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hether you are in search of a new family dentist or need a complete smile makeover, our practice is prepared to serve you with the utmost care and attention.

Every day, we help turn dream smiles into a reality. As one of the most soughtafter Vero Beach cosmetic dentists, Dr. Planes and the team here at Planes Dental Arts have transformed the teeth of countless patients. We know how important a beautiful smile is and enjoy watching our patients gain renewed confidence in their appearance. We also know how important good health is to maintaining a new smile. From fillings and cleanings to implants and straightening, we offer preventive, restorative, and cosmetic solutions to fit the needs of the whole family. Our team is highly trained and experienced in a wide range of dental services. With years of combined advanced education and an office equipped with stateof-the-art technology, it is easy to see why so many people choose Planes Dental Arts and Dr. Alex Planes as their Vero Beach cosmetic dentist. Whether you need general dental care or feel embarrassed or unhappy with the appearance of your smile, we are prepared and ready to address your concerns. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and find out how dental care at Planes Dental Arts can meet and exceed your expectations.

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6 Day Tripping: The Amazing History of the Jupiter Lighthouse 14 Li’l Voices of Vero: What are you most excited about in the new school year? 18


The Science of “Earthing” with Dr. Stephen Sinatra

20 Movie Reviews: Stillwater and Respect 22 Recipes: Seafood! Salmon en Papillote and Shrimp Scampi 24 Tech Insights: Should I Upgrade my Smartphone? 27 TC Stylist: 3 Outfits for a Florida Fall



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isit the Jupiter Lighthouse located an hour fifteen minutes south of us off US 1 at the Jupiter Inlet. Check out our article on page 6! Photo: Adobe Stock

28 Encouraging Words



Glenn Swift



LIGHTHOUSES There are an estimated 18,600 lighthouses in the whole world.


Fun Facts

The country with the largest number of lighthouses is the US, with over 700. Michigan is the state with the most lighthouses which are located on the Great Lakes.

The tallest lighthouse in the world is the Jeddah Light in Saudi Arabia at 425 feet. The first lighthouse was the Pharos of Alexandria in ancient Egypt built in the 3rd century BC and was one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was one of the tallest man-made structures at over 325 feet tall and was destroyed by earthquakes during the Middle Ages. The oldest lighthouse still in use today is the Tower of Hercules at the entrance of Spain’s La Coruña Harbor. It was built by the Romans in the 2nd century AD and stands at 180 feet.

Lighthouses originally were lit with open fires, later progressing through candles, lanterns, gas, coal, and electric lights which are still used in most lighthouses today.

In 1821 French physicist Augustine Fresnel developed a new lens still used today that has been called “the invention that saved a million ships.” It is the lens in the Jupiter Lighthouse. Lighthouses were painted different colors chosen to stand out against the background of the lighthouse. Different patterns were also chosen so sailors could tell lighthouses apart from each other and help them know their location. The most common lighthouses included red and white stripes or hoops. The Statue of Liberty was originally a lighthouse. Sources:,


September 2021 / ISSUE 128 / Vero’s Voice




The lanterns used whale oil as fuel.


George Pevarnik




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The Amazing History of the


“Jupiter Lighthouse is best known today as a recreational destination for fun-seeking boaters.” The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse was renovated in 2000 and painted its original brick-red color. Photo: Adobe Stock


September 2021 / ISSUE 128 / Vero’s Voice


ooking for a day trip an hour’s drive that’s rich in history with panoramic views and several fine eateries barely more than a stone’s throw away? Well…we’ve got just what you’re looking for! Standing proudly on top of an ancient Indian mound, Jupiter Lighthouse majestically towers over one of the most beautiful, yet treacherous, vistas in all of Florida. For nearly 150 years, countless mariners have looked to her brilliant beacon to steer them clear of rocky shoals and guide them to safe harbor. Although still shining brightly while faithfully performing her maritime duties, Jupiter Lighthouse is best known today as a recreational destination for fun-seeking boaters from all over Palm Beach County and the nearby Treasure Coast. Boasting white sand beaches, spacious campgrounds, extensive picnic facilities, easily-accessible boat ramps, fully-equipped modern marinas, first-class dockside dining and lodging, Jupiter Inlet offers nearly every amenity for water lovers of all sorts, from the small boater to the sophisticated yachtsman. Yet, it was not all that long ago when the area was not known for quite so many creature comforts. Simply put, it was downright desolate. So much so, that in the mid-nineteenth century, dozens of shipwrecked mariners perished on the area’s beaches for lack of fresh water. As more and more ships sunk off the perilous Jupiter Shoal, Congress, in 1853, appropriated $35,000 to construct a lighthouse. At the time, the site was part of the Fort Jupiter Reservation established during the First Seminole War in 1836. In a bizarre twist of fate, US Army Colonel Robert E. Lee was chosen to head up a team of surveyors to find a suitable location for the lighthouse, and Lieutenant George G. Meade of the Bureau of Topographical Engineers was selected to help

Lighthouse Plans for Jupiter Inlet, Florida

Credit: National Archives at College Park - Archives II (College Park, MD)

design the tower and assist in the overseeing of its construction. Ten years later, both men would meet again at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where Meade would defeat Lee in the greatest battle ever fought on the North American continent. Work progressed slowly. Jupiter Inlet, although a natural passage, frequently sanded in. The periodic interruptions forced the redirection of supplies through the Indian River Inlet (closed in 1914) 35 miles north. The shipments had to be ferried down the shallow river in small boats. Mosquitoes, malaria, and the threat of Indian attack forced numerous work stoppages. Work was further interrupted from 1856 to 1858 by the Third Seminole War. Finally, after seven grueling years, the lighthouse was completed and first lit on July 10, 1860. Built at a cost of $60,000, nearly double what Congress had appropriated, the 108-foot brick tower (the natural mound underneath is 48 feet!) with 31-inch thick walls at the base contained a fixed white light, varied by a brighter white flash every 90 seconds. The light was produced by a state-of-the-art Fresnel lens manufactured by the acclaimed Henry Leparte Company of Paris and could be seen from an incredible 25 miles at sea.


