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George Atkins on Sports

This year’s outlook for winter sports is a great one. There are currently 11 different sports or activities being offered, with 4 other teams that are at the JV level. The sports on snow program added a new option to its lineup this year. A new backcountry skiing group coached by Mr. Oullet, joins the usual ski/snowboard program. This includes free ski which iscoached by Mr. Marks, alpine skiing coached by Mr. Tesar, Nordic skiing coached by Mr. Sotskov and Mrs. Vindiktova, recreational skiing organized by Mrs. Atkins and Mrs. Soboleski, and snowboarding coached by Mr. Kelly. The basketball program has 4 teams this year. Mr. Bopp, Mr. Edwards, and Mr. Hatt are coaching the boys’ varsity team. Mr. Sorci is coaching the JVA basketball team and Mr. Mayhew is coaching the JVB team. Mr. Atkins and Ms. Boomgaarden are coaching the girls’ varsity team.

The VA Voice The hockey program includes 4 teams; boys’ varsity, girls’ varsity, boys’ JV, and girls’ JV. Mr. Gaudet, Mr. Miklusak, and Mr. Frey are coaching the boys’ varsity, while Mr. Jarcho is the JV boys’ coach. Mr. and Mrs. Gabarro are coaching the girls’ varsity hockey team, and Mr. Senerchia is coaching the girls’ JV. Mrs. Lanterman and Mrs. McArdle coach the dance program. Also, this year there is another Theatre option being offered, organized by Mr. Lynch. We have already seen some great victories from boys’ and girls’ hockey, and at all levels of the boys’ basketball teams. The sports on snow program has already put kids on the mountain and others training on land. We have also seen some great contests for the boys’ JV hockey team and the girls’ varsity basketball team. We are glad to see that there is always the option for different levels of differ

Questions Around Campus???

Eric Alexander

Mr. Frey Lloyd Wilson

By: Ross Holzschuh

What is your least favorite board game? Why? Backgammon. It brings me grief.

What is the worst movie you’ve ever seen? I only watch good movies

Chinese Checkers. The marbles roll around Sorry. Tough memories

The blob. A movie about green ooze. Sharktapus. Half shark half octopus. It didnt make sense

What is your favorite activity in Club Shep? Mini sticks a.k.a knee hockey. That stuff is crazy with Pat Bart Remove the dents from the ping pong balls Pool. It’s fun to improve.

December 10, 2012 Cont. George Atkins on Sports ent sports, which allows students to have the opportunity to try a new sport. There is a promising outlook for this coming winter, so we hope to see you at a game. Come out and support a fellow Wildcat.

Food Thoughts with: Erik Neilson The crisp smell of cheese; the aroma of steak. These were just some of the many things that they were hit with when students entered the dining hall for the December 6th, 2012 Community Lunch. As previously stated, the main entrée for the lunch was Philly Cheese Steaks. With additions such as onion straws to be put on the side or on top of your Sammy, it was a very hearty meal. The green beans and peppers/onions were also a good addition. I heard a few murmurs of there being a lack of rolls, but the onion straws were a great substitution. Mr. Mayhew had a salad with the rather pink raspberry dressing, and he described it as “tasting like rasberries.” What a veteran food palate we have here on campus. The eclairs were good as always, but some wished they were a tad bit bigger. All in all, the meal was very good and the general consensus around my table was the meal was a solid 8.

VA Voice 12-10-12  

Vermont Academy's student newspaper

VA Voice 12-10-12  

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