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Marketing solutions

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Digital products designed to reach, engage and connect climbers


It is our mission to create value through innovations for climbers and the entire climbing industry

Vertical-Life is a digital platform for the entire climbing community. Developed by climbers, we have built an ecosystem of products and services for climbers and industry professionals. We are passionate about innovation and love creating digital solutions for better access, community involvement, and connection between all key components in the world of climbing.


...For climbers

• access to climbing routes, always up to date

• world's largest climbing community

...For climbing gyms

• professional gym management system

• expertise & training innovations

...For climbing brands

• access to the most active, dedicated climbers

• innovative marketing solutions

...For climbing federations & alpine clubs

• Scorecard & Competition Result System

• direct channel ro reach junior climbers

Within our ecosystem, we connect...

• 1.8 million climbers

• > 100 authors of climbing guides

• > 2.000 climbing gyms

• IFSC and multiple national sport climbing federations

• Alpine clubs across Europe

• Hundreds of climbing events


As of today, there are 44 million climbers worldwide who participate in one or more of these four segments of climbing:

OUtdoor Indoor Training EVENTS

MEdia & user attention

Outdoor climbing has massive followership, with over 250 million YouTube views from the top 5 climbers' content alone


• 15.000 climbing gyms and facilities worldwide

• In Germany alone, the number of gyms has tripled in 20 years

Fitness 2.0

• 46% of climbers view training as an important part of climbing

• 85% of climbers would like to climb more than three times/week

Pro-level & the Olympics

• Sport climbing made its Olympic debut at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo

• Number of professional events is quickly growing

We have developed user touchpoints for all four segments of climbing, reaching over 2.8 million climbers in the world’s largest climbing community, allowing you to optimally reach your specific target audience of climbers.

Guidebooks & topos

1.2 million outdoor climbers use our digital guides and topos every year

Gym Management software

Over 200 gyms with a total of around 1.6 million indoor climbers

Digital Training plans

16.100 individual training plans have been created on Vertical-Life

Competitions & contests

67.400 climbers in competitions, contests, and promotional events

Climbing is one of the fastest growing sports, rich with traditions, values, and a sense of community
13 7c+ 30 m Raptor 8b 30 m OLakos Ton Leonton Labyrinth 15 8b+ 30 m Rendez With Platon 14 8b 30 m Atlantis Warm-Up Get your body and circulation moving by warming up properly in order to prevent injuries Purple 18.2 6a+ Green The Tower 17.1 6a+ August 201 2 550 pt


Vertical-Life community and content statistics

VERTICAL-LIFE APP STATISTICS 8A.NU STATISTICS 1.3M 22M 00:03:24 Yearly unique users Yearly page views Session duration 120k 6.6M 23K 220K Active users Sessions Monthly active users Monthly sessions 415k 125 11m 120 763 322 961 726 557 818 Total registered users Countries Total logged ascents Crags Total connected climbing gyms Routes Boulder problems

Climbers as an attractive target audience


Climbers spend an annual average of 1.013 Euros on climbing, 13% of which spend over 2.500 €*. Climbers in our Vertical-Life network spend over 2.8 billion Euros every year on climbing.


Climbers’ average incomes are significantly higher than the overall average income.**

< 500 € 500 to 900 € 901 to 1500 € 1501 to 3000 € > 3000 € Climbers Population
climbers' income vs average
annual climbing expenses 28.9% 9.2% 32.1% 20.6% 19.8% 27.4% 19.2% 42.9% up to $25k up to $50k up to $100k over $100k

Notes :

*Global survey

**Based on US population


Climbers also hike (69%), mountain bike (51%), and ski/snowboard (36%).

our user statistics


30% of outdoor climbers have been climbing for over 10 years.


DAV, IFSC, Google Trends, Climbers market study, American Alpine Club, US bureau of labor statistics, LPI market report, 99boulders, ISPO, Outdoor Industry Association, MarketWatch

Overall distribution of all ticks




392 533 834 134 total female users total male users GEnder 32% 68% AGE 165 000 834 134 226 933 under 25 years old Gym Boulder Gym Route Outdoor Route Outdoor Boulder 25-44 years old over 44 years old 13.5% 18.5% 68%

Product catalogue


• Gym partnerships & sponsoring >>>

• Gallery sponsorship >>>

• Challenges >>>


• Web banners >>>

• Advertorial >>>

• Route Setter Magazine >>>

• Ad spaces in climbing guidebooks >>>


• Route Setter Magazine Survey 2022 >>>

• International Climbers' Survey >>>


• Smart Scorecard >>>

• Zlagboard Contest >>>

• Rock Selfie >>>


Since 2016 we have been cooperating exclusively with Vertical-Life to address our climbing target group in the DACH region. Together we implement a very innovative, analogue and digital communication and get in direct contact with the users. We especially appreciate the professional and uncomplicated cooperation."