September 2021 / ISSUE 128 / Vero’s Voice


E The Jupiter Lighthouse was completed in 1860 and is 108 feet tall. The Lighthouse and Museum are open to the public.

For nearly 150 years, Jupiter Light has been a welcome sight to mariners. Standing 108 feet tall, the lighthouse stands on top of a 48 ft. Indian mound in which artifacts have been discovered dating back eight centuries before Columbus. Inset: A photochrome postcard published by the Detroit Photographic Company, circa 1897-1924 Source: Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University 8

September 2021 / ISSUE 128 / Vero’s Voice

vents on a much larger scale, however, would not allow the light to shine for long. Eight months later, Florida became the third state to secede from the Union. The assistant keeper, a Confederate sympathizer, organized a successful plot to capture the lighthouse from its pro-Union head keeper. Important parts of the lens were removed and hidden in a nearby mangrove swamp to prevent the lighthouse from falling into the hands of Federal forces. The “newlydarkened” inlet permitted Confederate blockade runners to operate clandestinely, albeit dangerously, without being silhouetted by the brilliant flash of the lighthouse. Despite the best efforts of the determined rebels, a Union agent by the name of Captain James Armour later found the machinery where it had been hidden in Lake Worth Creek and took it to Key West, a pro-Union stronghold, for safekeeping. Shortly after the war, the missing parts were reassembled and the lighthouse was relit. Except for brief periods of repair, it has remained so ever since. However, the lighthouse remained isolated. Supplies were delivered to the lighthouse keeper and his family just once a year by boat. Nearly always, the year’s supply of flour quickly went bad due to weevils and worms. To survive, the keepers were forced to hunt and fish for food. For additional sustenance, they purchased venison from local Seminoles for 10 cents a pound. In the 1880s, the Coast Guard relieved the keeper from rescue duties and built a life-saving station close by. A telegraph was added in 1898, but little else changed until the lighthouse was painted red in 1910 to hide the discoloration of the brick. In 1928, the old mineral lamps and the weights that turned the lamp were replaced with electrical equipment. A diesel generator was also installed for emergency backup. During the infamous “Killer ‘Cane” of 1928 when nearly 3,000 in Palm Beach County perished in the powerful storm’s wake, the station’s recently-constructed electrical plant was disabled. Local lore has it that the keeper’s 16-year-old son reinstalled the old mineral oil lamps and turned the lens by hand to keep the light operating through the storm. (According to the keeper’s log, the top of the lighthouse swayed a full 17 inches during the monster hurricane!) Although it could not have been foreseen at the time, the lighthouse was about to play its most important role ever. CONTINUED PAGE 10

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LIVING Richard Steinfeld, MD, MBA

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You’re not just a number, you’re our neighbor. – Edwin Perkins, Owner/Pharmacist w w w. per ki nsvb. com

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n early 1940, when Britain’s Royal Navy was in the midst of a heroic life-and-death struggle against a relentless onslaught by Nazi U-boats, the US Navy established on the grounds of the lighthouse a secret listening post codenamed “Station J” to eavesdrop on German naval activities. For the remainder of the war, the station played a pivotal role in the Allied war effort by successfully tracking German submarines in the Atlantic. This was Jupiter Light’s “finest hour.” James Snyder’s A Light in the Wilderness vividly depicts the role of Station J during the Second World War, as well as unearthing a number of long-forgotten facts and anecdotes about the lighthouse. Much of what Snyder unearthed has intrigued those with an interest in the history of the lighthouse. Such as, it was almost never built. With costs skyrocketing out of control, the Secretary of State, John B. Floyd, wanted to forget the whole idea, and so did most Southern politicians at the time. Luckily, the Northerners on the commission overseeing the project narrowly voted to keep it going by agreeing to send one last ship with a crew of 20 to get the job done. Well, a terrible storm arose and the ship overshot the inlet. Fortunately, the men swam to shore and completed the construction of the lighthouse. In 1976, a generation after its venerable role in our nation’s defense, the Federal government placed the lighthouse on the National Register of Historic Places. It is the oldest structure in Palm Beach County. Amazingly, it was not until 1987 that the lighthouse was fully automated, being attended to by a keeper until that time. As for the original Fresnel lens installed by Meade and his boys back in 1860, she’s still shining…brightly as ever. So, whether you’re a water lover, history buff, or a little bit of both, Jupiter Inlet might prove a welcomed destination.

