci Kenneth and Mary Carment Mark S. and Dorothy Cernero Rachel A. Cernero Rev. William A. and Colleen Chamberlin James and Karen Chase Dennis and Kim Cheek Bill and Mary Chenco John and Virginia Christel Philip B. Christian Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cicerchia Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Coates Melissa R. Colbert Charles and Marilyn Coles Rita I. Contini G. Robert Cook Diana L. Cornman Doris E. Creswell


Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Crozier Mr. and Mrs. Paul Curry Kenneth G. and Juli Curtis Kenneth C. and Pat Damstrom Mike Denison Mark and Shirley Denyes Russell and Cynthia DePietropaolo Michael and Janet DiGiacomo Ruth A. Dippold Chris and Amy Donachy Norman and Jane O. Dubrow Dennis and Jennifer Duncan Duane and Beverly Durst Russell W. and Carol Eggert Keith and Peggy Engle Mark S. and Elaine Englert A. Glen and Barbara Everhart Jamie and Kim Fillmore David and Doris Flower Joseph R. Flower Roswell T. and Sandra Flower Sarah E. Ford William K. and Mary Frasnelli Alan A. Fretto Arthur W. and Frances J. Gable Brian D. and Dana T. Galbraith Mr. and Mrs. William Geil Joan Gerstner Leona J. Gessner Estate of Pietro Giordano George J. and Janine M. Gonyea Jack N. and Jean K. Grader Mr. and Mrs. Adam Greto James and Jayne Grove Dick and Darlene Gruber Dolores Gruber Judith A. and Maurice E. Guevin Ronald S. and Linda Hall John and Eva Hartman Reuben and Thelma Hartwick C. Terrance Hawk Donald H. and Patricia Headlee Donna Headlee Lynn and Trish Henkel Charles and Shirley J. Herb Darren J. and Mandy Hileman Gerald and Carolyn Hindy Cliff and Deborah G. Hirneisen Ronald L. and Teni Hoskinson William and Lucie Huckabay Winston D. and Sarajean Hunt Robert W. and Dana Ingram Thomas C. Johnson and Kim Denyes Ruth H. Jones Vanity E. Jones Brenda D. Kaleo John and Nancy Kehler Nancy R. Keiser Charles and Debbie Kipe Carl F. and Helen Kirsch Tammy L. Klotzbach Gary and Rebecca Knoll John H. and Evelyn Knutti Stephen P. Kunz Doreen Kushnep Curtis L. and Kathy A. Lamparter Yaccob Latiff Joseph W. Lazaro Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Keith Liggett

Scott and Sheryl Light Troxel W. and Lynne Light Joel L. and Tina Linburg Donald E. and Olive Lippman Jeanne B. Locke Frank and Effie M. Lovero, Sr. Don and Marguerite Malloy Betty J. Manley David E. and Linda Maracle Dennis W. and Bevie Jo Marquardt David C. and Gertrude Martin Bernice Mazzella Sandra C. McCaully William E. McClurg, Sr. Philip and Valerie McLeod Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Megna David Mendez, Jr. Betty J. Merritt Don and Evie Meyer Christopher and Marilyn A. Meyer Richard and Mary Lou Miller John C. and Clara Mitchell Joseph and Marianne Modica Bobbie J. Moffet Evelyn M. Morgan Ann E. Monahan Philip R. and Iris Morlock Scott and Mary Beth Morrison Daniel and Shelli Mortensen Gary L. and Monica E. Moyer Carl E. and Jenell Mueller Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Munn Ronald W. and Mary K. Munsie Marlene D. Myers The Estate of Donald and Marian Newhook R. Lee and Deborah L. Noble Lee Noviello John and Kristie Overly James and Patty Pace John G. and Aileen Pandapas John J. and Florence Paproski Eleanor E. Parry Mr. and Mrs. Denis Perera Erin K. Peterson T. Burton Pierce* Thomas A. and Elizabeth Quayle Thomas Reed Stanley G. and Sondra S. Remer H. Robert and Joan Rhoden C. Floyd and Becky Richmond James and Kendra Rittenhouse E. Rowland and Nancy Ritzman Candace E. Roberts Ellyn Roberts Thomas W. and Cassandra F. Roberts III Michael J. and Pam Robinson Kathryn Rodenbaugh Lawrence and Jane Rogowski Phyllis I. Ruch John and Ivy Russo Lorraine F. Rylak Paul F. and Macy Santmyer Ron and Mary Sawtelle Mark W. Sawyer Douglas E. and Susan Sayers Donald F. and Dorothy Schink Stephen M. and Karen Schlichter Charles and Deanna Schoeneberger Terry L. Schrack Marlene E. Schroeder


