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BLABLABLABLA Bon comme le reste du bordel se trouvant dans ce fanzine de merde est écrit en boche ou en rostbeef, j’vais au moins écrire l’édito en français pour que mes potes de Maurienne ne m’en veuillent pas trop. Bref, j’voulais par ce message remercier tous les magazines, tous les skateshops et skateurs qui ont encouragé Nike (et/ou autres compagnies du genre); En effet, vous avez activement participés à la mort de éS. Voilà, félicitations... RéSt In Peace... J’vais en profiter par la même occasion pour vous rappelez ce que vous allez voter aux prochaines élections présidentielles: YACHTING CLUB MAURIENNAIS! Couverture: Tobi, à l’ambassade de Suède de Berne, devant sa superbe salade (et sauce BBQ au Jack Daniel’s). Merci mec pour le repas (et la session qui a suivit). À la tienne! Dos de couverture: Harry, le père de Miro, fan de Versus, sans qui, ce numéro n’aurait probablement jamais été imprimé... Merci encore! Sommaire: Entrevue (en anglais) avec Jonathan Hay, l’homme derrière le magazine Confusion; Paris je t’aime (album photo d’un (non)skate-trip dans la capitale); Hard Jeys at the office (une bande dessinée par Claude); des photos en vrac; Meikirch: Inauguration (en allemand par Miro et Sancho) de la nouvelle mini-rampe... Futur: La vidéo Versus sortira t-elle un jour? Mais où est le #66? Versus survivra t-il à la crise pour atteindre le 100ème numéro? Merci: #1 Änni+Family, L’armée du Yachting Club Mauriennais (Hervé, Lio, Flo, Bob, Bib, Pix, Bat, Trude, Belle-Gueule, Cédric, Youle, Nico, Brandon, Irène, Potch, Magnac, Boulal, Bambou, Beroud, Nektar, Mat, Rom, Sandra, Tanguy, etc...), Niniche, Nao+Family, Tom, Sancho, Noah, Miro+Band, Harry, Michi, Charly+Burgdorf crew, Max+Stuttgart crew, Milä+Kirchberg crew, Alex, Marco, Nick+Bumblefuck crew, Simichli, Fabio, Manu, Tschirre, Frodo, Adi, Claude, Mischou, Colinski, Grufiz+Mafia, Cyru, Tobi, Wolt, Brown, J-Hay @ Confusion, 20-100, Pat, Hugal, Turbo, Tagada Jones, Iron Maiden, Hank Williams III, Slayer, Mötörhead, Béruriers Noirs, The Doors, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Janis Joplin, Kiwi, The Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Patti Smith, OZ, Bob Marley, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Bad Brains, Bob Dylan, Jack, RAF, DIY, FTBX, Low Card, Thrasher, SLAP, Hydro, Soma, Sugar,, Olow T-Shirts, Passion, Powerslides, Rösti, Alcohol, BBQ, Roja-media, Alan & Luc @ Whiteout, Keepy & Dario @ KSG Bern, Linda & Anja @ Doodah Bern etc...

Versus Skatezine & plus #71

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JONATHAN HAY’S INTERVIEW I guess there are also idiots that just know skaters hanging out at Fantasy Factory reading my fanzine... So for them, can you introduce yourself please? Jonathan Hay, I’m 37, editor of Confusion Magazine. I’m born in England, lived in California for 27 years, 19 of those years in Santa Cruz. I moved to Europe in 2005, lived mostly in France, but travelled around for 2 years, then moved back to California for 2 years, and now I live in Europe currently living in Cologne, Germany. I started Concussion magazine (b&w skateboarding magazine) in California in 1996. I made it with a couple other people for 13 years, and then we put it to sleep, because we were losing money every issue, because the internet took over. I moved to Germany, and was going to start a small skate zine, b&w photocopied, to cover different skate scenes all over the world. I unexpectedly got some ads and it made sense to print the magazine rather than photo copy it, and it has grown from there. I realized color printing was the same price as b&w so instead of changing color photos to B&W, I just leave the photos as they are, instead of changing the photographers images. If someone wants to shoot B&W, I print it B&W. If they shoot the photo in color, it is printed in color. Makes sense right? Never saw you hanging out at The Berrics... It seems you messed up your skate career... I never had a skate career. That’s why I’m a photographer, videographer. I skate for fun. How come you are living in Germany now? I met a girl after the Bright Show in Frankfurt 2007, at the Vice after party. She became my girlfriend, then she moved to California for a year, but got kicked out when her 6 month visa expired, and then I moved to Germany, and we live together in Cologne. I should already be living in Northern Spain if my plan had worked out, because I like to live near the ocean, because I surf, but things are always more difficult and take longer than they seem, so for now I’m content living in Cologne, and being able to travel fairly easily and inexpensively to other parts of Europe when I want to. éS RIP... do you think we will soon all have to ride with Nike? It is sad that éS is out of business, although I have never owned a pair of their shoes. I believe they went out of business because of Nike’s attempted, and so far, semi-successful take over of the skateboard world. They tried once and failed, and went back to the drawing board, and returned with NIKE 6.0 and NIKE SB, and tricked a lot of skaters to thinking they were a core skateboard shoe, not some jock football and basketball shoe in sheep’s clothing. The kids these days don’t know, and don’t care about the origins of the skateboard world, and how Nike never gave a shit about skateboarding until they saw that they could profit off of skateboarding. The day skateboarding stops making money (for the mega corporations), they will be out of skateboarding. Some people think Nike is doing a lot for skateboarding, but they are only doing a lot for themselves. Companies don’t sponsor giant events to benefit the public, they do it to continue to brainwash the public so that they can profit in the long run. We could talk the whole interview about this, but basically: DON’T DO IT and check out the website. Support the smaller skater owned companies, not the mega corporations that don’t care about skateboarding, but only care about money. And no, we will not all have to skate in Nikes. Everyone has the right to choose for themselves. Don’t be a sheep, don’t follow the herd. Support smaller brands like SERVANT Footwear (from Sweden) or VOX or FALLEN. I know that you are really into the DIY scene... So, aren’t you hurt to see shit like the XGames (Maloof, Street League, etc...) building huge stuff, and destroy them a couple of days after? 5

