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The Surak Tiger Issue No. 1, July 14, 2010

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The Student Body Judical System


People Focus ‘Mr. Kim, Young Cho’

Surak High School

Surak High School Take the Lead in Cultivating Talented Students Surak High School was designated as a selfcontrolled High School from 2010 - Principal of Surak High School, Kim, Yung Eun -


n March 1, 2010, Surak High School was selected as a self-controlled high school by the government. Becoming a self-controlled high school means that this school is operated by itself and can make its own decisions.

he government gives these schools a lot of money, so these schools can spend their money running programs for better educational environments and their students. This kind of school can invite many new and talented teachers and a specialist in counselling students who have problems and worries. Surak High School invited many competent teachers and started a ‘Green Mileage System’ that can regulate students without corporal punishment. As a result, the number of mischievous students decreased drastically. Moreover, this school opened more individual study rooms which are open 6 days a week. Thanks to this system, a lot of students can study in school and save time and money.


he Principal of Surak High School, Kim Yung Eun, said, “The self-controlled Surak High School’s vision is to cultivate students as righteous and faithful young leaders. And the school is developing various programs that realize its goal such as voluntary services, reading time, 3·5 movements and so on. Furthermore in 2012, Surak high school will commemorate the 10th anniversary of the foundation of our school when all graduates and current students can look back at our achievements and hope for an even better future.”


s Surak Self-controlled High School develops in a variety of ways, many students will graduate as talented people that will take the lead in many fields of the global world. by staff reporter Kim, Ji Hae (

take the lead in~ 솔선하여~하다 / cultivate 양성하다 / self-control high school 자율형 공립 고등학교 / operate 운영하다 / competent 유능한 / reward and punishment system 상벌점제도 / righteous 바른사람 / faithful 참된 / commemorate 기념하다


The Surak Tiger

Which club do you want to join? nce Club The Scie   “HOAS” “HOAS” is a science club in which we do various experiments and learn about science theories in an interesting way. For example, we make nylon with chemical materials and learn about how to compose high molecular substances, which is something that we can hardly do in regular classes. Why don’t you join us?

S.R.B.C. is a shortened word for Su Rak High School Broadcasting Center. We always do our best to deliver the news as fast as we can. When the broadcast starts, please stop for a while and listen carefully to the voice coming from the microphone.

S W E AT Astronomical Observation Club

SWEAT is a club where we can develop our debating skills. The club’s name is an acronym for Speaking, Writing, Expressing, Analyzing, and Thinking. As you can see, when debating, we are never afraid of speaking up and expressing our ideas, which is needed ability in this competitive society. Don’t you want to see us up close? Come and visit us.

Hello, we are the members of the Astronomical Observation Club. Have you ever observed a sunspot? It’s something that we can experience thanks to Mr. Shin, Bum Young. If you feel small and tired from lots of work, look at the sky and make a wish. If you are interested in our club, please come and join us.

by staff reporter Wi, Hyo Im(

theory 이론 / chemical 화학의 / molecular 분자의 / department 한 부문 / shorten 짧게하다. 축소하다 / operate 움직이다 / astronomical 천 문학의 / observation 관측, 관찰 / substance 물질 / debate 토론 / analyze 분석하다

July 2010


h c e e p S h s i l ” g n “ E t s The 1 k a r u S t a t Contes

The 1st English Speech Contest, organized by Surak High School, took place on May 24th

Kwon Hyeon-su(2-6)

at the auditorium. Fifteen students participating this contest made a speech based on their own topic, such as their unforgettable memories and their dreams. Not only were the participants very nervous and intense, but so was the audience. The first prize was awarded to Joo, So Yeon (Grade 10) After the contest we conducted some interviews with a judge, contestants, and audience

Judge - Nolan Gogol (teacher)

members. Here is the interview:

q What

did you think of the first Surak English Speech Contest?


I thought all the students did extremely well. Almost every student prepared a really detailed speech with a lot of good content. So I was really surprised.

q How did you evaluate them? A

 irst of all, their content. The delivery of their F speech is also important. I evaluated them based on how naturally the speech was delivered. Also, another thing was whether they looked at the audience or not and how much they referred to their notes.

take place (특히 미리 준비되거나 계획된 일이) 개최되다[일어나다] / audiences 청중 / cheerful 발랄한, 쾌활한 / awarded 수여되다 extremely 극단적으로 / refer to 참고하다.


