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Édito / Sommaire / News - Thomas Mischler, aka “Le Méchant Mischou”, just got his first Versus bro-model deck, designed by his mentor, Marco Heer. Love you guys! - Colin now lives in Zürich... Yeah, he also loved New York... Don’t even try to understand this guy, you might turn as confused as him in the end. - Cliché est mort... Vive Versus! Bref si vous voulez tout savoir ou presque sur la mort de marque, lisez la vraie fausse interview de Joey Brezinski, page suivante. - Miro, the SuvaPro, is again, in Indo! All the best kid! - “Bernside”, the DIY skatepark project crew in Bern finally got the final ok from the city to build their bowl. They are now trying to get ready (design, crowdfunding, etc...) for spring... À suivre! - Niniche se porte toujours aussi bien, merci pour lui. - “Shoot all skaters” ce mois-ci, avec, en vedette, Max, Grufä, Mischou, Rafi, RJ, Livio, Flo & Amit. - “Have you seen him?” (insert Jan, aka The Boss picture down this) - Cyru is in Mexico... Burgdorfer sales are free falling since then... - Apparemment, Max “Shrädder”, et son équipe, seraient entrain de creuser un tunnel sous son immeuble, en direction de la terre promise... - Everything about “The Eternal beauty of snowboarding”, best snowboard movie ever, by Jérôme Tanon. - The Bäronx, Charles Moore & co. private park is slowly getting bigger. Instagram video part coming soon? - Rumors are saying that Thomas Berger, aka Tomster, could be the next dude getting a Versus bro-model deck...? - “Let’s make skateboarding great again!” avec Versus Bros Distribution & co. (coming sooner than ever...). - Grufä, I’m in love with your sister! (It’s just a joke, but a good test to see if he reads Versus or not!) - Samir Isis, aka Sancho, is finally riding Versus boards, after being sponsored by this same brand since 3 years or something. Good kid! - Kyle Walker est SOTY 2016. Daan van der Linden en 2017 ? - Mini-Michi is about to come back in Switzerland, during X-mas time, from Scotland where he’s studying. Yes! Let’s celebrate! - Yes, #131 wasn’t printed yet... - Les Sacs À Gnôle sont morts...? - Hoax (thank you Jonathan Hay @Confusion) Versus Skatezine & Plus #132 Cover: Fabu + Cyru + Flo / Triple Trouble / Annecy Left: Le méchant Mischou / He’s bro as fuck ! Let’s make skateboarding great again - dec. 2016 /

The real / fake interview

Hello Jojo! What’s up mate, what have been up to? Yo what’s up bro? Pretty busy. Drinking Red Bull all day. Collecting sponsors. Filming shit with my cellphone for my new sponsor me tape on Instagram. True that, you don’t even have a board sponsor anymore since Cliché died... Yeah, but fuck that dude, I was talking about my sponsor me tape for a shoe company, since I quit Puma. I don’t care about Cliché. I never made anything for them pretty much, beside my welcome to the team clip with Fred Mortagne... Puma? Nice... Didn’t knew they were doing something else than running shoes. Anyway, how do you deal with the fact you are promoting poison all the time? Poison? You know... Red Bull... Aaaah man... You know, I’m a proud american. I don’t have any food culture or shit like this. I like cash more, know what I mean? We have Donald Trump as a president anyway, we fucking rule the world. Ok... Whatever... So not so sad about Cliché in the end? Sad? Why should I? They were sponsoring a couple of lazy cunts like me anyway, it was obvious. I mean, Lem Villemin? Daniel Espinoza?

JB Gillet?... Seen something from those guys lately? Nope. Kevin left for FA a while ago already... Lucas was dreaming about Palace since a coupe of years... And Max Geronzi... Is... Max Geronzi... So what did you expect? Ok I see. What about Paul Hart? He was going for it lately... Sure, they turned him pro for something like 2 days, just before shutting down the company... Isn’t that a fucking joke? Yes it is actually... Still can’t believe that Darkstar is working better than Cliché... Or are Dwindle just fucking of their mind? Weird world we are living in right? Yes, it seems everything was working fine at one point. You guys even had Brad McClain in the team for a minute! Did Brad McClain really fit with the Lyon street skating image of Cliché? Huuumm... Yeah almost as much as you did, true that. Anyway, don’t get me wrong, but do you really need to be sponsored by Footprint insoles to skate (mini) manny pad? Actually I don’t even skate manny pads anymore. No shit. I just couldn’t say no to more cash you know... Who did choose the music in the Bon Voyage video? Fuck this guy should go to jail for that shit ... I missed Fred Mortagne so much...

It was me dude ... Oups, sorry... It’s ok man, I don’t give a shit, you know, if you drink enough Red Bull, at one point, nothing else matter anymore! You even start thinking that the Grizzly griptape logo is the shit. Alright, now I understand why you managed to skate with Tensor trucks all this time... Those shit don’t even turn... I don’t have Tensor on my tuned car... You also ride for a snowboard clothing company right? Yeah AWSM dude. More cash man, more cash. What about Val Surf? More cash man, just more cash. Sick bro nah? And the Andale bearings thing? Cheapest industry bearings you can get, sold at a really expensive price, because we have the coolest team ever. How awesome is that? It’s amazing yeah, congrats... Thanks a lot, now I think we all know why the skateboard industry is so fucked up. Alright wanna add something Joey? A huge thanks to Red Bull and... Fuck skateboarding!