During World War II the Light Station included a secret listening post, three-story weather station, and another 20 buildings used by every branch of the United States Armed Forces. Photo: Jupiter Inlet LIght Station dated between 1875 - 1925. New York Public Library, The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs: Photography Collection, Robert N. Dennis collection of stereoscopic views

During WWII, this peaceful-looking inlet was the home of American intelligence agents who were spying - and calling in air strikes - on German U-boats that sank American ships off the coast of Florida. From the My Public Lands Magazine, Summer 2014: "Hunting the Hunter" Story by Bob GilLcash, BLM Eastern States. Photo courtesy of Loxahatchee River Historical Society, 10 September 2021 / ISSUE 128 / Vero’s Voice


Back by Popular Demand

Celtic Angels Christmas Steve Kruspe, Loxahatchee River Historical Society (BLM Partner), spends an average of three hours every few weeks cleaning the windows of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Lantern (the structure around, and protecting, the lens). Atmospheric dust, salt from sea spray and the occasional bird dropping all build up on the outside of the lantern and reduce the effectiveness of the light. Credit: Peter De Witt, BLM, 4 June 2015, My Public Lands Roadtrip: Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse ONA in Florida, Bureau of Land Management



Celtic Knight Dancers

night Danc K c i ers lt e C

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If you are not fully vaccinated, please continue to wear a mask while you visit. For more information, visit or call (561) 747-8380.

& The Trinity Band Ensemble of Dublin



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“The single most important health decision we make on a daily basis is what we eat.”

O L I V E O I L S • SA U C E S • PAS TAS • S P I C E S • V I N E G A R S & M O R E !


r. Stephen Sinatra has made it his mission to develop and offer an entire line of high vibrational foods and products that support health and vitality, for his patients and the general population alike. Making choices that are in line with that is what he calls living a “high-vibrational lifestyle.” And that’s what Vervana Marketplace is all about. Dr. Stephen Sinatra is one of the most highly-respected and sought-after cardiologists whose integrative approach to treating cardiovascular disease has revitalized patients with even the most advanced forms of illness. He is a best-selling author and the founder of the New England Heart Center, where he became known as one of America’s top integrative cardiologists by combining conventional medical treatments for heart disease with complementary nutritional, anti-aging and psychological therapies. Dr. Sinatra has helped tens of thousands of people to achieve better heart health and lead long, healthy and active lives.

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Hear Dr. Sinatra Live Fridays 10-11 on Rhett Palmer “Live” & on Rhett Palmer Podcast & DOCTORS POD September 2021 / ISSUE 128 / Vero’s Voice 13


by Doolin Dalton

What are you in the new Gym!!

-Fils, 8TH GRADE

I’m so excited to learn! The first day of school was so fun. We got to draw and learn. We also did a fire drill practice. The fire drill scared me so much I almost screamed but I didn’t because you can’t scream in the 4th grade, because if you did that you would be breaking the rules. We are in the oldest wing. The best part is we get to do it again tomorrow!

-Taelor, 4TH GRADE

The food is delicious and making new friends. Meeting the teachers, and going to the Boys and Girls Club!

The first day of school we did ice breakers and lunch and then recess! We learned to use our folders and then left early.

-Maya, 5TH GRADE

-Olivia, 4TH GRADE

I’m most excited about starting new beginnings. With me being a freshman, I’m starting my journey to college and becoming an adult. Also, I will be playing sports for the first time. The sports will be track and soccer. I can’t wait to see where this will lead me.

-Za’Niya, 9TH GRADE

14 September 2021 / ISSUE 128 / Vero’s Voice

I’m excited about gym and basketball.

-Destiny, 7TH GRADE

most excited about school year? I love my new friends and I love my teachers. I love that my teacher is always nice and funny. I’m most excited about learning and having fun. I’m happy to be in the 4th grade.

-Leslie, 4TH GRADE

I am mostly excited about meeting new BFF’s and going to science class this year. Math, because it’s fun!


-Kassidy, 6TH GRADE

I am most excited to have my best friend in my class.

-Kylieangel, 2ND GRADE

Trying out the new electives.

-Josh, 8TH GRADE


To make some new friends and have fun at school.

-David, 3RD GRADE

Making new friends, having fun, learning, doing math quizzes, and having snow ball fights in Mrs. Strickler’s class, she’s our reading teacher, and Ms. Perez is our math teacher. I love school!

-Calleigh, 4TH GRADE

September 2021 / ISSUE 128 / Vero’s Voice 15

16 September 2021 / ISSUE 128 / Vero’s Voice


Renewing or Updating your Florida Driver’s License


ustomers must renew their Florida driver license or identification (ID) card every eight years. The expiration date is listed on your driver’s license. Florida driver license and ID card holders may renew their licenses/ID up to 18 months in advance of the expiration date. Drivers can replace their driver license or ID card prior to its expiration if it is lost, stolen, or they need to make an update. The following may be required for a replacement: • If there is a change of address, Florida driver license or ID card holders have 30 days to update their address on their license/ID. • If there is a name change, Florida driver license or ID card holders must update their name with the Social Security Administration prior to updating their name on the credential and they must present an original or certified court order of marriage certificate when applying to change the name on their driver license or ID card. • If a customer wishes to add or update a designation or other information listed on their license/ID. Important: Effective February 15, 2021, customers with Class E driver licenses that have been expired for more than one year will be required to complete the Class E knowledge exam and vision exam prior to obtaining a valid Class E driver license. The Class E knowledge exam may be completed up to one year before applying for a Class E driver license. If the period between completion of the Class E knowledge exam and application for a Class E driver license exceeds one year, retesting of the knowledge exam will be required prior to issuance. If you are not REAL ID compliant you will need to bring one of the following primary documents to establish your identity, proof of legal residence, and date of birth. For U.S. Citizens: • Valid, unexpired U.S. passport • Original or Certified copy of a birth certificate • Consular Report of Birth Abroad • Certificate of Naturalization issued by DHS • Certificate of Citizenship • For cases where the current name and the name on the primary identity document are different, you should also bring: • Court-ordered name change document • Marriage certificate, issued by the courts, and/or • Divorce decree, issued by the courts In all cases, the document must show a clear trail of name changes originating with the birth name to the current name. For Non-Citizens: • Valid, unexpired Permanent Resident Card – I-551 for Lawful Permanent Residents • Valid Passport for non-immigrants except for asylum applicants and refugees • Other government-issued document showing your full name • Department of Homeland Security document showing proof of lawful presence If your name has changed by marriage/divorce, you must have your name changed on your Citizen and Immigration Services (CIS) documents. Both Citizens and Non-Citizens will need to bring: • Your Social Security Card or proof of your social security number • Two documents that show your principal residence To renew or replace your Florida Driver’s License, please visit WWW.IRCTAX.COM to make an appointment, or call 772-226-1338 to speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives.