The Surak Tiger

English Speech Contest

Contestant - Jo o, So Yeon (Grade 10)

(Grade 11) Contestant - Lee, Yun Jae

q Can you tell us what it’s like being on the stage? A

Joo, So Yean - I got so tense because I thought that I might have forgotten some parts to deliver and there were so many people listening to me. So I was very worried and nervous. However, I did my best so I am proud of myself.


Lee, Yun Jae - I felt very nervous. So, as soon as I got on the stage, my mind went blank. I could have done better if I had not been that nervous. Next time I will practice more.

Kim, Jeong Won (Grade 11) Audience

q Did you enjoy the speech contest? A

I thought many students prepared a lot for this speech contest. Some speeches were somewhat boring, but, overall, it was an interesting and new experience for me.

The Winners’Smiley Faces From left to right Back row

(Lee, Jun Hyuk, Lee, Do Young, Joung, Min Gyu, Kim, Se ho) Front row

(Han, Ye Bin, Joo, So Yeon, Park, So Young,, Lee, Yoon Jae, Lee, Su A)

by staff reporter

Lee, Yu Jin (

Lim, Kyung Min (

Bae, Young Eun (

tense 긴장한, 신경이 날카로운 / script (연극·영화·방송·강연 등의) 대본 / practice 연습하다 / instructive 유익한

July 2010


Trainee Teachers Came to Surak High School

a trainee teacher, Choi Bitnara Students in Choi, Bitnara’s demo class

n April 4th, 2010, six trainee teachers came to Surak High School for student teaching. Their majors are consultation (Um, Sujin), Music (Shin, Mingyeong), Korean (Bok, Nayeon), Japanese (Kim, Dahye), and English (Choi, Bitnara). Some of them previously graduated from Surak High School, so it attracted the students’ attention.


ok, Nayeon, a trainee teacher and a member of the graduating class of 2007 of Surak High School herself said “I feel good because I returned to my alma mater as a teacher and met juniors.” She also said that her dream has progressed one step further, so she showed much enthusiasm.


he teacher trainees learned how teachers performed their job by observing the classes for grade 10 and 11s for almost one month.


t the end of the teaching practicum, Choi, Bitnara, did a demo class and showed her teaching ability. All of the teachers from the English department came to her class and observed it. Even though she was a novice teacher, she did a great job, using the interesting learning materials such as the cartoon, the Simpsons. Students in Choi, Bitnara’s demo class filled in the blanks, listening to the conversation of the characters and did some role play in front of other classmates. Ms. Choi said that she learned a lot of lessons while preparing for the demo class. by staff reporter Kang, So Yeon (

trainee teacher 교생 선생님 / alma mater 모교 / progress 진전을 보이다 / enthusiasm 열정 / perform (일, 과제 등을) 행하다 / observe ①…을 보다. ②관찰하다 ③(발언· 논평·의견 을)말하다


The Surak Tiger

Movie Poster 1. Title 9th Class 2. Director Kim, Min Su (2-9) 3. Cast Students of 209 Ms. Choi 4. S  ynopsis In Surak High School, the students of 9th class were living ordinary lives. One day, they heard the news that a soccer competition would be held. They hoped that they could win the competition. After all, they got tickets for the finals. In the finals, how would this game go? The 9th class will be the champion after all? 5. Release date July 14, 2010

“Are you ready to be moved by this touching story?”