“Livio grind”

“RJ FS Airlines”

“Rafi to fakie”

“FS Rafi’cane”

“Amit sweeper”

“Maxy grind”


“Max BS Airlines”

“Max @ BS Ollie land”

“Max upside down”

“Classic Flo move”

“Flo heeler”

“Fabu BS Ass Flip”

“Grufä Voll Damm”

“Classic Grufä 2000 Trick”

“Grufä high as fuck”

“Merci Tom”

“Misch’ switch bro-move”

“BS Misch’lide”

The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding with JĂŠrĂ´me Tanon portrait: Andrew Miller

photo: Jérôme Tanon

Jérôme Tanon... It doesn’t ring a bell? But “The eternal beauty of snowboarding” does right? Or at least, should... If not, go on youtube, and watch this master-piece before going further in this interview. And if you already saw the movie, you probably know why I wanted to do this interview. Yeah, an interview, with a snowboard movie maker, even if, Versus, is a still skateboard fanzine in the first place. Just because, in the end, we (skateboarders, snowboarders) are all the same kind of fucking idiots.So here is it, an interview with Jérôme Tanon, who just released the best snowboard movie of the year! Hello Jérôme. Could you introduce yourself please? Hello Jeremy. So I am 30 years old now and being a snowboard photographer occupied most of my years for past ten of them. I have learned in digital, to then switch to analog by learning by myself, and couldn’t stop it. I live in Annecy where I have access to a darkroom to make my own prints at the end of each winter. I like exploring different oldschool printing and photo techniques as well, it gives a wide range to express yourself. I had been waiting for TEBOS to be done by someone, anyone, for years, until I realised I had to do it myself. Do you know Fred Mortagne? He made this Skate VS Chill clip a couple of years ago. I loved it, and yours kind of remind me of this one a little bit... Yes I know Fred Mortagne for being a huge fan of his work for many years allready. Seeing our similar approach I reached up to him and we are now in contact. The video series of behind the scenes he made for Youtube was almost exactly the same idea as TEBOS. He is a true legend and

passionate artist like there are only a few. Fun fact, he joined for the Lyon premiere of my film and I got to meet him in person. He unsurprisingly was a fan of the film as well ! Your video is so honest. So, even if those guys are fucking maniacs on their boards, I felt way closer to them, than after watching something like “The art of flight” film for example. I guess, it was probably one of your goal with this video right? Yes the main goal was to get you as intimate as possible with these guys, to the point that they seem to be just one of your friends (which they could very well be), so that when something happends to them you are strongly touched as well. By the way, do you also think the “The fourth phase” video was lame as fuck? I still have not seen it ! We gotta see it with Victor Daviet anytime soon to have a definite opinion. I think as core snowboarders we are not really the target of the film, so we’ll have to read between to lines to appreciate it truely.

photo: Jérôme Tanon

photo: Jérôme Tanon

photo: Andrew Miller

Talking about big business... I guess you’ll never be able to work with any energy drink company anymore... right? Well I did turn down a big contract some years ago allready, and yeah truely I don’t want to associate my name with their products, so I don’t see why that would change. The interesting thing is, even though I haven’t talked to someone from these companies yet, at least everybody else in the industry I have talked to actually loved the film and though the snowboard world really needed this blow of fresh wind. So maybe the guys from Redbull and such really loved the film as well, but they just can’t say it publicly. I read somewhere that you didn’t want anybody to have the exclusivity to show your film right? And now, it’s for free on youtube... How does that work financially? I mean, it was probably so much work to produce such a thing...

Can you at least make a little bit of money out of it? Yeah it was indeed a great deal of work, but from the very very start, when the idea first popped into my head, I knew it was going to be a free project and that the film had to be online for free for anyone to see. I didn’t make any money out of it, to the very contrary, as I have paid for all of the fees of everything, from production to premiere tours, and I actually find myself in the red zone of my bank accounts, but I couldn’t be happier ! The film has an incredible impact as far as I can see, and that was the goal. I couldn’t stand it if any kind of logo or deal was associated with it, if any kind of add were playing in front of it. It would be the death of the spirit of the film. That’s also why I didn’t activate adds on youtube as well. Did some riders refused to be filmed? Or even be part of your movie?

None. They actually all agreed when I told them what kind of controversial footage of them I was gonna use, and said “go for it”. To be honest I didn’t really ask anyone before filming them though, I was just filming and that was it. But they supported the project entirely. What was the best thing about working on such a project? The premieres screenings were really incredible. I had not shown to film to almost anyone, and It felt like pourring my brains out and people actually connecting with it and laughing their asses off. It felt incredible for sure. And the worst? The worst was the begining of the editing. Definitely the worst part, when around 12.000 shots lay in front of you to be watched, labeled with a milion keywords, selected, edited, cut. At start I though I could never do it. Any other plan for next years? Nothing precise, I’m gonna be filming with whichever crew calls me for a fun adventure. My camera is locked in a drawer and for a long time I hope! Jérôme, thanks a lot for your time, and for this amazing film. I was laughing my ass off the entire time. Congrats again. Alright, I guess “That’s it that’s all” heheh... All the best. Cheers! Wanna add something? Well thank you very much for your passion towards the film! It’s incredible to see! And yeah... That’s it that’s all!

Versus Skatezine & Plus #132  

Let's make skateboarding great again ! - The real / fake interview with Joey Brezinski - The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding with Jérôme Tano...

Versus Skatezine & Plus #132  

Let's make skateboarding great again ! - The real / fake interview with Joey Brezinski - The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding with Jérôme Tano...