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Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?

“The single most important health decision we make on a daily basis is what we eat.”



by Stephen Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C.

little over a year ago an agent called to book a doctor on my morning broadcast. The hour flew by because this doctor was enthusiastically consumed with his life’s mission: to help ntire people live longer in good health. He’s become a regular guest ity, on my show Friday mornings at 10AM and can be heard on my Doctor Pod – Getting & Staying Healthy Together podcast series.

ation with I’m honored to introduce you to Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a boardrationalcardiologist with 40 years experience, and passionate advocate for truth ketplace is all about. in medicine and natural remedies. With over 20 books to his credit, he

discusses maintaining a healthy heart, making wise food choices and nd sought-after cardiologists whose as revitalized patients with even supplements you the should take to live an abundantly full lifestyle. His r and the founder of the New England recommendations on supplements have helped me and several friends in s top integrative cardiologists by an amazingnutritional, way. Please enjoy this article! ease with complementary – Rhett elped tens of thousands of people to tive lives. Throughout practically all of history, we humans have walked barefoot and slept on the ground, largely oblivious to the fact that the gentle surface energies of the Earth harmonize and stabilize the body’s fundamental biological rhythms and keep inflammation at bay. In our contemporary Western world, the widespread use of insulative rubber- or plastic-soled shoes has disconnected us from these nurturing energies and, of course, we no longer sleep on the Stephen Sinatra, ground as we did in times past. M.D., F.A.C.C. New research, which I am proud to be involved in, indicates that this physical disconnect from the Earth creates abnormalities in the physiology and contributes to the chronic inflammation, pain, fatigue, stress, and poor sleep that are so rampant in our modern society. Along with the research has emerged an amazingly simple remedy for many health problems, including the chronic inflammation regarded as the cause of most common modern diseases, including cardiovascular disease. The remedy is something right beneath our feet - the Earth itself!

The Greatest Health Discovery in My Career Palmer “Live” During my nearly 40 years as a practicing cardiologist, I have encountered and D used many wonderful natural treatments and seen first-hand astounding lifesaving technological advances. The greatest health discovery of my career, however, is something totally different and more natural than anything I could ever have imagined. 18

September 2021 / ISSUE 128 / Vero’s Voice

This discovery is called Earthing, and it means reconnecting the human body to the Earth’s natural and subtle electric frequencies that few people even know exist. The surface of the planet, science tells us, brims with healthsustaining energy, but until recently the extraordinary benefits that it offers were basically unknown. Connecting the human body to this natural resource is utterly simple - just go barefoot outdoors. If you have ever walked along the beach near the surf, or on a grassy field wet with morning dew, you may have felt the energy in the form of gentle tingling or warmth in your feet and legs. You can also connect to this energy by sleeping, working, sitting, or resting on specially-designed and inexpensive conductive sheets, bands, or mats that transfer the energy via a wire into your home and office. These unique devices often relieve common health and pain problems. Recovery from surgery, injury, and extreme athletic performance is accelerated. People report sleeping better with more energy during the day. They feel better. For more than ten years, thousands of people around the world - men, women, children, and athletes - have incorporated Earthing into their daily routines. The results have been documented and they are extraordinary.

“Research suggests that direct physical contact with the Earth reconnects you to the natural electric signal from the Earth governing all living organisms dwelling upon it.” This surprising yet totally intuitive subject is the focus of a new book that I have had the privilege to co-author. It is called Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? (Basic Health Publications, 2010). In the book, my co-authors and I present research and observations collected during more than 12 years that strongly suggest that the biggest anti-inflammatory on the planet is - get this! - the very planet itself. Basically, we live on top of a global treatment table!

A Missing Link to Health? The research also suggests that direct physical contact with the Earth reconnects you to the natural electric signal from the Earth governing all living organisms dwelling upon it. The signal restores your body’s natural internal bioelectrical stability and rhythms, which in turn promote normal functioning of body systems, including the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, and immune systems. It shifts the nervous system from stress-dominated functioning to one of calmness. By reconnecting, you enable your body to return to its normal evolutionary electrical state, better able to self-regulate and self-heal. The Earth’s surface energy takes the form of a virtually

unlimited reservoir of free electrons, subatomic particles. When “uploaded” into your body as a result of direct physical contact with the ground, these electrons appear to quell the rampage of destructive free radicals at the basis of chronic pain and inflammation. Our hypothesis is that this effect takes place as negatively-charged electrons like reinforcements swarming into battle - suffuse the body, basically overwhelming and neutralizing positively-charged free radicals. Earthing, we say, remedies a commonplace electron deficiency and thus reduces or eliminates inflammation. I see Earthing as a profoundly simple, practical, effective, and cost-cutting way to combat common illnesses and pain problems, and, from a preventive standpoint, keep people healthy. To me it represents a missing link in the health equation. In my own field of cardiology, Earthing has great promise for improving arrhythmias, blood pressure, circulation, and the vital pumping activity of the heart. I recently participated in a pilot study on the electrodynamics of blood cells that indicates Earthing significantly improves viscosity (blood thickness) and flow. Another study I was involved in showed how Earthing contributes to a de-stressing and balancing effect on the nervous system. It’s fascinating to think of the Earth as a medically-significant and natural blood thinner, tranquilizer, and anti-inflammatory. I fully expect many more benefits to emerge with ongoing research.