1. Title Error Code P.I 2. Director Kim, Hong Kyun (2-10) 3. Cast Tom Cruise (Tom Kazansky) Jun Ji Hyun (Elizabeth Green) Ham, Seul (Sam Hayes) Park, Min Jae (Mark Paulson) Kim, Hong Hyun (Jerry Kim) and so on 4. S  ynopsis :“SRF” was established to create an artificial intelligence. They did reseach and development for quite a long time and finally many kinds of robots were made successfully. But they had to adapt to a human being’s community. Through rough times, they finally started to feel like humans and they realized that they are different from others. So they start a fight to know the truth......... 5. Release date July 14, 2010

An Unavoidable Fight Will Begin!!!! by staff reporter Bae, Young Eun (

soccer competition 축구 시합 / finals 결승전 / after all 결국 / artificial intelligence 인공지능 / adapt to ~에 적응하다. / human being 인간

July 2010


Teacher’ s Day Event Held O

n May 23th, Teacher’s Day, the event that teachers

In Surak High School

didn’t expect much from was held. It was supposed to

be a surprise party that students prepared a long time for.


ot only were the homeroom teachers touched, but so were the other teachers. All teachers were moved by

students’ events where they sang a song and put red carnation corsages on teachers. Most teachers said that the best present ever were student’s hand written letters. Lee, Eun Ji, 207 homeroom teacher and science teacher, said that the letters from students gave her a lot of energy and made her want to become a better teacher.


t wasn’t only students who made this event special. Choi, Ju Yeon, 209 home teacher and math teacher, sang a song

for students to show her thanks. Students from 209 class said that it was so fantastic and they would never forget this year’s Teacher’s Day.

by staff reporter

Kim, Ji Hae (

Kang, So Yeon (

a surprise party 깜짝파티 / corsage 코사지 / homeroom teacher 담임선생님


The Surak Tiger

Do you know “

“the student body judicial system ””? These days, our school is changing a lot of things. One of the things going to be enforced from this year is a student self-government court. The student self-government court is different from the orignal system. In the orignal system, teachers punished students. However, in the new system students punish each other, especially those who receive many demerit marks. This court is going to be open once every three months and it will punish trouble makers by a jury system which is composed of the peers themselves. Some students might think this system is useless. However, many neighboring schools currently use it. As a result, many students with bad behavior and chronic late attendance decreased and the school’s atmosphere became better than before. June 5, 2010, the 1st Surak High School student body judicial system was held. The following is the interview with students who acted as a judge, a public prosecutor, and a juror.

Bak, Hye Mi (Juror) Kim, Jae Wo (Judge)

Choe, Gyeong Rak (Public prosecutor)

As a juror, it was hard

When I interrogated the stu-

I think this system is effective in

for me to decide the

dents that I barely knew, I felt

improving students’ awareness


a little apologetic. I hope the

for those who received many de-

ments for each one. Nevertheless,

student body judicial system

merit marks. As a judge, it was

it was worthwhile to understand

will play a key role in mak-

hard to say something objec-

their situations respectively and

tively and fairly. However, I felt

give deserved punishment in-

good about myself because I ap-

stead of punishing them from a

peared to have dignity.

teacher’s position.


ing many graduates of Surak High School choose to become a judge, public prosecutor, lawyer, or jury members in the future.

by staff reporter

Lee, Ji Eun ( reporter

Kwon, Sun Ji (

enforce 실시하다 / transom 일방적으로 / demerit mark 벌점 / offender 위반자, 범죄자 / juror 배심원 / insufficient 부족한 / chronic 상습적인 / atmosphere 분위기 / awareness 의식, 자각 / objectively 객관적으로 / dignity 위엄 / deserved 응당한 / interrogate 심문하다 / public prosecutor 검사

July 2010


People Focus in Surak Today, we interviewed one of our Korean English teachers, Kim Young Cho. He’s just returned from Hong Kong after teaching there for slightly over 3 years. Many students say that the way he teaches English is a bit different from how others do. So we interviewed him in English for half an hour in his office, and here is what we’ve learned about him. Q. Why do you teach English in a different way?


o I? Well, every teacher has their own unique way of teaching English. What I’m trying to do is to use English to teach it. So I try my best to use English as much as possible. Over time, they will realize that it is not so difficult to speak or write in English. Also, while tackling reading comprehension questions, I encourage my students to see how each writer develops their main ideas in a paragraph-long essay. If you know the basic structure of a passage, you can easily catch what they are mainly talking about even if you don’t know every word in a passage.