j-hay - photo: ryan Craig

The X-Games has been going on for almost 20 years, so it’s nothing new. I still don’t know what Street League is, even though I’ve heard about it lately, but as for this Mountain Dew traveling concrete bowl, it is cool for people to be able to see some of these (previously unknown) guys skating so good (Ben Hatchell, Josh Mattson, Brad McClain, Kevin Kowalski, Ben Raybourn, Skreetch, etc.), but I don’t know enough about the whole thing to really comment on the building and removal of these parks. It seems to me they should just leave them there, rather than make them a temporary tease and pull them down. It’s not like they couldn’t afford to leave them. That company is so giant, and they could leave their logos on their and continue to brainwash the kids instead of taking them down. But I will say, I am so tired of Red Bull, Mountain Dew, Monster, Relentless, etc. also taking over the skateboarding world along with Nike. Let’s have more coffee and beer companies sponsoring events. Energy drinks suck. DON’T DEW IT! How’s CONFUSION going? Is it a full-time job, or are doing something else on the side too? As far as people being interested in the print magazine and following it on the internet, it keeps getting better and better. As far as companies supporting the magazine with ads, it’s not progressing very quickly. Some very large skate companies that, for example, have been bought for 1/2 billion dollars by ber-mega fashion corporations tell me they can not afford to do an ad for 350. To me that does not make any sense, when at the same time, some guys that have their own “DIY” tshirt company, and have other jobs on the side, make the stuff and give it away for the most part, can manage to pull the money together do an ad. Yes, it is a full time job, but I am doing lots of stuff on the side. I make websites and graphic design for various companies, and I run my own diy skate clothing company: mfg HOAX (www.hoaxmfg. com). It’s all a struggle, but I will keep on struggling. I’d prefer to work on only my own projects, but for now I have to make websites for yoga instructors and wineries to have enough money to pay my rent (and to pay for shipping out Confusion all over the world). I maybe have a couple of pictures for you and your ‘zine... Are you interested? If they are good, and it’s something that is reflecting the general style and underground feel of Confusion, of course, I’m always interested. When you are working for a skatemag, doesn’t matter if you want it or not, you are kinda in the skatebusiness, or at least aware from all the bullshit going on... Don’t you get disgusted sometimes? Because I feel like throwing my computer away from time to time.. I don’t really care about the skate business. Yes, I am a part of it and I need to know a bit about what is going on, but I basically try and get advertisements from companies I respect. I 6