To hear the podcast on Doctor Pod, click here: September 2021 / ISSUE 128 / Vero’s Voice


REVIEWS by Marshall Frank

Respect – Rated PG-13 Stillwater In a word: Intense. his is a powerful story which intensifies as the movie captivates for the full 2 hours 30 minutes. No doubt there will be Oscar nominees, most significantly earned by Matt Damon who won his first Oscar for Good Will Hunting in 1998. In this film, Damon plays Bill, a rugged down-and-out blue-collar construction worker finally trying to get his life in order. In an effort to resolve old wounds, he travels to Marseilles, France, where he visits his adult daughter Allison who is serving prison time for her role in the death of her girlfriend five years earlier. She begs his assistance in proving that she is truly innocent and pleads sorrowfully with him to help earn her freedom from the horrors of prison life. The goal becomes an obsession. Bill meets a local French woman, Virginie, who has a 10-year-old daughter Maya, who will help him with translating French to English as he goes about searching for clues and suspects that the police hadn’t followed. As could be imagined, Bill runs into a myriad of sordid people in the city, one of whom is a likely suspect. Bill, meanwhile, moves in with Virginie and Maya where

In a word: Breathtaking. t's all about the life and troubled times of the “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin who died at age 76 in 2018 from pancreatic cancer. Without question, she was powerful influence on pop music throughout her life, starting at the tender age of eight. Born in Detroit in 1942, Aretha's life was dominated as a child and early adulthood by an overbearing preacher dad, adroitly played by journeyman actor Forest Whitaker whose obsession to keep Aretha attached exclusively to the church did his child more harm than good. Nevertheless, her world of music blossomed while greedy promoters and agents tried to selfishly navigate her career. Two of them enjoyed short marriages with her until she’d had enough from the moochers. Much like other detailed bios of people famous in entertainment, Aretha had her share of darkness



he establishes an unexpected warm and loving relationship, not only with Virginie, but with Maya (played wonderfully by 10-year-old French actress Lilou Siauvaud). I’ll not reveal those segments which offer an unexpected ending. To be sure, this is a classic movie for viewers who love to be immersed in dramatic effect. The actors are superb across the board, and the director a first-class movie maker. I predict there may be likely Oscar nominees as follows: Matt Damon as Bill; Comille Cottin as Virginie; Lilou Siavaud as Maya; Director Tom McCarthy (2015 Oscar winner for Spotlight). Very few flaws, and they didn’t really matter. STILLWATER:

behind the scenes which eventually were stained with the abuse of alcohol. Of particular interest – being a midlevel musician (violin) who never accepted “soul” before, finding myself involuntarily moving to the rhythms. Boy, could that woman sing! I never knew that Respect was her greatest-selling song title of all time, right behind Amazing Grace. Trivia time: This movie was in the works for four to five years before it hit the silver screen. Aretha Franklin personally selected Jennifer Hudson to play the role of young Aretha. Miss Hudson has already won one supporting Oscar for her part in Dreamgirls in 2006. Also, this was the third movie starring Jennifer Hudson and Forest Whitaker together as a father and daughter. By the way, Aretha was the first women elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987. I found a few flaws in the settings, particularly with autos that didn't match the period. I thought the youngster who played the child version of Aretha was not convincing. Most of the acting was otherwise very good, particularly the primary actors. Aretha’s two backup singers were seemingly as good as Aretha herself. As it turned out, they were her sisters. I’m sure much was omitted about her array of personal struggles. But the basis for her incredible musical life was abundantly provided. It sure moved me. RESPECT:

I had to attach this link to the 1967 sound of Aretha and her back-ups singing Respect. It creates involuntary body motion, believe me. Enjoy. Aretha Franklin – Respect [1967] (Aretha’s Original Version) – YouTube 20 September 2021 / ISSUE 128 / Vero’s Voice

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I don’t have many seafood recipes in my repertoire (because I’d rather go out to one of our great local restaurants!) but these are my two go-to’s, especially for dinner guests. The shrimp scampi is super quick to prepare. The salmon takes time to prep, but can be assembled in advance and makes a très élégante presentation at the dinner table. Both are delicious.


En papillote is a cooking technique that steams food in a tightly sealed parchment packet. The steam produces a moist salmon and perfectly cooked veggies, and opening the individual packets at the table makes for a fun way to start dinner. I strongly encourage you to watch a “how to fold fish packets” video to show the technique and also placement of your filling! Substitute your favorite fish, use zucchini, yellow squash, fennel, or other quick-cooking vegetables – just make sure everything has a similar cooking time. Use seasonings like fresh dill, top with lemon slices. This recipe has a delicious seasoned butter and is a little fussier to make but is oh so good! INGREDIENTS 4 tablespoons softened unsalted butter 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt 1 teaspoon freshly grated lemon zest 2 teaspoons thinly sliced fresh basil 1 teaspoon chopped fresh parsley 2 pieces parchment paper, 18x15 inches Olive oil 1 cup shredded carrots 1 cup thinly sliced shallots or onions 1 bunch asparagus (18 spears), cut to 6-inch lengths Two 6-ounce skinless salmon fillets Salt and pepper 2 cloves minced garlic 1 teaspoon lemon zest 2 teaspoons thinly sliced green onions 2 lemon wedges INSTRUCTIONS • In a small bowl, thoroughly combine the butter, salt, zest, basil and parsley. Transfer to a piece of plastic wrap and twist to create a small butter log. Chill for two hours. Slice into 4 portions.

