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Brian Wenning Jereme Rogers Helder Lima Knox Godoy Antwuan Dixon

No nothing, this is just another random shitty picture to fill out this crappy skatezine from hell MF...


Emerica Stay Gold part + Toy Machine Brain Wash part + tons of RVCA footage, all that, in just one year. Nice job kid!

“PURE FUN” fanzine by Tadej Vaukman

photo: Nudl채 Brun

Got on the train from Cambridgeshire Moved down to an East London flat Got a moustache and a low cut vest Some purple leggings and a sailor tat Just one gear on my fixie bike got a plus one here for my gig tonight I play synth... We all play synth 20-20 vision just a pair of empty frames Dressing like a nerd although i never got the grades I remember when the kids at school would call me names Now were taking over their estates woah ho (chorus) I love my life as a dickhead All my friends are dickheads too come with me lets be dickheads (havent you heard?) being a dickhead’s cool cool (x4) cooooool

Parce que laissez un fanzine tel que FTBX mourir, c’est comme laisser un mec en BMX grinder votre curb en marbre, ça ne se fait pas bordel! Skateurs de Beauvais, FUCK YOU!

Polaroid app on my iphone taking pictures on London Fields up on the blog so everyone knows were having new age fun, with a vintage feel coolest kids at a warehouse rave exclusive list look theres my name I got in... You couldn’t get in never bought a pack of fags i only roll my own plugging in my laptop at the starbucks down the road say i work in media im really on the dole im the coolest guy you’ll ever know woah ho (chorus) Loafers with no socks Electropop meets southern hip hop Indeterminate sexual preference Something retro on my necklace


FREE NINICHE Send us all your money now idiots!

MAX SHRÄDDER If you wanna go to Stuttgart once, contact this guy, he’s the best tour-guide you’ll ever find! (Thanks again kid)




Please, take a shower!

Police everywhere justice nowhere, You are useless!


Sex... What else?



Find the mistakes

Find out how many differences there are between those 2 pictures of Samir Isis aka Sancho-Pancho switch ollie in Ostermundigen (first try bitch!) Send us a nice e-mail here: jeremyversusdurand with your answer!

You will never be as cool as Niniche, so just kill yourself...

Sarf The Barf “Niniche is my, and your GOD”


You gonna die, I mean, sorry, it’s written...


Congratulations, you are the king of the Jungle!


Nobody believes you anymore so please, just shut the fuck up...

Because on internet, there is not only bullshit!

You only look good on the bottom of a bottle of schnaps


Was your mom or dad a horse?


Versus is your favorite skatezine


Save water, drink beer!


You will forget what I’m about to say in a couple of seconds anyway




Do I real have to say what I think about this shit down there? Try to get some tricks in front of their stores just to see if they are as cool as they are trying to look like...

TEAM AMERICA WORLD POLICE I’m really not into violence, but damn this fucking wanna be cop just deserve to get beat the fuck up. Please, if you want to be a good citizen, go kill yourself. Society will be thankfull


I mean congratulations, when you see what kind of shit they are producing, they can be proud. Not that easy to ride with crap like this I guess. Anway, now everybody can think that they are real, hardcore, passionated!


New T-shirts coming as soon as I will be done with paying all my hospital bills so near 2012...


get it there:


Here is the new video from Mr Pontus Alv. Another great independent, DIY, production. Support it, get it there: No nothing, this is just another random crappy picture to fill out this shitty empty place of magazine. Thanks

“DESTROYING EUROPE” Versus-special issue


coming when it’s done...

Send us a sms with PARTY PS SA (20$/SMS) to get the full list of the shittiest clubs in switzerland As seen as in Paris, Cool, trendy, famous, VIP, beautiful arrogant stars, people, mode, expensive foods & drinks...


Send us a sms with PARTY LG SA (20$/SMS) to get the full list of the beer you should try when you are overthere Everywhere, Easy people, best beers in the world, just go for it!

FR Montreal

Send us a sms with PARTY MTL FR (20$/SMS) to get the full list of spots you can get wasted Café Chaos, Real music, DIY-spirit, wasted youth... Foufounes électriques, Good music, food, mini-ramp, cheap beers and bitches... 2113, Karaoke, dirty wasters, pure QC spirit...


Send us a sms with PARTY PS FR (20$/SMS) to get the full list of clubs you can easily waste all your money Club #1 to #28 697, Cool, trendy, famous, VIP, beautiful arrogant stars, people, mode, expensive foods & drinks... Your friends, Watch a skate-video, share some pastas and a pack of beers, enjoy real life!


Send us a sms with PARTY BE FR (20$/SMS) to get the full list of places you can listen to some electro-music Entire “city”, If you are not rich as fuck, and don’t like electro-music, stay at home. Sometimes take a look at ISC or Reithalle...


Send us a sms with PARTY ST FR (20$/SMS) to get the full list of places you can skate! Mata Hari, Good music, mini-ramp, beers and bitches... Skateboard Museum, Good music, bowl, curb, rail, etc... but (almost) not a single girl! Black’n’white, Can’t be cheaper than this, because you get kicked-out before ordering your first drink

SA Berlin

Send us a sms with PARTY BE SA (20$/SMS) to get a small amount of stuff you can do Everywhere, From rich bitches, to gay playmobils, to cheap punk-rockers, you’ll find something for you, no doubt.

Y.C.Mauriennais Envoyez-nous un sms avec AUTOROUTE DE L’ENFER YCM SA (20$/SMS) pour obtenir la liste des endroits où mourir...

PMU, Pleins d’anciens, vin blanc pas cher... Stations de ski, La plupart des bars sont à chier, mais avec un peu de menta, il y a toujours de quoi faire! ex: Tequila Suicide

Versus Skatezine & Plus #57  

20 minutes friday style

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