j-hay - marina - photo: dave amell

will never accept an ad from an energy drink, or from Nike, or another company I don’t like. I’m doing my own thing, and other people can do whatever they want. The reason I am into DIY and always have been (since running my own speed metal zine when I was 13), is because I like to create, and not to solely consume. Until more people start creating, there will be these giant companies, and millions of idiots following them, because they think that’s the only way... and they want to be accepted by their peers. I never cared what people think of me. I do what I like, and if other people like it, fine, if not, who cares. US Dollar is worth nothing lately... It’s hard to keep on supporting our local skateshops, when they still sell boards for a fortune (at least here in switzerland), even if we could get it for 1/3 prize on pretty much all those online shops... What do you think about this subject? 1 euro is worth $1.43 today. 5 years ago it was $1.30. When the Euro was created as a european currency it was valued at $1.20. It’s not that big of a difference, just because of what you hear in the media; you have to look at the facts. So I don’t see the “worthlessness” of the dollar as having much relevance to your question. However, if you are talking about local skate shops vs. online shops, yes, this is a big problem for the core skate shops. The online shops don’t have to pay rent in busy commercial parts of major cities, for example. They have their warehouses outside the city, where the rent is cheap, so they can afford to sell boards for cheaper. Then again, you have to pay for shipping, so is it really saving you that much? Also you can’t check out the board, hold it in your hand and see if it’s the right board for you. Sometimes you have to pay more money to get better quality. It’s like, you can buy organic vegetables, or ones made with chemicals. The chemical vegetables are going to be cheaper, but the organic vegetables are going to taste better and be healthier for you. If you don’t care, buy the cheap shit. But usually, you get what you pay for in life. People these days are more concerned with saving $5-10 on a skateboard, so they will buy an inferior product, or one that is MASS PRODUCED rather than a smaller brand that perhaps has better wood and better morals behind it’s produciton. It’s the same with everything. It’s easier to leave 7

j-hay - santacruz - photo: karl berquist

your garbage at the park than to throw it in the trash or recycle it, but if you take the easy way out, and leave your trash, there’s garbage all over the park. You have to make decisions in life. It’s not always about the easiest and cheapest way out. Your decision make a difference. Choose wisely. And about boards made in China? It has become necessary for some companies to have their boards made in China in order to not go out of business, since the larger companies get their boards made in china, and make 100x many boards as they do. If Company A makes 10000 boards in China for $15 each, and Company B makes 100 boards in USA for $30 each, then Company A can sell their boards for $25 to US shops, and Company B has to sell their boards for $40 in US shops. The consumer will 95% of the time buy the China board rather than the US made board, so if Company B doesn’t also try to compete with the mega-corporation by buying their boards in China, they will almost guaranteed go out of business. Therefore, they have little choice than to get their boards made in China. However, there are still some smaller companies that don’t get their boards made in China. They are the true heros who practice what they preach, but will probably never make much money, but they can be proud of their decisions. It is important to support these companies. It is very difficult to not be hypocritical on this subject, because chances are, you are wearing something made in China, or maybe everything you are wearing is made in China. China makes stuff cheap, (although not often ethically), and people can’t afford to pay more for things, so they choose stuff made in China. I personally try to choose things not made in China, but I am not perfect, and for example the tshirt I am wearing right now, ok, it’s made in Honduras, and printed through a partner of my distribution company (Black Sheep Distribution) in Santa Cruz, California. My shorts are pants I bought at a 2nd hand store, cut off and sewed my own patches on them, but they were made in China. My underwear was free from Carhartt, it was made in China. My camera was made in Thailand. My video camera in Japan. When I can, I do my part. But to never have anything 8

made in China, is very difficult, and costs a lot of money. I personally am trying more and more to not get things made in China, but made in the same country as where I am living. Because, to pay for something to get shipped around the world, when you can buy almost the same thing in the country you live in, doesn’t make much sense. So really, you should SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL company, unless there is no equal alternative. Belgium or Germany? That’s a tough one isn’t it? Both got great beers and bowls... Belgium has better beer and better bowls. But Germany is catching up with the bowls. But then again, if I decided where to live, by what was the best stuff to skate, I’d be living in Oregon. And on a side not, there are very good beers made in USA, but it is mostly ‘micro-brews’, which don’t ever make it over to Europe (since there is no shortage of beer in Europe). But don’t think that everyone in USA is drinking shitty Budweiser and Coors and Miller High Life, because that is not true. If you had to try one of them, would you try the loop or the megaramp? I’d be really stoked to try to do the loop. I’ve thought about it a lot. But it’s probably a lot harder than it seems. I just had knee surgery where they removed my meniscus and my ACL is torn, so I don’t think i’ll be trying either one any time soon. Top 5 spots: Backyard Pools (California); Cachagua Land (California); Hagen bowl/pool (Germany); La Kantera (Basque Country); Derby (Santa Cruz, California); Oregon Skateparks Top 5 countries: Basque Country ; Spain ; Sweden ; France ; USA Top 5 drugs: LSD (when I was young); Mushrooms (also when I was young); Caffeine ; Alcohol ; Marijuana Top 5 bands: Bad Brains; Minor Threat; Jimi Hendrix; Descendents; Pink Floyd; Mudhoney; 9