• Preheat oven to 400°F. Cut two 18 x15-inch pieces of parchment paper. Fold the long side in half and cut into a heart-shape. Brush each piece of parchment paper on both sides with olive oil, leaving the 1-inch outside edge dry. • Toss the carrots and onions together in a small bowl. Divide the asparagus spears on half of each piece of parchment. Place 1 cup of the carrot/shallot mixture on top of the asparagus. Place salmon on each portion of vegetables, season generously with salt and pepper. • Top each with half of the garlic, lemon zest, and green onions, and top all with 1 tablespoon compound butter. (Save the leftover butter for steak, grilled chicken, bread, vegetables.) • Fold the other half of the parchment paper over the fish and vegetables. Starting at one corner at the top of the heart, tightly fold the edges over and over all the way around to form a tight seal so the steam does not escape. Place packets on cooking sheet. Bake 15-20 minutes depending on the thickness of the salmon and desired doneness. The packets should puff up and brown slightly. • Transfer the packet to a plate, carefully cut open with sharp scissors or knife, and serve with lemon wedge. Adapted from Jessica Gavin

22 September 2021 / ISSUE 128 / Vero’s Voice


MENU by Barbara Freund

GARLIC BUTTER SHRIMP SCAMPI This is a quick and delicious meal. It cooks fast, so have your ingredients prepped and ready to go! INGREDIENTS 4 tablespoons butter (divided) 2 tablespoons olive oil 4-5 large garlic cloves, minced (1 1/2 tablespoons) 1 1/4 pounds large shrimp, shelled, tails on or off Salt and black pepper to taste 1/4 cup dry white wine or chicken broth 1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes (optional) 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1/4 cup chopped parsley DIRECTIONS • Heat 2 tablespoons of the butter and olive oil in a large pan. Add garlic and sauté until fragrant (about 30 seconds). Add the shrimp, season with salt and pepper and sauté for 1-2 minutes on one side, until just beginning to turn pink, then flip. • Pour in the wine, add red pepper flakes, and bring to a simmer for 1-2 minutes, until the wine reduces by about half and the shrimp is cooked through. Don’t over cook the shrimp – it turns rubbery and tough! • Stir in the remaining butter, lemon juice, and parsley and remove from heat. • Serve immediately over pasta or rice.

Note: Use a good quality wine. Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio works well.

September 2021 / ISSUE 128 / Vero’s Voice 23


by Laura Steward

Should I Upgrade my Smartphone?


here’s a lot of talk in September about whether Apple will release new products. Yes, they historically do release something new in September, even if the “new” is only slightly better than the “new” from the previous year. Interestingly, year after year the demand rarely falters. If Apple releases even a slightly upgraded device, lines form and people upgrade. But should you? Now that prices for smartphone devices are not as deeply subsidized by cellular providers, the cost to purchase or upgrade to a new phone can get pricey. Verizon, AT&T, and even T-Mobile are seeing slowdowns in surrendering of existing devices. You’ve probably seen the latest round of advertisements from AT&T saying existing customers get the same deals as new customers, and Verizon is even doing something similar to convince existing customers to surrender older devices and upgrade to 5G phones. T-Mobile is preventing some older devices from even working on their networks. There are several reasons that make sense for the providers to force you to upgrade: security of older devices is harder to maintain; older plans no longer benefit the carriers and they don’t make as much money off you because you are probably no longer under contract. Another big one is older phones use older technology on cell towers that carriers would prefer not to maintain. None of those reasons really benefit the user, except for security. There are many people who do not want the latest smartphone, nor do they need it. They just want to have a phone they can rely on that has good battery life. Carriers don’t make money off phone service; they make it off data service. So how do you decide if you should upgrade to the latest Apple or even Samsung device coming out this fall?

First, does your phone work? Is it in good shape? Meaning is the screen cracked, does it work where you need it to work for calls and for data? Will it allow you to upgrade to the latest software to keep it secure? Does the battery last or do you constantly have to charge it? For that last one, some phones allow you to replace the battery while staying in warranty; others do not. Second, can you afford to upgrade? Replacing a paid-off smartphone with a new one can cost $1000 to $2000. All the providers offer interest-free loans for the devices but lock you into 24 to 30-plus-month contracts and typically require you to switch to a new plan as your old one is no longer available. The average monthly payment for just the device can add around $49 per month or more to your bill. Data plans can add $60 to $100 per month. Third, and the one that often overrides the first and second: do you have to have the latest and greatest technology, always? Apple and even Samsung count on this last decision-making point to increase their bottom line every year. nly you can answer these questions for yourself. Whatever your decision, shop around, look at the best offers, and don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions of your carrier. If on the phone, ask for customer loyalty and see what they can do for you. In the store, you can do the same, or ask for the manager. Don’t allow the store or rep to pressure you into a higher plan than you need. Black Friday often sees great deals, but so does September as the new devices launch. And be aware that sometimes adding a second device can actually get you a lower rate. Weird, I know, but it’s true, so don’t be afraid to speak up.