R. Scott and Dawn Schroeder Richard and Betty Schroeder Steven and Tammy Schroeder Wayne and Kim Scritchfield John and Deborah Serbin Michael A. and Betsy Settevendemio Larry A. and Anna Smith Marvin and Betty Smith Edwin and Darlene Shearer Robert K. and Linda W. Southard Harold Stefan Phyllis C. Stone Lois E. Streett Michael R. and Annette Strite David and Brenda Strohm Donald L. and Karen Tucker Doris A. Trimble Mr. and Mrs. James Tuit Jairo O. and Diana M. Urrego Rita M. Wanner Dorothy A. Weber Joseph B. and Betty K. Weber Harry E. and Robin Wedewer Gordon Wiggers Carl R. and Rhonda Williams, Sr. Alan R. and Helen L. Wilson Rine G. Winey Tom Michaels Zahradnik Larry Zeigler Mr. and Mrs. Raymond N. Zimmerman


Thank you to the following organizations and individuals for their support of VFCC through missions giving, student internships and missions trips:

Judy Acevedo Nicholas W. Acevedo ‘10 Ritchie A. and Debbie L. Adams Adoption ARC - Philadelphia, PA Luis and Mary Aguilera Maria Aguilera William H. Albright Aldenville Baptist Church - Waymart, PA Rosa Alicea-Cruz Michael and Uslie Allen Chelsea R. Alpaugh Rebecca J. Alvarez Mario A. Amato Trinidad Andino ‘10 Mark Andrews Scott Andrews Apple Pie Day Care - Upper Darby, PA Anna Arcangeli Maurice Arcangeli Karen A. Arminio Reginald and Mary Elda Arrington Beverly Ashforth ‘75 James Scott and Tamara S. Bailey Phillip and Beth Baker Aaron and Lindee Balgaard Francia Barrios William Bartkow Barrie Bartle Robert N. and Joyce L. Bean Brenda Becker Chad N. Becker Floyd and Linda Bloomquist Nicole D. Boucher Daniel J.D. Bowers

William J. ‘61 and Hilda ‘62 Bradney Ruth Brooks Gayle Brostowski ‘85 Bryan and Teresa F. Brown Robert and Patricia Brown Malcolm and Cathy Brubaker David and Annette Brush Kimberly Burton R. David ‘95 and Stephanie ‘93 Burton George W. and Bettty J. Butler Mark R. and Paula Butler Bonnie Cacciacarne Michelle Calderon Calvary Assembly of God - Frederick, MD Jason and Mandy Calvello James and Dawn Cambria Paul Campbell Seth A. Campbell ‘10 Harry and Sindos Card Cardone Foundation - Philadelphia, PA Carolina Roofing, Inc. Stephen L. Carpenter William J. ‘10 and Katie L. (Candelora) ‘10 Carson Yolanda Casoria Cedar Road Assembly of God - Chesapeake, VA Rachael Ceffaratti Centerpointe Church - Fairfax, VA Juan C. and Rosa Accurso Cespedes Charles Grimm Construction, Inc. - Waymart, PA Christian Hope Center - Painted Post, NY City Limits Assembly of God - Allentown, PA Alyssa R. Clark Thomas H. and Carol A. Clement Michael J. and Priscilla B. Cole Community Worship Center - Tyrone, PA Marte Conad Michael J. and Lisa Conley Perry and Gloria Cook Ralph B. and Christa Cook Dennis L. Cooper Hilda Cooper Leslie A. Cooper Cornerstone Church A/G - Winchendon, MA John L. and Susan A. Craig G.J. Cremers Crossway Church - Valencia, PA Joseph Cuda Annamarie C. Cummings Jacqueline T. Cuomo John Cuomo Michael A. and Margaret M. Cuomo Douglas and Tracy Curving Paul A. Curylo J. Richard and Eileen G. D’Andre Linda Deighton Andy and Sylvia L. DeJesus Patsy A. Delbaggio Edwin C. and Priscilla E. DeLong Russell and Cynthia DePietropaolo Daniel J. ‘05 and Alicia Desrosiers H.J. and Gayle Dierks Michael and Janet DiGiacomo Jonathan D. and Susan M. Didden Joshua and Amber Didden Rick and Joan Dimarzio Robert P. and Janet Dipuppo Abe Donato Allan Drouin Jonathan and Kimberly Druart Dennis and Jennifer Duncan