Q. Can you tell us how you learned English yourself?


ell, I don’t know if I can answer this question well because I’m still struggling to pick up English. Probably, the best way is to expose yourself to as much English as possible. You could watch movies or news clips in English. Personally, I used to read English newspapers daily for a few years and these days I read lots of novels in English. Maybe it’s just because I’m an old-fashioned boring reader. Ha-ha!

caricatured by Mo, Jin Wong 2-4

Q. Who is your role model?


isung Park. Above all, he’s devoted to what he does : playing soccer. Also, he is hardworking. Even though he is not a skillful player, he fully compensates his lack of skill with his ‘sweat’. Additionally, he is a team player. He’s always willing to pass the ball to his teammates, and help others score and become heroes. If I were born again, definitely I would play soccer like he does.

by staff reporter

Kim, Ji Hae (

Kang, So Yeon (

Woo, Su Jeong (

comprehension 이해 이해력 / encourage 용기를 북돋워주다 / personally 자기 생각으로 / compensate 보상하다 변상하다 / definitely 명확히 분명히


The Surak Tiger

Funny Cleaning

(Lee, Chun Seong 1-7)

Hey, I saw Kim, Tae Hee yesterday.

You are kidding. Just do your job.

Good -Bye See you later

Funny Cleaning

July 2010


Love Spreads through

our Small Hands On June 1, 2010, class 101 went to ‘Gapyeong Flower Town’ for volunteer work. First, many students were worried about lots of work to do that they haven’t done before, but, at the same time, their hearts fluttered with expectations that their small hands might actually help the unpriviledged people. Their first task was to wash the sanitary supplies with disinfectant. Many of them were reluctant to wash them because of the strange color of the disinfectant. During their volunteer work, one hospitalized patient died and many students felt sad and shocked because they rarely experienced death in their lives. This experience was something special because students were able to learn the true meaning of sharing and helping each other in the community. Kim, Eun Jeong(101) said that she felt that she became a responsible citizen and was very thankful to the nun who encouraged her and other students a lot. On June 6, class 203 went to a shelter for mentally disabled people, located in Gapyeong (Gapyeong Ga-nan-han Ma-em-ee Jip). Students went to the vineyard that the shelter asked them to work, and cut off some leaves and twigs that grow on the top of each vine. The reason is that grapes can grow well if they have more nutrition. It was a scorching day, so most students got sun-burned and thirsty. However, they wanted to help people in the shelter and they knew that this was the only way that students can help them. Their hands were small and could not do much alone but those small hands of class 203 added up to enormous love and help. As a token of thanks for all students’hard work, social welfare workers and the patients who were hospitalized in the shelter showed them a beautiful performance of beating recycled oil drums and making beats. It was such a harmonious and touching experience. by staff reporter Shim, Se Mi(

volunteer work 봉사활동 / heart flutter 설레다 / task 일 / disinfectant 소독약 / nun 수녀 / hospitalized 입원한 / recycled 재활용된 / cut off 잘라내다 / twig 잔가지


The Surak Tiger

Hot Potato

Green Mileage System Surak high school has adopted a ‘Green Mileage System’ to control and reward students’ behavior. From the beginning of 2010, Surak High School has developed a new policy called ‘The Green Mileage System’. It is a policy which allows teachers to reward or punish students by giving reward or penalty points to them. Although the purpose of the system is to promote students’ autonomy, many students are expressing their dissatisfaction toward it. One aspect most students were discontent with was the vague standard in giving rewards.

“I think teachers should establish a precise standard. It’ s too broad.” said So Yeong Park.

For instance, rule #8 says ‘A student whose behavior has much improved can get g Park So Yeon

2 reward points.’ Students want to know exactly how much their behavior has to be improved. They also insist that teachers should give not only penalties but also rewards. Teachers as well as students agreed on that.

“It is true that there’re more chances of getting penalties than rewards. However, if students do their best, they can also get rewards. Students should try hard to obey the rules and teachers should participate actively.” said Beom Young Shin, head of the disciplinary department. Mr. Shin, Beom Young from the disc iplinary depart ment by staff reporter Joo, So Yeon (

Hot potato 뜨거운 감자, 난감한 문제 / emphasize 강조하다 / disciplinary department 생활 지도부 / management 관리, 운영 / impose 부과하다

July 2010


Are you a wannabe fashion leader? Then Read this Page!