Laura Steward is a certified geek, business strategist, international speaker, award-winning author and beach lover. She lives in Sebastian, FL and can be reached at or via phone at 772-202-2138. 24 September 2021 / ISSUE 128 / Vero’s Voice

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welcoming Dr. Zudans to the Center for Please Eye joinCare us in Advanced team!

welcoming Dr. Zudans to the Center for Advanced Eye Care team! Val Zudans, M.D. is Board Certified by the Val Zudans, M.D. is Board Certified by the AMERICAN OF OPHTHALMOLOGY AMERICAN BOARDBOARD OF OPHTHALMOLOGY. Dr. Zudans completed his ophthalmology residency at the prestigious Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Mi-

ami, consistently ranked theresidency number one ophthalmology program in the country for over 15 years by US Dr. Zudans completed his ophthalmology at the pres-tigious Bascom and World his residency, his Bachelor Palmer Eye News Institute in Report. Miami, Before consistently rankedhe earned the number one of Science degree in Chemistry from ophthalmology the program in theofcoun-try overhe15was years by US News and World University Florida for where an Anderson scholar and elected Phi Beta Kappa. He received his Report. Before Doctorate his residency, he earneddegree his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemisin Medicine from the University of Florida College of Medicine and was elected to the try from the University of Florida where he was an Anderson scholar and elected the top 10% of his class. national medical honor society Alpha Omega Alpha representing Phi Beta Kappa. He received his Doctorate in Medicine degree from the University Cataract Surgery of Florida College of Medicine andCertified was elected to American the national medical honor Dr. Zudans is Board by the Board of Ophthalmology and a Fellow of the American society Alpha Omega Alpha representing thestudy top 10% of his class. College of Surgeons. His for MACS related to HDOculofacial lens implants was published Plastic Surgery in the Journal of

Dr. Zudans completed his ophthalmology residency at the pres-tigious Basc Palmer Eye Institute in Miami, consistently ranked the number ophthalmology program in the coun-try for over 15 years by US News and Wo Report. Before his residency, he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chem Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the preeminent peer-reviewed journal for cataract surgeons. He is a local Macular Degeneration Treatment tryBoard from the University of ofFlorida where Dr. Zudans is Board Certified by the American of Ophthalmology and a Fellow the American College he was an Anderson scholar and elec speaker and maintains active memberships in the Florida Diabetic Society ofEye Ophthalmology, American Academy • Optical of Surgeons. His study for MACS related to HD lens implants was published in the Journal of Cataract and Beta Kappa. He Society received his Doctorate in Care Medicine degree from the Univer ofPhi Ophthalmology, ofHeCataract Refractive Surgery, Florida Medical Association, Refractive Surgery, the preeminent peer-reviewed journal forAmerican cataract surgeons. isBroad a localand speaker and Band Light and Halo Laser Skin Resurfacing and Indian River County Medical Society. maintains active memberships in theofFlorida Society College of Ophthalmology, Ameri-can Academy of Florida of Medicine and was elected to the national medical ho Hydrafacial and RF Microneedling • Botox and Filler Ophthalmology, American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Florida Medical Association, and Indian The Entire Team at Center for Advanced Eye Care is available for new consultations and would society Alpha Omega Alpha representing the toppatient 10% of his class. River County Medical Society. Onsite Medication Dispensary William J. Mallon, M.D.

Adam M. Katz, M.D.

Alexander D. Blanford, M.D.

very much like to help you see your best. Please call 772-299-1404 to schedule your next appointment.

The Entire Team at Center for Advanced Eye Care is available for new patient consultations and would very much like to help you see your best. Please call 772-299-1404 to schedule your next appointment.

Dr. Zudans is Board Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and a Fellow of the American Coll of Surgeons. His study for MACS related to HD lens implants wasCataract published in the Journal of Cataract Surgery Refractive Surgery, the preeminent peer-reviewed journal for Oculofacial cataract surgeons. He is a local speaker Plastic Surgery Degeneration Treatment maintains active memberships in the Florida Society Macular of Ophthalmology, Ameri-can Academy Diabetic Eye Care • Optical Ophthalmology, American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Florida Medical Association, and Ind Broad Band Light and Halo Laser Skin Resurfacing River County Medical Society. Dominick A. Benedetto, M.D.

Edward S. Branigan III, M.D.

J. Michael Schnell, M.D.

Derek Ohlstein, M.D.

Hydrafacial and RF Microneedling • Botox and Filler

Center for Advanced Eye Care • (772) 299-1404 Onsite Medication Dispensary The Entire Team at Center for Advanced Eye Care is available for new patient consultations and would v much like to help you seeUS yourHwy best. Please call 772-299-1404 to schedule your next appointment. 3500 1, Vero Beach, FL 32960 William J. Mallon, M.D.

Dominick A. Benedetto, M.D.

Adam M. Katz, M.D.

Edward S. Branigan III, M.D.

Alexander D. Blanford, M.D.

J. Michael Schnell, M.D.

Derek Ohlstein, M.D.

Cataract Surgery Oculofacial Plastic Surgery Macular Degeneration Treatment Diabetic Eye Care • Optical Broad Band Light and Halo Laser Skin Resurfacing Hydrafacial and RF Microneedling • Botox and Filler Onsite Medication Dispensary

Center for Advanced Eye Care • (772) 299-1404 3500 US Hwy 1, Vero Beach, FL 32960

William J. Mallon, M.D.