DONOR ROLL CALL Erin C. Eboch Robert L. and Sherry Eboch Hazel Ebron David M. Egan ‘10 Ellicott City Assembly of God - Ellicott City, MD Jessica M. Evans Faith Assembly of God - Webster, MA Anthony and Mary Farinelli-Pappani Courtney E. Farrell ‘10 James W. and Carolyn B. Farrell, Sr. James W. and Lori R. Farrell, Jr. Michael and Deborah Faust Rebecca Felder William P. and Nancy Fenton Kenneth R. and Elaine R. Fernandez Andy and Beth Fick Lorraine P. Fields Evelyn Figuerdo Jonnath Figueroa Joseph J. and Arline Finan First Friends Church - Mansfield, OH Christopher L. and Elizabeth Fisher Fishnet Ministries, Inc. - Front Royal, VA Hottensiah Fisichella Paul A. and Barbara Flexer Abigail A. Flynn Robert A. and Deborah Ford Lawrence J. ‘99 and Catherine Forkell Steven L. Fowler Gladys Fox Benjamin P. Franco ‘10 Paul G. Franco Evelyn Frick John F. and Ila Jane Frick, Jr. Patrick L. Frownfelter ‘10 Kenneth Frye ‘98 John A. and Lisa M. Fuentes Harold Furbay Francis Fusco, III Dominick and Patricia Garcia Peter and Gina L. Garvey Daniel Gearhart Mark A. and Kimberly Gettis, Sr. Robert R. and Loretta Gill Glad Tidings Assembly of God - McClellandtown, PA John W. and Erika Glick Teresa Goshleski Grace Assembly of God - Bel Air, MD Grace Assembly of God - Spring City, PA Reginald Greaves Green Ridge Assembly of God - Scranton, PA Robert E. and Penny Greenlese Clark Gregory Emily Griswold Jessy A. Griswold ‘10 Dick and Darlene Gruber Mark R. and Sharon Gruber Viola Gruber Ambrey Guire Merle Gutterman Tara E. Gutterman Ruth Hafner Shirley Hahn ‘51 Joseph J. and Susan Hajec Judith A. Hall Ronald S. and Linda Hall Etta M. Hampton Lucy Hardy Timothy and Theresa M. Harris Ruth I. Hartman

Dorothy E. Hazlip Michale Headley Charles E. and Claire Heald Duane A. and Carolyn Henders Danielle N. Henkel Awilda Henrie Liana C. Henrie Eddy D. and Karen J. Herbison Alcides S. Hernandez Milca Hernandez Francis X. and Nancy Heshler Ruth S. Heshler Rev. and Mrs. Thomas Higgins Josue A. Higueros ‘10 Paul and Karen Hinkley Sarah K. Hixon Kamaren N. Holloway Col. and Mrs. J.W. Holmes Milton R. Holloway Honey Brook Presbyterian Church - Honey Brook, PA Terry L. and Lisa M. Howell Iglesia Fuente Devida - Philadelphia, PA Mark and Stacey Imler Steven J. and Dianna Jacek Keionna “Kiki” A. Jackson Rachel C. Jacob Bethany G. Johnson Harvey and Jodie Johnson Linwood C. and Kim B. Johnson Stacey L. Johnson Andrew D. and Megan Jordan Albert P. and Sandra Justiniano Lorena Patricia Keely Nancy R. Keiser Betty I. Keiter Michael J. Kemler ‘10 Ronald and Gloria Kemmerer Kenco Paper, LLC - Pennsauken, NJ Lisa Kerekish Daniel and Linda Kettell Hyon Suk Kim Jenny Kim John P. and Kara Kimmel Samuel N. and Christina Kimmel L. T. and Kathy King Irwin D. and Joan K. Kirtman Margaret A. Kisby Daniel J. Kline ‘10 Taisa Kline Cera E. Klinger Gene M. and Jean Klinger Michael G. and Paula Klinger Shirley Koenig Kurian and Joyce Koshy Linda Kriner Ronald J. Kroptavich Stephen P. and Daria Kroptavich Lawrence R. and Bonnie L. Kuhns Gene H. Kummerer Norma Kummerer Richard D. and Ellen Lafferty Lakeshore Assembly of God - Westfield, NY Jela Lang Christopher and Carolina Lanza Frank ‘77 and Sandra ‘77 Lanza Meridyth B. Lanza Rose Lanza Ted and Tara Lappas James Laroche Ricky LeBlanc