*Sun Block

In Summer, a converse bag (made of cloth) is cool

UV rays are strongest from about 11 am to 2 pm,

and light. Also, a multi-bag is as useful as a cross-

during the summer months. It is effective

bag or tote-bag.

when you apply sun block 30 minutes before going out. And if you want perfect protection, apply it to your body parts every two hours.

*Sandal This year women’s shoes trend is known as the “gladiator sandal.” The gladiator sandal style is tying the top of the foot and ankle with a strap. Men’s sandal is best with fixed strings. If it doesn’t have fixed strings, serious foot pain may occur.

*Hat Caps provide a shade for our face. When you put on a cap, it looks more casual, and matches well with any dress or shirt.

*Bangle A Wrist Bangle decorates your arm and wrist. Its effect is that it makes your arm look slimmer. In addition, it makes you more stylish, casual and luxurious.

During this summer, you CAN be a fashion leader.

by staff reporter

Woo, Su Jeong (

strap 가죽 끈 / string 끈 / effective 효과적인 / protection 보호 방어 / wrist 손목 / refine 세련되다 / occur 나타내다


The Surak Tiger

Hong, Yun Jeong (

C N S f o s r e b m e m e h t We are r Club) e p a p s w e N k (Sura

Surak high school has adopted a ‘Green Mileage System’ to control and reward students’ behavior. From the beginning of 2010, Surak high school has developed a new policy called ‘The Green Mileage System’. It is a policy which allows teachers to reward or punish students by giving reward or penalty points to them. Although the purpose of the system is to promote students’ autonomy, many students are expressing their dissatisfaction toward it. One aspect most students were discontent with was the vague standard in giving rewards. * Editor-in-Chief Wi, Hyo Im (2-1) While making this newspaper, I had learned many skills. So, if I became a journalist, this experience would help me a lot. I’ m happy that I finally can see this isssue released. * Layout personnel Kang, So Yeon (2-7) Designing the cover was a challenge for me, but I’ m satisfied that I finished this on my own. * Staff Reporter Shim, Se Mi (1-1) - Although it was pretty hard, it is good to see The Surak Tiger. Joo, So Yeon (1-5) - It was a wonderful time and I hope to keep joining this club. Kwon, Soon Ji (2-2) - It was an interesting experience and I want to put as many quality articles as possible in the next issue. Lee, Yu Jin (2-7) - I can’ t forget this club forever. Bae, Young Eun (2-7) - I had a very good time. Lim, Kyung Min (2-7) - I will join this club forever and I love SNC. Li, Ji Eun (2-3) - At first, it was a little hard, but then, it became fun. Kim, Ji Hae (2-2) - This club will be remembered forever in my memory, it’ s very invigorating. Woo, Su Jeong (2-2) - It was hard for me to write articles by myself but it’ s a priceless experience. Hong, Yun Jeong (2-2) -Writing the article was hard at first, but now it became an easy habit. * Faculty Advisor Kim, Yoon Ji It was an honor for me to work with amazing SNC members and faculty advisors. Also, it was another pleasure of mine to see students make progress day by day. Thanks to talented students like Mo, Jin Wong, Jeon, Ki Soo, and Lee, Chun Sung, our newspaper has more uniqueness and variety. Lastly, I’ d like to thank Mr. Kim, Young Cho and Ms. Baek, Ji Hyun for their help. Nolan Gogol I felt immense pride and satisfaction after seeing all the work participating students and teachers put into the school newspaper. It is a very impressive first issue. I also look forward to the next issue with great anticipation.

Why ‘The Surak Tiger?’

At first, we’ve thought about ‘Surak Times’, ‘Surak herald’.....but you have probably heard of those names elsewhere. We decided to choose the name on our own. As some of you may notice, the tiger is our school’s mascot, and like the tiger cries out loud, we will speak our voice anytime and anyplace on behalf of all Surak High School members. Our mascot drawn by Jeon, Ki Soo

July 2010


The Surak Tiger Surak High School 139-838, Sanggye-1-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Korea Tel 070) 8677-2119 Fax 02) 935-1460


surak high school

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