Gym Partnerships & Sponsoring

Engage with local indoor communities all around the world

Let us help you manage digital and print sponsorships with gyms around the world. We help you find the right gym partners from our network of over 2.500 climbing gyms worldwide, manage the partnership and run engagement campaigns and collaborations.


• Interact directly with climbers

• Gain visibility in the world’s leading indoor gyms

• Build long-term relationships with gyms and their climbers


• Annual visibility in select partner gyms in your target locations

• Pick your partnerships and leave the rest to us

• Effective and reinforced brand awareness

Digital presence

• App visibility through ad space on gym dashboard

• Logo ad space on climbing gym infoscreens

• Social media communication

<5a 5a 5c 6c 7c 8c >8c 5b 6b 7b 8b 6a 7a 8a 162 routes 178 boulders Rockerei Stuttgart Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany
Your logo


Display attractive content to climbers in select partner gyms. Showcase your sponsored athletes, promote community events and present your latest news. Your content is displayed on gym screens and easily managed through our centralized gym management program.

Print presence

• Print advertising in climbing gyms

• Brochures

• Advertisment space on route cards

← Route Card Printed banner examples → Satisfied customers Your logo Your sponsored climbing content Your logo PLACE FOR YOUR LOGO/AD Gallery sponsorship

Connect with the largest online climbing community in the world

The 8a climbing community shares their most cherished climbing moments in our photo gallery. By sharing their posts on social media and bringing in votes on the gallery, they increase their chances of winning sponsored prizes.

Goals Outcome

• Dive into the 8a climbing community's activity

• Advertise brand and products through digital events

• Drive brand awareness

• Win a new audience of climbers

• Share new & exciting marketing content

• Profit from a wide range of social media activities from the community

← ↓ Your brand and product placement in the gallery page

Elevate your brand through Vertical-Life's in-app Challenges

Our exclusive single-brand and multi-brand challenges help you engage with climbers in an interactive and memorable way. Set your challenge as a global event, or target a local audience for a specific location, and watch as climbers work to reach the goal you've set. Prizes are awarded to winners by raffle. Discuss your goals with the Vertical-Life sales team.


• Engage directly with climbers

• Promote your brand and campaigns through unique events

• Drive purchases and conversions

• Connect with indoor & outdoor climbers, gyms & influencers

• Motivate and win our most active climbers as customers

• Build brand awareness and loyalty

↑ Gym Infoscreen

← Brand-dedicated screen in the app

Satisfied customers
Single-brand & multi-brand challenge screens in the app →
Meet and greet with Anna Stöhr 2 nights for 2 persons in a 4* hotel in Innsbruck 2 x Climbing workshop in Innsbruck PRIZES Innsbruck The Climbers’ City Innsbruck offers a variety of climbing activities for all abilities. It takes just a few minutes to get from the city center to various via ferratas, outdoor climbing parks, climbing centers and much more... Challenges 305 / 400 m 869 participants 1 May 31 May 2022 RANKING PRIZES 3050 m 103 Zlags Nicole Bet 1. 1587 m 50 Zlags George Nader 2. May Challenge 305 / 400 m 869 participants RANKING PRIZES 3050 m 103 Zlags Nicole Bet 1. 1587 m 50 Zlags George Nader 2. Innsbruck Challenge 1 Apr - 1 May, 2020 ENGAGEMENT

Banners on and the Vertical-Life app

Reach a vast network of climbers with campaigns on the world's leading climbing platform

Create eye-catching campaigns, effectively promote product launches, events and company updates on the world’s leading climbing news website and app.

• Generate quality traffic

• Maintain constant visibility & target your specific audiences & markets

• Grow brand awareness among the most active & dedicated climbers

• Reach up to 1 million climbers

• Increase brand awareness and conversions

• Reach new audiences through smart targeting

← Vertical-Life App - Premium banner Super banner super banner
Responsive banner VISIBILITY
Skyscraper banner
Goals Outcome <5a 5a 5c 6c 7c 8c >8c 5b 6b 7b 8b 6a 7a 8a Massone Arco J A J O F M A N M J S D Available offline Premium banner Satisfied customers



product releases, events, brand videos and articles

Advertorials on, the world’s leading climbing news and route-logging website, will transform your news into the latest talk amongst climbers.


• Present your brand and selected products to the most active outdoor climbers

• Increase the reach of your branded content

• Share relevant content to grow trust and loyalty among climbers


• Be the headline of the month

• Connect with 1,2 million climbers annually

• Drive purchases and brand awareness Your

ROUTE SETTER MAGAZINE Route Setter Magazine is the world’s first trade magazine for the indoor climbing industry. Published annually, it is distributed to more than 2.500 gyms and industry contacts worldwide with a total of 90.000 readers. Build a direct channel to professionals in the climbing Present products, news and innovations to B2B partners VISIBILITY Goals Outcome Reach out to gym operators, routesetters, and all climbing industry professionals MORE INFO

Ads in Climbing Guidebooks

Advertise in climbing guidebooks published by Vertical-Life

Choose among various strategic advertisement positions and place your ad on covers or content pages of climbing guidebooks.