Bonnie L. Leithmann Leominster Assembly of God - Leominster, MA Betty Lewis Margaret H. Lewis Rodney A. and Louise Lewis Emmett M. Lien, III Lighthouse Christian Fellowship - Pennsburg, PA Bruce and Bambi Liller Joseph Lillie Dania Esther Lima Living Hope Community Church - Newfoundland, PA James ‘77 and Diane ‘78 Lloyd William Glenn and Hattie J. Lofton Claudia Londono Lorrie Lopez Thomas C. and Deborah MacArthur Irmingard Mace Carol Mack David E. and Linda Maracle Migdalia Marinez Marlton Assembly of God - Marlton, NJ Henry E. and Willa Marquiss Mr. and Mrs. James Martin Irma Martinez Mildred Martinez Christopher D. ‘06 and Jessica Massey Jessica E. Massey ‘09 Amanda N. Matias Elizabeth Matkovic Anthony J. Mattera Joseph J. and Debra Mattera Sarah M. McAdams McCormick Chiropractic, P.C. - Limerick, PA Richard and Beatrice McDonald Joshua A. McGinnis Larry A. McGuffie ‘10 Philip and Valerie McLeod Dirk L. and Karen McNeely Laura Hoffman Meltzer Don and Evie Meyer Linda Minotto Joseph and Marianne Modica Dennis Monroe Monroeville Assembly of God - Monroeville, PA James P. Monson ‘10 Gloria R. Moore Patricia Moore Kenneth V. and Renee A. Moreland William D. Mornick Basil Morris Daniel and Shelli Mortensen Mr. and Mrs. Boyd C. Myers III J. Aryn Myers Bryant Nam Micheal A. and Faith M. Nault James E. and Donna Naylor Johnnie L. and Ada Neidig David E. Neubert Lavell J. Newell Dwan N. and April Newsome Jon C. and Melanie Nichols Donato Nicolais Robert ‘73 and Susan Noble Sonia L. Noble Mary A. Noldy Heidi J. O’Boyle Terrence J. O’Boyle Paul N. and Katherine O’Kelley Andrew M. and Marie Dec Olearsek Arminda Ortiz

Matthew Osterlund Angela Owens Janet Pagan Richard and Evon Peet John and Michelle Pehlman Donald Pender, Jr. Thomas J. and Marlene Piacentino, Jr. Pittsburgh City Outreach - Pittsburgh, PA Amy M. Platt ‘10 Kathryn Polich Karla Polli Erica R. Poper Mildred D. Porter Joan Potish Richard E. and Barbara Price S. Scott and Cindy Price William Price Marsha Prosser Reginald G. Pugh Lloyd A. and Carole L. Pusey Stephanie L. Pyle Miguel Quintana Lisa F. Ragland Israel and Ana Ramos Mrs. Ramos-Pagan Brian and Jessica Rankosky Bryan and Cristi Reid Dale and Arletta Reid Fred Rice C. Floyd and Becky Richmond Ridgewood Assembly of God - Pittsburgh, PA Devon J. Ritchey ‘10 Maria Rivera Matta Rizkallah David and Barbara Robb Linda G. Robertson Carl R. and Teresa L. Robinson Javier Robles Ronald E. and Donna J. Rodgers Carmen Rodriguez Evelyn Rodriguez Kathia Rodriguez Laly Rodriguez Ann M. Rohrbach Melva Romero Kevin and Tanya Ross Betty D. Rowe Haley Rowe Myriam Ruager Michael J. and Sharon Conrad Russavage Jaime Ruth S.A.L. Post 25 - Northumberland, PA Richard D. and Gloria Sames Curtis E. and Amy E. Sandberg Zoraida Santana Lisa L. Saunders Peter E. and Holly Saxton Stephanie J. Saxton Marissa D. Schade Wilma K. Schneider Nancy Schroder Jeffrey P. Schultz David M. ‘80 and Pamela Scolforo Bonnie Scott John L. Scritchfield Rev. and Mrs. Denny Seler Ryan A. Seler Leah C. Setliff James W. and Patricia Shade Russell J. and Laureen Shickly