Black Sabbath; NOFX; Iron Maiden; The Shunned... Top 5 skatemags: Confusion; Concussion; Lowcard; Thrasher; Soma Ryan: Smith or Sheckler? Not Sheckler Tom: Penny or Asta? Tom Penny because he seems like an interesting guy. Chad: Muska or Bartie? Neither Jake: Brown or Phelps? Jake Brown. He had one of the best slams in skateboard history. Rob: Gonzales or Dyrdek? Not Deerdick After the Black Cross Bowl in Basel, the DIY skate scene in switzerland was pretty much non-existing. But, now, hopefully, we’ve got the SEPTEMBER WHEELS guys to save the honor; Did you already got the chance to see SIHLSIDE? Yes. I posted a video and photos on Confusion website. I haven’t skated it. It looks fun, but could use some more obstacles. I see Steppen (or Step-It-Upside) in Malm as the perfect DIY set up. It’s semi-gnarly, has a bowl, some stuff that is really sketchy (like going over the door hole), and wallrides. I prefer less flat bottom and more chaos. Then it is always a challenge. Cachagua Land in Carmel Valley, Zarosh’s project, is also super rad. It’s not quite as hard to skate as Steppen, but still you’ve got to figure out your lines, and there’s more to it now, that I have yet to skate. What about the BOLDRIDER guys? I didn’t had the chance to meet those guys yet, but they already are my heroes... I’m going to Slovenia, for the first time, to meet them next week. I’ll report back later. But they have been building a great DIY movement over there. Their own distribution, art shows, music, skate spots, tshirts, skate brands. They don’t need to be ordering wood from China, or buying skate brands from USA, they’ve got their own thing, they don’t need anyone. That’s rad. Do you have something you would like to talk about? It’s all just a Hoax! Well, we’re done. Thanks a lot for your time. Hope to see you on board soon! Last words? Think for yourself. Take risks. Brilliant minds think differently. Don’t follow the herd.


j-hay - leioa - photo: jose noro


Paris Je t’aime!


marco crazy wallie - foto: Jey

marco bs smith - foto: Jey



alex whatevering - foto: Jey

jey feeble fakie- foto: sancho



Milae Bs Tail - foto: Jey


Milae pop shove-it - foto: Jey

Milae Bs Tail - foto: Jey



miro next time pop shove-it - foto: Jey

jan (without)nose manual - foto: Jey



samir ollie x2 - foto: Jey

samir next time sw180 - foto: Jey



samir low to high Bs Tail - foto: Jey

samir fs lipslide - foto: Jey



alex fs air - foto: Jey

charly fs hurricaNE - foto: Jey





The park was not different as usual, so, pretty much everybody were skating, like always, only the two curbs not too fucked in this place... Welcome in Bern’s (more or less) only skatepark! Whatever, I talked enough crap about this shit, that there is now a “Fuck Jey and Cops” graffiti at the gate! Great! Thanks guys! Anyway, guys from Zuerich were there, so those two only skatable curbs were now not usable anymore. Doesn’t matter, Noah and Samir are not fucking idiots like me, they don’t care about all this, they ripped and won. That’s it. Afterall, that was fun. Timmy, the speaker, made a great job, and Volcom was cool enough to offer free foods, drinks, and gear. I had to choose who won the best trick -kicker over bench-, and that was tough... everybody was ripping. I gave it to jon from fribourg because he speaks french ahah just jocking. some groopies ripped in peaceS winners t-shirts and the end, hope sponsors werent sad...? anyway thanks to everybody who made this event possible! 42



adi passion - foto: Jey

tschirre fakie flip - foto: Jey



fabio fs rock - foto: Jey

frodo iceplant - foto: Jey


Meikirch Miniromp-opening Am 20. August war es endlich so weit, die Miniramp in Meikirch wurde eingeweiht. Nach unz채hligen Nachmittagen aufbauen, bei denen ich zwar nur selten dabei war (sorry Miro), haben wir es endlich geschafft sie fertig zu stellen. Gelungene Auftritten von Meikircher Bands, gutes Skaten von Berner Locals und Bier zu einem fairen Preis, sorgten f체r eine durchgehend gute Stimmung. Leider ist nach dieser Destruction-Session der Belag auf der Miniramp schon sanierungbed체rftig. Ich hoffe jedoch, dass wir zeigen konnten, dass diese Investition der Gemeinde alles andere als Sinnlos war und wir freuen uns schon auf das n채chste Fest in Meikirch. Sancho-Pancho

noah fs melon - foto: Jey


Versus Skatezine & Plus #71  

J-Hay's interview Meikirch miniramp opening Volcom Wild in the park in Weyerli Photos Gallerie Tobi's first cover Hard Jeys at the Office by...

Versus Skatezine & Plus #71  

J-Hay's interview Meikirch miniramp opening Volcom Wild in the park in Weyerli Photos Gallerie Tobi's first cover Hard Jeys at the Office by...