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26 September 2021 / ISSUE 128 / Vero’s Voice

Alexander D. Blanford, M.D.

e Y.

com one orld miscted rsity onor

lege and and y of dian




STYLIST for a Florida Fall Transition to the new season with these fall-inspired outfits!

by Marianne Howell




















Marianne Howell is a wardrobe consultant & personal stylist based on the Treasure Coast. She is drawn to simplicity and believes that less is more. Her goal is to help clients love their wardrobes and achieve an effortlessly stylish look that suits them best. You can see more of her current fashion finds at Find her online:; instagram, facebook, pinterest @treasurecoaststylist September 2021 / ISSUE 128 / Vero’s Voice 27

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by Beth Walsh Stewart

Worry Warriors R

emember the old Saturday Night Live church lady? “Well, isn’t that special?” she’d quip, and we’d all laugh at her funny voice and pursed lips, when what she was really saying was, “Are you kidding me? This is unacceptable!” When we see a situation that is objectionable, we want a solution as soon as possible. Sometimes, though, there are other players in the issue that are responsible for cleaning up the problem. Powerlessness is a condition where something we care about is not under our control. We want to be self-sufficient and handle the issue, but we lack the ability alone. Sometimes we need the help of others. Sometimes we need the help of God. But finding ourselves in a pool of powerlessness can make us feel like we’re drowning. Feeling powerless over a condition coupled with a desire to impact the situation for good can really set us up for tight neck muscles and the inability to sleep well. Years ago, I came to the understanding that worry is a form of meditation. After all, worry is an idea on which I fixate that pushes out all other ideas and takes over my thought train. Needless to say, I realized I’m an expert at meditation. Unfortunately, it’s not the good kind. My brand causes stress instead of relieving it. Have you been there? When I get lost in worrying about things out of my control, it’s time to get quiet and find some solitude so I can sort out my part. I tend to confuse my thoughts with my emotions when life comes at me hard. I lose sight of my role in the difficulty and try on other roles in hopes of managing the unmanageable. How about you? Do you have a mask and cape in your closet just waiting for the need of a superhero? How about a nurse’s cap or a therapist’s notepad? Does your closet hold a bank

teller’s window for cash advances? Mine does. Through the years, I’ve built up quite a cache of costumes in hopes of solving the woes of the world, or at least my little slice of it. Sadly, none really fit, and when I wear them I lose a little bit of my true self. The authentic Beth sneaks into the background hoping that eventually I will hear her whimpering in self-made pain. If only I would slow down and listen to her. Maybe then I’d surrender. I’m thinking that some of you are identifying with these ideas. I’ve written them out to show you that you’re not the only one. We all get overwhelmed from time to time. When the issues are tied to those we love, it pulls our emotions into the equation, and suddenly the numbers never add up correctly. o, here is a simple process I learned to help me with the struggle. First, be gentle with yourself. Second, ask yourself repeatedly, “Is this my work?” If the answer is no, go to the Big Guy and turn it over. That’s the third step. Ask God to take the worry and do what you cannot. It’s time to retire our capes and our costumes. They cost so much to dry clean anyway. (No wonder our budgets don’t balance! Is there a bank teller in the area?)


Beth Walsh Stewart, MTh, is best-known for her work with BethWe, a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing the stragglers lost in the shadows of the road of life. Her weekly blogs, regular articles in Vero’s Voice, and wellbeing workshops help people live their priorities. A professor at New Covenant Bible College, you can find more of her work at

Beth Walsh Stewart September 2021 / ISSUE 128 / Vero’s Voice 29


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Do Not Fear


by Pastor Alex Pappas

ith all the craziness going on in the world today, the uncertainties, the unknowns, it is so easy to be caught up in all kinds of anxiety and fear. It is no surprise that even a year and a half after its inception, the hot topic on everyone’s lips remains to be Covid Pastor Alex Pappas 19. So many people have so many questions and nobody seems to know what is true and what is false. People are afraid of losing loved ones, afraid of dying themselves. Many are asking themselves the question: what is going to happen if it gets worse? Amidst dealing with so many emotions, there is also much animosity between people. The ones that are pro mask, the ones that don’t wear masks. Families are fighting over vaccines. Should you vaccinate, should you not. There are many “what if” questions. We truly live in a very difficult time. The most important thing is knowing how to deal with all this fear and anxiety. The Bible teaches what we need to do. In fact, the Bible tells us 365 times not to fear. As a student of the Bible, it is common knowledge that when something is mentioned so many times, it is to get our attention and we need to take careful note of it. My personal favorite scripture on this subject is:

by Pastor Rich Ienuso

Calling All Godly Men!

Pastor Rich Ienuso

Read 1 Timothy 2:1-8. “The Man God Wants” • God wants a praying man. • God wants a praising man. • God wants a purified man. • God wants a peacemaking man. If you have committed a sin, then admit it; hate it; confess it; quit it, and forget it.

God will give

God’s relying on a few good men who are committed to His Word, His Will, His Work and His Way.

us a peace

God’s blessings, Pastor Rich

that exceeds anything we can understand.

PHILIPPIANS 4:6–7 (NLT) 6 Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. 7 Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.

We Haul Your Problems ) K Away N (JU

The Bible tells us that we should not worry but rather go to God with our concerns. When we do this and refuse to submit to the pressures from this world, God will give us a peace that exceeds anything we can understand. A peace that is surpassing all understanding, a peace that is supernatural, and a peace that will make all fear and anxiety flee from our lives. I pray that you will experience this today and all the days to come.

Junk Monkey Services, llc

Peace be to you. Pastor Alex Pappas is Senior Pastor at Oceans Unite Christian Center located in the Indian River Mall. Live broadcasts and podcasts are available at Tune in Fridays 11 AM to hear The Supernatural Today on

Veteran owned

772-783-4110 Available 7 Days a Week September 2021 / ISSUE 128 / Vero’s Voice 31

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