Book Cover

Back cover U4 148x210 mm + 3mm bleed

Book Content

Double page 297x210 mm + 3mm bleed

Inside cover U3 148x210 mm + 3mm bleed

Flap cover 131x210 mm + 3mm bleed

Single page

- 1 whole page: 148x210 mm +3mm bleed

- Typ areal: 121x180 mm

1/2 page

- 148x105 mm + 3 mm bleed

- Typ areal: 121x90 mm

1/4 page highly: 60,5x90 mm cross: 121x45 mm


↑ The full 2022 survey questions catalogue


A dynamic dashboard with access to indoor climbing gym data

This year’s survey was dedicated to the voices of route setters, gym owners, and all involved in climbing gyms worldwide. Our interest was in learning more about the different services climbing gyms are offering as well as the products they are selling and relying on themselves. By getting access to Vertical-Life’s Data Studio, it’ll be possible to better understand where the global indoor climbing industry is, and how it is developing over time.


• Quick market overviews

• Customizable filters such as gym location, participant role, gym size, products

• Find budgets, growth and tendencies of climbing gyms worldwide

Presented topics in the survey

Climbing Equipment & Rental GEAR

Each of these topics are divided into different categories. You can filter the answers by climbing gym demographics to precisely query your target group.

Gastro, Bar & Shop Holds, Walls & Flooring Administration Routesetting Equipment Events & Courses

↑ The preview of the International Climbers' Survey

International Climbers' survey

Understand the role of the climber as a consumer

The world’s largest climbing survey gives market participants a comprehensive portrait of climbers’ participation, preferences, shopping behaviors and sociodemographics, covering the indoor and outdoor climbing market in over 50 countries. Together with Olivier Aubel, expert sport sociologist, we offer an in-depth report of the market and its most relevant segments.


• Base your decisions on data

• Study your target audiences

• Understand regional and user group differences


• Gain full perspective on all facets of the climbing market

• Optimize investments of marketing and product development

• Be prepared for future trends and areas of growth

Beginner gym climbers

„My gym is great! It‘s got easy boulder problems and a sweet top-rope area.“


Population 15.9% 28.7 years old 67.2% 32.8%
Expertise Level Lead Boulder 4a-5c+ 6a-6c+ 7a-7c+ 8a+ 24% 26% 59% 61% 14% 14% 1% 1% 9.0% Spending GO TO PREVIEW
Years of climbing:
Highest grade climbed:

The Vertical-Life Smart Scorecard is an integral element of our global Adidas Ticket to Rockstars event series, because it enables us to run our all-inclusive grassroots bouldering jams with a user-friendly self-scoring system. Our T2R Smart Scorecard includes tailor-made functions that were specifically developed for us based on our needs, like a voucher system, participant certificates or a loyalty program. It helps us to create sustainable events with a long-lasting consumer experience."

Scoring support and climber engagement for a seamless competition

The Smart Scorecard web application replaces the classic paper scoring, which participants use at climbing competitions to tick their climbed routes and boulders. The system is accessible through any browser via smartphone, tablet or computer. It allows for live results and rankings that can be displayed on monitors and online. Nearly no effort is required by the event organizer when evaluating the end results. No paperwork, no mistakes.


• Bring your brand to local climbing gym events

• Provide an up-to-date tool for your branded events

• Engage with gym climbers by creating fun competitions (ex. product gym tours)


Create an unforgettable experience for all climbers

and non-climbers alike

The official Zlagboard hangtime contests take place worldwide at climbing events, large and small. Participants can measure their finger strength and compete with climbers from all over the world.

The model is simple: the contestants must grasp a pair of 2cm holds on the wooden board and hang as long as they can. The Zlagboard app measures the time precisely and is recorded in the official world ranking.


• Organize unique events

• Collect new contacts at events and in points of sale

• Inspire and motivate event visitors


Entertain large audiences and generate new leads with ease

The Rock Selfie is an entertaining device which allows climbers and visitors to create their own exciting climbing moment. The Rock Selfie can be used at events or as a permanent installation. By tapping on a tablet screen, participants activate a camera timer and position themselves on climbing holds. A photo is captured and automatically edited, replacing a green floor with a spectacular climbing backdrop. The participants can forward the photograph to their email address or download it later from our website.


• Gain contacts by providing valuable memories to your clients

• Personalize background images and newsletter

• Save valuable time with a self-sufficient device

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