David S. ‘90 and Barbara Shields Aubrey N. Short Wendy K. Sigourney Evangeline E. Siko James S. and Bridget Sileo Sinking Spring Family Dental, LLC - Sinking Spring, PA Derwin Skotch Douglas M. ‘05 and Karen ‘03 Smith Gale A. Smith Jimmy G. and Leesa M. Smith, Jr. Keith E. and Betty Jean Smith Lawrence D. and Susan Swab Smither Lawrence F. Snow Duane and Barbara Soldan Mildred Sosa Wilma Sperber Rebecca A. Spotts Spring Valley Community Church - Royersford, PA Springs of Eternal Life Center of Victory - Phoenixville, PA Edward Stagel Catharine E. Standley Bryan Steel Jack R. and Patricia L. Steel JoAnn Stevens Robert L. and Sandra J. Stevens Sara A. Stevens Kevin and Lynn St. George Rebecca M. Stolzenbach Francis E. and Christine Strauss Kent A. and Kim Strickland Georgia R. Stubbings James M. and Virginia Sullivan William W. and Nancy J. Svitak, Sr. Gene A. and Vera Swartz Christina Swe Heather R. Swope ‘09 Daisy Sykes Debra J. Talarico Mary E. Tanner Tod Douglas Tanner Mr. and Mrs. Tony Tanner Kathleen Terragnoli ‘83 Larry and Gladys Tharpe The Bridge Church - Hamburg, PA The Master’s Touch - West Townsend, MA Hampton Thomas Joel Thomas Steve E. Thurston Robert J. and Jeanne M. Tilley James Timony Justin Tkach Mary Torres Gregory J. and June C. Toth Trinity Assembly of God - Lutherville, MD Leland P. and Shirley A. Trought Karen L. Troutman Susan D. Truesdale M. Lawrence and Gail C. Tucker Heather C. Tuit Mr. and Mrs. James Tuit David and Laura Twiss Harold T. and Alvina Twiss Heather Twiss Christopher W. Underwood Evette Valentin Andrew J. ‘07 and Angela (Franco) ‘05 VanCott Joseph ‘83 and Karen ‘83 VanCott Stephen M. VanCott Rebecca J. Viola Virginia Riggers, Inc. - Winchester, VA

Bryan and Karen Ward David P. and Sharon J. Weaver Kenneth ‘73 and Esther ‘74 Weaver Robert E. Weaver Charles H. and Helen Wecker, Jr. David Weisensale Donald L. and Sandi A. Wells Russel M. White Donald C. and Pamela Whitehead Roger and Donna Whitlow Willard Graphics - Willard, OH Anderson and Jennifer Williams Jennifer L. Williams Jennifer Williams ‘07 Stephen S. and Gabrielle Windlow Joseph and Sharon Woodmancy William P. and Lorraine L. Yatron Kim E. Young Nellie Youngblood Florence Yungman Rosie Zayas Beverley A. Zeman Daniel L. and Susan Zimmerman

RVers (RETIRED VOLUNTEERS) Gene and Marilyn Arnold - Pennsylvania Bob and Jan Beaver - Pennsylvania James and Nan Clamon - Texas Vernon and Edith Davidson - Georgia Lloyd and Pat Dickinson - Michigan Ed and Millie Evans - Alabama Elmer and Tish Huffman - South Carolina Elmer and Allie Kuehn - Michigan Bill and Joyce Lingo - Alabama Dave and Linda Maracle - Florida Phil and Norma McClary - Texas Ken and Peggy McGowen - Texas Pat and Carolyn Millwood - South Carolina Bill and Mary Nemeth - Michigan August and Mary Schuh - Florida Ken and Fran Shaulis - Florida Ben and Betty Suazo - Florida Larry and Kathey Swartz - Pennsylvania Malcolm and Mabel Wagner - Texas Donnie and Denise Wilson - Maryland David and Jan Woodcock - Wisconsin


Bethany Church - Wycoff, NJ Don James, Pastor Evangel Temple - Springfield, MO Charles Arsenault, Pastor Faith Assembly of God - Cressona, PA Rick Werkheiser, Pastor Grace Assembly of God - Spring City, PA Jack Mason, Pastor Spring Valley Community Church - Royersford, PA Daniel McNaughton, Pastor Digital Media Center Renovations Alicia Desrosiers Gary Desrosiers Sue Desrosiers Frankie Fusco Chelsea Robinson Tim Scouten Doug Smith Katie Strohm



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VFCC 2010 Annual Report  

Valley Forge Christian College 2010 Annual Report

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