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“SUPPORT YOUR FRIENDS LIKE YOU SUPPORT THE CELEBRITIES YOU DON’T ACTUALLY KNOW!” Thanks to my good old friend Mischou (ROAR Design), you’ll soon be able to buy this brand new Versüs T-Shirt! I know, it’s not as cool as a Thrasher, Supreme, or even a Palace one, but yeah, at least, it’s gonna be half the price. So buy 2, like this I might be able to print the next issue without having to cut down my beer money budget! Alright, that’s it for the bullshit, yep, it’s a photo-only-issue! Yahouw! Go skate now! Cheers! Versus Skatezine & Plus #122 Summer 2016 Cover: Charles Moore / FS Slasher / Fabio Stoll /

Nico / FS Feeble

Nico / BS Smith

Nico / FS Crail

Nico / BS Crailblock

Lio / FS 5-0

Lio / FS Slasher

Bob / Wallride

HervĂŠ / BS Boneless

HervĂŠ / BS Slasher

HervĂŠ / Wallride

Manu / Fakie Wallride

Manu / Alley-oop FS Ollie drop-in

Manu / Nose bomb drop

Manu / FS Tailside transfer

Will / FS 180 fakie nose grind

Will / FS Slasher

Flo / FS Bluntslide

Flo / Kickflip BS 50-50

Flo / BS Tailslide

Flo / Nosebonk

Bib / FS Boardslide

Bib / FS Nosegrab

BIB / FS 5-0

Bib / FS Noseblunt

Mäd / 360 Flip

Flow / FS Ollie

Trude / Half-cab heel-flip

Vince / BS Overcrook

Charles / Boardlside

Charles / Drop

Charles / Drop

Charles / Varial-flip drop-in

Charles / FS Jay Grind / Fabio Stoll

Versus Skatezine & Plus #122  

Photo Issue - September wheels - - Hoax